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College Fee Waiver Program

The College Tuition Fee Waiver for Veteran Dependents benefit waives mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus. This program does not cover the expense of books, parking or room and board. There are four plans under which dependents of veterans may be eligible.

  • The child of a veteran who is totally disabled due to service-connected disabilities or whose death was officially rated as service-connected is eligible. The child must be over 14 years old and under 27 years old to be eligible. If the child is a veteran, then the age limit is extended to age 30;
  • The spouse or Registered Domestic Partner (RDP) of a wartime veteran who has been rated as service-connected totally disabled is eligible. There are no age limit restrictions;
  • The unmarried surviving spouse or RDP of a wartime veteran whose death has been rated as service-connected is eligible. There are no age limit restrictions;
  • Any dependent of any veteran who has been declared missing in action, captured in the line of duty by hostile forces, or forcibly detained or interned in the line of duty by a foreign government or power is eligible.

The veteran must have served at least one day of active duty during a period of war as declared by the U.S. Congress, or during any time in which the veteran was awarded a campaign or expeditionary medal. Concurrent receipt of benefits under Plan A and VA Chapter 35 benefits is prohibited. To receive benefits under Plan A, a dependent must sign an election statement acknowledging this fact. There are no income restrictions under this plan. To be eligible, the event which caused basic entitlement to benefits (i.e. the date the veteran died of service-connected causes or the date the VA rated the veteran as totally disabled as a result of service-connected disabilities) must have occurred prior to the child s 21st birthday.

The child of a veteran who has a service-connected disability, or had a service-connected disability at the time of death, or died of service-related causes is eligible. The child s annual income, which includes the child s adjusted gross income, plus the value of support provided by a parent, may not exceed the annual income limit. The current academic year entitlement is based upon the previous calendar year s annual income. Under Plan B, wartime service is not required and there are no specific age requirements. Children are the only dependents eligible under this plan. There is no prohibition against receiving concurrent VA Chapter 35 benefits.

Any dependent of any member of the California National Guard, who in the line of duty while on active service to the state, was killed, died of a disability resulting from an event that occurred while in active service to the state, or is permanently disabled as a result of an event that occurred while in the service to the state is eligible. Surviving spouses or RDPs who have not remarried are also eligible.

Active service to the state, for the purpose of this benefit, means a member of the California National Guard activated pursuant to Section 146 of the Military and Veterans Code. A copy of those orders pursuant to Section 146, not Section 143, must be furnished to establish eligibility.

Medal of Honor recipients and children of Medal of Honor recipients under the age of 27 may qualify. Benefits under Plan D are limited to undergraduate studies only, and applicants are subject to both income and age restrictions. There is no prohibition against receiving concurrent VA Chapter 35 benefits.

Note: All applicants must meet California residency requirements.If eligibility criteria is met, use of the College Fee Waiver for Veterans Dependents may be applied to state-support programs in the CCC, CSU, and UC systems. Some academic programs at these institutions that are considered self-supported, commonly referred to as extension courses or extended education are not required to apply the College Fee Waiver because these courses, degrees, and certificates are neither funded by the state nor are they system-wide programs. Veterans dependents using this waiver should research their academic programs thoroughly before applying to the college or university.

You must be the dependent of an eligible disabled veteran with a service connected disability rating of 0% or higher. Some other qualifications are required under specific plans. You must include with you application proof of dependency (i.e. birth certificate, adoption records, marriage license), proof of service connected disability and proof of income. Proof of income is not required for dependents of 100% service-connected disabled veteran dependents.

You can find eligibility information and complete the application DVS 40 rev 4-17 or contact your local County Veterans Service Office .


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How to Write a Cover Letter To a Graduate Program #grad


Sample Cover Letters for Graudate School Admittance

Dear Graduate Coordinator (get the name so you can make the letter more direct),

I am very interested in pursuing a masters degree at the University of UNIVERSITY NAME in Cardiac Rehabilitation (or the area you are interested in). From my review of graduate programs, and discussion with other professionals, it is very evident that the University of UNIVERSITY NAME Exercise Science Program has an excellent Cardiac Rehabilitation program.

I am completing a very comprehensive Undergraduate Program in Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico. As you can see by my resume, this program has prepared me well for the graduate education challenges I now wish to pursue. I hope that the skills and knowledge I obtain from this graduate degree will give me the opportunity to seek a challenging opportunity within a dynamic rehabilitation setting.

I have enclosed all materials required for acceptance into the masters program. Thank you very much for your consideration of my application.

Very truly yours,

Sample Cover Letter for PT School (From Lynette Ewer, ES UG Student)

Lynette Ewer
Albuquerque, NM 87113
December 4, 2002

Kathy Dieruf
Admissions Chairperson
UNM School of Medicine
HSSB Room 204

I am very interested in the physical therapy program at the University of New Mexico. I volunteered over 220 hours at the Veterans Administration Hospital (2001- 2002), which gave me the opportunity to experience and enjoy several different aspects of the physical therapy field. I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in exercise science, which I feel will enhance my abilities as a therapist.

My volunteer background has included the following: wound care, rehabilitation exercise programs, and spinal cord injury and mobility impaired patients in the therapy pool. I also gained experience in patient rehabilitation in the areas of knee and hip replacement surgery.

My bachelor s Degree in Exercise Science has provided me with the knowledge of exercise testing, EKG interpretation, fitness assessment and prescription, anatomy, and kinesiology. I have also taken courses that involved special populations, such as people with disabilities and the elderly.

The UNM physical therapy program came highly recommended by graduate students and physical therapists that I have talked with, and that the curriculum is outstanding. Through my research on deciding which school to attend I found that the New Mexico School of Medicine is one of the top in the nation. I would be proud to be a student in the UNM physical therapy program.

Through my volunteer work at the VA Hospital I have developed a compassionate approach and commitment to assisting people with medical and physical disabilities I would enjoy becoming a physical therapy student and look forward to speaking with you in the near future. Thank you for your consideration.


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Cloud Computing Options #insurance #software,insurance #agency #management #software,insurance #billing #software,insurance #agency


“Cloud” Computing and Thin Client Solutions

As we find ourselves in an increasingly fast-paced and mobile world, our dependency on technology to provide real-time access to information increases as well. One of the most utilitarian advancements of technology towards this end has been the advent of thin client or ‘Cloud’ based computing systems.

In a nutshell: A thin client solution allows a computing device (PC, IPad, IPhone, Android device – aka the ‘client’) to ‘dial in’ to the desktop of another computer (aka the ‘server’). The user can then pass keystrokes and mouse clicks to the desktop of that computer, and receive screen shots of what the resulting screen looks like on the other computer (server) to their local computing device (client). It is called ‘thin’ client because you wind up passing very little data over the internet, just screen shots, mouse clicks and keyboard clicks.

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ appeared around 2006, and encapsulates the notion of thin client computing with the ability to securely store your data ‘somewhere else’. There are a variety of solutions available to your agency that provide thin client access to your local software, and provide automated methods to back up your local data to a secure, offsite location.

Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services) is probably the best solution thin client solution for multiple remote users to access your local data for long periods of time. It is also the most expensive requiring the services of a local hardware technician, a Server operating system (Windows Server 2003, 2008, etc. which can cost $800 or more), and Remote Desktop licenses – which run about $80-$100 apiece (although you typically get one license for free). The advantages of using Remote Desktop to dial into a Server based operating system are that it is more secure, less prone to data corruption, and does not require a separate computer for each person logging in.

There are less expensive (even free) solutions for people that need to occasionally dial in to the home office, or dial in one at a time. These solutions all require that there is a separate computer at the home office, for each person dialing in. Some of these solutions can be found at: and Each product has advantages and disadvantages regarding ease of use, reliability, supported client devices, and features; and there are several factors such as how printing and file transfers are handled between the ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’ versions of each software that must be taken into account. If you are considering one of these less expensive thin client solutions, it might be money well spent to hire a tech for an hour or so to help you sort out your options.

Another aspect to Cloud Based computing is the ability to securely backup your data by copying your files over the internet to a secure facility offsite, thus limiting your liability if your local location burns down, or is involved in a natural disaster. Some companies that offer offsite backup solutions for a small fee are and With a little help from a local tech – you can quickly set one of these programs up, and then have peace of mind that your data is stored securely ‘somewhere else’. Just make sure that your tech sets the program up to send the files over the internet at night, otherwise you will see your daytime internet speeds drop dramatically.

Of course Agency Software, Inc. offers turnkey hosting solutions as well. If you’d rather not worry about configuring your Remote Desktop solution, or making sure your data is securily backed up, we recommend the services of EME Cloud For about $30 per user / per month, DJ and his staff will web-enable your Agency Software applications for use on nearly any device, from nearly anywhere in the world. If you have questions, please fee free to give us a call at (800)342-7327 to discuss your Cloud Computing needs.


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Fiber Optic Installation – Inspection and Copper Cable Testing Tools #it


Punch Down and Termination Tools

The best installations start with the best tools. And you can get the best tools from one trusted provider – Fluke Networks. Our network installation line encompasses all the essential tools needed for a job done right! From our innovative JackRapid™ punchdown tool to our forged steel constructed D-Snips cable scissors, look to Fluke Networks.

Case Studies

ITM, a UK-based leading independent provider of specialist ICT infrastructure solutions and services, applies best of breed technology, in-house expertise and innovation to deliver standards compliant solutions and services to clients throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. Stuart Ayres, ITM Fibre & Equipment Engineer, reviewed the results of their investment in twenty Versiv Cabling Certification Systems.

After using the Versiv System for a few months it clearly offers several advantages when compared to the previous generation of test equipment. Not only is the Versiv System faster, the modular design and online connectivity dramatically reduces our engineers travel time as they no longer need to call into the office to have test results downloaded or firmware updated.

During the few months that we have been using the new equipment I have identified the following advantages that translate into productivity gains for both ITM and our Customers:

  • Greatly reduced test cycle times for both copper and fibre.
  • Easy and fast movement of test data from site to office enables better project progress reporting, quicker sign-off and invoicing.
  • Ability to remotely configure and control the test units.
  • Simplified logistics, we now only have to maintain one fleet of modular multi-purpose test equipment.

The Ultimate Test in the Alaskan Bush Survival Tip: Take care where the bears roam

Integrity Networks provides communications services and cable and fiber network infrastructure installation for companies and federal, state and local governments nationwide and around the Pacific Rim. Based in Renton, Washington, their projects range from military bases in Guam and Singapore, data center and VOIP installations in Washington and Virginia, to major healthcare and corporate oil, gas and mining projects across Alaska.

Integrity Networks entered the Alaskan market in 2007, and it has remained a steady presence in low-voltage contracting there ever since. With branch headquarters in Anchorage, Integrity Networks has an extensive staff of highly skilled Alaskan employees that work on jobs in the last great American frontier.

EXTREME DANGER: High Voltage Environment

With Fluke Networks OptiFiber® Pro OTDR with SmartLoop™, Twistnet technicians safely completed bidirectional certification of new North Sea Wind Farm installation

Established in 2000, with more than 30 years of experience, Twistnet Communications Ltd. specializes in the installation, testing and certification of fiber optic cabling, structured cabling systems and voice cabling systems.

Twistnet Communications Ltd serves companies in the United Kingdom and Europe with core services and it offers experts in fusion splicing, direct fiber termination, OTDR and power-meter testing and certification and repair with state of the art equipment such as the Fluke Networks’ OptiFiber Pro OTDR with SmartLoop, part of the Versiv™ line, the industry’s leading Cabling Certification System

By leveraging Versiv DSX-5000, CertiFiber and LinkWare Live, PowerCom has significantly reduced the time and effort needed to test the systems and provide results to their customers.

Challenge: PowerCOM installs and services a wide range of information and communication systems including; voice, data, Wi-Fi, security and monitoring at a variety of both indoor and outdoor locations. With over 80% of employees working in the field on multiple client sites, delivery of test results to the PowerCOM office and/or client is often challenging. Historically, the process to set up test equipment and compile results has been manual and time intensive for both field and administrative staff. Additionally, some customers desired more frequent and periodic delivery of detailed test results, rather than only upon project completion. To address these issues, PowerCOM required a solution that could help their technicians and administrative staff be more efficient, as well as readily and more easily share data with their customers.

Results: By leveraging Versiv™ DSX-5000, CertiFiber® Pro and LinkWare™ Live, PowerCom has significantly reduced the time and effort needed to test the systems and provide results to their customers. Instead of requiring the field technicians to set-up test parameters and commute to the office to deliver/review the test reports, these tasks can be done remotely through the cloud. By leveraging LinkWare Live, PowerCom technicians can complete jobs faster, ensure test accuracy and reduce the potential for rework.

Fluke Networks is pleased to announce that ECR Informatique, a leading company in the cable installation market, acquired the new Versiv platform, now with a fleet of 7 cable certifiers with DSX-5000 replacing DTX-1800 in order to consolidate its position and deployment in structured cabling solutions systems at both DataCenters and horizontal cabling levels.

Created in 2001 and located in Calvados (France), ECR specializes in cable installation of all types of local area networks (copper, fiber, wireless, laser) in standard or special environments or subject to manufacturers certifications. ECR acts on behalf of businesses, local communities, public and private institutions (education, health. ) on their main site or remote facilities, and is also a subcontractor for major clients taking charge of large scale projects featuring local networks


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How to Transfer a Credit Card Balance – ABC News #credit,




Yahoo!-ABC News Network | 2017 ABC News Internet Ventures. All rights reserved.

How to Transfer a Credit Card Balance

Here is what you need to know before and after a credit card balance transfer.

Credit card balance transfers can be an invaluable tool for managing credit card debt. This tactic allows cardholders to move their debt from a card with a high interest rate to one with a lower interest rate, or no interest charges at all.

While it’s not inherently complex to transfer a credit card balance, there are still several important things that cardholders need to be aware of before, during, and after.

Before You Transfer a Credit Card Balance

1. Make sure you keep up with all of your payments. This will allow you to maintain excellent credit and find a balance transfer offer with the best possible terms. The right card may be one you already have with a lower interest rate than the one you are using, or it may be a new card with a 0% APR promotional balance transfer offer. In fact, you may be able to get a promotional financing offer from one of your existing accounts, possibly in the form of a convenience check.

2. Understand all of the terms and conditions of the balance transfer. Know what the card’s credit limit is, its interest rate on balance transfers, and what the balance transfer fee will be. Balance transfer fees are typically 3 percent of the amount transferred, but not always. Chase Slate currently has the only 0 percent APR promotional balance transfer offer with no balance transfer fee, although others can have fees as high as 5 percent.

In the case of promotional financing offers, learn how long you have to complete a qualifying transfer, and the length of the promotional financing period. Typically, promotional balance transfer offers must be completed within 30 days to four months of the account opening, and can last from between six and 18 months. Keep in mind that even though the terms might not explicitly say so, banks will not allow balance transfers between their own accounts.

3. Make a plan. Come up with a sound financial plan for paying down your debt. otherwise your balance transfer is just another form of postponing your obligations.

Making the Transfer

Contact the bank that you are transferring the balance to and ask to perform a balance transfer. Be prepared to give the account information for the other card, and the total amount you want transferred.

After the Transfer

Continue to make at least the minimum payment required from the old credit card, and if you have paid your entire debt, make sure to get a statement from your bank. However, keep your old account open in order to maintain a low credit utilization ratio. which will help your credit score.

Most importantly, stick to the plan that you created to reduce your debt. Recognize that it probably will not be possible to take advantage of promotional financing offers over and over again.

By understanding some of the nuances of balance transfers, cardholders can use these offers to save as much money as possible on their credit card interest charges.

This work is the opinion of the columnist and in no way reflects the opinion of ABC News.


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Cloud Services, Cloud Technology, Cloud Solutions, Cloud Consulting #cloud, #cloud #services,



Wipro’s Cloud services helps enterprises in enhancing customer experience, accelerating business outcomes and building future ready capabilities. We help our customers optimize, scale, manage and outsource IT resources to rationalize investments. Our industry solutions help simplify processes, modernize applications and enable cognitive intelligence to meet our customers’ business needs.
Wipro partners with best of breed products such as Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and a host of ecosystem partners to provide cutting edge solutions.

How Wipro Helps

With Wipro’s cloud services. you empower your business leaders and employees to do business better. Our Cloud solutions help you:

  • Optimize, scale, manage and outsource your IT resources
  • Reimagine journeys and processes to enable digital business
  • Enable customers, employees and partners with a consistent omni-channel experience
  • Transform to an agile business and a dynamic growth engine

Wipro’s in-depth industry and technology expertise can deliver true multi-directional dynamism, thereby enabling your enterprise to experience a seamless cloud journey.

“Wipro is best-suited to complex or transformational projects. For example, Wipro has led digital transformation based on Salesforce at leading brands such as Philips (connected products) and ST Microelectronics (digital partner ecosystem). Wipro has significant experience with legacy migration and complex integration. Though Wipro does plenty of standalone work in this space, it is particularly well-suited to clients seeking a long-term partner for ongoing Salesforce services.”

– Liz Herbert, The Forrester Wave™: Salesforce Implementation Partners, Q2 2015, Forrester Research, Inc. June 26, 2015

Services Portfolio


  • VirtuaDesk
  • ServiceNXT Cloud Operations Center


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Course Details #web #application #development #course


Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology

With Singapore’s Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) vision and the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN), web technology knowledge and skills will continue to be one of the keenly sought after in software development. According to IMDA’s annual survey on infocomm manpower for 2010, software design and development was the fourth largest infocomm job categories and top five highest number of infocomm manpower vacancies. In response to IMDA’s Infocomm Manpower Surveys, the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) launched the Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology (SWEB) course in 2003.

Over the last few years, many Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and MNCs have converted their software applications to the web platform to leverage on the connectivity and open standard of the Internet. IMDA Infocomm Manpower Surveys in 2010 also consistently rate Web/Internet Design and Development as one of the top 5 important skills in ICT industry.

The SWEB course is an online one-year part-time course delivered over the Internet and supported by scheduled on-site tutorials. Discussion forum is available for interaction amongst lecturers and participants. Assessment includes projects/ assignments with face-to-face interviews/presentations and on-site tests. The targeted participants are Diploma/Degree holders who wish to learn new skills in web development.

Graduates of the SWEB course will gain competency in developing web applications on the Internet. They may be involved in the areas of web design, web development and website administration.

Students are expected to have access to computer and internet during your study at SP eg. e-learning, writing report, etc.

This course aims to provide focused training to equip students with new technologies of web development. It focuses on three areas: web design, web programming and web application development.

This course also provides an opportunity for students to take the Proxor Software Developer Exam to receive a Proxor Rating. Proxor is a Carnegie Mellon University Spinoff company, specializing in the development of certification examinations that accurately measures the test-takers’ ability to program realistic problems in a professional programming environment.

The modules covered in this course include: Fundamentals of Web Development Technology, Web System Development Techniques, Java Programming, Java Server Programming, Web Programming and Database Management Systems.

Students will also have exclusive access to online e-learning training materials from Oracle Academy on Java Fundamentals.

This course is suitable for working adults who wish to deepen their information technology knowledge in the area of web application design and development.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Applicants should have a Polytechnic Diploma/Degree in Information Technology. Polytechnic diploma or degree holders from other disciplines must show their competence in programming skills through relevant certifications or modules taken.

Applicants without programming experience may be required to take entrance test.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be considered for admission to the course based on evidence of at least 5 years of relevant working experience or supporting evidence of competency readiness. Suitable applicants who are shortlisted will have to go through an interview and/or entrance test. The Polytechnic reserves the right to shortlist and admit applicants.

The Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology course consists of two post-diploma certificates (PDCs). Each PDC comprises three modules and the details are as follows:

Semester 1:
PDC 1: Post Diploma Certificate in Web Application Design
Module 1: Fundamentals of Web Development Technology
Module 2: Java Programming
Module 3: Database Management Systems

Semester 2:
PDC 2: Post Diploma Certificate in Web Application Development

Module 1: Enterprise Application Development
Module 2: Web Programming
Module 3: Web Application Secure Coding

Award / Certification / Accreditation

Upon completion of two Certificates within a two-year validity period, the participant will be conferred a Specialist Diploma qualification from Singapore Polytechnic.


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MSc Science Communication at Imperial College London on #masters, #masters #admissions,


MSc Science Communication

AHRC-funded studentships at Imperial College – 2 Awards

The Department of Humanities at Imperial College is pleased to announce AHRC-funded studentships. We have two professional preparation studentships to support study on the MSc Science Communication, under the specific subject area of Journalism and Publishing studies. This funding will cover tuition fees for EU students. UK students also receive a monthly bursary payment of approximately £900 for the duration of the course.

Value of Scholarship(s)


To be eligible for funding you must meet certain criteria which are set out in the AHRC’s student funding guide:

Application Procedure

Applicants who have already received an offer of a place on the course should submit a statement to Liam Watson (Science Communication administrator) at [email protected] demonstrating suitability for a studentship in the relevant subject area and explaining how the funding will benefit your future career. Applicants who have not yet applied for a place on the course must in addition complete the online application form by the deadline below.Further details on the course can be found at: deadline for submission of your statement is Friday 27th May, and you are likely to receive a decision by mid June.

Further Information

AHRC-funded studentships at Imperial College – Single Award

The Department of Humanities at Imperial College is pleased to announce AHRC-funded studentships. We have two professional preparation studentships to support study on the MSc Communication, under the specific subject area of Museum Studies. This funding will cover tuition fees for EU students. UK students also receive a monthly bursary payment of approximately £900 for the duration of the course.

Value of Scholarship(s)


To be eligible for funding you must meet certain criteria which are set out in the AHRC’s student funding guide:

Application Procedure

Applicants who have already received an offer of a place on the course should submit a statement to Liam Watson (Science Communication Group administrator) at [email protected] demonstrating suitability for a studentship in the relevant subject area, and explaining how the funding will benefit your future career. Applicants who have not yet applied for a place on the course must in addition complete the online application form by the deadline below.Further details on the course can be found at: deadline for submission of your statement is Friday 27th May, and you are likely to receive a decision by mid June.

Further Information

Entry Requirements

Candidates normally require a good Honours degree in a scientific or science-related subject from a UK or equivalent overseas university or college of higher education

Course Fees

To find up-to-date information on our fees please visit our Student Finance page (View Website )

Email Enquiry


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College Graduate Resume Example #resume #for #grad #school #application #sample


College Graduate Resume Example

Updated August 11, 2015

The following is a resume sample for a recent college graduate. The resume includes an education section, related experience and other experience sections, GPA, and study abroad information.

College students and recent graduates with limited employment histories often include unpaid internships, volunteer work, and positions in school organizations in their resumes. Even if these are unpaid positions, they can still display the qualities that will make you a strong candidate for a job opening.

College Graduate Resume Example

432-543-6543 Cell: 333-123-1234
35 White Street
New York, NY 10001

Bachelor of Arts,ABC University. New York, NY, May 20XX

Double Majors: English and Latin American Studies
Minor: Spanish
Overall GPA 3.875; Honors each semester
Study Abroad: Bogota, Colombia – January 20XX

Library Assistant,Cervantes Library. ABC University

Sept. 20XX- present

  • Assist students with research best practices
  • Designed a presentation, published to University website, outlining how to most effectively use all of ABC University s library facilities in undertaking a basic research project
  • Perform general administrative duties to support professional staff
  • Received award for Outstanding Student Employee of the Year due to excellent customer service and research skills

Intern,Calles y Sueños Cultural Space. Bogotá
Spring 20XX

  • Helped design and implement programs in which community-based artists traveled to schools to work with children, teaching them about expression through art
  • Assisted in teaching complimentary English lessons to community members

English Tutor,Queens, NY
Jan. 20XX – May 20XX

  • Assisted student in writing and proofreading essays, focusing utilizing rhetorical devices

Volunteer at Community Library. Queens, NY
Jan. 20XX – May 20XX

  • Catalogued thousands of donated books, CDs, and DVDs
  • Started weekly book group for elementary students to learn basic Spanish words through listening to children s books read aloud and translated

Summer Counselor,NY Arts Camp
Summer 20XX – Summer 20XX

  • Coordinated cultural outings for children aged 10-13 i.e. trips to the theater, musical concerts, and museums including backstage conversations with artists when possible
  • Helped students to plan, advertise, and hold their own artistic performances and exhibitions

Swim Team Assistant Coach,Brooklyn, NY
Summer 20XX

  • Taught 6-8 year olds to swim the four major strokes
  • Designed drills to keep swimmers engaged and motivated for an hour every morning
  • Trombonist in All-state wind ensemble, section leader in jazz band
  • Arts Culture Editor, PS 101 High School Paper High School

Show Full Article


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Texas Standardized Credentialing Application #credentialing #application, #provider, #hmo, #application, #tdi, #texas,


Texas Standardized Credentialing Application

The Texas Standardized Credentialing Application fulfills requirements of Senate Bill 544 (Acts 2001, 77th Leg. ch. 1369, §3, effective Sept. 1, 2001), providing for the Texas Insurance Commissioner to adopt a standardized form for verification of physician credentials.

Use of the application form by hospitals, HMOs and PPOs is required for credentialing of physicians. Hospitals and health plans may use this application for the credentialing of other health care professionals, as well.

The credentialing form is based on one developed by the Coalition for Affordable Quality Healthcare.

General Instructions:

If you experience problems in downloading the credentialing form, please remember it’s always best to SAVE the form to your computer before opening or viewing. Those using a PC should “right click” on the form version they want to download and use the “Save Target As” option to save the file to their desktop or elsewhere.

The “right click” option is especially helpful if you are experiencing conflicts with virus checkers or other programs on your computer. If you are using a Macintosh, hold the option key while clicking on the form’s link and, in the dialog box, select a folder in which to save the document.

Fix for Word 2003 Format Problem

Otherwise, you can download the credentialing form as follows:

  • Click your mouse cursor on the form name (LHL234.doc, for example) to open it in Word, (LHL234.rtf) to open it in another word processor or (LHL234.pdf) to open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then use your word processor or Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Professional – not the free Adobe Acrobat Reader – to save the file to your computer.
  • The text fields in each area of the Word form should be gray and empty when not selected and black when selected and ready for text to be added. If a blank Word form is printed for use on a typewriter, the field area should be blank, as well. If you see or in the field area, you need to adjust Word. Go to the Tools Menu and choose Options. Click on the Print tab and make sure the Field Codes box is not checked, then click on OK. That should allow you to print a blank Word form.

Filling Out Application Form

Interactive Word/RTF Forms

  • The RTF version can be opened by all but the very basic word processors. Rich Text Format (rtf) is a standard file format which can simplify the exchange of document files between different word processors or computer operating systems. For example, you can send an RTF file created in Microsoft Word 97 in Windows 98 to someone who uses WordPerfect 6.0 on Windows 3.1 or StarOffice on a Linux system or Word 5 on a Macintosh system and they will be able to open the file and read it.
  • Interactive Word and RTF forms can be saved to your computer and opened whenever needed. Information you type into the form will be saved if you have the full Word software — not the free Word viewer. If you fill in a Word form using the free Word viewer and close it, it will be blank when you open it again.
  • Saving the completed form electronically is possible with the purchase of Word (Word 97 or newer). The RTF version can be saved with Word or other full-version word processors.
  • How to Fill Out the Form – The Word and RTF versions allow you to fill in your application on-screen, save it, print it out and mail it or e-mail it. To begin entering data:

(1) Point your mouse arrow to the blank area of the first form field. The gray rectangle (field) will turn black and you can type in your response.
(2) For a check box or radio button, tab to the proper one and hit the spacebar to accept it. Be careful to use the spacebar only on the appropriate check box. Word will allow you to check more than one. You also may use your mouse pointer to click on the proper check box or radio button.
(3) Hit the tab key to continue moving from one form field or check box to the next. To go back to the previous form field, hold down the “SHIFT” key before tabbing.
(4) If you hit the enter key in a form field, the cursor disappears. Click your mouse pointer in the field, and the cursor returns and you can continue to fill out the form.
(5) IMPORTANT – If you are using the free Word viewer, be sure to make a print out before closing the document. Your data will disappear when you close the free Word viewer.
(6) The fields in the Word forms can expand to fit the amount of information you type into them. Please use the minimum number of words possible. If you go beyond the space initially allocated, Word will expand to fit the material added. When that happens, the form “pushes” itself out of shape. Parts of pages may move over to the next page, leaving the excess on a mostly blank page and forcing the form to expand in length.

Interactive PDF Forms (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Important! If you close the interactive PDF version of this form, you will lose the information you typed on the screen. Be sure to print a copy before closing the form.

  • Interactive PDF forms can be saved to your computer and opened whenever needed. However, information you type into the form is NOT saved, if you fill it in using the free Acrobat Reader. If you close it and open it again, it will be a blank form.
  • Saving the completed form electronically is possible with the purchase of Adobe Acrobat Professional software.
  • How to Fill Out the Form – The PDF version allows you to fill in your application on-screen, print it out and mail it. To begin entering data:

(1) Select the hand-shaped tool in the Acrobat Reader toolbar.
(2) Click on the first field in each form field. The “open hand” pointer will change to an “I-beam” as you move or tab to the next form field, allowing you to type text.
(3) For a check box or radio button, tab to the proper one and hit the space bar to accept it. You can also hit the “enter” key, but using the space bar leads to fewer problems.
(4) Hit the tab key to continue on moving from one form field or check box to the next. To go back to the previous form field, hold down the “SHIFT” key before tabbing.
(5) You can also use the pointer for a check box or radio button. The pointer will change to a pointing hand or arrow as you move over a check box. Click the mouse when the hand is pointing at the check box.
(6) If you hit the enter key in a form field instead of a check box, the cursor disappears. Click your mouse in the field, and the cursor returns. If you hit enter again after the cursor disappears, the screen will jump toward the bottom of the page. To recover, scroll back to the form field you need to enter, click the mouse to make the cursor return and continue to fill out the form.
(7) IMPORTANT – Before closing the document or trying to save it, be sure to make a print out. See caution above about data not being saved. Printing PDFs can be slow.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 09/06/2014

Contact Information and Other Helpful Links


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MLB BankAmericard Cash Rewards MasterCard – Apply Online #mlb #bankamericard #cash


MLB BankAmericard Cash Rewards Mastercard

Credit Needed

  • New Offer: $150 cash rewards bonus after you spend at least $500 on purchases in the first 90 days of account opening
  • All 30 team cards are available, customized with your favorite team’s colors and logo
  • Earn 1% cash back on every purchase, 2% at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 3% on gas up to the first $2,500 in combined grocery/wholesale club/gas purchases each quarter
  • No annual fee
  • No changing categories and no expiration on rewards
  • Get a 10% customer bonus every time you redeem cash back into a Bank of America checking or savings account
  • 0% Introductory APR for 12 billing cycles for purchases and for any balance transfers made in the first 60 days, then, 13.99% – 23.99% variable APR. 3% fee (min $10) applies to balance transfers

at Bank of America s
secure site

  • Purchases Intro APR 0% Introductory APR on purchases for 12 billing cycles Balance Transfers Intro APR 0% Intro APR for 12 billing cycles for balance transfers made in the first 60 days Regular APR 13.99% – 23.99% Variable APR on purchases and balance transfers Annual Fee $0 Credit Needed Excellent/Good

See the online MLB BankAmericard Cash Rewards Mastercard application for details about terms and conditions of offer. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the Apply Now button you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the credit card issuer’s web site.

* For additional rates, fees and costs see issuer’s website for detailed pricing and terms.


  • Privacy Policy
  • California Privacy Rights


  • Site Security
  • Privacy Policy
  • California Privacy Rights
  • Site Map
  • FAQs

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved.
Terms of Use

CARDMATCH is a free, secure service that will not affect your credit score. Simply provide your basic information, and view offers that match your credit profile within seconds.


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Vehicle tracking system #gps #vehicle #tracker,gps #tracking #unit,gps #tracking,gps #tracking #device,vehicle


Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracker used to locate vehicle with the help of online software or smart phone. This device combines with a GSM and a GPS Module. The location of the vehicle is collected through GPS and this location data along with other information collected from the vehicle by using different sensors are sent to the central server. A GPRS enabled SIM card is used to communicate between the central server and the GPS Tracking Device. User can login to our online Vehicle Tracking application from their desktop computer or phone and the vehicle information can be viewed on electronic map.

Supported Devices

Major information about the vehicle received from GPS Vehicle Tracker

1) Vehicle Number

2) Date and Time

3) Vehicle Location

6) Status (Stop/Moving etc.)

7) Fuel in tank (in %)

8) A/C on/off status

9) Odometer reading

10) Main battery voltage

11) Temperature inside the vehicle

12) Satellite in view

These information are saved to central server for the period of three months. So user can view history of any date within three months.

Technology used in GPS tracking unit

The GPS tracking device fits inside the vehicle dashboard and captures the GPS location information from satellite and other vehicle information from different sensors at regular intervals to a central server. Update intervals depends on the status of the vehicle. At moving condition the GPS tracking unit sends data to central server every minutes and at stop condition 15 minutes.

Features of Vehicle Tracking application

1) User can see vehicle location as well as various information on electronic map.

2) Set speed limit.

3) Generate various reports of individual vehicle.

4) Create Geofence and get SMS alert upon enter and exit from it.

5) Immobilize vehicle by sending command to GPS tracking unit.

6) Set different alarm condition get alert through SMS.

7) Full control over the GPS tracking device from vehicle tracking application.

8) Fleet management and fleet tracking

Reports generated through vehicle tracking application

  • Performance report i.e day wise total Km travelled, Over speed info etc.
  • Fuel consumption report in graphical format.
  • A/C on/off report
  • Geofencing report
  • History report to view data of any date within previous three months.
  • Performance report i.e day wise total Km travelled, Over speed info etc.
  • Detail report i.e raw report received from GPS tracking device
  • Stoppage report

Uses of Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by fleet owners for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking and security of vehicle as well as driver. Other applications include monitoring driving behaviour, such as over speeding, driving through a wrong route, fuel theft etc.

Vehicle tracking systems can also be used in consumer vehicles as a theft prevention, monitoring and retrieval device. Police can follow the signal emitted by the vehicle tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle. When Vehicle Tracking System used as a security system, it may serve as either an addition to or replacement for a traditional car alarm. Our vehicle tracking systems make it possible to control vehicle remotely, including block doors or engine in case of emergency. The existence of GPS vehicle tracker can reduce the insurance cost, because the loss-risk drops significantly. Our vehicle tracking systems is integrated with several security systems like by sending an automatic alert to a phone if an alarm is triggered by pressing panic switch, main power removing or when it leaves or enters a geofence. GPS Vehicle Tracker also popular in trailer tracking, school bus tracking, ambulance tracking, cash carrying van tracking


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MnSCU Farm Business Management – Welcome to Farm Business Management #minnesota,


Welcome to Farm Business Management

In today s world, farming is a complex business with many facets. From the traditional family owned farm to the corporate farm, bookkeeping, profitability, tax planning and many other skills are required to complement traditional farming duties.

Agriculture is the number two industry in Minnesota, and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities offers many programs for farm owners and employees.

This site will help you explore the many possibilities that await.

Farm Business Management Education Programs

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities farm business management education programs are administered through eight college campuses at 46 different sites across the state. There are a total of 62 farm business management instructors.

Farm business management programs are designed to provide education to farm owners and operators or persons interested in farming. The purpose of the program is to assist students in meeting their business and personal goals. This is best accomplished through the use of quality records and sound business decisions. Effective financial management in the business is the best way for the business to maintain that competitive edge.

Instructors in Minnesota s farm business management education programs deliver the program using a variety of methods. The primary delivery method is through individualized instruction at the student s farming business. Instructors meet with the students on a regular basis to evaluate the business and develop individual educational plans. Instruction is also delivered in the traditional classroom, small group meetings, field trips and tours.

Farm business management education is managed at the state level by the senior system director for workforce development and customized training. The state of Minnesota is divided into six regions which are managed by five regional deans of management education.


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SteelCentral AppResponse #vdi, #unified #communications #applications, #network #performance #monitoring, #network #performance



We went from being virtually blind to having a hawk’s-eye view of the network; able to see the whole picture yet capable of zeroing in immediately on details for trouble-shooting, capacity analysis, and planning. – Jean-Francois Bustarret, senior network architect, e-TF1

What is SteelCentral AppResponse?

Riverbed AppResponse joins together advanced application and transaction insight, comprehensive end-user experience monitoring, and deep network intelligence into a single appliance to provide total visibility into your application performance problems. It helps you discover where and when bottlenecks are occurring so that you can troubleshoot problems faster, and it streamlines workflows and reporting to enable cross-team collaboration to put an end to finger pointing.

Using high-speed packet acquisition and multi-stage analytic processing, AppResponse delivers rich network and application insights for traditional and web applications, VoIP and video quality monitoring, database performance analysis, and Citrix-delivered apps.

Features and benefits of SteelCentral AppResponse

“The users are happier now, so the IT staff doesn’t have to crawl under the floorboards when they go for coffee.” – Peter Toft, IT Department Manager, Icopal

Even split seconds of slow page times can have a huge impact on the revenue for an enterprise. When you have thousands of users per hour accessing your applications through web pages, you need to quickly answer:

  • What pages were slow?
  • When they were slow?
  • For whom they were slow?

AppResponse pinpoints mission-critical web application problems quickly, letting you resolve them before end users even notice.

Identify the root-cause of application performance problems faster with SteelCentral AppResponse

With SteelCentral AppResponse you will quickly see if a performance problem is rooted in the network orservers. View response time for all users and transactions by application, user business group, and location. Understand end-user experience for both SteelHead-optimized and non-optimized web and SaaS applications.

“As the global network manager, I didn’t want to spend my time analyzing network traffic; [SteelCentral AppResponse] does the work for us and puts our team at ease so we can focus on planning strategic IT projects that impact our business.” – Global Network Manager. Coty, Inc.

“I was skeptical at first, but I have to say that the [SteelCentral AppResponse] box definitely ‘does what it says on the tin’. Its ability to quickly drill down to the cause of performance issues, its amazing ease of use, and the clarity of its presentation of so many useful metrics, have made it our primary tool for application performance management.” – UK Network Manager, IT Centre UK. ALSTOM

The [SteelCentral AppResponse] solution has given us a scientific approach to managing the site, making the hard data we need easily available for analysis and thus enabling us to forecast, act, and react much more appropriately. And now, when my boss comes down and asks me ‘what’s up with the network’, I can give him a complete answer—in terms of the impact
on our business—in ten minutes or less.”
Senior Network Engineer.

[SteelCentral AppResponse] saves us more time than any other management tool we use. It’s like having another person on staff.” – Senior Network and Systems Analyst, Colgate University

AppResponse ROI Calculator shows you how you can reduce costs of delivering applications to users.

SteelCentral AppResponse integrates application and network performance management to deliver:

  • Deep packet inspection and application recognition
  • End-user experience monitoring for web applications at the user transaction level
  • End-user experience monitoring of SteelHead optimized SaaS and on-premise web applications
  • Response time decomposition
  • Database transaction analysis
  • Per-user Citrix XenApp transaction analysis
  • Continuous VoIP and video monitoring
  • Rich network intelligence

Supported Network Packet Brokers:

AppResponse monitors end-user experience for SteelHead-optimized enterprise web and SaaS applications and helps you understand the benefit of SteelHead WAN optimization in terms of the effect on end user experience.

Compatible Riverbed solutions to solve application performance issues

  • When SteelCentral AppResponse reports which server is causing the delay, deploy SteelCentral AppInternals to conduct a full code-levelapplication diagnosis.
  • If the network seems to be the issue, SteelCentral NetSensor displays performance data all along the layer 2/3-network path.
  • Seamlessly drill into SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer for in-depth analysis of individual multi-tier transactions.
  • AppResponse leverages Riverbed SteelHead appliances in the branch, data center and cloud to provide visibility into end-user experience for optimized enterprise web and SaaS applications.

Citrix Monitoring for SteelCentral AppResponse

Citrix offers significant benefits to IT organizations. But, due to its unique architecture, the lack of a complete view of user transactions can sometimes complicate the performance-troubleshooting process. The CX-Tracer module uses industry-leading analytics in SteelCentral AppResponse to pinpoint the root cause of performance problems for Citrix-hosted applications.

CX-Tracer automatically correlates front-end user sessions to their back-end counterparts, enabling end-to-end analysis of individual Citrix user sessions. Additionally, CX-Tracer complements and extends your existing Citrix monitoring solutions such as Citrix EdgeSight.

Database Performance Monitoring for SteelCentral AppResponse

With the Database Performance module you can identify the impact of a database on end-to-end application performance. By monitoring database performance at the transaction level, the module can identify the particular SQL statement or database call responsible for application delay and equip your database team with actionable information.

Because it uses passive monitoring for zero overhead on database operations, no database logging is required. You get a unified view of the end-user experience and database performance, to complement and extend your investment in database-health monitoring tools.

Unified Communications Monitoring for SteelCentral AppResponse

With the Unified Communications module you can monitor and report on live VoIP and video calls. Manage voice, video, and data on the same network, and proactively resolve communication issues by using real-time and historical data on both application performance and call quality.

With passive speech-quality analysis, you can monitor call quality and resolve issues before they affect end-users. Prioritize problem resolution and set meaningful SLAs based on the effect of call quality on various areas of your business, and then easily troubleshoot with real-time, web-based dashboards for speedy resolution.

Shark module for SteelCentral AppResponse

Add Shark module to your SteelCentral™ AppResponse license to create a single appliance that provides rich network intelligence, end user experience monitoring and transaction analysis. Accelerate problem resolution with streamlined workflows and deeper network insight, letting you get to the right level of information needed to solve problems quickly and easily.

Global Selector


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Capacity Planning, IT Capacity Planning Reports, Infrastructure Capacity Planning and Trending


Capacity Planning and Reporting

With ManageEngine Applications Manager’s capacity planning and reporting ability you can monitor, measure and report your enterprise’s capacity, ensuring it s always efficiently allocated.

ManageEngine Applications Manager supports over 100 performance metrics that can aide capacity planning for a heterogeneous set of applications and IT resources ranging from servers, databases, applications, web servers and web services.

Accurate capacity analysis of resources

Get complete capacity management for both physical and virtual servers with instant graphs on critical performance metrics such as

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Disk I/O utilization
  • Network utilization

>Measure overall resource usage as well as usage by workload.

Troubleshoot capacity problems and allocate capacity to where it s needed.

With configurable threshold settings you can identify servers and virtual machines that can be right-sized so that its workload can get sufficient capacity.

Discover capacity bottlenecks even in dynamic VMware environments.

Get proactive alerts and locate the source of the capacity problem by drilling into the performance metrics.

Capacity reports filtered over various customized time periods.

Measure overall resource usage with detailed reports of excess or insufficient capacity from undersized, oversized and idle servers/virtual machines.

Reports can be exported in PDF, Excel, CSV and e-mail formats.

Unix and Solaris Capacity Planning

The server monitoring and capacity planning abilities help plan virtualization efforts with capability to monitor CPU, memory, disk, network traffic, etc. It also helps understand how resource usage varies across time

Oracle Capacity Planning

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides the ability to monitor performance of various Oracle Applications. You can plan capacity for Oracle database, Oracle Application Servers (Oracle AS), Oracle WebLogic, Oracle E-Business Suite, etc. In addition to capacity planning, there is support for Oracle database monitoring. Oracle E-Business Suite Performance Monitoring and Oracle application server monitoring.

IBM Capacity Planning

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides the ability to monitor the performance of IBM Applications. We support for performance management and capacity planning for IBM WebSphere, WebSphere MQ, IBM DB2 and AS/400 or IBM iSeries.

Infrastructure Capacity Planning


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AA School Homepage #portal, #window, #introduction, #world, #school, #architecture, #association, #news,


Contributions by Peter Wilson, William Firebrace, Michael Hill, Dietrich Neumann, Dagmar Motycka Weston, Simona Ferrari Wataru Sawada, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Charles Rice Kenny Cupers, Tim Benton, Andrew Crompton, Davide Spina, Nicholas de Monchaux and Cynthia Davidson, a personal reminiscence by Joseph Rykwert, a recipe by Chris Behr, and two conversations, the first with Kate Macintosh, the second with Peter Eisenman. Purchase AA Files Online

TITLE AArchitecture is published every term, edited and written by the AA Community. Contributors: Sofia Pia Belenky, Nick Adams, Charles Shade, Sensy Mania, Igor Gola, Helene Humbert, Nuria Marti, Jack Hardy, Dara Nerweyi, Raluca Grada, Joy Lai, Stefan Popa, Ed Bottoms, Stefan Jovanovic Editors: Hunter Doyle, Sensy Mania, Emily Priest

Samantha Hardingham – AA Interim Director

We are delighted to announce that starting 01 August 2017 Samantha Hardingham (AA Dip 1993) is the Interim Director of the Architectural Association. Samantha Hardingham is an architectural writer, editor and curator. Her most recent and celebrated work is the award-winning, two-volume anthology Cedric Price Works 1952-2003: A Forward-minded Retrospective published by the AA/CCA in October 2016. Samantha has a wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of the AA having been a design studio tutor across all undergraduate years at the AA since 2008, as well as chair of the AA’s Undergraduate Management Committee since 2015 and member of the Senior Management Team. As Interim School Director she looks forward to leading the AA in this very special year as the school celebrates a centenary of women at the AA, with the culmination of the AA XX 100 project.
Photo by Valerie Bennett


Our admissions office is open all year round for any enquiries and further information.

Prospective students are invited to submit an application for the 2017/18 academic year. Please see the Undergraduate Application and Graduate Application pages for further details, entry requirements and the online forms.

The official application deadlines for 2017/18 have passed. However, we welcome late applications. Please submit your online form and hard-copy portfolio ASAP.

Make global discoveries connections at AA Visiting Schools around the world.

Waterworks transports architectural design back to its origins, tackling social-agricultural realities by offering participants a unique opportunity to work alongside local producers, architects, scientists, horticulturists and the larger community.


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Android Software Development LifeCycle – Stack Overflow #application #development #life #cycle


i am concerned about the SDLC of android apps and the etropy that to program an android app that would come under software engineering principles. To clarify like we have life cycle of developement of all softwares products. which rule the principles / foundation of the software building i need to know what are the keep factors / principes of android developement lifecycle can not find them anywhere

To make it More Clear what things i am concered of are.

Requirements and Cost/benefits Analysis

Detailed Specification of the Software Requirements

and models that should be applied to android development

Linear or Waterfall model (which was the original SDLC method)

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Joint Application Development (JAD)

Especially What are Testing Techniques for android the one with Eclipse Juinit Testing Doesnot seems to work well

A common consensus appears to be “very short”. Most apps, unless they have an exceptionally large user base, tend to last only a very short while (1-12 months). A lot of mobile developers tend to favour the “Release updates as frequently as possible” approach, with new iterations of apps appearing sometimes weekly.

Another approach is to develop as little as possible, wasting as little resource as possible on any single project. Apps that are developed this way tend to have one or two bugfixes, and are then left to die off in their own time.

With new iterations of Android appearing more frequently than most people update their handsets, most developers tend to focus on a broad compatibility range.

So, to round that off:
Not very long at all.


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Application Monitoring With Applications Manager, Software for Applications Monitoring #application #monitoring,


Application Monitoring

Applications Manager provides in depth monitoring of web applications, be it a CRM application, banking / finance application or any business critical application. Applications Manager can also help monitor the underlying infrastructure which may consist of application servers, databases, systems, mail servers and other Java/J2EE Applications.

Applications Manager helps ensure higher uptime by detecting and diagnosing problems of application servers and their services faster.

The Applications Manager tool has assisted our small team of solution providers to monitor our applications independently of the multitude of other services offered within our corporate network. Setting up our monitors has been a relatively easy process, and where we got stuck we have benefited from the support provided by the local partner in South Africa (ONSoft) and your ManageEngine support team. The additional functionality offered by SLA manager will assist us to validate system availability to our internal customers.

Tim Jobson
Shared Solutions Support Team
Metropolitan Life – South Africa

Applications Manager enables high performance business service management by detecting and diagnosing problems of application servers and their services faster. Application Server monitoring includes support for the following application servers:

JBoss is one of the most popular and fully compliant open source J2EE application server. Applications Manager helps you in monitoring performance, availability, and usage statistics for JBoss Servers. JBoss servers are monitored based on the attributes such as JVM heap Usage, Response time, etc. and the different web applications and EJBs deployed in the server.

Tomcat, a leading servlet engine from the Apache Software Foundation is one of the most popular open source projects. Applications Manager helps you in monitoring performance, availability, and usage statistics for Tomcat Servers.

Gather details of the Tomcat Server parameters such as JVM, Web Applications details, EJBs, Servlets, Thread Pools, database connection pools, etc.

WebLogic Versions: 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x

Applications Manager helps in managing BEA WebLogic Servers.

Gather insight into WebLogic server parameters such as JVM, Web Applications details, EJBs, servlets, thread pools, database connection pools, etc.

Applications Manager helps in managing IBM WebSphere servers.

Gather performance data of WebSphere Server parameters such as JVM, Web Applications details. EJBs, Servlets, Thread Pools, database connection pools, etc.

Applications Manager helps in monitoring SilverStream Servers.

Gather insight into SilverStream server parameters such as thread pools, Response times, Memory, Load details, etc.

Applications Manager helps in managing GlassFish Application Servers.

Gather performance data of GlassFish Server parameters such as Session details, Memory, Thread details, etc.

Applications Manager, a tool for monitoring the performance and availability of Microsoft .NET.

Gather insight into Microsoft .NET parameters such as memory, thread pools, locks, exceptions, connections, etc.

Applications Manager, a tool for monitoring the performance and availability of Oracle Application Server

Gather insight into Oracle Application Server parameters such as OPMN Process Memory Stats, EJB Stats etc.

By monitoring your application servers, ensure that your applications are performing well and are available all the time. This includes the monitoring of EJBs, JSPs, Servlets, JTA, JNDI, JDBC, etc. Current and historical performance data can be viewed through comprehensive graphs and reports. Root cause analysis helps in drilling down to the problem areas and fixing them before they affect end users.

Trusted by


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Top Books on Android App Development #mobile #application #development #books


Top Books on Android App Development

Learn Android app development in 24 sessions, devoting one hour for each session. This book teaches you common tasks in Android development and to design, develop, test and publish your app to the Android Market.

The “Quizzes and Exercises” section at the end of each chapter test your grasp on the subject. “By the Way” notes give you related information. The “Did You Know?” section offers you helpful tips along the way. The “Watch Out!” section helps you prevent common pitfalls.

You learn to work with Java, Android SDK, Eclipse and so on and to use Android’s built-in features to create user-friendly UIs for your Android app. Gradually, you also learn to integrate network, social and location-based features in your Android app.

Continue to 3 of 5 below.

This book, as the name suggests, is for those who have never attempted coding for Android before. Authored by Donn Felker, it explains how to download the Android SDK and work with Eclipse in order to get your Android app running. Beginning with the very basics of Android development, it also teaches you how to price your app and submit it to the Android Market .

You start with working with the basic app development process, learning to work with Android’s features to design easy-to-use UIs. It teaches you about working with classes, databases, multiple screens, debugging, creating home screen widgets and so on. You also learn to use built-in Android conveniences to your advantage.

Beginning Android Tablet Development

Buy from Amazon

This book shows you how to get started with Android tablet programming, without prior experience. Educating you from the ground up, this tutorial enables you develop your own Android tablet apps, starting with Android 3.0 Honeycomb onwards.

This book teaches you to work with 2D programming, slowly moving on to a 3D touchscreen interface with the Honeycomb SDK. Whether it is to develop a location-based app or create your first 2D or 3D Android game, this book takes you through a nice journey on basic Andriod tablet development.

This book also teaches you to move away from Java and explore other languages while working with the Android OS.

Continue to 5 of 5 below.

Professional Android 2 Application Development Book Review

Buy from Amazon

This book teaches you to leverage all the features available in Android 2.0 onwards. The only condition here is that you should already know about the basics of Java programming, Eclipse and the like.

Starting with working on the basic Hello World examples, you slowly learn to develop more advanced apps with layouts, menus, UIs and other features. The ensuing chapters teach you to handle databases, location-based apps, widgets, network and radio connectivity features and such.

You are then introduced to create more sophisticated surface views, animations and other interactive controls, thereby enabling you to gain more confidence with Android app development.

Is Your Inbox Out of Control?

Believe it or not, our free, daily newsletter can help you use tech better and declutter your inbox. Sign up now!

The Best Books on iPhone App Development

5 Best Books on Mobile Game App Development

Top App Review Sites for Android Developers


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Rathimeena Travels v1. 0 Freeware Download – Booking ProcessThis Application allows

#rathimeena travels

Rathimeena Travels Desciption:

Booking ProcessThis Application allows you to make reservations on all of Rathimeena Travels’ buses. In order to allow you to keep a record of your travel activities and also to enable us to customize our services to your needs, we have made it.


Booking Process

This Application allows you to make reservations on all of Rathimeena Travels’ buses. In order to allow you to keep a record of your travel activities and also to enable us to customize our services to your needs, we have made it mandatory for passengers to register on our site in order to use this service.

Registration is a simple process of providing same basic information, following which you may use the same account to continue booking tickets. Further access to the site is possible through a password that is mailed to you on successful registration. You can change this password at will.

The booking process is an intuitive five step process of

Selecting your source, destination locations and date of journey

Choosing from the various services available for the given date

Selecting your seat and inserting a couple of simple information

Confirming your booking details


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Custom software development сompany #custom #application #development, #custom #software #development, #dedicated


Tracker for bicycle route

Application is designed for everyone who is keen on cycling. Cyclists plot a route on a map, measure the distance and determine the average, maximum and minimum speed, take biometrics with special sensors (pulse, blood pressure), etc. In the section “Catalog” the user views a list of related products, reviews specifications. The user concludes a purchase of the selected bicycle model and other sport goods in the section “Shop”.

Game with Augmented Reality

Mobile application combines real and virtual worlds in the entertainment game. Habitual surroundings can be completed with fictional objects and characters. Using Augmented Reality technology IntexSoft team created a game where a fictional character comes to life right on your desk, couch, lawn. To start the game the user prints a QR-code or opens it on another device and places it on any horizontal surface. Turning a mobile camera on the code the user may see a cheerful monster sitting there. The aim of the game – to feed a character, earn points and incentive bonuses.

Kids learn to read

«Kids learn to read» – educational application for mobile devices on Android platform. The application contains three modules with specific tasks: word-building with letters, teaching reading, spelling of words. Bright and colorful application turns boring educational process into a fun and exciting game. The application «Kids learn to read» contains lively characters to lift up small users. The solution developed by IntexSoft team provides substantial assistance in teaching children to read simple words.

At the very beginning it seemed to be a simple project. The client- а Berlin based startup, asked us to develop a responsive modern e-commerce to sell their innovative product. They had a chance to speak about their caffeine-like drink during prime time on one of the main German TV-channels. During the show the audience started to check the e-commerce and order the product.

I am gratified by the quality of IntexSoft work and by the professionalism in our communication. We internally developed the top three apps in the Education category and it was crucial for us that our outsourced apps are just as top notch. And that’s exactly what happened – the apps we developed with IntexSoft get the same top ratings and download quantity as our internally developed apps. Our latest app, developed with IntexSoft, Kids Learn to Read, was chosen by Google to be featured at the Google I/O conference which took place at San Francisco on May 11.

Alex Turetsky

CEO Intellijoy

I wanted to submit my feedback for a long- term project we recently finished. In sum, we have had a resoundingly positive experience. I would recommend this firm’s software engineering to entrepreneurs like myself who demand mission-critical systems, as well as corporations looking to roll out significant new IT initiatives. We handed IntexSoft’s management team a challenging, innovative design and the team was capable of research and development at a world-class level. They were able to exploit the latest technologies and discover relevant and high-performance techniques to deliver my results. I am proud of their work and can build a business on their solutions.

Stefan Bund

CEO, Next Acropolis, LLC
Nextacropolis .com

It is significant that the IntexSoft team has a high level of professionalism. IntexSoft team is able to perform difficult tasks in the shortest possible time, is focused on the final results, high efficiency and the quality of project management.Owing to the quick response of the project team, it was possible to carry out the main part of functionality with a high quality level inspite of all the difficulties and to keep the specified deadline.

Boris Bobrovnikov

General manager, Croc

For some years now, we appreciate the very competent work and uncomplicated cooperation with IntexSoft.Especially to be emphasised is, that all commissioned tasks and programming work are not only technically sophisticated, you also get relevant informations how to improve and optimize the developments.All our questions are immediately processed and completed to our full satisfaction.

Stephan Venus

Chief executive officer

Since Intexsoft development has been done in our local particular project, i want to express my gratitude about our collaboration.It was small troubles when we started to work, but this is nothing comparing with a result. I am pleasantly surprised of Intexsoft specialists dedication and motivation during few weeks. They are not only great experts but also friendly colleagues.Wish them and whole Intexsoft company very best in future, hope soon we will work together again.

Mantas Bielinskas

Project manager

I would like to note with satisfaction the positive experience of cooperation with the IntexSoft Company.Within the collaborative work I had the opportunity to assure myself of the high professionalism, technical competence and exceptional efficiency specialists. The flexible approach, transparent communication and a number of proposed by managers technical solutions at the development of the mobile application allowed resolving of the tasks quickly and optimally.It is worth noting the due diligence of the company at the fulfilling its obligations for the meeting of the project deadlines. All of the above mentioned allows me to recommend the IntexSoft Company as a professional partner for the IT projects implementation. I’m interested in the continuation and development of our cooperation. I wish IntexSoft the continued success and new interesting projects.

Dimitri Prosvirin

Project manager

During our long-term cooperation, IntexSoft has shown its best side, approving a high level of professionalism and quality work with a lot of software development projects. We appreciate the ability of IntexSoft specialists to respond flexibly and promptly to a variety of problems, their kindness, high level of organization and the faithful observance of contractual obligations.We wish you creative and professional achievements and look forward to a fruitful cooperation in the future.

Spartak Zuy


I would like to thank the IntexSoft team for their assistance within the development of a large portal for one of the government customers.It is worth pointing that the employees have worked clearly, demonstrated their high professional level and deep technological experience, having coped with a number of non-trivial tasks. We worked with two teams under the fixed price and time ?>


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Studio cloud #studio #management #software,business #management #software, #photography,photographer,videographers,crm,leads,business,online,invoice,billing,profit,assistant,iphone,booking,online #booking,tasks,task #manager,reporting, #project



Why do we love StudioCloud? Anytime, anywhere access to information! Client data, sales figures, and calendaring are all available at the click of a button. For us, with our busy travel schedules, having access to this information from any computer is critical.

We own two studios. Studio C and Salvatore Cincotta Photography. We have several employees on staff, not to mention various vendors that need access to schedules. We use the calendaring feature to share this access with the team and to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

It’s easy to use with a very small learning curve and easy to follow online tutorials. If you can navigate the internet, you can use this program. It’s that simple.
Salvatore & Taylor Cincotta, Behind The Shutter

As a business owner, having access to comprehensive data is essential. Studio Cloud makes it easy for me to streamline my studios and access my data from anywhere. This makes it easy for me to make changes, assess marketing campaigns and products and make smart decisions on the future of my business. Most importantly, Studio Cloud gives me the tools I need to make each and every one of my customers feel like they are our one and only by seamlessly having information available at my fingertips. Integrating Studio Cloud will increase productivity and customer satisfaction by being able to easily eliminate much of the time consuming busy work many photographers currently have— all while making your clients feel incredibly important.
Joy Vertz, Shoot The Moon Photography

Wow! What can I say about StudioCloud? It is the best studio software I have found on the market! How nice it is to finally have software that is easy to use. And speaking of using the software, I can access it anywhere – even from my iPhone. And the staff is a lot happier using StudioCloud.

Another plus to StudioCloud is that they listen to your suggestions. The team of experts that built the software are always looking for suggestions on how to improve what they have. It sure is nice to know that they are interested in what new things they can add that will help me run my business more efficiently.

I am grateful for the day I discovered StudioCloud.
William Branson III, William Branson III

We use StudioCloud and love it! To have access to your data from anywhere has been a major plus as we travel so much. We can check our sales figures, get a client’s address or phone number or run a report instantly as soon as we get online. The program is easy to use, the invoices are easy to create and print and the reports are dynamic and helpful to assess our progress. Our studio is happy with the entire program that is so well thought out for a photography business. We also love the feedback feature that gives us a chance to voice our opinions or concerns, and StudioCloud is always prompt in addressing an issue. We would recommend this program to anyone with a photography studio, whether just beginning or a seasoned pro! It is so helpful!
Tim & Beverly Walden, Walden’s Photography

We love using StudioCloud because the program is simple to follow but holds all of the information we need to keep track of our business with. We love the online ability of being able to check invoices anywhere we travel
JB DeEtte Sallee, Sallee Photography

StudioCloud has quickly become a favorite business tool. I favor intuitive software and am pleased that I was able to get SC up and running with very little in the way of tutorials and missteps. I like that the program is flexible and allows me to add products and services as I need to create custom invoices for a variety of clients. I find SC to be a stable and reliable program and it has become my go to software.
Dave Siccardi, Dave Siccardi Photography

This is our third year using StudioCloud. Before SC we had to use 3 or 4 different programs to get everything done that SC does. I am loving how it keeps everything in one place from contacts, to schedules, to invoices. It’s also great that I can have my employees have limited access. In other words, employees don’t need to see financial information just to generate an invoice or check the status of something. Thanks for always helping and for allowing us, ”the users”, to make suggestions and then implementing those changes.
Donny Baker, ES Audio Services

I love StudioCloud! It is helping to get my business organized and keep my sanity while doing so! Everything I need is in the free account!
Hillary Crawford

I am so happy with this software, I would like to share. I run a single person hypnotherapy practice, and have searched high and low for an affordable CRM. I am so thrilled I found StudioCloud! One of my favorite features is the ability to log on from various computers and update my client information, notes, calendar, etc. It’s also helpful that I was able to customize the logbook to add SOAP notes format. Creating invoices was a breeze, also. Another extremely useful feature was when I set up email templates. This alone has saved me so much time and I’m much more efficient when I need to send an initial email to a client with the attached client intake forms.

I can’t say enough good things about your software, but especially the price! Although we hypnotherapists won’t have a use for all of the features of StudioCloud, I have spread the word to other hypnotherapists when they are looking for an inexpensive (even free) and comprehensive CRM. Thank you!
Laura Rude, HealthWise Hypnosis

I’ve been using StudioCloud for a few months now. I love how everything can be so easily synced across all platforms, which means you can always know what’s happening where ever you are. Thank you to folks at StudioCloud for providing this amazing software and making it free for us just getting started.
KR Moore


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TANGEDCO Welcomes you #field #application #engineer


Direct Recruitment 2015-2017 -375 Assistant Engineers (Electrical /Mechanical/ Civil) -The candidates who have attended the interview can view the following:
1. Individual marks
2.Others marks who have attended the interview
3.Cut-off marks – for selection (Roaster wise) and
4. Selection list as per Roaster through their Login id

5. Provisional Appointment order communicated through registered e-mail id for selected candidates.

Make payment of LT Electricity Bills only through TANGEDCO Section Office Counters/E-seva centers of GoTN/Post Offices/Bank Counters of City Union Bank(CUB), Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) and Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB),Mobile apps of City Union Bank(CUB), Karur Vysya Bank(KVB) and Indian Bank(INB), ATM of TMB and through TANGEDCO website Consumers are advised not to make payments through any other unauthorised agents/mobile apps/Websites so as to avoid disconnection of electricity supply for non-payment of EB Bills.

Waiver of BPSC in respect of certain categories of consumers persons

Direct Recruitment 2015-2017 -375 Assistant Engineers (Electrical /Mechanical/ Civil) -The candidates who have attended the interview can view the following:
1. Individual marks
2.Others marks who have attended the interview
3.Cut-off marks – for selection (Roaster wise) and
4. Selection list as per Roaster through their Login id

5. Provisional Appointment order communicated through registered e-mail id for selected candidates.

Make payment of LT Electricity Bills only through TANGEDCO Section Office Counters/E-seva centers of GoTN/Post Offices/Bank Counters of City Union Bank(CUB), Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) and Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB),Mobile apps of City Union Bank(CUB), Karur Vysya Bank(KVB) and Indian Bank(INB), ATM of TMB and through TANGEDCO website Consumers are advised not to make payments through any other unauthorised agents/mobile apps/Websites so as to avoid disconnection of electricity supply for non-payment of EB Bills.

Waiver of BPSC in respect of certain categories of consumers persons


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Georgia Campus Community #devry #university #online #application



DeVry University’s Georgia Campus Community encompasses five locations across the diverse and thriving Atlanta metropolis, where major corporations and innovative startups provide the backdrop for your education and a doorway to your next internship or career. You can pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in some of today’s growing industries.

Classrooms in our Atlanta locations are spacious and modern, equipped to help you get the most out of your education. Fully-wired computer labs and cozy common areas offer spots to study and relax. As a student in the DeVry Georgia Campus Community, you’ll also have access to our full-service virtual library, including the services of our regional librarians.

The faculty and staff throughout DeVry’s Georgia Campus Community are committed to putting your education first. Our faculty bring their significant academic credentials and real-world proficiency to the classroom, infusing your learning experience with enthusiasm that goes far beyond what’s in your textbooks. And our team of advisors is available to support you in areas ranging from class registration and funding options to resume building and interviewing skills. When you graduate from one of DeVry’s Atlanta locations, you can be prepared to advance in your career.

Additional Georgia-area Locations

  • Alpharetta Campus

2555 Northwinds Pkwy.


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7 Steps to Writing a Resume That Beats Application Tracking Systems


Search through millions of job board postings and classified ads? Check.

Fill out the online application? Check.

Hear back from your dream job? Nope. What happened?!

We can only go through the above sequence so many times before we totally lose our enthusiasm and self-confidence. We do everything right, but job applications keep going out with no prospects coming in. Why does this happen over and over again?

On average, 72% of all submitted resumes are never seen by a human eye. Companies have started using something called application tracking systems – computer software programs designed to do all the heavy lifting for the HR department.

These application tracking systems analyze all incoming resumes. They scan the information and award a score to each applicant based on how well they fit the job description. After ranking all the candidates, the highest scores will move on to the next stage of the hiring process. Everyone else is tossed on the trash heap.

How can you ensure you are part of the 28% that moves on? Here are seven steps to write your resume and overcome application tracking systems:

1) Find your keywords:

There are a lot of things that will make or break your application. However, one of the biggest factors is keywords.

The application tracking system will specifically look for the keywords that were shared in the job description. These absolutely must be included. Applicants with tons of experience and all the necessary qualifications will be passed by if they didn’t include keywords.

Get the job description out and find all the keywords. You’ll be looking for specific industry terms, abbreviations, acronyms, buzzwords, and jargon. Once you have a list of keywords from the job posting, go one step further.

Find five other job postings that are similar to the one you are applying for. Check for key terms in those postings too. If you find new keywords that weren’t in your original list, include those in your resume too – just to be on the safe side.

2) Start with a blank page:

Even if you already have a resume made, it might be best to write it from scratch. Basically, everything you have already done is probably wrong.

First, fight the urge to make your resume look pretty. Don’t include images, borders, shading or anything fancy. The software won’t be able to read or understand these embellishments. If the system becomes confused, it may reject your resume just to make things simpler.

Next, choose a computer-friendly font. Some fonts – Arial. Georgia. Impact. Courier. Lucinda. Tahoma. and Trebuchet – were specially designed for the web. Use one of those; they are your safest option.

Lastly, make sure you haven’t used any special characters. Traditional bullets are fine, but everything else (like arrow bullets) must go. Remember, you don’t want to run the risk of confusing the computer program.

Now that you have stripped everything down to the basics, go ahead and write a second version of your resume – a snazzy version you can give the interviewer when you meet in person.

3) Write the most important information at the top:

Make sure your resume has your contact information. In fact, put it front and center. Include your phone number and email address in addition to your mailing address.

Then, check your spam folder religiously. After receiving your resume, the application tracking system might send you an automated email with additional instructions.

4) Include only the most relevant information:

Only include your past work experience, skills, and personal qualities that are relevant to this particular job application. Get rid of anything that is unrelated to this job posting; it will just be seen as filler.

5) Start adding keywords.

Computers are smart. They can’t be fooled. Anyone who has played a game against “the computer” knows there is no way to cheat.

Don’t try to fool the application tracking system with a big block of keywords. Even if this did work, would you want it to? Image what a keyword-stuffed resume would look like when it finally does make it to a human – totally unprofessional. A prospective employer will have no way of knowing you are the perfect candidate if all you supply is a bunch of keywords.

Instead, add them to your resume naturally. A good way to do that is to take an active – not task-based – approach.

Try this writing formula: An action verb + a keyword + a fact or figure that resulted from your action

For example: Implemented marketing strategies that increased page views by 74%.

6) Add other important words.

Keywords from the job description aren’t the only words the application tracking system will be looking for.

The employer might set the program to look for specialized or technical skills. Mention computer programs you are proficient in. Any industry strengths and competencies should be listed too. Use popular industry abbreviations or acronyms.

You’ll want to make sure your work experience and educational background sections are beefed up too. The application tracking system might look for specific certifications or degrees. Mention job titles you’ve had, products you’ve worked with, and any professional organizations you’re a part of.

7) Edit and then edit again.

Double and triple check your resume before sending it off. Try reading your document backwards; this will make your mind slow down and catch errors easier.

If you are submitting your resume in an online form, copy and paste from a word processor. If you spell a keyword wrong, the tracking system won’t notice it.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will have to wash, rinse and repeat this process with each new job position. Sure, there are some things that will be consistent from one application to another. However, each job will have a different set of keywords.

Don’t get frustrated. Follow these tips to write your resume and you will score your dream job!

Author: Mike Hanski is a business and academic papers writing expert at a company that provides editing and writing help for students. He spent many hours researching and writing a resume before he has landed his dream job.



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Is Question #19 ( Travel Plans ) a required field on

#travel plans

Is Question #19 (“Travel Plans”) a required field on passport application form DS-11?

by Jay

(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

Question: I want to renew my passport but the exact date of departure and my length of trip are uncertain at this point. I don’t understand why a document entitling me to travel abroad for 10 years requires details about a particular trip, since it may be the first of many I will take using this passport. Please explain.

Answer: You are not required to provide travel plans in order to apply for a passport unless you plan to expedite the process. Applicants who request expedited services are required to prove the need for emergency expediting.

Interestingly, this used to not be the case. An article in the June 11, 1957 issue of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette stated, “You may not ask for a passport just in order to keep it on hand, if you have no travel plans.”

The U.S. government now realizes that emergencies and unexpected opportunities for travel abroad arise that require U.S. citizens to possess valid passports. The best policy is to have a valid passport on hand even if you have no immediate travel plans.

You can just write “NA” in the blanks for Question #19.

Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to Passport Application Form Questions .


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New relic for PHP: web application performance monitoring #php #application #performance


New relic for PHP: web application performance monitoring

The performance of a web application plays a critical role in how an application is perceived by its users. It is important to measure it, identify the causes if it changes and react swiftly to any unexpected changes. This article describes an industry leading tool, New Relic. and how it can be used to monitor and improve your site performance. Setting up a good web application monitoring system can be tiresome, but it’s well worth it. Without the monitoring tools the only thing we could tell is if our site is performing as expected or not. In order to improve the performance we have to be able to identify the worse performing user actions and profile them independently to pinpoint the cause. New Relic achieves that and more in just a few screens, all without manually adding any profiling code to your application.

New Relic is a real-time application monitoring service, providing various metrics about the performance of your production site, covering everything from application database queries through to the time it takes for the end-user to view a page. This data is then collected, post-processed and converted to simple and clean charts presented in the New Relic web interface. Since the New Relic agent has to collect and report the data, it does add some overhead to the application stack. Unless you’re running a service that has to respond in a few milliseconds, however, the overhead added is minimal and is far outweighed by the value of the reports enabling you to detect and solve problems early.

This article covers both the basic functionality of New Relic (that can be used for free) as well as describing what the Enterprise version has to offer.

Getting started

The New Relic installation is split into several distinct components:

  • the agent component – a PHP extension, which collects the data and reports to a locally running New Relic daemon.
  • the daemon component, acting as a proxy between the PHP agents and New Relic datacenters. The main responsibility of the daemon is to reduce the time of reporting the data to New Relic.
  • New Relic reporting suite – the main New Relic website, where the data is presented for the user.

Both the agent and the daemon components are installed using the provided newrelic-install script. The script will detect the available PHP installations and deploy the agent extension to all of them.

Please refer to the official documentation for more detailed information regarding the installation and configuration of the New Relic package on your specific platform.

Basic Charts

To get a glimpse of how your site is performing for different countries, you could look at the worldwide Apdex chart. New Relic also provides more detailed information for the enterprise customers.

Since the performance problem in this case is usually due to the global network speed, there is no fix that can be applied locally – you’ll need to bring your service closer to the user. Depending on your application needs one or more of the following measures can be employed:

  • use a CDN to serve static files from local servers
  • use local dynamic content caching servers for slower areas
  • implement your service locally for the slower areas

Entreprise functionality

“The Total Package!”

The basic functionality that New Relic offers for free can give us a lot of valuable insights about the global site performance. We can see what areas need more attention than others and this alone can save some precious time while optimising the site. Yet, it does not provide some of the (sometimes crucial) information; where exactly is the bottleneck?

In addition to the free Lite account New Relic offers two more plans (Standard and Pro) which extend the basic reports and introduce some new ones, allowing you to drill down to the root of performance problems quickly and efficiently.

Application profile traces

One of the best features offered to help debug performance problems is the comparison between different web transactions and the ability to see timed application traces of slow calls. New Relic provides charts similar to those described above for each web transaction type (provided that New Relic supports the framework you’re using). Also, a list of slow transaction traces is included with the detailed information.

There are already several tools available to profile your PHP code, such as Xdebug and XHProf. Xdebug is a really powerful development tool as well as offering profiling capabilities. XHProf is simple to configure and relatively easy to use, and there are also companion tools such as XHGui which make life even easier. So what is different about New Relic?

The code profiling trace that New Relic provides is a call tree with only Incl. Wall (absolute and relative) information. This tree alone is not very well suited for a generic code analysis since it does not provide the count of how many times a method was invoked, nor its total time during the application run. The power of it is that it is integrated with all other New Relic features and is easily accessible for a quick review once a slower transaction is detected. In addition to PHP code profiling, New Relic also provides a separate report for slow SQL statements, with their execution times and call counts.

With the help of these integrated traces, finding slower pieces of the application code is a straightforward task, helping to keep the focus on the site as a whole while still being able to detect problems and pinpoint them to the method level.

Compare with historical data

In addition to displaying the current state, New Relic also provides a comparison mode. When this mode is turned on, all the basic charts are affected – in addition to the current data they now also provide information from one day and one week ago. This mode is especially useful to show whether the site is performing any better (or worse) than before.


How well is your website performing under load? The easiest way to answer that is to look at the scalability chart that New Relic provides. The chart plots the application response time versus the throughput.

This chart can quickly give you an idea about how well your website is responding given that there are a certain number of requests per minute. If the response time is constant as the throughput increases then your site is performing well. However, if you notice that the response time is increasing together with the throughput then it is time to take action. Finding the bottleneck using New Relic should now be an easy task using the database and application code profiling tools described above.

More information about this chart can be found in the New Relic blog .

Final thoughts

New Relic is an amazing service to monitor your web application. It is simple and powerful – all the numbers are presented in such a way that a quick glance to the chart enables one to tell a lot about the site’s performance. In this blog post we have reviewed the common problems that New Relic can help us to detect and provided several suggestions of how to fix them.

Also, it is probably worthwhile mentioning that while New Relic is very good at what it does, it is a service to monitor your application and it usually works best if combined with a separate system to monitor the server resources or the performance of each service you’re using – understanding how the whole application ecosystem behaves is essential in order to build a stable and well performing web service.


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Application Delivery Controller (ADC) – Gartner IT Glossary #application #delivery #controller,


Application delivery controllers (ADC) are deployed in data centers to optimize application performance, security and resource efficiency by offloading servers, providing deep payload inspection and making the best use of complex protocols. Originally deployed for externally-facing Web applications, they are now used to deliver services for many types of business applications and protocols. Recent developments in software-based and virtual ADC platforms provide more deployment flexibility, especially in cloud services and virtual environments.

Application leaders must derive application strategy from business and IT strategies. Collaborate with enterprise architects to define application strategy. Leveraging their inputs to provide context will reduce conflicts, improve results and enable line-of-sight between strategy and execution.

Traditional waterfall methods remain the leading delivery vehicle for organizations, despite inconsistent delivery results. This research helps application leaders uncover the advantages of agile, iterative or incremental project delivery.

EDT: 10:00 a.m. | PDT: 7:00 a.m. | GMT: 14:00 Google, a standout in continuous delivery, has earned its swagger, while banks still stagger in time-to-market comparisons. Banks need to take immediate, if not drastic, steps to reduce development cycle times, but they face a harsh reality as dependence on packaged software increases. We provide alternatives to assist banks through this transition.

EDT: 1:00 p.m. | PDT: 10:00 a.m. | GMT: 17:00 CIOs shifting to digital software delivery often perpetuate “bossy,” top-down project and performance management techniques that are unsuited to the fluid, fast-moving digital world. Instead, they should foster a “servant leadership” approach to improving lean, self-organizing and diverse teams.


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Compare Cash Back Credit Cards #cash #back #credit #cards, #credit #card,


Cash Back Credit Cards

Our up-to-date list of cash back offers makes it easy to find a card that will maximize your savings. And bonuses of $100-$150 for new accounts can add up quickly. Review this list of offers from our partners to find the card that rewards the categories you use most. Or find a one that offers a high rebate on all purchases.

See offers from our partners below.

at Capital One s
secure site

Credit Needed
Excellent, Good

  • One-time $100 cash bonus after you spend $500 on purchases within 3 months from account opening
  • Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day
  • Use your Quicksilver card and get 50% back as a statement credit on your monthly Spotify Premium subscription, now through April 2018
  • No rotating categories or sign ups needed to earn cash rewards; plus, cash back doesn�t expire and there�s no limit to how much you can earn
  • 0% intro APR on purchases for 9 months; 13.74%-23.74% variable APR after that
  • Balance transfers also have a 0% intro APR for 9 months; 13.74%-23.74% variable APR after that; a 3% fee applies to each balance transferred
  • Pay no annual fee or foreign transaction fees
  • See additional Capital One� Quicksilver� Cash Rewards Credit Card details

at Capital One s
secure site

  • You could turn $200 into $400 with Cashback Match . Get a dollar-for-dollar match of all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year, automatically.
  • Earn 5% cash back in rotating categories each quarter like gas stations,, restaurants, wholesale clubs and more, up to the quarterly maximum each time you activate.
  • Plus, 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Redeem your cash back for any amount, any time. Cash rewards never expire.
  • 100% U.S. based customer service.
  • Get your FICO Credit Score for free on monthly statements, on mobile and online.
  • No annual fee.
  • See additional Discover it Cashback Match details
  • $100 statement credit after you spend $1,000 in purchases on your new Card within the first 3 months.
  • No annual fee.
  • 3% cash back at U.S. supermarkets (on up to $6,000 per year in purchases, then 1%).
  • 2% cash back at U.S. gas stations and at select U.S. department stores, 1% back on other purchases.
  • Low intro APR: 0% for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers, then a variable rate, currently 13.74% to 24.74%.
  • Expanding merchant acceptance: Over 1 million more places in the U.S. started accepting American Express Cards in the last year.
  • Cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be easily redeemed for statement credits, gift cards, and merchandise.
  • Terms Apply.
  • See additional Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express details

at American Express s
secure site

or call American Express at

Credit Needed

  • No annual fee
  • New Offer: $150 online cash rewards bonus after you spend at least $500 on purchases in the first 90 days of account opening
  • Earn 1% cash back on every purchase, 2% at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 3% on gas up to the first $2,500 in combined grocery/wholesale club/gas purchases each quarter
  • No changing categories and no expiration on rewards
  • 0% Introductory APR for 12 billing cycles for purchases AND for any balance transfers made in the first 60 days, then, 13.74% – 23.74% Variable APR. 3% fee (min $10) applies to balance transfers
  • Get a 10% customer bonus every time you redeem your cash back into a Bank of America checking or savings account
  • If you’re a Preferred Rewards client, you can increase that bonus to 25% – 75%
  • See additional BankAmericard Cash Rewards Credit Card details

at Bank of America s
secure site

or call Bank of America at

  • Unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase it’s automatic
  • Earn a $150 Bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening
  • 0% Intro APR for 15 months from account opening on purchases and balance transfers, then a variable APR of 15.74-24.49%. Balance transfer fee is 5% of the amount transferred, $5 minimum
  • Redeem for cash any amount, anytime
  • Cash Back rewards do not expire as long as your account is open
  • No annual fee
  • See additional Chase Freedom Unlimited details


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Free Load Balancer, Reverse Proxy and ADC Features – KEMP Free


Key Load Balancer Features

KEMP Technologies free LoadMaster Application Load Balancer is a fully featured member of our award winning and industry leading Load Balancer family. It can be used without charge in production environments with throughput requirements that don’t exceed 20 Mbps, and for services that do not directly generate revenue. It is an ideal choice for low traffic web sites and applications, DevOps testing environments, technical training environments, and for any other deployments that suit your non-commercial needs.

    Like it’s commercial siblings The Free LoadMaster Application Load Balancer (abbreviated to LoadMaster on the remainder of this page) delivers the following:
  • The same robust code found in our commercial LoadMaster offerings. This is not an edition with features removed to cripple it. This is a full LoadMaster Application Load Balancer that you can use for any purpose that requires less than 20 Mbps Layer 7 traffic throughput on non-revenue generating services.
  • Ability to deploy on all the major virtual infrastructure hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, Citrix XenServer, KVM).
  • Cloud deployment options. Can be deployed in the Cloud on Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, Amazon Web Services, or other Cloud hosted servers.
  • Layer 4 load balancing Traditional Transport Level load balancing. Packets are routed to backend servers based on IP Address, TCP port or UDP port, using DNS round robin or least connection algorithms.
  • Layer 7 load balancing builds on layer 4 transport level load balancing by introducing packet routing based on the target applications and content of the network packets. Layer 7 Load Balancing operates at the Application Layer of the network stack. Using it LoadMaster can route network traffic to the server most suited to handle the requests. Using this feature the state of individual applications running on back end servers can be monitored to see if they are responding to requests. If not the load balancer can stop sending requests to an individual application until it is ready to respond again. Additionally the content awareness that is provided by Layer 7 content checking and load balancing allows network traffic delivery to be optimised for specific applications. For example Microsoft Exchange Server, Skype, or SharePoint.
  • Content Caching LoadMaster can store recently accessed content in a local storage location. This allows content to be served to subsequent requests more quickly without having to get data from the original source. The local caches can have a time to live value associated with them. This ensures that after a pre-set period the local copy of the content is deleted and the original source is queried anew. This timeout can be set as required depending on the content type.
  • Compression engine Data stored on and transmitted by a LoadMaster can be compressed. When moving data across the network compression can reduce the size of the data set that needs to be transmitted. This can be done in a lossless or in a lossy way. Lossless compression removes data from the data set in such a way that it can be added again when the data arrives at its destination. For example, removing characters that repeat. Lossy compression however removes data that is not required at the receiver endpoint. A typical example is reducing the colour depth information in images. Often this can be reduced significantly without noticeable degradation to the transmitted image. Compression settings can be set as required for the applications in use.
  • Preconfigured virtual service templates Templates with all the common settings for various applications preconfigured are available to use with LoadMaster. These make it easy to deploy the load balancer quickly and securely in typical deployment scenarios. Templates are available for many enterprise server applications including Microsoft Exchange, Skype, SharePoint, ADFS 2.0, and RDS. Also VMware Horizon View, Horizon Workspace and Log Insight 2.0. Others such as Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, MobileIron and others are also provided at the LoadMaster Documentation site.
  • Intrusion Protection Engine LoadMaster includes an Intrusion Prevention Engine (IPS). This examines network traffic and attempts to detect and eliminate network vulnerabilities. If suspicious activity is detected an alert is raised and the suspicious packets are discarded. The sending address can also be blocked and the network connection to the remote site reset if required.
  • Edge Security Pack – The KEMP Edge Security Pack (ESP) is also included as standard with the free LoadMaster edition. It provides an integrated solution for web application security. In much the same way as Microsoft’s Threat Management Gateway (TMG) provided protection and authentication services ESP can be deployed to protect any internet facing application and to support enhanced authentication schemes such as two factor authentication and single sign on. More details are available at this dedicated page.
  • Web Application Firewall LoadMaster can function as a Web Application Firewall (WAF) via a free add on enhancement pack. WAF builds on and enhances traditional firewall security protection. Traditional firewalls don t stop encrypted HTTPS traffic as they have no visibility of the content within. WAF operates at the Application Layer 7 of the network stack and it can decrypt HTTPS traffic to inspect the data content. In conjunction with constantly updated lists of known attack methods WAF can deny access to servers when malicious activity is detected.
  • Global Server Load Balancing – Global Load Balancing (GSLB) is a strategy to ensure that network applications and content are served to end users from the sites nearest to them, whilst at the same time providing resilience and scalability. It may not be immediately obvious why you would want this functionality in a product targeted at smaller and testing deployments. Having this functionality available in free Loadmaster enables testing environments to be setup to mirror commercial deployments. This is great for DevOps testing as real world deployment scenarios can be modelled.
  • RESTful API Over 95% of LoadMaster configuration and management functionality is exposed via a comprehensively documented RESTful API. Using this API LoadMaster can be easily integrated in to existing workflows and testing labs.
  • PowerShell Management API PowerShell is quickly becoming the scripting engine and language of choice for IT Operations automation. It has spread from it’s initial base on Microsoft Windows Servers to be available on many third party product platforms. VMware implements it as their PowerCLI Management Product. Many DevOps focused toolsets such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Docker also implement PowerShell for automation. LoadMaster can also be configured and managed via PowerShell. A pool of CmdLets are available to integrate LoadMaster into your current PowerShell workflows.
  • Java API LoadMaster also includes a Java Wrapper API in addition to the RESTful and PowerShell management interfaces. Via a standard Java JAR file programmers can access the entire LoadMaster functionality from their Java based applications and management suites.
  • Free LoadMaster


    Copyright 2017 KEMP Technologies,Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    KEMP Technologies Inc. (Corporate HQ), 1540 Broadway, 23rd fl, New York, NY 10036. Phone 1-844-470-KEMP (5367)


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    Educational Technology #engaging #activities,high #school #(grades: #9-12),language #arts,middle #school #(grades: #6-8),professional


    CATEGORY: Educational Technology

    Posted May 2, 2017

    Sure, adolescents spend too much time “glued to their screens,” but why not turn that to your advantage — and theirs? Students love of technology can be a powerful force in language arts classrooms thanks to the possibilities of digital storytelling. Students’ beloved smartphones can be essential tools for sharing their unique thoughts and experiences

    Posted November 14, 2016

    Long gone are the days when high school seniors filled out individual applications online to each of their choice schools — and further gone are handwritten applications mailed out individually with enough time before the deadlines. For the past several years, prospective college students have been able to apply to their choice schools in a

    Posted October 31, 2016

    While PowerPoint remains an industry standard for creating effective and engaging presentations, several new and innovative options enable students and teachers alike to create presentations for in-person and virtual audiences. Presentation options used to be much more limited. Either we needed certain software or a specific computer type, or the cost was prohibitive. That’s all

    Posted September 13, 2016

    Today’s education models tend to focus on a child’s achievement deficits — if students aren’t reading at grade level, for instance, then teachers try to get them caught up. Mindprint Learning flips this model, using cognitive tests to identify children’s strengths and engage them in ways that compensate for their weaknesses. The goal: Let kids

    Posted April 6, 2016

    Stackup is a Chrome browser extension that measures students’ time learning on the Internet. “Teachers use Stackup to make free reading fun and accountable,“ said Nick Garvin, the company’s CEO. Browser extension measures the time students spend learning online by subject or website Students can use the browser extension to research subjects that interest them,

    Posted August 27, 2015

    Early childhood arts-based learning is suffering at many schools. Despite recognizing the benefits of art instruction, teachers have less time for creativity and fun during class time. School budgets for visiting artists are tight as well. Cutbacks appear to be nationwide and beyond. Canadian schools, for instance, are dealing with the same budgetary realities,” said

    Posted September 10, 2014

    Knowing how to calculate volume, area and perimeters isn’t just reserved for mathematicians, physicists and engineers. It’s an important skill that workers use every day in dozens of professions including carpenters, surveyors, landscapers, painters and architects. And it all starts with simple geometry. Geometry has been a part of most middle and high school math

    Posted September 2, 2014

    For generations of chemistry students, the Periodic Table of the Elements has been a must-have tool for solving science homework problems and completing classroom tests. Scientists developed the periodic table in the late 19th century to organize elements, the basic building blocks of ordinary matter, into a cohesive document that can be studied and shared. The

    Posted August 27, 2014

    Now is a great time to be a social studies or government teacher, thanks in part to a multitude of technology resources that can help educators engage students, promote classroom deliberation and develop rich K-12 lesson plans. An excellent example of those resources is the website C-SPAN Classroom, which provides high-quality, up-to-date teaching materials for

    Posted August 18, 2014

    Studying historical facts and figures has been a mainstay in elementary and secondary schools for generations. That’s especially true in government and civics classes, where students learn about the U.S. presidents and their places in history. But memorizing this information can be a monotonous task for some students. Fortunately, technology can help make that job

    Posted August 11, 2014

    One of the best ways to engage students in learning is to include multimedia in lesson plans. Audio, video and interactivity in lessons tend to keep students interested and help them retain the material better. That’s the idea behind the popular BrainPOP collection of educational websites, programs and animated movies. Since 1999, BrainPOP curriculum-based content

    Posted August 6, 2014

    For generations of K-12 students, a paper notebook or three-ring binder was a necessity for classroom organization. But thanks to technology, today’s students can cast aside paper organizers in favor of mobile apps that take classroom organization to a whole new level. Mobile organization apps let students combine lecture notes, study materials and classroom resources

    Posted March 21, 2014

    When Rod Powell’s school went one-to-one, giving a computer to every student, he was thrilled with the opportunity for professional development offered by the North Carolina school district where he teaches history. But he knew he wanted to learn about more than the machine. Powell wanted to know how to bring technology into his students’

    Posted March 6, 2014

    Melissa Techman is a librarian who knows her tech. And she’s willing to share. The Broadus Wood Elementary School’s librarian expands her reach beyond her home district in Virginia. She is on Twitter, Diigo, Symbaloo and Pinterest as mtechman, sharing tech tips and tools for educators. Techman first used technology in her library when she

    Posted December 19, 2013

    With the days of dusty card catalogs long gone, school librarians are taking a leading role in bringing technology into K-12 education. Promoting the importance of technology in education is just one of librarians’ many roles in schools. By serving as role models for technology use and demonstrating how technological resources serve students’ learning aims,

    Posted December 14, 2013

    Some exciting education technology trends appear poised to influence the classroom in new ways. They could give teachers access to a broader range of education options while helping students better prepare for the world they will face. Mobile apps Veteran teachers, new teachers and those training to become teachers are probably all familiar with mobile apps .

    Posted November 1, 2013

    With the costs of education skyrocketing, students can t pass up a chance for a free online textbook. Whatever the subject matter, these textbooks allow teachers to pass the cost savings on to their students and parents. Textbooks can be found for elementary students just beginning their education as well as for college students in specialized

    Posted July 29, 2013

    If you really want to integrate technology into the classroom, asking which apps are best for math or science is the wrong question. “There’s tons of great math apps if you are trying to skill and drill , but there’s more to technology than that,” said Jon Samuelson, best known as iPadSammy from his blog of

    Posted June 5, 2013

    Education is continuously changing, and so are the techniques. The visual literacy classroom is becoming a priority to keep up with digital technology trends in learning. The capacity, comprehension and communication of current students differ considerably from the student of 10 and even five years ago. The classroom environment must adapt to the students learning

    Posted April 29, 2013

    Education technology is at the forefront of discussions about how education will look in the future. Gaming technology and digital badges may play a significant part of that process. While there seems to be a growing reluctance to keep score in youth sports, a new way of tracking wins and losses may just be what’s

    0 ?>


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    China Visa: Chinese Travel Visa Requirements Application Form #fly #tickets

    #travel to china

    Guidelines to Chinese Visa Application

    Required Forms for Download

    TravelChinaGuide provides the following information to help foreign travellers understand about obtaining visas and some of the rules for foreigners to stay in China. The information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, there is considerable complexity as there are several types; It can be applied for in your own country, within mainland, or in a third country; the rules vary according to your nationality, and the regulations can be changed at any time.

    The information is relevant to holders of ordinary passports. If you hold a diplomatic or service passport, there are different rules and you will need to get advice from your employer.

    Mostly, a visa is a permit granted before travelling to enter a country, usually for a fee. However, it is only an indication to immigration officials that you have satisfied certain conditions. On arrival, the immigration official has the power to approve or disallow your entrance. So, when you arrive you can be told that you may not enter. This can be for many reasons including a belief that there is something wrong with the passport or the visa, you do not have enough money, you plan to work when the type you hold does not allow this, or that you are in some other way undesirable . There is normally nothing you can do about it and you will not be permitted to enter. This poses problems for airlines and in turn for passengers see the heading Airline Rules

    Sometimes, a visa can be issued at the border when you arrive. This is half way between being a true one and a no visa required situation. There are not many situations where this is available for entry to China.


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