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SysUpTime Network Monitor

Current Version: 6.1 (build 6204)

SysUpTime network/server monitor is a powerful agentless network management software. It provides users out-of-box capabilities to efficiently and proactively manage any network of any size.

SysUpTime network monitor is easy to set up and use. It can monitor the availability and performance of your Windows and Linux/UNIX servers, workstations, software applications (SQL, Exchange, Web Servers, etc), and network devices (routers, switches, etc). When a failure is detected, SysUpTime network monitor can alert the administrators by email, sound, running a script or other methods, as well as taking corrective actions such as executing remote Windows/Linux command, rebooting the machine, restarting the Windows/Linux service or running a script.

SysUpTime network monitor’s server runs on both Windows and Linux.

Key Features:

Automatic Network Discovery and Accurate Topology Map

Automatically discovers layer 1, 2 and 3 networks, gathering topology data to deliver complete and accurate maps of devices and connectivity across networks. Powerful map editing function allows user to add or change discovered map easily.

The combination of unique extensible mediation layer technology and CIM (Common Information Model) based object model enables SysUpTime network monitor to support new devices and applications on an ongoing basis with minimum efforts.

Major features of network discovery and topology maps:

  • Support for a wide range of network devices and new devices can be easily added.
  • Configurable filters to narrow down the scope of discovery.
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 discovery.
  • Scheduled discovery.
  • Support for VLAN, HSRP, VRRP.
  • Custom views, which are user-defined maps based on IP address, location or other selection criteria.
  • Automatically discovered topology maps contain properties of network devices such as servers, routers, etc. Device list can be exported to a CSV file.
  • Devices can be manually added to topology map.
  • New properties or notes, such as license info, installed software, purchase price, can be manually added to devices. You can do search to find device with certain property.

Trended Performance, Status, and Service Monitoring

Detailed monitoring of network availability and performance.

  • Fully Automated Performance Monitoring

Core monitoring capabilities include:

  • Ping monitor
  • SNMP monitor(supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 monitors)
  • MS Exchange server monitor
  • WMI monitor (Windows Services, Processes, CPU/Disk Utilization, etc.)
  • TCP/UDP port monitor
  • URL (HTTP/HTTPS) monitor
  • Telnet/SSH-2 monitor
  • FTP/File/Directory monitor
  • DNS/LDAP/RADIUS server monitor
  • Windows Event Log monitor
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 server monitor
  • Database SQL monitor for all major database servers

More network/server monitoring capabilities are scheduled to be added soon.

  • Self-learning Dynamic Statistical Baseline (based on historical data)
  • Multi-level Fixed Thresholds

Real-time, End-to-End Event Management

SysUpTime network monitor collects and consolidates events and alarms. Event de-duplication, event auto-clearing, robust alerting, automated actions, and alarm escalation help organizations identify potential problems faster, shorten mean-time-to-repair and reduce IT and operations costs.

Core capabilities of event management include:

  • Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 traps and informs
  • Event reduction
  • Event clearing
  • Alarm escalation
  • Event forwarding
  • Event categorization

SysUpTime network monitor offers a wide range of alerting actions. Major actions include:

  • Send to different email accounts at different time.
  • Forward to another trap receiver.
  • Post to a web site using GET or POST methods.
  • Run remote command via SSH, Telnet or Windows RPC.
  • Run command.
  • Play sound.
  • Built-in Reporting and Graphing

    SysUpTime network monitor offers real-time and historical reporting and graphing capabilities for performance monitors, and top-N reports for users to identify problem elements. Scheduled reports in PDF format can be generated by month, week or day.

    Application monitoring helps you diagnose application problems, and prevent downtime or network performance degradation. SysUpTime network monitor provides out-of-box support for MS Exchange Server and SQL server. It can be configured to monitor critical parameters of both servers and their services.

    High Availability and Scalability

    SysUpTime’s server clustering technology allows two or more servers that are interconnected to form a unified virtual computing resource.

    Clustering servers increases the availability of a system by ensuring that if a server becomes unavailable because of failure or planned downtime, another server in the cluster can assume the workload, ensuring that the monitoring service is uninterrupted. Clustering also enhances scalability by automatically distributing workloads across all the available servers.

  • Key Benefits

    • Intuitive graphical user interface minimizes training requirements and increases productivity
    • Advanced fault management minimizes equipment downtime
    • Measure and report real time performance against designated SLA
    • Preempt performance problems by identifying potential trouble spots before they affect service quality
    • Increased operational efficiency
    • Use trending data to make the most of network resources and forecast CapEx needs
    • Protect existing investments — can be integrated with existing management systems
    • Implement high-quality management capabilities priced to suit enterprise IT budgets

    Professional and free personal editions

    The free personal edition is intended exclusively for private use on a single workstation. You may copy the complete program package and pass it on to others for private use only. The free personal edition may not be used for commercial or professional purposes.

    The professional edition has many more features and can be used for commercial or professional purposes.

    Features Table


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    Free Internet Programs #web #browser, #internet #program, #email #program, #chat #software,


    Inbox deletes and filters spams, viruses and other unwanted emails directly on the mail server before they reach your email program. Freeware for Windows.

    GFI Email
    security test

    Due to the unsafe design of some email programs, email viruses now are able to infect computer systems just by email. Once infected, a computer system can spread the virus further by sending malicious emails to other systems without any human interference. Well designed email programs do not display these vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, commercial success is not related to good design.
    Virus scanners (please see above) can offer good protection against email viruses by scanning each incoming mail, but will never protect against 100% of all attacks, since it is impossible to know and detect each and every possible type of virus.
    Therefore, even when you have a real-time virus scanner, it is wise to get some information on the vulnerabilities and strengths of your email program. The GFI site tests your email program by sending you number of emails that probe your mail system.

    Protecting Microsoft
    Outlook against Viruses

    Some Outlook and Outlook express versions are very vulnerable to virus attacks through email. Several versions of Outlook and Outlook Express can execute malicious scripts or programs hidden inside emails sent to you without warning. This site provides information on how to protect your computer from Outlook-related viruses.

    TreePad X Enterprise
    384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
    Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
    Click here to get the free evaluation version.

    Telnet, SSH and SFTP client with tabbed interface and unicode support. Freeware and evaluation version are available for Windows.

    Careware. Sockets-enabled Telnet terminal program, supports telnet, SMTP, POP3. Emulates a DEC VT100 terminal, supports ANSI colors. Logs your entire session, can print the current display, remembers up to 32 hosts and protocols.

    A free multi-session terminal emulation program for Windows (it uses the .Net framework).

    Free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix, along with an xterm terminal emulator. Recommended!

    Freeware for Windows and Pocket PC. Does not seem to be updated anymore.

    Freeware program for Windows, which enables you to share one internet connection among multiple computers.

    Freeware HTTP-tunnel application for Windows, acting as a socks server, allowing you to use your Internet applications safely despite restrictive firewalls.
    It functions as follows: your Internet application sends data to the HTTP-Tunnel Client, which in turn tunnels the data over HTTP (port 80) to the HTTP-Tunnel servers. The servers then send the data to the intended destination and forward the responses back to the HTTP-Tunnel client. This effectively bypasses firewalls, permitting you to successfully use most Internet applications without being monitored at work, school.

    TreePad X Enterprise
    384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
    Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
    Click here to get the free evaluation version.


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    Booking Flights – Clear Browser Cookies #cheapest #hotel #prices

    #search for flights

    Clear Browser Cookies When Booking Flights

    By Greg Rodgers. Asia Travel Expert

    Greg Rodgers is an experienced travel writer, photographer, and world nomad. In 2005, Greg traded his corporate office for a backpack and set out to see the world; he never came back.

    When booking flights, does clearing the browser cache make a difference?

    Each time you make the same search, you are expressing interest (and increasing demand) for a particular flight. Your searches are saved, both as a cookie on your personal device and as a database entry on the server side.

    Continue Reading Below

    The Flight-Comparison Secret

    Flight comparison sites are savvy enough to leverage technology — without your knowing — to increase their chances of landing your business. Some other tricks involve increasing all the prices after the date for which you searched, just to pressure you into thinking that flight prices are going up if you wait to buy.

    It s true. Try searching for the same flight using a different device, and if possible, in a different place.

    You ll notice discrepancies in flight prices for sure.

    So the secret is out: big booking sites track your previous flight searches to figure out just how much you really want that flight! And they use more than just cookie technology to do so. IP address and geographical location are also taken into account. That s why simply clearing your browser cache before booking a flight may not be good enough.

    Let s say, for instance, you check a flight price on Monday. The booking site will save the search as a cookie in your browser.

    Continue Reading Below

    If you return later that week and search for the same flight several times, as many people do to see if the price has dropped, they will actually increase the flight price by a marginal amount.

    After planning and searching, would you not purchase an international flight if it had only gone up $50? Insiders know to clear their browser cookies or to turn on anonymous browsing before each new flight search. Doing so makes the booking sites think that this is your first look at a flight price. Along with clearing cookies. you can also try using a completely different computer, your phone, or turning on anonymous browsing.

    Paranoid? A little. But I ve personally booked scores of flights and have seen this cookie scam play out several times. I first realized the difference in identical fares after searching for prices on two different computers.

    Try an experiment: call or email a friend in a bigger city and have them use the same flight comparison site to check the price on the same flight you want. Big booking sites even use geographical data to guess at whether or not you can afford to pay more for a given flight!

    Finding the Best Deals on Flights

    Pulling the trigger on a $900 flight isn t exactly an easy thing to do.

    No matter how many times I do it, and no matter how exciting the destination in Asia  seems, sometimes getting your finger to click that final purchase button takes Herculean strength. But knowing that you received a fair price and didn t fall victim to an old booking trick helps — a lot.

    This is step-by-step how I find the cheapest flights to Asia. Experts say that a majority of passengers on any given flight have all paid different fares. We can at least strive to be near the bottom of that range.


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    What is Monitoring Software? Webopedia Definition #monitoring #software #definition, #web #browser,


    monitoring software

    Related Terms

    Software for monitoring the desktop and online activities of employees, family members, roommates or other users of a computer. Sometimes referred to as parental control software, monitoring software can quietly monitor and log PC and online activities or more actively filter content and block offensive websites from being accessed.

    It isn’t always easy to distinguish monitoring software from spyware. which is why at least one of the following criteria must be met in order for the installation of monitoring software to be considered legal:

    • The owner of the software must also be the owner of the computer it is going to be installed on
    • The owner of the software must be the parent of a minor child
    • The owner of the software must have the consent of all users of the monitored computer

    monitor footprint

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    This second Study Guide describes the basics of Java, providing an overview of operators, modifiers and control Structures. Read More

    The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model defines a networking framework to implement protocols in seven layers. Use this handy guide to compare. Read More


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    Educational Technology #engaging #activities,high #school #(grades: #9-12),language #arts,middle #school #(grades: #6-8),professional


    CATEGORY: Educational Technology

    Posted May 2, 2017

    Sure, adolescents spend too much time “glued to their screens,” but why not turn that to your advantage — and theirs? Students love of technology can be a powerful force in language arts classrooms thanks to the possibilities of digital storytelling. Students’ beloved smartphones can be essential tools for sharing their unique thoughts and experiences

    Posted November 14, 2016

    Long gone are the days when high school seniors filled out individual applications online to each of their choice schools — and further gone are handwritten applications mailed out individually with enough time before the deadlines. For the past several years, prospective college students have been able to apply to their choice schools in a

    Posted October 31, 2016

    While PowerPoint remains an industry standard for creating effective and engaging presentations, several new and innovative options enable students and teachers alike to create presentations for in-person and virtual audiences. Presentation options used to be much more limited. Either we needed certain software or a specific computer type, or the cost was prohibitive. That’s all

    Posted September 13, 2016

    Today’s education models tend to focus on a child’s achievement deficits — if students aren’t reading at grade level, for instance, then teachers try to get them caught up. Mindprint Learning flips this model, using cognitive tests to identify children’s strengths and engage them in ways that compensate for their weaknesses. The goal: Let kids

    Posted April 6, 2016

    Stackup is a Chrome browser extension that measures students’ time learning on the Internet. “Teachers use Stackup to make free reading fun and accountable,“ said Nick Garvin, the company’s CEO. Browser extension measures the time students spend learning online by subject or website Students can use the browser extension to research subjects that interest them,

    Posted August 27, 2015

    Early childhood arts-based learning is suffering at many schools. Despite recognizing the benefits of art instruction, teachers have less time for creativity and fun during class time. School budgets for visiting artists are tight as well. Cutbacks appear to be nationwide and beyond. Canadian schools, for instance, are dealing with the same budgetary realities,” said

    Posted September 10, 2014

    Knowing how to calculate volume, area and perimeters isn’t just reserved for mathematicians, physicists and engineers. It’s an important skill that workers use every day in dozens of professions including carpenters, surveyors, landscapers, painters and architects. And it all starts with simple geometry. Geometry has been a part of most middle and high school math

    Posted September 2, 2014

    For generations of chemistry students, the Periodic Table of the Elements has been a must-have tool for solving science homework problems and completing classroom tests. Scientists developed the periodic table in the late 19th century to organize elements, the basic building blocks of ordinary matter, into a cohesive document that can be studied and shared. The

    Posted August 27, 2014

    Now is a great time to be a social studies or government teacher, thanks in part to a multitude of technology resources that can help educators engage students, promote classroom deliberation and develop rich K-12 lesson plans. An excellent example of those resources is the website C-SPAN Classroom, which provides high-quality, up-to-date teaching materials for

    Posted August 18, 2014

    Studying historical facts and figures has been a mainstay in elementary and secondary schools for generations. That’s especially true in government and civics classes, where students learn about the U.S. presidents and their places in history. But memorizing this information can be a monotonous task for some students. Fortunately, technology can help make that job

    Posted August 11, 2014

    One of the best ways to engage students in learning is to include multimedia in lesson plans. Audio, video and interactivity in lessons tend to keep students interested and help them retain the material better. That’s the idea behind the popular BrainPOP collection of educational websites, programs and animated movies. Since 1999, BrainPOP curriculum-based content

    Posted August 6, 2014

    For generations of K-12 students, a paper notebook or three-ring binder was a necessity for classroom organization. But thanks to technology, today’s students can cast aside paper organizers in favor of mobile apps that take classroom organization to a whole new level. Mobile organization apps let students combine lecture notes, study materials and classroom resources

    Posted March 21, 2014

    When Rod Powell’s school went one-to-one, giving a computer to every student, he was thrilled with the opportunity for professional development offered by the North Carolina school district where he teaches history. But he knew he wanted to learn about more than the machine. Powell wanted to know how to bring technology into his students’

    Posted March 6, 2014

    Melissa Techman is a librarian who knows her tech. And she’s willing to share. The Broadus Wood Elementary School’s librarian expands her reach beyond her home district in Virginia. She is on Twitter, Diigo, Symbaloo and Pinterest as mtechman, sharing tech tips and tools for educators. Techman first used technology in her library when she

    Posted December 19, 2013

    With the days of dusty card catalogs long gone, school librarians are taking a leading role in bringing technology into K-12 education. Promoting the importance of technology in education is just one of librarians’ many roles in schools. By serving as role models for technology use and demonstrating how technological resources serve students’ learning aims,

    Posted December 14, 2013

    Some exciting education technology trends appear poised to influence the classroom in new ways. They could give teachers access to a broader range of education options while helping students better prepare for the world they will face. Mobile apps Veteran teachers, new teachers and those training to become teachers are probably all familiar with mobile apps .

    Posted November 1, 2013

    With the costs of education skyrocketing, students can t pass up a chance for a free online textbook. Whatever the subject matter, these textbooks allow teachers to pass the cost savings on to their students and parents. Textbooks can be found for elementary students just beginning their education as well as for college students in specialized

    Posted July 29, 2013

    If you really want to integrate technology into the classroom, asking which apps are best for math or science is the wrong question. “There’s tons of great math apps if you are trying to skill and drill , but there’s more to technology than that,” said Jon Samuelson, best known as iPadSammy from his blog of

    Posted June 5, 2013

    Education is continuously changing, and so are the techniques. The visual literacy classroom is becoming a priority to keep up with digital technology trends in learning. The capacity, comprehension and communication of current students differ considerably from the student of 10 and even five years ago. The classroom environment must adapt to the students learning

    Posted April 29, 2013

    Education technology is at the forefront of discussions about how education will look in the future. Gaming technology and digital badges may play a significant part of that process. While there seems to be a growing reluctance to keep score in youth sports, a new way of tracking wins and losses may just be what’s

    0 ?>


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    Does searching for air tickets in an incognito web browser prevent

    #search airline tickets

    7 Answers

    The short answer is: in some cases yes. Most of the time, no.

    Given what I ve seen in other answers, I think it s worth giving a longer answer and clarifying what mechanisms airlines use to compute the prices you see on their websites.

    On the one hand, there is a traditional way of changing prices over time and for different buyers.

    Airline fares, for any given flight, vary according to 3 main factors (this is a bit simplified of course, as it s actually a very complex world):

    – a wide set of static fare rules, such as the week-end rule, which makes some fare available only if you stay over a weekend; other examples include discounts for children or senior people, etc.

    – the point of sale, which can discriminate between, for instance, travel agencies and airline offices or websites, but also between more high-level concepts, such as country of visitor (based on your IP address), website section, etc.

    – the availability of booking classes , which are artifical subdivisions of cabins; this is handled by the so-called revenue management systems, and is the main reason you see prices going up and down over time, as these classes get closed and opened again in order to find the optimal balance between what people are willing to spend and how many people are willing to spend, at any time, for any flight

    The above is the way fares have always (ever since electronic computation of prices was made available to travel agents) been computed. The usage of country-based price changes or similar patterns that you can see on airline websites have been there for a long time. It s all very much demand- and market-based pricing, which exists in any retailing industry, even (and especially) in the physical world.

    This explains that using a VPN based in another country could show different prices. Sometimes just changing the country setting on the website, away from the default chosen based on your IP address, can do the trick. Some airlines want to enforce their market-based pricing by requiring a physical mail address in the selected country at payment time.

    On the other hand, the example mentioned about Delta upping the prices for frequent flyers is a newer trend, which to my knowledge did not exist in airlines until very recently. It s often called dynamic pricing, although that term is too generic to be useful, in my opinion. It takes the price discrimination much further by customizing prices based on much more advanced (and dynamic) criteria. In this case, the frequent flyer status; it could also be such things as past purchases, frequency of visits as you mentioned, etc. Anything that might give the airline an indication of your (statistical) willingness to pay.

    It was first introduced, a long time ago, by Amazon, who had to back out of it after getting lots of bad publicity. It seems they are now doing it again, as are many only retailers. Here is an interesting article about this: /howto/.

    In the airline world, I m pretty sure it works very basically by filtering out some of the cheaper fares (which are still calculated in the same way as mentioend above) from the offer on display (either by not considering those fares, or making them unavailable through specific point-of-sale or revenue-management rules).

    To me, it s a risky practice. As a Delta customer, I d be pretty annoyed to see I m paying more than the average guy, just because I m loyal to the brand! So, to a certain extent, I doubt the practice is very sustainable. But milder forms might persist in the future. As you can see in the article, even clearing cookies or going incognito might not be enough, as the browser you use could be used to put you in a specific demographic basket, that would increase or decrease the price you see. But comparing the price you see as a logged user with a cookie record against the anonymous one might be a clever move to double check you re not getting robbed by a greedy airline.

    As the article mentions, this newer form of dynamic pricing is the digital equivalent of haggling, whereas the more traditional pricing schemes explained at the top correspond to setting the prices by market and channel in the retail world.

    Overall, I would say that today the most impactful use of price discrimination is the country-based one (if we ignore, of course, the time-bound volatility linked with revenue management systems). For this, going anynomous doesn t help, what you can do is to change the country the website thinks you re in (through website menus when available, or a trick like a VPN otherwise). Besides that, I would be tempted to say that airlines would be taking big risks to do anything significant. But you never know, so why not do a quick check before purchasing?


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