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Private Jet Charter Pricing

Keeping private jet travel simple. and less expensive:

No membership fees required

Award winning service and reliability

No surprise costs, nothing hidden

Simple – one charter at a time; optimal aircraft and cost for each

and every trip, utilizing the top US-registered FAA-certified aircraft

and crews with New Flight Charters’ Best Price Guarantee.

Please do compare pricing! Take advantage of the most experienced team in the industry

and the largest aircraft and pricing availability- ready to go.

Empty Leg Specials

Click Here for Top 100 and Details

Naples FL – New York area

PHenom 300, light jet

New York – Stuart FL

Citation CJ3, light jet

Los Angeles CA – Las Vegas NV

King Air 350, exec turboprop

St. Maarten – New York

Citation X, super mid jet

Miami FL – Los Angeles CA

Citation X, super mid jet

Jackson Hole WY – Los Angeles

Falcon 2000, large jet

San Jose CA – Hawaii

Falcon 900DX, large jet

  • Need a quick ballpark cost? Just ask. General information? Our friendly Charter Managers

can help talk through options, costs, info- general or specific.

  • Know the general pricing and what you need? Call and receive several best-available

    custom quotes for review, no committment.

  • If you decide to book a charter, choose from several payment options including day

    of the trip or advance payment discounts. Your quote will show all options.

    Jet Charter Best Price Guarantee

    The New Flight Charters Best Price Guarantee ensures you’re getting the best price available

    in the entire market for your flight. You won’t find such a pricing guarantee from

    any other private air charter service today. Getting the flight you want at the best price

    available in the market shouldn’t be hard work. With the Best Price Guarantee you can

    book with confidence.

    Private Jet Charter Rates

    * Hourly rates depend on aircraft type, availability and scheduling. Best Price Guarantee applies to every quote. Quotes include all costs. No membership, deposit or buy-in fees.

    Call our friendly Charter Mangers for firm pricing including any cost saving options, 800-732-1653.

    Special Pricing Aircraft and Empty Legs

    Below is the full list of non-based Floating Fleet aircraft available for special one-way pricing

    in the US, Canada and Caribbean. These can be very advantageous for a one-way flight, or

    round trip flights over several days – where holding an aircraft over is more expensive.

    Empty Legs are available also nationwide. Hundreds of empty legs are available nationwide

    at any given time, most often on short notice of two weeks or less. It’s not common and there are

    certain limitations, but when an empty leg matches up with a flight need, there is no better value

    in private flying. New Flight Charters has the widest reach of one-way, empty leg and based

    aircraft in the industry.

    Check the best options available for your flight need. One of our friendly, helpful

    managers is standing by at (800) 732-1653 or email.

    • Citation CJ3 (8)
    • Citation CJ2 (7)
    • Citation Ultra (5)
    • Citation V (6)
    • Hawker 400XP (33)
    • Falcon 10 (5)
    • Hawker 800XP (26)
    • Hawker 800A (8)
    • Citation XLS (4)
    • Citation Excel (13)
    • Learjet 60XR (1)
    • Learjet 60 (8)
    • Learjet 55 (6)
    • Falcon 20 (3)
    • Challenger 300 (17)
    • Gulfstream G200 (2)
    • Citation X (31)
    • Citation Sovereign (1)
    • Falcon 50EX (2)
    • Falcon 50 (4)
    • Hawker 1000 (4)
    • Global 6000 (3)
    • Global 5000 (2)
    • Global Express (4)
    • Guflstream V (3)
    • Gulfstream IV-SP (24)
    • Gulfstream IV (21)
    • Gulfstream III (1)
    • Falcon 900B (1)
    • Falcon 2000EX (3)
    • Challenger 601 (10)

    The Straight Facts On Jet Cards and Private Jet Quote Pricing

    When aircraft positioning will create your best cost or preferred jet option, it is included at cost. New Flight Charters is still less expensive than jet card companies, memberships and charter services, and utilize the same quality aircraft and crews.

    Know the private jet charter facts. There is no ‘free positioning’. There is significant cost to moving or flying an aircraft which must be included somewhere in cost, check overall hourly rates or add-ons. Positioning is part of jet cards’ and memberships’ high hourly rate – not to mention the employees and overhead for management, marketing, accounting, etc. You see it in their hourly rates. Be knowledgeable about the advertising and real costs, and compare New Flight Charters pricing for the same trip.

    Recent Private Jet Charter Quote Example:

    • Day 1 Los Angeles CA – Broomfield (Denver) CO
    • Day 2 Broomfield (Denver) CO – Kansas City MO
    • Day 3 Kansas City MO – Knoxville TN
    • Day 4 Knoxville TN – Addison(Dallas) TX

    $24,350 Citation S/II

    $24,827 Learjet 35

    $27,142 Learjet 31

    $27,652 Hawker 400XP

    $27,793 Premier 1

    $28,705 Citation VII

    $29,908 Learjet 60

    $35,634 Learjet 45

    $40,136 Hawker 1000

    $46,304 Falcon 50

    The flight itinerary involves approximately 8 hours flying over 4 days.

    Compare Actual Private Air Charter Quotes

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