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Preliminary Conference

Counsel and Litigants are encouraged to refer to the Divorce Resources site for forms.

Effective immediately, the Queens Supreme Matrimonial Department shall utilize the Preliminary Conference form listed under General Forms .


All orders to show cause containing an application for the issuance of an Order of Protection will be treated as an emergency and emergency procedures must be followed. The court is required to conduct a hearing before issuance of an order of protection, and the applying party and their attorney, if any, must be present.

Family Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act

In accordance with the Family Protection and Domestic violence intervention Act of 1994, an automated statewide registry will be operative effective October 1, 1995. The legislation requires that the registry contain information involving orders of protection and warrants issued statewide in connection with criminal, Family Court and matrimonial cases involving family violence. Effective October 1, 1995, all requests for an order of protection must be submitted with a completed Family Protection Registry information sheet. These forms are available in the matrimonial office, Room 140 in Jamaica.

General Information

Telephone inquiries regarding decisions on motions will no longer be accepted. This information, as in the past, will be published in the New York Law Journal. Counsel may appear personally and obtain the pertinent information required from the computer terminals made available to the public for that purpose. Any Request to expedite the signing of an uncontested Judgment of Divorce must be done by Notice of Motion filed and made returnable in accordance with matrimonial motion rules.

Motions must be filed with the matrimonial office at least 5 working days before the return date.

Effective immediately. the filing of all post-judgment matrimonial motions and orders to show cause must include:
(a) copy of the judgment;
(b) calendar number of the said matrimonial action;
(c) date of the note of issue.

Additionally, all applications for writs of habeas corpus must indicate, below the present index number, the index number of any previously assigned action and the assigned judge, or state that no other matrimonial actions have been filed.


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Uncontested Divorce – DIY Forms #court, #courts, #new #york, #new #york


Uncontested Divorce Program

Aviso: Este programa es en ingl s, pero obtendr su traducci n al pulsar sobre ESPA OL. Deber responder en ingl s o el tribunal rechazar sus documentos.

An “uncontested” divorce is where both you and the person you want to divorce agree to divorce and there is an agreement about what will happen to your finances and property after the divorce. [Learn more about Divorce ]

You can use this program if:

  • You and the person you want to divorce are over 18 years of age,
  • You and the person you want to divorce have no “children” under 21 years of age ,
  • Your marriage has been over for at least 6 months and your relationship can’t be saved, AND
  • All marital property issues, including debt, have been settled.

Information Checklist

You will need the following information with you when you use this program:

  • The name, previous last names (if any), current address, social security number, and phone number of the person you want to divorce.
  • A copy of your marriage certificate.
  • If you have any of the following: Settlement Agreement, Order of Protection, etc.
  • If you have an extreme financial hardship and can’t afford the court fees: information about your income, the things you own, and how much you spend a month on utilities and rent.

Download and print the checklist of information you will need to complete this program.


Note: You will be taken to our partner website called LawHelp Interactive.

You can Sign Up to Save Your Work or go directly to the program without signing up by clicking on Get Started or Go . Then check to agree to the Terms of Use and click on Continue to begin the program.

About DIY Forms

Who Can Use These Programs?
You can use DIY Forms if:

  • you’re a court user and you don’t have a lawyer;
  • you’re a legal services provider;
  • you’re a pro bono lawyer. Pro bono lawyers filing a DIY Form must submit thispro bono affirmation .
  • you’re from a low-bono (reduced fee) program recognized and authorized to use the DIY Form programs by the NYS Courts Access to Justice Program. You must submit this low-bono affirmation with the filing.

Commercial use is prohibited and no one may charge for using these programs. When you begin the program, you will be asked to accept these terms of use.

Computer Requirements
In order to use DIY Form programs, make sure you have the following:

Note: If you’re on a Mac and do not have Microsoft Word, this program will not work for you.

Help Using DIY Forms
See Frequently Asked Questions for help using DIY Form programs.

Related Information:


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Bernabei – Kabat, PLLC, Lynne Bernabei, Attorneys, Attorneys at Law, Law,


Bernabei Kabat, PLLC Home


Bernabei Kabat, PLLC, based in Washington, D.C. is nationally recognized for its expertise in the areas of:

  • Employment Law The firm s lawyers have successfully represented thousands of employees in both the private and public sectors. Read More
  • Sexual Harassment Law In the wake of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, counsel can play a critical role in helping employees understand not only their legal rights to work in harassment-free work environments, but also their duties and responsibilities to report sexual harassment before it becomes severe or pervasive. Read More
  • Whistleblower Law The Firm is nationally recognized for its successful representation of whistleblowers in government agencies, nuclear power plants, financial institutions, and other institutions. Read More.. .

Our Partners


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Downtown Franklin TN – America’s Favorite Main Street! #america, #tn, #historic,


Since its founding in 1984, the Downtown Franklin Association has spearheaded the revitalization of Franklin’s historic downtown core. We’ve done it by following the four-point program of the National Main Street Center of the National Trust for Historic Preservation: Organization, Design, Promotion and Economic Restructuring.

Working in partnership with property owners, preservationists, city and county government, local businesses and merchants in our historic retail district, the Downtown Franklin Association has helped create one of the nation’s Main Street success stories. We’ve earned national recognition as an authentic, eclectic place that offers something for everyone in an atmosphere that reminds locals and visitors alike of a simpler time in our history – a place where community matters.

Don t Miss A Beat!

Never miss out on a piece of downtown Franklin news! Sign up here to get interesting updates delivered to your inbox. We only send the exciting news!

Latest News

Wine lovers, rejoice! Three Blind Vines returns to the Factory at Franklin again on June 10th for its annual fundraiser, presented by the Next [Read More. ]

Keeping Downtown Franklin Local

The Heritage Foundation of Franklin and Williamson County and the Downtown Franklin Association are leading the charge to keep downtown Franklin [Read More. ]

Join us in #DowntownFranklin for tonight’s May Franklin Art Scene! Students from Renaissance High School will showcase their artwork and perform live [Read More. ]

There are big things happening everyday–right here in downtown Franklin! Julie Walton Garland of Walton’s Antique and Estate Jewelry, [Read More. ]


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VerdictSearch – California Legal Research for Civil and Criminal Court Cases,

Featured Verdicts

Find out about the most important recent California cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, San Francisco and San Diego counties.

Jury awards $5M to man wrongfully accused of indecent contact

A jury awarded $5 million to a man who was wrongfully arrested for indecent contact with a minor over the internet. In 2011, a man was arrested in front of his home. He was accused of performing sex acts on himself while using a Facebook account to contact a 12-year-old Sacramento girl and asking her to undress in front of a webcam. The accused man was ultimately found to have not committed the crimes, to have never been on Facebook, and to have never had a Facebook account on his computer. The plaintiff claimed Detective Heather Hendrickson was reckless in her preparation of the arrest and search warrant affidavits, causing her to mislead the magistrate that issued the warrants. Defense claimed Hendrickson was not reckless in her conduct.
J.N. v. Hendrickson
United States District Court, Central District, Los Angeles

Jury finds passenger was unbelted at time of crash

A jury found a driver and the manufacturers of a seat belt were not to blame for a passenger’s head injury and paralysis. In 2012, Terry Herbert, then 58, was a passenger in a Ford Fusion driven by Sylvia Caceres when it was involved in a rollover crash. Herbert suffered a traumatic brain injury and was rendered a paraplegic when she was ejected from the car. Herbert claimed that Caceres failed to maintain proper control of the car and that the seat belt’s buckle was defectively designed, causing it to unlatch during the crash. Caceres claimed another vehicle caused her to take evasive action, and Ford Motor Co. and the manufacturers of the Takata AB buckle claimed Herbert was not wearing her seat belt at the time of the crash.
Herbert v. Ford Motor Co.
San Bernardino County

Driver found not to blame for pedestrian’s alleged injuries

A jury found the driver of a reversing vehicle in a parking lot was not to blame for a pedestrian’s alleged injuries. On Feb. 7, 2013, Peter Ly, then 35, was in a parking lot inspecting damage on a vehicle when his right shoulder was allegedly struck. He claimed the vehicle he was inspecting was struck by Paul Fleming’s vehicle as it was backing into a parking spot. Ly claimed his shoulder was subsequently struck, resulting in a superior labral tear. Fleming claimed that he back into the spot at idle speed and bumped the parked vehicle, but that he didn’t see Ly until he returned with the property owner. Defense counsel argued that Fleming acted reasonably and that Ly was not behind the vehicle at the time of the accident. Defense also claimed Ly was not injured.
Ly v. Fleming
Los Angeles County

Largest California Jury Verdicts


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