Online Course: Film Appreciation 101 – CEU Certificate #online #film #classes,


Online Class: Film Appreciation

Course Description

‘Film Appreciation for Modern Audiences’ is intended as a journey through the world of film. It is a sampling of the thought and accumulated critical opinion that forms the basis of the modern stature of 100 years of film-making–as art or culturally important dramatic work.

If you love film, then this course will help you learn more about film analysis, film reviews and discussions, period genres and movements in film style, and more. It will provide you an informed opinion that will hopefully make your enjoyment of the film medium deeper.

This course may be useful for professionals who need to be informed and conversant about the film-industry; for the layman who wants to know as much as he/she can about the world of film for personal enjoyment; or for the student, hoping to become familiar with the ‘lay-of-the-land’ for film-criticism.

Lessons include discussions on the following:

  • How you can get real enjoyment from the films you watch, and why you should care
  • Early film-history
  • The process of film-making and how it relates to understanding the films you watch
  • A look at 100 years of film-styles, genres and movements
  • A discussion of film-psychology, and some fascinating aspects of the perception of films
  • A review of ‘films to watch’, taken in 20-year periods starting in 1900, and moving through 2007, featuring all the classics from each era
  • General ideas about film and art-theory as a consumer habit
  • Film composers to know
  • Film directors to know
  • How to get your twenty-dollar’s worth at the movie-theater
  • New ways to enjoy film and new audience technologies
  • And much more

Lesson 1: The Value of Film Viewing

This lesson asks the question, “Why do we enjoy watching movies?”

  • Lesson 2: Early Film History

    This lesson describes the evolution of filmmaking, the inventors, and early actors.

  • Lesson 3: The Filmmaking Process

    This lesson describes the different phases of the filmmaking process.

  • Lesson 4: 100 Years of Film Styles and Movements

    This lesson describes how technology, culture, and current events affect movie making.

  • Lesson 5: Film Psychology

    This lesson describes how writers and directors can get reactions from movie goers.

  • Lesson 6: Films To Watch:1900 — 1960

    This lesson explores the popular, classic, and well-made pictures of this era.

  • Lesson 7: Films to Watch 1960 — 2007

    With new technology, popular movies are changing. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Lesson 8: General Ideas on Art Theory as a Consumer Habit

    This lesson focuses on questions of art theory. What makes movies “art” or “classic?” What makes a picture “good” or “bad?”

  • Lesson 9: Film Composers to Know

    This lesson lists many of the most popular movie composers, and some of their greatest hits.

  • Lesson 10: Film Directors to Know

    This lesson lists influential film directors of the past and the present.

  • Lesson 11: How to Get Your Money’s Worth at the Movies

    This lesson examines how box office receipts are influenced by the reviews, and by consumer likes and dislikes.

  • Lesson 12: New Ways to Enjoy Film, Technology, and the Future

    This lesson examines some of the new technology available for watching movies.

  • Lesson 13: Personal Enrichment as a Film Audience Consumer

    This lesson provides insight into “reality” versus “big screen.”

  • Additional Course Information

    • Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements
    • Earn an Official Certificate Documenting Course Hours and CEUs
    • Verify Your Certificate with a Unique Serial Number Online
    • View and Share Your Certificate Online or Download/Print as PDF
    • Display Your Certificate on Your Resume and Promote Your Achievements Using Social Media

    Course Title: Film Appreciation

    Course Number: 7550484

    Languages: English – United States, Canada and other English speaking countries

    Course Type: General Education

    CE Accreditation: Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

    Grading Policy: Earn a final grade of 70% or higher to receive an online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting CEUs earned.

    Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams

    Duration: Continuous: Enroll anytime!

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Describe the value of film viewing.
    • Know early film history.
    • Know the filmmaking process.
    • Define 100 years of film styles and movements.
    • Define film psychology.
    • Describe general ideas on art theory as a consumer habit.
    • Describe new ways to enjoy film, technology, and the future, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

    Student Testimonials

    • “I appreciate the availability and the comments made on my work.” — Carlos G.
    • “I liked the summaries of the different film, directors,and composers. Some of the aesthetic principles were interesting also.” — Linda B.

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    Peace One Day, day film school.#Day #film #school


    day film school

    Day film school

    Day film school

    Day film school

    21st September is Peace Day

    Day film school

    What difference does a day make?

    Day film school

    Day film school

    Building peace one day at a time

    Peace One Day is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1999. In 2001 due to our efforts the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September – Peace Day.

    Peace One Day’s objective is to institutionalise Peace Day 21 September, making it a day that is self-sustaining, an annual day of global unity, a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known.

    Throughout the years, millions of people have been active on Peace Day in every country of the world, and hundreds of organisations have carried out life-saving activities in areas of conflict. Peace One Day’s Campaigns and activities in Education, Music, Film, Sport, Dance, Art and Online have proved that the day works.

    Through our own initiatives and collaborations with various parties, Peace One Day will set out to encourage organisations and individuals to take specific actions to reduce violence around the theme: Who Will You Make Peace With?

    Day film school


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    Palm Beach School for Autism, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charter


    palm beach film school

    Palm beach film school

    Palm beach film school Palm beach film school Palm beach film school Palm beach film school

    Become an Annual Sponsor!

    Promote your business while supporting our school. Don’t see a sponsorship level that fits your needs? Contact Abby to create a custom sponsorship. [email protected] or 561-533-9917. Thank you for your support!

    We need a few GREAT Teachers!

    Would you like to teach in a friendly, supportive environment with some of the most incredible students you will ever know? Click the Lean more to apply or call Abby for a tour of the school!

    Students get Workforce Ready at Saks

    Click the green “read more” tab to find out why a celebrity makeup artist was giving lessons to two of our high school students at Saks on Palm Beach!

    Donate today!

    Click “read more” to learn how you could donate to your school instantly! Did you know the cost of educating a child with autism is roughly $60,000 per year? For more information on ways you can help contact Abby Girton, Director of Marketing & Development at 561-533-9917

    We Are Glad You Are Here!

    Palm Beach School for Autism is a 501 (c)(3). We are a tuition free public charter school serving children from Preschool through 12th grade on the autism spectrum. We address the learning needs of the students that we serve through individual education plans, highly trained teachers and therapists and a focus on independence. In addition to an academic education, children are schooled in the arts, technology, wood shop, French, athletics, vocational programming, social skills and daily living skills. Generous donations from the community, our families, foundations and people like you are what has helped us to continue to provide a comprehensive program.

    Palm beach film school

    7 Elementary Independent Living Skills

    A child begins to live independently from us the instance they cut the cord and take their very own first breath. From that moment forward we are responsible for guiding him/her to, live life to their highest potential. We are liable for teaching them how to navigate daily living for a sustainable and independent adult [ ]

    Palm beach film school

    Wretches and Jabberers

    Meet Tracy Larry from the documentary film, Wretches and Jabberers. They will be our Keynote Speakers at our Life with Autism Conference February 11, 2017 at Lynn University in Boca Raton. You can purchase tickets at Contact Abby Girton for more information. About the Film Gerardine Wurzburg s, compelling.

    Palm beach film school

    Sensory-Friendly Safety Event

    NEWS RELEASE April 20, 2016 Contact: Abby Girton Phone: 561-533-9917 Email: [email protected] Palm Beach School for Autism 8480 Lantana Rd. Lake Worth, FL 33467 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE What: Community Collaborates for Autism/Sensory Friendly Safety Event When: April 28, 2016 10 AM- 1 PM Where: Palm Beach School for Autism 8480 Lantana Rd.

    Palm beach film school


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    6 Online Masters in Film, Photography – Media by universities in


    Study Online Film, Photography Media Masters in United States

    Studying Film, Photography Media

    Film, photography and media courses reveal the historical, philosophical and critical aspects of movies as well as the art of taking and editing digital and classic photographs. Programmes uncover ways these forms of art influence social and cultural life while also offering technical knowledge on how films and photos are created.

    Find out which Distance Learning programmes match your personality!

    Studying in United States

    The U.S. is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has an internationally renowned education system, and offers a huge variety of English-language courses and speciality degrees.

    Which country should I study in?

    Take our test and find out which country fits you best.

    Online Masters

    A Distance-learning master’s options provide many opportunities for career advancement. Fully online self-paced study offers employed students the time flexibility needed to balance work and studies. By using the latest advancements in communication technology, online masters open the way to new business opportunities by building networks of students with common goals. Remote studies offer lower tuition fees, while preserving content quality and teacher involvement as on campus master s programmes.

    Distance Learning

    Distance or online learning is a mode of study that allows students to study most or all of a course without attending at a campus-based institution. Distance can refer to both material and interaction. Distance learning provides access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.

    During this type of education students communicate with the faculty and other students via e-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messaging and other forms of computer-based interaction.

    The programmes often include a online training system and tools to produce a virtual classroom. The tuition fees for distance learning vary from institution to programme to country. It is certain that the student saves expenses related to accommodation and transportation, because you can maintain your current living expenses. Distance learning is also a great solution for people that already have a job, and still want or need further education.

    Testimonial Registration Module

    Below is a selection of the available study options in United States. If you’re interested in studying Film, Photography Media in United States you can view all 6 Online Masters programmes. You can also read more about the Film, Photography Media discipline in general, or about studying in United States. Many universities in United States offer study programmes taught in English. Before starting a programme, you need to have a basic knowledge of the English language. Assess your level of English by taking the IELTS language test.

    6 Film, Photography Media Online Master Programmes in United States

    Develop the skills needed to design engaging and effective digital media, and explore the artistic and technical aspects of creating interactive systems. The Master of Liberal Arts, Digital Media Design degree from Harvard University consists of nine courses�three of which you take to gain admission�and a thesis or capstone project. You study through a combination of on-campus and online courses.

    The M.S. Tech. with a concentration in graphic information technology provides students with the opportunity to study within the various areas of graphics and cross media. The areas include commercial photography, multimedia, variable data digital printing and publishing, production management and industrial training, and Internet and Web development.

    The Certificate of Advanced Professional Development in TV Film Post-Production Technology program is offered at the California State University Northridge. Want a job in TV or film? This one of a kind online certificate program offers instruction for TV and film enthusiasts who want to work with the technology used to create today�s most popular movies and television shows.

    The Tseng College

    The National University Master of Arts in Film Studies curriculum covers the central aspects of film studies, including theory, history, film genre, national film histories, and individual directors.

    College of Letters and Sciences

    The Digital Cinema MFA program provides graduates with an in-depth study of digital motion picture production and post production and a foundation in film history. Graduate fellows develop technical skills in digital cinema production, the ability to critically evaluate film and video projects for practical and commercial outcomes, and a critical acumen in the area of film, visual communication and media studies

    School of Professional Studies

    The Master of Arts program in Media Studies at The New School offers an interdisciplinary curriculum in media theory, design, and practice with an emphasis on the production of video, audio, and web-based media.

    School of Media Studies

    Tuition Fee Preferences


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    Master s in Film and Media Production #film #school, #ma #degree,


    Master’s in Film and Media Production

    Overview of our MA in Film and Media Production

    The Academy makes the accelerated schedule possible by creating an extended academic year, allowing students to complete three full-length semesters in one calendar year.

    New York Film Academy MA degree programs are offered only at our Los Angeles campus.

    Throughout the filmmaking MA program each student writes, shoots, directs, and edits eight films, and works on at least 20 more.


    The New York Film Academy Master of Arts (MA) in Film & Media Production is a three semester accelerated graduate program. Designed to educate aspiring content creators, it is a hands-on, total immersion, professional course of study. Each student will create eight of their own film media projects in an array of formats and genres. They will work in collaboration on their classmates’ projects on at least 20 more. The capstone of the MA Film and Media Production program is a written thesis paper exploring the ideas and themes that are studied during the course of the entire program. MA students will have opportunities to develop and deepen their thesis papers in the second semester of their studies in Thesis Development class, under the expert guidance of NYFA’s professionally active faculty. Students will then progress to finalize their thesis work in the third semester, in Thesis Review.

    Film and media production is constantly evolving in the 21st century — and so is the New York Film Academy’s filmmaking Master’s program. NYFA’s filmmaking MA program provides creative visual storytellers with the skills needed to thrive and succeed. The intensive curriculum challenges students, develops their skills, and prepares them for the new and evolving production world of today. Students will gain experience shooting their projects on the newest in HD, film, and digital equipment, from Canon 5D to Red Dragon, as well as classic film cameras like Panavision and Arriflex.


    MA Filmmaking students begin their immersion in film production through a series of intense classes in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and editing. These classes support a number of short film productions that quickly put students’ skills into practice and assist them with developing proficiency in the overall production process. Each student will direct four short film/media projects in the first half of the semester.

    Students will also develop their leadership and collaborative skills through fulfilling the essential roles of Director of Photography, Assistant Camera Operator, and Gaffer (Lighting Technician) on the films of their classmates.

    Dialogue production is explored in depth in the second half of the semester while classes in directing, screenwriting, and editing continue. The final project of the semester is the digital dialogue film, which students will write, direct, and edit.

    Throughout the semester students are immersed in a course about the changing formats of media production in today’s entertainment marketplace. This course prepares them to undertake production of their thesis film in semester two either as a short film or as a new, still developing format, such as webisode, or content for mobile applications.

    The combination of these classes will prepare students for the second semester and production of their Thesis Projects.


    • Art, aesthetics, and technique of visual storytelling including directing, cinematography, and editing.
    • Fundamentals of film production and digital editing.
    • Survey and examination of contemporary media formats and distribution vehicles from a content creator’s perspective.
    • Fundamental training in acting and directing actors.
    • Immersion in screenwriting craft.
    • Develop an ability to collaborate with — and lead — a student film crew.


    • Write, direct, and edit four short film/media projects.
    • Crew as cinematographer, gaffer, and/or assistant camera on approximately 12 additional films.
    • Write a short film script with dialogue.
    • Write, direct and edit a dialogue film.
    • Successfully complete Production Lab exercise.


    The second semester of the Master of Arts in film and media production program challenges students to develop their craft artistically and technically, and to progress beyond their earlier achievements with the medium. Building upon the filmmaking foundations learned in the previous semester, students continue with their directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and editing classes.

    Film Production Lab Two, an intensive in the field production class, provides instruction in all of these areas through a series of “in the field” productions. The development of professional on-set conduct, leadership, and collaborative skills are also rigorously developed in this class.

    The branding and marketing required to make an entrance into the crowded contemporary media field is studied at length prior to production of the thesis project. This allows students time to acquire any provisions they need to successfully promote the project.

    The last film project of the filmmaking MA is the Final Film: a single production of up to 15 minutes in length, or multiple shorter media projects. It may be a short film intended for film festivals and distribution which incorporates all of the disciplines instructed throughout the semester, or a new format as studied in the Media and Society class. Current examples include webisodes, branded entertainment, short TV pilots, or commercials. The students’ ambitions and capabilities as evidenced in the thesis project are expected to increase from the first semester projects. Students will also expand their knowledge of production and collaborative abilities through acting as crew members on five of their classmates’ productions.

    Intensive classes in post-production assist the student not only with completing the final steps of the filmmaking process, but also with developing an ability to give and receive editorial and creative feedback on their project.


    • Advance in proficiency in the fields of directing, editing, and cinematography.
    • Develop an increased ability to produce short films at a higher level.
    • Advance in proficiency in collaboration and leadership skills.
    • Acquire a comprehension of branding and marketing as required to promote the thesis project.
    • Develop an ability to give and receive constructive editorial and creative feedback on a project.


    • Direct and edit a thesis project of up to 15 minutes in length (shot on 16mm film, 35mm film, or High Def).
    • Develop proficiency with the second semester equipment package.
    • Participate as a principle crew member in five fellow students’ films.
    • Direct or DP a Film Production Lab Two project.


    The thesis project will be presented in a movie theater for an invited audience. Students are responsible for inviting all guests. This public screening is not part of the formal evaluation process, but serves as a celebration of the students’ progress and achievements thus far.

    Course Descriptions


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    British Academy #british #academy #of #film #and #television #arts


    Championing the humanities social sciences and their role in our national life

    Article by Professor Dawn Chatty published in the Journal of the British Academy

    News 25 Jul 2017

    The following article has been published in the Journal of the British Academy: ‘The duty to be generous (karam): Alternatives to rights-based asylum in the Middle East , by Professor Dawn Chatty, FBA. It follows Professor Chatty s contribution to the Lectures on Africa, Asia and the Middle East series, which she gave in March 2017.

    Elections to the British Academy celebrate the diversity of UK research

    News 21 Jul 2017

    Sixty-six of the world’s leading minds were announced as Fellows of the British Academy today, Friday 21 July.

    British Academy responds to Smith Review of post-16 Mathematics

    News 20 Jul 2017

    The British Academy has today welcomed the publication of Professor Sir Adrian Smith’s Review of Post-16 Mathematics Education in England.

    British Academy evidence quoted in House of Lords’ European Union Select Committee report ‘Brexit: devolution’

    News 20 Jul 2017

    The report highlights the Academy’s evidence in terms of the impact Brexit will have on agriculture, the energy market, the fishing industry, the position of cross-border workers and access to migrant labour.

    Articles about Economics and Psychology published in the Journal of the British Academy

    News 19 Jul 2017

    The following articles have been published in the Journal of the British Academy: Globalisation and wage inequality by Elhanan Helpman and The stress test: Can stress ever be beneficial? By Ian H Robertson.

    British Academy and ESRC press for shields for humanities and social sciences in new EU data protection regulation

    News 13 Jul 2017

    The British Academy and the Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) have submitted jointly to the UK Government’s Call for Views on the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in the UK.

    A vision for the future of humanities and social science research

    News 12 Jul 2017

    Experts from academies across Europe release position paper on the next framework programme for European research and innovation

    British Academy welcomes new Director of the British School at Rome

    News 10 Jul 2017

    The British Academy congratulates Professor Stephen J. Milner on his appointment as Director of the British School at Rome.


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    Ticketing Solutions #tix,online #ticket #sales,ticket #sales,mobile #ticket #sales,box #office,call #center,ticketing #system,ticketing


    Whether it’s online ticket sales, mobile ticket sales, ticket sales through your box office, your call center, or the 24/7 Tix call center, your ticket sales are all seamlessly integrated into the Tix ticketing system. Learn moreIntegrated the way you connect

    Tix has always been a leading innovator of ticketing software. From our online seat selection, photographic seat views, and web site integration to our fully customizable reports and charts, Tix leverages the latest technology to keep our ticketing system ahead of the competition to give you the tools you need ot maximize your ticket sales and minimize your costs. learn moreInnovative the way you dream

    We believe that a ticketing system shouldn’t require extensive training and thick user manuals. Using ticketing software should come natural and our intuitive ticketing system proves it. Full-featured ticketing software doesn’t have to be difficult to use. learn moreIntuitive the way you think

    Tix keeps you informed and in touch with your ticket sales and fundraising. Our customizable reports, charts, and dashboards let you choose the ticket sales and fundraising information you want to see and the way you want to see it. learn moreIntelligent the way you succeed

    Online ticket sales

    Tix – The Complete Ticketing Solution

    Tix is a leading provider of integrated box office software and online ticket sales and services for entertainment and sporting events. We specialize in no-cost, feature-rich ticketing solutions for venues, promoters, producers, universities, theme parks, tours, museums, casinos, theatres, film festivals, concerts, night clubs, music festivals, race tracks, and more.

    Tix takes the risk out of selecting a ticketing system with no set up fees, start-up costs, annual maintenance fees, or long-term commitment. With service fees among the lowest in the industry, Tix helps you maximize your attendance and minimize your costs.

    How does it work?

    Tix is a complete cloud-based ticketing system
    You can access our ticketing software from anywhere you have access to the Internet. There’s no expensive hardware to purchase or lease. There are no set up costs, annual maintenance costs, or fees for software upgrades. Maximize your ticket sales and minimize your costs.

    How much does it cost?

    Our fees are among the lowest in the ticketing industry
    We also have some of the most sophisticated features you’ll find. There are no set up fees or up-front costs. We charge a small service fee for each ticket sold through our system. You can pass these fees along to your patrons and use our ticketing system for free!

    How do I get started?

    Contact us today!
    We can have you up and selling tickets in as little a few hours.


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