8 Epic EHR implementations with the biggest price tags in 2015


8 Epic EHR implementations with the biggest price tags in 2015

Investments in EHR systems are undoubtedly costly, but some implementations appear to carry more costs than others.

Implementation costs vary system to system and hospital to hospital. Prices fluctuate based on what types of additional features and modules a hospital selects. And, according to a Politico report, some EHR vendors charge for additional service fees while others don’t. The Politico report indicates for Epic’s 2014 edition software, the Verona, Wis.-based EHR vendor charges a software licensing fee, implementation costs and annual maintenance costs while OpenVistA, developed by Carlsbad, Calif.-based Medsphere, for example, does not.

Even within the subsector of Epic implementations, costs fall across the board. For example, Duke University Health System, based in Durham, N.C. paid approximately $700 million for its Epic EHR (systemwide go-live in 2014) while Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H. paid $80 million (go-live in 2011), according to a Forbes report.

John Halamka, MD, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. said in the Politico report that hospitals selecting Epic’s platform are not just buying a product — they are buying a process. BIDMC does not operate on Epic’s EHR; rather, the hospital earlier this year forged a partnership with athenahealth, which included using the Watertown, Mass.-based vendor’s product.

“Epic is selling a methodology; often a lot of manual processes or heterogeneity and standardizing the work,” Dr. Halamka told Politico. “It’s not that they’re buying expensive software, they’re buying a lot of software.”

No matter where the prices come from, the cost of Epic installations are significant. Here are eight of the most costly Epic implementations reported within the past six months. These are working numbers, with some systems having allotted the indicated amounts to implementation projects and others that have already completed installations.

Partners HealthCare: $1.2 billion
Boston-based Partners HealthCare is one of more recent implementations, going live the first week of June to the tune of $1.2 billion. This is the health system’s biggest investment to date. The implementation process took approximately three years, and in that time, the initial price tag of $600 million doubled.

LehighValleyHealth Network: $200 million
LVHN started its switch to Epic’s platform in February 2015, but the full transition will take between four and six years. Harry Lukens, CIO of the Allentown, Pa.-based system, told The Morning Call the total investment dedicated to the installation includes software, hardware, data conversion and additional personnel.

Mayo Clinic: “Hundreds of millions”
In January 2015, Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic announced it selected Epic’s EHR and revenue cycle management platforms and planned to drop its Cerner and GE Healthcare contracts to do so. The value of the contract was not disclosed by the health system or the vendor, but stock analysts told The Kansas City Star it is worth “hundreds of millions of dollars over several years.” Additionally, the headline of the Star report reads “Cerner loses Mayo Clinic contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Epic,” indicating a ballpark estimate of the new contract’s value.

LaheyHospital Medical Center: $160 million
On March 28, 2015, the Burlington, Mass.-based hospital completed its two-year implementation of Epic’s EHR system. Two months later, Lahey Health said it was laying off 130 people at three hospitals to close the budget gap. In the six months ended March 31, the health system had lost $21 million, partly due to preparatory EHR implementation costs.

Lifespan: $100 million
Providence, R.I.-based Lifespan announced plans to implement Epic’s EHR in March 2013, and the health system went live April 2015. Lifespan initially projected the implementation to cost $90 million, but in a Rhode Island Public Radio report, John Murphy, MD, executive vice president of physician services, alluded to a total closer to $100 million.

Erlanger Health System: $97 million
Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Erlanger Health System signed a contract with Epic in May 2015 nearing $100 million. The health system will invest $91 million in capital expenses, but operating expenses will bring the total to $97 million over the next 10 years. Erlanger was deciding between Epic and Cerner’s platform and ultimately chose Epic because the bid was less expensive, CFO Britt Tabor told Times Free Press .

WheatonFranciscan Healthcare: $54 million
In January 2015, Glendale, Wis.-based Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare announced plans to implement Epic across its hospitals. The system’s affiliated medical group and physician offices have been using Epic’s EHR since September 2012, but providers across the system can only view patient records and not input information. The implementation will create one central EHR platform across the system. Go-lives will begin January 2016. The system expects a return on investment after four years of using the platform.

Saint Francis Medical Center: $43 million
The hospital in Cape Girardeau, Mo. contracted with Epic in February 2015 and expects to go live in July 2016. Saint Francis plans to connect and exchange records with other hospitals in the St. Louis area also using Epic’s system, including SSM Health and Mercy Health.

Worth noting
A handful of other hospitals and health systems reported signing contracts with Epic this year but did not disclose the costs of the IT projects. Some of these organizations include Arlington Heights, Ill.-based Northwest Community Healthcare, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital-Audrain in Mexico, Mo. Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, San Diego-based Scripps Health and St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article identified Saint Francis Medical Center as being located in Dexter, Mo. We have updated the article to include the correct location, and we apologize for the error.

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Best Accredited Colleges For Life Experience Degrees, accredited life experience degrees.#Accredited


Accredited life experience degrees


  • Educational Leadership & Administration

    Accredited life experience degrees

    My friend claims he earned his college degree—a life experience degree—by “testing out of” courses and putting together a portfolio of his work and military training over the last two decades. Do real accredited universities ever offer life experience degrees? Aren’t all universities that offer these types of degrees a scam?

    Yes! But be careful. Input “life or work experience degrees from accredited universities” into any search engine and you’ll be swamped with hundreds of websites that promise to review your resume and convert your experience credentials and training into a college diploma.

    Real Accredited Universities or Scams?

    Many of these websites are indeed scams, and the diplomas they promise are, in fact, fake. Most of these universities are “accredited,” BUT by fake agencies.

    University Credit Through “Competency Exams”

    Capella University was approved by The U.S. Department of Education to offer an innovative “FlexPath” direct-assessment program in August 2013 making Capella one of the first schools to offer competency-based bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that utilize an approved direct-assessment learning model.

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    SteelCentral AppResponse #vdi, #unified #communications #applications, #network #performance #monitoring, #network #performance



    We went from being virtually blind to having a hawk’s-eye view of the network; able to see the whole picture yet capable of zeroing in immediately on details for trouble-shooting, capacity analysis, and planning. – Jean-Francois Bustarret, senior network architect, e-TF1

    What is SteelCentral AppResponse?

    Riverbed AppResponse joins together advanced application and transaction insight, comprehensive end-user experience monitoring, and deep network intelligence into a single appliance to provide total visibility into your application performance problems. It helps you discover where and when bottlenecks are occurring so that you can troubleshoot problems faster, and it streamlines workflows and reporting to enable cross-team collaboration to put an end to finger pointing.

    Using high-speed packet acquisition and multi-stage analytic processing, AppResponse delivers rich network and application insights for traditional and web applications, VoIP and video quality monitoring, database performance analysis, and Citrix-delivered apps.

    Features and benefits of SteelCentral AppResponse

    “The users are happier now, so the IT staff doesn’t have to crawl under the floorboards when they go for coffee.” – Peter Toft, IT Department Manager, Icopal

    Even split seconds of slow page times can have a huge impact on the revenue for an enterprise. When you have thousands of users per hour accessing your applications through web pages, you need to quickly answer:

    • What pages were slow?
    • When they were slow?
    • For whom they were slow?

    AppResponse pinpoints mission-critical web application problems quickly, letting you resolve them before end users even notice.

    Identify the root-cause of application performance problems faster with SteelCentral AppResponse

    With SteelCentral AppResponse you will quickly see if a performance problem is rooted in the network orservers. View response time for all users and transactions by application, user business group, and location. Understand end-user experience for both SteelHead-optimized and non-optimized web and SaaS applications.

    “As the global network manager, I didn’t want to spend my time analyzing network traffic; [SteelCentral AppResponse] does the work for us and puts our team at ease so we can focus on planning strategic IT projects that impact our business.” – Global Network Manager. Coty, Inc.

    “I was skeptical at first, but I have to say that the [SteelCentral AppResponse] box definitely ‘does what it says on the tin’. Its ability to quickly drill down to the cause of performance issues, its amazing ease of use, and the clarity of its presentation of so many useful metrics, have made it our primary tool for application performance management.” – UK Network Manager, IT Centre UK. ALSTOM

    The [SteelCentral AppResponse] solution has given us a scientific approach to managing the site, making the hard data we need easily available for analysis and thus enabling us to forecast, act, and react much more appropriately. And now, when my boss comes down and asks me ‘what’s up with the network’, I can give him a complete answer—in terms of the impact
    on our business—in ten minutes or less.”
    Senior Network Engineer. Hotwire.com

    [SteelCentral AppResponse] saves us more time than any other management tool we use. It’s like having another person on staff.” – Senior Network and Systems Analyst, Colgate University

    AppResponse ROI Calculator shows you how you can reduce costs of delivering applications to users.

    SteelCentral AppResponse integrates application and network performance management to deliver:

    • Deep packet inspection and application recognition
    • End-user experience monitoring for web applications at the user transaction level
    • End-user experience monitoring of SteelHead optimized SaaS and on-premise web applications
    • Response time decomposition
    • Database transaction analysis
    • Per-user Citrix XenApp transaction analysis
    • Continuous VoIP and video monitoring
    • Rich network intelligence

    Supported Network Packet Brokers:

    AppResponse monitors end-user experience for SteelHead-optimized enterprise web and SaaS applications and helps you understand the benefit of SteelHead WAN optimization in terms of the effect on end user experience.

    Compatible Riverbed solutions to solve application performance issues

    • When SteelCentral AppResponse reports which server is causing the delay, deploy SteelCentral AppInternals to conduct a full code-levelapplication diagnosis.
    • If the network seems to be the issue, SteelCentral NetSensor displays performance data all along the layer 2/3-network path.
    • Seamlessly drill into SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer for in-depth analysis of individual multi-tier transactions.
    • AppResponse leverages Riverbed SteelHead appliances in the branch, data center and cloud to provide visibility into end-user experience for optimized enterprise web and SaaS applications.

    Citrix Monitoring for SteelCentral AppResponse

    Citrix offers significant benefits to IT organizations. But, due to its unique architecture, the lack of a complete view of user transactions can sometimes complicate the performance-troubleshooting process. The CX-Tracer module uses industry-leading analytics in SteelCentral AppResponse to pinpoint the root cause of performance problems for Citrix-hosted applications.

    CX-Tracer automatically correlates front-end user sessions to their back-end counterparts, enabling end-to-end analysis of individual Citrix user sessions. Additionally, CX-Tracer complements and extends your existing Citrix monitoring solutions such as Citrix EdgeSight.

    Database Performance Monitoring for SteelCentral AppResponse

    With the Database Performance module you can identify the impact of a database on end-to-end application performance. By monitoring database performance at the transaction level, the module can identify the particular SQL statement or database call responsible for application delay and equip your database team with actionable information.

    Because it uses passive monitoring for zero overhead on database operations, no database logging is required. You get a unified view of the end-user experience and database performance, to complement and extend your investment in database-health monitoring tools.

    Unified Communications Monitoring for SteelCentral AppResponse

    With the Unified Communications module you can monitor and report on live VoIP and video calls. Manage voice, video, and data on the same network, and proactively resolve communication issues by using real-time and historical data on both application performance and call quality.

    With passive speech-quality analysis, you can monitor call quality and resolve issues before they affect end-users. Prioritize problem resolution and set meaningful SLAs based on the effect of call quality on various areas of your business, and then easily troubleshoot with real-time, web-based dashboards for speedy resolution.

    Shark module for SteelCentral AppResponse

    Add Shark module to your SteelCentral™ AppResponse license to create a single appliance that provides rich network intelligence, end user experience monitoring and transaction analysis. Accelerate problem resolution with streamlined workflows and deeper network insight, letting you get to the right level of information needed to solve problems quickly and easily.

    Global Selector


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    Online AIU Free MOOCs for Those Interested in Learning #distance #learning


    Atlantic International University is a unique alternative to the more than 6,700 traditional colleges and universities in the United States, we utilize a sustainable and andragogic approach to learning with an open curriculum design. At AIU you will build your own curriculum from courses that are appropriate for your personal and professional goals.

    AIU offers a wide range of majors in areas including the Arts, Business, Science, Technology, Social, and Human studies. More than 120 degrees and programs are available for adult learners at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and post doctorate level.

    Distance Learning at AIU is enhanced by vast academic resources and innovative technologies build into the Virtual Campus: Hundreds of self-paced courses with video lectures and step by step lessons, thousands of optional assignments, 140,000 e-books, the Social Media & Networking platform allowing collaboration/chat/communications between students, and MYAIU develop students holistically in 11 areas beyond just academics.

    AIU degree programs are designed for professional adults. After evaluating both academic records and life experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors, establishes the student’s Academic Status. The student’s Academic Status defines the number of Credit Hours the student must complete to fulfill the academic guidelines of the institution.

    The programs offered at AIU allow for limited Academic or Life-experience. Academic or Life-experience credit is knowledge gained outside of the classroom through work or other professional endeavors. The policy for accepting such credit is limited to one third of the credit requirement for the program and documentation must be provided to confirm such experience.

    AIU is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). ASIC Accreditation is an internationally renowned quality standard for colleges and universities. ASIC is a member of CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in the USA and an approved accreditation body by the Ministerial Department of the Home Office in the UK. AIU is not accredited by an agency recognized by the US secretary of education. Read more.

    Our founding principles are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; per article 26, AIU believes that Higher Education is a Human Right. The University has implemented a paradigm shifting educational model for its academic programs that have allowed it to move closer to this goal through the self-empowerment of its students, decentralization of the learning process, personalized open curriculum design, and a sustainable learning model.

    Students and Faculty develop, produce and edit shows, documentaries and other media disseminated via AIUTV and AIU Radio. Creators have a profile page summarizing the show and themselves with a way for viewers to get in contact with them for further collaboration, networking, or other synergistic interactions.

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    808-924-9567 (Internationally)
    808-947-2488 (Fax)


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    Implementing an EMR System: One Clinic s Experience – Family Practice


    Implementing an EMR System: One Clinic s Experience

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    Implementing an EMR system in a clinical practice is a daunting task. It requires good planning, strong physician leadership and supportive staff. The most immediate benefits of our EMR system have been accurate medication lists, legible notes and prescriptions, immediately available charts, decreased chart pulls and lower transcription costs. We are still just beginning to scratch the surface of what s possible, but we would never go back to paper again.

    Read the full article.

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    Dr. Smith is an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisc. and a family physician at the Belleville Family Medical Clinic .

    Conflicts of interest: none reported .

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    Continue reading from May 2003


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    Julieanne s Fitness Blog: My Experience of Lasek eye surgery #lasek


    My Experience of Lasek eye surgery.

    Many people have asked me for a a blow by blow account of my recent laser correction, so to save me repeating myself and boring everyone else to death, here’s what happened.

    I did some web research, looked at discussion forums and read reviews of clinics, along with chatting to people who had been treated. The one thing that stuck me most of all was that where people had problems it often resulted from poor prior contact with the surgeon or aftercare that did not involve the surgeon. It seems that on the High Street, you might not see the surgeon until the day of the operation and maybe not see them again for aftercare.

    So, with this in mind I chose Manchester Centre For Vision as my clinic. Manchester Centre for Vision (MCV) is the private patient unit of the Royal Eye Hospital.

    There is a fee for assessment at MCV, the upside of this is that I got to meet with a surgeon and be sure that the treatment I was offered was the best one for me. I had read nightmare scenarios on the web where people were assessed on the High Street, offered a particular procedure only to have the surgeon disagree with this suggestion on the actual day of surgery.

    After undergoing several tests I met with Khalid Ikram who explained to me that as I had thinning of one of my retinas I would be best suited to LASEK surgery. Mr Ikram explained that LASEK had a longer recovery time than LASIK, my dream of having surgery on a Thursday and being back to teaching on Monday was over, I would need more time off. It was also explained that LASEK can be quite painful.

    When I got home I did more research, on Mr Ikram and on exactly what LASEK entails. Here’s a summary of the difference between the two procedures. Mr Ikram checked out to be very good and once I knew that NASA likes LASEK I was sold!

    Surgery Day
    My surgery was set for 12 noon, the first thing the Nurse did was to remind me that LASEK can be painful and then she prepped me with a lovely hair net, iodine and anesthetic eye drops. Mr Ikram came in for a chat, explained in detail what would be happening. The actual procedure is not at all painful, mainly ‘weird’ and a just a little uncomfortable when the eye is clamped open. I’d prefer this over a filling at the dentist!

    By 1pm I was in the recovery room. The nurse went over all the various drops and pain relief I would have and applied eye-shields that I would have to wear until the next day and then each night. She asked me if I wanted to take my first dose of Co-Codamol, I hesitated, I didn’t have any pain. but I took them anyway. Within moments my eyes started to water, became very heavy and I urgently wanted to be at home in bed. The pain was here, but I was ready for it!

    My lovely driver, Deborah, had me home in no time, she said she didn’t want to leave me seeing that I was in pain. However, I wanted her to go asap so that I could get in bed. I was ready for the pain, what I wasn’t ready for was how it effectively blinded me. At 5pm I got out of bed for more Co-Codamol and as I could not open my eyes without triggering more discomfort, I had to feel my way to the kitchen and bathroom – fortunate that I have a small flat!

    Whilst wishing the hours away I was under my duvet, eyes closed and listening to Leo Laport’s Tech Guy podcasts which I’d been saving up on my ipod, I learnt a lot, thanks Leo!

    Somewhere at around 7pm the pain fell off by quite a lot and I decided to get up and make porridge, also a challenge to do without opening your eyes! I was waiting for the Ping of the microwave and realised that I might be about to faint, I staggered back to bed for a while.

    Then at 9pm I got up again for third dose of pain relief, to eat the cold porridge and (at last) sleeping tablets. I also had to administer three lots of drops, it was quite hilarious, I got a lot of this medication on my face, mouth, ears and eventually in my eyes! In addition to steroid and anti-biotic drops I had been given anesthetic eye drops but on discovering that they only worked for 20 mins and that they can impede healing I didn’t use them at all.

    Day 1
    Eyes are still watering, very light sensitive, difficult to open but the pain was down and I decided that I didn’t need any more Co-Codamol. I was in discomfort not in pain. I spent all day hiding from the sun, under my duvet, hoodie up, sunglasses on. Every fours hour or so I attempted to apply my drops, again very entertaining. I could already see that things were happening with my vision, through the constant tears there were signs of improvement!

    I shunned the sleeping tablets I was given in favour of a large swig of Nightnurse and slept well in my lovely eye-shields.

    Day 2
    Today I managed to watch some TV, post a message on Facebook and I even made this Pummelvision – I amaze myself! I’m still hiding from the sunlight and watching TV with the screen dimmed and in sunglasses.

    Day 3
    My eyes are watering less and sensitivity is gradually reducing. My vision continues to improve, its quite exciting 🙂 Still hanging out in a hoodie and sunglasses.

    Day 4
    Today I am getting dressed and taking a shower.

    The nurse said ‘keep your eyes closed when showering’. So I decide to go one better and fully tape on my eye shields. Trouble is they just start to fill up like fish tanks – PANIC!

    Panic over, hair washed and Cilla comes to take me shopping and lovely catch up in Costa, it was bliss, I had a bad case of cabin Fever.

    I’m feeling much better, able to face the world but I doubt I could have done much that required any concentration.

    Day 5
    I took this photo from my balcony, first shot with my new eyes.

    Day 6
    Today is my first follow up with Mr Ikram. Deborah takes me to see him at Face and Eye. as well as eye surgery they do cosmetic surgery, alas we did not bump into any soap stars or wags. Mr Ikram is pleased with my progress, says I’m already legal to drive (whoo hoo). After the LASEK surgery I had been fitted with protective contact lenses and today they were removed. I was warned that I might get some further discomfort, I did but it didn’t last too long.

    Day 14
    I drove myself to my second follow up, this time at the hospital. I saw the Optometrist who scanned my eyes and gave me an eye test “hardly any prescription at all” – amazing! Mr Ikram tells me I can drop the eye shields, wear make up and generally behave like a normal person with the exception of swimming and avoiding rubbing my eyes. He gave me prescription for further eye drops to be taken over the next 4 weeks and an appointment to see him in six weeks time.

    Considering it takes up to 12 weeks for the full effects of LASEK I’m very pleased with the result I have at only 2 weeks. Here’s one of my post op (and photoshopped) eyes.

    Week 8
    I headed back to MCV for a further follow up. I was a little apprehensive because since my last visit I had become convinced that my vision had fallen off a touch. Well, I sat in the same chair looking at the same chart and before the Optometrist even began her test I knew I could read it better than last time. After the test she confirmed my vision had improved since my last visit. It was all in my head, I still have my Miracle!

    I mentioned to Mr Ikram that when I wake my eyelids are stuck together and I have to gently prize them apart. No big deal but Mr Ikram sent me instructions by email on how to care for my eyes with a product called Blephasol. I confess I am finding it hard to make myself do the little routine each morning and night, its so much easier to just prize my eyes apart and there is no discomfort.

    To my surprise a further appointment is made for me, I imagined that I would be discharged, but no, they are not done with me yet.

    Week 18
    I had my final visit with the optometrist and Mr Ikram today. My eye test shows I am better than 20/20, I’m thrilled! Mr Ikram says “I dont often use the word Prefect. “

    As I sat in Mr Ikram’s office I was once again struck by the fantastic view he has of the atrium at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. So, when he had to step out of his office, I seized the moment to capture a little momento:

    Feel free to ask me any questions via the comments box, I’m happy to share my experiences.


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    Retail Management Success-Website for Retail Managers #retail #management #seminars # #running



    DMSRetail can help your company or career in retail management in one or more ways as listed below:

    1. Consulting services will diagnose what can and may be improved in your operation to further sales, customer experience and ultimately profits.

    2. Through products and services like workshops, courses, success guides and tools, we can help elevate the knowledge level and expertise of your staff.

    © 2003- 2017 DMSRetail Inc. All Rights Reserved


    Check our blog frequently for short and informative messages.

    Products and services of DMSRetail all in one place.

    Detailed information about our workshops and how to register.


    Connect with us:


    For those who can not or do not want to travel. More Info

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    Retail Math Retail Analytics are essential parts of any retail manager’s arsenal. “It’s like MBA in Retail Management in 2 hours.” One participant said. Learn More

    Management vs. Leadership – What a Good Leader is… – Avoid the “10” Mistakes – 11 Leadership Principles – Top 5 Factors of Influence – Leadership (Culture) – Leadership (Strategy) – Keys to Success: Situational Leadership – Motivation Secrets Learn More


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    How Long Does It Take an Insurance Company to Respond to


    How Long Does It Take an Insurance Company to Respond to a Demand Letter?

    Written by James Hirby and Fact Checked by The Law Dictionary Staff

    If you ve recently been involved in a serious accident for which you weren t deemed to be at fault, you ve probably retained the services of a lawyer who can sort through the messy legal issues that surround the incident. During the immediate aftermath of the accident, you probably exchanged correspondences with both your own insurance company and your counter-party s provider. If the accident caused significant harm to your property or person, you may be under the impression that your counter-party s insurance company is responsible for paying the cost of your medical and repair expenses. After all, you shouldn t held liable for a situation that you didn t create.

    Unfortunately, most insurance companies won t agree to make significant payouts without putting up a fight. The claims adjuster sent out by your counter-party s insurance company may assert that the accident was caused by a combination of factors and can t be directly blamed on any single person. He or she may present an impressive raft of evidence in an attempt to prove that you were partially at fault for the carnage.

    Once your counter-party s insurance company has denied your claim, you ll need to send a demand letter to its home office. Although you re probably capable of using an easily-available online template to craft a well-reasoned demand letter without the assistance of a lawyer, your position will be strengthened by the presence of a qualified legal representative at your side. Your lawyer can answer any questions that you might have about the process of settling a claim with a recalcitrant insurance company. To ensure that such a settlement is reached in a timely fashion, he or she can also apply the proper amount of pressure to the insurer s claims department.

    In most states, insurance companies are permitted to wait up to 45 days before responding to a demand letter. If you haven t received a response within this time frame, it s likely that the insurer has chosen not to accept your offer. In order to protect the rights of insurance companies, most states allow demand letters to expire after the specified time limit.

    Should this occur, you ll need to send a revised demand letter that makes concessions to the insurer s position. Alternatively, you might wish to instruct your lawyer to prepare for legal action against the insurer. Based on his or her previous experience with claims disputes, your lawyer will advise you on the appropriateness of each course of action.

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    Cheap Flights to Guadalajara in Mexico and enrich your travel experience

    #travel airline tickets cheap flights

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    Book Flights to Guadalajara, Mexico  

    Popular Guadalajara Sights

    Kenned as the Pearl of West, Guadalajara is home to architectural wonders in typical Neo-Gothic style and is soaked in history and culture. Explore the amazing architecture of the Guadalajara Cathedral, take your kids to the Guadalajara Zoo, and explore the murals painted by José Clemente Orozco at the Governor’s Office. Spend a day around natural beauty at the Lake Chapala and watch the twinkling stars at Jalisco. Plan a day trip to Tequila, take a tour of the distillery, and try some Tequila shots. Other prominent attractions of the city include the Plaza de Armas, Museo Regional de Guadalajara and the Rotonda de los Jalicienses Ilustres.

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    When to find the cheapest tickets to Guadalajara

    Through being a year round destination, best time to visit Guadalajara is in the months of October and November. The autumn season brings a large number of tourists wishing to explore the antique monuments and those who wish to attend the annual event Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara. The spring season is the low travel season attracting lest tourists and offering reduced room rates and cheap flights to Guadalajara.

    Guadalajara Airports

    Guadalajara International Airport is the major airport serving Guadalajara, Jalisco. GDL serves as the hub for Aeroméxico Connect, Volaris and VivaAerobus. The airlines operating through the airport include Aeromexico, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways and many more. Plan your trip well in advance, research thoroughly and acquire cheapest flight to Guadalajara. Be ready and act accordingly.


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    Cheap Flights to Manila and enrich your travel experience #best #and

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    Why You Should Not Miss Out Manila?

    The capital city of Philippines is one destination that should be on the top of your travel wish list. Bustling with multiple cultures, spectacular nightlife and historical architecture, Manila is one city that offers plenty of choices for recreation. Relive a facet of history in the Walled City of Intramuros which contains ancient ruins, churches and monuments that boast of historical Spanish architecture. That s not all, you can also explore rare artifacts related to archaeology, arts and zoology at the National Museum of the Philippines. If you are looking for a romantic evening, then have dinner with your partner in a restaurant situated on the Baywalk. With beautiful waters and musicians adding charm to the evening, you couldn t have asked for a better setting.

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    Best time to visit Manila is during the dry months of March-May which provide respite from the indefinite rains and typhoons that strike the city during the months of June-November. The season (March-May) sees the maximum tourists coming and it s tough to get a hotel booking during this time. If you are looking for the cheapest airfare to Manila, then plan your travel in the wet season (June-November) when the hotels are cheap and so are the airfares. But make sure you keep a tab on the weather and your health during this season.

    Manila Airports

    Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the main airport that serves the city, connecting the city with the rest of the world. The airport offers numerous amenities and many ground transportation choices for your comfort. Whether you want to rent a car, take a bus or hire private taxis, there are many options available to travel to/from the airport. Book your flight well in advance if you want to get the maximum discounts on airfare. This way you will get the cheapest flights to Manila, without much of an effort.


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    Air You Go Travels Experience #cheap #hotel #prices

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    Air You Go Travels Experience



    1. 3D2N Boracay via Cebu: ₱3,288 (w/ Airfare)

    2. 3D2N Boracay via Manila: ₱3,488 (w/ Airfare)

    3. 3D2N Puerto Princesa via Manila: ₱4,888 (w/ Airfare)

    4. 3D2N El Nido via Manila: ₱6,588 (w/ Airfare)

    5. 3D2N Coron via Manila: ₱5,888 (w/ Airfare)


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    Worst experience with Redbus details and Sangita Bharathi travels. #where #can

    #bharathi travels

    Thread: Worst experience with Redbus details and Sangita Bharathi travels.

    Worst experience with Redbus details and Sangita Bharathi travels.


    My name is Sundresan CR. On 10/05/2014 I booked the ticket through “Redbus.in” from Chennai to Bangalore in “Sangitha Barathi travels”. As per Redbus the bus rating was very low however since that is the only Multi-axil Volvo vehicle available at 10:30 PM so I booked the ticket with the seat number as G1, G2 as per the site information. As per process I have paid 1900 for two tickets and there is discount given to me too. Per process I got the confirmation of the ticket information through SMS from the Redbus as below:

    TIN: TG68599357993

    Boarding Point near Emarold hotel which is near to Chennai central station at 9:45PM.

    Per my booking details on 10/05/2014 I reached the place in time and call the contact person to inform that I have reached the boarding point in time because there was no shop open for hospitality by the Travel agency(Sangitha Barathi travels). The contact person informed me to stand near the Durga travel which is next to Emarold hotel and the bus will reach at 10:00PM based on the traffic condition which is normal with all thcae travel they say. At around 10:10PM the bus reaches the Boarding point, however it was not Multi-Axil Volvo Vehicle and it was normal A/C vehicle. I asked the person who conducted the checking of my ticket and he informed me that there is no Multi-Axil Volvo available since all the busses have gone to garage for fitting emergency door as per the RTO rule. But this was not informed to us in prio by either the Redbus.in or the Sangitha Barathi travel agency. Even other travelers have asked the same however the ticket checking person have started arguing with us that whatever you want you can speak to the person in the Koyamedu head office. When I asked about the exact seat where I want to sit, the ticket checking person informed me that he will let me know once the bus reach the Koyamedu area. When we reach the Koyamedu area bus have halted in the road for around 45 min for passenger boarding and another person have come to check the seat again. He was very arrogant. When I ask for the Vehicle change he informed me that the ticket fare is very high for that vehicle and I have paid only half off it. However as per the Redbus site informed the bus is Multi-Axle Volvo bus. Apart from it he informed me that if you want to go by Volvo bus I have to wait another 1 more hour to get it but with different seat details which is not at all sure from him. He is really uneducated and talked to us very rubbishy. I asked it was not even semi sleeper, he said to me that this is what it is. If you want to go to Bangalore sit in this bus, otherwise leave the bus. I asked him at least give me blanket which usually given in the Volvo bus. Hi informed me that there are no blanket. Other passengers were also very much upset and they started argued with that person, however behaved in the same way as he behaved to me.

    Redbus, before you publish such details in your site first check does that agency really take care of the passenger as per the information which you mentioned in your side. Atleast ask the agency to appoint some educated person to behave to passenger in a way normally. We pay the amount in advance then only we are traveling. We are not traveling free of cost or we cannot do the inspection before we start. That is why we reach out to your site to book tickets. This was one of my very bad experience and would need Redbus to take action regarding my complaint.

    Let see how the Redbus react to this issue and I defiantly wont suggest any person in my life to book ticket with Redbus.


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