Samsung QLED TVs on sale starting at $2, 500, samsung pays


Samsung QLED TVs on sale starting at $2,500. That’s really expensive.

The cheapest QLED TV is a 55-inch model that costs more than the same-size 2016 OLED TV from LG. The upside? Maybe QLED prices will fall sooner rather than later.

Samsung pays apple

Now is not a great time to buy a 2017 TV.

The newest TVs are starting to hit the market, and Samsung’s Quantum dot LED (QLED) TVs just appeared for preorder on Samsung’s site as well as places like Amazon and Best Buy. Initial prices are hella expensive.

The cheapest QLED TV so far, the 55-inch QN55Q7F, costs $2,500. That’s $200 more than LG’s cheapest 2016 OLED TV, the B6P, which we called the best TV we’ve ever tested. LG’s cheapest 2017 OLED TV costs $3,500.

Television prices follow a predictable trend. Most TVs get introduced during late winter and early spring at their most expensive, and fall in price throughout they year. Many bottom out around November for Black Friday sales, and remain near their lowest points through the holiday season until the Super Bowl, when they begin to be replaced by the newer sets. That’s why we encourage TV buyers to wait until later in the year to get the best deal.

For now, here are the prices of Samsung’s QLED line we know about, followed by comparable OLED TVs from LG.

Current Samsung QLED vs. LG OLED prices

We haven’t reviewed Samsung’s QLED TVs yet, but I don’t expect them to beat the picture quality of OLED TVs with most material. The article below compares what I know so far about Samsung QLED and LG OLED TVs. I expect to deliver a final verdict soon, when I can get a QLED TV in for review.

Samsung QLED vs. LG OLED TV: What’s the difference?

In case you’re wondering, Samsung says the Q8 has more zones of local dimming then the Q7, which could improve its image quality. The Q8 is only available with a curved screen, the higher-end Q9 (pricing and availability TBD) will have a flat screen, and a curved version of the Q7 will also be forthcoming. All of the QLED models, including the Q9, will use edge-lit local dimming, which is historically inferior to the full-array variety.

Samsung’s website has more information and specs. I expect to get more details when Samsung holds its official TV launch event sometime in March.

Samsung pays apple

Will QLED be cheaper than OLED by this fall?

I’m guessing yes. The 2016 OLED TVs on the table above will sell out relatively quickly, leaving the 2017 OLED models, which are $1000 more expensive than the cheapest QLED sets.

I underestimated how much Samsung would charge for its QLED TVs, and for the record, I think those prices are very expensive — unless the TVs somehow match the performance of LG’s 2016 OLEDs, which I consider unlikely.

That said, you can think of Samsung’s prices for its 2017 QLED TVs as sort of a starting bid. It’s very high, but it could fall soon. How soon, you ask?

Samsung pays apple camelcamelcamel

Above you see an example from last year courtesy of the price history of the UN65KS8000 SUHD TV, which in terms of features is generally similar to the Q7F series QLED TV. It started at $2,800 and fell to a low of $1,500, a reduction of 46 percent. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2017 65-inch Q7F followed the same trajectory, for a low price of about $1,900.

You might point out that in 2016 LG’s OLED TVs fell further — the 65-inch B6 went from $6,500 to $2,800, a drop of 57 percent. But the 2017 TVs are starting from a much lower initial price. The the 65-inch C7 OLED starts at $4,500, and I’d be really surprised if by fall 2017 you could get one for less than $2,000. Maybe $2,500.

It’s worth mentioning that all these price prognostications are my own only, and I’ve been wrong before.


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Apple and the cloud: A magnificent missed opportunity #apple #cloud #computing


Apple and the cloud: A magnificent missed opportunity

One of the saddest documents you’ll ever see is prosaically titled DEFENDANT’S EXHIBIT NO. 489.245. (I’ve shared it in a public folder at OneDrive, so you can click that link and read the whole thing at your leisure.)

The document, a printout from an internal email sent to a list of top Apple executives, emerged last month as part of the landmark patent infringement suit brought by Apple against Samsung.

The email was part of a thread that begins with a painfully ironic DO NOT FORWARD warning from Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller. It includes the forwarded text of a blunt agenda from Steve Jobs covering Apple’s plans for its 2011 fiscal year.

The dateline alone is poignant. Written in October 2010, the email represents Steve Jobs’ final opportunity to provide his guidance on Apple’s future. Jobs resigned 10 months after this email was sent and died of cancer two months after that.

But the even sadder part is how thoroughly Apple has so far failed to deliver on one of the key goals Jobs laid out in this, his final strategy document. Jobs wanted 2011 to be the “Year of the Cloud.” With the digital hub moving from the PC to the cloud, he said, Apple was “in danger of hanging on to [the] old paradigm too long.”

That summary by Steve Jobs is puzzling. On the one hand, as Apple’s Disruptor-in-Chief, he knew full well how important it is to disrupt your own business before you let someone else do it. He also recognized that both Google and Microsoft had a significant lead in cloud technology, even if they hadn’t figured out how to translate that technology into income or profits.

But on the other hand, Jobs also remained firmly wedded to Apple’s walled garden. His directive in this memo, which was never intended to be seen by us mere mortals, is extraordinarily blunt: “tie all of our products together, so we further lock customers into our ecosystem.”

So, three and a half years later, how far have Apple’s cloud efforts progressed? Compared to the leaders in the cloud ecosystem, not very far at all.

Apple’s iCloud is, first and foremost, a backup target for iOS devices, a job it does reasonably well. But on every other modern yardstick for cloud computing it falls short. My colleague Jason Perlow (disclosure: he now works for Microsoft) has done an excellent job of summing up the cloud landscape in a pair of posts:

Both posts are must-reads. Here’s my current take on Apple’s cloud status:

what’s hot on zdnet

In short, Apple is in no danger of becoming a “devices and services” company anytime soon. What it offers is fine for anyone fully committed to Apple’s hardware. But as soon as you stray into Android or Windows devices, things get. complicated.

Fortunately for Apple and its shareholders, the installed base of Apple hardware, especially iPads and iPhones, is too big for any cloud player to ignore. That position, as gatekeeper to the wealthiest segment of the PC and mobile hardware market, gives Apple an enviable position as power broker.

And in the current climate, that’s a potentially tremendous edge for Microsoft over Google. Office for iPad was an unqualified hit last month, and Microsoft has been aggressively developing its other products, including OneDrive, for iOS. Despite friction through the years, Apple and Microsoft have maintained a working partnership.

Meanwhile, Google, largely on the strength of its Android OS, remains public enemy #1 for Apple. The spate of lawsuits by Apple against Samsung and other Android handset makers are really part of a proxy war against Google. And indeed, if you look just a few lines earlier on the first page of this strategy document, you’ll see the heading “2011: Holy War with Google.”

Under those circumstances, especially with the Mac-PC wars mostly in the rearview mirror, it’s easy to see Apple developing tighter ties with Microsoft’s cloud.

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How to edit your hosts file on a mac – InMotion


How to edit your hosts file on a mac

NOTE: If you need to make a hosts file modification in Windows, please see our Modifying Your Hosts File article instead.

Like many Unix-based and Unix-like operating systems, it is possible to change the hosts file on your Mac to manually set a domain to a certain server.

Changing this file will override any DNS settings you might receive from your ISP, so this is a good way to test a site before you have transferred the domain from your old host to us.

Modifying the hosts file in Mac OS X 10.2 and later is a pretty easy task, but it must be done as the “root” user in the terminal. This change will point ONLY your Mac to your site with us. It will not affect other computers’ access to your site at your former host.

Steps to editing your hosts file

  1. Open the Mac’s Terminal.

You may either type Terminal on the Spotlight, or by going into Applications – Utilities – Terminal .

  • Open the hosts file for editing.

    In the terminal window you just opened copy/paste the command string below, and press return.

    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

    You’ll be prompted to enter your Mac user’s password. NOTE: you won’t see the cursor move. This is normal, so press return when done.

  • Edit the hosts file by adding these two lines to the bottom of the file.


    For example, it should look like:

    Make sure that there is a space between the IP and the URL! Otherwise, the rule will not work.

    Be sure to place with your actual domain name. If you’re not sure which IP address to use, please contact our Support Department for further assistance.

  • Save your changes by pressing control-o on your keyboard then return to accept the filename. Exit the editor by pressing control-x. This takes you back to the terminal screen.
  • You may need to flush your Mac’s DNS cache, so copy/paste the below command string into terminal, and press return.

    You may have to add sudo to this command, for example:
    sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

    This completes the hosts file modification, so you should now be able to see your site here with us using your domain in your browser’s address bar.

    When testing is complete you may undo these changes by repeating the steps above but removing the information entered in step 3.

    If you are running a Windows based system, please see our general hosts file article .

    Apache 2 Test Page


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    Easily catalog your home library – create your personal book database

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    Book Database Software – catalog your book collection

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    Just search our huge online book database. . by ISBN or by author title.

    3 home library solutions – mobile app, web-app or desktop software:

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    I use their apps for books and movies as well as their cloud platform. Keeps my books in order from my iphone, desktop and ipad. Especially like the quick scan feature – allows uploading books quickly with photos and written blurbs – then you can edit if you wish. Also like the ability to sort by genre or subject. Great product! Gardenhat on CLZ Books

    I just scan the book barcode and it’s in my list, in alphabetical order by title. It doesn’t have older versions of some books whose isbns have changed since the initial publishing but you can still find the book by author and title. Adia Grigsby on CLZ Books

    Very happy with it. Catherine Bell on CLZ Books


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    Runaway Bay

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    Stay in Ocho Rios to experience spectacular waterfalls, sprawling beaches, tropical gardens, and fern gullies perfect for nature lovers and romantics. Negril is known for its amazing sunsets and laid-back vibe. Its Seven Mile Beach features soft white sand and turquoise waters. Looking for a romantic getaway? Runaway Bay is the place, with its peaceful setting and pristine beaches. Visit nearby Nine Miles, the birthplace of Bob Marley. Where you go in Jamaica, the friendly smiles of its people and the natural beauty of the island will keep you coming back.


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    Los Cabos Vacation Packages – Apple Vacations – Vacations for Families,

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    The Corridor

    At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, land ends and the Gulf of California meets the Pacific. Here, blue waters, rugged cliffs, coves teeming with marine life, desert vistas, and mountains wash together in vibrant color. Los Cabos is known best for its golden beaches, world class golf, lively nightlife, whale sightings in the winter, and celebrity sightings year-round! Sport fishing reigns supreme here – Cabo is known as the Marlin Capital of the World.

    The more laid-back town of San Jose del Cabo is home to several championship golf courses, quaint shops, boutiques, and fine restaurants. History buffs will enjoy the culture throughout the city. The Old Jesuit Mission, known as Parroquia San Jose, has a history dating back to the 1730’s, while The Estero, an estuary with an endless variety of colorful birds and wildlife, offers a serene and tranquil landscape. Between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, the 20-mile Corridor at Land’s End is defined by the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez that meet with stunning desert vistas. Deep sea fishing in The Corridor is among the best in the world. The Corridor is home to many luxury hotels and resort properties, with many activities, restaurants, world-class golf courses, and top of the line spas.


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    Apple Vacations Last Minute Deals – All Inclusive Packages #egypt #travel

    #best vacation deals

    Apple Vacations Deals

    Save On Your Apple Vacation with Last Minute Deals

    When you’re planning your next vacation getaway, you know how expensive things can get! But you don’t have to spend a bundle to get the vacation you want, and we know how to help you save you big! Find Apple Vacations last minute deals with Traveloni that will help you save. So if you’re looking for a last minute trip for cheap, let one of our agents help you!

    You can be laying across the white sand beaches of some luxurious warm Caribbean island for a fraction of what you’d pay, all because you know how to spot the right deal. But why hunt so hard for a good deal when we can help? Here you’ll learn how last minute deals on Apple vacations help you save big, how you can use them to go anywhere in any season (who wants to be stuck in Jamaica during hurricane season just because it saved them a couple bucks?!) and how you can finally get that awesome vacation deal you’ve always wanted, let’s get started!

    What’s so Special About Apple Vacations Last Minute Travel Deals?

    All inclusive resorts, airlines and other travel agencies have quotas to fill; if people aren’t booking their trips with them they can lose contracts, may have to raise their prices or go out of business. When you can entice travelers into using your services, you’ll be able to generate more sales and turn a bad situation into a great one! When you’re tired of paying the sticker prices for vacations, you’ll want to start taking advantage of our travel deals to some of the best vacation destinations around the world.


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