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Occupational Business Licensing

Electronic Lien Title

Participation in Nevada’s Electronic Lien Title (ELT) system is mandatory as of July 1, 2017. Dealers are required to place a lender’s ELT number on the EDRS and title paperwork. The DMV will no longer process non-ELT titles as of September 1, 2017.

Any business that finances vehicles must become an ELT lender. See Electronic Lien and Title.



  • Report of Sale Extension Request (OBL 275)
    An Occupational/Business Licensing Technician may approve the first and second request for an extension of time on a Dealers Report of Sale. A request for a third extension must be referred to a Compliance Enforcement Investigator for approval. Please allow additional time for a third approval response.
  • Canceled Sale Disclosure Form (OBL 315) – Legal Size
    To notify buyers of new terms offered after a sale is canceled.
  • Authorization to Release Title (VP 257)
  • Application for Temporary Location License (OBL 261)
  • Business License Plate Application (OBL 239)
  • Lost License Plate and Registration Certificate Affidavit (OBL 238)
  • Letter of Authorization (OBL 276)
    Authorizes specific employees to pick up license plates, decals, titles or DMV supplies.
  • Application for Private Bidder Identification Card (OBL 250) | Information (OBL 257)
    To authorize private individuals to purchase salvage vehicles.
  • Private Bidder Sale Report (OBL 258) – Legal Size
    Excel spreadsheet for salvage pools to report sales to private parties.
  • Consignment Auction Emission Exception (EC 38)
    For auctions to notify the buyer that he or she is responsible for an emission inspection.
  • Application for Expedited Processing/Shipping of Nevada Title (VP 265)
    To expedite title processing and/or shipping for additional fee(s). All Nevada titles are issued by mail from Carson City.
  • Electronic Lienholder Reassignment Affidavit (VP 268)
    Assigns lienhollder rights on electronic titles.

Salesperson Licensing Top ↑

License Surrender. When a salesperson is terminated, the dealer must surrender that person’s license to the DMV within 10 days.

Chapter 482 – Motor Vehicles and Trailers: Licensing, Registration, Sales and Leases

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