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Welcome to Borneo! We’re here to help you plan your trip that is tailor made to you.

Our Top Tours for wildlife are Sukau Rainforest Lodge. winner of Sabah’s Best Nature Lodge, Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley, Selingan Island and Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary. Featured in our Nature selection are tours to Mount Kinabalu and diving at the world class Sipadan island. For Adventure lovers, Climb Mt Kinabalu with us or be enamored by our custom designed treks to Maliau Basin and Crocker Range. Let’s not forget the must-see attractions in Borneo! We’ve put the together the best of the best in our Holiday Packages. We can even book your stay at Beach Resorts and City Hotels at rock-bottom prices. Our latest product is the community based tourism The Fig Tree at Kiulu Farmstay.

Borneo is the world’s third largest island in the world made up of 3 countries, Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak Brunei and Indonesia. Borneo boasts both the oldest Rainforest in the world and also the region with the highest Biodiversity density in the world, home to a myriad of rare and endangered wildlife species. Check out our Documentary-Video section for a thorough introduction to Sabah, our new Photo Gallery and our Travel Articles to get you started.

The biggest highlight in Sabah for most of our guests is a visit to Sukau Rainforest Lodge. recognised by National Geographic as a Unique Lodge of the World and winner of Sabah’s Best Nature Lodge in addition to numerous other international awards. It is here that you will get to experience and if you’re lucky, come face to face with Sabah’s endangered wildlife such as the Orang Utan and the Borneo Pygmy elephant in the wild. Indulge yourself by staying three nights here and you’ll be glad you did. Sukau is by far the easiest place to view animals in the wild and is a must visit for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and families alike.

For nature lovers, our personal recommendations are tours to Selingan Island. Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary. Hardy adventure travellers would also love our custom designed treks to Maliau Basin and the Crocker Range .

Devoted birdwatchers will be thrilled by the many endemic species of Bornean birds found in their natural habitats.

Apart from the rainforests, Sabah is a haven for ardent divers. Numerous diving locations such as the world renowned Sipadan Island and the surrounding islands and also Langkayan Island provides a diving experience that has been repeatedly rated one of the best dive spots in the world. As for the adventurers, climbing Mount Kinabalu is a must do activity in Sabah. Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak between the Himalayas and Papua New Guinea and stands at 4095m tall with breathtakingly gorgeous sunrises and serenely beautiful when shrouded in clouds.

Surrounded by azure and crystal clear oceans, Sabah is blessed with long white sandy beaches and a warm pleasant climate. Numerous white sandy islands dot the coast, amongst them the famous Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Marine Park which is just a stone throw away from Kota Kinabalu or stay at any one of our 5 star Beach Resorts .

Borneo is also home to the largest cave system,the Mulu National Park in Sarawak. If you’re thinking of conquering the pinnacles here, be prepared physically as this trek and climb, though but a day’s trip, will challenge you to your limits.

From the moment you land in Borneo, you will be enamored by the locals and their unique cultures. Borneo is home to various indigenous peoples and you will get to experience some of their culture when you visit the tribal long houses in Lemanak, Sarawak and Kudat in Sabah. You can also experience the rich cultural heritage of Brunei as hallmarked by its Royal Palaces, majestic mosques and its charming Water Villages. You will find the people of Borneo very kind and polite, taking great delight in welcoming you, our guests and make you feel at home amongst us. Rest assured that Borneo, though diverse and somewhat exotic, is a place that is harmonious and peaceful.

Besides these remarkable destinations Borneo is offering, you can also take part in many other exciting and memorable trips such as white water rafting, riding an antique train, cycling along pristine beaches and in local villages, visiting tea plantations and agricultural parks as well as sampling the sumptious local food and beverages on offer. In short, Borneo has what it takes to be your favorite holiday destination.


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Travel to Borneo – information, advice and inspiration #tours #and #travels

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Borneo travel guide

Adventure doesn’t get more exciting than Borneo. With luscious rain forests, endangered wildlife and diverse culture – this destination is perfect for adventure and nature lovers

Straddling the equator and dominated by luxuriant rain forests, Borneo is the world s third-biggest island. Its territory is apportioned unevenly between the countries of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The two East Malaysian states Sabah and Sarawak, lie in the north, surrounding the rich Islamic Sultanate of Brunei, while the Indonesian state of Kalimantan occupies most of central and southern Borneo.

The island boasts remote jungle beauty, tropical adventure and tribal cultures, and is home to half of all known plant and animal species in the world. This wildlife wonderland has orang-utans, the Sumatran rhino, the Bornean pygmy elephant and thousands of unique flowering species. A colourful paradise combining relaxation and adventure with its idyllic beaches, scenic mountains and rich culture.

Wanderlust recommends

  1. Visit the historic temples and harbourside market in stunning Sandakan
  2. Go trekking through the lush rain-forests and experience walking among orang-utans in Kalimantan
  3. Head to Lankayan for a truly unique sight and see where the Green Turtles come to lay eggs all year round
  4. Explore the caves of Sarawak by longboat and take a dip in the shaded pool near Clearwater Cave

Wanderlust tips

Hawker markets offer opportunities to try a variety of dishes from the numerous stalls ranged around a central eating area; order enticing-looking treats from any stalls, take them to your table and tuck in. Only eat with your right hand.

The thumb or whole hand should be used to indicate something, or to wave down a taxi.

Especially outside urban areas, and more so in the conservative Muslim north. women should dress respectfully by covering shoulders and legs. The ideal is baggy clothing ; loose trousers with a modest long-sleeved tunic or baggy shirt is fine.


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Tailor Made Wildlife Holidays Honeymoon Tours in Borneo #travelling #europe

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Borneo Travel – Tailor made itineries in Borneo from the Travel Trading Company.

We are experts at arranging tailor made tours and personal itineraries. more

We live in Borneo

We are a Borneo-based Travel and Tours operator with HQ in Borneo and a European marketing office in Britain.

This site is designed as a shop window only and gives you an overview of what we do. We employ fully trained and licensed local experts as our adventure, birding and wildlife specialists/guides. Our UK-based director Bob Jones has a wealth of over 20 years direct hands on Borneo travel experience as a specialist. If you have any questions regarding the exciting Borneo travel and/or holidays in Borneo, ask Bob.

Tham Yau Kong, a local travel tours expert, heads the operation in Borneo. He has been awarded Malaysia’s Best Tour Guide, and has also received the company’s Best Tour Programme Award, Best Tour Package Award, and Best Innovative Package Award.

We provide complete adventure itineraries, customized Borneo wildlife tours, ground handling services, tailor-made holidays Borneo, expedition planning and logistics, exciting Borneo honeymoon packages, local accounting advise, incentive and team-building programmes. We work with local communities and are committed to sustainable tourism development. Our adventure activities include jungle and mountain trekking, mountain biking, rafting and diving.

Our clients include:

  • Individual budget travelers
  • Experienced jungle trekkers
  • Cyclists and off-road mountain bikers
  • 5 star hotel honeymooners
  • Photographers
  • Bird watchers
  • Schools, charities and multi-national companies needing film locations and complete logistical support

If you have any questions about Borneo or our company, please feel free to contact us.


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Borneo Tour Specialists – Tours, Travel and Accommodation in Borneo #graco

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Welcome to the start of your Borneo holiday adventure

We offer tours and travel arrangements to the island of Borneo. We have fixed itinerary tours such as the following:

  • 8 Day Tour Borneo Sampler

  • 21 Day Tour The Sultanates of Borneo

    as well as shorter day and multi-day tours to many interesting places in

    Use the information in this web site to help you plan your trip and tours to Borneo – tours to Sabah, tours to Sarawak, tours to Brunei, and tours to Kalimantan. Borneo is the third largest island in the world (after Greenland and New Guinea, and comprises three separate countries: Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak ), Indonesia (Kalimantan ) and the Sultanate of Brunei. It is one of the last remaining areas on earth where development for the sake of tourism has not destroyed the potential wonders of the area.

    Visit Borneo Rainforest Lodge and experience an abundance of wildlife in the immediate vicinity of the lodge, including wild gibbon, leaf monkeys, Sumatran rhinoceros, orang-utan, and fascinating bird life, with over 270 species so far being identified.

    Gone are the days of the impenetrable jungles with dangerous headhunters and tremendous hardship. Borneo is now open to the tourist and offers 5 and even 6 star (Empire Hotel Country Club in Brunei) accommodation!

    Beach on Lankayan Island

    The Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah are the largest states in Malaysia. Visit Sabah. known for its sandy white beaches, clear water, beautiful corals and mountain peaks. It has often been said that Sabah is dominated by the mountains, and that Sarawak is riddled by rivers. Visit Sarawak. to travel up river by boat and watch the changing panorama of longhouses, forests, towns and farms is to catch the essence of travelling in the Borneo of old.

    Enjoy trips to the various tribal areas. Borneo was the home of some of the last of the world’ s headhunters. It is now only about 50 years since the last heads were taken by some members of the Iban tribes of Sarawak. Some of the older tribesmen have a head or two to their names. Relics of the head-hunting days can still be seen in some of the villages. You can participate in a visit to a Longhouse – the original condominium or apartment block. The population of whole villages live together in one long building which has separate living, eating and sleeping quarters. Enjoy a meal or a drink of rice wine with the local people while they show you some of their culture. Hospitality to visitors is a way of life in the longhouse.

    View of Mt Kinabalu

    If you are feeling energetic, climb South-East Asia’s highest mountain – Mt. Kinabalu. It is a two day climb that most people with a reasonable level of fitness can undertake and enjoy. No special skills or equipment are required – other than warm clothing as it can get very cold on the mountain. From the summit on a clear morning, it is possible to see to the Philippines and beyond!

    Adventure in Borneo can be whatever you, the tourist, would like it to be – from visiting and interacting at the largest orang-utan reserve in the world at Sepilok, to exploring some of the world’s largest and most fascinating caves at Mulu. There is also the adrenalin rush of white water rafting, and trekking through a vast portion of the world’s most beautiful flora and fauna. Bird and butterfly trips are readily available, as are botanical tours, mountain climbing, mountain bike tours, 4 wheel drive tours, and more. Borneo Tour Specialists offers everything from leisurely sightseeing to hard adventure.

    The oceans surrounding Borneo are also home to some of the best scuba diving in the world. The Celebes Sea to the East of Borneo includes the island of Pulau Sipadan, long held to be in the top five dive sites of the world since it was “discovered” by Jean Michelle Cousteau, and has become a favourite destination for diving for scuba divers from all over the world. Close to Sipadan, is the island of Mabul, the sunken reef of Kapalai and the island of Mataking – all offering fabulous dive accommodation facilities for divers, snorkellers and those who would just like to spend some time close to the water.

    Kapalai Dive Resort on the Ligitan Reef near Pulau Sipadan

    Other scuba diving areas of note off the coast of Borneo include Pulau Lankayan located in the Sulu Sea off the coast of Sandakan; the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in the South China Sea; the more distant Layang Layang Resort which lies some 300 km off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in the South China Sea; the famous wrecks in the area around Brunei and Labuan (also in the South China Sea); the various reefs off the coast of Miri, in the South China Sea; and the islands off the East coast of Kalimantan – including Derawan, Sangalaki, Maratua, and Nabucco.

    Our regular Borneo Trip itinerary suggestions range from 8 to 21 days duration with many options in between. We also have dozens of tours covering the various sites of Borneo in Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan, ranging from a couple of hours, through to six or seven days.

    We offer an exciting range of tours carefully, tailored to the differing needs of individuals, giving you an insight into the fascinating cultures of Sabah and Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan. Let the team at Borneo Tour Specialists introduce you to a part of South-East Asia you never imagined, as epitomised in Agnes Keith’s book – “The Land Below the Wind”.

    Arrivals from any part of the world can be accommodated in our tours.

    Borneo is no longer a land where it is necessary to “rough” it. The majority of the tours aim to show you the highlights of the area without the necessity of having to trek through the jungle for days on end. Should one of these tours not suit your exact requirements, we will be pleased to design a tour especially for you. At Borneo Tour Specialists. we are able to offer you everything from a leisurely sightseeing trip to hard adventure travel experiencing the rigours of the jungles, mountains and rivers.

    If a trek, however, is more your style, let us organise the trek you will not forget.

    Transport options in Borneo range from travel by modern jet aircraft to native longboats on the rivers.

    Borneo also offers some of the best diving available on this planet. Sipadan was “discovered” in the 1960s and has risen to claim its just place as one of the premier dive areas in the Asian region and the world. Other fabulous areas include Layang Layang in the South China Sea, the reefs off the coast of Miri, Lankayan off the coast of Sandakan in the Sulu Sea, and the Derawan and Sangalaki area off the North-East coast of Kalimantan.

    Touring options are virtually unlimited, and whilst we feature a selection of our more popular programmes, we enjoy working with our clients to create an individual travel experience that may not be shown on this web site.

    Pack your camera and a good telephoto lens if you are interested in wildlife photography, and join us for a truly unique experience!

    BORNEO TOUR SPECIALISTS is a member of Australian Orangutan Project

    Malaysia Wildlife Conservation

    Support The Campaign


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