What is Spotify Connect, and why does it matter? #spotify #connect


What is Spotify Connect, and why does it matter?

Spotify has a tonne of features, though some of the fancier ones, such as Spotify Connect, are limited to users who pay up.

Spotify Connect is a relatively new feature (or rather a new button in the Spotify app) that enables you to play tunes from Spotify’s catalogue – but through Wi-Fi-connected speakers, TVs, laptops, and other devices. The Spotify app on your mobile device acts as a remote control as well.

You must have a Premium subscription to use Spotify Connect, but before you fork over a fee to Spotify for the ability to stream music to all your devices, make sure you know all about Spotify Connect, the Premium tier, and whether they are worth your time and money.

How much is a Premium subscription, and what does it include?

There have long been three tiers of Spotify listening: Free, Unlimited (£4.99 per month), and Premium (£9.99 per month). They each offer different capabilities and limits, depending upon which device you are using to access Spotify.

Although Unlimited is still available, Spotify is using a new setup. It includes the following plans: Mobile Free, Desktop Tablet Free, Premium (£9.99 per month), and Spotify Family (up to 50 per cent off Spotify Premium for four people).

Apart from access to Spotify Connect, Spotify’s Premium tier lets users play any song they want (on demand), find, play, create, edit, and share playlists, listen to tunes picked by Spotify’s Radio feature, skip tracks, listen offline, play HD music, and more.

Premium doesn’t include adverts (whether you’re listening on desktop, mobile, or tablet).

How does Spotify Connect work?

  • Connect all your devices (phone, speaker, TV, computer, etc) to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Sign into the latest version of the Spotify app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  • With the app open, play a song and tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap the Connect icon and select the device ( speaker, PC, etc) you want to play music from.
  • The Connect icon will appear green in the Now Playing bar when sending music to a device.

Note: It’s not possible to control your connected devices from the desktop app for Mac and Windows, but that functionality is coming soon, according to Spotify. It’s also not possible for Connect to play local files on any device.

Which types of devices are compatible with Spotify Connect?

Your iPhone, iPad, or Android device will be able to use Connect to send music to any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The device can be a speaker, TV, computer, etc, but it must be compatible with Connect.

These manufacturers offer built-in support: Panasonic, Fon, Yamaha, Clint, Nocs, Pioneer, Philips, LG, Argon, Libratone, TP Vision, Sony, Ruark Audio, Bose, NAD, Naim, Amazon, Bluesound, B O Play, Onkyo, Samsung, Denon, Revo.

What are the advantages to Spotify Connect?

  • You can play music from Spotify’s catalogue, through your Wi-Fi connected devices.
  • You can use the Spotify app as a remote, letting you adjust volume, switch tunes, etc.
  • You can instantly switch from a speaker to a laptop, without having to restart a playing song.
  • Your tunes won’t stop playing, even if you make calls, watch videos, or go out of Wi-Fi range.
  • You’ll get access to “readymade playlists” by Spotify, located under the Browse tab.
  • Spotify said it offers “higher sample rates” to Connect users.

What are the disadvantages?

  • You must pay a $9.99-per-month Premium subscription fee for access to Connect.
  • You can only play music from Wi-Fi-connected devices that support Connect (roughly 23 manufacturers on board).
  • It’s not yet possible to control your connected devices from the desktop app.
  • You cannot use Connect to play local files on a device.
  • Spotify now won’t support similar features from rivals (such as Google Cast).


Want to know more?

Check out Spotify’s webpage for Connect to learn more about the premium feature.


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How to Hook Two Computers to One Printer – How To


How to Hook Two Computers to One Printer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Print sharing has become popular in many home networks primarily because it reduces the cost in implementing networking environments as well as maximizing the potential uses of network resources. The process of hooking two computers to a single printer is very much different from connecting two printers to a single computer because unlike computer systems, printing devices normally only have one communication port that can host a connection. To achieve the task of connecting two computers to a single printer, other devices would have to come into the picture to serve as the host for the printer and provide the underlying communication layer for all devices trying to make use of its printing functionality. The Operating System running on both machines that want to make use of the printing device must also support networking and printer sharing features in order to make this task feasible.

– Router
– Ethernet cable
– USB switch
– crossover cable
– network card
– print server
– Operating System that supports printer sharing

One of the easiest options to share a printer on networked machines is to connect and install it in one of the machines. Simply click on the ‘Start’ button and choose the ‘Control Panel’ category.

Select the ‘Printer and Faxes’ option and click on the ‘Add a Printer’ task. This will bring up the printer installation page. Make sure to install the printer hardware as a local printer. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

When completely installed, click on the ‘Start’ button and select the ‘Printer and Faxes’ category. The icon for the newly installed printer should be there already. Right click on the icon and select sharing.

Provide a shared name for the printing device and click on the ‘OK’ button.

On the other computer, repeat Step 1 to Step 2 but this time, choose the network printer option. Type in the name of the printer and follow the prompts. Install the device driver when prompted to do so.

A variation of this method which eliminates the use of a router device is to connect the two machines using a crossover cable. Simply insert one end into the NIC of the machine and repeat the process for the other computer.

Both machines must be running at least Microsoft Windows XP to allow for the automatic detection of the network connection. This procedure basically functions the same way as a network environment but is limited to two machines and does not require a router.

An alternative to this setup is to install a Print Server which will host the printer hardware and connect directly to the network router. In this method, simply connect the printer to the printer server.

Proceed by connecting the print server to the network router which will allow the printer hardware to be detected in the network environment as a standalone device. To print using this method, simply use the IP address assigned to the printing device.

Another possible solution is to use switching devices. These types of hardware became popular when printers were hosted using parallel and serial cable connections. For USB-based machines, a USB Switch box may be used. Connect the printer directly to the box using the USB cable.

Connect the USB cable from each computer to the respective USB ports on the switching device. To use the printer for computer A, simply set the switch to A and do the same for B. In this method, no additional installation is required. All data switching and handling activities are done by the hardware switch.

Windows system maintenance:


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Sagacious Consultants #epic #consulting, #ehr, #sagacious, #sagacious #consultants, #healthcare, #epic, #best




Within its first five years, Sagacious Consultants ascended to a Best in KLAS* consulting firm and landed on Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work. Sagacious Consultants is now part of Accenture, expanding its breadth of services and geographies served.

As EHR systems have become more widely adopted, Sagacious Consultants has increasingly focused on strategic projects that enable healthcare organizations to meet their biggest operational goals. Using proven methodologies for revenue and clinical transformations, Sagacious Consultants helps clients improve KPIs, enhance provider efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction.

The team now includes hundreds of EHR-certified consultants, from licensed clinicians, former CIOs, and other experienced professionals, bringing diverse perspective and insight to clients worldwide.

The Sagacious Advantage is simple: We combine technical acumen with intimate knowledge of the healthcare space to achieve meaningful results. Combined with Accenture, Sagacious Consultants delivers exceptional value to clients and contributes to the transformation of healthcare through technology with greater impact.

*Sagacious Consultants ranked #1 for Implementation Clinical – Supportive in the 2013 Best in KLAS Awards: Software Services report. © 2014 KLAS Enterprises, LLC | All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com

Simple and based on a single principle – our customers’ success is a direct measure of our own. To measure success we use three metrics: timeline, budget and end-user adoption. Other healthcare consulting organizations may agree on this, but the difference with Sagacious Consultants is we have the software expertise and experience to make it happen.

We recruit only the best consultants and embody a healthy work/life balance, boasting one of the highest retention rates in the industry! In turn, our customers receive uncompromised results. Our employees provide in depth knowledge of Epic software, project management skills to keep a project on time and on budget and the experience necessary to mesh industry best practices with the organization’s needs.

Sagacious Consultants understands that success brings social responsibility. We pride ourselves by delivering like no other healthcare consulting firm by providing a significant portion of profits to our employees’ and customers’ local charities.

Sagacious Consultants is an innovative consulting firm dedicated to making healthcare better from patient to provider.

Sagacious accomplishes this by providing the top echelon of Epic consultants to our partners, ranging from large academic healthcare organizations to local community clinics. Our mission to our employees is to treat each one as an individual, with the utmost respect, and to provide them with a culture that promotes personal and professional happiness, growth and diversity, and which rewards achievements.

Our mission to our clients is to engage with them as partners, and to provide superior results by leveraging our consultants’ technical expertise in conjunction with our intimate knowledge of the healthcare space. With a strong focus on collaboration, both internally and with our clients, Sagacious Consultants guarantees to surpass expectations.

Sagacious Consultants will continue to grow in prominence and expertise with a focus on sustainability.

We will remain committed to our core values by only employing the best and brightest employees, fostering an inclusive, yet elite corporate culture, and providing superior consultants and customer service to our clients.

Since our inception in 2009, Sagacious Consultants has been wholeheartedly committed to supporting the community, both near and far. It is because of this commitment that we donate a significant amount of money to nonprofit, charitable organizations which have a direct impact on the communities of our clients and our employees. These organizations support diverse causes such as medical research, support for animals, women’s rights and healthcare, early childhood education, support services for veterans, as well as many other causes.

A new benefit introduced to all employees in 2012 allows each employee to choose a charitable organization for Sagacious to make a donation to on their behalf. As Sagacious has continued to grow, this has allowed the amount of contributions, as well as the organizations benefiting from these contributions, to grow substantially over time. Please see the graphic to the right for Sagacious’ annual contributions since inception.

“This has been a very positive impact to our organization and I do feel that we would not be so successful if he would not have been part of the project.”

“She hit the ground running. Her experience paid immediate dividends.”

“As a former Epic TS, he was effective and productive for us from the first hour in our organization. He was always finishing ahead of time or on time.”

“Not all Epic consultants are created equal and he definitely can cover a wide array of topics.”

“He has a very in depth understanding of the Epic system and was able to apply his knowledge to help us with many issues.”

“Her deep knowledge of Epic Willow has made her an extremely valuable member of the team.

“Extremely efficient and thorough.” “Very efficient, effective, knowledgeable, thorough.”

“He has been so willing to take on as much as we give him, with great outcomes.”

“I was not expecting to be able to complete as many issues as we were able to.”

“Willing to help on issues not assigned to him and able to provide details of issue that we would get from our EPIC TS. This saved us time on resolution.”

“She was extremely helpful to everyone.”

“He was constantly finishing issues that needed to be completed regardless if it was for Claims, HB, or anyone else that asked for his help

Sagacious Consultants has worked with over 100 Epic healthcare organizations across the nation. These organizations range from the largest of hospital networks to smaller, physician practice only organizations. The projects range from full life-cycle implementations to upgrades and from big-bang installs to rollouts. We have provided clients with consultants in nearly every application. We are more than happy to provide referrals upon request.

• Majority former-Epic employees

• Certified in all Epic applications

• Experienced with all phases of implementation

• Senior level consultants

• Success through collaboration: internal Sharepoint promotes synergy

Sagacious Consultants has worked with over 100 clients across the nation varying in size, scope, complexity and business structure:

• Pediatric organizations such as Texas Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Omaha, and Seattle Children’s Hospital

• Religious organizations such as Bon Secours Health System and Baptist Health System

• Higher Learning institutions such as University of California San Francisco, University of Colorado Hospital, and University of Maryland Medical Services

• Private, Public, or FQHC organizations such as Providence Health Services, Harris County Hospital District, Hennepin County Medical Center, and Access Community Health Network

Sagacious Consultants is painting the map red with over 100 clients and 200+ employees in 41 states.




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