Hall Green Secondary School – Hall Green Secondary School #hall #green,school,hall


Hall Green School Mission Statement

‘Learning together, shaping the future’

Aims and Values

Hall Green is a popular, vibrant and successful school with a track record of high standards and successful outcomes for pupils of all backgrounds and ability. The diversity of the school population enriches the lives of all the community, and has earned the school an enviable reputation for inclusion.

Hall Green is a school that continually seeks to build on the successes of the past and adapt to the needs of the future and is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its pupils. In a changing world, we continue to focus on the essentials that make Hall Green successful: the quality of our teaching and learning; personal pastoral care for every individual in the school; strong relationships with parents, carers and the wider community.

Our governors and staff are committed to providing the very best for the children in our care.

Our aims are that:

  • Every pupil makes outstanding progress
  • Every pupil leaves with personal belief in and aspiration for their own successful future, and as a result takes responsibility for their learning
  • Every pupil has the skills and attitudes to make a positive contribution to society as an active and engaged citizen
  • Every pupil shows care and respect for others
  • Every pupil values and celebrates diversity
  • Every pupil is aware of and sympathetic to the needs of others, particularly those less fortunate than themselves

We call this our Journey to Outstanding.

Mr D Adams

Latest News

Happy, safe summer-Remind from West Midlands Police

Dear Parents/Carers and Students,

With the summer holiday fast approaching, it is important that students are reminded what we, as a school

community, expect of them in terms of behaviour while they are enjoying socialising with friends and family during
the break. We also want to ensure they feel confident to keep themselves safe and away from crime and anti-social
behaviour. Please click here for more information

**Important Notice: Snapchat – The dangers of Snapmap and how to keep your children safe on social media

E-safety is an important aspect of our safeguarding and we aim to inform and educate our pupils, parents and staff on the current issues surrounding this subject.

We wish to inform parents that Snapchat have launched a new update on their app called ‘Snapm ap’. This latest feature allows users to share their location with people they are connected to on Snapchat. Users of the app can also display public photos and v ideos sent by people from those locations.

Leavers Letter for Year 11 June 2017

As your son/daughter has now completed all of their exams, I feel that it is appropriate to inform you of what will be happening over the next few weeks. This includes GCSE examinations and results, Ramadan, Leaver’s Day and Prom. Please click here for more information.

Leavers Letter for Year 11 2017

As your son/daughter is now nearing the end of studies at Hall Green School, I feel that it is appropriate to inform you of what will be happening over the next few weeks, including GCSE examinations and results, Ramadan and Prom. Click here for more information

Silent Study for Year 11

We have introduced a ‘silent study’ revision room for Yr 11 pupils to help them prepare for their mocks and finish controlled assessments. This will be open between 3.15 and 5.00 pm on a Monday and a Thursday in D6 and will be run by senior staff. If it proves popular we will extend provision to include more nights each week.


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Best Online Master s in English – 2015 s Best #online


Best Online Master s Degrees in: English

Editor s Picks: Online Schools for English

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) offers the best value to students interested in pursuing a master s degree in English online. BGSU offers a Master of Arts in English, Plan II. Students can select electives to customize the program to suit their needs. In addition, BGSU s online programs rank well according to U.S. News World Report s rankings of online programs.

Northern Arizona University (NAU) offers the best career support services to online students. Resume and cover letter resources, interview tips, networking tips, and internship and job opportunities are all available through NAU Career Services.

Southern New Hampshire University wins this category for providing 24-hour tech support, seven days a week. Technical Support can help students with issues that arise with Blackboard, viruses, and more. Live phone support and chat support are available, and students can also create a Help Desk Case.

Library and Research Support

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) offers the best library and research support services to its online graduate students. Students can IM, text, call, or email librarians. In addition, they can access materials not available at BGSU through ILLIad, the interlibrary loan service. Students have access to electronic resources and can even have articles scanned and delivered to them electronically.

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) wins this category. The school requires faculty to complete online instruction training in order to teach, and this training is financed by BGSU.

New Online Student Orientation

East Carolina University provides the most comprehensive online orientation to incoming students. Students will become familiar with the online learning platform, including the course management system Blackboard. Tutorials also cover how to add/drop classes, register for classes, view class schedules, check email, and more.

Explore a Master s Degree in English

Students who earn an online master s degree program in English will gain the critical thinking, research, and communication skills necessary to work in a wide variety of industries, ranging from journalism, to media, to education. With more and more employers interested in applicants with a strong liberal arts background, English majors have flexible career options in both the private and public sectors. Those who are interested in pursuing a teaching career at the college or university level will need to continue on to a Ph.D. program to gain the required credentials. Some two-year or community colleges, however, only require a master s degree to teach.

Students who choose to enroll in an online program have the flexibility to take classes on a full or part time basis, as fits with their work and family commitments. Since the course load a student selects each term can vary, the typical time to complete this type of program is between two to three years. However, it is important to note that other factors such as transfer credits applied and whether or not a student takes any time off from the program can influence time to completion.

English majors can expect a combination of survey, seminar, and research courses. The curriculum may cover topics such as critical theory, linguistics, journalism, folklore, cultural studies, gender studies, film studies, creative writing, and literary criticism. At the master s degree level, students will likely be required to select an area of specialization such as a particular historical period or type of literature. Some examples of courses that may be required in this type of program include:

  • Contemporary Literature. This course will examine a variety of different types of contemporary literature including fiction, drama, poetry, essays, and criticism. Students will apply the theoretical concepts they have learned through thorough analysis of the titles they read.
  • Theories of Teaching Writing. Students will learn about composition theory and research principles, with goal of developing strong analysis and critiquing skills. This course also requires students to assist teachers in the classroom as a way to apply their skills in a practical setting.
  • Advanced Fiction Writing. Students must be approved by the instructor to enroll in this type of course. This intensive workshop will include topics such as plot, conflict, characterization, point of view, and atmosphere.

Assignments are likely to include critical essays, research papers, creative writing pieces, and presentations. Students may also be required to work as teaching assistants during their time in the program. Most programs will have a master s thesis requirement as the capstone of the curriculum. This thesis will demonstrate the full breadth of the student s research and analytical skills, as well as mastery of the critical theory concepts they have learned throughout their enrollment.

Graduates with an online master s degree in English have developed strong critical thinking and communications skills, which make them ideal candidates for a variety of different positions. Potential career fields include media, journalism, public relations, publishing, and education. Those interested in teaching English at the college or university level will need to continue on to a Ph.D. program after completing their master s program. However, some community colleges only require their instructors to have a master s degree.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for postsecondary teachers is expected to grow by 17% from 2010 to 2020. This is slightly faster than the 14% growth expected for all occupations. The mean annual wage for English teachers at the postsecondary level was $68,760 in 2011. Those who worked at technical and trade schools earned a mean annual wage of $51,850, according to the BLS. Please note, however, that the actual starting salaries and job openings you experience can vary based on location, level of experience, education, the type of employer, and the general job market.

Other Online Liberal Arts Programs


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Teach English in Italy, teach english as a second language certification


teach english as a second language certification online

How to find teaching jobs in Italy

Your Teach in Italy Library

Teach english as a second language certification online

Highly acclaimed employment guide with job list! New second edition – a completely updated employment guide, expanded with an important chapter on teaching techniques. Available as an updated eBook (immediate download PDF). 112 pages, only Ђ20. Same low price!

Teach english as a second language certification online

. a detailed, comprehensive guide. Times Educational Supplement.

MILAN: Full-time primary school teacher to start September 2015. Contact.

English for Italian Students How to teach ESL to beginning students: everything you need to do your job!

Revolt of the Children (Foreword by Dane Dormio) a novel about winning, with glossary, for your advanced students.

Free Book : Images of Italy by 100 Photographers from around the world.

Teach english as a second language certification online

Images of Italy is FREE if you order Teach English in Italy now.

New video: English for Kids download or DVD. Coming soon!

BERGAMO: Full-time Primary School Teacher to Start August 2015. Contact.

PADUA: Full-time pre-school and primary school teachers needed to start September 2015. Contact.

MILAN: Music teacher to start September 2015. Generous salary, flights, health insurance.

SIENA: Full-time primary teacher, 2-year contract, start September 2015.

ROME: Full-time English teacher wanted to start September 2015. Contact.

UDINE: Early education and primary teachers to start September 20125. Contact.

FLORENCE: IT teacher for international (middle and secondary) school. Contact.

Interview with teacher and author, Frank Adamo

Q. Is there really a big job market for English-speaking teachers abroad?

F.A. English is the international language of science, medicine, information technology and business, and is fast becoming the international language in other fields as well. For example, according to a recent issue of Newsweek, all of the world’s top 10 universities are in the U.S. and Britain, and 30-40% of our doctoral students come from overseas. If foreign students want the best education to get the best jobs, they need to speak English. In some foreign cities, students need to pass an English exam to enter their own universities!

Q. What about the job market for teachers in Italy right now (2015)?

F.A. Frustration with traditional Italian schools has led to the increasing popularity of international schools offering the entire curriculum in English. There are teacher jobs for English-speaking teachers in every subject, especially English as a second language (ESL). Americans, Canadians and Australians are working in Italy even though they aren’t citizens of the European Union, but there is stiff competition. The world financial crisis has led to many English speakers who never dreamed of teaching anything, let alone English, looking for teaching jobs abroad. Working in Italy nowadays is becoming an impossible dream, especially for casual job-seekers who naively hope to find employment without bothering to become well-informed.

Q. Is TEFL or other certification necessary to teach abroad?

F.A. As in many other countries, the rate of successful foreign language learning in Italy is very low. Outdated teaching methods combined with a lack of student motivation translate into frequent failure in learning ESL. This situation has led to the rise of teacher training frauds. Web sites claiming to offer jobs abroad are merely selling TEFL or similar courses. You apply for what are actually fictitious teaching positions, and then you are told: Since you don’t have a TEFL certificate you’ll have to pay Ђ1,000 for our course. By the time you finish the course, the position you applied for is no longer available. The scammers are on the blogs posing as your good buddy, while steering you to buy courses, and they feed false info into the online encyclopedias. The scammers often pose as teachers who worked in Italy and offer superficial advice, with the inevitable plug to be sure you get qualified by buying a TEFL course.

Q. What exactly is your claim to expertise in teaching in Italy?

F.A. I’ve been teaching ESL in northern and southern Italy for nearly 20 years, and I continually update the most detailed, comprehensive and authoritative employment guide available: Teach English in Italy, now in its second edition. Although a printed edition is available from Amazon and other booksellers, the printed book was already out-of-date by the time it reached the shelves. The most up-to-date information and jobs are only available in the eBook you can order from this web page.

Q. What kind of information, specifically, does your book offer?

F.A. Step-by-step instructions to find jobs in every field of opportunity: university positions, state schools, commercial language centers, and freelance tutoring, PLUS practical help to do your job effectively. PLUS a list of genuine job openings with the employers’ contact information. The perfect gift for graduating students, recent grads, the unemployed, career changers.

Q. How has the current financial crisis affected the job market for English-speaking teachers in Italy?

F.A. The reality is that there are more people looking for jobs as ESL teachers now, but most people make the mistake of simply searching for the latest job ads and then sending off their C.V. (rйsumй) as quickly as possible. They literally don’t know what they’re doing, and waste their time and energy for nothing. Even in booming Asian economies like China, an uninformed person is more likely to fall victim of a fraud than find decent employment.

Q. Anything else we should know before investing our time and money in a new career?

F.A. The web is great because you can get some information quickly and easily, but don’t make the costly mistake of thinking you’ll find out everything you need to know by reading three or four pages on a few web sites, or casual conversation on blogs – the blind leading the blind. If you really want to be well-informed you still need to read a book, if not several. You can read the whole story in the eBook Teach English in Italy to take advantage of my extensive experience, and then you can contact me by email or telephone for continuing advice every step of the way.

VENICE: Primary school teacher needed to start September 2015. Contact.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal beware of sites that ask you to enter your personal information in a “rйsumй database,” since you may be at risk of identity theft. Schools aren’t so desperate for teachers that they go searching through the databases of sites selling short certificate courses of questionable value.

If you have been the victim of an expensive TEFL or similar certificate course scam, contact me (the webmaster link below) for assistance in legal proceedings.

ROOMMATE WANTED: If you plan to teach in Italy this year contact me for apartment share. [email protected]

Teach english as a second language certification online

Teacher Training Fraud s Must reading before you pay for certificate courses!

FERRARA : Primary teacher wanted. Contact.

Italy Teacher Job List J ob openings for English-speaking teachers

Teach Abroad Blog Share your knowledge and experience

Italy Photo Net Images of a very old and remarkable country

SARDINIA: Primary teacher wanted, two-year contract. Contact.

Amazon Reviews read reviews of the book Teach English in Italy from Amazon.com

Teach english as a second language certification online


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Numbers #numbers, #online #dictionary, #english #dictionary, #numbers #definition, #define #numbers, #definition



1. digit, figure. 2. Number, sum both imply the total of two or more units. Number applies to the result of a count or estimate in which the units are considered as individuals; it is used of groups of persons or things: to have a number of items on the agenda. Sum applies to the result of addition, in which only the total is considered: a large sum of money. 20. copy, edition.

Usage note Expand

2. As a collective noun, number, when preceded by a, is most often treated as a plural: A number of legislators have voiced their dissent. When preceded by the, it is usually used as a singular: The number of legislators present was small. See also amount. collective noun.

Dictionary.com Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2017.
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Examples from the Web for Numbers Expand

If Bush had managed to put a Social Security privatization bill before Congress, our Numbers would be different.

All that is a prelude to explain the significance of the Numbers at the top: 51 percent, 47 percent, and then 32 percent.

It should be noted that the Anti-Coup movement has been known to exaggerate facts and Numbers.

The Daily Beast crunches the Numbers to determine the 25 cities with the greenest citizens.

Again, consider the Numbers. those two fatal attacks by Hasan and Bledsoe killed a total of 14 people.

They are not like Numbers and figures, always and everywhere of the same value.

What but a want, which you perhaps think mad, Yet Numbers feel the want of what he had!

The Registrar returns the Numbers for 1916 at 1,427 small holders.

As yet a child, nor yet a fool to fame, I lisped in Numbers. for the Numbers came.

The most familiar case of such realities is that of Numbers.

a concept of quantity that is or can be derived from a single unit, the sum of a collection of units, or zero. Every number occupies a unique position in a sequence, enabling it to be used in counting. It can be assigned to one or more sets that can be arranged in a hierarchical classification: every number is a complex number ; a complex number is either an imaginary number or a real number. and the latter can be a rational number or an irrational number ; a rational number is either an integer or a fraction. while an irrational number can be a transcendental number or an algebraic number See complex number. imaginary number. real number. rational number. irrational number. integer. fraction. transcendental number. algebraic number See also cardinal number. ordinal number

the symbol used to represent a number; numeral

a numeral or string of numerals used to identify a person or thing, esp in numerical order: a telephone number

the person or thing so identified or designated: she was number seven in the race

the sum or quantity of equal or similar units or things: a large number of people

one of a series, as of a magazine or periodical; issue

  1. a self-contained piece of pop or jazz music
  2. a self-contained part of an opera or other musical score, esp one for the stage

a group or band of people, esp an exclusive group: he was not one of our number

( slang ) a person, esp a woman: who’s that nice little number?

( informal ) an admired article, esp an item of clothing for a woman: that little number is by Dior

( slang ) a cannabis cigarette: roll another number

a grammatical category for the variation in form of nouns, pronouns, and any words agreeing with them, depending on how many persons or things are referred to, esp as singular or plural in number and in some languages dual or trial

any number of, several or many

( military ) by numbers, (of a drill procedure, etc) performed step by step, each move being made on the call of a number

( US. slang ) do a number on someone, to manipulate or trick someone

( informal ) get someone’s number, have someone’s number, to discover someone’s true character or intentions

in numbers, in large numbers; numerously

( Brit. informal ) one’s number is up, one is finished; one is ruined or about to die

without number, beyond number, of too great a quantity to be counted; innumerable

verb ( mainly transitive )


c.1300, “sum, aggregate of a collection,” from Anglo-French noumbre. Old French nombre and directly from Latin numerus “a number, quantity,” from PIE root *nem- “to divide, distribute, allot” (related to Greek nemein “to deal out;” see nemesis ). Meaning “symbol or figure of arithmatic value” is from late 14c. Meaning “single (numbered) issue of a magazine” is from 1795. The meaning “musical selection” (1885) is from vaudeville theater programs, where acts were marked by a number. Meaning “dialing combination to reach a particular telephone receiver” is from 1879; hence wrong number (1886).

Number one “oneself” is from 1704 (mock-Italian form numero uno attested from 1973); the biblical Book of Numbers (c.1400, Latin Numeri. Greek Arithmoi ) so called because it begins with a census of the Israelites. Slang number one and number two for “urination” and “defecation” attested from 1902. Number cruncher is 1966, of machines; 1971, of persons. To get or have (someone’s) number “have someone figured out” is attested from 1853. The numbers “illegal lottery” is from 1897, American English.

c.1300, “to count,” from Old French nombrer “to count, reckon,” from nombre (n.) “number” (see number (n.)). Meaning “to assign a number to” is late 14c.; that of “to ascertain the number of” is from early 15c. Related: Numbered ; numbering .

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
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Numbers in Medicine Expand

A symbol expressive of a certain value or of a specific quantity determined by count.

The place of any unit in a series.

The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.
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Numbers in Science Expand

A member of the set of positive integers. Each number is one of a series of unique symbols, each of which has exactly one predecessor except the first symbol in the series (1), and none of which are the predecessor of more than one number.

A member of any of the further sets of mathematical objects defined in terms of such numbers, such as negative integers, real numbers, and complex numbers.

The American Heritage® Science Dictionary
Copyright © 2002. Published by Houghton Mifflin. All rights reserved.
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Numbers in Culture Expand

number definition

The grammatical category that classifies a noun. pronoun. or verb as singular or plural. Woman, it. and is are singular; women, they. and are are plural.

The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
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Slang definitions & phrases for Numbers Expand


A player’s averages, statistics, etc; stats : I’ve always thought numbers were a hill of beans. The only numbers that matter are wins and losses(Sports)


  1. A person, esp one considered to be clever and resourceful or attractive; article. hot number • Always preceded by an adjective or by the locution ”quite a”: some dizzy broad that must have been a snappy number/ bored-looking number(1919+)
  2. A piece of merchandise, esp of clothing; article : Ifound a number I liked pretty well(1894+)
  3. A theatrical act or routine, esp a song; shtick : He does that number with the tablecloth(1885+ Show business)
  4. A tactic or trick; act : When he’s pulling one of his numbers, he knows what he’s doing(1970s+)
  5. A casual homosexual partner; trick (Homosexuals)
  6. A marijuana cigarette: smoked a couple of numbers in the room(1960s+ Narcotics)

[merchandise sense fr the model number that most retail items have]

The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.
Copyright (C) 2007 by HarperCollins Publishers.
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Idioms and Phrases with Numbers Expand


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English to Spanish Translation Services #english #to #spanish #translation #services


English to Spanish Translation Services

If you re looking to have your documents translated into Spanish, you ve come to the right place. Traducta ranks among the top translation companies in America, for English to Spanish translation services .

Did you know? Spanish is one of the 6 official languages of the UN. There are 358,000,000 Spanish speakers worldwide, making it the second most spoken language in the world.

Translation from and into Spanish

If you conduct international business, Spanish should naturally be one of the languages you support.

Traducta specializes in English to Spanish translation services, with a strong client base in the United States and the Americas. Our team is made of professional in-country English to Spanish translators, Spanish editors and Spanish proofreaders, each of which masters their own subject matters. We provide Spanish translation services for the US, Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

We provide business professionals and international organizations with accurate and flawless Spanish translations that effectively communicate their message to their target audience.

When translating your content from English into Spanish, there are a number of factors you should consider to successfully reach out to your audience.

Spanish translation is one thing, but what should be translated? What are the best practices to be efficient with your Spanish translation processes?

Enquire About Our Services In The Following Domains:

We protect your brand across languages. You may have the best content, but if it s poorly translated your brand may not look so great in Spanish.

Count on Traducta for your Spanish translation needs, in all formats

Most Popular Document Formats We Support

Adobe Framemaker
Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2003-2013
MS Help Workshop

Software Localization Formats

NET resource files
Java properties
Multilingual XML
Multilingual Excel/CSV

Examples of Spanish translation projects:

Spanish packaging
Spanish documentation
Spanish sales training materials
Spanish E-learning
Spanish marketing collaterals
Spanish Web marketing
Spanish social media campaigns
Spanish knowledge base
Spanish corporate communications
Spanish investors relations
Spanish public relations

You are a certified English to Spanish translator? Visit our Language Partners section. We welcome experienced Spanish translation professionals to our ranks.

Free English-Spanish Dictionary


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Sheppard Software: Fun free online learning games and activities for kids


I stumbled upon your fun interactive geography games from a link on the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance Website. Since then, your games have become quite a hit with my competitive colleagues!
–Candice Gomes, Education Outreach Coordinator, Boston Public Library (Sheppard Software’s geography games were featured in the Boston Public Library’s 2006 Exhibition on Mapping)

Terrific online educational games, especially geography.
–Dallas Children’s Museum

First, let me say I love your website! I have students with learning disabilities that need multiple way to learn math, and your site fills the bill! – Darrin, Rose Park Elementary in Billings, MT
Awesome site. it is the only reason I am passing my World Geography class! –Stephen
Our preschool teacher just sent us homework with this new website on it! My twins love it – they are 4 1/2 and can’t get enough! The sounds, the action, so many choices and things to do. I bookmarked this for them and have sent the website to numerous friends and best of all it’s FREE!
Thank you for such a wonderful learning tool. — -Cherie Ventola

Let me say that you guys have an awesome website. I stumbled across your site one day, and it has been the easiest, most effective, and really the most fun method for learning geography that I’ve found. –David Weaver

I am thrilled to have stumbled upon your site! As a homeschooling mom, I love to find sites that encourage brain activity and reinforce the facts I teach during learning time!
The range of information is wonderful. Keep up the fantastic work!
-Mrs. JaNell Hancock

Your games are AMAZING!

Your website has SO much to offer!

This site is exactly what I have been looking for! I have four children within five years of age and they can all play your games! I love that you can choose your level of difficulty. The games are colorful and simple, not cluttered like some. The instructions are easy to understand and they cover basic learning that can be neglected with other “too busy” games. I can’t believe what a blessing it is to have stumbled upon this site! I looked up “kindergarten math games online.” This is the first one that I actually enjoyed navigating around in and that actually kept the kids’ attention without discouraging them.

This site will be a daily part of our learning! The kids were fighting over who could take the next turn at the learning game! It is reinforcing everything I am trying to teach.



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Welcome to GPC Online #gpc, #gpc, #georgia #perimeter #college, #georgia #perimeter,


GPC Online is the largest online program in the University System of Georgia. Students may choose from 18 online pathways. including Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Teacher Education. We offer online classes in accounting, computer science, education, English, math, Spanish and a number of other subjects. Use the following links to view a schedule of upcoming classes and a complete list of course descriptions .

Check out GPC s Online Student Success Community forum for up-to-date information on online registration, online courses and other online information.

Georgia Perimeter College has partnered with Georgia Southwestern State University to offer the state s first three–year accelerated bachelor s degree in Georgia. This program is offered fully online and offers students two degree options in management or accounting. For additional information on the FastTrac program email the program advisor Shannon Perry or 478-304-1491.

GPC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) with all courses taught by SACS-qualified instructors. As a result, GPC courses are widely accepted for transefer to other colleges and university. Online students may choose to participate in GPC s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements, which guarantee admission to some of the best public and private colleges and universities in the country.

Current GPC students considering transferring to Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech), should familiarize themselves with the Ga Tech s Course Transfer Tool in order to determine if/how your coursework will transfer. Contact a Georgia Perimeter College on-campus or online adviser if you have questions or need assistance with selecting courses for transfer.


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Global ATS – Aviation Training Services #training, #atc, #training, #management, #global,


Global ATS

Our reputation for delivering world class courses to the UK market are second to none and our overall validation rate is the highest in the industry meaning that self funded and unit sponsored controllers can be confident in our ability to provide them with the best possible foundation for a career in Air Traffic Control.

Global ATS provide ICAO compliant ATC training to international students sponsored by overseas aviation organisations.

ICAO courses are regularly reviewed to ensure they comply with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations.

Global ATS provide a variety of English language training to international students sponsored by overseas aviation organisations.

Our well qualified instructors have many years teaching experience in multi-cultural environments.

Global ATS has brought together a team of experienced Airport and ATM aviation Safety Management specialists who have been using and teaching ATM over many years. The team has collectively embraced the developments and lessons learned as Air Traffic Management systems have been implemented throughout the aviation industry.

An airport operator should ensure that all operational personnel are trained and competent to operate in those safety-critical areas. There are many activities that are performed on the airside area of an airport and an understanding of these is essential for a safe and efficient conduct of aircraft and vehicle movements.

Safety is the most important factor in any aviation operational discipline and it is essential that everyone involved has a clear understanding of how safety can be managed within their area of responsibility.

Global Aviation Training Services (GATS) is a United Kingdom based company providing a wide range of aviation training services and custom-built solutions in the field of Air Traffic Management. The company operates in a fast-moving and exciting industry sector providing its services to customers from over 35 countries, many of which are fast-growing emerging markets.

Global ATS offers many services which can be provided either in-country or at its Gloucestershire Airport facility, a UK CAA and ICAO ATC training college in western England.

Global ATS is a unique company. It is the only private sector (non-state owned) provider of air traffic training solutions – not only in the UK, but perhaps globally. GATS was built on the legacy and solid foundations of the highly respected Bailbrook Aviation College, which itself was a successor to the IAL Aviation College in Hayes, England established in the early 1960’s. This rich lineage has contributed in no small way in making GATS a world-leading centre for aviation training excellence.

Global ATS provides solutions to high-growth, opportunity-rich aviation markets. The growth of air traffic in emerging markets will drive demand for aviation training and services over the next 20 years, with a global shortfall of skilled industry manpower increasing this demand. The growth of air traffic in emerging markets such as the Middle East, the Gulf Cooperation Council states, Indian sub-continent, Africa, South East Asia, China, CIS countries in Central Asia and Latin America will drive demand for aviation training, education and services in the next 20 years.

A key asset is our CAA-approved ATC training centre at Gloucestershire Airport. Here we deliver our ATC training business, with consistently high quality and results.

An immersive ‘hands-on training environment’ gives students realistic work simulations, with a memorable experience of college life beyond the curriculum.

Aviation training is stringently regulated. Our clients expect us to ensure internal control processes; policies and procedures are in place for all staff. Our Quality Management System (QMS) contains all necessary controls to operate our business with full compliance.

We have established a network of Associates with over 150 years’ combined experience across all areas of Air Traffic Management. Our associates are available on an ad hoc basis to support a range of projects across specialist industry areas, including air navigation services, CNS engineering and maintenance training / solutions, aviation consultancy, 2D 3D simulation development, safety and quality management system implementation and more.

Recent News

Building on previous Air Traffic Control (ATC) training delivery for the Irish Air Corps (IAC), GATS was delighted to accept its latest intake of students who will be completing their Basic Training Course, scheduled to finish in June 2017.

Working towards a career as an ATCO you will spend 4 years immersing yourself in and learning the ATC industry as a Pseudo Pilot before undertaking a Basic Training Course Aerodrome Control Instrument Course. After 4 years’ service and course completion you will leave Global ATS as a highly skilled professional ready to begin a rewarding career as an Air Traffic Control Officer.

You will operate a wide variety of ATC simulators to support the delivery of both UK and ICAO ATC training courses for Aerodrome, Approach, Approach Radar, Area Procedural and Area Radar. You will also assist the instructional staff with the delivery of their courses and management staff with their day-to-day duties as required.

With governments looking for efficiencies in all areas of Aviation Training and Regulations, GATS is supporting the Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority (SWACAA) in providing affordable travel to Swaziland’s population.

Global ATS Limited (GATS) UK, as part of its International Business Development Strategy, has strengthened its Business Development Team expanding its support for International Markets.

Following the recent announcement of GATS company restructure refocused on Air Traffic Control Training International Sales Division, GATS has expanded its China Business Development Team to include South East Asia.


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1. special, limited. 5. definite, exact, precise.

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Which Word When

1, 2. General, common, popular, universal agree in the idea of being nonexclusive and widespread. General means belonging to, or prevailing throughout, a whole class or body collectively, irrespective of individuals: a general belief. Common means shared by all, and belonging to one as much as another: a common interest; common fund; but use of this sense is frequently avoided because of ambiguity of sense. Popular means belonging to, adapted for, or favored by the people or the public generally, rather than by a particular (especially a superior) class: the popular conception; a popular candidate. Universal means found everywhere, and with no exceptions: a universal longing.

Tom Thumb


a diminutive hero of folk tales.

an extremely small person; dwarf.

General, nickname of Charles Sherwood Stratton.


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Examples from the News

  • It also contains some clunky passages of adultery, temptations of the flesh, and general sexual awkwardness.

Powerful Congressman Writes About ‘Fleshy Breasts’

  • Your general reaction runs along the lines of: “When will these geezers give it up and go for a mall walk or something?”
    The World’s Toughest Political Quiz
  • In general, their presence is meant to throw you off your game by design.
    Brie Larson’s Hollywood Transformation
  • And the Absinthe House has a full list: Other famous imbibers include P.T. Barnum, Oscar Wilde, and General Robert E. Lee.
    The Bars That Made America Great
  • Krivov was sentenced to serve four years at a general regime penal colony for his fight for freedom and human rights.

    Behind Bars for the Holidays: 11 Political Prisoners We Want to See Free In 2015

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    • At present it was dark and weather-beaten, and in a general state of neglect.

    Brave and Bold

  • He acquired a general knowledge of the ebb and flow of popular stocks.

    Harry Leon Wilson

    The Spenders

  • These laws are general and their administration should be uniform and equal.
    United States Presidents Inaugural Speeches
  • The steam-boats on the Rhine are in general of a good description.
    Blackwood s Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327
  • Sunday comes, and brings with it a day of general gloom and austerity.

    Sunday under Three Heads

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