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One Way Travel Insurance

Those individuals intending on staying in a foreign country long-term will usually find that it makes sense for them to purchase one-way travel insurance. Their needs will differ from those of the average tourist, so it is important that the policy they choose reflect this. One-way travel insurance is also sometimes referred to as expat travel insurance. Down Under Insurance provides a policy that will work well for those people who intend to move abroad long-term.

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What to Expect with One Way Travel Insurance

One-way travel insurance is named from the fact that those looking for this type of policy will typically be purchasing a one-way ticket to their destination. This individual may be moving abroad long term, or they may just be going on a long holiday abroad without any plans for when they will be returning. If this person were to buy a basic travel insurance policy, it would likely be unsuitable for their needs. This type of policy will cover such things as:

  • emergency medical assistance
  • emergency medical and hospital expenses
  • personal liability coverage
  • personal luggage coverage
  • luggage delay coverage
  • coverage in the case of death
  • repatriation if required in the event of an emergency
  • coverage for stolen money
  • cancellation, curtailment trip interruption

The fact that this is one-way coverage brings some important additional benefits such as:

  • i f you need to make a claim on this policy, you will be able to do this in your destination country rather than coming back to Australia to make a claim.

Do You Need One-Way Travel Insurance?

The one-way travel insurance policy will be suitable for a number of different types of individual, including:

  • Australians who are going abroad and have no real plans for when they will be returning home again
  • Australians who are returning home after a long period of being away
  • Australians who plan to go travelling for an indefinite time in Africa, the Americas, Asia, South East Asia, or Europe.

When it comes to purchasing travel insurance, it is always going to be important to find the policy that is most suitable for your needs.

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