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Business Information Technology

A two-year program offering day and evening classes, it’s designed to prepare a student for employment as a legal assistant or paralegal.

Approved by the American Bar Association since 1976, Paralegal Studies at Rose State is a two-year program offering day and evening classes.

A paralegal is an individual who is educated and trained to assist a practicing attorney. Paralegals, also called legal assistants, perform a wide variety of duties and tasks which are professional in nature, distinct from routine clerical tasks. A primary responsibility of a paralegal is to relieve the supervising attorney of routine duties so that the attorney is able to use his/her time in more complex areas of the case. Proper use of a paralegal/legal assistant enables an attorney to handle a heavier case load and increase productivity, thereby resulting in the delivery of legal services to a client more efficiently and economically.

The Paralegal Studies Program is designed to prepare the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to gain employment as a paralegal/legal assistant and/or to allow the student to advance to positions of increasing responsibility in the legal field. The program is not offered to train attorneys or legal administrators. Objectives of the program are:

  • To provide practical training in legal skills supported by substantive legal theory;
  • To instruct students in legal specialty courses to enable students to perform tasks specific to particular areas of law;
  • To inform students of ethical responsibilities of the legal profession; and
  • To educate students to the role of the paralegal in the delivery of quality services within ethical limitations applicable to a paralegal’s function in the legal profession.

The Paralegal Studies Program is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education; it is dedicated to providing quality education and current technological skills so that graduates can find employment in the legal community or in a law-related field.

A person in the Paralegal Studies profession CAN :

  • Interview clients and witnesses
  • Draft pleadings and documents
  • Perform legal research
  • Write legal memoranda and briefs
  • Research public records
  • Prepare discovery requests and responses
  • Prepare exhibit lists
  • Assist the attorney at trial
  • Provide case management
  • Perform law office management tasks

A person in the Paralegal Studies profession CANNOT :

  • Give legal advice
  • Accept cases or set legal fees
  • Represent a party in court

ALL legal services performed by a paralegal must be supervised by an attorney.Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.

Program Admission Requirements

Option I:
• High School transcript or GED certificate and transcript
• ACT Reading score of 19 or COMPASS Reading Test score of 83
• Eligibility for English Composition I

Previous or concurrent enrollment in Engl 1113 is a prerequisite for LS 2813, Legal Research and Writing I

Option II:
• College transcript(s) reflecting 15 credit hours or more with a 2.5 grade point average or better or an ACT Reading score of 19 or COMPASS Reading Test score of 83
• Eligibility for English Composition I

Previous or concurrent enrollment in Engl 1113 is a prerequisite for LS 2813, Legal Research and Writing I.

Work Setting

Paralegals work in offices for:

  • Private law firms
  • Banks and corporations
  • Public service corporations
  • Federal, state, and local government

Tools Materials

Paralegals work with:

  • Public records, court documents, and other research materials
  • Legal and business documents such as titles, contracts, and mortgages
  • Court cases
  • Computers and software applicable to their area of specialty
  • Clients on a daily basis

Career Skills

Paralegals should be able to:

  • Reason clearly and logically
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in speech and writing
  • Be responsible, ethical, and motivated
  • Perform detailed work
  • Analyze information
  • Plan and organize work

Pros and Cons

Positive aspects of the career:

  • Working with people as well as data
  • The variety of the work
  • The ability to work on a temporary or freelance basis

Negative aspects of the career:

  • Performing detailed work tasks
  • Keeping up with changes in laws
  • Working long hours when under pressure to meet deadlines

Career Information

For more information regarding the Paralegal Studies profession, contact:

National Association of Paralegal Studies
1516 S. Boston, Suite 200
Tulsa, OK 74119-4013
(918) 587-6828 FAX (918) 582-6772

Central Oklahoma Association of Paralegal Studies s (COALA)
Membership Chairperson or Recruitment Chairperson
P. O. Box 2146
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2146

The Career Services Office in the Professional Training Center can provide you with more detailed information on the paralegal profession, job markets, salaries, etc. For additional information, contact the Career Services office at (405) 733-7488.

Apply Today

Program Director


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Global Inspection and Engineering Services #hartford #steam #boiler #inspection #and #insurance


Global Inspection and Engineering Services

Hartford Steam Boiler offers a wide range of inspection services for boilers, pressure vessels, nuclear components, and process and power plants. Established in 1866, we provided engineering services to users of steam powered equipment. Today, Hartford Steam Boiler has grown to be a worldwide leader in the interpretation and application of boiler and pressure vessel codes, standards, directives and client specifications. With local representation and jurisdictional experience, we provide virtually every aspect of inspection and certification mandated by the ASME Codes and regulators globally.

With more than 450 engineers, inspectors and auditors around the world with 150 years of engineering experience, Hartford Steam Boiler is highly qualified to help you meet local and international code requirements worldwide.

Hartford Steam Boiler offers inspection and engineering services to business and industry. Hartford Steam Boiler provides ASME Code. Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). International Codes and Third Party Inspection and Engineering services to companies throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Hartford Steam Boiler is the largest Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME ).


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Our Consultants Corner: Electrical Engineering Information: High Voltage Power Supply: Schools


radio frequency engineering schools

Radio frequency engineering schools

How 2 Power’s Consultants Corner

The consultants listed here offer engineering services related to the design and development of power supplies and power systems. They have years of experience in power conversion covering a range of power, current, and voltage levels and in a variety of applications, markets, and industries. These consultants typically have worked in all stages of product development ranging from research to prototype development to production. In addition to their design backgrounds, many have experience in related areas such as field applications engineering. Some also have experience as expert witnesses in patent litigation. This section includes listings for individual consultants as well as consulting firms employing multiple engineers.

Works by Consultants

A number of the consultants listed in this section have published articles or videos on various topics in power conversion in the HOW 2 POWER TODAY newsletter.

Power Electronics Design Consultants

Radio frequency engineering schools

Radio frequency engineering schools

Radio frequency engineering schools

Radio frequency engineering schools

Radio frequency engineering schools

Radio frequency engineering schools

Radio frequency engineering schools 23/09/2017

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Civil Engineering Degree Programs Guide, technical engineering degree.#Technical #engineering #degree


Civil Engineering Degrees Programs

Associates and Bachelors of Engineering Degrees

Masters and Doctorate of Engineering Degrees


Technical engineering degree

Civil Engineering Degrees Programs

During the first few years of undergraduate study, you ll be building a foundation for your career. You ll be taking a host of classes in math, science, and engineering. In your junior or senior year of study, you ll be introduced to the principles of analysis and design. Some of the specific classes include structural engineering and transportation engineering. Classes for graduate degrees tend to get even more specific, and involve specific test case scenarios within civil engineering.

Online Civil Engineering Degree Options

Online learning options are available for a civil engineering degree at nearly every degree level. Many civil engineers looking to advance their career will decide on pursuing an online Master s in Civil Engineering, a Master s in Project Management, or an MBA with some sort of engineering focus. Online courses offer flexibility for the working professional or the student who prefers more autonomy. Online learning is preferred by many people considering civil engineering.

Civil Engineering Quick Navigation

Technical engineering degree

Technical engineering degree

Technical engineering degree

Civil Engineers Wages Salary

Types of Civil Engineering Degrees

There are many subcategories of civil engineering be sure to check with you the university engineering department to figure out which one might be best for you. Some of the most popular areas of concentration in the field of civil engineering are highlighted below.

Structural Engineering Degree

Structural engineering focuses on the building of non-building structures (non-building structures are defined as structures that lack occupancy bridges, aqueducts, dams, water culverts, railroads, roads, and tunnels are a few examples). Structural engineering is one of the oldest forms of civil engineering and has been around for hundreds of years. Structural engineering jobs tend to be in high demand due to the necessity of non-building structures no matter what the population is.

Construction Engineering Management Degree

Those interested in the building of residential or commercial building structures tend to go down the construction management engineering degree route. The principles of structural engineering are similar to a structural engineer, but focused on the building of homes, houses, or office buildings. Most projects are shorter term (relatively speaking) depending on the size of the building. Career options for construction engineering managers tend to go up or down depending on the housing and commercial building vertical.

Environmental Engineering Degree

Civil engineers interested in focusing on solving environmental issues tend to focus on an environmental engineering route. Helping design better water systems, purification systems, or reducing waste within a construction site would be a few tasks. Read more on environmental engineering degrees here.

Architectural Engineering Degree

Like structural engineering and construction engineering, architectural engineering focuses on the building of structures. Architectural engineering, however, tends to focus more on the aesthetic side of the structure. This is not only focused on looks, however sometimes architectural engineers need to design new structures that fit into an era of construction. Revamping many the downtown area of a Victorian-style town, for instance, would likely require the expertise of an architectural engineer. Check out our more detailed article on architectural engineering degrees.

Engineering Project Management Degree

Nearly every engineer works with a project manager, but project managers are a necessity and most common within civil engineering. This is why many civil engineers continue their education with a Bachelor s or Master s in Project Management. Their technical civil expertise combined with the education on managing projects helps make them an excellent option as a project manager. Project managers help work with multiple processes, companies, and engineering specialties (architects, drafters, structural engineers, electricians, etc.) to complete large projects. Below are a few options for online project management degrees.

Additional Civil Engineering Degree Concentrations

These are just a few areas of concentration, but they are some of the most common areas. Inquire with your college of choice to find the best field of study for you.

  • Engineering Management
  • Drafting
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Roads, Bridges, and Infrastructure
  • Buildings and Structures
  • Transportation Engineering

Civil Engineering Schools to Consider

If you are interested in this field of study, you ll want to get the best education possible to avoid lawsuits and harm to another person s life. Here are several universities that offer civil engineering degrees.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign This school is preferred by students because it s affordable and has a low student teacher ratio. The college also graduates 68 percent of the students it accepts.

Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the most selective schools in terms of civil engineering. It is a popular school that is affordable and prepares students well for their careers int the future.

University of California Berkeley This school has the most selective acceptance process available. It is one of the best schools available, however. Though it s more expensive than others on the list, it is still relatively affordable and offers a quality civil engineering education.

Purdue University If you want an near equal mix of men and women, try enrolling in Purdue. They have a great program at an affordable price. The in-state costs are some of lowest. The quality of education is high, and the students excel after graduating from the school.

Stanford University Stanford is a private institution with a near equal male-to-female ratio. The university is private so the cost of the education is almost four times of the most affordable colleges.

Civil Engineering Courses and Classes

Classes in civil engineering generally teach prospective civil engineers about reducing air, water, and soil pollution, particularly within an environmental concentration of civil engineering. They learn how to develop alternative energy sources and improve congested transportation systems. They will also work to prevent or minimize natural disasters. The degree prepares them work for consulting forms, government agencies, or construction sites.

There a several classes that a student may take in the industry. The classes may include:

  • Introduction to Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering Design
  • Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
  • Uncertainty in Engineering
  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Frameworks and Models in Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Masters of Engineering Concepts

These classes are designed to prepare students for the design world and give them the foundation they need to become successful in their field of study.

Civil Engineering Careers

Civil engineers can work in a variety of fields. They can be engineering managers on construction sites, or they can work for consulting firms. Many civil engineers obtain their professional engineering licenses and design in their own firms after they gain experience. There is a a lot of liability. So, it s important to have the licensing in place to practice. Civil engineers may also work in government jobs, which means more job security. We have an extensive write-up of the job description and career choices for a civil engineer here.


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Online Bachelors Degrees and Scholarships, bachelors of engineering online.#Bachelors #of #engineering


Online Bachelors Degree Scholarships

Online learning is future of education around the world. Whether you re an international student or an home country student living abroad, you can access a wide range of degree programs and courses online offered by top universities in the world.

International students are also benefiting from online learning courses and are getting more choices to complete their higher education from developed world. World s leading universities now days are offering high quality education online to students round the world.

International students generally find themselves with other obligations beyond that of getting an education. Therefore taking online classes and studying on their own is very important to them.

Now a days scholarships are also offered for the distance learning courses for many international students. You must check out following top class free scholarships.

Pennsylvania State University—World Campus Online Scholarships

Penn State is one of the highly reputed universities in the world. Penn State World Campus is their dedicated online education portal with the mission of making sure that you have the access to the high quality academic experience while you are fulfilling your other obligations.

More than 100 online degree and certificate programs are currently offered by World Campus. Online Bachelors Degree options include Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Certificate and Minors.

Penn State World Campus offer wide variety of Online Bachelors Degree programs including Advertising, Business, Economics, Human Development and Family Studies, Nursing, Law and Society, Political Science and many more.

With the FAFSA application you may be considered for the following scholarships; Jane Ireland Student Fund Scholarship, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Trustee Scholarship Program, Fischer Family Scholarship for Continuing and Distance Education, Penn State Outreach Advisory Board Scholarship in the World Campus and Alexander P. Fletcher Navy Student Award. For detailed information about Online Bachelors Degree please contact World Campus support page.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University—Worldwide Online Scholarships

Embry-Riddle is well recognized for offering world class Online Bachelors Degrees away from traditional classroom. If you do not want to spend as much money as full time degree program, and also want flexibility and convenience, then Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University might be for you.

Each year, ERW students receive more than $30 million in scholarships, grants and financial aid. Their most popular scholarship is Worldwide Scholarship opportunity which are designed to reward students with highest academic potential and have previous academic merits. Further information about Online Bachelors Degree scholarships and financial aid can be found here.

University of Wisconsin — Online Superior Scholarships

Online Bachelors Degree students are generally eligible for a number of scholarships offered by the University of Wisconsin -Superior. Popular scholarships include Educational Leadership Department Scholarships, Dean of Students Scholarships, Communicating Arts Scholarships and Distance Learning Center/UW-Superior Foundation Scholarships. Read more about distance UW-Superior distance learning scholarships here.

University of Illinois — Chicago Online Scholarships

There are several scholarships available for Online Bachelors Degree students but some are specific to BGS program [Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Program]. Their popular scholarship includes BGS Alumni Scholarship, which promotes this degree program and also provide financial aid to students. International students must contact the scholarship office for detailed information regarding scholarships.

Indiana University-Purdue University — Fort Wayne Online Scholarships

IPFW offers several Online Bachelors Degrees. Some of the popular online programs include Bachelor of General Studies, Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Information Systems B.S. Degree. Merit based financial aid may be available for students. Please contact scholarship office of the university for detailed information.

Arizona State University Online Scholarships

ASU Online offers several world class online undergraduate degree programs for local and international students. ASU’s undergraduate online degree programs include Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Sciences, Internet and Web development and operation management.

ASU also has BA in Art History, Business and Communication, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Electrical Engineering, English, History, Liberal Studies, Nursing, Philosophy and many more. ASU offers one of the highest numbers of courses for students.

ASU offers a number of different scholarships, including the Regents High Honors Endorsement and many other private scholarships to online students. Learn more here.

University of Alabama—Huntsville Online Scholarships

UAH offers several popular online undergraduate programs for international students. Their Bachelor of Science in Nursing: for Registered Nurses is highly popular. UAH College for Engineering offers distance learning high quality courses and programs through on-demand as well as live streaming.

Daytona State College Scholarships

Daytona State College has several online accredited courses and it also offers quality instruction and tutorials for students. Fully accredited courses are available either partially or entirely online. Popular Bachelor Degrees Certificates are available in Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology and Bachelor of Science in Education. Please check scholarships in details here.

University of Florida Undergraduate Online Scholarships

The University of Florida offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees via distance and online learning. Online Bachelor Degree Program offers 4 year and 2+2 degree programs. Four-Year Bachelor Degree Programs (UF Online) include Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Behavior, Bachelor of Science in Sport Management, Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Bachelor of Arts in Criminology Law, Bachelor of Arts in Geology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Pace University – Online College Scholarships

SUNY College of Technology—Delhi – Online College Scholarships

Central Michigan University

Scholarship Positions also encourages other students to apply for scholarships. To submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA] before application deadline please check online here financial aid.


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Health Technology Management Consulting (HTMC) #biomedical #engineering, #medical #technology #consulting, #medical


Health Technology Management Consulting (HTMC)


Health Technology Management Consulting (HTMC) undertakes independent consulting, research, and training programs in the area of biomedical engineering, medical equipment and health care technology. HTMC is the group of professional biomedical engineers previously known as the MUCBE Consulting group at Monash University. HTMC’s capacity to undertake medical technology consulting is extensive and unique and includes all aspects of technology management including:

strategic technology planning,

evidence and cost-based analysis,

requirements analysis and acquisition,

problem and failure reporting,

testing and standards compliance,

equipment training, and

future technology horizon scanning.

Our staff has undertaken engineering research and consulting projects for both Government and industry, and in doing so is able to draw on the extensive expertise and its contacts with the biomedical engineering profession.

Notable projects

Our staff has been undertaking medical equipment audits in Victoria and Western Australia and other equipment review services in New South Wales, ACT and Tasmania, in both individual health services and across state public health sectors on a continual basis since 1998.

  • Medical Equipment Inventory Status Report Equipment Update for the WA Department of Health, 2007
  • Review of Capital Equipment Funding Strategy for WA Public Hospitals, 2004
  • Provision of Consulting Services to Establish a Major Clinical Equipment Inventory Assist with the Prioritisation of Equipment Replacement to WA Department of Health, 2005
  • Review of Medical Equipment Replacement Requirements in Metropolitan and Major Regional Health Services across Victoria Using a Consistent Prioritisation Methodology, 2005 (Stage 1)
  • Independent Review of Medical Equipment Replacement Requirements, 2006 (Stage 2)
  • Review of Capital Equipment Funding Strategy for Victorian Public Hospitals, 2001
  • Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Services (SACS) equipment review, prioritisation, purchasing and future replacement costing DHS, 2007
  • Aids and Equipment Program Maintenance and Monitoring Review Practices within Victoria, 2005
  • Benchmark device data for NSW Health administration of Artificial Limb Service
  • Capital Equipment Status Report and 3 Year Replacement and Acquisition Plan for Barwon Health, 2002
  • Capital Equipment Status Report and 5 Year Replacement and Acquisition Plan for Eastern Health, 2004
  • Capital Equipment Status Report and 5 Year Replacement and Acquisition Plan for Bayside Health, 2007

These projects give the HTMC team unparalleled experience in medical equipment audits, replacement planning and procurement which will enable us to satisfactorily complete your project on time.

Professional Consultancy Services Medical and Rehabilitation Technology
  • Survey, evaluation auditing programs
  • Asset evaluation
  • Problem investigation
  • Incident reports
  • Risk management programs
  • Business planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical reports
  • Legal expert advice
Notable Clients
  • Victorian Department of Human Services
  • NSW Health
  • Department of Health, WA
  • ACT Health
  • WA Accident Insurance Commission
  • Tasmania DHHS
  • Australian College of Legal Medicine
  • Barwon Health
  • Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA)
  • Eastern Health
  • Michael Cashman and Associates
  • Bayside Health
  • Sinclair Knight Merz
  • C.R. Kennedy and Associates
  • Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO), Japan

HTMC offers a service that has:

A commitment to high professional standards of work.

Access to a strong and diverse skill base within our consultancy team.

An in-depth understanding of health care technology, both in terms of emerging technology and its application in the health care industry.

An understanding of the management of the entire life cycle of equipment from procurement to decommissioning.

Contact us


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Top Ten Schools for Biomechnical Engineering #biomechanical #engineering #schools


Top Ten Schools for Biomechanical Engineering

Choosing a school can be an overwhelming experience, but this list makes it less so. The criteria used for rating the schools in this list was extensive and included such things as student SAT scores, faculty pay rates, graduation and job placement rates, spending per student rates, as well as the views of competitors and neutral professionals. The following is a list of the top ten schools, in order, for biomechanical engineering:

1. John Hopkins University (Whiting): This University rated #1 for several reasons. To begin, it has an amazing student ration 4.8 students: 1 teacher. In addition, there are vast opportunities for research. Students have access to the labs and other research resources of any of the universities that partner with John Hopkins, which expands student opportunity for experience and growth exponentially.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology : The engineering program in this school is extensive and provides an immense amount of choices for specialization. There are over 20 engineering programs to be explored and combined in majors and minors. Combining such things as biomechanical engineering with other mechanical engineering increases student post-graduation prospects incredibly.

3. University of California San Diego (Jacobs): This University provides many opportunities for graduate and combined graduate programs. It offers a Master of Science Degree, Master of Engineering Degree, and Ph.D. programs. In addition, it offers joint M.D./M.S and M.D./Ph.D. programs. This is a rare opportunity for ambitious students.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology :What makes it outstanding: Number of specialties in which to earn degrees.
Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 1-206
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617)253-1000

5. Stanford University :
What makes it outstanding: Research and internship opportunities.
Address: Huang Engineering Center
Suite 226
Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: (650)723-2300

6. Duke University (Pratt):
What makes it outstanding: Research specialization opportunities.
Address: 305 Teer Building
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919)660-5386

7. Rice Unversity (Brown):
What makes it outstanding Number of on campus research centers.
Address: P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251
Phone: (713)348-4955
8. University of California (Berkeley):
What makes it outstanding: Accelerated Master s Program.
Address: 320 McLaughlin Hall #117
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: (510)642-6000

9. University of Washington :
What makes it outstanding: Research opportunities.
Address: 371 Loew Hall
Box 352180
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: (206)543-2100

10. University of Pennsylvania :
What makes it outstanding: Research and Master s Degree opportunities.
Address: 107 Towne Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (215)898-5000

Online and In Campus Programs


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Reverse acquisition financial definition of reverse acquisition #reverse #engineering #android #apps


reverse acquisition

Reverse Acquisition

An act where a private company purchases a publicly traded company and shifts its management into the latter. It also normally involves renaming the publicly traded company. This allows private companies to become publicly traded while avoiding the regulatory and financial requirements associated with an IPO. In order for a reverse acquisition to happen smoothly, the publicly traded company is usually a shell corporation. that is, one with only an organizational structure and little or no activity. The two businesses can then merge the private company’s product(s) with the public company’s structure. It also makes initial trading less dependent on market conditions, a key risk in IPOs. However, it is important to note that a reverse acquisition only provides the private company with more liquidity if there is a real market interest in it.

reverse acquisition

An acquisition in which the company taken over becomes the surviving entity. A reverse acquisition is sometimes used to acquire and convert a private company into a public company without being required to go through a lengthy registration process.

Link to this page:

The reverse acquisition rules generally look to the substance of the transaction and recharacterize the transaction so that the larger group is treated as continuing to exist.

Yang Chen to serve as our Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, effective immediately at the completion of the reverse acquisition .

The principal transaction covered by the new regulations involves a new holding company where the group remains in existence because the transaction is a reverse acquisition under Treas.

These measures represent results of operations of the company net of any of the nonrecurring expenses related to the reverse acquisition transaction between ARC and QMT as well as the acquisition of AFT.

46 million as compared with same period last year, which was primarily due to one-time charges associated with the closing of the reverse acquisition .

First, considering the reverse acquisition. in 1984 there was no special rule in the consolidated return regulations requiring a new parent to replicate the E P of a former parent.

disposal would result in a reverse acquisition. with Metorex owning 55% in PAR.

This increase was primarily attributed to one-time charges of approximately $880,000 associated with the issuances of warrants related to the closing of the Company’s reverse acquisition in May 2008.

accounting for the reverse acquisition of TimeGate Group Limited.

The number of shares that would be issued by the Company in the reverse acquisition has not yet been determined.

The determination of whether a transaction is a reverse acquisition under the consolidated return regulations has a large impact on a number of consolidated return issues, such as the application of the separate return limitation year rules under Temp.

On April 15, 2008 BMXP Holdings announced that it had signed a Letter of Intent with Freedom Environmental Services pursuant to which BMXP Holdings intends to combine with Freedom Environmental Services through a reverse acquisition .


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The Academy of HVAC Engineering – Advanced Training #hvac #training #program,


New Course ‘Building Energy Retrofit Design’

Updated: Feb, 2017

The Academy’s team is pleased to offer a new training platform developed in response to the building industry’s demand in specialists skilled in developing investment-grade energy retrofit and renewal programs for commercial and institutional buildings. The platform was prepared based on the unique experience of the Academy’s leaders in designing energy retrofit programs in Canada.

The course will provide the streamlined sequence of practical design procedures and methods, tools and resources used by large energy service companies to develop comprehensive energy retrofit projects. The course will teach you the energy conservation measure conceptual design, energy modeling, cost and benefit analysis, and rationale involved in the design process.

You will develop your own project for an industry size building. The resources will include:

  • Design guide that will lead you through the development process.
  • A set of professional mechanical drawings for buildings of different category.
  • An industry accepted software tool, ‘Hourly Analysis Program’ (HAP) developed by Carrier Inc.
  • A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet coded with various project-related calculations.

The course will be highly beneficial to engineers and graduates from university and college building science related programs as well as university and colleges seeking for an advanced course curriculum and training materials in energy management.

Advanced HVAC Design Training Course and MS Excel HVAC Design software

Updated: March, 2016

All of our products are highly flexible and teach deep understanding of HVAC design methodology, built to the latest ASHRAE Standards.

HVAC Design Software is developed by practicing professional engineers to provide for rapid, transparent and verifiable design.

Software is compatible with any MS Excel – no additional software is required!


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Aerospace Engineering Degree #aerospace #engineering #degrees #online


Aerospace Engineering Degree at Florida Tech

Discover a Unique Blend of Aerospace and Engineering Topics

Aerospace engineering is primarily concerned with the design and analysis of aircraft and spacecraft. Subfields include aerodynamics, structures, controls and propulsion systems. Students at Florida Tech who choose to earn an aerospace engineering degree at Florida Tech are part of a prestigious program listed among the Fiske Guide’s “Engineering/Top Technical Institutes” and Parade Magazine’s College A-List in Engineering.

Whether you want to design aircraft, develop new methods of propulsion or be part of the team for space exploration, an aerospace engineering degree from Florida Tech is the one you want. Here, you’ll develop a strong background in engineering and get hands-on experience in fields like aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Gain Practical Experience

The Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Florida Tech’s aerospace engineering degree begins with courses such as Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Calculus-Based Physics. Our Melbourne location gives you access to the Kennedy Space Center and other global leaders in space exploration and aerospace technology innovation.

As a senior working towards your aerospace engineering degree. you complete a senior design project in collaboration with a team of your peers. Together, you conceptualize, design, construct and present a machine, gadget or structure that fulfills a real-world need and present the project to industry leaders and employers. New technical electives allow you to specialize in unique career-track subfields such as systems engineering, nuclear technology and energy engineering, making you a hot prospect in the eyes of future employers.

Build Professional Relationships

Beyond the classroom, aerospace engineering majors build leadership and professional experience through exciting internships and participation in academic organizations like Sigma Gamma Tau (aerospace engineering honor society), and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Student Government and over 100 other campus-wide student organizations.

Get Recruited Upon Graduation

Employers seek out graduates with an aerospace engineering degree from Florida Tech. Employers that have recruited our students for internships and careers include NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GE, Harris Corporation and Northrop Grumman.

Earn an Advanced Degree

After receiving their aerospace engineering degree. many of our students go on to graduate school at universities such as Florida Tech, Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Virginia Tech and Yale.


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18 Accredited Electrical Engineering Schools in California #schools #of #electrical #engineering


Find Your Degree

Electrical Engineering Schools In California

Electrical Engineering classes faculty can choose to work at one of 19 accredited electrical engineering schools in California. Below are statistics and other relevant data to help analyze the state of electrical engineering and electrical engineering training in California, which includes electrical engineering training at the following levels:

  • Electrical Engineering Certificate
  • Associates degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering


Arrange By

10863 Gold Center Dr, Rancho Cordova, California 95670-6034

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

3801 West Temple Avenue, Pomona, California 91768

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, California 90840-0115

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

341 Great Mall Pky, Milpitas, California 95035-8008

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

9680 Granite Ridge Dr, San Diego, California 92123

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

650 W. Cienega Ave. San Dimas, California 91773

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

4000 W. Metropolitian Dr. Suite 100, Orange, California 92868

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

1 University Circle, Monterey, California 93943

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

12669 Encinitas Ave, Sylmar, California 91342-3664

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

20050 S. Vermont Ave, Torrance, California 90502

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

670 E Carnegie Drive, San Bernardino, California 92408

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

2051 Solar Dr Suite 150, Oxnard, California 93036

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

16916 S. Harlan Rd, Lathrop, California 95330

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

362 North Clovis Ave, Clovis, California 93612

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

1140 Galaxy Way Ste 400, Concord, California 94520

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

4160 Temescal Canyon Rd Ste 100, Corona, California 92883

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

1530 W Cameron Ave, West Covina, California 91790

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

6101 W Centinela Ave, Culver City, California 90230

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking




Professional Trends

California Vs. National Electrical Engineering Employment

Approximately 13% of the country’s electrical engineering professionals work in California state.

Employment Growth for Electrical engineering professionals In California

Educational Trends

The number of students graduating from the 19 accredited electrical engineering schools in California is decreasing. In 2006 there were 4,609 electrical engineering graduates from electrical engineering courses in California and in 2010 there were 730 graduates.

This represents a 84% decrease in the number of electrical engineering degree or certificate school graduates in California state. Most of these graduates, or 49%, earned an bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineering Faculty Salaries in California

Share Compare

Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

We currently gathering data for the number of electrical engineering faculty, growth in the field of electrical engineering academia and electrical engineering faculty salaries in California. If you are involved in teaching electrical engineering courses to students at the certificate in electrical engineering, associates degree in electrical engineering, and bachelors degree in electrical engineering levels, please anonymously submit your information in the field below. By doing so, you will be helping us build a valuable database resource for the benefit of current and future electrical engineering faculty in California. Once you submit your information, you will get a chance to see an overview of what we have learned thus far from you and your peers.

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La Mirada Plumbing – Norwalk, CA – Company Information #la #mirada


La Mirada Plumbing

Company Summary

Welcome to Norwalk – La Mirada Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

If you need routine maintenance or are experiencing a plumbing emergency, our expert service technicians and plumbers are here to help. Established in 1958, Norwalk – La Mirada Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning has built a reputation for efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. We also have a team of knowledgeable and talented home contractors who specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Our residential and commercial plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and remodeling services are performed by qualified technicians at an affordable price. At Norwalk-La Mirada Plumbing & HVAC, we are certain we can provide you with the best possible service. We hire only the best and we make sure they are aware of all new technologies, services and products on the market.

All of our plumbing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can fully customize our work to meet your needs and we are trained for jobs in both residential and commercial properties. Some of our most popular services include repair of leaky sinks, clogged drains, replacement of cooling systems and hydrojetting services. Our plumbing services are currently offered all over southern California in cities like Whittier, Cerritos, Santa Fe Springs, Downey, La Mirada, La Habra, Fullerton and Lakewood. Call us today for any questions or to make an appointment.

Norwalk – La Mirada Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is offering $20 off any service to our first time customers. Make sure to print out the coupon and present it to your technicians when they arrive to receive the discount.

Similar Businesses Nearby

Competitive Landscape

Payments Accepted


  • Sunday 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
  • Monday 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
  • Tuesday 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
  • Wednesday 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
  • Thursday 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
  • Friday 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
  • Saturday 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


Business Credit Report

Receive a one-time comprehensive credit report on this company.



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Helical Pier Distributions LLC – Foundation Support and Repair #helical #pier,


Helical Pier Installers � Helical Pier Distributions is a Direct Manufacturer not a Broker

Helical Pier Distributions LLC is a wholesale manufacture of high quality helical steel products, located in Wixom, Michigan. Our firm charges no shipping fees and is extremely competitive in our wholesale pricing. Our firm can manufacture any type of helical pier size or configuration. All of our products are guaranteed to meet project specifications and requirements in writing. In addition, our firm has in house soils and structural engineers to provide engineering and installation support.

Working with Helical Pier Distributions LLC means business, as no other firm is going to beat our product quality or wholesale pricing and support. We work with our clients to ensure that they are economically prosperous and successful, because a strong market player is our best asset. Beat the competition hands down. Give our firm a call for any of your helical pier needs


Helical Pier Applications:

  • Residential, Commerical Industrial Foundation Under-Pinning
  • New Construction Foundation Support for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Structures
  • Concrete Slab Support
  • Concrete Slab Lifting
  • Under-Ground Utility Support
  • Oil Pipe Line Support
  • Retaining Wall Support
  • Deck Support
  • Proven Helical Pier Success � Proven Helical Pier Structural Support, Helical Piers for all Soil Conditions, Helical Piers for all Design Applications
  • Grade I Hot Rolled Steel, Welding Performed by Certified Welders, Weld Inspections Performed by Certified Inspector
  • State of the Art Factory

Engineering Services:

  • Foundation Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Soils Engineering
  • CAD Drawings


  • To Provide Quality #1 Products
  • To Provide Innovative Products and Engineering Services
  • To Work for the Success of our Clients and their Customers
  • To Maintain a Professionally Experience Manufacturing, and Engineering Staff
  • To Exceed our Client’s Expectations with Service, Knowledge, and Competitive Pricing
  • To Provide a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Work Place
  • To Provide the Best Work Force in the World

We look forward to serving our clients helical pier product or helical pier engineering needs. Contact our office at (810) 333-6278 .


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Tuition and Fees – Engineering at Illinois #university #of #illinois, #uiuc,


Tuition and Fees

Please note: The University assesses a 2.4% convenience fee for all credit card transactions. Tuition and fee assessments will be calculated in the Banner system and made available for viewing in the Web Self-Service system .

The University will accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks, and e-checks for payment of tuition and fees. Please note that the University assesses a 2.4% convenience fee for all credit card transactions. Visit the University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO) Web site for details and contact OCEE if you have any questions about your student account.

The University does not send tuition and fee assessments by mail. E-bills are replacing paper bills and will be sent to your official University email account, not to personal email accounts, after the semester begins.

Billing Your Company or Sponsor

If your education at the University of Illinois is being supported by an outside agency, please visit USFSCO to bill your agency directly. Outside agencies can be your company or business, other schools, educational foundations, and governmental agencies.


Crossing engineering disciplines

Professors like Rohit Bhargava know that tomorrow’s engineers will have to work across multiple fields to really be effective. Students from eight different disciplines work with him to fight cancer using nanotechnology. And two multimillion-dollar student training programs make sure that attitude is integrated into their education as well. See us in action by visiting campus

Admissions / Engineering at Illinois

  • Undergraduate Student Application
    Undergraduates apply through the U of I Office of Admissions.
  • Graduate Student Application
    Applications for Graduate Students are processed through the University’s Graduate College.

One of the Nation’s Top Engineering Programs.

In U.S News World Report’s 2015 rankings, Engineering at Illinois has 15 programs ranked in the top 5. Read more about our rankings.

Academics / Engineering at Illinois


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Engineering Schools in Texas #texas #engineering #schools, #texas #engineering #classes, #texas


Engineering Schools in Texas

In TX 119 Texas engineering colleges offer certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in aeronautical engineering, engineering technology, and biological engineering and 17 more majors.

The best engineering programs are offered by Texas A & M University College Station. This engineering college offers an excellent quality programs evaluated with five-star rating for curriculum and five-star rating for teaching as well.

See the top 25 engineering schools and colleges in Texas below or narrow your search by program, desired diploma, or city in Texas.

Top 25 engineering schools in Texas:

College Station, 41 engineering programs

Austin, 31 engineering programs

Lubbock, 30 engineering programs

Houston, 28 engineering programs

Arlington, 29 engineering programs

Dallas, 31 engineering programs

Houston, 25 engineering programs

El Paso, 20 engineering programs

Denton, 14 engineering programs

Kingsville, 15 engineering programs

Beaumont, 12 engineering programs

Edinburg, 11 engineering programs

Prairie View, 11 engineering programs

Longview, 26 engineering programs

San Marcos, 5 engineering programs

Richardson, 18 engineering programs

San Antonio, 14 engineering programs

Waco, 7 engineering programs

San Antonio, 10 engineering programs

Canyon, 3 engineering programs

Fort Worth, 1 engineering program

Stephenville, 3 engineering programs

Commerce, 2 engineering programs

San Antonio, 1 engineering program


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Top Electrical Engineering Colleges in India, Best EE Colleges #best #electrical


Best Electrical Engineering Institutes in India

Location Map of Top Electrical Engineering Institutes in India

What Is The Future For An Electrical Engineer?

What is electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is one of the core engineering courses. Electrical engineering deals with testing, designing, developing and maintaining electrical equipment that is used for industrial and domestic purposes. Electrical engineering is different from electronic engineering. The latter is more focused on developing appliances and gadgets from common building blocks, whereas the former is the traditional field involving power generation, transmission, etc. One might say that electronics is a subset of electrical engineering.

How to be an electrical engineer?

A bachelor’s degree or diploma in electrical engineering is required to be an engineer. A master’s degree is also taken for advancement of one’s career. You will need four years to earn a bachelor’s degree (B.E or B.Tech.) and three years if you want to earn a diploma.

For a B.E or B.Tech. degree, you have to pass 10+2 schooling with 50% aggregate marks in physics, math and chemistry (PCM) stream. For a diploma degree, you need to pass 10th class with 50% aggregate marks in the PCM stream. Every candidate wishing to pursue a degree in electrical engineering has to pass the entrance test that is conducted by various boards and universities. Upon scoring the relevant marks, candidates are enrolled in a particular university.

The candidate will take around four years to earn a bachelor’s degree and three years to earn a diploma certificate. The degree course comprises several subjects that are fundamental to the trade. Some of the subjects are engineering management, power systems, circuit and field theory, electrical machines, measurements and control, design of electrical system, and more.

If you want to pursue further studies, you can go for M.E. or M.Tech. as well. Those pursuing diplomas can also earn a degree in electrical engineering after completing the diploma.

Some of the well-known colleges for electrical engineering are the IITs in India, including BITs, NIT and other autonomous colleges at the national-level and state-level. However, the top colleges conduct their own entrance exam and based on that score students are enrolled.

Scope and career in electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is termed as an “evergreen” field, and with the rapid pace of industrialisaton, there is more scope than ever. The electrical engineer can work in designing, developing, evaluating, selling, marketing, handling and improving electrical products. Today it is known to be the broadest and the largest engineering discipline.

You can take up jobs in audio and video communication system, electrical energy, training students, and autopilot systems. Today electricity is becoming a basic need for mankind and as everything depends on electricity, the trade is booming.

Electrical engineers can work in areas like electromechanical energy conversion, communications, electrical power stations, biomedical electronics, designing and manufacturing household appliances, railways, IT industry, wiring houses, industries, and many more such fields.

The salary for a fresher is around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000, approximately, and with the increase in experience and skills, the salary will definitely increase manifold. Electrical engineers also have a wide scope abroad as there are plenty of jobs in developed countries as well. The salary depends on the place where you work, educational qualification, industry, size of organization, etc.


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Software Engineering Degree (MS) #online #degree #software #engineering


Explore Programs

Master of Science (MS)

Software is the tool that allows users to interact with computers. Through software programs and applications, users can write documents or play games, browse the web or listen to music, and do just about anything you can think of that you do on a computer. Given the ubiquitous nature of computers across the globe, software developers and engineers are in high demand. In an industry that is constantly revitalizing itself and executing new ideas, new software is always needed – and old software requires frequent updates in order to stay current.

At the Seidenberg School, you will learn about software development throughout its life cycle, from the management, design, programming, and development, delivery, and maintenance of software systems. The program is split into three core areas: system and software design/architecture and development, software management and evolution, and management of human resources in a software development environment.

Once that core has been completed, you ll pick a concentration from these options:

Programming languages, tools, and methods

Internet software development

Human computer interaction

Software process management

Secure software development

Applicants to this course must meet several requirements. You must have a solid foundation in computer science, either via a bachelor s degree in computer science or an equivalent experience base. You should also be a competent programmer; those who lack programming knowledge (Java, C++, etc.) will have to take SE 602 Fundamentals in Java before beginning the MS in Software Development and Engineering.


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Engineering Training Schools #petroleum #engineering #online #schools


Engineering Training Schools

Engineering training schools help inventive people learn how to contribute to making our lives better through the creation of practical solutions to common problems. They can strengthen your ability to assist in the development of important technological breakthroughs. And their well-crafted programs can put you in a position to build your own respected, good-paying, and enjoyably challenging career.

That’s really what engineering schools are all about: giving creative thinkers and problem solvers like you the opportunity to excel and make an impact. After all, we live in a time of rapid change, which is creating no shortage of issues to be solved through the real-world application of math and science. So America needs more engineers and engineering technicians who can offer new ideas and fresh enthusiasm.

The only question is, what path will you choose? Many of the nation’s top engineering schools maintain a large variety of programs in different branches of this expansive field. The possibilities are fun to explore. Just look at some of the featured options below. Or discover the training opportunities in your area by typing in your zip code.

Featured Schools

  • Online
  • Business Administration – Engineering Management

  • Online
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Management Technology

  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Computer Engineering Technology

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Manassas (Northern VA)
  • Newport News
  • Richmond
  • Virginia Beach
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Electronics Engineering Technology, Medical Imaging Equipment Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Mechatronics

  • Ft. Myers, Florida
  • Port Charlotte, Florida
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Network Engineering and Administration

  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Houston Southeast (Webster), Texas
  • Process Technology

  • Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Surrey, British Columbia
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Civil Infrastructure Design Technology

4 Major Areas of Engineering That Offer a Variety of Career Paths

For anybody who aspires to make a lasting and practical difference in the world, engineering provides a lot of truly appealing directions to go in. In fact, there are potentially hundreds of different ways to specialize within the field. That’s because each major branch of engineering holds many subdisciplines. And a lot of engineers and other engineering professionals have skill sets drawn from a combination of different specialties.

By some estimates, over two million engineers are actively working within the U.S.* They are just the latest contributors to a profession that has a long history of designing, developing, analyzing, and building solutions that improve people’s quality of life.

Their contributions are staggering and almost too numerous to list: everything from safe drinking water to modern transportation to the distribution of electricity to refrigeration to the Internet to smartphones to space exploration. The achievements simply go on and on.

And so do the career possibilities. Even at the most basic level, you have the option of becoming either a fully fledged professional engineer or an engineering technician who plays an important assisting role.

In general, becoming a professional engineer requires a specialized bachelor’s degree, followed by four years as an engineering intern and the successful completion of a state licensing exam. In contrast, engineering technicians usually only need about two years of post-secondary education and sometimes even less.

Here is how the four main branches of engineering break down:

1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

In this area of the field, the focus is on the design, development, and testing of devices and systems that use electricity. That can, of course, include a huge range of items. Computers, TVs, telecommunications equipment, machines for power generation, GPS navigation devices, medical monitoring tools, and broadcasting equipment are merely a few prominent examples.

As new technologies emerge, engineers and technicians in this category are often at the forefront of applying them to help solve interesting problems. Plus, they tend to make very good money. For example, in 2015, the average and top-end salaries in the U.S. were:**

  • Electrical engineers $97,340 / $146,820 or more
  • Electronics engineers $102,390 / $151,990 or more
  • Computer hardware engineers $114,970 / $167,100 or more
  • Electrical and electronics engineering technicians $61,870 / $90,570 or more

2. Mechanical Engineering

Many engineers consider this to be the largest branch of the profession. Its emphasis is on applying the principles of thermal energy, as well as structural and motion mechanics, to create and test different kinds of tools, devices, and machines. Examples include gas turbines, cooling systems, car and airplane engines, renewable energy systems, boat motors, and biomedical systems.

And some engineers and technicians have both mechanical and electrical engineering skills. That gives them the versatility to work in the field of mechatronics, which concerns the development and operation of automated systems like robotics and unmanned aerial or submersible machines.

In 2015, the average and top-end annual earnings for U.S. professionals in this area were:**

  • Mechanical engineers $88,190 / $128,430 or more
  • Mechanical engineering technicians $56,390 / $81,010 or more
  • Electro-mechanical technicians $56,320 / $84,520 or more

3. Civil Engineering

Large building and infrastructure projects are the primary focus for engineers in this area. The diversity of structures and systems that they can help design, construct, or maintain is astonishing. For example, just imagine a few of the things we wouldn’t have without their talents: roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, dams, water and sewage treatment plants, skyscrapers, mining facilities, and industrial manufacturing centers.

That’s why civil engineers are in big demand. Throughout America, many of the structures listed above are deteriorating because of age. They need to be replaced, or at least receive major upgrades. As a result, the employment of U.S. civil engineers is expected to rise by 8.4 percent between 2014 and 2024.***

The average salary for an American civil engineer was $87,940 in 2015, but the highest-earners enjoyed salaries of over $129,850. For civil engineering technicians, the average annual pay was $51,330, with some making more than $75,500.**

4. Chemical Engineering

Don’t let the title of this category fool you. Chemical engineers are involved in designing and producing a lot more than you might think. This branch of engineering is incredibly broad. It’s all about applying the principles of physics, biology, and chemistry to problems that can be solved through the creation of new substances, materials, or biosystems. Positive impacts are often achieved in areas like paper and textile manufacturing, plastics, petroleum, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and environmental and natural resource preservation.

Average yearly pay for U.S. chemical engineers was $103,960 in 2015, and top-end earners made over $157,000. For chemical technicians, the average salary was $48,730, and the highest pay was over $75,230.**

**Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics. website last visited on April 14, 2016.

***Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook . 2016-17 Edition, website last visited on February 25, 2016.


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