Qu est ce qu un ERP? A quoi sert-il? #erp, #pgi,


1.1 D finition d’un ERP

L’ERP vient de l�anglais Enterprise Ressource Planning .

On utilise parfois dans le monde francophone la d nomination PGI (Progiciel de gestion int gr ) mais la terminologie anglo-saxonne prime.

Un ERP r pond aux caract ristiques suivantes :

  • Il mane d�un concepteur unique
  • En cas d�impact d�un module, l�information est mise jour en temps r el dans l�ensemble des autres modules associ s
  • C�est un syst me qui garantie la piste d�audit. il est facile de retrouver et d�analyser l�origine de chaque information
  • Il peut couvrir l�ensemble du Syst me d�Information de l�entreprise (sauf si l�entreprise ne choisit dans un premier temps d�impl menter que certains modules de l’ERP)
  • Il garantie l�unicit des informations qu�il contient puisqu�il n�a qu�une seule base de donn es au sens logique.

La nouvelle loi de Sylvia Pinel permet de louer � ses enfants. C’est un des int�r�ts de ce dispositif fiscal par rapport au Duflot, avec une r�duction d’imp�t plus importante si on s’engage sur une dur�e plus longue.

Quel p rim tre de gestion couvre un ERP ?

La vocation d�un ERP est d’homog n iser le Syst me d’Information de l’entreprise avec un outil unique qui est capable de couvrir un large p rim tre de gestion, c’est- -dire :

  • La gestion des achats
  • La gestion des ventes
  • La gestion comptable. comptabilit client, fournisseur, immobilisations, personnel
  • Le contr le de gestion
  • La gestion de production (planification. )
  • La gestion des stocks (logistique)

Un ERP est sub-divis en modules qui r pondent chacun un des domaines de gestion list s ci-dessus. On dit aussi que l�ERP est constitu de modules fonctionnels, chacun couvrant un p rim tre de gestion de l�entreprise. Concr tement, par exemple, la saisie d’une vente g n re automatiquement une criture comptable en partie double dans le journal des ventes avec calcul automatique de la TVA collect e. Le grand livre et le compte de r sultat sont automatiquement impact s.

Les diff rents environnements de travail d�un ERP

Un ERP contient g n ralement trois environnements de travail :

  • Un environnement de d veloppement qui permet d�adapter le progiciel standard des besoins sp cifiques de l�entreprise.
  • Un environnement de test dit encore environnement de recette qui permet de r aliser des simulations. Ces simulations permettent de tester de nouveaux param trages et de v rifier le fonctionnement correct du progiciel par rapport un processus de gestion donn (une vente, un achat, une sortie de stock, �)
  • Un environnement de production qui correspond au progiciel utilis par les gestionnaires de l�entreprise au quotidien.

Le travail en environnement de test est pr alable au passage l�environnement de production.
La phase de tests est souvent appel e recette informatique ou encore recette .


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Microsoft Dynamics Hosted ERP Cloud Solutions #erp #in #the #cloud


Microsoft Dynamics = Cloud Optimised ERP

Enterprise to SMB Dynamics Cloud ERP

No matter what your size, moving your Microsoft Dynamics to the Cloud delivers many advantages to your business: moving costs to opex away from capex; allowing scalability and the flexibility to meet changing business requirements; plus, always stay up to date, and extend the lifespan of your ERP software far beyond any on-premise installation. There are many Cloud Service Providers out there, but Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Services and Solutions from SaaSplaza have set the global standard when it comes to adding value to your business.

Expand your horizons with Dynamics Cloud

Because the Cloud won’t wait for you. Because your competitors won’t wait for you. When you move Microsoft Dynamics to the Cloud you open new doors of opportunity that will benefit your business for many years to come.

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics AX

More than 19,000 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

More than 47,000 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

More than 4 million users around the world work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

More than 102,000 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

More than 13,500 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Get a Dynamics Cloud quote

Take the first step to Dynamics Cloud, request a quote and let’s get started!

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics is our specialty at SaaSplaza. We are also experts at leveraging the full capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud. including Office 365. Azure and Subscription Licensing. We can integrate and deliver vertical applications because, after all, the Cloud means collaboration and flexibility, not just with people, but with systems, processes and platforms, too.

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner and the only Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Partner specifically focused on Microsoft Dynamics, SaaSplaza works closely with Microsoft to deliver solutions on Microsoft Azure. You can provision multiple users in just minutes, go on to add databases and vertical solutions, and integrate with Office 365, all with just a few clicks.

With our experience there’s no need for you to invest the time and resources into training Azure or Microsoft Dynamics engineers for Cloud. When you partner with SaaSplaza, we do that work for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Public cloud on Azure without the need for you to become an Azure engineer or support technician. Let SaaSplaza do the work – it s your choice.

Office from anywhere, anytime, with full functionality. SaaSplaza is an Office 365 license reseller, for your convenience!

Full service for SPLA or Subscription Licensing. Flexible cloud licensing for software is the future, and the future is always now, at SaaSplaza.


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Real Estate Appraisers E – O Insurance #appraisers #e #o #insurance,


Real Estate Appraisers Errors and Omissions Insurance

Highlights: Real Estate Appraisers (E O) Errors Omissions

Errors and Omissions Coverage available for Appraisers in all states except Alaska and Lousiana

  • Simple one page self-rating application or apply online
  • Coverage for Residential and Commercial Appraisals
  • Lowest Premiums
  • NO additional membership fees required to purchase insurance
  • Appraiser trainees eligible to purchase policy if passed exam
  • Policy limits up to to: $1,000,000 per claim / $2,000,000
    annual aggregate
  • Prior acts coverage available for appraisers with proof of
    continuous insurance
  • Low annual deductible of $500 per claim/$1,000 annual aggregate ($0 deductible in New York)
  • Coverage included for review appraisers
  • Claim expenses are provided in addition to the policy limits
  • Free Extended Reporting Period Options available for Retirees, Disability or Death
  • Financing options available

Additional Information:

For Real Estate Appraisal firms with 2 or more Real Estate Appraisers wanting a quote for the firm, contact our office at 800-336-5422 for a premium estimate.

If you require Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance for employees, higher policy limits or Insurance for Real Estate Sales or other Real Estate activities please Click Here to obtain the application for Real Estate professionals.

Select the information, applications or forms that you need from the list below.

All material is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Click Here to install a free copy.


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Effective SAP Project Managers – SAP Program Managers Deliver Results #erp


SAP Project Success

In all the years I’ve been involved with SAP I’ve often puzzled about what makes a really good project rather than some of the freak shows they call SAP projects. After involvement in over 20 SAP projects I’ve seen a few of them go really well, a few that were more like horror shows, but most were mediocre. I’ve often asked myself “Why?” What makes the difference between a good project and one that is nothing short of a mess?

One key item that stands out is project management. Even with the most talented and dedicated resources bad project management can ruin an otherwise great SAP project.

I don’t blame client project managers because if they had all of the resources they would not need outside help and guidance.

Before I get into this, let me define what I consider a “good” project. A good project is one where there is a lot to do, but the stress level is not intense. The timeline may be tight but it is achievable (maybe a little bit of a stretch). The project is delivered on time, on budget, within scope and the result is high quality (a fairly smooth transition without a chaotic go-live).

Methodology Considerations for a Good SAP Project or SAP Program

The list below is from a synthesis of materials from SAP’s ASAP methodology, the PMI (Project Management Institute), and my personal experience over the years. Much of this is contained in the SAP ASAP methodology in one form or another so you really have to wonder what any consultant is following if they claim to use it and these items are lacking. In fact the latest ASAP Methodology version 7.1 includes a project start-up checklist to ensure key components are addressed.

Unlike several years ago when contract project managers had to rely on experience alone the SAP ASAP Methodology is well-proven and mature today.

There are several key characteristics of a well managed SAP project which includes:

Early SAP Project or Program Management Activities (Before the Overall SAP Project is Fully Underway)

  • Success criteria defined and communicated for the project.
  • One of the first things that is defined for the project are the key roles, responsibilities, and tasks that will be performed by each participant group in the project.
  • A clear, definitive project plan with WBS elements, networks, and activities planned for every major work-stream throughout the entire timeline.
  • A clear list of deliverables, milestones, templates, and instructions on their usage are provided for the entire project.
  • Deliverables are clearly tied to project value rather than useless administrative exercises (value added activities) (see SAP System Vendor Project Success Criteria Factors 1 scroll down to Sections 8 and 9 ).
  • Scope, time, issues, risk, cost, communication, and integration management plans, together with additional key components are defined.
  • Various standards for the project are defined and documented, including but not limited to business process, development, configuration, enhancement, transport management, testing, etc.

If you are using outside contract project management resources and these items are not substantially in place by the time you start your project you will likely have your timeline and budget destroyed. Along with the blown schedule and budget your project will also be a pressure cooker filled with stress, anxiety, and frustration. These are also characteristics you find when an SAP project manager or SAP program manager is not qualified. The chaos, tension, stress, and confusion caused by their inability to coordinate the many moving parts of the project are a direct result of their lack of experience and ability.

I don’t blame client project managers because if they had all of the resources they would not need outside help and guidance.

The project should be delivered on time, on budget, within scope and with high quality

Conclusion on Effective SAP Project or Program Management Practices

You are headed for a project disaster when a contract SAP project manager or SAP program manager fails to ensure the following items are in place early in the project:

  • responsibilities by group and role are defined,
  • deliverables are well laid out,
  • templates are properly prepared,
  • forward looking expectations are set,
  • coordination occurs between all project groups,
  • etc.

I’ve only ever been on a few projects when the SAP project manager or SAP program manager failed to produce a properly detailed project plan. Every one of those projects had one thing in common, they were absolutely horrendously stressful, difficult, and took more time and cost more than necessary. Along with the failure to produce a proper project plan the lack of proper deliverables, proper roles and responsibilities, and all of the other things a good project plan would help you define were also missing. If this happens to you FIRE those contractors, you are being bled dry and are headed for a budget and timeline disaster.

For much more detail on what happens when you have bad contract SAP project managers or SAP program managers see the post Some Reasons SAP Projects are Over Budget and Over Time .

Contact me today through our site contact form ( http://www.r3now.com/contact ), phone, or e-mail.

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  • sap implementation plan
  • sap project manager roles and responsibilities
  • sap deployment plan
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  • JD for SAP Project Manger
  • SAP delivery lead roles and responsibilities
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) #enterprise #resource #planning #software #erp


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a modular business support system that covers a variety of business functions such as supply chain management, manufacturing, financials, human resources, and customer relationship management. Aside from eliminating the need for multiple software applications, combining data into a single database simplifies synchronization across the enterprise and simplifies computer infrastructure within an organization. PSC can help you migrate your existing operations to ERP systems such as:

SAP®, one of the leading providers of ERP systems, provides solutions to both SME and large multinational corporations, and for various industry sectors including process and service industries. It offers products based on a traditional 3-tier client-server-database architecture as well as products based on a more flexible and modular service-oriented architecture.

Oracle® offers an integrated applications suite of comprehensive ERP software. It offers a variety of modules to support a diverse set of business operations. Flexible and scalable, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne® also allows all financial processes to be integrated into one database and link seamlessly with other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne® solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP® is a solution for managing and integrating finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, project accounting, field service, customer relationships and human resources.

Lawson™ is another global provider of ERP software with two main product lines – one geared towards manufacturing industries and one designed for service industries. It includes standard ERP components such as supply chain management, manufacturing operations, customer sales and service, financial management and performance management.

If you would like more information, get in contact with us directly here.


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Intelligent Systems #intelligent #systems, #microsoft #dynamics, #erp, #crm, #365, #bi, #axapta,


Познаваме вашия бизнес

Имаме точното решение за вас

Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) са водещи световни ИТ бизнес решения и най-използваните системи от висок клас в България с повече от 300 внедрявания в някои от най-големите компании у нас.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) е лесен за използване бизнес инструмент, чрез който служителите работят по-бързо и ефективно, като постигат висока клиентска удовлетвореност. Microsoft Dynamics CRM набира все по-голяма популярност сред фирмите у нас, поради своята гъвкавост и адаптивност към нуждите на потребителите.

Мобилните решения осигуряват надежден достъп до централната база данни, посредством различни мобилни устройства. Работят на всички популярни мобилни платформи iOS, Android, Windows Mobile. Мобилните приложения са изключително гъвкави и позволяват лесна и бърза настройка спрямо желанията и нуждите на клиента.

Business Intelligence (BI) решенията подпомагат ежедневната работа на компанията като предоставят възможност за изготвяне на детайлни справки и анализи по ключови бизнес показатели. BI системата спомага вземането на обосновани корпоративни решения, базирани на реална бизнес информация.

Intelligent Systems Bulgaria предлага разнообразни услуги в облака (Cloud Services), сред които Microsoft Dynamics ERP и CRM, IaaS, Office 365 и др. Избирайки Облачните услуги, клиентите елиминират голяма част от първоначалните инвестиции в софтуер и хардуер и значително съкращават последващите разходи за тяхното обновяване и поддръжка.

В допълнение към Microsoft Dynamics ERP и CRM системите, вертикалните и хоризонтални приложения към тях, предлагаме и допълнителни решения, за да отговорим изцяло на ИТ нуждите и очакванията на своите клиенти.

Intelligent Systems предлага професионални услуги по разработка, внедряване и поддръжка на интегрирани системи за управление на бизнеса. Изцяло фокусирана върху ERP и CRM решенията Microsoft Dynamics и техни браншови допълнения, от 2007 година насам, Intelligent Systems трайно заема първото място при внедрителите на Microsoft Dynamics решенията в страната. С осъществени повече от 320 проекта в над 35 страни по света, ние сме уверени, че можем да предложим най-оптималното бизнес решение за вашата компания.


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Epicor Video Training – ERP Software Epicor Video Training #net #erp

Clients First’s Gold Certified Epicor team can implement or re-implement your Epicor ERP system in order to maximize your value out of the solution and run your business as efficiently as possible. Using our professional dedicated project managers and our award winning methodology, we can help ensure you project is delivered on budget, on time and with the functionality you expected.

Every week we meet new clients who have had Epicor already implemented for some time or who are new. In either case, we often find that the current employees are not getting the most out of the solution as they were either not around when training originally occurred or the original training was not comprehensive enough and/or didn’t focus on the clients actual business needs.

It’s important to stay on the latest version of Epicor ERP. By doing so you can take advantage of all of the constantly evolving functionality that is constantly being added and you can ensure that your version is as bug free as possible. You will also find that performance improves with each new version which can make you more productive and efficient

The real power of Epicor ERP lies in the ability to customize it to fit your unique needs without making it costly to upgrade. Through the use of BAQ’s, BPM’s, custom reports, dashboards, user defined fields and other elements, the flow and data captured can be highly tailored to your company’s needs. Let Clients First discuss with you the options which includes turnkey customizations or training your technical staff to do it themselves.


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IS Tech Support #dba #software, #dba #classic, #dba #manufacturing, #evo, #evo~erp,


Enhancement, Support, and Extensions for DBA Classic and Evo

Unlimited Technical Support for DBA Manufacturing and Evo

Do you need assistance with the installation, operation or upgrade of DBA Classic (formerly DBA Manufacturing) or Evo

ERP. IS Tech support offers both free and fee based resources to deliver answers right now .

I would like to personally thank you for all your help, training and most importantly of all listening to us to have EVO do some amazing things for us. We are very happy with what we have and are very optimistic with the direction this is all headed to. – Samir – Connecticut. 100 user system

Get Answers

DBA Manufacturing Classic?
We Have You Covered!

Start enjoying the benefits of regular updates and unlimited technical support today. With plans starting as low as $65. every company can afford world class service.

Get the most out of your DBA.

Use Our Multi-Site Search

Many common questions have been answered and problems solved in discussions on our free forum or in our FAQ or on the wiki site. The multi-site search, available from the site menu bar on the left side of most pages, spans five web sites to retrieve information for you. Like a personal, 24/7 helpdesk, this feature scours our knowledgebase and brings you information instantly! Try it now.

  • There are many helpful resources available from this web site. Make the most of your time and gather your information first! This page has sections that cover Error Messages, making helpful Screen Shots, and a guide to common Pervasive (Btrieve) Error Messages, all of which will be a great help to us when we are finding answers for you. Whether posting on the forum, emailing, or calling for support be sure to start right here.

  • Integrated Credit Card Processing

    Evo-ERP has teamed with CAM Commerce Solutions to bring credit card processing right inside of Evo. Now you can process charges from within AR-C and AR-N if you use X-Charge as your processor.

    If the search feature doesn’t bring up a specific answer, join the forum and post your question in the appropriate section. Users, administrators, support people and programmers frequent these forums, so the quality of the help found here is first rate and could save you a costly service call. There are helpful people online during and after business hours. It usually does not take very long before a response is posted.

    I just want to start out by saying how awesome IS Tech’s Support Forum is. I am a 3rd generation family employee working for our small manufacturing company who got involved with DBA software in 1998 and I truly could have not made it to where we are today without you guys. Wearing the hat of IT system admin (among other titles), I am proud to announce we actually made it to the 21st century a few weeks ago!

    Our old network was a failure, but it jams now thanks to you guys, again I am truly grateful for the free support in getting there. I can not thank your openness to IS Tech forum enough, I would have been in the darkness I was in until I found your answers on your site.

    I am interested in Evo-ERP. I also want solutions to Barcoding/scanning our inventory since our management thinks it will cost a million dollars. You and I both know that all I need is a cheap scanner and the software already has the functionality.

    T.J. Chicago, 10 User Installation

    If you are looking for information on how to access data from external programs, or what routines should be run at various times, or other more involved help, you may find an answer on the Wiki. It is run by the user community and includes how-to and FAQ sections where the best tips and answers are archived.

  • If you do not have your own technical representative, you may use the general tech support email address. We will direct you to a solution. Our email response time varies, but you will usually hear back within a few hours during the business day, Pacific time.

  • Remote Tech Assist

    We can log into your system remotely and install IS Tech updates or perform troubleshooting for you, saving the cost of bringing in your local IT Consultant. Our web based remote assistance allows us to work with you and you to see what we are doing, which in turn helps you to better understand your ERP software. Contact us for rates and availability.

    Call 866-516-3282

    This number is Toll-Free from the US and Canada. If you have a support issue that can not be resolved using the free resources available, per-incident support is available which includes follow-up calls and emails as needed relating to the same issue as the original call. Non-subscriber cost is $250 per incident and Subscriber cost is $175 per incident. We Support ALL Versions of DBA Classic!

  • When your requirements go deeper you may want to look at our resources page where you will find database table and field listings, an EDI map, and other downloads. You will also find a list of consultants who can help you with anything from installation to barcoding to EDI implementation, to customer software implementations.

  • Program Updates and Support for DBA Manufacturing Classic

    Program updates are available by subscription starting at a flat rate per company of only $65/month, with plans for unlimited email or unlimited phone support available. Subscription billing is month to month. No contract or long term agreement is necessary. Non-subscribers can also get per-call priced phone support. See the Support section of the site for more detail regarding the plans available.

    Get More Done with Our Extensions for DBA and Evo-ERP

    We have our own in-house programmers and are also working with a number of third party providers of extended and custom programs for DBA Classic and Evo-ERP. Plus, these feature-expanding programs are tested and fully supported by IS Tech. If you purchase any of the listed programs and are an IS Tech Support subscriber, your support plan automatically includes support of the new product. For more details, follow the Products link for info. Each program is priced individually and most are available with a free 30-day trial, as well.

    Evo-ERP now available to DBA users and new customers

    In a customer bulletin issued December 8, 2004, DBA Software Inc. announced the sale of DBA Manufacturing Classic licensing rights to IS Tech Support allowing us to offer a new product named Evo-ERP, which is based on the program code of DBA Classic.

    This new product is now available to DBA users, as well as to new customers. Since Evo-ERP is based on the core program code of DBA Classic and uses the same Pervasive.SQL database. no data conversion or extensive retraining is necessary for a DBA Classic user to switch to Evo-ERP. In fact, a you can install the 30-day Demo and test it on the live company data while other users are still using Classic DBA. Visit the Evo

    ERP site for more information.


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