Jan 14 2018

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The Pro-GOP Landscape Is Turning Blue

Chas Danner 2k Shares

A Catchy Tune About Sexual Harassment Hell

Fifty years. 2,343 issues. One book. The greatest city in the world.

Buy it now. It’s the perfect gift. New york travel Harassment

John Hockenberry Accused of Harassment

Nine women describe inappropriate behavior by the long-time anchor of The Takeaway.

Suki Kim 6.7k Shares

Trump s Twitter Feed Is a Foreign-Policy-Crisis Machine

His digital politicking leads to dangerous consequences.

Jonah Shepp 150 Shares

13 Excellent Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in New York City This December

Your food agenda for the month.

Chris Crowley 238 Shares

Celebrity Photos in the Jazz Age

Vogue s first-ever staff photographer is featured at the Met.

Shannon Barbour 0 Shares

America Is Trapped in Trump s Delusional World

Dread the day when reality catches up to us all.

Andrew Sullivan 5.5k Shares

Laura Dern’s Life-Changing Meeting With Chewbacca

An Advent Calendar of Holiday Gifts

Nobody Was More Excited to See Meghan Markle Than This British Reporter

Latest News

Latest News

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Made Crass Anti-Gay Jokes on Her Now-Defunct Blog

She tagged her blogs with gay politicians and not gay politicians.

McConnell Backs Away From Condemnation of Roy Moore

Now he says it s up to Alabama voters to decide.

Trump Goes After FBI in Morning Tweetstorm

He called James Comey a liar again, among other accusations.

Met Opera s James Levine Under Investigation for Sexual Abuse

On various occasions he would ask me how I touched myself and then he would touch me the way I touched myself.

ABC Suspends Brian Ross Over False Trump Report

The anchor botched a story involving Michael Flynn and the president.

Senate Passes Huge Tax Bill That Rewards the Rich

Chockful of provisions that the one percent will love.

Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Tried to Hire Gossip Writer to Investigate His Accusers

He offered to pay the writer $20,000 a month to find out which of his accusers were talking.

Mueller Removed Investigator Over Possible Anti-Trump Texts

Two FBI agents who worked on the Russia investigation were found to have exchanged politically charged texts last year.

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