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Thank you for shopping our website for your luggage and travel needs! At Luggage Pros, we work diligently to provide our customers with the best and most rewarding online shopping experience. Find exactly what you need by browsing our website and searching through our large selection of products including: luggage. briefcases. handbags. backpacks. travel accessories and more. Start shopping by selecting a brand or a popular category like spinners, and filter your search as you shop. Looking for a deal on bags for your trip? Browse our discount luggage section for sale and closeout products. If you have difficulty finding the product you’re looking for, try using our search bar located at the top of every page.

Since we have over 5,000 products online to choose from, finding exactly what you’re searching for can be difficult – but we’re here to help! If you have any questions regarding our products, website or our company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by telephone at 1 (800) 595-5456, live chat with a Luggage Pros product expert or send us an email today.

We offer an exclusive 115% low price guarantee and free returns on all products, so you can shop Luggage Pros knowing that you are getting the best products at the lowest prices available. Please feel free to let us know how we can serve you better. Thank you for visiting, and Happy Travels!


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Anand Travels Sdn Bhd – Klang – Selangor Darul Ehsan. #travel

#anand travels

Anand Travels Sdn Bhd – Klang – Selangor Darul Ehsan

Anand Travels Malaysian Travel Agent and…

Welcome to our Website. Welcome! and thank you for visiting our website. We understand that the Web is increasingly becoming one of the most important tools for travelers and. подробнее

Anand Travels Online

Address: Anand Travels Sdn. Bhd. Wisma PKT, No. 21, Jalan Stesen, 41000 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan West Malaysia Telephone: 603 – 33710022 or 603 – 33723588 подробнее

Book Now

Ways to book your flights with Firefly, through our online booking server, ticketing offices and appointed travel agents подробнее

Exco Members 2011 – 2012 Malaysian…

PRESIDENT MR. K. THANGAVELU. DIRECTOR. Grandlotus Travel Agencies Sdn. Bhd. President of MITA; Ticketing/Inbound/Outbound – Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia подробнее

FAQ Where to buy GSP? Where to buy GSP? You may buy your Global Starter Pack (GSP) online via credit-card or via participating travel agents. подробнее

Welcome to New Venus Travels Tours Sdn Bhd.

nama klinik: alamat: state: tel: klinik theesan: 165, jalan harimau, century garden, 80250, johor bahru: johor: 07-3328011: klinik medijaya: 12, jln harimau, tmn century, 80250 johor. подробнее

Travel Agent Contact

One-stop contact centre for Firefly appointed travel agents worldwide подробнее

Amyc Engineering Construction Company – Anchor Bolts Nuts Sdn.

Malaysian Companies Directory, Malaysia Company Profiles A47 – Amyc Engineering Construction Company – Anchor Bolts Nuts Sdn Bhd подробнее

Air Travel Ticket Agencies | Malaysia…

Mitra Kembara Sdn Bhd – Air Travel Ticket Agencies. Find business and company in Malaysia fast. подробнее подробнее

Air Travel Ticket Agencies | Malaysia…

Mitra Kembara Sdn Bhd – Air Travel Ticket Agencies. Find business and company in Malaysia fast. подробнее


01.04.2010 persatuan ejen-ejen pelancongan dan pengembaraan malaysia malaysian association of tour and travel agentsdear members,egm 7 january 2010 – list of. подробнее

Travel Agent. Selamat Datang Malaysia

Selamat Datang Malaysia – Travel Agent. Selamat Datang Malaysia подробнее

Lords Taverners Malaysia

OUR CURRENT CHARITABLE EVENT. Bobby Chen’s Recital Concert at Equatorial Hotel on 12th June 2010 (cocktails) and 24th June 2010 (with dinner) Haberdashers’ Aske’s Cricket Tour. подробнее


MALAYSIA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT ON GERBANG PERDANA SDN BHD June 17 2006 at 12:51 AM No score for this post подробнее

Selangor tourist services

malaysia, selangor: travel services, airlines, bus services, car rentals, taxi services, travel services. подробнее

Lords Taverners Malaysia

LATEST NEWS! Dear all, Attached you will find a flyer giving details of two recitals that BOBBY CHEN – MALAYSIA’S LEADING CONCERT PIANIST – will be giving at the Equatorial. подробнее

Malaysia’s ##1 Travel Website – Photos, reviews and travel advice for Malaysian travel destinations, hotels and vacation packages. Find and book your dream Malaysian. подробнее – Malaysia Directories Information. LINKS: PAGES: 1 2 3 4 [ ]. One-Stop Express Coach Service. Daily Express coach service from Singapore to Malaysia подробнее


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Americas Travel – Travel Services – Hayes Valley – San Francisco,

#hayes travel

Recommended Reviews

Marcelo is amazing! My friend and I were struggling to book internal flights in Peru with our US credit cards. We called him and in 5 minutes, he had great flights, tons of advice and he knew so much about travel within the country and what to see. He s got the hookup! I just wish I would have called him from the very beginning before we booked stuff.

This place was great. We just stopped in to check out what a travel agent could do for us since we didn t have the time or know-how on planning a complex trip through South America. After our first meeting with Cesar, we realized that visiting Americas Travel was the best decision we could have made with regard to this trip.

Oh my goodness.  Have been using Marcelo at Americas Travel to book airfares to Central and South America for years.  Have always been impressed by his ability to find the BEST fares with the BEST schedules.

But my experience today takes the cake.  If I was loyal to Marcelo before, I am LOYAL to Marcelo and Americas Travel now and so are all the friends traveling with me today.

Scheduled to fly to Guatemala this morning with some friends to help build a school and spend some time enjoying the country.  Nightmare experience when we arrived at the SFO.  We barely made it for the cutoff time of checking in but, even though we were there in time, the devil airline refused to check us in and we had people depending on our arrival to work on the school project.  Not only did the freakishly terrible airline refuse to check us in, they refused to help us get on the next flight to Guatemala City.  We were told they would not be able to get us on a flight for a couple of days and each one of us would need to pay $583 for the transfer and new flight fees.

Enter Marcelo. Americas Travel has Saturday hours. thank goodness!  After beating my head against a brick wall for hours trying to have a rational conversation with the airline agents, I finally gave up and headed to Americas Travel to wait patiently for their 10:30 am Saturday morning opening.

In 10 minutes, Marcelo took care of EVERYTHING.  We went from stressing out over when and IF we could afford to get to Guatemala to being on the next flight with NO CHANGE IN PRICE.

Absolutely amazing.  Can t say thank you or recommend them enough!

Was this review ?


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Alaska Airlines – Find Cheap Tickets From Alaska Air #search #for

#airline ticket

Alaska Airlines

The Company originated as McGee Airlines in 1932 is counted among much renowned airlines present today. In the year 1944, this airline gained its current status and was called Alaska Airlines for the first time. Currently, this airline is based in the Seattle suburb, Washington. Alaska Flights is a huge group and challenges to provide the best to its customers. Improvement has been seen in the company since its founding, which makes it a great choice for everyone. The range of choices that people get here is beyond comparison that again reflects dexterity of this airline.

Alaska Airlines Servives

The services provided by this airline are not limited to the state of Alaska only, and these are made accessible throughout Mexico, Canada, Continental United States and four Hawaiian Islands. In these regions, It is considered among the largest passengers carrying airlines at present. This speaks about the vastness and continuous growth of the airline since its founding.

The services and facilities that are offered to the passengers are no less than appealing. Some of the choicest services that people like to have an access to are made available here. This has already made Alaska Flights bag several awards for customer service. The passengers here are seen absolutely gratified from the offers available that makes it a grand choice from all aspects.

Alaska Airlines Surprises

It is always known to be a source of endless surprises. Several schemes for enhancing convenience of the travellers are put into action. The Mileage plan is one of such plans that have already gained appreciation from the travellers. The presence of this plan is considered highly beneficial for travellers as it includes a lot of other offers within it. Impressive meal service, discount on ticket fares, easy booking and a lot more are also offered for making this flights a good option for people.

Professionalism is seen to be an eternal part of the alaska airlines. The problems of customers are solved with much ease and in a very professional way that makes them satisfied as well as happy. The presence of well-trained employees makes it easier for people travelling here to get what they want. All the issues of travellers on board are also solved instantly that helps customers to have a comfortable journey to their destinations.

Alaska Airlines Emploees

The unending paean for Alaska Airlines continues with the help of people related to it. It is a great place for people to work too. The flights believe in the fact that customers can be made happy only when the employees are happy as well. So, focus in given for expansion of services offered to the employees working here. Their pockets are filled with discounts, offers and many more such candies for their encouragement. Increments and bonuses are also made a part of the work here that makes one of the best sources of motivation for employees.

All in all, Alaska Flights can be called as an ultimate hub that attracts both passengers and employees because of its alluring services.


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Airplanes – Car Seats Part IV: Travel Car Seats #disney #travel

#travel car seat

Airplanes Car Seats Part IV: Travel Car Seats

This is the fourth, and final article in our series on air travel with a car seat. In the third article in this series, we reviewed different ways to carry your own car seat through the airport. If you prefer to leave your own car seat safely installed in your car, or need a flexible car seat for a second car that also doubles as a travel car seat, this article provides an overview of the different products available.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be reviewing a few of these products in more depth and then giving them away to our readers. Be sure to check back!

Related Links:

Sit ‘n’ Stroll

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November 15, 2008 at 5:04 a.m.

We are going to Mozambique from Boston with a 2 year old in January. Thank you so much for the abundance of useful information all in one place. I could not have asked for a better series of articles. You answered all of my questions. The links to various products were great too. Thank you.

Marcie VH

March 10, 2009 at 5:04 p.m.

I used a sit n stroll last week when I took my 9 mo to New York. I didn t love it as much as I hoped I would. These days it s rare to have a free empty seat next to you to install it in. So I never got to use it on the plane. And if it weren t for the need to have a car seat in the taxis, I would have much preferred to have my trusty Maclaren Quest. How do you avoid the need for a car seat is the question?


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Airline Tickets Information about Discounts and Bargains – We Make Sense

#àirline tickets

Welcome to airlines tickets! There are many bargains to be had purchasing discount airline tickets online. However it is important to know all of the options available to you. It is very common for someone to go online and buy tickets but not purchase the most economical tickets available. We are here to show you how to purchase the cheapest airline tickets available online.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice Internet user or have been using the Internet for many years already, our tip for finding the best and cheapest airline tickets are going to help you save lots of money. Periodically if we find any coupons to present to you we will let you know about those. Many airlines and travel agencies have special deals and where to show you how to find those deals on your own. We’re not going to try to sell you anything our purpose is to teach you how to fish not to give your fish. In other words were going to teach you how to use the Internet to save a whole lot of money when purchasing airline tickets.

Whether you are traveling from coast-to-coast or looking for discount international tickets, we’re here to help you understand how the airlines price your tickets what all the different systems out there mean and how you can go out and find the absolute best and cheapest tickets available. For instance if you’re looking for a cheap airline ticket to Mexico or cheap airfare to New York City, Cape Cod or you’re just flying to Los Angeles we can help you understand how to do multiple searches on the Internet using many unique search engines and web sites in order to find the best deal on airplane tickets available to you at that moment. We’re going to you we’re going to introduce you to Internet specials, which are discount tickets available only on the Internet. We are going to introduce you to senior specials and some of the ways that it’s better to sometimes not utilize senior specials but to look for Internet specials which sometimes are better then any senior discounts or into error did their discounts for other reasons. In

You don’t need any special computer and you don’t need any special education in order to take advantage of the cheap rate available for flying anywhere in the world that you want to go. There is no need to join any clubs or pay any ridiculous fees in order to access these very inexpensive airfares. There are many scams out there than that are posing as travel clubs and promise you the very cheap fares a we’ve looked into these and we have found that it’s a lot cheaper to just go on the Internet using the tools were going to show you and finding the cheapest fares.

So welcome to our web site, which is called airlines tickets, because that is what we focus on helping you find the cheapest airline tickets and the best bargains online for discount airfare. Browse our web site bookmark it and tell a friend because we’re to help you save thousands of dollars and enable you to fly out and see your children and grandchildren and just take a trip anywhere you want and not make a dent in your wallet because we’re in a show you just as we have learned for ourselves how to find the cheapest airline tickets, whether you want cheap tickets to Hawaii, cheap tickets to Acapulco, cheap tickets to Ohio, cheap tickets to Connecticut, airline tickets to Paris France, or even in inexpensive airline tickets to Italy, it is I’ll out there and it’s so cheap you will not believe your eyes. Yes, you too can travel all over the world and all over the United States anywhere you want to go and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Many people believe that travel is for the wealthy the we’re here to you that anybody can do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a janitor or if you’re retired it doesn’t even matter if you just out of high school and you got a part-time job were going to show you that inexpensive travel to anywhere in the world that you want to go to is available to you. The only thing you have to do is know where to look at how to look and bookmark all the right web sites for searching and once you do that you too will become a savvy traveler and will be able to travel anywhere in the world that you want.

Finding the right discount on airfares is one of the most rewarding moments of the travel experience. It props the intrepid traveler up with a sense of savvy and shrewdness as he or she see that the price obtained was by far the best possible. For many, however, this feeling is unfamiliar, as all too often air travelers are caught by wily agents and on-line sites which will overcharge just because they can. In order to fall into the first category (that is, the exulted travel-savvy price champion) then it is necessary to take proactive advantage of any internet discount available and obtain the best price possible. The truth that most people don t realize is that air travel discounts are all around. What it takes, however, is someone willing to recognize where they are and when and how to get a hold of them. That s why we are proud to make sure that you get the absolutely best discount airline tickets that are available to you. With us, you will never miss a hitch, and by obtaining the prevailing rock bottom airfare travel discounts that you desire and need you will be able to see much more of the world.

For the young at heart, traveling and seeing the world is an essential part of the life process. Learning by experience is crucial in developing an understanding of different cultures that inhabit this worl. By taking advantage of the best airline travel fares that can be discovered online, travelers everywhere are finding themselves able to make a positive impact on the world and gain truly enriching experiences.

In addition, all this is obtained at just a fraction of the price of normal airline tickets. Veritably, the savings derived from discount airfares that are available to travelers are some of the best around. Another important matter to bring up is the fact that travelers so rarely realize how lucky they are to be able to reap the benefits of the many airline ticket discounts available today. Ranging anywhere from the huge savings on major international flights to smaller savings for the trips back home savings that often add up to become so significant that they are hard to ignore, the discount airfares for travelers have virtually no match in any other consumer industry today.

Yes, the children under two often get a pretty good fares, and they sometimes give the elderly a discount (although we will show you how to get even cheaper rates), but the plain truth is that the informed travelers are the only ones who can fully take in a traveling experience at the cheapest rates, and therefore they are placed in the most advantageous category of airline passenger when they receive the highly abundant discounted airline tickets. Once equipped with travel savings, the informed traveller is able to explore the exciting regions of Southeast Asia, or backpack through Europe and check out medieval ruins in nearly every country on the European continent. One of the great benefits of going with the cheap airline tickets is that the savings often get translated into a better travel budget and / or longer vacation time. By finding discount airfares, the lucky traveler can trot the globe in style without breaking the bank. Are you ready to find some travel deals? Let’s get started!

Many of the travel websites will have expanded search options so that you can search one day before and one day after your preferred dates so that you will be able to see if it will be much cheaper to fly on Tuesday, for example, instead of Monday. If it will save a couple hundred bucks, most people will make the switch.

Some sites also give the option to plug in a span of dates. say you want to travel sometime between June and July, but have no specific dates in mind. and it will find you the cheapest time to travel.

Finding discounted tickets to fly back east or out west can be a tricky endeavour. If you have been searching online for cheap spring tickets, or cheap tickets for summer, then you will have noticed that the prices for traveling have been rising. One of the reasons that inexpensive flights have been so difficult to find. But don’t be disheartened because we will show you the ins and outs of how to find the best rates on airlines tickets.

Students are on a budget, so it’s important to get the cheapest airline tickets. We will show you how. keep reading and the secret for cheap, and we mean dirt cheap travel will be yours to take advantage of. We have researched the methods airlines have for inflating the cost of airline tickets and have found out how to beat the airlines at their own game so that you will be flying so cheap, the airlines will actually be losing money on your purchases! That’s good for you, the budget minded college student who needs to fly but can’t afford to be price-gouged by what the airlines are charging people who are unaware of discount air rates.


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Airline prices – flight booking, buy airline tickets online, air deal,

#flight tickets booking

airline prices

  • alaska airlines tickets
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cheapest airlines tickets flight rates airline tickets to germany airline tickets usa cheapest ticket cheap airlines tickets airline tickets for students cheap airline tickets europe tickets discount international airline tickets airline cheap ticket airline tickets europe air tickets canada best airfare cheapest flight tickets cheap tickets canada airline tickets to costa rica cheap air travel mileage airline tickets on line airline tickets to australia airline tickets for cheap cheapest airfare tickets online airline tickets

cheapest airline fares

domestic airline tickets air lines discount airfares airline bookings discounted air tickets air ticket cheap flights cheap flights hotels cheap air flights cheapest flights airline flights the cheapest airline tickets airlines logo online travel service europe discount airlines frequent flyer www airline tickets com airfare airline tickets to california cheap discount airline tickets cheapest airline tickets online booking flights flights and hotel airline tickets to london

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Air Tickets 2015 – Air Concert tour 2015 Tickets #i2000 #travel

#air ticket
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Maldives Travel Information – Maldives Tourism #travel #to #russia

#maldives travel


Travel to Maldives

Although geographically isolated the Maldives is easily accessible by air from anywhere in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe. Colombo is an hour’s journey away by air, from Singapore and Dubai it takes about four hours and from Europe it takes nine to eleven hours to reach Malé international airport .

What to pack

The Maldives is warm throughout the year. Light, cotton and linen wear is ideal. Pack lots of tee shirts, beachwear, and wraparound skirts, cotton shirts and shorts. For visits to inhabited islands, where most of the streets are of compact sand, or Malé where the streets are paved, sandals are easy to walk on. Some essential items include swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat or a cap. If your travel plan includes traveling to many islands, a mosquito repellent may become handy.


Tourists are issued a 30-day tourist visa on arrival. A valid travel document is necessary. Visa extensions are granted by the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Malé. The import of firearms, drugs, pornography and idols of worship are prohibited. Dogs, pigs, and pork products are also prohibited for import by tourists. Alcohol imported under a special license is available in all the resorts. Similarly pork products are available at most of the resorts as well. Prohibited products such as alcohol brought in by passengers are bonded and released at departure.

Health Requirements

An international certificate of inoculation against yellow fever and cholera is required by visitors arriving from infected countries.

MTPB at the Airport

The Maldives Tourism Promotion Board has a counter at the airport arrival terminal to provide information and assistance to tourists arriving in the country and provide a variety of brochures in different languages for guests.

Resort Transfer

If you have a booking with a resort, transfer is usually arranged prior to your arrival. The options of speedboat or seaplane transfer where available is for you to choose from. For transfer to resorts close to the airport, motorboat or dhoni transfer is quite convenient. Even if you make a resort booking while in Malé. transfer arrangements are often made by the resort.

The Maldives has one of the largest seaplane fleets in the world, not surprising for a country with 99% ocean and more than a thousand islands. The low altitude seaplane journey offers you the additional opportunity to experience a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the country.

Departure Tax

The airport departure tax which is US$ 12.00 is usually included when you purchase your airline ticket.

Duty Free Shopping

Duty Free Shopping is only available at the departure terminal at Malé International Airport. The lounge has specialized shops with a wide variety of international brands selling well known products at competitive prices. The duty free lounge has shops for toys, souvenirs, perfume, electronics, watches, fashion accessories, jewelry, liquor and tobacco and confectionery.


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Africa – Lonely Planet #cook #travel

#travel to south africa

Introducing Africa

Something special about Africa touches the soul; it is a continent of 54 immensely diverse countries that is both deeply troubled and profoundly uplifting.

Natural Beauty

Whether you’re a wide-eyed first-timer or a frequent visitor, Africa cannot fail to get under your skin. The canvas upon which the continent’s epic story is written is itself astonishing, and reason enough to visit. From the tropical rain forests of Central Africa to the endless rippling dunes and waterless tracts of the Sahara. from the signature savannah of the east to jagged mountains and green-tinged highlands all across the continent, Africa has few peers when it comes to natural beauty.

New Africa

Even as the past retains its hold over the lives of many Africans, just as many have embraced the future, bringing creativity and sophistication to the continent’s cities and urban centres. Sometimes this New Africa is expressed in a restless search for solutions to the continent’s problems, or in an eagerness to break free of the restrictive chains of the past. But just as often, modern Africans are taking all that is new and fusing it onto the best of the old. The continent is still prone to all the ills of humanity, but if you come with an open mind it’s easy to see how amazing Africa can be.

Wildlife Bonanza

A Noah’s Ark of wildlife brings these landscapes to life, with a tangible and sometimes profoundly mysterious presence that adds so much personality to the African wild. So many of the great beasts, including elephants, hippos and lions, call Africa home. Going on safari may be something of a travel cliché, but we’re yet to find a traveller who has watched the wildlife world in motion in the Masai Mara, stumbled upon the paradise that is the Ngorongoro Crater, or communed with gorillas in Uganda ‘s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and has not been reduced to an ecstatic state of childlike wonder.

Ancient Africa

But there’s so much more to Africa than nature’s considerable bounty. On this continent where human beings first came into existence, customs, traditions and ancient rites tie Africans to generations past and to the collective memory of myriad people. In many rural areas, it can feel as though the modern world might never have happened, and old ways of doing things – with a certain grace and civility, hospitality and a community spirit – survive. Welcome to Old Africa.

Why I Love Africa

By Simon Richmond, Writer

Some of my most evocative travel memories of Africa – amazing live concerts in the shadow of Table Mountain, the mad circus of Marrakesh ‘s Djemaa el-Fna – are musical ones. Boy, can this continent bang out a beat! Africa’s enormously talented musicians play homage to the traditions of the past at the same time as they push the boundaries of contemporary music. The fruits of their labours provide a constantly evolving playlist to the continent’s diversity and an unforgettable soundtrack to your African journey. The results can be stunning and are always unmistakeably African.


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Adventure Travel – Activity Holidays, Group Tours – Imaginative Traveller #imperial

#imaginative traveller

Land of the Rising Sun

To change your location please select a country:

01728 862230 Or email

© Copyright 1991/2015 The Imaginative Traveller is a trading name for Dragoman Overseas Travel Ltd, a company registered in England with limited liability. Registered office: Camp Green, Debenham, Suffolk, IP14 6LA. UK Reg. Number: 2732524. Dragoman Overseas Travel Ltd. is a UK based company and all contracts are subject to English law. Dragoman Overseas Travel Ltd is a member of The Dragoman Travel Ltd Group of Companies.

The air holidays and flights shown are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is ATOL4157. ATOL protection extends to either clients who pay in United Kingdom or where the first leg of ant flights we arrange start in the UK.

We are also bonded for land only tours with AITO Trust Ltd, membership number 5044.

Imaginative Traveller is an Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Authority. This can be checked on the FSA s register by visiting the FSA s website at or by contacting them on 0845 606 1234

The pricing on the Imaginative Traveller websites is the latest pricing and supersedes any pricing published in brochures, leaflets or any other advertised price.

AITOT 5044, ATOL4157 Protected


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About Lynott Tours – specialists in travel to Ireland and Great

#travel agents ireland

Follow Us

We’re 45 and it shows!

Lynott Tours (rhymes with why not) was founded as a luxury travel company by Patrick and Betty Lynott. He was Irish and his wife was British. They began operating as an Irish tour operator in 1970, arranging tours for upscale travelers. Now Ireland travel to Great Britain are synonymous with Lynott Tours. The Company was sold in 1983 to Ellen Mc Nulty, who became President.

We create one-of-a-kind vacations for groups and individuals. We love our destinations and do our best to make sure that our customers feel the same way. We believe that a vacation can only be a success if it is custom-tailored to fit the requirements and preferences of each individual. Our job is to make sure that everyone gets the right balance of comfort and excitement to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. We believe that personal attention to our customers is essential.

Ireland and Britain remain for us the most prominent tour programs. In 1987, the South Pacific was added to the product line, for two reasons: the ancestral links between Ireland and Great Britain with Australia and New Zealand. The Southern Hemisphere also offers the benefit of warm weather travel during the U.S. winter time. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the most trusted names in travel to not only Britain and Ireland, but Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the rest of the South Pacific. Customized special interest travel including private inside visits to places not normally open to the public and individual personalized tour planning are Lynott’s forte.

We are travel agents for Ireland and for Great Britain. Lynott Tours is a New York corporation, headquartered in Mineola, Long Island, 25 miles from New York City. The company coat of arms, a crest with three crowns is the shield for ancient Munster, in southwest Ireland. The company motto, Deus Mihi Providebit means God will provide for me.

References may be obtained from any of the following: Tourism Ireland or Visit Britain.

Lynott Tours – Serving the discriminating traveler since 1970.

Questions? Contact us at 1 (800) 221-2474 USA and Canada

Top Five Reasons to use Lynott Tours

  1. Ability to offer the best options and prices
  2. Saving money
  3. Product knowledge
  4. Ability to answer questions
  5. Saving time

What’s Special About Us:

Lynott Tours Independent Self-Drive

More flexibility to do just what you want. Stay from a few hours to 30 days.

Choose from quality B B’s, working family farms, guesthouses, hotels, castles, manors and inns. Our choices include hidden , off-the-beaten-path places, recommended by guidebooks, and by those in the know . When you travel with Lynott Tours, you ll travel with the confidence that you will stay at the best available properties in the region.

Let us do the work. Casual, go-as-you-please voucher arrangements or pre-reserved itinerary planning assistance is available.

Lynott Tours Chauffeur Drive – Let us drive you.

No one can make a region come to life better than our local qualified driver/guides. They can take you off the main route, to experience the real life of the area and introduce you to places you would miss when touring on your own. They can also point you to a local restaurant or find that shop that has just that keepsake that you have been looking for.

You have a choice of sedan, Mercedes limousine, Rolls Royce or minibus, depending on your needs.

Choose from intimate B B’s to 5 star resort hotels in Britain and Ireland for every taste and budget.

Questions? ContactВ Lynott Tours, your Scotland travel agentsВ atВ 1 (800) 221-2474USA CanadaВ 

Please Email Us For Information


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About Skift – Skift #travel #soon

#travel intelligence

About Skift

Skift is the largest industry intelligence and marketing platform in travel, providing news, information, data and services to all sectors of the world’s largest industry.

Based in New York City, Skift has deep experience in identifying and synthesizing existing and emerging trends, in its daily coverage of the global travel industry, through its Skift Trends Reports and its data insight from the SkiftIQ competitive intelligence service.

Within a short three years of its existence, Skift has become the lingo in the travel industry, and is now a daily tool used by the top strategists, technologists, and marketers in travel.


Great content, great data, passionate people. Tomorrow s news today! Larry Pimentel, CEO, Azamara Club Cruises.

“Congratulations on Skift, I love it, I love everything about it.” John Wallis, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyatt Hotels.

“As a 20 year veteran of technology and travel, Skift has become my must read of the day.” Michael McDowell, head of innovation, Hertz.

“Simply love you guys. The freshest cogent ideas / POV s come from your team. Thanks.” Christopher Baer, head of innovation, Marriott.

“Talk about a gap in the market. Not sure where we in the travel industry got our news, insight analysis from before Rafat created Skift.” Chris Boden, former head of innovation, Lonely Planet.

Best new brand of 2014? In travel, Skift for sure! Chris Nurko, Global Chairman, FutureBrand.

“I really like Skift.” Sadiq Gillani, Chief Strategy Officer, Lufthansa Group


Skift means “shift” or “change” or “transformation” in Nordic languages. Skift, as a company, is about that transformation, that shift into the future of travel, and we are the information and intelligence brand at the center of it.

Skift is defining the future of travel.


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Men – s All-Season Travel Jacket – National Geographic Store #southern

#all seasons travel

You May Also Like

Most Liked Positive Review

I love this jacket!!

Have been wearing this since early last December. Good for all but the coldest weather here in Chicago. Won’t stand up to the hawk wind but seems to handle everything. Read complete review

Have been wearing this since early last December. Good for all but the coldest weather here in Chicago. Won’t stand up to the hawk wind but seems to handle everything else down to mid-teens.

Fit is great. I ordered a large. I am 6’0 , 185 lbs, and wear a 34-35 sleeve length. Roomy enough to easily wear a sweater or sweatshirt with the lining in place.

Speaking of the lining, not only does it zip in, but there are 8 buttons holding it in place so it won’t twist or slide around. (Of course, this means it’s a 5-minute project to install or remove unless your fingers work faster than mine.)

To clarify the pocket description: there are 4 outide and 3 inside. Outside left and right slash pockets have discrete zippered pockets right at the opening. Inside left is a zippered vertical slash handy for all sorts of little stuff, with a velcro pocket below and a bit further inside. On the right is a larger pocket, also zippered. All 3 interior pockets are behind the main zipper.

Wearing for last couple months seems to have picked up a few slight wrinkles, but these are not bad and come and go based on where/how long you’re sitting. Only downside I can see is you’re supposed to dry clean it.


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About – Ramsay World Travel – Claire Harrold #hotel #and #car

#ramsay travel

About me.

Hi, my name is Claire and I’m a Personal Travel advisor for RAMSAY WORLD TRAVEL based in ELGIN, Moray and I cover the whole of the UK.

I have been in the Travel Industry for over 14 years and been lucky enough to have travelled to many wonderful countries. With my experience in the travel industry, I am passionate in using my wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience of destinations to make holiday recommendations.

So – Why book with me and not over the internet? – an easy answer. Your time is precious, it can take hours to trawl through different companies offers, and still not fully understand what is included. My aim is to find the best deal to suit your needs and in virtually all cases I will save you money simply by having the knowledge, contacts expertise of where to find the best deals or to find suitable alternatives.

As your Personal Travel Advisor I am available to suit you, not just 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. I can visit you at your home or workplace to discuss your holiday plans at a time that suits you, including evenings or weekends.

You can also follow me on Facebook by clicking onto the link below to see my daily offers and helpful travel advice.

For that holiday of a lifetime or even a weekend away, call me now or drop me an email and let me arrange everything for you.

Claire Harrold

Personal Travel Advisor

Ramsay World Travel


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About Us – Travel Destinations Inc. #find #the #cheapest #flights

#travel destinations

Travel Destinations Inc.

About Us

Travel Destinations, Inc has been in business for over 35 years in AZ at their same “Old Town Scottsdale” location.

Over the years, we have certainly grown business significantly but more importantly we have forged incredible business relationships that have spilled over into lifelong friendships, and experienced collaboration and extremely open communication that have helped us to become the company that we are today. We are dedicated to the business of selling travel and providing our clients the greatest value in travel for their own unique individual need. Our goal is not to simply make sales, but to establish positive and productive business relationships.

Your one-stop Travel Authority

With over 100 years of experience in the business we have helped over 500,000 travelers make the most of their travel destinations.

Caring : We care deeply that you are satisfied; we believe vacations are meant to be fulfilled. We have taken every measure to ensure that your travel plans are painless by guiding you in every step of the way from offering travel ideas to accurate planning to reassure that all the details are taken care of to make your experience smooth, efficient, and truly memorable.

Excellence : We want you to be happy, so you will come back for all of your travel needs, large and small. Our promise to you is that we will do our utmost to take care of you.

Trust : We have earned the trust of our clients and we work hard to maintain it, it s that simple.


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About Us – Raj Tours and Travels #cheap #airfares

#raj travels

Satyajit Vasudev Kavathekar (Shekar ji) has been in travel and tourism industry since last 2 decades.

Shekar ji realized that there is huge business potential in providing intercity value for money bus service for the common man. In 1993 Shekar ji founded Raj Tours and Travels to provide intercity private bus service from Pune to various destinations

Raj Tours and Travels is known to have introduced many new services/ features in intercity private bus industry. Like Raj Tours and Travels was the pioneer to ply sleeper buses on long routes like Pune Nagpur and has recently introduced 2X1 sleeper buses in Pune Nagpur route.

At present Raj Tours and Travels have many routes like Pune Nagpur – Pune, Pune Raipur (CG) Pune, Pune Jabalpur (MP) Pune, Pune Akola, Pune Bangalore, Pune Latur, Pune- Shirpur, Pune Nanded, Pune Chandrapur, Pune Hingoli- and Mumbai to Hingoli, and Pune Goa, Mumbai to Chennai. Mumbai to chhindwara ( MP)

Raj Tours and Travels sensed the need of travelers in Pune – Nagpur route and started Pune Gondia Pune route.


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#travel package




Tired of the cold? Dreaming of fun in the sun?

Celebrate Basketball in Paradise and travel to Maui to watch your team participate in the 32 nd edition of the premier early-season men’s college basketball tournament, the Maui Jim Maui Invitational hosted by Chaminade.

Sun, Surf and Hoops make for an outstanding vacation on the beautiful island of Maui – named Cond Nast Traveler magazine’s top island for 20 consecutive years. The nation’s premier early-season college basketball tournament once again features a stellar field in 2015, as Indiana, Kansas, St. John’s, UCLA, UNLV, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and host Chaminade battle for the Wayne Duke Championship Trophy from Nov. 23-25 at the Lahaina Civic Center. Make sure to pack your swimsuit and golf clubs.

All Tournament Reserved Travel Packages

Plumeria Package: Prices starting from $2,000/adult *

  • Five nights stay at either the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa or the Westin Maui Resort & Spa
  • All Tournament Reserved game tickets
  • Five day car rental and game day bus transfers to/from the Lahaina Civic Center

Orchid Package: Prices starting from $2,355/adult *

  • Five nights stay at either the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa or the Westin Maui Resort & Spa
  • All Tournament Reserved game tickets
  • Ho’olaule’a no Na Ka’i…An Evening with the Coaches ticket, includes dinner, speeches by coaches, and Hawaiian entertainment
  • Traditional Hawaiian Lei Greeting upon arrival in Maui
  • Round trip transfers to & from the Kahului Airport
  • Game day bus transfers to/from the Lahaina Civic Center
  • Two hotel buffet breakfasts per person
  • Tournament souvenirs, access to local tour staff services

* Based on double occupancy and excludes airfare

Upgrades, additional nights, and custom options available. To book your travel package or for additional information, please contact the Tournament Travel Department at 800.826.3822.

Need a flight to Maui? M ake sure to fly with Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian ® has led all U.S. carriers in on-time performance for each of the past 11 years (2004-2014) as reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Consumer surveys by Cond Nast Traveler. Travel + Leisure and Zagat have all ranked Hawaiian the highest of all domestic airlines serving Hawai‘i.

Now in its 86th year of continuous service, Hawaiian is Hawai‘i’s biggest and longest-serving airline, as well as the largest provider of passenger air service from its primary visitor markets on the U.S. Mainland. Hawaiian offers non-stop service to Hawai‘i from more U.S. gateway cities (11) than any other airline, along with service from Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa and Tahiti. Hawaiian also provides approximately 160 jet flights daily between the Hawaiian Islands, with a total of more than 200 daily flights system-wide.

For media inquiries, please visit Hawaiian Airlines’ online newsroom.


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#alpha travel

Welcome to Alpha Travels & Holidays

We are a travel management company licensed by the Sri Lankan Government since 1974. We offer a unique mix of travel programs and a personalized attention to all our clients. We are specialized in tailor-made packages for Sri Lanka & Maldives. Our aim is to make our clients “dream vacation” an unforgettable one. The packages vary from leisure travel covering nature, culture and adventure, sport tours, pilgrimages, and also business travel with creative elements to delight the visitors which had always guaranteed repeat use of our services.

Why Us?

Alpha Travels & Holidays (Pvt) Ltd. is a composite associate of the prestigious Finco Group of Companies of Sri Lanka with extensive inbuilt synergies from all in-house facets of Tourism, thereby providing a variety of flexible client services.

We include flexible ticketing for global travel and subsequent route adjustments as and when require.

We have a selection of preferred holiday activities varying in tempo from silent monastic meditation to drum rhythmic drum beats of the numerous cultural festivities and pageants typical of the orient.

Our creative and imaginative staff caters to individual preferences by networking with prestigious providers of variety of specialized recreational activities. Given the wide spectrum of our overall established capacity, we undoubtedly “aim to please”.

Client comments

Prof. Ingmar Skoog

Very nice trip for two days with a friendly driver. Timings of the tour kept perfectly and both tours were very interesting. I would be happy to have the same driver for my next trip.


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Allianz Global Assistance – Insurance – Chamberlayne Industrial Center – Richmond,

#travel insurance reviews

Recommended Reviews

Had a bad injury while vacationing in Mexico. When I returned to California went directly to the Hospital Emergency services, complete with… Read More

1. I needed to cancel my policy but was not able to get through to Allianz by way of their website. Highlighted areas did not work.

2. It… Read More

1. I needed to cancel my policy but was not able to get through to Allianz by way of their website. Highlighted areas did not work.

2. It took me awhile to find a number for Orbitz. They gave me a number for Allianz after many annoying questions.

3. The Allianz computer went on and on with useless info. Finally, it said To Cancel Your Policy press 4.

4. I did what the computer told me to do to cancel my policy.

5. I received an email thanking me for purchasing Aliianz! Not a word about cancelling, no cancellation email.

6. I called Allianz again. Got a heavily accented woman who told me according to her records I had just purchased a policy, not cancelled it.

7. I asked her to cancel it, had to provide all that useless info again.

8. Finally received a letter verifying cancellation!

9. Never again! I ll buy it from my insurance agent.


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All Inclusive Resorts – Caribbean Vacation Packages #what #are #the #cheapest

#all inclusive travel

Save up to 70% on All Inclusive Resort Vacations – Jamaica, Caribbean and Mexico

Mexico – Riviera Maya

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall – Jamaica – Montego Bay

The newest addition to Iberostar’s Grand Collection, this elegant hotel is adults-only and offers a luxurious experience for couples on a romantic getaway or quality time with close friends. Prepare to be pampered! more info

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego – Jamaica – Montego Bay

Located on the northeast coast of Jamaica, only 25 minutes away from Sangsters International Airport, this resort features 350 luxurious suites plus top amenities like gourmet dining, top shelf drinks at the bar and much more. more info

Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe – Mexico – Riviera Maya

Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe is located on the best beach of the Riviera Maya in a spectacular natural setting. Its architectural design, which was inspired by colonial culture, is harmonic and ordered, and provides each space with its own unique character. more info


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Alpha Travel – Travel Services – Addison, IL – Reviews #travel

#alpha travel

Recommended Reviews

Alpha travel is the worst. This has been the absolute worst experience EVER. -0 STARS:(((. NICK AMIN HAS DECIEVED,LIED AND Ultimately put me, my wife and unborn child at the time of the honeymoon but now 11 months old in harms way with no regard to are welfare. A honeymoon package bought from Nick Amin to Puerto Rico over a year ago that ended up in itself to be a disaster due to his negligence and poor follow through has now come back to haunt us again with an 1130.00 dollar debit taken from my wife s acct over a year later from the car rental that we prepaid him for and he has taken over 2 months saying he will take care of it. In the meantime my wife has lost her bank acct due to the ignorance of this man and Alpha travel. We will be contacting the BBB and filing a lawsuit Monday. Please DO NOT USE ALPHA TRAVEL. NICK AMIN IS HORRIBLE!

First to Review

I am giving one star,but in reality I would give zero. Nick Amin at Alpha Travel is the worst travel agent in the WORLD. He promised my husband and I Upgrades and extra amenities for our honeymoon vacation that he did not come thru with. He is a liar and very umprofessional, he did not respond to my emails/phonecalls at all when I tried to reach him. I will never use Alpha travel agency again thanks to NICK AMIN. He needs to find another profession like flipping burgers at mcdonalds.


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Australia Holiday Packages – Travel Deals to Australia #hotel #and #flight

#australia travel packages

Cheap Australia Holiday Packages

Search for holiday packages in Australia

Australia holiday packages makes booking package holidays in Australia much easier. Do one search and we’ll provide you with all the choices for Australia flights and hotels. We even show you exactly how much you’ll save by bundling them together.

Packages & travel deals to Australia from

Book amazing Australia holiday packages from with the click of a mouse. We offer holiday package deals suitable for everyone. We have cheap Australia holiday packages for the budget traveller, or the well heeled traveller can opt for luxury Australia holiday package deals.’s Australia holiday packages give you the flexibility to organise your travel with a huge range of options. Choose a package that has the best selection of flights, hotel and car hire bundled into one booking. Whatever the purpose of your travel (business trip, a family holiday or a honeymoon), a Australia holiday package from can be customised to suit your needs inclusive of flights, accommodation and car rental.

We have an extensive travel network in Australia to source the best deals in accommodation, flight and car hire at attractive prices so we can bring you the best holiday deals that money can buy.’s web site offers complete ease of use to let you book your dream Australia holiday package with the click of a mouse, with instant confirmation for any holiday package that you book online.

Australia holiday packages from offer you complete flexibility to select great holiday package deals that will leave you with pleasant memories of a beautiful holiday in Australia.


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Baltimore ranked fourth ugliest city by Travel and Leisure readers –

#travel and leisure

Baltimore ranked fourth ugliest city by Travel and Leisure readers

It seems that many people don’t feel the same way.

The readers of Travel and Leisure ranked Baltimoreans the fourth most unattractive people in the United States.

We trailed Detroit, Memphis and Oklahoma City on the homeliness scale.

Travel+Leisure readers surely had their blinders on when they named Baltimore among the cities with the least attractive people. What about Stacy Keibler? Or, or whoever. Here are 10 celebrities and the ugly cities they represent. (Michelle Deal-Zimmerman)

The post doesn’t explain much — just that we’re kooky and like sports and dive bars.

You can watch them fly their freak flags at the high-ranking dive bars, it says.

So now you’re inviting people to gawk at our ugly faces and our freak flags ?


Did you forget that Baltimore is the home town of Jada Pinkett and Josh Charles and Stacy freakin’ Keibler, for Pete’s sake?

The cities with the most attractive residents — if you’re going to let these guys be the judges of such things — are Miami, San Diego, Charleston, S.C. Los Angeles and Providence, R.I.


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Australia – Independent Tours Archives – Travel Team #travel #reviews

#australia travel packages

Australia – Independent Tours

Travel Team Australia – Independent Tours

Our Australia independent tours allow you to travel at your own pace with plenty of flexibility to explore on your own without having to stick to a rigid itinerary.

See also our Australia Escorted Tours .

View our packages below or call us to create a custom vacation: 1-800-788-0829

Custom Packages Tours New Zealand Australia

WHAT S INCLUDED: Your choice of cities, Your choice of activities, Your choice of accommodations, and Your choice of travel dates.

Aussie Airpass

The Aussie AirPass from $1,669 is designed to make your Australia vacation easy to plan and book. It includes international round-trip airfare plus 2-3 flights in Australia!

Natural Wonders of Australia Tour from $1,845

WHAT S INCLUDED: 11 nights hotel accommodation, sightseeing as indicated, 2 lunches and return airport transfers.

8 Day Cook Islands Vacation Including Airfare from $1,299

WHAT S INCLUDED: Round trip airfare from North America, all taxes fees with Air New Zealand, 5 nights accommodation in a choice of resorts, transfers from the airport to the resort.

Australia Motorhome Vacation from $989

WHAT S INCLUDED 6 day/6 nights Arrival transfer in Melbourne to your hotel 1 night at Crown Promenade 5 day Maui motor-home rental; 2 berth Ultima including: Automatic transmission and unlimited miles, 24 hour nationwide roadside assistance, Liability reduction option Travel through Australia in a Motorhome If you want to experience the real Australia, we ve got Read more

Australia Vineyards and Kangaroo Island from $1,629

WHAT S INCLUDED: 6 nights accommodations, roundtrip ferry from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island, 7 day car hire with unlimited miles.

5 Day Adelaide Ghan Railway Journey from $1,779

WHAT S INCLUDED 5 days/4 nights 2 nights Adelaide in First Class Accommodations 2 day rail journey departing Adelaide on The Ghan Rail journey includes all meals while on board Private car transfers between airport, railway and hotels 5 Day Adelaide Ghan Railway Journey Spend 5 nights on one of the world s greatest rail journeys . Read more

Sydney, Great Barrier Reef Melbourne from $2,329

WHAT S INCLUDED: Roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles, all domestic flights within Australia, 4 nights accommodations in each of the 3 cities.

2 Australian Cities for 1 Low Price from $2,379

WHAT S INCLUDED: Roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles, domestic flight within Australia, 4 nights accommodations in each city.

Sydney, the Outback the Great Barrier Reef from $2,749

WHAT S INCLUDED: Roundtrip economy airfare from Los Angeles, all domestic flights within Australia, 10 nights accommodations.

Sydney Cairns Package from $2,289

WHAT S INCLUDED: Roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles, domestic flight within Australia, 4 nights accommodations in each city.

Explore The Cook Islands, Sydney Auckland from $2,899

WHAT S INCLUDED: Round-trip airfare on Air New Zealand from Los Angeles to Rarotonga, Sydney Auckland, round-trip airport/hotel transfers throughout, 4 nights Castaway Beach Villas, poolside studio, early check-in round-trip airport/hotel transfers, 4 nights Travelodge Wynyard, Guest Room, 3 nights Mercure Auckland, Mercure Guest Room, applicable airline fuel surcharges, US/foreign taxes fees including Sept 11 Security Fee

Australia New Zealand from $3,059

WHAT S INCLUDED: Roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles, 3 nights accommodations in Auckland, 3 nights accommodations in Sydney.

East Coast Tropical Australia from $4,250

WHAT S INCLUDED: 11 nights first class accommodations, all transfers, all tours sightseeing as per itinerary, 18 meals.

WHAT S INCLUDED: Roundtrip airfare from LAX, all flights within/between NZ AU, 17 nights accommodations, 4-hour Auckland city tour, Milford Sound Cruise, 3-hour sightseeing tour of Christchurch, Great Barrier Reef tour, Sydney sightseeing tour.


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Australia Travel Coverage – The New York Times #greece #travel #packages

#australia travel

Australia Travel Coverage

The Hidden Bars of Sydney

The hidden drinking den is something relatively new to — and apparently dearly loved by — Australia’s largest city.

Hiking and Biking in Tasmania

Tasmanian Tour Ride & Seek, an Australian outfitter offering trips in a dozen countries, has added a destination close to home.

Resort and Cruise News: Safaris by Air in Australia

What you need to know if you’re on a trip or planning one soon, including new lodging at a safari park in England, and a new water park on a Royal Caribbean ship.

Identification, Please

Learning how to use a field guide can make you feel at home anywhere in the world.

A New Take on Tasmania

A new bike tour from Gray & Co. includes rides in the Huon Valley and Freycinet National Park in Tasmania.

A Cultural Escape North of Melbourne

Bendigo, a town that struck it rich in Australia’s 19th-century gold rush, has other treasures to offer now.

The Woman Who Walked 10,000 Miles (No Exaggeration) in Three Years

For Sarah Marquis, a very long hike — like one she took from Siberia through the Gobi Desert, China and eventually Australia — can become a voyage of discovery.

36 Hours in Canberra, Australia

In the country’s capital, situated between Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll find everything from culture to cycling, political history to panoramic views.

In Sydney, Lively Culture Amid Natural Beauty

From museums to movies, galleries to art tours, explore the cultural side of a city known for its looks.


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Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Travel Specialists – Vacation Packages

#australia travel packages

Australia New Zealand Pacific Specialists Inc, located in Scottsdale AZ, pioneered specialization from this area in the mid 80’s; providing varied vacations for hundred of travellers each year.

Our staff are certified members of the Aussie Specialist program for Australia, and the Preferred Agent Link (PAL) program for New Zealand. In our many years of travel, research, and through feedback from clients, we have compiled pages for some of the top tourist attractions of each region. However, the summaries of activities and places to see for each country contained within this site are merely scratching the surface; one has to experience the rich culture and diverse beauty to fully appreciate the South Pacific.

The company has negotiated excellent rates with the Pacific’s airlines, tour and sight-seeing operators, car companies, hotels, etc. throughout Oceania/South Pacific, passing these savings directly onto our customers. Australia New Zealand Pacific Specialists, Inc. can customize a trip to your specifications, within your budget, and also within your time frame.

Our prices are constantly changing so ask about any current deals and packages. Contact us for a quote.


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BBC – Travel – When’s the best time to book flights?

#book airline flights

When’s the best time to book flights?

    By Sean O’Neill

8 January 2013

Planning your 2013 holidays? Often the timing of when you book matters more than which agency you use.

Historically, January is the month when tour operators, both online and offline, run the greatest number of deeply discounted holiday packages, where flights are sold along with hotels. Many of these packages are for travel between now and September, though some are only for trips within the next few months.

When it comes to purchasing flights separately, though, booking far in advance isn’t always the best idea.

Many studies – mostly focusing on tickets sold by US online travel agencies – have been done on the best time to purchase flights, and sadly, the results aren’t as clear and definitive as one might hope. But the overall direction of the research does offer a few clues to help travellers take advantage of the periodic rises and falls in airfares, both for travel in the US and beyond. the metasearch website, studied more than a billion US domestic airfares available for purchase throughout 2011. The site found that the average price when tickets were booked six months before departure ($406) tended to be 9% higher than the average airfare available during that six-month period ($370), and 19% more than the average price available a mere 21 days before departure ($342).

But don’t wait too long. As any savvy traveller knows, prices tend to skyrocket for truly last-minute purchases. The study revealed that airfares sold one week before departure tended to be 30% more expensive ($445) than they were two weeks prior.

For international trips departing from the US, timing didn’t matter as much. Tickets were the cheapest 34 days before departure, but the fares averaged $977, which is merely 4% lower than the average of fare prices at any point in the six months before departure, $1,016.

The old rule of thumb – booking tickets three months ahead for the lowest prices – seems now to be out of synch with the latest research.

The time of day you book tickets may make a difference, too. An on-going study, whose preliminary results were reported in the Economic Journal in 2010 by Marc Möller at the University of Bern and Makoto Watanabe at VU University in Amsterdam, suggests that airline tickets purchased around the world tend to be less expensive when booked in the afternoon, rather than in the morning. The authors considered the savings statistically significant, but didn’t reveal the exact amounts because research has yet to conclude. (Nighttime purchases, however, appear to offer no additional savings.)

One possible explanation is that airlines assume that people who book tickets in the morning tend to be business travellers who are willing to spend more money. But no one knows the reason for sure.

The day of the week you book tickets may also make a difference. a website that has analysed a few billion fare searches since 2007. reports that Tuesday is typically the day when the most discounted fares are available for domestic US routes.

No one is certain why airlines tend to post the bulk of their fare sales at the start of the week. But some have speculated that it’s a habit held over from 15 years ago, when travel agents typically worked Monday-to-Friday schedules and airline-pricing analysts spent Mondays preparing to launch sales that appeared on Tuesdays — early enough for customers to visit the agents during the rest of the week. The pricing analysts may eventually lose this habit, though, as they adjust to the pace of always-open online travel agencies.

What’s true about timing in general may not be true for you specifically, so before booking a specific ticket, try the fare prediction tools at Bing Travel. a Microsoft-owned website that analyses millions of round-trip flight itineraries daily to determine pricing patterns. After you run a search for a US domestic or international trip (with at least one airport on the itinerary being in the US), Bing Travel makes a prediction about whether you should buy, because prices are predicted to go up later, or wait, because lower prices are expected. An independent audit of its predictions by Navigant, a consulting firm, found that the forecasts were correct approximately three out of four times.

As a downside, Bing’s price predictor only works on routes within the US or that include one US stop and are travelling to or from Canada, Europe or the Caribbean, all within a few months after purchase.

The bottom line

You have the best odds of finding the best deal on flights by making your purchase on Tuesdays in the afternoon, about three weeks in advance for domestic US tickets and a little more than a month in advance for international tickets.

Sean O’Neill is the travel tech columnist for BBC Travel


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Become a Travel Consultant with Conlin-Hallissey Travel School – Conlin Travel

#travel agent school

Become a Travel Consultant

Conlin-Hallissey Travel School

Class Description

The CHTS program is divided into multiple units covering:

  • Orientation to the Travel Industry
  • Geography
  • Domestic Air
  • Hotels and Surface Transportation
  • Customer Service and Sales Skills
  • Fare Construction and Ticketing
  • International Travel
  • Cruises and Tours
  • Professional Development
  • Computer Reservation System Training

The entire course is 196 hours and is offered in both day and evening sessions.

About Conlin-Hallissey Travel School

The limited class size at Conlin-Hallissey Travel School allows us to keep our student to instructor ratio to a very manageable level. Every student will spend individual time with the instructors, getting to know them on a first name basis and receive hands-on computer training.

Conlin-Hallissey Travel School is a state licensed school and is approved to accept:

  • MEAP Scholarship Awards
  • UAW Union Tuition Assistance Programs
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Funds
  • Workforce Investment Act Funds
  • School payment plans
  • Credit cards

Conlin-Hallissey Travel School is an approved test site for The Travel Institute/ASTA Tap Test. For more information visit .

For additional scholarship information, Tourism Cares provides professional development scholarships for current travel industry professionals, and those looking to enter the travel industry and planning to complete travel certification programs. These scholarships are awarded on an annual basis with an application period in the fall. To be notified of application availability and deadlines, click here .

Start Your Travel Career With Our Travel Agent Online Courses

The Travel School also offers an Internet delivered travel agent online course program that allows you to study at your convenience, 24/7. Sign up for the online program!

  • Travel Career Development
  • Independent Agent (How to Become a Home-Based Travel Agent)
  • Sabre Automated Reservations Event and Meeting Planning – NEW!
  • Small Group Tour Leadership
  • Front Desk Agent


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BCD Travel Acquires Travelocity Business from Travelocity – ATLANTA, June 18,

#bcd travel

BCD Travel Acquires Travelocity Business from Travelocity Significant move for industry signals global TMC poised for growth, looking to the future

ATLANTA. June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — BCD Travel, a top provider of travel management services for businesses globally, today announced it has acquired Travelocity Business from its parent company, Travelocity.

Widely known as “TBiz,” the Texas -based TMC ranks among the top 10 travel agencies in North America and, in recent years, has been one of the corporate travel industry’s fastest-growing agencies.

The acquisition does not include products, services or customers of the consumer travel brand Travelocity.

Launched in 2003, TBiz has built a solid client portfolio, servicing major companies worldwide. BCD Travel plans to continue servicing TBiz clients under the TBiz brand. Clients will continue to receive the quality service and focus on travelers they experience today.

The TBiz team also brings their creative talents to BCD Travel, further paving the way for expanded innovation for clients.

“We’re a growth-oriented company and see this move as a smart, strategic acquisition,” said Mike Janssen. president of BCD Travel’s Americas region. “We see a fantastic cultural fit with TBiz. Their success comes from focusing on customer needs, enabling travelers and offering great solutions in other words, they share our priorities and goals.

“We’re excited about the fresh ideas that we’ll be exchanging with TBiz team members,” Janssen said.

“Over the last 10 years, Travelocity Business has grown into a powerful force in corporate travel. We’ve built strong relationships with our clients, and I’m confident their interests and the interests of our employees who transfer to BCD Travel will be very well-served by the sale of TBiz,” said former Travelocity Business President Yannis Karmis. who will stay with Travelocity Global as president of Travelocity Partner Network.

Among other benefits, BCD Travel plans to offer TBiz clients access to its global network and expertise in global program consolidation, business analytics and consulting and meetings services through Advito and BCD M I.

Notes to editors:

About BCD Travel

BCD Travel helps companies make the most of what they spend on travel. For travelers, this means keeping them safe and productive, and equipping them to make good choices on the road. For travel and procurement managers, it means advising them on how to grow the value of their travel program. For executives, we ensure that the travel program supports company objectives. In short, we help our clients travel smart and achieve more. We make this happen in 97 countries with 11,000 creative, committed and experienced people. And it’s how we maintain an industry-leading client-retention rate of more than 95%, with 2012 sales of US$21.2 billion. For more information, visit .

About BCD Holdings N.V.

BCD Holdings N.V is a market leader in the travel industry. The Dutch, privately owned company was founded in 1975 by John Fentener van Vlissingen and consists of BCD Travel (global corporate travel management), Travix (online travel: CheapTickets, Vliegwinkel, BudgetAir and Vayama), Park ‘N Fly (off-airport parking), TRX (travel transaction processing and data integration), Airtrade (consolidating and fulfillment), VakantieXperts (leisure) and Parkmobile International (mobile parking and traffic applications). BCD Holdings employs approximately 13,700 people and operates in more than 95 countries with total sales, including franchising, of US$24.4 billion. For more information, visit .


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Europe Travel Pass – Big savings on sightseeing tickets, hiking and

#europe travel


You ll Save More, You ll See More, You ll Experience More

This product is not available in 2013

With your personal Europe Travel Pass you receive great discounts on travel services in the major cities of 24 European countries, such as:

  • Guided Sightseeing Tours by coach or minibus
  • Hop On – Hop Off discovery programs
  • Guided walking, biking and segway trips
  • Boat cruises, cooking classes, evening entertainment and much more!

A few of the hundreds of savings you receive with the Europe Travel Pass:

  • All day London sightseeing – save $22-$25
  • An evening in Paris with the Moulin Rouge or Lido Show – save $24
  • Visiting Capri’s Blue Grotto from Rome- save $18
  • Enjoying a one-day three island cruise in Greece – save $13
  • Visiting Iceland’s Gullfoss Waterfall and Geysers – save $12

Start planning and enjoying your vacation today!

Imagine yourself experiencing activities dating from medieval times right up to the present using the Europe Travel Pass and saving money by

  • Attending a Medieval Banquet in London
  • Biking through the Chianti countryside
  • Dining on a river cruise in London and Paris
  • Having Fun at an English-speaking comedy show in Amsterdam
  • Enjoying a Pub Crawl in Munich
  • Taking an Italian cooking course in Florence

The Europe Travel Pass is all about savings in Europe. It is the best way to see and experience activities in Europe. For $15 it is also the least expensive. Don t spend more than you have to. Buy now. and take advantage of the special savings.

For all Europe Travel Pass savings, click the countries in the GREEN banner on top.

REMEMBER. the Europe Travel Pass is not available in Europe. Get the Europe Travel Pass before you leave. Start saving on your European vacation before you even leave home!


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Europe Travel Blog – Guide – Travels of Adam #travel #insurance

#europe travel

Get your travel wanderlust here!

What You Need to Know About Gay Berlin

Berlin is one of the world s most gay-friendly cities for LGBT tourists here s what you need to know to get the most out of a gay Berlin holiday

How a Brick Lane Café Came To Be The Symbol of London s Gentrification

After visiting Cereal Killer Cafe, a story about how this hipster Brick Lane café came to be the symbol of London s gentrification why it doesn t matter

The Coolest Things To Do in Manchester

The World s First Sex Shop Made Entirely Out of Felt?

5 Foods To Eat in East London

Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Switzerland is Beautiful

PHOTOS: Gay Pride in Copenhagen

Blind Booking with Germanwings

Top Travel Theme

Who is Adam?

In 2010 I quit my job as a graphic designer in Boston and went on a 15+ month trip around the world. The journey took me to places like North Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. Since 2011 I ve been living in Berlin—Europe s most hipster city, and probably the best city in the world.

Travels of Adam  is my blog, a personal way to share the world—everything from the cool  quirky to the amazing. You ll find gay travel stories, nightlife tips, photos and all-too-personal stories from my travel adventures around the world. To learn more about how this life as a full-time traveler began, read  how Iceland changed my life .


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Europe Vacation Packages – Book Europe Vacations, Packages & Deals #cheap

#europe travel packages

Cheap Vacation Packages in

40 to 65% off airline tickets! Get secret deals.

Book a Vacation Package Europe

Europe beckons with natural wonders, breathtaking landscapes, scenic lakes, sandy beaches, heritage sites and outdoor attractions. A vacation in this eclectic continent will be an experience that you will cherish forever.

Don’t Miss in Europe

  • Witness the bravery of the gladiators near the Coliseum and enjoy the scenic Roman Forum in Rome, Italy.

Sights to See in Europe

  • Hike in the Gulf of Naples while enjoying its wonderful views near Rome, Italy.

How do you Book Cheap Europe Vacations?

  • Find the best vacations for less: The best way to get cheap Europe vacations is by booking your flight, hotel and car together. With vacation packages you can save up to 60% on your trip.
  • Choose how to Search: Find the perfect vacation package with our “deals by price” sorting feature.
  • Holiday Travel: Try to avoid traveling during the busy season and you can save big. Book early to save money and get the vacation you want.

Europe Travel Tools

  • Grab unbeatable Europe Flights on CheapOair. With CheapOair saving big on airline tickets is so easy!
  • Search and find the cheapest Europe hotels rates available online on CheapOair. Book now and get your reservation instantly!
  • Whether it’s a luxury rental car or an economy rental car with CheapOair getting the best Europe car rental deal is just a click away.


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Dubai Car Rental – Cheap Deals – Sixt Rent A Car

#deals on rental cars

Dubai/Vida Hotel

Get the best of Dubai in a rental car

Sixt services in Dubai

Car rental companies in Dubai generally offer a multitude of convenient and budget-friendly services to assist both seasoned travelers and novice visitors to the city. One-way rentals to or from the airport or your hotel are commonplace, and with Sixt you can get unlimited mileage, under 25 car rentals, chauffeur service SUV’s and so much more. With the recent addition of mobile phone apps that provide directional assistance, you can feel comfortable travelling in a private car as you explore the attractions in Dubai. Whether you are looking for a manual or automatic transmission, a convertible sports car or a mini-van fit for a family, Sixt rent a car in Dubai offer many vehicles to suit your needs. If you are looking for a luxury car in Dubai you can find more information here.

What to see in Dubai

Since Dubai is a great place to experience mind-bending architectural feats, your rental car offers an excellent opportunity to drive the city streets to marvel at the grandeur of the Rose Rayhaan by Rotana, the luxury of the Burj Al Arab hotel and the decadence of The World planned community of tiny private islands. Both the city and the coastline offer fantastic driving routes to view the many natural and man-made wonders in this modern city.

Car rentals in Dubai are your ticket to making the most of your time in this incredibly city. With both convenient pick-ups and drop-offs, rental cars provide you with a special way to experience the city and its many attractions and allow you to truly create the vacation of your dreams.


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Egypt Travel, Travel to Egypt, Egypt Vacation Packages – Sunny Land

#egypt travel packages

Vacation Packages to Egypt, Travel Packages to Egypt, Egypt Tours

You can see Egypt’s Great Pyramids of Giza on T.V. a thousand times but it’s only once you are physically standing there in front of them, on the very same ground that tens of thousands of Nubian slaves precisely dragged, halled and pulled a gazillion blocks of sandstone to their final resting place that you realize that Ancient Egypt is real.

Egypt invites you on a lifetime experience and Sunny Land Tours has been offering fascinating tour packages to Egypt for over 50 years!

Our roots and relations here run deep and our firsthand experience is a valuable resource to help you with the best selections to make a trip here, the best trip of your life. More than 90% of our customer service sales representatives have been to Egypt and have intimate knowledge of our vacation packages. They know the hotels, cruise boats and sights that are offered on our tours. These representatives can guide you to the right tour package or they can customize a trip specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

Our Egypt and Middle East tour packages provide exceptional value and features discounted airfare, quality hotels in Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Sharm El Sheik, Hurgada and excellent Nile River cruise ships.

Our local guides are dedicated certified Egyptologists guides and it shows from our customer reviews which always rave about their Egyptologist guides included in our tour packages.

We are here to enhance your trip to Egypt from your first call or online chat.

Take advantage of our current deals, tour packages to Egypt have never been more affordable!

Norma Jene Edwards, Sales Manager – Just back from Egypt!


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Egypt Tour Packages, Travel Packages, Trip Packages – Holiday Packages #cheap

#egypt travel packages

Egypt Land Tours

Egypt Travel Experts. gives you the best Egyptian experience with a full range of tours and Packages including the top Egyptian attractions, Nile cruises and Red Sea resort vacations.

If you want to capture the beautiful memories with your family members & friends then enjoy your vacation by sightseeing scenarioof Egypt trips. Egypt Guided Tours helps you to make your amazing fascinations also providing trip at affordable travel packages. We offer you wide selection of tourist places at customized services with Egypt tour package.

We are the Egyptian Travel Experts . We can arrange every aspect of your stay in Egypt -complete package tours, Nile and Lake Nasser cruises, incentive, educational, religious, sports, tailor-made itineraries, long or short breaks, or what ever you require – we guarantee your satisfaction.

Nobody covers Egypt like we do, whether you are interested in a classical tour of Egypt that incorporates the wonderful sights of Cairo – including the Sphinx and the majestic pyramids of Giza . the fascinating marvels of King Tut s treasures at the Egyptian Museum . the bustling bazaars and Old Cairo with its world-famous Citadel and Islamic Mosques and Coptic churches or a relaxing or scuba-diving vacation on the shores of the Red Sea, contact us today for personal service and advice with our experts.

Our Egypt Tour Packages


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Dubai Car Rental – Rent Car in Dubai, Car Hire Dubai

#hotel and car rental

Your local car hire specialist in Dubai compares the prices of 550 car hire suppliers to find you the cheapest deal!

Easy Economical

Renting a car in Dubai is very simple. Most car rental companies can arrange for you to pick up your vehicle at the airport which saves you the hassle of organising and paying for transport when you land in Dubai. Alternatively your rented car can be delivered to the hotel you are staying in. If you have not already booked a hotel, why not check out Dubai Hotels and book directly with us .

Dubai possesses a world class road infrastructure making the roads safe and easy to drive on, therefore renting a car here is definitely advisable. Also, petrol is reasonably cheap.


There are many extraordinary attractions in Dubai that you do not want to miss on and having the convenience of your own car means you can appreciate any sites you wish and at your own pace. Once you have been issued with a temporary driving licence it is also possible to drive to another Emirate state in the UAE but you must check first with your car rental provider.


Most of the car rental providers for Dubai are reliable and offer quality vehicles. There is also a large range of cars to hire, such as luxury convertibles – to enjoy Dubai in style, or economical vehicles for affordable but quality transport. Additionally, for those adventurous types, 4×4 vehicles can also be rented to embark on an unforgettable desert safari.

For the best online car rental rates compare the list of providers available.


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Discover Canada Tours – Live the Adventure! #travel #sights

#travel canada

Our Featured Tours

Rocky Mountains Spend 4-days in the Rocky Mountains and visit some of Canada’s most beautiful places.

Whistler Whistler is a popular year-round destination with endless sightseeing and adventure options.

Seattle Seattle is nicknamed The Emerald City with its abundance of evergreen trees, it truly is a beautiful city to explore.

Vancouver Office

Sightseeing Tours of Canada – Your Canadian Adventure Awaits

Created in 2005, Discover Canada Tours is a division of UNIGLOBE Specialty Travel Ltd (UST); a full-service travel management company based in Vancouver, BC offering sightseeing tours of Canada.

Over the past 8 years, we have established ourselves as experts in creating and delivering quality services and unforgettable sightseeing tours of Canada at affordable prices. We now cater to both international and Canadian travelers through a variety of tour experiences.


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Ebola travel: South Africa bans incomers from W Africa – BBC

#travel to africa

Ebola travel: South Africa bans incomers from W Africa

21 August 2014

Image caption Kenya has not reported any cases of Ebola, but is a common transit point for African travellers

South Africa says non-citizens arriving from Ebola-affected areas of West Africa will not be allowed into the country, with borders closed to people from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

All non-essential outgoing travel to the affected countries has been banned.

Senegal also said it was suspending flights with Ebola-affected countries, and closing the border with Guinea.

Cameroon and the Ivory Coast earlier imposed travel bans, despite World Health Organization warnings not to.


South African nationals will be allowed to re-enter the country when returning from high-risk countries, but will undergo strict screening, the health ministry said on Thursday.

Usual screening procedures are in place for those who travel between Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia, which have been defined as medium-risk countries.

Image caption Nigeria stepped up its airport screening procedures after a number of Ebola cases were confirmed

South Africa has experienced two Ebola scares in recent weeks, involving passengers arriving from Liberia and Guinea, but the country has so far remained Ebola-free.

Johannesburg has one of the major transit airports, connecting southern Africa with the rest of the continent. Several airlines, including British Airways and Emirates Airlines, have stopped flights to some of the affected countries.

Meanwhile, Senegal’s interior ministry announced on Friday it was closing the land borders with Guinea “once again”.

Senegal shut its border with Guinea for the first time in March after the virus reached the capital Conakry.

In a statement, it said this extends to “air and sea borders for aircraft and ships from the Republic of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia”.

AU team

Separately, the African Union (AU) announced plans to send a special team to the four affected countries.

The six-month-long operation, involving volunteer doctors, nurses and medical personnel, will cost about $25m (£15m) and begin immediately, the AU said in a statement.

Aid workers and medical staff are most exposed to the virus, and have been most at risk of becoming infected. Two US aid workers were discharged from hospital on Tuesday, after recovering from the virus they contracted in Liberia.

The supply of the experimental drug used to treat the couple, ZMapp, has been exhausted.

As Ebola has no known cure, it is being controlled by isolating victims and those who have come into contact with them.

Liberia’s attempt to prevent the spread of the virus by imposing quarantines has led to unrest .


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Dubai Flights – Flights to Dubai #travel #for #singles

#best price flights
# offers a flight service that meets your requirements and recommends the best deals online from a list of leading flight carriers. It’s always best to click on a few Flight providers to guarantee you the lowest available price online. Alternatively you can contact one of our travel reservation staff to help you book your ideal flight.

Dubai is visited by millions of travellers every year but most are merely stopping over en route to other destinations. But there’s so much to do in a destination that mixes modern beauty with old traditions, that you will come back to Dubai especially as it is growing every year with new innovations. It has plenty of shopping malls and beautiful white sandy beaches. offering a wide range of water sports, or if you are looking for a colder environment, Dubai has one of the World’s largest indoor skiing arenas.

It has even been nicknamed the Las Vegas of the Middle East – although it is more the Babylon of the Modern Era.

For discounts up to 70% off on where to stay visit our dubai hotels page

The most popular time for flying to Dubai is during winter which is from December to March. It also coincides that in January is the Dubai Shopping Festival. which runs for One month.

Ramadan also takes place in Dubai whereby it is illegal to drink, eat or smoke in public between sunrise to sunset. Ramadan lasts from Mid October to the Middle of November


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Custom Vacations Packages – Vacation Villa Rental – Safari Travel Package

#travel net

All of us agree that the world is a magical place. Denver Travel knows your travel makes memories that you keep forever.

So move from page to page through our website and become inspired by the countries, cities, people and wildlife and when you re ready, call us for our personal touch.

Yes, Denver Travel matches all website s vacation rates. If we can book it, we will match it. As important as the value is our counselor s personal validation that you are choosing the best trip prepared solely with you in mind. You aren t alone in making your choice. Your vacation will be made special with our expertise than if you make it yourself and with less effort from you!

Invest in your own travel destiny. Speak with one of our travel professionals who will tailor a vacation to suit your own interest , desires and budget. Read more about who we are by clicking on About Us above.

See the difference an expert will make; call Denver Travel.

Pamela Wilson, Owner


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North America – Lonely Planet #travel #package #deals

#travel america

Introducing North America

The heart of North America beats through towering forests, undulating fields, high-plain deserts, pulsating metropolises and offbeat oases.


Iconic cities that need no introduction are just the icing on this culture-laden cake. Yes, you have the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Smithsonian in Washington DC but the buzz of music, art and film finds its way down into everyday life, with citizens as often creating as much as consuming. A historical melting pot of cultures and identities, North America features some of the world’s most multicultural art. From Toronto’s film festival to Mexico City ‘s thriving music scene, North America is a veritable smorgasbord of enlightening experiences just waiting to be uncovered.


On one evening across North America, thick barbecue ribs and smoked brisket come piping hot at a Texas roadhouse, while talented chefs blend organic produce with Asian accents at award-winning West Coast restaurants. Locals get their fix of simple street tacos in Mexico. and a continent away, golden fries disappear under a steaming pile of gravy and cheese curds in a plate of poutine. Fresh lobster served off a Maine pier, oysters and champagne in a Vancouver wine bar, beer and pizza at a Midwestern pub – these are just a few ways to dine à la Americana.


Even the most hardcore North American urban and suburbanites are forced to stop and gawp when confronted with the sheer natural beauty that is their homeland. From red-rock deserts to lush tropical rainforests, North America has the rare claim of covering every climatic zone, and its deepest gorge in Mexico’s Copper Canyon and Mt McKinley in Alaska exceed geographical extremes. Whether you’re relaxing on a virtually undiscovered beach, racing down the slopes of the Great White North or scaling the iconic crags of the Grand Canyon – North America is certain to take your breath away.


In this land, adventure is king. Venture on a Canadian wilderness trek, buckle up for the legendary road trip along Route 66 or explore ancient rites at mysterious Maya and Aztec ruins. Whatever your travel dreams, North America offers a kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisines, landscapes, history and adventures that are bound to fulfill.


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Delta Air Lines Airline Tickets – Compare Prices – Purchase Delta

#best price airline tickets

Faster More Flexible Delta Flight Searches

Travelersnet’s interactive flight summary gives you all the information to quickly compare Delta flights. You can sort Delta flights by price, departure times, arrival times, number of stops and total travel time.

Traveling to your favorite Delta Air Lines destination is a simple mouse-click away.

Airline Results Summary We search over 455 airlines and categorize the flight options into a unique interactive overview. more

Airlines Results Summary

Highlight just the options you want to see:

Each link in the summary, gives you control over the flights listed below it.

1. To browse all flight options combined – Select the All 40 Flights link. When this row is highlighted, all available flights from the listed airlines are displayed together.

2. To browse by lowest number of stops – We know your time is important to you, so we separate the flights with the least stops from all other flights for easy comparison. Select the Nonstops Only link. When this row is highlighted, only details for flights with the least amount of stops are shown below.

3. To browse by airline – Simply click the airline in the summary to see just the flights available from a single airline.

4. To browse by airline with lowest number of stops available – Select the first link just below the airline name to see flights with the least amount of stops. Not all airlines have nonstops or 1-stops available.

Check Multiple Airports Compare more than one airport in an area to find the lowest Delta ticket prices. more

Compare Multiple Airports

1. Select the checkbox to include surrounding airports

2. View and select airports that serve your “from” and “to” areas. You can select up to three origin and three destination airports. (Currently, this feature is available for US and Canada searches only.)

3. Compare prices for all your possible airport combinations and make your pick! Feel confident while saving time and effort. This feature allows you to compare several airport combinations at the same time.

Check Multiple Dates Search for Delta Air Lines tickets up to three days before and/or after the requested departure and arrival dates to find the cheapest available flight and date combination. more

Compare Departure and Arrival Dates

The lowest prices are shown for all the available date combinations within your range of dates.

To see details for all the lowest-priced flights for a date combination, select the price link.

If your search is targeted for a specified airline or nonstop flights you may see limited schedules or higher prices.

Once you select a date combination lower prices may be shown on the following page, along with the flights that match your preferences.

Advanced Delta Air Lines Searches Sort flight information by price, airlines, departure times, arrival times, number of stops and total travel time to help identify the best price and flight options to meet your needs. more

Execute Advanced Searches

Sort flight information by price, airlines, departure times, arrival times, number of stops and total travel time to identify the best price and flight options to meet your needs.

View Delta Air Lines Seat Maps View available seats. During purchase, you will have an opportunity to select your desired seat for Delta Air Lines flights. more

Current Seat Availability

Now, you can compare pricing and available seats between Delta Air Lines flights.

Seat Maps reflect Delta Air Lines seats currently available for assignment. Not all flights have Seat Map technology.

During purchase, you will have an opportunity to select your desired seat for these Delta Air Lines flights.

Plane types and final seat assignments are subject to change by airline.

Current Seat Availability

Now, you can compare pricing and available seats between Delta Air Lines flights.

Seat Maps reflect Delta Air Lines seats currently available for assignment. Not all flights have Seat Map technology.


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Deals, Coupon Codes, Bargains – US Deals – Deals of America

#hot travel deals

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Cruises – Travel The World #cheap #flights #and #car

#travel the world

Top 10 Reasons to take a Cruise

Choose to cruise for VALUE . One price buys your cabin, dining, entertainment and more.

Choose to cruise for ROMANCE . Secluded beaches, en suite dining on a balcony overlooking the ocean and spa services for two are just some of the romantic pursuits available.

Choose to cruise for CUISINE . Tantalize your taste buds with gourmet fare that showcases exotic ingredients, old standbys like pizza and ice cream or spa cuisine for a healthy alternative. Depending on your mood, dine in a traditional ballroom setting, a small bistro or a casual eatery.

Choose to cruise for VARIETY . With over 200 distinctive ships, 3000 ports-of-call and an unbelievable array of places to see and things to do, there is a perfect cruise for you. For even more choice, consider a pre- or post-land tour.

Choose to cruise for ACTIVITIES . Fill your days with sightseeing, sports activities, cultural lectures, educational tours led by naturalists and historians or simply lounge by the pool and relax. At night, enjoy dance extravaganzas, musical revues, gaming or a quiet evening gazing at the stars.

Choose to cruise for SIMPLICITY . Don t come back from your vacation needing a vacation. Planning a cruise is simple; your CLIA-affiliated travel agency can handle all of the details. Once you re on board, nearly all expenses are pre-paid. talk about hassle-free.

Choose to cruise for NEW HORIZONS . Fall asleep in one destination and awake to a new horizon. and you only have to pack and unpack once!

Choose to cruise for FAMILY . Families love cruising. Children s programs, kid-friendly menus and tours of the ship will keep your children happy, while affording you some time alone.

Choose to cruise for PAMPERING . Regardless of your budget, all cruise lines pamper their guests with first-class service around the clock.

Choose to cruise for SATISFACTION . It s a fact that cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience.


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Cyber Monday Airfare Sale Kicked off with $44 Ticket Deals at

#best deals on airfare

Cyber Monday Airfare Sale Kicked off with $44 Ticket Deals at Alaska Airlines

The first Cyber Monday 2015 airline ticket deals are on sale. The Alaska Airlines Cyber Monday 2015 sale is live now.

Tickets start at $44 in the Alaska Airlines Cyber Monday 2015 sale. For $44 you can fly from Boise to Sacramento. A ticket from San Diego to Monterey sells for $59 one way. The tickets must be purchased before December 7. Dates will sell out quickly at the most popular routes.

You can find all offers now on .

Last year, Alaska Airlines ticket cyber deals started at $49 for one way trips between Seattle and San Jose. Flights from Seattle to Reno were $69 and Salt Lake City to Maui were $199. The airline took another $5 off compared to the ticket deal offered last year.

Find the best Deals now in the Cyber Deals Tracker

Most Airlines keep the ticket fares and discounts offered on Cyber Monday secret until the last minute. Most Airlines have not even announced a Cyber Monday 2015 sale yet. Many more airlines will offer Cyber Monday ticket deals starting in the morning of Cyber Monday.

We will keep you updated on new Cyber Monday airline ticket sales and deals as they surface. Find the latest Cyber Monday 2015 news in our Cyber Monday Hub .

You can also watch the social media channels of you favorite airlines to catch the Cyber Monday sales announcement. It is key to shop as early as possible to get the best deals at the flight times you want.

Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group (NYSE: ALK), together with its partner regional airlines, serves more than 100 cities through an expansive network in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico. Alaska Airlines ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Traditional Carriers in North America” in the J.D. Power North America Airline Satisfaction Study for eight consecutive years from 2008 to 2015.

The latest Cyber Monday 2015 deals are released in our Cyber Monday Hub .


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Norway – Lonely Planet #africa #travel

#norway travel

Introducing Norway

Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and the essence of its appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Stirring Landscapes

The drama of Norway’s natural world is difficult to overstate. Impossibly steep-sided fjords of extraordinary beauty cut gashes from a jagged coastline deep into the interior. The fjords’ fame is wholly merited, but this is also a land of glaciers, grand and glorious, snaking down from icefields that rank among Europe ‘s largest. Elsewhere, the mountainous terrain of Norway’s interior resembles the ramparts of so many natural fortresses, and yields to rocky coastal islands that rise improbably from the waters like apparitions. And then, of course, there’s the primeval appeal of the Arctic. Such landforms provide a backdrop for some of Europe ‘s most charismatic wildlife – polar bears (in Svalbard ), reindeer and musk oxen to name just three – and the setting for many a picturesque wooden village.

Scandinavian Sophistication

The counterpoint to so much natural beauty is found in Norway’s vibrant cultural life. Norwegian cities are cosmopolitan and brimful of architecture that showcases the famous Scandinavian flair for design through the ages. At the same time, a busy calendar of festivals, many of international renown, are worth planning your trip around.

Worth the Expense

If one topic above all others dominates conversations among travellers to Norway, it’s the formidable cost of travel here. Make no mistake: Norway is one of the most expensive countries on earth, which is yet another reason why saving up to come here is akin to planning the trip of a lifetime. But is it worth it? Absolutely: Norway will pay you back with never-to-be-forgotten experiences many times over.

Why I Love Norway

By Anthony Ham, Writer

The first time I stood on the waterfront at Aurland and contemplated the fjords, not long after having passed among the peaks of Jotunheimen National Park, I was utterly convinced that there was no more beautiful country anywhere on earth. On my many Norwegian journeys since then, in winter and in summer, I’ve never lost that feeling. Even more than the fjords and the high country, I now find myself drawn to the gravitas of Svalbard. to the perfect juxtaposition of water, rock and human habitation in the Lofoten Islands. and to the far horizons and Sami encampments of Norway’s Arctic North.

The Call of the Wild

In Norway, nature is very much an active pursuit, and Norwegians’ passion for exploring their natural world has created one of Europe ‘s most exciting and varied adventure-tourism destinations. Some activities may only be for the young, energetic and fearless, but most – such as world-class hiking, cycling and white-water rafting in summer; dog-sledding, skiing and snowmobiling in winter – can be enjoyed by anyone of reasonable fitness. On our travels we’ve encountered 93-year-old snowmobilers and whole families racing down rapids. Whether you’re here in summer when the possibilities seem endless, or in winter for the soul-stirring spectacle of the northern lights, these activities are an exhilarating means of getting close to nature.


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Custom Tours to Patagonia Argentina – Explore Patagonia Chile Now #cheap

#patagonia travel

The Patagonia Region Offers Natural Beauty Like No Other Place On Earth

If you’re thinking of visiting South America, consider the Patagonia region. The Patagonia region rests on the southern portion of South America, partially in connection with Argentina and Chile.

Since it was discovered, and word of its scenery was told, it has awakened fascination, curiosity, and desire for the remote, untouched, and mysterious. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and it is not mimicked anywhere else in the world.

The Patagonia region expands just south of the Colorado river in Argentina, wedged in between the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. You can really get a feel for what nature looks like unscathed by man. It is a primitive, serene, raw, and awesome nature.

The semi-arid plateaus of the Eastern part of the Patagonia region are surreal to look at. The Western mountain ranges have deep valleys and canyons, are overspread with trees, and they are topped with snow and dotted with glaciers and lakes. The various elements’ combinations are what’s so breathtaking. It’s seeing all this raw nature in its purest form.

In Chile, the Patagonia region goes from the 8th region to down below to Tierra del Fuego island, connecting to an area of magnificent natural beauty and disarming sublimity. There are volcanoes, lakes, and forests too.


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Cuba Travel: 5 Things to Know If You – re Thinking

#cuba travel

Yesterday’s announcement that the U.S. will loosen restrictions on visiting Cuba has some travelers in tizzy. By all means, pack your bags—but read this first.

Did you hear that noise yesterday afternoon? It was the collective squeal of travelers around the country, upon learning that President Obama had announced the resumption of U.S diplomatic relations with Cuba. For many American vacationers, Cuba with its classic cars, mojitos, and fine cigars is a dream destination, but one that rigid travel restrictions have made difficult to visit. Yesterday s announcement didn t remove those strictures, but it did promise to relax them.

Ready to go? Here s what you should know.

1. Don t expect anything to change overnight

While the new policy won t allow unrestricted tourism to Cuba (which would require an act of Congress), it will loosen restrictions on certain types of trips, according to a White House statement. So what exactly does that mean? There s plenty of speculation, but no one really knows the details just yet. On Wednesday afternoon, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), part of the Department of the Treasury, announced that it expects to issue its revised travel rules in the coming weeks. No changes will take effect until those new rules are released.

Currently, U.S. citizens who want to visit Cuba have a few options. Cuban-Americans with close family in the country can visit as often as they like, while other people may be permitted to go for professional, religious, or educational purposes. However, for the typical traveler, the most viable option is a people-to-people trip. These are super-regulated group tours, which must focus on educational and cultural interactions with Cubans. Many industry experts expect that the new rules will focus on loosening the restrictions around these existing forms of travel.

2. Some prices may fall

According to Collin Laverty, president of trip provider Cuba Educational Travel. the typical cost of a group tour to Cuba is around $4,000 to $5,000. One reason prices are so steep, he explains, is that people-to-people trips must be highly scheduled, meaning they include all meals, guides, transportation, activities, and more. Plus, tour providers must stay on top of their permits and licensing, which requires manpower and lawyers fees. (Katharine Bonner, who oversees travel to Cuba for Tauck. says it took six months for the company to get its paperwork renewed.) Tom Popper, president of operator insightCuba. adds that Cuban travel suppliers tend to charge American firms a premium, which drives up the price of the tour.

If the new rules allow less rigorously structured tours, prices are expected to come down. And, should they allow for independent travel to the country, vacationers will likely be able to choose their lodging and itinerary, giving them more control over what they pay.

3. but demand is likely to pick up quickly.

Travel to Cuba is already pretty popular. According to the Associated Press. 170,000 Americans visited the country legally last year, while Quartz report s that the island was the second most popular Caribbean destination for international travelers during the first nine months of 2014. As U.S. travel restrictions ease, trip providers say they expect demand to surge. For people who ve always wanted to go but never managed to pull the trigger, the idea that massive cruise lines could soon be adding Cuba to their itineraries may be what it takes to get them to book. People want to go before it changes, says Popper. The collective travel consciousness says this isn t going to last forever.

4. The infrastructure isn t there yet.

For Canadians and other international travelers, Cuba is often seen as a sun-and-sand getaway rather than a cultural destination, says Laverty. As a result, there are a sufficient amount of hotels by the beaches, but once you get into Havana, there aren t enough rooms, he says. Until the country s tourism infrastructure has a chance to catch up, Americans looking to stay in the cities or countryside may have a tough time finding accommodations. Flights are also tricky. Right now, the only domestic commercial options are charters, all of which fly out of Florida.

5. New options are coming.

Under the current system, travel companies that are licensed to take Americans to Cuba have something of a monopoly, says Laverty. While the new rules are unlikely to completely erode that advantage, they should make the industry more competitive and fuel new options for travelers. In the case of Cuba Educational Travel, that may mean adding some more independent, less full-service options. Says Laverty: We re ready to help people navigate these uncharted waters.


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Croatia Tours – Travel #alliance #travel #insurance

#croatia travel


Croatia has recently piqued the interest of curious travellers searching for sunshine, sand and scenery. The chic cities of the glittering Adriatic coast, charming cobblestone towns, UNESCO World Heritage sites and thriving food and wine scene ensure visitors curiosity is amply rewarded. Like many others, fall in love with the treasures of this Balkan beauty.

Croatia trip reviews

Best time to visit Croatia

Eating and drinking

Intrepid believes that one of the best ways of experiencing a country is by eating! Whether you re sampling street food, savouring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world.

Things to try in Croatia

1. Seafood

When in the coastal cities or on the islands, you ll be able to sample fresh seafood at its finest. Prstaci is a good choice for shellfish fans; while brodet is a hearty fish stew you ll be able to find almost everywhere. Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, pilchards and lobster are all easily found too.

2. Local Wine

Croatia s climate is near perfect for vine-growing, so take the chance to try locally-made wines produced from traditional grape varieties. Try Dingac, Plavac, Malmsy and Babic.

Vegetarians may struggle in Croatia as meat is very popular in this part of the world. Those who favour meat will love trying roast lamb, cured ham, spicy pork sausages and grilled skewers of beef and chicken.

4. Truffles

For those with expensive tastes, Croatia is a large producer of rare truffles, in particular white truffles. You ll find them in salads and cooked in pasta dishes in Croatia s more upmarket restaurants.

Croatia produces many top-quality artisan cheeses that travellers will be able to find in markets, shops and restaurants all over the country. Paski sir is a sharp, sheep milk cheese from the island of Pag and is the most famous and awarded of Croatia s cheeses.


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