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Web Design

To ensure your website is successful we work with you to understand your needs, provide creative and functional options, review, launch and report on the success of your site.

Email Marketing

Our own proprietary email system enables us to design an email template that is consistent with your website and proactively communicates with your existing and prospective clients.

Hosting Domains

Looking for website management services? We have teamed with one of Australia’s largest leading hosting companies to provide you with a quality hosting solution.

Why Redback

Redback Solutions is a leading provider of premium responsive website design, graphic design, SEO and eMarketing solutions in Newcastle and Sydney.

We provide specialist services across a number of CMS platforms including Craft, WordPress, Umbraco and Visionscape. We can also host your website, currently providing quality hosting services for over 600 websites.

With clients throughout Newcastle, Sydney and Australia, Redback has the expertise to provide all your digital marketing needs.

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Redback Solutions is currently looking for an enthusiastic Web Designer / Front-end Developer to join our team.

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Saas Solutions, Ecommerce Development Services, IoT Solutions #saas #solutions, #ecommerce #development


SaaS Solutions that Future Proof your Business

Propel Innovation

Work with the same high quality software development teams that have worked with many successful Silicon Valley startups, and enterprises. We have been a partner of choice for some of the most discriminating tech leaders and tier-1 venture capitalists due to our cutting-edge skills, agility and attitude.

Let Zymr help you enhance your core solutions to accelerate your cloud roadmap.


1798 Technology Drive
San Jose, CA 95110
United States Of America



2017, Zymr, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Smartsourcing: A guide to selecting an Agile Development Partner

Smartsourcing is a brief guide to the world of modern technology partnerships. It was developed through a collaborative effort of top Zymr executives as we uncovered a gap in the market between the perception of what outsourcing used to be, and how leading technology innovators are leveraging this globalized approach to value generation. Read this guide to learn.

  • Key factors to consider for your development strategy
  • Popular destinations with a track record of high quality services
  • Selection criteria to narrow your shortlisted vendors

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  • Volusion Inventory Management – SkuVault Warehouse Management System #ecommerce #website #inventory


    Inventory Management for Volusion

    Cloud-based inventory management system that integrates with Volusion eCommerce platform.

    Volusion is an eCommerce software solution that gives you everything you need to sell online. SkuVault is an eCommerce inventory warehouse management system that helps businesses reduce out of stocks and better handle their inventory. SkuVault’s integration with Volusion benefits users through:

    • Human error prevention and quality control options
    • Advanced sales reporting and user accountability
    • Real time quantity updates to prevent oversells
    • . and more !

    Request Demo

    Volusion Integration

    Inventory Management for Volusion

    SkuVault facilitates inventory management for eCommerce retailers using Volusion. SkuVault’s user interface was designed to be as simple, intuitive, and to-the-point as possible, to keep warehouse workers on task and to keep human error to a minimum. Full barcoding helps prevent human error by allowing users to simply scan a barcode to pick, pack, and ship faster and with higher accuracy – no more manual entry. Think of SkuVault as the bridge between the inventory in your warehouse and your online Volusion store. With our inventory management solution, you can check on your inventory at any time from your mobile device, tablet, or computer, because SkuVault is web-based on the cloud, just like Volusion. SkuVault allows you to track activity in your warehouse, and check out advanced reporting like our brand/class sales reports, which breaks down, by a specified date range, your sales by brand and classification. This is just one example of the many reports our inventory management system offers to help you to make better sourcing and selling decisions on Volusion.

    Quantity syncing between SkuVault and Volusion

    Any time an available quantity is changed, that quantity is automatically updated on your Volusion site to prevent oversells and undersells. This quantity syncing between softwares is one of our favorite features, because out of stocks can be so dangerous for your eCommerce business; unhappy customers, negative feedback, lower rankings, and lost sales. So, quantity syncing: pretty amazing. Several things can happen to affect the available quantity and prompt an update: The actual on-hand quantity changes due to an inventory add or remove transaction. Returns, employee sales, wholesale orders, and the dreaded physical counts are a few reasons your inventory could change not due to online orders. Another action that affects available quantity is, of course, when Volusion orders come in. As soon as the sale comes in, SkuVault categorizes the associated quantity as “pending”. This available quantity is what we update to Volusion and any other channels you have that we integrate with such as Amazon. etc.

    Order syncing and advanced reporting

    If your sole online store is your Volusion store (meaning, no eBay/Amazon/Etsy/etc. stores, and no other eCommerce website), then SkuVault’s inventory management integration is also set up to grab orders. If you aren’t solely selling on your Volusion store, we connect to your shipping software, such as ShipWorks or ShipStation. and use the shipping integration to grab your orders; we find that shipping software acts as a more complete hub for sales coming from every marketplace you sell on. Why is it important for SkuVault to grab orders? Because it helps the inventory integration to calculate your true available quantity for each SKU, and it opens up the advanced sales reports.

    This also allows SkuVault to provide a pick list, which is something you’ll want, because our pick lists take your picker around your warehouse in order by location, which saves steps, time, and money. If you’re suspicious of how your pickers or any of your warehouse workers are spending their steps or time, and therefore your money, SkuVault provides reports on user history, which acts as a built-in tracker that holds users accountable. These reports can be useful to compare productivity between employees and identify who may need some extra training, or to give incentive pay to those who’re most productive.

    Quality control is another feature people love that allows the user, at your packing station, to scan the order ID off the pick list or packing slip which enables SkuVault to pull up a list, with photos, of what ought to be contained in that order. Then each item is scanned against the order in quality control; SkuVault alerts users if they scan an incorrect item, too many items, or not enough of an item. There’s also full history reporting on quality control as well, so you can easily trace back any mis-ships.


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    Promotion Fulfillment Center #ecommerce #website #costs


    Keep Your Business Moving


    Today’s fulfillment centers must always be ready to meet the demands of their customers’ ever-changing marketplaces. There is no option. PFC offers a comprehensive, integrated suite of flexible retail and online sales order fulfillment solutions – like product fulfillment. Literature fulfillment. Amazon fulfillment. Promotions fulfillment. Custom fulfillment solutions. We’re here to deliver what you need.


    eCommerce fulfillment should be outsourced with confidence. That’s why so many brands choose PFC to manage their web and ecommerce fulfillment services. Our strategically located distribution centers, backed by a team of fulfillment operations experts, allow us to deliver low-cost order fulfillment to businesses of any size, including Amazon sellers. Give your customers a seamless order experience.


    Some of the biggest brands in the world have turned to PFC to help them grow consumer loyalty through a powerful promotions program. From rebates and sweepstakes and games, contests and coupons – we know how to create well-executed promotions programs that leverage social media and mobile marketing for optimal consumer engagement and impressive results. We’ve got you covered.

    Call Center

    Our skilled, friendly U.S. based call center agents are a direct extension of your brand. They are expertly trained to understand the core aspects of your program and to deliver unmatched customer service and a superior brand experience at every touch point. Whether it’s an inbound consumer relations program you’re seeking, or an outbound sales campaign, PFC delivers top-quality call center services.

    PFC At-a-Glance


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    Informetica – Informetica Learning Content Management System, lms ecommerce.#Lms #ecommerce



    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Just like having your own in-house LMS Solution!

    Informetica LCMS – Delivering training to your specific audience groups has never been easier! Whether you are training internally or selling training courses, you’ll want a scalable, dependable system with powerful tools. You’ll want Informetica!

    Learning Your Way

    Our LMS is not a restrictive, boxed solution. Informetica is customized and configured to meet your needs. Learning “YOUR” way!

    ” After researching numerous LMS and LCMS hosted applications, we found Informetica to be the most flexible, easy-to-use system for learners, managers, and administrators. ” read more

    Lindsay Miller, Former Sr. VP

    Certification Partners, client since 2001

    ” Informetica has had a major impact on our new business strategy by delivering certified training and testing to thousands of healthcare customers world-wide. ” read more

    Tim Baribeau, Director

    Assessment & Intelligence Systems, client since 2005

    ” Informetica allows us to build high quality SCORM-compliant courses host and deliver our online courses to our valued clients. It also gives us the flexibility to monitor learner progress through the generation of various types of reports. ” read more

    Isabelle Groulx, Instructional Designer

    Stantec Engineering, client since 2009

    ” Informetica is a great platform and Sencia is very receptive to customizing it for enhanced use. ” read more

    Paul Lush – Former Corporate Training & Development Manager

    Moniam Enterprises Inc., client since 2011

    ” Informetica allows us to build high quality SCORM-compliant courses, and host and deliver our online courses to our valued clients. It also gives us the flexibility to monitor learner progress through the generation of various types of reports. ” read more

    Kavita Jadhav, Project Manager, Education

    Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta, client since 2013

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    Lms ecommerce

    2017 Informetica, All rights reserved.

    This site is published by SIMS – Sencia Internet Managemet System, division of Sencia Canada Ltd. which is solely responsible for its content.


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    Ecommerce Website Development Software, Building an Ecommerce Website with CS-Cart #ecommerce


    What is CS-Cart?

    CS-Cart is a platform for building an online store. To open one, you install CS-Cart on your server just like an ordinary program and start selling immediately. With CS-Cart, you get both an eye-catching mobile friendly storefront and an admin panel with tons of e-commerce features.

    35,000 stores worldwide

  • 12 years on the market
  • 500 eCommerce features
  • 1st place in mobile friendliness

  • Ecommerce Website Development Software

    Starting up an ecommerce web project is definitely one of the most efficient and still affordable ways to improve your brand awareness and increase sales and conversions in times. First of all, you will have to design and develop your ecommerce venture. However, with the online market getting more and more saturated, you should pay much more efforts, time and creativity to the whole process to ensure overall online business success. When building up an ecommerce website, it’s very important to create an absolutely unique and attractive design as well as pay maximum attention to the functionality, so that your website may gain a competitive advantage over other similar projects.

    Whether you’re planning to launch a small online store or large virtual shopping mall handling thousands of products, you will certainly benefit from using CS-Cart – all-in-one, flexible and still reasonably priced ecommerce website development software designed to deliver you a hassle-free ecommerce experience.

    CS-Cart Overview

    CS-Cart is a PHP-based ecommerce shopping cart platform built using industry-leading open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Smarty template engine, CSS-based layouts and many others to empower you with everything you may require to build a sophisticated, full-fledged and competitive project and keep it always up-to-date. It can be an obvious choice for those who build a new standalone web store from scratch and those adding an ecommerce functionality to their existing websites alike.

    While being fully packed with a wide selection of the most advanced tools and options, every one of our CS-Cart Editions is ranked as a convenient and user-friendly ecommerce website builder program. Through their intuitive, user-friendly administrative panels you can manage your inventory, import and export products, manage categories, control ordering, payment and delivery processes, conduct marketing and promotional campaigns, etc.

    With CS-Cart you can sell any type of products and services, including physical items, various virtual products such as software solutions, applications, audio tracks, ebooks and also manage subscriptions. Moreover, due to built-in multilingual support, our ecommerce website software allows you to reach the Global customer audience easily.


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    Unlimited Web Hosting, VPS and Reseller Plans by Host Department #windows


    Unlimited Web Hosting

    Click Here to Know More About Host Department

    Host Department is a renowned web hosting company of USA offering many plans in both Linux and Windows platforms like Unlimited Web Hosting, Reseller, VPS, Unlimited Windows Hosting, Ecommerce, Database Hosting Plans and SSL certificates, etc. It is rated among top ten web hosting companies by many review websites.
    HD has grown its business very quickly and have clients in over 170 countries. We provide 24×7 chat, call and ticketing support, our Technical Support Agents are always available to assist you and we even provide 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    Unlimited Web Hosting: Host department is one of the top unlimited hosting providers in the world, unlike other web hosting companies, we stood with our commitment of unlimited, you will get what we promise. To make it more convenient we have divided our unlimited hosting plan in to three affordable plans, (1) Starter ($2.95/month) (2) Standard ($5.45/month) (3) Advanced ($7.45/month), and (4) Professional ($9.95/month) you have the freedom to choose from various options.

    VPS Hosting: We offer VPS hosting at affordable prices, compare our prices and features with any other competitor in the industry, our pricings start from $19.95 per month. All our VPS hosting services are backed by our top notch 24/7 support, also we provide both Windows and Linux VPS hosting solutions with various plan options, again you can choose a suitable plan for you.

    Reseller Hosting: Why hundreds of resellers trust us for their reseller hosting needs. because we protect their privacy, we offer both Windows and Linux reseller hosting from one simple control panel, we offer support for even reseller’s customers, you will get tons of unlimited features bundled with our reseller hosting pack.

    Windows Hosting: We provide windows hosting at very low price. Now you can host your windows websites on our premium hosting servers which are optimized for windows sites. For your convenient we have divided windows hosting plan into four plans with starting price of $4.95/month.


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    Dallas Digital Marketing Agency #dallas #web #design, #dallas #web #development, #dallas


    Dallas Digital Agency

    ioVista is a full service digital agency based in Dallas, TX and Detroit, MI. We specialize in Dallas Web Design, ecommerce development, online marketing, Dallas Web Development and Dallas Digital Marketing Agency. Since 2004, ioVista has transformed struggling sites into sales generating powerhouses and bumped their clients to the top of Google searches by combining the right design with the right digital marketing strategies.

    ioVista begins each partnership with the belief that every business is one of a kind and deserves unique and innovative solutions in order to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we strive to continuously evolve, adapt and be on the leading edge of new technologies and strategies. It’s also why ioVista has partnered with multiple platforms like Magento, Woocommerce, WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Aabaco Small Business (Yahoo Stores) to name a few.

    We are leading USA based, full service digital agency. We offer web design, development and SEO service in Allen, Addison, Arlington, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, Denton, Euless, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Frisco, Fort Worth, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Irving, Little Elm, Lewisville, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Richardson, Wylie and Murphy areas.

    We are Helping Businesses Like you Since 12+ Years

    1000 +

    Completed Projects



    ioVista helps eCommerce and retail businesses fully incorporate digital technologies to help them succeed in the online marketplace. We provide eCommerce strategy, design and development on some of the best eCommerce platforms like Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Aabaco Small Business (Yahoo Stores). We help retailers anywhere from catalog ?>


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    Web Design, Development – Ecommerce Solutions #ecommerce #website #design #companies


    Web Design, Development Marketing

    Demand Generation Marketing

    Absolute Web’s digital marketing team is made up of marketers, strategists, and conversion improving aficionados that conceptualize, strategize, develop, and implement Digital EcoSystems that increase traffic with high conversion rates.

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Paid Advertisement
    • Social Media
    • Media Buys
    • Afiliate Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Amazon Marketing
    • eBay Marketing
    • Email Marketing

    Want to see our work and contact us?

    Popular Platforms We Use

    Companies We Work With

    What Our Clients Say

    Miami Web Design Company

    When building a website, what is most important to you? Ease of use, beautiful design, search engine optimization? Why not have it all? We are a highly-skilled team of web designers, programmers, content writers, and online marketing experts, all with years of experience at growing businesses in a wide array of industries. For every client, we take the time to learn about that company’s industry, goals, and target audience as part of our strategy and planning stage. We then work with the client to put together an online design and marketing plan that will suit their individual budgets and maximize their results.

    AWS is on the cutting edge of Miami website design and marketing. We pride ourselves on the use of innovative and personalized approaches to web design and Internet marketing that are unmatched by any other web design firm in Miami, Florida. With over fourteen years of dedicated service, AWS has been helping clients maximize their Internet exposure since 1999. We have the experience and expertise necessary to maximize your online presence and enhance your company’s bottom line.


    As more businesses move onto the web and people spend more time online than ever before, it is vital for your website to not only look professional, but to also give your customers quick and easy access to information regarding your products and services. Absolute Web Services is a professional Miami web design company specializing in custom-built websites. We know exactly how to build pages that impress customers and lead to conversions and higher returns on your investment.

    Remember, these days most people will find your company and make their first impression based on your website. Your web page is the online face of your business, so it has to be impressive and engaging. We understand that need and deliver only the very best in professional web design quality and style. Since 1999, Absolute Web Services has been helping businesses and professionals by creating stunning designs that impress and deliver results.

    • Get more leads and convert more sales with a visually striking custom-designed website.
    • Establish your brand in a professional manner with a custom logo.
    • We can also help with designing the perfect business card, brochure, and other marketing materials.

    Get started now! Call us at (305)-937-2526 or get an online quote, just Click Here !


    Are you looking for someone to develop custom web applications. Someone that can help your customers obtain access to information about your business and their dealings with you in a simple, and user-friendly way? Do you need a way for customers to pay for products and services online through your website, such as through a payment gateway, shopping cart, or other E-commerce integrations. Or, perhaps you need a custom plugin or module developed for your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other content management system? Maybe you even need your own custom CMS?

    Whatever you need, Absolute Web Services has the answer. We have years of experience coding and programming a variety of applications to suit a wide array of individual needs. Whatever you are looking for, we have the solution and the know-how to get it done right! That is what has made us Miami’s best choice for all of your custom programming and web design needs .

    Absolute Web Services can help! Call now (305)-937-2526 or Click Here to submit an inquiry form.


    Internet marketing has become the cornerstone of any modern marketing campaign. But, Internet marketing is not as simple as putting up a webpage and waiting for the customers to arrive. It requires a mix of techniques that can include frequently updated original content to improve organic search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, keyword and meta tag integration, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing such as Google AdWords, banner exchanges, and many other techniques.

    At Absolute Web Services. we understand that every company has a unique business strategy that needs to be promoted in the correct way. What might work for a photography studio may be very different than what will work for a law firm. By conducting thorough keyword research, an in-depth review of your industry, and investigating the most effective marketing strategies for similar businesses, we are able to create tailor-made online marketing campaigns for companies that get real results. We are experts at combining organic search engine optimization . pay-per-click marketing . and social media marketing in creative and effective ways to get your business the attention it deserves.

    Of course, we cannot give away all of our secrets, so call us today at (305)-937)-2526 and find out how Absolute Web Services can help you positively promote your company!


    At Absolute Web Services we understand that a website is almost never static. You might need changes made to your website to reflect changes in your business, like new products or services, new partners, or a name change or logo redesign. Whatever the reason, we offer our clients website updates and changes whenever they need them. We also offer website catalog and content management, so you can keep your E-commerce store up-to-date and accurate.

    Of course, we also offer support in case your site experiences technical difficulties. Whether caused by user error, natural disaster, or even malicious hacker attacks, we are here to support our clients and get their sites back online and functioning as fast as possible. AWS is also happy to help with little things like teaching clients to navigate a new content management platform with which they were not previously familiar.

    If you need maintenance support for your website, call Absolute Web Services today at (305)-937-2526 . We are here to help!

    Our Expertise

    Latest From The Blog

    Here is the most known secret, but rarely shared with new online retailers: It is tough to sell online. The
    Read More

    And we re back! Last time we helped you answer Is Magento the Best Ecommerce Platform for Me? and before that,
    Read More

    Hey there! Last time we helped you answer Is Shopify The Best Ecommerce Platform For Me? Today we are going
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    The number one question we get from folks… What e-commerce platform should I use? To answer that question, at Absolute
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    What to do with a 2K monthly marketing budget and really increase your sales. 2,000 dollars a month, 24,000 dollars
    Read More

    Expand your brick and mortar’s reach. You’ve reached the glass ceiling, and growth without diversification is not viable. You have
    Read More

    Absolute Web Services is a full-service development agency specializing in business, commerce and informational websites and applications. At AWS, we
    Read More


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    How to Build an Ecommerce Website – Start an Online Store


    Это видео недоступно.

    How to Build an Ecommerce Website – Start an Online Store

    Опубликовано: 17 нояб. 2014 г.

    Do you need products to sell? Use Oberlo – https://apps.shopify.com/oberlo
    Get Your 14 Day Free trial » http://bit.ly/1pmcSkd
    Looking to build an ecommerce website and create an online store? Sign up for your Shopify 14-day free trial.

    In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to create your online store on the Shopify platform in under 25 minutes. Even if you have no design or coding skills.

    For those of you who don’t know, Shopify is a fully hosted, turnkey ecommerce solution that allows you to easily setup and run a beautiful online store.

    We’ll take you through the process of starting a store from scratch, including how to add products, how to customize the look and feel of your site, how to set up your shipping options, how to add a custom domain and more.

    By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a fully functional ecommerce website ready to accept orders. And the cool thing about it is; we can do this all while using shopify on a free 14 day trial.

    0:01 Introduction to Shopify
    2:22 How to add a product
    7:45 How to add a theme
    9:40 How to customize a theme
    12:30 Adding an about us page
    14:20 Adding copy to frontpage
    15:06 Customizing contact information on frontpage
    16:05 Customizing social links
    17:00 Adding a blog post
    19:04 Setting up payments
    20:18 Setting up shipping rates
    22:17 Getting a custom domain name

    How to Find the Perfect Product to Sell – http://bit.ly/10nFNrT
    9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell – http://bit.ly/1x8M6wv
    The Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Product Photography – http://bit.ly/1qpOedi
    40 Tools & Resources for Creating Beautiful DIY Product Photography – http://bit.ly/10VFDJv
    40 Stunning Ecommerce Stores Built Using Shopify – http://bit.ly/1EiY2xW

    For more free videos, ebooks, tools, and guides on ecommerce, check out Shopify’s Ecommerce University » http://bit.ly/1AjOft0




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    UPS i-parcel – Affordable, scalable logistics and technology solutions to globalize


    Make global online shoppers feel at home wherever they are.

    Global control at your fingertips

    Global E-commerce Insights

    A better online experience for far-away customers







    Global E-commerce

    Five Keys to Enabling Your Global Business

    With the addition of a few simple lines of code to your existing e-commerce website, UPS i-parcel determines the origin country of a visitor and presents a localized shopping experience. They are greeted in their local language, pricing is converted to the local currency, and familiar payment options are displayed. Your entire site can even be translated and displayed in your customer’s language, saving you from the overhead of operating numerous country websites.

    UPS i-parcel acts as the Merchant of Record (MOR), handling the processing of all duties, fees and taxes, and enabling customs brokerage for your transactions. You can display merchandise pricing with duties and taxes during checkout for no surprises for global shoppers, eliminating costly returns of unwanted merchandise.

    UPS i-parcel manages all payment collection processes relieving you of the risks and complicated procedures that come along with foreign currencies and credit card transactions. Because we collect payment from international shoppers – and accept more than 70 currencies — we remove the complexities of currency conversion and payment processing, including fraud.

    Flexible shipping options have you covered for both urgent and ordinary deliveries. This includes UPS i-parcel Select, a service that provides local delivery within 5-8 business days at a cost-effective rate and UPS Worldwide Express services with guaranteed delivery within 2-7 days, depending on destination – both with end-to-end tracking and convenient returns. What’s more, providing targeted delivery dates can decrease cart abandonment and increase customer satisfaction.

    Provide additional service to your shoppers while reducing the burden on your customer service department with 24/7/365 email support. UPS i-parcel handles all customer questions and provides information about payment or order status, typically within one hour. Product questions are forwarded to you to handle directly.

    Merchant Tools

    Global e-commerce is most successful when done at the local level. Traditionally, that required building and managing separate, stand-alone websites, often with limited product offerings and marketing. UPS i-parcel changes that. With our easy-to-use content management tool, you can manage your product catalog and maintain localized control of prices, promotions, and shipping options.

    Take control with a simplified content management system
    A powerful content management system (CMS) powers the UPS i-parcel solution and allows publishing, editing and modifying your website from a central, easy-to-use interface. The CMS manages all site elements including photos, promotions, prices and where and when products are displayed based on the user’s locale. Your cross border shoppers will view products and prices best suited for their lifestyle.

    Expand your promotions to international markets
    Just as your products don’t have to be one size fits all, neither do your promotions. The UPS i-parcel dashboard enables couponing, discounts, buy-one-get-one, time-bound, shipping or special promotions localized by market or customer base. Target new customers, build loyalty with repeat shoppers and increase conversion rates with promotions tailored to your global customers.

    Provide an excellent experience through delivery and returns
    Flexible shipping options have you covered for both urgent and ordinary deliveries. Whether it’s free, flat or customized, shipping strategies can be tailored to the needs of any shopper. And with end-to-end tracking and convenient returns, we help you build even better customer relationships to encourage more repeat business.


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    9 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Features that Satisfy Customers #simple #ecommerce #shopping


    As consumers enticed by convenience and 24/7 availability continue to gravitate towards online stores, they create a demand for more sophisticated ecommerce shopping cart software. Luckily, you can now choose advanced ecommerce shopping cart features that help you sell and succeed online like never before.

    Ecommerce shopping carts are like engines that keep online stores running smoothly. You’ll be taking your customers along for the ride, so you’ll want to choose an ecommerce shopping cart that not only meets your needs, but theirs as well. While your unique goals and budget will determine which ecommerce shopping cart is right for your online store, certain ecommerce shopping cart features can help you boost customer confidence and encourage repeat sales.

    #1: Payment Options
    Most visitors to online stores prefer to pay by credit card. If you want to use your ecommerce shopping cart software to process credit card transactions with a real-time payment gateway, you’ll have to open a merchant account.

    Although the majority of shoppers at online stores will make a credit card transaction, choosing an ecommerce shopping cart that also allows you to accept alternative payments will please customers who remain resistant to providing such information online. Offering options such as PayPal , Google Checkout, checks, and/or money orders allows more people to feel comfortable checking out on your site.

    #2: Site Search Browse
    Visitors to online stores have a need for speed – and it starts with time-saving search. Consumers expect online stores to allow them to search for a product and quickly find the product they want. Customers also navigate via categories, along with browsing by price, category and brand distinctions. If your ecommerce shopping cart does not include a search feature for your site, your visitor may simply decide to look elsewhere.

    #3: Product Reviews
    No matter how well online stores promote their own products, reviews by other customers will have a greater impact. In fact, 63% of consumers indicate that they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews, according to a CompUSA and iPerceptions study. Choose an ecommerce shopping cart that allows for product ratings and reviews – and let “word of mouth” work for you.

    #4: Wish List/Registry
    Customers at online stores often buy gifts for special occasions, which is why many ecommerce shopping carts feature a registry option that makes the process easier. Also, so-called “wish lists” allow customers to save items at online stores and return at a later date to purchase those items. In general, when your ecommerce shopping cart allows your customers to manage their items the way they want, the result is higher satisfaction.

    #5: Real-Time Inventory
    It’s a common complaint from those who frequent online stores — a customer goes through a lengthy process of placing an order, only to find out later that the item purchased wasn’t really in stock. Ecommerce shopping carts should allow for real-time inventory management, which ensures that what customers see on their screen is what’s actually available for delivery to their doorstep.

    #6: Express Checkout
    The checkout process at many online stores can be as frustrating — if not more so — than standing in a long checkout line at a brick-and-mortar store. When visitors are ready to buy, your ecommerce shopping cart must make it as simple as possible. Some ecommerce shopping carts offer registered users an express checkout option, which pulls up their stored payment and billing info when they log in.

    #7: Order Tracking
    An ecommerce shopping cart can help you keep customers informed every step of the way – even after their order is placed. Automated order confirmation emails and shipping notification emails build customer’s confidence in their purchase and in your brand. If a customer registers, they should be able to track their order by logging into an account created upon registration.

    #8: Special Offers
    Looking for a way to woo new customers – or existing customers you haven’t seen in a while? Ecommerce shopping carts can help you promote special offers like order discounts, coupon codes, free shipping and gift cards. These offers serve a dual purpose -they encourage customers to take advantage of a “good deal” while also helping you compete in today’s competitive online marketplace.

    #9: Website Security
    Choose an ecommerce shopping cart with built-in SSL data encryption for website security. When online stores display SSL Certificate seals on their home pages, customers feel confident that their personal information will be protected and are more likely to complete a purchase.

    Ecommerce shopping carts are key to the success of online stores. When choosing an ecommerce shopping cart for your online business, keep customer satisfaction in mind and you’ll be rewarded with customer loyalty.


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    What is Alibaba? #alibaba,ipo,jack #ma,what #is #alibaba,alibaba #filing,alibaba #u.s. #listing,alibaba #ipo,alibaba


    What Is Alibaba?

    The Challenges

    The world is going mobile, and Alibaba is competing for China’s smartphone users with new rivals. In its search for growth, Alibaba is forging into new businesses — and bumping into powerful players like Chinese banks and regulators. And will U.S. investors buy the IPO of a company that is still largely unknown to them?


    Alibaba’s IPO is the largest in the world. China’s e-commerce market is still going strong and expectations for Alibaba are high. Still, Alibaba is facing a slew of new business challenges.


    China’s 600 million-plus Internet users are migrating to smartphones, setting off a scramble among the country’s Internet giants. Alibaba’s toughest rival is Tencent. which runs the WeChat mobile messaging application, with 355 million users. The companies are spending billions of dollars to invest in businesses that can help them compete.

    The Tangled Web of the Chinese Internet


    The newest frontier for Alibaba is financial services. You can use Alibaba’s Alipay payments app to buy theater tickets and pay for taxis. You can also use it to invest in a money-market fund. That fund, called Yu’e Bao, has already collected $87 billion in assets. China’s banks and regulators are starting to get alarmed.


    Many brands say Alibaba’s sites — particularly Taobao — are rife with counterfeits. That could be awkward for the company, as it readies its global IPO. Alibaba says it spends millions of dollars a year battling fakes, and some merchants say Taobao has gotten faster at taking down suspect listings.

    A fake Dahon bike and fake SylvanSport campers were listed on Taobao.com. The companies


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    WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart for QuickBooks Merchants #ecommerce #quickbooks #integration


    WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart for QuickBooks Merchants

    WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart Software for QuickBooks

    PDG Commerce’s HTML driven templates provides an excellent integration option for merchants utilizing CMS systems such as WordPress. Merchants and their designers can continue utilizing WordPress for managing the site theme and all informational pages, with PDG Commerce’s webstore pages customized to match the precise same look, feel, style and navigation as the WordPress site. This process, referred to as a PDG “skin set”, is provided as a courtesy with your retail purchase of a PDG Commerce license. That’s right. IT’S FREE! Within moments, your PDG Commerce storefront can be installed and skinned to match your WordPress design. Once installed, you can immediately use the PDG Commerce top-rated QuickBooks integration to start performing real-time synchronizations of your QuickBooks item data with your webstore and your PDG Commerce webstore’s detailed and itemized web orders with QuickBooks.

    Unlike many carts that advertise QuickBooks compatibility only to provide tedious and error prone manual imports that might only happen at most once or twice a day, PDG Commerce’s QuickBooks integration is fully automated and allows you to set the system to synchronize as often as you like.

    How can you save time (and money) using the PDG Commerce Real-Time Automated QuickBooks Synchronization?

    1. Automated import of products, pricing and inventory from QuickBooks.
      PDG Commerce offers a fully automated import of your current QuickBooks products into your PDG Commerce enabled storefront. Merchants may choose which of their product types to import (services, inventory items, non-inventory items, assemblies and groups) and may specify on a per product basis whether or not specific items should be displayed within the webstore. Merchants can map data stored in QuickBooks to corresponding fields within PDG Commerce to display or enable searching within their storefront.To simplify the process of adding additional information to your webstore data, PDG Commerce offers a built-in import/export feature that allows you to manage and modify your products via Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application. Merchant can add long descriptions, up-sell/cross-sell items, images, links to fact sheets and much, much more to make the shopping experience for end users simple and informative.
    2. Automatically populate web store data into QuickBooks
      As orders are placed within your PDG Commerce enabled storefront, all transactional data is sent directly to QuickBooks via a fully automated real-time process. All customer data, products ordered, shipping costs, sales tax and method of payment is replicated in QuickBooks as either an invoice, sales receipt or sales order (based on the merchant’s preference). Merchants may choose to create QuickBooks customer records for each purchasing customer, or may choose to have all web transactions imported as a single customer record within QuickBooks. Regardless of which method a merchant chooses, all customer data collected during the checkout will still be populated into the appropriate fields within QuickBooks, allowing the merchant to print invoices, shipping labels and more using QuickBooks’ built-in funtionality.

    PDG’s Real-time QuickBooks synchronization is available in the current version of PDG Commerce and is compatible with the following versions of QuickBooks:

    • All Versions 2006 (Enterprise V6) and more recent including:
    • QuickBooks Pro
    • QuickBooks Premier
    • QuickBooks Premier Special Editions
    • QuickBooks Enterprise
    • All Versions QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 6 and more recent


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