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I found your website useful on the subject of divorce. I also used your online divorce attorney finder service and was very pleased with the results of my divorce. Thank you.

D. Henning – Conroe, TX

I have been married for 16 yrs and have been separated for two years now. I had no idea where my spouse was living and didn’t know if I could even get divorced if I could not find him. Your free divorce forms web site helped me find the answers to all of my divorce questions. Thanks guys. God Bless.

E. Hickman – Doyline, LA

I used this website to see if I could use the online divorce paperwork to file for divorce without a lawyer. I used MyDivorceUSA to complete my divorce case. I am now divorced.

M. Dudley – Portland, OR

MyDivorceUSA.com is a very good source of online divorce paperwork. I was able to download online divorce papers and instructions so I could do my own divorce. The divorce paperwork was simple and easy to fill out. Thank you.

N. Chaps – Nashville, TN

Online Do It Yourself Divorce Papers and Information

Download Online Court Approved Divorce Paperwork Instructions

MyDivorceUSA.com is a web site that offers free and low cost access to online do it yourself uncontested divorce papers and online printable divorce paperwork, dissolution of marriage forms and fill in the blank marriage annulment forms to start or complete a do it yourself divorce. Our website allows you to download online printable do it yourself divorce papers with instructions on how to complete each of the divorce forms required for a divorce in all 50 states.

Our online divorce forms will guide you step by step through the divorce process. You will get answers to important questions about divorce laws and your rights in your state. Our web site provides it’s registered users with access to state approved fill in the blank printable divorce court forms with easy to understand instructions for completing a divorce without the aid and expense of an attorney. A typical uncontested divorce could cost you $2000 or more using an attorney. Using our web site will save you thousands of dollars on legal fees.

You will also be. provided with links to free online legal resources, free legal aid and free attorneys in your area. Divorcing parents may review articles and videos with information on children and divorce. Learn how to fill out your uncontested divorce paperwork, serve your spouse with divorce papers. What to do if you don’t know where your spouse is living and more. You will also be given access to instructions with protective order forms if family violence is an issue with your divorce case.

Our divorce forms library contains information about court costs and fees, what to expect in family divorce court, how to obtain spousal and child support. Information on child custody and visitation issues. Our website will provide you with access to the correct fill in the blank divorce forms for each category. Our web site is easy to use and convenient. You may review and print your divorce forms and instructions online anytime in the privacy of your home or office.

Same Sex Divorce documents and forms are included in our online divorce paperwork package. A divorce Settlement Agreement is usually all that is needed in the case of same sex divorce. The same rules apply to same sex uncontested divorces that apply to opposite sex uncontested divorces. Both parties in the divorce lawsuit must be in agreement on the terms of their divorce to use these forms. This will include child support and custody issues as well as spousal support and division of property issues.

Whether there are children involved in your uncontested divorce or not. Whether you can’t afford to or simply do not want to hire an attorney. If you’re looking for a few specific divorce forms to finish a divorce you have already started or a complete do it yourself divorce packet, we can help you get it done without the expense of hiring an attorney. Register now for free to get started.

Did you know that if you attempt to use divorce or dissolution of marriage forms or other online divorce kits or divorce papers which are in the incorrect format or not approved for use in your state that the court will reject these divorce forms and not allow you to proceed as you expected? We feel that if you must get divorced, it is going to be an important event in your life and it should be as easy and painless as possible for you and if applicable, your children. Why risk the outcome by using the wrong divorce forms? Our online divorce forms library contains the most current uncontested state divorce forms and divorce instructions available on the Internet today and are updated on a regular basis to ensure information accuracy.



  • Protective Orders, Instructions Resources
  • Petitions Complaints For Divorce/Dissolution Of Marriage/Annulment
  • Original Answer Forms
  • Waiver Of Citation Forms
  • Affidavit For Inability To Pay Court Costs
  • Affidavit For Citation By Posting
  • Certificate Of Last Known Address
  • Certificate Of Service
  • Final Divorce Decree
  • Testimony For Divorce – What To Say In Court
  • Supporting Affidavits
  • Legal Notice Citations
  • Default Judgment Affidavits
  • Statements Of Evidence
  • Substitute Services Affidavits
  • Child Support Order Calculator
  • Financial Statements Asset Division Information
  • Child Visitation Orders
  • Support Order For Employer Withholdings
  • Out Of State Spouse Affidavit
  • Application Instructions For Protective Order – Domestic Violence Information
  • Marriage Settlement Agreements
  • Divorce, Child Visitation, Custody Support Order Modification Kits
  • Spousal Support Forms Information



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UltraCopier – Limit Speed – Pause #scheduled #file #copy


UltraCopier Pause / Resume File Copy Operation, Limit Speed, And More

Windows provides a faster and more seamless copy operation but Microsoft does not give end-users control over this speed. All versions of Windows will transfer data at the speed they find to be plausible, in most cases the speed is the highest, thus, resulting in the freeze of lower-end PCs.

UltraCopier is a file move/copy enhancement tool that brings advance options and features and offers a wide range of copy,move and data transfer operation specific customizations. It includes user-defined speed enhancement options, copy/move controllers, speed limitations, copy list searching, and most importantly pause/resume capability.

There are many usage scenarios for this application. Let s say you want to video chat or play a game while copying a large amount of data in the background, it will make more sense to limit the copy speed to a certain KB/s, so that CPU load can be distributed among multiple tasks. Once you’ve turned it on, the system tray icon will brighten-up, indicating that it has now replaced the Windows default copy/move feature. It is further possible to revert back to the Windows default copy/move functionality (with default dialog box enabled).

In the main dialog box, you can pause/resume the operation, skip it, and view detailed information about the data being copied/moved.



Automatically Pause And Resume YouTube When You Switch Tabs [Firefox]


How To Limit The Upload And Download Speed In OneDrive

The copy list shows all the data/files which have been copied and are being copied.

The Copy Management tab includes advance copy/move operation settings. You can enable options to auto start copy, copy the rights of files, and write with thread. Moreover. you can also specify the choice for maximum speed.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Versions for Linux and Mac are also available. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system, and it worked flawlessly.

Extra Note: If you are looking to speed up the copying process and do not bother about the fancy features, then check out Talent Copy V. It is, according to some users, faster than Teracopy.

WRONG! While it has some of its features, it does not have bandwidth limiting options. I run out of IO s on my HDD when I copy something large from my SDD to it, same thing happens when doing WinRAR recovery volumes on large content, and if at the same time I watch a movie or download something, these programs lag or slow down becoming a discomfort. TC has features, lots of them, none I need that I can t make due without it.

well ! I do not use any program to accelerate / pause file Copying in my computer
and i find better to use the original windows system,

They should from microsoft windows to develope better the system efficiency

Usefull tool, my drive blocked every time I tried to copy my files to an external HDD, but with this tool I had no problems. And yes, its better than the microsofts built in copy function. Thanks guys!

I have tried all the software including terracopy, robocopy and many more but they all failed at some point of time. I searched and found the best file copying software GS RichCopy 360. This software supports long path name, email sending when process is done, file compression before copying, NTFS security, pre-scheduled copying and many more. I bought the enterprise version of it, it is affordable and really pays-off!

These are the basic features which a software can provide to pause, resume file transfer. Main is what else it can provide you which windows and other file copying software don t provide. The most missing features in this software and others are support for long path name, multi threaded file transfer, email notification when the task is done, pre scheduled file transfer. GS Richcopy 360 provides all these features and yet is really simple to use. Other features include NTFS support, real time file sync, FTP transfer and many more. Its an all in one software. Try it, its the best that I have used till now!

If you want to pause and resume file transfer then this software is good. But why to use a software when you can do all this in windows itself! If you want extra features then I would suggest you to go for GS Richcopy 360. After using it for almsot 1 year I m writing this. This software is THE BEST in the market with un-matchable transfer speed, works on windows and also for FTP file transfer. Some of my favorite features are long path name support which is necessary when copying huge files, copying locked files, multi threaded file transfer for fast transfer speed, pre scheduled file transfer, email notification when task is done and many more.Try it its the best till now!

I kind of liked this software when I first used it. But as my needs grew and the file sizes grew I started looking for extra features which this software does not provide me! I was looking for a software which could provide me multi threaded file transfer for faster rate of transfer, I wanted software which could solve long path name errors for me. After searching a lot on the internet I found that GS Richcopy 360 provides all the features plus it has pre scheduled file transfer and email notification when the task is done. Try it hope it helps you too!


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Why Windows Server Backup Keep Only One Copy? #windows #server #backup


Why Windows Server Backup Keep Only One Copy?

Does Windows Server Backup keep only one copy?

Many users have created backups using Windows Server Backup. Some users assigned a drive letter to the backup drive, and then check the image backup files. To their surprise, there was only one virtual hard disk (VHD) file in the backup location even after running scheduled backups several times. To figure out why this happened, you must understand how Windows Server Backup works. Actually, there no such thing about Windows Server Backup number of copies to keep. If you run a backup, Windows Server Backup will create a VHD file. Then Windows will create a shadow copy of target backup drive where stores the image backup. If you keep running scheduled backups, a lot of shadow copies will be taken. Though there may be one VHD file or VHDX file (in Winodws Server 2012 or latter), you can still restore to previous versions using these shadow copies.

How to track the missing VHD?

To better understand where the VHD file goes, you can actually track the windows server backup multiple copies. To list all the shadow copies, you can run a command “ssadmin list shadows” in an elevated command prompt.

Based on the “Shadow Copy ID” shown in the output, you can find out the backup that is associated with the shadow copy by getting the snapshot ID. To reveal the snapshot of the backups, you can run the command “wbadmin get versions”.

If you are still not sure about this, you can assign a drive letter to the shadow copies. and then you can view the contents in File Explorer by using the following command.

Diskshadow shadowcopyID driveLetter

For example, to assign drive letter H: to shadow copy . However, if you need more easier ways to handle multiple backup versions, you can switch to third party server backup software that does not have a limit number of copies.

How to keep multiple backup copies?

The server backup and recovery program, AOMEI Backupper Server allows you to save many versions of backup files that can be easily handled in File Explorer. It supports daily/weekly/monthly schedule backup, and you can choose to perform it with full, incremental/differential backup. What’s more, it provides the Disk Space Management feature to automatically clean up the previous obsolete backups.

To backup Windows Server with AOMEI Backupper:

Step1. Download free trial and run this backup tool for Windows Server. Within the intuitive interface, click “System Backup” under the Backup tab.

Step2. Doing System Backup, the program will select all the needed items for system restore automatically by default. Therefore, just click “Step 2” to select the destination location.

Step3. After specifying the destination path, click the “Schedule” button down there, and determine when you want the backup to run in the pop out window.

Step 4. After all settings are done, click “Start Backup” to get the backup running.

Since many people have wondered Why Windows Server Backup keep only one copy, AOMEI Backupper comes in to play and made the versions of backups more easier to understand, which also gives conveninence regarding of Windows Server restore.


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Photo Transfer App #easily #transfer #photos # # #videos #to #


Download for iPhone iPad

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About Photo Transfer App

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About Photo Transfer App

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Photo Transfer App Easily transfer photos videos to and from Computer and iPhone. iPad. iTouch Android

Transfer photos videos over Wi-Fi Bluetooth,no cables or extra software required. Your photos and videos are transferred directly from device to device using your local Wi-Fi network. They are not stored in an external server and they never leave your local Wi-Fi network keeping your pictures safe !

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