HIPAA Compliant Email – Policy, Rules, and Regulations #hipaa #compliant #email,


Hospitals and Doctors looking to comply with HIPAA rules are using Secure Medical.net to store and transfer protected health information (PHI). HIPAA policy provides the guidelines for access, storage, and transmission of PHI.

Secure Medical has the most innovative and highest quality secure medical HIPAA email service in the world. We partnered with CryptoHeaven to offer the most secure and easy to use encrypted email service at low cost. Use our service platform for remote secure HIPAA email communications with other doctors as well as with other medical industry specialists and companies.

  • Over 395,000 email addresses for doctors in over 65 medical specialties.
  • Over 250,000 medical industry business to business email addresses for decision makers and thought leaders in over 80 medical industry market segments.

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Secure Medical is a secure email hosting system that is HIPAA compliant

Secure Medical is HIPAA compliant secure email hosting system with state of the art encryption.

  • Formal compliance with HIPAA rules. policy, and regulations
  • Secure Medical Email uses stronger security features than those used by banks, MasterCard VISA
  • Transparent encryption technology ensures maximum fool proof security
  • Stay VIRUS FREE with included and always updated virus scanner
  • BLOCK SPAM 100% with user configurable challenge and response system, and advanced spam filters
  • Works as Webmail with any web browser

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Secure Medical.net offers secure HIPAA Email product for the medical market.

Secure communications and document management systems provider Secure Medical.net has introduced a secure HIPAA Email hosting and communications product for the medical market. This turn key solution provides full compliance with HIPAA rules, HIPAA policy, and HIPAA regulations with respect to access, storage, protection, backup, and transfer of PHI.

Designed to provide secure, auditable and confidential email communication to doctors and patients, the Secure Medical.net HIPAA Email hosting solution uses encryption to guarantee both security and proof of delivery.

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HIPAA Compliance

For compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulated entities must securely store, maintain and transmit protected health information (PHI). Secure Medical.net provides a solution that is fully compliant with HIPAA rules. HIPAA policy, and HIPAA regulations with respect to access, storage, and transfer and PHI.

The requirement for a health care information system is whether medical record privacy is adequately protected. It means unauthorized persons can’t see it, it doesn’t get misused, and those using it can be identified.

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Secure Medical Email Hosting

Secure Medical.net presents powerful secure HIPAA compliant Email hosting solutions:

Secure Medical.net can work either over the Web or through an email client. Many of our clients use both, using, for example, secure email client application at their main or “home” PC, and using secure Webmail when using a PC at work or when traveling. Secure Medical.net operates independently from your ISP or other email services.

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Healthcare companies use Secure Medical.net

Healthcare companies use Secure Medical.net to deliver patient records, lab records and medical transcription data to doctors, hospitals and clinics. With Secure Medical.net you can:

  • formally comply with HIPAA rules, HIPAA policy, and HIPAA regulations
  • achieve HIPAA readiness with a minimal cost
  • send medical records, unlimited size voice files and transcribed document
  • only authorized parties have access to the data; access records are kept for each email and each file accessed by any party; records are kept as long as the underlying data itself is available on the system

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Secure Medical.net has Great Encryption

Encryption key is created on your computer and protected with your passphrase. Only you know the passphrase and your data can not be decrypted without it. Only encrypted data is stored on Secure Medical .net servers. Your data is encrypted at your computer before being sent to Secure Medical.net Secure Data Center. Upon restore, your files are decrypted on your computer. Any time your data is out of your computer, it is always encrypted. All of our services including secure medical email. and secure online storage use highest grade encryption technology for maximum data security.

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Insurance for Apparel and Garment companies – Insurance for Apparel Companies


Kulchin-Ross is an insurance brokerage that understands the coverage needs of apparel companies. Today, fewer insurance carriers, and fewer insurance brokers are effective serving the garment industry. The demands of international trade, and (for most) foreign source production create a need for highly specialized coverage plans, and agents with the premium volume / ability to handle the larger apparel risk. Domestic manufacturers and distributors also benefit by our broad, any location, insurance benefits.


Here’s some FREE INFORMATION that can help you, from our Apparel Insurance News.

Sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination in the workplace.
Here’s Risk Management advice you can start using today.

Fabric Print knock-offs may cause Infringement Lawsuits. Mill suppliers turn to legal
remedies to enforce their copyrights. Can you risk manage your exposure?
Here’s one technique.

It’s a salvage Firesale and your goods are the bargain of the day. A Brands Labels
clause will protect your reputation. Claims adjusting expert Robb Greenspan
advises on this serious issue, and a describes a real solution to this dilemma.

Water Damage and Flood Insurance know how. Here’s why most water
damage claims (from any cause) are denied, and what you need to know
to protect your business from being soaked.

Ocean Cargo – how shoddy packing affects your insurance, and one
immediate strategy you can use to close this potential gap in coverage.

Transit Insurance – if your customs broker arranges it on your behalf, but are you
really protected? Here’s how to take charge of this important policy yourself.

Contractor’s fire insurance often missing.Not surprised?
You can still protect your business.

Why the True Cost of Workers’ Comp injuries is so high. Why these
hidden or indirect costs often outweigh the direct costs by 10 to 1.

Infringement Defense Insurance – Trademark, and Copyright lawsuits, and
the insurance that can protect your business.

Preventing Cargo Theft Cargo Theft is estimated to cost the U.S.
$20 – $30 billion a year according to the FBI. Take steps now to reduce
the risk that your business may become another victim.

Apparelinsurance.com, (a division of Kulchin Ross Insurance Services, Inc.) offers flexible worldwide insurance protection. We service the full array of apparel insurance programs, including:




WORKERS’ COMPENSATION – All 50 states, retrospective and guaranteed cost plans represented.





A and A+ / Admitted Carriers represented.

Protect your assets, and hold the bottom line.

Industry veterans and new ventures alike will appreciate our attentive service and competitive rates. We relentlessly pursue the insurance programs, and carriers that offer coverage plans that benefit your enterprise. Founded on the premise that our customers’ needs come before all else, Kulchin Ross Insurance Services is committed to your satisfaction. We are a based in Tarzana, CA, and insurance agent / founder Bill Kulchin has been serving business and industry since 1985.We are an independently owned, full service insurance brokerage.

Call today for a free no obligation estimate.

c/o Kulchin Ross Insurance Services, LLC

18757 Burbank Blvd. Suite 320

Tarzana, CA 91356

CA Lic. # OI 67833


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Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using AES #encode, #encrypt, #encryption, #online


Encrypt or Decrypt email messages. Encryption and Decryption online. Encode or Decode string.

Encode PHP sorce online. Encrypt Text Files. Mail encrypt. Mail encryption. Email encrypt. HTML and PHP Encryption. Bit Encryption. Voltage Encryption. Copyright Protection. Email encryption refers to encryption, and often authentication, of email messages, which can be done in order to protect the content. Strong email encryption. Encode PHP Script. Windows Decoder. Email encryption program. Online Email Encryption. Hosting Solution. Anti Spam Gratis. iPad Password Cracker. Free Usb Encryption Software. Sometimes you want additional protection for your e-mail communication to keep it from unwanted eyes. Email Encryption Software. Encrypt Online. Outlook Email Encryption.String Decrypt. Help protect your account and computer. Encrypted Email Exchange. CBC Encryption. Encrypt or Decrypt: FERON-74, GILA7, HAZZ-15, MEGAN-35, OKTO3, TIGO-3FX, AER-256, ARMON-64, ATOM-128, BASE-64, ESAB-46, EZIP-64, TRIPO-5, ZARA-128, HINDIA-4X, KOREX-3S, ARABICA-2RS, CHINZO-72C, JAPOO-C2S, ZONG22.

Best encryption for network security.
Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using AES/DES/RCA encryptors (security tools).

Free Online Tools for Encrypting Text using 128-bit AES/DES/RCA Encryption. Encrypt or decrypt text online with a password of your choice using this hand tool. This is service for securing your messages in an easy way. CRYPO system will encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Web based online service for easy text and messages encryption and protection. CRYPO – Best encryption for network security.


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Mobile Home Foundation Certs #mobile #home #foundation #certs #| #nationwide #foundation


Professional Engineering Services for
Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, and Real Estate Agents

We are Licensed Professional Engineers that assist mortgage consultants and realtors by providing On-site Inspections and Engineering Foundation Certifications for the Mobile Home industry and also for Single Family Dwellings (site-built) homes.

Since most homes are owned by a lending institution until the mortgage is paid off, the lending institution wants to ensure that what they are lending on is structurally sound and compliant to national lending standards (like HUD/FHA) and local building codes so that it minimizes their risk.

Our nationwide engineering services can save your staff valuable time and effort because we are just a phone call away. We build long term relationships with our clients. Our clients come back to us time, and time again, because of our fast service. and the extra effort we put into meeting their needs. We know that time is of the essence in most certifications; we value every client’s timeline and do our best to exceed their expectations.

For the loan officer, real estate agent, processor or underwriter we provide support with your home transactions by issuing a Engineer’s Foundation Certification to ensure that loan guidelines are met. We have a nationwide presence in order to meet your current needs.

We provide Engineer Foundation Certificates

Ready to Schedule?If you are ready to schedule a foundation certification inspection on behalf of the home owner, you may schedule an inspection by clicking here.

We provide engineering foundation certificates involving:

What is the engineer’s certificate?

On VA FHA -insured loans, the foundation on all manufactured must meet a certain criteria of structural stability and an Engineering Certification is required.

The engineer’s certification specifies that the foundation complies with the HUD Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes (PFGMH – HUD 7584), a requirement for all FHA-insured loans. For a list of more frequently asked questions for lenders, real estate agents, and loan officers, go to our FAQ page.

Fast and Affordable FHA and VA Foundation Certifications

We ease your mind by providing fast, affordable engineering foundation certification services.

Scheduling an Inspection for a Foundation Certification is easy. Our online submission form speeds up the process. There are no messy paper forms to fill out and fax in. Our online submission form was designed with you in mind to save you time. Click here to schedule an inspection.


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Data Centers and HIPAA Compliance #hipaa #compliant #data #center, #data #center


Data Centers and HIPAA Compliance

Thanks for visiting! If this is your first time on our site, we encourage you to sign up for our monthly Data Cave Echoes newsletter. to stay up to date with the latest data center industry news!

There have been questions about what role a data center plays when it comes to HIPAA. We want to address what requirements and obligations data centers have when working with clients in the healthcare industry.

First of all, what is HIPAA? The acronym stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, enacted to protect the health information of patients. When you visit a doctor’s office or the emergency room at your local hospital, all the people seeing your medical history have signed some sheet of paper, promising to keep your information private. This means to disclose healthcare information, they must have your permission (or authorization from the proper authorities in cases of child abuse, etc.). HIPAA also covers how physical and electronic data is handled and secured. Healthcare entities must backup their data and have a disaster recovery plan in place. This is where data centers come in.

The Health Information and Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was enacted on February 17, 2009. This Act requires covered entities to disclose breaches in Protected Health Information (PHI). The covered entities and their business associates that “access, maintain, retain, modify, record, store, destroy, or otherwise hold, use, or disclose unsecured PHI” are required to notify the Department of Health and Human Services or any breaches. The business associates must notify the covered entity of a breach who in turn notifies the individuals involved (patients) and the HHS if more than 500 individuals were affected. From the statement above, data centers like Data Cave, would be considered a business associate.

The problem is there is much to speculate on what this actually means. Some data centers use HIPAA compliance as a marketing tool. Let me make something clear, there is no certification for HIPAA. A data center can be HIPAA compliant, which is what we at Data Cave consider ourselves. Some pay an outside source to come in, look around, and put their stamp of approval on the facility. For Data Cave, meeting HIPAA compliance means limiting people with access to equipment, including our own staff. This also means notifying the proper channels when someone has been near a healthcare entity’s equipment. With most healthcare companies, they are going to want to manage their own equipment, which means our staff wouldn t need to touch it anyway. However, for a data center doing managed services, facility staff would be responsible. In that case the facility would enter into an agreement with the customer to maintain confidentiality. In the event of a breach, whether virtual or physical, a data center would notify the customer (the covered entity) who would, in turn, notify the HHS if applicable.

In other words, no one can claim HIPAA certification. To take it a step further, the essence of a data center is to be secure; so in that case, aren’t we all HIPAA compliant?

To find out more about Data Cave and HIPAA compliance, call us at 866-514-2283 or Contact Us via our website.

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  • Indiana Data Center Disaster Recovery
  • The Data Cave Advantage, Part 1
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Can Save Your Business
  • Data Center Dictionary: Colocation
  • Whitepaper: Understanding HIPAA and HITECH Compliance


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Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software #insurance #compliance #software



CertFocus is your trusted partner in delivering the highest level of compliance possible in the certificate of insurance management industry. We understand the ongoing demands certificate management places on organizations – and as such we provide each customer with a seasoned CIC, CPCU, CISR and/or CRIS certified insurance professional as an Account Manager, who is committed to finding compliance issues and solving them before it hits your desk.

Our goal is to help you achieve the ultimate in protection for your operations while ensuring that non compliant sub-contractors, vendors, and other partners are flagged, and that the appropriate actions are taken.

Our Kansas City-based operations, customer service data entry provides multi-tiered service offerings, from self service to fully automated review and processing. Empower high functioning internal teams with our software solution or outsource the whole compliance process to our certified staff. As a SaaS model, there’s no software installation.

Achieve limitless capacity with pinpoint accuracy that finds errors, reduces non-compliance and unburdens risk managers. CertFocus provides full reporting and integration into your accounting system, all at significant savings in time, costs, and personnel. Other solutions merely diagnose or track compliance. CertFocus cures the issues, directly increasing COI compliance .

Video Overview

About Certfocus

Our History

The parent company of CertFocus – S2000 Corp. – started in 1999 as an equity partnership with ISO Insurance Services Office. The goal was to develop a web-based solution for the surety industry. Today, S2000 (a patented process) is the industry standard. utilized by leading surety companies across the United States for execution of surety bonds. The initiative to build a best-of-breed certificate of insurance tracking and management system was part of the original business plan. After experiencing significant growth, the company developed and launched S2000Certs.com in 2004, which eventually was re-branded as CertFocus.

Today, CertFocus is the service and compliance leader in SaaS-based Certificate of Insurance and related document management to the Fortune 500 and leading public sector community. a privately-held company with all development, customer service, administration and operations based in the United States, and offices in Kansas City, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois and Plainview, New York.

We understand corporate responsibility and the importance of high standards. Our service is held to the high standards that a company like yours should expect from a service partner. Our Service Level Agreement is clear to our mission that we “earn your business every day” – with no long term agreement, and no risk.

Management Team

Joseph V. Sforzo
President and CEO

Lisa Deatherage
Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Krieger
Senior Vice President of Marketing


Take a quick view at our case studies. specific COI management solutions in key industries that are indicative of what we can accomplish for you, no matter what your industry.

In fact, CLICK HERE to see the statistics on how we have impacted many different industries.


Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc (RIMS) PARTNER PROGRAMS

CertFocus is a Value Program Provider for RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.

90 Day Test Drive Plus + Assessment. CertFocus will be providing RIMS members with an exclusive 90 day test drive of the CertFocus Certificate Tracking and Management System and a FREE Compliance Assessment Analysis Report. For more details visit http://rims.certfocus.com


We offer significant opportunities for Channel Partners and Resellers seeking to provide the CertFocus best-of-breed solution by augmenting existing COI Tracking and Vendor Management or other services that may tie into our feature benefits. For insurance broker or third party administrators, CertFocus can provide an extra level of service to your clients, fostering loyalty, increased business and referrals.

For more information CLICK HERE to visit our Partner Program site or click to contact a CertFocus representative.

our clients

The nation’s leading retailers, developers, sports leagues, manufacturers, hospitality and entertainment companies trust CertFocus to properly subrogate and reduce their risks, including:
  • A Retail Hardware Company with 4,000+ Locations
  • The First and Second Highest Rated Sports Franchise in the Country
  • The Second-Largest Freight Railroad Network in North America
  • The Third-Largest Cable Television Provider in the United States
  • An International Restaurant Franchise with 600+ Units
  • One of the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Retailers with Now More Than 8,100 Stores in 46 States
  • One of the Largest Hospitality Companies in the World
  • A Worldwide Designer, Manufacturer and Integrator of High-Performance Motion Control Systems
And Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying:
  • “We were using an in-house system… CertFocus helped us cut our costs by 42% and dramatically improve our compliance rates.”
  • “The system is so intuitive… It’s a pleasure to work with insurance professionals who understand our business.”
  • “We moved to CertFocus and found our compliance rate jumped by 300% with half the staff.”
  • “Our new dashboard is amazing… every user has their own personalized view, managers see their regions and corporate has the big picture.”

Info Contact

The 25-Cert Challenge

Take The 25-Cert Challenge And We’ll Show You How We Can Get Your Company To Be 90+% Compliant

Validate your COI Management Program. Just give us 25 Certs and see how compliant you can be. How good is your Certificate of Insurance management system in spotting compliance issues? On average, 7 out of every 10 Certificates of Insurance received are non-compliant. Chances are you’re not catching everything you should.

Don’t be exposed due to non-compliance. Just give us 25 certificates, and we’ll show what your system is missing. CertFocus is the best of breed certificate of insurance management solution. Now, you can get the best compliance in the industry!


why more risk managers are turning to CertFocus to improve compliance, reduce risk and move costs back where they belong – with your vendors, subcontractors and tenants!

contact us today

131 Sunnyside Blvd.
Suite 112
Plainview, NY 11803
Marketing: 877.748.3649
Phone: 516.308.9168

CertFocus Operations
Customer Support

1001 E. 101st Terrace
Suite #260
Kansas City, MO 64131
Phone: 877.576.2378
Fax: 877.237.8560


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Department of Labor – OFCCP – How to File a Complaint


Because of temporary technical difficulties, the online complaint form cannot be electronically submitted. Please complete the form and submit it by mail or fax to the appropriate OFCCP regional office, or deliver it in person to any OFCCP district or field office.

How to File a Complaint

Do you believe that an employer doing business with the Federal Government has discriminated against you in hiring or employment? Do you believe that the reason for the discrimination was based on your race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran? Did you ask about or discuss your pay or that of a co worker and you were fired, demoted, or disciplined because of it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can file a complaint with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). An individual, organization, or group can even file a complaint on your behalf, or for anyone who may be the victim of employment discrimination by an employer doing business with the Federal Government.

You must file a complaint alleging discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or based on compensation inquiries, discussions, or disclosures, within 180 days from the date of the alleged discrimination, unless the time for filing is extended for good cause shown. Some examples of what might be good cause include, the existence of some extraordinary circumstance that prohibited you from filing before the deadline such as a significant health issue, military deployment, incarceration, or possibly being unaware of the discrimination. These are only a few of the possible examples of good cause. If your complaint alleges a violation based on disability or status as a protected veteran, it must be filed within 300 days unless the time for filing is extended for good cause shown. Extensions of the filing time require approval by the Director of OFCCP.

You should include a description of the alleged discrimination and any other related information that would help OFCCP investigate your complaint. OFCCP will be revising its complaint form and instructions because of recent regulatory changes. Until that process is completed, please mark the box next to sex to allege discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. If you are alleging discrimination based on discussing pay, please write pay secrecy in the place where the other bases for an OFCCP violation are listed and indicate that pay secrecy is the basis of the complaint clearly in the narrative section of the complaint form. As is always the case, you should describe the actions that you believe resulted in the discrimination in the narrative section.

Complete and File the Complaint Form

Step 1:

Download the electronic Complaint of Discrimination in Employment Under Federal Government Contracts form. If you have difficulty downloading the form you may need to install free software that converts PDF files to viewable documents. For your convenience, we have provided a link to software provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated . This link is in no way an endorsement of either Adobe Systems Incorporated or Adobe Software.

Step 2:

Complete the Complaint of Discrimination in Employment Under Federal Government Contracts form and submit it by:

  • filing the complaint form electronically with the appropriate OFCCP Regional Office ; or
  • mailing or faxing the complaint form to the appropriate OFCCP Regional Office ; or
  • filing the complaint form in person with any OFCCP District or Area office .

The appropriate OFCCP regional office location is the office that covers the location where the alleged discrimination occurred. Your signature is required on the complaint form, if it is not on the form when you submit it, we will ask you to sign your form later. You may also submit a complaint by letter that includes all the information requested on the complaint form.

We will review your complaint form, or letter of complaint, and contact you if we need more information.

Step 3:

Call or visit any OFCCP District Area office if you have questions about the complaint process, want to discuss your complaint, or would like to learn where to file a complaint.

We Want to Know What You Think

OFCCP continues to be interested in improving its relationship with its customers, improving the technical assistance and outreach materials we provide to the public. If you have interacted with OFCCP through any of the ways listed below and you see areas where we can improve, please let us know by sending an email with your comments and suggestions to OFCCP s public mailbox .

  • Compliance evaluation
  • Complaint investigation
  • Technical assistance event
  • Outreach event
  • Telephone/help desk inquiry/email inquiry
  • Used, reviewed, or received technical assistance or outreach materials


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