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No-fee balance transfer

  • Rewards No rewards
  • Representative APR (variable) 18.9% APR
  • Your chance of approval

    Great for You can transfer a balance to this card with no fee for the first 90 days You may be eligible to apply for this card even if you’ve already got another Halifax credit card. Excludes Student Credit Card customers, conditions apply But be aware that You might get a different interest rate or promotional period to the one shown here, because this depends on your circumstances There’s no balance transfer fee for the first 90 days. After that it goes up to 3% You can’t transfer a balance from another card issued by Halifax

    Representative Example:

    If you spend 1,200 at a purchase interest rate of 18.95% p.a. (variable) your representative rate will be 18.9% APR (variable).

    Balance transfer 0% for 28 months Then 18.95%

    Purchases 0% for 3 months Then 18.95%

  • Rewards Nectar
  • Representative APR (variable) 18.9% APR
  • Your chance of approval

    Great for Earn 2 Nectar points for every £1 you spend on Sainsbury’s shopping and fuel with this card. Earn 1 Nectar point per £5 elsewhere 5,000 bonus Nectar points – spend £250 in a Sainsbury’s store in the first month from account opening. Ends 28th August 2017 If your application is approved you are guaranteed to get the 0% interest period advertised But be aware that You might get a different interest rate to the one shown here, because this depends on your circumstances You’re not eligible if you’ve already got another Sainsbury’s credit card In the first 3 months a 1.5% balance transfer fee is charged and then fully refunded directly to your account within 60 days. 3% fee thereafter (min. £3)

    Representative Example:

    If you spend 1,200 at a purchase interest rate of 18.95% p.a. (variable) your representative rate will be 18.9% APR (variable).

    Balance transfer 0% for 24 months Then 18.9%

    Purchases 0% for 6 months Then 18.9%

  • Rewards Entertainment
  • Representative APR (variable) 18.9% APR
  • Your chance of approval

    Great for UBER OFFER: Use your Barclaycard to pay for your rides with Uber and every 11th ride is free, up to £15. T ?>


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  • Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Medical Malpractice #lawyer #for #wrongful


    Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Medical Malpractice

    A wrongful death case arises when a patient dies as a result of medical malpractice. Wrongful death lawsuits are strictly governed by state law, and there are certain procedures that are unique to wrongful death lawsuits (as opposed to broader personal injury cases).

    While wrongful death laws differ from state to state, several issues are common to all types of wrongful death cases, such as:

    • who can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the deceased’s estate
    • how does a person get appointed to represent the estate, and
    • what types of damages are allowed in a wrongful death case

    In the sections that follow, we’ll address each of these issues in-depth.

    Hospital vs. Doctor Liability

    Both hospitals and doctors can be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. In any given case, the liable party depends on the specifics of the negligent act.

    Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit on Behalf of the Deceased?

    The person who will end up filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the deceased plaintiff will often be the plaintiff’s closest surviving relative — such as a spouse, child, or parent .

    The person filing the lawsuit will also often be the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate (if he/she had one). In most cases, the deceased’s family will have no dispute over who should act on behalf of the deceased, but in some cases the surviving family members will get into a vehement dispute over who will be the representative of the estate. It is the representative of the estate who will have the legal authority to file, control, and ultimately settle the lawsuit.

    If, for example, the deceased had no surviving spouse or parents, but left two children who are not on speaking terms with each other, that can spell trouble. Generally, it would be one of the children who would become his/her parent’s representative for the purposes of filing the lawsuit, but the other may object. In such a case, the dispute can only resolved by the courts.

    How Does the Person Who Wants to File the Lawsuit Get Appointed?

    Whether it is by agreement or after a hearing or trial, the deceased’s representative must be appointed by the state court that handles wills and estates. In many states, that court is called the probate court.

    The probate court will require that the proposed representative give notice to all interested parties, such as relatives and other persons whom the deceased may have supported. If no one objects, the court will appoint that person the representative of the estate. If someone objects, there will have to be a hearing, and then the court will decide who would best represent the interests of the deceased’s estate.

    Types Of Damages Allowed In A Wrongful Death Case

    The plaintiff in a medical malpractice wrongful death case can generally recover the customary damages that are available in a medical malpractice case, such as lost earnings (but not generally future lost earning capacity), lost employment benefits, medical bills, and the deceased’s pain and suffering. For further information on damages in a medical malpractice case in general, please see Types of Damages and Compensation in a Medical Malpractice Case .

    The damages that are allowed in a wrongful death case differ from state to state, so, if you believe that you may be able to bring a medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a family member, you should contact a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.

    In addition to the standard medical malpractice damages, the plaintiff in a wrongful death case can of course collect as damages the funeral and burial expenses for the deceased. Any family members whom the deceased supported financially are entitled to damages for loss of support for the period of time into the future that the deceased would have supported them.

    In order to be awarded damages for loss of support, the family member must prove that the deceased supported him/her financially, and must prove the amount of the support. Minor children will receive loss of support through age 18 and possibly for college if the child can prove that the deceased would have contributed to the child’s college education. A widow will receive loss of support until the deceased’s presumed retirement age (usually 65). A widower can receive loss of support if he can show that his deceased wife supported him. Parents or other relatives can also receive damages for loss of support if they can prove that the deceased supported them.

    Additionally, the deceased’s spouse is entitled to damages for loss of consortium and sometimes for loss of the deceased’s services around the house. Some states allow damage awards to the deceased’s children for what is called loss of guidance and nurture (this is slightly different from loss of consortium ). Loss of guidance and nurture represents the value of the deceased parent’s lost parental advice and teaching. Some states allow the plaintiff in a wrongful death case to receive punitive damages, if the defendant’s (the doctor or hospital) conduct is deemed particularly reprehensible.

    Limitations On Damages In Wrongful Death Cases

    Some states have caps (award limits ) on certain types of damages in wrongful death cases. In order to learn more about your state’s wrongful death rules, you may want to contact a medical malpractice lawyer.

    Get the compensation you deserve.


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    Gap insurance explained #what #is #gap #insurance #for #cars


    Gap insurance explained

    Gap insurance explained

    Already understand Gap insurance and are ready to make a purchase? See buying Gap insurance. Want to know how to make a Gap insurance claim? See claiming on your Gap insurance .

    What is Gap insurance?

    Having your car stolen or written-off can be worrying enough without having to grapple with your insurer over your claim.

    Worse still, with insurers usually paying out the current market value of your vehicle – not the price you paid for it – you can find yourself out of pocket, especially if your car was brand new.

    Guaranteed Asset Protection, more commonly called Gap insurance, is designed to work alongside comprehensive car insurance to help you cover the shortfall.

    There are many different types of Gap insurance, ranging from products that help you get back what you paid for your car, to those that help you pay off any outstanding loans on the vehicle.

    What are the different types of Gap insurance?

    The Gap insurance market can be complex, with different providers offering their own unique products. Some of the most common policies are listed below.

    Finance Gap insurance

    One of the most basic products on the market, finance Gap insurance helps you pay off any outstanding loans on your car if it’s written-off.

    Return to invoice Gap insurance

    Return to invoice Gap insurance tops up the claims payout from your car insurer to the amount you bought the vehicle for. Many providers offer finance Gap insurance as part of this product, to also cover the cost of borrowing.

    Vehicle replacement Gap insurance

    Rather than helping you reach the amount you paid for the car, vehicle replacement Gap insurance bridges the distance between your car insurance payout and the cost of replacing your vehicle with a new one. Many providers offer finance Gap insurance as part of this product, to also cover the cost of borrowing.

    Return to value Gap insurance

    Return to value Gap is similar to return to invoice Gap insurance, but instead of helping you get exactly what you paid for the car, it pays the difference between your car insurance settlement and the value of the vehicle when it was first purchased. This could prove useful if you bought the car second hand, or you have had the vehicle for a long time.

    Lease Gap insurance

    If you leased your car rather than buying it outright, lease Gap insurance helps you pay the rest of your contract and any fees that may apply for cancelling your lending agreement early.


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    Express bus service for game days & weekend travel to Alabama

    #travel star

    The Starline Experience

    Starline is an industry-leading provider of express, city-to-city, game day bus service and charter operator across Texas and the Southeast. Our priority is safe, efficient travel for our guests, with unrivaled onboard service and amenities. Whether taking our CityLiner service to visit friends and family or GameLiner game day service to catch a football game, Starline offers you the future of travel today!

    Take back your travel time and let Starline take care of the travel on any of our routes between Houston, College Station, Birmingham or Huntsville and Game Day offerings to Kyle Field or Tuscaloosa !

    And now you can enjoy the Starline Experience in the charter market as well, providing the same attention to detail and group’s needs as we do to our weekly passengers! Contact us now or learn more on our Charters Page !

    Learn more about the Starline travel experience on our Fleet Page . Experience Page and Stops Page or go ahead and Book Your Tickets Now!

    News Updates

    11/2 – Starline now offers service to both Houston airports through our partnership with Ground Shuttle . You can learn more or book your tickets now at Groundshuttle.com!

    10/15 – Starline is excited to introduce our newest Game Day routes, direct from Birmingham & Huntsville to Tuscaloosa! Enjoy the Starline Experience and take your tailgate on the road to Tuscaloosa! Learn more on our Routes & Stops pages or Book Your Tickets Now .

    8/13 – With school starting back and football season upon us, we’re excited to welcome back fans and students to College Station. Starline’s service resumes 9/4. connecting Houston & Cypress to Aggieland all Fall! Book now to reserve your seat today!

    3/28 – Starline is happy to step into the Houston, Dallas & Austin charter markets with the introduction of our Future Fleet . Contact us for any of your charter needs & learn more about our operations and fleet on our Charter Page and Fleet Page .

    Our Fleet’s Features

    Enjoy the Starline Experience with:

    • Free Wi-Fi enroute
    • Refreshments snacks available onboard
    • Spacious, luxurious cabins
    • Safe, convenient stop locations
    • Unrivalved customer service and trip planning
    • Direct game day service to College Station & Tuscaloosa


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    Find Travel Partners for Group Trips #economy #travel

    #travel finder

    Let’s climb Kilimanjaro!

    I haven’t plan this trip much, all I know is that I really want to climb Kilimanjaro and I don’t want to do it alone. I’m still in college so. read more

    Why A Trip To Kas In Turkey Is Well Worth Considering For Your Holiday This Year 7 May 2015

    Pronounced “Kash”, Kas in Turkey is a truly unspoilt, charming and friendly Turkish resort, which was once a busy and thriving Fishing town, but is now a popular, yet quiet, tourist destination for those looking for s. read more

    Siracusa: Nature, Culture and Stunning Seafront Villas 23 Apr 2015

    If you want a busy holiday full of beautiful landscapes and rich culture, Sicily is the place for you! Specifically, the area around Siracusa is a must if you plan to enjoy Sicily’s beaches. An unmissable place. read more


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    Veterans Debt Relief Programs #debt #consolidation #for #veterans


    Veterans Debt Relief Programs

    Debt does not discriminate and military veterans often fall into debt because of health issues that occur during or after their military service. These issues often prevent them from earning a paycheck and can incur large medical bills. Unemployment and underemployment are additional causes of debt for many veterans. As of the date of publication, nearly 690,000 veterans were unemployed, according to debt.org.

    More than 62,000 U.S. veterans are homeless, debt.org reports.

    credit: John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

    VA Debt Management Center

    The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides a wide array of services to veterans and their families, including mortgage loans, educational loans and health care programs. If a soldier who utilizes a VA program ends up owing the VA money, the VA provides several ways to pay the debt back or even have repayment waived. The waiver program requires the veteran or the veteran s immediate family or beneficiary to submit a letter explaining the reasoning for needing the debt forgiven. The VA also allows veterans to apply for compromise offers, through which the VA agrees to accept less than what is owed. Monthly payment plans allow the veteran to pay the debt down on a monthly basis.

    Veterans’ Student Loan Debt Relief Fund

    Sponsored by Scholarship America, the Kisco Foundation and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the Veteran s Student Loan Debt Relief Fund gives money to soldiers from every branch to pay back student loans. The program specifically helps those soldiers who feel they have been victims of GI Bill fraud or have not received the full financial aid benefits promised from their schools. To be eligible, an applicant must have served at least 60 days since Sept. 11, 2001, and have applied for all other eligible help and aid available. A spouse or child using a soldier s GI Bill benefits is also qualified to apply. Award recipients receive up to $5,000 to pay off outstanding student loan debt. The relief fund application deadline has been extended a few times. As of the date of publication, applications were due by Jan. 15, 2015.

    Leave No Veteran Behind

    With its Retroactive Scholarship Program, the non-profit organization Leave No Veteran Behind gives veterans a chance to eliminate student loan debt. The Retroactive Scholarship Program pays off the entire student loans of several veterans each year. Veterans must have graduated from a post-secondary degree program and must show proof of financial hardship. In return for the money, the veteran agrees to complete 100 to 400 hours of community service.

    Other Fee-Based Programs

    A non-profit credit counselor, InCharge helps people from all backgrounds pay down their debt and offers special programs specifically tailored to military personnel, including veterans. InCharge s Military Money website includes free information on mortgages, military pay and benefits, saving for retirement and college, investing, and taxes. The organization also offers a debt management program, where InCharge helps a client reduce monthly interest rates by negotiating with each creditor. America s Debt Help Organization is another consolidation service that serves the same function by providing free educational resources along with a fee-based debt consolidation program.


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    Exclusive, Bespoke Travel in Italy, for the Discerning Few #going #places

    #e travel


    E E Travel Society is a truly unique travel company that specializes in exclusive and privileged opportunities to visit celebrated destinations in Italy, with focus on Florence, the Tuscan countryside, Venice, Rome and Sicily.

    What makes our offerings truly unique:

    • A special opportunity to meet prominent and Aristocratic Italian families treated as personal friends, dine with them in their palaces, visit their castles and view their art collections. Our clients will lunch in their private gardens, visit their estate’s wine cellars and taste their famous wines, with the owners as their hosts.

    • The opportunity to see secret places, unknown places, and works of art. Our clients enjoy the privilege of private visits to the most important museums, some of which will open their doors for us while closed to the public.

    • All of our programs are customized to our clients’ choices and offer luxurious accommodations, splendid food, and sophisticated cultural occasions surrounded by the history, monuments, and masterpieces of our cities and countryside. Our experts can advise and/or accompany them wherever they want to go from selected restaurants to fashion ateliers, from artisan workshops to specialty boutiques.

    At the end of the trip, our clients feel a connection to our culture and our friends, that lasts a lifetime.


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    TIGER – Social Network Theme for Companies – Professionals by uouapps


    TIGER – Social Network Theme for Companies Professionals

    TIGER – Social Network Theme for Companies Professionals

    TIGER is a companies professionals listing WordPress theme with front-end listing submit option. User can login and register create their profile, manage and publish from their front-end user page.

    Username: admin
    Password: admin


    • Company Profile
      • Create company profile
      • Search Company
      • GEO location Search Company
      • Bookmark
      • Connection
      • Follow
      • Multi Rating
      • Send Message
      • Add service
      • Add Image slider
    • Professional Profile
      • Create Professional profile
      • Search Professional
      • GEO location Search Professional
      • Bookmark
      • Connection
      • Follow
      • Multi Rating
      • Send Message
      • Add expertise
  • Membership Type
    • a) Free Account
    • b) One time Payment
    • c) Recurring Payment
    • d) Free Trial
    • e) Paid Trial
    • e) Variable Payment Package
  • Pricing Tables
  • Signup styles
  • My account
    • User profile edit
    • User Social Profile
    • Image gallary
    • Top banner image setting
    • User Change Password
    • Subscription upgrade
    • Subscription downgrade
    • Subscription Cancel
  • Coupon for Signup
    • Coupon By Package
    • Set Coupon limit
    • Set Coupon expire date
  • User Role creation by Package
  • User Setting option
  • Email Templates
    • User Welcome Email template
    • User Forget Password Email template
    • User Order Email template
    • Admin Order Email template
    • Contact Email template
    • Contact Email template for CC Admin [Admin Setting]
    • Subscription Reminder Email Template
    • Contact Us Auto reply Email Template
    • Contact Us admin Email Template
  • Payment History
  • Report
    • 3D Pic charts
    • Line Chart
  • User Public Profile Page Redirect:
    • Hide Admin Bar
  • User Directories
  • Contact Us form
  • And Lots of other settings..


    More items by uouapps


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  • The Top 10 Types of Phone Dialer and Automated Dialing Technology


    The Top 10 Types of Phone Dialer and Automated Dialing Technology

    As part of the Sales Technology Landscape, we created a category for Dialing as we believe this is an emerging and important category of technology that offers significant productivity gains to salespeople.

    There are a number of different phone dialer vendors and dialing technologies available today, so we put together a brief review of the main types. We recently completed an article on the Top 15 Considerations when selecting a Phone Dialer that you may want to check out as part of this process. The focus of this review is dialing technologies that assist the sales function rather than a contact-center, support or customer care function.

    Dialing Technology

    1. Click-to-Call (-Me)

    This term has been used interchangeably with Click-to-Dial. Today it is more commonly used today to describe a feature that requests a callback from a agent, or opens a chat window, when a person is on a website. Example vendors include Vocalocity. Ring Central and Synclio .

    2. Click-to-Dial

    This is an outbound call that is initiated by a single mouse-click on a phone number field in a system. This functionality is commonly enabled in CRM systems and email systems and allows the user to make a call without dialing the number. Example vendors include Skype. GoogleVoice. Vocalocity and DATEL and Cisco .

    3. Preview Dialer

    A preview dialer makes sequential dials from a contact list and allows the agent to ‘preview’ the contact record prior to the call, and decide if they wish to proceed with a call or move to the next contact in the list. Calls are made sequentially and the agents do not know who has answered the call. See Power Dialer for example vendors.

    4. Power Dialer

    A power dialer is the same as a preview dialer, where the calls are initiated by the users and not made until an agent is available. This term is more commonly used in B2B environments. Example vendors include Insidesales.com. CallFire and Five9 .

    5. Progressive Dialer

    A progressive dialer is similar to a preview dialer, but the system passes the call information to the agent at the same time the call is placed. The agent has a few seconds to view the call information, but is not in control of the calls and cannot typically stop the call process. Calls are made sequentially and assigned to specific agents. The agents do not know who has answered the call. Example vendors include VanillaSoft and Leads360 .

    6. Predictive Dialer

    A predictive dialer makes a large number of calls in parallel and then routes the live call answers to the next available agent. The latency and abandonment rates of predictive dialers may result in an extended delay when the contact answers a call, or in some cases no agent being available. The agents do not know who has answered the call. Example vendors include Voicent. CallFire and Five9.

    7. Live Conversation Automation

    Live Conversation Automation (LCA) combines a phone dialer with live agents and rapid call-transfer capabilities to deliver guaranteed live conversations to the Caller. In a one-hour period Callers typically experience 5-8 live conversations with targeted contacts. LCA is designed for B2B environments and has the ability to differentiate and navigate Dial-By-Name Directories, operators and voicemail systems. When an agent makes a positive identification of a targeted contact, the call is transfered without noticeable delay to the Caller or contact. The agent does not speak to the contact in this process. Example vendors include ConnectAndSell and ConnectLeader .

    8. Voice Broadcasting. also Guided Voicemail

    A guided voicemail system, also called voicemail broadcasting, allows you to send thousands of voicemails at one time. These services are used when there is no requirement to speak directly to the recipient. Typical uses cases include announcements (invitations, warnings/alerts, new products, etc) and reminders (impending event, renewal date coming due, etc). Vendors use human agents to navigate through operators, gatekeepers and Dial-By-Name directories to guide your voicemail to the target contacts voice mailbox. Example vendors include BoxPilot. Voice Broadcasting and CallFire .

    9. Auto-Dialer

    An auto-dialer is used in B2C applications and is a computer that automatically dials a phone number on a list, listens for the correct tone, and then plays a pre-recorded message to a voicemail system. Auto-dialers are primarily used to to leave pre-recorded messages on voicemail systems in residences, and do not have the ability to navigate Dial-By-Name directories or gatekeepers. Example vendors include Voice2Phone and VoiceShot .

    10. Inbound Call Routing, also Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

    The ability to route an inbound call to a salesperson quickly and accurately is critical to avoid missed opportunities. ACD is a standard feature of most PBX systems.

    These systems either work through the use of line-hunting. Caller-ID routing or burst-calling all salespeople telephone lines simultaneously. Some systems use the Caller-ID of the inbound call to route the call to the agent or salesperson assigned to that specific number if it exists in the database. If the call is from an unknown telephone number a new record is created in the CRM system and assigned to a salesperson based on area code, or similar rules.

    Some systems allow several salespeople to be called simultaneously so that the inbound call is answered in the shortest possible time.

    Pat Oct, 11, 2016

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    S GIRI june, 15, 2015

    I am looking for Auto Dialer setup for validating phone numbers( weather the list of numbers are active or inactive)
    kindly let us know if your providing any kind of setup or software to validate numbers.

    S GIRI

    Chuck Jun, 30, 2015

    T- Max Dialer is the most cost effective way to maximize your companies time, leads, and profits. Don t just take my word on it, try it today FREE. tmaxdialer.com. They have the best customer service in the business. They will be right there with you evey step of the way.

    S GIRI june, 15, 2015

    I am looking for Auto Dialer setup for validating phone numbers( weather the list of numbers are active or inactive)
    kindly let us know if your providing any kind of setup or software to validate numbers.

    Ankur Chudhary

    Normally, there will be two fittings scheduled to make sure that the dress is going to fit in all
    the right places for your wedding day. Whatever the
    design and cloth may be used but there is unanimity in on point of view and that is the color of wedding
    dress. Nonetheless browsing for your Wedding Dress does not have to
    depart you actually feeling wired, especially with this
    particular tutorial close to hand.

    anthony Dec, 30, 2014

    not impressed with the top choice for auto dialers,
    I have been working in call centers for the past 12 years and I know a good deal when I see one, the above mentioned dialers are not cost effective for commercial applications.
    Adialer.com $39 a month and they provide you with a call list ,help you set up, start a compliance manual,and best of all you can have people work from any where in the world

    There are still so many other benefits to taking up swimming as a
    sport or even just a form of daily exercise, and as studies continue to be conducted to determine its impact on health, there will likely be more advantages to be added
    to the long list of ways this water sport promotes better overall
    health. This type of lotion will darken your skin without drying it out and causing wrinkles.
    How can you wade through mountains of anti-aging and
    anti-wrinkle products that are supposed to make you look younger longer.

    Alternatively, carrots are just as beneficial,
    similar to apples in juicing recipes. Use apple to sweeten juices made of primarily vegetables.
    Most models now have a stainless steel blade separating the wheat from the chaff, to coin a phrase.
    Juice your softer fruits first and then send
    down your harder items.


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    Handicap Showers, Wheelchair Showers, Roll in Shower, bathtubs for the elderly


    Residential Styles Available:

    60 and 72 Roll in Showers

    42 and 48 Accessible Showers

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    ADA Commercial Styles Available:

    ADA Roll In Showers (minimum 60 x 30 inside dimension)

    ADA Transfer Showers (minimum 36 x 36 inside dimension)

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabledCall 1-877-947-7769

    Call for a no obligation Price Quotation.


    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Brenda who lives in Portland, Oregon believed she would need to move from her home of 43 years because she was becoming more disabled and was concerned about slipping and falling in the bathtub.

    To minimize cost Brenda installed a pre-fabricated unit, which was easily accommodated by her existing space and plumbing.

    A few different Handicap Showers fit in the same 5 ft. space as her standard tub with a drain at the same end. Brenda looked at walk in bathtubs, but preferred the handicap bathroom Accessible Shower idea.

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabledCall 1-877-947-7769

    Click Here to Download Accessible Shower Brochure

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled (required to view brochure)

    Handicap Accessible Remodeling

    An wheelchair shower stall can be installed where your bathtub is today , with minimal renovation disruptions . A skilled tradesman can typically install a barrier free shower in 2-3 days.

    Your new handicapped shower is helpful to people of diverse abilities, from an elderly parent with limited mobility to an agile teenager. Universal design principles offer better access for all users.

    Handicap Showers come in many different models and sizes.

    First decide if you need a multi-piece or one-piece shower unit? A one-piece walk in shower is typically for new construction or additions when bringing the shower into the house is not a problem.

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Accessible Shower Features

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Many Handicap Shower models are constructed of fiberglass with full plywood reinforcement in all walls for outstanding strength. The strong design, easily supports the customized installation of fixtures (taps and showerheads), grab bars and shower chairs.

    A luxurious attractive gelcoat finish is durable and scrubable.

    Tile look wall patterns offer no grout cleaning hassles.

    Available in many colors with numerous color accent tile options.

    Handicap Accessible Shower Bases, are included with all Accessible and ADA Showers and are also available to be purchased individually.

    The handicap shower pans have slip resistant self-supporting pre-leveled bottom allowing you to do snap in style installation without any mud setting.

    A variety of threshold styles are available to accommodate your individual needs.

    Bathtub Replacement Accessible Showers

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    60″ x 49″ Roll in Accessible Shower

    Multi-piece handicap access shower stalls are for bathroom remodels to an existing home, as a one-piece shower will not fit through the doorway.

    Multi-piece handicapped accessible showers are often used for replacing existing bathtubs, or for other projects such as adding a shower to the main floor.

    It is important to know the space you want your shower to fit into and where the drain is located.

    One Piece Accessible and ADA Showers

    One-piece shower units are for room additions or new construction because they most often do not fit through existing doors.

    One-piece showers are more economical and are ideal to add to a new home or bathroom addition.

    What is ADA?

    The American Disabilities Act resulted in ADA standards and guidelines for accessibility to places of public accomodation and commercial facilities by individuals with disablilities.

    ADA Shower models include both ADA transfer showers and ADA roll in showers. All ADA Showers are ADA compliant when accessorized in according to ADA standards.

    Accessible Showers offer the same easy access and accessories as ADA showers, however they are designed to fit in standard residential bathroom framing pockets, such as the the standard 5 ft tub/shower found in many North American homes.

    Bathtubs for the elderly and disabled

    Accessible and ADA Shower Pans

    Many people will buy ADA compliant Handicap Access Shower Pans to provide a snap in solution for the shower base .

    This barrier-free pan can be combined with ceramic tile walls for a beautiful custom accessible shower.

    The handicap shower bases have slip resistant self-supporting pre-leveled bottom allowing you to do snap in style installation without any mud setting.

    An ADA shower pan ensures ultra-low thresholds for easy access.

    Accessible and ADA Shower Pricing

    You can shower in your own accessible shower.

    Prices do not include accessories, shipping installation.


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    When Visa or Green Card Holders Must Pay Taxes #insurance #for


    When Visa or Green Card Holders Must Pay Taxes

    Even if you are not a U.S. citizen, you may be required to pay taxes in the United States. Whether or not you must file a U.S. tax return depends upon whether the U.S. government considers you a “tax resident.” All permanent residents (green card holders) are tax residents, but only some holders of nonimmigrant visas are tax residents (see below). Still, filing a tax return can be a good thing if you’ve been working for an employer who’s been withholding taxes from your paycheck — you may get a refund!

    Tax residents must report their entire worldwide income to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It doesn’t matter if a portion or all of that income was earned from investments or business activities carried on outside the United States; a tax resident must report it all. But becoming a tax resident does not necessarily mean that the U.S. government will tax all of your worldwide income.

    These rules are complicated and subject to a number of confusing exceptions. If you are unsure of your situation, consult a tax accountant or lawyer. Also see IRS Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens . available at www.irs.gov.

    If You Have a Green Card

    Once you get a green card, you automatically become a U.S. tax resident, starting with the year you got the green card, and you must declare your entire income to the U.S. government, unless you took steps to be treated as a resident of a foreign country under an income tax treaty.

    You may have heard that the number of days you spend in the United States each year has some effect on whether or not you are a tax resident. But this is true only for people who have nonimmigrant visas, discussed below. It is not true for green card holders. Even if you remain outside the U.S. for an entire year, you’ll still need to report your entire worldwide income.

    As a green card holder, you must file a U.S. tax return Form 1040 each year.

    If You Surrendered or Abandoned Your Green Card

    Losing your permanent resident status doesn t automatically mean you stop being a tax resident of the United States. You might need to notify the Department of Homeland Security that you lost permanent resident status or are surrendering your green card, and perhaps file IRS Form 8854. before you are relieved of the duty to file U.S. tax returns.

    For some people, this duty to file U.S. tax returns can last for ten years after they stop being a U.S. permanent resident. For more information, see IRS Publication 519.

    If You Have a Nonimmigrant Visa

    Though holders of nonimmigrant visas are, by definition, not permanent residents of the United States, they may become tax residents simply by spending a certain amount of time in the country each year.

    The Substantial Presence Test

    If you hold a nonimmigrant visa, you will become a tax resident if you are present in the United States on at least:

    • 31 days during the current year, and
    • 183 days during the three-year period that includes the current year and the two years immediately before that.

    Thus, you will automatically be a tax resident for any year you spend 183 days or more in the United States.

    However, if you spend less than 183 days, but more than 31, you’ll be a tax resident only if your total days in the United States during the current and previous two years add up to 183. But you don’t count all the days you were present in the country during the previous two years. You count 1/3 of the days you were present in the first year before the current year, and 1/6 of the days you were present in the second year before the current year.

    Example: You were physically present in the United States on 122 days in each of the years 2015, 2014, and 2013. To determine whether you meet the substantial presence test for 2015, count the full 122 days of presence in 2015, 41 days in 2014 (1/3 of 122), and 20 days in 2013 (1/6 of 122). The total for the three-year period is 183 days, so you are considered a tax resident for 2015.

    If you spend fewer than 31 days of the current year in the United States, you will avoid being classified as a tax resident for that year.

    You are treated as present in the United States on any day you are physically present in the country, at any time during the day. However, do not count the following:

    • days you regularly commute to work in the Untied States from Canada or Mexico
    • days you are in the United States for less than 24 hours while travelling
    • days you are unable to leave the United States because of a medical condition that develops while you are in the country
    • days you are an exempt individual–for example, you’re a student temporarily present in the United States under an “F, ” “J, ” “M, ” or “Q ” visa; a teacher or trainee temporarily present under a “J ” or “Q ” visa; or a diplomat, foreign government employee, or someone otherwise related to a foreign government; or a professional athlete who is temporarily in the United States to compete in a charitable sports event.

    If you exclude days of presence in the United States, you must file a fully completed IRS Form 8843, Statement for Exempt Individuals and Individuals with a Medical Condition .

    The Less-Than-183-Plus-Closer-Contacts Exception

    Even if you have a nonimmigrant visa and qualify as a tax resident under the above rules, you can avoid being treated as a tax resident if you:

    • are present in the United States for less than 183 days during the current year
    • have not applied for a green card
    • have a closer connection with a foreign country than with the U.S. and
    • maintain a tax home in this foreign country during the year.

    You will be considered to have a closer connection to a foreign country than the United States if you or the IRS establishes that you have maintained more significant contacts with the foreign country than with the United States.

    There are other exceptions to these tax rules based on tax treaties between the U.S. and your home country.

    If you are a nonimmigrant tax resident of the United States who is required to file a federal income tax return, you use Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ.

    Filing Your Taxes as a Foreign-Born Tax Resident

    If you’re a tax resident, all the tax rules applicable to United States citizens also apply to you. You can generally claim the same deductions and credits allowed to U.S. citizens. Tax residents also generally report tax payments, including withholding, using the same rules as U.S. citizens.

    To avoid double taxation, tax residents may claim a foreign tax credit for income tax paid or owed to a foreign country on foreign source income. To claim the credit, you must file Form 1116, Foreign Tax Credit (Individual, Estate, or Trust) . with your Form 1040. For more information, get Publication 514, Foreign Tax Credit for Individuals .

    The due date for filing your tax return and paying any tax due is April 15 of the year following the year for which you are filing a return.

    You are allowed an automatic extension to June 15 to file your return and pay any tax owing if your main place of business and the home you live in are outside the United States and Puerto Rico on April 15. You can also get an automatic extension of time to file your return until October 15, by filing IRS Form 4868 on or before April 15 (or by June 15 if you qualify for the June 15 extension), but will need to pay any tax due by the required, unextended date.

    Failure to follow the U.S. tax laws can lead to bad consequences for tax residents. If you have a green card, it will hurt your ability to qualify for U.S. citizenship. It may also be considered a crime — and if you are found guilty, your green card can be revoked and you may be deported.

    If you have a nonimmigrant visa, failure to follow U.S. tax laws can lead to criminal punishment, revocation of your visa, and deportation. Failure to comply with U.S. tax laws can also make it more difficult for you to obtain permanent residency (a “green card”) should you ever want it.

    To find out exactly how to comply with U.S. tax laws, consult a tax professional or visit the IRS website at www.irs.gov .

    To learn more about the details of immigrating to the United States, see U.S. Immigration Made Easy . by Ilona Bray (Nolo).

    Talk to an Immigration attorney.


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    Essential Oils for Travel #travel #egypt

    #essential travel

    Essential Oils for Travel

    I can’t go anywhere without essential oils! Even driving to work, 40 km down the South Klondike and Alaska Highway to Whitehorse, I have essential oils going in my handy plug-in car diffuser.

    I can t go anywhere without essential oils! Even driving to work, 40 km down the South Klondike and Alaska Highway to Whitehorse, I have essential oils going in my handy plug-in car diffuser.

    I like to use oils like lemon grass, eucalyptus, or peppermint to keep me mindful while I m on the road. These oils all have uplifting, stimulating, and immune-boosting properties.

    For longer trips I always pack my aromatherapy trip kit, which includes a variety of oils; my trip kit contains oils for fatigue, jet lag, indigestion, colds and flu, and minor skin injuries.

    Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia ) and tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia ) oils are at the top of my list because of their versatility. Lavender s name is derived from the Latin lavare, which means to wash. When I fly I like to smell lavender essential oil straight from the bottle; not only does it help relax me but it helps protect me from any cold and flu germs circulated in the recycled air that passes throughout the plane.

    Tea tree oil has very powerful antiseptic and immune-stimulating properties. It disinfects and is excellent to use as a hand wash while traveling. I always use one drop on my hands after I wash them in a public washroom to protect me from bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Tea tree is also beneficial for coughs, sinusitis, blisters, burns, cold sores, infected wounds, insect bites, and rashes.

    Hotel Room Blend

    The air quality in many hotels is often poor. I always travel with a scent-ball diffuser that plugs into any electrical outlet, to which I add essential oils that cover the stale hotel air.

    Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citrates ) is one of my first choices to add to my diffuser because it does such a good job at freshening the air. It has an uplifting, grassy-citrus scent. It is an appetite stimulant and also helps aid digestion. Lemon grass has a strong tonic and stimulating effect and is a powerful antiseptic. It has a sedative effect on the central nervous system and is useful for headaches. Use as an inhalant or with a diffuser, on skin with a carrier, in massage oil or a bath. Do not take internally. When using topically always use it with a carrier oil.

    Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globules ) is a powerful bactericidal and has antiviral properties. Eucalyptus is an excellent immune stimulant, and it s good for travellers who are tired, run down, and prone to frequent colds. Eucalyptus is also beneficial for muscle aches and pains, sprains, burns, blisters, cuts, wounds, and insect bites; it can also be used as an insect repellent.

    I love to put a drop of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ) essential oil in the palm of my hands and rub it all through my hair; it smells amazing and helps me conquer the afternoon doldrums. Rosemary s versatility makes it useful in respiratory and circulatory disorders and muscular and rheumatic pain from sitting too long in a plane, train, or automobile. The essential oil can be used through inhalation, massage, steam, or diffuser for colds, flu, infections, arthritis, muscular pain, rheumatism, acne, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, varicose veins, and oily skin, as an insect repellent, and to stimulate hair growth.

    Thyme (Thymus vulgaris ) is a stimulating, protecting oil that has a strengthening effect on the nerves. It is ideal for the treatment of exhaustion, both physical and mental. Thyme warms with its pungent herbal aroma and is another immune-system stimulant. Use through inhalation, massage, bath, steam, or diffuser.

    Travellers Aromatic Shower for Jet Lag

    Put the plug in the bottom of the tub while you are showering, and add a drop or two of spruce, eucalyptus, or peppermint essential oils for a quick pick-me-up, or add lavender to help restore a feeling of balance.

    Lavender Bath

    1 tub full of steamy hot water

    6 drops of lavender essential oil

    Fill the tub with hot water and add lavender essential oil. Lay back, relax, and let lavender s restorative healing properties wash over you. Lavender stimulates circulation, so it helps with sore muscles, aches and pains, abscesses, acne, athlete s foot, boils, bruises, burns, cell regeneration, cuts, dandruff, dermatitis, inflammation, insect bites, psoriasis, and wound-healing.


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    Appointment Setting and Performance marketing – Mercury Leads – Sales Lead


    Appointment Setting and Performance marketing

    Mercury Leads is a variable-cost sales outsourcing company. We help our clients spend their time closing deals by setting appointments with potential clients that are ready to buy. We work closely with our clientele as an executive sales assistant who prospects, converts, and schedules the sales appointment for our client. Our services include:

    1. Telemarketing and Email Prospecting – There is no substitute for relationship building right from the very beginning. Our senior sellers have kept our clients happy for over fifteen years.
    2. Custom Data Compilation – Data is everything Mercury Leads licenses several list services that allow us to ensure that we can convert your audience into sales ready leads at the highest rate.
    3. Replacement Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied with the quality of one of your appointments, we replace it at no-cost to you.

    Mercury Leads has been specializing in insurance appointment setting, benefits management appointment setting, telecom leads, and Information Technology for over 10-years. Up to this point there has really been no industry that we haven’t been able to tackle head on.

    Here are some of our clients:

    Telemarketing for insurance

    Telemarketing for insurance

    Telemarketing for insurance

    Telemarketing for insurance

    Telemarketing for insurance

    Telemarketing for insurance


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    Relay for health #relay #for #health



    We want our patients to effectively and easily contact their physicians whenever they have a non-urgent health matter. We have achieved this through our partnership with RelayHealth, which offers secure online communication services to participating physician offices.

    Contact your physician online in partnership with RelayHealth.

    RelayHealth Benefits

    This convenient, easy-to-use Web-based service allows our patients to connect with their physicians in a number of ways, including:

    • Send a secure message to your doctor
      This feature is designed to open up communication between patients and physicians. Any correspondence to our physicians will be handled by office staff first and kept strictly confidential. Patients can follow up with their physicians on routine health care needs. Please contact your physician’s office directly should you need further clarification on an existing condition or if new symptoms develop.
    • Prescription refill
      No need to call or visit the pharmacy, renewing your medication is just a click away.
    • Request/cancel an appointment
      All current patients can request or cancel an appointment with their doctor online. New patients must register with RelayHealth. Click on “Join RelayHealth.”
    • Personal Health Record
      Update your confidential and secure online medical record.
    • Receive lab or test results
      Access updated lab or test results in your confidential personal health record.
    • Access health education information
      Get the latest on lectures, events and classes.

    With RelayHealth, you can save yourself both time and money. No more waiting on hold for an appointment or prescription refill. No more time spent tracking down your lab results. In some cases, you can even avoid an office visit.

    You can also rest assured that the confidentiality of your personal information is protected through special encryption technology and privacy policy – even more securely than either the telephone or regular email.


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    Disability Travel: Europe for the Disabled – Disabled World #flight #cheap

    #train travel europe

    Disability Travel: Europe for the Disabled

    Synopsis: Reviews and information on traveling with a disability in and around Europe including transport and accommodation

    Main Document

    Europe encompasses an area stretching from Asia to the Atlantic, and from Africa to the Arctic. Europe’s climate ranges from subtropical near the Mediterranean Sea in the south, to subarctic near the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean in the northern latitudes. There is much here for the traveler to enjoy, with a bewildering array of diversity and culture, cosmopolitan cities and spectacular scenery.

    In recent years Europe has been making impressive strides toward opening its doors to everybody, including travelers with limited mobility. Its biggest cities offer the most accessible sightseeing opportunities for your time and money.

    In London, taxis will whisk you between more wheelchair-ready sights than you’ve got time to see. Just a few hours away by train, Paris and Amsterdam are doing their best to catch up to London.

    European air carriers have significantly different policies regarding people with disabilities than U.S. airlines. The European Commission recently drafted legislation that went into effect in 2006 to force airlines to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It’s worth looking into the differences between airlines you’re considering. Some airlines may require a doctor’s certificate for all independent air travel; others may require that you travel with a personal assistant.

    Be sure to tell the airline if you need a wheelchair at airports, as they have wheelchairs and porters to push them. There’s no charge, but the porters will be grateful for tips. Be sure they make it a note in your reservation so it’s in their computer. Arrive at the airport well ahead of the earliest time they tell you to be there. At least an hour for domestic flights, two hours for international, and add 30 minutes to an hour to wait for someone to come with the wheelchair and any other hassles you may encounter.

    A growing number of hotels have elevators and rooms with accessible bathrooms. Wheelchair Accessible Europe lists hotels throughout Europe offering accessible rooms (www.wheelchairaccessibleeurope.com).

    The largest air travel hubs in Europe are, in order, London (LON: LCY, LHR, LGW, STN, LTN), Frankfurt (FRA, HHN), Paris (CDG), and Madrid (MAD) which in turn have connections to practically everywhere in Europe.

    Dozens of budget airlines allow very cheap travel around Europe, often much cheaper than the train or even bus fares for the same journey. Currently the cheapest flights are offered by low cost airlines such as airBerlin, Centralwings, easyJet, HLX, Ryanair, SkyEurope Airlines and WizzAir, with the lowest fares usually found on routes which go to or from cities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.

    For travel to and around Europe on a budget you can find dramatically low fares by flying the airlines that cut the passenger perks. While you may not get a free cup of coffee on your flight, you will be happy knowing that you are paying the least amount possible to get from point A to point B. There are number of these airlines within Europe. Find the cheapest airfare to Europe by flying into a hub like London or Dublin then transferring to a flight on a no frills airline to your ultimate destination. This can give you the flexibility of stopping over in the hub city for no additional cost and save you a considerable amount of money over flying direct.

    Especially in Western and Central Europe, the trains are fast, efficient and cost-competitive with flying. High-speed trains like the French TGV, the German ICE, the Spanish AVE and the cross-border Eurostar and Thalys services speed along at up to 320 km/h (200 mph) and, when taking into account travel time to the airport and back, are often faster than taking the plane.

    There are no border controls between countries that have signed and implemented the Schengen Agreement. Likewise, a visa granted for any Schengen Agreement signatory country is valid in all other countries that signed and implemented the treaty. Be careful: not all EU members have signed the Schengen treaty, and not all Schengen treaty countries are members of the European Union.

    There are no specific precautions required for staying healthy in Europe as most restaurants maintain high standards of hygiene and in the majority of countries tap water is safe to drink. However, for more precise details on these matters as well as for general information on emergency care, pharmaceutical regulations and dentistry standards etc, please consult the ‘Stay safe’ section on specific country articles.


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    Queens Library, queens high school for information research and technology.#Queens #high


    queens high school for information research and technology

    • Queens high school for information research and technology

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Kew Gardens Hills Reopens September 6!

    We re pleased to announce that Kew Gardens Hills Community Library will reopen to the public on Wednesday, September 6 at 12 p.m. following a major renovation and expansion.

    Please join us on September 6 at 11 a.m. for a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Queens Library President and CEO .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Creative Aging Workshops!

    The Creative Aging Workshops are back! Queens Library s much-loved series for older adults who want to explore their creative side is returning in September with a wide range of classes available.

    Participants can sign up for the Sculpture class at Cambria Heights, where they ll .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Get Ready for the Discovery Day Street Fair!

    One of Queens Library s most popular annual events is back, on Saturday, September 9 at 11 a.m.

    Discovery Day features fun activities, face painting, balloon twisting, music, and the opportunity to learn about all the possibilities of science! No registration is required, and kids of all ages are .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Lincoln Center s Boro-Linc: La Casita

    Lincoln Center and Queens Library have partnered to present Boro-Linc: La Casita, a free world-class performance and family workshop right in the heart of Jamaica, Queens!

    Join us at Rufus King Park on Saturday, September 9 for wonderful music and dance, and a chance to learn more about .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Queens Library Magazine

    The new issue of Queens Library Magazine is out now!

    Queens Library Magazine combines great library-themed feature stories and two months worth of information about our free programs, services, and special events, and it s available at your neighborhood library or .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Free Home Internet Access for Eligible NYC Students!

    Do you know a New York City public school student with no home Internet access?

    Their family may be eligible to borrow a hotspot from Queens Library and get FREE Internet service at home!

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    The 12th Annual StartUP Business Plan Competition!

    Got a great idea for a business?

    You can get the tools you need to launch your own business and enter a contest to win $10,000 in seed funding!

    Thanks to the generous support of Resorts World Casino New York City, the Queens Economic Development Corporation is holding its .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Job Skills Training

    Need job training? Looking to get certified?

    Thanks to Queens Library s Job Business Academy, Bank of America, and NYC Council Member Donovan Richards, you can receive industry-specific job training and certifications in high-growth industries. Take OSHA-certified construction trade classes, receive .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Our New JBA Brochures

    Every month, Queens Library s Job Business Academy (JBA) provides our customers with the technology training, small business help, and job-search assistance they need to succeed all for free.

    Now, it s easier than ever to find out which classes are being offered. Just check the listings in our monthly .

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Queens Library 2017 Gala

    The Queens Library Foundation s 2017 Annual Gala will take place on Tuesday, October 17, at the Queens Museum.

    Nearly 300 supporters of the Library attended last year s Gala to pay tribute to our special honorees and the Library s mission and customers.

    Queens high school for information research and technology

    Queens high school for information research and technology Queens high school for information research and technology

    All Queens Library locations will be closed on Saturday, September 2; Sunday, September 3; and Monday, September 4 for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

    Library materials can be returned 24/7 at more than 40 Queens Library locations and renewed by phone at 718-990-8508 or online.

    Digital materials are available for download, even when we re closed including thousands of free eBooks, audiobooks, eMagazines, songs, movies, and videos!


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    OnContact CRM #accounting #apps, #free #accounting #apps, #quickbooks #apps #store, #accounting


    OnContact CRM


    OnContact CRM seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, so you can easily access customer financial information without leaving our application. Say goodbye to double data entry with fast syncing. Supports QuickBooks Online Desktop. 14-day free trial.

    CRM Pricing Simplicity

    CRM software just got better. With OnContact, you get everything you need for one simple price. For $50/month per user, OnContact CRM comes out of the box with our mobile app and comprehensive sales, marketing automation, customer service and contact center functionality. No hidden fees. No extra charges.
    Browser Support:
    Supported Browsers for Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox. Supported Browsers for MAC OS X: Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox

    Seamlessly Integrate your Accounting and CRM Data

    With OnContact CRM QuickBooks integration, users can quickly access customer financial information without ever having to leave our application. You can view a customer’s payment status, purchase history, current balance and so much more in a synchronized, user-friendly platform, and eliminate dual data entry with easy syncing of customer records and product data. You can even promote orders created in OnContact CRM to create estimates, orders or invoices in QuickBooks.

    A Complete Accounting View

    OnContact QuickBooks integration lets you manage customer financial data in real-time directly from contact and company records in CRM. View open balances, estimates, invoices, receipts, credit memos, payments, refunds and more without ever leaving the CRM application.

    Save Time with Fast Secure Product Syncing

    With OnContact QuickBooks integration, customer and product data is effortlessly synced between the two applications. Product data stored in QuickBooks is synchronized with OnContact CRM to create new orders, provide pricing information and quantities on hand. The entire syncing process is fluid and user-friendly.

    Save Time with Fast Secure Customer Syncing

    With OnContact QuickBooks integration, customer and product data is effortlessly synced between the two applications. Customers originating in QuickBooks are directly imported into OnContact CRM, while contacts and company information from OnContact are exported to QuickBooks.

    Easily Create Estimates, Orders and Invoices

    Sales orders created in OnContact CRM can be optionally promoted to QuickBooks online and desktop versions to create estimates and invoices. Additionally, QuickBooks desktop supports the creation of orders. All sales orders created in OnContact use accurate, up-to-date product information from QuickBooks.


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    Donate a Car For Charity, Car Donation, Car Donate, Donate Car,


    Thanks to the generous support from people like you, IFI-CIC Vehicle Donation Program assists in funding programs and sponsorships for at-risk children Worldwide. To learn more about us, click here

    This method of contribution enables you to dispose of old and damaged:

    while at the same time making a tax-deductible, charitable donation


    • Click to fill in the online Vehicle donation form.
    • IFI-CIC will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a convenient pick-up time.
    • At the time of pick-up, IFI-CIC will provide you with a preliminary receipt.
    • IFI-CIC will handle the title transfer and mail you a second receipt as proof of your tax-deductible contribution. Please keep the receipt for your records.
    • If you have an official title or lien on the vehicle, be sure to have it when you call.

    When you donate your vehicle to IFI-CIC, you help us provide humanitarian aid, crisis relief, educational programs and therapeutic solutions to thousands of at-risk children and their communities, both locally and internationally.

    The IFI-CIC Vehicle Donation Program also saves you the hassle of selling an old car: expensive ads, numerous phone calls, appointments, tiresome DMV forms, title transfers, and more.

    IFI-CIC will provide a free towing service for your vehicle whether it is running or not (some restrictions may apply) and take care of all the paperwork.

    Simply fill in the online donation form as detailed below and we will respond within 24 hours to schedule a convenient time to pick up your car.

    We will be pleased to learn where you heard about our Vehicle Donation Program.



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    ECTARC – Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre HOME #training #for


    Welcome to the
    Early Childhood Training And Resource Centre

    The Early Childhood Training And Resource Centre (ECTARC) is a leading Australian registered training organisation that specialises in early childhood training and professional development. For over 18 years, passionate educators, progressive managers and people commencing an early childhood career have chosen ECTARC to deliver their training, professional development and consultancy.

    ECTARC is committed to excellence in the delivery of training that fosters educators that can provide high quality education and care to young children. Our Training Officers are all early childhood trained and deliver their training with experience and passion. The core of our business is better outcomes for children. ECTARC supports students not in isolation, but within the context of children, families and the community. Empowering students to be advocates for children and influential community members through learning.

    Distance Courses

    Educators currently employed in early childhood services, school leavers and unemployed people who wish to commence an early childhood career, study with ECTARC as they can do it via distance study from any location throughout Australia, study at their own pace, pay per unit as they progress through the course and know that they will receive a qualification that is well respected by employers in the early childhood sector. Learn more.

    Trainee and Apprentice Training – NSW, QLD, ACT

    ECTARC is also a leading provider of training to trainees and apprentices in early childhood services in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote services throughout NSW, ACT and QLD. ECTARC is a Smart and Skilled approved provider in NSW and an approved traineeship and apprenticeship provider in QLD and the ACT. With over 18 years experience of delivering traineeships and apprenticeships, we understand the importance of supporting our students and employers throughout the training to achieve successful outcomes. ECTARC is proud of the long term relationships we have with employers and the high number of quality graduates that successfully achieve early childhood qualifications. Learn more.

    Professional Development

    ECTARC specialises in early childhood education and care and brings a vast range of experience and knowledge to educators throughout Australia via live webinars. Professional development keeps educators feeling alive and at the top of their field. Our team of trainers enjoy bringing their passion for excellence in early childhood education to the webinars and sharing information that can be used on-the-floor in services. See our upcoming webinar calendar here.

    Exceptional Student Support

    ECTARC is well known in the early childhood sector for the exceptional support given to students and employers while they are completing their studies with our organisation. The team of ECTARC Training Officers are available at all times 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 5pm to 7pm Tuesday nights to answer your questions. ECTARC Training Officers also go to services to visit trainees and apprentices.

    ECTARC Student Management Portal

    To further support our students, we offer an online Student Management Portal that allows students to:

    – view assessment results – students are notified as soon as an assignment is marked.
    – upload assessment tasks
    – view marked assessment tasks
    – access resources – additional information and documentation to support learning.
    – send messages to Training Development Officers
    – receive messages from Training Development Officers
    – update personal details

    The Student Portal is available through secure market leading technology and students find it very easy to use. The Student Portal increases communications with students and ensures valuable information is available when required and provides access to their student records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We invite you to come and train with ECTARC if you:

    • want to upgrade your qualification from a Certificate III to Certificate IV or Diploma.
    • are interested in gaining an accredited qualification to work in a long day care, preschool, occasional care or after school care service.
    • wish to train with a team of caring, professional women who are dedicated to supporting their students to achieve their goals, that understand what it is like to work on the floor in an early childhood service and who are passionate about early childhood training.
    • want to learn what is best practice and how to deliver high quality experiences to children as an early childhood educator in an Australian early childhood service.
    • want to pay for one unit at a time as your progress through your studies.
    • want to study with an organisation that been recognised for outstanding achievement in the vocational education and training sector with multiple awards, such as the 2012 Small Training Provider of the Year, by the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC).
    • want to be part of an organisation that has been delivering training for over 18 years and has an outstanding reputation with employers and managers of early childhood services across Australia.

    Current Government Funded Training available

    Government funded training can significantly reduce the cost of achieving a qualification. Some courses are offered for free. Educators already working in the industry, Nominated Supervisors, unemployed and school leavers are just some the groups of people that funded training targets from time to time. Please take the time to view the funded courses in your state as you may be eligible to participate. Call ECTARC today to find out how you can participate in a funded course.


    Certificate 3 Guarantee


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    Best and Cheap Instant Payday and Cash Loans Online, Bad Credit


    Instant Loans

    Need some money fast? We can help!

    Swift Loans Australia provides super fast, easy cash loans online, and once approved , we transfer the funds from our bank account within 60 minutes *.

    Our brilliant application process is really simple and quick to complete, and the great thing is that you will know exactly where you stand really fast.

    After approval, our secure online system then transfers the money from our bank account within the hour*, and you re then good to go.

    What s more, we give you the option of repaying your loan over 10, 14 or 18 weeks, so that you re comfortable paying us back over a time frame that suits you.

    Once you ve successfully taken out a loan with us, we ll make you a Swift Loans VIP member, so that the next time you need some emergency cash, the process is even faster!

    So, Apply Now, and we ll arrange for some Swift Cash for you today!

    *NB. We will always aim to transfer the loan funds from our bank account within 60 minutes of receipt of signed contract, if during AEST standard bank hours. The processing of, and subsequent deposit into your account, will always be subject to your financial institution, which is outside of our control.

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    Instant cash for bad credit

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    It can be expensive to borrow small amounts of money and borrowing may not solve your money problems.

    • Check your options before you borrow:
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    • Talk to your electricity, gas, phone or water provider to see if you can work out a payment plan
    • If you are on government benefits, ask if you can receive an advance from Centrelink: Email: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/advancepayments

    The Government’s MoneySmart website shows you how small amount loans work and suggests other options that may help you.

    * This statement is an Australian Government requirement under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

    WARNING – Do you really need a loan today?*

    It can be expensive to borrow small amounts of money and borrowing may not solve your money problems.

    • Check your options before you borrow:
    • For information about other options for managing bills and debts, ring 1800 007 007 from anywhere in Australia to talk to a free and independent financial counsellor
    • Talk to your electricity, gas, phone or water provider to see if you can work out a payment plan
    • If you are on government benefits, ask if you can receive an advance from Centrelink:

    The Government’s MoneySmart website shows you how small amount loans work and suggests other options that may help you.

    * This statement is an Australian Government requirement under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

    Privacy Consents Electronic Authorisation

    Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd has a comprehensive Privacy Policy that outlines the ways in which the company collects, manages, distributes and stores information provided by our customers. This policy also outlines the ways in which the company provides access to this information for collection, as well as the procedure for contacting Swift Loans should you have any questions. To access this policy, please click on the Privacy Policy tab at the bottom of our website or click here

    By consenting to the terms and conditions outlined in Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd s Privacy Consents and Electronic Authorisation, you agree for the company to collect, use and disclose personal information about you.

    The information that you provide may be used for the purpose of providing you with a loan, for marketing purposes, or in conjunction with our affiliates and/ or business partners. Should you wish to gain access to this information for any reason, please contact Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd. Should you wish to not receive any marketing or promotional material, please also contact Swift Loans Australia and they will remove your details from marketing distribution.

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    f. Any or all of the actions as outlined in the Privacy Policy of our website.

    As a customer of Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd, you consent to the company contacting you via email, or via our VIP Member area website as ways in which to distribute documents and information relating to the status of your loan(s). You understand and agree that by giving this consent

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    d. Should Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd provide information that can only be viewed in the customer s VIP Member login page, the company will contact you via email with information to this effect.

    e. Swift Loans Australia Pty Ltd will make all notices, statements of account, copies of the contract, Terms and Conditions, statutory notices (including the Credit Guide and Information statement) available for a reasonable period of time in the www.swiftloans.com.au VIP Members Area for access by you, using your nominated login and password.

    f. By clicking I agree you will be creating a binding legal obligation where indicated.


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    Jamaica Specialist Programs for Travel Agents #airline #travel

    #jamaica travel

    Jamaica Tourist Board Launches New Rewards Store for Agents

    March 25, 2013 By: Newswire

    The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) recently launched its new agent specialist store, A One Love Rewards Program, giving agents an extra incentive to book Jamaica vacations.

    The program serves as a dedicated training platform for the agent community to become experts on the destination. With the rewards store, graduates of the program can shop for a range of items such as accommodations and Jamaica-branded merchandise using points earned based on hotel rooms booked.

    The One Love Rewards store currently includes merchandise such as photo frames, iPad cases and duffel bags from Round Hill Resort Spa, Half Moon, A RockResort, Jewel Dunn s River Beach Resort and Spa, Sandy Haven Resort, Rondel Village, The Spa Retreat, Doctor s Cave Beach, Instant Luxury Jamaica, Grace Foods and more.

    With our new travel agent specialist store, the JTB will be able to recognize highly motivated agents and reward them for their commitment to selling Jamaica vacations to their clients, said Donnie Dawson, Jamaica s deputy director of tourism, sal es, in a written release. We continue to value retail destination agents as we plan to continue to encourage and support those passionate about Jamaica.

    The Jamaica Tourist Board has partnered with The Spa Retreat located in Negril to offer a One Love spa reward of a five night stay (airfare not included) for the first travel specialist to book three Spa Retreat trips of five nights or longer. Agents can book online at www.thespajamaica.com using the online promotion code VISITJ13. They can also provide a business contact and agent number to receive a 10-percent commission from The SPA Retreat on these bookings.

    Additionally, the JTB will continue to offer a range of benefits to graduates, including a monthly award of $300 to the top-booking Jamaica agent of 10 or more bookings, a downloadable graduate diploma from Travel Agent University. an on-island VIP service for A One Love Rewards Program members, a preferred agent listing on the official VisitJamaica.com website, exclusive consultations with JTB business development managers, VIP familiarization tours and the opportunity to be included in the All White Affair weekend honoring 100 of the top booking travel agent specialists. Agents will also receive Jamaica s monthly e-newsletter, which lists deals from across the island for clients to consider.

    More than 7,500 travel agents have graduated from Jamaica s A One Love Rewards program since its inception in February 2012. The program guides agents through vibrant, photogenic online pages that provide insider knowledge about the island. It takes the travel agent community into the heart of the destination showcasing the island s rich history and lovable people.

    What do you think of this $type?


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    Man and Van Salisbury Removals – Phone 07956 116522 #man #and


    Your Reliable and Dependable local Man Van Service

    We are an independent well established Man and Van Service based in Salisbury,Wiltshire.

    We are well known locally for ourreliability and professionalismhaving carried out removals collections and deliveries to both residential and business customers over many years in Salisbury, Wiltshire and Surrounding Counties.

    Local or Long Distance – Home or Business

    Telephone – 07956 116522

    Collections Deliveries
    (single items to full van Loads)

    Rubbish Clearance (We Are Licenced Waste Carriers)

    House Clearance
    (Full or part house, shed /garage / outbuildings)

    Man and Van Salisbury is an independent established family run business based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We provide an economical and practical solution for your Small House Removals and Small Move needs to anywhere in the mainland UK.

    We carry out door to door collections and deliveries for multiple or single items, including store pick ups, auction and sales-room collections, antiques furniture deliveries and eBay collections deliveries.

    We always aim to deliver a professional safe and reliable man and van service transporting goods for domestic and business clients including relocating students, doctors, nurses and military personnel.

    Our Man and Van Services –

    Small Removals Service (Light removals – 1 / 2 bed house- Man and a Luton Van – Ideal for customers moving home, relocating or transporting personal possessions.)

    Option 1 – Driver and Van Only (The customer family / friends carry goods to and from the van, the driver loads and unloads the van from the van)

    Option 2 – Van and Working Driver
    ( Driver assists customer with loading and unloading of the van)

    Option 3 – Van and Working Driver / 2 Men(We do all the carrying, loading and unloading of the van)

    *Multiple Vans and Porters available for larger moves.

    Collections and Deliveries Carried Out Locally

    Single Items to Full Loads.

    Rubbish Clearance (We are registered and licensed Waste Carriers)

    Removals Tips Advice – Avoid Scams

    Man and Van Salisbury is based in Salisbury, Wiltshire – Confirmation of orders and invoices will have our letter head with full address details on them. the reason we do not display our full details is because of the constant sales calls and spam emails that we receive each day.


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    Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss – Which Ones Work? #herbal #products


    Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss

    Updated March 06, 2015

    Have you considered taking an herbal supplement for weight loss? There is no shortage of products that promise to melt fat or blast away pounds. But they don t always deliver the results that you expect. So it s important to gather the most current information about herbal supplements to lose weight safely and more effectively.

    Herbal Weight Loss Supplements – The Basics

    There are different types of dietary supplements.

    Herbal supplements for weight loss are those that come from plant sources and claim to help you lose weight. Sometimes they are also called botanicals or phytomedicines. Herbal supplements often have a label that says they are natural and often have healthy-sounding names. But just because a product is natural doesn t mean it is safe. And just because a supplement is healthy doesn t mean it is effective.

    Several recent studies conducted on dietary supplements found that consumers who buy herbal supplements may not get the product that is advertised on the label. Unfortunately this is a trend that doesn t just happen with online vendors or shady back-alley dealers. The State of New York recently cited several large retailers including Walgreens and GNC, for selling products that were not as advertised. Legislators in New York are pushing for stronger laws to protect consumers who buy herbal supplements for weight loss and for other health concerns.

    Healthy Eating

    Get nutrition tips and advice to make healthy eating easier.

    Popular Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss

    If you choose to supplement your weight loss program with an herbal product, you ll probably find that popular products in stores and online contain one or more of these herbal ingredients.

    • Glucomannan . This natural fiber product comes from the konjac plant. While diet supplements that contain glucomannan say it is effective for weight loss, a recent 8-week study found that the herbal supplement did not promote weight loss.
    • Chitosan. This product actually comes from fish but it is frequently listed as an herbal supplement to help you lose weight. People who are allergic to shellfish should not take this product. Even if you are not allergic, recent studies have found not found it to be effective for weight loss.
    • Bitter orange. After ephedra was banned, some herbal supplement manufacturers started using bitter orange instead. Bitter orange may help you burn more calories, but researchers are not sure. Scientists have substantial concerns about the safety of the stimulant. Users of bitter orange have reported chest pain, anxiety, and increased blood pressure and heart rate.
    • Green tea extract. This herbal supplement is found on almost every drugstore shelf and many vendors sell the pills online. Unfortunately, many of the research studies that investigated the extract s effectiveness have not been high quality. The NIH suggests that green tea may provide a modest weight loss benefit.
    • Raspberry ketone . You ll see raspberry-related products in many herbal supplements for weight loss. But there have been no high quality studies to demonstrate it s effectiveness as a diet aid in humans.
    • Forskolin. This extract from the Coleus plant has not been studied enough to determine if it is effective for weight loss. And some medical experts believe the herbal supplement may have dangerous side effects.
    • Aegeline. While this product should no longer be available, you may still be able to find it online or in stores. Aegeline (included in OxyElite Pro ) was removed from the market and banned by the FDA after several cases of death and severe injury were reported. The ingredient was included in popular fat burning supplements and body building products.

    Should I Take an Herbal Supplement to Lose Weight?

    Before you take any supplement, be sure to consult your health care provider to make sure that the product is safe for you to use. Many products can be safe for some people but dangerous to others when combined with a medication, vitamin or health condition. So be absolutely sure that you tell your doctor about all of the supplements, pills, and herbal products that you take or plan to take.

    While you re at your doctor s office, you may also want to ask if there have been recent scientific studies about the effectiveness of the product you re considering. It s best to get this information from an unbiased source, like your doctor. You can also check the database provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Fact Sheets. According to the NIH, most supplements have been found to be ineffective for weight loss.

    There are some products that have been shown in limited situations to have some weight loss benefit, but you re not likely to slim down if you rely on the supplement alone. You re more likely to see results if you focus on proven methods such as a calorie-controlled healthy diet and regular exercise. Then add a supplement only if it is recommended by your physician.

    Herbal remedies and supplements for weight loss. Medline Plus. U.S. National Library of Medicine from the National Institutes of Health. Accessed: February 17, 2015. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000347.htm

    Show Full Article


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    Hire a Hacker Online #hire #hacker,hacker #for #hire,hire #a #hacker


    Top Quality Certified Hackers For Hire!

    Hacker 1337 offer Top Quality Certified Hackers for Hire. There are lots of hacker for hire company taking hacking request but unable to complete the request in time. Because they may not have the right skills to complete the job. Our professional hackers team are certified and have tested skills for your hacking needs!

    Professional Hackers for hire for any hacking services

    Professional hackers for hire of Hacker 1337 offer most kind of professional hacking services. You can hire a hacker for gmail hacking,yahoo hacking,hotmatil hacking,website/database hacking and for any password recovery. We do not take a entire month to recover a email or facebook account password. We do it as fast as possible since our team is complete hacker for hire. Hire a Hacker Today

    Hacker for Hire services with Guaranteed Result

    No other Hacker for Hire company can guarantee you the result except Hacker 1337. Our Professional Hacker for Hire having years of experience in real world hacking to dare to gurantee 100% success. Hire a Hacker and hack back any hackers. By Hiring a Hacker Get any accounts hacked. even university result changed!

    The Professional Hacker

    Professional hacker for hire are programmers that love to write code, explore computer internal components, find bugs and always curious about the answer of what,why and how. A professional computer hacker make living with their true hacking skills. If you had deal with a hacker for hire who failed to complete the job, he is nothing more than a novice who watched some video on youtube and scammed you. True hacking knowledge can not come this way, this is matter of long time hard work and dedication. But Our professional hackers for hire are certified and efficiently can hack any accounts, most websites/database and phone. Hire a Hacker 1337 who knows about their ability and know how to make things work!

    Hire a Hacker With Exceptional Features


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    Healthcare Management Certificate from the University of Georgia #online #classes #for


    Healthcare Management Certificate

    The program’s structure gives students tremendous flexibility:

    • All modules are online, so students can receive management training while maintaining full-time work schedules.
    • Modules may be taken in any sequence and can be taken individually, or students can opt to register for any six modules and earn a Certificate of Completion from the University of Georgia.

    Each module is supported by an experienced, highly qualified coach-mentor who will check on your progress every 72 hours and provide supportive feedback on your lessons by email.

    The modules cover:

    Who Should Attend?

    • Physicians, nurses, physicians’ assistants, therapists, laboratory technicians, social workers, and other healthcare professionals who have recently been promoted or accepted a position as a manager or supervisor.
    • Current managers or supervisors in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, rehabilitation centers, etc.
    • Healthcare systems looking to provide cost-effective training opportunities to supplement an internal training agenda or professional development plan
    • Managers and supervisors in other fields seeking to enter the Healthcare profession.

    Course Information

    Course Date Info:

    • Individual Module Duration: Students have 30 days to complete this module upon release of the module’s access information (URL, username and password).
    • Six Modules/Full Certificate Program Duration: Certificate Program students have up to nine months to complete any six modules.


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    The Finest Hotel Management College In Mumbai, AIH, courses for hotel


    Welcome to Apeejay Institute of Hospitality

    The Apeejay Institute of Hospitality is located at CBD Belapur sharing premises with The Park Navi Mumbai was established in the year 2007.

    The institute offers a 3 years Bachelor Degree programme in Hospitality Studies affiliated to the University of Mumbai and & YCMO University is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and University Grants Commission. The institute also offers IATA Foundation Diploma in Travel and Tourism from IATA, Canada.

    Under the aegis of ApeejaySurrendra Park Hotels, AIH is also the center of learning for ApeejaySurrendra Park Hotels. The group’s Management Training Programme, Executive Training Programmes, Professional Development programmes, as well as consultancy projects for the hospitality industry are some of AIH’s additional core activities.

    The highly accomplished faculty team is drawn from academics, supplemented by visiting faculty from reputed institutions, experts from The Park Hotels and professionals from the Hospitality and Services sector.

    Established in 2007 under the Apeejay Education Trust with a world class curriculum augmented by state of the art facilities, the campus has a separate hostel facility for Girls and Boys.

    Not only academics but extra-curricular activities are also given equal impetus. Students have the advantage of getting hands-on operational training at The Park, Navi Mumbai, doing their industrial training from any of the Park properties or associated organizations and take up careers with the Park Hotels.

    Besides the university curriculum, the institute offers 6 Professional Development Programmes (PDP) to the BSc students to keep them updated on the latest trends and practices.

    The alumni of AIH are currently working with top hospitality majors like The Park Hotels, The Oberoi Hotels, The Taj Group of Hotels, ITC Hotels, IHG ,Accor Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Leela Hotels , TATA Starbucks, McDonalds, Makemytrip.com, Booking.com, and many more .They are handling key responsibilities and have reached middle management positions. Some of them have ventured into entrepreneurship and family business.

    The institute received the Golden Star award as the Best Learning and Development Centre in the year 2011. The institute completes 10 years of operations in 2017 and 7th batch will be graduating in March 2017.


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    Milwaukee Car Donation Services #car #donation #for #kids


    Milwaukee Car Donation Services

    (1) Rawhide’s average sales price, based on 2012 IRS tax filings, is 48% higher than the top nationwide car donation charity

    Donate Milwaukee Cars and Vehicles Here

    Are you thinking of making car donations in Milwaukee to a worthy cause? If you are, then consider donating to Rawhide Boys Ranch in New London, Wisconsin. We ll pick up and transport your vehicle for free within 24-48 business hours or provide a local drop-off center if you wish to drop it off the same day in Milwaukee.

    Your donation will fund Rawhide treatment programs that help at risk youth and families turn their lives around.

    Benefits of Milwaukee Car Donations to Rawhide

    • 83% of donation proceeds directly fund treatment programs for at risk youth
    • Receive on average a 48% higher tax deduction than from other national car donation charities
    • We accept all car donations whether they are running or not
    • We arrange a free vehicle pickup service for you

    Ready? Follow These 3 Easy Steps

    1. Fill out this Milwaukee car donation form to the right. The form takes just 60 seconds to complete. Or, call our Milwaukee car donation experts directly at 414-255-2561 .
    2. We will call you to arrange a free vehicle pickup service.
    3. Receive a tax recipe for your donation.

    The process is that simple. So donate a car or vehicle and give back to your Milwaukee community today.

    Rawhide offers a full continuum of programs and services that provide prevention-based programs for youth and families, and includes more intensive residential services for at-risk young men. Rawhide staff is caring, professional people who are committed to achieving positive outcomes for every youth or adult we serve.

    Rawhide was founded in 1965 by John and Jan Gillespie with the help of NFL Hall of Fame Legend Bart Starr and his wife Cherry. We have a unique, rich story that will inspire you. Read on to learn more about our history .


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    Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 3 #microsoft #iot #pack #for


    Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 3 – w/ Raspberry Pi 3


    Description –

    The Microsoft Internet of Things Pack for Raspberry Pi 3 is the best way to get started using Windows 10 and your Raspberry Pi as an IoT enabled device.

    A collaboration between Microsoft s IoT division and Adafruit, this pack s the best way to get started using both Windows 10 on your Pi and to start doing some popular projects with the internet of things.

    Check out https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot for more information on how to set up Windows 10 IoT Core on your Raspberry Pi and download project samples!

    This pack is certified for use with Microsoft Azure as well as other compatible Azure certified operating systems.

    This pack contains:

    • Adafruit Raspberry Pi B+ Case – Smoke Base / Clear Top – We think it s the Single Greatest Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Case Ever – though our Pi Box Plus is also nothing to scoff at.
    • ​Full Size Breadboard – In the past, we ve used the half-size breadboard for a lot of Pi projects – but no longer! WIth 40 pins to break out, you re going to need some space – and that s why we re including a full size breadboard in this pack.
    • Premium Male/Male Jumper Wires – 20 x 6 (150mm) – These jumper wires are great for making wire harness or jumpering between headers on PCBs. We include the longer ones so they work well with the full-size breadboard.
    • Premium Female/Male Extension Jumper Wires – 20×6 – These jumper wires are handy equivalents of the male/male jumper wires – but with female connectors.
    • 5V 2A Switching Power Supply w/ 6 MicroUSB Cable – The 5V 2A power adapter is the perfect choice for powering your Raspberry Pi B+ with 2 Amps of current output, and an extra long cord.
    • Assembled Adafruit BME280 Temperature, Pressure Humidity sensor – The assembled verison of an Adafruit Instant Classic. This breakout board has a powerful BME280 sensor from Bosch that s good for temperature, barometric pressure, AND humidity sensing. This version comes with headers already soldered on.
    • Assembled TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor – The assembled version of a longstanding Adafruit classic. This RGB Color Sensor with IR filter and White LED comes fully assembled – with headers already soldered on.
    • MCP3008 – 8 Channel 10-Bit ADC With SPI Interface – Easy to use, SPI enabled chip that s perfect for adding 8 channels of 10-bit analog input to your microcontroller or microcomputer project.
    • Ethernet Cable – 5 foot long – An ethernet cable.
    • 16GB SD/MicroSD Memory Card w/ NOOBS – This SD card comes pre-loaded with NOOBS which now supports running Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi 3.
    • Electronic components
      • 1x Photo Cell
      • 2x Breadboard Trim Potentiometer
      • 5x 10K 5% 1/4W Resistor
      • 5x 560 ohm 5% 1/4W Resistor
      • 2x Diffused 10mm Blue LED
      • 1x Electrolytic Capacitor – 1.0uF
      • 2x Diffused 10mm Red LED
      • 2x Diffused 10mm Green LED
      • 3x 12mm Tactile Switches

    You can also use this pack with Raspbian Linux Python, Here s a few Raspbian-based learn guides that are worth checking out to start. While they re for the Model B, they will all apply to the Raspberry Pi Model B+ and the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.

    Technical Details

    Technical Details +

    Note: As of August 8th, 2016 this kit has been updated to be compatible with the Pi 3. This means that it no longer contains a WiFi Module and now contains a 16 GB SD card flashed with NOOBs.


    Learn +



    Distributors +

    Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 3 – w/ Raspberry Pi 3


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    Microloans: Small Loans for Small Businesses – The Simple Dollar #loans


    Microloans: Small Loans for Small Businesses

    Microloans and microcredit are a form of business funding that many people often associate with developing countries and particularly impoverished and disenfranchised populations.

    That may be due to the fact that microlending is generally considered to have originated in Bangladesh, where Grameen Bank founder Muhammed Yunnus began giving small loans to the rural poor decades ago.

    Such microloans, as Yunnus envisioned them, have many noble goals, including providing an alternative to loan sharks, supporting entrepreneurship, alleviating poverty, empowering women, and by extension, uplifting entire communities. All of which led to Yunnus winning the Nobel Prize in 2006 and the concept as a whole spreading around the world.

    The moral of the story is that these types of loans are also available in the United States, for small businesses that may not have a substantial credit history or that are perhaps owned by women or minorities populations that typically do not have as much access to financing.

    In fiscal year 2016, for instance, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Microloan Program provided 4,472 microloans totaling more than $60 million, and about 40% of the loans went to minority-owned small businesses and nearly 40% went to women-owned businesses.

    In addition, more than 40% of all of the microloans closed under the SBA program during 2016 went to small businesses that were just two years old or younger.

    “Microloans are more targeted to people who have trouble accessing traditional credit,” explains Joyce A. Klein, director of the Aspen Institute’s Microenterprise Fund for Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning and Dissemination (FIELD). “Microlenders tend to be more flexible then banks are. If someone doesn’t have great credit, if they have thin credit, not that they haven’t performed well, but rather don’t have an extensive credit history, then microlenders are more willing to look at other factors, such as the cash flow of the business.”

    If your business fits this description, or if all you’re seeking is a small infusion of cash to carry your business forward, then read on for some of the key details about microloans.

    How much money can you borrow using a microloan? The microloan borrowing limit is $50,000, but the average loan size is around $13,000, according to SBA.

    What can the money be used for? Businesses may use the funds as working capital or to buy needed inventory, supplies, furniture, fixtures, machinery, or equipment.

    Typical repayment terms. Loans closed under the SBA Microloan Program cannot exceed six years, and generally carry interest rates below 10%, according to Jamie Davenport, the SBA’s acting director of the Office of Economic Opportunity/Capital Access.

    The nationwide network of SBA program lenders however, are just one example there are many other nonprofit microloan lenders out there. “Most have traditional loan terms,” says Klein. “But if you were comparing microloans to larger, long-term business loans, the (microloan) rates may seem expensive.”

    That’s because, according to Klein, the business borrowing the money may be relatively young, or possesses weaker credit or weaker collateral, which makes the loan riskier in some ways.

    Documentation Required to Obtain a Microloan

    The SBA suggests having a business plan prepared. If that sounds intimidating, the good news is that the SBA provides resources such as Small Business Development Centers and Women’s Business Centers that can help with writing a business plan, says Davenport.

    In addition, microlenders will typically want to look at some financial information from the business, says Klein, of the Aspen Institute. This may be in the form of a businesses’ tax returns, or the businesses’ bank statements.

    And depending on the lender, still more financial information may be requested.

    “Different microlenders use different criteria,” Klein explains. “They typically look at someone’s personal credit report. But one of the features of microlenders is that they are more flexible in terms of how they look at someone’s credit then a traditional lender, but they still look at personal credit.”

    “Like many traditional lenders, they’re trying to get a sense of what the financials of the business looks like,” Klein adds.

    How to Choose a Microlender

    Through the SBA Microloan Program there are specifically designated intermediary lenders across the country. These lenders are nonprofit organizations that have experience in lending and in providing small businesses with technical assistance.

    The SBA website provides a directory of its participating lenders, which are located all across the country, from Alabama and Arkansas to California, Tennessee, and Vermont.

    One way for small businesses to find an SBA lender in their area is to use SBA’s LINC tool, says Davenport. A business answers some simple questions about their business and their financing needs, and then we instantly connect or match that small business with lenders in their community.”

    The upshot of using an SBA microlender is that in addition to money, the lender is required to provide the business with technical assistance and guidance, such as free management training.

    This combination of free training and reasonably priced capital gives small businesses the best chance to grow and be successful, says Davenport.

    But the SBA program is just one option there are many other microlenders out there as well. Klein points to the nonprofit Justine Petersen in St. Louis, noting that the organization is doing interesting work helping small businesses build credit, as well as providing a source for funding.

    The Opportunity Fund is another well-known and respected name in the industry, and is California’s largest microlender.

    And one last organization worth noting, Kiva. is an online nonprofit organization that connects microlenders and borrowers. To date, a total of $936.5 million has been lent through the site, in 82 countries. About 1.6 million borrowers have accessed funding through Kiva and the repayment rate has been 97.1%.

    One caveat with Kiva, however: In order to receive an interest-free loan through the organization, borrowers first must have friends and family members contribute to their venture. This helps establish the creditworthiness of the borrower.

    Recommended For You

    Get rid of high interest debt with a 0% balance transfer credit card


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    Medicare card – Australian Government Department of Human Services #how #to


    Medicare card

    You must live in Australia or Norfolk Island to get a Medicare card. And, you must be either:

    • an Australian citizen
    • a New Zealand citizen
    • an Australian permanent resident
    • applying for permanent residency – conditions apply
    • covered by a Ministerial Order, or
    • a Resident Return visa holder

    You may also get a Medicare card if you re visiting from a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement country.

    If you live on an Australian dependency island

    You re eligible for Medicare services you get in Australia if you can give us evidence you re a citizen or permanent resident of:

    • Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    • Christmas Island
    • Lord Howe Island

    What may be different

    If you live in Australia and have applied for permanent residency, you may get a Medicare card. This doesn t include applying for a parent visa. You must:

    • be on a visa allowing you to work, or
    • prove your parent, spouse or child is an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen living in Australia

    You adopt a child from overseas

    If you adopt a child from overseas, you can add them to your card if:

    • they hold a permanent resident visa, and
    • you have a letter proving the adoption is finalised

    You adopt a child from Australia

    If you adopt a child from Australia, you can add them to your card if:

    • you have their birth certificate, and
    • a letter proving the adoption is finalised, and
    • your Medicare card

    You may get a Medicare card if you visit Australia.

    We have agreements with some countries to cover your essential health care during your stay.

    You may be eligible if you live in a country that Australia has an agreement with.

    You can have your own Medicare card if you re aged 15 years or older.

    What you need to do

    Submit this at a service centre and bring either your:

    • birth certificate
    • current driver s licence
    • current passport
    • non commemorative marriage certificate
    • current Australian school or educational photo ID, or
    • proof of age card

    Once you get your Medicare card, create a Medicare online account through myGov and download the Express Plus Medicare mobile app to access a range of services using a secure digital channel.

    To add your baby under 12 months old to your Medicare card, you’ll need to submit a form.

    You can use your Medicare card:

    • to make a claim for Medicare benefits:
      • when visiting a doctor who submits the claim on your behalf
      • when you have a paid or unpaid doctor s account and you need to submit it yourself:
        • use online services such as myGov and Medicare Express App
        • visit a service centre
        • send by mail
    • when you re treated as a public patient in a public hospital
    • to get cheaper Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme medicines at a pharmacy

    Your Medicare card must be current to claim benefits. We ll replace your card before it expires. Make sure we have your current details so we can send your new Medicare card to you.

    Destroy your old card when you get your new one. We ll cancel your old card when we issue your new card.

    You can update your address, contact details and bank account online. To change your name, date of birth or gender, you need to visit a Medicare Service Centre.

    If your Medicare card gets lost, stolen or damaged you can:

    Sign your letter and include:

    If you re overseas, we can t replace your card until you return.

    We can t replace your card until you came back to Australia to live if you re:

    • an Australian citizen who s overseas for more than 5 years
    • an Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen who s overseas for more than 12 months

    A duplicate card is a copy of your current Medicare card with the same details.

    We provide duplicate cards when more than 1 family member needs their own card. We can only issue 1 duplicate card.

    We can t issue a duplicate card when you re the only person on the Medicare card.

    You can ask for a duplicate card by:

    We ll send you a new Medicare card about 4 weeks before your current card expires.

    Keep your address details up to date

    Update your details if you ve changed your address. If you don t and your card expires, your card will go to your previous address and you ll need to request a replacement card.

    • update your address details and request a replacement card online using your Medicare online account or Express Plus Medicare mobile app
    • call the Medicare line we ll confirm your identity over the phone
    • visit a service centre with identity documents such as your driver s licence
    • write to us and send a signed request for a replacement card and certified copy of identification, such as your driver s licence

    If your card has expired

    If your card expired 6 months ago or more, visit a service centre to request a replacement. You ll need an identity document, such as your driver s licence. You may also need to show evidence you re living in Australia. You should also bring 2 documents to prove you live in Australia like a utility bill, rental agreement or employment contract.

    If you re overseas

    If you re overseas, we can t replace your card until you return.

    We can t replace your card until you came back to Australia to live if you re:

    • an Australian citizen who s overseas for more than 5 years
    • an Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen who s overseas for more than 12 months


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    Masters Degrees and Graduate Programs #masters #online #degree, #keywords #for #your


    Masters Degrees

    Master of Environment and Business

    The Master of Environment and Business (MEB) is a program aimed at meeting the growing need for business sustainability professionals as a distinct group of knowledgeable, skilled, confident and motivated individuals with the information, tools and expertise to integrate environment with business in very practical ways.

    The MEB program will offer you an executive, MBA-equivalent degree through online courses with minimal on-campus study, and with course materials distributed online.

    Students can complete the MEB in 12 months or take the 3 year part-time option designed for working professionals.

    Master of Health Evaluation

    The Master of Health Evaluation (MHE) is Canada’s first professional online course-based graduate degree providing training in the evaluation of health programs and services. The program, offered by our School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS), will particularly appeal to those in public health, health promotion, community health, applied health care settings and health system planning and design

    Master of Health Informatics

    The Master of Health Informatics (MHI) degree is an online program that is offered by the University of Waterloo’s School of Public Health and Health Systems. Health Informatics is a rapidly developing field where health sciences and information technologies converge to support and improve the health status of individuals and communities.

    By the end of the 16-month program (4 months of which are spent in a placement) you will have gained the interdisciplinary knowledge, industry skills, and practical experience you need to start or deepen a rewarding career in health informatics. The MHI program is available full time or part time.

    Master of Management Sciences

    The Master of Management Sciences (MSCI) degree is offered by Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering, through its Department of Management Sciences, offers. It is available on a part-time basis and delivered via an online classroom environment with live lectures and class interaction.

    Master of Mathematics for Teachers

    Waterloo’s Master of Mathematics for Teachers (MMT) degree provides current math teachers with the opportunity to expand your knowledge base. In addition to providing a deeper understanding of mathematical foundations relating to core secondary school curricula, students will also be exposed to areas of applications of modern mathematics. The primary focus of the program is on mathematics and its applications, rather than on pedagogy, but it will also challenge you to look for new and innovative ways to bring your newfound knowledge into the classroom.

    The MMT program is offered on a part-time basis over two to five years. It consists of eight half-credit online courses plus a project-based capstone course.

    Master of Planning

    The Master of Planning (MPLAN) is an advanced, professional master s degree offered through the School of Planning in the Faculty of Environment. The MPLAN offers professionals with prior experience in planning the opportunity to expand their knowledge of planning, keep up-to-date with recent developments, and to obtain a graduate degree for career advancement. The emphasis is on upgrading planning knowledge and skills in new areas and refreshing core concepts. This program is a part-time, online, course-based program, which is open to both domestic and international applicants. The content is highly interactive including regular communication with instructors and other students. Courses are taught by faculty members from the School who are actively engaged in planning practice and research in Canada and beyond.

    Master of Public Health

    uWaterloo is offering a course and practicum-based Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, building on the successful MSc and PhD degrees in population health currently offered by the School of Public Health and Health Systems. The program is available for both full-time and part-time study.

    On-campus attendance is required but this occurs on only two occasions for two week block courses. The Foundations in Public Health is the first two week block course which takes place in August, at the start of the program. The Capstone course in Public Health is the second block course which takes place in the final two weeks of the program, during the month of May/June.

    All other required courses have no on-campus component. On occasion, new elective courses may be offered on campus for one term and then offered online during subsequent years.

    Master of Social Work

    The University of Waterloo’s School of Social Work at Renison University College is pleased to offer Canada’s first health-focused online Master of Social Work program. It is being offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

    The Master of Social Work is a professional graduate degree program, delivered primarily online. On-campus attendance is required on two occasions for one-week Summer Institutes. The first Summer Institute is in August at the start of the program and the second is also in August, in the final semester. All other required courses are online with no on-campus component. A practicum of 462 hours will be offered in the students’ own community or region, subject to the availability of suitable placement agencies/organizations, and field instructors.

    The MSW program will prepare students for advanced social work practice in settings related to health, including public health and health promotion programs, primary care and long-term care, hospitals, health-related governmental agencies, community-based health services, and health advocacy groups.

    Other Programs

    Career Advancement for Electric Power Engineers

    The following online graduate programs provide advanced state-of-the-art training, skill development, and education to power engineering professionals. The courses, available on a part-time basis, are offered online in a multi-media environment that encourage a learn-while-you-work philosophy.

    • Master of Engineering in Electric Power Engineering – upon completing nine courses, students are eligible to receive the Masters degree.
    • Graduate Diploma in Electric Power Engineering – upon completing six courses, students are eligible to receive the Diploma.
    • Certificate of Completion – Students admitted in the non-degree track will receive a Certificate after completing a course.

    Green Energy Graduate Diploma

    The first program of its kind in Canada, the Green Energy Graduate Diploma provides professional development for working engineers through live online learning. The courses will enhance a participant s technical knowledge and training in green energy systems, such as fuel cells, pollution management, solar energy, wind energy, and sustainable buildings.

    Graduate Diploma in Planning

    The Graduate Diploma in Planning (GDip) is a post-graduate diploma offered through the School of Planning in the Faculty of Environment. The GDIP offers professionals with prior experience in planning the opportunity to expand their knowledge of planning and to keep up-to-date with recent developments. The emphasis is on upgrading planning knowledge and skills in new areas and refreshing core concepts. The GDIP is a part-time, online, course-based program. The program is open to both domestic and international applicants. The content is highly interactive including regular communication with instructors and other students. Courses are taught by faculty members from the School who are actively engaged in planning practice and research in Canada and beyond.

    Centre for Extended Learning
    University of Waterloo
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1
    +1 519 888 4002


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    High School (9th #high #school #courses #for #psychology


    Sparta High School

    Welcome to Sparta High School, Home of the Spartans!

    Thank you for visiting our web-site. Sparta High School is the sole, comprehensive high school in Sparta Area Schools. Our mission is to provide high quality educational opportunities for each of our 850 students, while ensuring each individual student s success. Sparta High School opened a state-of-the-art facility in the fall of 2007, which provides an outstanding learning environment for students and staff. Sparta High School offers over 80 courses in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, career internships, music, art, drama, and physical education.

    Sparta High School s Advanced Placement (AP) program continues to grow. Currently, we offer AP courses in Biology, US History, European History, Statistics, Calculus AB, Literature, Language and Composition, and Psychology. Sparta High School also offers numerous honors sections within our four core content areas. In addition, Sparta High School partners with Ferris State University to offer Concurrent Enrollment courses in which students earn college credit for courses taken at Sparta High School. For more information on Concurrent Enrollment, click HERE .

    Sparta is proud of our commitment to our learners who are on the pathway to trade schools and careers. Every year we send well over 100 students to the Kent Career Technical Center, which also offers college credit. In addition we offer a well-articulated career internship program that serves an additional 50 to 60 students.

    Sparta High School recognizes the important role that co-curricular involvement plays in the development of our students. We proudly offer over 30 co-curricular programs, while competing in the Michigan Competitive Bands Association and the OK Blue Athletic Conference .

    Sparta High School staff is dedicated, compassionate, and committed group of professionals that:

    Believe in the power of respectful relationships
    Stayed focused on student learning
    Uses data to drive decisions
    Commits to continuous improvement

    Matt Spencer
    Sparta High School

    District Pre-Registration If you would like to begin the enrollment process, click on the link below to get started. If you child is already enrolled at Sparta Area Schools you do NOT need to fill out the pre-registration form. More.

    Spartans Shine More.

    High School Supply List

    Spartan News Follow the Spartan News! More.

    Like Us on Facebook More.


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    How Do Tax Deductions Work When Donating a Car? TurboTax Tax


    How Do Tax Deductions Work When Donating a Car?

    Updated for Tax Year 2016

    Donating your car to charity can result in significant tax savings if you include it in your charitable contribution deduction. However, doing a little planning will ensure that you maximize the tax savings of your donation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires you to calculate your deduction in one of two ways, depending on how the charity uses your donation. Deductions for cars the charity sells are limited to the sales price. In all other cases, you can use the car’s fair market value.

    Step 1: Find out how much the charity sold the car for

    Use the price the charity obtains for your car in a sale as the amount of your deduction. For example, if the charity sells the car at auction for $3,000, your deduction is limited to $3,000, even if the fair market value is $4,500. However, if the charity sells the car at a discount to a needy individual or keeps the car for its own internal use, then you can claim a deduction for its fair market value.

    Step 2: Determine the car s fair market value

    The IRS suggests that you use a reputable used-car price guide to calculate your deduction when using fair market value. For example, go to your local library and obtain a recent copy of the Kelley Blue Book. Search the private party prices for your vehicle based on its make, model and overall condition. This type of search can be done on the Internet as well.

    Step 3: Claiming the deduction

    Report the amount of your deduction on line 17 of Schedule A. Since you can only claim a deduction for your car donation if you itemize, the total of all your eligible expenses on Schedule A must exceed the standard deduction amount for your filing status.

    If you use TurboTax to prepare your taxes, we ll help you determine which filing status will get you the biggest tax savings.

    Step 4: Additional forms you ll need

    Complete Form 8283 if your car donation deduction is more than $500. If your deduction is between $501 and $5,000, you must complete Section A. If your deduction is greater than $5,000, you must complete Section B. If you complete Section B, you must also obtain a written appraisal as documentation.

    Again, if you use TurboTax, we ll ask simple questions and fill in all the right forms for you.

    • If the charity sells your car sells for $500 or less, you can deduct $500 or your car s fair market value, whichever is less. For example, if your car is valued at $650 but sells for $350, you can deduct $500.
    • Most charities will report the sales price of your car to you on Form 1098-C.
    • You must have documentation of your donation. At a minimum, the documentation you receive from the charity must include your name, the vehicle identification number, the date of your donation and a statement describing the goods and services you received, if any.

    Get every deduction

    TurboTax Deluxe searches more than 350 tax deductions and credits so you get your maximum refund, guaranteed.

    Looking for more information?

    Related Articles
    More in Tax Deductions and Credits

    Get more with these

    free tax calculators and


    Estimate your tax refund and avoid any surprises

    Adjust your W-4 for a bigger refund or paycheck


    Enter your annual expenses to estimate your tax savings

    Dependents Credit

    Learn who you can claim as a dependent on your tax return


    Turn your charitable donations into big deductions

    Documents Checklist

    Get a personalized list of the tax documents you ll need

    Education Credit

    Find out what you re eligible to claim on your tax return

    Tax Bracket Calculator

    Find your tax bracket to make better financial decisions

    The above article is intended to provide generalized financial information designed to educate a broad segment of the public; it does not give personalized tax, investment, legal, or other business and professional advice. Before taking any action, you should always seek the assistance of a professional who knows your particular situation for advice on taxes, your investments, the law, or any other business and professional matters that affect you and/or your business.

    Tax break for donating a car


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    Cheap Domain Name Registration – Free Website – E-mail Hosting Offer,


    Search and register cheap domains

    At GetDotted.com we’ve been making domain registration easy since 1999. Whether for personal or business use, we can walk you through the whole setup process. No other registrar comes close!

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    How to buy a domain name for a website

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    How to buy a domain name for a website

    Our websites use cookies to improve their functionality. By using our site, you accept the use of cookies on your device. We respect your privacy and do not set any third-party advertising cookies. About our cookies.


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    Baylor University, A Nationally Ranked Christian University, Undergraduate & Graduate Research


    Colleges for nursing in texas Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    About Baylor University

    Baylor University is a private Christian university and a nationally ranked research institution. The University provides a vibrant campus community for more than 16,000 students by blending interdisciplinary research with an international reputation for educational excellence and a faculty commitment to teaching and scholarship. Chartered in 1845 through the efforts of Baptist pioneers, Baylor is the oldest continually operating university in Texas and welcomes students from all 50 states and more than 80 countries.

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Baylor Proud

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    What is the Baylor Line?

    Baylor freshmen have a lot to look forward to at the start of each new school year: getting to know their new roommates, experiencing life on their own for the first time, and adjusting to the new world that is college. Of course, college freshmen all over the nation experience those things, too. What others

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    How Baylor is supporting those affected by Hurricane Harvey

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Make every Friday a Spirit Friday show you re #BaylorProud!

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    How the Prison Entrepreneurship Program allows Baylor students to both serve and learn

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    #BearsOfBaylor I tell people I found my calling during Chapel at Baylor

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    University News

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Hurricane Relief Support Becomes Focus of Sept. 1 Traditions Rally at Baylor

    WACO, Texas (Aug. 27, 2017) Judah & the Lion, one of Nashville’s most genre-bending bands, will headline Baylor University s annual Traditions Rally on Friday, Sept. 1, on Fountain Mall. The free, community-wide event celebrates the upcoming football season as the Bears prepare to open against Liberty at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 2, at McLane Stadium. The event also will serve as a collection site for specific items for Hurricane relief efforts.

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    President Livingstone, University Respond to Hurricane Harvey; Call on Baylor Family to Join Together in Prayer

    WACO, Texas (Aug. 27, 2017) – Baylor University President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., released a statement today in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and calls on the Baylor Family to join together in prayer for those along the Texas coast, in Houston and southeast Texas who have been impacted by this devastating storm.

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Mayborn Museum Complex launches Reach Out Program for Under-served

    WACO, Texas (Aug. 27, 2017) Baylor University s Mayborn Museum Complex is launching a program called Mayborn Reach Out to reach new and under-served audiences. It will replace Free Sundays, which concludes Sept. 3. The new program will begin effective Oct. 1.

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Baylor Students Receive Awards at International Conference

    WACO, Texas (Aug. 25, 2017) Members of Baylor Model United Nations were honored this summer at the International Model United Nations Conference in Vienna, Austria.

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    MLK s I Have a Dream Inspired Response from Black Gospel Artists

    WACO, Texas (Aug. 22, 2017) – As the 54th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. s I Have a Dream speech approaches, Robert Darden, professor of journalism and founder and director of Baylor s Black Gospel Music Restoration Project (BGMRP), says King s speech was fertile ground for creative expression by black gospel artists recording in the years after 1963.

    Colleges for nursing in texas

    Addressing the Access-to-Justice Gap: Baylor Law School s Legal Mapmaker Program Helps Young Lawyers Open Cost-Conscious Firms

    WACO, Texas (Aug. 15, 2017) Baylor Law School’s annual three-day Legal Mapmaker program runs Aug. 16-18 in Fort Worth. Attendees will attend workshops led by experts in numerous areas ranging from business planning and alternative fee arrangements to marketing, client relations and community involvement.


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    Colonoscopy – Tests, Test Results – Diagnosis – NY Times Health



    Reference from A.D.A.M.

    Back to Top How the Test Is Performed

    You will usually be given medicine into a vein to help you relax. You should not feel any discomfort. You will be awake during the test and may even be able to speak, but you probably will not remember anything.

    You will lie on your left side with your knees drawn up toward your chest. The colonoscope is inserted through the anus. It is gently moved into the beginning of the large bowel and slowly advanced as far as the lowest part of the small intestine.

    Air will be inserted through the scope to provide a better view. Suction may be used to remove fluid or stool.

    The health care provider gets a better view as the colonoscope is moved back out. Therefore, a more careful exam is done while the scope is being pulled back. The doctor may take tissue samples with tiny biopsy forceps inserted through the scope. Polyps may be removed with snares, and images may be taken.

    Specialized procedures, such as laser therapy, may also be done.

    Back to Top How to Prepare for the Test

    You will need to completely cleanse your intestines. A problem in your large intestine that needs to be treated may be missed if your intestines are not cleaned out.

    Your health care provider give you the steps for cleansing your intestines. This may include using enemas, not eating solid foods for 2 or 3 days before the test, and taking laxatives.

    You will be asked to drink plenty of clear liquids for 1 – 3 days before the test. Examples of clear liquids are:

    • Clean coffee or tea
    • Fat-free bouillon or broth
    • Gelatin
    • Sports drinks
    • Strained fruit juices
    • Water

    You will usually be told to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, or other blood-thinning medicines for several days before the test. Keep taking your other medicines unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

    You will need to stop taking iron pills or liquids a few days before the test, unless your health care provider tells you it is okay to continue. Iron can make your stool dark black, which makes it harder for the doctor to view inside your bowel.

    Back to Top How the Test Will Feel

    The medicines will make you sleepy so that may not feel any discomfort or have any memory of the test.

    You may feel pressure as the scope moves inside. You may feel brief cramping and gas pains as air is inserted or the scope advances. Passing gas is necessary and should be expected.

    You may have mild abdominal cramping and pass a lot of gas after the exam.

    Back to Top Why the Test Is Performed

    Colonoscopy may be done for the following reasons:

    • Abdominal pain, changes in bowel movements, or weight loss
    • Abnormal changes (such as polyps ) found on sigmoidoscopy or x-ray tests (CT scan or barium enema )
    • Anemia due to low iron (usually when no other cause has been found)
    • Blood in the stool. or black, tarry stools
    • Follow-up of a past finding, such as polyps or colon cancer
    • Inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease )
    • Screening for colorectal cancer

    Back to Top Normal Results

    Normal findings are healthy intestinal tissues.

    Back to Top What Abnormal Results Mean

    • Abnormal pouches on the lining of the intestines, called diverticulosis
    • Areas of bleeding
    • Cancer in the colon or rectum
    • Colitis (a swollen and inflamed intestine) due to Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, infection, or lack of blood flow
    • Small growths called polyps on the lining of your colon (which can be removed through the colonoscope during the exam)

    Back to Top Risks

    • Heavy or ongoing bleeding from biopsy or removal of polyps
    • Hole or tear in the wall of the colon that requires surgery to repair
    • Infection needing antibiotic therapy (very rare)
    • Reaction to the medicine you take to relax, causing breathing problems or low blood pressure

    Back to Top Considerations

    After the test, you will feel sleepy for a period of time. You may have a headache or feel sick to your stomach or bloated, but this is not common. You may pass a lot of gas.

    You should be able to go home about 1 hour after the test. You must plan to have someone take you home after the test, because you will be woozy and unable to drive. The nurses and doctors will not let you leave until someone arrives to help you.

    When you are home:

    • Drink plenty of liquids. Eat a healthy meal to restore your energy.
    • You should be able to return to your regular activities the next day.
    • Avoid driving, operating machinery, drinking alcohol, and making legal decisions for at least 24 hours after the test.

    Back to Top References

    Kimmey MB. Complications of gastrointestinal endoscopy. In: Feldman M, Friedman LS, Brandt LJ, eds. Sleisenger and Fordtran’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease. 9th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier;2010:chap 40.

    Pasricha PJ. Gastrointestinal endoscopy. In: Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. Cecil Medicine. 24th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2011:chap 136.

    More Information on This Topic

    Review Date: 10/8/2012
    Reviewed By: George F. Longstreth, MD, Department of Gastroenterology, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, San Diego, California. Also reviewed by A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc. Editorial Team: David Zieve, MD, MHA, David R. Eltz, and Stephanie Slon.

    A.D.A.M. Inc. is accredited by URAC, also known as the American Accreditation HealthCare Commission (www.urac.org). URAC’s accreditation program is an independent audit to verify that A.D.A.M. follows rigorous standards of quality and accountability. A.D.A.M. is among the first to achieve this important distinction for online health information and services. Learn more about A.D.A.M.’s editorial policy, editorial process and privacy policy. A.D.A.M. is also a founding member of Hi-Ethics and subscribes to the principles of the Health on the Net Foundation (www.hon.ch).

    A.D.A.M. Copyright
    The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Call 911 for all medical emergencies. Links to other sites are provided for information only — they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. © 1997- 2008 A.D.A.M. Inc. Any duplication or distribution of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited.


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    Top School in Pittsburgh for Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement #criminal


    Top School in Pittsburgh for Criminal Justice Law Enforcement

    School and Ranking Information

    Pittsburgh, PA, has nine schools within a 25-mile radius that offer criminal justice programs. Based on graduation rates and program offerings, the top three are Point Park University, La Roche College and Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver.

    • Winner: Point Park University offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees and is ranked among regional universities by U.S. News World Report .
    • Runner-Up #1: La Roche College is also ranked among regional universities by U.S. News World Report. It offers bachelor’s degrees.
    • Runner-Up #2: Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver also offers bachelor’s degrees and features an on-campus lab.

    School Comparison Chart

    • Master
        • Master of Arts in Law – Criminal Justice
        • Master of Arts in Government – National Security Affairs
        • Master of Arts in Law – National Security
        • Master of Public Administration – Emergency Management and Homeland Security
        • Master of Arts in Law – Mediation
    • Bachelor
        • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement
        • Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
        • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies – Criminal Justice
        • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
        • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Corrections
        • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Criminal Justice

    Get Started with Regent University

    4 Keiser University

    Minimum eligibility requirements:
    • Must be a high school graduate.
    School locations:

    Get Started with Keiser University

    5 Strayer University

    Minimum eligibility requirements:
    • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED
    School locations:

    Get Started with Strayer University

    6 American InterContinental University

    Minimum eligibility requirements:
    • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED
    School locations:

    Get Started with American InterContinental University

    7 University of the Rockies

    Minimum eligibility requirements:
    • Psychology programs do not lead to licensure and do not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychology professional
    • An online degree does not lead to teacher licensure in any state; online education programs are not CAE or TEA or NCATE accredited which is a requirement for certification in some states.
    School locations:
    • Doctorate
        • Doctor of Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies
    • Master
        • Master of Arts in Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies

    • Master of Arts in Law – Criminal Justice
    • Master of Arts in Government – National Security Affairs
    • Master of Arts in Law – National Security
    • Master of Public Administration – Emergency Management and Homeland Security
    • Master of Arts in Law – Mediation
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement
    • Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies – Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Corrections
    • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Criminal Justice
    • View more
    • BA in Criminal Justice
    • BA in Homeland Security
    • AA in Criminal Justice
    • AA in Homeland Security
    • View more
    • Doctor of Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies

  • 12/09/2017

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  • Kegel Exercises For Men #kegel #exercises #for #men, #pc #muscles, #kegel


    Most adult men do not have full bladder control and experience leakage of urine in amounts that vary from a few drops to large volumes, twice or more a month.

    Only one-third of people with bladder problems ask for help from a health professional, but with the right advice 70 to 80% of those affected become dry or significantly improved, and the remainder learn to better manage their bladder problem.

    The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system that produces fluid for semen, which helps to transport sperm during the male orgasm. The prostate is made up of about 30% muscular tissue; the rest is glandular tissue.

    Normally, the prostate is small about the same size and shape as a walnut. It is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder.

    The prostate wraps around the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out from the bladder through the tip of the penis. more on — prostate

    Kegel Exercises for Men are used to strengthen the PC
    or pubococcygeus muscle, just as they are for women. The muscle is similar in both men and women, stretching from the pubic bone to the tail bone and forming a hammock-like floor that supports the organs of the pelvis and contributes to the function of the sphincter muscles.

    The exercise is recommended for treating prostate pain and swelling that result from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate gland. It is used as a first step for treating urinary incontinence. It may be beneficial for reducing pre-mature ejaculation, and other sexual benefits have been reported. Overall, the exercise is good for you.

    To begin, you must first be able to find your PC muscle. You can do this during urination. Once your flow begins, try to stop it completely. The muscle that you feel tightening is the PC muscle. If you don t get it, you may try inserting a finger (use lubrication) into the anus and try to grip your finger. If you are able to do that, you ve found the right muscle.

    Once you have become accustomed to tightening the muscle, Kegel exercises for men can be done anytime, anywhere. They require no special equipment, although several aids are available, including Peristal and the Prostate Massager .

    In order to improve strength of the muscle, you use a squeeze, hold, release pattern. You squeeze the muscle, hold for several seconds, and release. Gradually, you would like to be able to build up to a hold of 10 seconds, repeating the squeeze, hold, and release ten times.

    When you perform the exercise correctly, you should be able to feel or see the testicles lift. This takes time for some men. But, if you practice the routine regularly, you should notice an improvement in 4-6 weeks.

    There are many things that you can do to support the health of the prostate and reduce your risk of urinary incontinence, including the use of herbs and nutritionally supportive supplements. The risk of problems increases with age. One out of every 10 people over the age of 65 has some problems, although women are most often affected.

    Since kegel exercises for men help reduce your risk of problems and reduce pain in the prostate, why not give them a try? They are easy to do in the privacy of your own home. Tell your younger friends about Kegel exercises for men, too. There are many benefits. more on — Kegel Exercises for Men

    Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine. It is not a disease but rather a symptom of a problem with a man’s urinary tract. Urine is produced by the kidneys and stored in a muscular sac called the urinary bladder.

    A tube called the urethra, which is surrounded by a special ring of muscles called the urinary sphincter, leads from the bladder through the prostate and penis to the outside of the body. As the bladder becomes filled with urine, complex nerve signals ensure that the sphincter stays contracted and the bladder stays relaxed.

    This interaction between nerves and muscles prevents urine from leaking out of the body. more on — Urinary Incontinence in Men


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    Tennessee Auto Title Services – Auto Title – Bonded Title –


    Tennessee Auto Title Services assists vehicle owners with car title registration problems in YOUR LOCAL COUNTY and surrounding cities. Do you need help with an auto title issue?

    Auto Title Service Office: 1-877-845-2368
    Fax: 1-877-512-2622

    We Are The Tennessee Auto Title Cowboys! Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Collector Cars, Luxury Cars, Competition Cars, Race Cars, Sports Cars, Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Kit Vehicles, Motorcycles and Mopeds.

    Buying Selling a used car in Tennessee?
    Call Tennessee Auto Title today!

    Did you purchase a used motor vehicle from an individual who DID NOT PROVIDE you with a valid Tennessee Certificate of Title at the time of sale? NO TITLE? NO PROBLEM! Call now!

    We specialize in all Auto Title Services including:




    Tennessee DMV Compliant

    Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers – IACP

    Houston Auto Appraisers

    NADA / KBB / Black Book

    Clear Auto Title! Salvage Rebuilt titles!

    Auto / Truck / Motorcycles / Bus / Tractor / Trailer / Commercial Vehicle / RVs / Motor Homes / Boat Trailers / Heavy Equipment / Oil Field Equipment / Machinery / Vehicle Titles Registrations.

    Stolen Vehicle / Total Loss Vehicle Verification Service fees apply

    We come to you! Serving all areas!
    No long lines and no rude county workers! Open 7 Days a Week! 1-877-845-2368

    SPV Appraisals, Auto Titles Registration services on
    Heavy Duty Trucks – Class 7-8 GVW up to 80,000 lbs

    Medium Duty Trucks – Class 4-6 GVW 14,000-26,000 lbs

    Beverage Trucks
    Bucket Trucks / Boom Trucks
    Cab Chassis Trucks
    Cabover Trucks
    Car Carrier Trucks
    Chipper Trucks
    Conventional Trucks
    Crane Trucks
    Digger Derrick Trucks
    Dump Trucks
    Dump Chassis Trucks
    Dump / Transfer
    Expeditor / Hot Shot Trucks
    Farm Trucks
    Fire Trucks
    Flatbed Trucks
    Fuel Trucks
    Garbage Trucks Packer
    Glider Kit

    Grapple Trucks
    Hooklift Trucks
    Logging Trucks
    Mixer / Asphalt / Concrete Trucks
    Passenger Bus
    Plow/Spreader Trucks
    Recreational Vehicles
    Recycle Trucks
    Salvage Trucks
    Service Trucks Utility /
    Mechanic Trucks
    Stake Trucks
    Stone Spreader Trucks
    Tank Trucks
    Asphalt / Hot Oil
    Chemical / Acid
    Gasoline / Fuel
    Sewer Rodder / Septic
    Van Trucks Straight Trucks

    SPV Appraisals, Auto Titles Registration services on
    Commercial, Industrial, and Personal Trailers:

    Agriculture Equipment Transport
    Belt Trailers
    Beverage Trailers
    Blade / Tower Trailers
    Car Carrier Trailers
    Chipper Trailers
    Curtain Side Trailers
    Dolly Trailers
    Double Drop Trailers
    Drop Deck Trailers
    Drop Frame Van Trailers
    Dry Van Trailers
    Dump Trailers

    Live Floor Trailers
    Livestock Trailers
    Log Trailers
    Lowboy Trailers
    Oil Field Trailers
    Open Top Trailers
    Pole Trailers
    Pup Trailers
    Reefer Trailers
    Reel / Cable Trailers
    Refuse Trailers
    Roll Off Trailers
    Storage Trailers
    Tag Trailers
    Tank Trailers
    Flatbed Trailers
    Hopper / Grain Trailers
    Horse Trailers
    Intermodal / Container Trailers

    Asphalt / Hot Oil
    Chemical / Acid
    Crude Oil
    Frac Gasoline / Fuel
    Industrial Gas
    Non Code
    Pneumatic / Dry Bulk
    Waste / Sludge
    Travel Trailers
    Traveling Axle Trailers
    Utility / Light Duty Trailers

    Tennessee Auto Title Company dba Houston Auto Appraisers serves the entire state of Tennessee including all major cities: Nashville TN, Memphis TN, Chattanooga TN, Knoxville TN, Gatlinburg TN, Murfreesboro TN, Pigeon Forge TN, Clarksville TN, Johnson City TN, Franklin TN, Kingsport TN, Oak Ridge TN, Sevierville TN, Cookeville TN, Brentwood TN, Jackson TN, Hendersonville TN, Maryville TN, Crossville TN, Germantown TN, Mt. Juliet TN, Cleveland TN, Bristol TN, Greeneville TN, Lebanon TN, Morristown TN, Collierville TN, Smyrna, Gallatin TN, Spring Hill TN, Lynchburg TN, Manchester TN, Columbia TN, Jonesborough TN, Goodlettsville TN, Bartlett TN, Elizabethton TN, and Sewanee TN.


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    Cancel For Any Reason, Change Your Mind Travel Insurance #vegas #travel

    #travel insurance cancel for any reason

    Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance Plans

    The Cancel For Any Reason is just that cancelling your entire trip for a reason that is normally not covered (e.g. changing your mind). It s not Delay For Any Reason nor Interrupt For Any Reason .

    Read Steve s helpful Blog post called Cancel Your Plane Ticket Or Pay The Change Fee? to learn how to correctly cancel your plane ticket so your Cancel For Any Reason coverage reimburses you for your airfare .

    Here are some common trip cancellation reasons that aren t covered by Travel insurance as a standard reason, yet are covered by a Cancel For Any Reason Plan. Any of these events (and a lot more) are covered by a Cancel For Any Reason Plan:

    • You want to cancel your trip because you don t feel safe at your destination. With the rise of global terrorism, there are a lot of places in the world that were fine to visit, but now they can give you pause.
    • Along these lines, Civil Unrest and War aren t covered. If these things are happening at your destination, you probably won t want to go on your trip, either.
    • You just don t feel right about leaving. Maybe you just have a feeling it s not a good time to go on your trip. Ever had that feeling and you were glad you listened to it? I have: I was very close to my Paternal Grandparents. On August 29, 1997 I had a strong feeling I should, without delay, visit my Grandma who lived 200 miles away. I left immediately and had the best visit I ever had with her! Exactly 2 weeks later she died in her sleep. And, I was privileged to give the eulogy at her funeral.
    • You change your mind and don t want to go on your trip
    • You get a new job and your boss won t let you have the time off
    • Your adult children are idiots and their melodramas might cause you to cancel your trip
    • Your child or grandchild s team which is normally in last place is now in the State Championship Finals
    • Your already approved vacation comes at a bad time and you know it would be better if you didn t take your trip
    • Even though you and your significant other are madly in love , you still want to have a way out (maybe that plants a seed of discord?). More on this below .

    Here Are The Purchase Deadlines:

    • The CSA Freestyle Luxe deadline is no later than 24 hours after your initial trip payment
    • The Travel Guard Gold s Travel Guard Platinum s deadline is no later than 14 days after the date you made your initial trip payment
    • The MH Ross Complete plan s deadline is no later than 15 days after the date you made your initial trip payment
    • The Travel Insured Plus and plans deadlines are no later than 21 days after the date you made your initial trip payment
    • The Travelex Max plan s deadline is no later than 30 days after the date you made your initial trip payment

    All plans require:

    1. You insure 100% of your expected prepaid trip costs that would be non-refundable if you got hit by a cement truck on the day you were leaving for your trip and had to cancel at the last minute. Note this exception. The MH Ross Complete and TravelSafe Classic Plus plans allow you to insure the full prepaid cost of any specific travel arrangement without having to insure the full value of all your travel arrangements. For example, if you are flying to a cruise and you select Air / Cruise as your Type of Trip on the purchase application, you have to insure 100% of the cost of the airfare and the cruise to have CFAR coverage on the air and cruise. If you just insure the cruise, but not the full prepaid cost of the airfare you won t have CFAR on the air and cruise.;
    2. You also insure within 14 30 days (depending on the plan) of the payment for those arrangements including the cost of any subsequent arrangements (or any other subsequent arrangements not made through your travel agent) added to your Trip; and
    3. You are not disabled from travel at the time you pay your premium and
    4. You cancel your Trip more than two days (MH Ross, Travelex Max TravelSafe) or forty-eight hours (CSA, Travel Guard Travel Insured) prior to Your Scheduled Departure Date. Tip: 48 hours does not equal 2 calendar days. Click here to see why not .

    Important: There will be no coverage available under the Optional Cancel For Any Reason Benefit, if purchased if you insure an amount less than your total prepaid trip costs that are subject to any scheduled penalty on your Departure Date.

    This is handy to know: I use the term scheduled penalty below. A scheduled penalty is the total amount of money you d lose at the time you cancel your trip. Cruises Tours typically have a penalty schedule. And if you have a non-refundable airline ticket the entire cost will be the penalty because technically you can t get any of your money back if you cancel your trip.

    Here s a big drawback (besides the price the fact you don t get a 100% refund) in the Cancel For Any Reason coverage:

    A trip cancellation claim that is paid under the Cancel For Any Reason coverage means that any benefit you would get from cancelling your trip for a covered reason is lost. For example:

    • 2 people (significant others) are sharing a cabin on a cruise
    • Even though they are madly in love they still get Cancel For Any Reason coverage (maybe that plants a seed of discord?)
    • They have a falling out and one of them cancels their trip using their Cancel For Any Reason benefit
    • The other person does not receive the benefit (as in getting any money from the claim) of the additional cost incurred during the Covered Trip as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate (single supplement ).

    If you carefully examine this policy wording, you ll see what I mean: (italics mine)

    The Company will reimburse You, up to the maximum shown on the Confirmation of Coverage for Trip Cancellation, for the additional cost incurred during the Covered Trip as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate for prepaid travel arrangements if a person booked to share accommodations with You has his/her Covered Trip delayed, canceled, or interrupted for a covered reason and You do not cancel.

    The reason the traveler still going on the trip doesn t get their single supplement costs paid in a claim is because the Cancel For Any Reason coverage allows a person to cancel for a not-covered reason .

    Here s how much these plans reimburse you if you use the Cancel For Any Reason benefit:


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    Center for Responsible Travel #travel #repubic

    #responsible travel

    Current Reports:

    July 2015: Innovators Think Tank: Climate Change and Coastal Marine Tourism

    CREST partnered with the Puntacana Ecological Foundation and Puntacana Resort Club in the Dominican Republic to host the first ever Innovators Think Tank: Climate Change Coastal Tourism. Grupo Puntacana was one of the first large tourism complexes in the Caribbean to adopt good practices of both ecotourism and of climate change adaptation and mitigation. As hosts for this Think Tank, CREST and Puntacana brought together success stories from sustainable tourism innovators, as well as the latest evidence from climate change experts.В  The geographic focus of this invitation-only Think Tank was on North and Central America and the Caribbean.

    More information, including speaker presentations and program: www.innovators2015.com.

    April 2015: The Case for Responsible Travel: Trends Statistics 2015

    The Case for Responsible Travel: Trends and Statistics 2015 examines a wide range of surveys and studies done in the past five years to assess commitment to responsible travel, that is, travel that minimizes negative impacts, brings economic benefits to host communities, and preserves the cultural and natural resources of the destinations.

    Current Projects:

    Caribbean ‘Green’ Travel

    We are partnering with award-winning filmmaker Esther Figueroa, of Vagabond Media, to create a documentary about innovative, sustainable tourism practices in the Caribbean. The film will feature hotels tourism companies from four Caribbean islands: Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, and Jamaica. Release date is set for Fall 2015.

    CREST Projects in Mexico


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    Buy Senior Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip #magellan #travel

    #discount travel insurance

    Getting Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

    By Nancy Parode. Senior Travel Expert

    Nancy Parode’s travel and cultural articles have appeared in print magazines, such as Military Spouse and Northern Virginia. and on several websites, including Sixty and Me, IntoWine.com, The World I Online and NotForTourists.com. Nancy also blogged about military life for HometownAnnapolis.com, the website of Annapolis, Maryland’s The Capital newspaper. Tripping.com named Nancy’s Senior Travel blog here at About.com a Top Travel Blog in the Senior Travel category, and About.com’s Senior Travel website made Discover Corps ‘ list of Best Baby Boomer Travel Sites for 2105.

    Nancy has been featured on NPR affiliate WRVO Public Media’s “Take Care” radio show and BlogTalkRadio’s “Transformed Travel” show. She has been interviewed by The New York Times’ Frugal Travel writer Seth Kugel, SixtyandMe.com’s Margaret Manning, The Amateur Traveler’s Chris Christensen and consumer advocate Christopher Elliott.

    Consider these situations:

    • You fall and break your leg while visiting Croatia. You must fly home, yet cannot bend your left knee.
    • Two days before you are due to fly to New Zealand, you come down with this year’s strain of influenza.
    • Your cruise ship cannot leave on time because a hurricane is bearing down on your departure city.

    If you buy the right kind of travel insurance before your trip starts, you can recover the cost of your canceled trip or the extra expense of flying home while disabled.

    Continue Reading Below

    Consider purchasing travel insurance to prevent unexpected problems from ruining your dream vacation.

    Although some travel experts and even Consumer Reports claim that travel insurance isn’t worth the money, seniors should research this issue carefully for several reasons:

    • If your only medical insurance is Medicare or Medicaid and you plan to travel to another country, consider purchasing travel insurance. Medicare only pays for expenses incurred within the United States. If you should get sick or become injured while abroad, you will be expected to pay for your medical care up front, and emergency medical evacuation costs thousands of dollars.
    • If you are insured through an HMO, check to see if you can get emergency medical care outside of the HMO’s service area, and find out if a deductible applies. Some HMO’s will not cover out-of-region or overseas medical expenses. Travel insurance could be a good way to temporarily add to your health coverage if your HMO’s service area is limited.
    • If you book a trip or cruise and must prepay, you may face a penalty from your tour agency or cruise line if you need to cancel your trip. This penalty may be more than the cost of trip cancellation insurance. If so, trip cancellation insurance could protect you from a larger loss.

    Continue Reading Below

    • If you travel often, consider an annual membership in an emergency evacuation program, such as MedJet. For a few hundred dollars per year, you’ll receive emergency medical transportation to your chosen hospital if you should get sick or sustain an injury.

    Types of Travel Insurance

    Shopping for travel insurance can be confusing. There are many types of travel insurance plans; some cover only a particular group of losses, while others are comprehensive policies.

    According to the U. S. Travel Insurance Association (UStiA), there are three basic kinds of travel insurance coverage:

    • Trip cancellation insurance. This type of policy covers the cost of your airfare and other prepaid expenses if you need to cancel your trip. Trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you if you cannot make your trip because you or a family member becomes ill or if weather problems prevent you from traveling. It will also reimburse you for lost luggage. Some policies also cover financial default of your travel supplier.
    • Emergency medical coverage. This pays for medical care and the cost of emergency return travel. This coverage is especially useful for seniors because it pays for medical expenses incurred outside of your home country.
    • 24-hour telephone assistance. This coverage provides travelers with an easy way to locate doctors and get emergency help, and is especially helpful if you plan to travel to an area where English is not a common language.

    How to Shop for Travel Insurance

    Here are some tips for choosing a travel insurance policy.

    • Purchase travel insurance through your travel agent. A good travel agency will have working relationships with reputable travel insurance providers and will offer various types of policies.
  • Call your regular insurance agent and ask if s/he sells travel insurance.
  • Contact the U. S. Travel Insurance Association, the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada or a similar trade association in your home country. Ask for a list of travel insurance agents in your area. These professional associations also provide travel insurance information.
  • Ask around. If you participate in online discussion groups, such as AARP’s message boards, you can post a question about travel insurance and read about other travelers’ experiences. Discuss your travel plans with friends and ask if they have purchased travel insurance. Do some online research – for example, do a search on the name of a travel insurance company – to see if other travelers have reported problems.
  • Use an online insurance comparison site, such as InsureMyTrip.com. SquareMouth.com. or WorldTravelCenter.com to help you research coverage and costs.
  • Look for a policy that covers pre-existing conditions ; some don’t. Others will cover pre-existing conditions only if you purchase your policy within a specified time period after paying your trip deposit.
  • If you are taking a sports-related or adventure trip, look for a policy that covers sports-related injuries. Many travel insurance policies won’t pay for “high adventure” injuries.
  • Read the entire policy. Don t rely on someone else s description of coverage. If you don t understand what s covered and what s not, ask questions before you buy.
  • While travel insurance isn’t cheap – it can add up to as much as ten percent of your total trip cost – it can give you peace of mind and provide financial assistance if the worst should happen.


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    Book direct for our guaranteed cheapest prices #book #airline #tickets

    #airlines tickets

    The small print

    *Terms and conditions

    Over 250,000 seats under £29.99 – One way based on 269,829 seats for two people travelling on the same booking for travel between 14/12/15 and 30/06/2016. Correct as at 23/11/2015. Additional charges for credit card payment and baggage.

    ^Package holidays with 15% off per booking is valid for departures from the UK when you make a new booking for a minimum of 3 nights on the easyJet holidays website before midnight on 01 December 2015 for travel up to the 4th September 2016. You must enter the promo code ORANGE15 when booking. Your voucher code can only be used once per booking and can’t be used on top of any other voucher offer. Holidays are provided by Hotelopia SLU trading as easyJet holidays. ATOL protected 10915. Other terms and conditions apply.

    Luton, Luton, Lutone from £29.99 – Flight price one way based on two people travelling on the same booking. Additional charges for credit card payment and baggage. 79,618 seats at £29.99 or under. Travel between 9th October 2015 and 26th June 2016. Availability and price correct as at 9th October 2015.

    Flight prices: One way per person, based on 2 people travelling on the same booking. Includes admin fee airport taxes. Additional charges for credit card payment and baggage.

    Flight prices in external advertising: One way per person, based on 1, 2 or 4 people travelling (as indicated) on the same booking. Includes admin fee airport taxes. Additional charges for credit card payment and baggage. Find out more about how our pricing works.

    Fly from London Gatwick from £29.99 – Flight price one way based on two people travelling on the same booking. Additional charges for credit card payment and baggage. 281,938 seats at £29.99 or under. Travel between 1st November 2015 and 04th September 2016. Availability and price correct as at 28th October 2015.


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    Best Travel Insurance for 2015 #world #travel

    #travel insuranc

    Compare Reviews for Travel Insurance

    Anything can happen while you re on vacation, so it s important to be prepared before your bags are even packed. Check out these common travel insurance scenarios to see if you could benefit from travel insurance on your next trip.

    Planning the perfect vacation is a task that takes months, and many people sink thousands of dollars into a trip. A sudden emergency, bad weather or lost luggage can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Travel insurance offers peace of mind when planning a vacation. It may cover cancellations, flight delays, property damage, lost luggage, health emergencies and much more.

    What features matter most?

    Protection from Cancellation, Delay or Interruption

    Sometimes, situations beyond your control impact your travel plans. Weather, family tragedies, illness, work and other issues can cause you to cancel, postpone or interrupt your trip.

    • Weather or worker delays. Some travel insurance policies offer reimbursement for trips interrupted by worker strikes or the weather.
    • Sickness, injury or death. An illness, injury or death of your or a loved one might require a trip cancellation, but with the right coverage it won t cost the policyholder financially.
    • Work-related interruptions. If work interferes with your ability to travel, you can cancel and get your money back with the right coverage. The same is true if you become unemployed, making a trip an unwise expenditure.
  • Medical and dental coverage

    Transportation coverage

    Customer service

    Property loss or damage

    Extensions on demand

    What are different types of travel insurance?

    One-time only

    Annual plan

    Long-term plan

    Group plans

    Like many products, buying several policies at once may offer a group discount. Typically, these are sold to groups of 10 or more.

    Domestic or international


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  • Best Travel Pillow – Travel Pillow Reviews – Travel Pillow for

    #travel pillows for airplanes

    Travel Pillow Reviews:

    We’ve all tried sleeping on an airplane or in a car only to have our neck suddenly fall forward and jar us awake. Some people can never even get comfortable enough to fall asleep in the first place. I have traveled back and forth from the west coast to Europe several times this year and I finally broke down and bought a travel pillow to try and help. I wanted something that would not only support my neck and head, but also allow me to get much needed rest on those 11 hour flights. The pillow they give you on board the planes are terrible and offer very little support. I used to try and get 2 pillows from the flight attendant and push them together but it never really improved things. Travel pillows are relatively cheap and definitely worth the investment if you travel a lot on airplanes. Many of the pillows double for ones you can have your kids use in cars as well. I know my kids always fall asleep while we are driving, but their heads droop without a pillow for support.

    Buying Guide – The top brands are TravelRest, Eagle Creek, Bucky Samsonite, iJoy, and Brentwood. You will find travel pillows at Skymall.com, Brookstone.com, REI, Target. and Amazon.com. Most are inflatable but some are normal down pillows that you can carry in your car or on a plane. I recently used my inflatable travel pillow on a backpacking trip since it was lightweight and easy to carry. There’s no doubt that using one of these pillows in a slightly reclined seat or chair is much easier than when sitting straight up. Look for ones with the best neck support and don’t feel like the horseshoe shaped travel pillows are your only choice. The TravelRest pillows are shaped differently and reviews say they are better than most. I have also seen some people on airline flights using the Skyrest pillow which sits in front of you and you lean forward and rest your head and upper body. It’s take a while to get used to this sleeping position, but many owner reviews are in favor of this style of travel pillow. Expect to spend anywhere between $15 and $50 for a good pillow. The biggest complaint we found amongst all the brands is that they lose their air too fast. Some comments posted online from consumers said that their pillows developed leaks within a few months and the pillow was rendered useless. Eagle Creek and Bucky are the most popular and best selling travel pillows on Amazon with very favorable feedback from owners. You can read travel pillow reviews online at Amazon as each product they carry has extensive unbiased postings from actual owners. You can browse the top selling travel pillows online here 09/09/2017

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    Best apps for booking last-minute hotel rooms #peru #travel

    #find a hotel

    Best apps for booking last-minute hotel rooms

    Story Highlights

      More than half of all hotel phone bookings are made the same day


    Imagine this scenario: You’re at a party and you’ve had a couple of cocktails and you don’t want to make that 45-minute journey home.

    Or you’re on a road trip, and you just need a few hours of sleep before you make that final push to your destination.

    Or maybe you’re on a business trip and your work is not yet done. So you’ve got to spend one more night in town and the hotel you were at is sold out.

    There are all sorts of reasons that force travelers to book a hotel room at the last minute. It used to be that you’d have to pick up your phone and call several hotels to see if they had a room in your price range.

    Now, there are a number of mobile apps that either specialize in last-minute hotel bookings or have sections that do.

    According to market research company PhoCusWright, 18% of online sales at hotels this year — or $7.5 billion — will come from Smartphone and tablets on websites and apps. More than half of all phone bookings are made the same day.

    Here are a few of the best apps:


    (Free, available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

    Priceline is best known as a hotel bidding site. You name your price and desired star rating of the hotel, and you book the room without knowing the name of the hotel. First you choose the location and the star level, and then you enter your bid. I asked for a five-star hotel in Downtown D.C. near the White House. The median retail price for that kind of hotel, I was told, was $351. If I didn’t want to bid on a room, I could opt for an “Express Deal” instead for a similar hotel for $282 but I’d have to be comfortable with finding out the name of the hotel after booking. I decided to place a bid for $250. I got a room for a total of $296.81 with taxes and fees. But I would not find out the name of the hotel until I typed in my credit card number. If I didn’t feel comfortable with that, I could browse the day’s dozens of available hotel rooms, organized by proximity to where I was. The closest hotel to me, 0.4 miles away, was the four-star Omni Shoreham at $289. It had a guest score of 9.1 out of 10. The score, based on 132 reviews, was broken down into cleanliness, dining, staff and location. A photo gallery and list of amenities were also available.


    (Free, available on Android, iOS)


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    Graduate programs for industrial organizational psychology #graduate #programs #for #industrial #organizational


    M.S. Industrial/Organizational Program


    The Master of Science Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology provides a comprehensive slate of I/O-specific courses designed to prepare students for immediate entry into careers in applied settings. Academic coursework is supplemented with an applied externship completed for academic credit. The program requirements provide excellent preparation for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. upon completion of the MS. The course of study also includes a strong, five-course quantitative sequence in research methodology, statistics, and measurement. I/O students are expected to become competent in theory, research, and application of psychology as each relates to human behavior in private and public organizations.

    The primary objective of the industrial/organizational program is to provide students with the skills to apply the principles and methods of psychology to organizations, public and private, and to settings where people are engaged in work. To be successful in this application, the graduate must have developed knowledge and appreciation of psychological theory and research as they apply to organizations and people at work, and mastery of the measurement and research technologies which are commonly used in the discipline.

    Externship Program

    The externship program is currently under the direction of Dr. Ken Shultz. The standard externship experience is at least half-time work over a three-month period. It is typically completed during the summer after the first year’s coursework. Southern California’s urban areas provide a wealth of opportunities for hands-on experience. Students have completed externships with such organizations as Sempra (Southern California Gas Company), The Los Angeles Unified School District, the Betty Ford Center, Edison International, and Fleetwood Enterprises. We believe the externship experience is a major contributing factor to the marketability of our graduating students.

    Note. The forms listed above require Microsoft Word to view. If you need the reader, you can the Microsoft Word Viewer for free.

    Student Programs

    Dr. Mark Agars is the current faculty sponsor of the I/O student group “Students Promoting Industrial/Organizational Psychology” (SPI/OP). SPI/OP hosts guest speaker presentations on compelling themes in human resource management. Through committee work, newsletter contributions, and interaction with business student organizations, active members can develop connections with regional business organizations and can become a part of the SPI/OP network of future I/O professionals.

    Selected I/O students also contribute their time and energies to a mentoring program for new undergraduate students. Dr. Agars is the current director of our student mentoring program. Upon selection, entering students are assigned to a second-year student who can provide information and advice.

    For students seeking admission in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Option, the following also are required for classified status:

    1. Completion of the following prerequisite courses or their equivalent:
      1. PSYC 100. Introduction to Psychology
      2. PSYC 210. Psychological Statistics or MSCI 210. Applied Business Statistics
      3. PSYC 311. Introduction to Experimental Psychology
    2. The following courses (or equivalent) are recommended:
      1. PSYC 302. Management and Organizational Behavior or MGMT 302. Management and Organizational Behavior
      2. PSYC 355. Industrial Psychology or MGMT 455. Human Resources Management
      3. PSYC 377. Tests and Measurements Program of Study for the Industrial/Organizational M.S. Degree

    Degree Requirements (75 units)

    1. PSYC 581A. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Current Professional Issues (2)
    2. PSYC 581B. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Organizational Leadership (2)
    3. PSYC 581C. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Processes of Work Groups (2)
    4. PSYC 581D. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Training and Executive Development (2)
    5. PSYC 581E. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Ethical Issues in Organizations (2)
    6. PSYC 581F. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Diversity in Organizations (2)
    7. PSYC 581G. Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Legal Issues for the I/O Professional (2)
    8. PSYC 601. Performance Assessment (4)
    9. PSYC 602. Organizational Development (4)
    10. PSYC 603. Personnel Selection and Validation (4)
    11. PSYC 604. Work Motivation and Organizational Reward Systems (4)
    12. PSYC 611. Advanced Independent Study (2-5) for a total of (5)
    13. PSYC 640. Advanced Methods in Psychological Research (4)
    14. PSYC 641. Analysis of Variance (5)
    15. PSYC 642. Regression and Nonparametric Statistics (4)
    16. PSYC 643. Multivariate Methods (4)
    17. PSYC 644. Applied Psychological Measurement (4)
    18. PSYC 675. Practicum in Applied Psychology (4)
    19. PSYC 689. Externship in Applied Psychology (2-5) for a total of (4)
    20. PSYC 699. Thesis (5)
    21. Four units chosen from: PSYC 650. Advanced Cognitive Psychology (4)
      PSYC 652. Advanced Learning and Motivation (4)
      PSYC 654. Advanced Life-Span Developmental Psychology (4)
      PSYC 656. Advanced Biological Psychology (4)
      PSYC 658. Advanced Personality and Social Psychology (4)
    22. A minimum of two units chosen from: ACCT 503. Financial Accounting (4)
      ECON 503. Economic Analysis (4)
      FIN 503. Financial Management Concepts (4)
      MGMT 601. Organization Theory and Behavior (4)
      MGMT 641. Managing Human Resources (4)
      MGMT 642. Communication and Interpersonal Processes (4)
      MGMT 644. Industrial Relations (4)
      MGMT 655. Leadership for Modern Organizations. (4)
      MGMT 660. Managing Teams in the Workplace. (4)
      PSYC 612. Directed Readings (2-5)
      PSYC 636. Cross-Cultural Counseling (4)
      PSYC 665. Psychopathology (4)
      PSYC 679. Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (4)
      May choose only one of the following two courses:
      PSYC 540. Work, Retirement, and Leisure(4)
      HD 540. Work, Retirement, and Leisure(4)

    An advanced writing course (306) is also required. This class is typically taken during the first year and must be completed before students can advance to candidacy. Qualified students may waive this requirement by demonstrating comparable level work from their undergraduate curriculum.

    To apply to the MS Industrial/Organizational Psychology program, please visit our Graduate Admissions webpage for deadlines and step-by-step instructions.


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    Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Court Senior Apartments #weinberg #community #for #senior


    Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Court Apartments

    Baltimore Senior Apartments

    Welcome to carefree retirement living at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Court Apartments, a part of the Stadium Place campus located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our well-designed one bedroom apartments for rent feature a fully-equipped kitchen, wall-to-wall carpeting and ample closet space. Small pets are also welcome in our community. Handicap accessible apartments are available.

    Weinberg Court offers a multitude of amenities to allow you to enjoy a maintenance-free, convenient lifestyle. Our friendly onsite staff provides excellent customer service as well as 24 hour emergency maintenance and package receiving. Enjoy spending time with friends and family in one of our many common areas, which include a multi-purpose community room with a kitchen, library, indoor sun room and an outdoor patio. Utilize the computer lab to browse the Internet or enjoy the outdoors while gardening in our raised planting beds. You will have easy access to the amenities located in our on-campus sister communities including a theatre, onsite physician and a beauty salon. As a resident, you can also take advantage of our Eating Together Program.

    As part of the Stadium Place campus in Baltimore City, Weinberg Court is located with easy access to shopping, dining, and the Waverly Branch Library, as well as numerous medical facilities including Union Memorial, Johns Hopkins, and Good Samaritan Hospital. Stadium Place is also enhanced with a YMCA, which provides intergenerational social and recreational opportunities for campus residents and the surrounding community. Enjoy senior living the way you deserve at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Court Apartments! Call us today to schedule a tour!

    Community Features & Amenities

    Apartment Features

    • Fully-equipped Kitchen
    • Garbage Disposal
    • Cable Ready
    • Handicap Accessible
    • Wall-to-wall carpeting
    • Window Treatments
    • Linen Closet

    Community Amenities

    • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance
    • Onsite Management
    • Community Room
    • Computer Lab
    • Library
    • Movie Theatre
    • Onsite Laundry Room
    • Controlled Access Entry
    • Shuttle Service
    • Convenient to Bus Line
    • Pet-friendly up to 35 lbs
    • Package Receiving
    • Outdoor Patio
    • Indoor Sun Room
    • Raised Planting Beds
    • YMCA on Campus
    • Eating Together Program

    View the floor plans

    Typical Floor Plan


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    College Visits and Tours for Families #planning #college #visits, #personal #assistant,


    The professionals at Custom College Visits have the in-depth knowledge and experience to create amazing college road trip experiences for your family.

    Each custom designed itinerary includes all on-campus meetings and activities, as well as coordination of travel and hotel logistics.

    Itineraries are designed based on colleges that interest your teen and each trip is scheduled according to your preferred travel dates.

    Not sure what type of college will be the best fit for your teen?

    We will plan a multi-campus itinerary that will let you and your teen explore different types of colleges and universities all based on your teen’s specific educational interests and lifestyle preferences.

    Since 2009, Custom College Visits has been privileged to assist teens and families from around the world with their college tours.

    Summer college tours can be particularly challenging for parents or teens to organize.

    Call us +1 (650) 931-4515 or (800) 930-1701 for a free consultation.

    Please scroll down to read what parents say about our college road trip itineraries.

    “A friend who is a maven in finding outstanding resources, recommended Janice and Custom College Visits as we began the daunting college selection process. We worked with Janice on two fronts; to help create a list of colleges and to set-up meaningful colleges visits. The college visits were also a lot of fun for us as a family and very informative on so many levels. More importantly Janice helped make the college selection process manageable, not so daunting after all, and we felt no stone was left unturned in this important decision.

    Tracy P. Parent of a New York City high school Senior

    Thank you so much for planning such a wondrous experience for our son. The careful attention to detail was evident at every turn. Custom College Visits planning effort provided an appropriate path of discovery for our son and for us.

    Michael C. New Jersey parent of a high school Junior

    Hi Janice, Our trip was a thoroughly enjoyable family adventure! Thank you so much for the unique opportunities that you created for our daughter at each college. Meeting with a student at Harvard, was probably the most informative way to start the entire trip. She devoted a lot of time (in the rain) providing real college life details. She swiped us into dining halls, dorms & buildings that we might not have seen otherwise. The sophomore session at Princeton was wonderful! Thank you so much for everything that you did! We really were able to get the most out of each campus visit! Best, Julie

    Julie, Parent of a high school Junior in Southern California

    I found working with Custom College Visits a very positive experience. They were able to pinpoint colleges that were best suited for my daughter and the travel plans were well organized. In addition, they were able to set up an interview with a member of a college color guard, as my daughter had expressed interest in going to a school that had a color guard. I am very pleased with my experience with Custom College Visits, and would recommend them highly.

    Mark L. Parent of high school junior in Northern California

    Lili got accepted into her first choice school today (early decision): Boston University! She is thrilled beyond belief and relieved as well. We could not have done it without your help, it was invaluable. I think the High School Honors program she did there was probably very helpful and we would not have know about it without your forwarding the information to us. You rock! So, I am tipping my hat today to both you and Lili!

    Kim T. Parent of high school senior in Kansas

    I am happy to tell you that Nivi has been accepted early decision to Brown University. She is the first ivy leaguer in our family and we couldn’t be more proud! Her decision to apply was made easier because of the excellent experience she had during her customized tour via your company so thank you so much! We will be sure to recommend you to our friends here..

    Gayathri S. Parent of high school senior Chennai, India

    Thank you again for being so good at what you do. Our trip to the US was a huge success. I was on the verge of cancelling the trip but knew I couldn’t let my son down. That I even found you on the internet was a direct answer to my prayer for a miracle. The itinerary worked very well. I knew I was in good hands even before I boarded the plane to the U.S. and your attention to detail far exceeded my expectation.

    Egbe O. Parent of international high school student

    We had a wonderful trip to Philadelphia and Boston thanks to Janice Caine of Custom College Visits. She worked out an itinerary from start to finish. We visited 9 schools and it was as smooth as possible. Janice worked out tours and information sessions as well as meetings with tennis coaches.We have boy/girl twins and both were happy which is not an easy achievement. Not only did Janice work out the schedule but she recommended great schools in both towns. We would highly recommend her.

    Phil S. Parent of high school students SF Bay Area

    “Thank you SO MUCH for your involvement in the Splash Parents’ Program this weekend! I am just reviewing the feedback forms, and your presentation received rave reviews across the board; many parents cited it as the highlight of the program for them! Some verbatim quotes include: ‘The Planning and Preparing for College Visits was a great eye opener;’ Thank you for all the effort, energy, and enthusiasm you put into making the event such a success.”

    Marisa M. Coordinator, Splash Parents’ Program Stanford University

    Our college process was two-fold. It began with getting a jump start on the standardized testing, and not waiting until spring of junior year to focus. I believe our outcome was successful because we had a well-managed plan helped along by an expert, Janice Caine, of Custom College Visits.

    Lisa L. Parent of high school students SF Bay Area

    Happy New Year! Wanted to let you know that Charlie was accepted to Johns Hopkins Early Decision! Great news and very exciting all around. Thank you for all your help.

    Beth A. Parent of a high school senior. Massachusetts


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    2017 Subaru Legacy – Midsize Sedan #subaru #legacy #sti #for #sale


    The 2017 Subaru Legacy

    Safe and Dependable

    Engineering You Can Feel

    Comfort and Convenience

    Take a Guided Tour

    Send an Email

    Thank You

    Thank You

    Thank You

    Thank You

    Schedule a Test Drive

    Thank You

    Thank You

    Special Offers

    * Manufacturer’s suggested retail price does not include destination and delivery charges, tax, title and registration fees. Destination and delivery includes handling and inland freight fees and may vary in some states. Prices, specifications, options, features and models subject to change without notice.

    ** EPA-estimated fuel economy. Actual mileage may vary.

    Subaru has the utmost respect for the environment and is a proud partner of Leave No Trace. Care was taken not to harm the environment when taking this photo.

    Subaru, SUBARU BOXER, BRZ, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, STI, Tribeca, WRX, XV Crosstrek and EyeSight are registered trademarks.

    iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.; Brembo is a registered trademark of Freni Brembo S.p.A.; Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A and Alcantara is produced by Toray Group.; TORSEN is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.; BBS is a registered trademark of BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG.; Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.; HomeLink and the HomeLink house icon are registered trademarks of Gentex Corporation.; Aha and Harman Kardon are a registered trademarks of Harman International Industries, Inc.; Android is a trademark of Google Inc.; HD Radio is a registered trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation.; Pandora is a registered trademark of Pandora Media, Inc.; SiriusXM and SiriusXM NavTraffic are registered trademarks of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Inc.; iHeart is a registered trademark of Clear Channel.

    Subaru of America, Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice or obligation to the information contained on this Internet site, prices, incentive programs, specifications, equipment, colors, materials, product illustrations and to change or discontinue models. All prices are based upon Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (“”MSRP””) in U.S. dollars (unless otherwise indicated) and exclude taxes, title fees, licensing, options and destination charges unless specifically included. Retailers are independent businesses and are free to set their own retail prices. All information contained at this Internet site is intended for the USA market only.

    */1 Manufacturer’s suggested retail price does not include destination and delivery charges, tax, title and registration fees. Destination and delivery includes handling and inland freight fees and may vary in some states. Prices, specifications, options, features and models subject to change without notice.

    ** EPA-estimated fuel economy. Actual mileage may vary.

    Subaru has the utmost respect for the environment and is a proud partner of Leave No Trace. Care was taken not to harm the environment when taking this photo.

    Subaru, SUBARU BOXER, BRZ, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, STI, Tribeca, WRX, XV Crosstrek and EyeSight are registered trademarks

    iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.; Brembo is a registered trademark of Freni Brembo S.p.A.; Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A and Alcantara is produced by Toray Group.; TORSEN is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.; BBS is a registered trademark of BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG.; Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.; HomeLink and the HomeLink house icon are registered trademarks of Gentex Corporation.; Aha and Harman Kardon are a registered trademarks of Harman International Industries, Inc.; Android is a trademark of Google Inc.; HD Radio is a registered trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation.; Pandora is a registered trademark of Pandora Media, Inc.; SiriusXM and SiriusXM NavTraffic are registered trademarks of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Inc.; iHeart is a registered trademark of Clear Channel.

    Subaru of America, Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice or obligation to the information contained on this Internet site, prices, incentive programs, specifications, equipment, colors, materials, product illustrations and to change or discontinue models. All prices are based upon Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (“”MSRP””) in U.S. dollars (unless otherwise indicated) and exclude taxes, title fees, licensing, options and destination charges unless specifically included. Retailers are independent businesses and are free to set their own retail prices. All information contained at this Internet site is intended for the USA market only.

    Find a Retailer


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