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A t Dopps Chiropractic at 6820 W. Central in Wichita, we have provided chiropractic relief of neck pain, back pain, headaches, and many other conditions. for over 35 years! Dopps is Chiropractic.

We provide an integrated approach to your health care needs. We believe chiropractic care along with diet, rest, and exercise and educating our patients, so that they can figure out what daily activities are causing their health problems. We work to provide the highest quality care available.

We believe health is the natural state of your body. So let our friendly and experienced staff help you start enjoying more out of life with less pain and more vitality, naturally! Contact us today for an appointment .

Yours in Health,

6820 W. Central


The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,
in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
–Thomas Edison

Dan is the best atheletic chiropractor in Wichita, KS 67212. Specializing in sport injuries with Wichita professional athletes and Wichita’s hopefuls. Providing families in the Wichita are with drug free back treatment and affordable spinal health care. Our chiropractic office is located in West Wichita, Kansas. We are close to 67205, 67235, and 67209 zip codes, but are located in the 67212 zip code. Dr. Daniel and Doctor Rory Dopps are the best chiropractic physicians in Wichita.
Exam, x-ray, and therapy are provided for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, running pain, hockey injuries, and golf pain. We provide treatment for adults, teens, and children. We offer services for for scoliosis, pregnancy, sciatica, whiplash, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis, headaches, and rehab. We treat pinched nerves. We work closely with insurance to provide care for auto and car accidents and injury. We work with area doctors for referrals, spine evaluation, physical therapy needs, surgery prevention, and wellness care. Our office uses digital xray, electronic health records, online scheduling, text remind messages. We accept all insurances and have contracts with most major insurance companies.


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“I had the above procedure done on the 26/01/2017. He was professional but also kept me at ease. He and his team were amazing and so were. “

“Meeting Mr Neil Smith was a pleasure and an end to needless worries about my diverticulosis. He was very easy to discuss my condition with. “


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LASIK Eye Surgery by Tomy Starck, MD in San Antonio TX


Tomy Starck, MD

6818 Heuermann Road
San Antonio, TX 78256

Tomy Starck, MD offers LASIK Eye Surgery in San Antonio, TX

About LASIK Eye Surgery

Permanently improve your eyesight with LASIK Eye Surgery. An excimer laser changes the shape of the eye to forever improve vision. Advances in laser technology have provided surgeons with nearly foolproof methods of correcting vision, even for patients who may think they aren�t a candidate. Locate a doctor who can give you more information about Lasik, Custom Lasik, Custom Wavefront Lasik, IntraLASIK, Crystalens, and Restor.

Tomy Starck, MD

Tomy Starck, M.D. Director of UltraVision laser center, formerly the Director of Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the University Of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Dr. Starck is one of few surgeons who has completed his residency at the Barraquer Clinic in Bogota under the direction of Dr. Jose Barraquer, the father of �Refractive Surgery.� He then continued his training at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School and three additional years as a resident in Ophthalmology at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Dr. Starck is Board Certified in Ophthalmology and specializes in corneal diseases and eye surgery. He also received the Honor Award by the American Academy of Ophthalmology for his contributions to the field of Ophthalmology, including Lasik Surgery. He has published several peer-reviewed articles in medical journals reporting on wavefront and personalized Lasik technology. Dr. Starck has performed thousands of laser procedures and is one of the most trusted surgeons in the country.

Ask a question to Tomy Starck, MD

Disclaimer: For general educational purposes only. Information contained in this Web site is general in nature, and should not be relied on for medical treatment. If you need advice or services, please contact the doctor directly. All photos are of models for decorative purposes unless they specifically mention they are actual before & after photographs.


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What Does Natural Mean for Treating Hypothyroidism? #dr #hotze


What Does ‘Natural’ Mean for Treating Hypothyroidism?

Updated January 12, 2017

You may wonder if there s a way to deal with your hypothyroidism naturally. I hear this question frequently from readers. To answer the question, the first step is defining what is meant by the term natural.

For some patients and practitioners, treating hypothyroidism naturally means prescription thyroid treatment — by using natural desiccated thyroid drugs. such as Armour or Nature-throid. These prescription drugs are naturally derived from the thyroid glands of pigs, but are FDA-regulated, prescription drugs.

Others view natural as meaning a treatment plan that does NOT include a prescription drug, but it s developed and overseen by a trained practitioners, such as naturopathic physicians. holistic and integrative physicians. Traditional Chinese Medicine expert, or herbalist.

Finally, there are some patients who view a natural approach as a do-it-yourself treatment they themselves can find and carry out on their own, without practitioner guidance.

So, let s take a look at the options.

Natural Prescription Thyroid Medication

Desiccated thyroid is a thyroid drug derived from the dried thyroid gland of pigs. Common brand names include Nature-throid and Armour Thyroid.

These are FDA-regulated, prescription drugs — not to be confused with over-the-counter, non-prescription thyroid glandulars that you can buy at the vitamin store.

Natural thyroid is an alternative to levothyroxine. a synthetic thyroid drug, which is more commonly prescribed.

Real Life With Thyroid Disease

Get thyroid medication tips, weight management advice, and news right to your inbox.

Desiccated thyroid is sometimes maligned by traditional doctors, and levothyroxine is favored by many conventional physicians, but many holistic, complementary, and older physicians are comfortable prescribing and managing patients on natural thyroid drugs.

Holistic/Alternative/Complementary Treatment Approach

In more than a decade as a patient advocate, and as someone who personally has an interest in trying to incorporate holistic approaches into my own health care, I ve had the unique opportunity to interview hundreds of practitioners.

Many of them might be characterized as alternative or holistic, including naturopaths, herbalists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, holistic MDs, homeopaths, and many other types of experts.

I have always asked them the same question: can you cure thyroid problems naturally?

I always get the same answer.

For a percentage of their patients, mainly those who started with a borderline or mild problem case of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, they were able to relieve symptoms and get them back into a normal profile, as far as blood tests, after extensive treatment. Typically, most of the alternative practitioners I ve interviewed have reported nine month to two-year timelines for those patients they successfully treated.

Even with a lengthy treatment timeline, hypothyroid patients almost always needed to take traditional drug therapy. The practitioners then gradually wean patients off the traditional drugs, as thyroid balance was restored.

But the practitioners all cautioned me that it s not a sure thing. Rather, it s a complex process, it almost always takes quite a long time to see results, and most patients find it difficult, if not impossible, to follow the vitamin/supplement/herbal regimen, mind-body practices, lifestyle changes, and dietary restrictions necessary to achieve success.

So, does this mean there s no hope? Never say never! If you have a mild or borderline thyroid problem, you may want to investigate going for a remission or natural cure of your condition, under the direction of a knowledgeable alternative practitioner.

We know, for example, that there are natural supplements that may help the thyroid, and even help calm the immune response — selenium and iodine, for example.

And even if your thyroid problem is not mild, alternative practitioners may be able to recommend approaches to support your thyroid, immune and hormonal systems. which will allow you to take less medication, get better relief of symptoms, and deal with persistent symptoms that may not be relieved by medication.


Can you head on down to the local health food store, pick up some supplements, make a few dietary changes, and fix your thyroid problem yourself?

Probably not. Since it s hard for even experienced alternative practitioners to sort out the complexity of a thyroid imbalance and treat it naturally, it s even more of a challenge for the average person. There is also the risk that your condition will get worse. Clerks at health food stores give harmful advice about supplements to help your thyroid.

And with hypothyroidism, treatment can prevent the condition from progressing (and causing weight gain and atherosclerosis along the way.) And untreated or undertreated hypothyroidism can cause infertility, endanger pregnancy, or cause other hormonal problems, such as erratic menstrual cycles or difficult menopause.

Be especially wary about costly supplements marketed all over the Internet that tout themselves as thyroid cures, or suggest that they are an alternative to prescription thyroid medications. Not only do these supplements not contain the missing thyroid the body needs, but there are often ingredients — such as iodine — that are known to actually worsen thyroid conditions in a subset of people.

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Dr phil drug rehab #dr #phil #drug #rehab


Replied By: squeekarose on Mar 23, 2016, 8:41AM

all Dr. Phil managed to do is put more confusion on top of an already confusing topic. Parents will guilt themselves and the druggie as DrPhil likes to call them will guilt them into a lot of things however, someone who has not dealt with addiction rither with themselves or a friend or relative or whatever shouldn’t try and point fingers and say that what they have done is wrong or should be done his way, these people shouldn’t talk, they truly don’t know what addiction is or can do. It irritates me when ppl that don’t have any education on subjects like methadone for example are the 1st ppl to tell a story about how horrible it is. No particular treatment works for everyone all the time and educating yourself on particular life saving options is the best way to move forward and not taking a one sided approach! Granted this is just my opinion however, Dr.Phil has a very I’m better then u attitude and I have a hard time with someone who claims to have a perfect wife and perfect children, sit there and lie like he does and make fun of what an average American family might be going through and shut down potentially lifesaving treatments that don’t cost an arm and a leg! if ppl don’t already know then let me be the 1st to say that addicts already know how bad they are and how much they screw up and they do feel bad and they do want help, they just cant handle having someone point it out every 2 seconds and offer no solutions that are reasonable. For example, if ur a chunky person how well would u do if someone called u fat and told u every 2 seconds how much shoving food in ur mouth just makes ur ass huge. How well would u deal with that? It’s the same but obviously different! I hope and pray that the addicts that watched this show knows that Dr. Phil shouldn’t ever speak addiction of any kind. And just cause he has the doctors don’t mean crap either considering the top doctors in the country endorse lots of things and I bet they don’t give those opinions without a paycheck! Believe that.

Replied By: hewittrobyn on Jul 7, 2010, 7:46PM

Thank you for sharing the story of Mike’s drug addiction. I have a 19-year old daughter addicted to heroin and it’s destroyed more than her life. She’s in rehab for the 2nd time only after delivering her the ultimate decision: rehab or life on the streets. It’s a nightmare and I too ask myself how did my daughter get here . She has two fraud cases pending against her; stole thousands from myself, her dad and grandmother. The final straw was her stealing items that were memories for me; my first ring; my necklace I wore to my best friends wedding and so on. She had it melted down and used the money to buy drugs. Where do I go from here? Where does my daughter get the strength to battle this addiction? Why? Just like Mike’s parents, I love my daughter even through all of this and would and want to do what ever I can for her. I’ve spent thousands on rehab and halfway houses, not to mention counseling all while providing a roof over her head, a bed to sleep on and food in the refrigerator. Help is something I don’t ask for and at this point, it’s all I can ask for

I was so glad to read your story that you got your son back. We are struggling with drug abuse in our family at this time. We have a 21 yr. old son that has been in and out of jail and 3 rehab centers and 2 intensive outpatience programs. He was released from jail in late March and on Monday of this week we found out he is now using meth by injection and manufacturing this in our home. We told him he would not be allowed to stay at our home and put his brother and our home in danger. This was the hardest thing I have ever done. I hope it pays off. I can’t stop wondering where he is, what he is doing, is he high, is he hungry, does he have a place to sleep. I fear the worst I go into panic mode everytime the phone or doorbell rings. I would welcome any advice you may have for us. This is such a difficult time.

Replied By: redssr on Jul 1, 2010, 4:17PM

My daughter is currently incarcerated for fraud to obtain a controlled substance, felony impersonation and fleeing. She also has outstanding warrants in another county that will have to be dealt with as well.

She is 36 years old and this is not her first experience with illegally obtained prescription drugs. I have taken the ‘tough love’ approach for several years—not allowing her to live with me and not supporting her financially. She has been living across the state from me and her children for the past 3 years, so I don’t really know about her financial situation.

I was contacted today by her public defender and asked to call the pharmacy the Detention Center allows to provide prescripton medication to the inmates, They want me to give a credit card number so that my daughter can receive hormone therepy (she had a complete hysterectomy in 2007) and an anti-depressant. If I pay for the meds is that defeating the tough love stance I am trying to stick to?

Replied By: lauracain99 on Jul 1, 2010, 7:02AM

It is my opinion that the only positive thing Dr. Phil did on this show was bring attention to a very serious issue in our society today. As far as this show “helping” those afflicted with this disease, I just didn’t see it. All I got was that Dr. Phil threw his money around and sent this young man to a very expensive rehab centre. Dr. Phil, how many people do you think can afford what you did for this very fortunate young man. Not many. I am happy that you provided this opportunity for him but Dr. Phil, if you are going to do a show about this disease, at the very least you should provide solutions that average people can afford and more importantly solutions that the addicts themselves can afford.

I work in an addictions clinic and deal with this every day. What we are lacking in our clinic, is proper counseling for our patients. Dr. Phil, your money would be better spent by donating it to an addictions clinic so that the patients there can get full treatment and care. It is one thing to treat the addiction but the emotional afflictions must be treated as well. We simply don’t have the funding to do both.

Stick with what you know, Dr. Phil….relationships. Leave the rest to those of us who know what we are doing.


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Atlantic Eye Institute: LASIK, Cataract, Eye Exams #eye #doctors, #eye #surgeons,



Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery with the LenSx® Laser.





Over the past 10 years, I have worked with over 30 Lasik surgeons in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee no one has better skills than The Eye Guys at Atlantic Eye Institute. It is a pleasure to be affiliated with this fine practice.

Dr. Brian DenBeste. Founder LaserVue

LASIK surgery made my vision better than any corrective lenses could ever do. The depth perception I gained from this surgery was such a shock; for the first time, I could see in 3-D! I don t have a problem seeing without any type of corrective lenses now, and I can see all of the plants in my house in vivid detail. What a great gift!

Terry. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

For years I wanted to have LASIK surgery but never got the information I needed to pursue the surgery. I am thrilled with the results and only wish I had taken the time to get this information earlier! I couldn t be happier, and I would highly recommend LASIK at Atlantic Eye Institute to anyone. It is the best investment in myself that I have ever made. I feel and look younger and no longer have to deal with wearing glasses!

Sharon. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

I really thought I d scheduled my LASIK just to get rid of those awful glasses, but I m stunned at the positive changes I ve seen in the quality of my life! I would recommend Atlantic Eye Institute in Jacksonville to everyone considering LASIK surgery.

Kim. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

Having had amblyopia and been virtually blind in 1 eye, lifelong, it was amazing to have 20/25 vision with only a small amount of astigmatism after Dr. Shmunes performed Lasik surgery. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who experiences amblyopia or severe astigmatism or just wishes to see better without glasses.

Terry. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

To all considering LASIK Just do it! I ve worn glasses and contacts all my life and recently had LASIK at Atlantic Eye Institute. I now see 20/15 in both eyes after only one day! Thanks Atlantic Eye Institute for taking such great care of my eyes and adding to my quality of life. I now can go to the beach or pool with my one-year-old boy, Hudson, and not worry about those glasses and clip-on shades.

Joan. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

The whole experience was wonderful. The doctors and staff worked as a team, from the very first consultation to the actual surgery. They were very thorough in every process and answered all my questions and concerns. I am ecstatic about the new found freedom of seeing 20/20, 20/15 without the aid of eyeglasses or contacts. It s the best investment I ve ever made. It s a dream come true!

Genna. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

I m one day out of my Lasik surgery and I can t say enough good things, not just about the surgery but also the level of care I have received. For anyone considering Lasik, I not only highly recommend the procedure but also Atlantic Eye Institute. Top-notch! Thank you a million for giving me the gift of sight, and for making me feel comfortable through every step of the process.

Jessica. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

Had a scare with a possible retinal problem this morning. Kudos to the answering service, the on-call physician who called me back, and the staff at the beaches office for getting me right in. The answering service even followed up to make sure I had been contacted. All is well thank you for the excellent service (and peace of mind)!

Mary. Ocular Emergency

Just completed my last exam after laser cataract removal and lens implant in both eyes. I highly recommend the entire Atlantic Eye Institute group for your eye care. A special thanks to Dr. Duss and his surgery team. They were the best in giving me back my perfect vision professional, caring, instructive, and friendly. I will soon be 68 years old, but now I have the eyes I had back in my 20s! If you are suffering from cataracts, give these guys a call; you ll be glad you did.

John. Laser Cataract Surgery

An awesome experience! Dr. Diaz and the staff of Atlantic Eye Institute were beyond my expectations. They were knowledgeable, honest, and caring. All my eye measurements were triple checked before the surgery, so I felt confident in the process. All the options were discussed and possible limitations were thoroughly explained. I ended up with LASIK for my vision correction and I couldn t be happier. The procedure was quick and relatively painless and my vision is incredible. It has been a life changing event. I m beyond ecstatic with the results and the process. There aren t words to express the amount of gratitude I have for Atlantic Eye Institute.

Angela. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

From my first appointment until going in for PRK, Dr.Shmunes and the staff were nice, easy to understand and helpful. They made the process less intimidating and made me feel important as a patient. Everything was efficient and professional.

Rusty. LASIK Laser Vision Correction


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Obesity surgeries #dr. #pradeep #chowbey,vice #chairman #max #healthcare


Know Me

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey


Chairman- Max Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Chairman- Surgery and Allied Surgical Specialities

Executive Vice Chairman- Max Healthcare

  • Padmashree Awarded by the President of India
  • Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa)
  • Honorary Surgeon to The President of India
  • Honorary Surgeon to Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS)
  • Surgeon to His Holiness Dalai Lama

DMC Regd. No. 11827


  • Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Upper GI Endoscopic Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Appedicectomy and Bowel resection
  • Hernia Surgery
  • Anorectal surgery (Division Minimally Invasive Proctology)
  • Laparoscopic Solid Organ Surgery
  • Endoscopic Neck Surgery
  • Hand-assisted Endoscopic Surgery
  • Thoracoscopic Surgery (Decortications, Lung-nodule excision, Thymectomy)
  • Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery s (Surgery for Morbid Obesity Surgery)
  • Piles/Hemorrhoids Surgery

Why Dr. Pradeep Chowbey is unanimously considered the best?

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey is one of the best Laparoscopic surgeons of India and among the best few Bariatric surgeons of the world. He is highly qualified as a surgeon and throughout his career he has continuously honed his surgical skills. Highly eminent personalities like former President of India, K. R. Narayanan and His Holiness Dalai Lama preferred Dr. Chowbey for their surgical needs.

Dr. Chowbey other than being and acclaimed as the best Bariatric surgeon and Minimal Access Surgery expert is also a philanthropist. He has successfully initiated and nurtured various social initiatives with an aim to induce awareness among people about general health and medical problems. Enlighten – A support group for diabetic and obese patient is one of the latest examples of his social initiatives. He also likes to stroke colors on the canvas and his passion for art reflects now and then through his various initiatives in the field of painting and art.

  • Dr. Chowbey has successfully performed more than 70,000 surgeries till date.
  • List of people operated by him includes various eminent personalities. Some of them are as follows.

Mr. Devisingh Sekhawat

The list of achievements and positions that have been awarded to Dr. Pradeep Chowbey showcases the quality of surgical skills and experience, have been the main apex throughout his continued contribution towards the field of Medicine. He has achieved top notch positions and recognitions that exist in the field of Bariatric and Laparoscopic surgery. Some of the achievements are as follows:

  • President Asia Pacific Metabolic Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery Society (APMBSS) Oct. 2010
  • Chief Surgery Allied Specialties, Max Healthcare, New Delhi Nov 2009
  • President Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS) Sept. 2004
  • Founder Member Asia Pacific Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery Group Oct-04

Dr. Chowbey through his dedicated efforts and continually progressive approach towards elevating the standards of Bariatric, Laparoscopic and General Surgery has earned several noteworthy accreditations and affiliations. Some of the accreditations and affiliations earned by Dr. Chowbey are as follows:

Founder President Of Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS)

Doctor Of Science by Rani Durgawati Vishwvidyalaya, Jabalpur

Founding Designee Of International Centre Of Excellence

Doctor of Science (HonorisCausa)

2007, Jabalpur University, MP

Trained in the following Institutions

  • Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bombay Gastroenterological Surgery with Dr. P.B. Desai.
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer hospital, New York, USA Hepatobiliary Malignancy and Breast Diseases.
  • Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital London, U.K. Hepatobiliary Malignancy and Breast Diseases.
  • Singapore General Hospital, Singapore Laparoscopic Surgery with Prof. Mohan Chellappa.
  • University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Laparoscopic Surgery .
  • Siloah Hospital, Hannover, Germany Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery with Prof. Ludwig.
  • John Hopkins Institute, Baltimore, USA Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • Cleveland Clinic, Ohio Gastric Bypass with Dr. Philip Schauer
  • Monarch University, Geelong, Australia Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeries with Dr. Paul Obrien
  • Mount Sinai Medical Centre, Miami Beach, Florida Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeries with Dr. Michel Gagner.

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey has extensively researched and written on topics covering the vast field of Bariatric, Minimal Access Surgery and general surgery. He has also edited several medical books and journals. He has been guest author and guest editor of several renowned publications both national and international. He has also written important chapters of various books on surgery. Some of his important published works are as follows:

  • Dr. Chowbey edited / authored a text book Endoscopic Repair of Abdominal Wall Hernias that crystallizes the enormous experience of a team of minimal access surgeons who are leaders in the field of Laparoscopic hernia repair. He also edited / authored a Monograph titled Mechanism of mishaps and risk reduction strategies exclusively focused on Safety Measures .
  • He is a Guest Editor of Advanced Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery Book which is the first series of books of Clinical Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation , modeled on Surgical Clinics of North America, and published by Elsevier.


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Freedom Tours – Tours – 2150 N Mall Dr – Alexandria,

#freedom travel

Recommended Reviews

We found Freedom Tours when we went on Tripology to solicit ideas for a family trip to Italy (Rome, Florence).  Annie responded and won our… Read More

We found Freedom Tours when we went on Tripology to solicit ideas for a family trip to Italy (Rome, Florence).  Annie responded and won our business.

The great:  Annie came up with an imaginative itinerary which included renting apartments in Florence (the center) and Trastevere region of Rome (20 min walk to historic Rome).  We included 1/2 day tours of Rome (the classic sites), full day Pompeii/Vesuvius, 1/2 day Vatican Museums, 1/2 day Florence, and a custom day in Florence (which was supposed to be the Heather Day.).  Annie is world class.

Also great:  Each and every tour operator in Rome and Florence that Annie set us up with.  Top class guides, all used the microphone/headset setup (so you can actually hear the guide), extremely knowledgeable.  Mostly mid size groups.  Major kudos for this.

Airport transfers were prompt.

The mediocre:  Jessie.  Annie treated us like we were her most important client.  Jessie – not so much.  Jessie was/is responsive – no doubt – but didn t add value.  The Heather day Jessie came up with included a full day tasting olive oil and cheese.  Hmmm. not what we had in mind.  To her credit she came up an alternative idea (horse back ride plus wine tasting in morning, pizza/gelato making in evening) which exceeded our expectations.

Surprise #1 (bad):  We had to pay city tax in cash in both Rome and Florence on the spot when we checked into our apartment.  Nothing from Annie or Jessie warning us about this.  Good thing we did get some Euros at our layover in Toronto (NOTE:  Don t do this!  Get cash from ATMs in Rome).

Surprise #2 (iffy):  Our Rome apartment check in person (who was great) asked about our Train tickets.  We showed him then he asked no QR code?  Caused a panic wondering if we had the right tix.  Well we were over in the Termini area the day before our train from Rome to Florence so we went there and asked.  It turned out we had tickets using the Italo train so we were fine.  Italo is the private competitor to Trenitalia.  Would ve been nice to know this in advance.

Surprise #3 (iffy):  No follow-up just before or just after our trip.

Don t use:  For soccer tickets.  If you want to go to a Serie A game contact the club directly.  The club inevitably has someone that speaks English that can help and will save you lots of money (unless of course the game is sold out).

They do bundle the cost, so I can t compare the a la carte cost to what they charged us.

Even with the aforementioned hiccups we honestly had an awesome and memorable trip.  If you plan on going to Italy, check out Freedom Tours.


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Dr. Scholl – s Socks #hotel #and #flight #deals

#travel socks



Are you planning your next vacation? You know you will walk a lot when you travel. Socks that keep you comfortable when walking are special designed Dr. Scholl’s socks. They also will keep you looking stylish no matter what country or place you decide to visit. One of the amazing aspects of these socks is that they are anti-microbial. Your feet sweat when walking or running, most cotton socks keep the moisture within the material. Dr. Scholl s socks have a unique moisture wicking design. They draw the moisture out, so when you are on the go it will keep your feet dry. This is a stay cool technology created for Dr. Scholl’s clients, one of the many perks. Just consider them your own little ‘ travel socks ’ that can go on a little jaunt or a big trip to the Mediterranean.

The company uses the latest in bio-mechanics and podiatric research to revolutionize the way you think of taking care of your feet. One example is in 1936 when Dr. Scholl s “Rubberless” soft support stockings were introduced. They have evolved into a full line of therapeutic and comfort socks that work for many clients that help them with support as well as quality material. Since the beginning, the goal is to give the client the best service by providing a superior product. Whether you play basketball or travel, socks that keep your feet dry and comfortable by adding cushioning all day is an exemplary sock.

Ladies, take a look at the Spa Collection for the best foot experience you will ever have. Take them on a trip while you travel; socks seem like a little thing, but you won’t regret it. After a long day of sightseeing, these little ‘magic’ puffs of yarn will leave you refreshed and ready for the next day of walking. With specific attributes such as cushioning, seamless toe seams, reinforced heel and toe, non binding toe as well as a Gripper Tread Sole to keep from slipping, you won’t want to take them off in the morning. Buy a pair, you will enjoy them.

Gentlemen don’t despair. There are plenty of choices for your legs and feet needs. Diabetes and Circulatory with Grippers are a tremendous help to those with varicose veins or individuals that are diabetic. The socks improve blood flow, circulation, anti microbial protection as well as extended sizes. The Careers line is designed for the guy on the go. The sock has every comfort on the list from cushioning to seamless toe to arch support. From shooting hoops on the court, to touring any city during any of your travel, socks of this quality are needed for that boost to keep your feet ready and willing.

Always consult your physician before wearing graduated compression socks. Dr. Scholl’s socks are not intended to cure or treat any ailment or disease but are constructed to provide comfort to everyday life.


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