Dec 6 2017

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Mexico is an intoxicating land of archaeological treasures, vibrant cities, vivacious culture and welcoming locals. With jungles, mountains, beaches, reefs and caves to explore – and museums, cafés, bars and markets to visit – any time spent in Mexico will never be long enough.

At a glance

Best time to visit Mexico

Eating and drinking

Intrepid believes that one of the best ways to experience a country is by eating! Whether you re sampling street food, savouring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world.

Things to try in Mexico

1. Tamales

The origins of the tamale date back centuries to the Mesoamerican period. This simple dish of corn dough wrapped in a plantain leaf and steamed or boiled is often dressed up with the addition of meat and mole (sauce). Don’t forget to remove the leaf before eating.

2. Ceviche

Although not originally native to Mexico, ceviche has been served in Mexico for centuries. Best tried in coastal areas where the seafood is freshest, this light dish features shrimp, octopus or squid along with lime, onion, chilli and avocado.

This hearty breakfast favourite hails from the Yucatan area and consists of eggs, cheese, beans, tortillas and salsa.

4. Tostada de Pata

This melange of pork, beans, cheese, salsa and onions served on a toasted tortilla is a quick, tasty and cheap snack and is easily found around Mexico.

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