2017 Average Healthcare Equipment Rental Rates: How Much Does It Cost


Healthcare Equipment Rental Prices

Leasing medical equipment is not just for startups that are short on cash. Medical equipment becomes outdated in just a few years. Because of this, leasing equipment rather than buying is a great way to maintain a state of the art facility.

With a medical equipment lease you pay only the amount the equipment is expected to depreciate while it’s in your hands. A typical lease lasts anywhere between one to five years. When the lease ends you can trade in the equipment for a new model.

Clinics, doctor’s offices, and hospitals all lease healthcare equipment. Such equipment includes the following:

  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Medical lab equipment
  • Medical office equipment
  • Surgery equipment
  • MRI machines
  • Computers
  • EMR Software
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound machines
  • Surgery tables

The Cost of Leasing Healthcare Equipment

The cost of leasing medical equipment depends on the type of equipment you need, its cost, and your credit score.

A standard rate for leasing business equipment is $40 to $60 per month for every $1,000 purchased. At this rate a $10,000 machine will cost you $400 to $600 per month while a $50,000 machine will run $2,000 to $3,000 per month .

Many medical equipment financiers and financial websites offer online payment calculators to help you estimate the total cost of an equipment lease:

  • According to Tiger Leasing, a $100,000 piece of equipment can be leased for $9,177per month for a 12-month term, $3,327 per month for a 36-month term and $2,173 per month for a 60-month term.
  • Also according to Tiger Leasing, a $500,000 piece of equipment can be leased for $45,423 per month for 12 months, $16,480 per month for 36 months and $10,661 per month for 60 months.
  • Insight Financial Services has a formula on its website that can be used to determine whether leasing or buying is more economical. According to the site, a $1 million piece of equipment can be leased for 36 months for $27,950 per month. That figure assumes a 10% interest rate.

Healthcare Equipment Leasing Options

Medical equipment leases are available for equipment ranging in price from a few thousand dollars to several million. In addition to ensuring that you always have the most modern equipment, leasing instead helps conserve cash for other expenditures. Lease payments are also tax deductible.

Medical equipment leasing companies offer both new and used medical equipment. Most leasing terms are 12 to 60 months, but some companies will go up to 84 months.

Some companies offer 100% financing with no down payment required. Some even include �soft costs� like shipping, installation and training in the monthly lease payment. Others require a down payment, security deposits, and the first and last month’s lease payments upfront.

With some companies, flexible payment options are available. They include deferred payments, seasonal payment fluctuations or step up or step down payment plans. For a nominal fee, usually about $100 to $200, you can include an option to buy the equipment when your lease expires.

Use Our Free Service and Find Equipment Leasing Comapnies

Prices for US only including:

  • Alabama – AL
  • Alaska – AK
  • Arizona – AZ
  • Arkansas – AR
  • California – CA
  • Colorado – CO
  • Connecticut – CT
  • Delaware – DE
  • District Of Columbia –
  • Florida – FL
  • Georgia – GA
  • Hawaii – HI
  • Idaho – ID
  • Illinois – IL
  • Indiana – IN
  • Iowa – IA
  • Kansas – KS
  • Kentucky – KY
  • Louisiana – LA
  • Maine – ME
  • Maryland – MD
  • Massachusetts – MA
  • Michigan – MI
  • Minnesota – MN
  • Mississippi – MS
  • Missouri – MO
  • Montana – MT
  • Nebraska – NE
  • Nevada – NV
  • New Hampshire – NH
  • New Jersey – NJ
  • New Mexico – NM
  • New York – NY
  • North Carolina – NC
  • North Dakota – ND
  • Ohio – OH
  • Oklahoma – OK
  • Oregon – OR
  • Pennsylvania – PA
  • Rhode Island – RI
  • South Carolina – SC
  • South Dakota – SD
  • Tennessee – TN
  • Texas – TX
  • Utah – UT
  • Vermont – VT
  • Virginia – VA
  • Washington – WA
  • West Virginia – WV
  • Wisconsin – WI
  • Wyoming – WY
  • Serving Top US Cities:

  • New York, New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Detroit
  • San Francisco
  • Jacksonville
  • Indianapolis
  • Austin
  • Columbus
  • Fort Worth
  • Charlotte
  • Memphis
  • Baltimore
  • El Paso
  • Boston
  • Milwaukee
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Nashville
  • Washington
  • Las Vegas
  • Portland
  • Louisville
  • Oklahoma City
  • Tucson
  • Atlanta
  • Albuquerque
  • Fresno
  • Sacramento
  • Long Beach
  • Mesa
  • Kansas City
  • Omaha
  • Cleveland
  • Virginia Beach
  • Miami
  • Oakland
  • Raleigh
  • Tulsa
  • Minneapolis
  • Colorado Springs
  • Honolulu
  • Arlington
  • Wichita
  • St. Louis
  • Tampa
  • Santa Ana
  • Anaheim
  • Cincinnati
  • Bakersfield
  • Aurora
  • New Orleans
  • Pittsburgh
  • Riverside
  • Toledo
  • Stockton
  • Corpus Christi
  • Lexington
  • St. Paul
  • Anchorage
  • Newark
  • Buffalo
  • Plano
  • Henderson
  • Lincoln
  • Fort Wayne
  • Glendale
  • Greensboro
  • Chandler
  • St. Petersburg
  • Jersey City
  • Scottsdale
  • Norfolk
  • Madison
  • Orlando
  • Birmingham
  • Baton Rouge
  • Durham
  • Laredo
  • Lubbock
  • Chesapeake
  • Chula Vista
  • Garland
  • Winston-Salem
  • North Las Vegas
  • Reno
  • Gilbert
  • Hialeah
  • Arlington
  • Akron
  • Irvine
  • Rochester
  • Boise
  • Modesto
  • Fremont
  • Montgomery
  • Spokane
  • Richmond
  • Yonkers
  • Irving
  • Shreveport
  • San Bernardino
  • Tacoma
  • Glendale
  • Des Moines
  • Augusta
  • Grand Rapids
  • Huntington Beach
  • Mobile
  • Moreno Valley
  • Little Rock
  • Amarillo
  • Columbus
  • Oxnard
  • Fontana
  • Knoxville
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Salt Lake City
  • Newport News
  • Huntsville
  • Tempe
  • Brownsville
  • Worcester
  • Fayetteville
  • Jackson
  • Tallahassee
  • Aurora
  • Ontario
  • Providence
  • Overland Park
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Chattanooga
  • Oceanside
  • Santa Clarita
  • Garden Grove
  • Vancouver
  • Grand Prairie
  • Peoria
  • Rockford
  • Cape Coral
  • Springfield
  • Santa Rosa
  • Sioux Falls
  • Port St. Lucie
  • Dayton
  • Salem
  • Pomona
  • Springfield
  • Eugene
  • Corona
  • Pasadena
  • Joliet
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Paterson
  • Hampton
  • Lancaster
  • Alexandria
  • Salinas
  • Palmdale
  • Naperville
  • Pasadena
  • Kansas City
  • Hayward
  • Hollywood
  • Lakewood
  • Torrance
  • Syracuse
  • Escondido
  • Fort Collins
  • Bridgeport
  • Orange
  • Warren
  • Elk Grove
  • Savannah
  • Mesquite
  • Sunnyvale
  • Fullerton
  • McAllen
  • Cary
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Sterling Heights
  • Columbia
  • Coral Springs
  • Carrollton
  • Elizabeth
  • Hartford
  • Waco
  • Bellevue
  • New Haven
  • West Valley City
  • Topeka, Kansas
  • Thousand Oaks
  • El Monte
  • McKinney
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    Dallas – Commercial Food Service Equipment and Safe Repair #dallas, #on-site

    • Cooking Equipment
      Commercial Ovens, Grills, Fryers.
    • Refrigeration Equipment
      Ice Makers, Walk In Coolers, Walk In Freezers, Refrigerators, Freezers.
    • Beverage Equipment
      Coffee Brewer, Tea Brewer, Fountain Machine, Frozen Beverage Machine, Juice Machine.
    • HVAC
      Commercial HVAC exhaust system service
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Parts Department – Order Online
    • Vendor List – OEM brands we service


    Central and Southern Operations

    Dallas Commercial Foodservice Equipment Repair and Safe Repair

    For questions or service in this area please contact: 877-272-1982

    Call us for all of your commercial foodservice equipment repair needs.

    Our Services covering Dallas

    Commercial cooking equipment service and repair:

    • Combi Ovens
    • Convection Ovens
    • High-speed Convection Ovens
    • Salamanders
    • Charbroilers
    • Ranges
    • Microwaves
    • Toasters
    • Grills
    • Griddles
    • Kettles
    • Tilt Skillets
    • Fryers
    • Steamers
    • Steam Tables
    • Proofers
    • Booster Heaters
    • Rethermalizers
    • Heat Lamps
    • Heated Wells
    • Warmers
    • Dish Washers
    • Warewashing

    Refrigeration equipment service and repair:

    • Ice Makers
    • Coolers
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Walk-In Coolers
    • Walk-In Freezers
    • Keg Coolers
    • Beer Coolers
    • Bottle Coolers
    • Reach-In Refrigerators
    • Reach-In Freezers
    • Make Tables
    • Prep Tables
    • Undercounted Refrigerators
    • Undercounted Freezers
    • Blast Chillers
    • Blast Freezers
    • Display Cases

    Hot Cold beverage equipment service and repair:

    • Coffee equipment — brewers and grinders
    • Super Automatic
    • Espresso machines
    • Powdered Cappuccino machines
    • Tea brewers
    • Hot chocolate
    • Hot water dispensers
    • Soup dispensers
    • Fountain machines
    • Frozen beverage machines
    • Ice makers
    • Juice dispensers

    HVAC equipment service and repair:

    • On site commercial foodservice HVAC repair (including factory-authorized warranty service)
    • Installation or removal
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Equipment refurbishments
    • Independent quality assessment

    Markets covered also include:

    Fort Worth, Azle, Richland Hills, N. Richland Hills, Watauga, Keller, Hurst, Bedford, Euless, Arlington, Irving, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Haltom City, Benbrook, White Settlement, Southlake, Lake Worth, Denton, Mansfield, Burleson, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Farmers Branch, Desoto, Lancaster, Mesquite, Garland, Rowlett, Waxahachie, Ennis, Coriscana, Seaogville, Rockwall, Plano, Terrell, McKinney, Allen, Frisco, The Colony, Carrollton, Colleyville, Cleburne, Alvarado

    Benefits of using Tech-24:

    GPS enabled service vans
    Factory Authorized Warranty Service
    Factory Trained Service Technicians
    Licensed and Insured
    Guarantee: 90 days parts and labor

    Expertise Includes:

    On-site Food Equipment Repair
    Installation and Removal
    Preventative Maintenance
    Equipment Refurbishment
    Independent Quality Assessments


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    Carpet cleaning equipment: Floor Buffer, Carpet cleaning machines, Floor buffer, Cleaners,


    Floor buffer, buffers and Floor machines, Carpet cleaning equipment, Carpet cleaning machines, Cleaning supply at discounted prices. Save on cleaners equipment and supplies.


    About us: Basic Maintenance Supply Inc is a full line distributor of carpet cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machines, floor buffer and supplies for the professional carpet cleaner, janitorial service, auto detailer, home cleaning professional, business owner, food service operator, hospitality manager and home owner. We pride ourselves on asking the right questions to assure you receive the proper unit to fill your needs. We have sold carpet cleaning equipment and floor care equipment and supplies throughout the world. Cleaning carpet is a great business opportunity. We carry a full line of carpet machines, supplies and floor buffing and care equipment. We are physically located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and have been business since 1987. We are proud members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau. Our prices are so good that we have had customers drive up to 12 hours to purchase a piece machine from us. But price isn t everything. We make sure that you get a piece of equipment that will suit you and we try to give you as much information to help you. Let us help you keep your flooring clean. MORE



    New Mercury! Best of the best in chemical-free, orbital dry scrub machines and eliminates 95% of chemical stripping procedures. Call 800-784-8870


    Hint of the week: When cleaning carpet with an extractor you can get the best results by scrubbing the rug with a scrubber. A scrubber is floor machine ( floor buffer ) with a carpet brush. These floor buffers come in a variety of sizes and prices and a inexpensive scrubber can be purchased for as little as $175.00 while a heavy duty unit can cost as much a $750.00. By pre-spraying the carpet and scrubbing it prior to extraction their will be no better way to deep clean the carpet. Not even a power wand can clean carpet better than this method. This method also allows you to use less water because you only have to pass over the area once with the wand to rinse rather than trying to scrub and over wet with the wand or power wand. If this method is done properly the carpet should dry within 3 to 4 hours. While this method is a 2 step method; 1) Pre-spray and scrub. 2) Extract. We feel the results are superior to all other methods. If you are a building manager or a cleaning professional you should consider the deep cleaning method.

    Equipment and Parts Manufacturers: Century 400- Ninja, Diamondback and Sensei, Prochem, Avenger 500 Truckmount (Prochem Blazer). Hydro-force, EDIC, Malish, Mercury, Pumptec, Shurflo, General Floorcraft, Mytee, Sandia Plastics, Koblenz, Powerflite, BE Pressure Washers, Aztec, PMF, Eagle IPC, Graco, Samco Metal Products, Thoro-matic, Floor Buffers,

    Member of the Eastern PA BBB A + Rating * Cleaning Management Institute
    International Sanitary Supply Association * Member of the Building Services Contractor Association
    EDIC sales award General floorcraft floor buffer distributor of the year Century 400 sales award
    Century 400 DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR General floorcraft floor buffer distributor of the year
    Diamondback (Century 400) DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR Chemspec sales award
    Cello outstanding sales award

    I mportant: Never let your carpet extractor freeze. Even if you empty the machine their still is water in the pump, hoses and heater. At freezing it only takes a few hours for your equipment or machines to ice up. That goes for your wands and hoses also. Always take your pad holder off your floor buffer floor buffers when storing it.

    Like our Face Book page and get discount off of shipping

    Order by calling us. We want to make sure you are getting the machine that you need to do the job have. By talking to you we will confirm you are ordering the machine you need. If we think you need a different machine we will suggest it. Even if it is a less expensive machine. We have not had a return of a machine in over 5 years because of this policy. Unlike shopping cart sites that you just click and order we pride ourselves on helping you determine the right machine.

    Also note the most of the equipment we sell are made in the USA. Their just is a difference in quality in most cases

    All rights reserved. Entire site copyright 2006-2015 Basic Maintenance Supply Inc. Legal

    www.cleaning-equipment.net – Our site gives you the best carpet cleaning equipment on the web. Our supplies are perfect for janitorial service, auto detailers, business owners, home cleaning professionals, professional carpet cleaners, food service operators, hospitality managers and home owners. Some of our supplies are wet and dry vacuums, floor buffers and floor machines. Floor buffers.

    If you don t see it -call us. If we don t have it we probably can get it. CHEAPER !

    Visit our 8,000 sq ft showroom. We are in Philadelphia and our walk in customers come from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Delaware, New York Maryland to SAVE on floor buffers and carpet cleaning machines..

    Search Engine Submission – www.servicewrap.net. http://www.cleaning-equipment.com – Large selection of carpet cleaning equipment and machines for professional carpet cleaners. Floor buffers and floor machines for stripping and buffing floors. Discounted prices and information on our wholesale website. www.cleaning-equipment.net covers USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and South America. – Floor buffing buffer machines – Carpet cleaning. Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware. More on floor buffers at www.floor-buffer.net and www.floor-machines.net. More on carpet cleaning machines at www.carpet-cleaning-machines.com. www.carpet-cleaning-equipment.org


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    7 Reasons to Lease Your Next Used or New Phone System


    7 Reasons to Lease Your Next Used or New Phone System

    22 February 2007

    7 Reasons to Lease Your Next Business Phone System, New Phone System or Used Phone System
    By: Mark Allen

  • Conserves Capital: Leasing conserves valuable company working capital and preserves your bank credit lines.
  • Offers a Convenient Application: Provides Quicker Approval with Fewer Hassles.
  • Preserves Bank Credit Lines: Leasing lets you put your equipment to use immediately to generate revenues – with minimum budgetary impact.
  • Cost: Lease financing is generally more expensive than bank financing, but in most instances it’s more easily obtained.
  • Gives Flexible Payment Options: Leasing permits 100% financing with no down payment, so you get the equipment you need without a major cash outlay. With leasing, you can arrange long, flexible terms with low monthly payments.
  • Allows for Easy Upgrades and Add-Ons: What if your business is growing and you need to add phone equipment. In most instances, the leasing company will allow you to add this equipment to your existing lease
  • Lease payments are fixed, not adjustable: You don’t have to worry about floating interest

    Frequently asked questions:

    Is leasing of new and/or a used phone systems appropriate? Any business at any stage of development leasing is always an alternative. For start-up businesses with no revenues, small ticket leases as in phone systems, those of $100,000 or less, are feasible on the personal credit of the founders or owners.

    Is there a supply leasing funds for used phone systems and new phone systems? Abundant. Of the billions of dollars individual and institutional investors pour into the capital markets each month, a good hunk finds its way to leasing companies that use these funds to purchase equipment on behalf of small businesses. With more and more money flowing into the markets, leasing companies are flush with capital. As a result, they are eager to do business and respond to competition with lower monthly rates.

    Can other costs be included in lease of business phone system? Leasing can also finance the soft costs often associated with equipment purchases, such as installation and training services.

    How hard is it to obtain lease financing for a used phone system? Easy for leases of less than $100,000. An application for a small-ticket lease is generally no more complex than a credit card application. Leases for more than $100,000 require detailed financial information from the business, and the leasing company conducts a more thorough credit analysis than it would for a smaller transaction.

    How do I find a leasing company for by new or used business phone system? Finding an equipment-leasing company is easy. Almost any phone system equipment a phone system installer could conceivably provide offers a lease option. What are the lease option terms I can expect for new phone systems and used phone systems? Usually the leases are set up in terms of 24, 36, 48 or 60 month terms.

    What are my purchase options of this phone system at the end of the lease?

    $1.00 Buy Out: At the end of the lease term, lessee may purchase the equipment for $1.00. (Most popular because then you can own the equipment at the end of the lease for $1.00. The monthly payment is only slightly higher then the other purchase options.)

    10% Purchase Price: Customer may purchase the equipment at the end of lease for 10% of the original transaction cost.

    Fair Market Value: This program gives you the most flexibility with upgrades to combat obsolescence. At the end of the lease term the lessee can continue to lease the equipment, return the equipment or buy it at its fair market value.

    What is my down payment? The options are usually no down payment, one months lease, or first and last month’s lease payment.

    In summary, conserve capital with monthly lease payments on your business phone system, installation and voice/network cabling. Though it’s not apparent at first glance, the company offering the lease financing for your used phones or new phones is not the same one that is selling the equipment. The company selling the equipment simply makes a direct referral to a leasing company with which it does business.

    It’s a good idea to get a quote from the leasing firm referred by the company that wants to sell you the equipment. The quote should be competitive. After all, the company selling products wants to sell as many as possible, and it surely doesn’t win any points by referring a leasing company that gouges its customers. But it also pays to get another quote. Usually, the company selling the equipment works with more than one leasing company. Or ask a friend or a business associate for a referral.

    For Your Free ‘Leasing Guide’ Go to our eBay Store and email me at the link below:

    phone systems

    used phone systems


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  • How does a GPS tracking system work? #automotive #designline, #communications #and


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    How does a GPS tracking system work?

    Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The Global Positioning System is mainly funded and controlled by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD). The system was initially designed for the operation of U. S. military. But today, there are also many civil users of GPS across the whole world. The civil users are allowed to use the Standard Positioning Service without any kind of charge or restrictions.

    Global Positioning System tracking is a method of working out exactly where something is. A GPS tracking system, for example, may be placed in a vehicle, on a cell phone, or on special GPS devices, which can either be a fixed or portable unit. GPS works by providing information on exact location. It can also track the movement of a vehicle or person. So, for example, a GPS tracking system can be used by a company to monitor the route and progress of a delivery truck, and by parents to check on the location of their child, or even to monitor high-valued assets in transit.

    A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction. So, a GPS tracking system can potentially give both real-time and historic navigation data on any kind of journey.

    GPS provides special satellite signals, which are processed by a receiver. These GPS receivers not only track the exact location but can also compute velocity and time. The positions can even be computed in three-dimensional views with the help of four GPS satellite signals. The Space Segment of the Global Positioning System consists of 27 Earth-orbiting GPS satellites. There are 24 operational and 3 extra (in case one fails) satellites that move round the Earth each 12 hours and send radio signals from space that are received by the GPS receiver.

    The control of the Positioning System consists of different tracking stations that are located across the globe. These monitoring stations help in tracking signals from the GPS satellites that are continuously orbiting the earth. Space vehicles transmit microwave carrier signals. The users of Global Positioning Systems have GPS receivers that convert these satellite signals so that one can estimate the actual position, velocity and time.

    The operation of the system is based on a simple mathematical principle called trilateration. Trilateration falls into two categories: 2-D Trilateration and 3-D Trilateration. In order to make the simple mathematical calculation the GPS receiver must know two things. First it must know the location of the place is to be traced by at least three satellites above the place. Second, it must know the distance between the place and each of those Space Vehicles. Units that have multiple receivers that pick up signals from several GPS satellites at a same time. These radio waves are electromagnetic energy that travels at the speed of light.

    A GPS tracking system can work in various ways. From a commercial perspective, GPS devices are generally used to record the position of vehicles as they make their journeys. Some systems will store the data within the GPS tracking system itself (known as passive tracking) and some send the information to a centralized database or system via a modem within the GPS system unit on a regular basis (known as active tracking) or 2-Way GPS.

    A passive GPS tracking system will monitor location and will store its data on journeys based on certain types of events. So, for example, this kind of GPS system may log data such as where the device has traveled in the past 12 hours. The data stored on this kind of GPS tracking system is usually stored in internal memory or on a memory card, which can then be downloaded to a computer at a later date for analysis. In some cases the data can be sent automatically for wireless download at predetermined points/times or can be requested at specific points during the journey.

    An active GPS tracking system is also known as a real-time system as this method automatically sends the information on the GPS system to a central tracking portal or system in real-time as it happens. This kind of system is usually a better option for commercial purposes such as fleet tracking or monitoring of people, such as children or elderly, as it allows a caregiver to know exactly where loved ones are, whether they are on time and whether they are where they are supposed to be during a journey. This is also a useful way of monitoring the behavior of employees as they carry out their work and of streamlining internal processes and procedures for delivery fleets.

    Real-time tracking is also particularly useful from a security perspective as it allows vehicle owners to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle at any given time. And, the GPS tracking system in the vehicle may then be able to help police work out where the vehicle was taken to if it was stolen.

    Mobile Phone Tracking

    The development of communications technology has long since surpassed the sole ability to access others when they are mobile. Today, mobile communication devices are becoming much more advanced and offer more than the ability to just carry on a conversation. Cell phone GPS tracking is one of those advances.

    All cell phones constantly broadcast a radio signal, even when not on a call. The cell phone companies have been able to estimate the location of a cell phone for many years using triangulation information from the towers receiving the signal. However, the introduction of GPS technology into cell phones has meant that cell phone GPS tracking now makes this information a lot more accurate.

    With GPS technology now more commonplace in many new smartphones, this means that the location of anyone carrying a GPS enabled smartphone can be accurately tracked at any time. Cell phone GPS tracking can therefore be a useful feature for business owners, parents, friends and co-workers looking to connect with one another. GPS Tracking Apps (www.gpstrackingapps.com) provides a suit of Apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and latest Samsung operating system bada all of which can be used to track one another on a location-based social networking portal or from phone to phone.

    The technology of locating is based on measuring power levels and antenna patterns and uses the concept that a mobile phone always communicates wirelessly with one of the closest base stations, so if you know which base station the phone communicates with, you know that the phone is close to the respective base station.

    Advanced systems determine the sector in which the mobile phone resides and roughly estimate also the distance to the base station. Further approximation can be accomplished by interpolating signals between adjacent antenna towers. Qualified services may achieve a precision of down to 50 meters in urban areas where mobile traffic and density of antenna towers (base stations) is sufficiently high. Rural and desolate areas may see miles between base stations and therefore determine locations less precisely.


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    Medical Life Safety – SEi Security Equipment, Inc #medical #alert #equipment


    Medical Life Safety

    Medical Alert

    Each year, 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 falls in their home. Having a fall can cause serious injuries and can even lead to death, because they are unable to reach a phone to call for help.

    SEi understands the value of living independently, therefore we ve taken great care to still provide independence alongside with Medical Alert should an emergency ever occur and you need fast response. A simple click with our pendants and medical teams will be there within minutes.

    SEi\ s residential services combine technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and 24-hour monitoring to ensure your family is protected.

    Monitor you home from virtually anywhere. Arm or disarm your system with the touch of a button.

    Feel comfortable knowing you\ re protected against unauthorized entry.

    Save lives and property with our smoke detection systems.

    If carbon monoxide is detected, an alarm will send a signal to our monitoring center.​

    Protect your home and belongings from broken pipes, leaks and seepage.

    Sensors help prevent bursting pipes and damage caused by temperature changes.

    Protect your family from methane and propane gas leaks.

    Keep an eye on your home with a live or pre-recorded video feed of your property.

    Use your smartphone to control your home s locks, temperature settings, lights and garage doors.​

    With a simple click, our Medical Life Safety pendents notify our monitoring center staff.

    Keep your system operating at its best, 24/7.

    Medical Alert Home System

    Reach help at the push of a button 24/7/365

    Enhanced independence

    Personal security

    Peace of mind

    SEi Medical Alert pendants come in various styles and provide the following benefits:

    • SEi s pendants are easy to use. Simply press the button for 24/7 help.
    • Professionals can dispatch emergency responders if there s no response. We also call family or friends to respond as well.
    • By having SEi Medical Alert, elderly members can live at home longer and maintain independence.
    • Our pendants give you the range to roam freely within your house, even in your front and backyard!

    Contact SEi today (800-334-3272) to protect yourself or others in your life and give the security of independent living with our SEi Medical Alert pendant.

    Be safe knowing you have less to worry about when you have SEi s Medical Alert.


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    Health Technology Management Consulting (HTMC) #biomedical #engineering, #medical #technology #consulting, #medical


    Health Technology Management Consulting (HTMC)


    Health Technology Management Consulting (HTMC) undertakes independent consulting, research, and training programs in the area of biomedical engineering, medical equipment and health care technology. HTMC is the group of professional biomedical engineers previously known as the MUCBE Consulting group at Monash University. HTMC’s capacity to undertake medical technology consulting is extensive and unique and includes all aspects of technology management including:

    strategic technology planning,

    evidence and cost-based analysis,

    requirements analysis and acquisition,

    problem and failure reporting,

    testing and standards compliance,

    equipment training, and

    future technology horizon scanning.

    Our staff has undertaken engineering research and consulting projects for both Government and industry, and in doing so is able to draw on the extensive expertise and its contacts with the biomedical engineering profession.

    Notable projects

    Our staff has been undertaking medical equipment audits in Victoria and Western Australia and other equipment review services in New South Wales, ACT and Tasmania, in both individual health services and across state public health sectors on a continual basis since 1998.

    • Medical Equipment Inventory Status Report Equipment Update for the WA Department of Health, 2007
    • Review of Capital Equipment Funding Strategy for WA Public Hospitals, 2004
    • Provision of Consulting Services to Establish a Major Clinical Equipment Inventory Assist with the Prioritisation of Equipment Replacement to WA Department of Health, 2005
    • Review of Medical Equipment Replacement Requirements in Metropolitan and Major Regional Health Services across Victoria Using a Consistent Prioritisation Methodology, 2005 (Stage 1)
    • Independent Review of Medical Equipment Replacement Requirements, 2006 (Stage 2)
    • Review of Capital Equipment Funding Strategy for Victorian Public Hospitals, 2001
    • Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Services (SACS) equipment review, prioritisation, purchasing and future replacement costing DHS, 2007
    • Aids and Equipment Program Maintenance and Monitoring Review Practices within Victoria, 2005
    • Benchmark device data for NSW Health administration of Artificial Limb Service
    • Capital Equipment Status Report and 3 Year Replacement and Acquisition Plan for Barwon Health, 2002
    • Capital Equipment Status Report and 5 Year Replacement and Acquisition Plan for Eastern Health, 2004
    • Capital Equipment Status Report and 5 Year Replacement and Acquisition Plan for Bayside Health, 2007

    These projects give the HTMC team unparalleled experience in medical equipment audits, replacement planning and procurement which will enable us to satisfactorily complete your project on time.

    Professional Consultancy Services Medical and Rehabilitation Technology
    • Survey, evaluation auditing programs
    • Asset evaluation
    • Problem investigation
    • Incident reports
    • Risk management programs
    • Business planning
    • Feasibility studies
    • Technical reports
    • Legal expert advice
    Notable Clients
    • Victorian Department of Human Services
    • NSW Health
    • Department of Health, WA
    • ACT Health
    • WA Accident Insurance Commission
    • Tasmania DHHS
    • Australian College of Legal Medicine
    • Barwon Health
    • Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA)
    • Eastern Health
    • Michael Cashman and Associates
    • Bayside Health
    • Sinclair Knight Merz
    • C.R. Kennedy and Associates
    • Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs
    • New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO), Japan

    HTMC offers a service that has:

    A commitment to high professional standards of work.

    Access to a strong and diverse skill base within our consultancy team.

    An in-depth understanding of health care technology, both in terms of emerging technology and its application in the health care industry.

    An understanding of the management of the entire life cycle of equipment from procurement to decommissioning.

    Contact us


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    Free Equipment Lease Forms #business #equipment #lease


    Sample Equipment Lease Agreement

    This contract agreement for Equipment Lease (“Lease”) between _____________ (the “Lessor”) and _____________ (“Lessee”) is made and entered into upon the following date: ____/____/____ with an expiration date of ____/____/____. The following described equipment shall be Leased by Lessor to Lessee:__________________________________.

    1. The monthly rent for the Equipment will be paid in installments in advance for $_____ per month, starting on ____/____/____, followed by a payment on the first day of each succeeding month for the duration of this Lease Agreement. Any installment payment that is not made and received by the tenth day of the month will be considered overdue and Lessor may charge a late fee equal to one percent per month on any overdue amount. If there is rent due for a partial month it will be prorated accordingly.

    2. The Lessee will pay a security deposit of $_____ prior to taking possession of the Equipment. Following the Lessee meeting all the obligations of this Lease the security deposit will be refunded in full.

    3. The Lessee will use the Equipment in a reasonable and proper manner and will comply with all Federal, State and County laws and regulations relating to the use and maintenance of the Equipment.

    4. All other warranties, explicit or implied, including but not limited to merchantability and fitness for a particular use the Lessor disclaims, except that the Lessor has the complete right to lease the Equipment as described above.

    5. Lessee, at his or her own expense, will keep the Equipment in good repair, condition and working order and will provide all parts and devices that are required to maintain the Equipment in good mechanical working order.

    6. The Lessee assumes and will bear the entire risk of loss and damage to the Equipment from any and all causes whatsoever. No loss or damage to the Equipment or any part thereof will the Lessee not be responsible for under the terms of this Lease Agreement which is in full effect and force until the expiration date stated above has been reached. In the event that there is loss or damage to Equipment of any kind, Lessee will at Lessor’s option: Place the Equipment in good repair, condition and working order or replace the Equipment with the same in good repair and working condition or pay the Lessor the full replacement cost of the Equipment.

    7. Following the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, Lessee will return the Equipment to Lessor in good repair, condition and working order, while ordinary wear and tear that results from proper use will be excepted, Lessee shall deliver the Equipment at Lessee’s cost to a place designated by Lessor within the county in which the Equipment was delivered to Lessee.

    8. The Lessee shall continuously maintain and pay for all risk insurance against the loss of and damage to the Equipment for nothing less than the full replacement cost of the Equipment and naming the Lessor as the loss payee. Along with public liability and property damage insurance with the limits approved by Lessor and naming the Lessor as named insured and loss payee. The purchased insurance will be with a company that is reasonably acceptable to Lessor. Lessee will provide to Lessor at least a thirty day advance written notice of any cancellation, change or modification and will provide primary coverage for the protection of Lessee and Lessor without any consideration of any additional coverage that may be carried by Lessor for protection against similar risks. Lessee will provide Lessor with an original copy of the policy or certificate as evidence for the purchase of previously discussed required Equipment insurance. Lessee hereby appoints Lessor as Lessee’s attorney with power and authority to make any claims, receive payments and endorsing any documents, checks and or drafts that are necessary to secure payments that are due under the above required insurance policy.

    9. Lessee will keep the Equipment clear and free from all liens and levies of any kind whatsoever. Lessee, or Lessor at Lessee’s expense, will report, pay and discharge when due all license and registration fees, assessments, sales, and property taxes, along with gross receipts, taxes arising out of receipts from the use or operation of the Equipment, and other taxes, fees and governmental charges that are similar or dissimilar to the foregoing, together with any penalties or interest that is imposed by any Federal, State or Local government or any agency or department upon the Equipment. However, the Lessee is not required to pay for any tax or assessment as long as it does not affect or endanger the title and interest of Lessor to the Equipment disclosed above. Lessee will reimburse Lessor for any and all damages or expenses resulting from failure to pay the above mentioned fees.

    10. If Lessee fails to maintain the previously discussed insurance policy or to pay fees, assessments, charges and taxes all previously specified in this Lease, Lessor has the right to pay any fees that are due. In such an event the cost will be repayable to Lessor with the very next payment and any failure to repay the amount due shall carry with it a penalty of ten percent per annum for failure to pay any installment as discussed in this Lease Agreement.

    11. Lessee does not hold Lessor liable against any and all claims, actions, suits, and or damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of and connected with or resulting from Lessee’s use of the Equipment.

    12. If Lessee does not pay the above mentioned rent installment within ten days after it is due or if the Lessee fails to perform any other provision of the Lease Agreement. Lessor has the right to exercise any one or more of the following: Declare that the entire amount of rent that is due be paid immediately without notice; to take possession of the Equipment without notice wherever it may be located; to terminate this Lease; and or to pursue any other additional remedy that may be reasonable under law or in equity. Lessee hereby waives any and all damages that may be incurred by Lessee for taking possession of Equipment and due to Lessee not fulfilling the obligations of this Lease.

    13. Neither this Lease nor anything related to this Lease is assignable or transferable by any operation of law. If Lessee is determined to be insolvent, or if a writ of attachment or execution is levied on the Equipment and is not released or paid within ten days or if a receiver is appointed to take possession or control of the Equipment, then the Lessor may exercise any one of the following remedies that are set forth in Section 12 of this Lease Agreement and this Lease at the option of the Lessor without prior notice may be terminated and the Equipment will not be treated as an asset of the Lessee after Lease termination.

    14. The above mentioned equipment is and will always be and remain the sole and exclusive property of the Lessor. The Lessee does not have any right, title and or interest to the Equipment except as described in this Lease.

    15. If the Lessor requests any documents that are necessary to protect the interest of the Lessor in the operation of the Equipment then the Lessee will provide the needed documents.

    16. The Lessee will not assign the Equipment Lease Agreement for the above mentioned Equipment without the prior written consent of the Lessor.

    17. If there is any part of this Agreement that is not valid it will not cause any other part to be invalid or unenforceable.

    This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of __________ in __________ County and any applicable Federal Law.

    ______________________________________ Date____________
    Signature of Lessee

    ______________________________________ Date____________
    Signature of Lessor


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    Find Water Leaks with Thermal Imaging, Acoustics and Tracer Gas #water


    Leak Detecting Services

    How to Find a Water Leak

    Our highly trained engineers at L.D.S. Leak Detection Specialists Ltd. will choose the approriate testing and inspection process specifically chosen to suit your home or commercial business to find the leak.

    Our engineers at L.D.S. carry all the latest technology in leakage detection. We have listed the main Leak detection methods and equipment below. Inspection cameras. Protimeter mms damp meter survey kits, pressure gauges both hydraulic and digital and salts diagnostic kits also form part of the L.D.S. engineers equipment.

    Leak Detection Methods to Find A Leak

    Acoustic profiling uses ground and pipe sensitive microphones to enhance the sound of the leak. This method can help in pinpointing precise leak location.

    Is a way of finding and pinpointing leaks in water pipes. A leak in a pipe under pressure creates noise that travels through the pipe walls, the surrounding ground and along the contents of the pipe. Correlators are a very accurate sound testing device which are used to identify the acoustic frequency caused when a pipe is leaking. The correlator uses two identical sensors located along the pipe to calculate the leek location by logging the signal delay, sensor distance and the sound velocity.

    Tracer Gas
    The trace gas, a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, is introduced into the pipe with the suspected leak. The gas, is the lightest in the atmosphere and is made up of of small molecules. The gas will exit at the leak and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive detection pobes.

    Thermal Imaging
    Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to see and measure thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermography cameras can identify problem areas that can’t be seen with the naked eye, detecting hidden water leaks. The infrared inspection camera can detect not only hidden water leaks and their origin, but also moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters. Read more

    Pipe, Cable and Metal Detection and Tracing
    Often the exact position of pipes and cables is unknown due to innacurate or non existant network plans. In order to carry out precise water leak detection and to avoid damage to utilities and operators during excavations, it is essential to know the precise position of all services. We use high performance equipment which can locate and trace buried pipes and cables.

    Network Monitoring with Noise Loggers
    Noise Loggers are used for early detection of leaks in water supply networks.The longer it takes to identify that a network is leaking the more revenue is lost and the greater the loss of precious water resources. In addition to the more conventional methods of leak detection the installation of permanent noise loggers has proved to be a cost effective tool in early identification of water loss. By permanently monitoring sections of the system, which have previously been proven leak free, it will alert you when a potential leak does develop. Read more .



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    Equipment leasing terms, equipment leasing terms.#Equipment #leasing #terms



    Kennet Equipment Leasing has been providing UK businesses with equipment finance since 1991. With access to many of the top lenders, as well as our own significant resources, we successfully place finance agreements for a huge range of businesses, of all types and sizes.

    Having financed equipment to a value in excess of £500M you can rest assured that Kennet are the people to talk to for any business equipment requirement. From £250 upwards, we will have a solution that suits your cash flow and budget.

    Whether you are looking to buy equipment for your own business, or seeking an affordable finance solution for your customers, Kennet Equipment Leasing will give any business the power to grow.

    Kennet Launches their smartphone app

    Equipment leasing terms

  • New kennet eDoc – designed to increase your sales

    Equipment leasing terms

  • the simple way to get an instant quote

    Equipment leasing terms

  • Key Products

    By acting as the finance company, Kennet can offer you a genuine value-added service to your sales force. more

    Leasing is probably the most popular method of financing new equipment today. Virtually any item of equipment can be leased from £250 upwards. more

    With over 20 years experience, you can trust us to create the right financial arrangement for you! more

    Equipment leasing terms


    Equipment leasing terms


    Equipment leasing terms

    Equipment leasing terms

    Equipment leasing terms

    About us

    Kennet Equipment Leasing are a well established finance company specialising in deals from £250 upwards. Our experience and flexible approach allow us to provide funding when others can’t. more

    Footer navigation
    Contact details

    Temple Court, Coleshill B46 1HH

    All of our calls are recorded for monitoring and training purposes.

    Join our mailing list

    Our newsletter is sent periodically and will give all the latest industry news. Send us your email to subscribe.

    Leasing and financing facilities are offered for business purposes only

    2016 Kennet Equipment Leasing. All rights are reserved.

    Connect with us:

    • Equipment leasing termsFacebook
    • Equipment leasing termsFollow us on Twitter
    • Equipment leasing termsLinkedIn

    Kennet Equipment Leasing Limited is registered in England, company number 2569928.

    Registered office – Kennet House, Temple Court, Temple Way, Coleshill B46 1HH. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 676024

    Equipment leasing terms


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    Storage Solutions Ltd #storage #solutions,storage,solutions,solution,shelving #manufacture,pallet #racking #manufacturer,pallet #racking,shelving,zamba,spur,twinslot,long #span,longspan,rack,racking,linbin,linbins,swindon,oxfordshire,oxon,wiltshire,england,uk,archive,lintray,lockers,plastic #containers,bins,mezzanine


    Storage Solutions -The Catalogue

    www.Storage-Solutions.co.uk is a comprehensive online facilities management storage equipment catalogue covering all of the key products that you would expect with rapid delivery of shelving, indusrial trrucks and trolleys through to plastic containers used in manufacturing office or retail situations.

    We pride ourselves on being able to offer competitive quotes but if you have seen it cheaper or you are buying in bulk why not request a quotation and feel free to negotiate with us.


    Mobile Safety Steps

    Pallet Racking Spares

    Plastic Storage Containers

    Bott Workshop Equipment

    Warehouse Archive Fit-Out

    Since 1993 when Storage Solutions first opened it’s door the Projects Division has been key to our success and helped the business to expand rapidly in the early days

    Based on our expertise this is a consultative service where we aim to gain the best outcome for the client. This is not just getting the price right but making sure operating costs and long term costs are right for your business. Our expert team includes individuals with experience in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics management not just selling racking and shelving.

    We have designed and built facilities for many major blue chips adding value all the way through the process but no project is too small.

    Warehouse Design and Consultancy

    Shelving Equipment Manufacture

    In 2007 Storage Solutions embarked on a new venture taking over the Spur shelving factory in Great Torrington, Devon. This manufacturing facility had been one of the engines of the DIY shelving sector making everything from free standing shelving to hanging basket brackets. Soon after this acquisition the remains of the biggest competitor Nicholl Wood were also acquired consolidating the sector.

    Since taking over these facilities Storage Solutions has developed the product range to offer industrial, commercial and document shelving of the highest quality whilst retaining the DIY range. These products are available from distributors through out the country or through our projects division.

    Sub Contract Manufacturing

    Power Press Work – up to 75 tonne

    Light section and panel rolling

    Sheet metal work

    Light fabrication
    Warehousing and Fulfillment

    Two automatic high speed powder coating plants using low bake technology – window up to 2.4 x 1m.


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    Seattle Telephone Systems #telephone #equipment #vendors


    Seattle’s Premier Telephone System Equipment, Cabling, VoIP and Cloud Hosting Services Company.

    Phone system services for both older traditional analog telephone systems, as well as the latest in VoIP phone systems and Cloud Hosting.

    “Looking For a New Small Business
    Seattle Phone System Supplier?”

    Opening a New Business in Seattle
    and Need a New Phone System?

    With all the small business office phone systems available, choosing the right phone system is just one of a myriad of things you have to get done before the doors open if you are opening a new business.

    Or maybe you’ve just outgrown the telephone system you have and.

    Maybe you have a phone system that just doesn’t have the technology features required for today’s communication requirements. Today’s phone systems have advanced so far in features that it is almost a necessity to have an up to date business phone system to be competitive.

    If the success of your business has resulted in a growing staff with needs that exceed the capacity of your existing small business phone system, we can help you resolve the issues you have regarding the communications requirements that exist today. quickly and within most small business phone system budgets.

    Seattle Telephone Systems will also work on just about any phone system you may have, or we can provide just about any telephone system you may want to upgrade to.

    Some of the phone systems
    we sell, service, install, repair,
    reprogram, replace, and supply parts
    and upgrades for are listed below:

    Small Business Voip Phone System categories include:

    – Small Business VoIP Solutions
    – Samsung VoIP Phone Systems
    – NEC VoIP Phone Systems


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    Camp 18 Restaurant in Elsie, Oregon 97138 – Coastal Dining –


    The Camp 18 dining room, with its log cabin ambiance and civilized rustic décor, offers a variety of seating options from small tables for two on up to a large dining table for a small crowd.

    Leave a bit of extra room – or a lot – for one of the famous Camp 18 cinnamon rolls. They make a sinfully delicious side trip to breakfast or any other meal, and when fresh from the oven, they’re almost irresistible.

    An all new 2016 restaurant menu is online – please check it out here!

    Click here to see more holiday pictures!

    Welcome to the home page for the Camp 18 Restaurant, located in Elsie, Oregon. Camp 18 could easily be your most popular stop on your way to and from the Oregon Coast via State Highway 26 between Portland and Seaside / Cannon Beach. Camp 18 is the result of enormous efforts by Gordon Smith and the late Maurie Clark, both near-legendary figures in the northwest logging scene.

    Camp 18 is a log cabin-type structure built by Gordon Smith and friends. Its architecture is authentic in materials and construction techniques and features, for example, an 85-foot ridgepole that’s the largest such piece in the United States and weighs approximately 25 tons. There’s plenty of RV-size parking in the lot.

    Although it lacks a few small details, the almost-fully-rigged 161-foot spar tree is a signature piece on the Camp 18 equipment roster.

    Expect to see lots of cool wood carvings throughout the Camp 18 facilities. The eye-catching marvel is a definite place to stop while driving Highway 26 in the Pacific Northwest. If you are visiting local communities like Seaside, Astoria, Cannon Beach, Nehalem, Wheeler or Portland, it’s a short and beautiful drive to Elsie!

    The stunning main building and its eye-catching array of logging-related historic artifacts and artwork are hard to miss as you travel the Sunset Highway (26). It’s always worth your time to stop by, enjoy a good meal, browse the displays and learn more about our northwest logging heritage.

    The Camp 18 log-cabin style restaurant has an interesting history you can read about. A beautiful Event Conference room is also available for rental!

    If it’s a good meal you crave you can’t beat the food menu at Camp 18. To see a sample of the expansive offerings, click here .
    From a hearty breakfast to lunch favorites to dinner entrees that satisfy any appetite, the “logger style meals” are tasty and wholesome.

    We hope you enjoy your visit!


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    Hitsquad (Hitsquad) #music #gear, #music #equipment, #musicians, #guitar, #parlor #guitars


    Hitsquad is a publisher of websites for people who make music and those who want to make music with a focus on the musical equipment space.

    We provide targeted guides for a wide range of product categories for those looking to buy musical instruments or equipment. We have developed a unique content research methodology and scoring system that helps ensure our information is accurate and trusted. Starting as a music software directory. Hitsquad has been operating since 1996 and we have worked with many of the major brands in retailing and manufacturing since then.

    We Are The Publishers Of

    Gearank.com is devoted to helping people find the best musical equipment for their needs with detailed gear guides that use our unique “Gearank” meta review scoring algorithm combined with editorial advice and judgement. Our researchers compile information from many sources including the buyer reviews from the big music gear retailers, expert reviews and what owners are saying on forums to provide guidance that is accurate and trusted by users. Front Page – Music Gear Guides – Music Gear Database

    GuitarSite.com provides information about guitars and related equipment. We provide guides to all the major types of guitars, amplifiers, effects and accessories that guitarists use to learn, practice, perform and create their sound.
    Front Page – Guitar Gear

    Parlor.Guitars are small body guitars that first became popular in the 19th century and have become very popular again in recent years. This website provides a growing database of parlor guitars as well as guides to all the different types of parlor guitars and related accessories.
    Front Page – Parlor Guitar Database – The Best Parlor Guitars

    Software Music Machine Archive

    Originally called Shareware Music Machine it is the website that launched Hitsquad back in 1996 – although we no longer provide software updates we have left an archived copy online here.

    Business Inquiries

    If you would like to discuss advertising or business partnerships you can reach us via email, phone or post using our Contact page.


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    Medical Supplies, Discount Medical Products #medical #equipment,seniors,reachers,walkers,air #purifiers,medical #supplies,medical #products,wellness #products,durable


    Discount Medical Supplies From People Who Care

    Harmar Mobility: Reclaim Your Independence in the Home You Love

    The 5 Best Stimulus Reward Switch Toys

    The 5 Best Fall Prevention Devices

    The 5 Best Auditory Stimulation Toys

    Top 5 Best New Products for Fitness and Rehabilitation

    The 5 Best Hospital Bed Mattresses

    5 Amazing Products for Maintaining Independence with Maximum Comfort

    The 5 Best Neck Support Pillows

    The 5 Best Elliptical Trainers

    The 5 Best Hearing Impaired Telephones

    Customer Service

    8am-6pm M-F EST

    Trustworthy, Secure Shopping

    Rehabmart Gives Back

    Free Shipping

    Financing Available!

    Best Price Guarantee

    $25,000 Scholarship Fund


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    Vintage Stereo #vintage #stereo, #audio #systems, #speaker #repair, #stereo #service, #restoration

    Vintage Stereo

    Soundsclassic.com sells Vintage Stereo Equipment and Audio Systems, does Speaker Repair and Stereo Service and Restoration on Vintage Turntables, Amplifiers, Tape Decks, Receivers and Tube Equipment.
    40 Years of Trusted Audio Service Experience.
    HiFi Audio Sales, Repair and Restoration in Rockford IL.

    Greetings Everyone!

    Watch for New Items Daily! Updated 5/28/17.
    Checkout The 20 New Vintage Stereo Items on The Website Today.
    New Cassette Decks, Disc Players and Surround Receivers, Several New Speakers and Some New Conrad Johnson Tube Pieces !
    Keep watching, Thanks!

    We are Currently working on a Complete Overhaul of Our Website, to make it more Mobile Friendly. Watch for the Changes. You will Know it when it Happens!

    We have recently become a dealer for the new Teac Turntables. We look at hundreds of Turntables a month for restoration and repair. Teac’s new line is quality built, beautiful to look at and has everything an Audiophile would want in a modern Turntable. Check them out. New Teac TN-570 Turntables.

    We have Hundreds more items on their way very soon. Keep watching. Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui and many new Tube items, all Fully Restored and Ready for Sale.
    Newest Items will appear First on the Page.

    Are You looking for Vintage and Hi-End Stereo Restoration Work? Now is a Good Time to get Your Equipment into Us. We are currently at about a 4 Week Turn-around Time. Give Us a Call or Check out our Restoration Page.

    We endever to continue to supply all our customers with the Highest Quality Repair and Restoration Services in Vintage Stereo and High-end Audio Equipment. Contact us for anything that you may be searching for.
    We purchase, restore and display new items every week.
    So keep watching and tell your friends.
    Join us on Facebook and be the first to get access to new deals and items as they are posted.

    Mark Peabody
    CEO Soundsclassic & Video Lab, Inc.

    Contact Us

    Phone: 815-398-0560
    Email: Please contact us by telephone as we can no longer handle
    the large amount of emails sent to us on a daily basis. Thank You.

    4444 Center Terrace
    Rockford, IL. 61108 USA

    They’re not our Competitors,
    They’re our Comparitors!

    Visit our Friends at-

    Audio Classics.Com
    For more Fine Quality High-End Audio!

    Great Reference Source for Vintage Marantz, Pioneer and Sansui.

    Consolidated Electronics
    The Best Source for NOS Parts and Discontinued Semi-conductors.


    Like the 70’s era that it portrayed, HBO’s Series ‘Vinyl’ is now a memory.
    HBO has decided to cancel the show after only one season.
    Still worth watching if you have not seen it. See all the Vintage Stereo
    and Studio Equipment We Restored for this Series, helping Martin
    Scorcese and Mick Jagger Recreate the 1970’s for HBO’s Series ‘Vinyl’.
    Started Febuary 14, 2016. Sorry to see it go.
    See some of the 80+ items we Restored
    and Provided at Rock_n_Roll Props.htm

    Copyright 2017 Soundsclassic.com Updated 5/28/17


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    SGI CANADA – Home Systems Protection #home #systems #protection, #appliances, #equipment,


    Home Systems Protection

    Check out what makes Home Pak unique

    Did you know you can get Home Systems Protection to cover your home systems, equipment and appliances if they break down? Find out what makes Home Pak better by getting an online quote today.

    Outline of coverage

    Protecting your home systems, equipment and major appliances just got easier.

    You can add Home Systems Protection to all Prestige, Home. Mobile Home. Tenant and Condominium Unit Owner’s Paks for just a few dollars a month.

    And with your Prestige or Home Pak policy, you can bundle it with Service Line Coverage for only a few more dollars. Not available on Mobile Home, Tenant or Condominium Unit Owner’s Pak policies.

    You put only the best systems in your home – now protect them with the best coverage.

    What is Home Systems protection?

    Home Systems Protection provides coverage for repairs or replacement when home systems, equipment and major appliances break down.

    Many homeowners don t realize their costly home systems are not typically covered by their home policy. Home Systems Protection provides the customer with better coverage at a fraction of the cost of a manufacturer s or extended warranty.

    What s covered under Home Systems Protection?

    Examples of covered systems:

    • boilers, furnaces and heat pumps
    • hot water heaters (including solar)
    • radiant floor heating
    • central air conditioning
    • water purification and filtration
    • ventilating systems
    • well pumps, installed sump pumps
    • home security monitoring and control devices
    • pool, spa or sauna equipment
    • chair lifts and elevators
    • electrical service panels
    • solar/wind/geothermal heating or energy

    Examples of covered personal property:

    • kitchen and laundry appliances
    • home entertainment equipment
    • computers and wireless devices
    • power tools and shop equipment
    • mobile medical equipment
    • portable generators and sump pumps

    Coverage features

    • $50,000 limit of liability
    • loss of use resulting in additional living expenses
    • spoilage of perishable goods resulting from a covered equipment loss
    • $1,000 deductible with $2,500 and $5,000 options
    • up to 50% more may be paid when a loss occurs, to replace equipment that is better for the environment or safer for people, or more efficient than the equipment being replaced

    Contact your SGI CANADA insurance broker today to add this important coverage to your home insurance.

    Manage your Home Pak with MySGI

    Access your MySGI account to view, print, or pay for your Home Pak from the comfort of your home. You can review your current policy and contact your broker for any modifications.

    We can help!

    Were you satisfied?


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    Equipment finance that offers options to purchase, upgrade or replace your


    Loans for farmers

    Rural Bank purchases the equipment and you buy it from us in instalments.

    You own the equipment and Rural Bank provides a loan secured against the equipment.

    Whether you choose a Finance Lease, Asset Purchase or Equipment Loan, our Equipment Finance options mean easier cash management and help you to:

    • Preserve working capital by giving you access to the assets your business needs without the capital outlay required to pay for them upfront;
    • Manage your cash flows with fixed rental/instalment payments;
    • Provide possible tax benefits where the equipment being financed is used to generate income; and
    • Have the option of starting a new contract with the latest equipment when your current contract ends.
    • Compare Equipment Finance options

    How do I apply / find out more?

    Related documents

    Lending interest rates

    We tailor our lending products to meet the repayment and cash flow requirements of your business. To find out more, arrange a meeting with one of our Relationship Managers .

    Lending fees and charges

    Information on fees and charges that may apply to Rural Bank accounts, loans and the use of payment products can be found in our Schedule of Fees and Charges (PDF) .

    Information is subject to change. All applications for loans or credit are subject to normal lending criteria. Terms, conditions, fees and charges may apply and are available by phoning our Customer Service Centre on 1300 660 115, online. or by visiting your local branch. Products are issued by Rural Bank Limited.

    Quick links


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    Pool plumbing diagrams, schematics and layouts for pool pipes #swimming #pool


    Use these Jandy pool plumbing layouts to visualize how the water is pumped from the pool under vacuum and then pumped through the filter and heater, and back to the pool, under pressure. These pool piping plans are also useful for pool plumbing renovations, where you might replace all of the aboveground plumbing, along with new pool equipment.

    Jandy valves revolutionized pool plumbing, making it easy to control two pipes with one valve. Use these sample Jandy valve configurations to plan your own pool plumbing design using 3-way valves to replace ball valves or gate valves.

    Equally revolutionary in design are Jandy Check Valves. introduced in 1998. The new style of plumbing check valve has a see-thru lid, gasket sealed diverter, and the ability to open it up to replace parts or clear clogs. Like the diverter valves, the ports on Jandy check valves are also 1.5 /2 or 2 /2.5 , accepting both pipe sizes, with a spigot or socket connection.

    Jandy valves can be automatically turned with the use of the Jandy Valve Actuator. which connects to a Jandy pool controller system, for remote or scheduled operation of the spa, heater or water features, cleaners or pool lighting.

    Click the images to enlarge

    Basic Pool Spa Combination Plumbing Diagram

    Common pool plumbing layout for the pool/ spa combo design with shared pool spa heater and controller.

    Basic Pool or Spa Only Plumbing Diagram

    Common pool or spa only plumbing layout, for two skimmers and one main drain, with single return line.

    Non-Booster Pump Pool Cleaner Plumbing Diagram

    Common pool plumbing layout for the pool / spa combo design with a Jandy Ray-Vac type cleaner line, or Polaris 360 cleaner.

    Booster Pump Cleaner Pool Spa Plumbing Diagram

    Common pool plumbing layout for the pool / spa combo design with booster pump cleaner line, drawing off pool return line.

    Solar Pool Plumbing Diagram

    Common pool plumbing layout for the pool / spa combo design with solar heating system. With shared pool spa heater and controllers.

    Water Fall Pool Spa Plumbing Diagram

    Common pool plumbing layout for the pool / spa combo design with water fall or water feature. With shared pool spa heater and controllers.

    Two Pump Single Heater Pool Spa Plumbing Diagram

    Common pool plumbing layout for two separate systems (pool and spa) sharing the same heater.

    Pool and Spa Combination with Ozone and Chemical Feeder

    Common pool plumbing layout for in-line Feeder with bypass Venturi, and bypass Feeder with in-line Venturi.

    Pool and Spa Combination with separate Jet Pump

    Common pool plumbing layout for the pool / spa combo design with separate jet pump. for spa jets or for water features.

    Related Product Pages:

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    National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers #equipment #lease #finance #association


    National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers

    The National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (NAELB) 2007 Annual Conference will be held May 17–19 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville. There will be more than 50 exhibitors, 20 workshops and unlimited opportunities for networking. The theme is “The Sweet Sound of Success,” which is appropriate. In 2006, we set attendance records at our annual conference and two regional meetings. The staff processed a record 297 new memberships. At year-end 2006, with 875 members, NAELB is the largest equipment leasing association in the United States and continuing to grow.

    New members come from all walks of life with varying education and professional backgrounds. As I talk with individuals interested in becoming lease brokers, some of the aspects that attract them to the industry are the minimal barriers of entry to becoming lease brokers, as well as the freedom and independence of having the choice to work from home. They all have doubts, questions and economic concerns. They ask the same questions about success and failure (which I tell them is not an option), as well as business sources and funding sources. My answers and recommendations never vary. I tell these individuals to visit the NAELB website (www.NAELB.org ); read the association’s mission statement; watch the Distance Learning presentation, “On Being A Broker” presented by Gerry Egan, an experienced lease broker and past president of NAELB; join NAELB; and no matter how much knowledge they have, there is always more to learn at our annual conference and regional meetings.

    NAELB is a volunteer organization formed by a small group of brokers from Atlanta more than 16 years ago. As of this writing, membership consists of 875 member companies of which 733 are brokers, 104 are funding sources and 38 are service providers. The mission statement of NAELB is to promote the interest of its members through education, advocacy, improved communication and programs designed to enhance the professionalism and profitability of brokers, funders and others engaged in the business of equipment lease financing.

    All policies and decisions are made by the board of directors, which consists of eight broker members. There are more than 70 volunteers from all member categories serving on numerous committees and special task forces, each of which is important to the operation of the NAELB. The daily processing, administration, accounting and events planning are outsourced to a professional association management company.

    There are those that incorrectly perceive NAELB as an association for new or inexperienced lease brokers. On the contrary, of last year’s 251 new broker members, only 29% had no prior leasing experience. These statistics confirm NAELB attracts a healthy mixture of both new and experienced lease brokers searching for education, networking opportunities and member benefits only the association can provide.

    Education is the foundation of the NAELB. At this year’s conference, educational workshops are categorized into either sales or operations categories. The workshops are clearly marked as appropriate for beginners, intermediate or those with advanced leasing knowledge. Sessions applying towards CLP recertification are clearly noted as well.

    New this year is the NAELB Broker 101 class. This is a four-hour interactive training session designed for new brokers. Presenters will cover topics such as setting up your office, generating business and funding transactions. This class is an excellent opportunity for the new broker to learn real-world applications from more experienced brokers.

    NAELB is also the industry leader in Internet-based education. Our Distance Learning Program is a web-based education program, which can be viewed anytime via the association website. These diverse programs are good tools for both new and experienced employees. The first six modules are complete; three presented by Egan and three by Dave and Steve Allison. The Egan sessions are available now and the Allison sessions will be available in the coming months. Look for announcements in the mail and keep checking the website for those modules.

    The quickest path for acquiring the skills necessary to be a successful lease broker is to learn from other successful lease brokers. This informal training, which we call networking, takes place at all NAELB functions. NAELB is known for being an open and caring association. You will feel the NAELB spirit at all NAELB events.

    When NAELB surveys our members, we ask them what they consider the most important benefit of joining. The NAELB Ethics program is always in the top three. Broker members want to associate with others that adhere to a strict standard of behavior. Our membership application and renewal forms require members to sign a statement that they will abide by the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is posted on the public section of the website where it is accessible for anyone to view the policy and learn the procedure to file a complaint against an NAELB member.

    At this year’s Annual Conference, NAELB will offer our first ever “Best Business Practices” examination. Correct answers will be based on the NAELB Code of Ethics. The exam fee is $100. Those interested can sign up when they register for the conference. Those that pass the exam will be given a license from NAELB to use the term “NAELB Best Practices Broker” on their letterhead, business cards, brochures and similar items. This member benefit will enable the broker to market themselves to their customers, vendors and funders as an NAELB Best Practices Broker.™

    Technology is an important tool for the growth of NAELB. As with any forward-thinking organization, NAELB continually evaluates its technology needs. A special task force is currently reviewing evaluations and recommendations from consultants to improve our website. The task force has two goals: improve the branding of the association and create a more user-friendly, members-only section.

    The public portion of the website is the association’s primary marketing tool to attract new members as well as promote all upcoming events. The finished product will be a professional user-friendly site.

    The Members Only section is the processing center for the association. Event registrations and member applications are processed online. Members can update their profile, research for funding sources, lease documents and find other members. Special features include Leasing Logic, Distance Learning and the most popular feature, The Forum. The goal of the association is to help members utilize the website by making it easier to navigate.

    The Future
    Today, lenders are under pressure to meet volume requirements without sacrificing credit quality or margins. Lenders who have traditionally stayed away from broker business are turning to brokers to fill the volume gap. Other lenders who have historically avoided unfamiliar markets are now entering these markets because of the expertise of brokers.

    As NAELB brokers develop, many have expanded into middle-market transactions. Consequently, middle-market lenders have recognized the value of brokers and are accepting transactions from qualified brokers.

    Brokers are also under pressure to create new sources of revenue. Some brokers are redefining themselves and creating additional revenue streams by offering other financial services such as factoring, asset-based lending, commercial real estate mortgages, resource products and SBA loans, to name a few. Funders are readily available and willing to accept broker referrals. The future is indeed bright; 2007 will be another successful year for brokers!


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    Commercial hvac installation #commercial #hvac #products, #packaged #rooftop #units, #split #systems,


    Allied Commercial products are designed to provide immediate relief for customers in a wide variety of applications. The proven designs of our products continue to uphold our long history of quality, technology and durability in even the toughest environments.

    Allied packaged rooftop units offer reliability, versatility, light weight, easy maintenance and simplified installation. Perfect for any commercial facility.

    Allied split-system units are designed for solid performance and quick installation. A wide range of configurations means that there is an Allied unit perfectly suited to your needs.

    For convenience and installation ease, Allied Commercial high-performance unit heaters come in two different configurations: standard and compact. Multiple heating capacities are also available for convenient and efficient heating of small and large spaces.

    Allied Commercial heating products provide the ideal solutions for some commercial applications. Proven performance and customization mean units can be tailored to meet each building’s specific needs.

    2017 Allied Air Enterprises LLC, a Lennox International Inc. Company 1-800-448-5872


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    Insuraance #travel #insurance, #sharm #el #sheikh #travel #insurance, #sharm #el #sheikh,


    Who You Can Trust

    Thank you for visiting our web site. We would like to introduce you to the insurance policies that have been pioneered for the ‘U.K Sport Diver’, whether you are diving at home or travelling abroad. You will find on our web site different styles of policies for your different needs. Click the navigation bars on the left, or the policy of choice below, to navigate to the different policies, you will find on these that each page provides you with the relevant information on that policy. Please be careful to select the correct page/policy for your needs, if required always feel free to telephone our office and we will be pleased to assist.

    Having provided insurance for ‘Sport Divers’ since 1972, we take great pride in our policies, which have been tried and tested over that period of time.

    We have always taken the opportunity to listen to the many Sport Divers we speak to at the various dive shows organized throughout the year in the U.K, and also on the telephone and have therefore tailor-made policies for the U.K. based Sport Divers’ requirements.


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    Working with Telephone Vendors #telephone #equipment #vendors


    Working with Telephone Vendors

    Working with Telephone Equipment Vendors
    by Joan Kleinberg and Sue Encherman, Northwest Justice Project

    No legal services program can survive without vendors. We have become fairly savvy about using them for items such as office supplies, office equipment and books. We are in more dangerous territory when purchasing items with which we have less comfort and familiarity. While we at Northwest Justice Project are not in a position to write the authoritative legal services article on the use of vendors, we can share our recent experience purchasing sophisticated software for our telephone system, with the hope that other programs may learn from our experience.

    Our telephone purchasing experience began in 1997 when we shopped for a more robust telephone system to support our statewide telephonic intake, advice brief service delivery system. We had been working with our existing system for a year and a half and had identified features that we wanted in the new system. We also knew there were features we had not even dreamed of that might be useful to us. We contacted several companies and invited them to tell us how their product might meet our needs. After ruling out some of the companies because of cost or because the product did not meet our needs, we focused on two major vendors – NEC and Lucent. We met repeatedly with sales reps from these companies to gain a very clear understanding of what the systems included. References were obtained and checked. After we had worked out detailed bids with both companies we called in a telephone consultant with whom we had worked previously and had him review the bids to help us understand the differences between them. We preferred the Lucent system, however, it was quite a bit more expensive than the NEC system. We asked Lucent for a donation and instead they offered a significant discount that made the two systems competitive in cost. Ultimately we chose the Lucent system and we have been very pleased with its performance.

    As we continued to work with this new system, we identified additional features that would support our work and obtained a TIG grant to purchase two additional software packages. One allows remote access to the system (hoping to make volunteering more appealing to the private bar) and the other (an interactive voice response unit) allows the use of voice commands and 24-hour access to recorded legal information and publication requests. What follows is a list of questions we asked at some time during the purchasing process. Many of these questions should be equally useful in other situations.


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