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New Zealand Experiences

Indulge your inner movie nerd and check out silver screen hot spots in the Kiwi capital.

Explore the land of the Kiwis and you’ll discover author J. R. R. Tolkien’s famed trilogy brought to life.

See our picks of the best guided tours in the Pacific Islands and Oceania —featuring South Island fishing town Kaikoura and more — from National Geographic Traveler magazine’s 2015 Tours of a Lifetime.

A Nat Geo writer takes part in a blind wine tasting while soaking in the natural, enchanting land around him.

When it’s time for flowers to bloom and snow to melt, these ten destinations are sure to awaken the sense.

After hiking more than 10,000 miles across six continents, Peter Potterfield tells us his favorite spots to get outdoors and start walking.

Have a snack on New Zealand’s South Island while you’re soaking in the sights. Get the details and discover other beautiful spots for a picnic.

Get the story behind a photo captured by a man with a great photographic eye and thirst for adventure.

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