Gopher Control Rodent Blaster Hot Shot Propane Remote Pest Control for



What Is Your Time Worth?

How much time and money have you spent over the years setting traps and poisons? Our Rodent Blaster HS1 Remote allows the user to be 20+ feet from the rodents hole when you ignite a precise mixture of propane and oxygen which causes a concussion that instantly kills the rodent and collapses the tunnel. Quick! The Rodent Blaster HS1Remote is an organically safe very easy to use pest control system for damaging ground squirrels, gopher control and other problem destructive rodents. The Rodent Blaster HS1 Remote eliminates problem ground squirrels, control gophers, ground hogs, moles, voles, prairie dogs, badgers and all rodents that eat, chew, dig and destroy our yards. We have had 15+ years to develop our latest HS1 Remote systems. The best part is that when you order by noon, we will ship your order the same day! Guaranteed!

American Made Products

Rodent Blaster HS-1 Remote products are environmentally friendly, organically safe since no poisonous gases or chemicals are used. It injects a precise mixture of propane and oxygen and then quickly detonates from a safe distance with our remote detonating device to exterminate the pests quickly, safely and humanely without any dangerous poisons or traps. It also collapses the tunnel at the same time. It is safe for the environment and will not harm pets and wildlife unlike dangerous poisons and traps. It only costs pennies per blast to operate.

Unbeatable Quality

The unbeatable quality of the HS-1 Remote control from Rodent Blaster. Many changes and improvements over the 15+ years have given us an outstanding product. We have thousands of customers over the years using our products for gopher control and other rodents. These include ranchers, farmers, vineyards, schools, park and recreation, home owners, orchards, forestry service and others. We only makes industrial quality products. No cheap imported junk here!

This is why you may want to use our HS1 Remote system with the remote detonator!

Being 20+ feet away from the blast is very nice.


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Light Commercial – Mobile – Bard HVAC #wall-mount,wall-mounts,wall-mount #air #conditioners,a/c, #wall-mount


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Why cut a hole in the roof when you can put a smart Bard wall-mount unit on the side of your commercial building instead? Bard s vertical package wall-mount systems feature more enhancements than typical rooftop units, including patented features such as factory or field-installed ventilation options and control modules. Our vertical wall-mount units operate in the normal ambient environment, meaning much higher energy savings and a significant increase in economizer hours.

The Bard way is the smarter way to cool your building. Our wall-mount units operate in a much softer environment than 130 rooftops, which means greater efficiency, increased economizer operating hours and significantly longer life-spans. Plus, unlike most rooftop units, Bard offers active dehumidification sequence which is incredibly valuable to you when adding fresh-air ventilation to comply with building codes.

Just like the mobile structures you design, Bard mobile-unit HVAC system have durability and reliability as their cornerstones. Our systems are made to operate at temperatures ranging from
-30 F to +130 F and switch automatically from 50Hz to 60Hz. Bard systems are designed and tested to ensure they can take a beating on the road and still perform like champs.

Why put an HVAC unit on the roofs where they are hard to service, cause leaks and are subjected to severe and extreme heat? Bard wall-mount units offer everything a rooftop unit does, but in a much smarter and more efficient manner. Taking your air conditioner off of your roof can save you money and significantly increase equipment lifespan of your equipment.

Bard units are known industry-wide to be among the most reliable and easiest to maintain HVAC systems available. Bard engineers always design our units with the HVAC pros in mind, making accessibility and diagnosis one of our top design goals. When it comes to matching today’s highest efficiency requirements with yesterday’s durability, no one does it better than Bard.


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