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The Mongols gained fame in the 13th century when under Chinggis KHAN they conquered a huge Eurasian empire. After his death the empire was divided into several powerful Mongol states, but these broke apart in the 14th century. The Mongols eventually retired to their original steppe homelands and later came under Chinese rule. Mongolia won its independence in 1921 with Soviet backing. A Communist regime was installed in 1924. During the early 1990s, the ex-Communist Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) gradually yielded its monopoly on power to the Democratic Union Coalition (DUC), which defeated the MPRP in a national election in 1996. Since then, parliamentary elections returned the MPRP overwhelmingly to power in 2000 and produced a coalition government in 2004. To be updated

Photos from Mongolia

Ger camp

Removalists – nomad-style

Milking the family yak

The golden eagle

Near Khosghol lake

The 1st family who hos.

Drinking vodka and airag

Horse race

The girl who decided t.

The little neighbor pe.

Making cheese





Trans Mongolian Railway


Mongolian grasslands

Never Too Old To Goof.


Staying in a Ger

Camel riding

Fabulous Terelj Park

view from the Monastery

Ger camp in a beautifu.

The Gandan Khiid Temple


Psst, hey lady, wanna.

Mongolian Sunset

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