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Rail Travel in the Czech Republic

Many Czech trains have connections in Prague. (Photo: prague 2 image by Pontus Edenberg from Fotolia.com )

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The Czech Republic boasts one of the densest railway networks in all of Europe, with easy accessibility even in small towns. Whether traveling only within the Czech Republic or leaving the country, travelers will find frequent trains with several daily connections at cheaper prices than those found in Western Europe.


Czech Railways serves cities and towns throughout the Czech Republic, from Prague s Hlavni Nadrazi station to stops in small countryside towns, with ample connections. In less than seven hours, travelers within the Czech Republic can reach just about any part of the country via railway. And with 30 train crossings found along the Czech Republic s border, travelers can easily reach surrounding European countries as well. Most international trains arrive at Hlavni Nadrazi station.

Types of Trains


Travelers can purchase tickets at any Czech Railways train station ticket office or travel agency. Although it s possible to buy a ticket from the conductor immediately after boarding a domestic train, international trains leaving from within the Czech Republic require reservations. Keep in mind that most Czech ticket sellers don t speak English, so you should have the name of the destination you re headed for as well as your desired departure date and time. Ticket prices depend on the distance traveled.


Czech railway conductors are generally strict about tickets. If you haven t purchased one before boarding, you must do so before the conductor comes through your train car to check tickets or face a fine. And according to Lonely Planet, Czech Railways conductors have been known to try to get foreigners to pay a fine by claiming there is something wrong with their ticket. Never pay any fine or extra fee aboard the train without first obtaining a written receipt (doklad).

Trains vs. Other Transportation

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