Airline sues man for founding a cheap flights website #cheap #airfare

#airline cheap tickets

Airline sues man for starting a cheap-flights site

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

A United Airlines plane at Chicago s O Hare airport

United Airlines is suing a 22-year-old man for founding a website that helps travelers book cheap flights, according to CNN Money.

Orbitz has joined the suit against Aktarer Zaman, who last year founded a site designed to ferret out bargain plane tickets through a strategy called “hidden city.” It skirts higher prices by allowing a user to buy a ticket with a layover in the flyer’s actual destination, and the user just skips the last leg of the trip.

It only works if flyers travel without checked baggage and buy one-way tickets.

“[Hidden city tickets] have been around for a while, it just hasn’t been very accessible to consumers,” Zaman told CNNMoney.

United Airlines and Orbitz claim “unfair competition” and are seeking $75,000 in lost revenue.

CNN Money reported that travel experts expect that even if the site is shut down, others like it will just pop up in its place.

Zaman did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment.


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Asking for a lot of money #incentive #travel

#cheapest flight

Asking for a lot of money

Most people dream of making a lot of money. The question is, what does that mean?

The truth is that money is highly subjective. Certainly, a billion dollars is a lot of money; there are only a handful of billionaires in the world. Is a million dollars a lot? In terms of total wealth, no; a significant minority of the population has a million dollars or more in total assets to leave to their heirs, largely due to the appreciation of real estate. Were one to make a million dollars a year, however, that person would be among the most highly paid in the world.

Personal perception has a significant role in determining the amount of money that a person can expect to make. The reason for this is that the two factors that most influence earnings–level of demonstrable skill, and payment requested from an employer–are very dependent upon the individual. Moreover, while skill is partially based on individual confidence and partially dependent upon innate ability, the amount of money that a person asks an employer to provide is solely based on the individual.

Of course, the two are related. One cannot have a minimal skillset and expect to receive a high salary. However, many people have excellent skillsets yet are paid comparatively little versus their peers. Why?

The truth is, they probably didn’t ask–or if they did, they didn’t ask in a way that conveyed they really thought that they deserved what they wanted. In many cases, the boss knows the most that he or she can pay, but will be pleased to pay less if an employee will accept it.

Of course, the boss will not tell the employee what he or she can actually afford to pay. But dealing with that is comparatively easy in the Information Age: there are salary guidelines for given locales and positions available on the Internet. The real challenge is not asking a high level of compensation, but feeling that you deserve the high level of compensation for which you are asking.

To do that, one must understand the relative value of money. We have established that being a billionaire is truly remarkable, and that accumulating a million dollars over a lifetime is not but that making a million dollars per year is. What about lower income levels–the sort that we tend to see in everyday life?

How much is a lot?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Federal Poverty Guideline for a family of four in 2006 is $20,000. A family that makes this amount or less is, by definition, poor.

The median income reported for a family of four in 2006, however, ranged from a low of $45,867 in New Mexico to a high of $87,412 in New Jersey. These figures include single- and multi-earner households.

Consider a candidate in New Jersey who holds a degree in a moderate-demand field. Will he or she accept a salary of $20,000? Probably not. Expecting a salary of $87,412 may seem excessive, though, because he or she would, as a single earner, be requesting the average income of a family of four.

But is it excessive? Actually, no; if $87,412 is the median salary–meaning there are an equal number of earners above and below that mark–the candidate could, in fact, confidently request $90,000 or more. The reaction from a hiring manager would depend in part on the industry and also in part of the applicant’s specific skillset. Another candidate, in another job, however, could ask for it and get it. The trick is to have the audacity to ask.

A real-life story

Shortly after I finished college, someone I knew earned $40,000 a year. His stated goal was to reach a salary of $50,000. He worked hard to apply himself to education and professional development, and volunteered for special projects to expand his skillset.

His next job offer caught him off-guard: $73,000. He took it, of course, astonished at how much he now made. Within a few months, though, he realized that others in the field made considerably more. He stayed active in professional development and worked hard to master new skills.

A year into the job, he requested an increase in salary, providing his employer with salary survey data and other information. He received a raise to $89,000 and was offered an incentive plan based on performance.

After three years, he decided to leave. He interviewed at a number of top companies that were excited to meet him. He had an offer from one for $110,000 and then got an offer from another for $115,000. Deciding that he prefered the first company, he asked if they would increase their offer. Knowing that this would require approval, however, he offered to take an initial salary of $100,000 until he finished his probationary period. They accepted.

Four years ago, he aspired to someday make $50,000. Today, he makes $115,000–and considers $200,000 to be easily within reach given a few more years. And why?


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Cheap Ticket Offers May Be A #travel #supermaket

#travel cheap tickets

A true story about buying cheap tickets for events reveals a scam most people don t know about: Internet ScamBusters #195

Today s issue is called Cheap Tickets: How Not to Get Scammed. We share an interesting experience from a friend who witnessed a common cheap tickets scam.

In addition, we want to alert you to a new trend: private debt collectors are starting to collect delinquent taxes from US taxpayers. We ll briefly discuss why many experts are concerned.

However, before we begin today s article on cheap tickets, we first encourage you to take a look at this week s most popular articles from our other sites:

What You Need to Know If You Are Considering a Balance Transfer

What You Should Know About Web Hosting

Can Someone Steal Your Email to Send Spam?

Let s get started

Cheap Tickets: How Not to Get Scammed

We want to share a story about a common scam related to buying cheap tickets that most people don t know about so you don t get taken by this cheap tickets scam.

(Note: This article has nothing to do with, which is a very good travel website we have personally used.)

The true story comes from our friend Steve:

Begin Steve s true cheap tickets story

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I decided to take the kids to Six Flags since summer vacation was almost over and we hadn t used our passes much this year.

If you have children, you know how special a day at the amusement park can be. You don t want anything ruining it, and you definitely don t want it to turn into a lesson about the uglier things in life.

The Six Flags near us costs about $40 per person just to get in the door, close to $100 per person for a season pass and an extra $15 a day for parking (unless you pay an extra $60 for the season parking pass).

As we walked up to the gate area, a woman came up to us and asked us if we wanted to buy tickets from her for $20. We have season tickets so we simply said no and walked away.

Unfortunately, someone else she hit wasn t as lucky.

To understand what we saw, I first have to explain how the Six Flags near us is set up. The people who need to buy tickets stand in line to pay the cashier. The people who already have tickets or a season pass get into another line to go through a metal detector.

On this particular day, the metal detector lines were horrendous.

As we were getting close to the front of our line, I noticed a commotion going on in the line next to us. It appeared that someone was trying to get into the park with counterfeit tickets. As I got closer, I saw a gentleman with his girlfriend and he was trying to explain that he bought the tickets from a woman who had been standing in front of the park.

Being a curious individual, I couldn t help but listen as the man pled his case, and as he started describing the woman, I realized it was the very same woman who had asked us if we wanted to buy tickets!

To the horror of my kids, I got out of line (they thought we d have to go back to the end) and started explaining to the security officer that the man was telling the truth and that the woman he was describing had also asked me if I wanted to buy tickets. It was at that point that the police were called.

I had to answer some questions since I had also seen the woman and it took about an hour before my family and I were able to go into the park. Needless to say, when everything was over and we actually got into the park, the kids started asking questions.

All at once I was asked why the police were there, why the man was yelling, why an adult would lie, and my four-year-old wanted to know why the police didn t ask Wonder Woman to catch the bad lady. (Wonder Woman was at Six Flags in costume.)

My kids eventually stopped asking questions and started enjoying the games and the rides, but I know they haven t forgotten the incident. Yesterday my mother-in-law took my daughter to a movie and when they got home my mother-in-law told me that my daughter had asked the girl at the ticket counter if the movie tickets were real.

When I explained what had happened to my mother-in-law, she told me the same thing had happened to one of her associates at an opera of all places.

After doing a little research, I discovered that this really isn t an uncommon occurrence. In fact, it appears to happen frequently.

Anywhere tickets are sold, there may be scammers lurking trying to con people out of their hard-earned money.

So the moral of the story is this

If you see someone selling tickets outside of a movie theater, a concert, a performance theater, an amusement park, a zoo or any other event or attraction that requires a ticket to get in, think VERY carefully before you buy the ticket, no matter how cheap it is.

After all, if you pay $20 for a $40 ticket and the ticket s counterfeit, you re really losing $20 instead of saving it.

End Steve s true cheap tickets story

Summary: buying cheap tickets (or expensive tickets, for that matter) outside of events can be an expensive mistake.

This is one of many reasons that ticket scalping is illegal.

Private debt collectors start collecting delinquent taxes from US taxpayers

The IRS has hired private debt collectors to begin collecting delinquent taxes from 12,500 US taxpayers, who each owe $25,000 or less in back taxes.

This is the first step in a broader initiative to outsource the collection of smaller tax debts to private collection companies.

Experts have several concerns, including:

  • It is much more expensive than IRS debt collections.
  • There is a greater chance that debtors will be conned by scam artists using phishing and other scams when private companies are in the mix.
  • Taxpayer rights may be at risk with privatization, since private firms are much more concerned with maximizing profit than safeguarding taxpayer rights.

Most people do not know about this new program. Given the recent trends and abuses in private debt collection that we wrote about a few months ago, as well as the other concerns the experts have expressed, we find this trend quite disturbing.

In fact, private debt collection firms have been known to be overly aggressive, even harrassing the wrong people.

For more info about these new trends in debt collection, click here.

Time to wrap up for today have a great week!


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Consumer Confidence In Banking Takes A Hit #hotel #and #car #deals

#cheap airline tickets with hotel

Consumer Confidence In Banking Takes A Hit

A recent survey has shown that consumers’ confidence in banks has taken a real hit, with one of the major causes of this decreasing confidence thought to be the recent situation with Northern Rock. According to the results of the survey close to 25% of Brits state that they do not trust lenders, and less than 50% thought that high street banks could be trusted. The turmoil and chaos that erupted after Northern Rock was found to have taken a loan from the Bank of England, fuelling rumors of a near collapse and resulting in many of the bank’s 1.5 million savers withdrawing billions of pounds worth of savings.

As a result of this situation the Bank of England has stepped up assurance over the guarantee of savings of Northern Rock customers, as well as the savings of customers with other banks that fall into a similar situation. However, it seems that these assurances have done nothing for consumer confidence in banking, with over fifty percent stating that they no longer trust high street banks.

The survey revealed that of the 2484 people interviewed only 46% now trust high street banks. Building societies fared a little better, with 48% expressing confidence in building societies. Online banking has also taken a knock, with experts stating that reduced access to online bank accounts by Northern Rock customers also affecting this area of banking. Only 25% of consumers now trust online banking according to the survey results.

One industry professional stated that consumer confidence in banking and finance was already fairly low, and added that the recent turmoil with Northern Rock has contributed to this lack of confidence. It is not just the banking industry that has taken a knock, however, according to professionals. Lenders across the whole financial sector have been affected by lower levels of consumer confidence. It is thought that this could be as the result of problems throughout the whole of the financial sector, which has stemmed from the credit crunch sparked in the sub-prime sector in the Unites States, which has resulted in global repercussions.


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Disney Travel Babble – The Adventures of a Disney World Traveler

#disney travel

The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland Magic Kingdom!

December 1, 2015

With apologies to longtime readers Every year around this time, I re-post Disneyland s (and Magic Kingdom s) Main Street, U.S.A. Christmas music loop for those who don t have it yet. I m sure this is a drag to those of you who ve been around since the beginning, but each year I get at least one comment from someone who is thrilled to discover you can actually bring home the beloved Christmas music heard at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

So scroll down to find MP3s of every song on Disney s Main Street, U.S.A. Christmas music loop, plus CD tray art if you want to make a keepsake version. Happy holidays!

Several years ago, s Al Lutz posted a complete listing of the songs played on Disneyland s Main Street, U.S.A. at the holidays. Even better, he dug up exactly which album each song came from. However, because Disneyland s Christmas music loop was created around 1972, most of the tracks on it are from albums that are long out of print and have never been released on CD.

As a former college radio DJ and record shop rat, I zealously took on the challenge of tracking down every single song in the Main Street Christmas loop. Starting in the spring, I spent six or eight months combing local record stores, trawling the web, and stalking eBay. Along the way I may have overpaid for a couple of records, but I also enjoyed the thrill of discovery every time I came upon another rare gem.

After I d collected all the albums (some of which, I realized, may once have been in my Lawrence Welk-loving grandma s record collection), I had to digitize the songs with a complicated setup involving my record player, a 4-track recorder and my computer, since they hadn t invented those USB turntables yet. Some of the records were not in the greatest shape, so a few of the songs have quite a bit of authentic hiss and pop that was impossible to filter out.

Next I spent an inordinate amount of time sequencing the songs so that they flowed seamlessly and there were no duplicates of songs or artists back to back (tricky to do when there are two versions of Jingle Bells and of White Christmas, plus five songs by the same artist). I m not sure now why I didn t go with the actual in-park sequence that Al documented . I guess the me of all those years ago thought she knew better than whichever cast member slaved over the very same task back in 1972!

The last project was creating packaging for my new compilation album, which I d dubbed The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland! I used the various Christmas albums art as inspiration and found these blank CDs  designed to look like 45s, with plastic grooves in the top and everything!

I was so pleased with the results that I made copies of my album for everyone I knew who was even remotely interested in Disneyland and/or Christmas, and it s become an annual tradition to search out new people on whom to inflict my pet project.

Which is why this year I m giving The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland! to all of you. Posted below are all the songs, plus a PDF file of the cover art, if you feel like burning the album to a disc. To grab the MP3 file, right-click on the song title and select Save Link As or its equivalent. Note that the songs on my version are not arranged in the order in which they play at Disneyland—for that sequence you ll have to check out Al s article. But I did include a bonus track not found on the original Main Street Christmas loop

The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland


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9 Helpful Tips For Traveling Europe Alone As A 20-Something Female

#traveling europe

9 Helpful Tips For Traveling Europe Alone As A 20-Something Female

This summer I packed up a Rick Steves backpack, got on a plane and traveled Europe by myself. When I left, my dad was terrified and most of my friends thought I was crazy. BUT traveling alone was the best thing I’ve ever done and through trial/error/hangovers, I learned a lot.  Here are some tips for making your solo European trip as fun, safe, awesome and as cheap as possible:

Shalom Alechem

1. Realize what’s important in a hostel

One of the reasons why traveling alone is the best is that you get to make new friends nearly every day. However, a key factor of this is choosing what hostels to stay in. You might think you’ve scored big time when you book a fancy hostel (complete with bar! food! pool!) for cheap, but I would recommend being weary of such accommodations. When hostels feel like hotels, travelers tend to be less social. What’s actually important? Kitchen, atmosphere (somewhere in between chill and party) and communal lounge areas. Major bonus if you snag free breakfast.

2. Find friends at your hostel that you can trust

The least sketchy way to start out an evening is going out with people you at least slightly know. Now that being said, you can still barely know them. For example, in Scotland I went outside out of boredom and ended up tagging along with some fellow travelers and it turned out to be a great night. But knowing they had my back (to an extent at least) allowed me to enjoy getting reasonably drunk. Example number two, while out with a large group from my hostel in Paris, I got SMASHED (believe me, the caps is justified), but because I was with a great group of people, and a really nice Australian (thanks Michael), I didn’t get robbed and/or taken advantage of.

3. Come up with an Alias

There are most definitely going to be creepers, because although in the states getting a man is about as easy as performing a root canal, in Europe they’re everywhere. Sadly, not all that attention will be welcomed. Therefore, you must have an alias most importantly a last name, so they won’t know anything too personal about you.

Go with something realistic (a.k.a most of them won’t be stupid enough to believe your name is McLovin), also pick something that’s not already taken (they also won’t believe your name is Angelina Jolie). Get to know your alias so it sounds natural when you respond to their questions. Give this alias a fake city as well, preferably one you know something about. My name in Europe was Christine Benson (common last name) and I hailed from San Francisco (I have been there enough to be able to convincingly lie straight to peoples face).

4. Learn how to avoid creeps without actually saying no

The last thing you want to do is piss off the drunk Scotsman at the bar. So instead of saying “fuck off” like you want to, try to be a little more discreet. Since you probably don’t have cellular phone capabilities, expect them to ask for your name so they can stalk you on Facebook. Creepy, right? Good thing there’s a trick! Use this line: “my name is really common, let me get yours.” Say this even if your name is the most unique name on the planet (besides, your alias should be common). This way, you’re not saying no, but they also won’t be stalking your profile pictures/sending you messages in which they are overly interested in your whereabouts.

 5. Pack lightly

Everyone will tell you this and you will ha-ha at them and say, “duh, I already know that”. But really, PACK LIGHT. Bring clothes you love so much you want to sleep with them, and then wear them over and over again (also helpful because there will probably be a lot of nights when you’re too drunk to take off said clothes before passing out). I thought I packed light, but still had to ship back an 80 Euro package to make my bag fit within the Nazi like limitations of RyanAir.

6. Bring your student ID

Nobody told me this! Nobody! To my friends who’ve been to Europe I ask: what kind of friends are you. Bring your student ID even if you don’t remember the last time you cracked open a book. It can get you cheaper drinks, free museum admission and pretty much everything at a discounted price.

7. Find a grocery store

Unless you want to sit alone in your hostel and cry, you are going to have to spend some money. However, in some aspects you will have control over the amount of money you spend. Food is one of these. I would suggest finding your nearest grocery store and getting real familiar with tortellini (cheap, delicious, protein filled) Spend your food money where it counts: scotch in Scotland, a nice dinner in Paris, authentic pasta in Italy, Tapas in Barcelona, etc. The rest of the time, eat all the baguettes you can find.

8. Have flexibility to leave/stay

Saying this is going to make me sound like an ungrateful, uncultured snob, but I hated Rome. The second I stepped out of termini station (and was greeted by a vomiting homeless man) I had a bad feeling about the place, and after the first night I was ready to leave. But I still had three more full days before I departed for Barcelona. I wish I’d had more flexibility to move around as I pleased instead of being at the whim of an airline. You do have to be careful of prices rising the longer you wait (BUY A CHUNNEL TICKET ASAP IF YOU’RE GOING FROM LONDON TO PARIS), but sometimes moving on with your journey, or staying where makes you happiest, is worth the extra cost.

9. Dress/act like yourself

You are going to constantly be putting yourself out there, meeting new people, asking for directions in a language you don’t speak, going into fancy museums. My best advice for dealing with any un-comfortableness associated with these things: be yourself. Not only will this make you feel more at ease, but it will also help you attract the kind of people you actually want to hang out with.


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12 keys to a good deal on a rental car #best

#deals on rental cars

12 keys to a good deal on a rental car

Cost-conscious travelers, whether on the road for business or pleasure, know that one place to shave trip-related expenses is at the rental car counter.

Michael Taylor, senior director of travel services for J.D. Power and Associates, a global marketing information and services firm, s ays people are looking closely at their rental car bills and shopping around more.

In many cases, these careful consumers discover rental car agents are eager to play “Let’s Make a Deal.”

But if you want to drive off with a real bargain, you need to know the rules of the renting game. These dozen tips will help you get the best deal.

1. Shop the Internet.

Internet sites sometimes have better deals because they are cheaper for the company to operate, says Jack Gillis, public affairs director for the Consumer Federation of America, a nonprofit advocacy group.

Look at multiple independent travel sites (three popular ones are Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz) and then review three car rental Web pages, says Gillis, author of “The Car Book.” Because of special arrangements, says Gillis, you’ll often find that one of the travel or car company sites will have a better deal.

2. Ask about discounts.

Frequent-flier programs, credit cards, hotels, national clubs and some companies and government agencies have negotiated discounts. Two popular groups that regularly offer membership breaks for renters are AARP and AAA. To be sure you don’t miss out on anything, Gillis says to always ask what discount plans are available.

3. Time your reservation.

Everything’s a trade off. By reserving early, you lock in your car and your rate. But if you rent your car before you book your airline or hotel, you might miss out on a reciprocal deal. So do a little research and ask a few questions before you book.

That said, several industry experts recommend booking your car as soon as possible. “It’s unlikely you’ll get burned [on rates],” says Justin McNaull, spokesman for AAA. “But if you wait, there is a significant chance you will not get the same choice of cars.”

If you want to book during peak periods, such as long holiday weekends, reserve six weeks ahead or you’ll be blocked out, says Neil Abrams, president of Abrams Consulting Group Inc. a consulting and market research firm specializing the auto rental and fleet industry. At other times of the year, the lead time varies with the company, he says. “I would say a couple of weeks is fine.”

4. Consider how long you need the car.

Although you need the car for only two days, you might get a better price if you rent it for longer. “Don’t be afraid to look at a weekly rate,” says McNaull. “It’s sometimes cheaper than a four- or five-day rental.”

Online renters should play with the date pairs and see if that extra day will net a better rate, he says, adding that sometimes travelers have to hook into a weekend or weekday to get “the deal.”

5. Look beyond the big guys.

Be willing to investigate lesser-known agencies, says Abrams. “There are many secondary brands that deliver a quality car at a competitive rate that are not necessarily household names.”

And if you like the staff or cars at one agency and the prices at another, ask your preferred agent to match a competitor’s price. The worst that can happen is a “no” and you lose nothing.


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Working for a Holiday Travel Company – Working Abroad Magazine #southall

#travel rep

Working for a Holiday Travel Company

The best way to prepare for life as a holiday rep is to have some idea of their workplace which is why many reps have holidayed with their employers before as tourists.

Jack Kimber works as a Youth Rep for 2wentys in the Crete resort of Malia he was inspired to apply for the job after going on holiday with them. He said: I applied for a job when I got home I have always wanted to work abroad and I love partying. 2wenty s application process is quite simple: after applying, Jack attended an interview and had a weeks training before flying out to his resort at the start of the summer season.

Travel and Holiday Rep Jobs Abroad

He loves his job, and is quick to sing its praises: It s the best job in the world a once in a lifetime opportunity! I spend my days looking after the young people who come on our holidays and organising excursions, and it s very social as you spend all day and night with the guests.

Daily flexibility is vital: it is not unusual to stay up until 5am seeing customers safely on their plane home, only to be needed at 10.30am welcome meetings for new guests. This grueling schedule makes days off a chance to relax. Jack said: We can get very tired sometimes, so spend most of our time off sleeping or chilling out, but with one and a half days off a week we could do sightseeing.

The unique demands of catering for adults under 30 make the role of Youth Rep both rewarding and challenging: The best bit is getting to meet loads of new people and entertaining all the guests. The worst parts are the long hours, late night airport pick-ups and drop-offs and being really tired.

Luckily, staff perks compensate the low basic wage : free accommodation and transport, as well as the opportunities for good bonuses and commission.

But the social side of the job does not only apply to the resort reps and guests can keep in touch after a season ends via the social networking site, reliving the good times, organising reunions and planning out next year s holidays. Youth Rep is rarely a job for life and most reps see it as casual employment, but it is possible forge a career with the company if you are determined.

Outdoorsy types might prefer campsites to hotels. Jim Rideout joined Canvas Holidays as a Camp Courier in 2005 after hearing about vacancies during his holiday. The role is similar to a holiday rep as your main concern is customer care, such as meeting and greeting, visiting them regularly, providing local area information and reception duties. You are also responsible for cleaning accommodation between customers and basic maintenance and administrative work on the site. The camping season runs from March to October and Canvas have sites in nine European countries including France, Italy, Holland and Sardinia.

At season bookends, teams of couriers are involved in montage – setting up campsites at the beginning of the season, and cleaning and preparing tents and mobile homes for the first customers. Demontage means getting the sites ready for winter by emptying and disassembling tents and storing equipment over the closed season.

Camp Couriers usually start at 9am, staffing reception for the first half an hour or start cleaning straightaway.  Cleaning can last up to five hours depending on how many customers arrive. If you are on arrivals duty you must meet and greet customers between 4pm and 8pm, and in the evening you visit customers to see if they need anything. Night shifts are occasionally necessary but this does not involve staying up all hours just being the first point of contact for any customer in trouble.

Canvas employs workers of all ages for a minimum of six weeks, and Camp Couriers can work alone or in pairs, making it ideal for a couple who want to work abroad together. Jim said: My wife and I intended applying after retiring but we decided I should try it on my own first. I wouldn t have missed my two seasons for anything it was an experience never to be forgotten.

Wannabe Camp Couriers can contact Canvas through their website and successful applicants are invited to a group interview. You must be over 18, with a UK bank account and national insurance number. Any previous customer service or travel industry experience is useful and language skills are definitely a bonus. Accommodation (a tent or mobile home), equipment, gas and electricity are all provided so your wages only need to pay for food and leisure. You get one day off per week plus an extra day off each month, so there is plenty of time to explore the surrounding countryside.

Jim said: The best things are making new friends, meeting and getting to know customers, being abroad and learning a new language, or improving existing language skills. If you enjoy cleaning there s plenty of opportunity for fulfillment!

The downsides are coping with customer complaints outside your control and the European heat!

Again, the roles are seasonal and some people return every year, working the winter ski season in between. Jim, who now works in Site Operations for Canvas, said: People do make a career of it and Canvas Holidays is always happy to promote people who make the grade within the company either to more senior courier positions (ultimately to Area Manager) or to head office.

Holiday reps are usually employed in short-haul package holiday resorts, but it is possible to work in long-haul destinations too. Kuoni specialises in exotic, luxurious and activity holidays and although most reps are employed locally, they have a small team of British Overseas Travel Reps too.

Because the resorts are long haul, potential reps need to be experienced at working alone and away from their families for a long time. Jemma Purvis, Kuoni s PR Assistant, said: At Kuoni we pride ourselves in customer service, and look for applicants that portray a professional image, whilst taking care of our clients needs. Resorts are often in remote locations and reps need to demonstrate the ability to think on their feet, respond to problems quickly and effectively. They will be required to make informed decisions based on their own initiative. Sales experience is beneficial, and someone that has lived away from home before is also desirable.

Kuoni recruits in January and February and reps are employed seasonally but tend to stay for several years so there is a low staff turnover. As a result, they accept CVs throughout the year and keep candidates on file for when a vacancy arises. The summer season lasts between four and six months depending on country and the winter season is split into two three-month blocks. Reps choose to work one of these blocks and have the other three months as holiday.

Overseas Travel Reps have similar tasks to all holiday reps they are the first point of contact for their customers. Meeting and greeting, welcome meetings, assisting with enquiries, airport duties and transfers, problem solving and checking bookings with agents and hoteliers are everyday responsibilities, as well as dealing with emergencies and crises as they happen.

You would be on call constantly with this job, but arrange your own time off around arrivals. As you would expect, accommodation is provided, but with Kuoni so is food, flights and visas! Reps attend a week long training course in the UK then two weeks training at their destination, as well as regular sessions throughout the season. Working for Kuoni is not suitable for inexperienced applicants, but seasoned reps who want to see the world could thrive on new challenges.

Jemma said: I would recommend the experience of being a representative overseas to anyone that enjoys being around people and wants to make a difference to our clients overall holiday experience. You will meet some wonderful people, visit some fantastic destinations, and really open your eyes to the world.

Using holiday rep work as a stepping-stone is a great way to build up contacts and experience for a long-term career. As it is easy to burn out after an exhausting few seasons, many reps move into less hectic roles. This does not mean returning to Britain for a desk job far from it. As we have seen, skilled reps are eligible for more demanding and responsible roles further afield. Resort management or PR roles abroad need experienced applicants to fill them, and a few seasons repping gives you an edge over others.

Alternatively, UK-based head office jobs are often filled by ex-reps who want a stable lifestyle, so the choice is yours. One thing is for certain in a role renowned for its long hours and repetitive schedules, no two days will be the same!

Recommended Holiday Companies


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What is the Right Travel Insurance for a Cruise? #amigo #travel

#cruise travel insurance

Insuring Your Cruise

Travel insurance is particularly important for cruisers, because cruising carries its own unique set of concerns that may not be shared by the average traveler. For example, because of the nature of cruising, the possibility of missing some leg of your trip — such as the ship’s departure from one of its ports — is somewhat higher than it is when you take a non-stop flight from Point A to Point B. Getting appropriate medical care in an emergency at sea is also a consideration that needs to be factored into making decisions about insuring a cruise. These, among many others, make a good case for at least investigating travel insurance when you plan to take a cruise.

However, it’s important to be cautious about where you get that insurance. Typically, it’s most advisable to buy travel insurance for your cruise from a third party source — not from the cruise line itself or from a booking site. These types of travel insurance policies tend to be fairly limited in their coverage, may not contain important benefits you need for your individual comfort and safety, and often are written in a way that is more likely to benefit the cruise line than it is to benefit you. When you decide on a trusted third-party source for your insurance, make sure to find out what type of coverage is available to you for the following concerns:

Medical Care

If you should unexpectedly fall ill or become injured while you’re on your cruise, you’ll need some sort of medical insurance coverage to offset the expense of the medical care you receive. Many cruisers don’t know that their home medical insurance provider may not cover any care they receive outside of their home country, or may cover only a portion of the costs. Those on Medicare should be particularly concerned with this type of benefit, as Medicare does not cover any kind of medical care outside of the United States.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

While rare, emergency medical evacuations are a very real possibility for cruisers. Whether the emergency is severe enough to require an air rescue from the ship, or whether it involves emergency transport from the nearest port of call to an on-shore medical facility, the costs can be prohibitive if not covered by insurance. Those who are particularly concerned about the possible quality of medical care in an unknown area of the world may want to consider looking into the optional Hospital of Choice benefit as well.

Baggage Loss or Baggage Delay

Between airlines, ships, and ports of call, there are plenty of opportunities for cruisers to misplace personal items — or for those personal items to be delayed or lost in transit, or worse, stolen during the course of the cruise. Making sure you have baggage loss coverage to help you recover the costs of replacing your lost items, or baggage delay coverage to help you get the necessities covered while you wait for your bags, can greatly decrease the stress of losing your belongings.

Identity Theft

Losing personal documents such as passports is certainly a possibility when on a cruise. Identity Theft protection is a unique service offered by some travel insurance companies, which can help guide you through the process of minimizing any possible damage to your credit or financial reputation, while also taking care of important communications and monitoring for you and helping you to replace your documents as quickly as possible.

Financial Default

One important benefit that third-party insurance policies offer is possible coverage for financial default. In other words, if your cruise line or another travel supplier related to your cruise goes bankrupt, financial default coverage would allow you to potentially recover the money paid to that travel supplier, as long as you weren’t able to make suitable alternate arrangements. However, financial default coverage is a time-sensitive benefit, so be sure to look into purchasing your travel insurance as soon after you make your first trip payment as possible.

Hurricanes and other Inclement Weather

Cruise ships are obviously especially vulnerable to the effects of hurricanes or other severe weather. While travel insurance will not offer you any coverage if your cruise goes off as scheduled, but misses a few ports of call or has to re-route entirely due to bad weather, it can cover you if the cruise is cancelled or cut short. There are also important travel insurance benefits available that are related to bad weather that occurs at your home, or which impacts any portion of your trip, including air travel.


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Flying on a Dime: The 3 Best Websites To Find Cheap

#best prices for flights

Flying on a Dime: The 3 Best Websites To Find Cheap Flights

The holiday season is upon us and many of us are planning trips. A question I get all the time is how can I find a cheap flight?  To answer that question, I will cover 3 cheap flight websites for your flying escapades – 2 of them have worked great for me flying from the United States to all over the world and the last one was suggested by the MakeUseOf founder Aibek Esengulov for being a great website for finding flights from Europe to elsewhere.

So hopefully we have got you covered with these 3 sites:

CheapFlights (US only) – CheapFlights is my first go-to cheap flight website to start looking for inexpensive flights. I have probably used them over 100 times in the last 5 or 6 years. I consistently find good deals and most of the time at the last minute.

Go ahead and fill out where you are coming from and going to select your flexibility and hit the find deals now button.

Once you hit that button, the site will do its magic searching like so:

You will see the dates are scattered over the next month or so – see if one floats your boat and click on it to go to the corresponding site and book it!

Next up is Cheapo Air. Cheapo Air has international flights both ways. When you get to their homepage it will look like every other major air flight finding service but it will find you some seriously cheap flights – there might be 2 or 3 stops or even a layover – but if cheap is your goal here you will find a flight.

You have to specify an exact date and time range to where you are going and it will find you the cheapest rates available.

Cheapo Air returned cheap flights as you can see below:

$219! That beats our original site by $70. For someone looking to to save some money, not bad! The trip includes 1 hour and 2 minutes of a layover in Atlanta and they switched my home airport from JFK to Newark, not bad!

Our last site is called SkyScanner which does United States flights as well as European flights. SkyScanner should be your site of choice for booking flights that start or end outside of the United States.

Fill out your information and let’s see what she returns”¦

So going from the United States to the Bahamas costs a lot more from here, but looking for airfares from the United Kingdom to New York we see some great deals:

They let you build your round trip by selecting one flight from the left and one from the right.

You can find some great deals from all three of these sites.  But I’m sure there are plenty of other sites where you get your cheap flights from. Feel free to share your favorite sites in the comments!


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The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse – Nursing Link #aus

#traveling nurse

The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse


So you are debating whether to become a Travel Nurse and you are curious to know some of the benefits. Here is a brief list covering most of the benefits you can expect:

One of the better travel nurse benefits is the ability to pick assignments all over the country. After all it is called Travel Nursing. If you were an avid backpacker and hiker you might actually take an assignment in a remote community famous for its backpacking trails. Or if you just can’t get enough of theme parks you might accept an assignment in Orlando so that you can visit Disney World every time you have some time off.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Travel contracts range anywhere from 4 weeks to 52 weeks. The average contract is 13 weeks. Work 13 weeks, take a month off…Or not. That s the beauty of this job- You really do have the freedom to decide when and where you work.

Specialty Nurses can ask for and receive top pay rates including double time for overtime. Average rates of pay for a Traveling nurse are $25 $40 per hour. Overtime rates can be time and a half to double time.


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Start Your Own Travel Business – How To Start A Travel

#travel start

Start A Travel Business Today


W hat is your inspiration for starting a travel business? Have you traveled somewhere that changed you as a person? While in this location did you learn about the culture, break bread with locals and friends, and now you want share that experience with others? “W” Tour Travel Group aides people just like you on shoe string budgets develop their passion for travel into a business. “W” Tour Travel Group will help you start your new travel business even if you have little to no experience, a very small budget, and no formal business plan. What you must bring to the table is passion, inspiration, an idea, a budget to start your business, and an above average work ethic.


W hat is your travel/tour product? It certainly should be more than a flight and a hotel. You need to create a product that is a travel experience that appeals to a consumer on an emotional level and inspires them to share that experience with others. “W” Tour Travel Group will help you create a unique travel experience that has the basic nuts and bolts associated with getting from point A to point B, hotel reservations, and out of the box tours and excursions that create a true travel experience for your potential customers. Our connections throughout the world allow us to help you contract the vendors who will source the components you need to market a unique travel/tour product.

Free (no obligation) 30 minute phone consultation.


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Starting a Travel Agency in the UK #buy #travel #insurance

#travel agency uk

Starting a Travel Agency

Open a European has over 8 years of experience within worldwide company formation, and now, we have partnered with a specialist travel consultant boasting over 15 years of experience within the industry. If you are considering starting a travel agency in Europe, then you will need specialist advice before setting up your company and for licence applications. Whether you are looking to set up a travel agency in the UK, Ireland or the rest of Europe, our specialist can help you.

Here is what he says:

Starting a travel agency in the UK can appear to be very confusing, and at times it is. This is because in order to understand whether or not you need a licence to operate, and if so, which licence is the right one for you, there are a number of regulations you need to consider and get to grips with.

With over 15 years of experience in regulations that govern travel, we are confident that we can help make your process of obtaining a licence, far simpler.

Our consultant will:

  • Discuss your plans, and set out the type of licence available for your business
  • Discuss the financial requirements required for the initial licence and what you need to achieve in order to maintain the licence
  • Assist in putting together the application (this can include writing the business plan and financial projections)
  • Attend any meetings required by the licencing bodies
  • Use our comprehensive list of contacts to help you meet the requirements at a low cost to you
  • Provide ongoing support, including the annual renewal of the licence(s)

To talk to us about starting a Travel Agency in the UK, call us on +44 (0)208 421 7470, or simply fill in your enquiry below and we ll get straight back to you


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Should Your Kid Take a Gap Year Before Going to College?

#gap year travel

The Walking Dead. Did the Midseason Finale Satisfy?

Why Your High School Senior Should Take a Gap Year

Jekaterina Nikitina—Getty Images/Flickr Select

The growing trend of taking a year off between high school and college can be a benefit if done right

Earlier this month, more than a million high school seniors across the country committed to attend college. But a growing number of them aren t going to set foot on campus in the fall, electing instead for a gap year a trend that is leaving some parents feeling anxious and uncertain.

Many educators tout taking a gap year, saying that kids who step off the academic treadmill after high school to work, travel, volunteer or explore other interests are more mature when they arrive at college and more engaged in their education going forward.

With this in mind, a handful of colleges Princeton and the University of North Carolina. among them offer scholarships and fellowships to incoming freshmen who take a gap year. Harvard has long encouraged the practice. And in February, Tufts University launched its 1+4 bridge program, which, starting in fall 2015, will offer gap-year opportunities for national and international service regardless of a student s ability to pay. Meanwhile, organizations that promote a gap year, including the American Gap Association and USA Gap Fairs. are expanding rapidly.

Still, the idea of a gap year can be frightening for parents especially for those who have carefully cultivated a cradle-to-college track for their children. Many fear that once their son or daughter veers away from a formal education, they won t go back.

As parents this is not what you expect, says Abbe Levin, whose 18-year-old son, Jules Arsenault, attends a small college-preparatory school in Bethel, Maine. When you have a kid who is not showing interest, or even curiosity about college, that is a tough place to be.

In the end, though, Levin and her husband came around to accept Jules s decision to take a gap year and, in so doing, they wound up following three guidelines that experts say are crucial to ensuring a successful experience.

First, they had Jules apply to college and then defer enrollment so that he knows he has something solid waiting for him at the end of his hiatus. For him, that s a spot at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Second, they ve made sure that Jules has a structured plan and isn t just sitting on the couch, playing video games and thinking about what he ll do next. And third, they ve made sure that he has skin in the game, helping to fund his own gap-year plans.

Formal gap year programs can cost as much as $30,000. But there are many low-cost options, including volunteering for a program such as AmeriCorps. City Year or WWOOF-USA. all of which pay for room and board. Other kids work for a while in order to fund a six-month gap-year program or travel abroad.

This is exactly what Jules is doing. Starting next month, he ll be washing dishes on Monhegan Island in Maine, a tourist destination a boat ride away from his hometown of Boothbay. He ll work through early October before traveling to Southeast Asia.

At first I wanted a year off because I thought it was going to fun, Jules says. But now I realize that it will give me time to figure out what I want to do. I didn t want to go to college and not know what I want to study, or get a degree just to have one. With what college costs these days, I wanted to get a degree in something that would be useful to me.

Levin credits Jules s high school college counselor for reminding her that every kid has their own timeline, and for encouraging her to let Jules take the lead. She also bluntly told Levin that if she pushed her son to head straight to college, it could backfire.

As parents we raise our kids to think for themselves, to be creative, to follow their own path, Levin says. But then suddenly, starting in their junior year, we are asking them to go along this very prescribed path that might not be right for them. Now I feel like when he does go to college, he ll really be ready.

Studies suggest that Levin is right. Robert Clagett, who served as a senior admissions officer at Harvard and is also the former dean of admissions at Middlebury College, has found that those who delay a year before starting college have GPAs that, on a 4.0 scale, are 0.15 to 0.2 higher than otherwise would be expected.

What we saw was startling, says Clagett, now the director of college counseling at St. Stephens Episcopal, a college preparatory school in Austin, Texas. The prevailing wisdom is that kids are going to lose their hard-earned study skills if they take a gap year. The opposite is true.

While taking a gap year is not right for everyone, Clagett believes that many college-bound kids could benefit from taking time off particularly those who are burnt out from years of piling on honors and AP classes, tutors, test prep, community-service projects, varsity sports, piano lessons and other extracurricular activities.

A gap year is a chance for kids to take a breath and do something that doesn t require them to ask, How will this look on my college application? he says. To just do something for the pure love of doing it.

Corinne Monaco, 23, was certainly ready to take a breath after she graduated in 2009 from ICE Institute for Collaborative Education, an academically rigorous public school in New York.

I was always one of those kids who liked school and was looking forward to going to college, Monaco says. But by the end of second semester senior year it became clear that I needed a break. I was exhausted. I didn t have the energy to dive right back into school.

Monaco worked part-time for the better part of a year for an environmental education, arts and advocacy organization. She then spent a few months traveling across the country.

When she finally got to college, she was genuinely excited to be back in the classroom again. Says Monaco, who will graduate on Saturday from Pitzer College with a dual degree in art and environmental analysis: Taking a gap year was the best decision I ever made.


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Road Trip Planner with Stops: Tools – Tips for a Perfect

#planning a trip


The first step is the fun one: selecting the route. To do so, decide what s most important to you: distance, destination, or budget. Once you know this, you can begin researching and building out the rest of your plans.

When in the planning stage, Roadtrippers  will be your best friend! Founded by two fellow wanderlusters, this web and mobile service provides a seemingly endless database of inspiration. Explore tested routes, or plan your own and discover the variety of interest points that can be found along your newly blazed trail.

From culture to campsites and nature to nightclubs, Roadtrippers will help you plan a trip tailored to your travel style. It’ll also help you budget by providing cost estimates for the gas require for the selected trip.

Make sure your route is broken down into doable driving segments both to and from your final destination. Your plan should also include a list of attractions you want to see along the way. The more you have on the list the better, but be prepared to skip a few. You never know what will happen on the open road. Being flexible is key.


Once you know where you’re going, you’ll need to decide where to stay.

If your road trip is all about the great outdoors and you plan on camping, visit to find and book campsites on your route.

Prefer more modern accommodations? Priceline. Hotwire. Expedia. or any one of your preferred hotel booking sites can help you book a hotel at each check point along your route.

Or, check out AirBnb for a more unique lodging selection.


You’ve heard it, you’ve probably said it, and we all know it’s true: “there’s an app for everything.” And as a matter of fact, there’s quite a few to aid in your road trip success. Here are the ones we suggest downloading before you go:

TripIt . Yeah, so this might be a shameless plug, but we can actually help! You’ve already selected and booked your lodging and attractions, so let us automagically create an itinerary for you. That way you can find all your plans in one place and you won’t have to dig through all your email to find times, locations, and confirmation numbers. TripIt will also automatically generate the best route between stops with turn by turn driving directions and Google Maps. It s perfect if you re looking for a road trip planner with stops.  

Along The Way : Whether you’re in need of a bathroom, caffeine fix, retail therapy, or just about anything else, Along The Way can help you locate whatever you’re looking for without getting off track.  

Gasbuddy : Unfortunately, you’ll have to frequent the gas stations on your road trip, which makes this app essential. Gasbuddy provides a crowd-sourced list of gas prices to help you find the best deal near you.  

Spotify : Every road trip needs good jams and lots of them! Although the free version of this service is awesome, it’ll definitely be worth your money to upgrade to premium for your road trip. For just $9.99 a month you have access to any song at anytime … even when you re offline.  

AAA : Although we suggest you check out your car before leaving, you never know what can happen out there on the road. With this app, you can contact roadside assistance and help them locate you. You can also discover AAA discount locations, Diamond-rated hotels, restaurants, and attractions.  

Wi-Fi Finder : Whether you need to post to Facebook, Facetime mom, or email your boss, Wi-Fi Finder will help you stay connected by locating both free and paid Wi-Fi spots.


On your road trip you’re going to see some breathtaking sights and make some incredible memories, so documentation will be key.

If you’re into the visuals, snapping pics on your phone is a must. Step up your editing game with VSCO Cam ; this will help your pictures come to life and look at least half as beautiful as in real life. Then your photo will be ready to share on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to tag your pictures with #TripItPic to share your travels and have a chance to be featured on our page .

For your videos, you can use Magisto to automatically create and edit amazing videos, complete with music and effects.

Evernote is yet another great documentation tool. Write down everything you love and learn along the way, and add photos to create the ultimate travel journal.

Any other road trip tips? Share them below! Happy travels!


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Hilton Scores a Victory Over Online Booking Sites, and What It

#travel site

Hilton Scores a Victory Over Online Booking Sites, and What It Means for How Travel Will Be Booked

by Gary Leff on December 1, 2015

United Airlines used to offer last minute e-fares on their website, but stopped because they ran afoul of agreements with computer reservation systems to always display the best available fares through those sites.

Paying the computer reservation systems is costly, it s cheaper when airlines sell to you directly, so they used to offer bonus miles for doing so. And paying the online travel agencies is costlier still. Even though few airlines base commissions any longer (although Alitalia just re-introduced 1% commissions in Italy) they do pay based on volume.

Airlines have long paid less to the online travel sites than hotels. So hotels have gone to greater lengths than airlines in trying to get customers to book direct. Generally when you book on Expedia you still earn frequent flyer miles for your flights, and are eligible for elite status accrual and elite benefits. (Although it may not always be as clear what restrictions apply to the fares you re buying.)

Hotels on the other hand have:

  • Restricted points-earning (Hilton s official policy is no points at all, even for incidentals during your stay, when booking through a third party)
  • Restricted status-earning (major chains won t let your stay booked through most third parties count towards gaining or retaining status)

  • Restricted elite status benefits (Though Hyatt and Marriott generally honor elite status on third party bookings, other major chains do not)
  • During periods with hotel occupancy low, the OTAs had the greatest leverage. The major chain hotels were paying over 20% commissions, perhaps 25%, and independent hotels easily paid 40%.

    But those commissions have been falling. With hotels full they have a stronger bargaining hand. They re able to pay lower commissions, and negotiate other favorable terms.

    Hilton reports that it has successfully concluded better deals.

    [Hilton CEO Chris] Nassetta said Hilton Worldwide won the right to lower the commissions it pays to online travel agencies such as Expedia and

    Hilton Worldwide managed to eliminate last-room availability clauses and won the right to offer preferential pricing — lower rates than it gives to online travel agencies — to certain members of the hotel chain’s loyalty program, Nassetta said.

    “We are done with all of our OTA negotiations, and we achieved our goals in every one of those pillars,” Nassetta said.

    This likely explains Hilton testing discounts for HHonors members since they don t have to offer those same rates through online booking sites and can use those to incentive lower direct booking expenses.

    Airlines, too, continually squabble with the online sites and computer reservation systems over how their fares are distributed. Lufthansa is currently imposing an extra charge for tickets through these systems, which makes them less competitive. It s hard to sort out the effect it has had on the airline, because their sales have also been affected by strikes. Airlines want online travel sites to work through their own, less expensive, direct channels. And they want everyone selling their ancillary products, at the lowest cost to the carrier.

    When we see Expedia buy Orbitz after buying Travelocity we shouldn t just think of them as making consumer unfriendly moves, we should think of them as:

    1. Trying to preserve some of their leverage against travel providers who are eroding their margins.
  • Making defensive moves in anticipation of Google disrupting their business model.
  • That isn t to say that consolidation in the online booking industry is consumer-friendly. And consumer experiences vary. But online travel agency sites are hardly gaining market power .

    More From View from the Wing


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    Planning a trip #travel #insurace

    #planning a trip




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    Physicists Built A Time Machine Simulator #hotel #and #car #deals

    #ctc travel

    Physicists Have Built A Time Machine Simulator


    Suppose you traveled back in time and stopped your grandparents from ever meeting.

    This would create a paradox since you never would have been born if your grandparents never met. You’ve prevented your later birth, so you shouldn’t exist anymore.

    This is called the “Grandfather Paradox,” and it’s an infamous one among physicists.

    Even though Einstein’s famous theory of general relativity actually allows for time travel. the Grandfather Paradox gets in the way. According to Einstein, a gravitational field with enough force (like the one generated by a black hole) could bend space-time enough to fold it back on itself.

    This bending could create a path through space-time that returns to its original starting position. It’s essentially a time-travel loop. Physicists call it a closed time-like curve, or CTC.

    CTCs frustrate physicists because they come with all kinds of paradoxes, like the Grandfather Paradox. If you entered a CTC, traveled back in time and stopped your grandparents from meeting, you would never come back out of that CTC. The principles of cause and effect collapse.

    Einstein’s predicted CTCs are part of our conventional understanding of physics, but could never allow for time travel without a paradox.

    Enter quantum mechanics.

    While Einstein’s general relativity describes the macro world, like planets and galaxies, quantum mechanics describes the micro world of things like atoms and particles. The two sets of laws do not get along well, and physicists are still working on reconciling them.

    The math behind quantum mechanics suggests that time travel through a CTC is not only possible, but could be done without creating any paradoxes. So while a person (a macro object) can’t time travel without creating a paradox, something much smaller, like a single particle (a micro object), could.

    Back in the 1990s, theoretical physicist David Deutsch was the first person to realize this, and he figured out a way to get around the paradox.

    Martin Ringbauer

    In the world of quantum mechanics, the rules are a lot more fuzzy than conventional physics. If a quantum particle, like a photon or an electron, entered one of these time travel loops, it would have to emerge on the other side as that same identical particle. But when a quantum particle enters a CTC, there’s no set outcome, only a spread of probabilities that the particle will emerge or not. So a particle that enters a CTC with a 50% chance of coming back out will only fail to make it back out of the CTC half the time. It’s a crazy solution, but that 50/50 chance is good enough to solve the paradox according to the laws of quantum mechanics.

    No one has discovered a CTC or successfully built one, so time travel is still not possible. But physicists at the University of Queensland in Australia have built a system that can mimic how a quantum particle would behave if it passed through a CTC and interacted with a younger version of its self. They’ve effectively built a time machine simulator.

    The team of physicists simulated a particle traveling through a CTC by firing pairs of entangled light particles through a circuit. Entangled particles are created from the same parent particle, so they are identical to each other and any force that acts on one immediately affects the other. The entangled particles passed through a circuit and hit a polarized beam splitter that broke them apart so they could interact with each other. Think of it has you meeting the younger version of yourself right at the entrance to a time travel loop.

    The physicists encoded the polarization of each particle pair they tested before sending it through the time machine simulator, so the polarization of any particles that emerged could be measured and compared to the original to make sure it was in fact the same particle.

    So what happened when the simulated past and present versions of the particle met each other? The interaction was paradox-free, and the quantum particles came out of the mock time machine in exactly the same way they entered it.

    Time travel isn’t possible yet, but this simulation means it could be. The experiment also fit both the laws of general relativity and quantum mechanics, demonstrating that the two bodies of law could actually be compatible.

    SEE ALSO: Scientists Come Up Empty-Handed After Online Search For Time Travelers From The Future


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    Planning a Surfing Vacation? Get the Destination Lowdown #travel #tickets #cheap

    #surf travel

    Surfing Vacations

    Fancy a surfing holiday but don’t know where to start? Would like to surf in tropical waters with professional guides, great equipment and quality waves but don’t know where to go? Look no further.

    We have teamed up with the guys at LineupExplorers to bring you the the perfect the perfect, hassle free, surf holiday. The Lineup Explorers team are dedicated, passionate and motivated, and spend long hours meticulously researching and gathering information to ensure you get the total surf experience. Tried and tested locations are regularly re-visited. Have a surf trip to remember without the hassle and without the disappointment.

    The holidays on offer cater for individuals, couples, families and groups and can recommend and build the perfect solution for you, whether you are a first time surfer or a pro searching for that perfect surfing holiday.

    • Worldwide Destinations
    • Comfortable Accommodation
    • Book in your Own Currency
    • Run by surfers for surfers
    • Trips, Tours, Guides, Pilates / Yoga surf and Surf Clinics Available
    • Charter boats, resorts, surf camps, road trips and more

    Top Surf Trips

    Surf Camps – Looking to learn how to surf or improve your skills? Then a surf camp is what you need.

    Surf Charter Boats – Access to unique and uncrowded surf spots with otherwise inaccessible waves plus surf vessel crews helping you with local knowledge to create amazing surfing adventure.

    Surf Resorts – Surf resorts are perfect for your surf vacations.

    Girls Camps – If you want to learn how to surf with other girls, then a surf camp for girls or women surf camp is your best choice.

    Surf Yoga – Surfing and Yoga is a great combo. Mix a great surf travel with yoga lessons or yoga classes. Yoga Surf vacation mixes exhausting surf trips with regenerating yoga.

    Solo Traveller – Travelling on your own? Surf and travel YOUR way. Book a Solo Traveller trip.

    Party – Surf all day, party all night. Great surf spots during the day and an exciting nightlife in the evenings. Party, surf, party surf.

    Beginners Surf Holidays – If you’ve just started surfing and are looking to improve your surf skills rapidly a beginners trip will be ideal. Qualified coaches and surfers in the same position as you are. A great way to improve your surfing.

    Surfing Destinations Currently on Offer

    Europe Surf Holidays

    France, Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands

    Highlights include: surfing the quality beach breaks of southern france in the Landes and Anglet regions. North Spain is, without a doubt, one of Europe’s very best surf zones.

    Facing out into the North Atlantic, the whole coastline of Andalucia receives high quality swells that are frequently met by calm and sunny weather conditions, making this part of Spain an ideal surfing destination.

    Imagine waking up everyday to surf perfect conditions. This is a reality in Peniche on the Central Portugal Coast. Surf Coxos. probably the best known break in Ericeira.

    For at least a decade, Lanzarote has been one of the hottest spots in Europe to find year round consistent surf and sunshine. From October to April, the swell charges down from the North Atlantic and hits the north coast of Fuerteventura square on, providing Hawaii-style barrels.

    Africa Surf Holidays

    In recent years the small fishing village of Taghazoute in south Morocco. has been well and truly put on the surfing holiday map. The West Coast of Morocco, in North Africa has been on the traveling surfers’ map since the 60’s.

    Central America and Caribbean Surf Holidays

    Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama

    With over 300 days of tropical sunshine and surf every year, surfing in Dominican Republic. one of the gems of the Caribbean. is a must for any surfer.

    Surfing El Salvador is simply great 26 C water and great surf spots surrounded by volcanoes and beautiful beaches.

    The Nicaragua surf offers gorgeous landscapes and warm water. The surf spots are rockin , the beaches breathtaking and the surf holidays epic.

    Bali, Maldives, Mentawais, Nias Hinako, Sri Lanka


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    Planning a Trip to Europe: Your 10-Step Guide #flight #booking

    #planning a trip

    Planning a Trip to Europe: Your 10-Step Guide

    5. Book your airfare.

    Because airfare will probably be the most expensive part of your trip, you’ll want to book it before anything else (car rental, hotel, etc.). This will allow you to be more flexible with your dates, which is a great way to save money on your flight. You can also spend less by flying on international discount airlines like Aer Lingus.

    Enliven your trip with a layover in a different country. Many airlines, such as Air France, offer occasional free layover promotions. Stop by the Schiphol Airport for a day on the way to Paris and take the train into Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House.

    For more information:

    6. Book your accommodations.

    It’s time to go back to that rough itinerary you jotted down and fill in some places to sleep. As is the case with pretty much everything you book for your trip, the earlier you make arrangements, the better — especially during high season.

    Sure, you can just book a room at the local Hilton and be done with it. But do a bit of research and you could discover some funky lodging that’s almost as exciting as the attractions you plan to visit. Keep your eyes open for historic castles, tiny bed and breakfasts, houseboats, eco-friendly hotels or organic farms. Budget travelers take note: Vacation rentals, homestays, farmstays and house-swapping are accommodation options that can be shockingly affordable. or even free.

    For more information:

    7. Consider travel insurance.

    There are several kinds of travel insurance: trip cancellation insurance, flight cancellation insurance, medical insurance, etc. The best time to buy insurance is right after you put down the major deposits on your trip, whether that entails airfare, a package or prepaid hotels. Once you know how much money you’ve paid up front, you can insure your trip if you so choose. Many airlines and travel providers sell insurance that you can purchase along with your flight or tour package. Always, always read the fine print in your policy and compare it with other travel insurance policies before you make a purchase.

    Check your medical insurance coverage to see if you’re covered overseas. If not, you may want to purchase supplemental medical insurance to cover situations like the cost of transportation back home for emergency care.

    For more information:

    8. Book local transportation.

    When in Rome, ride the Metropolitana. Find out how the locals get around the destination to which you’re traveling, and act accordingly. You won’t need a car rental in places like bike-friendly Amsterdam or London with its convenient underground Tube, unless you plan to go outside the city.

    A car rental is your best bet if you’re traveling to locales that can’t be easily reached by rail or plane (such as the Irish countryside). Be mentally prepared to drive in a foreign country, which can be a frightening experience when faced with incomprehensible traffic signs, narrow streets or sheep roadblocks.

    To get from city to city or country to country, examine your rail options in comparison to routes and prices offered by European discount airlines like easyJet or Ryanair. Travelers embarking on extensive travel within Europe may save money by purchasing a rail pass that permits unlimited train travel within a specified region.

    For more information:

    9. Tackle last-minute logistics.

    A few weeks before your departure date is the right time to start taking care of a number of key logistics: money, phone, house-sitter, pet-sitter.

    Call your credit card companies to let them know you’ll be traveling abroad. While you’re at it, find out if you’re going to be charged a fee for using your card overseas. Research the locations of ATM’s in your destination, especially if you’ll be relying on cash.

    Does your cell phone plan or equipment allow you to make calls overseas? If not, your phone options include purchasing an international cell phone, renting a cell phone or getting an international calling plan (if you have the right kind of phone). While you may be tempted to leave the phone at home and really “get away from it all,” it’s smart to have an emergency phone with you if you’ll be traveling by car, or hiking or biking long distances.

    For more information:

    10. Pack.

    Instead of packing the day before your trip, start thinking about what you’ll need to bring at least a week before you leave. For one, if your destination of choice is suddenly experiencing abnormal weather, you may need that extra time to go shopping for something like a packable rain coat. Plus, experienced travelers know that the chance of forgetting something essential increases the longer one puts off packing. (It’s only a matter of time until a scientific study confirms this.) About a week before departure day, check the weather, put together a packing list, and take a look at your suitcase to make sure its wheels work and everything’s going to fit.

    For more information:


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    Planning a Trip to Europe: Your 10-Step Guide #travel #and #tourism

    #travelling europe

    Planning a Trip to Europe: Your 10-Step Guide

    Before you can experience authentic Spanish tapas, piazzas in Rome or rooftop terraces in Prague. an important to-do list stands between you and your European vacation. The logistics involved in planning a Europe trip may seem tedious or overwhelming, but the more prepared you are, the greater your chances of a successful trip that lives up to your expectations. That’s why it’s important to do a bang-up job creating an itinerary, arranging transportation and tackling the brass tacks before you’re off to the Continent.

    The following simple steps will help you engineer a well-planned escape to Europe — so you can spend less time worrying about your travel arrangements and more time staring at pictures of castles and men in kilts.

    1. Get your documents in order.

    If you don’t have a passport, it will take four to six weeks from the time of application for you to receive one. Expedited services will trim the process down to two or three weeks, but it will cost you an additional $60, so it’s best to take care of this well before your trip. Already have a passport? Check its expiration date. The last thing you need is to find out your passport has expired while you’re in line at airport check-in.

    All car rental companies require drivers to have valid licenses in their home country, so you’ll also want to check the expiration date of your license. Some car rental companies also require an international driving permit for European rentals in addition to a valid driver’s license. For U.S. citizens, these can be obtained through the American Auto Association (AAA).

    U.S. travelers to Russia must have valid visas in addition to passports; obtaining one is a complicated process that can take weeks even after you have been approved — so start early.

    For more information:

    2. Establish a budget.

    It’s important to establish a budget as early as possible — even before you know your destination, travel dates or itinerary. Some destinations are generally cheaper than others, but there are ways to save everywhere: travel in the off-season, pick budget accommodations, plan a shorter trip. For example, London is an expensive city with an unfavorable exchange rate for Americans, but many travel providers and airlines offer affordable vacation packages to the city, and it’s not hard to find cheap air deals to London, especially during the winter.

    Set your budget early on, and you’ll avoid any disappointment that could come from forging a fabulous itinerary, like two weeks in Geneva during summer, and then discovering you can’t afford it.

    For more information:

    3. Pick a destination.

    Now that you know how much you can spend, where do you want to go? If you’re like many travelers (including the staff at and you have a humongous list of places in Europe you want to visit, this could be tricky. Some tips:

  • Pick a particular site that’s on your must-see travel list, and plan your vacation around that. Last year I planned a trip to Ireland centered on an excursion to remote Skellig Michael Island, a World Heritage Site I’d dreamed of visiting. The excursion turned into an unforgettable two-week Emerald Isle road trip.

  • Pick someplace timely. Visit countries’ tourism Web sites and search for seasonal events like festivals or local holidays (which you may want to either avoid or join, depending on how you feel about crowds). Don’t forget to check the weather before you decide on your destination.

    For more information:

    4. Create a rough itinerary.

    So you want to go to France. eh? Don’t go ahead and buy a roundtrip flight to Paris and a hotel room — at least, not yet. You’ll want to sketch out a day-by-day itinerary of your perfect trip to France before you book a thing. Research sites and cities you really want to explore, and then figure out which ones you have the time and budget to get to.

    Check out alternative ways to travel in Europe. If you want to see multiple countries or cities but are on a tight budget, you may want to consider a cruise (exchange rates are naught for U.S. citizens onboard American ships). Walking tours, bike tours, camping and adventure tours are other interesting options worth considering.

    For more information:


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  • How to Become a Certified Coding Specialist #certified #coding #classes #online,


    How to Become a Certified Coding Specialist

    Should I Become a Certified Coding Specialist?

    A certified coding specialist. also referred to as a medical coder or health information technician, is a medical professional responsible for overseeing patient records and ensuring bills are paid properly and on time. These medical professionals work as intermediaries who are in contact with the insurance company, billing office and health clinic. They work at hospitals, physicians’ offices, government organizations and nursing care facilities. They spend long periods sitting at desks, on computers. Most coding specialists work full-time and need to serve overnight and weekend shifts.

    Career Requirements

    Medical billing and coding

    Certified Coding Specialist (CCS), Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based (CCS-P)

    Detail-oriented; communication and analytical skills; use of medical software programs

    $37,110 (2015 median salary for all medical records and health information technicians)

    Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job postings (November 2012)

    Certified coding specialists have associate’s degrees in medical billing and coding, and they earn certification through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). They are detail-oriented professionals with good communication and analytical skills and the ability to use medical software programs.

    According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median salary for medical records and health information technicians, which includes certified coding specialists, was $37,110 in 2015.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Health Care Administration
    • Health Information and Records Admin
    • Health Information Technology
    • Health Management and Clinical Administration
    • Health Unit Coordinator
    • Health Ward Supervisor
    • Medical Administrative Assistant or Secretary
    • Medical Claims Examiner
    • Medical Facilities Management
    • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
    • Medical Insurance Services
    • Medical Office Computer Technologies
    • Medical Office Management
    • Medical Office Specialist
    • Medical Receptionist
    • Medical Staff Services
    • Medical Transcriptionist

    Steps to Be a Coding Specialist

    What do I need to do to be a certified coding specialist?

    Step 1: Pursue a Postsecondary Education in Medical Billing and Coding

    Many coding positions seek individuals with an associate’s degree in medical billing and coding. Courses provide knowledge in medical terminology, reimbursement methods, pathophysiology and commonly used coding systems, including CPT and ICD-9. Students are also taught the details of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well.

    Step 2: Gain Work Experience

    While work experience is not a requirement to become certified, obtaining 2-3 years of work experience is also highly recommended. Hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and insurance companies are common work environments for medical coders. Individuals enrolled in a degree program also have the opportunity to enroll in an internship to gain hands-on training and some recommended work experience.

    Step 3: Pursue Certification

    The AHIMA oversees the certification exam for aspiring coding specialists. It offers several certification designations, including the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) and the Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based (CCS-P). The CCS is geared towards hospital-based coding professionals. Both tests consist of two parts, including multiple-choice questions and patient-case scenarios for medical coding. Both the CCS and the CCS-P exams test on ICD-9 and CPT coding systems. The CCS-P also includes testing on the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS).

    Step 4: Take Continuing Education Courses and Renew Certification

    The BLS reported that health information technicians (which include certified coding technicians) need to regularly renew their certification and take continuing education classes. The AHIMA offers seminars, conferences and webinars that provide beneficial experiences for certified coding specialists and meet these requirements. CCSs and CCS-Ps must complete at least 30 continuing education units (CEUs) like these every certification cycle, as well as pay a renewal fee. CEUs are completed through college courses.

    Step 5: Consider Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

    Coding specialists looking to pursue promotional opportunities may need a bachelor’s degree in health administration or a related field, so coding specialists should keep that option open to them if they wish to advance.

    Certified coding specialists have associate’s degrees and certification. They use medical software programs while overseeing and updating patient records, and they earn a median annual salary of $37,110.

    Next: View Programs

    • Diploma Program – Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
    • Certification – Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
    • MBA: Health Systems Management
    • MS in Health Care Administration
    • Master of Public Administration – Health Care Management
    • MS in Health Care Informatics
    • MS in Nursing: Health Care Informatics
    • BS in Health Care Administration
    • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
    • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science
    • View more
    • Health Information Coding
    • Nursing (Practical)
    • MSHS in Health Care Quality
    • Graduate Certificate in Health Care Quality
    • Medical Billing and Coding
    • Healthcare Assistant
    • Health Information Technology
    • View more
    • Master of Health Administration in Health Systems Management
    • Master of Science in Health Informatics
    • BA in Health Services Administration
    • Associate of Science – Medical Administrative Billing and Coding
    • AA in Health Services Administration
    • View more
  • Show more schools
  • Find your perfect program


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    Greek debt relief closer than ever but creditors must act, Greek


    Greek debt relief ‘closer than ever’ but creditors must act, Greek prime minister says

    ATHENS Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras kept up his demand for debt relief from international lenders on Tuesday, saying Athens was close to securing a solution to ease its debt mountain but that creditors must meet there commitments.

    Greece wants to wrap up negotiations with the lenders — the European Union and International Monetary Find — on reforms and on debt relief this month.

    It needs another tranche of bailout money, wants to qualify for inclusion in the European Central Bank’s bond-buying program, and seeks to return to bond markets immediately afterwards.

    “We are closer than ever to a substantial solution on debt relief,” said Tsipras reiterating that Greece had already agreed to apply more austerity after its current bailout expires and it was its lenders’ turn to fulfill their promises of discussions about debt relief.

    “Τhe ball is no longer in our court,” he told reporters referring to lenders’ statements on debt relief in past years.

    Despite Greece’s recent statements and a bailout review agreement at staff level, sources close to the lenders have been less optimistic seeing talks on debt relief lasting longer than May.

    This is because of sharp differences between the IMF and Germany, Europe’s paymaster, over the Greece’s fiscal targets. The former says Greece’s target and debt are unsustainable; the latter, with an election coming, is less willing to drop its hard line.

    After six months of tense talks, Athens and the lenders reached a deal last week on a set of additional reforms the country needs to implement in 2019-20, two years after its current, 86-billion euro bailout program expires.

    Greece wants euro zone finance ministers to approve the reforms’ deal at a scheduled Eurogroup meeting on May 22 — a key condition for unlocking vital loans — but also agree on a formula to make its debt sustainable in the medium-term and long term.

    Debt sustainability is key for the European Central Bank and the Washington-based IMF, which participated financially in the country’s first two rescue packages, but has yet to announce whether it will join Greece’s current program, the third since 2010.

    Greek lawmakers are expected to vote on the new austerity package by May 18, before euro zone finance ministers assess the country’s progress.

    Tsipras, who is sagging in opinion polls and whose term expires in 2019, controls 153 lawmakers in the 300-seat parliament and he is expected to pass the bill.

    But the delays in the negotiations have slowed projected economic growth and have exacerbated reform fatigue after seven years of austerity hurting the government’s popularity further.

    Asked whether he was considering a cabinet reshuffle, Tsipras ruled it out.

    “We are not considering it. Our aim now is to speed up work as much as we can,” he said during a visit at the education ministry, where he announced a planned education reform.

    (Additional reporting Angeliki Koutantou Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)

    Reuters is the news and media division of Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters is the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Learn more about Thomson Reuters products:

    Information, analytics and exclusive news on financial markets – delivered in an intuitive desktop and mobile interface

    Everything you need to empower your workflow and enhance your enterprise data management

    Screen for heightened risk individual and entities globally to help uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks

    Build the strongest argument relying on authoritative content, attorney-editor expertise, and industry defining technology

    The most comprehensive solution to manage all your complex and ever-expanding tax and compliance needs

    The industry leader for online information for tax, accounting and finance professionals


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    Coop Loans, Home Improvement Mortgage, 203k Loan Requirement New York, Low


    how much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    Great Northern Mortgage can help you find a mortgage that fits your needs and circumstances however large or small. One loan definitely does not fit everyone. That is why we offer many loan programs for you to choose from, such as our 96.5% FHA purchase loan program, interest only, up to a 40 year fixed rate option, No Income Verification program, or New York SUPER JUMBO loans up to $3,000,000, which are still available especially for Manhattan New York mortgages. With No Income Verification program you will be able to purchase a property without showing your income, but you have to show your assets. Let our specially trained Loan Consultant match up the right loan for you and your family s needs.

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    Purchase, Refinance (Cash out and No cash out)

    Primary, Second Home, Investment

    New York, New Jersey

    Max LTV Primary

    Max LTV Primary

    Max LTV Primary

    Max LTV 2nd Home

    Max LTV 2nd Home

    Max LTV Investment

    80% to $2,000,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

    65% to $1,500,000 (Cash out)

    60% to $3,000,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

    80%/90% to $417,000 (Purchase)

    75% to $750,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

    65% to $750,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

    620, 680, or 720 depending on a program

    12-16 months for Non Conforming Loans

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    Your credit report may be full of derogatories, such as charge-offs, collections, tax liens, or late payments, compounded with a history of foreclosure and bankruptcy. However, you may still get a loan for home purchase, refinance, or even cash out of your current home as long as you can meet the specific guidelines for loan approval by a multitude of lenders specialized in the credit-damaged borrower.

    Banking general industry guidelines help a lender to make a judgment on the borrower’s loan application. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules of separating the borrower on the border line between one credit category and another. Compromising variations between one lender to the next depends on the degree of subjectivity involved in underwriting and how much each lender wants to commit their funds.

    Typical lenders in the market of credit-damaged borrowers usually lend only up to 80% of the appraised value of the home, so the borrower often has to have 20% equity or come up with a 20% down payment for a purchase.

    A-minus and B-credit borrowers are often allowed to allocate 50% of their income to pay for combined monthly debt (compared to the standard 36% guideline used for A credit borrowers), while the bottom rung of the credit ladder can be stretched to 55%. As for proof of income, some lenders do have Stated or No Income programs, which do not require tax returns, W-2s, or pay stubs. In these cases the loan to value ratio will be limited to 60-70%, and the minimum credit score required is around 700.

    For information on how you should rate your credit Click Here.

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    Put your money to work for you in an investment property, which provides a vehicle to enjoy the potential for market appreciation while building equity each month. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, condo, or piece of land, Great Northern Mortgage can help you find the right investment property financing option.

    We have access to programs for single family homes, duplexes, three and four unit non-owner occupied homes. We also have several resources to provide up to 75% investment property loans.

    • Great low rates for the life of your investment property mortgage, or take advantage of the low monthly payment of an interest only loan.
    • Fair and reasonable closing costs.
    • Fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate investment property financing solutions.
    • Programs available for self employed borrowers, owners of numerous properties, and those with less than perfect credit.

    Programs for 1-4 unit properties, and condos. Programs for 1-4 unit properties, and condos.

    We will take the time to find out what your goals are and tailor your financing to meet these goals. We don’t just offer short term financing to get one deal done, but strong and aggressive long term financing that will still work in the long run and avoid unnecessary refinancing costs. This allows you to begin working on a retirement plan that will include monthly rental income.

    Contact us to find out what mortgage investors programs will work best for you. Complete our online application or call us 888-9-LOAN-99 and get pre-qualified now.

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

    Whether you’re planning to build your dream home or just thinking about it, we can help. We can answer your questions, and guide you through the loan process. We’ll be with you every step of the way from framing your front door to turning the key. At Great Northern Mortgage, we’re home construction lending experts. We can answer your questions and your builder’s questions so your project keeps moving smoothly from groundbreaking to housewarming. A Construction-to-Permanent Loan is based on ordering an appraisal based on the future value of the home. Through our mortgage company you can obtain a loan up to 75% of the future appraised value of a primary home, and 65% of the future appraised value for a spec home. The construction loans are based on the actual cost, which can include the purchase of the land.

    This means with one application, you get all the financing you need in two easy processes: your construction and permanent loan. All fees and points will be built into both mortgages. Based on the project if it has enough value you can finance your land and wrap your closing cost into your construction loan up front. Below you will find the list of items you will need to get your construction loan started.

    • Plans and Specifications
    • Plot Plan
    • Proof of a Land contract or a Deed
    • Proof the Land is buildable from your local Building Inspector
    • Title Commitment
    • Homeowners Insurance
    • Line item list of all cost to build your project
    • Builder s resume

    To get started please complete our online application

    or call us 888-9-LOAN-99.

    How much does it cost to refinance a home loan


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    10 Best Credit Cards – (2017 Reviews) – Top 10 Cards


    2017’s Top 10 Credit Cards

    Below are our staff’s brand-new rankings of 2017’s best credit cards. Whether you prefer low APR’s, cash back, or any other perk, these top 10 credit cards are the best of the best:

    The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers.

    [x] Close Disclosure

    2017’s Best Credit Card

    Discover it Cashback Match

    • You could turn $200 into $400 with Cashback Match™. Get a dollar-for-dollar match of all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year, automatically.
    • Earn 5% cash back in rotating categories each quarter like gas stations,, restaurants, wholesale clubs and more, up to the quarterly maximum each time you activate. Plus, 1% cash back on all other purchases.
    • Redeem your cash back for any amount, any time. Cash rewards never expire.
    • 100% U.S. based customer service.
    • Get your FICO® Credit Score for free on monthly statements, on mobile and online.
    • No annual fee.
    • See application, terms and details.

    0% for 14 months

    • Unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase — it’s automatic
    • Earn a $150 Bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening
    • 0% Intro APR for 15 months from account opening on purchases and balance transfers, then a variable APR of 15.99-24.74%. Balance transfer fee is 5% of the amount transferred, $5 minimum
    • Redeem for cash — any amount, anytime
    • Cash Back rewards do not expire as long as your account is open
    • No annual fee
    • See application, terms and details.

    0% for 15 months

    • You could turn $200 into $400 with Cashback Match™. Get a dollar-for-dollar match of all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year, automatically.
    • Earn 5% cash back in rotating categories each quarter like gas stations,, restaurants, wholesale clubs and more, up to the quarterly maximum each time you activate. Plus, 1% cash back on all other purchases.
    • Redeem your cash back for any amount, any time. Cash rewards never expire.
    • 100% U.S. based customer service.
    • Get your FICO® Credit Score for free on monthly statements, on mobile and online.
    • No annual fee.
    • See application, terms and details.

    0% for 14 months


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    What You Can Do with a Degree in Sociology #jobs #you


    What You Can Do with a Degree in Sociology

    Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

    by Ashley Crossman

    Updated May 16, 2017

    A lot of people take their first sociology course simply to fulfill a college requirement, not knowing much about the field before stepping into that first course. Soon after, however, many fall in love with the subject matter and decide to major in it. If this is you, you may be asking yourself, “What can I do with a degree in sociology?”

    Most people who think of themselves as sociologists or have the word sociologist in their job title, have graduate training, but B.A.s in sociology apply the sociological perspective to a wide variety of jobs in such sectors as business, the health professions, the criminal justice system, social services, and government.

    As a strong liberal arts major, a B.A. in sociology provides several things:

    • The undergraduate degree provides broad preparation for entry level positions throughout the business, social service, non-profit, and government worlds. Employers look for people with the skills that an undergraduate education in sociology provides, like research, critical thinking, and analytic skills.
    • Since its subject matter is intrinsically fascinating, sociology offers valuable preparation for careers in journalism, politics, public relations, business, or public administration–fields that involve investigative skills and working with diverse groups.
    • Many students choose sociology because they see it as a broad liberal arts base for professions such as law, education, medicine, social work, and counseling. Sociology provides a rich fund of knowledge that directly pertains to each of these fields.

    With advanced degrees (M.A.

    or Ph.D.), the more likely it is that a job will have the title sociologist, but many opportunities exist–the diversity of sociological careers ranges much further. Many jobs outside of academia do not necessarily carry the specific title of sociologist. These include the following, among others:

    • Sociologists become high school teachers or faculty in colleges and universities, advising students, conducting research. and publishing their work. Over 3,000 colleges currently offer sociology courses.
    • Sociologists enter the corporate, non-profit, and government worlds as directors of research, policy analysts, consultants, human resource managers, and program managers.
    • Practicing sociologists with advanced degrees may be called research analysts, survey researchers. gerontologists, clinical sociologists. statisticians, urban planners, community developers, criminologists, or demographers.
    • Some M.A. and Ph.D. sociologists obtain specialized training to become counselors, therapists, or program directors in social service agencies.

    Today, sociologists embark upon literally hundreds of career paths. Although teaching and conducting research remains the dominant activity among the thousands of professional sociologists today, other forms of employment are growing both in number and significance. In some sectors, sociologists work closely with economists, political scientists, anthropologists, psychologists, social workers, and others, reflecting a growing appreciation of sociology s contributions to interdisciplinary analysis and action.

    To learn more about how sociology majors apply their degrees in various careers, read the American Sociological Association s report on the topic .

    Show Full Article


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    What is the average real estate commission in Ontario? #average #cost


    What is the average real estate commission in Ontario?

    Pretty much everybody knows the answer to this question.

    • Your friend who just sold their house knows.
    • Your favourite news site knows.
    • Your uncle the contractor knows.
    • There are 37,000 agents in Toronto and they know, as do the 58,000 agents in Ontario.

    Everybody knows the answer.

    The answer is 5%. Wait, no, it’s 4%. Well, around here we pay about 6%. Actually, it’s 3.5%. No, no, for sure it’s just over 4%.

    Everybody knows the answer.

    Unfortunately, everybody has a different answer.

    So what’s the right answer? Who do you trust when you have all these conflicting answers?

    Who actually knows the answer?

    I am pleased to say that I know the answer.

    As of today, February 4, 2014, the average real estate commission in Ontario is shoot, I knew this. It s uh damn. Time to tell the truth I guess. I don t actually know.

    I can see you shaking your head. Some real estate agent you are Jeff, if you don’t even know the average real estate commission in Ontario. Isn’t that your pay? Wouldn’t that be of interest to you?

    I understand the frustration, I really do. If it helps, I can tell you the average real estate commission for my selling clients in 2013. It was 5%. Every single one of them paid a commission of 2.5% to me as the listing agent and 2.5% as commission to the purchasing agent.

    That’s not a guess, or an estimate, or somehow based on anecdotal evidence. It’s a fact. I know it for sure.

    When it comes to the average for Ontario though, I don’t know for sure. I know you expected an answer so I will give you an answer.

    My answer is somewhere between 4% to 5%. Is that a fact? Absolutely not.

    I base my answer on my own experiences, my perception of what impact discount listings have had on the market (limited, by the way) and my discussions with hundreds of agents about commission.

    My answer is informed by my work as a full time Realtor, but make no mistake, it’s not the answer.

    Why don’t I know the answer? Well, I could blame it on government rules, the economy, the great ice storm of 2013, but in truth, I don’t know the answer because nobody does.

    In order to give us the answer, we need to know how much the listing agent got paid and how much the buying agent got paid and we need to know it for every transaction in Ontario.

    It’s actually easy enough to see what buying agents get paid. Every listing on MLS has a mandatory field that the listing agent fills in with the commission the seller is willing to pay.

    While there are variations depending on what time period you are looking at, what type of home or what area, you can ask for the average buying agent commission and get the answer. Give a good agent a little bit of time to look into it and he or she could absolutely tell you fun facts like:

    • There were 191 detached homes sold in Brampton in December of 2013. 172 of these 191 sales offered 2.5% plus HST. So about 90% offered 2.5% plus HST. Nine of the houses offered more than 2.5% and the other nine offered less than 2.5%.
    • There were 68 duplexes sold in Toronto in all of 2013. 59 of these 68 sales offered 2.5% plus HST. So about 87% offered 2.5% plus HST. Two of the duplexes offered more than 2.5% and the other seven offered less than 2.5%.

    This data for the purchasing agent’s commission is available and a good agent can tell you exactly what is going on here so you can make an informed decision.

    It is the other half of the data we need, on the listing side, that poses the problem.

    Unlike the commission paid to the buying agent, the commission paid to the listing agent isn’t a field that is required to be filled out on MLS. It doesn’t even exist as a field, actually. This information is known to only three parties.

    They decide how much of a commission they are willing to pay their agent to list their home. Every real estate transaction that uses a real estate agent signs a listing agreement, and this listing agreement says it in black and white.

    2. The Listing Agent knows.

    He or she is the one who does a listing presentation for the Seller. He or she explains why they should be hired, what they would do for the Seller, and how much of a commission they charge. When the Seller signs that listing agreement, that agent knows exactly how much they will be paid when they sell the house.

    3. The Listing Real Estate Brokerage knows.

    The first field that is filled in on the listing agreement is the brokerage for which the listing agent works. Brokerages are responsible for ensuring that all transactions, funds and paperwork are handled in accordance with the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, as well as any other laws, rules and regulations. They receive and then remit funds to the listing agent after any splits on commissions are applied.

    These three parties (the Seller, the Listing Agent and the Listing Brokerage) are the only ones who know how much the listing agent is paid in commission.

    Individual sellers are obviously not getting together to share that data anytime soon and neither are individual agents. Listing brokerages could in theory ask all their franchises to provide that data in order to aggregate it and find the average, but to my knowledge, none of them do.

    Even if they did, it would only show what sellers pay who hire Keller Williams Realty agents, or Re/Max or Royal LePage, etc. I happen to think Keller Williams’ agents are the best agents in business, so I wouldn’t be surprised if sellers paid more for that expertise and skill.

    This leaves us pretty close to where we started. Namely, that there is no definitive answer to the question of what the average real estate commission is in Ontario.

    This is a real shame, as it’s an important question. If you are planning on selling your home, interviewing agents and trying to make a choice between them, you need to know what’s normal to pay for their help. No one likes the thought of being taken advantage of and we all want to compare our cost against others to make sure that isn’t happening.

    Given the difficulty in comparing realtor fees, I suggest you keep two things in mind that will make the decision process easier.

    Firstly. when you hire a realtor to sell your home, remember you aren’t buying a product. You’re hiring a service.

    We all know that products can reasonably be expected to be similar. Not identical, but pretty damn close. If you buy a pair of scissors, you know it will cut paper.

    Services, on the other hand, can vary wildly. If you need your house painted and you hire a professional painter, the service they provide is hopefully tidy, thorough and high quality. If you hire your friends with the promise of pizza and beer afterwards, your house will still be painted, but probably more of it than you wanted.

    Compare the service each realtor is offering against what commission they are charging and you will find it far easier to make your decision. A good agent does so much more than fill out a form on MLS and tell you where to sign an offer. Ask a good agent what they do for you and then sit back and get comfy, because they will be talking for a while.

    After you interview agents, make your decision based on what is most important to you, not simply on the commission rate they charge.

    Secondly. you now know that there is no such thing as the average real estate commission in Ontario, and this is powerful information.

    No one can second guess your choice of a realtor and the commission charged with comments about how the average is “actually much lower than what you paid.” They don’t know that. They can’t. They are misquoting, mistaken or flat out making it up.

    Knowing this makes it easier to focus less on what other people are paying or have paid and instead on finding the realtor that is the right fit for you and your needs.

    If you are considering selling your home, I hope this helped shed some light onto the murky world of real estate commissions. If you know someone who is considering selling their home, please pass on this article to them.

    As always, if you or anyone you know are considering buying, selling or investing in real estate, please get in touch so we can discuss how I can help. I would love to be responsible for what comes next.

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    Retail Merchant Services, Credit Card Machines and Online Payments, what is


    Low-cost credit card machines for small business owners

    Award winning merchant services trusted by over 45,000 UK businesses for credit card machines, online payments and phone payments.

    What is a flexible spending credit card

    Start taking card payments now

    What is a flexible spending credit card

    Credit Card Machines

    We have the widest range of credit card machines from any merchant services provider, with contactless payments as standard.

    What is a flexible spending credit card

    Online Payments

    Accept credit cards online with a payment gateway, pay by link or pay now button and grow your business without boundaries.

    What is a flexible spending credit card

    Phone Payments

    Give customers greater convenience without losing the personal touch and accept credit cards over the phone with a virtual terminal.

    We re no ordinary Merchant Services Provider.

    • What is a flexible spending credit card

    Award Winning Merchant Services

    When you call us, it will be one of our UK based Customer Service Advisors who picks up the phone, not a machine. As a Retail Merchant Services Member, we want to exceed your expectations and we invite our customers to let us know if we fall short.

    Our Customers

  • What is a flexible spending credit card

    More than just Card Machines

    When you join us, you’ll get a reliable credit card machine with contactless payments as standard, but you ll also get a range of Membership Benefits for small businesses, including: Free Legal Advice, Discounted Utilities and Merchant Cash Advance.


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  • Trade Show Displays #bbb #a #rating, #trade #show #display, #discount #pop


    The TradeShow Display Store
    Portable Trade Show Displays and
    Exhibit Booth Graphics

    Rely on The Tradeshow Display Store for the best pricing and
    great selection for your trade show and exhibit needs.

    The Tradeshow Display Store is second to none when you are relying on the perfect portable trade show or exhibit booth to market your product or service. We offer quality portable trade show displays and custom graphics that deliver every time you set up for a presentation. Our team of trade show experts can help you with ordering new displays if you’re new to trade shows or a veteran exhibitor. Plus our trade show displays are built to last! You will enjoy using our durable high impact displays for years to come. At The Tradeshow Display Store we offer you quality displays at a discount price, plus the best customer service in the industry. Call today and let us help you make your next show the best one yet. See our large selection of discount trade show displays and exhibit booth displays for all your trade show needs.

    If you have questions about displays, we have the answers. Check out our blog for information and tips on trade show displays. If you can’t find answers to your questions, please give us a call. Our staff has many years of experience in exhibit displays and can help you decide what will fit your companies needs.

    Trade Show Displays to fit your Booth size
    Whatever size booth your using at your show, we can help you set up a complete system .

    The TradeShow Display Store Experience

    Our philosophy is simple. the best product, for the best price, delivered by the best customer service 35+ years experience can provide.

    Success that will bring you back for more. Your success is our success. Your success is our mission.

    Welcome to The TradeShow Display Store.

    Located in northern California we provide our services to a global market 24 hours a day—Monday through Friday PST. Accurate and fast, we can ship most non-graphic Trade Show products the same day after your order is confirmed.

    We believe that like the people behind them, every company is a unique blend of size, shape, personality and style. Our job is to give you the display that delivers value, an on target, starched shirt to tee shirt, step-up-to-the-plate message. and an eye to mind to memorable impact for every dollar you invest.

    How? With a complete range of products and services for any type of tradeshow venue. Professional advice and expertise to guide you through that important first impression, new product release or a simple hello and step right in. Brand re-enforcement of the first order. Classy, classic, edgy, or all of the above.

    With the knowledge to back up a complete product and service line, we can provide everything from the flooring, lighting, banners of any shape or size, to complete pre-made or custom displays that include but aren’t limited to.

    Take a look around. give us a call. let Tradeshow Display Store get you first on the floor. With an experienced staff of exhibit and graphic designers, our team can help make your next show a success. Shop or start your display designs today .

    Pop up Displays

    Pop up Displays can make a very large impression even if you choose one of the smaller size trade show Pop ups. A full photo mural wrap pop up display will use the entire viewable surface and show off graphics in a grand way. The fabric pop up displays are Velcro compatible and can serve many needs at one time. The TradeShow Display Store offers table top pop up displays and floor pop up displays in a variety of sizes for your trade show booth.

    A favorite in our Pop up display selection is the 10’ curved Pop up display . The 10×10 size trade show booth is very common for trade shows making our 10’ pop up displays a great choice.

    The 8’ pop up display is more ideal for some that don’t have as much room in their trade show booth. The 8’ pop up display is sure to make a great presentation with custom graphics to fit your brand. If you need to go with a large pop up display the 20’ full graphic pop up display is for you. The 20’ pop up displays are great for the larger trade show booths and they can also break down and be used for two 10’ pop up displays.

    All of our pop up displays are ultra-portable and come at discount prices without any sacrifice of quality. The TradeShow Display Store pop up displays will last you for years and serve well through many trade shows. The Prestige Pop up display takes about ten minutes to assemble – with no tools – and is very easy to set up. Portable, lightweight, durable and backed by a lifetime frame warranty. Call today and let us help you with the pop up display that best fits your trade show needs.


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    Compare Business Structures – LLC vs #business #structure, #business #structures, #business


    What would you like to talk about?

    Welcome back

    What would you like to talk about?

    Welcome back

    What business type is right for you?

    When you re starting a new business, you want to determine the business structure that s right for you. What s the difference between a limited liability company (LLC) and a corporation (Inc.)? And how is a C corporation different from an S corporation? Use these charts to help decide what business type is best for your needs.

    LLC vs. Corporation

    Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Shields personal assets from business liability

    Requires separation of business and personal finances

    Allowable in all 50 states and the District of Columbia

    Highly flexible management structure

    Flexible tax reporting options

    Preferred by outside investors

    Preferred for IPO

    Recognized outside of the United States

    Corporation (Inc)

    Shields personal assets from business liability

    Requires separation of business and personal finances

    Allowable in all 50 states and the District of Columbia

    Highly flexible management structure

    Flexible tax reporting options

    Preferred by outside investors

    Preferred for IPO

    Recognized outside of the United States

    Start my Corporation

    What is an S corporation?

    After you create a corporation or LLC. you also have the opportunity to decide how you d like your business to be taxed.

    Single owner LLCs can be taxed either as a sole proprietorship or a corporation. LLCs with more than one owner can be taxed either as a partnership or a corporation. Income from LLCs treated as sole proprietorships or partnerships is reported directly on the owner s individual tax returns.

    New corporations, as well as LLCs considering corporate taxation can choose between filing taxes as a C corporation ( C corp ) or an S corporation ( S corp ). An S corp is considered a pass-through entity, which means the business itself isn t taxed. Instead, income is reported on the owners personal tax returns. Businesses taxed as C corporations are not pass through entities. Income is taxed at the corporate level, and, if dividends are distributed, at the individual level as well.

    We can help you understand your options so you choose what s best for your business. Talk to one of our network of attorneys today.

    C-corp or S-corp

    Here s a comparison of some key characteristics of businesses that choose to be treated as C corps and S corps.

    C Designation

    Owners pay personal income tax on profits

    Business must pay corporate income tax

    All business income/loss is passed through to owners each year.

    No more than 100 shareholders

    Shareholders must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens

    S Designation

    Owners pay personal income tax on profits

    Business must pay corporate income tax

    All business income/loss is passed through to owners each year.

    No more than 100 shareholders

    Shareholders must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens

    You don t have to decide about S corp status right away. You have 75 days after the formation of your business to file with the IRS. If you re still not sure what to do, you may want to consult with one of our attorneys or tax specialists .

    Step-by-Step Guide on Starting Your Business

    Easy as 1-2-3

    Ask away. We have answers.


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    Cheap Car Hire, Best Rental Prices #car #hire, #cheap #car #hire,


    All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is make a booking, between 01/5/2017 and 31/5/2017.

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    This May, 5 lucky account holders will win a free car rental. Don’t miss out – book today!

    Book Today Being an account holder means you can:

    • Access exclusive deals and offers
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    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    By participating in the Sign In, Book, Win! Competition, you agree to and accept the Standard Terms as well as the following Competition Terms & Conditions (the ‘Competition Terms’):

    1. These terms & conditions (the ‘Standard Terms’), together with the terms & conditions that are specific to any Competition (as defined below) (the “Competition Terms”) are known as the “Rules”. Words used in the Competition Terms shall have the same meaning when used here. In the event of any conflict between the Competition Terms and the Standard Terms, the Competition Terms shall prevail.
    2. The Rules apply to any competition (the “Competition”) that is promoted on the website (the ‘Website’) and by entering a Competition, you agree to be bound by the Rules.
    3. TravelJigsaw Limited (hereinafter referred to as reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of a Competition and/or the Rules without notice for any event that is outside of s reasonable control. Any changes to the Rules, or cancellation of a Competition, will be posted on the Website. It is the responsibility of entrants to keep themselves informed as to any changes to the Rules.
    4. In the event of any dispute regarding the Rules, the conduct or results of a Competition, or any other matter relating to a Competition, the decision of shall be final and unchallengeable and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into, comment issued, or reason given in respect of any decision made by
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    19. Unless stated otherwise, all postal entries (if such are allowed) must be made on the relevant coupon or form provided on the website.
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    25. The supplier of the prize will be specified within the promotional material.
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    27. The Rules and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter (including a Competition), existence, negotiation, validity, termination or enforceability (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.
    28. The Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the Rules or their subject matter, existence, negotiation, validity, termination or enforceability (including non-contractual disputes or claims).


    Get in touch


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    Myanmar(Burma) Tour, Myanmar Trip – by a Myanmar Local Travel Agency

    #travel indochina

    Myanmar(Burma) Tour & Sample Itineraries

    Myanmar (Burma) is quite unlike any place you know about, and remains a world apart. Turn back the clock with a trip to this time-warped country and discover this captivating, mysterious and compelling country. will organize you a wonderful trip to immerse yourself in its culture. Explore Burma’s diverse historic sites and landscapes, escorted by experienced tour guide and private vehicle. Our inside knowledge allows you to have an in-depth look at Myanmar and have a lifetime encounter with this compelling destination.

    All Myanmar Tour Packages

    Yangon – Bagan – Heho – Inle Lake – Mandelay – Amarapura – Mandalay

    This is the classic tour in Myanmar. It is designed to highlight the must-see tourist destinations in Myanmar. On the 8-day classic.

    Yangon – Heho – Inle Lake – Heho – Bagan – Mandalay – Amarapura – Mandalay

    This is the highlights tour in Myanmar and suits the taste of cruise lovers. The 10-day trip combines the highlights of popular destina.

    Yangon – Bagan – Mandelay – Amarapura – Bagan – Heho – Inle Lake – Heho – Thandwe – Ngapali – Thandwe – Yangon

    This is the Myanmar classic tour with the relaxing tour at Ngapali Beach, designed especially for the sun and beach lovers. On the.

    Yangon – Heho – Inle Lake – Samgar Village – Phaekon – Loikaw – Kalaw -Heho – Bagan – Mandalay – Amarapura – Mandalay

    12 Days Myanmar Best Tour offers you the popular destinations in Myanmar to experience its history and culture, and the discovery trip.

    Yanggon – Heho – Inle Lake – Kalaw – Pindaya – Taung Myint Gyi Village – Mwe-Taw Village – Ywar-Taw Village – Kalaw – Heho – Bagan – Mandalay – Amarapura

    Myanmar Off the Beaten Track is a finely trekking itinerary in Myanmar, focusing as much on Myanmar’s lesser visited back-roads as.

    Yangon – Heho – Inle Lake – Kalaw – Pindaya – Taung Myint Gyi Village – Mwe-Taw Village – Ywar-Taw Village – Kalaw – Heho – Bagan – Mandalay – Amarapura

    This is the panorama adventure tour in Myanmar. You will fully enjoy all highlights: Yangon – the garden city and the main gateway.


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    My Travel Guard is a made to order travel insurance plan

    #plan my travel

    My Travel Guard

    We understand that your trip can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. While you can’t do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can do something to help cover your travel investment. The My Travel Guard plan may be purchased to do just that. For a complete Certificate of Insurance, please click here

    • 100% Trip Cost Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption

    Reimburses nonrefundable, unused payments or deposits if you must cancel or interrupt your trip due to an illness, injury, or death of you, a family member, traveling companion or business partner or other covered reasons.

  • $1,000 Trip Interruption – Return Air Only
    Reimburses the additional airline transportation expenses incurred by you to reach the return destination for trip interruptions.
  • $500 Trip Delay
    Reimburses up to $100 per day/per person up to the Maximum Limit shown on the Schedule of Benefits for reasonable additional expenses if the insured is delayed for more than 12 consecutive hours due to a covered reason.
  • $500 Missed Connection
    Reimburses up to the Maximum Benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits if Inclement Weather or Common Carrier causes cancellation or a delay of regularly scheduled airline flights for 3 or more hours to your point of departure.
  • $500 Baggage Personal Effects
    Reimburses you if your baggage or personal effects are lost, stolen or damaged while on your Trip, subject to the Maximum Benefit. $50 Deductible applies. This coverage is in excess of any other coverage or indemnity.
  • $100 Baggage Delay
    If your Baggage is delayed more than 12 hours, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of Necessary Personal Effects, subject to the Maximum Benefit.
  • $10,000 Accident Sickness Medical Expense
    Pays for medical expenses incurred while on a trip. $50 Deductible applies.
  • $100,000 Emergency Evacuation Repatriation of Remains

    Covers evacuation and transportation as directed by a Physician to the nearest adequate medical facility (home in the event of death or if medically required). Pays for special medical escort if recommended in writing by the attending Physician.

  • Optional Coverage*

    The following will be included if elected and appropriate costs have been paid.

    • Cancel for Any Reason

    You have the option to purchase a maximum limit of either 50% or 75% of Trip cost which provides reimbursement if you decide to cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to departure. (Must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip payment or by final trip payment.)

  • Medical Expense Upgrade
    Waives the $50 deductible and increases the Medical Expense limit of the base plan from $10,000 to either $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000. Also, offers a separate option to upgrade your Medical Expense benefit to Primary coverage.
  • “Hospital of Choice” Evacuation Upgrade
    For medical emergencies, includes evacuation to the adequate licensed medical facility of your choice or home. Base plan provides evacuation to the nearest adequate licensed medical facility. Maximum limit is increased to $1 million.
  • Baggage Upgrade
    Increases the Baggage and Personal Effects limit to $1,000, $1,500 or $2,500 and waives the $50 deductible. Increases the Baggage Delay limit to $200, $300, $400 or $500. Also, offers a separate option to upgrade your Baggage and Personal Effects benefit to Primary coverage.
  • Car Rental Collision Coverage
    You have the option to purchase a maximum limit of either $35,000 or $50,000 in primary coverage. Subject to a $250 deductible. Covers collision damage to a rental car for which the car rental contract would hold you responsible.
  • Accidental Death Dismemberment (Common Carrier Air Only)
    Amount Purchased (up to $500,000) Coverage for accidental death or dismemberment that occurs when traveling on a regularly scheduled flight or charter, subject to the Maximum shown in the Schedule.
  • Adventure Sports Coverage
    Provides Trip Cancellation/Interruption, Emergency Evacuation and Medical Expense coverage for losses caused by many adventure sports activities typically excluded in many travel insurance plans.
  • Accident, Interruption Delay Upgrade
    Increases the Trip Interruption benefit to 150% of Trip Cost; increases Trip Delay to $1,000 ($200 per day); increases Missed Connection to $1,000; and adds $50,000 Accidental Death Dismemberment coverage.
  • Additional Unforeseen Events Upgrade

    Includes Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage due to Financial Default, Terrorist Incident and a waiver for pre-existing medical conditions. Also covers Trip Cancellation/Interruption due to involuntary job loss or layoff. For complete details of coverage refer to the Certificate of Insurance. (Must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip payment or by final payment.)

  • * Optional coverages cannot be purchased separately and may vary by state.

    Assistance Services**

    Assistance Services listed below are not insurance benefits and are not provided by the Company. Travel Guard provides assistance through coordination, negotiation, and consultation using an extensive network of worldwide partners. Expenses for goods and services provided by third parties are the responsibility of the traveler.

    • Travel Medical Assistance

    A menu of services available for emergency medical requests, including prescription replacement assistance, physician referrals, medical evacuations, and more.

  • Worldwide Travel Assistance
    Assistance with any travel emergency or request for general travel information, including lost, stolen or delayed baggage; replacing lost passport or travel documents; emergency cash transfers; pre-trip travel advice; inoculation information and more.
  • LiveTravel® Emergency Assistance
    24-hour hotline to make emergency travel changes, such as rebooking flights, hotel reservations, tracking lost luggage and more.
  • At Your Service

    Provides access to a world of conveniences that can help simplify and enrich your travel experience. Available 24/7, At Your Service can help get you into exclusive restaurants, concerts and other places you want to be during your travels!

  • To enroll in the My Travel Guard plan, pay the plan cost at any time up until 24 hours prior to departure. For a complete Certificate of Insurance please click here .

    **Non-insurance services provided by Travel Guard.


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    American Liver Foundation – Desert Southwest #liver, #liver #cancer, #liver #disease,


    Desert Southwest

    5:30 PM, July 20th, 2017

    This FREE Liver Educational Conference will assist patients, their families, the general public and other parties in gaining a greater understanding of liver wellness, liver disease, the latest advances in the treatment of liver disease and practical information on how to cope with the disease and its symptoms.

    5:30PM, August 3rd, 2017

    This FREE Liver Educational Conference will assist patients, their families and other parties in gaining a greater understanding of liver wellness, liver disease, the latest advances in the treatment of liver disease and practical information on how to cope with the disease and its symptoms.

    1pm, September 17th, 2017

    The Inaugural Celebrity Chef Golf Tournament will be held on Sunday, September 17th at McCormick Ranch Golf Club, Palm Course. There will be four person team scrambles and each foursome can bid on a Celebrity Chef to be join them as a fifth player or to complete their foursome. There will be an awards dinner after the tournament concludes.

    2pm, September 23rd, 2017

    This FREE Liver Educational Conference will assist patients, their families and other parties in gaining a greater understanding of liver wellness, liver disease, the latest advances in the treatment of liver disease and practical information on how to cope with the disease and its symptoms.

    Can t make it to an event? Make a Difference is a new way to take action in the fight against liver disease. Garage sale, bowling tournament, personal challenge-whatever the fundraising idea, we can provide you with the tools to make it happen. Learn more by clicking here !


    We have many wonderful ways and great reasons to volunteer with the American Liver Foundation and give back to the community while making new friends at the same time!


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    How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions – The Muse #the #ultimate


    How to Answer Tell Me About a Time When. Interview Questions

    You’ve reviewed your resume. practiced your elevator pitch. checked out common behavioral interview questions. and reviewed a few stories you can share during the interview. All is well, and you’re feeling confident. And when the interviewer says, “Tell me about a time you disagreed with your supervisor,” you are ready to go and launch straight into a story about that one time you bravely confronted the director of marketing at your previous company about a new campaign you had a bad feeling about.

    OK, so maybe that doesn’t sound like you—yet. Let’s take a step back and talk about how you can get there.

    Pick the Right Story

    All these “Tell me about a time when…” questions require stories. As a hiring manager, it’s incredibly unsatisfying to interview someone who has no stories to share. After all, how can someone know what you can do if you can’t talk about what you’ve done? Don’t be that job candidate.

    So, how do you find the right stories to share? Go through the job description and highlight all the soft skills that are featured. You’ll likely find things like “ability to work on a team and independently,” “comfort with multitasking,” or “strong communication skills.” Then, come up with an example of a time you demonstrated each of these traits—though keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need a different example for each. In fact, it’s better to come up with stories that are flexible, since you’ll likely have to adapt them to the exact questions anyway.

    There are, of course, a few things that interviewers frequently like to ask about that will not be on the job descriptions. Be prepared for “negative” questions, like “Tell me about a time you had to deal with a conflict on your team” or “Tell me about a time you failed.” It’s not that interviewers are out to get you—how you handle conflict and failure are good things to know—it’s just not the best idea to put “must deal with frequent team conflict” in a job description.

    Finally, brainstorm a few more questions that could potentially come up based on the position you’re applying for and your particular situation. For example, if you have a big gap on your resume, you’ll want to be prepared to talk about why you’re no longer at your previous job (more on that here ), or if you’re coming into a newly merged department, you should be prepared to discuss a time you’ve been part of a big change.


    and land the job of your dreams?

    Talk to an Interview Coach Today

    Make a Statement

    Once you have your stories, it’s time to think a little deeper about why these questions are asked in the first place. What does the interviewer actually want to know?

    Take a few seconds to think about this before you start answering the question—even if you have the perfect story prepared—so that you can make an appropriate introductory statement about essentially what the moral of your story is going to be. The reason for this is that even though the interviewer is specifically asking you to tell a story, the idea is that he or she will learn something about the way you do things. The problem with this is that what the interviewer gleans from your story could be very different from what you were hoping to share.

    For example, say you tell that story about standing up to the director of marketing when asked to talk about conflict with a previous supervisor. You eloquently move through the story about how you shared your hesitation about the new marketing campaign to no avail, but once the initial numbers came in, it was clear that you were right. You triumphantly showed the performance to the director, and she agreed to scrap the campaign. While this story is definitely suitable, there are actually a few different ways it could be taken the wrong way. The interviewer could hone in on the fact that you really didn’t do anything until it was too late or that you were unpersuasive or a poor communicator the first time you raised concerns about the campaign.

    To make sure your stories are as effective as possible, make a statement before you start telling the story. In this particular example, it might be something like this, “I learned early on in my professional career that it’s fine to disagree if you can back up your hunches with data.” Now, when you tell your story, it’s not about the various ways you could have approached the situation better, but about how you learned from that experience and how you use it to inform future disagreements.

    Finish Strong

    So, when it comes to these behavioral interview questions. have some stories prepared and then practice framing them based on the question you’re asked. Practice, practice, practice, and you’ll sound like a natural in no time. The final piece of the puzzle is wrapping up your answers well. You don’t want to ruin your perfect frame and story by ending your response with, “And… yeah.”

    Instead, try connecting the story back to the company or position. Quickly explaining how your experience would be useful in the position you’re interviewing for is always a strong way to wrap up. Another way to finish up a response is to give the “in short” version of the answer. For example, “In short, it’s not that I’m an amazing multitasker—I just set and review my priorities frequently.” Wrapping up an interview answer (see more in-depth tips here ) is such a commonly neglected area of preparation, but it can really help you nail the “strong communicator” impression, so don’t disregard it when you’re practicing.

    The thing people assume about these questions is that they’re all about the story. And, yes, that is a critical component. But even if your story isn’t exactly what the interview question asked for, if it’s framed well and you go the extra mile to tell the interviewer what he or she should take away from it, you’ll actually end up making a stronger impression.

    So, don’t stress too much about having the perfect stories lined up or the exact relevant experience. Instead, focus on the messages you’re trying to communicate to the hiring manager, and back them up with the stories that you have.


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    Family Law, Divorce Lawyer – Criminal Defense Attorney: Bremerton, WA: Williamson


    A Lawyer’s Expertise Is Vital to Resolving Your Legal Matter

    Hire an experienced attorney serving Bremerton, WA & the surrounding area

    When life events prompt legal action, the services of an experienced attorney can assist you through the legal process and help you make informed, productive decisions. For expert legal advice and representation in Bremerton, WA, & the surrounding area, rely on the attorneys at Williamson Law Group. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation about family law. bankruptcy law. criminal law and probate administration in Bremerton, Washington and the surrounding area. Wiliamson Law Group has experience handling cases involving child custody, child support, estate planning, personal bankruptcy, and misdemeanors.

    Is divorce the only solution to your marital troubles?

    Rely on a divorce lawyer serving Bremerton, WA & the surrounding area

    Facing divorce is difficult, and the actions you take during this troubling time will potentially affect you and your family for many years. Child custody battles and child support disputes can take a toll on the whole family. An experienced family law attorney will help you make the best of a stressful and emotional life event. Our family law attorneys serve the Bremerton, WA area, and they can also help clients facing child custody battles and child support disputes. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation with a family law attorney in Bremerton, Washington.

    Seek relief from debt by filing for bankruptcy

    File for chapter 7 bankruptcy with an attorney serving Bremerton, WA & the surrounding area

    The decision to file for bankruptcy does not come easily, but it can be the most effective way to seek relief from overwhelming debt. Serving Bremerton, WA, and the surrounding area, the bankruptcy lawyers at Williamson Law Group can help you decide if filing chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option and then facilitate the entire process. Call today to learn more about your options when filing for bankruptcy.

    Have you been charged with a crime? Don’t face the prosecution alone

    You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer by your side

    If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime in the Bremerton, WA, area, you could be facing fines, jail time, community service and permanent damage to your record. A criminal defense attorney will help minimize the implications of your charge and possibly avoid a conviction altogether. Don’t face the court system alone – rely on the Bremerton, WA, criminal defense lawyers at Williamson Law Group.

    Plan for your family’s prosperity with Williamson Law Group

    Probate administration and estate planning for Bremerton, WA and the surrounding area

    Thinking about the inevitable can be unnerving, but planning for it can save your family the stress and hassle of legal disputes following your passing. Establishing a will, power of attorney, and other plans for your estate will ensure that your end-of-life plans are carried out according to your wishes. Williamson Law Group of Bremerton, WA specializes in probate administration and estate planning so call today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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    Average income of a lawyer #average #income #of #a #lawyer


    Attorney / Lawyer Salary

    Job Description for Attorney / Lawyer

    Attorneys apply the law to specific situations and advise their clients on a course of action based on legal rights and responsibilities. Some attorneys work in the business world, providing counsel to corporate clients on business transactions. Other attorneys work with persons in the legal system, advocating on their behalf and representing them in court actions.

    Attorneys specialize in an area of law, such as contracts, criminal cases, or patent litigation. Most lawyers work in private practice, either self-employed or with a group of attorneys hired by clients for specific matters. Some lawyers work as in-house counsel for a corporation or government entity.

    Since much of the legal system is time-sensitive, most attorneys must work long hours. Most attorneys work in an office environment, law library, or a courtroom setting.

    Attorneys must complete many years of education; after attaining an undergraduate degree, they must complete a program, typically three years long, at a law school to obtain the juris doctorate degree (J.D.). To practice as an attorney, one must pass a lengthy, difficult examination that varies state by state. Attorneys must have excellent analytic ability and be able to interpret laws and legal rulings. They must be skilled at gathering and applying information, as well as be very detail-oriented, able to retain large amounts of information, and accurate in execution of their duties. Attorneys must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and be able to generate persuasive arguments. They also must excel at problem-solving tasks.

    Attorney / Lawyer Tasks

    • Advise clients in business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits or legal rights and obligations.

    Common Career Paths for Attorney / Lawyer

    Attorney / Lawyer in Hillsborough:

    Behind the culture bell curve.

    Pros: I have an awesome boss who has been a great mentor. We work with real people with real issues, so most days are pretty active. I feel that I m learning a lot about how basic elements of how the world works.

    Cons: Really only the formality of the culture: the suits, the impossible expectations (of clients) of perfection from a human system, etc. I miss feeling like a regular human being in jeans and a t-shirt on the sidewalk.

    Attorney / Lawyer in Crown Point:

    Pros: Challenge, Diversity of Responsibilities and Work Performed/Clients Represented, Trials, Mediation, Direct Interaction and Decision Making with Clients, Collaborative Team Environment.

    Cons: Support staff, lack of technology and progression of firm management, lack of availability of managing partner, micromanagement of some tasks and clients.

    Attorney / Lawyer in Aurora:

    Stress and lower pay than expected.

    Pros: Complex, but much easier once you get into the swing of everything. The people are personable and the wins feel great.

    Cons: The losses feel terrible. Even in a field where, by definition, one side loses every time, there is an extreme stress to NEVER lose. Three wins can t get you to sleep if you have one loss. Combine that with the fact that significant vacation and great pay are pipe dreams in the current economy.

    Attorney / Lawyer in Salt Lake City:

    Being A Lawyer Can Be As Great As You Decide To Make It.

    Pros: You can be as good as you are willing to be. If you really delve in and prepare your case well, surprisingly, you will be ahead of most other lawyers.

    Cons: Sometimes you have to deal with some of the worst human beings you may ever encounter, and I m not talking about your clients.


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    Bissell Carpet Cleaner Rental Coupon #bissell #carpet #cleaner, #rent #a #bissell


    Pawsitively Clean ® by BISSELL ®

    rent a carpet cleaner

    The Pawsitively Clean® rental carpet cleaning machine is designed to tackle your toughest pet stains and odors.

    Starting at $29.99 for 24 hours, you get professional-level cleaning at an affordable price. Plus it’s easy to use! An overall deep clean every 3-6 months can remove stains and hidden odors and help prevent your pet from re-soiling.

    pet messes stain guide

    tips for better cleaning and help in selecting the right type of product for the mess

    BISSELL has been cleaning for 140 years and this printable guide includes what you need to know before you start, tips for better cleaning and what type of cleaner is needed to tackle different pet messes.

    get pet stain guide

    go beyond surface cleaning

    pet stain & odor eliminator + sanitizer

    Permanently removes tough pet stains like urine, feces and vomit. Eliminates pet odors and kills bacteria that cause them. Use on soft surfaces that you and your family come into contact with everyday.

    20% Auto Ship – Sign up for Auto Ship and have products conveniently delivered to you at the frequency you choose! Save 20% on your initial order and 5% on recurring orders. Plus enjoy free shipping on every Auto Ship order. Discounts will automatically apply at checkout once the customer has enrolled. Maximum value $150. Offer not valid on gift cards, gift certificates, previous purchases, or charitable donations and may not be valid on all merchandise. Offer may not be combined with other promotional offers or discounts. Terms and conditions of this offer are subject to change at the sole discretion of PetSmart.

    oops! something went wrong

    We are facing some technical issues. Please try again later.


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    How much do surgical nurses make #nurses, #rn, #lpn, #nurse #practitioners,



    Uh-oh. You woke up with a burning sore throat, and your mom says you need to go have it checked. But before the doctor even makes you say aaahhh, there’s probably someone else you’ll see first: the nurse.

    Nurses are important people. Not only are they often the first health care professional that a sick or injured person sees, but they do their job in all kinds of settings from local hospitals to faraway military bases.

    Some even work in the sky or at sea, helping to transport sick people on planes or caring for passengers on ships. In fact, anywhere in the world you can find someone who needs health care, you can probably find a nurse.

    Where Do Nurses Work?

    Where are you most likely to meet a nurse?

    At your doctor’s office. Nurses in medical offices typically assist the doctor by asking you about your symptoms, taking your temperature and blood pressure, checking your weight, giving shots, and collecting blood or urine samples for lab tests.

    Doctor’s office nurses can teach patients about their medical problems and how to take care of themselves.

    You’ll also find nurses:

    • At your school: School nurses certainly see their share of kids with stomachaches, chickenpox, nosebleeds, and bumps and bruises. But they also have the important job of promoting good health. How do they do it? School nurses do vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings and teach kids how to take care of themselves through good nutrition, exercise, and hygiene. They also help kids with special conditions, like diabetes, by teaching them about their condition and monitoring them.
    • At the hospital: Hospital nurses provide round-the-clock patient care. They monitor a patient’s vital signs like temperature and blood pressure, give medicine, draw blood, insert IVs, and work closely with doctors and families to keep everyone up to date on a patient’s condition. Some nurses even work in the operating rooms alongside the doctors.
    • In your neighborhood: Some nurses work directly in the community. These nurses teach people with special health problems like diabetes or asthma how to manage their conditions. They also might travel to a person’s home to provide care for those who are too elderly or sick to leave.

    Whatever type of work they do, the best nurses have one thing in common: they love interacting with people. That’s because nurses do more than provide hands-on health care. They also give patients and their families compassionate support at a time when they need it most. Nurses are educated to care for the whole person, not just treat whatever health issue somebody has.

    How Does Someone Become a Nurse?

    It’s easy to think all nurses are pretty much the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are actually dozens of different types of nurses, each with its own level of training. Basically, the more formal education a nurse has, the more responsibilities he or she can take on.

    People who want to become nurses have to decide which path is right for them. Some people know early on that they want to be a nurse. They might volunteer in hospitals when they are in high school and then go on to college to get a nursing degree. Others become nurses later in life, switching careers because they want to do something more rewarding and make a difference in people’s lives.

    Whichever way people come to nursing, here are some of the paths they can take:

    Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): A licensed practical nurse provides basic care to patients under the supervision of a registered nurse. Things an LPN might do include helping a patient bathe and dress, administering certain types of medications, changing wound dressings, and taking vital signs. An LPN has at least 1 year of training in providing this kind of care.

    Registered Nurse (RN): Registered nurses give medication, perform basic procedures, and work closely with doctors to monitor a patient’s condition. All RNs have a degree from a 2- to 4-year nursing program. They study subjects like chemistry, biology, anatomy, and psychology, and they also get lots of hands-on practice called “clinical training.” RNs are the most common type of nurse and most RNs have a bachelor’s degree.

    Registered nurses need a nursing license. To get a license, a nurse must successfully complete a nursing program and pass a test called a licensing examination. To keep that license, a registered nurse must continue to take classes every few years to make sure his or her skills are up to date.

    RNs also need additional training if they want to “specialize” that is, focus their care on one type of patient, such as newborn babies or the elderly. Registered nurses also can become certified in a certain area of expertise, such as emergency or intensive care.

    Advanced Practice Nurses (APN): Advanced practice nurses are registered nurses who have gone on to get further training, including a master’s degree. There are many types of APNs, including a certified nurse midwife (who is trained to deliver babies), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA, who specializes in giving and monitoring anesthesia), and a nurse practitioner (NP).

    A nurse practitioner is a type of advanced practice nurse with training in a specific area, such as pediatrics. An NP often is the one who takes a medical history, does an initial physical exam, writes prescriptions, and treats illnesses and injuries. In fact, you may see an NP instead of a doctor at some of your office visits.

    Nursing Today

    If you’ve ever seen an old movie with nurses in it, you’ve probably noticed that nurses used to look a lot different from how they look now. They wore white dresses, white shoes, and a crisp white hat. And they were all women.

    A lot has certainly changed in the last 40 years. Today you’re more likely to find nurses wearing comfortable scrubs with clogs or sneakers, and you’re also more likely to find that many are men. In fact, the number of men in the profession has been steadily rising.

    Still, with people living longer and needing more health care, there are simply not enough nurses to go around. Some experts estimate that by the year 2020, there will be a shortage of 1 million nurses and that translates to a lot of sick people who may not get the care they need.

    Will you help fill that gap? Maybe so. Nursing takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but most nurses say there’s no other career they’d rather have.

    Date reviewed: February 2015


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    ICEL S #what #is #a #c #o #s


    Questo sito si avvale dell’utilizzo di Cookies per finalit espresse nell’Informativa dei Cookies. Accedendo a qualsiasi elemento del sito acconsenti ad utilizzarli.
    Maggiori Info Ho Capito

    Informativa sull’uso dei cookie

    aggiornata al 23/03/2015

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    I tuoi dati personali sono trattati in ogni caso da specifici incaricati di NSI, e non sono comunicati né diffusi.


    I cookie sono stringhe di testo di piccola dimensione che un sito web può inviare, durante la navigazione, al tuo dispositivo (sia esso un pc, un notebook, uno smartphone, un tablet; di norma sono conservati direttamente sul browser utilizzato per la navigazione). Lo stesso sito web che li ha trasmessi, poi può leggere e registrare i cookie che si trovano sullo stesso dispositivo per ottenere informazioni di vario tipo. Quali? Per ogni tipo di cookie c’è un ruolo ben definito.


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    I cookie tecnici sono generalmente necessari per il corretto funzionamento del sito web e per permettere la navigazione; senza di essi potresti non essere in grado di visualizzare correttamente le pagine oppure di utilizzare alcuni servizi. Per esempio, un cookie tecnico è indispensabile per mantenere l’utente collegato durante tutta la visita a un sito web, oppure per memorizzare le impostazioni della lingua, della visualizzazione, e così via. I cookie tecnici sono quelli utilizzati al solo fine di “effettuare la trasmissione di una comunicazione su una rete di comunicazione elettronica, o nella misura strettamente necessaria al fornitore di un servizio della società di informazione esplicitamente richiesto dall’abbonato o dall’utente a erogare tale servizio” (art. 122, I comma, Codice della Privacy ).

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    I cookie di profilazione sono più sofisticati!
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    La presenza di questi plugin comporta la trasmissione di cookie da e verso tutti i siti gestiti da terze parti. La gestione delle informazioni raccolte da “terze parti” è disciplinata dalle relative informative cui si prega di fare riferimento.


    Utilizziamo cookie tecnici, finalizzati a garantire il corretto funzionamento del nostro sito, senza dei quali la tua esperienza di navigazione non sarebbe gradevole. Per migliorare il nostro sito e comprendere quali parti o elementi siano maggiormente apprezzati dagli utenti utilizziamo anche, come strumento di analisi anonima e aggregata, un cookie di terza parte, ossia Google Analytics. Questo cookie non è uno strumento di nostra titolarità, per maggiori informazioni, pertanto, è possibile consultare l’informativa fornita da Google al seguente indirizzo:

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    Questi cookie sono detti persistenti e la loro durata è fissata dal server al momento della loro creazione. In alcuni casi è fissata una scadenza, in altri casi la durata è illimitata.

    Gestione dei cookie

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    Attenzione. la disabilitazione totale o parziale dei cookie tecnici può compromettere l’utilizzo delle funzionalità del sito riservate agli utenti registrati. Al contrario, la fruibilità dei contenuti pubblici è possibile anche disabilitando completamente i cookie. La disabilitazione dei cookie “terze parti” non pregiudica in alcun modo la navigabilità.

    L’impostazione può essere definita in modo specifico per i diversi siti e applicazioni web. Inoltre i migliori browser consentono di definire impostazioni diverse per i cookie “proprietari” e per quelli di “terze parti”.



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    How to Get Airline Deals for a Family of Four #limerick

    #airline deals

    How to Get Airline Deals for a Family of Four

    Investigate cheap airfares so your family trip is affordable and memorable. (Photo: family on vacation image by Larry Roberg from )

    Related Articles

    When traveling as a family, you ve got enough to worry about without adding pricey tickets to the list. Corralling exuberant kids eager to race down concourses and finding ingenious ways to stop them from kicking seat backs on flights should be your only worries. Control what you can. Find deals to get your family of four out and about without savaging the family budget. Saving money can be a good incentive for traveling with kids.

    Step 1

    Select travel dates that fall in the middle of the week, day and weekend. Trade optimal business travel times for offbeat departure time slots, avoiding Monday mornings, Friday evenings and Sunday evenings when travel-weary executives rule.

    Step 2

    Opt for layovers. Obtain lower rates while using these opportunities to help kids dissipate energy in-between flights. Bring a jump rope in your carry-on. Pry hand-held games from little hands while on the ground so you find additional reasons to appreciate your cut-rate tickets.

    Step 3

    Be the early bird and get the lowest prices available when you book four seats for your family members 21 days in advance of your departure date. Use this lead time to your advantage by getting rock-bottom price tags and a bonus: booking early practically guarantees keeping your family seated in close proximity on all legs of your trip.

    Step 4

    Use your favorite web search engine to find and then peruse top discount airfare consolidator sites (e.g. Kayak, Mobissimo) to get the skinny on penny-pinching tickets for your family of four. Employ keywords like last minute flight deals to sleuth out fare reductions if consolidators don t do the trick, particularly if you re able to pull kids out of school for spur-of-the-moment travel opportunities.

    Step 5

    Buy four reduced-fare tickets directly from airlines working hard to compete with consolidators and discounters. Ask ticket agents for the lowest possible fair, not economy flights. Never equate purchasing a ticket on the Internet with getting the cheapest fare when searching for budget-pleasing tickets.

    Step 6

    Compare Internet brokerage sites (Priceline, etc.) that offer you an opportunity to bid for the four airline tickets your family requires. Exchange the cut rate you receive for losing control over travel times. Weigh this option carefully if interrupting a nap schedule has the potential to turn a heavenly flight into an unpleasant experience.

    Find bargain flights for your family of four within the pages of major publications that regularly rival Internet sites for price cuts. Consult the travel section of the New York Times, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune and USA Today to compare low-cost fares. Be on the lookout for half-round-trip call-outs in newspaper ads so you re not signing on the dotted line for tickets that won t get you back home.

    Investigate travel packages — one-price deals that save time and money by bundling food, flight and lodgings together for one low price. Check out Have Kids, Will Travel ( to locate all-in-one escapes to Veil, Jackson Hole and destinations in the West. Explore Disney packages to theme parks for some awesome deals. Break out line items if these deals seem too good to be true. Don t be surprised if kids fly free packages lull you into believing that flying as a herd can be fun.


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    How to Become a Travel Agent #bidding #for #travel

    #become a travel agent

    How to Become a Travel Agent

    By Elizabeth Palermo, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor March 11, 2013 06:40 pm EST

    Most travel agents are employed full-time by travel agencies, hotels, tour companies or other companies in the travel arrangement and reservation service industry. / Credit: Hasloo Group Production Studio | Shutterstock

    If you re looking for a job that combines sales, customer service, and logistics, then a career as a travel agent might be right for you. Travel agents take care of all the planning associated with vacations or business trips, such as transportation, lodging, dining and entertainment plans.

    There are different kinds of travel agents, and training for the job differs depending on where an agent chooses to work. If you re considering a career in this field, you may want to know what your potential responsibilities will be, where you might find work, and what qualifications you ll need to get a job.

    What travel agents do

    Travel agents primarily work in sales. They sell transportation, lodging and admission to entertainment activities to individuals and groups who are planning trips. Travel agents are also called upon to give advice on destinations, itineraries and other choices associated with planning a vacation or business trip.

    It is imperative that travel agents be good communicators who can determine what clients want and need. They must keep in mind customers budgets and preferences when planning and arranging schedules and activities.

    Travel agents must also have excellent computer literacy and research skills, as much of their time is spent online researching destinations and booking reservations.

    Some travel agents are asked to visit the hotels, resorts and restaurants that they recommend to clients in order to assess the comfort, cleanliness, and quality of the places they promote. [Related: Jobs that Can Make You Fat ]

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. a growing number of travel agents focus on a specific type of travel, such as adventure tours, or specialize in planning trips for a particular group of people, like senior citizens or couples with children. Other agents may choose to work predominately with the employees of corporations or for companies that sell tours and travel services.

    Where travel agents work

    Most travel agents are employed full-time by travel agencies, hotels, tour companies or other companies in the travel arrangement and reservation service industry. About 14 percent of travel agents in the United States were self-employed as of 2010, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

    The median annual wage for travel agents was $31,870 in 2010, with the top 10 percent of agents earning more than $50,620 a year. Some travel agents work more often during peak travel seasons, such as holidays, and must be available to accommodate customers last-minute schedule changes.

    Becoming a travel agent

    Typically, a high school diploma is required for work as a travel agent, and some employers prefer to hire agents who have received formal training in a field related to the travel industry. However, almost all employees offer at least some on-the-job training for new agents.

    Classes in professional travel planning are offered at many community colleges, vocational schools and industry associations. Such courses usually focus on reservation systems, international travel regulations, sales and marketing. Degree programs in travel and tourism are also offered at some colleges and universities.

    Some states require that independent agents possess a business license in order to sell travel services. To see if your state requires such a license, contact the state licensing agency.

    While no formal certification is necessary for travel agents, those who wish to advance their careers may want to obtain a certificate from training institutes, such as the International Airline Transport Association s Training and Development Institute or the Travel Institute .


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    How to implement a successful corporate travel program. #travel #reservations

    #corporate travel

    By David Grossman, special for USA TODAY

    In tough economic times, businesses are always seeking new ways to reduce costs, and travel budgets are often one of the first areas to come under scrutiny. One way to save money without sacrificing necessary travel or the traveler’s quality of life on the road is through the deployment of a corporate travel management program. While most large corporations have such programs in place, many smaller businesses don’t and could benefit greatly by implementing one.

    “A corporate travel program allows corporations to achieve transparency and accountability of one of their significant expenses,” says Ellina Arakelova, the travel operations manager for Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, clear aligners for straightening teeth. “A well-managed corporate travel program ensures better corporate and financial discipline and improves the traveler experience,” adds Arakelova, who was hired to implement a corporate travel management program for Align.

    Based in Santa Clara, Calif. Align Technology, Inc. has 1,400 employees worldwide and earned just over $300 million in revenues last year. When Arakelova joined the company in October 2007, there was no formal travel management program in place and no one dedicated to managing the company’s travel. Align had a relationship with a travel management company (TMC) and a corporate credit card, but use of these was not mandatory and employees routinely booked travel on public websites, making it impossible to track expenditures. “There was no pre-trip visibility and very limited opportunity to correctly reconcile travel spend,” says Arakelova.

    Today Align’s corporate travel management program covers all trips originating in North America and will soon extend to its offices worldwide. Arakelova currently has 500 travelers in her database. Here are some of her steps for implementing a successful corporate travel policy.

    Make a plan and keep it comprehensible. As a certified travel manager, Arakelova built and managed a corporate travel program at her previous job, so she knew just what to do when she joined Align. The existing travel policy was extremely broad and not enforced, according to Arakelova.

    Arakelova worked with her finance department to construct the new travel policy. She wanted a terse, easy to understand policy, putting procedures and other frequently changing information in appendices for updating without altering the underlying travel policy.

    Arakelova wanted to consolidate all travel operations though a single TMC and online booking tool. The new travel policy would mandate the use of these entities as well as the corporate credit card, and preferred travel vendors.

    Get buy-in from all departments. To bring the rest of the company on board, Arakelova developed a business plan and financial proposal detailing the projected cost savings through a managed corporate travel program. “We did quite a lot of internal marketing and presentations, and got support from the upper management and the employees as well,” she says.

    Find a travel management company. Next Arakelova developed a request for proposal (RFP) to evaluate or benchmark each travel management company. Arakelova sent the RFP to several contestants and selected Carlson Wagonlit Travel because they offered the best package of services, costs, travel reporting and supported technologies. “Going with Carlson I could implement any online booking tool,” says Arakelova. Carlson also provided web space for a customized Align travel portal and the use of their corporate hotel directory. That was a huge asset for Align because their customers are scattered across the country. Arakelova saw the reporting tools offered by her RFP respondents as an integral component of the corporate travel program. “Financial visibility and travel data analysis are key to program success”, says Arakelova.

    Implement an online booking tool. From her previous experience Arakelova believed it was crucial for travelers to use an online booking tool to bring costs down and manage data. Arakelova chose Concur Cliqbook Travel as her online booking tool because it has a user-friendly interface. In addition, Arakelova was able to build the travel policy, approval process and preferred vendors into Cliqbook. She says Cliqbook also provides excellent policy compliance enforcement and is easy to administer.

    Ensure effective communication. The travel portal is a critical component of Arakelova’s travel management program. The portal consolidates all travel-related information and is accessible to all Align employees. “Effective travel communication channels are one of the most important parts of the travel program,” says Arakelova. The portal contains the policy and procedures, access to Cliqbook or an agent-assisted booking process, training materials, insurance information, the preferred vendor list, travel alerts, and destination news. Arakelova also uses internal company publications for flash news and important announcements.

    Train your travelers. Training and education are also critical components in getting employees to understand the need for travel policy compliance and learn how to book through the new system. “We can implement the best technology, but if the traveler is not educated in how to use it, the travel program is useless,” says Arakelova. To educate employees Arakelova conducts live Web-based training sessions and has made travel training part of new-hire orientation. Arakelova also plans to video record the training session, so employees can access it any time through the travel portal.

    Keep improving. It took Arakelova less than six months to implement her new corporate travel management program. She subsequently added the Concur expense reporting module and a new product called Ride Charge which allows employees to book ground transportation online. “Cliqbook constantly develops new features,” says Arakelova. “It is the responsibility of the travel manager to be well educated on technology innovations and communicate new features to users,” she adds. Arakelova also plans to add group and meetings booking capabilities and will extend the program internationally to Align’s global locations.

    Show results. An impressive 78% of Align travelers now initiate bookings through Cliqbook with greater than 98% corporate travel policy compliance. More importantly, Align’s overall travel operations realized a 56% reduction in management costs, a 25% reduction in average airfare, and a 35% reduction in average car rental costs.

    Travelers, tell us about your experiences with your company’s managed travel program. Managers, do you have anything to add to this list? Sound off below.


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    How to Book a Cruise Including Flights #airfare #tickets

    #book airfare

    How to Book a Cruise Including Flights

    Save time by booking your cruise and airfare together. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images )

    Related Articles

    When you book a cruise, whether a short weekend trip to the Caribbean or an extended voyage across the Mediterranean, chances are you’re going to have to travel to the cruise port. Unless you live within a few hours drive of a major port, that usually means flying to the nearest city. Many cruise lines allow passengers to book airfare at the same time as the cruise. This not only gives you the benefit of choosing from flights that ensure you’ll arrive at the port on time, but when you book directly, the cruise line will assist you in the event that you have a travel delay or problem.

    Step 1

    Visit the website for the cruise line you wish you travel on, or an online travel booking site. Click on the link to book a cruise.

    Step 2

    Indicate the cruise you want to take by choosing from the option menu; in most cases, you’ll need to choose a cruise destination, the month you want to travel and your departure port. Click search to find cruises.

    Step 3

    Choose the cruise you want to take from the list of available options. Review the cruise details, and click on the link to book to cruise.

    Step 4

    Enter the required information to book the cruise, including your name, address and any special requests you may have. Depending on the cruise line and the booking method you’re using, you may also choose your stateroom when you book.

    Step 5

    Click on the link to add air transportation to your cruise. Enter the departure and arrival cities. In most cases, the cruise line will pre-populate the date section with the dates of your cruise, but you’ll have the option of adding days on either end of the cruise.

    Step 6

    Choose the flights you wish to take from the available options, and follow the prompts to add them to your cruise reservation. Enter the required information for each traveler; the Transportation Security Administration requires all air passengers to provide their full name, birth date and sex when purchasing airline tickets.

    Step 7

    Confirm that all of the information for your cruise and the airfare is accurate. Double-check that there is adequate time to travel between the cruise port and the airport; in most cases, you’ll need at least four hours to ensure that you make it to your cruise on time.

    Add any additional excursions or extras on to your cruise, if desired. Some cruise lines allow you to reserve and pre-pay for shore excursions, or pre-pay gratuities.


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    How to Become a Travel Agent in Florida #cheap #vacation #packages

    #become a travel agent

    How to Become a Travel Agent in Florida

    Becoming a travel agent is appealing to many people. Travel agents often enjoy the benefits of free or deeply discounted travel so they can research and learn about new destinations to help clients plan their dream trips. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 105,000 travel agents currently work in the country, and the job outlook will remain steady for the next decade. The state of Florida offers unique opportunities for travel agents due to its heavy tourist industry. While Florida does not require a travel agency license, it does have travel agent registry requirements that exceed the requirements of most other states.

    Other People Are Reading

    Develop the skills you will need to become a successful travel agent. Computer skills, for one, are an absolute necessity for booking travel, researching destinations and working with agencies’ tools and computer programs. Also, travel as much as you can. Firsthand knowledge of destinations will be helpful to guiding your clients.

    Gain experience in the travel industry. The field is competitive, so any special experience you have will be a plus. Consider working in the travel industry at a hotel or for an airline to gain knowledge of how these companies run. Take a course for travel agents, such as those endorsed by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), which are listed on its website. Or consider a class in the travel industry at your local community college. The Internet offers many courses, as well, most of which are reputable. But, beware of online scams or pyramid schemes disguised as training programs.

    Find a job working for a travel agency. Some agencies have office space and set hours, while others’ employees are more independent. It may be beneficial for your first job to be in an office where more experienced agents can act as mentors. However, you may prefer the flexibility of being an independent employee of a work-from-home agency. Keep an up-to-date resume and be prepared to highlight your travel-related experience and customer service skills in an interview.

    Register with the state of Florida. The Florida Department of Consumer Affairs requires individuals who sell travel-related services to register annually. This includes those who own a travel agency or who are employed by one. Independent sales agents are exempt from providing proof of assurance. The registration may be completed on the department’s website by filling out the form for independent sales agents and paying the $50 filing fee. You are required to renew the registration annually.

    Customize your skills to set yourself apart from the competition. More and more travelers are able to book routine travel online or by working directly through vacation companies. A travel agent who finds a niche in an area of travel people in which people need specialized expertise can still be very successful. Some examples of areas of specialty are luxury travel, exotic countries, honeymoons and senior travel.


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    How Long Does it Take to Become a Travel Agent? #travel

    #becoming a travel agent

    How Long Does it Take to Become a Travel Agent?


    Vangelis Thomaidis

    As the industry continues to consolidate and more people turn to the Internet to make their own travel arrangements, the need for education for travel agents becomes more urgent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most travel agent jobs do not require more than a high school education, but travel agencies are increasingly seeking a college degree in addition to business and travel experience.

    Trade Schools

    A certificate from a travel trade school such as the Travel Academy can be earned in about eight to 16 weeks, depending on the number of hours a student devotes to classes. Intense training through trade schools focuses on the hands-on skills needed to work in the field. A curriculum that prepares a travel agent to work in an agency includes instruction on airport codes and airport gate procedures, cruise line operations, geography, tour companies, and how to use various computer reservations systems.


    While a degree from a trade school can help a travel agent land an entry-level position, a college degree can provide travel agents with a leg up on the competition for the more favorable jobs. Bachelor’s degrees that travel agencies consider appropriate include business, marketing, communications or hospitality. Other degrees that could open the door to travel industry options include business administration, accounting, human resources and management.

    Additional Skills

    Many travel agencies place importance on the ability to speak several languages. Travel agents who learn French or Spanish can find additional opportunities. Travel agents, both new and experienced, can start their own business by simply paying a fee to a number of large travel agencies that use independent agents. Contract agents can start immediately by using the large reservation capabilities of these companies.


    Experience counts in the travel industry. Most established travel agencies require new agents to have two to five years experience. This experience can be gained from working directly for a travel provider such as a cruise line or airline, in support positions at large travel companies, and in hotels and car rental companies.


    Time spent in professional development courses and training can add further credentials to help agents land a position. The National Business Travel Association offers a program for agents to earn a Certified Corporate Travel Executive designation in fewer than 30 days of classes. A two-day workshop is required to receive the Corporate Travel Expert certification,and a Global Leadership Professional designation can be earned in two years, ideal for working professionals looking for management opportunities.

    References :

    The Travel Academy


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    Crime Scene Investigator Careers, Jobs and Degree Information – Criminal Justice


    Criminal Justice USA

    How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

    Crime scene investigators are forensic technicians and forensic scientists who collect data and evidence from scenes where a crime has taken place. They look for fingerprints and DNA samples and also take photographs of the crime scene. As part of their responsibilities, criminal investigators must write reports and record observations. Sometimes they may be required to draw or recreate scenes as well. Once they have gathered all the information that they need, crime scene investigators usually go on to work in a laboratory, where they analyze evidence and use results from their analyses to help narrow down suspects and criminal methods.

    Minimum Qualifications

    Crime scene investigators should be emotionally strong and prepared to gather evidence from a variety of criminal scenes, including areas where violent crimes have taken place. They should be highly organized with strong communication and writing skills. In addition, they should be comfortable working in laboratories with computers and different types of technology. The most qualified crime scene investigators will have excellent problem-solving skills as well.

    Education Training

    Before candidates can qualify for crime scene investigation positions, they should consider earning a degree. The best degrees for crime scene investigation are bachelor s degrees in forensic sciences or natural sciences. Class work should include mathematics, biology, and classes to develop critical thinking as well as laboratory skills. Students should learn how to write reports and record observations as well. Due to the fact that crime scene investigators work in teams, classes should also include group work and encourage the development of good communication skills. The best crime scene investigation programs will also provide classes in psychology.

    However, earning a degree is not enough to qualify a crime scene investigator for independent responsibilities. All potential crime scene investigators need to be trained. Therefore, many law enforcement agencies have crime scene investigators start their careers as assistants to experienced investigators. While under such an apprenticeship, trainees will learn how to use laboratory equipment and analyze different aspects of a crime scene. In most cases, crime scene investigators will be given an exam before they can qualify for independent work.

    Career Statistics

    As part of the hiring process, crime scene investigators will undergo interviews and background checks. Their skills with laboratory equipment may be assessed as well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), crime scene investigators also known as forensic science technicians earn around $51,570 annually. The top 10% earns approximately $82,990 yearly, while the bottom 10% earns around $32,900 yearly. Exact salary figures will vary based on experience, education, location, and the employer. The BLS also reports that the field is projected to grow by 19% by 2020.

    Sponsored Schools Sponsored Schools

    How to Become a

    Criminal Justice USA

    Copyright 2017. Criminal Justice USA. All Rights Reserved.


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    Las Cruces Attorney Estate Planning Probate #law #office, #el #paso, #estate


    El Paso office Map:
    4110 Rio Bravo, Suite 220
    El Paso, Texas, 79902

    Meetings by appointment only

    Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law in Las Cruces and greater El Paso area.

    Alan Gluth specializes in estate planning, gift and estate taxation, probate and trust matters, fiduciary litigation and tax-exempt organization matters in Texas and New Mexico. If you or your family has any questions or needs in these legal areas, Alan Gluth is qualified to help you.

    • Free initial consultations
    • Flat fee billing for most matters
    • Board Certified in New Mexico and Texas

    Mr. Gluth is board certified in estate planning, trusts and probate law by the New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of New Mexico and is one of only eight attorneys in the State of New Mexico to currently hold this certification in New Mexico. Alan Gluth is also board certified in estate planning and probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of Texas and obtained this designation in 2003.

    Mr. Gluth was named to the New Mexico Super Lawyers list as one of the top attorneys in New Mexico for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. No more than five percent (5%) of the lawyers in New Mexico are selected by Super Lawyers, and at age forty-five (45), Mr. Gluth is one of the youngest attorneys in southern New Mexico to have obtained this designation and one of only four attorneys in New Mexico to be named to the New Mexico Super Lawyers list in the area of estate planning and probate law.

    Alan Gluth currently practices as a sole practitioner under Gluth Law, LLC after being a name partner in another law firm for several years. Mr. Gluth received his law degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998.

    Civic and Personal Information

    Mr. Gluth is married to JoAnn and they have four sons: Collin (18), Braden (14), Preston (13), and Peyton (7). Outside of his professional activities, Mr. Gluth and his wife are active in his sons’ extracurricular activities and volunteer at schools within the Gadsden Independent School District. Mr. Gluth and his family reside close to La Union, New Mexico.

    Alan Gluth is responsible for the content of this website.


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    Important Downloads #student #exchange, #student #exchange #australia #new #zealand, #overseas #student


    Adelaide: 6 Sep 7:30PM – Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury, 2 Flinders Street, Adelaide

    Ballarat: 7 Sep 7:30PM – Ballarat Golf Club, 1800 Sturt St, Ballarat

    Bendigo: 9 Aug 7:30PM – Bendigo Library, Activity 1 Room, 259 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo

    Brisbane: 10 Aug 7:30PM – Brisbane Square Library, Community Meeting Room, 266 George Street, Brisbane

    Cairns: 18 Oct 7:30PM – Cairns Library, Meeting Room, 151 Abbott Street, Cairns

    Canberra: 11 Oct 7:30PM – ibis Styles Canberra, 203 Goyder St, Narrabundah, ACT

    Darwin: 5 Oct 7:30PM – Adina Apartment and Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront, 7 Kitchener Drive, Darwin

    Geelong: 11 Oct 7:00PM – Belmont Library, 163 High Street, Geelong

    Hobart: 5 Oct 7:00PM – Rosny LINC (behind Service Tasmania offices) Bligh Street ROSNY

    Melbourne: 14 Sep 7:30PM – ibis Melbourne Hotel and Apartments, 15-21 Therry Street, Melbourne

    Perth: 7 Sep 7:30PM – Adina Apartment Hotel Perth, 33 Mounts Bay Road, Perth

    Sydney: 13 Sep 7:30PM – Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney, Cnr Kent Bathurst Sts, Sydney CBD

    Townsville: 19 Oct 7:30PM – Arcadian Surf Lifesaving Club, The Strand (opposite the Rockpool), Townsville

    Wollongong: 7 Sep 6:30PM – Wollongong City Council, Central Lending Library, Ground Floor, 41 Burelli Street

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    Student Application Form

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    2017-2018 Price Sheet

    Program price sheet for all programs departing from April 2017- March 2018.


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    Discover The Leading Career Exploration Platform, qualifications to be a guidance


    Discover The Leading Career Exploration

    and Career Planning Platform

    Discover The Leading Career Exploration

    and Career Planning Platform

    Not a customer yet? Watch this video!

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    Career Exploration for Every Stage of Development empowers individuals to discover, plan and pursue their dreams with our unique video-based career planning platform. Our interactive tools help students and job seekers develop career paths based on choice, not chance.

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Try 3 of our most popular Mini Lessons on Goal Setting, Choosing a College Major, and How to Dress Professionally to strengthen your career preparation curriculum.

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Try 3 of our most popular Mini Lessons to strengthen your career preparation curriculum.

    Engaging Videos That Bring Real-World Careers to Life

    With over 1000 professionally produced job shadowing and career advice videos, delivers an interactive and engaging career exploration experience that opens up a new world of opportunity.

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor

    Qualifications to be a guidance counselor


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