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How Vaping is Better for Travelers

Most of my friends are travelers and all of them uses electronic cigarette instead of the traditional cigarette. The e-cigs or vaporizers are battery operated device that produce vapor smoke instead of the normal smoke. It uses e-juice or e-liquid which is made from water, flavoring and propylene glycol. The smoke coming from this device is water based making it evaporate through the air instantly just after its exhaled.

For travelers this is a very convenient device for them. It lets them vape anywhere at anytime. There are few countries and places that smoking were not allowed but except for vaping. Due to some studies, it was proven that e-cigs are smokeless making it to be allowed to be used on no-smoking areas.

Most travelers does a lot of walking and moving. We only stay at hotels at rest time or night time. What makes this device very convenient is you can easily change their batteries, some ecigs doesn t need buttons all you have to do is to inhale on the tip of the device and a smart chip will automatically detect your breath and it will produce vapor smoke for you.

If you are more on traveling by planes, this device will be perfect for you since some airlines doesn t allow smoking. But they do have smoking areas where smokers can smoke. But with e-cigs you can actually smoke even inside the plane since it s smokeless and odorless. All you need to do is ask the person sitting beside you if it doesn t bother him that you vaping.

Overall this device is the best for travelers. No need to bring lighters and ashtray which mostly airports doesn t allow. With electronic cigar all you need to bring is the device, charger and e-liquid and you are all set to go. You can actually place them all on a small pouch so you can grab them when you want to.

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