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SysUpTime Network Monitor

Current Version: 6.1 (build 6204)

SysUpTime network/server monitor is a powerful agentless network management software. It provides users out-of-box capabilities to efficiently and proactively manage any network of any size.

SysUpTime network monitor is easy to set up and use. It can monitor the availability and performance of your Windows and Linux/UNIX servers, workstations, software applications (SQL, Exchange, Web Servers, etc), and network devices (routers, switches, etc). When a failure is detected, SysUpTime network monitor can alert the administrators by email, sound, running a script or other methods, as well as taking corrective actions such as executing remote Windows/Linux command, rebooting the machine, restarting the Windows/Linux service or running a script.

SysUpTime network monitor’s server runs on both Windows and Linux.

Key Features:

Automatic Network Discovery and Accurate Topology Map

Automatically discovers layer 1, 2 and 3 networks, gathering topology data to deliver complete and accurate maps of devices and connectivity across networks. Powerful map editing function allows user to add or change discovered map easily.

The combination of unique extensible mediation layer technology and CIM (Common Information Model) based object model enables SysUpTime network monitor to support new devices and applications on an ongoing basis with minimum efforts.

Major features of network discovery and topology maps:

  • Support for a wide range of network devices and new devices can be easily added.
  • Configurable filters to narrow down the scope of discovery.
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 discovery.
  • Scheduled discovery.
  • Support for VLAN, HSRP, VRRP.
  • Custom views, which are user-defined maps based on IP address, location or other selection criteria.
  • Automatically discovered topology maps contain properties of network devices such as servers, routers, etc. Device list can be exported to a CSV file.
  • Devices can be manually added to topology map.
  • New properties or notes, such as license info, installed software, purchase price, can be manually added to devices. You can do search to find device with certain property.

Trended Performance, Status, and Service Monitoring

Detailed monitoring of network availability and performance.

  • Fully Automated Performance Monitoring

Core monitoring capabilities include:

  • Ping monitor
  • SNMP monitor(supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 monitors)
  • MS Exchange server monitor
  • WMI monitor (Windows Services, Processes, CPU/Disk Utilization, etc.)
  • TCP/UDP port monitor
  • URL (HTTP/HTTPS) monitor
  • Telnet/SSH-2 monitor
  • FTP/File/Directory monitor
  • DNS/LDAP/RADIUS server monitor
  • Windows Event Log monitor
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 server monitor
  • Database SQL monitor for all major database servers

More network/server monitoring capabilities are scheduled to be added soon.

  • Self-learning Dynamic Statistical Baseline (based on historical data)
  • Multi-level Fixed Thresholds

Real-time, End-to-End Event Management

SysUpTime network monitor collects and consolidates events and alarms. Event de-duplication, event auto-clearing, robust alerting, automated actions, and alarm escalation help organizations identify potential problems faster, shorten mean-time-to-repair and reduce IT and operations costs.

Core capabilities of event management include:

  • Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 traps and informs
  • Event reduction
  • Event clearing
  • Alarm escalation
  • Event forwarding
  • Event categorization

SysUpTime network monitor offers a wide range of alerting actions. Major actions include:

  • Send to different email accounts at different time.
  • Forward to another trap receiver.
  • Post to a web site using GET or POST methods.
  • Run remote command via SSH, Telnet or Windows RPC.
  • Run command.
  • Play sound.
  • Built-in Reporting and Graphing

    SysUpTime network monitor offers real-time and historical reporting and graphing capabilities for performance monitors, and top-N reports for users to identify problem elements. Scheduled reports in PDF format can be generated by month, week or day.

    Application monitoring helps you diagnose application problems, and prevent downtime or network performance degradation. SysUpTime network monitor provides out-of-box support for MS Exchange Server and SQL server. It can be configured to monitor critical parameters of both servers and their services.

    High Availability and Scalability

    SysUpTime’s server clustering technology allows two or more servers that are interconnected to form a unified virtual computing resource.

    Clustering servers increases the availability of a system by ensuring that if a server becomes unavailable because of failure or planned downtime, another server in the cluster can assume the workload, ensuring that the monitoring service is uninterrupted. Clustering also enhances scalability by automatically distributing workloads across all the available servers.

  • Key Benefits

    • Intuitive graphical user interface minimizes training requirements and increases productivity
    • Advanced fault management minimizes equipment downtime
    • Measure and report real time performance against designated SLA
    • Preempt performance problems by identifying potential trouble spots before they affect service quality
    • Increased operational efficiency
    • Use trending data to make the most of network resources and forecast CapEx needs
    • Protect existing investments — can be integrated with existing management systems
    • Implement high-quality management capabilities priced to suit enterprise IT budgets

    Professional and free personal editions

    The free personal edition is intended exclusively for private use on a single workstation. You may copy the complete program package and pass it on to others for private use only. The free personal edition may not be used for commercial or professional purposes.

    The professional edition has many more features and can be used for commercial or professional purposes.

    Features Table


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    Cloud Computing Options #insurance #software,insurance #agency #management #software,insurance #billing #software,insurance #agency


    “Cloud” Computing and Thin Client Solutions

    As we find ourselves in an increasingly fast-paced and mobile world, our dependency on technology to provide real-time access to information increases as well. One of the most utilitarian advancements of technology towards this end has been the advent of thin client or ‘Cloud’ based computing systems.

    In a nutshell: A thin client solution allows a computing device (PC, IPad, IPhone, Android device – aka the ‘client’) to ‘dial in’ to the desktop of another computer (aka the ‘server’). The user can then pass keystrokes and mouse clicks to the desktop of that computer, and receive screen shots of what the resulting screen looks like on the other computer (server) to their local computing device (client). It is called ‘thin’ client because you wind up passing very little data over the internet, just screen shots, mouse clicks and keyboard clicks.

    The term ‘Cloud Computing’ appeared around 2006, and encapsulates the notion of thin client computing with the ability to securely store your data ‘somewhere else’. There are a variety of solutions available to your agency that provide thin client access to your local software, and provide automated methods to back up your local data to a secure, offsite location.

    Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services) is probably the best solution thin client solution for multiple remote users to access your local data for long periods of time. It is also the most expensive requiring the services of a local hardware technician, a Server operating system (Windows Server 2003, 2008, etc. which can cost $800 or more), and Remote Desktop licenses – which run about $80-$100 apiece (although you typically get one license for free). The advantages of using Remote Desktop to dial into a Server based operating system are that it is more secure, less prone to data corruption, and does not require a separate computer for each person logging in.

    There are less expensive (even free) solutions for people that need to occasionally dial in to the home office, or dial in one at a time. These solutions all require that there is a separate computer at the home office, for each person dialing in. Some of these solutions can be found at: and Each product has advantages and disadvantages regarding ease of use, reliability, supported client devices, and features; and there are several factors such as how printing and file transfers are handled between the ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’ versions of each software that must be taken into account. If you are considering one of these less expensive thin client solutions, it might be money well spent to hire a tech for an hour or so to help you sort out your options.

    Another aspect to Cloud Based computing is the ability to securely backup your data by copying your files over the internet to a secure facility offsite, thus limiting your liability if your local location burns down, or is involved in a natural disaster. Some companies that offer offsite backup solutions for a small fee are and With a little help from a local tech – you can quickly set one of these programs up, and then have peace of mind that your data is stored securely ‘somewhere else’. Just make sure that your tech sets the program up to send the files over the internet at night, otherwise you will see your daytime internet speeds drop dramatically.

    Of course Agency Software, Inc. offers turnkey hosting solutions as well. If you’d rather not worry about configuring your Remote Desktop solution, or making sure your data is securily backed up, we recommend the services of EME Cloud For about $30 per user / per month, DJ and his staff will web-enable your Agency Software applications for use on nearly any device, from nearly anywhere in the world. If you have questions, please fee free to give us a call at (800)342-7327 to discuss your Cloud Computing needs.


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    INCOME FROM HOME-BASED TRAVEL AGENCY – Travel Agent Jobs #travel #tips

    #home based travel agent


    Athena in Fairfield, California

    48 months ago

    VOA in Ottawa, Ontario said: PLEASE CAN SOMEONE IN CANADA OR the U.S. PLEASE TELL ME APPROXIMATELY HOW MUCH ONE CAN MAKE AS HOME-BASED TRAVEL AGENT? PLEASEEEEEE HELP! I really interested in this but I would like to know if it is worth it. I like traveling myself.

    Hey, I see no one has responded to you, which is wrong. I went to college and earned 3 certificates in Travel in 2008. I started a home-based business through a host agency for a brief time. If you have a good host agency that is legit, and that pays a good commission split (with low fees), and that has good training and a good reputation, you could do o.k. But, you have to hustle to find your business, and you are in competition with the internet. None of these agencies give you leads, the only one I know is American Express, and you have to have sold approx. $100,000 dollars worth of travel in order to work with them. However, if you find a niche, and a good agency, it is worthwhile because you can travel with FAM trips, and get diccounted travel.

    Look on NACTA to find a certified, bonified host agency. Check everything out to see which one suits you, and call them to see how they represent themselves on the phone.

    Blessings, keep me posted; happy holidays.


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    How to Become a Travel Agent #bidding #for #travel

    #become a travel agent

    How to Become a Travel Agent

    By Elizabeth Palermo, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor March 11, 2013 06:40 pm EST

    Most travel agents are employed full-time by travel agencies, hotels, tour companies or other companies in the travel arrangement and reservation service industry. / Credit: Hasloo Group Production Studio | Shutterstock

    If you re looking for a job that combines sales, customer service, and logistics, then a career as a travel agent might be right for you. Travel agents take care of all the planning associated with vacations or business trips, such as transportation, lodging, dining and entertainment plans.

    There are different kinds of travel agents, and training for the job differs depending on where an agent chooses to work. If you re considering a career in this field, you may want to know what your potential responsibilities will be, where you might find work, and what qualifications you ll need to get a job.

    What travel agents do

    Travel agents primarily work in sales. They sell transportation, lodging and admission to entertainment activities to individuals and groups who are planning trips. Travel agents are also called upon to give advice on destinations, itineraries and other choices associated with planning a vacation or business trip.

    It is imperative that travel agents be good communicators who can determine what clients want and need. They must keep in mind customers budgets and preferences when planning and arranging schedules and activities.

    Travel agents must also have excellent computer literacy and research skills, as much of their time is spent online researching destinations and booking reservations.

    Some travel agents are asked to visit the hotels, resorts and restaurants that they recommend to clients in order to assess the comfort, cleanliness, and quality of the places they promote. [Related: Jobs that Can Make You Fat ]

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. a growing number of travel agents focus on a specific type of travel, such as adventure tours, or specialize in planning trips for a particular group of people, like senior citizens or couples with children. Other agents may choose to work predominately with the employees of corporations or for companies that sell tours and travel services.

    Where travel agents work

    Most travel agents are employed full-time by travel agencies, hotels, tour companies or other companies in the travel arrangement and reservation service industry. About 14 percent of travel agents in the United States were self-employed as of 2010, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

    The median annual wage for travel agents was $31,870 in 2010, with the top 10 percent of agents earning more than $50,620 a year. Some travel agents work more often during peak travel seasons, such as holidays, and must be available to accommodate customers last-minute schedule changes.

    Becoming a travel agent

    Typically, a high school diploma is required for work as a travel agent, and some employers prefer to hire agents who have received formal training in a field related to the travel industry. However, almost all employees offer at least some on-the-job training for new agents.

    Classes in professional travel planning are offered at many community colleges, vocational schools and industry associations. Such courses usually focus on reservation systems, international travel regulations, sales and marketing. Degree programs in travel and tourism are also offered at some colleges and universities.

    Some states require that independent agents possess a business license in order to sell travel services. To see if your state requires such a license, contact the state licensing agency.

    While no formal certification is necessary for travel agents, those who wish to advance their careers may want to obtain a certificate from training institutes, such as the International Airline Transport Association s Training and Development Institute or the Travel Institute .


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    How to Become a Travel Agent in Florida #cheap #vacation #packages

    #become a travel agent

    How to Become a Travel Agent in Florida

    Becoming a travel agent is appealing to many people. Travel agents often enjoy the benefits of free or deeply discounted travel so they can research and learn about new destinations to help clients plan their dream trips. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 105,000 travel agents currently work in the country, and the job outlook will remain steady for the next decade. The state of Florida offers unique opportunities for travel agents due to its heavy tourist industry. While Florida does not require a travel agency license, it does have travel agent registry requirements that exceed the requirements of most other states.

    Other People Are Reading

    Develop the skills you will need to become a successful travel agent. Computer skills, for one, are an absolute necessity for booking travel, researching destinations and working with agencies’ tools and computer programs. Also, travel as much as you can. Firsthand knowledge of destinations will be helpful to guiding your clients.

    Gain experience in the travel industry. The field is competitive, so any special experience you have will be a plus. Consider working in the travel industry at a hotel or for an airline to gain knowledge of how these companies run. Take a course for travel agents, such as those endorsed by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), which are listed on its website. Or consider a class in the travel industry at your local community college. The Internet offers many courses, as well, most of which are reputable. But, beware of online scams or pyramid schemes disguised as training programs.

    Find a job working for a travel agency. Some agencies have office space and set hours, while others’ employees are more independent. It may be beneficial for your first job to be in an office where more experienced agents can act as mentors. However, you may prefer the flexibility of being an independent employee of a work-from-home agency. Keep an up-to-date resume and be prepared to highlight your travel-related experience and customer service skills in an interview.

    Register with the state of Florida. The Florida Department of Consumer Affairs requires individuals who sell travel-related services to register annually. This includes those who own a travel agency or who are employed by one. Independent sales agents are exempt from providing proof of assurance. The registration may be completed on the department’s website by filling out the form for independent sales agents and paying the $50 filing fee. You are required to renew the registration annually.

    Customize your skills to set yourself apart from the competition. More and more travelers are able to book routine travel online or by working directly through vacation companies. A travel agent who finds a niche in an area of travel people in which people need specialized expertise can still be very successful. Some examples of areas of specialty are luxury travel, exotic countries, honeymoons and senior travel.


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    How Long Does it Take to Become a Travel Agent? #travel

    #becoming a travel agent

    How Long Does it Take to Become a Travel Agent?


    Vangelis Thomaidis

    As the industry continues to consolidate and more people turn to the Internet to make their own travel arrangements, the need for education for travel agents becomes more urgent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most travel agent jobs do not require more than a high school education, but travel agencies are increasingly seeking a college degree in addition to business and travel experience.

    Trade Schools

    A certificate from a travel trade school such as the Travel Academy can be earned in about eight to 16 weeks, depending on the number of hours a student devotes to classes. Intense training through trade schools focuses on the hands-on skills needed to work in the field. A curriculum that prepares a travel agent to work in an agency includes instruction on airport codes and airport gate procedures, cruise line operations, geography, tour companies, and how to use various computer reservations systems.


    While a degree from a trade school can help a travel agent land an entry-level position, a college degree can provide travel agents with a leg up on the competition for the more favorable jobs. Bachelor’s degrees that travel agencies consider appropriate include business, marketing, communications or hospitality. Other degrees that could open the door to travel industry options include business administration, accounting, human resources and management.

    Additional Skills

    Many travel agencies place importance on the ability to speak several languages. Travel agents who learn French or Spanish can find additional opportunities. Travel agents, both new and experienced, can start their own business by simply paying a fee to a number of large travel agencies that use independent agents. Contract agents can start immediately by using the large reservation capabilities of these companies.


    Experience counts in the travel industry. Most established travel agencies require new agents to have two to five years experience. This experience can be gained from working directly for a travel provider such as a cruise line or airline, in support positions at large travel companies, and in hotels and car rental companies.


    Time spent in professional development courses and training can add further credentials to help agents land a position. The National Business Travel Association offers a program for agents to earn a Certified Corporate Travel Executive designation in fewer than 30 days of classes. A two-day workshop is required to receive the Corporate Travel Expert certification,and a Global Leadership Professional designation can be earned in two years, ideal for working professionals looking for management opportunities.

    References :

    The Travel Academy


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    GO Holidays Online Travel Agent New Zealand #travel #hotel #deals

    #travel agents nz

    Latest Holiday Deals

    3 nights from $685 per person

    Online Brochures

    GO Holidays

    We are proud to be a New Zealand company that has been organising holidays for over 30 years and we have satisfied clients returning to travel with us again and again to all parts of the world.

    Our company has enjoyed steady growth and has expanded into a diverse travel group comprised of specialist travel divisions based in Auckland.

    We have available a fantastic range of travel products in all corners of the globe. We enjoy strong relationships with suppliers across the world including the majority of on-line carriers in New Zealand.

    The Company is a bonded member of the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand, a member of I.A.T.A. and a member of the Overseas Tour Operators Committee.

    When you book your GO Holiday you can be confident that all of our brochured hotel properties and services have been visited and assessed by a GO representative. Our GO Guarantee and our 24 hour GO ASSIST Helpdesk is your assurance of a memorable holiday.


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    Mobile Phone Distributors, How to Become a Wireless Master Agent #mobile


    Mobile Phone Distributors – What You Need To Know!

    Mobile phone distributors are a critical part of a prepaid wireless provider’s success! Are you interested in becoming a cell phone distributor? Here you’ll learn about what it takes to be a wireless master agent, how it works, the technology involved, and more! The fact is that the world of mobile phone distributors is fascinating, and can be the life blood of many wireless carriers.

    What are cell phone distributors?
    First, let’s define what exactly a distributor is and does. Different people will have different definitions and describe various scopes of responsibility, however, generally speaking the following points are very consistent. Having worked directly with prepaid wireless distributors for many years, I feel comfortable that the following information will help you get jump-started on becoming knowledgeable!

    • Distributors are often referred to as master agents. This is because they are at the top of the so-called distribution food chain. What that means is that while a distributor or master agent may sometimes sell phones and airtime directly to customers, they typically mostly sell wholesale to dealers.
    • In turn, dealers have their own stores, but also sell wholesale to smaller stores. Sometimes there is even a sub-dealer level between the dealer and the store level.
    • A cell phone distributor will buy phones and airtime discounted directly from prepaid wireless carriers. They will then mark up the price and sell it down to the next level.
    • Mobile phone distributors can have relationships with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of stores beneath them. The layers under them are often referred to as their sub-distribution. Depending on the size, reputation, and policies of a prepaid wireless carrier, some wireless distributors won’t be able to work directly with a prepaid carrier. In other words, as a wireless distributor, you could have a direct relationship with a prepaid carrier, or you may have to work as a sub-distributor under another larger master agent who is working directly with the carrier.

    What’s the best level?
    This can become a very personal decision. Are you the type of person who wants to run a large distribution network, and deal with the operations, collections, and warehousing that comes along with that? Or are you the type of person who enjoys working day to day directly with the customer? The answer will likely be a combination of what you enjoy, as well as what are your strengths and capabilities.

    There’s no doubt about it that the higher you are on the mobile phone distributor food chain, the more money you’ll make, and the faster you’ll make that money. The simple reason is because once you have a network of sub-distributors and stores, you’ll be able to sell hundreds, or even thousands of phones in one deal, versus the bottom of the chain, where you’ll be selling one phone at a time to the customer, which practically speaking, will simply take more time. But for that apparent ease, you’ll have more overall risk.

    Consider if you were to buy 10,000 phones from a prepaid carrier. If you don’t have the operations in place to receive and ship out those phones in an efficient manner, it could take you some time before you get the products in the hands of those who will actually be selling them. And that doesn’t include the cost of paying for the phone (or topup) inventory, and the cost to store it. Many prepaid carriers require that distributors prepay for inventory. Some will give you payment terms (ex. net 10 days or 30 days), however, that is becoming less common these days. Even with payment terms, you’ll still need to get the product out, and get paid in time to pay the carrier for the inventory if you want to minimize your cash flow outlay to support your inventory.

    As a side note, I’ve seen more than a few mobile phone distributors selling millions upon millions of dollars of phones and airline who have been extremely cash-strapped, and on the brink of bankruptcy! One operational issue, or trouble collecting money from your sub-distribution, and you’re toast! But don’t let that scare you off. Those issues really come down to poor management, and perhaps greed, trying to grow their business too quickly. If you’re wise, you should be able to profitably (and safely!) build your business without being on the edge of financial disaster.

    What do you need to become a wireless distributor?

    • Relationships – You’ll need to have relationships with sub-dealers and/or stores. In my opinion this is the most difficult part. Building relationships with other dealers or stores is not easy. It takes a certain kind of person to seek out such opportunities and to sell your services. Due to the amazing potential to make a lot of money in the prepaid wireless distribution business, competition is fierce! You can target a specific neighborhood, type of mom and pop store, small convenience store, etc. Think about where people might want to buy a phone or topup their prepaid wireless account. Also consider what unique value you can add. Do you have special knowledge, insight, or existing relationships with a specific type of community? This should be considered a critical success factor, and will largely determine whether you should be a master cell phone distributor at the top of the chain, a smaller one, or somewhere in the middle. There’s really no “wrong” place to be. Wherever you fit in, and can apply your passion, you’ll have a chance to succeed!
    • Access to Technology – Depending on where you are on the food chain, you’ll need to have technology to process airtime sales. Usually the master cell phone distributor will provide access to technology to partners below them, so lets assume you’re at the top for the moment. You’ll need to partner with a Technology Service Provider (TSP). TSPs also have relationships with prepaid wireless carriers. The larger ones will have direct relationships, while the smaller ones will have indirect relationships. The closer they are to being direct, the more money you’ll likely be able to make (due to higher available margins). There are a number of technologies currently available, and depending on the dealers/stores that are selling your prepaid products, you may need one or all of these:
      • POS Terminals – These are Point Of Sale Terminals that typically look like credit card terminals. They can be used to sell electronic PINs (ePINs) or to perform PIN-less Real Time Replenishment (RTR) transactions.
      • Web Terminals – These are secure websites that provide the same products as do POS terminals, but can be accessed via the Internet, without the need for special hardware or equipment. Internet access, however, IS required.
      • Hot Cards – This product has been phased out of the market. These require minimal or no technology, and can often be purchased directly from the carrier or master distributors. The operational and fraud risks around this product lead carriers to get rid of it; I keep it here as a historical reference, and you may encounter people who talk about it even to this day.

    To read about these technologies in detail, visit the Point Of Sale Technology page. As a cell phone distributor you’ll need to get a very good understanding of these replenishment technologies so you can sell your services to dealers and/or stores. You may only need one of them or all of them. Remember that you need to keep in mind the needs of YOUR customers (dealers and/or stores), as well as what the end users (wireless customers) need and prefer. Believe it or not, these are not always the same things!
    Special Note: Depending on how large you are, as well as your relationship with your TSP(s) and sub-distribution, you may be able to get these technologies from free, you may have to buy them outright (ex. terminals), or you may be able to lease them. Depending on where your business lies in the food chain, you may be able to pass any costs down to your sub-distribution.

    • Money – You’ll need to either have cash on hand, or access to money from banks or investors. You’ll need this money to pay for technology, warehousing, staff, and of course, prepaid phones and prepaid airtime. Although people tend to worry the most about getting money, I put it last because it really is the easiest part of the equation! If you have good relationships and access to technology, you’re well on your way to building a successful cell phone distributor business, and finding the money will be the easiest part!

    Home › How To Become A Mobile Phone Distributor


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    Long Island Insurance Agents – Insurance Companies on Long Island #long


    Long Island Insurance

    No matter what stage of life you’re at, having the right insurance to cover your assets is of the utmost importance to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. From home owners or renters insurance policies that protects your home in case of emergency or disaster, to life insurance that is designed to help your loved ones financially should something happen to you, talking to an agent and finding out the right type of coverage, and the right amount of coverage for you can help you to save money, and to alleviate the stress of the unpredictable. No matter. Read More No matter what stage of life you’re at, having the right insurance to cover your assets is of the utmost importance to make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. From home owners or renters insurance policies that protects your home in case of emergency or disaster, to life insurance that is designed to help your loved ones financially should something happen to you, talking to an agent and finding out the right type of coverage, and the right amount of coverage for you can help you to save money, and to alleviate the stress of the unpredictable. No matter what you need to protect, making sure you have the right insurance coverage can mean all the difference. Show Less

    Finance Legal
    Related Categories

    Sponsored Listings

    150 Broadhollow Road,Suite PH-11 Melville, NY 11747

    SHBG Insurance Services is a full service Insurance firm specializing in Personal, Commercial, Professional, Life and Health insurance. More

    847 Broadway,Suite 101 North Massapequa, NY 11758

    The whole team at The Zabbia Insurance Agency is passionate about serving Massapequa and all of Long Island. Whether you need home, auto, life, or business insurance, they re waiting to help you. More


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    Become a Travel Agent. Free on-line Travel School. Travel Jobs #arc

    #travel agent course

    Learn How to Become a Travel Agent, Work from Home

    Becoming a travel agent is a golden opportunity to help people secure the best possible arrangements while learning more about wonderful worldwide tourist destinations. However, it can be a lot of work to even get hired by an agency.

    If you are wondering how to become a travel agent without the fuss of requirements and restrictions, then perhaps you will be interested in being an agent that works at home. AARC Host Agency has the resources you need to become an online travel agent, eliminating the need for you to physically report for work. Be your own boss and earn a living booking trips from the comfort of your own home.

    Why Should You Be a Home-Based Travel Agent Through AARC Host Agency?

    Although there are other ways to secure exciting travel agent jobs on your own, there are perks if you decide to join us, such as:

    • Free Travel Agent Training.

    AARC Host Agency will handle your training, ensuring that you have the necessary know-how to open and run your own online travel agency. With us, you will learn how to book flights, cruises, tours, and accommodations. You will also learn how to find clients on the web, and group travelers to arrange profitable deals, and much more. We want you to be competent enough to run your own travel agency and genuinely enjoy your work.

  • State-of-the-art Technology.

    Once you fully grasp the role of a travel agent, we can then supply you with your travel agent tools, such as client booking software. Why pay for these tools if you can receive them for free through us?

  • A FREE Lucrative Website that Draws Consumers

    With our pre-made website resources, it should not take too long until you start attracting customers. Your consumers will be able to book their travel arrangements on your website while you earn a profit.

    If you work with us, you can opt from 70% to 90% of all commissions earned from your sales.

    Our host agency is recognized widely by the industry, allowing our members to enjoy reduced costs when dealing with travel authorities such as CLIA, NACTA, ASTA, OSSN, ARTA, PATH, BBB, IATAN, TRAMS,, NexCite and Passport Online.

  • The Capability to offer Great Deals

    You have access to exclusive rates and vacation deals unique to our host agency. As a member of our agency, you will have access to our agent-only website, containing listings of these coveted travel specials .

  • Access to Discounted or blocked Cruise Cabins

    You can access blocked group cruise rates via our agent-only website. Use our resources to search the perfect cruise for your client.

  • AARC Host Agency Does NOT Charge Start-up Fees .

    When join our network of travel agents, you earn income from great commission. We only require you to be bonded to ensure that your clients can completely rely on you.

  • On-Going Training and Support

    We will guide you along the way as you take on one of the most innovative travel industry jobs there is. If you need further help, we will provide assistance upon your request.

    Travel agents are often invited to go on cruises and vacation destinations around the globe for free or at special travel agent rates. You can enjoy this perk once you become a travel agent with us.

  • If you are looking for fun travel agency jobs, we highly encourage you to consider our host agency’s offer. We want to be your partner to help you make the most out of your career as a home-based travel agent.

    According to the Oprah Winfrey show.


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    Become a Travel Agent #travel #booking #sites

    #become a travel agent

    Be part of our success….

    The Global Travel Group is not like any other home working or travel franchise company. We have been creating and developing successful Travel businesses for over 20 years. Whether you are new to the world of travel, an experienced travel professional or have previously worked in the industry we offer the perfect package for you.

    With our support, training, unrivaled buying power and  access to over 500,000 hotel rooms, airlines, ancillary products which include car hire, travel  insurance and attraction passes. Our unique travel business package is tailored to enable you to compete in one of the world’s largest industries.

    With the flexibility to run your business from your home, an office, a retail outlet or a call centre environment. We know we have the best opportunity for you to be successful.

    The choice is yours….

    Your choice of business name…

    Choosing a name for your new business is really exciting, that’s why we don’t insist that you use ours. Unlike lots of franchises you’ll have your own identity, image and look – but if you want our help and advice with that, of course you’ll get it!

    Your choice of location…

    All our members are individuals – therefore some want to work from home, others from an office or maybe even a high street shop. Whichever you choose is fine by us – but if you want our help and advice with that, of course you’ll get it!

    Your choice of direction…

    Want to specialise in the Far East? Cruising? USA?

    Whichever direction you want to take your business is your choice. Many of our existing members specialise in what they know and love – why don’t you?

    What’s included:

    • Un-capped earning potential
    • Industry licences – protecting you and your customers
    • Marketing materials and ongoing support from our experts
    • A comprehensive, 2 week training course
    • Your own personalised travel website
    • Dedicated Business Development Manager
    • Competitive commission rates
    • Dedicated support from our UK based helpdesks
    • Bespoke brand and logo design service
    • State of the art dynamic packaging reservation system
    • In-house intranet with members forum
    • Regional Training events
    • Educationals, discounted holidays and industry incentives
    • Electronic brochure system, allowing you to create personal information packs

    We recognise that for us to succeed, you need to succeed and so everything we have built is designed to help your business grow.

    The idea is simple, so why not contact us today to find out more and make travel your business .


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    Become a Home Based Travel Agent #travel #new #york

    #become a travel agent

    Understanding Licensing, Affiliations, and Agencies


    The most asked question in regard to entering the travel industry is, Do I need a license to be a travel agent?

    Currently, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Ohio, Florida and Oregon have requirements for travel agents to register, post bonds, or contribute to a state restitution fund.

    Most other states have no special licensing required in order to sell travel products. Check with your local state business offices to check for specific requirements.

    Just like opening any other business, you will probably have to register a business name with your city or county. Again, simply check with your local taxing authority to determine what documents you will need to do business in your city.


    Most travel vendors and suppliers (aka – cruise lines, tour operators, all-inclusive resorts, etc.),will require that you have certain affiliations or credentials before they will allow you to sell their products.

    The main credentialing agencies are ARC, CLIA, and IATA. Each of these organizations require proof of sales volume or industry experience in order to issue their credentials.

    Newcomers to the industry may not be able to obtain these affiliations and credentials until they have been in the business for 1-2 years.

    So, if you are not able to get these credentials until you have been in the business, but can’t do business until you have the credentials, how do you actually get into the travel industry?

    There are basically two paths into the travel industry.


    The first way to enter the travel industry is by working for an existing agency. This will give you time to learn and sell travel, but will also limit your ability to

    earn top commissions and experience the freedom of working your own hours and owning your own business.

    The second, and most common way for individuals to establish their own travel business and gain access to all of the related benefits of ARC, CLIA, and IATA affiliations

    is to function as an Independent Contractor with a good Host Agency.

    What is a Host Agency?

    The Host Agency provides you, the Independent Contractor, an easier entry into the travel business by sharing the benefits of

    the host s travel industry conference appointments, ARC-CLIA-IATA, which require bonding, years of industry work experience, testing and continuing education.

    The host agency also provides access to continuing training programs; office technical support, backup, industry travel vendor contacts etc. to enable you to spend

    productive time in developing sales and earning the majority of commission (70%) for your efforts. The host also provides invoicing, ticketing, booking knowledge, and

    support every step of the way to help you succeed in your new business endeavor.

    When conducting your research into starting a home based travel business, it is very important that you consider the advantages of working with a HOST agency that

    specializes in working with new entrepreneurs. You will have a lot of questions when you first enter this industry and need someone who will take the time to explain

    how things work.

    Do not be surprised from your research findings that many Host agency s are NOT

    interested in working with new entrepreneurs and only want to sign-up those experienced

    agents with an established clientele.

    This is where International Tours of Houston really shines as a host agency. ITH S staff has the education, training, experience and desire to help you succeed.

    To Watch our Complete Video Series entitled

    Introduction to the Travel Industry,


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    Better Solutions #telephone #company, #atc, #telecommunications, #clec, #long #distance, #phone #service,


    Better Solutions. Better Service. Better Experience.

    Consultative Solutions, Unparalleled Service

    About ATC

    ATC is an end-to-end telecommunications consulting and management company.

    American Telephone Company provides quality telecommunications solutions delivered by caring, knowledgeable professionals. Our organization is committed to always doing “what’s best” for our customers, employees and partners.

    We pride ourselves on providing customized cost-effective solutions to enterprises of all sizes. We offer a wide range of telecom solutions and will help you select the services best suited to your business needs. Whether you want to keep your existing service, upgrade, or purchase an entirely new system, ATC will expertly guide you through the process.


    American Telephone Company is proud to offer telecommunications solutions and services that are second to none in their quality, versatility and cost competitiveness. ATC has partnered with a variety of facilities based carriers that include RBOC’s, Broadband Providers and CLEC’s to offer our customers a complete variety of turnkey solutions. The ATC product portfolio offers solutions that will help your business maximize profit while minimizing hassle and cost.


    We’ll come to your office, or planned location if you’re moving, for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your current phone system, hardware and cabling. We’ll also conduct an audit of your previous phone bills to determine areas to reduce costs.


    With our vast industry knowledge, we know which solutions offer the most value for your needs. We will ensure that you get a cost-effective plan where you pay only for the services you require.


    If you’re relocating, we’ll coordinate with architects, building managers and other parties to ensure that your telecom system is fully up and running on the day you move in.


    Our on-site technicians will handle all the details to switch service from your current telecom provider so you can stay focused on running your business. In most cases, you can even keep your current phone number!

    Request More Information


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    Belize Travel Agency, Travel Agent iin Belize #travel #to #australia

    #belize travel

    Destinations Belize

    Our Belize Travel Agency

    Destinations Belize (formerly Kevin Modera Guide Services), a member of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, was established in 1998 and is located in Placencia Village on the Placencia Peninsula.

    Mary Toy of Destinations Belize and is a past secretary of the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, a founder and past president of the Placencia Humane Society, a founder and secretary of the Placencia Sidewalk Fund, founder and current co-chair of Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development, and an inactive member of the Missouri and Illinois Bar Associations.

    Destinations Belize is not affiliated with any hotel, guest house, resort or other tourism business because we believe our independence allows us to best serve our clients by offering them unbiased advice on where to stay and what to do in Belize.

    And our goal is simple – to help our clients and other visitors to Belize enjoy and learn about our home in the way most comfortable for each of them.

    We are also very committed to responsible and sustainable tourism that values Belize’s rich cultural diversity, its locally owned businesses and its unique habitats and environments, from the Maya Mountains to our tropical forests, coastal plains, cayes and Barrier Reef.

    Therefore, we only work with hotels, guides, tour operators and other tourism businesses that share these values and strive to offer their clients and guests a genuine Belize experience, while conserving Belize’s precious natural resources, using local products whenever possible and employing local Belizeans in all phases of their operations.

    We do hope we’ll be able to assist you in planning your Belize vacation, and we promise to do our best to help you make the most of your time in our country.

    We also want and welcome your comments about our services or any other services you use in Belize.

    So, please don’t hesitate to contact us about whatever assistance you might need. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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    Carnival Implements New Requirements to Qualify for Travel Agent Discounts #travel

    #cruise travel agents

    Carnival Implements New Requirements to Qualify for Travel Agent Discounts


    MIAMI (January 9, 2008) – Carnival Cruise Lines is implementing new eligibility requirements for travel agents to qualify for reduced rate agent space on the line’s 22 ships.  Effective today, travel professionals seeking to book a cruise at a discounted travel agent rate must have made a minimum of five Carnival bookings within a 12-month period.

    “There are so many different business models out there in the travel distribution system now that it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that only professional travel agents who are actively promoting and selling cruises are receiving travel agent discounts,” said Vicki Freed, Carnival’s senior vice president of sales and guest services.

    Reduced rate travel agent reservations will be handled through the Promotions Desk within Carnival’s Reservations Department.  The five qualifying bookings must have already sailed or be fully deposited within a 12-month period and booked by the agent requesting the travel professional discount.

    Opportunities to visit Carnival ships will continue to be available to all travel agents attending industry trade conferences that feature Carnival ship inspections.  Carnival also offers a Weekend Familiarization Program, which is available to travel agents at a nominal cost and typically features multiple ship visits along with educational training.  That program is combined with a hotel stay in one of Carnival’s homeport cities.  The line also offers Carnival University, web-based educational courses available to travel agents.

    “We offer many different training opportunities for all travel agents, including those just entering the business, who want to learn more about the Carnival product and grow their sales,” said Freed.  “Carnival is the only cruise line that calls on all travel agencies, regardless of productivity, via our local business development managers who help educate, train and develop a personalized business plan for each agency’s individual needs,” she added.

    “We feel that a continued focus on training and education available to all travel agents, combined with a reduced rate program that rewards those who can demonstrate that they are in the business for the purpose of selling cruises, is a sensible and winning approach for all concerned,” said Freed.

    To make a booking under the reduced rate agent program or for additional information, agents may contact Carnival’s Promotions Desk at 800-794-6225.


    Carnival Cruise Lines, a unit of Carnival Corporation plc (NYSE/LSE:  CCL; NYSE:  CUK), is a proud member of the exclusive World’s Leading Cruise Lines.  Our exclusive alliance also includes Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Costa Cruises, and The Yachts of Seabourn.  Sharing a passion to please each guest, and a commitment to quality and value, our member lines appeal to a wide range of lifestyles and budgets.  Together, we offer exciting and enriching cruise vacations to the world’s most desirable destinations.


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    Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online Which is Better?

    #online travel agent

    Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online Which is Better?

    A recent vacation purchase has me thinking of what appears to be the continued downfall of the travel agent. We all have the choice through a growing number of online travel portholes to do all the research and travel booking ourselves with a click of the mouse or a quick phone call to a ready and waiting online booking agent. Most of you are doing just this and the numbers are growing so exponentially that it is putting many travel agents out of business but the question is Is it better to book travel online or through a travel agent?

    I recently booked an all-inclusive vacation online after a friend convinced me she had no issues using them before (more details on this experience in a later post, best not to name names until after the vacation is over) she showed me the super low prices, we researched the hotels and decided to go ahead and book it. The site offered a price drop protection on our package so we figured what the heck we have nothing to lose. We called the site s number and an online booking agent took are details and we were super excited. People book online all the time no worries right?

    Well it wasn t so simple after all and it really got me researching all the pros and cons of booking a vacation through a Travel Agent vs. booking a trip with an online travel site. So I put together some of my findings below.

    Convenience   A Pro for Online Booking or Booking with a Travel Agent?

    Is it really as convenient as we think?

    So it is undeniable that it is far easier to go online and search for travel options and buy them more quickly than calling an agent, waiting until they are free to talk, discussing your needs, waiting for them to get answers as they search and so on. However, there is a downside to this convenience the searching.

    When booking flights the search may not be an issue but when booking packaged vacations and cruises or more complicated trips this is where the online booking loses its stronghold. Personally I love the searching, checking reviews and digging out my next vacation from all the information, however not everyone has the time for this. You are not only looking for the best price, but a place with a good reputation, the amenities you desire and the locations you want to visit during your trip. You might need answers to questions like is it the best time to travel here? Are there any travel advisories I should be aware of. If you are not into spending the time doing this research then a Travel Agent may be the best choice here. They have experience and information that you may not be digging up from an online site.

    Do You Get The Same Treatment? Pro for the Travel Agent Con for Booking Online

    You are more likely to get bumped flights or booked in a lower-end room when booking through an online travel site.

    Personally I m starting to believe this statement more and more. How can this be true? Well the fact is that when booking your flight online the online travel agency will not remove your seats off the availability list as quickly as a travel agent does. The travel agent does it immediately at the time of booking so if the flight is overbooked the last tickets issued are the first ones bumped off the flight. Since customer service with online travel sites is less than stellar the airline may feel it is easier to bump an online booking over an agent booking which will be more quick to respond on behalf of their client.

    With regards to hotel room bookings a room booked online is put in a less desirable class than one booked by an agent. So if you book an Oceanview room online you will get an Oceanview room but probably in the oldest wing of the hotel and next to heavy machinery or in a loud part of the resort. This would be an interesting survey of trip-advisor reviews if you book online vs an agent is your room worse than the agent customer? A travel agent booking includes special notes and requests, so if you want a second floor room, in a quiet part of the hotel or resort you will be more likely to get it than if you book through an online site.

    Customer Service Pro for the Travel Agent Con for Booking Online

    From my own personal experience and the many many complaints I ve read online this is where the online booking sites fail miserably. If you book your trip online and there are no issues or changes then consider yourself lucky, but the moment something goes wrong, a clerical or accounting error is made, the price changes, the flight changes or you are not satisfied with something getting a customer service representative at the online booking site may prove difficult.

    Many of these sites put their resources in bookings rather than dealing with issues. Once the trip is booked you will have a hard time getting a customer service agent to help. A few examples you might encounter:

    • You Don t Like the Room You get to the resort and hate the room you got, so you head to the front desk and they don t seem to want to help you. Why? Well you bought the cheapest hotel room, remember? Why would they want to help you? So by some miracle you get through to a customer service representative at the online booking site, they too have little luck with room selection, because they are selling the cheapest deals not the best vacations. On the other hand a travel agent whose direct number and email you have will be far more easy to reach and much better equipped to handle the situation for you. In fact the front desk knowing the travel agency s representatives may encourage them to be more helpful in the first place.
    • Your Flight Schedule Changes Online travel agencies are famous for this one. They don t inform you of any changes to your flight. According to their fine print You are responsible for checking your flight times 24 hours before you leave. Again an online agency is putting its resources on new bookings, they don t always look back and forward any new relevant information for an old booking. A travel agent on the other hand will be more likely to send you the flight change notice and be there to handle any concerns you may want to discuss.

    The Lowest Prices are Guaranteed Online? Or Are They?

    Have you ever gone online and found the most amazing deal on a flight and then when you start going into the actual booking the price just goes higher and higher? Online travel sites are well known for the bait and switch tactic. They have all done clever marketing campaigns to get the word out that you will get the lowest prices for the same packages that agents sell and if you travel often then you may be discovering that this is just not the case. In fact every agent I have talked with about a price I found online has matched and further reduced the online price, so why doesn t the Agent have the upper hand here?

    There are some unbelievable travel deals to be found on an online site but is what you see always what you get? You purchase the trip and then the online site says oh we are sorry the tour operator changed the flight, or cancelled it all together. It isn t our fault but the charter flight company changed the flight. Is it just me or are these changes happening more with online bookings than with agency bookings?

    The Bottom Line Travel Buyers Beware

    In response to my recent online booking issues, I m questioning if I ever want to book a flight or trip online again. Having a relationship with a good travel agent means experience, expertise, information, customer service and someone that has my back. I m starting to wonder why consumer reports have not been compiled on issues of using Online Travel Sites for bookings and is it really true that they offer the lowest price for the same vacations you get with an Agent? Just sayin !


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    How to Become a Travel Agent #find #the #cheapest #flights

    #online travel agents

    our training makes the difference

    Why Choose KHM

    KHM Travel Group provides you with everything you need to be a successful home- based travel agent. You can set your own hours, work from home, enjoy amazing travel perks, and meet other people just like you!

    Success Stories

    Best decision was joining KHM. Compared to others I looked at, KHM was slightly more a year than the others. I have a motto “you get what you pay for” So I opted since they do have higher commissions and such. Thoroughly pleased! The support system is like none other!

    Our Preferred Suppliers


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    Carrier Contracting Services #carrier #appointment, #imo #contracts, #fex #quote #engine, #fex


    Highest Commissions – Unlimited Sales Support 7 Days/Week!


    We are an IMO specializing in the assistance of all agents, both rookies and veterans, as well as many agencies, in the area of contracting/appointments, sales support, underwriting support, and several other aspects which are vital to the sales success of independent life insurance agents. We have agents located across the country, in several different states, targeting a wide variety of markets.

    Everyone! Particularly those who have ever experienced any of the following as an agent:

    You place an urgent call into your IMO or upline support personnel at 5:01pm, only to discover that they’ve gone home for the night or weekend. Nonetheless, you leave an urgent message requesting information on the best way to write a prospect for whom you’re currently trying to write a policy. Unfortunately, your IMO lives by the Mon-Fri 8-5 work shift, and therefore, doesn’t receive your email or voicemail until the next business day. By this time, you’ve lost the chance of a sale.

    You submit a new application on behalf of a client. When you attempt to contact your IMO 3 weeks later (after realizing the insurance carrier shows no sign of ever receiving the application), you never get a call back, thus leaving your client hanging in the air, while you attempt to track down the application. Low and behold, after another week goes by, you find out that your IMO’s “assistant” had a dead car battery, which “somehow” delayed processing and submitting your client’s application. (Yes, this actually happened to an agent of ours, while with his previous IMO.)

    Being told that since you are a “captive agent”, you are assigned a “territory” in which to sell. You are restricted to this area, without an opportunity to sell products from other carriers, or to expand your market in an effort to increase sales and income.

    Being mislead by some MLM operation into believing you’ll make over $100,000 your FIRST year as an agent. Then discovering that as you work hard to make your measly 50-80% commission (as opposed to 90-120%), someone above you is collecting a chunk of your commission, while YOU do all the work!!

    We realize that the purpose of an IMO is to serve as a direct line of support between the agent and carrier. If an agent has a need related to sales or prospecting, they should be able to rely on their IMO to assist, particularly when the carrier may not be reachable (such as during evenings and on weekends).

    We almost always respond to an agent’s phone call or email within 30 minutes, if not immediately. This is no different during evenings and weekends, as we understand that many times, agents have to set sales appointments during those days and times. With today’s technology regarding the mobile capabilities of an office, there’s never an excuse as to why an agent must wait until the following day for assistance with an immediate need.

    We believe in personalized attention. We make a point of learning your target market, in order to ensure you have the best carriers and products available when prospecting for business. We never play “favorites” with any carrier. If they want the business, they should focus on offering the best product at the best price. Additionally, we learn about our agents and their strengths, as well as any weaknesses. We encourage all of our agents to work together when possible in order to help each other with prospecting ideas and anything else that can help us all achieve greater sales success. Just because you’re independent, does NOT mean you’re on your own!!

    Same-day underwriting risk assessments. We understand that there will be times when even the most experienced agents will come across an individual with a complex assortment of medical ailments, past and present. It is nearly impossible to memorize every medical underwriting guideline from every carrier. Therefore, in the event an agent is in need of a last minute assessment regarding the best carrier product for their client, they can always count on us to offer immediate assistance in regards to helping them determine the best fit for the situation. Many IMO’s simply say “Send in this risk assessment form, and we should hopefully have a response in 2-3 days.” However, we understand that sometimes you don’t have 3 days, let alone 3 hours to get a response, without jeopardizing a potential sale .

    Carrier Contracting Services


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    Travel agent training #air #travel #tickets

    #travel agent training

    Welcome to AmaWaterways Training!

    Already A member?

    Terms Conditions

    All rewards must be for new bookings made after successful completion of the course and for future sailings. Rewards for applicable bookings are issued after the embarkation date. The Graduation Reward of $50 prepaid MasterCard card is valid on one new booking made within three months of graduation. Graduates will be sent their Prepaid Card after successfully completing the course. The card will be rewarded once the reservation has sailed. This offer is limited to one per agent. Qualifying agent must be the agent of record on the booking. The Mekong Booking Reward is valid on each new FIT booking made for the Vietnam, Cambodia and the Riches of the Mekong itinerary after successful completion of the course. The Mekong Booking Reward is valid on each new FIT booking made for the Vietnam, Cambodia and the Riches of the Mekong itinerary after successful completion of the course. The $50 reward for booking a Mekong River cruise must be entered into Travel Agent University Rewards system. The Graduation Reward and the Mekong Booking Reward are not combinable. The Online Booking Reward of $25 is for every new FIT booking made online after successful completion of the course and must be entered into Travel Agent University Rewards system. The $50 Webinar Training Reward is valid on bookings made within three months of participating in a live webinar. Each booking has to relate to the topic covered in the webinar (i.e. if the webinar is on Southeast Asia, then only bookings for Mekong River and Ayeyarwady River cruises are applicable).


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    Travel Agent Training #travel #site

    #travel agent training

    Course Details

    The Travel Agent Online Training Program is a proven, successful method for motivated people to begin a travel career. This program will also help you prepare for The Travel Institute (formerly ICTA) TAP Certification, based on the textbooks Travel Career Development and Exploring the World, Geography for the Travel Professional. You will also learn the basic skills needed to operate a computer reservation system for airlines, travel agencies, cruise lines, hotels, or as a home-based agent.

    The Travel Agent Online Training Program will teach you all you need to know to start a travel career. You will learn about the airline industry, ground transportation, hotels and resorts, cruises, tours, international and domestic travel, reservations and pricing, specialty travel, and more.

    This online program consists of three modules. You will first participate in a travel career development program, which will teach you the basics of the travel industry, followed by a second module in which you will study geography for travel professionals, focusing on destinations all over the world that you are most likely to recommend and sell to your clients. In the final module you will choose the GDS computer reservation system you wish to study.  Your facilitator will help you to select the proper GDS system to best achieve your career goals.

    By completing this program, you will learn:

    • How to identify the various types of travelers and match them to the correct travel products
    • The various types of tours, from escorted to independent
    • How airline computer reservation systems operate
    • What documentation is needed to travel internationally and how to obtain it
    • How domestic and international airfares are determined
    • The ground transportation system, including rail, cars, and bus tours
    • All about cruises, including how to read and understand brochures, match the client to the proper ship, and explain the value of cruising
    • How hotels are rated and priced and the differences between a hotel and a resort
    • The basic formats used by the airlines to book flights, price tickets, and build the passenger name record (PNR)
    • The basics of marketing
    • How to guide a client to a destination based on their interests (such as sun and relaxation, food, gambling, culture, religion or history), travel seasons, and even geographically (for sports such as hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, etc.)
    • How to book, change, or cancel records in the GDS system
    • Exploring the World of Travel
    • The Travel Product
    • Marketing Travel
    • The Travel Workplace
    • Destination Geography
    • The Eastern United States
    • The Midwest
    • The Western States, Alaska, and Hawaii
    • Canada
    • Bermuda and the West Indies
    • Mexico and Central America
    • South America and Antarctica
    • The British Isles
    • Northern Europe
    • Eastern Europe
    • Southern Europe
    • Africa and the Middle East
    • Asia
    • The Pacific
    • Computer Reservation Systems


    • Travel Career Development  and accompanying workbook
    • Exploring the World, Geography for the Travel Professional  and accompanying workbook
    • Airline Reservations and Automated Fares and Ticketing in Sabre
    • Sabre or Apollo Format Guide
    • Introduction to Apollo


    This program is compatible with the Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers.  This course can be taken on either a Mac or a PC. Students will need to have an Internet connection and email capabilities.

    Upon registering, you will receive an initial six months to complete the program. Should you need more time, you may request a six month extension at no additional charge. Students using VA benefits should refer to the Military page of our site to review the differences between online program access and VA rates of pursuit.


    Patricia Flores has been working in the travel industry over 14 years. She attended International Travel and Aviation Academy in 1991 in Arlington, TX. She has excellent qualities, strengths and outstanding customer service skills. Her career started at Cendent Travel where she specialized in booking leisure destination packages. She went on to work for World Travel BTI preparing corporate reservations for Pepsi Cola Account and other various corporate accounts. Patricia has been fortunate to work for wonderful companies such as Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Travelocity. Preparing domestic and international air, car, hotel, train and tour reservations, Patricia presently works as a home agent for American Express Platinum Travel preparing luxury travel. Patricia has a lot of knowledge in Native Sabre and Turbo Sabre Systems. She is proficient and has a lot of experience in the travel industry. Please feel free to ask her questions regarding formats, and industry related questions.


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    Travel agent job description #travel #with #kids

    #travel agent jobs

    Travel agent job description

    %img src=”” /%

    Knowing you’re going on holiday suddenly makes you happier in your everyday life as the thought of packing up a suitcase and leaving everything behind for a few weeks can bring joy to your day.

    Working as a travel agent offers a fast-paced, fun environment where budding sales stars can hone their abilities.

    So, what will I actually be doing?

    Not everyone walks into a travel agency with a clear idea of where they’d like to go on holiday, so one of your main roles as a travel agent is to give well-informed, appropriate advice to clients about where and when to travel based on their needs. So if they hate hot weather, don’t send them to Australia in the summer.

    %img src=” h=98 as=1″ /%

    The finer details.

    Most travel agents are based in branches on the high street. although some agents do work in call centres. Branch travel agents usually work regular, 9-5, 35-40 hours per week including Saturday. Those based in a call centre may work more irregular hours but there are plenty of opportunities for part-time work for those with a busy schedule.

    If the world of the travel agent suits your skills, it’s good to know there’s plenty of room for career progression. Travel agents can become a team leader in a call centre or a branch manager. And as you gain more experience,you can find work with bigger tour operators or work with agencies offering more specialised breaks such as adventure or trekking holidays.

    Money, money, money

    With the world literally at your feet, how much can you expect to earn? Travel agents starting out can expect to earn around £12k but working hard and getting some experience goes a long way in this business and more seasoned travel agents can earn anything up to £30k.

    Just like many sales roles, there are often bonuses and incentives to encourage sales which should nudge your salary upwards too.

    The good points.

    “Getting feedback from a happy client, client loyalty and repeat business are three things that really give job satisfaction as a travel agent,” says Gemma Antrobus, managing director of Haslemere Travel and spokesperson for the AiTO Specialist Travel Agents.

    “You will never become a millionaire as an agent, but every once in a while you get to live like one which is a great perk. The opportunities to travel the world and experience destinations that are on most people’s ‘wish list’ are endless.”

    Perfect for those passionate about travelling, travel agents often get reductions off the cost of holidays with your employer so you can still dream about jet setting abroad even when you’re booking someone else’s holiday.

    and the bad

    “Dealing with circumstances that are external to the travel industry and beyond our control, such as the ash cloud disruption. Clients that pick your brains then book the holiday themselves – usually online and often not even with an operator – are frustrating, too.”

    Is there study involved?

    When it comes to this role, if you’re excited by the world around you and idea of travelling, it doesn’t matter if qualifications weren’t your forte at school. “You can train anyone on how to use GDS [a system that books and sells tickets for multiple airlines], customer service skills. how to close a sale and on destination and product knowledge,” says Gemma. “However, you can’t teach someone to be passionate about travel.”

    You don’t need any specific qualifications to become a travel agent although many employers will expect at least a C grade in GCSE Maths and English. If you want to give yourself a head start, however, some of these qualifications will give your CV a boost.

    • NVQ Levels 2 3 in travel and tourism
    • BTEC HNC/HND in travel and tourism management
    • BA Hons in travel and tourism

    OK, I’m interested. But is it really the job for me?

    This job is all about the customer and helping to find and organise their dream holiday, so travel agents need to have finely-tuned customer service skills, a passion for the travel industry and a friendly, approachable manner. Other qualities that’ll set you on the road to success include:

    • Good attention to detail
    • Well organised
    • Competent IT skills
    • Patience

    Plus, knowledge of another language is always an advantage when working in the travel industry.


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    Become a Travel Agent. Free on-line Travel School. Travel Jobs #airfare

    #travel booking

    Learn How to Become a Travel Agent, Work from Home

    Becoming a travel agent is a golden opportunity to help people secure the best possible arrangements while learning more about wonderful worldwide tourist destinations. However, it can be a lot of work to even get hired by an agency.

    If you are wondering how to become a travel agent without the fuss of requirements and restrictions, then perhaps you will be interested in being an agent that works at home. AARC Host Agency has the resources you need to become an online travel agent, eliminating the need for you to physically report for work. Be your own boss and earn a living booking trips from the comfort of your own home.

    Why Should You Be a Home-Based Travel Agent Through AARC Host Agency?

    Although there are other ways to secure exciting travel agent jobs on your own, there are perks if you decide to join us, such as:

    • Free Travel Agent Training.

    AARC Host Agency will handle your training, ensuring that you have the necessary know-how to open and run your own online travel agency. With us, you will learn how to book flights, cruises, tours, and accommodations. You will also learn how to find clients on the web, and group travelers to arrange profitable deals, and much more. We want you to be competent enough to run your own travel agency and genuinely enjoy your work.

  • State-of-the-art Technology.

    Once you fully grasp the role of a travel agent, we can then supply you with your travel agent tools, such as client booking software. Why pay for these tools if you can receive them for free through us?

  • A FREE Lucrative Website that Draws Consumers

    With our pre-made website resources, it should not take too long until you start attracting customers. Your consumers will be able to book their travel arrangements on your website while you earn a profit.

    If you work with us, you can opt from 70% to 90% of all commissions earned from your sales.

    Our host agency is recognized widely by the industry, allowing our members to enjoy reduced costs when dealing with travel authorities such as CLIA, NACTA, ASTA, OSSN, ARTA, PATH, BBB, IATAN, TRAMS,, NexCite and Passport Online.

  • The Capability to offer Great Deals

    You have access to exclusive rates and vacation deals unique to our host agency. As a member of our agency, you will have access to our agent-only website, containing listings of these coveted travel specials .

  • Access to Discounted or blocked Cruise Cabins

    You can access blocked group cruise rates via our agent-only website. Use our resources to search the perfect cruise for your client.

  • AARC Host Agency Does NOT Charge Start-up Fees .

    When join our network of travel agents, you earn income from great commission. We only require you to be bonded to ensure that your clients can completely rely on you.

  • On-Going Training and Support

    We will guide you along the way as you take on one of the most innovative travel industry jobs there is. If you need further help, we will provide assistance upon your request.

    Travel agents are often invited to go on cruises and vacation destinations around the globe for free or at special travel agent rates. You can enjoy this perk once you become a travel agent with us.

  • If you are looking for fun travel agency jobs, we highly encourage you to consider our host agency’s offer. We want to be your partner to help you make the most out of your career as a home-based travel agent.

    According to the Oprah Winfrey show.


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    USA CUBA TRAVEL: TRAVEL AGENT #flight #tickets

    #travel agency usa

    Travel Agent ARE YOU READY?

    Let’s face it, Cuba is about to become the red-hot destination for American travelers! Restrictions regulating travel to Cuba will be lifted soon. Many polls have concluded that Cuba will draw millions of American travelers in the first years after the lifting of restrictions.

    Like most travel agents, you may feel unprepared to face this huge demand. On the other hand, customers will be searching for agencies with specific know-how concerning this new destination.

    USA CUBA TRAVEL is gearing up to serve American travel agencies on a larger scale. Although our complete program is not available as yet, it is sure to include made-to-measure training for agents, special tours for agents, dedicated reservation services, exclusive products, internet promotion, group advertisement, etc.

    If your travel agency is interested in being part of USA CUBA TRAVEL ‘s network of Cuba specialists, please let us know.


    You are getting more and more requests for trips to Cuba; however because restrictions still do apply you are losing customers to foreign agencies. We may provide your customers with trips to Cuba. You will keep the sale of connecting flights from the United States to the departure airport in a third country. Our companies can mutually benefit from a relationship that would enable your travel agency to sell all products to Cuba from the very first day travel restrictions are lifted.


    You want to organize a group and you do not have the resources to do it? We can help you out!

    Here are the ground rules:

    • Minimum group size is four pax
    • We will provide you with a choice of four different itineraries
    • All group members must comply with the final itinerary
    • Some group members may extend their stay but an administrative fee will be applied
    • We need to know the net budget per pax in order to quote you appropriate services
    • We need to know the number of travelers expected
    • Full payment must be made before bookings are processed
    • The final booking must be made at least six weeks in advance for the high season and 3 weeks in advance for the low season
    • No refund can be made after the final booking has been processed
    • We can provide insurance plan
    • All flights to Cuba must be bought through us
    • Connecting flights are your responsibility
    • Please read our Terms and Conditions
    • One free trip per group of 20 pax or more
    • A discount is given to accompanying travel agents for groups of 19 or less
    • We do not ask questions concerning whether or not you have licence to travel to Cuba
    • We do not provide legal advice
    • We may refer you to an American law firm that specializes in requesting license from the Treasury department



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    Travel agent Australia #audley #travel

    #travel agents australia

    Travel Agent Australia

    Australia is a huge country and it possesses numerous attractive travel destinations spread across various parts of this vast country. In order to ably explore all these tourist attractions, a first-time traveler needs the assistance of a reputed and efficient travel agent in Australia. Australia’s tourist potential goes back to a long period, when in the last century it was held as the uninhabited exotic land to the extreme south of the earth, to the present day when it can rival any of the best European holiday destinations. There is something of interest almost all corners of Australia and a first-time tourist might not even be aware of such attractions, and therefore it is better to contact a good travel agent Australia before visiting the country, so that one may get detailed information on travel itineraries, Australian group tours, air reservation, cheap flights, transport bookings and travel insurance policy. Australia has a wide array of travel agents who can update visitors with the current scenario of travel and tourism in the country. Some of the reputed travel agencies of Australia include:-

    Australian Discount Travel and Tours: This travel agency of Australia has been able to secure for itself a distinct recognition of being one of the very rare travel agents which has something to offer to all visitors in Australia. Discount travel and tours is perhaps the only travel agency that gives tourists a taste of the real Australia, from the pure and crystal-clear Tasmania waters to the splendid view of the Great Barrier Reef. It is an NGO organization, which contributes in various charitable programs and forwards its profits in the causes affecting developing countries.

    GlobeNet Travel: Although this travel agency of Australia provides visitors with only luxury cruise deals and other deals on luxury lodgings, it is also an award-winning agency that provides potential visitors with expert advice and ensures a full-time trip support, which is the best that a tourist can ask for.

    Go Skippy: This Australia travel agency is best known for the best and comprehensive New Zealand and North Queensland tours.

    Harvey World Travel: One of the oldest and the most trusted travel agents in Australia. Harvey World Travel is best known for providing tourists with the best deals on virgin Blue, Qantas and Jetstar flights. Besides offering visitors with attractive air-fares on international flights, Harvey World travel is also a very efficient name in the hotel and car booking field.

    Whitsunday Travel Center: The oldest and most trusted travel agent at Australia. it is also one of the best-known licensed travel agency in the world. Whitsunday is ideally suited for booking luxury accommodation in Australia as the agency has access to the best resorts, hotels, bareboats, yacht charters and apartments in all parts of the country. Very recently, Whitsunday has also started providing travel agency services on tourist destinations in Australia.

    There are many other such travel agencies in Australia who are competent enough to provide the best advice on how to spend an ideal Australian vacation. If a tourist wants to enjoy the beauty of the place, these are some names he/she should think of consulting before visiting the country.


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    Travel Agent Job Description – Job Descriptions #travel #to #brazil

    #travel agents jobs

    Travel Agent Job Description

    Travel agents assist clients with travel arrangements. This may include helping the client to choose and research a destination as well as booking tickets and reservations. A love of travel, and some experience visiting other parts of the world, is fundamental requirements for success in this field. In addition, travel agents must be adept salespeople, possess superb computer skills, and be able to communicate effectively. With proper training and depth of experience, travel agents can enjoy success in a fiercely competitive field.

    Most travel jobs require or strongly prefer candidates with a degree or certificate in travel, hospitality, or a related field. Check out the programs below which offer free information:

    Travel Agent Job Responsibilities

    Travel agents are mainly responsible for researching and booking travel arrangements for their clients. These travel arrangements may be a honeymoon, family vacation, or business trip. Regardless of the client’s reason for traveling, the travel agent should be able to offer advice on the destination and be knowledgeable about making transportation and accommodation recommendations.

    These professionals should be able to provide their clients with a wealth of information regarding their destination. Data such as expected weather conditions, travel advisories, and documentation requirements should be part of the information provided to customers. Travel agents must keep abreast of developments in foreign countries that may influence travel arrangements or may make a particular destination unsafe for travel.

    The work of a travel agent is sometimes stressful as last minute itinerary changes come up while a client is on their trip. Similarly, a travel agent can expect to be very busy during certain times of the year like summer vacation and the holiday season. People entering this profession should be able to cope with multiple deadlines and be able to remain calm in a stressful situation.

    Travel agents must constantly be learning in order to keep up with technological advances and the offerings of resorts, tour operators, and transportation companies around the world. Much of this learning is accomplished on the Internet, however, many travel companies also publish materials that are sent out regularly to travel agents.

    Much of the work of travel agents is completed on a computer or the telephone. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time is required and any travel agent must be possessed of a friendly, professional demeanor. Sales skills are especially important and as a travel agent becomes more experienced, they may decide to take on a management role or start their own agency.

    Travel Agent Training and Education Requirements

    The basic requirement to become a travel agent is usually the completion of a course at a vocational school or community college. Usually a certificate or an associate degree is enough to obtain an entry-level position as a travel agent. Some agents begin their career as an assistant to a travel agent or as a receptionist in a travel agency.

    There are a few four year universities that offer a bachelor’s degree program in travel and hospitality. The more education a travel agent obtains, the greater their opportunities will be for advancement and better salary. It is also useful for travel agents to receive some education in other areas like history, geography, and business. History and geography knowledge will help the agent research destinations for their clients and help them make better informed recommendations. Business acumen is important if the agent wants to take on a management role or run their own agency.

    Travel Agent Salary and Wages

    Several factors will influence the salary a travel agent will earn. Their ability to sell effectively may be single most important factor, but other things like their location will also dictate their rate of pay. The better the reputation and experience of the travel agent, the better salary they can generally command. Likewise, a larger travel agency will likely pay more than a smaller one will.

    Most travel agents will earn between $24,000 and $38,000 annually. In some markets, travel agents may earn as much as $48,000. An agent employed part time can expect a smaller salary. Agents may also receive compensation in the form of bonuses and incentives. One of the major benefits travel agents receive is the opportunity to travel at reduced rates.*

    *According to the BLS,

    Travel Agent Certifications

    There is no formal certification process, however, travel agents who have a degree will have a much better chance of success. Those agents who choose to start their own agency must gain approval from agencies such as International Airlines Travel Agency Network before beginning operations. In order to gain this approval, they typically must have had experience as an agent at an established agency.

    Travel Agent Professional Associations

    The American Society of Travel Agents is the largest such organization in the world. Their main role is to advocate for travel professionals and the travel industry. The association holds annual trade shows at which travel professionals may exchange ideas and learn about technological developments. The association’s mission is to facilitate the sale of travel products and membership in this organization signals the experience and professionalism of the travel agent.


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    Travel Agent CV. #book #flight

    #cv travel

    Travel Agent CV

    Main activities and responsibilities

    Managed a group of 8 travel professionals, arranging domestic and international travel services for individuals, and groups. Directed business operations, including budgeting, accounts receivable and accounts payable, contract negotiation, and personnel administration. Maintained compliance with governmental policies and procedures.

    Created and implemented sales and marketing strategies, establishing an extensive client base which contributed to significant sales growth; personally booked between $5,000 to $15,000 worth of business per week.

    Resolved client problems and requests with goal of providing 100% client satisfaction. Conducted firsthand comparative evaluations of worldwide travel markets; gained valuable experience in making accurate and sound recommendations based on clients’ needs.

    Earned valuable repeat and referral business based on excellent customer relations.

    Negotiated agreements with suppliers and vendors that resulted in significant benefits to the company and savings for the customers.

    Analyzed market and re-focused business initiatives in response to market changes.


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    Travel Agent – Career Information #sti #travel

    #becoming a travel agent

    Travel Agent

    By Dawn Rosenberg McKay. Career Planning Expert

    Dawn Rosenberg McKay is a career planning professional with two decades of experience. She is the author of several books on this subject.

    You can read more about Dawn at her Google Profile: Dawn Rosenberg McKay

    Continue Reading Below

    About 76% of all travel agents worked for travel arrangement and reservation services and about 60% worked for travel agencies. Approximately 17% were self-employed.

    Educational Requirements

    In order to become a travel agent one must have, at least, a high school diploma or the equivalent. Increasingly, because of the use of computers and technology, employers prefer job candidates who have received vocational training. Some aspiring travel agents choose to get a bachelor s degree in travel and tourism, although programs that offer this coursework are few.

    Some employers look for job candidates who have taken college courses in computer science, foreign languages, geography and world history.

    Other Requirements

    Travel agents must take continuing education classes in order to satisfy clients who, due to the Internet, are well-informed and expect expert advice. The Travel Institute offers experienced agents courses that lead to the Certified Travel Associate (CTA) and Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) designations. The Institute also offers marketing and sales skills development programs and destination specialist programs.

    Continue Reading Below

    To be a successful travel agent one must be well-organized, accurate, detail-oriented, professional and courteous. Good writing and interpersonal skills as well as sales ability are also necessary.

    Advancement Opportunities

    Before becoming travel agents, many in this field begin by working as receptionists or reservation clerks in travel agencies. Many travel agents start their own businesses. Those that do generally have prior experience working at an established agency.

    Employment of travel agents is expected to see little or no increase or decline in employment through 2018. The lack of growth can be explained by the fact that travelers are increasingly using the Internet to plan their trips while the lack of decline might be explained by the use of agents by travelers who are planning exotic trips and the need to replace agents who retire or leave their jobs.

    Travel agents earned a median annual salary of $30,790 in 2009.

    Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much travel agents currently earn in your city.

    A Day in a Travel Agent s Life

    On a typical day a travel agent will:

    • give advice on destinations;
    • make arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodations, car rentals. tours, and recreation;
    • advise on weather conditions, restaurants, tourist attractions, and recreation;
    • provide information on customs regulations, required papers (passports, visas, and certificates of vaccination), and currency exchange rates to international travelers;
    • consult published and computer-based sources for information on departure and arrival times, fares, and hotel ratings and accommodations;
    • visit hotels, resorts, and restaurants to evaluate comfort, cleanliness, and quality of food and service;

    Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor, O*NET Online. Travel Agents. on the Internet at (visited December 8, 2010).


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    The Imaginative Traveller Travel Agent product reviews and price comparison #airline

    #imaginative traveller

    Andrew Eames Something Different for the Weekend: 52 Seasonal Breaks for the Imaginative Traveller (Bradt Travel Guide)

    Great value adventure! Would recommend.

    I recently returned from a great Nile Safari Trip with Imagiantive Traveller

    Arriving in Cairo

    Arrival was great! I was met by a driver who was holding up an Imaginative Traveller sign – he was waiting at the baggage reclaim for us. On arrival there were also another 3 solo female travellers who were joining the tour, all were very friendly in their mid-thirties and I felt like I would bond with them for the week away. Once we had met the driver he accompanied us through visa control – he took our money for visas and got our stamps for us to avoid the queues etc. It was all a very smooth and comfortable process. We then took a small mini-bus for the short transfer to the hotel – which was probably one of the most terrifying moments of my life! If you have never been to Cairo be warned! All the drivers are crazy! A 3 lane motorway suddenly becomes 5 with a donkey and trap mixed up somewhere in between! Were there any driving laws? If so, did anyone obey them? I think I had one hand clinging to the seat and the other hand over my eyes. but needless to say we got to the hotel safely!

    We arrived at the hotel at around 2am so we were taken straight to our room – as a solo female traveller I did feel a little intimidated as I had a male porter who took my cases up to my room and then hovered around for a while without leaving but I then realised he was waiting for a tip so gave him a small gratuity and he thanked me and left. About 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door and it was the porter again with a complimentary drink of orange juice! The room was a decent size, clean with en-suite facilities. I awoke at about 5.30am to the call to prayer. Having never been to a Middle Eastern country before I was totally mesmerised by the sound. I really felt like I was a million miles away from home. I couldn’t go back to sleep with excitement of the day ahead – we were off the Pyramids and Egyptian Museum!

    After a busy day in Cairo visiting the Pyramids and Museum we caught the overnight train to Luxor where we would join the cruise boat Melodie – exclusive to Imaginative Traveller guests. The overnight train was comfortable, we had a nice supper and the seats folded down into beds. Each cabin was for 2 people but it had a door (with a lock) that could open to the next cabin if you had friends the other side – which we did. We all went to the bar on the train for a quick night cap and then we had a comfortable night’s sleep and awoke at about 6am in Luxor for a very short transfer to the Melodie.

    Valley of the Kings – ahead of the crowds!

    After an amazing day taking a horse and carriage to Karnak Temple and exploring the bustling bazaars of Luxor we woke early the next morning for a donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings. What an experience! The Nile was so quiet and it appeared that we were the only ones up, taking a quick crossing to the west bank where we were met by our group of friendly donkeys. I was tired with the early start but I was sure this experience would wake me up – and boy, did it do just that! I don’t think I have laughed so much in my life. We travelled for 8 miles on ‘donkey back’. It was as if the donkeys were all racing each other – some of them got angry if another over took. The whole journey was about an hour and we arrived at the Valley of the Kings with very sore bottoms. But the early start and journey was worth it – we were the first group there! The temples were incredible and I could have spent so much longer taking in the markings and the stories behind each of them. By the time we left, the Valley of the Kings was beginning to heat up and the crowds were arriving in their masses on big coaches! Nothing like our experience.

    Nile Cruising

    The Melodie was very small in comparison to the other HUGE floating hotels on the Nile but I liked this – it seemed much more intimate and unique. The rooms were clean and a decent size, all with ensuite facilities. My highlight was opening up the curtains and realizing that the other side of the Nile was the Valley of the Kings – what a wonderful sight with the sun beginning to rise. For three days we sailed down the Nile, enjoying the wonderful company of the guests, staff and tour leaders and enjoying the FANTASTIC food and entertainment. We stopped at Kom Ombo and Edfu temples – both amazing experiences, each temple was different and each one told a unique story!

    Aswan, Abu Simbel and Camels

    The final highlight was stopping in Aswan. I took an additional excursion which was a camel ride across the Sinai desert past the Simeon Monastery. It was incredible – the trip lasted about three hours. Every camel had its own guide so you felt safe. We saw Nubian villages in the distance and it really felt like we were off the beaten track, experiencing what I had imagined the real Egypt to be like. I then spent the afternoon experiencing the beautiful city of Aswan.

    The following day we awoke for a 3am start for a visit to Abu Simbel. We all got on the coach with our pillows for a 3 hour ‘shut-eye’ for the journey. Again, when we arrived, the early start was well worth it as we were the first there – the coffee shops hadn’t even opened! But we were first through the door and the first to experience the amazing wonder of Abu Simbel in peace and quiet. We were back to the boat by lunchtime where we had an amazing lunch and the afternoon free to experience Aswan and get some last minute gifts, or just simply laze on the Melodie with a good book and taking a plunge in the dip pool!


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    The Opportunity to Become a Travel Agent with our Independent Home

    #independent travel agents

    Starting at $125, our Independent Travel Agent program includes complete start up and training. Travel is one of the fastest growing segments on the Internet. New technology has allowed independent travel agents to access computerized reservations systems (CRS) through the Internet from their home. As a home based travel agent and a member of the Prestige Agent Network, you can begin enjoying commissions income, travel benefits and an independent lifestyle working right out of your home or office on a part-time or full-time basis. The choice is yours, but whatever your expectations, we want to help you make them a reality.

    Many people are attracted to the travel business because they want to experience the excitement of the travel industry, gain additional income and qualify for travel benefits. In order to accomplish this, some people pay $50,000 or more to purchase a retail travel agency to obtain nearly the same income potential and benefits that you can have with a home, office or web based agency affiliation with our partner agency to become a travel agent and operate your own independent travel business.

    The Concept.

    The Prestige Agent Network offers cutting edge technology and systems which support a network of independent travel agents throughout North America. All of the travel agents in our network earn commission and participate in benefits and activities enjoyed by professional travel agents. Our members also benefit from the buying power and influence of our partner agency in the travel industry. When you get started you will receive your start-up support package, including a training manual, audio training CD and video training DVD.

    The Travel Industry Today.

    Travel and tourism is the world’s largest industry, generating nearly $4 trillion in annual revenues and employing over 127 million people worldwide. Since the 1950’s, travel and tourism has consistently grown at an average daily rate of 10 to 11 percent.

    Almost all segments of the travel industry are experiencing growth including hotel and vacation travel. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the cruise segment. Cruise lines have put new mega liners into service and continue to order new ships for delivery every year. In spite of the phenomenal growth that has taken place in the cruise industry only about 11% of all Americans have taken a cruise. This presents an incredible opportunity for travel agents. The time to become involved in the Travel Industry is now! Travel organizations predict enormous increases in international travel between now and the year 2020. You can be a part of this remarkable growth.

    Information Request Form

    Download the Network Membership Application


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    Requirements to Become a Travel Agent #cheap #travel #packages

    #become a travel agent

    What are the Requirements to Become a Travel Agent?

    As a travel agent, you are responsible for helping prospective tourists and business professionals map out their trips. You sift through countless deals, flights, cruises, hotel packages, and destination tours to help your clients select optimal travel and accommodation arrangements for their upcoming vacations or business trips. For any countries that you recommend to potential travelers, you are also expected to know basic information such as:

    • Weather conditions
    • Travel advisories
    • Customs
    • Ordinances
    • Visa requirements
    • Vaccination details

    Not surprisingly, the best travel agents are usually those who are passionate about the industry and take the time to master all of the nuances of domestic and international travel.

    Requirements to Become a Travel Agent

    While there are no universally mandated requirements to become a travel agent, many employers increasingly prefer to hire those with at least some education at the post-secondary level, especially if it is in business, hospitality, or tourism. It is also possible to enter the profession with a high school diploma coupled with several years of experience in a related field. For example, if you have already worked in dining or hotels, you might qualify for certain positions.

    As a travel agent, your biggest competitors are not always rival firms, but rather, the World Wide Web. Because Internet deals and online shopping have become more competitive in recent years, it is imperative that you remain abreast of industry changes, both in the travel business and in information technology. Computer skills are becoming increasingly essential, and although not mandatory, it also helps to be fluent in at least one foreign language. If you successfully master computers, the Internet, and a second language through a vocational travel program, you could have a decisive advantage over those who opted not to pursue formal education.

    Get Your Degree!

    Find schools and get information on the program that s right for you.


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    Online Travel Agent Certificate #compare #travel #sites

    #travel agent course

    Online Travel Agent Certificate Training & Courses

    explore more:

    Launch your travel agent career with the flexibility of online training! This completely internet-based program is a great entry point to a new career as a Travel Consultant or for anyone interested in developing a home-based business as an independent agent.

    To obtain the full training and graduate with our 3-Star CITC Endorsed Travel Agent Certificate, students must successfully complete all 16 courses. Alternately, travel professionals seeking to expand their skill sets in specific disciplines, such as the cruise market or vacation package sales, may choose to focus on individual courses.

    Why Choose CTC s Online Travel Agent Certificate Training with CITC s 3-Star Endorsement?

    CTC s Travel Agent Certificate Training program offers:

    • A comprehensive introduction to the travel industry with training in fares and tickets, travel reservations, leisure travel and the computer reservation system SABRE.
    • 3-Star program endorsement from the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), the national association that certifies and designates travel professionals across Canada.
    • Flexible internet-delivered education of 270 to 430 hours.
    • Lifetime employment assistance with priority access from our exclusive Career Hunters service.

    Share your enthusiasm for travel in one of the many jobs in the travel agent sector with the valuable skills acquired with this certificate training.

    Call us today to request free information. or click here to learn more about our selection of courses!


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    JLM Travel – Travel Agent in Gateshead (UK) #flight #for #cheap

    #jlm travel

    Listed In.


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    INCOME FROM HOME-BASED TRAVEL AGENCY – Travel Agent Jobs #travel #weather

    #home based travel agent


    Athena in Fairfield, California

    48 months ago

    VOA in Ottawa, Ontario said: PLEASE CAN SOMEONE IN CANADA OR the U.S. PLEASE TELL ME APPROXIMATELY HOW MUCH ONE CAN MAKE AS HOME-BASED TRAVEL AGENT? PLEASEEEEEE HELP! I really interested in this but I would like to know if it is worth it. I like traveling myself.

    Hey, I see no one has responded to you, which is wrong. I went to college and earned 3 certificates in Travel in 2008. I started a home-based business through a host agency for a brief time. If you have a good host agency that is legit, and that pays a good commission split (with low fees), and that has good training and a good reputation, you could do o.k. But, you have to hustle to find your business, and you are in competition with the internet. None of these agencies give you leads, the only one I know is American Express, and you have to have sold approx. $100,000 dollars worth of travel in order to work with them. However, if you find a niche, and a good agency, it is worthwhile because you can travel with FAM trips, and get diccounted travel.

    Look on NACTA to find a certified, bonified host agency. Check everything out to see which one suits you, and call them to see how they represent themselves on the phone.

    Blessings, keep me posted; happy holidays.


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    Home Based Travel Agent Resources – Video Tutorials, Articles, More #travel

    #home based travel agent

    Home Based Travel Agent Resources

    Google has all the answers out there for you (somewhere), but wouldn t it be nice if there was a site that linked to resources for those looking to become a home based travel agent?  I thought so too!

    We ve got two sets of readers here:

    • Experienced travel agents  I know just the thing for you.  Check out our calendar of industry events and make sure to read our education and marketing articles  to help you grow your home based travel agency even more!
    • New travel agents   If you re looking to become a home based travel agent, you came to the right place!  You ll find our travel agent basics  (there are multiple pages so make sure to click the older entries button!) will give you the big picture on how things work a super important foundation.  After that, we ve got a host agency list (with over 600 agent reviews) for you to peruse.  Speaking of

    Four Steps to Finding the Perfect Host Travel Agency

    We ve helped a LOT of home based travel agents find a host agency.  We also answer a lot of the same questions because, as it turns out, most new home based travel agents feel confused, frustrated, and unsure of where to start or how to find a good host agency!

    If that s you, this video guides you through the questions you need to be asking yourself in order to narrow down your host agency options.  You ll also want to check out the Finding the Best Host Agency article for some more tips.

    And after watching the video, we ve created a spreadsheet to help you compare host agencies.  You can download it below:

    Home Based Travel Agent Newsletter Popular Articles


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    Home Based Travel Agent #travel #forum

    #home based travel agent

    Home Based Travel Agent Information Center

    Welcome to

    Are You Looking for Information About Starting a Home Based Travel Business? Be sure to view the articles and video tutorials on exactly how to do it. This is a FREE training course that will give you everything you need to know.

    Home Based Travel Agent Books : Here are the books that started it all. If you are looking for detailed information on how to start a home based travel agency, this is the place to start.

    Host Agencies : If you are looking for a host agency, this is the place to find one. Check out the list of approved host agencies.

    Home Based Travel Agent Article Library : Looking for information about starting, operating, marketing and numerous other topics. Search the article library for answers.

    Read the November  i ssue of Travel Professional NEWS

    Click HERE

    Travel Professional NEWS! You will find past issues of our newsletter that I am sure you will find very informative. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Travel Professional NEWS.  Click on the above link to view the current magazine.

    Travel Professional Community : If you are an established agent, you should join this free social community for travel professionals. It provides the support well over 12,000 home based travel professionals need.

    Webinars On Demand For Home Based Travel Agents : Catch the latest webinars hosted by These webinars are on demand and can be enjoyed at anytime.

    Travel Professional Network : The Travel Professional Network is, without a doubt, the most current and complete on-line resource for travel agents! No matter what your travel business model or niche specialty may be, this site will prove to be an invaluable resource.

    Education and Training : Today’s home based travel agent has an entire world of training at his or her fingertips. Here is how to access it.

    Travel Business Scams : Learn how to avoid being scammed as you find your way into the travel business.

    Frequently Asked Questions : Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Home Based Travel Agent

    About Us

    This site was developed by Tom Ogg Associates to give you information so that you can make good decisions while pursuing your goal of entering the travel industry, as a part-time or full-time home based travel agent. By investigating this site you will uncover tons of information other people want to charge you for. If, after exploring this site, you want to continue to pursue the idea, the next logical step is to buy one (or more) of my books. You will find answers to all of your questions (and those you haven’t even thought of yet) and will be prepared to open your doors with a successful business.

    Finally, I get a ton of people that e-mail me with questions and thanking me for giving away what other people are trying to sell them. In my 40 years in the travel industry, I have found that the more I give away, the more I receive. So take advantage of the information you will find in this site and don’t spend a dime until you have thoroughly researched it. Once you have, you will be in a good position to decide if you want to proceed further into the travel industry or not. If you do, the next logical step would be to buy my books. I have made a very attractive offer on this complete package that you will find very motivating.

    Join the travel industry’s largest and most active social community


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    Compare – Buy Travel Insurance Online, Best Travel Insurance Agent India

    #insurance travel

    Travel Medical Insurance That Reunites Families

    Travel Insurance India  is a vital travel insurance portal for citizens of India and travellers to India. People can easily obtain valuable information on the many travel insurance plans we offer along with the ability to get an online quote and purchase online from one of our travel insurance providers located in the USA, Canada and Europe. Once you purchase your travel medical insurance plan, you will receive an confirmation of coverage, plan documents and wallet card to take on your trip. The medical costs associated with an injury or illness abroad can be quite high, so it is critical that you purchase a travel medical policy today.

    The travel insurance plans we offer are great for Indian nationals immigrating to the USA, Canada and Europe and beyond. The majority of the insurance plans are available to most citizens around much of the world. We are a premier supplier for travel insurance for people going to and from India.

    In the event of a claim, you can contact insurer directly to pre-certify the claim. It is that easy. Travel Insurance is not an insurance company or travel insurance agent. Instead we are a travel insurance portal to various insurance providers. Our primary travel insurance provider is International Medical Group, but we also work with other providers such as Travel Underwriters and BUPA Global.


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    Can a Travel Agent Actually Save You Money? #flight #cheap

    #cheap travel agents

    Can a Travel Agent Actually Save You Money?

    Posted on Apr 30, 2012

    Are travel agents back?

    This question, posed by The New York Times. got us thinking. According to the piece, nearly one in three leisure travel agencies is hiring, and in 2011 travel agencies experienced a second consecutive year of growth; in fact, their bookings accounted for a third of the $284 billion U.S. travel market.

    Silly us, we thought travel agents had become passé.

    But if the travel agent business is thriving, we started wondering—is there something to this? Could using an old-school travel agent actually save us money on travel?

    To find out, we consulted Barbara Vong, a travel agent with Wright Travel Agency. the 2011 winner of the Best of the Best Globe Award from Travel Impressions .

    The first thing we learned? Travel agents usually don t charge customers for their services! Their payment actually comes through the hotels and wholesalers, meaning that we can simply tap into a free service. That also means using a travel agent should never be more  expensive than booking by yourself online and these are experts well-versed in where to find the best deals.

    Of course, booking your flights in 30 seconds with a few clicks sounds a lot easier than playing phone tag with a live person, so it pays to know when a travel agent can help the most, and when you might as well DIY it. Vong let us in on the best times to call an agent, and some money-saving travel tips she s picked up in her line of work:

    Want More?

    Take these five steps  for your financial success

    Sharpen your shopping skills and make your clothes last longer with Priceless Style Bootcamp

    Use a Travel Agent If

    You re Traveling With a Group

    For group bookings that involve coordinating travel for multiple people, it s usually easier to use a travel agent, says Vong. I just had a bride call me because one of the groomsmen booked his own trip through a discount travel site, and he wanted to add someone to the room, says Vong. The customer service representative from the travel site he used told him they couldn t do it, but they were probably just being lazy. This is a great example of when you d rather hand the responsibility of changing that booking to a travel agent, rather than trying to fix it on your own.

    You re Not Sure Where You Want to Go

    You re Traveling Internationally

    If you re planning to travel somewhere out of the country, and you ve never been there before, it might be a good idea to go through a travel agent. When you use an agent to book international travel, you ll be able to ask a million questions, says Vong, and your agent will be sure to gather all the information you ll need to make sure you re traveling safely.

    You Don t Need a Travel Agent If

    You re Only Booking a Flight

    Let s say you re visiting a friend in Arizona and all you need is the flight out there. With all of the discount flight sites available, it s usually easier, and generally about the same price, to just book it yourself. (Check out our rundown of popular travel sites to see which one might work best for you.)

    You Want to Use Your Miles

    Travel agents aren t able to use your points or rewards card miles to book a flight or hotel for you—you ll have to book on your own if you d like to use them. You also aren t able to use points or miles to buy flights on sites like Expedia or Orbitz, either, only directly through the site of the company who is giving the points or miles, says Vong.

    You Find a Fantastic Deal on a Deal Site

    Go ahead and book a travel deal that you find on a site like LivingSocial. Groupon or Travelzoo. Just remember that you ll need to be flexible with the travel dates (most deals are offered for off-peak times, like travel on a weekday only, or for a Sunday night at a hotel), and be wary of expiration dates.

    Some Travel Tips to Help Save Money

    In her years as a travel agent, Vong has discovered a few things that help her save money on her own travel. Here are a few of her favorites:

    1. Fly at the Right Time

    If you can, avoid flying out on a Thursday or Friday, or flying back on a Sunday, when Vong says flights tend to be the most expensive. It s hard to say exactly how much a traveler could save, as it depends on the specific flight and how much space is available on it, but you could find yourself saving up to $50 or more for longer flights, says Vong.

    2. Factor in Your Transfer

    Set up transportation from the airport to your hotel through a shuttle or van service online prior to arriving at your destination. Local taxis in some countries have been known to charge more to foreigners traveling to and from airports. If you re working with a travel agent, she should always be able to book transportation for you from the airport. If you re booking on your own, try calling your airline for suggestions, or searching on the tourism website for the place where you re going (most major tourist cities have a tourism website.) If you re booking a tour on your vacation, most tour operators also offer transfers with the purchase of certain products, says Vong.

    3. Try the Go City Card

    The Go City Card is available in nine U.S. cities (including Boston, Chicago, New York, Orlando and more), and it allows you to pick and choose which sightseeing you want to do and to buy those activities as a bundle, which will be much cheaper than buying them individually.

    4. Use Your Email

    If you re traveling within the U.S. sign yourself up for emails from deal sites like Groupon  or LivingSocial from the city you re traveling to for potential discounts. In other words, if you live in Chicago but are traveling to San Francisco, subscribe to the San Fran deal sites shortly before your trip— you can always unsubscribe later.

    5. Be Smart About Exchanging Currency

    If you ll be traveling to a country where you ll need a different currency, Vong suggests exchanging money at your hotel. They usually have the best rates, they don t charge a fee and you can put any extra money you don t need back in the safe deposit box in your room as soon as you get it, she says.

    LearnVest Planning Services is a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of LearnVest, Inc. that provides financial plans for its clients. Information shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended as investment, legal or tax planning advice. Please consult a financial adviser, attorney or tax specialist for advice specific to your financial situation. Unless specifically identified as such, the people interviewed in this piece are neither clients, employees nor affiliates of LearnVest Planning Services, and the views expressed are their own. LearnVest Planning Services and any third parties listed in this message are separate and unaffiliated and are not responsible for each other’s products, services or policies.


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    National Tax Relief – Professional Tax Help for Small Businesses and


    We Fix Tax Problems

    We understand the stress and uncertainty that one can feel when they get behind on their taxes. If you owe back taxes to the IRS (or State) and are ready to permanently resolve your tax debt – You have come to the right place! Our programs follow rules and procedures set up by the IRS to help people who cannot afford to pay back their debt to reduce or completely eliminate what they owe. If you need professional tax advice or help stopping IRS collection action against you or your business – We can help – Guaranteed!!

    We Assist Taxpayers in all 50 States and overseas!

    The experienced Tax Attorneys, Accountants and Enrolled Agents at National Tax Relief will help you find the tax solution that will work best for your specific situation. Whether you have just fallen behind on your taxes or have been struggling with the IRS for years, we will help you get back into tax compliance quickly and efficiently.

    Call us Toll Free today at: 888-282-4697

    Find out how our services and programs can help you. Our Tax Help Services are available Nationwide!

    Copyright 1998 – 2013, Watax, LLC – All Rights Reserved


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    Mr D s Insurance Inc – Medford, OR Insurance #insurance #in


    Mr D’s Insurance Inc

    Phone: (541) 779-6017 | Fax: (541) 779-2241

    Mr D’s Insurance Inc is dedicated to protecting Medford families with at a price you can afford with professional service. Visit their office at 150 Hawthorne St # B or call (541) 779-6017 for risk-free insurance quotes. Serving Medford and the greater Jackson county area.

    Searching for insurance agents in Medford, Oregon or just trying to save money on insurance? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

    • Mr D’s Insurance Inc may be able to help you find the best insurance rates in Oregon. By using a local Medford insurance agent, you have someone to contact to ask questions, review coverages and help you at claim time.
    • Medford auto insurance premiums are expensive, and nobody enjoys having to pay more than they need to for car insurance. You’ll be able to lower your vehicle insurance rates by boosting your insurance deductibles, maintain a top credit rating, steer clear of speeding tickets or having at-fault accidents, and drive lower-cost cars which are less expensive to repair than pricey imports.
    • Medford property owners are able to reduce their insurance costs by simply increasing their insurance policy deductible. An insurance deductible is how much money you have to pay out-of-pocket once you have a home insurance claim. By agreeing to pay an increased amount of your own money, your insurance provider will lower your home insurance premium. Providing you don’t have regular claims, the cost savings on the reduced premium will soon add up to a lot more than the extra insurance deductible you have to spend at claim time.
    • Maintain good credit or repair bad credit scores to drastically save on insurance. Your credit history has a huge impace on your insurance rates, so if your credit is good, keep it there. If it’s not-so-good, take steps to repair your bad credit today.

    Copyright | Disclaimer


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    Travel and Tourism Specialist Tuition #online #travel #agent #schools


    Travel Tourism Specialist

    • Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express
    • PayPal
    • Checks
    • Money orders
    • Authorized automatic withdrawals from checking and savings accounts from U.S. banks

    At Penn Foster Career School, we continue to develop new ways to expand and improve student satisfaction. However, if you are not satisfied or can no longer continue your studies, we offer a refund policy. If you cancel within the first 6 days of enrollment you will receive a full refund. After the first 6 days your refund amount will be based on:

    • Lessons completed
    • Tuition collected
    • Enrollment date

    For detailed information on Penn Foster Career School’s refund policy, please click here.

    To view a sample enrollment agreement, please click here.

    Many Penn Foster programs are approved for veteran’s education benefits. Reservists may also qualify for veteran’s education benefits. If you think you may be eligible or would like more information, you can check with your local or regional VA office or call Penn Foster at 888-427-2900 to speak with a VA Support Specialist.

    As a military spouse you may use your MYCAA Benefit toward your Penn Foster Education. Funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA), provide up to $4,000 of financial assistance for military spouses who are pursuing degree programs, licenses, or credentials that lead to employment in portable career fields.

    MyCAA Eligibility and Requirements:

    • Spouses of active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps service members in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2, as well as the spouses of activated Guard and Reserve members within those ranks. Spouses of Guard and Reserve members must be able to start and complete their program while their sponsor is on Title 10 orders.
    • MyCAA offers a maximum financial benefit of $4,000 with a fiscal year cap of $2,000. Waivers will be available for spouses pursuing licensure or certification up to the total maximum assistance of $4,000.
    • Military spouses are required to finish their program of study within three years from the start date of the first course.
    • Qualifying education credentials are limited to associate degrees, certifications, and licensures.

    Call 800-238-9554 to speak with an Admissions Specialist for more information or to enroll using MyCAA benefits.


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    Becoming an Independent Travel Agent #cheap #air #travel

    #independent travel agents

    Becoming an Independent Travel Agent

    By Bonnie Burgess. Tourism Expert

    Becoming an independent travel agent can still be a very profitable business to consider. According to a study by ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), and NACTA ((National Association of Career Travel Agents), 57 percent of independent travel agents saw an increase in sales in 2010, even with the downturned economy.

    The study from ASTA and NACTA also concludes that:

    Developing a niche specialty of travel, such as cruise sales, can be one of the most important factors in developing a travel business. A successful agent needs to develop knowledge and experience about some aspect of travel. The study also shows that most independent agents do not use a GDS, which is important to have in order to sell airline tickets. An inexperienced agent can sell a cruise with some basic training and cruise vacation experiences. But to sell airline tickets efficiently requires experience and more training.

    Continue Reading Below

    Needless to say agents with more experience, knowledge, and salesmanship should have an easier time of developing a profitable home based travel business.

    Some essential characteristics to look for in a host agency:

    • Does the company offer agent support, including accounting, technical, marketing and commission tracking?
    • Look for high vendor commissions. Host travel agencies earn commissions from vendors based upon the number of annual sales and other negotiated factors.
    • High agent/host agency commission ratio. Host agencies divide commissions with agents, but some also charge monthly fees or other agent charges.
    • Check to see what training programs are offered by the host agency.
    • What GDS booking systems does the host agency use? Is it a system the agent is already familiar with, or is GDS training provided as well?
    • Are marketing opportunities offered?
    • Does the host agency offer internet sales, or a web site ?
    • Check which travel companies the agency is partnered with. Many agencies have preferred vendors that have higher negotiated commissions that also have an above average reputation.
    • Does the agency belong to ASTA, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association ), IATA (International Air Transport Association), NACTA ?
    • Does the agency give agents referrals to potential clients?
    • Who keeps track of sales and commissions? Does the agency give an agent a sales report?
    • How often does the host agency pay the agents?
    • What type of invoicing and record keeping is the agent required to do?
    • Is the agent required to pay for error and omission insurance or bonding?
    • What office equipment is required by the host agency?

    Advantages and benefits as an independent travel agent:

    • Earn travel discounts for hotel stay, car rentals. cruises, and tours.
    • Be your own boss and work at your own schedule. Although this sounds pretty dreamy, many clients think that if an agent works from home, that makes them available any day at any hour. Hours should be set and adhered to as much as possible, unless unrestricted work hours are offered as an extra benefit the agent presents to their clients.
    • Learn more about world geography and cultures.
    • Home based agents are often eligible for some travel expense and home tax deductions .
    • Possibility to make a profitable career doing a job you enjoy.
    • Ability to network with others in the travel workforce.

    Since individuals do not require travel agency experience to be an independent travel agent, there are hundreds of companies that offer to be host agencies for beginners. Before signing on with a company who presents an enticing website or tries to sell a package to become a travel agent, ask a lot of questions and see in writing what benefits will be received as an agent, and what expenses the agent will be responsible for. Check with reputable local travel agencies to see what they require to begin as an independent travel agent.


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    Become a Travel Agent #travel #london

    #become a travel agent

    Become a Travel Agent

    Without any prior experience, you can become an Independent Travel Agent with TBA and work from your own home. Here is how the process works:

    or If you would like more information before you make a decision, send us an e-mail and we’ll contact you.

    Agent Support Is Our #1 Priority. The most important thing we do at TBA is support our team of Agents. In fact, that is so important to us that we have a department called Agent Services this department is staffed with trained professionals that are experts in every aspect of the travel business. They are dedicated to helping our Agents with any questions or problems they may have.

    Remember Our Business Plan. Once you are up and running, you can sell tickets, holiday packages, hotels, red bus, DTH and mobile recharge from your account.

    Just START YOUR TRAVEL AGENCY BUSINESS NOW. Call us know to know how to start travel agency or how to become a travel agent .

    For Agent / Distributorship. Call Us. +91 9540-06-22-44


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    Barrhead Travel Agent UK #magellan #travel

    #barhead travel

    Barrhead Travel

    Key Features at Barrhead Travel travel:

    • 24/7 online travel booking system
    • Special discounts on late travel deals
    • Optional holiday travel insurance can be bought
    • Store finder to locate nearest Barrhead Travel high street branch or shop

    compare Barrhead Travel features with other UK travel agents

    Categories at Barrhead Travel:

    Contact Details for Barrhead Travel:

    Telephone Number: 0871 226 1052

    Address: Barrhead, Glasgow City Centre Superstore, 85 Oswald Street, Glasgow G1 4PA

    Email: Use online form to contact Barhead

    Website URL:

    Barhead Travel has been operating for over 30 years and throughout this time they have expanded from an initial shop in Barrhead (Glasgow) employing 5 travel consultants into one of the UK’s largest truly independent travel companies with 400 employees. They offer millions of low cost holidays, flights, cruises, city breaks and hotels online and or through ones of their stores.

    Barhead also compares prices from hundreds of their suppliers in order to constantly to find the best deal on the market for you. BarrheadTravel is fully committed to providing competitive travel while maintaining high levels of service and their global reservations system means they’re able to meet the needs of any UK consumer looking for travel within, or leaving, the UK.

    Why Book with Barrhead Travel?

    Booking at Barhead Travel combines the best qualities of an independent travel agency with an ability to negotiate the best deals from all tour operators due to their purchasing strength. Any discount is also passed directly to you when you book your travel with them.


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    4 Work at Home Travel Agent Jobs WAHA #travel #insurance #quotes

    #travel agents jobs

    4 Work at Home Travel Agent Jobs

    There has always been a great interest in work at home travel agency related jobs. Maybe its the idea of being a part of world travel while never leaving your living room or that it seems like a true customer support type of job (rather than high-pressure sales). Regardless of the reason so many people are interested in work at home travel agent jobs, here are four places that regularly hire work at home agents to work in the travel industry.

    Four Work at Home Travel Agent Jobs

    1. World Travel Holdings or WTH

    Work from home for World Travel Holdings verifying reservations. This customer service job requires 6 months of past sales experience and you must pass an  entrance exam. World Travel Holdings has been in business over 25 years. Many stand behind this company as a great place to work from home. Read more about this travel related customer service company here .

    2. Working Solutions

    3. VIP Desk

    VIP Desk hires for a variety of customer support jobs with different brands. I often hear of them hiring travel agents to work as experts fulfilling reward redemption requests. Similar to Working Solutions, experience with Global Distribution Systems is a requirement to work as a Virtual Independent Travel Agent for VIP Desk.  While VIP Desk is a well-known and trusted company, there have been many who say their scheduling is not flexible at all. Additionally, the training period requires your full attendance and they decide the schedule. View VIP Desk s current job openings here .


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    Finding a Good Travel Agent #how #to #get #a #cheap #flight

    #cruise travel agents

    Finding a Good Travel Agent

    By Linda Garrison. Cruises Expert

    Linda Garrison went on her first cruise in in high school and has been hooked on cruising ever since. She has cruised over 100 times and spent more than 800 days on cruise ships. Linda loves ships of all kinds and has sailed on a wide variety of ships from small sailing ships to mega-liners, budget-priced cruises to ultra-expensive. She has enjoyed cruise destinations on all seven continents and visited dozens of diverse countries and hundreds of ports of call via ship. Many cruise travelers don t realize just how much of the world can been seen on a cruise! Read more

    Finding a good travel agent who will work with you to select the best cruise possible is sometimes as difficult as finding a good doctor, dentist or other service professional. The process for finding the agent who will find the best cruise for you is similar.

    Continue Reading Below

    Booking a cruise is much more complicated than buying a plane ticket or calling a hotel for a room. As with any vacation, there are many decisions you must make. It is important to find a travel agent professional who has lots of experience in cruising. After all, you wouldn t want heart bypass surgery from a psychiatrist! There are many cruise-only travel agencies, and many other full-service agencies have cruise specialists on board who sell nothing but cruises. Among other things, a good cruise specialist should be able to

    • find the best deals, answer all your questions, and have general knowledge about cruise lines and the cruise industry
    • lay out several options for you if you are uncertain, and provide brochures and information from different cruise lines
    • tell you how you will get your baggage from the airport to the ship and back
    • answer questions for those with special needs (on-board child care, dietary restrictions, medical conditions and
    • answer questions about the cruise lines cancellation and payment policies.

    For first timers, a local agent you can sit down with personally is best.

    Continue Reading Below

    Ask frequent-cruiser friends, relatives, or co-workers who they have used. Most cruise travelers love to help those new to the cruise vacation experience. If that doesn t work for you, check out local travel agencies ads in your Sunday newspaper and call agents to interview them over the phone or in person. You want an agent with lots of cruise experience and knowledge. One with personal experience about the cruise line you are interested in is a plus. Interview agents and find out which cruise lines they have traveled on and how much they know about food, cabins, entertainment, fellow passengers, facilities and common areas, or anything else that matters to you such as ballroom dancing or playing bridge. Look for someone who seems to be interested in getting to know you and wants to match your interests with the wide variety of cruise lines and destinations available to cruise travelers.

    Ask if the travel agency is cruise-only or a member of a professional organization such as CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association). ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). or NACOA (National Association of Cruise Oriented Agencies). The Web sites of these three organizations can provide recommendations on agencies.

    The large cruise discount agencies can sometimes find deals not available to a local agent. The problem is that the person you are dealing with may be thousands of miles away and not even an experienced cruiser. If you (1) are willing to take the time to do the research yourself, (2) already know exactly which cruise you want, and (3) do not require any complicated air arrangements or air/sea transfers–then using an 800 number to book your trip can be easy and sometimes save you money.

    A good local travel agent you have met in person may be easier to work with if you return from your cruise with a problem he/she will step up and help you resolve the problem and negotiate on your behalf with the cruise line. A large cruise discount agent might do the same, but the agent doesn t have as much to lose locally by not providing outstanding service.

    Travel agents can serve as advisers, planners, and negotiators. However, remember that they make their money through sales commissions. As with any sales person, be aware of any travel agent who seems to be pushing one ship or one cruise line over others. It may be only because the commission is higher!

    I ll have to admit that finding a good travel agent might not be as important today as it was in the past, especially for those of us who are Internet-savvy and think planning is one of the fun parts of traveling. Ten years ago a local travel agent was almost a necessity if you wanted to cruise. You would go to the agent s office, pick up some brochures to study, go back to the office to sit down and discuss bargains and possibilities, and then book the cruise. The first-time or infrequent cruise traveler had to almost completely rely on the travel agent for help and information. This is certainly no longer the rule. If you are willing to invest the time, you can do the planning yourself and design the perfect cruise vacation. Then you can contact an online discount cruise broker, a cruise line or a travel agency and book your dream vacation!


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    How to Become a Travel Agent

    #online travel agents

    our training makes the difference

    Why Choose KHM

    KHM Travel Group provides you with everything you need to be a successful home- based travel agent. You can set your own hours, work from home, enjoy amazing travel perks, and meet other people just like you!

    Success Stories

    Best decision was joining KHM. Compared to others I looked at, KHM was slightly more a year than the others. I have a motto “you get what you pay for” So I opted since they do have higher commissions and such. Thoroughly pleased! The support system is like none other!

    Our Preferred Suppliers


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    Scammers target leading online travel agent – BBC News #sa #travel

    #online travel agents

    Scammers target leading online travel agent

    By Bob Howard Reporter, Money Box

    7 November 2014

    Online travel agent has admitted that it has had to compensate customers whose personal details have been stolen.

    Guests booking hotel rooms have unwittingly handed over money to criminals.

    By accessing reservations, the crooks have been able to obtain contact details to send customers demands for prepayment. is one of the biggest online travel agents. The Netherlands-based firm boasts on its website that every day customers book 700,000 room nights in more than 200 countries.

    Bogus emails

    They had everything like the reservation number, names of guests and the logos looked accurate Claire Coldwell, customer

    Claire Coldwell from West Yorkshire used to book hotel rooms for her and her colleagues who were attending a trade fair in London.

    She expected to pay at the end of her stay, but then she received emails and calls that said something different: “I got an email supposedly from saying that, because of the unusually high demand for those dates, the Hilton had taken the decision to ask for prepayment in full for the whole week.”

    That would have meant Claire paying £3,000 in advance.

    Claire then got an email supposedly from the Hilton requesting the same thing: “They had everything like the reservation number, names of guests and the logos looked accurate.”

    Claire was suspicious, not least because the email referred to an airport transfer and her group were going to London by train.

    So she phoned and was told to ignore the emails because the company never asked for payment up front.

    Fraud alert

    If you are asked to make a payment which differs to your policy via bank transfer or other means, please do not make a payment

    It then sent an email to Claire that confirmed this had been an attempt to steal her money by criminals: “We have been informed that scammers are targeting some customers in an attempt to gather data. If you are asked to make a payment which differs to your policy via bank transfer or other means, please do not make a payment.”

    Whoever we spoke to were not aware of the situation Ramesh Siram. General manager, Shoreditch Inn

    But some customers have been targeted in an identical way since at least August, and have paid up.

    Jane from Niagara Falls in Canada used to reserve a room for a four-day stay in London.

    She too received an email purporting to be from but she had no reason to believe it was anything other than genuine: “It looked very authentic. I fell for it. We paid approximately 1,500 Canadian dollars, around £700 sterling.”

    She complained to and it refunded her.

    Peter Kornelisse, chief security officer at, said the firm was on top of the problem: “We estimate around 10,000 people are affected. We are protecting our customers, hotels and continuously. We have a battle against organised crime. We’ve made technical improvements in several areas. “ said that once it noticed that a guest was affected by phishing activities, it immediately notified that individual guest.

    It said its dedicated security teams were also working to contact and support accommodation partners who may have been affected by this situation.

    But Ramesh Siram, the general manager of the Shoreditch Inn in London, felt was slow to appreciate the scale of the problem: “We tried to contact them many times and all of the customer service agents, whoever we spoke to, were not aware of the situation. That’s not really great or helpful for us. We needed to profoundly apologise to them, even though it’s not our mistake.”

    Eventually, he said the hotel received an email from warning about the attacks and asking it to be vigilant.

    The British Hospitality Association, which represents the hotel industry, confirmed to Money Box this week that it knew of eight hotels where customers had had similar problems.

    And has told us customers from the UK, US, France, Italy, the UAE and Portugal had all been affected.

    Those that have lost money have had it refunded.

    Security issues

    When told of this problem, Rik Ferguson from internet security firm Trend Micro, decided to test the system.

    They should be taking the utmost care in protecting the access to this information Rik Ferguson, Vice-president of security research, Trend Micro

    By registering as a fictitious hotel, he found you could access the system with a log-in and password.

    He says if these log-in details were obtained, customer security would be compromised: “With a site like, the fact that they deal with millions of people’s personal and financial information means they should be taking the utmost care in protecting the access to this information. If it’s just a simple user name and password, that’s not the utmost care.” has insisted it is not the victim of a data breach but that criminals are obtaining customer details by sending messages to hotels to acquire guest details.

    Peter Kornelisse said was doing its best to warn customers but the fraud threat was constantly evolving: “We do inform customers to a certain extent. We can warn today about a specific scenario that takes place and the next moment we have a different scenario. We contacted all the guests who are affected by the phishing attacks and we took the burden of our guests.”

    Hilton and other hotels Money Box has spoken to have strongly denied the frauds are the result of a breach of their systems or websites.

    A Hilton Worldwide spokesperson said: “Our initial investigation has found this incident is not the result of a breach of Hilton systems or websites. We have asked to ensure their investigation is thorough and appropriate action is taken. Guests who have received suspicious emails should contact their booking provider immediately and not respond to these emails.”

    Since the fraud, has made changes so data can only be accessed from a computer linked to the hotel’s server.

    Its teams have also worked to “take down” dozens of phishing sites, as well as working with some banks to freeze the money mule bank accounts.

    Money Box is broadcast on Saturdays at 12:00 BST on BBC Radio 4 and repeated on Sundays at 21:00 BST. You can listen again via the BBC iPlayer or by downloading Money Box podcast .

    Have you been affected by the bookingsecurity breach? Let us know your views


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    Travel Agent Positions #travel #supermarket

    #travel agency jobs






    Corporate Concur Travel Agent – Manhattan

    A corporate agent with Concur booking experience is needed to handle one dedicated account. Provide online assistance to the travelers and a strong knowledge of the corporate mindset and the attention to detail. Must have current experience of Concur. An Excellent company offering an above average salary, plus full benefits. Not virtual

    Administrative Assistant to Sales and Marketing – Delray beach Florida

    If you are tired of the day to day travel agent bookings and would like to move up into a position that offers assistance to the travel agency on a whole this is the perfect job. Above average pay and excellent paid for benefits are included. Your position is to back up the sales department with coordination of the product, scheduling and presentations. It offers diversity in your day. They are ready to hire so call now.

    West Coast Virtual Worldspan Agent

    Virtual corporate agent needed with strong domestic and international reservation skills. Handling normal business hours for the west coast. This is an excellent company offering a strong salary and benefit package.

    Travel Agent Washington DC

    Sabre agent needed for an on-site position with a high end client. Must have impeccable customer service skills, strong Sabre knowledge and excellent domestic and international experience. Contact me immediately for more information. This is an immediate hire.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Apollo agent needed for a long term agency that offers excellent commission as well. They have a well tuned office where professional agents are given the opportunity to work independently without being micro-managed and rewarded for their efforts.

    Travel Agent Billings Montana

    Travel Agent needed to be part of a travel team that offers their clients impeccable service and high standards of booking travel. Must have GDS knowledge, in any of the four systems, knowledge of domestic and international reservations, follows company procedures, guidelines and standards in the areas of: customer service, building Passenger Name Records (PNRs) and profiles, ticketing, utilization of front room Computer Reservations System (CRS) productivity, attendance, accuracy of work, invoicing, etc. Finally be part of a team that works together. Contact me for details.


    To manage the details of all international group air arrangements.


    International travel destination knowledge helpful

    Significant, current experience with group air travel

    Knowledge of Airline Reservation Systems; Sabre preferred

    Strong negotiating and research skills Meticulous attention to details

    Education and Experience

      Bachelor’s degree (B. A.) from four-year college or university, Associates degree or significant industry experience preferably 3-5 years.

    Job Responsibilities

      Research, negotiate, contract and deposit on group air reservations in conjunction with prospective itineraries as instructed by Proposal Program Planners. Negotiate airfares and schedules with airlines for group fares and deviations to coincide with programs. While working with sold programs in operations, monitor airline reservations for schedule changes, manage seat assignments, issue group and individual air tickets and handle deviations. Assist with individual participants regarding deviation requests; communicate professionally via email and phone. Serve as a liaison with international airlines. Complete weekly ARC report. Assist with SI staff travel (air, car and hotel bookings). Other occasional duties as needed include: Assist operations with preparation of final tour documents. Meet and greet groups at the airport before departure.

    Skills and Abilities

      Compensation is commensurate with experience  Benefits Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel. Excellent knowledge of Airline Reservations System a must; Sabre preferred. Excellent time management skills. Excellent customer service skills. Must be able to communicate effectively, both written and oral. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. Must have effective leadership skills. Must display professionalism. Must be dependable and committed to reaching goals. Must display strong organizational skills.

    Corporate Agent Needed in Dallas TX

    Sabre agent needed to handle one account and ensure that their travel reservations are correct and on time. This agency offers very competitive salary ranges and an excellent benefits package. This is a highly sought after position so respond quickly.

    Group Air Coordinator Dallas TX

    Books domestic and international group air reservations in support of large group movements. Works closely with Travel Account Manager and vendors on providing related group travel services. Provides exceptional customer service through the maintenance and communication of travel related information.

    Executive Assistant to CEO _- NYC.NY

    Answer phones, maintain calendar, maintain appointment schedule, handle daily emails, Liaison for clients and employees, meet and greet, book travel on Sabre for CEO and clients as needed. Extensive Word Processing, Power Point and Excel. Work with VP taking meeting notes and handling basic reporting for analyzing.Additional duties will be indicated if contacted. Excellent salary offering much more than the average salary for a travel agent.

    Air Ticketing Specialist-Hackensack NJ


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    Vietnam Travel Agent – Do Best Tours by Vietnam Travel Packages

    #travel vietnam

    By Plane

    In Vietnam, there are four international airports in total. If you want a direct flight, e. g. from the U.S. or Europe to Vietnam, you can either fly to HCMC (with the biggest airport, the Tan Son Nhat International Airport) or to Hanoi (with the second biggest one, the Nội Bài International Airport).

    Alternatively, you can take a flight to China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan or Singapore, and get a connecting flight to Vietnam:

    Da Nang has an International Airport (flights from/to Seoul/South Korea, Bangkok/Thailand, Singapore).

    Can Tho Airport in South Vietnam provides international service, too (flights from/to Bangkok/Thailand, Tokyo/Japan, Phnom Penh/Cambodia).

    Phu Quoc Island now has its own International Airport.

    If you buy a ticket for a flight to Vietnam in a nearby country, you might get it for half the price of a Vietnam Airlines’ flight. However, during holidays it will be hard to get a reservation. Especially during Tet you should make reservations in advance. You can also travel into Vietnam overland or on the waterway from one of the adjacent countries.


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