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Places Where Hemingway Lived or Traveled

Hemingway liked Idaho in the fall, Key West for the fishing, but lived in Cuba longer than anyplace else.

In Europe’s Top Destinations, Hotels to Suit Your Wallet

Hotel pairs in six popular European cities, including Paris and Barcelona, offer alternatives at the high or low end of the budget spectrum.

A New Place to Sleep in Old Barcelona

A hotel housed in a 19th-century building toes the line between classic and modern.

Menorca, the Ibiza Antidote

Imagine the white-sand beaches of Spain’s most famous island — but without the thudding electronica and all-night dance parties — and you’ll get rustic, low-key Menorca, now coming into its own.

The Revolt Against Tourism

To keep badly behaved visitors in check, officials turn to regulation.

In Spain, an Eco-Tour That Follows Cork From Tree to Bottle

The tour, From Bark to Bottle, accompanies the cork harvest and allows participants to sample the area’s food and wine.

Robert Graves Found ‘Perfect Tranquillity’ in Majorca

The poet and writer, shellshocked after World War I, found a place to write in a village on the northern coast of the Spanish island.

Hotel Review: Praktik Bakery Hotel in Barcelona

The 74-room Praktik Bakery Hotel, with cheerful, inexpensive rooms, includes an artisanal bakery on the ground floor.

Tours Focus on Barcelona’s Street Life

Hidden City Tours, which specializes in walking tours led by the homeless and formerly homeless, has a new Street Life tour of Barcelona.

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