How to File an Emergency Bankruptcy Petition #how #to #file #bankruptcy


How to File an Emergency Bankruptcy Petition

Sometimes you need to file for bankruptcy in a hurry. If you don’t have time to complete the lengthy bankruptcy paperwork, you can file a bare-bones petition, called an emergency bankruptcy or emergency petition. You then file the rest of the papers later.

This article describes the minimum documents you need to file an emergency bankruptcy petition, and the circumstances that might make such a petition necessary.

Emergency Circumstances

It is almost never a good idea to file an emergency bankruptcy if you can avoid it. Bankruptcies are paper-intensive and bankruptcy law requires you to fully, accurately, and honestly disclose all of your assets, debts, income, expense and various financial information. Filing a petition also triggers various deadlines and “next steps.” If you file a bankruptcy too hastily, you may make mistakes that could cause you difficulty later, including the dismissal of your case or a denial of your bankruptcy discharge. There are even criminal penalties if the court finds you were intentionally evasive or less-than-truthful in your statements and paperwork.

However, there may be circumstances where you have no choice but to file an emergency bankruptcy petition, usually as a way to prevent or stop the following:

  • the sale of your home through foreclosure
  • car repossessions
  • eviction
  • garnishments, and
  • lawsuits.

Basic Requirements for an Emergency Petition

Filing bankruptcy is not easy. An average bankruptcy filing can contain 50 or more pages of documents that list all of your assets, debts, income, expenses, and detailed statements concerning your financial history. Sometimes, however, you don’t have the time that it normally takes to complete all of the necessary paperwork. Here is a basic breakdown of the minimum that you must complete, sign, and file to start your bankruptcy case.

Minimum Documents

The following documents are the minimum that you must file to start your case. This is often called the skeleton petition:

  • The bankruptcy petition (Form B-1). This is the first three pages of the petition. If you are filing on your own, must include your telephone number on the petition.
  • Creditor Matrix. This is a list of the names and addresses of all your known creditors. Some courts may let you file it a few days later.
  • Statement of Social Security Number (Form B-21).
  • Certificate of Credit Counseling. If you did not receive credit counseling prior to filing, then you must file a motion to explain any exigent circumstances that kept you from obtaining the counseling. If you believe that you do not have to participate in consumer credit counseling, then you must file a motion requesting that you be exempt from this requirement.

For a Chapter 13, you may also have to file a pay order that provides for estimated plan payments to your Chapter 13 trustee.

Some bankruptcy courts may also have additional requirements, such as written disclosure statements or CDs that contain electronic copies of your documents.

Since you are filing an emergency petition, the bankruptcy court clerk may not send notices to your creditors in time to stop an impending collection action. Therefore, you should immediately send notice of your bankruptcy filing directly to creditors that are, or might be, using collection actions against you.

Filing Fee

At the time that you file your skeleton petition, you must also pay the filing fee. In a Chapter 7, the filing fee is $335. The filing fee for a Chapter 13 is $310. If you cannot pay the fee, then you must file an Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments. If you believe you are exempt from paying the fee, then you must file an Application to Waive Filing Fee.

Filing the Rest of the Bankruptcy Forms and Documents

Within the next 14 days, you must file the remaining paperwork, including all schedules and statement of financial affairs, as well as certain financial documents.

Get debt relief now.


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Fort Worth Bankruptcy Advice and Bankruptcy Help in Fort Worth #fort


3000 Central Drive Bedford, Texas 76021-3671 Fax: (817) 358-9988

Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys

Offering expert advice and bankruptcy help to consumers and businesses

The experienced attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC represent individuals and small businesses throughout the Fort Worth, Texas area in all kinds of bankruptcy proceedings. If you or your organization is facing financial difficulties, mounting bills, foreclosure and repossession proceedings, or harassing collection activity, you can rely on our skilled Fort Worth bankruptcy advice.

Although the prospect of bankruptcy may seem intimidating, a qualified attorney can offer Fort Worth bankruptcy help to guide you through each step of the process. The attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC can represent you and your interests to creditors, the trustee, and the court, helping you reorganize debts and make a fresh start.

Bankruptcy in Fort Worth – We specialize in cases like yours

With nearly 70 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and experience to guide you or your business through even the most complex Chapter 7. Chapter 11. or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Fort Worth.

Behrooz Vida and Richard Venable are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as specialists in consumer bankruptcy law. Mr. Vida is also a specialist in business bankruptcy law, and is the recipient of Martindale-Hubbell’s prestigious AV peer rating. indicating the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards. Carla Reed Vida is an exceptional Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney with strong capabilities in all areas of personal and business bankruptcy in Fort Worth. and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Fort Worth bankruptcy help advice – We have your best interests in mind

At The Vida Law Firm, PLLC, we meet with you personally to examine your financial situation and explore all possible Fort Worth bankruptcy options. Once you have decided what is best for you, your family, or your business, we move quickly to ensure that you can begin rebuilding your finances as soon as possible.

Call us for bankruptcy help in Fort Worth

To schedule a free initial consultation, contact The Vida Law Firm, PLLC today. You can call us at (817) 803-3365 or contact us online for bankruptcy advice in Fort Worth.

Quick Contact


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Anonymous file sharing sites – Software 2017 – No registration required


Anonymous file sharing sites Software 2017 No registration required.

Anonymous File Sharing We all shares dozens of files daily, and there are many medium available. And the easiest way that we all use to share files is Gmail. Although there are some Best Gmail Alternatives available still email is not the best way to share files. Many tech blogs prefer to use the Best Anonymous Browser while sharing files via Gmail.

Although, there are some cloud file sharing services like One-drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. But before start using them you need to register on these sites. But if you want to keep your personal info private then Anonymous file sharing sites comes in handy.

What is Anonymous File Sharing?

In Anonymous File Sharing we don t need to share our any personal information to send File even so name. We can just upload the file and we ll get a file sharing link. And when user complete download files using that link, the file will get auto delete from Anonymous File Sharing site server.

If you re like me who don t have much time for registration and sign-in on sites to share files. And looking for Best anonymous file sharing sites then check this list of Best anonymous File sharing sites.

Best Anonymous File Sharing Sites No Registration Required. is Best Anonymous File Sharing site, they don t use any kind of backup to save file. And all files that they keep temporary are secure with encryption. Also, their log files contain no identifying information. Which means they don t keep anyone s personal information.

How to share file anonymously using

Sharing files using is easy, all you need File and a Browser. Open- into your Web Browser now click on upload and then select file from your File Manager / My Computer.

Whenever uploading process will complete you ll get a unique link. That you can share with anyone and your personal details will be safe.

You can send maximum 5GB Per File, which is completely Free. Also, you can set an expiration date for the file. For example at the end of the link add ?expires=1w and file will auto delete from server after 1w = 7 days. is the simplest tool for anonymous file sharing. Like it also doesn t hold any users personal information. The interface of Fill tea is very basic and simple, the site doesn t provide any information. You ll get an Add File option which will allow you to upload the file, and like you ll get link after upload.

One thing you might don t like about Fill tea is when you share the link to someone. That link will redirect to site and then you ll get download option. You can also able to download process in transfer section and you can delete the file manually when transfer process will complete.

If you re searching for a Best Anonymous File Sharing site. That provides No storage limit or bandwidth then GoFile .io comes in handy. It is completely Free and provides encryption to Files that you ll upload. It allows you to share maximum 10GB per File, which is just double of limit.

Like you can also set an expiry date in GoFile and you don t need to do it manually. You ll get an option to set the expiry date of File which is the good thing. This site is still in beta stage so you may find some bugs, I prefer over this. is simple to service for anonymous sharing of files that need to be placed online only temporarily. It allows to upload up to 5 files at a time and Maximum supported file size is 1 GB. There are no download limits your files can be downloaded simultaneously by an unlimited number of people with maximum speed.

But something that you might not like about is it doesn t provide any kind encryption. But if you want encryption for your file you can encrypt before upload it on DropFile. You can also manage your uploaded files using access key that you ll get after upload.

Upload is a completely free file sharing service, upload files without limits, securely anonymously. It allows sending maximum 5GB per File which is more than enough. It is Free and premium version available on this site, in free they hold file up to 30 days.

Also on uploadFile, Files are encrypted and transferred securely from your browser to their server. When file upload will get completed you ll get the option to set time of File deletion. You can choose between 1 hour to 30 days, never option also available in the premium version.


AnonFiles is a simple tool that allows us to share upto 1GB per File. And this is similar to other sites. But it also doesn t provide any encryption for Files that we upload. But for small File sharing, it is the Best Anonymous File Sharing Site.

OnionShare. Best Anonymous File Sharing Software.

OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously shares a file of any size. It uses Tor to connect to an anonymous server that is completely safe. It s not available in Web version you need to download it on your computer and it s completely secure.

If you are using Ubuntu, open a terminal and type:

If you are using Fedora, install it from Software or open a terminal and type:


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Displaying File Comments in (Properties – Details) with Excel VBA #dim,


Thread: Displaying File ‘Comments’ in (Properties Details) with Excel VBA

I am having some issues finding a way to tell excel to pull Comments and Tags from files. I pulled the following code from another source:

I have been using it to get the Name, Size, Type, and relevant Dates associated with files in a folder. However, this doesn’t seem to work with finding Comments, Tags, etc.

I have found functions that are used to pull Comments and Tags from files but haven’t been able to incorporate them in to the code I already have. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could show me how to do this.

Thank you all in advance. Help is much appreciated.

Join Date 15th April 2013 Location Wirrimbi, NSW Posts 1,414

Re: Displaying File ‘Comments’ in (Properties Details) with Excel VBA

The attached file will show you how to:

a) Display all known file Attribute number designations in Column A.

b) Display the Filename in Column B. the Attribute Name in Column C and the Attribute value for each file in Column D.

btw. this is from code i found in about 3 seconds via google (not kidding. it was 3rd link on the first page..). the key google search term being:

excel + Scripting.File + file attributes + vba

Google is your friend

Note: Just change the following line to reference a filepath on your PC.

Also. just noticed in your code. you can shorten this..

to be just this. (replace YourSheetName with your actual sheet..)

Attached Files. REMINDER! OzGrid accepts no responsibility for ANY adverse effects as a result from downloading attached files. ALWAYS run an up-to-date virus scan and disable macros.

  • File Attributes.xlsm (24.9 KB, 31 views)

Last edited by apo; September 24th, 2013 at 22:29.

Re: Displaying File ‘Comments’ in (Properties Details) with Excel VBA

Hello, I have tried the code that I was provided and it works wonderfully when obtaining the Comments from files!

However, I would like to integrate the code with my original code on the first post so that the comments appear in line with the data that the first code gathers.

I am having trouble doing this because both codes call different application objects (not quite sure if thats what they are called), oShell and scripting.filesystemobject and the variables from each code depend on these objects. If someone could tell me how I can use these two codes in unison I would be grateful.

Thank you again!

Thank you for your answer! unfortunately I have been very busy this week and have been unable to try this out yet. I will get back o you promptly as soon as I do.


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Large file sharing website #ares, #ares #download, #ares #p2p #file #sharing

# is the official Ares website of the ONLY working version of Ares – the revolutionary P2P file-sharing platform that lets you download unlimited free music, games, software and more. In addition to being a secure platform that ensures adware and malware–free downloads with 24/7 available technical support, Ares connects you with its huge database of users across the globe and comes across as one of the fastest P2P programs available.

Unlimited Free Downloads, Fast!

Ares is a revolutionary P2P file sharing system that allows users to download and share files fast. Whether its music, movies, games or software, with Ares download platform, you stand to benefit from a decentralized and secure P2P network that brings you a world of possibilities in downloading/sharing data with your friends, family and colleagues – at a blazing fast speed!

Ares virtual community: Enabling Easy and Secure file sharing

Ares is not just one of the most secure P2P platforms; it is backed by the largest community of users. As a member of the vast Ares virtual community, you enjoy access to a wide database of movies, music, software, photos and other items of your need. While the large user group ensures every time you find the item of your choice easily, the secure P2P architecture ensures that the files you download do not come attached with unsolicited malware or adware.

Supporting BitTorrent protocol and SHOUTcast

The latest version of the Ares P2P file-sharing program supports BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations. It allows you to join chat rooms, host your channel and interact with friends – all from its single file sharing platform!

Ares Lite and Ares Ultra – the two popular Ares download platforms offer you facility of 24/7 technical support, multi-source download possibility, and chat room facility

Click the button below to get your own free Ares Download program.


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Help for IRS Tax Problems #irs #tax #problems, #irs #debt, #tax


Help for IRS Tax Problems

Ignoring IRS tax problems can be a costly mistake. If you owe back taxes and don t deal with your tax debt, penalties and interest will add up and the IRS may resort to liens, levies, or wage garnishment to recover their money. If you re in this situation, there is hope. The trusted tax professionals at Frank E. Nute CPA, LLC, a Edina, MN CPA firm, are ready to find a permanent solution to your tax problems with the IRS.

For most taxpayers, trying to deal with the IRS is stressful, confusing, and ultimately unsuccessful. But when you turn to Frank E. Nute CPA, LLC for assistance, we ll work directly with the IRS on your behalf. We know their rules, understand their tactics, and can speak their language to negotiate a fair payment plan or help you take advantage of an appropriate tax relief program.

Contact us at 952-405-2082 now or request a consultation online. We ll examine your situation and recommend a course of action that will resolve your tax problems as quickly as possible while minimizing the impact on your finances.

Our wealth of experience in tax resolution means we can assist with audits, resolve payroll tax problems, file back taxes and more.

We’ll work with the IRS on your behalf to find the best solution for you like an offer in compromise or installment agreement.

Trying to handle tax problems on your own is timely and confusing. You can trust our experience to get the job done.


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R-Studio Data Recovery Software – FREE Download R-Studio Data Recovery Software


R-Studio Data Recovery Software v.4.6

R-Studio is a comprehensive data recovery and undelete program renowned for its ability to recover mission-critical data lost to viruses, malicious attacks, and hardware failures or operating system crashes. It supports FAT/NTFS (Windows), HFS/HFS+ (Mac), UFS1/UFS2 & Ext2FS/3FS file systems and functions on local and network disks, even if partitions are formatted, damaged or deleted.

New additional file recovery algorithm increases the quality of file recovery and recovers files not recognized in file system metadata. Dynamic disk and RAID are supported as well as recovering encrypted files, compressed files and alternative data streams.

Files and file systems structures (NTFS/FAT boot sectors, MFT file record, MBR, LDM structures, etc) can be viewed and edited in the professional disk hex editor.

Extended Viewer Plugin allows viewing a content of the found files to estimate recovery chances prior to purchasing. Flexible parameter settings give you absolute control over data recovery.

Comprehensive data recovery software. R-Studio is comprehensive data recovery tool renowned for its ability to recover mission-critical data lost to viruses, malicious attacks, and hardware failures or operating system crashes. Functions on local and network disks.

  • File Name: R-Studio Data Recovery Software
  • Version: 4.6
  • Author: R-tools technology Inc.
  • Runs on: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista
  • Rating:
  • License: Shareware
  • File Size: 5.93 Mb
  • Downloads: 832
  • Price: $49.99

Other software of R-tools technology Inc.

  • R-Crypto Disk Security v.1.2 A reliable solution to create encrypted virtual disks and protect confidential information and personal data on a desktop, notebook, or a removable data storage device against unauthorized access. A free fully functional 30-day trial version.
  • R-Drive Image v.4.4 Drive image and backup software to create exact image of a hard drive, partition or logical disk. Drive image files can be created with various compression levels without stopping Windows and stored in a variety of places, including removable media.
  • R-Drive Image Hard Disk Backup Software v.4.3 R-Drive Image creates disk image files for backup or duplication purposes. Disk image file contains exact, byte-by-byte copy of a hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be created with various compression levels on the fly without stopping.

New File Recovery software

  • Fonelab for Android v.1.1.62 FoneLab for Android can help users recover deleted text messages, photos, contacts, call history, videos and other data from Android phones/tablets/SD cards with a few clicks.
  • FoneLab v.8.3.52 As the best iPhone Data Recovery software, FoneLab means to recover the lost/deleted SMS, Contacts, Call History, Notes, WhatsApp data, Photos, etc. from iPhone, iPad and iPod. It also helps to recover lost data from iTunes backup files.
  • Tipard iOS Data Recovery for Mac v.8.0.60 Tipard iOS Data Recovery for Mac can recover various file like photos, messages, contacts and more lost data from iOS devices that include iPhone, iPad, iPod on Mac. It can also recover lost or deleted data from iTunes backups and iCloud backups.
  • Wondershare Data Recovery v.6.0.1 Wondershare Data Recovery is a powerful yet easy-to-use data recovery software to help you recover deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible data from overall data loss situations.
  • R-Drive Image v.4.4 Drive image and backup software to create exact image of a hard drive, partition or logical disk. Drive image files can be created with various compression levels without stopping Windows and stored in a variety of places, including removable media.
  • R-Undelete v.3.5 R-Undelete is easy-to-use but powerful file undelete solution for FAT and NTFS file systems when files were: removed without Recycle Bin; removed by virus attack or power failure; removed when Recycle Bin has been emptied.

Copyright 1995 – 2015


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Agency List File – Solutions #military #travel #discounts

#online travel agencies

Comprehensive agency directory

The ARC Agency List Suite is your gateway to finding a complete and up-to-date list of ARC-accredited Travel Agencies, Corporate Travel Departments (CTDs), and Verified Travel Consultants (VTCs) throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Whether you are an agency, hotel, or other industry supplier, the Agency List Suite can be used for updating agency contact and reservation databases, account management, sales and marketing, and as a reference guide to verify ARC accreditation.

ARC maintains detailed information on all approved locations and keeps it accurate with weekly electronic updates. The Agency List provides an unparalleled opportunity for agencies and industry suppliers to obtain a quality list management tool that connects them with distributors.

Pricing and Ordering: Costs vary based on whether you purchase a one-time report or a subscription. Please contact us for pricing details.

  • Mailing Labels – Up-to-date information with ready-to-mail convenience. Laser labels are peel-and-stick, 30 labels per sheet (three across, ten down).
  • Standard File – Comprehensive electronic data file allows you to organize and store the most up-to-date information. Available as a one-time master list or as a weekly, monthly or quarterly master subscription. Update-only files are also available on a weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription basis. Available via Internet download and electronic transmission delivery methods.
  • Custom Report – Customized selections sorted to meet your targeted marketing needs. Choose from one or more of the following selection criteria to define your list:
    • State
    • City name
    • ZIP code
    • Area code
    • Office type (e.g. Home Office Location, Branch, etc.)
    • Sales volume range
    • Destination
  • Agency List Pro – online interactive business intelligence tool by destination market. Learn more

One Comprehensive Source – The standard list includes every ARC-accredited Travel Agency, CTD, and VTC, home office, independent, branch, and satellite ticket printer (STP) location.

Quality Assurance – The ARC List is the only resource for the complete listing of accredited and approved locations that have passed our rigorous financial, personnel, and security operations standards.

Reliable, Up-to-Date Information – We update the data weekly, ensuring its accuracy and timely delivery.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Formats – Available in a choice of peel-and-stick laser labels or several electronic formats to suit your business and budget.

Customization for Target Market Penetration – Our specialists can accommodate most requests for list selections or special data subsets to assist your focused marketing efforts.

Standard File FAQs

What is included on the ARC Agency List Standard File?

The file contains the following standard elements across all media and file formats:

  • Current, Previous, and Home Office Agency Code Numbers
  • Legal and Trade Name along with the Trade Name Label
  • Physical and Mailing Address and Phone Number
  • Office, Accreditation and Entity Type
  • Date of inclusion on the list
  • Mail indicator for agencies accepting direct mail pieces

Please consult the File Specifications of the media and format which you have selected for exact file layout and detailed element descriptions.

Once I purchase this list, is it mine to keep and use as I please?

You may keep the list throughout the length of your signed Lease Agreement, which is generally a 12-month period. During this time, you must adhere to the restrictions on use of data and direct promotions outlined in the agreement.

Orders for the Standard List formats are generally fulfilled within 48-72 hrs. depending on the request. Your sales contact can provide estimated delivery times once the order is placed.

Custom Report FAQs

In what format is the Custom Report delivered?

Delivery is accomplished via e-mail or CD-ROM in ASCII comma delimited (.txt) or Microsoft Excel formats.

Generally, yes. The most typical requests we’ve responded to include a combination of a geographic selection (e.g. State, City name, ZIP code, Area code) with an Accreditation type or Office type.

What is included in the sales volume file?

The sales volume file includes the following fields:

  • Current, Previous, and Home Office Agency Code Numbers
  • Legal and Trade Name along with the Trade Name Label
  • Physical Address and Phone Number
  • Office, Accreditation and Entity Type
  • Date of inclusion on the list
  • Mail indicator for agencies accepting direct mail pieces
  • Sales volume range

How is the sales volume calculated?

The Fare amount, which is the total value of all tickets, less taxes, fees, and charges, is summarized on an annual basis by agency location. Ticket refunds and exchanges are factored into these fare amounts accordingly. To be included on the FAL file, the location must be active as of the end of the previous calendar year (e.g. December 2008 if the current year is 2009).

No. The file does not include specific dollar amounts, nor can ARC make that information available to parties other than the agent in question and ARC participating carriers.

General Agency List FAQs

How much do your lists cost and how do I place an order?

Pricing depends on the frequency and format that you select. Please contact us for further information regarding pricing and ordering for your selection.


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How to edit your hosts file on a mac – InMotion


How to edit your hosts file on a mac

NOTE: If you need to make a hosts file modification in Windows, please see our Modifying Your Hosts File article instead.

Like many Unix-based and Unix-like operating systems, it is possible to change the hosts file on your Mac to manually set a domain to a certain server.

Changing this file will override any DNS settings you might receive from your ISP, so this is a good way to test a site before you have transferred the domain from your old host to us.

Modifying the hosts file in Mac OS X 10.2 and later is a pretty easy task, but it must be done as the “root” user in the terminal. This change will point ONLY your Mac to your site with us. It will not affect other computers’ access to your site at your former host.

Steps to editing your hosts file

  1. Open the Mac’s Terminal.

You may either type Terminal on the Spotlight, or by going into Applications – Utilities – Terminal .

  • Open the hosts file for editing.

    In the terminal window you just opened copy/paste the command string below, and press return.

    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

    You’ll be prompted to enter your Mac user’s password. NOTE: you won’t see the cursor move. This is normal, so press return when done.

  • Edit the hosts file by adding these two lines to the bottom of the file.


    For example, it should look like:

    Make sure that there is a space between the IP and the URL! Otherwise, the rule will not work.

    Be sure to place with your actual domain name. If you’re not sure which IP address to use, please contact our Support Department for further assistance.

  • Save your changes by pressing control-o on your keyboard then return to accept the filename. Exit the editor by pressing control-x. This takes you back to the terminal screen.
  • You may need to flush your Mac’s DNS cache, so copy/paste the below command string into terminal, and press return.

    You may have to add sudo to this command, for example:
    sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

    This completes the hosts file modification, so you should now be able to see your site here with us using your domain in your browser’s address bar.

    When testing is complete you may undo these changes by repeating the steps above but removing the information entered in step 3.

    If you are running a Windows based system, please see our general hosts file article .

    Apache 2 Test Page


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  • How to Share Screen in Live Meeting for Free #screen #sharing,


    How to Share Screen in Live Meeting for Free

    As we all know, real demonstration speaks louder than specified instruction in words, which also applies to an online meeting for attendees from different places. Hence, EZTalks provides you with 3 modes of free online meeting screen sharing.

    First of all, login EZTalks with your account and click “Start Meeting” on the main interface to proceed to the interface of virtual meeting room. Then click “Share Screen” and a window would pop up asking you to choose a mode to share screen.

    Mode 1: Share Your Whole Desktop

    Click “Share Desktop” to start desktop screen sharing and attendees can see everything on your desktop.

    Mode 2: Share the Window of Selected Application

    Click “Share Application” and select an application you’re running in the drop-down menu, then attendees can see just selected application instead of everything on your desktop screen.

    Mode 3: Share the Window of Selected Area

    Click “Share Area” and attendees can see a rectangle-size screen on your desktop screen. You can drag or alter the rectangle to share your desired area with attendees.

    Note. Whichever mode you choose, there’ll be a screen share toolbar in the top as the picture below.

    ① Click “Stop” to stop webinar screen sharing.

    ② Click “Pause” to pause sharing screen and click “Start” to restart screen sharing conference.

    ③ Click “Share Screen” to freely switch screen sharing mode mentioned above.

    ④ Click “Control by” and select attendees in the drop-down menu to request/share control in live meeting.

    ⑤ Click “Annotate” and a list of drawing tools would pop up allowing you to make annotation on the desktop screen/application/selected screen you’re sharing. Click “unannotate” to stop annotating.

    ⑥ Click “Chat” to open chat window and a second click on it would make the window disappear.

    • ezTalks Links All in One Meeting
    • ezTalks Cloud Free Plan Upgraded
    • Meetings with Up to
      100 Participants for Free


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    HP ePrint Review & Rating #osx #file #compare


    HP ePrint

    The first printer that supported ePrint was the HP PhotoSmart e-All-in One D110a ($100 street, 3 stars), which I reviewed in the second half of 2010. At the time, I took a quick look at ePrint to confirm it worked, but didn’t run a rigorous set of tests. Since then, HP has added a number of printers with ePrint support, including the HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color MFP ($449 direct, 4 stars), that I used for this look at ePrint. According to HP, most of the comments here should apply to all ePrint printers, but there may be some minor variations from one printer to the next.

    Normally, you’ll set up ePrint as part of the process of installing the printer. The main requirement is that you need to connect directly to your network, whether by Ethernet or Wi-Fi, with the network connected to the internet. The service won’t work over a USB connection to your computer.

    Initial setup assigns the printer an email address with random characters for the user name, but you can easily change it to something easier to remember. Other options let you limit ePrint to accepting emails only from specific senders, set it to print only in grayscale (although jpg and other photo formats will still print in color), set the paper size, and tell it whether to print jobs sent through Google Cloud Print. (You’ll need to enter the printer’s ePrint address in your Google Cloud Print account first.)

    Also worth mention is that if you have more than one ePrint capable printer, you can add them all to the same HP ePrint Center account as well as set the options for each printer separately.

    One setup issue I ran into was an error message on the ePrint Center screen warning me to update the printer’s firmware “to avoid interrupting service.” The message didn’t go away even after I ran the update, although it didn’t keep anything from working. At this writing, HP is still checking into this issue.

    HP ePrint has some important limitations. First, it will discard emails with more than 5 MBs of attachments, whether they consist of one file or several smaller files, and it will discard emails with more than 10 attachments, even if the total size is much smaller than 5 MB. It will also discard any image that would print at less than 100 pixels per inch.

    Second, it can handle files in only a few file formats. The list includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in both the current and most recent previous formats (both DOC and DOCX for example) plus TXT, HTML, and PDF. In addition, it can print BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF image formats. This is almost the same list of formats Epson offers for Epson Email Print (Free, 3.5 stars) but with TXT and HTML added.

    Third and most important, is something HP doesn’t seem to mention anywhere except on its ePrint troubleshooting page: ePrint provides convenience printing only.

    As anyone who remembers convenience copy features on thermal paper-based fax machines knows, that’s another way of saying you shouldn’t expect too much. The troubleshooting page goes on to say that formatting may differ from the original documents, and in some cases you may need to print directly from your computer to print missing images. Given that large caveat, however, ePrint performed much better than expected.

    How Well Does it Work?
    For my tests, I printed the same files we use for testing printers, which includes a selection of files in most of the business application formats ePrint can handle Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF plus TIF and JPG image formats.

    Not only did all of the pages print, but the only issue I saw for the business application formats was that Excel graphics were consistently a bit smaller by perhaps 5 percent than the same graphics printed directly to the printer. I didn’t see the same issue with PowerPoint or PDF files, and ePrint maintained all the font styles and sizes correctly on our text quality tests. Impressively, it also maintained all of the line breaks correctly, even for our most heavily formatted pages something that HP warns it may not do, and that Epson Email Print didn’t do.

    I ran into a more serious issue for image files, which ePrint insists on printing at 4 by 6. More precisely, according to HP, the size will vary somewhat depending on your printer’s country code setting, which is based in turn on the language setting you chose during installation. But it won’t print the files at letter size in any case. In addition, on both TIF and JPG images, ePrint cut off a small slice of the image from each of the four edges.

    What these results make clear is that ePrint works much better for business application files, including PDFs, than for image files like JPG or TIF, unless you specifically want to print photos only in 4 by 6 format. This could be a serious issue if you want to print, say, a document scanned in JPG format. You can sidestep the problem by scanning in PDF format or converting the file to PDF before sending it. However, the workaround wouldn’t be needed if ePrint let you specify the size for printing image files, which is something you can do (although without as much flexibility as I’d like) with Epson Email Print.

    For the most part, HP ePrint works well enough. It will let you print files from your cell phone, say, or send a file to print elsewhere at higher quality than you’ll get from faxing. And if the only image files you want to print are 4 by 6 photos, it’s useful for that too. As my tests show, it doesn’t print everything exactly the same way it would if you were printing directly to the printer, but it works better than you might expect from HP calling it a convenience feature. Overall, it does what it promises to do, and, with the notable exception of image file print size, it prints well enough for most purposes.

    More Utilities Reviews:

    By M. David Stone Lead Analyst Printers, Scanners & Projectors

    M. David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and computer industry consultant. Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry. David is also an expert in imaging technologies (including printers, monitors, large-screen displays, projectors, scanners, and digital cameras), storage (both magnetic and optical), and word processing. He is a recognized expert on printers, well known within the industry, and has been a judge for. More

    More Stories by M. David

    The BenQ SW921 projector can throw a suitably sized, bright image for a medium to large room, with a. More

  • The NEC Display Solutions NP-P452W data projector delivers a bright image for a midsize to large roo. More

  • The NEC Display Solutions NP-P452H data projector delivers a bright, high-resolution image that hand. More


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  • Iowa Bankruptcy Lawyer: Paul Gandy Iowa Bankruptcy Attorney: Iowa Bankruptcy, Gandy




    Since 1991 from a small county seat town in southeast Iowa – we reach out to families, individuals, and small businesses throughout our entire great state, and help those who seek financial relief and a fresh start through the powerful law of bankruptcy. one person at a time. This is our mission, this is our passion at GANDY LAW OFFICES, P.C.

    Now that the law has changed, can I still get a fresh start through the process of bankruptcy?

    Yes, Yes, Yes – with experienced, professional legal help on your side.

    Most of us know that after October 17, 2005 the bankruptcy laws changed in a major way. Many people had feared that the new law would make it impossible to get a fresh start using the bankruptcy option. That is not the case. We are here to tell you that bankruptcy still works! The bankruptcy process is still an option in getting a financial fresh start in life. Certainly, the process is more difficult, trickier, requires more paperwork, and has more possible traps for the unwary. In fact, we believe it would be very unwise under the new law to attempt to file bankruptcy on your own. But, with the experience and trained guidance of someone who knows the ins and outs of the new law, you can still make the law work for you and get a new beginning, a fresh start. Under the new law, you need a good bankruptcy lawyer more than ever.

    To give you some idea of why you would want to choose GANDY LAW OFFICES, P.C. to work for you, you’ll want to know that our lead attorney is Harvard educated and Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification.

    Iowa Bankruptcy Lawyer Gandy is also profiled in Who’s Who in American Law and admitted to practice before the Iowa Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. He has been licensed to practice in Iowa since 1987, and since 1991 his practice has been dedicated to representing consumers in straight Iowa bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and bill consolidation cases under Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code. Attorney Gandy has filed over 2000 successful cases. One by one. Moyea Web Player

    GANDY LAW OFFICES, P.C. knows you have a choice in deciding in who and how you will be represented in getting a fresh start, and our team appreciates the trust and confidence you show by considering us. GANDY LAW OFFICES, P.C. conducts its consumer bankruptcy law practice throughout all of Iowa by telephone, internet, fax, e-mail, mail, and in-office client contact.



    “You guys rock” — L.K.

    “I’d stand on my head for you guys, but I’d look silly doing it.” — P.G.

    “Now, I can sleep tonight” — R.C.

    “If you need the help, Gandy’s the one to go to.” — P.G.

    “Thanks again for helping us out. You all treated us like people, not criminals.” — G.G. & B.G

    “You really go to bat for your clients.” — M.H.

    “The knot in my stomach is gone.” — K.G.

    “Freedom is amazing, we can answer the phone again and actually have money in the bank.” — K.

    “I thought your service was excellent. I felt so badly about having to take bankruptcy and so nervous, but your staff helped me feel at ease and were so understanding and helpful. Thank you.” — P.B.

    “You are wonderful people, very helpful & friendly! We have a new lease on life!!” — S. & J. R.

    “Excellent service, never felt uncomfortable with subject.” — R.R.

    “This was a very hard decision for us, your office made it go smoothly & easy. Thank you.” — G.B.

    “Everything was explained so that I understood which made me feel at ease with the staff. Thank you so much for the fresh start.” — A.S.

    “Personnel was very courteous, helpful, cordial & looking out for my best interests. I would highly recommend GANDY LAW OFFICES to anyone” — V.F.

    “I was very pleased and relieved to have an honest and outstanding firm as yours. I have had a couple of bad experiences in the past – Thank you very much” — R.H.

    “I think you folks were great. I could hardly believe how easy and smooth it all went. Keep up the good work.” — D.S.

    “Professional, yet caring.” — B.H.

    “I wish everyone who was suffering financially like I was would find out how easy it is to get out of the mess they’re in.” — Anonymous

    “Thank you for your guidance and legal assistance. You did a very good job of keeping me informed.” — M.S.

    “I was very pleased with Mr. Gandy and staff, and would recommend your law firm.” — C.S.

    “Your service was great. An enormous weight has been lifted.” — R.F.

    “. thanks for getting me through a very difficult time. I went to court much better prepared than others represented by other firms.” — S.J.

    “Deciding to file bankruptcy was hard & I was embarrassed about it. But coming to your office and being treated with respect. it made the whole experience a lot easier, and more pleasant then I imagined it would be.” — Anonymous

    “. You took our stress and made life better for us with a new beginning.” — P.H.

    “I am glad I chose your firm.” — D.L.

    “When I first came into your office, I was so down on myself and truly felt like a failure, but now I am really at peace with myself, and I have started a new life. I owe it all to you, Mr. Gandy, and your wonderful, caring staff.” — G.S.

    “The service was wonderful.” — B.H.

    “I just want to thank you for all your kindness and help in this matter! You and your staff were so kind, considerate and helpful. You really made me feel at ease about the whole process.” — S.N.

    “You all rock!” — K.

    “I was VERY satisfied with your personnel and the way you guys handled everything for me.” — R.O.

    “Keep up the good work and thank you very much.” — M.A.

    “[You] made us feel like family. We weren’t made to feel embarrassed about our decision.” — T.T.

    And a very special story was shared to us by one of our valued clients:
    “My true feelings about the Gandy Law firm:
    I prayed for guidance how to get those bills paid. I was looking in the stand for something and the telephone directory fell out and opened to the yellow pages with the Gandy ad showing. After reading the ad I sat there wondering ‘could they be the one’s to help me?’ My inner thoughts told me ‘sure, give them a call and see what happens.’
    Well, the rest is history. I’m so grateful to all of you. You people seemed concerned about my health, about me climbing those steps [to the office]. I want you to know since the burden has been lifted from me, my health has gotten better.” — H.B.

    Iowa Bankruptcy Attorney Gandy and his staff strive to be both competent and caring.
    We are never judgmental of clients and truly understand the problems they are facing. We want to be of help. We have walked a mile in your shoes.

    You may be considering having GANDY LAW OFFICES, P.C. represent you in getting a fresh start for you and your family by using the bankruptcy process.
    Please know that the GANDY LAW OFFICES team will work very hard to do an excellent job for you.

    sitemap | get started | who we are | our commitment | how we do it | what else we do | faq | listen to our clients | testimonials | contact us | useful resources |
    [ iowa bankruptcy attorney ] [ iowa bankruptcy lawyer ] [ Gandy Law Offices ] [ bankruptcy attorney iowa ] [ fresh start iowa ]

    GANDY LAW OFFICES, P.C. is a qualified law firm proudly designated as a federal debt relief agency by an Act of Congress and the President of the United States. Since 1991, we have been assisting families, individuals, and small businesses in obtaining financial relief, eliminating burdensome debt, and getting a fresh start under the US Bankruptcy Code. 11 USC 528 (a) (4).|
    Entire contents Copyright 2007- 2013 GANDY LAW OFFICES, P.C. All rights reserved


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    Data Recovery Demo and File Recovery trial software download #data #recovery


    Download R-Studio

    Click the Download button to start the download.

    Do one of the following:

    • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
    • To copy the setup file to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.

    Please never install any application, save image file, write any information or recover deleted files on the same logical disk where the deleted files are located. If you have one HD and one logical partition only, please visit FAQ section section to find our technical staff recommendations.

    For Local and Network Recovery


    File Name. RStudio8.exe

    Download Size. 44.13 MB

    Date Released. Jun 22 2017

    R-STUDIO run in the demo mode allows you to evaluate how the utility recovers lost files. The only limitation is you can not recover files larger than 256KB in the demo mode.
    All R-Studio versions (except the technician version*) are registered on on-the-fly and no reinstallation required. Depending on the registration key the software is activated to local or network version. When R-Studio run in the demo mode has found a lost file larger than 256KB you may simply double click the file to preview it. If you are satisfied with the file content you may buy the R-Studio license, register the software and recover the file right away.
    Besides compatibility with all 32-bit Windows R-Studio supports 64-bit Windows and allows to use all physical memory (RAM) installed on such computers that highly increases a scan performance especially on high-capacity disks.

    * R-Studio Technician package setup files can be downloaded by the software licensee only.

    R-Studio Emergency is run from a removable media when it is necessary to recover data on a computer, where operating system cannot start up because its system files are corrupted or deleted.
    There are two R-Studio Emergency versions: R-Studio Emergency TUI (Text User Interface) and R-Studio Emergency GUI (Graphical User Interface). *
    R-Studio Emergency Startup Media Creator is installed under Windows OS and creates R-Studio Emergency (TUI or GUI ) startup floppy disks set**, any removable startup media*** or ISO Image for the startup CD/DVD (available for direct download bellow).
    R-Studio Emergency ISO Images are used to create R-Studio Emergency **** startup CD. To create the startup CD you should use any disk burning utility to burn a CD from the downloaded ISO Image. You may download R-Studio Emergency ISO images for PowerPC-based New World Macintosh (since 2001) and compatible UNIX computers/servers as well as for Intel-based Macintosh, Windows, Linux and UNIX computers/servers.

    * Both versions have the same functionality but R-Studio Emergency GUI can not be run on a PC if its graphics card is not supported by the utility.
    ** The floppy disks set supports a limited number of storage/network devices and is not recommended if you may create a startup CD.
    *** A startup USB media or ZIP drive can be created and used if a computer BIOS supports booting from them.
    **** R-Studio Emergency is included in R-Studio package but its activation key is generated separately and requires a hardware code obtaining. The activation key can be requested through Registered User’s Console within one year from the date of purchase.

    R-Studio Emergency GUI Startup Media Creator for Windows users File Name. RStudioEmg8.exe Download Size. 54.05 MB Date Released. Mar 30 2017 Version. 8.2 build 605

    R-Studio Emergency GUI ISO Image for Mac, UNIX, Linux and Win users (Intel based) File Name. RStudioEmg8.iso Download Size. 85.3 MB Date Released. Mar 30 2017 Version. 8.2 build 605

    R-Studio Emergency TUI Startup Media Creator for Windows users File Name. RStudioEmgTUI8.exe Download Size. 23.92 MB Date Released. Mar 30 2017 Version. 8.2 build 605

    R-Studio Emergency TUI ISO Image for Mac, UNIX, Linux and Win users (Intel based) File Name. RStudioEmgTUI8.iso Download Size. 25.68 MB Date Released. Mar 30 2017 Version. 8.2 build 605

    R-Studio Agent is installed on computers where files are to be recovered over network. It may be remotely installed on a computer runs WinNT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7 from a computer also running WinNT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7. In this case, the administrator must have administrative privileges on the remote computer.
    R-Studio Agent supports the TCP/IP protocol and any protocol supported in Microsoft Network.
    R-Studio Agent Portable is the R-Studio Agent executable file that can be run on a Windows computer from any USB device. No installation is required.

    R-Studio Agent File Name. RStudioAgentEn8.exe Download Size. 1.68 MB Date Released. Apr 25 2017 Version. 8.3 build 1150

    R-Studio Agent Portable File Name. RStudioAgentPortableEn8.exe Download Size. 2.99 MB Date Released. Apr 25 2017 Version. 8.3 build 1150

    R-Studio Agent Emergency is run from a floppy disk or a compact disk when it is necessary to recover data on a remote computer, on which operating system cannot start up because its system files are corrupted or deleted. R-Studio Agent Emergency supports the TCP/IP protocol and automatic network configuration using DHCP.
    R-Studio Agent Emergency Startup Media Creator is installed under Windows OS and creates R-Studio Agent Emergency startup media* or ISO Image for the startup CD (available for direct download bellow).
    R-Studio Agent Emergency ISO Image is used to create R-Studio Agent Emergency startup CD/DVD. To create the startup CD you should use any disk burning utility to burn a CD from the downloaded ISO Image.
    You may download R-Studio Agent Emergency ISO for PowerPC-based New World Macintosh (since 2001) and compatible UNIX computers/servers or for Intel-based Macintosh, Windows, Linux and UNIX computers/servers.

    * The floppy disk supports a limited number of storage/network devices and is not recommended if you may create a startup CD. A startup USB media or ZIP drive can be also created and used if a computer BIOS supports booting from them.
    ** Five (5) R-Studio Agent/Agent Emergency registration keys are included in R-Studio Network package.

    R-Studio Agent Emergency Startup Media Creator for Windows users File Name. RStudioAgentEmg8.exe Download Size. 10.91 MB Date Released. Nov 03 2016 Version. 8.1 build 1145

    R-Studio Agent Emergency ISO Image for Mac, UNIX, Linux and Win users (Intel) File Name. RStudioAgentEmg8.iso Download Size. 10.46 MB Date Released. Nov 03 2016 Version. 8.1 build 1145

    Please note! If the executable file name or/and extension are corrupted during download process but the file size is correct please simply rename the downloaded file to the correct name and launch the installation.


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    File Sharing Solutions for Mobile, Mac & PC #disk #imaging, #backup


    Acronis Access Advanced

  • An on-premise enterprise file sharing solution for mobile, Mac and Windows that helps enterprises break down barriers between people, information, privacy and security. Acronis Access Advanced balances employees’ need to use all their devices to be productive with the organization’s need for data security, visibility and compliance.

    Acronis Access Advanced

    An on-premise enterprise file sharing solution for mobile, Mac and Windows that helps enterprises break down barriers between people, information, privacy and security. Acronis Access Advanced balances employees’ need to use all their devices to be productive with the organization’s need for data security, visibility and compliance.

    Acronis Access Advanced

    An on-premise enterprise file sharing solution for mobile, Mac and Windows that helps enterprises break down barriers between people, information, privacy and security. Acronis Access Advanced balances employees’ need to use all their devices to be productive with the organization’s need for data security, visibility and compliance.


    Acronis Access Advanced is an easy, complete, and secure enterprise file sharing solution that makes users more productive and gives IT complete control over business content to ensure security, maintain compliance, and enable BYOD. Employees can use any device to securely access, sync and share files with other employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

    Increases employee productivity

    • Puts all the user’s business files and content at their fingertips
    • Allows users to work where and when they need, with the device they have at hand
    • Enables easy collaboration and sharing with colleagues and external constituents
    • Is not dependent on slow and cumbersome VPN
    • Makes secure file sharing easy across all leading devices and browsers

    Turns mobile devices into roaming offices

    • Built-in Microsoft Office document creation, editing and PDF annotation
    • Speeds access to the files users need
    • Reduces time spent searching for documents or versions
    • Allows employees to safely share files with colleagues, customers and partners
    • Keeps everyone on the latest version of documents
    • Allows employees to preview files in a web browser without downloading them first

    Replace FTP servers

    • A modern and effective replacement for insecure and cumbersome legacy systems like FTP
    • Set policies to control who can access or share specific files and folders
    • Self-service – no need for IT administrators to create and maintain user accounts
    • End-to-end file sharing security, management and privacy. No more rogue FTP clients

    Comprehensive security and controls to manage users, applications and data

    • Integration with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, including MobileIron and Good Technology
    • Integration with Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM)
    • Sophisticated and granular policy controls for users, apps and data with full visibility and auditing capabilities
    • Proven mobile file sharing solution in regulated markets
    • Scalable enterprise file sharing

    Integration with Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM) giving users secure access and sharing for private cloud files and SharePoint, and offering IT the comprehensive security, granular policy controls and visibility to manage users, devices, apps, and data.
    Acronis Access Advanced integrates with the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors (MobileIron, Good Technology, etc.).


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  • UltraCopier – Limit Speed – Pause #scheduled #file #copy


    UltraCopier Pause / Resume File Copy Operation, Limit Speed, And More

    Windows provides a faster and more seamless copy operation but Microsoft does not give end-users control over this speed. All versions of Windows will transfer data at the speed they find to be plausible, in most cases the speed is the highest, thus, resulting in the freeze of lower-end PCs.

    UltraCopier is a file move/copy enhancement tool that brings advance options and features and offers a wide range of copy,move and data transfer operation specific customizations. It includes user-defined speed enhancement options, copy/move controllers, speed limitations, copy list searching, and most importantly pause/resume capability.

    There are many usage scenarios for this application. Let s say you want to video chat or play a game while copying a large amount of data in the background, it will make more sense to limit the copy speed to a certain KB/s, so that CPU load can be distributed among multiple tasks. Once you’ve turned it on, the system tray icon will brighten-up, indicating that it has now replaced the Windows default copy/move feature. It is further possible to revert back to the Windows default copy/move functionality (with default dialog box enabled).

    In the main dialog box, you can pause/resume the operation, skip it, and view detailed information about the data being copied/moved.



    Automatically Pause And Resume YouTube When You Switch Tabs [Firefox]


    How To Limit The Upload And Download Speed In OneDrive

    The copy list shows all the data/files which have been copied and are being copied.

    The Copy Management tab includes advance copy/move operation settings. You can enable options to auto start copy, copy the rights of files, and write with thread. Moreover. you can also specify the choice for maximum speed.

    It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Versions for Linux and Mac are also available. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system, and it worked flawlessly.

    Extra Note: If you are looking to speed up the copying process and do not bother about the fancy features, then check out Talent Copy V. It is, according to some users, faster than Teracopy.

    WRONG! While it has some of its features, it does not have bandwidth limiting options. I run out of IO s on my HDD when I copy something large from my SDD to it, same thing happens when doing WinRAR recovery volumes on large content, and if at the same time I watch a movie or download something, these programs lag or slow down becoming a discomfort. TC has features, lots of them, none I need that I can t make due without it.

    well ! I do not use any program to accelerate / pause file Copying in my computer
    and i find better to use the original windows system,

    They should from microsoft windows to develope better the system efficiency

    Usefull tool, my drive blocked every time I tried to copy my files to an external HDD, but with this tool I had no problems. And yes, its better than the microsofts built in copy function. Thanks guys!

    I have tried all the software including terracopy, robocopy and many more but they all failed at some point of time. I searched and found the best file copying software GS RichCopy 360. This software supports long path name, email sending when process is done, file compression before copying, NTFS security, pre-scheduled copying and many more. I bought the enterprise version of it, it is affordable and really pays-off!

    These are the basic features which a software can provide to pause, resume file transfer. Main is what else it can provide you which windows and other file copying software don t provide. The most missing features in this software and others are support for long path name, multi threaded file transfer, email notification when the task is done, pre scheduled file transfer. GS Richcopy 360 provides all these features and yet is really simple to use. Other features include NTFS support, real time file sync, FTP transfer and many more. Its an all in one software. Try it, its the best that I have used till now!

    If you want to pause and resume file transfer then this software is good. But why to use a software when you can do all this in windows itself! If you want extra features then I would suggest you to go for GS Richcopy 360. After using it for almsot 1 year I m writing this. This software is THE BEST in the market with un-matchable transfer speed, works on windows and also for FTP file transfer. Some of my favorite features are long path name support which is necessary when copying huge files, copying locked files, multi threaded file transfer for fast transfer speed, pre scheduled file transfer, email notification when task is done and many more.Try it its the best till now!

    I kind of liked this software when I first used it. But as my needs grew and the file sizes grew I started looking for extra features which this software does not provide me! I was looking for a software which could provide me multi threaded file transfer for faster rate of transfer, I wanted software which could solve long path name errors for me. After searching a lot on the internet I found that GS Richcopy 360 provides all the features plus it has pre scheduled file transfer and email notification when the task is done. Try it hope it helps you too!


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    Unified Communications Solutions #uc, #uc #one, #unified #communications, #collaboration, #voice, #voice


    Unified Communications

    Unified Communications – Driving Your Business Forward

    Boost productivity, save money and work smarter. Ensure your employees are productive wherever they are by enabling them to easily and instantly chat and share information via desktop or mobile devices, whilst using a single business identity.

    You need to focus on running your business. Let Exponential-e’s team of experts provide you with the backup and support you need. At Exponential-e we provide a fully managed service with 24 / 7 x 365 support. and issue regular updates containing the latest features and functions to ensure your service is future-proofed.

    A great Unified Communications service needs a great Network and our private, secure and resilient one means we can eliminate the effects of packet loss, latency and jitter to ensure excellent voice and video quality – all backed up by our single end-to-end SLA.


    • Increase productivity by enabling fast and fluid communication that boosts agility, speeds up idea-sharing, decision making and makes your company more efficient.
    • Give remote workers access to the same functionality as their office-based colleagues, enabling them to collaborate as if they were at the next desk.
    • Save time and money on travel by introducing UC applications like audio and video conferencing and desktop sharing over the Cloud .
    • Business continuity is assured by services and features delivered safely from the Cloud – so that communications are continuously available in the event of an on-site disaster.
    • Access the latest communications technology over the Cloud, without the need for investment in infrastructure, systems or equipment, and with impressive savings over legacy PBXs and phone lines.
    • Deliver new functionality in real-time to quickly meet changing needs, without having to recruit and retain expensive in-house technical experts.
    • Peace of Mind-as-a-Service because the Unified Communications service is delivered over our secure and private Network service reliability and great voice and video quality are assured. In case there is an issue we’re always here to help you with our 24 / 7 x 365 support .

    Benefit from the simplicity of a Unified Communications solution from Exponential-e

    Watch our video to discover more about our Unified Communications portfolio and how we can help you to connect your workforce – wherever they might be, and whatever device they may be using.


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    What Is Storage? #yahoo #file #storage


    What Is Storage?

    Storage Locations

    When programming with the XNA Framework, you read files from two general locations:

    • Title storage is where the game executable and support files (shaders, meshes, textures, and so on) are located.
    • User storage is the space a player provides for game data (such as saves) that is either locked to a particular profile or available to all players.

    Title Storage

    Title storage refers to the read-only storage in the default game storage location, including the game executable and all other files packaged with the game. Data in title storage may be accessed through one of two ways:

    Content Pipeline

    Typically, game assets (such as textures, shaders, media, and custom data) are accessed through the Content Pipeline .

    The assets managed through these facilities are not accessed directly as files, but instead are loaded and unloaded through ContentManager by reference to the names they were given at build-time.

    Your XNA Game Studio game should use the Content Pipeline, as it offers the most flexible and efficient facilities to manage these assets, and assures speedy operation of your game.

    File Stream Access

    As noted, your game should use the Content Pipeline to manage its game assets. There may be exceptional cases in which you’ll want to manage your own game data—for example, if you have a preexisting content manager that you want to use with XNA Game Studio, or if you otherwise want stream level access to arbitrary game data files.

    You can add arbitrary data files to title storage at build time, and they’ll be available to your game during runtime through TitleContainer. which provides stream level access to any files in this location.

    The following sections describe how to add files to, and read files from, title storage through file stream access:

    User Storage

    User storage refers to the read-write storage supported by the game platform for saving information from the game at runtime. The data can be associated with a particular player’s profile, or available to all players.

    On Windows Phone, writable user storage is handled by Silverlight, not by XNA Game Studio. For more information about saving game data on Windows Phone, see Writing Data (Windows Phone).

    Access User Storage

    Accessing user storage is performed in two steps:

    To access user storage

    Retrieve a StorageDevice object to access the user storage device.

    The BeginShowSelector method launches a dialog box that prompts the user to choose a storage device (for example, a memory unit or disk). This method works asynchronously, notifying the caller with an IAsyncResult or a callback method when the user has chosen a device.

    When the operation is complete, the StorageDevice object for the user selected device is retrieved through the EndShowSelector method.

    Access the user storage device to read or write.

    The StorageContainer instance provided by BeginOpenContainer provides access to the selected device. Use System.IO objects, such as the File object, to open, copy, rename, or delete files.

    Open the StorageContainer before reading file data. Not doing so will result in an InvalidOperationException exception.

    Implementation on Xbox 360

    Changes to the files within a StorageContainer on Xbox 360 do not take effect until the StorageContainer is disposed. For this reason, only one StorageContainer can be open on the same device for the same profile.

    Before opening a StorageContainer on a device, ensure all previous StorageContainer objects opened for that profile have been disposed. To dispose a StorageContainer. call Dispose .

    Implementation on Windows

    User storage is in the My Documents folder of the user who is currently logged in, in the SavedGames folder. A subfolder is created for each game according to the titleName passed to the BeginOpenContainer method. When no PlayerIndex is specified, content is saved in the AllPlayers folder. When a PlayerIndex is specified, the content is saved in the Player1. Player2. Player3. or Player4 folder, depending on which PlayerIndex was passed to BeginShowSelector .


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    Novosoft Office Backup – Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Software for


    Novosoft Office Backup – Data Backup Software

    Office Backup is a backup software designed for automatic backing up data of PCs running Windows operating systems. It allows you to protect important data from loss or damage by regularly creating backups and storing them to secured storage media or servers. And then, if something happens to your PC, you will be able to restore all information in a matter of minutes.

    With Office Backup you can perform both files-based and image-based backup of your HDD. The program has a simple Wizard-driven interface and can be easily utilized by users of all levels of computer expertise. It provides an easy way to enable backup compression, encryption, and to schedule tasks to take place automatically. Supported OS include Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 .

    NEW! Grand premiere! Novosoft Office Backup 4 is officially released! The latest version of the popular office backup utility features the handy expansion of cloud backup features (explore backup to Amazon S3 and manual-registration-free Cloud Storage by Novosoft) and the hottest advanced backup options (MSSQL backup, Outlook hot backup, support of Volume Shadow Copy for MS Exchange backup, and more).

    For details, feel warmly welcome to check the News .

    In addition to FTPS and DiscHub, Office Backup supports backing up to the following media and servers:

    Since some features of the utility are aimed at experienced IT users, we have decided to divide its functions into two separate editions: one tailored for needs of Home Users and another for IT Professionals .

    Office Backup Home –
    Solution for Home users

    Office Backup Professional –
    Solution for IT Professionals


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    How to Perform Windows File Recovery? #windows #file #recovery,rescue #files #from


    Recover Deleted Lost Files on Windows Computers

    Benefits of Using Windows File Recovery Software
    • Simply scan and rescue all types of lost or deleted files from Windows computers in few simple mouse clicks
    • Supports lost or deleted files rescue on all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems of Windows computers
    • Finest tool in the market when it comes to rescuing lost or deleted files from all types of storage drives which can be accessed though a computer
    • Simply provides an impressive file preview option to view the rescued files before their restoration
    • Comes up with an advanced find option to search rescued files on the basis of file attributes

    • Operating System Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8
    • At least 512 MB of RAM
    • Free disk space – 50 MB (for installation)
    • In order to install and run Windows file retrieval tool, it is mandatory for you to be a member of the local administrator group or possess an equivalent level of rights

    How would you feel if one of your important file from Windows PC is deleted?

    In order to make best possible usage of storage space, most of Windows users divide their hard disk drive into different partitions. Having multiple HDD partitions facilitates you to store and categorize files in a well organized and customized way and it also helps to use different operating systems on the same hard drive. However, sometimes Windows users end up with huge data loss due some unforeseen reasons. Most often an entire partition gets deleted while partitioning the hard drive. In case if you have deleted the entire partition from Windows hard drive and thinking about how to overcome data loss, then no need to worry. You can easily rescue Windows HDD partition at your fingertips without contacting any recovery experts. This Windows data rescue is easily achieved by using various rescue tools. Windows File Recovery is one such strong and trustworthy software which restores all types of files at one go. You can also utilize this easy to use tool to recover photos Windows laptops and desktops without any other difficulty.

    Prior to discussing Windows data recovery process, it is good to know how data gets lost or deleted. Some of the common data loss scenarios are listed here.

    • Sometimes while re-partitioning or deleting Windows HDD using Disk Management tool, if you accidentally delete some other HDD partition apart from which you are intended to delete. In case if backup of data stored on deleted partition is not available, then it leads to huge loss of data from Windows hard drive.
    • Sometimes due to hard drive crash or OS crash there are chances of Master Boot Record or partition table corruption. Since these are key elements to access different partitions of Windows hard drive, in case if they get corrupt or damaged, all partitions on Windows become inaccessible.
    • There are some tough times in which an entire HDD partition of Windows hard drive becomes inaccessible due to file system breakdown or virus infection. In order to access such corrupt partitions it needs to be formatted. In case if user has not taken suitable backup before formatting then critical data loss is definite.

    Irrespective of the cause, this efficient tool will rescue all types of files from Windows computers in few minutes. This tool also has a capability to perform file recovery after system crash on all the latest versions of Windows OS. It also facilitates you to add/edit file signatures which are not listed during file recovery process. Moreover, this tool provides an advanced option to avoid bad sectors on hard drive by creating disc images of recovered files.

    Perform below mentioned steps to perform Windows file recovery:

    Step 1: Launch free trial version of the software, on the home screen select Recover Files option in order to proceed further.

    Step 2: On the next screen displayed, select Recover Deleted Files or Recover Lost Files options in order to perform Windows file recovery operation.

    Figure 1: Select Recovery Mode

    Step 3: On next screen, select the drive from which you need to rescue deleted files as illustrated in figure 2 and click on NEXT .

    Figure 2: Select Drive

    Step 4: Once the scanning process gets over, you can view recovered files using Data View or File Type View options as illustrated in figure 3.

    Figure 3. Recovered Files


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    Business Online Backup in the UK #business #online #backup, #cloud #backup,




    We provide enterprise level online backups exclusively to IT Support companies and Resellers in the UK, Europe and the USA. We have the largest feature set and list of agents of any online backup service included within our software.

    You will be able to provide your customers with the ability to save their critical business data and information securely online and in the UK.

    There is no requirement to purchase any additional software or hardware or increase staffing costs.

    You will enjoy unlimited and automated online backups and restoration with convenient around-the-clock accessibility to your backed-up data and configurable retention periods of up-to 10 years.

    None of our customers are on contract and can terminate at any time.

    Our proactive Support team will respond very quickly to tickets raised online.

    Simple Pricing (monthly)

    Pay for the agents and storage you use. No quotas, termination periods or hidden extras




    • We provide a FREE 20GB quota for EVERY user account. For most desktops and laptops, this means we don’t charge for their storage
    • After the 20GB quota has been used, we charge 5p per GB. This is the compressed size of data stored on our network. We can provide further price breaks on backups over 500GB
    • We will price match against any similar service
    • No contracts, set up charges or tie-ins. Just some simple terms and conditions
    • No fixed storage quotas. Pay only for the amount of data you store with us


    • Software used to protect more than 7,000,000 devices worldwide
    • Store data revisions for up-to 10 years
    • Back up any Microsoft server or desktop application with 16 agents for Windows Server, Desktop and MAC
    • All data stored in the UK within ISO 27001 data centre facilities
    • 100% data durability as an options
    • Encryption up to 448 Blowfish
    • Parent company established in 1999


    • FREE remote installs using TeamViewer or RDP
    • Fast support response SLA
    • Disk SEED for backup or restore bulk data

    How do we Support you?

    We respond quickly to support requests seven days a week as they come in. All standard support is via email ticket only.

    Contact us if you require a guaranteed support SLA, phone support or a managed service

    Remote Install


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    USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Win and Mac PCs


    USB Hard Drive Recovery Software

    How to perform external/USB hard drive data recovery?

    Did you lose some of your important files or folders from USB hard drive? Thinking about any method which can help you to implement USB hard drive recovery? No need to worry. USB Hard Drive Recovery software allows users to easily restore USB hard drive data that are lost or deleted due to some reason with great ease.

    Nowadays, losing files from USB hard disk is quite common. No matter how careful we are about the files that are stored on the USB hard disk, chances of data loss still exist. After losing the files, instead of worrying about the files, if you spend some time on thinking about how to recover external USB hard drive which are lost or deleted from USB hard disk, then you will get abundant of approaches. One best technique among all of them is using an efficient USB Hard Drive Recovery tool. It will get back your lost or deleted files without harming the stored information within a few simple mouse clicks.

    There are numerous factors which are responsible for the loss of your important files from USB hard disk. Some of the most common data loss circumstances are detailed below.

    • Sometimes when you connect the USB hard disk to computer, it will ask you, like, “Do you want to format it now?” If such state of affair if you accidentally press the format button, then external hard disk drive containing your important files will be washed away immediately. In such instances, if user doesn’t have the backup of the files and folders which were saved over USB drive then he/she has to forfeit his/her important files.
    • Accidental deletion is the most common cause of data loss from USB hard drive. Sometimes while deleting useless files from storage space, if you accidentally delete some of your important files then critical loss of data is definite.
    • One of the other common instances for file loss from USB drive is due to file system corruption. Any of the USB drives can get corrupted due to different reasons such as improper ejection of the drive, virus intrusion, error while changing file system of the drive, and different others. In each of these state of affair all the files present on the drive get unreachable and only way left to make use of the USB drive any further is resetting the file system of the USB drive, which would eventually mean losing large amount of data.
    • Besides all of the stated scenarios, there are few other factors then cause loss of files from USB hard drive. A few of such scenarios are deletion of files due to third party software, deletion of hard drive partition, error while creating partition on USB drive, impact of some malfunctioning software, etc.

    Each of the above mentioned data loss scenarios over USB hard drive can be easily handled by just making use of this USB Hard Drive Recovery software. Recovery is possible using this USB hard disk data recovery software because of the fact that when any of the file is erased or lost from the saved location only its details are cleared from file system. Hence, in order to perform USB hard drive recovery, this tool just needs to rebuild pointers of respective files. These files remain at the saved memory space as long as they aren’t overwritten by any other new file or folder.

    Why should we opt for USB Hard Drive Recovery tool?

    • This USB HDD recovery tool contains a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm which is specially designed to recover corrupted USB hard drive data. To know more about it visit here:
    • It provides an efficient save recovery session option in order to avoid re-scanning of USB hard disk.
    • Comes up with a strong file preview option which helps you to view the retrieved files before their USB hard disk data recovery.
    • It can also be used to restore USB hard drive from all major brands of USB hard drives along with Seagate USB HDD recovery. To know more about Seagate hard drive data recovery, you can refer this page.
    • By usage of this USB hard drive data recovery software any of you can create the disk images in order to avoid bad sectors on USB hard disk.
    • Facilitates with an advanced option to add/edit the file signatures in case if they are not listed during the data recovery process.

    Note: While choosing recovery software you need to be very suspicious, because sometimes using wrong recovery tool might lead to unrecoverable loss of data. And always use the trial version of the recovery tool to check the efficiency of data recovery.

    Supported USB Flash Drives: LaCie (CooKey, XtremKey, FastKey, iamaKey), SanDisk (Ultra, Blade, Cruzer), Kingston (HyperX, DataTraveler), Corsair (Survivor, Padlock, Voyager), Transcend (JetFlash), Sony (Micro Vault, Tiny, Click), HP, Seatech, IronKey, Panda, Lexar (JumpDrive, Echo), Centon, Imation (Swivel, Defender, Clip), HDE, Patriot, Emtec, Toshiba, ADATA, T J, Verbatim, Super Talent, Mimoco


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