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Org Charting and Workforce Reporting Software:
Free Trial Downloads

Download free trials of OrgPublisher Premier and OrgPublisher Executive for the iPad and experience the benefits of powerful workforce reporting and automatic org charting solutions — with tools built for all workforce employees from HR Generalist to Executives.

Live Webinar Calendar: Boardroom-Ready Analytics

This month we will be presenting on Boardroom Ready Workforce Analytics and Planning. See what type of data executives and decision-makers need for both daily workforce planning and strategic workforce analytics.

View and Analyze Your Talent On-The-Go with OrgPublisher Executive for the iPad

  • Access a wealth of easily searchable employee information such as organizational business unit, gender, location, position, name and much more
  • Work remotely using pre-published rollups of workforce data and industry-standard metrics from virtually any HRIS and ERP data source—even when offline or traveling
  • Evaluate talent performance, potential, readiness and flight risk information directly from an employee’s profile

Access a Wealth of HR Reports, including Headcount Reports, Succession Planning, Open Positions and More

  • Manage day-to-day operations of HR with a searchable directory of employee information, group hierarchy and global views and open position reports
  • Build and manage organizational plans with headcount reports, FTE vs contractor reports and span-of-control reports
  • Capatilize on workforce talent and resources with 9-box reporting, critical roles reporting and management potential reports

Don t Take Our Word for it. Hear from Our Customers


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Oracle Data Mining #data #mining #and #predictive #analytics


Oracle Data

Scalable in-database predictive analytics


Oracle Data Mining (ODM), a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Database Option, provides powerful data mining algorithms that enable data analytsts to discover insights, make predictions and leverage their Oracle data and investment. With ODM, you can build and apply predictive models inside the Oracle Database to help you predict customer behavior, target your best customers, develop customer profiles, identify cross-selling opportunties and detect anomalies and potential fraud.

Algorithms are implemented as SQL functions and leverage the strengths of the Oracle Database. The SQL data mining functions can mine data tables and views, star schema data including transactional data, aggregations, unstructured data i.e. CLOB data type (using Oracle Text to extract tokens) and spatial data. Oracle Advanced Analytics SQL data mining functions take full advantage of database parallelism for model build and model apply and honor all data and user privileges and security schemes. Predictive models can be included in SQL queries, BI dashboards and embedded in real-time applications.

Oracle Data Miner GUI

Oracle Data Miner GUI. an extension to Oracle SQL Developer, enables data analysts, business analysts and data scientists to work directly with data inside the database using the graphical drag and drop workflow and component pallet. Oracle Data Miner work flows capture and document the user’s analytical methodology and can be saved and shared with others to automate analytical methodologies. Oracle Data Miner can generate SQL and PL/SQL scripts for model automation, scheduling and deployment throughout the enterprise.

Oracle Data Miner creates predictive models that application developers can integrate into applications to automate the discovery and distribution of new business intelligence-predictions, patterns and discoveries throughout the enterprise.

Technical Information


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Dashboard Software #dashboards, #excel #dashboards,dashboard #software,dataviz,excel #dashboards #software #excel #dashboard, #access

InfoCaptor Business Intelligence Super easy data discoveryDrag and drop visual analyticsBest Dashboard DesignerCreate Dashboard MockupsD3js based visualizationsFully web basedEnterprise ReadyScalable from department to 1000s of usersSuper AffordableGoogle AnalyticsSalesforceCSV FilesPackaged Data warehouse

InfoCaptor is an extremely competent product, capable of addressing many BI, data visualisation and analytics needs at a very modest price. Deployment can either be in-house or on the web, and in either case the interface is browser based. This is a pragmatic, ‘get-the-job-done’ solution without the surface gloss and high prices charged by other suppliers.
Martin Butler. Butler Analytics

Free business intelligence and dashboards

Why spend thousands and millions in business intelligence tools? InfoCaptor is free for Startups, Non-profits and students InfoCaptor the cheapest dashboard software

Excel Dashboard Software

Stop building dashboards in Excel! InfoCaptor provides a clear path to keep your data and dashboard presentation separate. Works with CSV, Excel or any TXT datasets

Rapid Analytics

It takes under 10 mins to build your first dashboard. Drag drop visual analytics does not limit you thinking in terms of X and Y axis. Rapidly change visualizations to see data from different angles. Keep what you like and package them into published dashboards.

Ad-hoc Visualization

Drag and Drop Visual Analyzer for self-service data exploration. Takes only few clicks from data to final dashboards.

Prototyping Mockups/Dashboards

Provides a prototyping and flowcharting engine for quick dashboard mockups.Free style placement of widgets.[no restrictive grids]


Projects and user groups for collaborative work. Embed dashboard or individual widgets LIVE on any web page. Integrate executive dashboards straight into your sharepoint portal or your website for live interactions

Data Sources

Variety of JDBC and ODBC sources including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, DB2, Progress,Sqlite,PostgreSQL, Hadoop Hive, Cloudera Impala and HTTP API for web services

Security and Data Governance

Enterprise user access control mechanism.Integrates with LDAP or Active Directory.Public or private dashboards.


Comprehensive library from pivot tables to bars, stacks,area and scatter plots. Hierarchical visualizations such as Circle pack, Treemap, sunburst and cluster charts. Trellis and small multiples.

How is InfoCaptor unique and different

InfoCaptor is simply a web based application that works on every platform [windows, linux/unix or Mac].

Web and browser based dashboard designer and bi tools are a must to establish a firm data-driven culture. Why spend thousands of dollars on each desktop license and then millions of dollars on server licenses?

Compared to other vendors like Tableau or Qlikview, InfoCaptor is extremely affordable.

  • Quickly upload CSV data and build Excel Dashboards
  • Simply connect to any SQL database and build live SQL dashboards
  • Use Hadoop connectors for Bigdata and make bigdata dashboards
  • Free dashboard software for Startups, Students and Non-profits

InfoCaptor Visual Analyzer enables you to rapidly browse datasets and spin it across variety of visualizations

No SQL knowledge necessary. No Technical skills needed.

Explore InfoCaptor’s Features and Benefits

  • Self service Adhoc analysis
  • Bird’s Eye view of entire operation
  • Quick prototyping
  • Public dashboards – accessible as web page URL
  • Dynamic dashboards with filters/parameters
  • Unlimited drill downs
  • In-memory packaged dashboards
  • Static dashboards for mockups and prototyping
  • Visual Alerts
  • Motion Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Sound Alerts
  • Flowchart and Prototyping Engine
  • Vector Charts – SVG and HTML5
  • D3js based advanced visualization
  • Awesome Visual Analyzer
  • Gauges/Dials for KPI monitoring
  • Bullet chart/graph for performance tracking
  • Bar charts/Group/Column bars
  • Line chart and Area chart
  • Scatter charts and Bubble Scatter chart
  • Circle Pack and Treemap
  • Chord and Sunburst
  • Cluster diagrams

Has InfoCaptor Convinced you?

If so, click to buy now, including 60 minutes of dashboard development for free!

Wow, This tool has amazing capabilities!

This tool has amazing capabilities and can analyze from simple spreadsheets to complex data sources with ease and that too in your browser. I can stitch several spreadsheets with ease by just copy pasting the required elements and analyze further.Visualizations are amazing. Great product for non enterprise users too! Parag Khadye – BI Manager at Accenture

Selected Media mentions

Selected People who mentioned InfoCaptor visualizations (you could be one)


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Health Analytics – CAPITA Healthcare Decisions #health #care #analytics


Health Analytics

Health Analytics is now part of Capita Healthcare Decisions. The company was acquired by Capita in June 2016 to bring population health management capability to its range of market-leading analytics and benchmarking services.

We are the same Cambridge team offering the same unique and innovative solutions to meet some of the NHS’ most complex challenges but are now working alongside CHKS health data specialists to develop exciting new products that will support the NHS vision for an integrated health service with a single view of the patient and the local population.

What we do

We link patient data from primary, secondary, social and community care to create a ‘single point of truth’ for health economies, allowing you to dramatically improve patient outcomes and service efficiency.

Our solutions

We specialise in applying integrated healthcare data to create proven solutions that enable providers and commissioners to manage patient care and services across boundaries.

Our unique tools will help you make more informed decisions about individual patient care, create integrated service pathways, reduce costs and improve financial and contract management.

Why us?

We are tried and tested in the NHS. We have an exceptional track record of realising quality and finance benefits very quickly for patients, services, organisations and health economies. We achieve this by thinking differently about the problems you face.

Our team

Our Cambridge-based team of healthcare software developers has extensive NHS experience and a track record of working alongside providers and commissioners to create solutions that deliver immediate benefits.

With backgrounds in health, telecoms and engineering the team brings a wealth of technical and healthcare knowledge, offering innovative thinking and new approaches to tackling complex NHS challenges.

Contact us

39 Cambridge Place


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Case Study: Solving Call Center Employee Attrition #talent #analytics, #talent #intelligence,


Case Study: Solving Call Center Employee Attrition

Business Challenge:

A global financial services firm was experiencing 60% voluntary attrition among Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). They hired close to 30,000 CSRs annually, making this an unrecoverable multi-million dollar expense. To be placed in a full-time role these CSRs had to pass a Series 7 exam. In preparation for this exam, new hires were paid for 12 weeks of training culminating in a Series 7 exam. If they did not pass the first time they were fired.

Enter Talent Analytics.

By selecting candidates that are more likely to pass training, we get more agents past that hump and onto the phone where they begin to provide value to their employer. Fewer candidates waste their own time in a career that they ultimately don’t want. The contact center spends less money acquiring, recruiting and training agents. Performance goes up. Engagement goes up. Attrition goes down. Customers feel it.


“This work had tremendous impact on the bottom line of our business, and the quality of service we gave our customers. Within months of hiring people with characteristics that Talent Analytics correlated to high business performance, employee turnover dropped by over 30%, yielding a multi-million dollar annual savings.” – EVP, Financial Services Firm

Request this Talent Analytics Case Study to See Our Approach in Action.

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“Within a single dashboard view, Talent Analytics’ Winning Roles predictions allows data scientists to upload and update candidate prediction models. This enables hiring managers and HR leaders to instantly identify great candidates, dynamically compare them to multiple open positions, and place the candidate where those models predict them to succeed. Advisor is the only platform on the market today that brings together both the business and science of workforce planning.”

Chad Harness, VP and Lead Human Capital Analytics Consultant at a large regional US bank


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The Social Media Analytics Showdown: What You Can Track and How


The Social Media Analytics Showdown: What You Can Track and How

You need three things to create good campaigns and engage with fans on social media: good content, a steady stream of good content, content intelligence.

Every minute, we see a heavy downpour of social media messages, like millions of construction workers pouring concrete down the cement mixer, but instead of it being constructive, we find messy roads and a lot of noise. Even if you are churning out good content steadily, you need to have knowledge or insights about this content, which is where social media analytics come into the picture.

There are several social media analytics tools on the market today but not all of them are created equal or with similar intent. While most of the tools allow you to listen into customer conversations, monitor campaign results or gain insights on data, there are certain key features and USPs that make all of them special in their own way.

So let s attack the nitty-gritties of social media analytics.


Talkwalker is one of the most comprehensive and powerful tools for social media analytics. It offers the most extensive coverage in terms of geographic spread, language and media, as well as time. Their global coverage spans 247 countries and 187 languages. So whether your customer is sitting in Dubai or Dublin, speaking Arabic or Chinese, you can listen in and reach out to him or her.

Talkwalker also offers insights on print, social, online and even broadcast media, and allows you to identify key influencers as well as the emotions associated with your brand or products. What s more, you can get insights on two years of historical data, so even if you are a late adopter, you get to see into the past. You can export and combine these insights with other data to create strong visuals to see patterns that help decision making.

  • Mentions of your brand in owned and earned media.
  • Performance of own and competitor social media channels.
  • Full coverage of major social networks and 150 million websites.
  • Data from print media and TV/radio broadcasts.

Who uses this tool and how?

Some of the most prominent clients of Talkwalker include Volkswagen, Microsoft, Greenpeace, Best Western, Ogilvy and Peppercomm. These clients use it to listen to their audience, use social insights to inform business strategy, predict social trends and create comprehensive social data intelligence reports. You can get a taste of their paid platform by signing up for a free demo .

In a nutshell: Comprehensive 360-degree social media intelligence.


SumAll is a cross-platform tool that gains insights from social media, ecommerce websites, sales and web. This platform was essentially built to make data analytics accessible and affordable for small business. SumAll has partnered with Shopify, PayPal, Magento, eBay and Amazon, so users can plug and use data from everywhere. SumAll breaks down social media and ecommerce metrics into simple and beautiful charts, which makes it easy to understand for all kinds of users.

  • Ecommerce data
  • Social media data
  • Google Analytics data

Who uses this tool and how?

SumAll is essentially meant for small-to-medium ecommerce companies. Users can get a bird s eye view of data from Google, their website and social media pages to understand their audience and make simple decisions such as when to give out discounts or offer free shipping.

In a nutshell: Simple social media analytics for quick decision-making


One of the key features of Cyfe is its All-In-One Dashboard that offers insights on all aspects of your business from social media, marketing, sales, support through to infrastructure. So in a sense, it is not a through-and-through social media analytics tool but a jack-of-all-SaaS-analytics tool. While this might mean lot less advanced features, like filters and search and detailed analysis, it also means a far better overview of how each marketing channel integrates with the others as well as overall operations.

  • Signups and subscriptions
  • Social media analytics
  • SEO and SEM analytics
  • Web analytics
  • Sales and finance analytics
  • IT network and server monitoring

Who uses this tool and how?

Some of the important Cyfe users are Vodafone, Citrix, Groupon and Marriott. From tracking new signups to monitoring networks through to managing projects, Cyfe can be used for varied reasons. Plus, they re always adding new widgets that help customize your dashboard .

In a nutshell: All-in-one sales and marketing analytics tool

Social Report

Social Report is a social analytics plus publishing and automation tool. It allows you to tune into your social media insights, schedule your posts, syndicate content and automate replies, follow/unfollow, likes, etc. Basically, it takes care of all your social needs.

  • Cross channel engagement
  • World reach
  • Audience growth rate
  • Demographics
  • Channel activity

Who uses this tool and how?

Some highflying users of Social Report include Warner Bros, The Economist, HGTV and Samsung. The most common uses of this tool are analytics and reporting, social media monitoring, publishing, automating responses and content backup and archiving.

In a nutshell: Integration of social and publishing analytics

All the tools described here help you gain intelligence on data pouring in from all directions; all of them have their own strengths, weaknesses and USPs. You just need to find the one that suits your needs the best and use it in your business.

Hiral Rana

Hiral Rana works as a social media manager at E2M, a digital-marketing agency. She has over five years of experience in the field of digital marketing and social-media marketing. She wants to play an intrinsic role in the evolution of.


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Online Education in Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning #online



Online Education in Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning

Online Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science Degree Programs

See also Certificates | Courses

  • 2U MS in Data Science resource. includes information about the field and career prospects, the types of available degrees, and common application and coursework requirements.
  • American University MS in Business Analytics. learn data analysis, using data to solve organizational and business challenges.
  • ASU Business Data Analytics (BS). prepares business students with the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to create and manage big data initiatives.
  • ASU MS in Business Analytics. develops the tools you need for a growing career field.
  • Bay Path University, Online MS in Applied Data Science. Beyond the Dashboard.
  • Berkeley Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS). prepares data science professionals to be leaders in the field.
  • BU Online MS in Computer Information Systems. has concentrations in Data Analytics, Database Management Business Intelligence.
  • Boston University Online MS in Applied Business Analytics Management
  • Capella U. MS in Analytics teaches Big Data, data mining, statistics, and related skills, offers a virtual internship, and is aligned to the SAS Statistical Business Analyst certification.
  • Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). exploring cutting-edge data mining techniques and Applications, first completely online MS in Data Mining.
  • Coursera MS in Data Science. in partnership with U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 32 credit hours, $19,200 tuition.
  • CUNY SPS Online MS in Data Analytics. an affordable, accessible program prepares graduates to make sense of real-world phenomena and everyday activities by mining and visualizing data.
  • Data ScienceTech Institute Advanced MSc in IS AI for Big Data Engineering. Full-time – 3 months of classes, online or on-Campus (Paris or Nice).
  • Data ScienceTech Institute MSc in Applied Data Science Big Data. full-time – 6 months of classes, or on-Campus (Paris or Nice).
  • DePaul MS in Predictive Analytics. addresses the growing demand of data scientists that have the right blend of technical and analytical skills to meet the challenge of big data analytics.
  • EIUBS: Europe Innovation Business School offers online courses in Business Analytics and data analytics.
  • Elmhurst College part-time MS in Data Science .

Go beyond analytics
Earn your Master’s degree online

Check Data Mining Course . developed by KDnuggets President Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Ph.D. and Prof. Gary Parker, teaching modules for a complete one-semester introductory course on Data Mining, freely available thanks to a grant by W. M. Keck Foundation and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

See a more complete list of Certificates in Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science . many offered online or in blended format.

Online Courses and resources in Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science and related topics
See also Degrees | Certificates

  • Big Data University. offering online classes on Hadoop and DB2.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton “Explore Data Science”. an online course, with 40 hours of interactive content, including 32 missions.
  • Caltech Learning from Data. taught by Prof. Yaser Abu Mostafa, free, take at your own pace
  • Class Central Data Science and Big Data courses from top universities like Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.
  • CMU Open Learning Initiative. offers online courses to anyone who wants to learn or teach.
  • CourseBuffet organizing MOOC courses on Big Data, Data Science, Statistics, and more.
  • Coursera. the leader in online education
  • DataCamp. interactive R tutorials and Data Science courses on R programming, data manipulation, visualization, and more.
  • EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics open course.
  • Guru99. free video tutorials on Big Data, Web, SAP, and more.
  • Jigsaw Academy. analytics training including Analytics for MBA, and SAS.
  • LearnAnalytics India. delivering SAS and Advanced Analytics training online and offline.
  • Metis. offering online Data Science education, and on-site Data Science bootcamps and training.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare. Data Mining. features XLMiner tools, designed by the instructor, Nitin Patel. Also many other relevant courses in MIT OpenCourseWare .
  • OpenClassroom Machine Learning Course. by Andrew Ng.
  • Oxford Machine Learning (and Deep Learning) course (slides, video, problems freely available), taught by Nando de Freitas in 2014-2015.
  • Predictive Analytics Applied – An Online Introduction. short introductory online course from Eric Siegel, the founder of Predictive Analytics World.
  • Springboard Intro to Data Science online workshops.
  • Springboard Data Science Career Track .
  • offering many on-line short courses in statistics, data mining, and data science.
  • Statsoft Electronic Statistics Textbook. freely available.
  • Syracuse Applied Data Science Open Online Course
  • UC San Diego Data Mining Courses. part of Data Analysis study area.
  • Udacity Data Science Courses. learn data science from industry experts at Facebook, Cloudera, MongoDB, Georgia Tech, and more.
  • Udemy Data Science-related courses
  • UH Data Mining Hypertextbook and Course. a new model for the data mining course, which includes a significant project on real-world data, and surveying the learning styles of students.
  • Video lectures from conferences, workshops and the scientific lectures in the areas of machine learning, data and text mining, and semantic web.
  • U. Waikato Online course: Data Mining with Weka. 5 week course
  • Weka tutorials (Video). covering Classification, Prediction, Clustering, and Text Mining.
  • Zeolearn Data Science Training.
  • Zipfian Academy Intro to Data Science Online Class Series. 6 online classes.



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IBM big data platform – Bringing big data to the Enterprise


Big data at the speed of business

Is your architecture big data ready?

IBM solves this challenge with a zone architecture optimized for big data. The next generation architecture for big data and analytics delivers new business insights while significantly reducing storage and maintenance costs.

The information management big data and analytics capabilities include :

  • Data Management Warehouse: Gain industry-leading database performance across multiple workloads while lowering administration, storage, development and server costs; Realize extreme speed with capabilities optimized for analytics workloads such as deep analytics, and benefit from workload-optimized systems that can be up and running in hours.
  • Hadoop System: Bring the power of Apache Hadoop to the enterprise with application accelerators, analytics, visualization, development tools, performance and security features.
  • Stream Computing: Efficiently deliver real-time analytic processing on constantly changing data in motion and enable descriptive and predictive analytics to support real-time decisions. Capture and analyze all data, all the time, just in time. With stream computing, store less, analyze more and make better decisions faster.
  • Content Management: Enable comprehensive content lifecycle and document management with cost-effective control of existing and new types of content with scale, security and stability.
  • Information Integration Governance: Build confidence in big data with the ability to integrate, understand, manage and govern data appropriately across its lifecycle.

Gain a strategic advantage over your competition, with IBM’s platform for big data and analytics.

“IBM has clearly made a big investment in building out a powerful Big Data platform.

IBM s Big Data Platform and Decision Management
Decision Management Solutions, James Taylor, May 2011


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IBM unveils Hadoop analytics tools #hadoop #analytics #tools


IBM unveils Hadoop analytics tools

It is almost two years since IBM first outlined its PureData System for Hadoop startegy but on now the company is shifting up a gear with the announcement its Biginsights for Apache Hadoop analytics tools.

While more companies are using the open source tool for collecting and storing a very large sets of variable data, IBM argues companies are struggling “to realize its full potential in every part of their business”.

As examples it quotes a business analyst who needs to quickly find relevant information and the data scientists who need to make sense of the data with statistical modeling both with the corollary that the highly complex environments that are created need to be easy for IT to manage and deploy for everyone in their organization. No small task.

According to IBM, BigInsights for Apache Hadoop includes ‘a broad data science toolset to query data, visualise, explore and conduct distributed machine learning at scale”

IBM has announced three new modules:

  • IBM BigInsights Analyst: This will include IBM’s SQL engine and spreadsheet as well as visualisations to find data “quickly and easily”, IBM says. The company believes that already the number of SQL queries that are running is “in the billions” and that with BigInsights Analyst, the efficiency can be improved, it says, by approximately 2x to 4x on Apache Hadoop, “depending on the shuffle size”.
  • IBM BigInsights Data Scientist: This is another new machine-learning engine, IBM says, that automatically tunes its performance over large-scale data to find interesting patterns. Along with this is also has “over a dozen industry-specific algorithms” including Decision Trees, PageRank and Clustering. It will also provide native support for open source R statistical computing so that existing R algorithms can be leveraged, the company said.
  • IBM BigInsights Enterprise Management: This consists of some new management tools aimed at speeding up results, IBM said.

IBM also announced the IBM Open Plarform with Apache Hadoop which gives the “necessary data access controls and authentication for an enterprise”, the company said. IBM has also adding support for Apache Spark.


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FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite #fico #xpress #optimization, #xpress #optimization, #xpress, #optimization,




  • Analytics
  • Decision Management Suite
  • Data Management
  • Optimization
  • Model Management
  • Optimization in Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • IFRS 9 Impairment Management
  • Marketing & Customer Engagement
  • Data Integration
  • Personalized Engagement
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Communicate
  • Fraud and Security
  • Enterprise Security Score
  • Enterprise Fraud
  • Cyber Security
  • Fraud & Security Insights
  • Scores
  • FICO® Score
  • Auto Scoring Solutions
  • Bankcard Scoring Solutions
  • Retail Banking Solutions
  • Mortgage Scoring Solutions
  • Scoring Consulting Services
  • FICO® Score for International Markets
  • Debt Management Solutions
  • Recovery Management
  • Collection Communications
  • Compliance
  • Communications
  • Mobile Fraud Alerts
  • Collections
  • Patient Adherence
  • Customer Service
  • Originations
  • Alternative lending
  • Consumer Credit
  • Financial Services
  • Leasing
  • Small Business Credit
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Counter-Terrorism Financing
  • Know Your Customer
  • Tax Compliance
  • Business Partner Due Diligence
  • Compliance Cloud
  • Anti-Financial Crime Solutions


  • Top Products
  • FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite
  • FICO® Decision Central™
  • FICO® Engagement Analyzer
  • FICO® Score
  • FICO® Score Open Access
  • FICO® Payment Integrity Platform
  • FICO® Debt Manager™ solution
  • FICO® Falcon Fraud Manager
  • FICO® Origination Manager
  • FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager
  • FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System
  • FICO® Strategy Director for Deposit Management
  • Need help with a product?
  • View Product Support »
  • See Our Entire Product Listing »


  • Financial Services
  • Auto Lending
  • Bankcard
  • Collection Agencies
  • Leasing
  • Mortgage
  • Retail Banking
  • Small Business Lending
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Life Insurance, Annuity and Pension
  • Property and Casualty
  • Customer Communication Services
  • Public Sector
  • Federal, Ministerial, and Civic
  • State, Provincial, and Local
  • Pharma and Life Sciences
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharma
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Education
  • Academic Engagement Program
  • University
  • Retail
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Utilities and Telecommunications
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Learn how BMW sped up its customer communications
  • Read More


FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite

Key Features

  • Access algorithms for solving large-scale linear, mixed integer and non-linear as well as constraint programming problems.
  • Powerful solution sensitivity analysis, making it possible to efficiently explore large quantities of “what if?” scenarios.
  • Highly configurable solution that allows you to create powerful optimization applications.
  • Straightforward, goal-oriented screens put the power of optimization in the hands of business users.
  • Business users can understand trade-offs and sensitivities implicit in the business problem and compare the outcome of different scenarios.
  • High-performance and reliable optimization engines that leverage multiple cores and computers across the network.
  • Xpress-Mosel programming language provides an easy-to-learn, robust way to interact with Xpress solver engines.
  • Xpress-Mosel contains drivers for access to text, XML, R, CSV, Excel, Hadoop’s HDS, OBDC and Oracle databases and APIs connecting it to Java, C/C++. NET and other languages and Web services.
  • Xpress and Optimization Modeler capabilities are integrated within the FICO® Decision Management Suite in the FICO Analytic Cloud. enabling organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of optimization.
  • Connects to R and Python, and provides specific capabilities for optimizing under data uncertainty (robust optimization), facilitating the needs of data scientists.

Want to take your business to new heights?

Request more information. Enter your information and we will respond directly to you.

Pöyry puts muscle behind energy forecasting and modelling using FICO Xpress Optimization Suite

Client: Pöyry, a European energy consultancy, based in Vantaa, Finland.

Challenge: the need to partner with world-class optimization software to move beyond the limitations of spreadsheet modelling and provide customers with fast, data-intensive, multi-country energy analyses.

Solution: FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite

Results: 100x faster runtimes, scalability, increased model accuracy, ability to create complex, multi-country models.


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Comprehensive Big Data solutions that ease Hadoop headaches #big #data, #big


Big Data

Shorten time to value

As the pace of business speeds up and the velocity of data from the Internet of Things increases, organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to capture and process big data in real time without either expensive, manual processes or the integration of fragmented point solutions.

Both introduce complexities for IT and corresponding delays delivering data to the business. Organizations need to shorten the time to value for enterprise cloud-ready data lakes so they can:

  • Drive profitability
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Detect problems
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences.

According to a Bain Co. survey, 59% of organizations believe they lack the capabilities to generate meaningful business insights from their data.

A systematic approach to big data management enables you to quickly and repeatably get more business value from more big data without more risk.

Cloud-ready from day one

Support doesn’t stop at popular on-premises Hadoop distributions. Thanks to out-of-the-box connectivity to cloud databases, cloud data stores, and cloud applications, you can truly turn any data into trusted data assets anywhere.

Rapid-fire insight delivery

Informatica’s library of hundreds of prebuilt connectors and simplified stream processing on top of open-source and proprietary streaming engines let you integrate nearly any data anywhere. Support for Tableau Data Extracts and a hub-based publish/subscribe architecture also let you repeatably deliver more data faster to more data targets.

Self-service governed data

Informatica’s self-service data preparation enables faster business access to more trusted insights so the right people get the right data at the right time. It includes:

  • Built-in data lineage
  • Enterprise-wide data asset discovery
  • Smart data set recommendations
  • Crowdsourced data asset tagging and sharing

Sensitive data detection

Informatica’s risk-centric approach to protecting big data automatically classifies sensitive data and proactively detects threats of unauthorized data access or proliferation. Based upon assessments, data can be non-intrusively protected for secure access to contextual information.

How can we help?


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2017: The Year That Data and Analytics Go Mainstream – Smarter


2017: The Year That Data and Analytics Go Mainstream

To support a ‘data and analytics everywhere’ world, IT professionals need to create a new end-to-end architecture built for agility, scale and experimentation. Today, disciplines are merging and approaches to data and analytics are becoming more holistic and encompassing the entire business.

Forward-thinking organizations are already on this path. The value created will leave less-prepared competitors trailing in their wake in everything from customer analytics to data monetization to operations planning and more.

Shifting the way organization uses data and analytics more toward driving business operations requires a new approach to data architectures

Ted Friedman, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner cites three key trends that will drive this profound change in the use of data and analytics:

  • Data and analytics will drive modern business operations, and not simply reflect their performance.
  • Organizations will take a holistic approach to data and analytics. Businesses will create end-to-end architectures that will allow for data management and analytics from the core to the edge of the organization.
  • Executives will make data and analytics part of the business strategy, which will allow data and analytics professionals to assume new roles and create business growth.

Shifting the way organization uses data and analytics more toward driving business operations requires a new approach to data architectures, which many organizations are already building. Last year Gartner research found that 45% of IT professionals had indicated that new data and analytics projects were in the “design” and “select” phases.

However, existing data architectures are in most cases not ready for the future of data and analytics. Digital business requires architectures that are purpose-built and flexible to adapt to an organization that expands its data and experiments with it. The rapid scalability of cloud computing infrastructure can make this possible. It’s no longer a question of “if” for using cloud for data and analytics, it’s “how.”

Key Recommendations

Gartner recommends data and analytics leaders work proactively to spread analytics throughout their organisation, to get the largest possible benefit from enabling data to drive business actions. This means that analytic capabilities need to be embedded widely: at the points where user interactions and processes are taking place.

Data and analytics professionals also need to embrace the new roles created by this increased demand, and develop both technical and professional skills that support the end-to-end architecture vision. They can act as vanguards, expanding proven skills and techniques into new business units and areas in the organization.

As data and analytics become more widely adopted than ever before, the potential for business growth is truly exponential rather than just cumulative. Those who fail to act today will suffer not just in 2017, but also hugely limit their potential for growth in 2018 and beyond, as the returns from increased insight, responsiveness and efficiency snowball.

Get Smarter

Gartner Data Analytics Summits
Gartner analysts will provide additional analysis on data and analytics leadership trends at the Gartner Data Analytics Summits, taking place February 20-21 in Sydney. March 6-9 in Grapevine, Texas. March 20-22 in London. March 23-24 in Tokyo. June 6-7 in Mumbai and June 20-21 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Follow news and updates from the events on Twitter using #GartnerDA .

Additional Resources

Read Complimentary Relevant Research

Data and Analytics Programs Primer for 2017

The convergence of data and analytics is driving business value and changing decision-making processes enterprisewide. Data and analytics.

View Relevant Webinars

Align Marketing & Customer Experience to Build Loyal Advocates

EDT: 10:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. | PDT: 7:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m. | GMT: 14:00 & 17:00 Great customer experience design demands data-driven.


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Travel program intelligence and analytics #south #america #travel

#travel intelligence

Travel program intelligence and analytics

See how your travel program compares, across the region or around the world, against your goals, your peers or top performers and make the right changes to improve.

Savvy travel managers set smart goals, put into place plans and tactics to meet those goals and then track their progress along the way. But that takes more than just data. While it’s easy to get data, it can be a challenge to interpret and often only shows part of the picture.

The best way to really see how your program is performing is through business intelligence, which is a lot harder to find, but much more valuable. Our intelligence and analytics solutions combine data, business intelligence, advanced visualizations and drill down capabilities to give travel managers insight to make better decisions.

At a glance, you can see how you’re comparing against your goals, your peers and best performers. You can better predict the impact of your current performance and make quick and accurate decisions to improve future results. You can spot opportunities to improve sourcing opportunities that boost your bottom line. And you can better engage management through compelling stories for quicker decisions.

If your program links to different travel partners around the world, we can give you ways to see your entire program at once.


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WebFOCUS Overview: Business Intelligence for Everyone #webfocus,7,seven,8,eight,business #intelligence,information #delivery,web #reporting,software,tools,self-service,real-time,analytics,olap,decision #support,business

WebFOCUS Platform Capabilities

WebFOCUS is a strategic enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that enables any executive, manager, analyst, employee, partner, or customer to execute smarter business from trusted data. The platform itself is packed with cutting-edge capabilities that provide organizations with everything they need to turn data into insight, and insight into impact.

WebFOCUS provides one-stop BI shopping via an integrated portfolio of centralized and decentralized capabilities, including data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, and operational intelligence in a single platform, coupled with an exceptional user experience.

There are multiple core competencies of WebFOCUS that enable it to be a modern, holistic, and strategic BI and analytics technology. Here is a Top Ten overview:

Pervasiveness. A single, enterprise-grade platform able to deliver a broad range of intelligence and analytics to any type of user, whether through sophisticated authoring, self-service tools for non-technical users, guided and ad hoc InfoApps™. advanced analytics such as predictive. and a variety of user-friendly interactive outputs .

Scalability. Perhaps the most scalable platform architecture in existence, able to deploy highly secure applications to thousands, even millions of users, often outside the corporate firewall.

Governance. Comprehensive governance to enable metadata -driven delivery of trusted information and content, available at the data. analytical, and user levels.

IT Friendliness. A highly IT-friendly platform, providing powerful provisioning and deployment of trusted applications and self-service environments from any combination of data sources .

Operational Capabilities. The ability to extend support beyond management and analysts, by operationalizing intelligence for line-of-business employees where the impact is closest to the business.

Business Friendliness. A highly business-user friendly platform, providing a wealth of functionality to support non-technical users from analytical rookies to data savvy analysts.

Self-service capabilities. The ability to support self-service deployments for far more types of users than other products, offering advanced reporting, collaboration, portals, dashboards, and visual data discovery in a single web-based interface that can be used by tech-savvy business users, non-technical users, and developers alike.

Self-service progression. Consumers become authors, support their own needs, and then operationalize and embed findings to benefit the whole enterprise.

Adoption accelerator. Deliver content, apps, and self-service to all user types, on their terms (e.g. mobile ), with relevant and intuitive analytics based on their skills and needs.

Feature and Function. A comprehensive portfolio of analytical capabilities that enable the authoring, support, and delivery of a wide range of needs:

WebFOCUS Capabilities:

When it comes to information delivery, flexibility is imperative.

To give everyone the power to make better decisions, it makes sense to give the right tool – or the right app – to the right user. Information specialists and developers need easy to use and powerful tools to manage, package, and deliver information to their internal and external users. Information consumers such as executives, managers, and front-line employees – even suppliers and customers – need InfoApps that will give them easy and instant access to the information they need.

Only Information Builders provides one flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use business intelligence and analytics platform that offers the right information delivery approach – for every kind of user.

Here is a sampling of outputs from WebFOCUS:


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Studio cloud #studio #management #software,business #management #software, #photography,photographer,videographers,crm,leads,business,online,invoice,billing,profit,assistant,iphone,booking,online #booking,tasks,task #manager,reporting, #project



Why do we love StudioCloud? Anytime, anywhere access to information! Client data, sales figures, and calendaring are all available at the click of a button. For us, with our busy travel schedules, having access to this information from any computer is critical.

We own two studios. Studio C and Salvatore Cincotta Photography. We have several employees on staff, not to mention various vendors that need access to schedules. We use the calendaring feature to share this access with the team and to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

It’s easy to use with a very small learning curve and easy to follow online tutorials. If you can navigate the internet, you can use this program. It’s that simple.
Salvatore & Taylor Cincotta, Behind The Shutter

As a business owner, having access to comprehensive data is essential. Studio Cloud makes it easy for me to streamline my studios and access my data from anywhere. This makes it easy for me to make changes, assess marketing campaigns and products and make smart decisions on the future of my business. Most importantly, Studio Cloud gives me the tools I need to make each and every one of my customers feel like they are our one and only by seamlessly having information available at my fingertips. Integrating Studio Cloud will increase productivity and customer satisfaction by being able to easily eliminate much of the time consuming busy work many photographers currently have— all while making your clients feel incredibly important.
Joy Vertz, Shoot The Moon Photography

Wow! What can I say about StudioCloud? It is the best studio software I have found on the market! How nice it is to finally have software that is easy to use. And speaking of using the software, I can access it anywhere – even from my iPhone. And the staff is a lot happier using StudioCloud.

Another plus to StudioCloud is that they listen to your suggestions. The team of experts that built the software are always looking for suggestions on how to improve what they have. It sure is nice to know that they are interested in what new things they can add that will help me run my business more efficiently.

I am grateful for the day I discovered StudioCloud.
William Branson III, William Branson III

We use StudioCloud and love it! To have access to your data from anywhere has been a major plus as we travel so much. We can check our sales figures, get a client’s address or phone number or run a report instantly as soon as we get online. The program is easy to use, the invoices are easy to create and print and the reports are dynamic and helpful to assess our progress. Our studio is happy with the entire program that is so well thought out for a photography business. We also love the feedback feature that gives us a chance to voice our opinions or concerns, and StudioCloud is always prompt in addressing an issue. We would recommend this program to anyone with a photography studio, whether just beginning or a seasoned pro! It is so helpful!
Tim & Beverly Walden, Walden’s Photography

We love using StudioCloud because the program is simple to follow but holds all of the information we need to keep track of our business with. We love the online ability of being able to check invoices anywhere we travel
JB DeEtte Sallee, Sallee Photography

StudioCloud has quickly become a favorite business tool. I favor intuitive software and am pleased that I was able to get SC up and running with very little in the way of tutorials and missteps. I like that the program is flexible and allows me to add products and services as I need to create custom invoices for a variety of clients. I find SC to be a stable and reliable program and it has become my go to software.
Dave Siccardi, Dave Siccardi Photography

This is our third year using StudioCloud. Before SC we had to use 3 or 4 different programs to get everything done that SC does. I am loving how it keeps everything in one place from contacts, to schedules, to invoices. It’s also great that I can have my employees have limited access. In other words, employees don’t need to see financial information just to generate an invoice or check the status of something. Thanks for always helping and for allowing us, ”the users”, to make suggestions and then implementing those changes.
Donny Baker, ES Audio Services

I love StudioCloud! It is helping to get my business organized and keep my sanity while doing so! Everything I need is in the free account!
Hillary Crawford

I am so happy with this software, I would like to share. I run a single person hypnotherapy practice, and have searched high and low for an affordable CRM. I am so thrilled I found StudioCloud! One of my favorite features is the ability to log on from various computers and update my client information, notes, calendar, etc. It’s also helpful that I was able to customize the logbook to add SOAP notes format. Creating invoices was a breeze, also. Another extremely useful feature was when I set up email templates. This alone has saved me so much time and I’m much more efficient when I need to send an initial email to a client with the attached client intake forms.

I can’t say enough good things about your software, but especially the price! Although we hypnotherapists won’t have a use for all of the features of StudioCloud, I have spread the word to other hypnotherapists when they are looking for an inexpensive (even free) and comprehensive CRM. Thank you!
Laura Rude, HealthWise Hypnosis

I’ve been using StudioCloud for a few months now. I love how everything can be so easily synced across all platforms, which means you can always know what’s happening where ever you are. Thank you to folks at StudioCloud for providing this amazing software and making it free for us just getting started.
KR Moore


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Sagacious Consultants #epic #consulting, #ehr, #sagacious, #sagacious #consultants, #healthcare, #epic, #best




Within its first five years, Sagacious Consultants ascended to a Best in KLAS* consulting firm and landed on Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work. Sagacious Consultants is now part of Accenture, expanding its breadth of services and geographies served.

As EHR systems have become more widely adopted, Sagacious Consultants has increasingly focused on strategic projects that enable healthcare organizations to meet their biggest operational goals. Using proven methodologies for revenue and clinical transformations, Sagacious Consultants helps clients improve KPIs, enhance provider efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction.

The team now includes hundreds of EHR-certified consultants, from licensed clinicians, former CIOs, and other experienced professionals, bringing diverse perspective and insight to clients worldwide.

The Sagacious Advantage is simple: We combine technical acumen with intimate knowledge of the healthcare space to achieve meaningful results. Combined with Accenture, Sagacious Consultants delivers exceptional value to clients and contributes to the transformation of healthcare through technology with greater impact.

*Sagacious Consultants ranked #1 for Implementation Clinical – Supportive in the 2013 Best in KLAS Awards: Software Services report. © 2014 KLAS Enterprises, LLC | All rights reserved.

Simple and based on a single principle – our customers’ success is a direct measure of our own. To measure success we use three metrics: timeline, budget and end-user adoption. Other healthcare consulting organizations may agree on this, but the difference with Sagacious Consultants is we have the software expertise and experience to make it happen.

We recruit only the best consultants and embody a healthy work/life balance, boasting one of the highest retention rates in the industry! In turn, our customers receive uncompromised results. Our employees provide in depth knowledge of Epic software, project management skills to keep a project on time and on budget and the experience necessary to mesh industry best practices with the organization’s needs.

Sagacious Consultants understands that success brings social responsibility. We pride ourselves by delivering like no other healthcare consulting firm by providing a significant portion of profits to our employees’ and customers’ local charities.

Sagacious Consultants is an innovative consulting firm dedicated to making healthcare better from patient to provider.

Sagacious accomplishes this by providing the top echelon of Epic consultants to our partners, ranging from large academic healthcare organizations to local community clinics. Our mission to our employees is to treat each one as an individual, with the utmost respect, and to provide them with a culture that promotes personal and professional happiness, growth and diversity, and which rewards achievements.

Our mission to our clients is to engage with them as partners, and to provide superior results by leveraging our consultants’ technical expertise in conjunction with our intimate knowledge of the healthcare space. With a strong focus on collaboration, both internally and with our clients, Sagacious Consultants guarantees to surpass expectations.

Sagacious Consultants will continue to grow in prominence and expertise with a focus on sustainability.

We will remain committed to our core values by only employing the best and brightest employees, fostering an inclusive, yet elite corporate culture, and providing superior consultants and customer service to our clients.

Since our inception in 2009, Sagacious Consultants has been wholeheartedly committed to supporting the community, both near and far. It is because of this commitment that we donate a significant amount of money to nonprofit, charitable organizations which have a direct impact on the communities of our clients and our employees. These organizations support diverse causes such as medical research, support for animals, women’s rights and healthcare, early childhood education, support services for veterans, as well as many other causes.

A new benefit introduced to all employees in 2012 allows each employee to choose a charitable organization for Sagacious to make a donation to on their behalf. As Sagacious has continued to grow, this has allowed the amount of contributions, as well as the organizations benefiting from these contributions, to grow substantially over time. Please see the graphic to the right for Sagacious’ annual contributions since inception.

“This has been a very positive impact to our organization and I do feel that we would not be so successful if he would not have been part of the project.”

“She hit the ground running. Her experience paid immediate dividends.”

“As a former Epic TS, he was effective and productive for us from the first hour in our organization. He was always finishing ahead of time or on time.”

“Not all Epic consultants are created equal and he definitely can cover a wide array of topics.”

“He has a very in depth understanding of the Epic system and was able to apply his knowledge to help us with many issues.”

“Her deep knowledge of Epic Willow has made her an extremely valuable member of the team.

“Extremely efficient and thorough.” “Very efficient, effective, knowledgeable, thorough.”

“He has been so willing to take on as much as we give him, with great outcomes.”

“I was not expecting to be able to complete as many issues as we were able to.”

“Willing to help on issues not assigned to him and able to provide details of issue that we would get from our EPIC TS. This saved us time on resolution.”

“She was extremely helpful to everyone.”

“He was constantly finishing issues that needed to be completed regardless if it was for Claims, HB, or anyone else that asked for his help

Sagacious Consultants has worked with over 100 Epic healthcare organizations across the nation. These organizations range from the largest of hospital networks to smaller, physician practice only organizations. The projects range from full life-cycle implementations to upgrades and from big-bang installs to rollouts. We have provided clients with consultants in nearly every application. We are more than happy to provide referrals upon request.

• Majority former-Epic employees

• Certified in all Epic applications

• Experienced with all phases of implementation

• Senior level consultants

• Success through collaboration: internal Sharepoint promotes synergy

Sagacious Consultants has worked with over 100 clients across the nation varying in size, scope, complexity and business structure:

• Pediatric organizations such as Texas Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Omaha, and Seattle Children’s Hospital

• Religious organizations such as Bon Secours Health System and Baptist Health System

• Higher Learning institutions such as University of California San Francisco, University of Colorado Hospital, and University of Maryland Medical Services

• Private, Public, or FQHC organizations such as Providence Health Services, Harris County Hospital District, Hennepin County Medical Center, and Access Community Health Network

Sagacious Consultants is painting the map red with over 100 clients and 200+ employees in 41 states.




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Analytics Courses Online – Analytics Certificate #online #analytics #courses, #analytics #courses


Analytics Certificate

Discover the power of analytics.

Explore practical ways to use data analytics to improve organisational efficiency and competitiveness – as well as learning how to stand out through your approach and delivery.

Data Analytics Courses Online – This online certificate covers the fundamental principles and approaches to conducting analytics tasks and determining sentiment, through to more advanced predictive techniques.

Developed by leading industry practitioners, this online data analytics Certificate is derived from IAPA’s four base courses: Foundation Analytics, Visualisation and Insight Delivery, Sentiment Analysis and Practical Predictive Analytics and provides a sound base for anyone starting a career in analytics, or those wanting greater exposure to modern, predictive techniques.

Data analytics courses online are designed for those who are curious in nature, enjoy problem solving and prefer a self-learning, exploratory approach to knowledge.

Duration: Up to 6 months.

Learn to:

  • Use analytics principles and the lifecycle lifecycle
  • Understand analytical tools and techniques
  • Define data visualisation and identify different examples of it
  • Discover predictive analytic techniques and different techniques for predictive modelling
  • Evaluate model effectiveness

Course covers:

In this online course, you’ll look at defining analytics and the lifecycle, tools for analytics, delivering results and how to predict trends. Once we have thoroughly explored the fundamentals, we’ll also look at data visualisation, developing a business case, data reduction, sample design and predictive modelling techniques. This will all be broken down into the following online courses and modules:

  • Module 1: Defining Analytics
  • Module 2: Analytics Lifecycle
  • Module 3: Analytics Techniques
  • Module 4: Tools for Analytics I
  • Module 5: Tools for Analytics II
  • Module 5: Delivering Results
  • Module 6: Emerging Trends
  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Visualisation
  • Module 2: Discovering Data Visualisation
  • Module 3: Storytelling with Data
  • Module 4: How to Present Data
  • Module 1: Introduction to Analytics
  • Module 2: Developing a Business Case
  • Module 3: Data Reduction
  • Module 4: Variable Exploration Model Feasibility
  • Module 5: Sample Design
  • Module 6: Predictive Modelling Techniques
  • Module 7: Evaluating Model Effectiveness
  • Module 1: What is Sentiment Analysis?
  • Module 2: Text Analysis
  • Module 3: Data Pre-processing
  • Module 4: Measuring Sentiment
  • Module 5: Predicting Sentiment


  • In-module questions and activities
  • Final online exam

Who should do this course?

  • Those new to analytics
  • Those managing analytics teams


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Graduate Distance Programs #masters #in #business #analytics #online


Graduate Distance Programs

Master Programs

  • Agronomy. M.S.
  • Applied Science. M.A.S.
  • Business Administration. M.B.A. Note: M.B.A. students select MBA specializations with an advisor after their initial enrollment, rather than during the application process.
  • Community Development. M.A.S. in Applied Science specialization (Ag*IDEA )
  • Interior Design. M.S. in Architecture specialization
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education (Pre-12). M.A. and M.Ed. in Special Education specialization
  • Dietetics. M.S. in Nutrition and Health Sciences specialization (GP IDEA )
  • Early Childhood Special Education (Birth to age 5). M.A. and M.Ed. in Special Education specialization
  • Engineering Management. M.E.M.
  • Entomology. M.S. in Entomology all areas of focus
  • Family and Community Services. M.S. in Child, Youth and Family Studies specialization (GP IDEA )
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education. M.S. in Child, Youth and Family Studies specialization
  • Family Financial Planning. M.S. in Child, Youth and Family Studies specialization (GP IDEA )
  • Higher Education Administration. M.A. in Educational Administration area of study
  • Human and Family Services Administration. M.S. in Child, Youth and Family Studies specialization
  • Integrated Media Communications. M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications specialization
  • International Family Studies. M.S. in Child, Youth and Family Studies specialization
  • Mathematics. Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
  • Merchandising. M.S. in Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design specialization (GP IDEA )
  • Media Studies. M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications specialization
  • P-12 School Leadership. M.Ed. in Educational Administration area of study Note: Starting Summer 2017 requires the completion of a 6 hour block of on-campus courses during the first summer
  • Professional Journalism. M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications specialization
  • Science for Educators. M.A.S. in Applied Science specialization
  • Visual Impairments (Pre-12). M.A. and M.Ed. in Special Education specialization Note: Summer on-site participation is required at various locations.
  • World Language Teaching: GOLDEN. M.A. in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education specialization Note: concentrations are available in German Language Teaching and Spanish Language Teaching
  • Youth Development. M.S. in Child, Youth and Family Studies specialization (GP IDEA )

Doctoral Programs

  • Educational Leadership and Higher Education. Ed.D. and Ph.D. in Educational Studies specialization Note: Ph.D. requires 6 hours of on-campus research seminars
  • P-12 School Leadership. Ed.D. in Educational Administration area of study Note: Requires on-campus seminars during the summer sessions in the first three years.


Blended and Hybrid Programs

A small number of programs feature a short residency designed to help you explore concepts that are best demonstrated face-to-face, while networking with others and with faculty. Most, but not all, residencies are a few days to two weeks in duration, and occur with advance notice. Programs that include a residency requirement are:

  • Ph.D. in Educational Studies with specialization in Educational Leadership and Higher Education
  • Ed.D. in Educational Administration with area of study in P-12 School Leadership (Superintendent endorsement)
  • M.Ed. with area of study in P-12 School Leadership (Principal Endorsement)
  • M.Ed. or M.A. in Special Education with specialization in Visual Impairment

Hybrid Distance Education Program (M.A.)

The M.A. in Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design, Textile History specialization with an emphasis in Quilt Studies distance delivery program is offered through a combination of distance technology and on-campus instruction. This program requires a spring semester of traditional on-campus courses totaling 9 credit hours. Most students complete a non-thesis option with a professional internship; a thesis option (with permission) is occasionally pursued.


To pursue a supplemental endorsement, students must either hold a valid teaching certificate or be pursuing a teacher education program. All of the following endorsements are aligned with Nebraska Department of Education requirements. Please contact an academic advisor or the specified contact person for information.

  • Curriculum Supervisor (Grades PK-12)
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing/Subject (Grades P-12)
  • Early Childhood Special Education (Birth thru K)
  • Early Intervention Specialist (Birth to K) (Supplemental)
  • Special Education (K-6) (7012)
  • Behavior Intervention Specialist (Supplemental)
  • Family and Consumer Science Education
  • Principal, Elementary (Grades PK-8)
  • Principal, Secondary (Grades 7-12
  • Superintendent (Grades PK-12)
  • Visual Impairment (Grades Birth-12)

Students must apply to the Graduate College for admission to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln at: .


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Big Data Analytics – Gartner Tech Definitions #define #big #data #analytics,


Analytics has emerged as a catch-all term for a variety of different business intelligence (BI )- and application-related initiatives. For some, it is the process of analyzing information from a particular domain, such as website analytics. For others, it is applying the breadth of BI capabilities to a specific content area (for example, sales, service, supply chain and so on). In particular, BI vendors use the analytics moniker to differentiate their products from the competition. Increasingly, analytics is used to describe statistical and mathematical data analysis that clusters, segments, scores and predicts what scenarios are most likely to happen. Whatever the use cases, analytics has moved deeper into the business vernacular. Analytics has garnered a burgeoning interest from business and IT professionals looking to exploit huge mounds of internally generated and externally available data.

  • Gartner’s Data Analytics Summit – The explosion of data sources, big data analytics use cases, technology and analytics roles is yielding a wealth of new business opportunities. Learn more about how to leverage these opportunities at Gartner’s Data Analytics Summit
  • Free research and webinars from Gartner on Big Data Analytics .

Digital business dynamics are changing the complete field of data and analytics. CIOs, CDOs, and other data and analytics leaders must evolve traditional approaches to focus on business outcomes, go with the market trends, benefit from algorithmic business, adopt new technologies and build trust.

Enterprise information management is a business-led program to structure all data and analytics initiatives to drive better business outcomes. Here, we explain how data and analytics leaders, including chief data officers, can align their data and analytics investments to deliver enterprise success.

Chief analytics officers (CAOs) and analytics leaders are the business equivalents of high-wire artists, maintaining balance while serving multiple masters, adapting to constant business winds and staying current on innovation. Mastering key tactics will help them survive and thrive in these critical roles.

September 8, 2016

Data-driven marketing is still maturing in organizations all over the world. For advertising agencies, that represents a tremendous opportunity to expand their business and to improve loyalty from their customer base. However, data and analytics leaders from these agencies must take the lead to build new competencies in order to gain business advantage. This webinar discusses how to tailor a data and analytics strategy to support new demands from the market.


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Himss analytics emr adoption model #himss #analytics #emr #adoption #model


Participation grants you access to the benefits below and provides your organisation with the tools to move ahead.

EMRAM℠ Score

The HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM)℠ was created to track healthcare organisations’ progress towards achieving a paperless patient record environment. Hospitals and ambulatory care facilities are scored based on their level of EMR adoption from Stage 0 through Stage 7.

Gap Analysis

Understand what the gaps in your EMR adoption plan mean and use the analysis as a roadmap for future investments. Use it as an authoritative foundation on which to build a case for investment in IT, to present to hospital management, nursing staff and doctors.


Objectively compare your organisation’s operations to peers and best practice hospitals based on EMRAM℠ Score, capital availability, clinical IT availability level and clinical IT support level.

What Are My Benefits?

Participants receive their EMRAM Score as well as a report indicating current gaps towards higher EMRAM Stages and metrics for benchmarking.

Work with us and gain:

  • Insights into your current level of EMR Adoption
  • Decision Support for your IT strategy
  • Benchmark Opportunities
  • Healthcare IT market recognition for EMRAM Stage 6 7 organisations

Insights into your current level of EMR Adoption

Get an unbiased view and chart your progression and accomplishments. The EMRAM can be perceived as an international standard to measure EMR Adoption and is used by over 9,000 hospitals across the globe.

Decision Support for your IT Strategy

Use the results of the EMRAM assessment to identify key opportunities for improvement, to drive your IT strategy and alignment with the overall business strategy of your organization.

Benchmark Opportunities

Compare your EMR progress over time and with peers from your region, your country or across the globe, based on a standardized and vendor neutral-assessment.

Healthcare market recognition for EMRAM Stage 6 7 organisations

Announcement of your accomplishment at a major HIMSS event, promotion of your organisation’s case study, use of the EMRAM Stage 6 7 logo on your website.


  • — Get your EMRAM/O-EMRAM score
  • — Get a Full Assessment
  • — Schedule a Strategy Session
  • — Get Validation

Standard EMRAM Assessment – Acute Care

Take part in the Acute Care EMRAM Survey to get your initial Score and understand relevant gaps in your current EMR environment based on the EMRAM Gap Report.

EMRAM Plus Assessment – Acute Care

Further contextualise your retrieved Acute Care EMRAM Score and assess your EMRAM Stage 6 or 7 readiness in more detail. This online assessment is particularly useful when you are responsible for multiple hospitals, e.g. a regional health authority, a private hospital group, that you want to push towards EMRAM Stages 6 and 7.

Standard EMRAM Assessment – Outpatient Care

The Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (O-EMRAM) assesses EMR adoption keeping the unique needs of outpatient facilities in mind. Each participant obtains his individual Outpatient EMRAM Score and a gap analysis of his clinical system’s capabilities as a roadmap for future investments for achieving higher levels of access, quality, efficiency and safety.

EMRAM Strategy Session

Move forward strategically with an onsite strategy session that will guide your team to a successful EMR implementation moving you through the EMRAM stages with a focus on Stages 6 and 7. Benefit from a detailed roadmap to close the gaps in your clinical IT environment.

EMRAM Stage 6/7 Validation

Review and confirm your organisation’s progress with onsite validation from our team of industry experts. Successful hospitals will be publicly recognised as leaders and eligible to enjoy the benefits of official EMRAM Stage 6 / Club members. Your accomplishment will be announced at a major HIMSS event and you can use the EMRAM Stage 6 7 logos on your website.

Best Practice Hospital Excursion

Visit selected hospitals known for outstanding achievements (Stage 6 /7) with delegates.

Learn about successful implementation models, alternative service delivery models and get insights led by a study leader with years of industry experience. Valuable connections are made with key contacts in the international acute hospital environment. Delegates network with each other and brainstorm opportunities.

Customised Benchmarks

Benchmark your organisation based on EMRAM, dive deeper into specific areas of your interest and select peers from your region, your country or around the world. We will create appropriate benchmarks for you.

gressive capabilities healthcare organisations need to possess in order to seamlessly coordinate patient care across a continuum of care sites and providers.


“EMRAM shows the way to define the investments in health IT. It is a key point on the definition of the roadmap, assuring we are building our systems form the basement to the upper floors.”

Vincent Moncho Mas
Director d’Organització i Tecnologies de la Informació
Hospital de Dénia

“As a CIO, I personally consider the EMRAM a roadmap to the digital transformation in a Healthcare Delivery Organization and a valuable indicator of the maturity of the clinical information system”

Elena Sini
IRCCS Istituto Clinico Humanitas

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Northwestern Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics #northwestern #masters #in



Northwestern Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics

Online Master of Science
in Predictive Analytics

Build in-demand skills for the growing analytics field

  • Prepare for leadership-level career opportunities by focusing on statistical concepts and practical application.
  • Learn from distinguished Northwestern faculty and from the seasoned industry experts who are redefining how data improve decision making and boost ROI.
  • Build statistical and analytic expertise as well as the management and leadership skills necessary to implement high-level, data-driven decisions.
  • Earn your Northwestern University master’s degree entirely online.

Learn more about how you can advance your career by earning your Master of Science in Predictive Analytics degree from Northwestern University.

Spring application deadline January 15th

Visit us online by clicking on “Learn More” above, or speak with an admissions adviser at 1-877-664-3347

Everything I learned, like how to better forecast sales and analyze the customer experience, helped me at work. My role at work has grown, with a substantial increase in salary. It’s made my job more satisfying.

– Raymond Anden (MSPA ’13), marketing analyst at Extron Electronics

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  2. 10 Free Must-Read Books for Machine Learning and Data Science
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  4. Which Machine Learning Algorithm Should I Use?
  5. Machine Learning Workflows in Python from Scratch Part 1: Data Preparation
  6. HDFS vs. HBase: All you need to know
  7. Teaching the Data Science Process


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Travel program intelligence and analytics #canada #travel

#travel intelligence

Travel program intelligence and analytics

See how your travel program compares, across the region or around the world, against your goals, your peers or top performers and make the right changes to improve.

Savvy travel managers set smart goals, put into place plans and tactics to meet those goals and then track their progress along the way. But that takes more than just data. While it’s easy to get data, it can be a challenge to interpret and often only shows part of the picture.

The best way to really see how your program is performing is through business intelligence, which is a lot harder to find, but much more valuable. Our intelligence and analytics solutions combine data, business intelligence, advanced visualizations and drill down capabilities to give travel managers insight to make better decisions.

At a glance, you can see how you’re comparing against your goals, your peers and best performers. You can better predict the impact of your current performance and make quick and accurate decisions to improve future results. You can spot opportunities to improve sourcing opportunities that boost your bottom line. And you can better engage management through compelling stories for quicker decisions.

If your program links to different travel partners around the world, we can give you ways to see your entire program at once.


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The Case for Big Data Security Intelligence #big #data #security #analytics


Blurred Vision: The Case for Security Intelligence

Hopefully you ve read our initial two articles on the need for a more intelligent approach to stopping advanced threats and why detection is not the new prevention. If you have, you will no doubt recognize the parallels between the complex entity that is our immune system, and the required cooperative security intelligence ecosystem necessary to help IT security teams counter the barrage of advanced attacks against our enterprises. The first dimension we discussed was Prevention and the interrelationship between detection and prevention. Now let s extend that conversation further.

What is threat detection, ultimately? It s vision; it s the ability to see massive amounts of activity across the enterprise to discover meaningful behaviors requiring immediate attention. Yet vision by itself is sometimes imperfect. What s also required to detect the more subtle threats and attacks is the detail behind the discovery — that s clarity. Vision and clarity are both very important to an effective security intelligence solution, and are a product of its advanced analytics and forensic search capabilities.

Combating Advanced Threats with Security Intelligence

A good security intelligence solution enables complex problem-solving capabilities, uniquely equipping them to defend against advanced threats. Let s look at critical capabilities of effective security intelligence solutions.

  • Consolidation of data silos for 360-degree view. Connect the dots between seemingly unrelated or benign activities and ultimately deliver better insight for advanced threat detection.
  • Pre- and post-exploit insights. Gather and prioritize information about existing security gaps to prevent breaches, as well as suspicious behavior to detect breaches.
  • Forensic capabilities. Exhaustively research the impact of the breach using captured packet data, easing the burden on the security and network staff who have to build a remediation plan.
  • Anomaly detection capabilities. Baseline current activity and identify meaningful deviations — a core and vital aspect of detecting advanced threats in progress.
  • Real-time correlation and analysis. Process massive data sets using advanced analytical methods and purpose-built data repositories, allowing for earlier and more accurate detection of advanced threats, and helping to distinguish the signal from the noise.
  • Helping reduce false positives. De-prioritize unusual yet benign activity to reduce the time spent investigating anomalous but harmless activity, helping the organization focus on its top incidents.
  • Flexibility. Constant environmental changes require constant product evolution to add data sources, create and tune analytics, create new user views and reports, and expand and evolve the overall deployment architecture.
  • Unified approach. Prevention of complex, multi-pronged attacks requires a unified or integrated platform to help organizations intelligently wade through hundreds of security alerts and massive quantities of raw event and flow data.

Perhaps one of the most egregious types of offenses is any incident associated with a privileged user. By correlating data access logs with information stored within identity systems and network asset databases, a security analyst could determine when one of these trusted users begins to process an unusual amount of critical or private data. The signs or symptoms are available just like when a human experiences numbness or slurred speech — it s time to take action. Saving an organization s intellectual property, buyer or patient data, and overall marketplace reputation requires quick action, before 40,000 or 4 million records are sent to some external IP address.

Stopping Advanced Attacks from Flourishing

Yet even though a good SIEM solution serves to focus the IT security team on their most pressing incidents and vulnerabilities, the forensic investigations of these situations can take hours, days, even weeks to conclude — and that s using specially trained forensics resources. Basically, the goal here is to establish the root cause or underlying conditions that generated the incident or offense, and all security intelligence solutions aren t created equally. We are in an era of continuous attacks and network security breaches, and any vendor that fails to continually invest in their defensive capabilities will fall behind and succumb to the asymmetrical advantage the cyber criminals possess — they only need to find one weakness!

That imbalance requires security teams to be ready to confront a security breach. and this response is largely a race against time. The attackers might have broken into the network, but that doesn t mean all is lost. Outsiders need time to discover what valuable data exists and where it resides, and all of their activities leave an identifiable trail. The sooner security teams can make that incident identification, the earlier they can disrupt the attack and mitigate its impact.

Our newest integrated module of the QRadar platform was designed to help organizations compress the time required to discover exactly what happened, by using full packet capture data to provide better clarity into security incidents. QRadar Incident Forensics uses Internet search engine technology to convert all associated network packets into documents that are fully indexed, helping IT security teams perform forensic searches in minutes or even seconds in most cases. The user interface is highly intuitive, allowing almost any member of a security team to conduct the necessary investigations by defining simple search cases using free-text keywords or metadata elements.

QRadar SIEM is the tool we offer clients to detect attacks and anomalous behavior within their networks — the vision — and QRadar Incident Forensics provides an accelerated ability to respond to those incidents — the clarity — by helping security teams build an effective remediation plan. Working together, they provide an unrivaled capability that we believe will help restore a little symmetry to the battle our clients are fighting on a daily basis.

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