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“PDS is the next best thing to in-house billing without all the work! They keep you in the loop and involved with near real-time correspondence, reports, and direct communication by e-mail or phone. We couldn’t be happier with our move to PDS.”

D. Malone, Administrator
Specialty Obstetrics of San Diego

“I have turned to PDS often during the last 20+ years to help strengthen and build new relationships with our medical staff. I view them as valuable members of my administrative team.”

Randy Rolfe
Hospital CEO

“I have really appreciated how you and your organization have been there for me over the years. I always give out your name when someone asks me about billing services.”

Dr. Callery
General Surgeon

“I will always be grateful for the wonderful, and very professional service PDS provided for me through the years. Your staff is great!”

“Our 120+ account balances and days in A/R run significantly lower than the national average. PDS has helped us achieve the consistently high financial performance we need to remain successful in these challenging times.”

Dr. Canowitz
Internal Medicine Pediatrics

“PDS has delivered real value in multiple engagements I’ve been involved with. I’ve recommended them more times than any other PM firm or consultant because they come in and get the work done, not just talk about it.”

Eric Beyer
Physician Organization CEO

“Thank you very much for putting this together for me so fast. It has made all the difference with the coverage that I am doing at the hospital and saved me about $7K in potential lost wages. Thanks again!”

Dr. Padilla
Orthopedic Surgeon

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you and your staff do. I truly don’t have to worry about my billing getting done and done right. It is just such a relief to not have to think about it!”

“PDS helped me successfully transition from a large group back into private practice years ago and has continued to be an excellent resource for contracting, billing, bookkeeping, employment issues, and management advice.”

Dr. Kaplan

“I’ve been a client for over 15 years now and have always been very satisfied with my billing service. I continue to recommend PDS to my colleagues with confidence whenever they’re looking for a new billing company.”

Dr. Mercandetti
Allergy Pulmonary Medicine

“Our billing relationship with PDS has evolved into a true business partnership.”

Dr. Anthony

Practice Development Strategies (PDS) provides billing and collections, practice management, and integrated EMR/PM software solutions (Lytec, Medisoft, and Practice Partner) to physicians in solo practice, single and multi-specialty medical groups, and hospital-affiliated provider organizations nationwide.

Since 1983
. PDS has focused on partnering with our physician clients to enhance the performance and profitability of their medical practices. We’ve worked with hundreds of physicians over the years, helping them streamline operations, improve efficiency, accelerate cash flow, increase collections and reduce operating costs.

PDS solutions and services enable our clients to successfully respond to complex business challenges every day. Our entire team of skilled and dedicated professionals is committed to helping medical practices cope with today’s obstacles and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Integrity. Experience. Value. These attributes are proven over years, even decades, of doing business the right way. They’re also the qualities that physicians should expect from any practice management company they choose to entrust with their business. After more than a quarter-century of working exclusively with physicians and hospitals, PDS is proud that we have earned and maintained that trust from our clients.

Call us today at (800) 869-3700 and put nearly three decades of practice management and medical billing experience to work for you.

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The Leader in Medical Applications and Services

Are you ready to make your practice a top achiever?

How is eMDs Better?

Healthy Solutions.

At eMDs, we know that maintaining the balance between running the business side of your practice and providing top medical care can be a challenge. You don’t have the time or resources for inefficiencies or technology that will slow you down.

That’s why our solutions are built to work for you. Developed with the oversight of physicians we ensure that you get a comprehensive solution to run all areas of your practice without disruptions, without excessive implementation time, and friendly enough to use without adding hours to your day.

But don’t just take our word for it: independent industry and physician surveys consistently rank eMDs solutions among the top rated electronic health record and practice management systems.

Healthy Patients.

When it comes to keeping patients healthy, we are focused on software and services wrapped around wellness and population health. Clinal data is only powerful when it can be used effectively of the point of care and with tools that make it easy to close care gaps, guide clinical best practices, and the ability to do this in natural workflows that enhance your patient and clinician relationship.

We are also focused on helping you engage patients by giving them an easy way to communicate with your office. The Patient Portal has health record data, appointment requests and confirmations, results messaging, health maintenance reminders, refill requests and more. Online, secure and convenient. Plus, the portal can reduce resource requirements for your staff.

Healthy Practices.

While your patients are your top priority, a healthy bottom line as a result of an efficiently run office from a financial and a regulatory standpoint is as critical to your success as is the delivery of quality care. Stressed practices find it hard to focus.

Strong practice management software helps your staff stay on top of patient accounts receivable. We can even do it all for you. Our revenue cycle service will work to keep you in front of market changes. Through our revenue cycle software and services, we can provide real, tangible financial benefits to help your practice financials soar.

Looking for Something Specific?


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Morning Headlines 5 #wellsoft #emr


May 3, 2017 Headlines 3 Comments

KLAS publishes its 2017 report on EMR market share finding, not surprisingly, that Epic and Cerner lead, with a fairly even split of 25.8 percent and 24.6 percent respectively, followed by Meditech with 16.6 percent.

VA Secretary David Shulkin testifies before members of the House Appropriations Committee noting that the agency will make a decision on whether to implement a commercial EHR or continue with VistA by July 2017.

A Health Affairs study concludes that the increased insurance coverage brought about by ACA did not impact access to care for those that were already insured.

A Medscape survey of 132 medical oncologists and hematologists finds that most patients do not benefit from genetic testing because results rarely point to evidence-based, clinically actionable changes to a treatment plan. Despite this, 61 percent of respondents still believe the tests are useful.

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Currently there are “3 comments” on this Article:

Welcome to the midocal-industrial complex. We now have the Lockheed Boeing and McDonnell Douglass of healthcare. Enormous, bureaucratic, slow, government subsidized medical industries. Innovation is dead. Watch all medical care cost skyrocket, all the while, usability, efficiency, safety, security, will continue to decrease with burden increasing.

I don t think this is a very accurate comparison, that markets are too different. The barriers to entry in aerospace and defense are huge in comparison to EHR s and software in general. A vendor that makes a great specialty product could eventually expand outward to other areas and disrupt the market. Personally, I think it will happen in the next 10-15 years given physicians distaste for EHRs, high costs, low usability and the impact they have on patient care.

I think its also an inaccurate comparison because trying to say that there s no innovation in aerospace is kind of ridiculous. Stealth, improved efficiency in Boeing s designs of late, just to name a couple. I m no expert in aerospace, but the mere fact that these massive companies are heavily dependent on the government doesn t mean there s been no innovation, just that the innovation has had a really steep price attached to it.

Reader Comments

  • Epic Does That. Re:Gitche Gumee Epic does that. Your privacy office has to set the rules up, but it can be multi-tiered. Person A acc.
  • EHRdataforsale. x00 millions of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation award (tax payer’s money) has gone toward financing the deve.
  • DocdocLou. If the “rest of the world” is the example we should follow, then why does the “rest of the world” want to come to this.
  • Publius. Re: Frank Kendall. Has Leidos reported information on his annual compensation as a board member? They’re publicly traded.
  • Budd Foxx. I don’t have the data details, but Cerner was also something like tied for 7th in new hospitals outside the US market in.


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Aprima vs Practice Fusion – EHR Software Comparison #ehr, #emr, #ehr


Both Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion serve private practices .

Having received meaningful use attestations from professionals in a variety of medical specialties, Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion can be considered generalized EHR software and both are well suited to any type of medical practice .

Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion both give you the option to either install the software on your servers or access it online. Both products either have a mobile application, or are optimized for use on a mobile device or tablet .

Average User Rating

Number of Reviews

Ease of Doing Business


  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Practice Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Practice Management

Show 4 more in common

  • Claim Scrubber
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Booking
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Speech Recognition
  • Document Management
  • E-Prescribing
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Insurance Verification
  • Lab Orders and Results
  • Patient Portal
  • Claim Scrubber
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Booking
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Speech Recognition
  • Document Management
  • E-Prescribing
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Insurance Verification
  • Lab Orders and Results
  • Patient Portal

Show 6 more in common


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OntarioMD Bulletin about Ransomware
On September 29, 2016, OntarioMD issued a Ransomware bulletin to physicians in the EMR Adoption Program. We are sharing it here to ensure that all ABELMed users are aware that health care professionals and organizations are being targeted by cybercriminals. Ransomeware Bulletin

August 2016 ABEL Celebrates 39th Anniversary!
The delivery of healthcare in Ontario has undergone amazing changes over the four decades of our history. To support thousands of ABELMed users in caring for their patients, we’ve tackled and achieved numerous milestones. Today, the technology and service needs of healthcare professionals continue to evolve and, as always, we’re committed to exceeding their expectations every step of the way.

Healthcare offices are being targeted by cyber criminals. Ransomware and other malware attacks are putting valuable patient and practice data at risk! This article provides tips on how to protect your practice: Ransomware is Creepy!

ABELMed Inc. is pleased to announce our recent re-certification for ISO 13485:2003. This achievement demonstrates our ongoing dedication to providing high quality products and services that meet or exceed customer needs and industry regulatory requirements.

ABELMed’s integrated Kiosk streamlines front desk workflow. Patients can sign themselves in on a touchscreen and your team will immediately be informed of their arrival through your ABELMed Scheduler and Patient Manager. And, there are more time-saving features when patients are validated by a Health Card swipe!

ABEL Referral Partner, Regatronics Inc. promotes ABELDent and ABELMed software and associated services to the healthcare market. Announcement

ABELMed Inc. continues to meet ISO 13485:2003 Certification standards. Press Release

ABELMed users can now access and download hospital reports directly into their EMR through Hospital Report Manager (now called Health Report Manager). Read More

ABELMed offers handwriting to text conversion. Doctors who want an EMR but hate to type have a new option. Read More

Announcing New Welch Allyn Connectivity. Users are going to appreciate how easily ABELMed v12.8 (and above) can now import vital sign measurements directly from their Welch Allyn medical devices. With speed and accuracy, data including Systolic/Diastolic BP, Pulse Rate, Temperature, Height and Weight becomes an integral part of your patient’s record with just one click. Press Release

Physicians Can Now Accomplish Charting Faster with ABELMed EMR and Handwriting Recognition. Press Release

As a leading provider of Clinical and Practice Management software solutions and services in Canada, we are pleased to announce the launch of ABEL-in-a-Box our Electronic Medical Record solution for fast deployment to physicians and clinics.
Press Release

Congratulations to Dr. Henri Dussault, ABEL’s Customer Satisfaction Survey prize winner. Dr. Dussault was randomly selected from the list of survey participants and has won a Microsoft Surface Slate with Windows RT! We thank all customers who took part in the survey – your feedback is extremely important to us.

ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM v12 Achieves Canada Health Infoway Certification. Press Release


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Implementing an EMR System: One Clinic s Experience – Family Practice


Implementing an EMR System: One Clinic s Experience

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Implementing an EMR system in a clinical practice is a daunting task. It requires good planning, strong physician leadership and supportive staff. The most immediate benefits of our EMR system have been accurate medication lists, legible notes and prescriptions, immediately available charts, decreased chart pulls and lower transcription costs. We are still just beginning to scratch the surface of what s possible, but we would never go back to paper again.

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Dr. Smith is an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisc. and a family physician at the Belleville Family Medical Clinic .

Conflicts of interest: none reported .

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Himss analytics emr adoption model #himss #analytics #emr #adoption #model


Participation grants you access to the benefits below and provides your organisation with the tools to move ahead.

EMRAM℠ Score

The HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM)℠ was created to track healthcare organisations’ progress towards achieving a paperless patient record environment. Hospitals and ambulatory care facilities are scored based on their level of EMR adoption from Stage 0 through Stage 7.

Gap Analysis

Understand what the gaps in your EMR adoption plan mean and use the analysis as a roadmap for future investments. Use it as an authoritative foundation on which to build a case for investment in IT, to present to hospital management, nursing staff and doctors.


Objectively compare your organisation’s operations to peers and best practice hospitals based on EMRAM℠ Score, capital availability, clinical IT availability level and clinical IT support level.

What Are My Benefits?

Participants receive their EMRAM Score as well as a report indicating current gaps towards higher EMRAM Stages and metrics for benchmarking.

Work with us and gain:

  • Insights into your current level of EMR Adoption
  • Decision Support for your IT strategy
  • Benchmark Opportunities
  • Healthcare IT market recognition for EMRAM Stage 6 7 organisations

Insights into your current level of EMR Adoption

Get an unbiased view and chart your progression and accomplishments. The EMRAM can be perceived as an international standard to measure EMR Adoption and is used by over 9,000 hospitals across the globe.

Decision Support for your IT Strategy

Use the results of the EMRAM assessment to identify key opportunities for improvement, to drive your IT strategy and alignment with the overall business strategy of your organization.

Benchmark Opportunities

Compare your EMR progress over time and with peers from your region, your country or across the globe, based on a standardized and vendor neutral-assessment.

Healthcare market recognition for EMRAM Stage 6 7 organisations

Announcement of your accomplishment at a major HIMSS event, promotion of your organisation’s case study, use of the EMRAM Stage 6 7 logo on your website.


  • — Get your EMRAM/O-EMRAM score
  • — Get a Full Assessment
  • — Schedule a Strategy Session
  • — Get Validation

Standard EMRAM Assessment – Acute Care

Take part in the Acute Care EMRAM Survey to get your initial Score and understand relevant gaps in your current EMR environment based on the EMRAM Gap Report.

EMRAM Plus Assessment – Acute Care

Further contextualise your retrieved Acute Care EMRAM Score and assess your EMRAM Stage 6 or 7 readiness in more detail. This online assessment is particularly useful when you are responsible for multiple hospitals, e.g. a regional health authority, a private hospital group, that you want to push towards EMRAM Stages 6 and 7.

Standard EMRAM Assessment – Outpatient Care

The Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (O-EMRAM) assesses EMR adoption keeping the unique needs of outpatient facilities in mind. Each participant obtains his individual Outpatient EMRAM Score and a gap analysis of his clinical system’s capabilities as a roadmap for future investments for achieving higher levels of access, quality, efficiency and safety.

EMRAM Strategy Session

Move forward strategically with an onsite strategy session that will guide your team to a successful EMR implementation moving you through the EMRAM stages with a focus on Stages 6 and 7. Benefit from a detailed roadmap to close the gaps in your clinical IT environment.

EMRAM Stage 6/7 Validation

Review and confirm your organisation’s progress with onsite validation from our team of industry experts. Successful hospitals will be publicly recognised as leaders and eligible to enjoy the benefits of official EMRAM Stage 6 / Club members. Your accomplishment will be announced at a major HIMSS event and you can use the EMRAM Stage 6 7 logos on your website.

Best Practice Hospital Excursion

Visit selected hospitals known for outstanding achievements (Stage 6 /7) with delegates.

Learn about successful implementation models, alternative service delivery models and get insights led by a study leader with years of industry experience. Valuable connections are made with key contacts in the international acute hospital environment. Delegates network with each other and brainstorm opportunities.

Customised Benchmarks

Benchmark your organisation based on EMRAM, dive deeper into specific areas of your interest and select peers from your region, your country or around the world. We will create appropriate benchmarks for you.

gressive capabilities healthcare organisations need to possess in order to seamlessly coordinate patient care across a continuum of care sites and providers.


“EMRAM shows the way to define the investments in health IT. It is a key point on the definition of the roadmap, assuring we are building our systems form the basement to the upper floors.”

Vincent Moncho Mas
Director d’Organització i Tecnologies de la Informació
Hospital de Dénia

“As a CIO, I personally consider the EMRAM a roadmap to the digital transformation in a Healthcare Delivery Organization and a valuable indicator of the maturity of the clinical information system”

Elena Sini
IRCCS Istituto Clinico Humanitas

Analytics menu

Contact Us


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