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Graduate School

UNCW is among the top-ranked public, master’s-focused universities in the South.

In addition, the following terminal degrees are offered in nationally renowned programs – the M.F.A in creative writing . the Ed.D. in educational leadership and administration and the Ph.D. in marine biology .


The Graduate School provides leadership and coordination in developing and maintaining graduate programs that complement and extend UNCW’s undergraduate offerings. These programs, which are responsive to local and national needs and consistent with the university’s mission, are designed to prepare students for successful careers in basic and applied research, develop their art to a professional level, provide the necessary background skills and experience needed for many professional positions, or enable students to continue their education beyond UNCW. To meet these objectives, the Graduate School monitors programs to ensure that their standards and performance are of the highest quality. It also provides logistical support necessary to enhance the graduate experience and facilitate progress toward the degree. In adjusting to a changing educational environment, the Graduate School promotes communication and cooperation among faculty and students across traditional academic boundaries, promotes development of innovative and interdisciplinary programs, seeks funding to support these programs, helps create an environment that will allow research and creative activity to flourish, and provides leadership in achieving diversity in all aspects of graduate education.

Revised 03/27/03
Approved by Graduate Council

Contact Us

University of North Carolina Wilmington – Graduate School
601 South College Road
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

2nd Floor James Hall(JA) (map )

Phone: 910.962.7303
Fax: 910.962.3787

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A social network – College of Information and Communications #universities, #colleges,


Resources for:

College of Information and Communications

Posted May 23, 2017
Story and photos by Lauren Crank, reprinted from InterCom

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, his target audience was the collegiate community; you needed a university email account to even create a pro le. Now, in part due to Zuckerberg’s innovations, social media is all around us. Every person you meet can send you toward their Instagram, brands are reaching directly to their consumers through platforms, and social media skills are a must for anyone working in business. What is the University of South Carolina doing to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media?

Internally, USC and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications are making strides to ensure that today’s graduates are prepared for a world in which “proficient in social media” is a job requirement. “We incorporate social media into many of our classes because it’s really a part of everything now, but we felt that we needed a class that focused on social media and strategy,” Dr. Andrea Tanner. SJMC director, said.

That class, “Social Media: Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics,” is taught by Ernie Grigg and Christopher Huebner. “Too many students tell me that their internship put them in charge of social media, and they had to learn the relevant skills on the fly. Students need proper preparation — grounded in strategic communication best practices — to help them succeed in the workplace,” said Grigg.

Although enrolling in the course could certainly give current students an advantage, the university’s entire curriculum ensures that social media is something that students know well. Additionally, student involvement is high on personal social media channels, most notably in the “big four” platforms most used by brands: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Her summer brain child, the “Millennial Slang” video featuring university professors trying to decode the most recent set of student phrases, such as “shade” and “bae,” won an American Advertising Award (ADDY) after it went viral across all platforms.

When the men’s basketball team beat Duke and advanced to the NCAA playoff ’s “Sweet 16,” UofSC’s tweets garnered 2,636,290 organic impressions within 24 hours, and were featured in the AP and People Magazine.

Lake believes it’s important for the university to be socially active. “It’s where our target audience is,” said Lake, “it’s where our new customers and prospective students spend a lot of time. Prospective students are more likely to trust a first-person point of view over an informational brochure.”

That target audience varies from platform to platform, but Lake’s goal is to appeal to prospective students with every post. “That means fewer press releases on our pages, fewer educational announcements, and more “slices of life” for an everyday Carolina student,” she said.

Both Lake and Dr. Tanner foresee social media making a lasting impression on the communications field, and are working to ensure that the university and its students are prepared for what’s to come. From live streaming commencement stories to covering the latest sporting event with a pair of Snapchat Spectacles, CJ Lake is keeping up with social trends at a rate that may put USC at the top of higher education’s social media game. “I know the future of social media at the university is bright,” said Lake, “I don’t think it’ll ever be a science, but being able to identify moments to create meaningful interactions between our brand and our audience will absolutely translate into a successful, sustainable program.”

Follow USC on Twitter!

Alumna Spotlight

USC’s Top Social Moments

Social Definitons

Select Offices



Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.




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South carolina state university admissions #south #carolina #state #university #admissions



When you come to Clemson, you are immediately welcomed home as part of the family offering a sense of place and lifelong connections.

Game-changing research, a focus on serving our community, rigorous academics, high-caliber faculty, spirited family. It s all in a day s work at Clemson. Our community of students, teachers, scholars and staff collaboratively anticipate and meet the needs of our rapidly changing world in whatever form that takes.

This is the place you will remember forever and long to return to years after you leave.


Ask real questions like “What are your majors?” or “How is the weather?”

Come discover what drives you. Learn to be a leader, and connect with teachers who can show you what matters most and then help you land your first real job. Come see why we re one of the top-25 public universities in the nation.


Clemson s commitment to graduate education has seen a 96 percent increase in doctoral enrollment in the past decade. Our students have the advantage of studying with top professionals in their field at a nationally ranked research university on Clemson s main campus as well as at sites around the state.

Alternative Paths

Not every path to Clemson is the same. We understand that. So whether you re starting our Bridge to Clemson program, are just getting around to starting your degree, are coming back to school or want to take classes for professional development, we have a path for you to reach your goal.


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List of Long Term or 90 days Residential Drug Rehab in


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Long-term Residential Drug Rehab Treatment In North Carolina

Financing is a huge concern that many addicts, and the families of addicts, have when it comes to entering a drug rehabilitation program. In some cases, the addict’s insurance plan might pay to the person stays in the rehabilitation center, but not always. Even more alarming than the number of addicts who do not have adequate insurance to cover the cost of their treatment is the number of addicts who do not have insurance or any other means of paying for the treatment.

No one in North Carolina wants to see an addict go untreated because they could not even afford a short term residential drug treatment center. In many cases, the government will step in and help out with funding. The addict simply has to make sure that they are going to be enrolled in a program that is either income based or, which allows you to use Medicare to finance your stay.

In most cases, a stint at a short term residential drug rehabilitation program is not sufficient for an individual to kick their drug addiction. When they are preparing to leave the residential facility, addicts are strongly encouraged to not only become involved in an intense outpatient program, but also in a support group such as Narcotics Anonymous. When it comes to a drug addiction, the sooner an individual gets enrolled in a treatment program, the better their chances are of being able to move past their addiction.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in North Carolina

Currently in the state of North Carolina, there are just over 40 different drug and alcohol treatment centers and facilities that do provide a residential 90-day treatment program. Most residential facilities require the addict to live and stay at the facility during his or her treatment. The center does provide all the amenities to live there so as the treatment process is as distraction free as possible.


Here is a list of the different Long Term programs in North Carolina. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

List of Long Term Residential Drug Alcohol Treatment in North Carolina

North Carolina Treatment for Professionals

What are the More Dangerous Drugs?

Generally, all narcotic drugs can be considered unsafe, but prescription drugs, such as some opiates are very dangerous. Drugs that can slow the heart rate down to a point where a person will fall asleep or pass out, there is a greater risk of not waking up and dying in your sleep.

Specialized Forms of Inpatient Drug Rehab Methods

Within the state of North Carolina are some drug addiction facilities offer specialized care and help for their patients. This can include faith-based programs, holistic drug treatment, and facilities for co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders. Some addicts will require certain facilities that provide help for men, and or women, while others may be age specific.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in North Carolina

Addicts and their families have access to well over 40 different drug and alcohol rehab programs in the state of North Carolina. These facilities within the state provide long-term inpatient care for their clients, which does last anywhere from 60 to 120-days or more. Families can seek out resources through these facilities to get help and support during this process.

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North Carolina Addiction Services by Type of Drugs


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South Carolina Teen Driving Laws, Insurance Requirements – Drivers License #south

South Carolina Teen Driving Laws, Insurance Requirements Drivers License

The South Carolina Beginner Permit Class D (Regular)

In order to qualify for a South Carolina Beginner Permit, the applicant must be a minimum of 15 years old and must provide valid identification in the form of an original birth certificate, social security card, proof of South Carolina residency and proof of insurance. Teen applicants under the age of 18 must bring a parent or legal guardian during the application process to sign the Beginner Permit application. Applicants must pass a vision screening and a knowledge test.

A teen driver with a Beginner Permit is allowed to drive from 6:00 am to midnight as long as they are accompanied by a driver that has been licensed for a minimum of one year and is at least 21 years of age. The licensed driver must be seated in the front seat next to the Beginner Permit holder. A teen driver who wishes to drive between midnight and 6:00 am, must be accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian who sits in the front seat at all times.

A teen driver must hold a Beginner Permit for a minimum of 180 days before applying for a driver license. Beginner’s Permit holders that are under 18 must complete 40 hours of practice driving with a licensed parent or guardian before they can apply for a driver license (10 out of the 40 hours of practice driving must be nighttime driving.)

The South Carolina Conditional License for 15 Year-Olds

A 15 year old driver who has held a Beginner Permit for a minimum of 180 days can qualify for a conditional driver’s license. Applicants for a conditional license must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during the application process to sign the conditional license application. Applicants must pass a vision screening and a DMV road test Applicants must bring their Beginner Permit and a PDLA form that certifies the following:

  • Certification of School Attendance
  • Certification of Driver Education Course
  • Certification of Driver Practice

All three of these certifications can be submitted on one form offered at the South Carolina DMV website at

Conditional license holders may only drive unaccompanied from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm or until 8:00 pm during daylight savings time. Outside of those hours the teen driver may drive until midnight if accompanied by a licensed driver that is a minimum of 21 years of age. Between midnight and 6:00 am a conditional license holder may only drive if accompanied by a licensed parent or legal guardian.

Drivers that hold a conditional license may not carry more than two passengers under the age of 21 unless they are immediate family members or students that are being transported to or from school. Conditional license drivers may qualify for a full driver’s license when they reach age 16 if they have held the conditional license for 1 year without a conviction for a traffic violation and have not been at-fault in any accident during a one year period prior to application.

Talk to a Traffic Ticket attorney.


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NC Health Plans #bcbsnc, #blue #cross, #blue #cross #blue #shield, #blue


North Carolina Health Insurance by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Jerry Ballard & Associates, Inc. is an award-winning, top-producing, online-based North Carolina Insurance Agency that has attained the Blue Cross Blue Shield NC President’s Club Status for excellence since its inception. At NC Health Plans, we offer a variety of insurance products, focusing primarily on the North Carolina health insurance and Medicare markets. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our customers while offering the convenience of handling your health insurance needs from the comfort of your own home. A leader in the industry, Jerry Ballard has been the #1 top producing independent insurance agent for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina in individual sales for 11 consecutive years. In August 2014, Jerry was inducted in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Hall of Fame and he has successfully built a team of qualified, professional Agents dedicated to providing exemplary service to both new and existing customers. Not only does our Agency offer outstanding service, we also provide the technological sophistication you need to obtain quick and accurate information via our website, In this ever-changing health insurance market, it is more important than ever to have a knowledgeable and professional advocate to help you navigate your insurance needs. At Jerry Ballard & Associates, Inc. we make it our priority to offer you both quality products and personal service.

NC Health Plans offers Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina health insurance plans both on and off the Health Insurance Exchange/Marketplace, Medicare Supplement plans, Group Health Insurance and Dental plans for all ages.

We also offer additional products through other carriers including, Temporary Health Insurance. Term Life Insurance. Vision Insurance. Short Term Disability. Home Health Care plans which is a great alternative to Long Term Care and Out of Pocket Protection plans that can help reduce or eliminate your health insurance deductible.

For more information about any health plan for North Carolina (NC) residents featured on this website, read each plan s helpful Frequently Asked Questions section. Or call the friendly professionals at Jerry Ballard Associates, Inc. your independent North Carolina health and life insurance agency: toll free 888-765-5400 or 252-726-5400.

NCHealthplans is an independent authorized producer/agency licensed to sell and promote products from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC). The content contained in this site is maintained by NCHealthplans. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Registered mark of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association(SM) Service mark of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association 2015


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Fayetteville Home Security Systems in Fayetteville NC – Fayetteville Alarm Systems


Fayetteville Home Security Systems and Alarm Systems

Alarm Monitoring and Burglar Alarm Systems Fayetteville, North Carolina

Are you considering purchasing a home security system but don’t know where to start? Look no farther because the staff at is trained to take you step-by-step through this process. A representative will work to find the best security companies in Fayetteville and then provide you with quotes. The Fayetteville security company that you choose will come to your Fayetteville home and walk through it with you to determine the best Fayetteville security system for you. They will they provide you with several options to allow you the right amount of protection. will stand by your side while the residential security system of your choice is being installed!

In case you are not satisfied with your current home security system in Fayetteville, you need to look for more choices. can provide you with quotes from Fayetteville security companies that offer the latest and the most effective residential security system for ensuring the complete safety of your cherished home. So, if you are scared of burglars or scared at the thought of a possible fire outbreak in Fayetteville, simply fill out the free quote form on

Is your Fayetteville wireless alarm system acting up on you? Are you still searching for the best wireless alarm system to keep you updated in the case of theft or fire? A wireless alarm system is essential for your doors and windows and if this is not in place, your home in Fayetteville is always at risk. has connections with Fayetteville top security companies that will provide you with a free quote for an alarm system that is best suited for your needs. To ensure 24/7 support, simply contact and let us help you keep your apartment or house in Fayetteville safe and completely risk free.

In case you are looking for the best monitored home security system in Fayetteville, then you need to weigh your options carefully. Monitored home security system in Fayetteville cannot be compared to buying other electronic items and you need to be very careful in your choice and while getting them installed in your precious household. You want to make sure that your Fayetteville home is well protected with the perfect system for you. A home security system is essential for keeping your house safe from unwanted Fayetteville burglars and protecting again other disasters.

Cumberland County Crime Statistics

Fayetteville, North Carolina is located in Cumberland County

The crime information for Cumberland County has been collected from the FBI crime statistics reported in the United States Census. The crime rate of Cumberland County includes violent crimes, aggravated assaults, property crimes and burglaries.

Cumberland County Violent Crimes


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North Carolina Consumer Tax Laws #north #carolina #tax #attorney, #north #carolina


North Carolina Consumer Tax Laws

A tax is a financial charge imposed by a government. Revenue from taxes generally goes to fund public services. There are various kinds of taxes, one of which is consumer taxes. Consumer taxes include things like retail sales tax, taxes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, gasoline tax, and other taxes related to specific goods. North Carolina consumer tax rates are relatively low for cigarettes (because more than 15 percent of North Carolina’s agricultural revenue comes from tobacco), while it has some of the highest liquor tax rates in the country.

North Carolina’s consumer taxes are listed in the following chart. See FindLaw’s Tax Law section for additional articles and resources.

North Carolina General States Code Section

4.75% on retail sales of personal property, admissions to entertainment activities, contracts to repair personal property, and other transactions.

Items subject to the state sales tax may also be charged a local sales tax that varies by county

Aircraft and Boat Sales

3% of the retail sale of a boat or aircraft (maximum tax of $1,500 per item)

Motor Vehicle Lease and Rental Tax

8% for a short-term rental lease (less than 365 days) and 3% for long-term lease (at least 365 days)

45 cents per pack of twenty cigarettes

37.5 cents per gallon

  • Beer 53.177 cents per gallon;
  • Wine 79 cents per liter unfortified;
  • Wine 29.34 per liter fortified;
  • Spirits 25% (retail)

Scrap Tire Disposal Tax

1% or 2% tax on the sale of new tires depending on the tire size

White Goods Disposal Tax

$3.00 for the disposal of refrigerators, water heaters, stoves, washing machines, and other similar domestic and commercial appliances. The tax is also applied to the purchase of new appliances.

Solid Waste Disposal Tax

$2.00 per ton of waste for municipal waste and construction and demolition debris in a landfill

Note: State laws are constantly changing and it’s important to know your tax obligations to avoid any penalties or additional fees. For advice you may want contact a North Carolina tax law attorney or other financial professional.

Research the Law

North Carolina Consumer Tax Laws: Related Resources

Get a Free Legal Evaluation of Your North Carolina Tax Obligations

Consumer taxes, such as those on cigarettes and retail sales, typically are paid at the point of purchase without much fanfare. But if you have questions about use tax, solid waste disposal tax, or any of the taxes discussed above, you may need professional legal guidance. Get started today with a free review of your North Carolina consumer tax questions .


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Vintage Bible College – Seminary of Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point,


You are viewing our alternate website. for current information, click here to VISIT OUR WEBSITE!

Thank you for your interest in Vintage Bible College. VBC is a non-denominational school of ministry located in Winston-Salem, NC. We offer on-campus, distance learning, and online programs of study. We are committed to providing affordable quality education with excellence.

There has never been a better opportunity for you to take advantage of previous education and experience and allow it to work for you in the form of an earned degree. You should request a Free Academic Evaluation to determine your eligibility for an accelerated program of study.


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Master of Science in Nursing Programs #nursing, #nursing #education, #online, #nursing


Master of Science in Nursing Programs

Students may enter the MSN- Nurse Practitioner program with a BSN. Fall admittance only. The primary care areas of focus for MSN students include adult-gerontology, family and pediatric practice tracks. MSN graduates from these tracks will be eligible for certification as a nurse practitioner.

Precepted clinical experiences are individually arranged by the student. Clinicals can be done in the area that students live. Students may have to travel to clinical sites if a local preceptor is not available.

Full and part-time plans of study are available. An individual program plan of study is completed at the time of admission into the program.

Adult-Gerontology Health Nurse Practitioner Program

This online graduate program prepares Advanced Practice Nurses for primary ambulatory and population-based care. Graduates of this program are prepared to provide care for adults with common acute and chronic health conditions. Health promotion and disease prevention as well as teaching and counseling of individuals, families and groups are emphasized.

Graduates are eligible to obtain national certification as an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (ANP).

Nurse Practitioners have the opportunity to be employed in a wide variety of settings such as: community health clinics, rural health clinics, physician offices, public health departments, hospitals, home health agencies, urgent care/emergency rooms, specialty areas, Armed Forces and Veterans’ Administration facilities and schools of nursing.

Family Nurse Practitioner Program

This online graduate program prepares advanced practice nurses to function collaboratively with physicians and other health care disciplines in providing primary health care in a variety of ambulatory settings. Graduates of this program will be prepared to serve as health care providers for children and adults with common acute and chronic health conditions. Health promotion and disease prevention as well as teaching and counseling of individuals, families and groups are emphasized.

Graduates are eligible to obtain national certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

Nurse Practitioners have the opportunity to be employed in a wide variety of settings such as: community health clinics, rural health clinics, physician offices, public health departments, hospitals, home health agencies, urgent care/emergency rooms, specialty areas, Armed Forces and Veterans’ Administration facilities and schools of nursing.

Pediatric Nursing Practitioner Program

This online graduate program prepares nurses with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the health care needs of infants, children, and adolescents in the contemporary health care system. The focus of the program is on evidence-based pediatric care that is delivered in a variety of pediatric settings.

The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) option prepares advanced practice nurses to provide primary care to children with an emphasis on assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of care of individuals and families. The PNP program is fully approved by the National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Nurses. It prepares graduates to function as effective care providers in collegial relationships with all those who influence the health environment of children.

Graduates of the program are eligible to seek national certification in pediatrics as a Nurse Practitioner (PNP). Graduates are eligible to seek state prescriptive authority.

Nurse Practitioners have the opportunity to be employed in a wide variety of settings such as community health clinics, rural health clinics, physician offices, public health departments, hospitals, home health agencies, urgent care/emergency rooms, specialty areas, Armed Forces and Veterans’ Administration facilities and schools of nursing.


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Security Force Inc #security #companies #in #north #carolina


Welcome to your online portal to Security Force, Inc.

Security Force, Inc. is a residential and commercial security and safety solution company serving North Carolina, South Carolina Virginia from our Headquarters located in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.

In addition to our home and business security services, we are experts in whole-home technology including home theater and network installation from our Innovative Home Solutions division.

We are best known for our customer service but with our world class solutions, it s hard to decide what you ll like better working with us or the peace of mind you ll have afterwards. We are committed to exceeding your expectations. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

Security Force, Inc. – Winner of Pro Dealer Award 2012

We tend to take care of our nice, expensive things. We regularly change the oil in our cars and go to the car wash. We polish our shoes and dry-clean our clothes. However, we often skip routine maintenance tasks on our homes—arguably our most expensive and best investments. Home maintenance projects can be daunting and [ ]

Home Fire Safety Checklist Frayed cords, overloaded outlets, space heaters and many other problems can cause a fire. Use this checklist from the National Safety Council to keep your home fire-proof. Download your Home Fire Safety Checklist here

Meet Amanda Fitzthum, 2016 Employee of the Year. In Amanda’s position as Builder Administrator, she handles scheduling, billing, customer service, and anything that needs to be taken care of for the builders/techs in the Builder Division. She s been with Security Force, Inc a little over three years, since October 2013. Amanda moved to NC from Ohio [ ]

In 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council designated October Crime Prevention Month. Every year since then, government agencies, civic groups, schools, businesses, and youth organizations have reached out to educate the public, showcase their accomplishments, and explore new partnerships during this special month. October has become the official month for recognizing and celebrating the practice [ ]

The Inaugural Career Fair Will Be Held on July 14th in Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC (June 20, 2016) — Together with NCESA, the TRI-ED branch in Raleigh is co-hosting a local industry job fair. The electronic security industry serves to protect homes, businesses and individuals from safety and security concerns. The industry includes a wide [ ]

The Inaugural Career Fair Will Be Held on July 14th in Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC (June 20, 2016) — Together with NCESA, the TRI-ED branch in Raleigh is co-hosting a local industry job fair. The electronic security industry serves to protect homes, businesses and individuals from safety and security concerns. The industry includes a wide [ ]

If you are planning on changing phone service please contact our customer care group. All phone services are not compatible with your security system.


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South Carolina Teacher Certification and Licensing Guide 2017 #central #carolina #technical


The South Carolina Teaching and Certification Resource

The traditional pathway to South Carolina teacher certification is completing a bachelor s degree that includes a teacher preparation program. The South Carolina Department of Education oversees the certification process, which is outlined below to help you learn how to become a teacher in South Carolina.

How to Become a Teacher in South Carolina

To meet the basic eligibility requirements for teaching certification in South Carolina, candidates must have at least a bachelor s degree from an accredited college or university, pass the required Praxis assessments, and complete a background check. Additionally, prospective teachers must complete an approved South Carolina teacher preparation program, which is typically included in the bachelor s degree curriculum for traditional route educators.

If you already hold a bachelor s degree but did not complete a teacher preparation program, you may be eligible for licensure under one of the alternative teacher certification routes in South Carolina .

South Carolina uses a tiered license structure for educators. Those who meet the minimum certification requirements above are eligible for the Initial Certificate. Candidates may then complete continuing education to advance the license. Advanced certificate classifications in the state are as follows:

  • Bachelor s +18. This certificate is granted to those who hold a bachelor s degree and have completed 18 credit hours of graduate coursework within seven years.
  • Master Degree. The Master Degree certificate recognizes those who have a master s degree in an acceptable academic or professional field .
  • Master s +30. The Master s +30 certificate is for those who hold a master s degree plus 30 semester hours of graduate studies; or, hold a master s degree based on 60 semester hours of graduate studies; or, hold two master s degrees totaling at least 60 semester hours of graduate studies.
  • Docorate. The doctorate certificate is issued to those who meet certification requirements and hold a doctoral degree in an area recognized by the South Carolina Department of Education .

Finding Approved Teacher Education Programs in South Carolina

Projected Job Growth

Growth in Teaching Jobs in SC through 2024 2

Completing an approved South Carolina teacher preparation program is one of the most important steps to earn South Carolina teacher certification. Programs located in South Carolina that do not have this approval will not qualify graduates for licensure. You can see a list of approved programs through the South Carolina Department of Education .

Out-of-state programs must hold accreditation from one of the six regional accreditation agencies overseen by the US Department of Education. Out-of-state schools offering online programs must be accredited by one of the six regional accreditation agencies and be approved by that state s teacher licensing authority as well as that state s Board of Education for the preparation of teachers. You can read more about program approval requirements here .

Additionally, schools may be accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP accreditation is viewed as a marker of excellence in the education field.

South Carolina Teacher Outlook
The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce projects 133 average annual job openings due to growth for elementary school teachers, 63 average annual job openings due to growth for middle school teachers, and 94 average annual job openings due to growth for secondary school teachers in South Carolina through 2024. 3 These projected openings are in addition to anticipated openings from replacements. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 44,470 elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers in South Carolina, excluding special education. 4 Elementary school teachers in the state earn an average annual salary of $49,250, middle school teachers earn an average annual salary of $50,080, and secondary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $51,590. 4 The South Carolina Education Association is a useful resource for educators interested in working in South Carolina.

South Carolina Teacher Education Requirements

In order to earn certification to teach in the state of South Carolina, candidates must complete a teacher education program from an accredited college or university, complete a student teaching internship, hold a minimum of a bachelor s degree, and provide a letter of recommendation for a teaching license from a teacher preparation program official. Alternative routes to certification in South Carolina are also available.

South Carolina Teacher Testing Requirements

The South Carolina State Board of Education requires that teachers seeking certification earn passing scores on the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) and Praxis Subject Assessments. The Praxis series is designed to assess candidates knowledge of teaching fundamentals as well as their level of expertise in the subject area they plan to teach. You can find out which specific exams are appropriate to the subject(s) you wish to teach through the South Carolina Department of Education .

Additional South Carolina Teacher Certification Requirements

South Carolina law states that all prospective teachers must submit fingerprints for a state and federal background check. South Carolina is moving to electronic fingerprinting for all state residents, though out-of-state residents may still submit a manual card scan. Refer to the application procedures for more information on completing this process.

South Carolina Teachers Licensing Application Process

Once the requirements for South Carolina educator certification have been completed, candidates must send an application to the Educator Licensure Office. The following documentation is required:

  • Completed electronic fingerprint process.
  • Official, sealed transcripts from each college or university attended.
  • College Recommendation Form signed by designated teacher preparation program official.
  • Passing scores for the required Praxis II content area exams.
  • Passing score on the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) in the grade level(s) for which endorsement is sought.
  • South Carolina Licensure Application.
  • Payment of the application fee.

Visit the state s Department of Education for further details on South Carolina teacher certification.

South Carolina Teacher Salary and Jobs


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South Carolina Car Insurance #car #insurance, #car #insurance #in #sc, #south


South Carolina Car Insurance

The Piedmont region of South Carolina has the state’s cheapest state car insurance rates. and while car insurance is relatively inexpensive statewide, the difference between different insurance companies can be substantial. We’ve got every ZIP code in South Carolina mapped out below. See the difference between the highes and lowest rate for the same policy, as well as the average rate, by entering your ZIP code, age and coverage level.

South Carolina car insurance requirements

Penny Gusner
Consumer Analyst

South Carolina Car Insurance Laws

South Carolina not only requires liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage (as almost all states do) and uninsured motorist coverage (as many do), it demands its drivers buy uninsured motorist property damage as well.

That $25,000 would repair or replace your car if you get hit by someone without insurance — but it won’t fix your car if you are at fault. Only collision coverage does that.

Bring your insurance card. South Carolina requires an insurance company name and policy number at time of registration. If your policy is canceled, you must turn in your driver’s license and registration or find new coverage. You’ll pay a $200 reinstatement fee, plus $5 for every day you failed to have car insurance..

Register as an uninsured motorist: South Carolina allows a driver to pay a $550 annual fee to register as an uninsured motorist. The driver is still liable for any damage he causes, and the fee doesn’t buy any kind of coverage. We think this is a really, really bad option.

Uninsured motorist penalties for South Carolina: If you don’t register and pay the $500 fee to drive uninsured, you may have to pay a $445 fee, your license and registration may be suspended, your plates may be confiscated and you may have to file an SR-22 form.

Save your driver’s license: South Carolina reduces your total driver’s license points by half after one year, though a record of the violation stays on your motor vehicle record for three years. You can also reduce your points total by four by taking a defensive driving course. License suspensions start at 12 points; a 25-mph over the speed limit ticket is six points; a broken taillight is two.

Minimum age for owning and registering a car: In South Carolina, you must be 17 to own and register a car. Most insurance companies will require a parent or guardian to sign a car insurance policy because it is a legal document.

Cracked windshield law: If you have comprehensive coverage. your insurance will pay for a windshield replacement without a deductible being due. The fine for a cracked windshield is $237.

White lightning alert: You can lose your South Carolina driver’s license for hauling moonshine.

Proof of insurance via smartphone: South Carolina law allows drivers to show electronic proof of insurance during a traffic stop. Thirty-one states total allow this.

Largest car insurance companies for South Carolina by market share


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Online Programs and Degrees: Distance Education: UNCW #university #of #north #carolina


Online Programs and Degrees

The Division of Academic Affairs administers the university’s distance education and extension programs. Select the online degree program on the left side of the page under Online Programs and Degrees to learn about each degree type.

Online and Blended Courses

To see a listing of online courses, go to SeaNet and click on Detailed Class Schedule. Under Search by Term, select the term you wish to search and click Submit .

Select your academic subject. In the Instructional Method field, choose Internet or web-based for fully online courses; for blended courses, choose Web-based w/class meetings

Terms and Definitions

Online Courses typically have no on-campus meetings, and may be taken from remote locations.These courses are identified in the Instructional Method field of SeaNet as Internet or web-based .

Fully Online Courses may have a synchronous component which requires students to be online or meet in a virtual classroom at specified dates and times. Contact instructors for more detail regarding each course.

Blended Courses (also called hybrid courses) have an on-campus component, but meet for fewer hours face-to-face. A significant portion (at least 1/3) of the instruction and assessment in a blended course occurs online. These courses are identified in the Instructional Method field of SeaNet as Web-based w/ class meetings. Blended courses may also have a synchronous component which requires students to be online at specified dates and times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find online courses or view the online course listings?

Look up the course section on SeaNet (no password is required). Online courses are designated ONLINE in the Instructional Method field. SOME courses listed as online will still require face to face meetings. Be sure to read the notes about the course and contact instructors for details.

How do I access my online course?

Online course information will be posted to Blackboard by your instructor. *Note: courses will normally not be available before the first day of classes

Will my online course have class meetings?

Online courses typically have no on-campus meetings, and may be taken from remote locations.These courses are identified in the Instructional Method field of SeaNet as Internet or web-based .

Fully online courses may have a synchronous component which requires students to be online or meet in a virtual classroom at specified dates and times. Contact instructors for more detail regarding each course

Are there due dates in online classes?

Absolutely. Online classes are not self-paced; your professor will have a schedule of assignment due dates.

Is there anything I should do to get ready before my course begins?
  • First of all, you should check your UNCW email account frequently, and keep your inbox clear. If you are a new or visiting student and don’t have or know about your UNCW email account, contact the TAC immediately. Remember that your UNCW email account is the only way your professor has of contacting you.
  • Next, go to the Technical Requirements link to make sure you have the right hardware and software. You will have an easier time in your online course if you have 24/7 high-speed internet access at home. It’s possible, but much less convenient, to do your course assignments from the computer labs on campus.
  • Buy your books and materials from the campus bookstore .
How can I contact my professor?

In your SeaNet schedule, there is an email icon [image emailicon.gif] next to your professor’s name. You can also check the UNCW directory for your professor’s email address and office telephone number.

How much time will I spend in an online class?

About the same as in a regular face-to-face class. This will vary according to the level of the class and your aptitude for the subject matter, but a good rule of thumb is to plan on about three times the credit hour value of the class: that is, around nine hours a week for a three-hour class.

While online courses give students much flexibility in scheduling, they do not take less time than conventional classes. In fact, more responsibility and effort is shifted to the student in the learning process and more involvement and commitment is required.

Is there anyone who should not take an online course?

If you require a classroom structure and regular face-to-face interaction with an instructor and other students, online courses are not for you. This does not make you an inferior person. But, the fact is that in an online course you must be able to pace yourself more carefully and be highly self-motivated. You will not have the professor holding you as part of a “captive” audience, hassling and harassing you to keep up, to remind you of deadlines, or to reinforce course content in the lecture. The issue is not so much your personal capabilities and talents as it is your determination to self-start and sustain involvement and your individual learning style. On-line instruction methods simply are not for every student.

The question is no longer IF the internet can transform learning in powerful way The Web-Based Education Commission


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Acceptance Insurance #auto #insurance #rock #hill #sc, #south #carolina #car #insurance


South Carolina Car Insurance – Get a Free Quote Online

If you’re looking for a South Carolina auto insurance policy with great value and superb customer service, you’ve come to the right place. We provide our customers with a wide range of options so everyone can find the policy that’s right for their unique wants and needs. Acceptance offers many different types of coverage, including the following:

  • In South Carolina, it is mandated that drivers have coverage for bodily injuries of at least $25,000 per involved person and $50,000 per accident, and property damage coverage of at least $25,000 per accident.

Basic Liability Coverage

Basic liability is a required type of South Carolina auto insurance. If you want to drive legally in this state, you will need to have basic liability coverage before you get behind the wheel, which is true in every state. This covers the other driver, any passengers riding with them and their vehicle if you are at fault for an accident. Collisions and the related bills are frequently more expensive than that, though, so additional coverage is advisable.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

A South Carolina auto insurance policy with comprehensive and collision protection will cover much more than a basic liability policy. The collision coverage will take care of your expenses following an accident, including repairs and rental car costs. The comprehensive coverage will cover more than just collisions – it will also cover theft, vandalism, windshield damage and fire damage. You can even customize the monthly payments for an Acceptance policy with comprehensive and collision coverage by choosing a higher or lower deductible, so you can balance the coverage you want with the requirements of your budget.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage may not be required in South Carolina, but drivers are strongly advised to add this type of coverage to their auto insurance policies. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will protect you from financial harm if you are in a collision with someone driving with no insurance or an insufficient amount of coverage. Acceptance carries uninsured and underinsured coverage for bodily injury and property damage, so you can rest assured you’re covered.

You. Your Terms. Accepted. ®

Types of Car Insurance We Offer:


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North Carolina Security Systems Bond – Surety Bonds Direct #carolina #security


North Carolina Security Systems Bond

Who Requires the Security Systems Bond and Why Is It Needed?

Security System Bonds are required of agencies and other entities providing protective services. The bond ensures that the company conducts business honestly and properly discharges all services performed under the auhority of its license.

How Much Will My Surety Bond Cost?

Take 2 minutes to provide the basic information required to get the best rates for your North Carolina Security Systems Bond. The quote request is free and there is no obligation to you. If you prefer, please call 1 800 608 9950 to speak with one of our friendly bond experts. We can help guide you through the bonding process and identify the lowest cost in the market for your situation.

If you are interested in spreading out the cost of your bond over time, we can offer convenient financing plans for many types of surety bonds. More information will be provided with your quote.

Below are some specific Security Systems Bonds available.

The bond amounts are the amount the surety bond covers – not your cost. The surety bond amount is most often set by the obligee.

Security Systems Bond
bond amount varies

Get Your
Free Quote

Don’t see the bond you need?
Don’t worry! You can tell us about the bond or license requirement and we’ll help make sure you get exactly the surety bond you need at the best rate.

Get Your
Free Quote

Surety Bonds Direct offers exceptional prices to new business and those with bad credit (along with helpful advice on improving credit). Regardless of your credit score or business experience, we work hard to find the best option in the market for your specific situation.

It only takes a couple minutes to provide us with the information required for a free, no-obligation quote. Or if you prefer, call 1 800 608 9950 to speak with one of our friendly surety bond experts. Learn more about available options to finance the cost of your bond .

In a situation where the bonded customer (principal ) fails to comply with bonding terms and requirements, the surety company is financially obligated to cover damages up to the bond limit (or penalty) of the bond. The surety bond principal is also required to reimburse (or indemnify) the surety for losses paid to damaged parties.

The party requiring the surety bond is called the obligee. Each obligee has a specific bond form that is prepared and pre-populated for your convenience by Surety Bonds Direct. The specific bond limit, term, and other key information related to the customer and obligation can be found on the bond form.


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North Carolina Homeowners Insurance – Nationwide #nc #insurance #quotes, #north #carolina


North Carolina Homeowners Insurance

Search all North Carolina Agents

North Carolina Links

Whether you’re living in downtown Wilmington or in the Charlotte suburbs, North Carolina can provide the lifestyle you’re looking for. But it’s crucial to have a homeowners insurance policy that provides the coverage you need. Nationwide offers a variety of options at a price that fits your budget. And with our home insurance discounts. members can save even more on our affordable home insurance rates. Get a North Carolina home insurance quote and start protecting your home today.

Protect your home and yourself with homeowners insurance coverage.

Find local agents in your neighborhood

We have Nationwide agents throughout North Carolina. Find your local agent .

Homeowners insurance is essential to protecting your home in Raleigh or in downtown Greensboro. Fortunately, Nationwide has you covered.

  • Brand New Belongings ® helps you replace or repair your personal belongings if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen .
  • Water backup 1 can help protect you from losses caused by backed-up sewer or drain water.
  • Identity theft protection helps defend you against fraud and identity theft and can stop damages to your credit within minutes.

Nationwide agents throughout North Carolina are ready to assist you. Select your city below to find an agent near you.

Don’t see your city? Visit our directory of insurance agents in North Carolina to find one near you.

Get a free North Carolina homeowners insurance review

A Nationwide On Your Side ® Review is a free, annual consultation and insurance assessment that can help you:

  • Increase or decrease your deductible(s)
  • Determine the home insurance coverage options that are right for your budget and situation. For instance, did you recently build a garage or gazebo you need covered? Have you installed a protective device that could qualify you for a discount? The On Your Side ® Review is a great time to make these types of updates to your policy.
  • Review our responsive home insurance claim policy

Call Nationwide at 1-877-On-Your-Side and get your North Carolina homeowners insurance quote today.

[1] Water Backup is an optional feature. Exclusions and limits apply. Details vary by state and policy language. Please consult your policy for the specifics of your selected coverages.

Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determinations. Such terms may vary by state, and exclusions may apply.

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South Carolina Drug Rehab – Luxury Alcohol Rehabs #msw #programs #in


South Carolina Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Even if You’re Not Ready to Visit a Facility

Find a Local Rep

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehabilitation in South Carolina

One of the main decisions when you or your loved one chooses between drug rehabs in is deciding between Residential or Outpatient Rehab. Many people are quick to choose outpatient rehab thinking it will be easier and less expensive. While this is sometimes true, studies prove those choosing inpatient treatment in 48-day, 60-day or 90-day programs stand a greater chance of success long-term. Wherever you decide to get rehabilitation, the first step is making a choice!

Browse the Best Rehabs in South Carolina

Latest Reviews of Rehab Centers in South Carolina Has Been Featured In:

Should I Travel for the Best Addiction Treatment?

Remaining close to your home city is not necessarily the best choice, as you are closer to the individuals and surroundings that caused the alcohol use in the first place. Particularly if you’re considering private or exclusive choices, there may be extra benefits in treating an extended rehab stay like a rest and going outside South Carolina. Many of the excellent treatment centers have assistance and locations that make them have the ambiance of four-star resorts so rehabilitation can be reinvigorating as well as therapeutic. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, but you can reach us at our toll-free hotline: 1-888-341-7785 .

Meet The Pros Near South Carolina

Danielle LaPointe, LPC

South Carolina Treatment Facts

  • South Carolina ranks 15th in treatment centers servicing/accepting no payment accepted per 100,000 residents. One spot worse is Nevada. ranked 16 in the U.S. One spot better is North Carolina. ranked 14 in the U.S.
  • When adjusted for population, South Carolina ranks 33rd in treatment centers servicing/accepting criminal justice clients. One spot worse is Florida. ranked 34 in the U.S. Pennsylvania is ranked slightly better, ranked 32.
  • For access to Recovery (ATR) vouchers clients, South Carolina ranks 38th in population-adjusted treatment centers. One spot worse is Virginia. ranked 39 in the U.S. West Virginia is just 1 spot better, ranked 37 out of the United States.
  • South Carolina is 40th among U.S. states in treatment centers servicing or accepting adolescents. Missouri is ranked one spot worse at spot 41. Tennessee is ranked slightly better, ranked 39.
  • South Carolina ranks 41st in treatment centers servicing/accepting DUI/SWI clients per 100,000 residents. Massachusetts is ranked one spot worse at spot 42. One spot better is New Hampshire. ranked 40 in the U.S.

Clinical and Therapeutic Treatment Approaches

Payment Types Accepted

% accepting given payment type

“Before I entered a South Carolina drug rehab program, my life was an endless cycle of depression and drug use. I’d feel low so I’d get high, and when the drugs wore off, I’d feel even worse than I did before. Treatment was the only way I could hop off the rollercoaster for good.”

You might find the story above deeply familiar and deeply upsetting. Living with an addiction like this, and trying to keep a mental illness under control, can take up a significant amount of your energy and leave you feeling completely isolated and alone. The truth is that you’re not alone. In the 2009-2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. researchers found that 250,000 people in South Carolina 18 and older had at least one depressive episode in the year prior. Many of these people likely turned to drugs and alcohol as they hoped to recover.

Mental Illnesses and Addictions

It’s common for mental illnesses and addictions to go hand in hand.

We live in a do-it-yourself culture in which independence is praised more than almost any other attribute a person might have. Someone who has a mental illness might be encouraged to handle the issue alone, using the tools that are readily available. Addictions can readily follow this kind of self-medication, as your mind might really come to believe that it needs access to these drugs in order to feel simply normal. While medications can be helpful for some people who have addictions, you might have developed a secondary addiction to the medications you were provided, and you might have started abusing those drugs by taking doses too close together or taking doses that are much bigger than those your doctor recommended.

A Local Resource

The South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services has an online tool that can help you find a South Carolina treatment center. The information provided is limited, but it might be a good place for you to start your search. You can also call us for information on treatment in your local area.

Lack of Awareness

Some people who have mental illnesses are quite aware that their conditions exist and that their mental health could be playing into an addiction, but other people are deeply unaware of their mental health status. For example, the Treatment Advocacy Center states that about 50 percent of people with schizophrenia and 40 percent of people with bipolar disorder have damage to specific parts of the brain, and as a result, they’re incapable of understanding that they have an illness. These people might feel miserable, but they might not know why.

It’s also common to have an addiction without an underlying mental illness at all. The compulsive behavior, constant lying and lack of connection with others can be just as disabling as having another type of mental illness, however, and that’s why some national organizations place addictions in the same category as other mental illnesses.

Whether a mental illness is standing behind your addiction issue or you have an addiction that’s just making you feel sad, low and miserable, we can help.

Just call us and provide us with your:

  • Location
  • Addiction history
  • Treatment preferences

We can help you find the right South Carolina drug treatment center to meet your needs.


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University of South Carolina #online #universities #in #south #carolina


University of South Carolina


Established in 1801, University of South Carolina is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the the urban setting of the large town of Columbia (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants), South Carolina. This institution has also branch campuses in the following location(s): Aiken, Allendale, Beaufort, Columbia, Lancaster, Sumter, Spartanburg, Union. Officially accredited/recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, University of South Carolina (USC) is a very large (enrollment range: 35,000-39,999 students) coeducational higher education institution. University of South Carolina (USC) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees), bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. This 216 years old H.E. institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is 60-70% making this US higher education organization a somewhat selective institution. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment. USC also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sport facilities and/or activities, financial aids and/or scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities, as well as administrative services.

General Information

Important. please contact or visit the official website of University of South Carolina for detailed information on facilities and services provided, including the type of scholarships and other financial aids offered to local or international students; the information above is indicative only and may not be complete or up-to-date.

Accreditation and Recognition Accreditation

Institutional Accreditation or Recognition

Other Specialized or Programmatic Accreditations

  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International)
  • Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (AANA)

Important. this section is intended to include only those reputable organizations (e.g. Ministries of Higher Education) that have the legal authority to officially recognize, accredit and/or license the University of South Carolina as a whole (institutional accreditation or recognition) or some of its specific courses/programs (programmatic accreditation). Memberships and affiliations to organizations which do not imply any formal, extensive and/or legal process of accreditation or recognition are included in a specific section below. Please report errors and inaccuracies taking into consideration the above criteria.

Affiliations and Memberships Affiliations

  • University of South Carolina System
  • Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU)
  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)


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