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Pyramid Schemes

People are always thinking up new ways to swindle others out of their hard-earned cash. Some of these schemes can take new and creative forms, but the pyramid scheme, which is still prevalent today, hasn’t changed much in over 200 years.

How a Pyramid Scheme Works

Pyramid schemes follow a predictable formula. Usually, one person, known as the recruiter, will create a fraudulent business which requires others to pay a fee to join. The people he recruits to the business then recruit others to join as well, and pocket the fees. This cycle of recruitment is supposed to continue indefinitely, so that everyone who joins the business will continue to receive the recruitment fees of the newest recruits. The problem with successful pyramids is that, eventually, there will be no one left to join the pyramid, and those already in the scheme will lose their investment.

Examples of State Laws Prohibiting Pyramid Schemes

Each state has its own laws addressing pyramid schemes and similar forms of marketing fraud (including Ponzi schemes ). Below are a few examples:

  • Florida – Codified under Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act; prohibits the use of a chain referral sales technique to get a consumer to purchase a product or service over $100, where the consumer is promised money or commission to recruit more members.
  • Pennsylvania – Prohibited under the state’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law; statute defines a pyramid scheme as any scheme, whereby a person pays money or some other financial benefit for the chance or opportunity to receive compensation, regardless of whether he also receives other rights or property.
  • Arizona – Statute defines a pyramid scheme as any scheme, whereby a person pays money or some other financial benefit for the chance or opportunity to receive compensation, regardless of whether he also receives other rights or property.

Multi-Level Marketing Businesses Are Not Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes are still popular today. Many reasonable people still fall for them because they sound so similar to a type of legitimate business model called multi-level marketing (MLM). An MLM business involves a central corporation that creates a product, and then convinces other people to pay a fee in exchange for the right to sell its product. Unlike a pyramid scheme, MLM businesses make their money by selling products such as cosmetics, cooking implements, and fashion accessories; they don’t rely on an unsustainable stream of new recruits to make their money.

How Pyramid Schemes are Prosecuted

There’s no single federal statute the US government can use to prosecute pyramid schemes. However, the Federal Trade Commission has occasionally prosecuted pyramid schemes as deceptive trade practices, or fraud. Additionally, each state has its own set of laws designed to combat pyramid schemes, such as this one from Texas. Many require the pyramid scheme promoters to pay fines, or spend time in prison if convicted.

Take a look at FindLaw’s sections on financial crimes and crimes against property to learn about related offenses.

Learn About Your Options with a Free Case Review

If you’re facing allegations of operating a pyramid scheme, you could be charged under a variety of state and federal laws. You have many important rights and constitutional protections which, if violated, could lead to a dismissal of charges or an acquittal. The most important step you can take is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can start advocating for you from the very start of your case. Contact one today for a free case review .


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Family Law, Divorce Lawyer – Criminal Defense Attorney: Bremerton, WA: Williamson


A Lawyer’s Expertise Is Vital to Resolving Your Legal Matter

Hire an experienced attorney serving Bremerton, WA & the surrounding area

When life events prompt legal action, the services of an experienced attorney can assist you through the legal process and help you make informed, productive decisions. For expert legal advice and representation in Bremerton, WA, & the surrounding area, rely on the attorneys at Williamson Law Group. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation about family law. bankruptcy law. criminal law and probate administration in Bremerton, Washington and the surrounding area. Wiliamson Law Group has experience handling cases involving child custody, child support, estate planning, personal bankruptcy, and misdemeanors.

Is divorce the only solution to your marital troubles?

Rely on a divorce lawyer serving Bremerton, WA & the surrounding area

Facing divorce is difficult, and the actions you take during this troubling time will potentially affect you and your family for many years. Child custody battles and child support disputes can take a toll on the whole family. An experienced family law attorney will help you make the best of a stressful and emotional life event. Our family law attorneys serve the Bremerton, WA area, and they can also help clients facing child custody battles and child support disputes. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation with a family law attorney in Bremerton, Washington.

Seek relief from debt by filing for bankruptcy

File for chapter 7 bankruptcy with an attorney serving Bremerton, WA & the surrounding area

The decision to file for bankruptcy does not come easily, but it can be the most effective way to seek relief from overwhelming debt. Serving Bremerton, WA, and the surrounding area, the bankruptcy lawyers at Williamson Law Group can help you decide if filing chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option and then facilitate the entire process. Call today to learn more about your options when filing for bankruptcy.

Have you been charged with a crime? Don’t face the prosecution alone

You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer by your side

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime in the Bremerton, WA, area, you could be facing fines, jail time, community service and permanent damage to your record. A criminal defense attorney will help minimize the implications of your charge and possibly avoid a conviction altogether. Don’t face the court system alone – rely on the Bremerton, WA, criminal defense lawyers at Williamson Law Group.

Plan for your family’s prosperity with Williamson Law Group

Probate administration and estate planning for Bremerton, WA and the surrounding area

Thinking about the inevitable can be unnerving, but planning for it can save your family the stress and hassle of legal disputes following your passing. Establishing a will, power of attorney, and other plans for your estate will ensure that your end-of-life plans are carried out according to your wishes. Williamson Law Group of Bremerton, WA specializes in probate administration and estate planning so call today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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RI Criminal Defense Lawyer – DUI Attorney #criminal #lawyer #ri


Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Services

Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter and can often be life-altering. Here at Kensley Barrett Law, we understand how much stress and pressure it can bring you. That is why we specialize in defending individuals who have been arrested on a criminal charges ranging from misdemeanor to felony and theft to DUI. Regardless of the type of criminal defense you need, we can help. Learn more about our Rhode Island criminal defense specialties below.


Each Rhode Island DUI (Driving Under the Influence) case is unique in having its own set of circumstances and facts that must be uncovered and understood. For this reason, we treat each and every DUI case with the care and precision it deserves. The RI DUI lawyer you choose must be able to thoroughly explain the details of your case in a meaningful and thoughtful way as to win your trial. DUI cases are very serious and can include jail time, criminal record, revoked driving privileges, and high fines. For years, Kensley Barrett has been helping his clients fight DUI charges and avoid seeing jail or even paying hefty fines. He has been honored to help upright citizens of Providence and Newport RI and surrounding towns fight for their rights and wants to help you protect yours, too!


Having a criminal record can drastically affect your life, especially when it comes to employment. It can also create an unwanted social stigma that could affect your personal life. If you have a criminal record and understand these pressures, there is something you can do about it – expungement. The expunging process allows you to erase or seal your criminal record. That means that no one will be able to see it again. An expungement can help clean-up past mistakes, now that they are behind you. Contact us today to learn how we can help expunge or seal your criminal record.


In the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution, it guarantees that all individuals have the right to bear arms. However, there are still grey areas which leave regular citizens open to legal processing. If you have been arrested on a gun or weapons charge, you want to make sure that you retain a lawyer with the qualifications to help win your case.


When facing a theft charge in the state of Rhode Island there are a lot of factors that determine the defendants fate. A conviction in a theft case can dramatically affect your ability to find employment, housing and damage your reputation. It is essential that your theft charge is treated with precision, by a lawyer that understands the intricacies of this type of criminal charge. Here at the Law Offices of Kensley R. Barrett, we understand what it takes to win criminal theft charges and will stop at nothing to help defense yours.


Have you been arrested on a drug charge? If so, you need to take immediate action to ensure the best possible outcome. Rhode Island drug laws can be difficult for regular citizens to navigate – they can also be very strict. Possessing just 1 to 5 kg of Marijuana with the intent to distribute can mean a felony with upwards of 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $500,000! In addition to long jail sentances and hefty fines, a felony conviction can make it nearly impossible to find proper employment. Needless to say, a drug conviction in the state of Rhode Island can dramatically alter your life. If you or your child has been arrested on a drug charge, contact us today for your free consultation!

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a serious criminal offense that can carry a variety of different penalties from jail time to community service. There are a number of charges that fall under the Domestic Violence umbrella, such as: assault and battery, burglary, sexual assault, vandalism, trespassing, stalking, harassment, restraining orders, and terroristic threats. Our criminal defense firm can help defend any and all of the aforementioned charges. To ensure your rights are protected in a domestic violence case, contact us today!

Our law firm was founded on the belief that working with us is more than just hiring a lawyer. Working with us will bring you peace of mind and also allow you to continue with your regular life while we attend to your legal matters. Our vast experience means that it allows us to excel in both aggressively representing your interests and generating the best possible result for you.

2017 The Law Offices Of Kensley R. Barrett

Main Pages

Contact Information

The Law Offices of Kensley R. Barrett 127 Dorrance Street, Penthouse Providence. RI 02903

The content on this web site is for information purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice. You should consult with an attorney for legal advice with regard to your situation. You may contact our law firm at your convenience for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case. Reviewing the information contained on this web site and/or contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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The Law Offices of Kensley R. Barrett
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 18 Google+ Reviews.

Kensley Robert Barrett


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Criminal Defense Attorneys for Broward County #criminal #attorneys #in #broward #county


Criminal Defense Attorneys for Broward County, FL

As one of the most populous counties in the State of Florida, Broward County has a population of more than 1.8 million people. Covering more than 1,197 square miles in South Florida, several law enforcement agencies in the county conduct criminal investigations and make arrests for felony and misdemeanor violations of state law. These crimes are prosecuted in the courthouses in the county seat of Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to the main courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, criminal cases are also heard at satellite courthouses in Deerfield Beach, Hollywood and Plantation, FL.

The criminal defense attorneys at McLaughlin Morris, P.A. are experienced in fighting cases throughout Broward County and the greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area of South Florida. The attorneys at McLaughlin Morris, P.A. represent clients throughout Broward County including the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield, Hollywood, Plantation, Pompano Beach, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill, West Park, Dania Beach, Southwest Ranches, Dania Beach, Parkland, Davie, Coconut Creek, Oakland Park, Coral Springs, Cooper City, and Sunrise.

Whether you are under investigation or charged with a crime, call (561) 404-0529 today to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney at McLaughlin Morris, P.A. Call us to talk about the facts of your case and possible defenses you can use to fight the charges.

Types of Felony Cases in Broward County, FL

In Broward County, all felony cases are heard in the Circuit Criminal Divisions. Under Florida law, felony offenses are defined as crimes that are punishable by at least one year in Florida State Prison. Felony offenses prosecuted in Broward County, include: sexually motivated offenses. robbery, burglary, theft, forgery, fraud, crimes against person, crimes against property. possession of a controlled substance and other drug crimes .

Several specialized divisions exist in Circuit Court for felony cases including drug court, career criminal / habitual offender section, and mental health court. The courts have also created a Veterans Treatment Intervention Court Program.

Felony Investigations by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office

In Broward County, many serious felony offenses are investigated by the Major Crimes Section of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. The Major Crimes Section has three divisions including the Special Victims Unit, the Economic Crimes Unit, and the Robbery Unit. Additionally, many local law enforcement agencies and local police departments throughout the country also investigate serious felony offenses.

Florida law provides for enhanced penalties when crimes are committed against the most vulnerable in our society including elderly people, disabled adults and children. Those criminal offenses can include:

In Broward County, economic crimes are investigated by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office economic crimes unit which is a division of the Major Crimes Unit. Economic crimes including:

The robbery unit of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office investigates crimes involving armed robbery. This specialized unit is a division of the Major Crimes Section. Other units in the Major Crimes Section include the Economic Crimes Unit and the Special Victims Unit.

Misdemeanor Cases in Broward County, FL

The Criminal Division of County Court has justification over all traffic cases and misdemeanor criminal cases. Under Florida law, misdemeanors are defined as criminal acts which carry a penalty of up to one year in the county jail. Misdemeanors are classified as either a first degree misdemeanor or a second degree misdemeanor.

In Broward County, misdemeanor cases are heard in different courtrooms in the courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, and at the satellite divisions for the North Satellite Division, the West Satellite Division, and the South Satellite Division.

Criminal Case Search in Broward County, FL – Visit the website for the Broward County Clerk of Court in the 17th Judicial Circuit to conduct a criminal case search online. Search public cases for any felony, traffic or misdemeanor case by party name, business name, or organization name. Select a case type including a 1st Degree Felony, 2nd Degree Felony, 3rd Degree felony, Arrest Warrant, Arrest Warrant Misdemeanor, Capital Homicide, Capital Life, Capital Sex Felony, Career Criminal Felony, Contempt of Court, County Ordinance, Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence, Drug Court, Felony, Mental Health Court Felony, Misdemeanor, Municipal Ordinance, Other Infractions, Search Warrant, Search Warrant Misdemeanor, Traffic Criminal, Traffic Infraction Mandatory, Traffic Infractions or Writ.

Office of the State Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County, FL – Visit the website for the State Attorney’s Office, Michael J. Satz, for the 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County, FL. The job of the State Attorney is to seek the just determination of all criminal matters that are presented to the State Attorney. Learn more about criminal investigations conducted by the State Attorney’s Office during the 21 days after the arrest but before any formal criminal charges are filed in felony cases.

Broward Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Unit – Visit the website of the Sheriff’s Office of Broward County, Sheriff Scott Israel, to learn more about the agency’s Economic Crimes Unit (ECU). The ECU is one of 20 different specialized units. These specialized unites a have specially-trained deputies and are designed to provide maximum response efficiency in a variety of circumstances. CU handles complaints about check fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, check forgery, counterfeit documents, computer-related crimes, contractor licensing fraud, business opportunity fraud, homeowners fraud, mortgage fraud, and other money-related offenses.

Contractor and Licensing Fraud Unit of the Broward Sheriff’s Office – Find out more about a specialized unit of the Sheriff’s Office in Broward County called the Contractor Licensing and Fraud Unit. Read more about contractor licensing and fraud in Broward County, FL

Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Broward County, FL

If you are under investigation, charged with a crime, have an active warrant. or are awaiting extradition back to Broward County, FL, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at McLaughlin Morris, P.A..

Our attorneys represent clients arrested throughout Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities in Broward County including: Hollywood, Deerfield Beach, Plantation, North Lauderdale, Parkland, Davie, Sunrise, Cooper City, Coral Springs, Oakland Park, Coconut Creek, West Park, Southwest Ranches, Dania Beach, Pompano Beach, Lauderhill, and Dania Beach.


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Boston Criminal Defense Attorney #boston #criminal #defense #attorney, #massachusetts #drug, #murder,


Leading Boston Criminal Defense Attorney

Rosemary Curran Scapicchio is a highly experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer. She has been named one of the top ten attorneys in the country by Lawyers Weekly USA. In Massachusetts she was named to the list of top ten lawyers of the year in both 2003 and 2009 by Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly. Attorney Scapicchio is one of only two attorneys in the history of the Lawyer’s Weekly to be awarded Lawyer of the year twice. Attorney Scapicchio has also been voted a Super Lawyer by her peers consistently from 2003 – 2015.

January 2016:Attorney Scapicchio Secures Nolle Prosequi in Homicide Case In Suffolk County. Here is a copy of the Nolle Prosequi. After securing a Nolle Prosquei, Attorney Scapicchio successfully argued bail on behalf of her client who was detained on separate, serious drug charges. The Court reduced the bail in that case from $50,000.00 to $10,000.00, and the client was released after posting bail.

Attorney Scapicchio provides aggressive criminal defense for individuals who are under investigation or who have been indicted for murder. firearms charges. drug trafficking offenses. armed robbery and other serious felonies. Her aggressive cross examination of Boston Police detectives has exposed a lack of police investigation which has led to several not guilty verdicts on high profile murder cases.

Attorney Scapicchio started her practice in 1991 handling both trials and post conviction appeals for serious criminal cases throughout the country. She has represented clients in the First Circuit, the Fourth Curcuit, the Ninth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. Her proven criminal defense strategies win motions to suppress evidence including firearms, drugs and statements to police that resulted in her clients cases being completely dismissed. Tirelessly pursuing justice for her client, Scapicchio exposed police misconduct in the Boston police department. She won a new trial, freedom and a 14 Million Dollar jury award for Shawn Drumgold who had served fifteen years on a murder conviction for a crime he did not commit.

She has appeared before the United States Supreme Court for a review of the constitutionality of the federal sentencing guidelines. Attorney Scapicchio was successful in persuading the judges to declare the federal sentencing guidelines non-mandatory for every federal criminal defendent. A local newspaper was so impressed by her argument before the Supreme Court they headlined their article Supreme Performance . After observing her in the court room another criminal defense attorney was quoted as saying Rose is as good as it gets in this city !

With her extensive experience handling criminal defense charges, appeals, as well as complex civil trials, Rosemary Curran Scapicchio possesses the skill to help you navigate through the criminal justice system. If you have already been convicted and sentenced, you can still be in a position to attain release by appealing your case. Never give up. Our clients appreciate the fact that Rosemary Curran Scapicchio personally handles their cases from start to finish. The powerful bond of trust and cooperation between defendant and lawyer assists in building strong cases. People accused of serious crimes and felonies deserve to clearly understand the charges and laws they face. They also need to understand the probable sequence of events that they can expect as Rosemary Curran Scapicchio defends them before prosecutors, defending their constitutional rights and their freedoms. Attorney Scapicchio makes it a point to keep her clients informed through every step of their case.

Call Attorney Scapicchio directly at (617) 263-7400 or use our contact form to schedule a private consultation to discuss your case. Attorney Scapicchio defends clients in state and federal courts as well as appeals involving serious criminal charges and felonies including:

Rosemary Curran Scapicchio will use everything she has learned over the past 20 years of trial experience, including her winning track record of Not Guilty verdicts, to fight the serious criminal charges against you. She puts the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the federal government to the test of proving every essential element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Her extensive trial experience combined with her appellate experience produces the best result possible for her clients. If you need a highly experienced criminal lawyer to review your case, conviction or sentence, please contact the Law Offices of Rosemary Curran Scapicchio.

Contact Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Rosemary Curran Scapicchio

You can count on Rosemary Curran Scapicchio to give you a supreme performance and provide the best criminal defense possible. She is very respected in legal circles throughout Massachusetts and country. She feels strongly that each and every client deserves the best criminal defense possible. Call, fax or e-mail her to schedule your initial consultation.

Rosemary Scapicchio is an experienced criminal defense attorney based in Boston. She has successfully defended many clients nationwide in recent years. Her dedication to giving a supreme performance in every case is evident in the number of not guilty verdicts she is able to secure for her clients

Rosemary Scapicchio has national recognition as a dedicated lawyer and has extensive trial experiences, including a winning track record of “not guilty” verdicts.

Her “not guilty” verdicts include:


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Education for criminal justice #education #for #criminal #justice


Criminal Justice Fact Sheet

Incarceration Trends in America

  • Between 1980 and 2015, the number of people incarcerated in America increased from roughly 500,000 to over 2.2 million
  • Today, the United States makes up about 5% of the world’s population and has 21% of the world’s prisoners.
  • 1 in every 37 adults in the United States, or 2.7% of the adult population, is under some form of correctional supervision.

Racial Disparities in Incarceration

  • In 2014, African Americans constituted 2.3 million, or 34%, of the total 6.8 million correctional population.
  • African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites.
  • The imprisonment rate for African American women is twice that of white women.
  • Nationwide, African American children represent 32% of children who are arrested, 42% of children who are detained, and 52% of children whose cases are judicially waived to criminal court.
  • Though African Americans and Hispanics make up approximately 32% of the US population, they comprised 56% of all incarcerated people in 2015.
  • If African Americans and Hispanics were incarcerated at the same rates as whites, prison and jail populations would decline by almost 40%.
  • Drug Sentencing Disparities
  • In the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 17 million whites and 4 million African Americans reported having used an illicit drug within the last month.
  • African Americans and whites use drugs at similar rates, but the imprisonment rate of African Americans for drug charges is almost 6 times that of whites.
  • African Americans represent 12.5% of illicit drug users, but 29% of those arrested for drug offenses and 33% of those incarcerated in state facilities for drug offenses.

Contributing Factors

  • Inner city crime prompted by social and economic isolation
  • Crime/drug arrest rates: African Americans represent 12% of monthly drug users, but comprise 32% of persons arrested for drug possession
  • Get tough on crime and war on drugs policies
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing, especially disparities in sentencing for crack and powder cocaine possession
  • In 2002, blacks constituted more than 80% of the people sentenced under the federal crack cocaine laws and served substantially more time in prison for drug offenses than did whites, despite that fact that more than 2/3 of crack cocaine users in the U.S. are white or Hispanic
  • Three Strikes /habitual offender policies
  • Zero Tolerance policies as a result of perceived problems of school violence; adverse affect on black children
  • 35% of black children grades 7-12 have been suspended or expelled at some point in their school careers compared to 20% of Hispanics and 15% of whites

Effects of Incarceration

  • A criminal record can reduce the likelihood of a callback or job offer by nearly 50 percent. The negative impact of a criminal record is twice as large for African American applicants.
  • Infectious diseases are highly concentrated in corrections facilities: 15% of jail inmates and 22% of prisoners – compared to 5% of the general population – reported ever having tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS, or other STDs.
  • In 2012 alone, the United States spent nearly $81 billion on corrections.
  • Spending on prisons and jails has increased at triple the rate of spending on Pre-K-12 public education in the last thirty years.

Fair Chance Hiring (FCH) Fact Sheet


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Our Major #program #in #criminal #justice, #school #of #arts #and #sciences,


Criminal Justice Major

Students completing the major in Criminal Justice are instructed on the theories and practices pertaining to the criminal justice system, crime, prevention, and public and corporate responses to criminal behaviors on the local, national, and international level. This course of study leads them to function in an increasingly complex, confrontational, and violent world.

“Don’t think because you are majoring in Criminal Justice that your opportunities are limited to the field. The material you will be taught and the skills you will hone do much for your overall development as a thinking and contributing member of society—I was exposed to many different fields while completing the major and all have given me a unique and fresh perspective on the world. Pick Criminal Justice because it intrigues you, not because you are looking for a specific job: you can go to graduate school for that.”

The major is structured into three general sections with a completion of a minimum of 36 credits: General Coursework (which consists of 6 courses), Thematic Coursework (which consists of 3 courses), and Elective Coursework (which consists of 3 courses). All students interested in declaring a major in Criminal Justice must first complete Introduction to Criminal Justice (01:202:201); furthermore, in order to declare a major in Criminal Justice, students are required to earn a grade of “C” or better and have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Similarly, only courses that earn a grade of “C” or better will be counted toward the major.

In order to declare your major, first please visit this School of Arts and Sciences website to find tips and advice about choosing both your major(s) and minor(s). When you are ready to declare, visit the MyMajor portal to log in with your Net ID and password.

Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to meet with the advising staff on a regular basis when selecting courses so that we can help you create an academic course of study which will best match your post-baccalaureate plans and most prepare you for the advanced training you will need in your respective career field within criminal justice. In order to schedule an appointment with the advising staff, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students can download a copy of the major and its required components here. and use it as a checklist to chart your progress.

The GENERAL COURSEWORK section includes the mandatory completion of the following courses:

  1. Introduction to Criminal Justice (01:202:201)
  2. Criminology (01:920:222)
  3. Police (01:202:202)
  4. Prisons and Prisoners (01:202:203)
  5. Any ONE of the following courses:
    1. Crime and Public Policy (01:202:204) OR
    2. Criminal Procedure (01:202:205)
    3. OR Law and Politics (01:790:106)
  6. Any ONE of the following research methods courses:
    1. Criminal Justice Research Methods (01:202:307) OR
    2. Introduction to Political Science Methods (01:790:300) OR
    3. Quantitative Methods in Psychology (01:830:200) OR
    4. Introduction to Social Research (01:920:311) OR
    5. Computer Analysis of Social Science Data (01:920:312) OR
    6. Statistics I (01:960:211)* OR
    7. Introductory Statistics for Business (01:960:285)

The General Coursework section involves the completion of Intro. to Criminal Justice first and foremost. Students take Criminology, which is offered through the Sociology department. The Program centers upon the three areas of criminal justice: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. This is why students must complete Police (law enforcement), Prisons and Prisoners (corrections), and either Crime and Public Policy or Criminal Procedure or Law and Politics (courts). Any student entering the field of criminal justice will need to draw upon a background in research and research methods of some kind, which is why students are also required to complete a research methods course; furthermore, these courses serve as a prerequisite for some of the upper-level elective courses.

*Please be advised that according to the policies of the Statistics department, you can only earn credit for one of the following statistics courses: 01:960:211, 01:960:212, 01:960:285, 01:960:384, 01:960:401, 01:960:484.

The THEMATIC COURSEWORK section includes the mandatory completion of three total courses. All of the courses that can be used to satisfy the Thematic requirements are from outside departments. (N.B. Students need to be careful that they have the necessary prerequisites for courses they are considering taking.) These courses are from such departments as Political Science, History, Sociology, Psychology, etc. If you find a course not on the approved list of Thematic courses, please reach out to the Academic Advisor before you register for the course in order to see if you could add it to the list of Thematics: be sure to include the course information, as well as a copy of the course description and syllabus.

The list of approved Thematic courses are grouped into three thematic areas: Human Behavior, Deviance, and Crime (HBDC); Social Control Institutions (SCI); and Law and Ethics (LE). Students are required to complete two of their three Thematic course requirements from at least two different thematic areas.

Theme: Human Behavior, Deviance, and Crime (HBDC)

01:014:318 Bigotry, Prejudice, and Racism

01:050:324 Wayward Americans

01:070:310 Human Aggression

01:830:375 Prejudice and Conflict


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Criminal Cases #criminal #defense #attorney #oklahoma #city


Criminal Cases

Only the government initiates a criminal case, usually through the U.S. attorney’s office, in coordination with a law enforcement agency. Allegations of criminal behavior should be brought to the local police, the FBI, or another appropriate law enforcement agency.

The Judicial Process

Criminal cases differ from civil cases. At the beginning of a federal criminal case, the principal actors are the U.S. Attorney (the prosecutor) and the grand jury. The U.S. Attorney represents the United States in most court proceedings, including all criminal prosecutions. The grand jury reviews evidence presented by the U.S. Attorney and decides whether it is sufficient to require a defendant to stand trial.

Burden of Proof

In a criminal trial, the burden of proof is on the government. Defendants do not have to prove their innocence. Instead, the government must provide evidence to convince the jury of the defendant’s guilt. The standard of proof in a criminal trial gives the prosecutor a much greater burden than the plaintiff in a civil trial. The defendant must be found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which means the evidence must be so strong that there is no reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime.


At an initial appearance, a judge who has reviewed arrest and post-arrest investigation reports, advises the defendant of the charges filed, considers whether the defendant should be held in jail until trial, and determines whether there is probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed and that the defendant has committed it. Defendants who are unable to afford counsel are advised of their right to a court-appointed attorney. Defendants released into the community before trial may be subject to electronic monitoring or drug testing, and required to make periodic reports to a pretrial services officer to ensure appearance at trial.

The defendant enters a plea to the charges brought by the U.S. Attorney at a court hearing known as arraignment. More than 90 percent of defendants plead guilty rather than go to trial. If a defendant pleads guilty in return for the government agreeing to drop certain charges or to recommend a lenient sentence, the agreement often is called a “plea bargain.” If the defendant pleads guilty, the judge may impose a sentence, but more commonly will schedule a later hearing to determine the sentence. In most felony cases the judge waits for the results of a presentence report from the court’s probation office before imposing sentence. If the defendant pleads not guilty, the judge will schedule a trial.


Criminal cases include limited pretrial discovery proceedings, similar to those in civil cases, but with restrictions to protect the identity of government informants and to prevent intimidation of witnesses. The attorneys also may file motions, which are requests for rulings by the court before the trial, such as to suppress evidence that could violate a defendant’s constitutional rights.

If a defendant is found not guilty, the defendant is released and the government may not appeal. The person may not be charged again for the same offense in a federal court. The Constitution prohibits “double jeopardy,” or being tried twice for the same offense.


If the verdict is guilty, the judge determines the defendant’s sentence. During sentencing, the court may consider U. S. Sentencing Commission guidelines, evidence produced at trial, and also relevant information provided by the pretrial services officer, the U.S. attorney, and the defense attorney.

A sentence may include time in prison, a fine to be paid to the government, and restitution to be paid to crime victims. The court’s probation officers enforce conditions imposed by the court part of a criminal sentence. Supervision of offenders may involve services such as substance abuse testing and treatment programs, job counseling, and alternative detention options, such as home confinement or electronic monitoring.


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Criminal psychology university #criminal #psychology #university


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Criminal Psychology

Liberty University s online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Criminal Psychology program prepares you for an effective career in a growing field. Through Liberty s program, you will gain foundational knowledge and skills regarding mental health and behavior of criminals, as well as how to effectively assess and counsel individuals within the justice system.

Courses will strengthen your investigative and cognitive ability to understand the thoughts and intentions of the criminal mind, emphasizing the importance of applying ethics to practices and integrating faith with learning in a diverse and challenging atmosphere.

Quick Facts

Program Delivery Format

Credit Hours

  • 120 total hours
  • 30 hours must be taken through Liberty
  • 50% (26 hours) of major must be taken through Liberty

Credit for life experience

  • Law enforcement officials who have successfully completed an accredited police academy program may be eligible to earn credit hours toward their degree.
  • Some forms of military experience may be eligible as college credit.
  • See our Prior Learning and Experience page for more information.

Potential Career Fields

  • Criminal Psychologist
  • Criminologist
  • Police Detective
  • Casework
  • Corrections Officer
  • Probation Parole

Want to learn more?


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Undergraduate Programs #criminal #justice #undergraduate #degree



This is in no way to be considered a list of approved, recommended or sanctioned programs. It is merely an alphabetized list of academic institutions that offer programs in the area of criminology, criminal justice and related fields. Students are encouraged to carefully examine all aspects of these programs before making any enrollment commitments.





























Multiple Campuses



New Hamphsire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







Washington, D.C.

West Virginia













South Africa



United Kingdom



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Manhattan Federal Defense Lawyer in New York City #new #york #city


Home Federal Defense

Federal Defense

New York City is one of the busiest spots for federal criminal investigations. From financial crimes on Wall Street to smuggling out of the Port of New York or airports to major drug offenses, there is a wide range of offenses that are prosecuted in the U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

Federal rules of criminal procedure and process are different that those in state courts. It is important for your attorney to have experience in and an understanding of cases prosecuted in the federal criminal justice system.

Federal Defense Lawyer in Manhattan

The federal government has vast resources to prosecute you if you have been charged with a crime in U.S. District Court. It is critical that your attorney has the ability to counter them. At Greco Neyland, PC, we have the experience to provide a full defense for people facing federal charges. We will conduct a thorough investigation of our own to determine your possible defense and any reasonable doubt in the case against you.

Contact a skilled federal criminal defense lawyer in Manhattan at Greco Neyland, PC. Call (212) 951-1300 today to set up a free initial consultation. We represent clients charged in New York City federal courts, including in the District Courts in Manhattan, Brooklyn and any other borough.

Information on Charges in U.S District Court

Types of Crimes in the U.S. Code

The U.S. Code contains many different crimes that a person may face charges for. Many have to do with allegations that cross state or international borders. This covers more than a person might think for instance, an email containing child pornography sent by a person in Manhattan to a person in Brooklyn goes through servers and systems in other states or, sometimes, other countries.

Criminal offenses in federal law include offenses related to:

One of the most common charges is for Conspiracy. If you are accused of acting in concert with others to commit anything illegal under federal law, you may face charges of conspiracy, and face the same penalties as you would if charged with the underlying offense.

Federal Investigations and Charges in New York City

Some agencies are tasked with investigating certain types of offenses. Others have broader jurisdiction. Agencies include:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Office of the Inspector General
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

The lead prosecutor in a federal prosecution is the United States Attorney. The state of New York has four districts. The city is divided into two of these. Kings County is in the Eastern District, and New York County is in the Southern District. Each district has a U.S. Attorney. An assistant U.S. Attorney will prosecute in the courtroom.

A person charged with a federal offense faces significant challenges. The U.S. government has effectively infinite resources to investigate and prosecute suspects. Many federal offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences, meaning the accused, if convicted, may face decades in prison regardless of whatever mitigating circumstances may exist.

However, there are often options available to the accused. The sooner a person facing charges contacts a skilled lawyer, the better the chances of a more positive resolution.

U.S District Courthouses in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney for Federal Charges in Manhattan

For any charge in federal court, it is critical to seek counsel from a lawyer who understands federal rules, federal procedure and federal prosecutors. Greco Neyland, PC has extensive experience representing clients in New York Federal Court. Call us today at (212) 951-1300 to schedule a consultation. The initial consultation is free.

This article was last updated on Tuesday, May 24, 2016.


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Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Programs #associate #degree #in #criminal


Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Programs
(found programs from 113 schools)

Associate Degree – Criminal Justice (online)

ITT Technical Institute (Anaheim, CA / Boise, ID / Canton, MI / Chantilly, VA / Clovis, CA / Cordova, TN / Duluth, GA / Earth City, MO / Fort Lauderdale, FL / Hilliard, OH / Indianapolis, IN / Jacksonville, FL / Kansas City, MO / Kennesaw, GA / Lexington, KY / Little Rock, AR / Madison, WI / Miami, FL / Mobile, AL / Mount Prospect, IL / Norfolk, VA / Oklahoma City, OK / Oxnard, CA / Phoenix, AZ / Pinellas Park, FL / Portland, OR / Richmond, VA / Saint Rose, LA / San Bernardino, CA / Seattle, WA / Spokane Valley, WA / Springfield, VA / Sylmar, CA / Tampa, FL / Thornton, CO / Troy, MI / Tucson, AZ / Warrensville Heights, OH / Wyoming, MI)

Associate of Applied Science – Criminal Justice (online). Associate of Science – Criminal Justice (online)

Ivy Tech Community College (Bloomington, IN / Columbus, IN / Evansville, IN / Fort Wayne, IN / Gary, IN / Indianapolis, IN / Kokomo, IN / Lafayette, IN / Madison, IN / Muncie, IN / Richmond, IN / Sellersburg, IN / South Bend, IN / Terre Haute, IN)

Associate of Applied Science – Paralegal Studies (online). Associate of Science – Paralegal Studies (online)

Associate of Applied Science – Public Safety Communications (online)

Associate of Science – Criminal Justice Technology (online)

Rasmussen College (Aurora, IL / Bismarck, ND / Bloomington, MN / Brooklyn Park/Maple Grove, MN / Eagan, MN / Fargo, ND / Fort Myers, FL / Green Bay, WI / Lake Elmo, MN / Land O Lakes/East Pasco, FL / Mankato, MN / Ocala, FL / Rockford, IL / St. Cloud, MN)

AAS – Paralegal (online). AS – Criminal Justice – Homeland Security (online). AS in CJ – Correction (online). AS in CJ – Law Enforcement (online). Associate of Arts – Accounting – Financial Investigations (Online) (online)

Information Technology Management Associate (online). Paralegal Associate (online)


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MINNESOTA PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY #minnesota #accident #attorney, #injury #lawyer, #wrongful #death


St. Cloud Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

From our law office in Central Minnesota and Minneapolis, we represent people who have been injured in accidents and defend individuals against misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. Bradshaw Bryant, PLLC is defined by our strong experience and award-winning talent. For six consecutive years, attorney Michael Bryant has been recognized as a SuperLawyer and has been named among Minnesota’s Top 40 Personal Injury Lawyers by Minnesota Law Politics.

Attorney Michael A Bryant discusses wrongful death law. Click here to hear his interview from Northwest Airlines Sky Radio.

At Bradshaw Bryant. we encourage everyone to drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. When you do drink, make sure you have a designated driver or call a taxi or a friend for a ride. Here are the most dangerous roads for drunk driving deaths. Be safe and stay away from these areas at bar closing times.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Years of Experience in Minnesota Injury Law

Our personal injury lawyers regularly represent clients suffering from serious and catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. We have an extensive background negotiating with insurance companies and trying personal injury and wrongful death claims in front of juries and judges in Minnesota.

Whether you were injured in a car accident. motorcycle accident or truck accident. we will vigorously seek the financial compensation you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages and future rehabilitation costs. We are experienced trial attorneys who will make sure the insurance company and the jury understand how your injury has changed your life.

Our personal injury attorneys also have significant experience successfully representing accident victims in no-fault arbitrations and pursuing damages for injuries caused by uninsured drivers and drivers without enough insurance. Whether your accident claim is resolved through negotiation, arbitration or trial, our goal is to secure as much financial compensation as possible to help you recover from your losses.

Are you curious about our approach? Listen to attorney Bryant explain how he worked with a family in a wrongful death case.

Skilled Minnesota Criminal Attorney

Our criminal defense practice is dedicated to representing clients charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses. including traffic violations and drunk driving (DWI). Every criminal charge must be taken seriously. A criminal conviction, even for a misdemeanor, can result in serious penalties. You need a Minnesota criminal attorney to protect your rights and be an advocate for you. We have successfully defended clients in a wide range of felony matters.

Personal Injury Accidents

Contact Us Today

If you are suffering from a personal injury or need skilled defense against a criminal charge, contact us by e-mail or call 800.770.7008 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. Our phone line is answered 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

From our offices in Waite Park and Minneapolis, we represent clients across Minnesota, including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as St. Cloud, Brainerd, Alexandria, and other cities in Stearns County, Sherburne County, Wright County, Hennepin County, Benton County and throughout Central Minnesota.

2010 BRADSHAW BRYANT, PLLC. All rights reserved. Disclaimer | Site Map

1505 Division Street | Waite Park, Minnesota 56387 | T: 320.259.5414 | F: 320.259.5438
5500 Wayzata Boulevard Suite 1025 | Golden Valley. MN 55416 | T: 800.770.7008

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Find the best Criminal Defense lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK, criminal


Oklahoma City , OK Criminal defense lawyers (87 results)

Compare Criminal Defense attorneys near you. Read reviews, see Avvo Ratings, and contact them directly.

Not sure how much your legal issue will cost?

Tell us what kind of legal help you need and get quotes from local lawyers.

Who’s ready to take your case?

Tell us what kind of legal help you need and local available attorney will contact you.

Looking for the right attorney for your needs?

Connect your case with local attorneys who are qualified to help you.

Not sure how to find the attorney who’s right for you?

Every legal need is unique; describe yours and find a lawyer that fits you and your case.

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Adam Banner

Our mission is simple: we want to reclaim your good-name and keep you out of harm’s way. Call today.

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , Child Abuse , Sex Crime , Appeals , Expungement

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Aaron Bundy

I’ve dedicated my practice to representing people before judges and juries in hearings and trials of all kinds. I represent clients in administrative hearings involving State agencies including the Department of Public Safety, the Department.

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , Family , Personal Injury , Contracts Agreements

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Charles Sifers

Mr. Sifers was Oklahoma’s FIRST Member of the National College for DUI Defense. Mr. Sifers was Oklahoma’s FIRST Sustaining Member of the National College for DUI Defense. Through his efforts, MANY other lawyers followed and became members of this .

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , DUI DWI

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Craig Hoehns

Review: “Mr. Hoehns s got me through a non-violent charge with minimum fees from the state. Getting me unsupervised probation to start my life and career in California, Instead of being stuck in Oklahoma City! He is very detai.

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , General Practice , Violent Crime , DUI DWI

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

David McKenzie

Successful, highly-rated and honest lawyer. Law school professor. Multiple award winning litigator

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , Personal Injury

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Charles Sifers

Former expert witness in Breath Testing and Field Sobriety Tests turned crminal defense lawyer, Jeff Sifers bases his law practice in Oklahoma City while serving all of Oklahoma. Mr. Sifers practice has a distinct focus in the defense of those pe.

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , DUI DWI

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Sonja Porter

SONJA R. PORTER is the owner of Sonja R. Porter, Attorney at Law, PLLC, which she started on October 1, 2011. Prior to that she was an associate and member of the DUI Defense Team of Fabian & Associates, Inc., P.C, one of the first DUI defense fi.

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , DUI DWI

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Marcy Fassio

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Fassio Law has the knowledge and experience to get results!

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , DUI DWI , Violent Crime

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Robert Wyatt

CRIMINAL LAW ONLY–Felonies & Misdemeanors. Experienced. Results. Federal & State Courts.

Practice areas: Criminal Defense

Criminal attorney oklahoma city

John Hunsucker

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, John Hunsucker is the lead attorney with the Hunsucker DUI Defense Firm. John’s practice is focused almost exclusively on DUI and alcohol related defense. He handles over 200 DUI cases a year ranging from first.

Practice areas: Criminal Defense , DUI DWI

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Criminal attorney oklahoma city

Criminal defense

If you are suspected of a crime or charged with a violation of law, you may require the services of a criminal defense attorney to present your defense or negotiate a penalty. As different rules and procedures exist for different offenses, you should seek a criminal defense attorney who has worked on your particular type of case to provide you with the best defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows what information the government will need to prove your guilt. The defense attorney will also know what information you need to prove your innocence, including whether there are any legal rules justifying your actions.


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Criminal justice bs #criminal #justice #bs


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Helms School of Government

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, 100% online program, is designed to help you build strong leadership and managerial skills to qualify for future promotional opportunities and certifications through the development of excellent oral and written communication skills necessary to effectively communicate in both professional and personal environments. You will be equipped to discern the unique characteristics that differentiate substantive and procedural criminal law, as well as the interplay between the two.

This program will help you gain an understanding of the internal workings of the criminal justice system and its response to different types of crime, as you learn to identify the constitutional, procedural, and organizational differences of the federal criminal justice and representative systems.

You may also be interested in exploring our bachelor degrees in Government or Paralegal Studies .


Program Format

  • 100% Online
  • 120 total hours
  • 30 hours must be taken through Liberty.
  • Up to 90 hours may be transferred in.

Degree Information and Requirements


Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Business Administration and Management, 100% online program, prepares you for an effective career in the modern world of business and criminal justice. You will gain foundational knowledge and skills regarding upholding the law, organizational administration, and financial workings within the criminal justice system.

Courses you will have the opportunity to explore include:

  • Business law.
  • Principles of management.
  • Judicial process.
  • Criminology.

Potential Career Fields

  • Casework
  • Court and Appeals Processes
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Probation Parole
  • Social Services
  • The Armed Forces

View the Degree Completion Plan

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Crime Scene Investigation, 100% online program, provides a solid foundation of both knowledge and skills to equip you for a career in the criminal investigative field. You will develop a foundational understanding of law enforcement, the internal workings of the criminal justice system, and its response to different types of crime.

This program will increase your understanding of:

  • Introduction to forensics.
  • Crime scene photography.
  • Crime scene management.
  • Computer and cyber forensics.

Potential Career Fields

  • Crime Scene Technician
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Senior Forensic Analyst
  • Forensic Project Coordinator
  • Criminalist

View the Degree Completion Plan

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Criminal Psychology, 100% online program, is designed to strengthen your investigative and cognitive ability to understand the thoughts and intentions of the criminal mind, emphasizing the importance of applying ethics to practices. You will gain foundational knowledge and skills regarding mental health and behavior of criminals, as well as how to effectively assess and counsel individuals within the justice system.

Courses will provide you additional training in:

  • Crisis intervention.
  • Behavior management.
  • Abnormal psychology.
  • Psychology of criminal behavior.

Potential Career Fields

  • Criminal Psychologist
  • Criminologist
  • Police Detective
  • Casework
  • Corrections Officer
  • Probation Parole

View the Degree Completion Plan

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- General, 100% online program, is designed to provide you with the backbone of an excellent criminal justice program with the flexibility and freedom to select a large number of electives. With no specific specialization, you are able to mix and match, creating a personalized degree program that fits your passion.

Your skills will be enhanced through the examination of:

  • The judicial process.
  • Juvenile justice.
  • Criminal investigations.
  • Criminology.

Potential Career Fields

  • Administration
  • Casework
  • Corrections
  • Counseling
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Probation Parole
  • Social Services
  • Private/Corporate Security
  • State and Local Police and Sheriff
  • Homeland Defense

View the Degree Completion Plan

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security, 100% online program, is designed to help you develop professional skills in research and development, with a focus in security, transportation disaster response, anti-terrorism, and intelligence. You will gain an understanding of the internal workings of the criminal justice system to serve effectively in all levels of government.

  • Your skills will be enhanced through the examination of:
  • Incident command system and emergency planning.
  • Critical infrastructure protection.
  • Behavioral dimensions of disaster.
  • Criminology.

Potential Career Fields

  • Counterterrorism
  • Cybersecurity
  • Domestic and International Terrorism
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Transportation Security

View the Degree Completion Plan

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Juvenile Justice, 100% online program, is a youth corrections program that emphasizes the understanding of the internal workings of the criminal justice system and its response to youth in the criminal system. You will develop professional skills in correctional procedures, as well as cultural and sociological diversity, ensuring the most relevant and comprehensive information needed to impact the lives of today s youth.

Your skills will be enhanced through the examination of:

  • Juvenile Corrections.
  • Community based corrections.
  • Delinquency and crime prevention.
  • Legal and ethical issues in juvenile justice.

Potential Career Fields

  • Youth Correctional Officer Casework
  • Juvenile Probation Officer
  • Youth Service Worker/Coordinator
  • Outreach Counselor

View the Degree Completion Plan

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Public Administration, 100% online program, is designed to strengthen your leadership and public management skills as you learn to develop responses and solutions to difficult situations. You will gain foundational knowledge and skills regarding the management and structure of the criminal justice system as it relates to controversial issues and the general public.

Courses will provide you additional training in:

  • Public finance and budgeting.
  • Government regulation of business.
  • Advanced public administration.
  • Criminal justice ethics.

Potential Career Fields

  • Policy Analysis and Implementation
  • Community Services Coordinator
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Local Government
  • Public Servant

View the Degree Completion Plan

Liberty University s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice- Strategic Intelligence, 100% online program, emphasizes leadership and managerial skills with a strong foundation in criminal law and a focus on intelligence and national security. You will gain foundational knowledge and skills to accurately examine and analyze criminal trends and patterns, to counter criminal behavior and terrorism with tactical efforts.

You also will develop skills relevant in:

  • Counter terrorism.
  • Intelligence analysis.
  • Military intelligence.
  • Strategic intelligence.

Potential Career Fields

  • International Intelligence
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Intelligence
  • Intelligence Analysis and Reporting

View the Degree Completion Plan


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Top School in Pittsburgh for Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement #criminal


Top School in Pittsburgh for Criminal Justice Law Enforcement

School and Ranking Information

Pittsburgh, PA, has nine schools within a 25-mile radius that offer criminal justice programs. Based on graduation rates and program offerings, the top three are Point Park University, La Roche College and Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver.

  • Winner: Point Park University offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees and is ranked among regional universities by U.S. News World Report .
  • Runner-Up #1: La Roche College is also ranked among regional universities by U.S. News World Report. It offers bachelor’s degrees.
  • Runner-Up #2: Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver also offers bachelor’s degrees and features an on-campus lab.

School Comparison Chart

  • Master
      • Master of Arts in Law – Criminal Justice
      • Master of Arts in Government – National Security Affairs
      • Master of Arts in Law – National Security
      • Master of Public Administration – Emergency Management and Homeland Security
      • Master of Arts in Law – Mediation
  • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement
      • Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
      • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies – Criminal Justice
      • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
      • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Corrections
      • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Criminal Justice

Get Started with Regent University

4 Keiser University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Must be a high school graduate.
School locations:

Get Started with Keiser University

5 Strayer University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED
School locations:

Get Started with Strayer University

6 American InterContinental University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED
School locations:

Get Started with American InterContinental University

7 University of the Rockies

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Psychology programs do not lead to licensure and do not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychology professional
  • An online degree does not lead to teacher licensure in any state; online education programs are not CAE or TEA or NCATE accredited which is a requirement for certification in some states.
School locations:
  • Doctorate
      • Doctor of Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies
  • Master
      • Master of Arts in Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies

  • Master of Arts in Law – Criminal Justice
  • Master of Arts in Government – National Security Affairs
  • Master of Arts in Law – National Security
  • Master of Public Administration – Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  • Master of Arts in Law – Mediation
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies – Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Corrections
  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Criminal Justice
  • View more
    • BA in Criminal Justice
    • BA in Homeland Security
    • AA in Criminal Justice
    • AA in Homeland Security
    • View more
    • Doctor of Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies

  • 12/09/2017

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  • St Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer #criminal #defense #attorney #st #louis, #criminal


    St. Louis Criminal Defense

    Call (314) 456-4567 for a free, immediate consultation for your criminal case.

    I am a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer serving the St. Louis area in state, local and federal court as well as surrounding areas including eastern Missouri from Marion County down to the Bootheel for more serious charges. Since 1994. I have represented many in complex and serious criminal charges. I practice throughout the state on serious criminal offenses including drug charges, sex offenses, child pornography, assault, murder, theft, armed criminal action, gun charges, probation violations, felony DWI, DWI manslaughter, and more. I am licensed in both state and federal court. I have an exemplary track record of trial victories and favorable plea bargains that have earned me the respect of judges, prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys. If you or a loved one is facing a serious criminal charge, call me at (314) 456-4567 to discuss. I appreciate your consideration.

    Richard R. Lozano
    Attorney at Law
    231 S. Bemiston, Ste 800
    St. Louis, Missouri 63105
    (314) 456-4567
    Get Directions on Google Maps

    Free Consultation

    Call (314) 456-4567 for a free, immediate consultation. Richard R. Lozano represents those charged with serious crimes throughout the St. Louis, Missouri area and surrounding counties including St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, Jefferson County, and more. Drug charges, sex crimes, robber, assault, theft, murder, assault, armed criminal action, DWI, and other serious felonies.

    Latest News

    Four Felony Count Case Dismissed A judge refused to bind over two of four counts in an alleged assault case in St. Francois County, Missouri. The remaining two counts were dismissed by agreement with the prosecuting attorney. The defendant had been accused of pointing a shotgun in a threatening manner at a neighbor and then resisting arrest. At preliminary hearing, the judge dismissed the counts of endangering the welfare of a child and armed criminal action because it was proven that the child was far away and at a right angle to the alleged incident and was never in danger. The remaining two counts were dismissed voluntarily by the State due to lack of evidence. Richard Lozano represented the defendant.

    Motion to Suppress Granted A Marion County circuit judge granted defendant s motion to suppress. Defendant was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for speeding. The stop was delayed unnecessarily in order for the deputy, who admitted to not having reasonable suspicion that any criminal activity was occurring, to call for the K-9 unit. A subsequent search revealed alleged drugs and paraphernalia. Defendant moved to suppress the evidence due to the detention and subsequent search as being unlawful. Defendant s motion was granted. Richard Lozano represented the defendant.

    Agreement Reached on Principia Hazing Charges One of three defendants in the alleged Principia hazing incident plead guilty to misdemeanor assault charges. Attorney Richard Lozano represented the defendant in St. Louis County and reached the agreement after several months of negotiations with the St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney s office. The remaining two co-defendants face multiple felony sex charges.

    Lozano on KMOX Attorney Richard Lozano was interviewed on KMOX in St. Louis regarding the defense of property. KMOX explored property owner rights in light of rioting in Ferguson.

    Lozano in the Washington Post Attorney Richard Lozano was interviewed by the Washington Post regarding a lawsuit brought by his client against the Jefferson County Sheriff s Department for excessive use of force against a 12 year old boy.

    Richard Lozano Selected a Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorney for 2015 by ASLA Richard Lozano selected as a Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer in Missouri by the American Society of Legal Advocates. ASLA is an invitation-only legal society that strives to limit its membership to the top 1.5% of attorneys in the nation.

    Charges Refused in Child Molestation Investigation A St. Louis County man accused of child molestation will not face charges, Lozano announced. The accusations stem from a questionable hotline through an elementary school. An investigation concluded that no evidence existed to support the accusations.

    Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor Felony charges of assault on law enforcement were reduced to a misdemeanor for a man accused of driving his personal watercraft at a Missouri highway patrolman on the Meramec River. Depositions revealed evidentiary and credibility issues with the State s witness.


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    Resisting Arrest: Laws, Penalties, and Defense #omaha #criminal #defense #attorney


    Resisting Arrest: Laws, Penalties, and Defense

    What is Resisting Arrest?

    Resisting arrest occurs when a person interferes with a law enforcement officer s attempt to perform a lawful arrest. Some states call the crime obstruction. The crime can be a felony or a misdemeanor. depending on the severity of the actions of the person being arrested.

    Misdemeanor resisting arrest (or misdemeanor obstruction) can include actions such as running and hiding from a law enforcement officer. Felony resisting arrest usually requires that a person either act violently toward the arresting officer or threaten to act violently.

    Felony Resisting Arrest: What Does the Prosecutor Have to Prove?

    In order to secure a conviction for resisting arrest, the prosecutor must produce evidence on the following issues, called the elements of the offense, and the judge or jury must decide that the prosecutor has proved each one of them beyond a reasonable doubt. While the elements of the crime may vary from state to state, usually all of the following must be true:

    • The defendant intentionally resisted or obstructed a law enforcement officer. This means the defendant intentionally acted in a way to hinder the arrest. However, the person need not have intended the result or harm that his actions caused.
    • The defendant acted violently toward the law enforcement officer or threatened to act violently. For example, striking or pushing the officer would satisfy this requirement. Similarly, a defendant s threat to strike an officer with an object in the defendant s hand would also satisfy this requirement.
    • The law enforcement officer was lawfully discharging his official duties. This means the law enforcement officer was properly engaged in the performance of official duties, such as investigating a crime or making a traffic stop. A law enforcement officer can be acting lawfully even when arresting the wrong person and even if the charges are dropped or the defendant secures an acquittal at trial.

    Who Are Law Enforcement Officers?

    State laws vary when it comes to defining law enforcement officers. In addition to police officers, sheriffs and other commonly encountered peace officers, the term may include other law enforcement personnel such as prison guards, probation supervisors, parole supervisors, park rangers, or correctional officers.

    Because private security guards are not performing a public duty, they are usually treated as private citizens and not as law enforcement officers. Therefore, resisting arrest laws often do not apply to attempted arrests by security guards.

    The result may be different when off-duty law enforcement officers work as private security guards. Some courts have found that resisting arrest laws do apply to off-duty police officers working as private security guards; but other courts have found that the resisting arrest laws do not apply to these off-duty officers.

    How Much Resistance Must the Prosecutor Prove?

    State laws also vary as to the kinds of acts and threats that will constitute felony resisting arrest. Physical violence is enough, while a simple refusal to talk is not enough. Non-threatening statements of disagreement with the officer s actions usually are not enough. However, loud, threatening, and extended arguments may be enough.

    Defenses to a Charge of Resisting Arrest

    Defendants charged with resisting arrest sometimes offer one or more of the following defenses. The requirements to prove these defenses vary by state.


    Police officers are entitled to use the amount of force necessary, in the circumstances, to accomplish the arrest. But if the arresting officer acts violently and is not justified in doing so, the arrestee may protect himself and resist the arrest. For example, if a law enforcement officer unjustifiably attempts to shoot the arrestee, the arrestee may fight back. The person being arrested cannot act violently toward the arresting officer unless the officer acted violently first.

    Importantly, the arrestee himself must exercise self-restraint, using only the force reasonably necessary under the circumstances to resist the arrest. For instance, if the arrestee subdues a police officer who has acted unreasonably, the arrestee cannot then harm the officer further.

    Unlawful arrest

    An unlawful arrest is an arrest that is not authorized by law, such as an arrest without a warrant or probable cause. In some states, a person may resist an unlawful arrest, but only with reasonable force. Reasonable force is generally considered to be only the amount of force necessary to resist the arrest.

    In other states, statutes and court rulings have changed this rule to require a person to submit to the unlawful arrest, as long as the law enforcement officer is performing the lawful duties of the officer s job.

    For much more on this topic, including the risks of resisting arrest, see Resisting Unlawful Arrest .


    Someone convicted of felony resisting arrest can be subjected to any or all of the following penalties:

    • Incarceration. Sentences may involve time in the county jail, or one or more years in state prison, depending on the state. The judge may require that the entire sentence be served in jail.
    • Fines. Courts impose fines to penalize defendants. These fines also help defray the cost of maintaining the criminal justice system. Fines vary depending on the circumstances, but usually start at $1,000.
    • Probation. A person on probation regularly meets with a probation officer and fulfills other terms and conditions, such as maintaining employment and attending counseling.
    • Community service. Courts often include as a part of probation the requirement that the defendant volunteer for a specified number of hours with court-approved organizations, such as charities.

    Additional Information

    Find more information surrounding arrests.

    See a Lawyer

    If you are facing a charge of resisting arrest, consider consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney who regularly practices in your area. A lawyer can evaluate the strength of the prosecution s case against you and help develop any defenses you might have. For example, if you believe that your resistance was justified because the arrest was unlawful, you ll need to know whether your state recognizes this defense, as explained above.

    A lawyer s skillful negotiation with the prosecutor can sometimes result in a reduction of felony resisting arrest charges to misdemeanor charges, or even dismissal of the charges. A local criminal defense attorney, who knows how the prosecutors and judges involved in your case typically handle such cases, can assist with these negotiations. And if you decide to go to trial, having a good lawyer in your corner will be essential.

    Talk to a Defense attorney


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    Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer #criminal #attorney #seattle


    Posted by admin on Aug 10, 2016 Despite the complexity of a client s charges and past history we endeavor at The Crowley Law Firm to put a full reasoned effort in protecting their rights and in navigating the criminal justice system. It can work out very well for the client and it is often appreciated as in this recent AVVO review. Best Lawyer there ever could be. 5.0 stars Posted by Larry August 9, 2016 I ve dealt with Mr.John R. Crowley First hand. He is very confident, When he tells you something he means it. He won t tell you. Read More

    Posted by admin on Mar 4, 2016 After an earlier trial which ended in a hung jury Snohomish County elected to retry The Crowley Law Firm client. (The Crowley Law Firm practices in all counties in Washington State and in Federal Courts) In a highly technical two-and-a-half week trial, Crowley Law Firm principal John Crowley was able to secure a complete acquittal on both counts of 1st Degree Arson. More details to follow. See other case types defended by The Crowley Law Firm. Read More

    Posted by admin on Jan 4, 2016 When you are facing serious charges it might be hard to get in the holiday spirit. But this Crowley Law Firm client got the best present ever. His review from the AVVO site: A Christmas to remember! Thanks to John! 5.0 stars Posted by a client January 2, 2016 Hired attorney I recently was accused and charged with a sexual assault crime which carried a long prison sentence, and if found guilty, I would ve gone to prison for a while and would ve lost my family and everything I ve worked hard for. As a. Read More

    Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2015 On November 19 at 5:30 pm the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict in favor of Tyree Houfmuse. John Crowley of the Crowley Law Firm was defense counsel for Mr. Houfmuse. This is the second trial of Mr. Houfmuse as the first ended in a mistrial. The prosecution alleged that one week before Thanksgiving of 2014, a former Black Gangster Desciple (BGD) associate of Mr. Houfmuse, Anthony Red Assalin, staged an invasion assault on Mr. Houfmuse s family home in Hermiston, Oregon. There, the prosecution admits, Red and his two. Read More

    Posted by admin on Oct 1, 2015 In serious felonies there is much at stake for both the client and the law firm. For the client, a life-changing, potentially disastrous result. For the law firm, an enormous amount of research, paralegal work and numerous hours both in and out of court as well as an immense desire to win in the arena. That is why on occasion we like to let potential clients know what kind of results the firm is getting in various case areas. Check the following and see if your case type is represented. These are just results in the last few weeks. DRUG. Read More

    Posted by admin on Sep 28, 2015 An unsolicited review from a client represented by John Crowley on felonies in two Washington State counties. Asks the question: What do you want in a criminal defense attorney? Happy talk or results? courtroom genius When I hired John I was facing 5 felonies in 2 counties and looking at many years. Now both cases are resolved and i ended up with two misdemeanors and 90 days on them. This is what I would tell any person who is facing some serious charges. If you need emotional support pick a different attorney. If you want a legal. Read More

    Posted by admin on Jul 2, 2015 In a stranger than television twist to an extremely serious First Degree Assault trial in Benton County, Washington, the trial judge reluctantly granted a defense motion for a mistrial today after apparent juror misconduct was discovered by a civilian living in and reading internet blogs in the state of Indiana who then telephoned the trial judge from Indiana and advised her of the apparent juror misconduct. The trial of client Tyree Houfmuse is alleged to have been a gunfight between Mr. Houfmuse and Anthony Red . Read More

    Posted by admin on Jul 2, 2015 The Crowley Law Firm, PLLC and John Crowley start trial in Benton County Superior Court on Monday June 29. The charge is First Degree Assault with a firearm enhancement. A conviction to these charges will carry a sentence of 450-months for client Tyree Houfmuse. The prosecution alleges that one week before Thanksgiving of 2014, a former Black Gangster Desciple (BGD) associate of Mr. Houfmuse, Anthony Red Assalin, staged an invasion assault on Mr. Houfmuse s family home in Hermiston, Oregon. There, the prosecution admits, Red . Read More

    Posted by admin on Jun 15, 2015 Crowley is the strongest, toughest lawyer i have ever seen in court. Period. Posted by Maurice, a Criminal Defense client, 7 days ago Overall rating Excellent Trustworthy Excellent Responsive Excellent Knowledgeable Excellent Kept me informed Good I recommend John Crowley. I hired John 6-12 months ago. John handled my Criminal Defense matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. I can write this review because I am not doing time thanks to Crowley. Crowley represented me last summer on a federal drug case. I. Read More

    Posted by admin on Mar 30, 2015 John Crowley, the principal attorney at The Crowley Law Firm of Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima and in federal appeals nationwide, talks to the press about why the firm s client Brenda Wing should be found Not Guilty in the upcoming murder trial in Lewis County. Read the attached article from the Centralia Chronicle and an excerpt here. Crowley requested on Thursday in Lewis County Superior Court for the trial to be moved back one week to May 18, which the judge granted. He told reporters the extra week will give him enough time to. Read More

    John Crowley In Court


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    The Superior Court of California – Court Locations – Larson Justice


    American with Disabilities Act – Accommodations (ADA)

    Building Accommodations:

    The main entry to the Larson Justice Center is located on the north side of the court facility. A wheelchair ramp is located to the right of the entry. The entry door is automated for handicapped entry.

    All individuals seeking entrance to the facility must pass through security screening which includes a metal detector (magnetometer). Screening devices can accommodate wheelchairs of average size. Individuals with pacemakers or cochlear implants may request screening via a hand held wand from security screening personnel.

    Public restrooms are located on all three floors of the building. Entrances, stalls and sinks in all restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are also located in the jury assembly room on the second floor and the jury deliberation rooms on the second and third floors.

    Lowered, wheelchair accessible drinking fountains are located on all three floors of the courthouse, in the east and west ends of the building.

    Smoke detectors and fire alarm systems are equipped with strobe lights.

    Elevator cabs are equipped with Braille signage and emergency call features to accommodate those with seeing and hearing impairment.

    Courtroom Accommodations:

    The Larson Justice Center is a three-story building located on Oasis Street, which houses the following court departments: 2E, 2H, 2G, 2F, 2J, 2K, 3M, 3N, 3P, 3R, 3S, and 3T. Counsel tables in each courtroom are wheelchair accessible. With the exception of Department 2K, all courtroom jury boxes are wheelchair accessible; however, witness stands are not. Courtroom doors are not equipped with automated entry buttons. The jury assembly room is located on the second floor and is accessed by the public elevator on north side of the building. Jury deliberation rooms are located on the second and third floors and are accessed by the public elevator on the north side of the building. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located in the jury deliberation rooms and the jury assembly room.

    Assistive listening devices are available for hearing-disabled individuals. Individuals anticipating the need to use hearing assisted devices are requested to notify the ADA Coordinator’s Office by completing Judicial Council Form MC 410 and submitting the form to the Court’s Human Resource Department as far in advance of the court date as possible and in any event no less than five (5) court days prior to the hearing.

    If a printed transcript of a court hearing is required, please make arrangements to purchase one from the court reporter.

    Individuals in need of sign language interpreters may request assistance through the Court’s Human Resource Department. Individuals may request Computer Assisted Real-Time Transcription or CART assistance through the ADA Coordinator’s Office by submitting Judicial Council Form MC 410 to the ADA Coordinator in as far advance of the court date as possible and in any event no less than five (5) court days prior to the hearing. Generally, sign language interpreters and CART reporters are provided to facilitate a hearing disabled individual’s participation in court proceedings, but they may be permitted to accompany an individual at other times to facilitate communication in court matters.

    Clerk’s Office Accommodations

    The clerk’s office located on the first floor has lowered, wheelchair accessible public service counters. There are also wheelchair accessible work surfaces available for customers. A speech-generating device (NEO Text2Speech) is available upon request at any customer service window. Magnification devices are also available upon request to facilitate reading smaller print on court forms.

    Lowered counters are also located in the Family Law Assistance Center and in the Self-Help Center.

    Items Not Allowed in Court Buildings

    • Any firearms
    • Taser / Stun guns
    • Gun shaped lighters
    • Toy or replica guns
    • BB guns
    • Pellet guns
    • All bullets and ammunition
  • Buck type knives – all size blades
  • Swiss Army / utility type knives – all size blades
  • Butter and steak knives – all size blades
  • Multi-tool type knives – all size blades
  • Concealable / disguised knives – all size blades
  • Switchblade knives / gravity knives
  • Pocket knives
  • Miscellaneous sharp items (includes knitting needles and crochet hooks)
  • Scissors
    • Razors (includes single razor blades)
    • Box cutters
    • All ‘exacto’ type tools
    • Screwdrivers
    • Pliers
    • Wrenches
    • Hammers
    • Ice picks
  • Tear Gas
  • Mace
  • Pepper gas
  • Animal repellent
  • Butane Fuel
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Darts
  • Letter openers
  • Pieces of heavy-duty wire
  • Heavy gauge chains
  • Laser pointers (exception: attorneys needing for trial)
    • Needles/Syringes (non-diabetics or without a prescription)
    • Alcohol and controlled substances, including marijuana, per PC4573(a); U.S.C Section 812
    • Handcuffs
    • Handcuff keys
  • Excess clothing beyond what is reasonable for personal use and current weather conditions
  • Glass containers or objects
  • Other miscellaneous items that present a safety concern as determined by Sheriff’s Department supervisors for each facility.

  • 06/09/2017

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    Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney, Orange County Lawyer, Orange County Law Firm,


    Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

    Choosing a lawyer is one of life s most critical decisions. When you are accused of a crime, more than your liberty is at stake you risk loss of career, home, and reputation. When you are injured and unable to work due to the fault of another, you face potentially the same catastrophic consequences. In either case, you are swept into a chain of events over which you feel you have no control. That is why you must act quickly and wisely.

    You need an attorney you can trust – an attorney who has the experience, reputation, skill, and determination to successfully defend your rights and secure a just result in your case. When it comes to your freedom and your future, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to hire the very best.

    Mr. Flores is a former Orange County Deputy District Attorney who handled some of the highest profile criminal cases in the State of California and Orange County. He also practiced in the civil arena with a large national law firm in Orange County and Arizona handling personal injury product liability cases.

    He is a highly skilled lawyer with a reputation for integrity and fierce trial skill. Below are just some of the areas that Mr. Flores will handle. Please read on to learn more about Edward R. Flores.

    Mr. Flores holds an AV Peer Review Rating. AV is the preeminent Rating, achievable only after admission to the bar for at least ten years, indicating the highest level of legal ability and ethics; The pinnacle of professional excellence. See Martindale-Hubbell

    I hear much of people’s calling out to punish the guilty, but very few are concerned to clear the innocent. – Daniel Defoe

    Top Criminal Defense Attorney Services

    Client Pledge

    • Each client will be treated courteously and respectfully.
    • Client telephone calls will be returned promptly.
    • Discussions with client will be at all times honest and direct.
    • Edward R. Flores will pursue client s objectives zealously as governed by the Rules of Professional Responsibility, ethical conduct, and the law.
    • Your case will be handled competently and diligently in accord with the highest standards of the legal profession.
    • Client communications will at all times be kept confidential. This applies to all communications made during the attorney/client relationship even after your case has concluded and the relationship has ceased.
    • All fees and costs will be explained in advance.
    • You will receive copies of important documents.

    There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. – Ayn Rand

    Orange County Lawyer Edward R. Flores – Former Senior Deputy District Attorney

    Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer review rating process. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the Bar and the Judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell Ratings fall into two categories – legal ability and general ethical standards.

    DISCLAIMER. This site and any information contained including outbound links herein are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter.


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    New Jersey – Criminal Mischief Laws – NJ Criminal Mischief Penalties


    New Jersey

    In New Jersey, criminal mischief is a property damage crime. As the law explains, you could be charged with and possibly found guilty of criminal mischief if you:

    1. Purposely or knowingly damaged someone else s property, or recklessly or negligently damaged someone else s property by fire or explosives, or
    2. Purposely, knowingly, or recklessly tampered with someone else s property so that such tampering endangers someone or some property.

    The charge and potential sentence you face depends on the specifics of your case.

    Charged with Criminal Property Damage? Please call (800) 921-7210 .

    NJ Criminal Mischief: 3 rd Degree Offense Penalties

    Criminal mischief is categorized as a 3 rd degree crime if any of the following apply:

    1. If the act knowingly causes loss of $2,000 or more,
    2. If the act causes a substantial interruption or impairment of a public utility, communication system or public transportation,
    3. If the damage involves damaging, defacing, altering, or causes the loss of property used at a research facility or causes disruption to the facility, or
    4. If the act involves tampering with any grave, crypt or mausoleum with the intent of destroying or stealing any part thereof including human remains.

    In New Jersey, crimes categorized as 3 rd degree carry a potential sentence of up to 3 to 5 years in a state penitentiary.

    NJ Criminal Mischief: 4 th Degree Offense Penalties

    Criminal mischief can be charged as a 4 th degree offense under the following circumstances:

    1. If the act knowingly causes loss of between $500 and $2,000,
    2. If it involves damaging, removing, or impairing such air traffic devices as lights, signs, and signals, or
    3. If it involves tampering with any airport, landing field, airport, or aviation facility.

    4 th degree crimes carry a potential prison sentence of up to 18 months.

    NJ Criminal Mischief: Disorderly Person Offense Penalties

    If you commit criminal mischief and the damage is valued at less than $500, you will be charged with a disorderly person offense. These offenses carry a possible penalty of up to 6 months in county jail.


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    Brown White – Osborn LLP #criminal #defense #attorney #los #angeles


    Experience where it counts means successful results for our clients.

    “I engaged Ron Wood as counsel to a special committee of a publicly-traded U.S. company. He oversaw foreign and domestic investigations and advised the special committee on the restatement of several years of financial statements as well as issues potentially related to FCPA. He grasped the details of a far-flung company, and he gained the confidence of the special committee and the board. With Mr. Wood as counsel, the special committee successfully completed its responsibilities, and the company avoided an SEC investigation. I strongly recommend Ron Wood.”

    Chairman of a special committee charged with investigating allegations of financial reporting irregularities and possible legal violations by a U.S. company in several European subsidiaries.

    “I am so glad that you will still be around to work with. I have enjoyed your wisdom, advice and sometimes pushing. You are without a doubt the smartest, wittiest and most effective attorney that I have ever known (and I am old). If there is anything I can do for you that doesn’t involve time, commitment or money, please call.”

    Manager of national broker-dealer’s Santa Monica office after resolving several litigation and regulatory matters.

    “Thank You – Thank You – Thank You. I so appreciate everything everyone has done for me. Ron Wood and [his associate] were terrific support these last few years. It was an emotional roller coaster for me! Ron is really a classy guy and a powerhouse attorney, and I can speak the same for [his associate] – so professional!”

    Pro bono client referred by the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s AIDS Legal Services Project, as quoted in the Association’s monthly “County Bar Update,” January 2015 edition, Vol. 35, No. 1.

    “When I faced politically motivated criminal charges that were potentially career-ending, the firm fought tenaciously to convince a judge to dismiss the charges and secured reimbursement for my unfair treatment. Their knowledge of the conflict of interest laws and their litigation experience were crucial.”

    – Nicholas Conway, Arroyo Seco Associates, Inc.

    “Ron, I’m probably too emotional right now but a big thank you to you. You fought for our cause as hard as us and never waivered in your support for us. Not to take anything away from the rest of the team, they all did an awesome job. We just know how hard your worked on this. Thank you.”

    Founder of Mezzanine Fund that provides debt financing to private equity sponsors upon learning, after an 18 month SEC investigation and receipt of a Wells notice, that the SEC staff was withdrawing its recommendation for enforcement action.

    “Thank you for your hard work, dedication, patience and persistence in generating a wonderful outcome. Your stewardship, experience and intellect, were invaluable. Although it was a stressful matter for us, it was a pleasure working with you and your team. Thanks for being so good.”

    – Managing Director of a Private Equity Fund after enduring SEC investigation that represented an existential threat to the business, as well as an ongoing fund raise

    If you were here, I would kiss you. This is great news. Thank you for all your help here.

    Chief Financial Officer of Venture Capital firm that seeds technology start-ups after learning the SEC had elected to discontinue a 12 month investigation


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    Criminal Justice Schools in Pennsylvania #criminal #justice #schools #in #pennsylvania, #pa


    Criminal Justice Schools in Pennsylvania | PA

    PA Criminal Justice

    Projections Central predicts a 356% increase in gaming surveillance officer jobs through to 2018 for Pennsylvania. Last year, The Washington Times reported that the state earned the highest tax revenue from casinos and gaming operations. CBS 21 News projected that Pennsylvania will become the country�s second best gambling hot spot, surpassing Atlantic City. You could become a gaming surveillance officer, an ideal position to kick start your criminal justice career, whether you choose to move on to law enforcement, a courtroom, homeland security or the FBI. Check out the criminal justice schools in Pennsylvania for information on casino surveillance or gaming security programs. Notice how schools offer online or campus programs so you can select a course load that suits your schedule.

    The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole supervises over 267,000 parolees and probationers, states the National Institute of Corrections. In fact, in 2010, the state�s per capita number of parolees exceeded the national average by 262%. This probably explains why Pennsylvania is one of five states with the highest concentration of probation officers and correctional treatment specialists. If you would like to become one of these community corrections professionals, take a criminal justice degree in Pennsylvania specializing in corrections, psychology, social work, law enforcement or another related discipline.

    Whether you want to become a police officer or lawyer, the criminal justice schools in Pennsylvania offer campus or online programs to help start your career.

    Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Career Outlook

    Many criminal justice careers in Pennsylvania show a positive outlook for growth. With their average number of annual job openings provided by Projections Central, here are some examples:

    • Police and Sheriff�s Patrol Officers

    840 openings/year

  • Correctional Officers and Jailers
    670 openings/year
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators
    120 openings/year
  • First-line Supervisors of Police and Detectives
    130 openings/year
  • Private Detectives and Investigators
    100 openings/year
  • Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists
    70 openings/year
  • Paralegals and Legal Assistants
    240 openings/year
  • Lawyers
    640 openings/year
  • Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators
    90 openings/year
  • Security Guards

    1,060 openings openings/year

  • If any of these budding careers interest you, check out the list of online or campus criminal justice schools in Pennsylvania for information on relevant programs. For example, if you would like to become a police officer, it would be wise to take at least an Associate�s degree in law enforcement. Or you might want to take a criminal justice degree in Pennsylvania specializing in corrections to become a jailer or correctional officer.

    Top Criminal Justice Employers Agencies

    In Pennsylvania, there are two FBI field offices (Pittsburg and Philadelphia), one Homeland Security Special-Agent-in-Charge office (Philadelphia) and four U.S. Secret Service field offices (Scranton, Harrisburg, Pittsburg and Philadelphia). To become qualified for any of these federal agencies it would be wise to specialize. For example, you could take a criminal justice degree in Pennsylvania majoring in counterterrorism, cyber security, homeland security, computer forensics, criminal psychology, law enforcement or another relevant discipline.

    Additionally, a division of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is located in Philadelphia. To become a DEA Agent, start with completing a criminal justice or law enforcement degree at one of the criminal justice schools in Pennsylvania.

    Finally, one of the FBI�s Regional Computer Forensic Laboratories (RCFL) is located in Philadelphia. To become a digital forensics professional, consider taking a computer forensics degree.

    Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Legal Job Outlook Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Salary

    Employment Growth through 2018

    Sources: Growth Projections

    Salary Range

    Pennsylvania Crime Rate

    According to the National Institute of Corrections, Pennsylvania�s crime rate is roughly 21% lower than the overall country�s crime rate. Its property crime rate is 24% lower and its violent crime rate is about on par with the national average. In 2010, the FBI reported approximately 2,173 property crimes and 366 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

    Narrowing in on Philadelphia, its 13th Street neighborhood causes more concern. Dr. Andrew Schiller ( ranked the district as the sixth most dangerous neighborhood in the country for 2010. Schiller and his team calculated that an individual had a 1 in 9 chance of falling victim to violence (which equates to approximately 11,700 violent crimes per 100,000 people).

    Pennsylvania’s Correctional System Stats

    Number of Facilities/Offices

    Number of Inmates


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    Chicago s DUI Lawyer #best #criminal #lawyer #in #chicago


    Chicago’s Premiere DUI Law Firm

    Charles S. Beach Associates is a Chicago firm representing individuals charged with DUI, driving on suspended or revoked license and other criminal and traffic related matters. Our firm is dedicated to our clients and protecting their interests.

    –Call (312) 739-0500 to schedule a freeconsultation–

    Driving Under the Influence

    DUI is a serious criminal charge that can have immediate and long term consequences. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI it is important to retain an aggressive DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Beyond the criminal DUI charge, there is also a suspension of your driving privileges to consider and the earlier you retain competent legal counsel, the more likely you are to beat that suspension. For more information.

    Driving on Suspended/Revoked License

    Driving while suspended or revoked can be charges as either a felony or a misdemeanor. There is a difference between a suspended license and a revoked license. For more information.

    Driver’s License Reinstatement

    A driver’s license can be revoked in a number of ways. The State of Illinois uses an administrative process in order to get a driver’s license reinstated. You are entitled to an attorney at your hearing. For more information.

    Other Traffic Matters

    Minor traffic tickets can have major consequences on your driving privileges. It is always best to contact an attorney before paying a fine or requesting a court date for a petty offense. An attorney from our office is in traffic court every day and we’d be happy to help.

    Criminal Defense

    A criminal charge can impact the rest of your life. Our attorneys have experience with all types of cases at both the felony and misdemeanor level. We can assist you through the criminal process and fight to achieve the best results for you.

    Call (312) 739-0500 to schedule a consultation.


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    Florida Marijuana Laws – FL Marijuana Possession Penalties – Florida Drug


    Florida Marijuana Charge?

    Free Legal Defense Case Evaluation on Florida Marijuana Possession Charges

    Florida marijuana possession laws are among the toughest in the county, and the penalties the most severe. With many states passing medical marijuana laws, there is a nationwide trended to decriminalize possession of pot. Unfortunately Florida has not caught up to this trend to lay off the harmless pot smokers. Simple possession of marijuana is still a seriously prosecuted misdemeanor criminal offense.

    If you were convicted of possession of marijuana it is possible to be sentenced to jail time, even for small amounts. Thought there is not a big risk of jail time likely for small amounts of pot, a joint or a blunt, any risk of jail time is enough to make most people very nervous. It is at a time like this that you need a defense attorney you can trust, to help you figure out what you are facing, and what you can do about it.

    Our lawyers know how the Florida criminal courts treat marijuana offenses and can help you get the best possible results in court. Whether you were caught with a small personal amount or busted with plants or a large amount, we can help .

    We have handled many marijuana cases in the past and can tell you about results in cases similar to yours. But we still know each case is different and treat each accordingly. We are interested in learning the specifics of your case.

    Call at at (877) 394-6959 for a free marijuana charge case evaluation, or contact us via the form, and we will be in touch. There s no obligation.

    Florida Marijuana Possession Laws Penalties

    The seriousness of charge you face obviously depends on the amount of marijuana you were caught with or accused of possessing. If you are being charged with possession of cannabis, you will face the following charges:

    With 1 st degree felony charges you may be facing up to life in prison. The minimum sentence listed is only the bare minimum that the judge isrequired to sentence you to.

    Can I Beat a Marijuana Possession Charge?

    Yes, there are always opportunities to fight the case in courts. We can file motions to suppress evidence against in you court, and challenge every element of your arrest, and any alleged evidence against you. Cops can absolutely be known to get out of line on pot busts, and exceed their legal authority.

    If this is a first offense of marijuana possession, and you are facing simple possession charge, we may be able to improve your chances of getting probation rather than serving any time. We will look at the circumstances surrounding your case and be able to give you a good indication of what kind of outcome you may get in court.

    When you are facing possession of cannabis charges or other offenses in Florida criminal courts, time is of the essence. Call today for a consultation on your case with an experienced Florida defense lawyer, who knows how to fight and win marijuana cases in Florida criminal courts.

    Call (877) 394-6959 for no obligation legal defense advice on any marijuana arrest in Florida.

    Free Legal Consultation

    Contact an attorney for a free legal case evaluation on any criminal charge by calling:

    (877) 394-6959


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    Bonds for small businesses #bond, #bonds, #bond #form, #bond #forms, #criminal,


    USLegal Forms


    Do You Need Bond Protection?

    What is a bond?

    In simple terms, a bond is an instrument that compels payment of a specific sum of money. A bond imposes an obligation upon an individual to pay a specific sum of money to another person on a fixed date.

    Bail Bonds

    The term “bail bond” is often seen used. What are bonds in the context of bail law? Bail is the surety/ money a defendant or pays in order to ensure the appearance of the defendant in the court on a later day. A bail bond compels payment of bail amount. In order to help defendants who cannot afford to pay the bail amount, there are entities such as bail bonding agents and bail bond companies. A bail bonding company acts as a surety for the appearance of defendants and issues bail bonds. On the assurance of a bail bond company, a court will allow the defendants to go free. In return, bail bond companies charge a percentage of the amount of the bond and also require the defendant to furnish collateral security. The company issuing the bail bond surety has to pay the bond as a penalty if the defendant fails to appear on the specified date in the court. If the bail bond agent believes that the defendant s/he bailed out is about to flee, s/he can cancel the bond performance and arrest that defendant. Bail bond agents are licensed and bonded by state law.

    Surety Bonds

    There are several types of bonds where each bond is different and has a specific purpose. In the context of bails and bonds, a surety bond is a type of security bond given for the amount of the bail and guarantees an accused person’s return to court. In finance, a surety bond is a bond in which one party promises to pay a specified sum to the other party if a third party fails to meet some obligation. In either case, a notice of bond should be filed before making claim on a surety bond.

    Surety bonds may be of different types depending upon their field of use. A surety bond issued by an insurance company in order to assure completion of a venture by a contractor is called a performance bond. Another type of surety bond is a construction bond. It is issued by investors to protect themselves against any failure in completion of construction by builders. A payment bond is a surety bond issued by a contractor to guarantee payment to sub- contractors.

    Other Bonds

    There are also other forms of bonds like bid bonds, fidelity bonds, and license bonds. A bid bond is issued for the purpose of providing an assurance to a project owner to the effect that the bidder will undertake the job. Fidelity bonds are insurance bonds that protect policy holders from losses. A license bond is a mandatory bond for securing a license to pursue some business or profession.

    An appeal bond is a bond given when a judgment is appealed. It is given as an assurance of payment of the original judgment amount. An appeal bond is given at the time of filing a notice of appeal or after obtaining the appeal order. Another type of bond filed at the time of appeal is the supersedeas bond. It is filed by an appellant to delay payment awarded in the original judgment pending the appeal.

    Bond FAQs

    What are bonds?

    Bonds are debt instruments in which one person guarantees the debt of another person. By issuing a bond the obligor obliges to pay a certain sum of money on a certain date.

    What are bail bonds?

    Before releasing an accused person from custody, the courts will order such a person to pay a certain sum of money. This money is called bail and it is ordered to ensure the defendant’s return. To help defendants who do not have enough money to pay the bail amount, bail bond companies issue bail bonds. A bail bond is a guarantee made on behalf of a defendant that the defendant will appear in court at the specified time. The courts issue a notice of bond forfeiture to the bond surety if the defendant fails to appear in court on the specified date. Bail bonds are governed and bonded by state statutes.

    What is a bond hearing?

    A bond hearing is a legal proceeding held before a judge to determine if the defendant can be released on bail bond and if bail is granted, at what bail amount. It is generally held within 48 hours of the arrest. The constitution of the United States provides the limits of bond amounts to be charged for a particular crime. Question: What happens if the defendant released on bail fails to appear on the specified date? Answer: When the defendant released on bail misses a court appearance on the specified date, the court will schedule a forfeiture hearing and the date will be given by a notice to the defendant, bail bonding agents, the bail bonding company and other parties involved. If the defendant fails to appear before the forfeiture hearing the bond performance will be canceled and bond will be forfeited.

    What does bail bond exoneration mean?

    Bail bond exoneration is a legal process in which the liability for the amount of bond is discharged. A bail bond is exonerated if the defendant appears in the court at the specified dates. It is done after the adjudication. When a bail bond is exonerated, the bail bond company will not have any future financial obligation in relation to the defendant’s case.

    What are surety bonds and what are the different types?

    Surety bonds are instruments in which one person agrees to pay a certain amount of money to another person, if the other person’s debtor fails to pay the amount. A surety bail bond is a bond given for the bail amount to assure return of the accused person to court. There are various forms of bonds which vary in their purpose and nature.

    Performance bond – Performance bond is a type of surety bond issued by an insurance company. It is issued as a security to ensure the completion of a project by a contractor.

    Construction bond – Construction bond is a type of bond issued by investors. Such bonds are issued to protect investors from the loss caused to them by uncompleted projects by builders.

    Payment bond – Payment bonds are security bonds issued by contractors. Such bonds are issued to ensure payment to sub contractors.

    Bid bond – A bid bond is a type of bond that ensure the project owner that the bidder will undertake the project.

    Fidelity bonds – Fidelity bonds are bonds issued by insurance companies to protect their policy holders from losses.

    License bond – License bonds are bonds prescribed by statutes to pursue a business or a profession. Such bonds are mandatory to secure a license in order to engage in certain businesses or professions.

    Appeal bond – Appeal bonds are given as a guarantee for the payment of an original judgment amount. It is also known as a supersedeas bond.


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    Criminal Justice #branches #of #criminal #justice


    Criminal Justice

    The Criminal Justice Program is comprised of professional and general education courses and is designed to provide you with a broad exposure to criminal justice theory and processes. The online curriculum provides a balanced approach to law enforcement. The program has been developed in conjunction with active professionals in the field of criminal justice, who
    serve as members of an advisory committee.

    Successful completion of this program leads to a transferable Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice; an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice Corrections Option, intended for employees of the Washington Department of Corrections; and a One-Year Certificate in Criminal Justice.

    Career Opportunities

    Law enforcement officers
    Correctional officers
    Adult and juvenile probation officers
    Parole officers
    Private security officers

    Learning Outcomes

    • Correctly identify the major steps of the criminal justice process.
    • Develop an understanding of the function of each step of the criminal justice system and the key decisions that are made at each step.
    • Define each step and critically analyze how a case proceeds through the criminal justice system.
    • Articulate the functions of policing in the United States in terms of its historical roots, structure, and contemporary issues.
    • Develop an understanding of the court system in the United States in terms of constitutional issues and historical precedents.
    • Identify and understand correctional practices in the United States in relation to philosophies of punishment, sentencing practices, victim’s rights, and institutional limitations.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the purpose, function, and historical evolution of the American Criminal Justice System in terms of the three major branches of criminal justice: police, courts, and corrections.
    • Articulate the differences between the major criminological theories of the causes of crime and how those theories relate to policies toward crime and criminal behavior.
    • Apply individual criminological theories to specific types of offending and criminal behaviors.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the steps in the research process as it relates to the scientific method.

    Read More.

    The demand for trained personnel has grown significantly over the past several years and is expected to continue as police agencies meet the demands for crime control. Graduates typically find employment in the criminal justice system at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

    Security-related employment in the private sector also provides a wide variety of career possibilities. Entry-level educational requirements in criminal justice agencies vary significantly throughout the United States. Some agencies simply require a high school diploma. Others demand an associate degree, while some prefer candidates who possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Individuals need to be aware of specific educational requirements for entry-level employment within the various components of the criminal justice system.

    The program has been developed in conjunction with active professionals in the field of criminal justice, who serve as members of an advisory committee.


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    Criminal Justice Department #criminal #justice #department, #criminal, #justice, #law, #police, #law


    You have unlimited possibilities for success at Tennessee State University. We’re a leading institution of higher learning and provide students with the opportunity to experience academic and personal growth. You’ll receive instruction from top-notch faculty and be immersed in research, service learning, and student life activities, including internships, cultural, and study abroad opportunities.



    Our world-class faculty will teach you how to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations. As a student, you will become a problem solver and critical thinker. You may begin the admissions process by submitting your application. The university also assists in providing information on financial aid services, work-study, fellowships and scholarships based on eligibility and other rules and regulations established by the agencies.

    Tennessee State University students are go by the motto: “Think. Work. Serve.” But we also realize a little fun should be part of the collegiate experience to create a holistic approach to learning. With a variety of social, professional and civic clubs for students to participate in, there are many opportunities for you to share your time and talents and enjoy connecting with your fellow students to create the work-life balance needed for success in college and beyond.

    Tennessee State University counts on the generous contributions of alumni and friends to fulfill our mission of providing a top-notch, affordable education to the best and brightest students. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. When you support TSU, you help provide critically needed scholarships, departmental support and other special project funding that benefits our students.

    Tennessee State University is engaging in cutting-edge research to address critical challenges in our society. Our research arm supports faculty and students by taking their ideas from conception to fruition in critical areas such as biotechnology, homeland security and agriculture, to name a few. Our Centers of Excellence encourage collaborative and experimental learning opportunities and help expand the boundaries of science, education and technology.

    Tennessee State University Athletics is part of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) NCAA Division Ⅰ and offers football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, track and field, golf, tennis, softball and volleyball. We provide student-athletes with a positive academic and social environment to excel on and off the field. Our mission is to blend physical, emotional and intellectual development into one experience. We not only build winning-teams, but leaders in the classroom, in the community and in your profession of choice.

    Tennessee State University is a world-class university known for academic excellence, incredible students, inspiring faculty, exceptional value and an amazing campus and community. We invite you to learn more about TSU and our academic programs, admissions process, tuition and financial aid, campus visits, student housing and more.

    Tennessee State University is dedicated to helping students develop the skills needed for the real world. Our vibrant campus life, leadership opportunities, rigorous academic programs, access to scholarships and student services are just a few of the student services we offer. We are preparing career-ready professionals today for knowledge-based jobs tomorrow. The Tiger legacy continues with you.

    TSU loves parents! And we encourage you to stay involved with your Tennessee State University student. We strive to make the transition to college and beyond flow as smoothly as possible for everyone. We’ll keep you up-to-date on campus happenings through a monthly eNewsletter, a helpful Parent Guide and through many other programs and events. We’re here to help you and your student make the most out of your TSU experience.

    At Tennessee State University, our blood runs blue! We enjoy connecting, socializing and sharing news about the great things our alumni are doing across the globe. From our annual Homecoming celebration to donor events and volunteer activities, TSU alumni always find time to celebrate what it means to be a Big Blue Tiger. We welcome you back to campus anytime to rekindle your most memorable experiences.

    Welcome to Tennessee State University, located in the heart of Nashville, one of the nation’s most progressive cities! Whether you are here for your first visit, planning a campus tour or returning after many years away, TSU welcomes you to enjoy our facilities, hospitality and our unique history and contributions.

    Tennessee State University is proud to have 1,200 distinguished administrators, faculty and staff members as part of our team. With outstanding reputations for teaching, research and service, these professionals make valuable contributions to our community of scholars and ensure that TSU is a thriving public institution of higher learning.

    Criminal Justice Department

    Equipping Students for Work in Criminal Justice

    The Department of Criminal Justice has approximately 400 students and is one of the largest programs in the nation devoted to criminal justice education.

    The Department offers both undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate (M.C.J.) degrees in Criminal Justice. This degree is also an excellent Pre-Law major.

    The Criminal Justice curriculum contains a broad range of courses including Police Science, Social Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Law designed to equip students for work in the field of criminal justice. The Department’s wide range of academic courses are intended to achieve the following major objectives:

    • Provide students with an academic, ethical, and legal foundation for employment opportunities within the criminal justice field.
  • Foster the following knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs):

    good communication skills (written and oral)
    improved critical thinking (problem solving and reflective judgment)
    sharpen moral reasoning
    deepen the appreciation and complexity of living in a more global society

    Campus Location:
    Department of Criminal Justice
    Crouch Hall (a.k.a. Graduate Building), 3rd floor

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
    –Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Useful Links

    social media

    Tennessee State University has been designated a certified “Vets Campus” by the THEC, and “Military Friendly” by G.I Jobs and Victory Media.


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  • Welcome to the Law Office of Sean C #criminal #attorney #tucson


    At the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman there are no unimportant cases or clients. We take our responsibilities seriously. We perform our duties with attention to detail and confidence. We vigorously fight to protect our clients’ rights at every opportunity. You have the right to experienced legal representation that is needed.

  • We specialize in criminal law cases of all types, including: DUI / DWI. Property Crime, Murder / Homicide, White Collar Crimes, Robbery, Burglary, Theft, State Federal Drug Charges, Violent Sex Offender Crimes. We have provided legal defense for: US Border Patrol Officers, Public Corruption Charges, Law Enforcement Officers.

  • The Law Office of Sean C. Chapman has tried and won many notable cases. Both as a Federal Prosecutor (1997-2004) and now as a Criminal Defense Attorney. Our “Notable Cases” Page provides a chronological history of our more notable case victories.

  • If you’re facing drug-related charges in state or federal court, you need an experienced lawyer and a defense that won’t rest. At the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, you’ll find just that — an attorney who represents individuals charged with drug crimes in Tucson, Phoenix and throughout Arizona as a whole. Here, you’ll find the experienced legal representation and aggressive defense you need.

  • Although being charged with a violent crime can be a frightening and uncertain experience, you probably know that the criminal penalties you’re facing are very serious. You’re probably also aware of the fact that everyone who knows about the charges just do not seem to be looking at you or treating you the same way they did before. You may think you know that a conviction is a foregone conclusion at this point.

    Strong and Effective Legal Representation for individuals facing serious criminal charges

    Sean Chapman

    Over the last 25 years, Sean C. Chapman has earned a reputation as a highly skilled, effective, and honest trial attorney in Arizona. He has won some of the most significant high profile cases in Tucson in the last decade.

    Criminal Law Case Types

    Based in Tucson, AZ, but serving all of Arizona and nationwide, with respect to federal charges — the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, P.C. provides strong and effective legal representation on behalf of individuals facing serious criminal charges.

    Notable Cases

    Tried and Won by Attorney Sean C. Chapman As a Federal Prosecutor and Criminal Defense Lawyer.

    Drug Charges Information Center

    If you’re facing drug-related charges in state or federal court — you need an experienced lawyer and a defense that won’t rest.

    Violent Crime Case Defense

    Although being charged with a violent crime can be a frightening and uncertain experience — you probably know that the criminal penalties you’re facing are very serious.


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  • Boston Criminal Lawyer – Massachusetts Crime Defense Attorney – O Brien


    We are an experienced team of trial lawyers, with a distinguished record of providing superior legal advocacy, and a reputation for working tirelessly towards accomplishing the individualized goals of every single client. We understand that “success” means something different to every client.

    -Attorney Frank O’Brien

    Francis T. O Brien, Jr. serves as director of the firm s criminal practice group. Formerly a founding partner of the Boston Criminal Trial firm, Wheeler O Brien, P.C. Attorney O Brien brings over thirty years of experience in the field, and is one of the most well respected Boston criminal lawyers currently practicing today. Whether your case goes to trial or is resolved prior to that point, Attorney O Brien has the judgment, knowledge and skill to achieve the most favorable outcome for your case.

    The reality is that many arrests and criminal charges do not occur during normal business hours. A person facing criminal charges needs an aggressive attorney who is available and responsive whenever the need arises, wherever you are in the city of Boston, or in any town or city in Massachusetts. Whether your situation requires an immediate appearance at a criminal court, a Boston Police Station or Police Station anywhere in Massachusetts, State Police Barracks, jail or other location, call Francis T. O Brien, Jr. first.

    Mr. O Brien also has extensive state appellate experience, having argued criminal cases before the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court of Massachusetts as well as the Supreme Court of New Hampshire. On the federal level he is admitted to practice before the First, Second, Fourth and Seventh Circuit Courts of Appeal..

    Criminal Cases We Handle

    Our practice group concentrates on all areas of criminal defense. We have achieved outstanding results for out clients in cases involving drug crimes. vehicular homicide, driving to endanger, fraud, white collar crimes and crimes of violence including, murder, rape, date rape, domestic assault battery and restraining order violations. In addition, Attorney O Brien has extensive experience in criminal issues relating to search and seizure as well as issues arising in the defense of drunk driving and operating under the influence and is an expert on Melanie s Law and the criminal penalties associated with the law. He also has years of experience handling clerk s hearing as well as criminal appeals .

    Having successfully handled hundreds of cases of individuals charged with operating under the influence (OUI) and other motor vehicle offenses, Mr. O Brien also has considerable experience with OUI-related issues involving license suspensions and requests for license reinstatement. He frequently represents clients before the Registry of Motor Vehicles and Board of Appeal for the Registry.

    Knowledge of The Law

    Boston laws regarding criminal activity are complex and require an experienced lawyer with a thorough understanding of the letter of the law. Very often there are situations where mere technicalities can decide a case. It is these instances where the expertise and judgment of Francis T. O Brien, Jr. can be of vital importance to your case.

    Criminal Defense Fee Structure

    There is no charge for an initial consultation or initial office visit. We charge a flat fee that varies based on the type of criminal case as well as depending on the complexity and nature of the case.

    Speak with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    To speak with a highly experienced Boston criminal lawyer, contact us online or telephone Francis T. O Brien, Jr. at O’Brien Law Boston twenty four hours, seven days a week, toll free at 617-512-0939. As a member of the Massachusetts and Florida state bars and the federal bar in Massachusetts, Mr. O Brien has also represented clients on criminal, state and federal matters in more than twenty states.


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    Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Programs #online #associate #degree #in


    Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Programs
    (found programs from 113 schools)

    Associate Degree – Criminal Justice (online)

    ITT Technical Institute (Anaheim, CA / Boise, ID / Canton, MI / Chantilly, VA / Clovis, CA / Cordova, TN / Duluth, GA / Earth City, MO / Fort Lauderdale, FL / Hilliard, OH / Indianapolis, IN / Jacksonville, FL / Kansas City, MO / Kennesaw, GA / Lexington, KY / Little Rock, AR / Madison, WI / Miami, FL / Mobile, AL / Mount Prospect, IL / Norfolk, VA / Oklahoma City, OK / Oxnard, CA / Phoenix, AZ / Pinellas Park, FL / Portland, OR / Richmond, VA / Saint Rose, LA / San Bernardino, CA / Seattle, WA / Spokane Valley, WA / Springfield, VA / Sylmar, CA / Tampa, FL / Thornton, CO / Troy, MI / Tucson, AZ / Warrensville Heights, OH / Wyoming, MI)

    Associate of Applied Science – Criminal Justice (online). Associate of Science – Criminal Justice (online)

    Ivy Tech Community College (Bloomington, IN / Columbus, IN / Evansville, IN / Fort Wayne, IN / Gary, IN / Indianapolis, IN / Kokomo, IN / Lafayette, IN / Madison, IN / Muncie, IN / Richmond, IN / Sellersburg, IN / South Bend, IN / Terre Haute, IN)

    Associate of Applied Science – Paralegal Studies (online). Associate of Science – Paralegal Studies (online)

    Associate of Applied Science – Public Safety Communications (online)

    Associate of Science – Criminal Justice Technology (online)

    Rasmussen College (Aurora, IL / Bismarck, ND / Bloomington, MN / Brooklyn Park/Maple Grove, MN / Eagan, MN / Fargo, ND / Fort Myers, FL / Green Bay, WI / Lake Elmo, MN / Land O Lakes/East Pasco, FL / Mankato, MN / Ocala, FL / Rockford, IL / St. Cloud, MN)

    AAS – Paralegal (online). AS – Criminal Justice – Homeland Security (online). AS in CJ – Correction (online). AS in CJ – Law Enforcement (online). Associate of Arts – Accounting – Financial Investigations (Online) (online)

    Information Technology Management Associate (online). Paralegal Associate (online)


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    Accredited Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs #online #criminal #justice #programs


    Accredited Online Criminal Justice Degree Guide for 2015

    Criminal justice is the system through which crime is detected and then dealt with. It is not the actual study of crime. That is the field known as criminology. A criminal justice degree, then, is a degree that helps you learn how crime is detected and the system that then punishes and manages the issues relating to crimes.


    A criminal justice degree can be described as a way of starting a career, or it can shape the career itself. This is because criminal justice covers everything from law enforcement (such as the local police), to private investigators, to college professors, to social workers.

    If you are interested in the law and the many systems that are associated with it, then a degree in criminal justice may be the perfect path for you. Though you can enter the police academy with nothing more than a high school degree, like so many other industries and fields, the more education and training you acquire, the broader your opportunities.

    And like many other industries, you will do best if you choose to get your education through a college or university that is fully accredited. Though there are actually no organizations in charge of accrediting criminal justice programs, there are accrediting organizations that assess and approve online and brick and mortar programs. Be sure that any studies you pursue are through an accredited institution.


    Quick Answers

    Will I be able to go into fields other than working as a police officer or other correctional officer with criminal justice degree?

    Yes! The degree will allow you to work as a court reporter, legal assistant, paralegal professional, private investigator, FBI agent, and many other areas or fields. From insurance fraud to homicide, you may find yourself investigating, evaluating, and even working in the courts to resolve all kinds of issues. You can also get an advanced degree and work as a criminal psychologist or criminologist.

    How long is it going to take to get my degree?

    There are two-year programs that can open the door to many exciting career paths in the criminal justice system, but if you get a bachelor’s or master’s degree (four and six years respectively) you will be able to accept much more complex work with a higher rate of pay. For example, an associate’s degree may allow you to work in law enforcement while the bachelor’s degree may help you get a role as a court administrator.

    How do I know if criminal justice is the right area of study for me?

    Those who do best in the criminal justice field are interested in the corrections system or the administration of the law. That doesn t mean you have to be a police officer or law enforcement professional. Many social workers have criminal justice degrees, as do investigators for insurance firms. So, if you like to solve problems, work with others, and appreciate the finer points of the law, you are a good match for this work.

    Available Degrees

    Criminal justice is a somewhat broad area of study and, because of that, there are many degree options available. For those who wish to move past entry-level positions, a college degree is a must. In fact, advanced degrees are seen as the most marketable simply because the student undergoes rigorous studies in all areas of the field.

    • Associate (AA or AS): Unlike many associate level degrees in other areas, there is a noticeable difference in the AA and AS in criminal justice. The AS, many believe, is more applicable to a growing career because it focuses on the sciences and technical issues. This is an important part of the work, and so those interested in going beyond an entry-level position will want the AS.
    • Bachelor (BA or BS): The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice is not less valuable than the Bachelor of Sciences, and it really depends on what your chosen career path is going to be. For example, you may want to be a legal secretary or victim s advocate, and the language and communication emphasis in the BA would be of use to you. Of course, if you are thinking of working in forensics or data analysis, the BS and its science and technology will be better for you.
    • Master (MA or MS): This is what might be called an expert level degree. Usually it is focused on administration or corrections, and many people who want to be social caseworkers decide to pursue this advanced degree.
    • Doctorate (PhD): With the intense amount of work that it takes to obtain this degree, it is often chosen by those who are hoping to become university level professors.

    Online Degrees Accreditation

    You will find many opportunities for associate’s, bachelor’s, and even master’s level degrees in criminal justice online. The one thing to keep in mind about any of them is that they should be accredited. Taking a look at the Council for Higher Education Accreditation will let you know if the school you have chosen is accredited.

    Keep in mind that you may want to use the flexibility of online studies to obtain your degree even as you work in the criminal justice field. For example, you may work as a police dispatcher while you earn a degree in order to become a licensed investigator or even a forensics or crime scene expert. You might also leverage online programs in order to become suitable for federal or state employment in the criminal justice field too.

    Additional resources for researching criminal justice accredited programs of study:

    Course of Study

    There are a lot of topics and courses of study that you might follow when you decide to pursue a degree in criminal justice. For example, you must have a foundation of critical thinking, ethics, and perception. You ll need to also understand a bit of psychology and the use of persuasion.

    As a student gets more specific in their studies they will focus on specifics like crime scene investigation and evidence handling, law and evidence, sociology and so much more. It is important to know the career path you intend to follow before you choose the university or college through which you will obtain your degree.

    Your area of interest may be more aligned with scientific principles, such as forensics or investigation, and that would mean that a high-rated BS program would be your best option. However, you may believe that you want to eventually work directly as a caseworker, and that would mean you need a master’s level degree program.

    Regardless of your final goal, you will need a solid foundation that comes from the general studies required in most degree programs, but you will have to understand your goals to make the best choices.


    Careers with a BA or BS Degree in Criminal Justice

    • Detective or investigator
      You may become a law enforcement officer without a degree, however, to advance to a detective or to work as a private investigator your state may require that you have skills and training from a criminal justice bachelors program.
    • Probation officer
      Many court systems now require their probation officials to have a BA or BS in criminal justice in addition to earning the experience necessary to assume such a role.
  • Law enforcement officer
    You may become a police officer without a degree, but anyone who wants to work in the FBI, DEA or other law enforcement agency must have a BA or BS.
    • Forensics
      Whether you want to explore ballistics, blood spatter, or crime scenes, you need a degree with a strong science background and specialization.

    Careers Requiring Advanced Degrees or Degrees in Other Fields:

    • Criminologist
      This is a graduate level area of study that is open only to those who have already earned their bachelor level degree in criminal justice.
    • Attorney
      You can begin to make your way toward this role with a BA in law or criminal justice, however, an advanced degree and passing the bar exam are necessary to practice law.
    • Jury Consultant
      If you are to consult and advise the court and the attorneys or prosecutors in them, you must have an advanced degree in criminal justice usually to the master’s level.

    Licensing, Certifications, and Exams

    The advanced degrees required for lawyers or prosecutors are well known, as well as the special exams they must pass to begin working. But there are other roles in the criminal justice field that demand certifications that many may overlook. These vary from state to state, but you will want to explore them if you are going to work in criminal justice and in the court system.

    • Certified Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP) certification
    • Professional Peace Officer Certification
    • Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) credential

    Additional Resources for Certification information

    Scholarship Directory


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    Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney, Phoenix Criminal Lawyer, Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney


    Copyright © 2014 Verdura Law Group PLLC, All Rights Reserved – Terms of use

    Phoenix Adult Criminal Defense Attorney

    In the state of Arizona, if you’ve been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, there may be severe consequences upon your life and liberty. Simple misdemeanor offenses can result in significant fines and fees, mandatory classes at your own expense, probation, jail time, a judgment of restitution against you, a criminal record, and much more.

    Felony offenses may result in all of the above, but have the added consequences of possible prison time. In the state of Arizona, with the exception of some drug offenses, if you have a prior allegeable felony conviction, you must be sentenced to the Department of Corrections. However, with the right attorney, you may be able to negotiate a plea bargain that allows for probation or beat your charges altogether. For additional information about the adult criminal justice system, click here. Adult Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix Arizona.

    At the Verdura Law Group, we are here to give you the representation you deserve. We are former prosecuting attorneys who know how the system works. Let our experience work for you.
    Call today for a free consultation.

    Phoenix Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

    If your child has been taken into custody, do not despair. There is help. The first thing you need to know about the juvenile justice system is that unlike the adult justice system, in the state of Arizona, the juvenile courts focus on rehabilitation, not punishment. Although this is wonderful news, it’s important to understand that even juvenile offenses can severely impact your child’s life. With the right attorney, you may be able to negotiate a favorable plea bargain for your child, get the case dismissed or beat the charges altogether. For additional information about the juvenile criminal justice system, click here: Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona.

    At the Verdura Law Group, we are here to give you the representation you deserve. We are former juvenile prosecuting attorneys and we know how the system works. Let our experience work for you. Call today for a free consultation.

    Personal Injury Law Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

    A personal injury can have catastrophic repercussions in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Regardless of the nature and extent of your injuries, we all know that being injured can affect your ability to work, your ability to concentrate, your ability to participate in and enjoy daily actives and hobbies, your ability to actively engage in fulfilling relationships with others, and ultimately, your ability to engage in a fulfilling life. Treatment for a personal injury can also deplete your financial resources, take you away from work and family, and even hinder your ability to work in the future. However, with the right attorney, you may be able to recover just compensation for your losses. For additional information about personal injury law, click here: Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona.

    At the Verdura Law Group, we are here to give you the representation you deserve. We are trial attorneys with first-hand experience working for large insurance companies. We know how the system works. Let our experience work for you.

    Representation you can trust


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    DWI and DUI Defense Lawyer Paul D #arkansas #dwi, #arkansas #dui,


    The Law Office of Paul D. Reynolds
    The premiere DWI and DUI defense law firm in NWA

    Call us at
    (479) 527-6571

    Welcome to The Law Office of Paul D. Reynolds

    Welcome and thank you for visiting the web site of attorney Paul Reynolds. Our office is located in the historic Fulbright Building immediately adjacent to the Washington County Courthouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Paul’s practice is dedicated to defending clients charged with DWI and DUI alcohol related driving offenses in the Circuit Courts of Washington, Madison, and Benton County, Arkansas, and the District Courts of Fayetteville, Springdale, West Fork, Prairie Grove, Huntsville, Lincoln, Farmington, Bentonville, Rogers, Lowell, Centerton, and Siloam Springs.

    Every client receives the highest degree of confidential and personal attention. It is our promise to you to use common sense, sound judgment, and good old-fashioned hard work to obtain your needs, goals, and objectives. Paul has been practicing law for over fifteen years and has handled over 1000 DWIs and DUIs as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. This is experience that delivers results.

    It is amazing how much wrong information is out there about Arkansas DWI laws, even among attorneys and people who have been through the DWI and DUI court system. Hopefully, the information contained on these pages will be helpful to you.

    Please call for a no charge office consultation and give us the opportunity to assist you with your legal service needs.

    Please review our site and see what we may be able to offer you.
    Feel free to Call us at (479) 527-6571.



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    Southwest florida criminal justice academy #southwest #florida #criminal #justice #academy



    New on

    Family YMCA of Greater Augusta
    Settlement Agreement (posted 7/24/17)

    West Point Tours, Inc.
    Settlement Agreement (posted 7/19/17)

    Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Ltd.
    Settlement Agreement (posted 7/13/17)

    HealthSource Saginaw
    Settlement Agreement (posted 6/27/17)

    Moon Time Restaurant
    Voluntary Compliance Agreement (posted 6/22/17)

    City of Pinson, Alabama
    Voluntary Compliance Agreement (posted 6/22/17)

    Richland County Board of Elections and Voter Registration
    Settlement Agreement (posted 6/15/17)

    U.S. v. New York
    Settlement Agreement (posted (6/12/17)

    Dolgencorp, LLC
    Settlement Agreement (posted 6/5/17)

    Fill Building Associates, LLC
    Settlement Agreement (posted 5/12/17)

    City of Chesapeake
    Settlement Agreement (posted 5/9/17)

    Nobel Learning Communities d/b/a Chesterbrook Academy | PDF
    Brief Opposing Motion to Dismiss (posted 5/3/17)

    Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago
    Settlement Agreement (posted 4/26/17)

    Greyhound Lines, Inc.
    A claims administrator is evaluating claims for compensation by individuals harmed by Greyhound’s lack of accessible transportation or transportation-related services, or by a failure to make disability-related accommodations, between February 8, 2013 and February 8, 2016. The deadline to file a claim was November 10, 2016. To check the status of an already submitted claim, Visit the Claims Administrator’s website for more information.

    Featured Topics

    Selected Topics


    Titles of the ADA

    Department of Justice ADA Responsibilities

    Department of Justice Links


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    Criminal Justice Programs in Washington #what #colleges #offer #criminal #justice #degrees


    Criminal Justice USA

    Criminal Justice Programs in Washington

    Browse Other States

    The criminal justice system in Washington State is growing quickly. Currently, there are more than 30 criminal justice schools in the state and a handful of professional agencies and organizations. For instance, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission is a group that enhances public safety in Washington by establishing safety standards and providing public education and training in criminal justice. The CJIS Group in Washington State is another professional criminal justice organization that operates in the state. This group collects, analyzes, and makes available market intelligence regarding technology systems and techniques in the criminal justice world. For those who are interested in entering into the criminal justice profession in Washington, there are a number of colleges and universities that offer criminal justice degrees for interested students.

    Criminal Justice Schools in Washington

    Washington State University : The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University teaches students about the evolving and expanding criminal justice system in both Washington State and the nation as a whole. The school offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees in criminal justice that are offered on campus and online. The Ph.D. in criminal justice is only offered on campus, however. According to the university s website. the Criminal Justice Department at Washington State University is the second oldest in the United States. It was established in 1943.

    Eastern Washington University : The criminal justice program at Eastern Washington State is offered as a bachelor s degree. Within this degree, students have the option of pursuing three specific concentrations: law enforcement, pre-graduate criminology, or corrections.Students in the criminal justice program must complete their social science foundation courses, as well as core disciplinary courses in an approved area of specialization, in order to receive their criminal justice degree.

    Seattle University : The criminal justice program at Seattle University is offered in the following forms: master of criminal justice, crime analysis certificate, bachelor of criminal justice, bachelor of science in criminal justice, and minor in criminal justice. The criminal justice curriculum includes coursework in criminal justice, criminology, criminal justice ethics, and research methods and statistics. Aside from the traditional degrees, the school also has two prestigious student organizations that have a focus on criminal justice: the Criminal Justice Honor Society and the Criminal Justice Club.

    Everett Community College : For over 30 years, Everett Community College has offered two degree options, both of which are an associate degree in criminal justice. The college has also partnered with the Washington State Criminal Justice Trailing Commission to allow students to obtain 20 college credits for completing the Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Academy. According to the university s website. the 20 credits obtained from the training program will be credited towards various courses at Everett Community College.

    Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Washington

    In addition to criminal justice schools and professional organizations, there are a number of criminal justice career prospects in Washington. In fact, there is a current estimate of around 16,000 criminal justice professionals working in the state of Washington, and that number is expected to increase by over 20%by the year 2018. Those who work criminal justice jobs in Washington State can expect to earn anywhere from $19,000 a year to more than $42,000 a year. The current salary average, however, is around $26,000 a year.

    Criminal Justice Degrees by State

    Criminal Justice USA

    Copyright 2017. Criminal Justice USA. All Rights Reserved.


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    Texas Criminal Laws #texas #criminal #laws, #criminal #law


    Texas Criminal Laws

    Texas’ criminal statutes identify a wide range of conduct considered illegal, such as theft or murder, made punishable by fines, imprisonment, and other sanctions. Criminal laws and sanctions in Texas are similar to those of other states, but the Lone Star State is unique in a number of ways, such as its tough penalties for drug offenses and frequent use of the death penalty. This section covers a wide variety of Texas criminal laws, including statutes prohibiting child abuse, kidnapping, extortion, and illicit drugs. Speak with a Texas criminal law attorney if you have additional questions or need legal representation.

    Learn About Texas Criminal Laws

    The basics of assault and battery law under Texas statute. Criminal assault is the threat of violence and criminal battery is the unwanted touching (such as hitting) of another person.

    Overview of Texas domestic violence laws, beginning with the legal grounds for charging defendants with the crime, penalties and sentences for offenders, information for victims, and links to related resources.

    The main provisions of Texas capital punishment laws, which govern when and how the death penalty may be applied as a punishment for particularly serious crimes, like first degree murder.

    Details about the Texas Controlled Substances Act and its prohibition of illicit drug possession, including classifications, defenses to possession charges, penalties for offenders, and links to other drug-related resources.

    Despite the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em, gambling is strictly prohibited in Texas except for dog and horse racing. This page summarizes gambling laws in the Lone Star State.

    Basics of Texas sexual assault (or rape) laws, which prohibit the commission of sexual acts against an unwilling partner, often through force or threat of force.


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    What Is Criminal Justice? Inside the System #the #american #criminal #justice


    What Is Criminal Justice?

    Updated March 18, 2017

    The terms criminology and criminal justice are often used interchangeably even though they re not the same thing. If you ask 10 college students who plan to work as police officers what they were studying, chances are that half of them will tell you criminology and the other half will say criminal justice. The fields are definitely related, but you should be able to distinguish between the two if you re looking into this type of career.

    What Is the Difference Between Criminal Justice and Criminology?

    Criminology is the study of crime and its causes, costs, and consequences. Criminal justice is the system in which crimes and criminals are detected, detained, tried and punished. People who study criminal justice actually learn about all the different components and inner workings of the system.

    What Are the Components of the Criminal Justice System?

    Three main components make up the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. They work together to prevent and punish deviant behavior.

    • Law Enforcement: This function is perhaps the most visible. Police officers are typically the first contact a criminal has with the criminal justice system. Police patrol communities to help prevent crimes, to investigate incidences of crime, and to arrest people suspected of committing crimes. Criminals enter the courts system after they ve been arrested.
    • Courts System: The courts system consists of attorneys, judges, and juries, as well as ancillary staff. The guilt or innocence of a suspect is determined in court. The suspect, now a defendant, is offered the opportunity to defend himself in court as evidence is presented. He is then either released or is found to have committed the alleged crime. If he s found guilty, the suspect receives a sentence or punishment based on criteria set by the judge and by statute. The defendant is turned over to the corrections system after sentencing.
    • Corrections System: The corrections system incorporates all forms of sentencing and punishment. It includes incarceration and probation. A convicted criminal is the responsibility of the corrections system until his full sentence is served or commuted.

    The History of Crime and Punishment

    The criminal justice system has its roots in the Roman Republic and medieval England, which is one of the reasons why Latin remains the basis of the language of the courts. Concepts such as restitution and execution are carried over from ancient times, although other ancient punishments such as mutilation, flogging and branding have largely been done away with in industrialized countries as our sensibilities and understanding of crime have changed.

    Incarceration and the prison system only became widely used in the 1800s. When society deemed it necessary to separate a criminal from the population before that time, he was usually exiled and often threatened with death if he returned home.

    Modern Policing

    Another relatively new development in criminal justice is the modern police force. Once viewed as the duty and responsibility of every male citizen, maintaining safe and secure communities has now become a function of the government.

    The criminal justice system continues to evolve through the work of criminologists and law enforcement professionals as we search for ways to better serve victims, witnesses, society and even suspects and convicted criminals. The study of criminal justice helps us learn better ways to solve a crime and protect citizens.

    Explore Careers in Criminal Justice

    Criminal justice offers a tremendous number of career options. Those interested in working in the field can find plenty of jobs in the courts, corrections or law enforcement systems.


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    Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyers – Local Attorneys & Law Firms in


    Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms – California

    Facing Criminal charges?

    You’ve come to the right place. Whether you were arrested for a crime against a person (like assault and battery or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting, burglary, or arson), or any other criminal offense, a criminal defense attorney can help.

    Use FindLaw to hire a local criminal law attorney to defend your rights at each stage of a misdemeanor or felony case — from an arrest to an appeal after conviction.

    Need an attorney in Fresno, California?

    FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

    Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

    Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Fresno, California attorney for legal advice.

    How do I choose a lawyer?

    Consider the following:
    Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
    Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
    Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
    City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

    Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

    Here are a few to get you started:

    • How long have you been in practice?
    • How many cases like mine have you handled?
    • How often do you settle cases out of court?
    • What are your fees and costs?
    • What are the next steps?

    Want to check lawyer discipline?


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    Best Chicago, IL Criminal Defense Attorneys #criminal #defense #attorneys #chicago


    Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chicago, IL

    Criminal Defense Law

    Criminal law is a complex blend of state and federal statutes.

    Each state defines its own set of laws and punishments for state crimes.

    Due to the complexity of the criminal justice process, the average person is often unable to understanding the full breadth of the law or how to navigating the system on their own.

    Find help with Super Lawyers.

    A qualified criminal defense attorney provides legal advice and representation for those charged with crimes, whether a misdemeanor or a felony.

    Depending upon the case, punishments can range from a mere fines or community service to long term prison terms, or even the death penalty.

    It s important to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

    Super Lawyers offers a free, comprehensive directory of accredited attorneys who ve attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement in the area of criminal defense.

    Use Super Lawyers to hire a local criminal defense attorney today.

    Are you searching for a top criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, Illinois?

    Through Super Lawyers directory, we index attorneys who practice quality and excellence in their work. It is easy to browse criminal defense attorney listings in your immediate area, search for a specific individual referred by a friend, or start narrowing your search by practice area.

    Did you find individuals who interest you? Learn more by exploring their profiles. There you will find a criminal defense attorney’s contact, education, and biographical information to supplement your research. Where possible, our profiles will also include links to a criminal defense lawyer’s personal biography, firm website, and other relevant information to consider.

    Are you ready to take action? Our profile’s contact form is simple to use and makes it easy to connect with a Chicago, Illinois lawyer and seek legal advice.

    Super Lawyers Rating System

    Super Lawyers is a research-driven, peer-influenced rating service of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of professional achievement and peer recognition. The patented selection process combines peer nominations, independent research evaluations and peer evaluations by practice area. Each year no more than 5 percent of the attorneys in the state are selected for the Super Lawyers list, and no more than 2.5 percent for the Rising Stars list.

    Court Locations in Chicago, IL


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    Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – DUI – Bankruptcy – Personal Injury


    Get The Justice You Deserve

    Top Rated Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers

    The Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers of the Arentz Law Group are here to help with your legal needs. If you ve been charged with a criminal offense in Arizona, you need to take it very seriously. You need the help of the top rated Phoenix criminal defense lawyers. We have the highly qualified and experienced criminal defense team you need to protect your legal rights.

    Being charged with a criminal offense can have serious consequences. The penalties may include a jail sentence, prison, probation, or other sanctions.

    To discuss your specific situation, contact our Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers at 1-800-710-4000 or submit a FREE case review form. and we ll get started on your case today. We re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you will hear back from us in 30 minutes.

    Top Rated Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers, DUI Lawyers, Bankruptcy Attorneys, & Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Phoenix And All Of Arizona. Get a FREE Case Review

    We re Here To Help

    Since 1978, our experienced Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers have provided high-quality legal help to our Arizona clients. The Arentz Law Group is a leading Arizona Law Firm with attorneys known for their significant academic and professional accomplishments.

    At The Arentz Law Group, we bring an exceptional legal team to work on behalf of our clients. Our Arizona attorneys average over 20 years of experience in fighting to protect the rights of our clients.

    The most important aspect of The Arentz Law Group, The Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers, is our commitment to our clients. We give our clients the full attention they deserve, by listening, understanding and helping them through their difficult time. Every client is important to us, and we fight to achieve the best possible result in every case.

    Do You Have a Case?
    Get a FREE Consultation

    The Arentz Law Group, top rated Criminal Defense Lawyers Phoenix, AZ. was built on dedication to excellent client service. Our commitment to each client continues to be the core mission of our law firm today. If you or a loved one needs legal help, talk with one of our experienced Arizona attorneys. Please submit our simple, free and confidential legal consultation form now, or call 24 hours a day at (602) 266-9600. Protect your rights. Contact us today.

    The Law Offices of
    The Arentz Law Group

    3101 N Central Ave Suite 100
    Phoenix, AZ 85012



    What Top-Rated Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Do For You

    If you are accused of a crime in Phoenix, Arizona, or any Arizona city for that matter, the only people that can actually help you are our Criminal Defense Lawyers Phoenix, AZ. Primarily, this is due to the fact that you are not familiar with how the Arizona Criminal system works.

    It s extremely difficult to effectively represent yourself in open court due to the fact that many legal rules are hidden away in court interpretations of the federal and state constitutions.

    Criminal defense is a very specialized field and there are many things that need to be checked out thoroughly by your criminal defense lawyer before you even go to court.

    As Phoenix criminal defense lawyers, our first priority is to protect your rights and win your case.

    A good example is whether or not the search of your home was reasonable. It can only be considered a good search if the police obtained a warrant otherwise anything found is not admissible in court.

    Now, given that the criminal defense lawyer has probably crossed swords with the prosecution in the past, they are already familiar with the tactics that the opposing party will be using and your criminal defense lawyer will be prepared for it.

    When we take your case, we, as one of the best Criminal Defense Lawyers Phoenix, AZ, will ask many specific things about the crime(s) you re being charged with. We want to hear your version of the events that took place. After listening, we will normally provide you with a reality check about what will happen should the case go to trial. But, please bear in mind, we will do everything possible to see that your case never sees the inside of a courtroom.

    How The Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You in Court?

    As your Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers, we will review all police reports, interview each witness and examine the full scope of evidence. Our team of attorneys and researchers are very thorough when it comes to investigating your criminal case.

    When, and if, you go to court, you are required to submit a plea. You will be asked to plead guilty or not guilty. We will be there with you every step of the way to assure that your criminal defense case gets the best outcome possible.

    For those who want to go to trial, as your Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers, we will prepare your defense. This may sometimes mean taking the stand and telling the court the events that took place. Taking the stand may be risky. So, beforehand, you will be briefed on what to say.

    Witnesses will be presented. Some of these people will be able to aid in your defense while others will be against you. So, another job that the criminal defense lawyer will do is cross-examine each witness in order to cast doubt on the testimony they are giving.


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    Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney (407) 644-2466 – Winter Park Lawyer The


    Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney, The Rivas Law Firm

    Why Choose Rivas Law Firm to Resolve Your Suspended License Case:

    • Over 30 years of combined experience.
    • We have defended countless clients against even the most serious of charges.
    • With our help, our clients have been able to avoid such penalties as jail, fines, community service, probation, and more.
    • We are highly reviewed and rated (see some of our reviews below).

    We have a bilingual staff [Spanish-English].

    Experienced attorneys will handle your case from beginning to end NOT paralegals or inexperienced associates.

    All our clients receive personalized attention.

    Client Reviews

    Our Orlando, Florida law firm defends clients in all walks of life in the face of a wide range of both state and federal criminal charges. and offer our professional legal services to clients with criminal matters involving:


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    Connecticut Threatening Laws – CT Penalties for Threatening to Commit a


    Connecticut Threatening Laws Penalties

    Most people don t know that simply threatening someone else can result in a serious criminal charge that could include jail time in your are found guilty.

    There are two classes of threatening under the Connecticut Penal code: first degree, which is generally terroristic threats to a group of people, or second degree, which is generally threatening a person with harm.

    Call for a free legal consultation on your Connecticut criminal charge of threatening, and I ll go over your case and help you determine your best options to beat the charges.

    What is Threatening?

    According to Connecticut criminal law, threatening to commit a crime is defined as follows:

    It is a felony level charge (first degree threatening. also known as terroristic threats), if:

    • you terrorize someone using a hazardous substance
    • cause the evacuation of a building or public place
    • threaten to commit such a crime that would cause significant public inconvenience, or in reckless disregard to causing that convenience.

    Threatening in the Second Degree is defined as:

    • placing another person in fear of imminent personal injury
    • threatening to commit a crime of violence in order to terrorize another person
    • issuing threats that are in reckless disregard of causing fear or terror

    Penalties for Threatening in Connecticut


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    Attorney at Law #oklahoma #criminal #defense #lawyers


    Trusted Effective Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Oklahoma City Attorney

    If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you are likely under tremendous stress, knowing that a criminal conviction could have significant negative consequences for you. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, whether you are accused of a first offense or you already have a lengthy arrest record, you probably know that you are facing the prospect of fines, restrictions of your rights and privileges, probation or parole, and jail or prison. To help you avoid these penalties and collateral consequences of conviction, you need someone on your side. You need an experienced legal professional with the resources and ability to fight on your behalf. In Oklahoma, criminal defense attorney Ryan Coventon combines expert legal knowledge with aggressive defense strategies and a commitment to protecting the rights of his clients accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes. His experience, skill, and dedication have helped him to win tough cases for his clients in state and federal courts across Oklahoma. When you need sensible legal advice and forceful defense, rely on Ryan Coventon.

    Criminal Defense of Misdemeanors and Felonies

    Our firm provides criminal defense of state and federal offenses, and we offer assertive representation to every client who comes to us for help. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, we know that the impact of a conviction can complicate your life, and we understand that you deserve quality legal services regardless of whether you are facing a year in jail or a lifetime in prison. Our experience in the state courts and in the United States District Courts in Oklahoma has built a strong record of successful defense, demonstrated through numerous dismissals and acquittals. Our clients trust us to provide high-caliber defense representation for all misdemeanor and felony criminal charges:

    • Domestic Violence
    • Drug Crimes
    • DUI
    • Sex Crimes
    • Violent Crimes
    • White Collar Crimes

    Our practice is not limited to criminal defense alone. If you have already been convicted of a crime and are burdened by a criminal record that is inhibiting your ability to find a job, secure housing, or get a loan, we can help you clear your record. Under certain conditions, an expungement can strike your name from court records and eliminate your conviction record from background checks.

    Whatever your criminal justice needs, we are prepared and qualified to provide the legal representation you need for a positive result.

    Oklahoma Criminal Law

    The criminal code of Oklahoma is outlined under Title 21 of the state statutes. This section describes most state crimes and their associated penalties, although drug crimes are defined under Title 63, the Public Health and Safety code.

    The crimes described in the statutes are divided into two main classifications of offense: misdemeanor and felony. In general, a misdemeanor is a crime punishable by up to one year in jail. A felony is an offense punishable by a sentence between one year and life in prison, or by death.

    Common Oklahoma Misdemeanors

    • Alcohol-Related Traffic Crimes DUI, DWI, and APC
    • Assault
    • Shoplifting and Theft
    • Domestic Abuse

    Though misdemeanors are often considered minor crimes, and are, in fact, subject to less stringent penalties than felony conviction, there is nothing minor about spending a year in jail. Our skillful attorneys can launch a strong defense, working to get your case dismissed, to win a not-guilty verdict, or to find sentencing options that can keep you out of jail and allow you to clear your record.

    Often, a misdemeanor offense may be enhanced to a felony charge if one or more aggravating factors are associated with the crime. For example, certain crimes that are misdemeanors on the first offense are elevated to felony crimes upon second or subsequent offenses. Misdemeanor property crimes become felony offenses when the value of the property exceeds a certain amount.

    Other crimes are always charged as felonies. These are offenses that are considered particularly egregious violent crimes, sex crimes, and most drug crimes. Punishable by terms of one year to life in prison, felony conviction also carries collateral consequences that can restrict one s liberties long after a sentence has been served. For example, convicted felons are unable to hold certain jobs or obtain licensing for certain professions; they are prohibited from possessing firearms; they lose voting rights; and, if they are required to register as a Sex Offender, they face further restrictions on housing, employment, and even limits to places they can go.

    Common Oklahoma Felonies

    • Violent Crimes: Aggravated Assault, Armed Robbery, Murder
    • Crimes against Children: Child Abuse or Neglect, Sexual Abuse, Child Pornography
    • Drug Crimes: Possession of a Schedule I or II Drug, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Trafficking
    • White Collar Crimes: Fraud, Embezzlement
    • Sex Crimes: Rape, Sexual Assault, Lewd Acts

    When a prosecutor files charges against a defendant, he or she often attempts to file the most serious charges available and tries to push for the toughest sentencing. Your defense lawyer may be able to have inflated charges dismissed or amended or negotiate favorable sentencing options, such as a deferred or suspended sentence that keeps you out of prison while you complete the terms of your probation.

    Defense Attorney Ryan Coventon: Here to Fight for You

    Regardless of the crime with which you have been charged, you deserve competent and assertive legal representation. Criminal defense is a matter of justice, and you have the right to effective assistance of counsel and the right to fair treatment by the courts. Find out how we can help you. Submit our confidential Case Review Form or call (405) 417-3842 to schedule a free consultation.

    Best Criminal
    Defense Lawyers
    in Oklahoma City 2016

    From the desk of

    People are typically arrested one of two ways: either on the scene with probable cause for suspicion that the person committed a crime, or after a judge issues an arrest warrant authorizing the seizure and detention of a person after being presented sufficient evidence of probable cause. An example of the first instance is a driver pulled over for erratic driving and subsequently arrested for DUI. In the second instance, investigators may present their findings to the district attorney who files charges and requests an arrest warrant from the judge. read more

    On April 17, 2016, David Stephen Blair II, of Midwest City, was driving his SUV northbound on I-35 in Edmond. Witnesses say Blair was driving aggressively, traveling at a high rate of speed, changing lanes unsafely, and even using the grass median to pass other vehicles. Soon Blair entered the grass median and crashed through a cable barrier, traveling about 200 feet along the median. His vehicle then veered left into the southbound lanes, striking a minivan. read more

    On April 6, Cecille Short, 82, was walking her little Papillon dog in her northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood when she was attacked by two at-large pit bulls. The attack was so violent that when police arrived, they were unable to approach the woman. They were forced to shoot one dog and run over the other with the patrol vehicle. By then, it was too late. The dogs had killed the woman just feet from her own home. read more

    The fallout from the sex abuse scandal at an elementary school in Perry, Oklahoma, continues with the resignation of former superintendent Scott Chenoweth. read more

    The founder and CEO of beleaguered Tate Publishing and Enterprises have been arrested, accused of bilking their clients out of tens of thousands of dollars. Founder Richard Tate, 70, and his son, CEO Ryan Tate, 38, are each charged with eight criminal counts, including seven felonies and one misdemeanor. The publishers are charged with four felony counts of embezzlement, three felony counts of attempted extortion by threat, and one misdemeanor count of embezzlement. read more



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    Manhattan Criminal Defense Lawyers in New York City #nyc #criminal #lawyer


    Criminal Defense Lawyers in Manhattan

    At Greco Neyland, PC, our criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to fighting charges in both state and federal court. We focus exclusively on criminal defense representing clients in Manhattan and throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

    We charge reasonable attorney fees and accept all major credit cards. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans to help our clients secure the legal representation they need. Our normal office hours at 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. We are also available to discuss your case after normal business hours.

    Call (212) 951-1300 today to speak directly with an attorney or to schedule a free consultation.

    Dedicated Former Prosecutors Representing the Accused

    As former prosecutors, we understand both sides of the criminal courtroom. We know the tactics used by the prosecution and how to fight them. We know how to find weaknesses in the prosecutor s case.

    Jeffery Greco became a criminal justice attorney to help those who are in need of protection. He served as an assistant district attorney in one of the largest counties in the nation before dedicating himself to the defense of people accused of crimes.

    Dustan Neyland is also a former assistant district attorney who now represents those who face criminal charges.

    Skilled Advocates in Federal, State and Local Courts

    Most criminal charges are accusations of violating state law. People accused of these crimes are arraigned in a New York City Criminal Court. If the accusation is a misdemeanor, the case will remain there. Felonies, however, are heard in New York Supreme Court. An assistant district attorney from the borough’s office will prosecute the case. Those offices include the New York County District Attorney for Manhattan and the Kings County District Attorney for Brooklyn.

    Federal charges are handled by the United States Attorneys’ Office (USAO). The prosecutors in those cases are Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA). Manhattan is in the Southern District of New York and Brooklyn is in the Eastern District of New York.

    Many differences exist between federal and state cases. Different rules and procedures apply. The agencies investigating the allegations will be different. Different penalties apply.

    It is important for your legal representative to have experience in the court where you face charges. At Greco Neyland, PC, we are experienced at representing the accused at all levels — misdemeanors in New York City Criminal Court, felonies in New York Supreme Court and federal charges in U.S. District Court (both the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of New York).

    Fighting DWI Charges in NYC

    One of the most common offenses in New York City courts is Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). The charge happens to all sorts of New Yorkers, including those with no prior criminal record. In fact, most drunk driving cases are for a first DWI offense .

    Unfortunately, many people think there is nothing they can do about a DWI charge, especially if they consented to a breath or blood test. A DWI charge is a criminal charge, and prosecutors must prove every element beyond a reasonable doubt like any other offense.

    Even a chemical test is fair game for being effectively challenged by a skilled DWI attorney. Jeffery Greco has been certified to conduct field sobriety tests. He has received the same training as police officers to recognize drunk or drugged driving. He uses that training to mount an aggressive defense whether you are accused of refusing or submitting to a chemical test of your breath, blood or urine.

    The Importance of a Thorough Investigation

    In any criminal case, the prosecutor must bring evidence admissible in the court sufficient to prove every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense does not have to prove anything unless asserting an affirmative defense.

    However, that does not mean that the defense attorney can take it easy. If you have been accused of a crime, your lawyer should be doing everything possible to demonstrate the reasonable doubt in your case. Discovering every possible angle to show reasonable doubt requires a thorough investigation of all the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

    A thorough investigation will also uncover missteps by police and other law enforcement. During the investigation, police may have violated your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, mishandled evidence or taken you into custody without sufficient cause.

    If any misstep occurred, your attorney can file motions to suppress evidence, motions to exclude prejudicial testimony, and motions to dismiss the criminal charges. Filing and litigating all viable motions is an important part of getting the charges reduced or dismissed before trial.

    Criminal Defense Attorneys in New York City

    If you face criminal charges in state or federal court in Manhattan, Brooklyn or any of the five boroughs in New York City, then contact an experienced attorney who will conduct a thorough investigation to build the best strategy for your particular case.

    Contact a skilled New York City criminal defense lawyer in Manhattan at Greco Neyland, PC. Call (212) 951-1300 to schedule a free initial consultation.

    This article was last updated on Monday, June 27, 2016.


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    Cincinnati DUI #cincinnati, #drunk #driving, #dui, #dwi, #ovi, #criminal #defense, #attorney,

    Disputes, Criminal Litigation, DUI OVI DWI

    If you are embroiled in a dispute that is headed for litigation, our Cincinnati lawyers are ready to vigorously protect your rights and represent you and your interests in court. Our civil and criminal litigation practice includes representation on cases involving misdemeanor and other criminal charges, dui/ovi/dwi, personal injuries and wrongful deaths, divorce, child custody, and support matters, will contests, employment discrimination lawsuits, bankruptcy litigation, business litigation, and property disputes. Whether you need an aggressive Cincinnati auto accident attorney, a bankruptcy lawyer, a divorce lawyer, or an experienced felony criminal defense attorney, our litigation team is ready to fight for you.
    Contact Us

    Need Information About Your Legal Options?

    If you would like to discuss how we can help with your legal problem, contact us anytime. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment for you to meet with an attorney. Our attorneys are conveniently serve clients in Loveland, Cincinnati, Batavia, Hamilton, Fairfield, Mason, and Clermont, Warren, Hamilton, and Butler Counties in Ohio, as well as clients in Campbell and Kenton Counties in Kentucky. We are a debt relief agency. Our attorneys help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
    Contact Us

    Litigation in Criminal, Family, Business, Personal Injury, or Probate Law

    The Cincinnati lawyers at the law office of James S. Arnold are dedicated to aggressively protecting your rights and fighting for you. We provide a broad range of legal services in Ohio and Kentucky. Because our practice is so diverse, we are always ready to go to work for you on virtually any legal need in Ohio and Kentucky.
    Learn More

    Cincinnati, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney

    If you are facing foreclosures, repossessions, wage garnishments, liens, and constant calls and letters from creditors and collection agencies, we are ready to assist you. At the Law Office of James S. Arnold, we are a debt relief agency, aiding clients in filing for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer at our firm today to learn more through an honest assessment of your situation.
    Contact Us

    Cincinnati DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers

    If you have been issued a ticket, charged, indicted, or arrested, you have the right to have your attorney present during ALL questioning by police and at EVERY court proceeding. Securing and preserving evidence and witness accounts immediately is imperative, so contact us at once.
    Contact Us


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    Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney #criminal #defense #lawyer #florida


    Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney

    If you ve been arrested for or charged with a crime regardless of how serious it s a good idea to talk to an attorney. Depending on your financial situation, you might consider hiring a private criminal defense lawyer. (Another option, again depending on your finances, is court-appointed counsel ; self-representation is also possible but usually a bad idea.)

    Hiring a criminal defense attorney is an important decision and there are lots of attorneys who handle criminal cases. Below you ll find some information that might help you navigate the process.

    Don t Delay

    It s usually best to talk to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested. Although your first court date may be a ways out, finding a lawyer can take some time, and there might be things you can do in the meantime to improve the outlook of your case. For instance, if your case involves drugs or alcohol, an attorney might advise you to get into treatment or start going to 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), even before going to court for the first time.

    Finding the Right Attorney

    Because there are so many criminal defense attorneys out there, the task of selecting one can be daunting. Here are some suggestions and considerations that might help you make the choice.

    Free Consultations

    Most criminal defense attorneys offer prospective clients a free initial consultation. Taking advantage of this opportunity to meet the attorney and get some of your questions answered doesn t obligate you to hire the attorney. But an in-person consult will often give you a good idea of whether you can work with a particular attorney or firm.

    You should come to your consultation prepared bring all your case-related paperwork and a list of the questions you want to ask.

    Questions to Ask

    There s no surefire way of picking the best criminal defense attorney. But asking some questions can help to inform your decision. Below are some things you might want to ask about.

    Practice areas. You should ask how much of the attorney s practice is devoted to criminal defense. Some attorneys will occasionally take a criminal case, while others do all or almost all criminal defense. An attorney who focuses on criminal defense is more likely to be up to date on criminal law and familiar with how things run in criminal courts.

    Within criminal law, there s also a difference between state and federal cases. The two court systems follow different laws and procedures. It s a good idea to ask whether an attorney you re thinking of hiring has experience in the court system where you ve been charged.

    Experience. The number of years an attorney has been practicing criminal defense is an important consideration. But keep in mind, lots of experience doesn t always equate to quality representation.

    You should ask how much experience the attorney has defending against the kind of charge you re facing. Criminal defense attorneys often have niche areas that they focus on. For example, many criminal lawyers do primarily DUI cases. And there are other attorneys who concentrate on more serious felony charges, like homicide. Chances are you re going to want to go with an attorney who is familiar with the type of case you have.

    Local knowledge. Also, ask about whether the attorney is familiar with the court you ll be going to. An attorney who regularly practices in a certain area is more likely to know the prosecutors and judges and their tendencies. For example, an attorney might know that a particular judge is especially harsh with DUI offenders and to therefore avoid that judge s courtroom when defending against drunk-driving charges.

    Fees. To avoid disputes in the future, it s important to know ahead of time how much you ll be paying for your case. Typically, attorneys either charge an hourly or flat rate. An attorney who charges an hourly rate bills for the actual time spent working on the case. With flat-rate fees which are perhaps more common in criminal cases you just pay a set amount for your case. For example, a lawyer might charge $2,500 to handle a DUI case, regardless of how many hours of work it takes. But you should always ask what the flat fee covers. Sometimes attorneys do a pretrial flat fee but there s an additional fee if the case goes to trial. It s also a good plan to ask about whether the attorney anticipates any other costs such as expert witnesses or investigations.

    To avoid disputes in the future, it s important to know ahead of time how much you ll be paying for your case.

    Who ll be handling your case. When you hire an attorney who s a solo practitioner, you can be fairly certain about who will be working on your case. But if you hire a law firm with multiple attorneys, you ll probably want to ask who will be responsible for your case and coming to court with you. Clients are sometimes dissatisfied when they think they re hiring one lawyer the lawyer they speak to when hiring the firm but another attorney from the firm ends up being in charge of the case.

    Talk to an attorney


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    Master of Arts in Criminal Justice #criminal #justices #colleges


    Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

    Develop the professional skills necessary to assume leadership positions in the administration of criminal justice agencies with the Online Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from UMass Lowell.

    Named one of the best in the country, The University of Massachusetts Lowell Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice was established in 1984 and has had a long history of producing dedicated, well rounded students who are in top demand by federal, state and local agencies.

    The online criminal justice degree features integrated, academically rigorous, and empirically – oriented criminal justice courses. The online criminal justice master’s degree program serves students who:

    • seek a master’s degree as a prerequisite for entry into the criminal justice field;
    • are currently in service in the criminal justice system and wish to broaden their skills by obtaining job related knowledge and expertise;
    • are in the criminal justice system seeking to specialize and/or work in some other area of the system;
    • are in the system or pre-service and wish to obtain the training and expertise necessary for teaching criminal justice courses.

    In addition, the program will meet the needs of students preparing for doctoral work in criminal justice or related fields.

    Learn more about this program:
    To receive more information and connect with the program manager, please click on inquire now to the right.

    New students register for courses using UMass Lowell’s New Student Registration Form. Follow the instructions for registering included on the form. Current students register for their courses online by logging into the secure Student Information System (SIS).

    Please see Fee Schedule below.

    For more information on the Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, visit UMass Lowell’s Division of Online and Continuing Education Program Information Page

    *Applicable when checks returned unpaid.

    **Courses can vary from one to six credits; this total represents a standard 3 credit course.

    For additional registration information, visit UMass Lowell’s Division of Online and Continuing Education Website. Registration is administered through UMass Lowell’s Registrar’s Office. If you have questions regarding registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 978.934.2550.

    University of Massachusetts has earned several awards for its distance learning programs, faculty and technology including:

    • University of Massachusetts Lowell’s B.S. in Information Technology Ranked Among Top Affordable Online IT Degrees by Get Educated in 2011
    • UMass Ranked Among Top 10 Best Colleges in Online Education in Communication Public Relations Degrees. 2011 by The Best Colleges
    • UMass ranks 19th highest-rated university in the world by the Times of London.
    • UMass ranked 56th in the Times of London’s Top 200
    • UMassOnline, UMass Boston President’s Special Achievement Award, Valerie C. Haven, Sloan-C 2010 Awards
    • University of Massachusetts Ranked Among Top 28 Best Value in Online Education for Human Services Psychology Professionals. 2009 by Get Educated
    • Ranked Top 10 Online Degrees Colleges – September 2009 (Online Degree
    • UMassOnline Awarded Public Sector of the Year by Mass Technology Leadership Council. 2008
    • Most Outstanding Online Teaching and Learning Program. UMass Lowell’s Online Graduate Behavioral Intervention in Autism Program, Sloan Consortium Excellence Awards, 2008
    • ‘Excellence in Online Teaching’ Award. Dr. Jeannette E. Riley, Sloan Consortium Excellence Awards, 2008
    • 21st Century Best Practices Award. United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
    • Program of Excellence. University Continuing Education Association (UCEA)-Journalism Certificate
    • Excellence in Faculty Development. Sloan-C Excellence Awards
    • Excellence in Online Programming. Sloan-C Excellence Awards
    • Excellence in Online Teaching. Sloan-C Excellence Awards
    • UMass Amherst Isenberg MBA, Top 10 national rankings, #4 Best Professors (2005, 2006, 2007 Princeton Review: Best Business Schools rankings)
    • 4th in Primary Care Education. U.S. World Reports
    • Excellence in Distance Teaching Education – United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

    Admission is competitive – Apply early!

    1. Read application form instructions carefully and complete form. Click here for the application (online or pdf format).

    2. On a separate sheet of paper, submit a brief, carefully worded statement indicating your immediate and long-range goals, relevant work history, academic honors/awards received, any teaching experience and/or research conducted/published that may be pertinent to your graduate program. [two-page maximum recommended]

    3. Download this form and make three (3) copies of it. You are required to send three (3) letters of recommendation. They should be from instructors who have taught you, ideally in the field to which you are applying. Recommendations may also be from employers or supervisors who are in a position to compare your performance to that of your peers. Recommendation letters should be signed sealed in envelopes by the referees and mailed to the Graduate School Admissions Office, UMass Lowell, with the other application materials.

    4. Provide a complete and official transcript with appropriate degrees awarded in a sealed envelope. Include transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended. These should be sent in sealed signed envelopes. If you received your degree from UMass Lowell, it is not necessary for you to request a transcript from the UMass Lowell Registrar’s Office.

    5. Request that the appropriate agency send an official test score report for the GRE, GMAT or MAT. Educational Testing Service does not release GRE scores which are more than five years old. Photocopies or your own personal score (examinees) report will not be accepted.

    6. If you are applying for Financial Aid, please fill out the FAFSA form at .

    For additional information on the application process for UMass Lowell’s Online Graduate degrees and certificates, visit .

    Submit all required items to:

    University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    Cumnock Hall, Suite 110
    One University Avenue
    Lowell, MA 01854-5130

    Availability of financial aid varies depending on matriculation and course status. Please check with UMass Lowell’s Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility.


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    Criminal Justice Certificates – University of Phoenix #criminal #justice #certificates #online


    Criminal justice certificates and security courses

    It takes dedication and commitment to go into the field of criminal justice and security. It also takes ongoing education in order to stay current with advances in the field. We offer a range of courses designed for individuals ready to make that commitment by broadening their knowledge of this important profession.

    Our criminal justice and security courses are designed to help you deepen your knowledge of key topics in the field today. Choose from a range of undergraduate courses designed to help you learn the latest and best practices. This includes topics like security and safety management, critical incident response and even cybercrimes.

    Our courses are flexible, including online and on-campus options. This allows you to complete coursework from the convenience of your computer, whenever it fits into your schedule. It also lets you keep up with your work and family commitments while still pursing your education.

    Enroll in an individual class or explore a range of criminal justice certificates to help you reach your professional goals. Our students have many benefits, such as:

    • Innovative and interactive simulations for the realistic application of academic theories.
    • Small class sizes for more personal attention and guidance.
    • Faculty members with deep personal experience in the field, including those who served as police chiefs, security professionals, judges and wardens.
    • Access to a range of helpful resources and online tools .

    Those hoping to enter or advance their criminal justice career use continuing education to sharpen their skills or distinguish themselves as professionals. You can take a single class, work toward a degree or certificate or transfer your credit to an outside institution. Please note, it is important to check with your educational institution to determine if credits are transferable.

    Earn the credentials you want with our convenient online criminal justice certificates. Call 866.484.1815 to get started or get more information today.


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