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Willkommen bei Oktoberfest in Tulsa!

Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa celebrates an authentic Bavarian culture in the heart of Oklahoma, and represents an incredible setting patterned after Oktoberfest Munich in Bavaria, Germany. Scheduled for October 19 22, with a private, Corporate Night evening on Wednesday, October 18, Oktoberfest presents international German bands, Bavarian delicacies, authentic arts and crafts as well as games and competitions for the entire family. Entering its 39th year, you ll enjoy große (huge) quantities of bratwurst, German beers, Bavarian cheesecake, great music and thousands of your friends together at one place at the new River West Festival Park with 40,000 square feet of new tents, stages and more.

Named a 2016 Top Ten Oktoberfest as ranked by USA Today and as well as by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa has just been named by Orbitz as one of the five Largest Oktoberfests in America!

Corporate Night Tables go on sale to previous participants on June 20, and will open to the general public on July 6!

Oct 19


  • 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • German Bands, Bier and Food
  • Das Glockenspiel, Dorfrocker
  • $10 general admission

Oct 20


  • 11:00 am 1:00 am
  • Dorfrocker, Das Ist Lustig,
  • Das Glockenspiel
  • Euro Disco
  • Free admission until 4:00 PM courtesy of Zeeco!

Oct 21


  • 11:00 am 1:00 am
  • Games and Competitions
  • Siegi s World Championship Sausage Eating Contest
  • Dorfrocker, Das Ist Lustig

Oct 22


  • 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Dachshund Dash and Costume Parade
  • Biers and Food from Bavaria
  • $10 general admission


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Associates degree in dental assisting #associates #degree #in #dental #assisting, #your


  • A Rewarding Career

A career of helping people improve their dental health will be rewarding and enormously satisfying for you. No two days will ever be the same and your job will continuously renew itself. This is a career that will always be in demand by the dental profession and in need of well-trained and caring dental assistants.

The job opportunities for trained dental assistants are excellent in today’s marketplace. In most areas, there is an acute shortage of dental assistants. Dental assisting is a career that allows you the freedom to work anywhere throughout the world. No matter where you move, there will always be a job opportunity for you.

About ADAP

Our courses are conducted 3 to 4 times a year. Except for certain holiday weekends, each session runs 10 consecutive weeks. Students will receive eight classroom/clinical hours of instruction per week for a total of 80 hours of instruction.

Read More Being a graduate of the Auburn Dental Assisting Program has enabled me to work successfully. I learned the basic skills I needed to facilitate in gaining additional knowledge I must use in my current position. Thanks to everyone who went the extra mile for me. – Trish C. Like Us on Facebook

Why Choose Us

We are the Premiere Dental Assisting Program in the East Alabama and West Georgia Region.
Your tuition covers everything

One class tuition payment covers everything required for a full years course. learn more


Take advantage of our Early Enrollment Special by booking a month before the first day of class. Payment options are available.


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High School in Australia #simpsons #travel

#student travel australia

High School in Australia


Welcome to Australia!

Greenheart Travel s high school program in Australia provides the opportunity to participate in exciting school-based activities such as drama productions, music bands, weekend sports and adventure activities, while immersing yourself in the Aussie way of life. Learn to speak Australian slang and try a bit of Vegamite in a friendly community set in one of South Australia’s unique regional landscapes. Experience life in the land down under and start your High School Australia application today!

Studying in the South Australian hills will allow you to experience the many wildlife parks where you can cuddle with a koala and feed a kangaroo! Exploring the Adelaide Central Business District will allow you to visit the Adelaide Central Markets and the Adelaide Zoo!

In between visits to art galleries and museums, check out the South Australian beaches! They are perfect for swimming, fishing, snorkeling or surfing.

Your host family might take you to visit surrounding sites such as Kangaroo Island, Remarkable Rocks, or Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in South Australia with plenty of walking trails and opportunities to spot native wildlife!


Check out a typical school day in a South Australian high school:

8.30am: Arrive at school. Home group for attendance and daily notices.

8.30am 10.45am: Lessons such as English and Information Technology

10.45am: Recess (a short break for a drink and snack)

11.00am 12.45pm: Lessons such as Geography and Mathematics

12.45pm: Lunch (time to eat lunch with your friends, attend activity clubs, music lessons or sport practice)

1.30pm 3.30pm: Lesson such as Home Economics and Science

3.30pm: School finishes. Many students are involved in after school sports or music bands.

Greenheart Travel Global Explorer Scholarship

All of us at Greenheart Travel feel that traveling abroad is a life-changing experience that shapes students to become global leaders, and we’re excited to offer the opportunity for high school students to experience full cultural immersion through our Greenheart Travel Global Explorer Scholarship opportunities. Scholarship winners will be chosen based on academic merit and financial need, as well as a submitted writing sample and photo essay.

Learn more on our scholarship page about how you can apply for a $3,000 Global Explorer Scholarship for a trimester program in Australia!


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Guide to low-cost airlines in Europe. #gullivers #travel

#low cost travel

Guide to low-cost airlines in Europe

In the past few years, the travel game has changed drastically.

Where travelling by plane used to be an expensive mode of transport that could only be afforded by the rich, the rise in low-cost airlines means that nowadays it can be one of the cheapest ways to get around. Budget airlines offer cheap flights between European (and more recently, further afield) cities – these flights are usually found for under £200 return, but it s not unheard of to get flights for under £30 return. Demand for cheap airfare has not only caused a dramatic increase in low-cost airlines, with new airlines coming into existence yearly, but has also meant that more and more destinations within Europe are being served – these days, it is often cheaper to fly between European destinations than it would be to get a train or bus! Crazy, right?!

Asides from the budget airline giants like Ryanair and easyJet, who have varied and growing flight routes that serve almost every major European city, most budget airlines operate between several specific regions. Smaller airlines may only have flights that fly between international hubs and key cities in their home country, and some airlines may specialise in flights between certain countries. For example, Hungarian airline Wizz Air connects Western European cities to several key areas of Eastern Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania.

Currently, there are around 37 low-cost airlines operating, although turnover is fast and new companies are coming onto the scene yearly.


Unlike more traditional air carriers, low-cost airlines are often thought to deliver no-frills service – with low cost airlines, you really do get what you pay for, and anything more than the flight will cost you. Expect to pay for:

•  Food and drink

Often far more expensive than even airport food, so it is a good idea to bring food with you.

•  Check in bags

Most airlines allow passengers to carry hand luggage up to 10kg for free (check sizing policies), but charge to store luggage in the hold. One 15kg bag could cost you from £15-30, and sports equiptment and pushchairs are always more expensive to transport.NOTE: it is a lot cheaper to buy check in luggage online than it is to do so at the airport. Also be aware that most airlines charge for overweight luggage – don t underestimate the weight of your bag, or you will pay a hefty fine.

• Tax. as decided by the government.

• Seat allocation – seats aren t allocated on low cost airlines, so if you want to ensure you sit by your partner or friend, it will cost you around £5 to reserve a seat.

• Admin fees. as charged by the airlines (easyJet currently charge £12 per transaction)

• Check-in fee

Whilst online check-in is free with most budget airlines, forget to do this and you will face a whopping fee at the check-in desk (up to £140!), so don t forget to check-in online before your flight!

•Boarding card fee

Most airlines will allow you the option of printing your boarding card yourself (usually an A4 printout). Don t forget, as replacing the ticket the desk can cost as much as £20. However, some airlines are ticketless, and only require a confirmation number and passport, so do check before you fly.

• Credit card fee

It is cheaper to buy your tickets with a debit card, as booking with a credit card currently carries around a 2% fee. However, booking with a credit card is safer – if you spend more than £100 and something goes wrong with the flight, the credit card company and airline are jointly liable.

A lot of low-cost airlines will also try to sell you travel insurance, car hire and hotel bookings, so check your bill before you pay to avoid any unwanted expenditure!

• Travelling with a baby

Some airlines charge a fee for travelling with an infant on your lap. Check with the airline to avoid any nasty surprises.

Although the hidden costs of low-cost airlines can be extensive and off-putting, flights are still cheap even with added costs and fees. Flights are generally relatively well-run and, although quite basic, value for money. When booked tactically, flights can cost as little as £15 one way, including fees.

Flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner and Momondo are a great way to compare the cost of rival airlines.

Some more tips for getting cheap flights

•Flying midweek is often cheaper than weekends

•Flying early in the morning or late at night is also often cheaper

•Avoiding high season (public holidays, summer and winter) can save money

•Lots of airlines have online flash sales and sell advance flights for cheap

•Booking in advance is always cheaper

•Following competition from budget airlines, traditional airlines have reduced their fares and sometimes offer sales on flights – keeping an eye on their prices is always a good idea, as their prices are occasionally only marginally more expensive than budget airlines.

•If there are no cheap fares for your preferred destination, get creative and look at cheaper nearby airports. For example, a flight from London Stanstead to tourist hotspot Krakow can be pricey (around £300), but a flight to Katowice (under 2 hours away from Krakow by bus) can cost almost £120 less. A pre-booked transfer from Katowice to Krakow can cost as little as £15 per person – booking tactically can save you money. London itself has three hubs for 3 low-cost airlines Stansted, Luton and Gatwick with coach transfers possible between all three so keep that in mind.

Other things to watch out for on low-cost airlines

•Flights schedules are often tightly packed, so expect domino effect delays if one flight is late. Most budget airlines are point to point and often have a questionable policy regarding refunding delayed or cancelled flights (i.e they won t) so check before you book.

•Leave enough time between connecting flights, as budget airlines will rarely transfer your luggage from plane to plane- you often have to collect your own luggage and check it in again.

•Budget airlines often use secondary airports to keep prices low. These airports are often found in obscure locations, far away from the city they are meant to be in. For example, if you book a low-cost flight to Paris, don t assume that the flight will land in the well known Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport – most budget carriers actually use Paris Beauvais Airport, which is a good 90 km out of the city itself! Although these secondary airports do offer transportation to the city centre, this can often be costly so it is a good idea to organise transport to the city before you fly, or risk losing the initial saving you made on your air fare.

Table of low-cost airlines in Europe


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Group Travel in Italy #travel #to #india

#group travel packages

Group Travel in Italy

Let our group specialists arrange the perfect itinerary for your group!

Traveling with a group can sometimes be tricky, but with the help of our group specialists, your group’s Italy Vacation will be a seamless and exciting experience.

As a group, you have many options on how you’d like to explore Italy. Most importantly, we can completely customize your itinerary to make sure there is something for everyone.

You can choose from our most popular 3-city visit, of Rome, Florence, Venice or if you’ve been to Italy before, break out and try something different. We can organize cooking classes and vineyard visits in Tuscany and Veneto, pizza making in Naples, private tours of classic sites, and more – just ask!

So if you have a group of friends, a large family, or even a school or church group that wants a special trip to Italy, give us a call!

How to Get Started

Especially for first timers, we encourage you to look over our Vacation Packages below. These are our most popular itineraries that ensure you cover all the “must-sees” of Italy. It can also give you ideas if you’d like a completely customized itinerary.

Once you’re ready, contact one of our agents and chat about what your group’s interests and needs are. Then we will get to work creating an itinerary that fits your requests, and also provide some suggestions and advice. With a few more tweaks, you will be on your way to Italy!

CALL: 1-800-ITALY-25 Ask for Group Specialists


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Gordon Ramsay travels to India in TLC’s new show #cheap #t?ckets

#ramsay travel

Gordon Ramsay travels to India in TLC’s new show

MUMBAI: Lifestyle channel TLC is all set to present the culinary discovery of India by Chef Gordon Ramsay in the new series ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’. The series will showcase Gordon travelling in search of Indian flavours, discovering authentic food from the most jaw-dropping locations across the country.

Gordon will explore the diversity of Indian food, starting his journey in the capital Delhi and moving on to exciting locations including Kolkata, Kerala and Northeast India, and ending his journey in bustling Mumbai.

Kicking off on 31 January, the show will air every Saturday at 10 pm on TLC.

As Gordon samples a variety of Indian delicacies, he will immerse himself in local traditions and activities such as bullock racing in Kerala, hunting deer in Nagaland and assisting a master chef in Lucknow to help prepare a wedding feast.

Discovery executive VP, GM South Asia, South East Asia Rahul Johri said, “TLC continues to present the world of ultimate lifestyle experiences to Indian audience with its varied, distinct and quintessential programming. Gordon Ramsay is an iconic host loved by viewers for his unique personality and style. We are delighted to present his first ever culinary expedition in the new series Gordon’s Great Escape on TLC.”

Viewers can watch Ramsay doing what he loves the most, seeking out the best food in India and testing himself in extreme and demanding situations. His appetite for adventure will take him across the country on his ‘great escape’.

Some of Gordon Ramsay’s India culinary experiences include the following:

Northern India: He travels around Northern India to look for more authentic versions of the popular Indian dishes he grew up with. At the end, he has to prove he has learned how to cook some authentic Indian food in front of food experts in New Delhi.

Kolkata: Gordon demonstrates his curiosity about Indian cuisines that are not normally represented in UK restaurants, so he will travel to remote Northeast India to search them out, and will open a food cart in Kolkata for a day to prove he has learned something.

Southern India: He will travel to Southern India to learn more about vegetarian cooking and Indian fish dishes. He will cook Sambhar with a street chef and put on a fancy dinner for the upper crust of Mumbai.


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Salisbury University – Nursing – Second Degree BS in Nursing #salisbury


Second Degree BS in Nursing

Enable: $enabledate, Expire: $expiredate

The Department of Nursing offers a Second Degree bachelor’s program for non-nursing college graduates leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. The curriculum, acknowledging the education, career and life experiences of the individual requires fewer pre-requisites for the nursing courses than the basic baccalaureate nursing program of study. Students may complete the second bachelor’s degree in three semesters of full-time study.

Licensure as a registered nurse requires application to the State Board of Nursing to take the National Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), documentation of completion of the nursing program, payment of a fee and a criminal background check.

Students entering the nursing program are required to meet physical and psychological requirements as outlined in the Salisbury University Department of Nursing – “Fit for Duty” Verification form. Please see the health and enrollment requirements page, http://www.salisbury.edu/nursing/healthrequirements.html for further details and access to the form. Students should be aware that drug testing and background checks are commonly required by clinical agencies. Students who have been convicted of a felony or have pled nolo contendere to a felony or to a crime involving moral turpitude, may not be eligible for some clinical placements and may be unable to complete program requirements. Likewise they may be ineligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse in some states including Maryland.

Clinical placements are in various locations and students are required to make individual travel arrangements.

Second Degree program graduates are encouraged to continue their nursing education in the graduate program. The graduate program offers a nurse educator track, a health care leadership track. and the doctor of nursing practice program for healthcare leaders and family nurse practitioners.

To be eligible for admission to the Second Degree program, students must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Students from all majors (including diploma or associate degree-prepared registered nurses with a baccalaureate degree in a non-nursing major) are eligible to enroll. In addition, registered nurses with a diploma or associate degree plus a baccalaureate degree in a non-nursing major are eligible to enroll.

Faculty advisors assist prospective students to assess their learning needs and identify independent learning resources available to them through the University. The prerequisite courses are available at Salisbury University; however, it is not mandatory for them to be taken at SU.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants for admission to the Second Degree program must first meet all University requirements and be admitted to the University by the Admissions Office. Once admitted to the University, applications are reviewed by the Department of Nursing for admission to the Second Degree program. Admission is competitive and is based on evaluation of the applicant’s overall qualifications.

T o be eligible for admission to the Second Degree program, students must meet the following requirements:

Application Requirements

Applicants to the Second Degree program must:

  1. Submit to the Salisbury University Admissions Office:
    • The admissions application (submitted electronically) at www.salisbury.edu/apply
    • The University application fee paid to Salisbury University.
    • The R esidency/Domicile Information Form http://www.salisbury.edu/admin/residency/documents/Web_Form.pdf)
    • TOEFL scores (international students). Originals must be submitted.
  2. Submit to Department of Nursing, Director of Graduate and Second Degree Programs, IN ONE PACKAGE WITH ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS BELOW INCLUDED.
    • The A pplication for Second Degree P rogram in the Department of N ursing. The form can be obtained by clicking Application Packet .
    • A 1-2 page typed narrative of educational and professional goals .
    • A current resume or curriculum vita .
    • Any OFFICIAL transcripts from the first bachelor’s degree and any other academic course work. NOTE: Transcripts must be official transcripts in sealed envelopes. These official transcripts will be copied by the Department of Nursing and original copies sent to the Admissions Office.
    • T WO academic and/or professional recommendations (on the forms provided in the Application Packet) addressing potential for nursing study. Each recommendation MUST BE SEALED IN AN ENVELOPE AND SIGNED ACROSS THE SEAL BY THE PERSON MAKING THE RECOMMENDATION.


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Licensed, Bonded, and Insured – What Does That Really Mean? #what


Licensed, Bonded & Insured – What Does That Really Mean?

The old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” can be especially true when hiring a contractor. Competition is fierce in the construction business and the consumer is in a good position to demand quality work at a fair price. But skimping on credentials is not the best way to get a job done cheaply. Hiring a contractor that is not licensed, bonded, and insured places the consumer at significant risk and can cost thousands more in the long run.

So what exactly does it mean to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor?

LICENSED – The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries requires contractors be licensed as either a general contractor or a specialty contractor, like drywall or painting. Licensed electricians, plumbers, elevator mechanics, and manufactured home installers require special certification, in addition to a license. The contractor’s license number must be posted on any marketing materials such as their website, business card, or print advertising. Anyone can visit the Department of Labor & Industries website and search for a contractor by name or license number. This search will tell you if their license and insurance premiums are current and if they have any judgments against them, as well as a lot of other information. Once licensed the contractor is bound to comply with state building procedures and standards. If a property owner hires a contractor that is not licensed, they may not be protected by state policies. There is often very little that can be done if an unlicensed contractor disappears from a partially completed job or does a job incorrectly. News stories are seen regularly of contractors disappearing with deposits or full payment in some cases, botched jobs requiring even more money to re-do them correctly, and sometimes much worse. In a down economy such as we are experiencing, many contractors have been forced for monetary reasons to let their license lapse. Construction companies have laid off many of their crew. These circumstances have resulted in many unlicensed contractors and construction crew willing to work for less and to be paid in cash.

BONDED – Contractors licensed in Washington State must be bonded. A bond is essentially a pre-paid savings account with a bank or insurance company that sets money aside in the event a project is not completed according to the contract between the property owner and the contractor. This bond or agreement, binds the contractor to the contract with the property owner. If the work is not completed according to the contract the bond will cover any expenses (up to the bond amount) required to complete the job satisfactorily. General contractors are required to hold a $12,000 bond and specialty contractors a $6,000 bond. If the project is expected to exceed these amounts, the property owner can ask the contractor to post a performance bond . A performance bond covers the full cost of the project and guarantees the property owner compensation for any monetary losses if the job is not completed according to contract. Only the property owner can make claims against a performance bond but it is important to ensure the contract is very specific about the work to be completed.

INSURED – Licensed contractors in Washington State must also have general liability insurance. Minimum requirements include $50,000 in property damage and $200,000 in public liability, or a $250,000 combined single limit policy. Damage to persons or property due to contractor negligence may be covered by this policy. In some cases, the property owner could be held liable for personal injury if the contractor does not have insurance. If the contractor has employees they are required to have a workers compensation and industrial insurance policy. Contractor employees injured on the job would be covered by this policy. To verify if a particular contractor’s employees are covered, first pull up the contractor details and click on the link to Verify Worker’ Comp Premium Status .

In addition to working with a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, there are several other steps to ensure your home improvement project goes smoothly. Having a clear understanding of what you want done is important. The contractor must have a good understanding of your needs and wishes to provide a comprehensive bid and scope of work. This is especially helpful when interviewing multiple contractors to ensure estimates actually compare apples for apples. Speak with several qualified contractors and evaluate their written bids. A comprehensive estimate should include a scope of work, materials needed/agreed upon, subcontractors to be used, estimated time to complete the project, price, permit fees, payment terms, warranties, and procedures for change orders. For residential jobs over $1000, the contractor must provide the property owner a Disclosure Statement outlining the customer’s rights and responsibilities and information regarding liens. Once you narrow down your choices, speak with several references, particularly of jobs that are similar to yours. If possible, visit a job in progress. Once you have decided on a contractor and the project begins, meet with the contractor regularly. Make sure work is progressing according to the contract and schedule. Check that the proper permits have been obtained and required inspections are conducted. Once the project is completed, do a final walk-through with the contractor and make sure any pending items are completed before making final payment. If you request lien release documents, avoid making final payment for work performed until you have received the lien release.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds or renovates housing in partnership with families who meet their criteria and qualify for homeownership. Each home is built through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, alongside and with the help of the partner families. Do you want to get involved? Volunteers are always welcome. Providing general labor (no prior experience required!) and administrative assistance is a fun and interactive way of getting involved. Donations of building materials and household appliances are always needed. And of course tax-deductible monetary donations are always welcome.

Contractor Hotline is excited to be part of this humanitarian effort. Beginning January, 2010 we have committed to volunteer one Saturday per month at the current construction site in Everett. Call Cari at 425-775-9085 for our work schedule if you would like to join us! Starting April 1, 2010 we will also donate a portion of our proceeds from each completed job directly to Habitat for Humanity. So every job you have completed through our services will help benefit Habitat for Humanity!

Contractor Hotline LLC

Organize the garage or storage area

Clean up the yard

Referral Appreciation Program

Many of our satisfied customers are spreading the word, helping to connect their friends and family with reliable contractors and helping us grow and be available to meet your needs. To express our gratitude we are pleased to ‘give back to you’ for any referral that results in completed work. For new customers referred that result in $500 or more per business transaction, you will receive a $25 American Express cash gift card. For new customers referred that result in anything less than $500 per business transaction, you will receive a $10 Starbuck’s gift card. Contact us directly with your referral’s information, or simply ask them to mention how they found out about us.


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Entry-level Master’s in Nursing (ELM) – Direct Entry Nursing Program –


Azusa Pacific University

Featured Links

*Base Cost (cost per unit x program units) is provided to aid in program comparison only.

All stated financial information is subject to change. View additional tuition information .

Transition to a Helping Profession

The Entry-level Master’s in Nursing (ELM) program is a direct entry nursing program designed to provide graduate nursing education for those who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees in other disciplines. The program prepares students for entry into the field (NCLEX-RN licensure examination) and for advanced nursing practice.

Program Highlights

  • MSN graduates are eligible to apply to the state of California for certification as a clinical nurse specialist and/or as a nurse practitioner.
  • Graduates are eligible for the California Registered Nurse License and Public Health Nursing Certificate.
  • This direct entry nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN).
  • MSN graduates with certain specializations may also apply for a national credential by examination through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).
  • Clinical experiences include hospital care services for diverse cultural/ethnic groups, the underserved, the poor, and the homeless.
  • Students receive personalized attention in a supportive Christian environment from experienced faculty.
  • Financial aid is available through scholarships and loans.

Learn more about the entry level nursing program and our faculty .

School of Nursing Accreditation

University Reputation

Azusa Pacific University secured a place in the most prestigious category of U.S. News & World Report ’s America’s Best Colleges 2016 rankings, placing in Tier One at No. 175 in the National Universities category. In addition, The Princeton Review named APU as 1 of 124 institutions in the 2016 Best Colleges in the West. and G.I. Jobs named APU a Military Friendly School for 2016, placing APU among the top 15 percent of schools in the country helping military students reach their educational dreams.

Note: This information is current for the 2016-17 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

Related Links


Apply or Request

Quick Links

Schools and Colleges


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Christian Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Repair 513-831-4920 #carpet #cleaning, #carpet


Linda Joseph / Mason OH
I had a problem area at my front door that was very dirty and it was also wrinkled so badly that it was difficult to close my door. Very embarassing when someone came over. The guys from Christian Carpets not only took out the wrinkles but they cleaned it also and it looks like new! Thanks guys.

Terry K. / Florence KY
I just wanted to say thanks for squeezing me in on the sameday of the call. My carpets look great!

Deloris B. / Madeira OH
We had a very severe pet urine odor situation in the basement that we just couldn’t get rid of. Justin and Mike pulled my carpet back and showed me how severe the damage was underneath. No wonder the smell was so bad! They replaced my padding and treated the back of the carpet and sure enough the smell went away!

Karen / Fairfield OH
I manage a large apartment complex in North Cincinnati and I have been using the guys from Christian Carpets for years. They do all of my cleaning as well as carpet stretching carpet repairs. I have always been happy with their work and I especially love being able to call on short notice and get service on the same day!

Cincinnati Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration. Welcome to Greater Cincinnati’s Only “TRUE” Full Service Carpet Cleaning Company Water Damage Restoration Company.

We are proud to say that in 2007 – 2010 we completed more combination “Carpet Stretch Clean” jobs that any other company in Greater Cincinnati Ohio!


A 513Flooded.com Member


Full Service Water Damage Restoration

Our certified technicians are able to complete the entire job from the initial water extraction to the reinstallation of your carpeting. We utilize digital moisture sensors and the latest dehumdification processes. For our 24 Hr Emergency Hotline, Call 513-557-0517.

Our Water Damage Restoration Division Teams are experts in Water Extraction, Structural Drying, Water Damage Cleanup, Flooded Basement Dryouts, Sewage Backup Cleanup and Restoration for both commercial and residential clients. Whether you need Repairs for a Flooded Basement, Water Damaged Walls and or Ceilings, Flooded Wood Floor, or any other repairs caused by water or mold; don t hesitate. Serving Greater Cincinnati Ohio. If you need water damage restoration in Cincinnati call us.

We pay up to 25% of your Deductible!

Cleaning carpeting and then spraying on a deodorizer does not always work when dealing with pet urine related odors.

If the urine has soaked thru the carpet backing and soaked into the padding, then for the treatment to effectively work – the back of the carpet and the padding should be exposed and treated.

Because every situation does not require such a aggressive approach, we do offer a basic “clean and deodorize” that works just fine for most situations that we come across. Call your Cincinnati Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration company to solve your pet urine related issues.


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Fashion Programs Directory #fashion #schools,fashion #degrees,fashion #programs,fashion #jobs,fashion #careers,fashion #design #schools,fashion


Legendary designer and director Tom Ford was born in Austin, Texas on August 27th, 1961 and from his earliest beginnings, was given free reign to explore his interests.

The fashion industry is exploding and everyone, it seems, is vying for a part in the action. To get ahead in the business and sit with the ranks of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, you as an aspiri

Lead designers are the designers most people think of when they hear the words quot;fashion industry. quot; The main responsibility of lead fashion designers is cr

So what can you do in fashion? Lead designers are the folks that most people think of in connection with the words quot;fashion in


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Microsoft Dynamics Hosted ERP Cloud Solutions #erp #in #the #cloud


Microsoft Dynamics = Cloud Optimised ERP

Enterprise to SMB Dynamics Cloud ERP

No matter what your size, moving your Microsoft Dynamics to the Cloud delivers many advantages to your business: moving costs to opex away from capex; allowing scalability and the flexibility to meet changing business requirements; plus, always stay up to date, and extend the lifespan of your ERP software far beyond any on-premise installation. There are many Cloud Service Providers out there, but Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Services and Solutions from SaaSplaza have set the global standard when it comes to adding value to your business.

Expand your horizons with Dynamics Cloud

Because the Cloud won’t wait for you. Because your competitors won’t wait for you. When you move Microsoft Dynamics to the Cloud you open new doors of opportunity that will benefit your business for many years to come.

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics AX

More than 19,000 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

More than 47,000 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

More than 4 million users around the world work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

More than 102,000 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

More than 13,500 companies around the world use Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Get a Dynamics Cloud quote

Take the first step to Dynamics Cloud, request a quote and let’s get started!

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics is our specialty at SaaSplaza. We are also experts at leveraging the full capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud. including Office 365. Azure and Subscription Licensing. We can integrate and deliver vertical applications because, after all, the Cloud means collaboration and flexibility, not just with people, but with systems, processes and platforms, too.

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner and the only Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Partner specifically focused on Microsoft Dynamics, SaaSplaza works closely with Microsoft to deliver solutions on Microsoft Azure. You can provision multiple users in just minutes, go on to add databases and vertical solutions, and integrate with Office 365, all with just a few clicks.

With our experience there’s no need for you to invest the time and resources into training Azure or Microsoft Dynamics engineers for Cloud. When you partner with SaaSplaza, we do that work for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Public cloud on Azure without the need for you to become an Azure engineer or support technician. Let SaaSplaza do the work – it s your choice.

Office from anywhere, anytime, with full functionality. SaaSplaza is an Office 365 license reseller, for your convenience!

Full service for SPLA or Subscription Licensing. Flexible cloud licensing for software is the future, and the future is always now, at SaaSplaza.


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Frommer – s – Best Places to Go in 2015 #travel

#best places to travel

In June 2014, UNESCO World Heritage put the Selous Game Reserve on the list of World Heritage sites that are most endangered. Why would a reserve ever be considered at risk? Because at more than 19,000 square miles, the area is impossible to seal against poachers. Elephant and rhinoceros populations have plummeted 90 percent—90 percent! —since 1982. A third of Selous’ elephants, or 25,000 animals, were killed between 2009 and 2013 alone.

The slaughter has been so unsustainable, it is now predicted that elephants will be close to extinction in Sub-Saharan Africa within 10 years, and by 2018, rhino deaths will surpass rhino births, making extinction a mathematical certainty. This qualifies Selous as the most depressing “get there now” Top Destinations designee we’ve ever named.

Photo by Murky1/Flickr

“Send him to Belize “. That was the euphemistic advice given to lead character Walter White in the final season of TV’s Breaking Bad by his lawyer Saul, who felt that Walt should bump off his cop brother-in-law. Immediately after the episode aired, the Belize Tourism Board issued an invitation to the cast for all-expense paid vacations.

Since Belize has far more Mayan sites, its a better choice for the traveler who wants to mix culture and history in with their green time. Over the course of a week, you might find yourself scaling ancient Mayan pyramids or swimming into caves once used by the Mayans for ceremonies. In the Actun Tunichil Muknal  cave in the Cayo region, centruies-old pots and the skulls of victims of ritual sacrifices have been calcified to the floor. (So it turns out an ancient Walter White actually did send someone to Belize.) Prime dving and snorkeling spots also give his tiny country a thriving beach culture—the opening image for this year’s slideshow was taken in Belize.

For the adventure traveler, there are few countries as satisfying or as suprisingly beautiful as Belize, so visit it before the rest of the world realizes what it’s missing.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, U.S.A.

It’s no secret that Yellowstone is one of the most awe-inspiring places to visit in the United States. But in 2015 and 2016, vacationing here will be a more comfortable, contemporary experience. That’s because the Park’s hospitality facilities are undergoing a major overhaul to the tune of $134 million in renovations and new builds. The historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel (designed by Robert Reamer, the man behind the Old Faithful Inn) has been restored to its Colonial Revival grandeur. Meanswhile, ecologically sound, Western-chic lodges are being erected where the dingy, 1960’s era Canyon Lodges and cabins used to be. The modular units are being fabricated in Boise and trucked in by summer, so construction noise and disruption should be minimal.

And finally, now there’s a new reason to go in winter, too. Revised regulations allow one group per day to snowmobile into the park without hiring a guide, which lowers touring costs dramatically.


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What is the New Florida PIP Law, pip in florida.#Pip #in


What is the New Florida PIP Law?

Florida s new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) law HB 119, passed by a slim margin in the Senate on March 10, 2012. The new PIP law is hailed as a victory for insurance companies due to several provisions placing limits on the amount of PIP benefits, litigation and monies paid out during claims.

These personal injury law suits are blamed Florida governor Rick Scott and auto insurance companies believe that personal injury protection lawsuits are the cause of increased insurance rates. Florida is a no-fault state and requires all drivers to carry the basic PIP insurance with limits of $10,000.00 in coverage but lacks outlined parameters on types of medical treatments covered or attorney s fees limits. This system is, according to insurers, full of loopholes and flaws and was in need of reform. The old system allowed for excessive medical treatment and opportunities for unwarranted litigation .

What does the new PIP law provide for car accident victims?

The new bill provides strict and rather biased definitions of what constitutes medical treatments and covered injuries. Accident victims now must seek medical treatment within a narrow 14 day (two week) window from the accident and only from specified licensed medical physicians. Acceptable treatment providers include emergency services determined by a physician, osteopath, dentist, physician s assistant or registered nurse practitioner. Chiropractor visits are limited to $2,500 and can only be sought after a referral from an acceptable health care provider.

The new law excludes massage therapists and acupuncturists, which were previously covered under the old PIP law. The stringent nature of the new Florida PIP law greatly cuts the funds available for those injured in auto accidents and is worrisome to many consumer protection groups. Also, the law greatly limits the types of treatment covered under PIP. Those who seek a more holistic, less intrusive type of treatment are left out by the new law, a disconcerting reality to many. Florida Auto accident victims will be forced to rely on their health insurance rather than the $10,000 of medical benefits they were previously entitled to receive.

The new bill contains provisions for the reduction of consumer rates, which seems like a victory for consumers. The bill entails a plan for insurers to roll back rates 10% by October 1, 2013 and 25% by January 1, 2014 or to provide a “detailed explanation” as to why the rates were not reduced. However, the proposed rate reduction does not seem to equal out in policy premiums, a questionable fact which has left many consumer advocates puzzled. Furthermore, PIP accounts for a relatively small percentage of a total premium, which makes the 25% reduction rather insignificant.


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Culinary schools in tampa #culinary #schools #in #tampa


Justin-Thyme Personal Chef Service

Cooking Classes in Tampa, FL

Justin-Thyme Personal Chef Service provides exciting individual or group cooking classes to the Tampa bay Area!

Learn secret techniques used by professional chefs! Your personal chef will guide you through the principles of fundamental cooking methods that you can depend on for a lifetime! We came up with our interactive cooking classes to teach a wide range of cooking styles, techniques and ingredients to individuals or better yet, groups of friends!

Our cooking classes have since evolved from a hands on instructional session to a new type of dinner party focusing on restaurant style plate presentation along with useful tips and behind the scenes tricks used by professional chefs. The concepts and professional techniques learned will not only improve cooking skills, but also strengthen confidence, creativity and imagination.

The cooking class begins with a discussion of the days’ menu along with a run down of the prep list. Students then learn to chop, dice, whisk and cook their way through the recipes of the day, with the chef providing experienced hands and guidance. The work for the individuals is simple and exciting. After the food preparation is complete, students get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The class is wrapped up with a brief open discussion where students have a chance to ask any questions about the day. Clear and easy tips on shopping and handling for new and exotic foods and flavors are provided, as well as entertaining and wine pairing ideas. Each cooking class is about 3 hours. All requests are considered.

One-on-One Cooking Classes
With your personal chef providing experienced hands and guidance, you’ll learn to chop, whisk and cook your way through your personally designed 3-Course menu.
3 Hour Cooking Class: $125 + Groceries
Set of 3 Cooking Classes/ 3 Hours Each: $450 + Groceries

Romancing the Stove (Couple’s Cooking Classes):
Our most popular service! Whether you’re looking for the perfect romantic date night activity, birthday or anniversary gift, we guarantee you an deliciously fun time! Surprise your significant other with a personal chef hosted cooking class in the comfort of your own kitchen! Your personal chef will arrive with all the ingredients necessary for the menu so all you have to do is chop, dice, whisk and cook your way through the recipes of the day! Be sure to ask about our gift certificates for this awesome service!
3 Hour Cooking Class: $200 + Groceries

Group, Interactive or Demonstration Cooking Classes
The class begins with a discussion of the days’ menu along with a run down of the prep list. Your personal chef will demonstrate and guide you through the preparation of your personally designed 3-course menu and provide a taste (1/2 portion) to your guests either buffet style or with optional sit-down table service.
Prices starting at $75.00 per guest from 4 to12 people plus cost of food

Discover the art of Japanese sushi under the guidance of an expert instructor! Do you love Sushi but hate spending a ridiculous amount of money to eat it? Then enroll in our sushi classes for a hands-on, exciting cooking class that will teach you all the skills you need to bring your favorite sushi dishes to life! You can then put your knowledge to the test and impress your friends with a Sushi party of your own. Sushi cooking classes range from beginner to advanced!

Styles of sushi covered:
slices of fish or other items on pads of rice
rolled sushi (including handrolls, temaki)
fish and other items served on top of a bowl of sushi rice
squares or rectangles of pressed rice topped with vinegared or cooked fish, made in a wooden mold
Stuffed sushi
including chakin-zushi or fukusa-sushi. ingredients wrapped in a thin egg cr pe; and inari-sushi. with ingredients stuffed into a small pouch of fried tofu
sliced fish that is served with a bowl of sushi rice on the side
2 three-hour classes for only $250.00 plus cost of food

Learn how to make tempura too!
Tempura is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Our tempura cooking class menu includes shrimp, kabocha, lotus root, string beans, sweet potato, broccoli, mushroom and chicken tempura. Our sauces include green tea glaze and yuzulemon as well as home made dipping sauce with daikon radish and ginger.

Creative Corporate Team Building Activities!
What better way to personalize a team building activity than to do it through FOOD! Our cooking classes provide an excellent activity for corporate team building! You can customize the menu to your team or your industry!

Cooking classes range from beginner to advanced!
Booking a cooking class is a great way to get together with friends. We offer a wide variety of fun, interactive cooking classes to choose from including but not limited to:


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Air Ambulance by Air Trek, Inc #air #ambulance, #airambulance, #air #ambulance


Air Trek Air Ambulance, one of the Nation s oldest air ambulance services, is a family owned and operated air medical program who has been providing aeromedical transportation service since 1978.

We are dedicated to providing top quality medical transportation service to our patients. We work with registered nurses, paramedics, surgeons, physicians, doctors, respiratory therapists and other medical professionals worldwide to ensure the best Air ambulance charter possible.

All air ambulance professionals are specially trained in flight physiology. This means they are uniquely qualified to handle special situations that arise at altitude.

Whether Air Trek Air Ambulance provides medical air transportation on our own aircraft, repatriation, medevac or scheduled commercial airline medical escort service, you can be assured that our response will be the same: top quality professional care.

Air Trek has our own FAA Air Carrier Certificate (Part 135) allowing us to operate within the entire Western Hemisphere, including Cuba. We are headquartered in Florida, just minutes from Naples, Tampa, Orlando and The Villages outside Ocala FL, but our routine response areas include The United States (USA) Canada; Mexico; the Caribbean; North, Central and South America. Worldwide service is provided through strategic partnerships with air carriers throughout the world.

Our entire fleet of air ambulance aircraft (Citation jets and Cessna pressurized twin-engine propeller aircraft) is fully licensed, inspected, insured and equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment. All aircraft provide Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). The fleet has the range and flexibility to provide everything from emergency international medical evacuation to a trip home for a critical care patient to see family.

Air Trek Air Ambulance can also coordinate the ground transportation before and after the air ambulance portion of the transport, providing bedside to bedside service.

Air Trek s Mission Statement:

The mission for Air Trek is to provide our patients with high quality, cost effective, domestic and international, aeromedical transportation aboard advanced life support equipped jet and pressurized twin engine aircraft

Your staff in the office were very pleasant to work with, organization, coordination and communication exceptional. Thank you so much for making my job easier and taking some of the worry and stress out of this type of transfer. You guys are great to work with. I will probably not work with anyone else in the future.

Case Manager
Fort Myers, FL

Very, very professional and made transition easy for patient and family in spite of the circumstances.

From the start of the process to get my dad home, the whole organization at Air Trek was superb! Thank You All BIG!!

Family Member
Hartford, CT

Just writing to say thanks. You recently transported my father from Florida to NY. He had advanced aortic stenosis and heart failure. I am a board certified practicing emergency physician and medical director for Vermonts’ largest EMS district. I flew down from Burlington, Vermont to be with my father while he was transported from a hospital in Florida to a higher level of care in NY. Needless to say, I was watching the crew like a hawk, and the report is two thumbs up. The paramedic and respiratory therapist (Chad and David) were professional, competent, and extremely kind to my father. I was glad I did not get to see any of their ACLS skills in action, but I’m sure they would have been on their game if need be. Thank you for the excellent service.

Family Member
New York

As you know from working with us in advance and greeting us the night of flight arrival, one of your flight crews transported an elderly family member from PA to Punta Gorda to avoid the grueling relocation in a handicapped wheelchair accessible minivan. The concept of using your service was recommended to us by close friends although we did not think this service was feasible for our needs.

When you made me aware of the possible flight availability for Friday, August 19, 2011, I initially dismissed it as not possible due to logistics, etc. After thinking about the convenience and less stressed way to move an elderly person that is not mobile, we decided it was a great idea. Although I still did not think it was feasible, your team (ground and aircrew) exceeded any and all of our expectations. Not only did your flight crew arrive on time in Punta Gorda, but your ground staff made all arrangements for non-emergency van transport at source (from PA to WV airport) and from Punta Gorda airport to local care facility. We know that is what you do all the time but your staff did it seamlessly and even worked in a few efficiency increasing modifications as the day of flight unfolded. We want to thank Stephanie Griffith (pre-flight arrangements coordinator) and Joy (gave frequent updates the day of the flight) for their patient assistance. Although we assume they have other responsibilities in their work, it seemed as if they were working for us and us alone.

From our experience with Air Trek, we can highly recommend their service to anyone needing transportation for sick or elderly folks who cannot readily travel easily by care or commercial airlines. Because we know that selection of an air transport firm is not taken lightly, please feel free to use this letter in your list of recommendations for prospective clients wanting a higher comfort level before making a final decision in this area.

Family Member

I thought your service was exceptional! Very professional, don’t change a thing.

Family Member
Chicago, IL

On March 10th 2014, you flew my father back from Sanford FL to Pennridge Airport in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

As a family we wanted to thank you for bringing our father and mother back to PA safely. Personally I want to thank you for all of the support and direction that your people were able to provide to me while working to coordinate Dad’s move. From the very first contact with your company, everyone that I dealt with was highly professional and courteous.

When the day of the move came, the constant updates from you were reassuring and helpful, especially the notifications of inflight progress. Upon landing the flight crew was very courteous and professional as well.

A sincere thank you, for a job well done.

Family Member
Perkasie, PA

Miss Joy was a true blessing. Fantastic – Wonderful peace of mind to know everything was so well planned out. 5 Stars & 2 thumbs up (a third if I had it). First rate. Worth every dollar to know Dad was so well taken care of! Our family was blessed by the Air Trek team! Thank you! An outstanding experince, but I hope we never need to use you again 🙂 If anyone asks, I would highly recommend! Thanks for everything! Peace and Blessings to you all!

Family Member
Peoria, IL

Above and beyond expectations! The quality of service was beyond our expectations. Earl is still telling everyone about his trip and the care & service he received. He can’t belive he is home and we can’t thank you enough for everything!

Family Member
Trenton, NJ

The entire process was flawless. You made a difficult & stressful situation a pleasure right. Rich, Tom, David & Jeremiah were great! Thank you so much!

Family Member
Pittsburgh, PA

Both medical attendants were outstanding and very knowledgeable. They made the flight go faster.

Louisville, KY


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Verified Austin, TX Immigration Lawyers #attorneys #in #austin #texas


Austin. TX Immigration Verified Attorneys

Do You Have an Immigration Issue?

Immigration is a broad area of law encompassing all issues regarding the legal entry and legal status of people in the United States other than US Citizens. An experienced Austin Immigration attorney can help you maneuver through the complex laws so you can learn what your options are.

Different Types of Immigration Cases

Whether you are looking to visit the United States temporarily, work here or establish permanent residency, you need to follow strict immigration laws. An Immigration law firm will have the knowledge of the law you will need to have a successful case.

If you are already a permanent resident you may still need an immigration lawyer should you want to become a United States Citizen. As this is the last phase of Immigration law, you do not want to risk making any mistakes. Addittionally, an Immigration Attorney or law firm can help defend those who are facing deportation or removal from the United States.

Searching for an Austin, TX Immigration Lawyer?

Finding the perfect Austin Immigration Lawyer is easy using the LawInfo Lawyer Directory. Our directory lists experienced and ethical professionals to help you through your legal issues.

Please note, when searching for a Austin Immigration law firm do not limit your search to just your surrounding area. Immigration falls under a type of federal case that attorneys across the country can handle. This means if you expand your search to surrounding areas you ll significantly increase your options. Consider speaking with Immigration Lawyers in Oak Hill. Round Rock. Garfield. Elgin. or even Georgetown

If you expand your search for Austin representation by 50 miles you will find 2 additional Immigration Lawyers and law firms. Expanding your search by 100 miles results in an additional 6 options. 150 miles from Austin nets you an additional 12 options.

Lead Counsel Rated Attorneys

LawInfo strives to connect you with the best possible legal representation. One additional verification measure toward helping you identify an attorney that is worthy of your trust and confidence is the Lead Counsel verification badge seen throughout the LawInfo directory and within individual attorney profiles. The Lead Counsel verification rating indicates that an attorney has:

  • Significant Professional Experience
  • Verified Peer Recommendations
  • A Clean Disciplinary Record

Lead Counsel’s objective process independently verifies attorney records, conferring with state bars across the country and conducting annual reviews to confirm that the attorney practices in the legal categories as indicated, possesses a valid bar license, and is eligible to practice in the specific jurisdiction.


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Exclusive, Bespoke Travel in Italy, for the Discerning Few #going #places

#e travel


E E Travel Society is a truly unique travel company that specializes in exclusive and privileged opportunities to visit celebrated destinations in Italy, with focus on Florence, the Tuscan countryside, Venice, Rome and Sicily.

What makes our offerings truly unique:

• A special opportunity to meet prominent and Aristocratic Italian families treated as personal friends, dine with them in their palaces, visit their castles and view their art collections. Our clients will lunch in their private gardens, visit their estate’s wine cellars and taste their famous wines, with the owners as their hosts.

• The opportunity to see secret places, unknown places, and works of art. Our clients enjoy the privilege of private visits to the most important museums, some of which will open their doors for us while closed to the public.

• All of our programs are customized to our clients’ choices and offer luxurious accommodations, splendid food, and sophisticated cultural occasions surrounded by the history, monuments, and masterpieces of our cities and countryside. Our experts can advise and/or accompany them wherever they want to go from selected restaurants to fashion ateliers, from artisan workshops to specialty boutiques.

At the end of the trip, our clients feel a connection to our culture and our friends, that lasts a lifetime.


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2016 Greece vacation packages and tours, Greek island hopping, Romantic honeymoon

#travel to greece

2016 Vacation packages in greece, turkey and italy. Greek Island hopping tours, Greece honeymoon itineraries

Start planning your vacation in Greece for 2016, and take advantage of our best prices!

Greece, Italy and Turkey Travel Guide

Kivotos of Aegean is a Greek DMC boutique travel and tourism company offering a wide range of itineraries for your vacation in Greece, Italy and Turkey. Our passion for travel, our personalized 24 hour service, our knowledge of the area, our proud record of satisfied guests, are some of the reasons that guarantee a memorable vacation.

Greece Vacation Packages

Savor the wonders of Classical and Ancient Greece and the Greek isles, famed for their sunny weather, crystalline water, white-washed architecture, millennia-old ruins, beautiful beaches, and fresh-from-the-sea cuisine. Let us assist you to find the perfect Greece tour package. Our travel styles include Greek island hopping . Greece Honeymoon packages . Greek island and Turkey Cruises . Luxury resorts and tours . Family vacations and much more. If you are organizing a group, contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote for your group travel to Greece .

Turkey – a country of the ages. Istanbul, its collision of oriental and occidental, is truly a city that houses the best of two continents. A most surprising destination, overflowing with awesome landscapes, historical monuments and a most welcoming people. Our Turkey tour packages range from a brief Mini Stay to multi day tours in Turkey. You can also combine Turkey and Greece.

Explore Our Special Offers


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Travel Nursing with Medical Solutions – Information – FAQs, nurse anesthetist


Medical Solutions Traveler FAQ

Compensation and Benefits:

How do I become a Travel Nurse with Medical Solutions?

Simply fill out the application in our Apply section. You can also call us at 1.866.633.3548 and speak with a personal Career Consultant. They can answer your questions and send you an information packet.

Am I obligated to travel with Medical Solutions if I fill out an application?

No. You are never obligated to travel with Medical Solutions regardless if you have submitted your application or not. Your information is always kept confidential and we must get your permission before submitting your resume to a Client. This gives you a chance to explore your options and choose the best assignment.

What is the process to become a Travel Nurse?

Our process is simple. All we need to begin is your application and resume. Once we receive your information we can begin discussing potential assignments that fit your profile. Again, you are under no obligation to travel with Medical Solutions just because you submitted your information to us. Your personal Career Consultant will send you an information packet that contains a simple checklist outlining the documents you will need to become a Travel Nurse or Travel Allied Health Professional. Many of these documents and the checklist can be downloaded from our website under Resources.

Is there a fee to become a Travel Nurse for Medical Solutions?

Absolutely not. We re paid by the hospital. If you choose to travel with Medical Solutions, you will become our employee and we pay you.

How much is my pay?

Your total compensation package, including your hourly pay, is completely customized to fit your needs. Pay rates vary from assignment to assignment depending on location and the hospital.

How often will I be paid?

You are paid weekly by direct deposit. Most Travelers have their paycheck directly deposited in their primary bank to eliminate the hassle of finding a new bank for each assignment.

What is a Personalized Pay Package?

It simply means we have the flexibility to compensate you in a number of different ways! Most Traveling Nurse and Allied Health companies have cookie-cutter programs and a take it or leave it attitude. With Medical Solutions, we find out what s most important to you: hourly pay, stipends, bonuses, per diem, etc. We ll take the time to understand your needs, put a package together outlining each item, and clearly explain your total compensation.

What about housing?

With Medical Solutions, your housing is paid, private, and fully furnished! Unlike some companies, you are not required to share housing. Our housing coordinators will find you the best housing available, focusing on drive time, safety, and security. We handle all the arrangements for you, including furnishings and utilities. All you need to do is show up. Of course, if you prefer to pick something on your own or stay with friends or family, you will be offered a housing stipend.

What is Per Diem?

Per diem allowances and reimbursements are typically tax-free dollars allotted to you for traveling away from your primary residence. It is designed to cover the expense of your meals, transportation, and many costs associated with traveling.

Do you offer a 401(k)?

Yes, we offer a plan through Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust with auto enrollment after your first 30 days of work and an employer match of 50% of your contribution up to 3%. Ask your Career Consultant for more information.

Do you offer travel reimbursements?

Yes, Medical Solutions will provide you a travel stipend reimbursement to assist you with any of the costs you incur traveling to and from your assignment. Half of this stipend is provided in your first paycheck while the remainder is provided at the end of your assignment.

What Travel Nursing and Travel Allied Health assignments are available?

Medical Solutions has open travel assignments across the country for most specialties and shifts. We receive and fill new assignments every day. Just tell us where you want to travel and we ll present open assignments or find one for you. Additionally, you can search current opportunities on the Job Search page.

How long does it take to get an assignment?

Once you have interviewed for the position and both you and the facility decide to move forward, it typically takes one to six weeks, depending on when you are available and the start date of the assignment. We typically begin presenting new assignments to you about 30 days from the end of your current assignment.

What about state licensing?

Your personal Career Consultant can tell you exactly how much time is necessary to apply for a state license and the cost. Of course, if a temporary license is required, Medical Solutions will reimburse you for the cost.

What happens after my Travel Nursing assignment is over?

Before your assignment is over, your personal Career Consultant will begin discussing new Travel Nursing assignments with you. However, it is completely your choice to extend your assignment (if an extension is offered), take another assignment, go full time, or simply take a break. If you want to see some of the assignments we have available search our jobs on the Travel Nursing Job Search page.

Have questions about Travel Nursing basics?

Continuing Education

Hit the books with Medical Solutions! As one of our Travelers, free online continuing education courses will be right at your fingertips.

Nursing Licensure

To make the licensure process as easy as possible, we ve provided links to each state s information here.

Get Monthly Travel RN Jobs Email

Subscribe to the Medical Solutions Travel Jobs Monthly Email and receive great opportunities in the specialties that interest you.

Travel Nursing FAQ

Travel Nursing 101: We’ve got the answers to your Travel Nursing questions.

Medical Solutions Traveler FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about a Travel Nursing career with Medical Solutions.

Travel Nurse Timesheets 101

Timesheets are a piece of cake with these handy tips.

Videos for Travel Nursing

Lights. Camera. Action! Watch funny and informative Travel Nursing videos here.

Travel Nursing Tools

Find the necessary tools to help you navigate your Travel Nursing career here.

Travel Nursing Reviews

Check out these Travel Nursing websites and see why Travel Nurses love working with Medical Solutions.


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MBA in Digital Media Management: Program Overview #mba #in #advertising #and


MBA in Digital Media Management: Program Overview

Essential Information

MBA programs with a focus in digital media management generally require two years to complete and combine training in core business processes with the study of various entertainment industries and corporations. Opportunities are available to develop general business skills to maximize return-on-investment, use technology to help company growth and create innovative digital concepts. Some programs are offered in traditional daytime formats, while others provide flexible part-time schedules.

MBA in Digital Media Management

Entrance to MBA programs is often competitive and requires completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, satisfactory scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE). letters of recommendation, and a resume. Work experience in a related field may be beneficial for prospective students. The curriculum is made up of general business courses that emphasize the application of business principles to the digital media field. Topics include:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Legal issues
  • Information systems
  • Digital technologies

Popular Career Options

Graduates of MBA programs have a range of options, including using entrepreneurial skills to develop new programs that utilize digital media. Careers are available as:

  • Entertainment manager
  • Event production manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Film and music producer

Continuing Education

Graduates of the MBA in Digital Media Management program can continue their education in a Ph.D. in Media program. Students are required to complete advanced media-related courses and a dissertation. Graduates work in universities educating students and performing research.

Digital media managers seeking a master’s degree must first have a bachelor’s degree and seek as much hands on experience as possible.

Areas of study you may find at Northwestern University include:
    • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
    • Non-Degree: Coursework
    • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate
    • Undergraduate: Bachelor
  • Communications and Journalism
    • Communication Studies
    • Comparative Language Studies and Services
    • Digital, Radio, and Television Communication
      • Multimedia and Digital Communication
    • English Composition
    • English Language and Literature
    • Foreign Language and Literature
    • Journalism

Get Started with Northwestern University

10 Saginaw Valley State University

School locations:
Areas of study you may find at Saginaw Valley State University include:
  • Communications and Journalism
    • Communication Studies
    • Digital, Radio, and Television Communication
      • Multimedia and Digital Communication
    • English Composition
    • English Language and Literature
    • Foreign Language and Literature

Get Started with Saginaw Valley State University

Perfect School Search

10 Popular Schools

The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

  • Master of Arts in Film and TV
  • Master of Arts in Film and TV – Producing
  • Master of Arts in Film and TV – Script Writing
  • Master of Arts in Communication
  • Master of Arts in Communication – Political Communication
  • Master of Arts in Communication – Strategic Communication
  • View more
    • Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology

  • 22/09/2017

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  • MSW Programs Online #masters #in #social #work, #msw #programs, #msw #degree,


    A Master’s in Social Work (MSW) is one of the best degrees you can have for helping others and getting paid to do so.

    Why complete an MSW program?

    The BLS reports that MSW programs may be particularly helpful when it comes to obtaining advanced job opportunities or working in some areas such as in schools or health care, and it s required to become a licensed clinical social worker. MSW degrees generally take two years to complete, depending on class scheduling and student aptitude, and require the completion of on-the-job experience through internships or field education before graduation (BLS.gov, 2012 ). Whether working with disabled veterans in a group home, or foster children in need of unique services, students who gain this supervised experience should slowly build their understanding of how to best accomplish their professional social work goals.

    MSW programs: What to expect?

    General coursework in MSW programs might include research and practice, psychopathology, ethical foundations, child welfare and more. Some degree programs may offer concentrations such as child and family services, health services, and management and planning.

    Upon completing their MSW, students can choose to pursue their Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) certification. Typically, the LCSW requires two years or 3,000 hours of supervised clinical hours beyond those already completed through an MSW program (BLS.gov, 2012 ). Other LCSW requirements could include passing a state-administered exam or one offered by the Association of Social Work Boards. and possibly having prior Licensed Social Worker (LSW) certification.

    National career and salary outlook for social workers

    The BLS projects employment for social workers could grow by up to 25 percent nationally between 2010 and 2020, which is better than the national average growth for all occupations (14 percent). Demand is predicted to be even higher in two social work fields: health care as well as mental health and substance abuse. According to the BLS. the national median salary in 2011 for child, family and school social workers was $40,680, with the top ten percent earning up to $70,050 in 2011 and the lowest 10 percent earning up to $26,190 nationally in 2011.

    Those interested in learning more about the field, including new legislation, resources, and professional development, can look for further information through the American Clinical Social Work Association. the Association of Social Work Boards and the National Association of Social Workers. Detailed salary and employment data can be found through the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics program.


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    Online Computer Information Science Associate Degree Program – Everest Online #associate


    Online Computer Information Science Associate Degree Program

    We are not currently enrolling for this program. Please check back in the future.

    Program Overview

    Our comprehensive computer courses are built around real-world experience with classes providing current and relevant instruction on computer applications. The curriculum is designed to help you enhance your job skills and improve your opportunities for career advancement.

    CIS Associate Degree Courses

    The Computer Information Science program includes instruction on the following:

    • Principles of Accounting
    • Computer Applications
    • Database Concepts and Applications
    • Operating Systems
    • Systems Administration
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Computer Programming
    • PC Repair

    The Computer Information Science associate degree program also includes concepts that can help you get industry-recognized certifications, such as CompTIA s A+.

    You ll learn skills needed to maintain the operation of computer systems, including networks and personal computers. You ll also learn to anticipate problems and take preventive action, as well as solve problems that occur during operations. The areas of network operation, user support and PC repair provide excellent prospects* for employment.**

    *Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Computer Support Specialists, on the Internet at http://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/computer-support-specialists.htm

    **Employment is not guaranteed, but career services help is available for graduates.

    Important Consumer Information and Disclosures

    For information on graduation rates, the median debt of students who complete this program and more, choose a campus below to download.

    • For information on graduation rates, the median debt of students who complete this program and more, please view the Computer Information Science – Tampa .
    • Tampa Completion rates for this program*:
      • No students enrolled part-time in the enrollment cohort July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010, or the program was not offered during this period.
      • No students enrolled full-time in the enrollment cohort July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013, or the program was not offered during this period.

    * For information regarding assumptions made in establishing these completion rates, click here

    The completion rate data presented here is calculated using the following assumptions:

    1. The Enrollment Cohort includes all students who started in a program for the first time during the enrollment cohort (financial aid award year, FA AY ). Re-entries are not considered a start in the enrollment cohort (FA AY) if they attended the program in a previous enrollment cohort (FA AY), regardless of how long it has been since their prior attendance.
    2. The enrollment cohort excludes any students that died, if applicable. The enrollment cohort does not exclude permanently disabled students who were unable to continue on at least a half-time basis.
    3. Students are considered completers if they became a graduate in the program. Students with any status other than graduate are considered non-completers.
    4. These calculations use the federal financial aid definition of full-time, and less than full time (number of credits) to determine the cohort the student s completion information will be calculated in. The number of credits the student is enrolled in on the student s first day of attendance is used to determine the student s status. As such, students are considered full-time if they are taking 12 credits or more, and considered less than full time if they are taking less than 12 credits. All modular students are considered full time.
    5. The following calculations are used to display completion information based on the students FT or less than FT status:
      1. (# of full time students in enrollment cohort ( EC ) who completed within 100% program length) / (# of full-time students in EC)
      2. (# of full time students in EC who completed within 150% program length) / (# of full-time students in EC)
      3. (# of less-than-full-time students in EC who completed within 200% program length) / (# of less-than-full-time students in EC)
      4. (# of less-than-full-time students in EC who completed within 300% program length) / (# of less-than-full-time students in EC)
    6. These disclosures reflect completion percentages for the enrollment cohort (by financial aid award year, July 1- June 30) that will provide the most recent group of completers for the longer of the two completion percentages. Specifically, we select the most recent enrollment cohort (FA AY) for the full-time students to have had enough time to complete 150% of their program length; and, we select the most recent enrollment cohort (FA AY) for the less than full-time students to have had time to complete 300% of their program length. As such, enrollment cohorts may vary dependent on program length.

    About Everest


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    Washington Online Learning Institute – Online Career Training and Certification, paralegal


    paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Regionally accredited by

    the Middle States Association

    from the Delaware

    Department of Education

    Paralegal programs in pa

    “JOBS”: The work that a person does regularly in order to earn money.

    At the Washington Online Learning Institute our one mission is to put people back to work.

    We keep this in mind in every action we take from course development though final placement.

    Today’s workforce is consistently changing and so must those who prepare workers to enter into it. Skill based education is the most efficient and cost effective way to put people back to work. It takes the shortest time and is the most affordable. WOLI delivers that by providing skill based education, focused on in- demand careers, identified by the Department of Labor. WOLI doesn’t stop there; we leave the option to address the college opportunity, with standalone College Credits available for most programs. As a Regionally Accredited institution, WOLI guides your educational journey, by understanding the way adults want to learn and how they learn the best

    With WOLI.Edu, You Can Learn a Skill-Based Career and Receive College Credits in Areas Like:

    Paralegal programs in pa

    WOLI National Job Bank and Career Planning

    WOLI continually supports our students through the career planning process. To do this, WOLI has embarked on a better way to actively get people back to work. WOLI’s jobs program combines the cost effective and efficient aspects of accredited skills-based training with a proactive employment partnership that relies on initial student assessment and predictive behavior analysis. When a WOLI student enrolls in one of our programs, that student enrolls, at the same time, in a partnered national job bank that matches future employment with the chosen skill. Each student will progress through a series of benchmarks designed to achieve gainful employment.

    Once a career direction has been established and they are placed into the WOLI job bank, a timeline will be developed to assist each student for entry to the workforce. Part of the preparation will include courses that deal with skills that are required to be successful both in preparation for and being On-The-Job. These skills include, Business Skills, Communication Skills, Customer Service Basics, Interviewing Techniques, Networking, Problem Solving, Resume Preparation, Social Media Awareness, and Time Management. These programs are included in our career planning and are provided at no additional charge.

    To ensure that every student is not only well trained but well positioned for a job, we will be providing the student with a program that ensures they put their best foot forward when searching for employment. Through a partnership with BrandYourself we will help to ensure that each student will have a positive online footprint.


    The Washington Online Learning Institute is regionally accredited as a postsecondary institution by the Middle States Association – Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Questions regarding our accreditation status can be directed to WOLI or to MSA at 3624 Market Street, 2 West; Philadelphia, PA . Telephone: 267-294-5000, Fax 610-617-1106, or email at [email protected]

    Accreditation and How It Affects You

    Accreditation is important to Washington Online because it demonstrates to our entire community of faculty, staff and students that, as an educational institution, we adhere to the highest standards of excellence in our course preparation. Accreditation is important to you because it provides assurance that the integrity a schools programs and transcripts have been validated.

    Funding Your Education

    At Washington Online, we understand that one of the biggest questions tied to furthering your education is funding. We have developed a series of high quality; low cost career training options to help you to achieve your career goals. We offer a number of financing options to assist with tuition payments, including no-interest installment plans, and active participation in government programs like:

    MyCAA – Military Spouse Funding

    TAA Funding

    Vocational Rehabilitation

    (WIA-WIOA) Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Our Student Affairs Counselors are dedicated to helping you find the funding option that suits you best. For tuition assistance, contact Washington Online Learning Institute today.

    Enroll Today to Advance your Career. Call Toll-Free 1-800-371-5581

    Washington Online Learning Institute

    Copyright 1999-2017 – All Rights Reserved


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    Harbor Bay RV and Storage Self Storage and RV Storage in


    Storage in oakland

    Storage Moving Supply Center

    Storage in oakland

    Storage in oakland


    Storage in oakland

    Storage in oakland

    Storage in oakland

    Storage in oakland

    • room to move, turn park

    • Dump and fill station

    Storage & Parking

    With 500 secure storage units and parking spaces, Harbor Bay RV Self Storage has the space that’s perfect for your personal or professional needs.

    Safe & Secure

    Security is our top priority, providing electronically-coded gate access, individually alarmed spaces, strategically located surveillance cameras and security video monitors at several locations, including the business office and on-site living quarters.

    Location, Location, Location

    Conveniently located off Harbor Bay Parkway at Maitland Drive in Alameda, in a quiet, safe, residential area next to the Harbor Bay Business Park, close to Interstate 880 as well as other major freeways in the Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area.

    Storage in oakland


    I ve been at your storage facility for several years now. I ve used several other storage companies and yours is the most friendly and helpful. It s clean and dry and safe. Your pricing is very fair and, being on a fixed income (retired), that is important to me. Keep up the good work.

    As a long time tenant, I m very happy with the facility and service! I love that there is a dump station on site which is very helpful after a long drive back from enjoying our RV

    I m so happy that you offer short term parking. The personnel are wonderful and great to work with. Easy to get to and clean and safe

    HBS is a great storage facility, with good access by car, train and bus. The manager takes good care of the premises. We felt welcome and had a quick answer to our questions. We will definitely come back when we need storage again.


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    Keener Financial Planning: Fee Only Financial Advisor in Keller, TX, steps


    Keener Financial Planning

    personal financial planning, financial advisor in Dallas Fort Worth, financial advisor in Keller, TX, fee only financial planner, hourly financial planner, investment advice, retirement planning, college planning, divorce financial planning, budgeting and debt management

    Objective Financial Advice

    Tailored to your unique situation on a fee-only basis.

    Your concerns may be retirement, college, changing careers, getting control of your finances, investing more effectively– or likely some combination of those and others.

    We take your goals, work with you to discover the best path to reach them, and define clear action steps to get you there.

    Personal Financial News

    Get updates on financial news and tips in our latest newsletter.

    Featured From the Blog

    Social security strategy changes with 2015 budget bill

    Interview with Jean

    Principal Jean Keener answers the questions consumers should ask an advisor before beginning work together.

    Steps in financial planning

    2016 Year End Tax Planning Tips

    You won’t start hearing tax preparation commercials on TV until next January. However, it will be too late for many of your best tax planning opportunities by then. Other than making some retirement [Read More. ]

    Steps in financial planning

    Tax Provisions Extended for 2015 and Beyond

    In one of its final actions for calendar year 2015, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016. It addressed a host of popular but temporary tax provisions that had expired at the end [Read More. ]

    Steps in financial planning

    Why I became a financial planner

    A brief video sharing why I became a fee only financial planner and how our firm is different. [Read More. ]


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    Shaking the Salt Habit to Lower High Blood Pressure #how #to


    Shaking the Salt Habit to Lower High Blood Pressure

    Do you know the most common sources of sodium?
    Many Americans have acquired a taste for a high salt diet. One way to cut back is to skip the table salt. However, most of the sodium in our diets comes from packaged, processed foods. Eating these foods less often can help reduce your sodium intake, lower your blood pressure and/or prevent high blood pressure (HBP or hypertension) from developing in the first place.

    The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 milligrams (mgs) a day and an ideal limit of no more than 1,500 mg per day for most adults.

    Salt vs. Sodium Equivalents
    Sodium chloride or table salt is approximately 40 percent sodium. It s important to understand just how much sodium is in salt so you can take measures to control your intake. These amounts are approximate.

    1/4 teaspoon salt = 575 mg sodium
    1/2 teaspoon salt = 1,150 mg sodium
    3/4 teaspoon salt = 1,725 mg sodium
    1 teaspoon salt = 2,300 mg sodium

    Sodium Sources
    Sodium can be sneaky! Taking control of your sodium means checking labels and reducing preservatives. Other foods to be aware of include:

    • Processed foods
    • Natural foods with a higher-than-average sodium content, including cheese, seafood, olives and some legumes
    • Table salt, sea salt and kosher salt (sodium chloride)
    • Some over-the-counter drugs
    • Some prescription medications

    Shopping and Cooking
    From the grocery aisles to your dinner table, here are some tips for reducing the amount of sodium that finds its way into your body.

    staticrendition/medium.png” />Shop smart, cook smart

    • Choose lower-sodium foods or low-sodium versions of your favorites.
      Although it may take some time for your taste buds to adjust to a lower sodium diet, there are delicious options for very flavorful low-sodium meals. Once the adjustment to healthier dining is made, many people report they would not choose to go back to the highly processed, sodium-rich foods.
    • When buying prepared and prepackaged foods, read the labels .
      Americans consume up to 75 percent of their sodium from processed foods like soups, tomato sauce, condiments and canned goods. Watch for the words soda and sodium and the symbol Na on labels, which warn you that these products contain sodium compounds. Many canned and frozen food labels help the consumer by printing low salt or low sodium boldly on the packaging.
    • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
      When buying canned or frozen varieties, be sure to choose the no-salt added versions, and look for the choices without added sauces.
    • Use fruit and raw vegetables as snacks.
    • Select unsalted nuts or seeds, dried beans, peas and lentils.
    • Select unsalted or low-sodium fat-free broths, bouillons or soups.
    • Avoid adding salt and canned vegetables with added salt to homemade dishes.
    • Don t use salt during cooking and remove the salt shaker from your table.
      Certain salt substitutes contain a large amount of potassium and very little sodium. They are not expensive and may be used freely by most people, except those with kidney disease. Talk with your healthcare professional about whether a salt substitute is right for you.
    • Learn to use spices and herbs to enhance the natural flavor of food.
      Ditch salt for healthier, delicious salt-free seasoning alternatives.
    • Don t salt food before you taste it; enjoy the natural taste of food.
    • Follow the DASH eating plan .

    Reduce Sodium When Dining Out
    Americans eat more restaurant-prepared meals now than ever, and restaurant food is often high in sodium. But controlling your sodium intake doesn t have to spoil the pleasure of dining out. It just means adopting new habits into your current lifestyle. So if you love dining out, follow these tips.

    • Be familiar with low-sodium foods and look for them on the menu.
    • When ordering, be specific about what you want and how you want it prepared. Request that your dish be prepared without salt.
    • Don t use the salt shaker. Instead, use the pepper shaker or mill.
    • Add fresh lemon juice instead of salt to season fish and vegetables.

    Seasoning Alternatives Spice It Up!
    There is a rich world of creative and flavorful alternatives to salt. Get started with this guide to spices, herbs and flavorings and the food items with which they are a particularly good flavor match. Then get creative and experiment! Here are some seasonings to add variety:

    • Allspice: Lean meats, stews, tomatoes, peaches, applesauce, cranberry sauce, gravies, lean meat
    • Almond extract: Puddings, fruits
    • Basil: Fish, lamb, lean ground meats, stews, salads, soups, sauces, fish cocktails
    • Bay leaves: Lean meats, stews, poultry, soups, tomatoes
    • Caraway seeds: Lean meats, stews, soups, salads, breads, cabbage, asparagus, noodles
    • Chives: Salads, sauces, soups, lean meat dishes, vegetables
    • Cider vinegar: Salads, vegetables, sauces
    • Cinnamon: Fruits (especially apples), breads
    • Curry powder: Lean meats (especially lamb), veal, chicken, fish, tomatoes, tomato soup
    • Dill: Fish sauces, soups, tomatoes, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, cucumbers, potatoes, salads, macaroni, lean beef, lamb, chicken, fish
    • Garlic (not garlic salt): Lean meats, fish, soups, salads, vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes
    • Ginger: Chicken, fruits
    • Lemon juice: Lean meats, fish, poultry, salads, vegetables
    • Mace: Hot breads, apples, fruit salads, carrots, cauliflower, squash, potatoes, veal, lamb
    • Mustard (dry): Lean meats, chicken, fish, salads, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, sauces
    • Nutmeg: Fruits, potatoes, chicken, fish, lean meat loaf, toast, veal, pudding
    • Onion powder (not onion salt): Lean meats, stews, vegetables, salads, soups
    • Paprika: Lean meats, fish, soups, salads, sauces, vegetables
    • Parsley: Lean meats, fish, soups, salads, sauces, vegetables
    • Peppermint extract: Puddings, fruits
    • Pimiento: Salads, vegetables, casserole dishes
    • Rosemary: Chicken, veal, lean meat loaf, lean beef, lean pork, sauces, stuffings, potatoes, peas, lima beans
    • Sage: Lean meats, stews, biscuits, tomatoes, green beans, fish, lima beans, onions, lean pork
    • Savory: Salads, lean pork, lean ground meats, soups, green beans, squash, tomatoes, lima beans, peas
    • Thyme: Lean meats (especially veal and lean pork), sauces, soups, onions, peas, tomatoes, salads
    • Turmeric: Lean meats, fish, sauces, rice

    This content was last reviewed October 2016.

    Make Changes That Matter


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    Eagle Travels in Satellite, Ahmedabad #norway #travel

    #eagle travels

    Eagle Travels

    -Satellite/ct-23210″ title=”Bus Services in Satellite” class=””> Bus Services

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    Executive MBA #executive #mba, #best #executive #mba, #executive #mba #in #india


    Executive MBA

    The Executive MBA program is a program that is specially designed for professional managers and executives who want to accelerate their career growth. This program is made up in such a way that it helps executives who already have the basic knowledge of business but just want to add on to their management skills. The EMBA program brings together the expertise of the students (because of their experience) in such a way that managers can learn from one another.

    Executive MBA is a degree that offers a lot of flexibility. With the growing importance of MBA education, there are so many institutes in the country that are offering one-year executive MBA programs. Since some of the students who also continue to work and hence are fully employed, there is no need for compulsory internships. More over, the classes are help in the evenings and also on weekends so that an executive can continue with his work at the same time study. These programs have been highly successful in imparting leadership and highly qualified managerial skills in executives. This helps employees as it boosts their confidence.

    There are certain companies that sponsor their employees EMBA because the skills that the students are equipped with, in turn helps the company and the employee can then become a good asset for the company. Students doing EMBA have an advantage because they can apply all the concepts that they have learnt in the class in their jobs. An executive MBA program truly offers a distinctive learning experience.

    There are many modes of doing an executive MBA. It can be done through a distance learning course or can be taken up online as well. But selecting a good EMBA institute is very necessary as that will help to add credibility to your career and this should preferably be part time/full time program where the executive is actually being part of a classroom scenario.



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    Diwakar Travels Anantapur in India #flight #tickets #cheapest

    #diwakar travels

    Sort By Location

    What is Just Right? Just Right is an information validation process that checks and verifies information of business establishments or professionals listed with Justdial. It validates records to ensure that the information provided is accurate & reliable.

    Benefits of using Just Right information Fast & easy short-listing of suppliers & service providers Saving time, cost and effort required in supplier information verification

    Parameters that Just Right checks on Contact Person Telephone Number(s) Email Id(s) Address (es)

    (PS: There is no documentary evidence gathered for verification)

    If you need any more details on Just Right, please refer to terms & conditions

    What is Just Dial Verified? Just Dial Verified(JD Verified) is an added service offering.

    Justdial verified means that the information of business establishments, professionals or service providers has been verified as existing and correct at the time of the advertiser’s application to register with Justdial.

    Benefits of using JD Verified Makes short-listing of business establishments, professionals or service providers fast & easy. Information verification time is saved.

    (PS: There is no documentary evidence gathered for verification)

    If you need any more details on Justdial Verified, please refer to terms & conditions

    Get information by SMS/Email Enter the details below and click on SEND

    Name Mobile +91 (Only India Numbers.SMS to Mobile is FREE) Email Send

    * Just Dial won’t, but your mobile carrier might charge for SMS messages. Information collected will be used only to send a one-time message on your behalf. X X ” Diwakar Travels “

    Your Name *

    Your Mobile Number *

    Your Email ID (Optional)


    Your requirement is sent to the selected relevant businesses

    Businesses compete with each other to get you the

    You choose whichever suits you best

    Contact Info sent to you by SMS/Email

    X Your number is in NDNC (National Do Not Call Registry), we have sent verification code via SMS. Please enter the verification code in the box below and click SUBMIT.

    Search Not Found

    The information shall be reviewed and processed by our team.

    Register with Justdial

    To register with justdial.com enter the password of your choice.

    Please Enter Password

    Register Skip This Step

    Benefits Of Registration

    Tag your friends on Justdial and share reviews on various places visited by you

    Send yourself free SMS/Email of any business listed with Justdial on one click

    Benefit through 53 million reviews on business across the country

    This number is blocked from availing this service.

    OK X

    Sorry, JD guarantee offer is presently not available in your chosen city. Please check the offer for this city later.


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    Hotels Near Boston, MA: Courtyard by Marriott Boston #natick #business #hotels,


    Explore Boston, MA from our nearby Natick Hotel

    The recently refreshed Courtyard Boston Natick hotel has the tools and amenities you need to help you thrive during your next visit to the Boston Natick area. Our hotel offers free high-speed internet, comfortable work spaces, business center and meeting rooms with intuitive design and dynamic spaces. During downtime, unwind with a workout at our fitness center, grab a cup of coffee at the on-site Starbucks coffee cart or grab a drink and some seasonal fare at The Bistro. At the end of a long day, kick up your feet in your spacious hotel room featuring pillowtop bedding, triple sheets and plush pillows for a restful night s sleep. Explore the area with ease, as we are centrally located 22 miles from the Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and 20 miles from downtown Boston. Close to Wellesley College, Babson College, Harvard University, Boston College, and near downtown Boston, the Courtyard Boston Natick is near your favorite, local destinations.

    Map Local Area

    Marriott Rewards

    94% of guests recommend this hotel

    Key Amenities

    Free high speed Internet

    Meeting event space

    Business Events Meetings

    With four meeting spaces, great amenities,special rates and packages, we are your affordable solution for business meetings.

    Hotel Highlights

    Guest Rooms

    Convenient Natick hotel with all the amenities of home

    Guest room

    1 King, Sofa bed

    Guest room
    1 King, Sofa bed

    Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

    Room Overview

    Room Amenities

    In-room Media

    Guest room

    Guest room
    2 Queen

    Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

    Room Overview

    Room Amenities

    In-room Media

    Guest room

    1 King, Whirlpool

    Guest room
    1 King, Whirlpool

    Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

    Room Overview

    Room Amenities

    In-room Media

    When you Book Direct on Marriott.com

    Only pay when you stay

    Avoid upfront payments.

    Change your mind

    Modify or cancel your reservation.

    Your room, your way

    Request room extras when you book.

    It Pays to Book Direct

    Deals Promotions

    A more rewarding way to travel.

    Book with Visa Checkout

    You re focused on booking a stay. Visa Checkout keeps you on the fast track.

    Win a Courtyard bedding set or hotel stay

    Enter for a chance to win a bedding set from ShopCourtyard.com (including our famous Textured Coverlet) or a 3-Night Stay at any Courtyard Hotel!


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    Physician Assistant (PA) Programs, psychology schools in pa.#Psychology #schools #in #pa


    Physician Assistant (PA) Programs / Schools in California

    There are 10 physician assistant programs in the state of California. They are located in various cities spread around the statePsychology schools in pa including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland, and Pomona among others.

    Looking for some help applying to PA schools? Check out this book!

    Learn about each program by clicking on these links about each PA program in California:

    12 thoughts on Physician Assistant (PA) Programs / Schools in California

    Hello my name is yevtte Baharyans MA MFT

    I have 96 unites from GCC ( mostly biology and chemistry classes)

    Bachelor degree in psychology

    Certificate from Holistic medicine with the title of medical practitioner for mental health

    4000 face face clients hours signed by psychiatrist and clinical psychologist.

    I am interested to go back to school to become physician assistant .

    I live in Glendale california, I was wondering what school can offer me more online classes and which one do you recommend since I have my private practice , I need to accommodate my hours

    Hi, not sure if anyone responded to your query, but there are no online PA programs that exist .

    i am looking for a good school to star my medical school ( physician assistant first )

    Hi, does someone know what kind of prereqs are needed to start on the PA program

    I have B.S in Midwifery from IRAN and NOw I am living in Los Angeles and

    I would like to get Master Degree in PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT and

    I attached my TOEFL SCORE(PBT:530) and also I attached all my Document that

    have been sent to ICA directly from my university in IRAN to US and They evaluated it.

    please help me in this matter that how can I go through this program.

    Thank you so much

    Hi mani, I have midwifery license from Iran just like you and decided to continue for PA here, same situation . Please let me know if you found the answer of your question.

    Great weblog right here! Also your site a lot up fast!

    What host are you using? Can I get your associate link in your host?

    I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

    Sweet blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?

    I ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

    HI. I came 12 years ago from El Salvador. I almost finish my medcine school over ther. One year left after 9 years. but I have my equivalences from there. Any way that I can qualify to go to PA school?

    This list is outdated.

    Hey great post! I hope it s ok that I shared it on my Twitter, if

    not, no problem just tell me and I ll delete it. Either way keep up the great work.


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    Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney #bankruptcy #attorneys #in #phoenix #az


    Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys

    The Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers at Canterbury Law Group are uniquely qualified to represent debtors, creditors, trustees and committees in both personal and commercial bankruptcies. Bankruptcy law provides for the reduction or elimination of certain debts, and can provide a timeline for the repayment of non-dischargeable debts. It also permits individuals and organizations to repay secured debts with more favorable terms to the borrower. The range of services our Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys provide depends on an individual s or a company s unique situation but may include business bankruptcy, Chapter 7, adversary proceedings, restructuring, Chapter 11, creditor representation, Chapter 5 claims and Chapter 13.

    Bankruptcy allows a company to efficiently sell assets or to liquidate in a controlled manner. Just like any other business strategy, bankruptcy should be considered early enough to be a viable strategy to preserve the business’s assets and help it continue as a going concern. Bankruptcy can also be an important tool for assisting in an orderly wind down and liquidation of a business and its assets. In addition to the some of the strategic benefits, liquidating through bankruptcy can provide numerous benefits over merely dissolving your entity.

    The most common form of bankruptcy in the United States, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, provides individuals with a discharge of all debt which are “dischargeable” under the Bankruptcy Code. In a Chapter 7, all of the debtor’s non-exempt assets on the petition date are liquidated through the priorities set forth in the Bankruptcy Code. At the time of filing, the bankruptcy code establishes the creation of your “debtor s estate” which includes all “non-exempt assets.” As a Debtor you have various duties and obligations, including significant duties of co-operation, which are owed to the Trustee. These obligations are designed to assist the Trustee in the administration of your bankruptcy estate. Our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers will counsel you regarding these duties, which if followed, will make your case run smoothly. Unfortunately, many debtors who are not fully informed of these obligations run the risk of not receiving a discharge of some or all or their debt. If you’re thinking of filing Chapter 7, here are some recommendations from our expert lawyers and legal team:

    • Complete the Mandatory Credit Counseling Before you can file chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is essential to complete credit counseling. It is a mandatory step before you can file and often requires paying a fee. Otherwise, your filing will not be allowed to continue.
    • File All Chapter 7 Paperwork Complete and file all necessary paperwork in court. Make sure all of your paperwork is accurate. Determine any fees associated with your filing.
    • Meet With Your Creditors Approximately one month after filing the petition, you will need to meet with your creditors, an arrangement made by the court. During this important meeting, your creditors will question you regarding your finances and property. Typically this meeting involves only a few people connected with the credit card companies to whom you owe your debt.
    • Attend the Personal Financial Management Instruction Course – In addition to your credit counseling course, a personal financial management course generally costs about $30 and is necessary for completing your filing of chapter 7. If you skip the money management course, you risk dismissal of your case.

    Our firm s lawyers have broad experience in representing creditors in multiple industries including lenders, lessors, landlords, retailers, farmers and other PACA claimants. If you recently received notice that one of your customers or clients is filing bankruptcy, you may have to invoke your creditors’ rights immediately in bankruptcy court to preserve your future ability to collect what is still owed to you. Time is often of the essence, call us today to schedule your consultation with an attorney about preserving your rights to be paid.

    Chapter 5 in the U.S. Bankruptcy code deals with the distribution of assets belonging to the debtor, exemptions and exceptions to what type of debts can be discharged and the entire estate. The team of litigation lawyers at Canterbury Law Group in Phoenix are experts that can help achieve the best results possible in your bankruptcy case.

    A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a per se liquidation but rather involves a restructuring of debt over a three or five-year period, pursuant to a plan which is filed with, and approved by, the court. This plan allows a debtor to pay its creditors a percentage of the amounts owed to them. Like in a Chapter 7, in a case under Chapter 13, the court appoints a Trustee. Pursuant to the terms of your Chapter 13 plan, you make one single global monthly payment to the Trustee, who then pays the creditors their pro-rata share of what is owed.

    The primary goal of a business bankruptcy is to reorganize a business, which entails a restructuring of the company s debts so the business can continue to operate. There are many ways that this can be accomplished, ranging from selling assets to closing down sites or reducing personnel. It is critical to understand that bankruptcy affords a business the opportunity to propose and implement these changes, without the looming threat that creditors will shut the business down for good. Contact our experienced business bankruptcy attorneys for a free consultation.

    More individuals, usually with a high net worth, are turning to Chapter 11 to solve their bankruptcy needs. The bankruptcy attorneys at Canterbury Law Group have significant experience with Chapter 11 filings, which tend to be very complex, and are capable of filing an individual case under Chapter 11 as mandated by the facts of each individual case.

    Filing for bankruptcy can be an intimidating process and people are often ashamed of doing it. However, a real challenge when filing for bankruptcy is not securing the services of trusted legal representation like the bankrupcty lawyers at Canterbury Law Group. The legal process can be very demanding and tedious. Without the help of an experience lawyer it is common to miss important deadlines, make mistakes on required forms and to misunderstand certain rules or terms which can be detrimental to your case. The bankruptcy lawyers at Canterbury law Group work diligently with bankruptcy clients to secure their fresh financial freedom.

    The bankruptcy attorneys at Canterbury Law Group are experienced experts in all areas of bankruptcy cases in the Phoenix area. Please call us today to schedule your consultation.


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    School Search #associates #degree #in #healthcare #administration, #associates #degree #in #healthcare


    Associates in Health Administration Programs
    (found programs from 116 schools)

    We ve compiled the most complete directory on the Web of Associates in Health Administration programs. It contains all the nationally accredited programs, from 116 schools across the country. Scroll down to see the listings.

    The field of health care is increasingly being considered one of the most enticing industries in the nation, with healthcare reform efforts resulting in a renewed focus and push in healthcare careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare is one of the largest and most lucrative career fields for those with Associate’s Degrees. The BLS also reports that health care support occupations, which include many of those positions you can obtain with an Associate’s degree, result in a mean annual wage of 34,950 (2013).

    Earning your Associate degree is a great way to enter the field of healthcare administration. An associate degree can get you on a path to an entry-level job or lay the groundwork for your bachelor’s degree later on.

    Types of Health Administration Associate Degrees

    You have three basic choices when considering a health administration associate degree: an Associate of Arts in health administration, an Associate of Science in health administration or an Associate of Applied Science in health administration. Which one you choose depends on what you want to do next. The Associate of Arts degree will include more liberal arts classes. An Associate of Science degree will include more science courses. An Associate of Applied Science degree focuses on the technical aspect of the work and is designed for people who want to acquire a specific skill or vocation and go right to work. It is considered a “terminal” degree, meaning not many credits will carry over toward a bachelor’s degree. So, if you want to continue your education at some point, it is best to consider an Associate of Science or an Associate of Arts degree. In all three cases you can choose to get a general health administration degree or you can choose a concentration in a specific area, such as pharmacy practice or medical records.

    Course Requirements for a Health Administration Associate Degree

    The specific courses you will take will depend on what degree you are pursuing and the area in which you plan to concentrate. Most programs require certain core courses in the degree area, such as classes on how the health care system works, technology for managing health care practices and functions, basic medical law and ethics, mathematics, medical terminology and introduction to anatomy. If you are on the arts track, you might take some courses in the humanities, English and writing, civilization, history, sociology or a foreign language. Those on a science track might enroll in introduction to biology, chemistry, psychology and even physics classes. If you are planning to concentrate in the general business aspects of the field, you may take additional courses in business and administration, organizational theory, customer service and marketing. If you seek an area of concentration, you will want to add electives in a specific field such as pharmacology or information technology. Typical degrees require about 60 credit hours of work.

    Job Prospects with a Health Administration Associate Degree

    Most students look for a job when they graduate, even if they plan to go on and get a bachelor’s degree. Work experience can help you get into a better school if you are continuing your education. If you plan to stay in the workforce, experience is the key to better-paying jobs. Getting an entry-level administrative job in a doctor’s office or in a hospital is a common choice, but it isn’t your only option. Insurance companies, clinics, pharmacies and long-term care facilities also look for people with health care administration credentials. You may find yourself doing a little bit of everything in a small physician’s practice. In a larger facility, you may be more focused in an area such as managing patient records, coding for insurance billing or managing inventory at a pharmacy.

    Featured Online Schools:

    Online programs may not be available in all areas

    Programs Offered:
    Associate of Science in Health Service Management

    Keiser University (Fort Lauderdale, FL / New Port Richey, FL / Orlando, FL / Tampa, FL / West Palm Beach, FL)

    Programs Offered:
    Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration
    Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration – New Port Richey
    Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration – Orlando
    Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration – Tampa, FL
    Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration – West Palm Beach
    Associate of Science in Health Information Management

    Programs Offered:
    Associates in Applied Science in Health Information Management
    Associates in Applied Science in Health Services Management

    Programs Offered:
    A.S. – Health Information Management – Online (online)
    Diploma – Medical Billing and Coding Technology – Online (online)

    Programs Offered:
    Associates in Science in Health Information Management
    Associates in Science in Health Services Management


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    Donate a Car For Charity, Car Donation, Car Donate, Donate Car,


    Thanks to the generous support from people like you, IFI-CIC Vehicle Donation Program assists in funding programs and sponsorships for at-risk children Worldwide. To learn more about us, click here

    This method of contribution enables you to dispose of old and damaged:

    while at the same time making a tax-deductible, charitable donation


    • Click to fill in the online Vehicle donation form.
    • IFI-CIC will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a convenient pick-up time.
    • At the time of pick-up, IFI-CIC will provide you with a preliminary receipt.
    • IFI-CIC will handle the title transfer and mail you a second receipt as proof of your tax-deductible contribution. Please keep the receipt for your records.
    • If you have an official title or lien on the vehicle, be sure to have it when you call.

    When you donate your vehicle to IFI-CIC, you help us provide humanitarian aid, crisis relief, educational programs and therapeutic solutions to thousands of at-risk children and their communities, both locally and internationally.

    The IFI-CIC Vehicle Donation Program also saves you the hassle of selling an old car: expensive ads, numerous phone calls, appointments, tiresome DMV forms, title transfers, and more.

    IFI-CIC will provide a free towing service for your vehicle whether it is running or not (some restrictions may apply) and take care of all the paperwork.

    Simply fill in the online donation form as detailed below and we will respond within 24 hours to schedule a convenient time to pick up your car.

    We will be pleased to learn where you heard about our Vehicle Donation Program.



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    How to Form a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation, setting up an llc


    How to Form a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation

    Setting up an llc in michigan Setting up an llc in michigan

    Most nonprofits are 501(c)(3) organizations, which means they are formed for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes and are eligible for federal and state tax exemptions. To create a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, first you need to form a Michigan nonprofit corporation. Then you apply for tax-exempt status from the IRS. Here are the details.

    Form Your Michigan Nonprofit Corporation

    First, you must form a nonprofit corporation under Michigan state law.

    1. Choose who will be on the initial board of directors.

    In Michigan, your nonprofit corporation must have at least three directors. You can have one or more directors on the board who are 16 or 17 years old, as long as this is stated in your articles and that number doesn t exceed 50% of the number of directors required for a quorum. The initial board of directors will play a key role in determining the purpose and goals for the organization.

    2. Choose a name for your Michigan nonprofit corporation.

    The name of your nonprofit corporation cannot be the same as, or confusingly similar to, the name of another corporate name on file with the state. To see if your proposed name is available, you can search Michigan’s name database available on the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs ( LARA ) website.

    3. Prepare and file your nonprofit articles of incorporation.

    You will need to create and file nonprofit articles of incorporation with the state. There is a fillinable articles form available on the LARA website. You should complete the form following the instructions provided. The articles of incorporation must include the following basic information about your nonprofit:

    • its name
    • its purpose (a general statement for all lawful activities is not sufficient)
    • whether it is organized on a stock or nonstock basis
    • whether it is a membership or directorship organization
    • the street and mailing address of the corporation s registered office
    • the name and address of the initial resident agent
    • the names and addresses of all the incorporators, and
    • its duration.

    The articles form on the LARA website does not include language required by the IRS to obtain tax-exempt status. To receive 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS, you’ll need to have additional specific language in your articles, including:

    • a statement of purpose that meets IRS requirements
    • statements that your nonprofit will not engage in prohibited political or legislative activity, and
    • a dissolution of assets provision dedicating your assets to another 501(c)(3) organization upon dissolution.

    Be sure to include the IRS-required language in your articles. For more information on IRS requirements for tax exemption, see IRS Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization, available on the IRS website.

    4. Prepare bylaws for your Michigan nonprofit corporation.

    You’ll need to prepare bylaws that comply with Michigan law and contain the rules and procedures your corporation will follow for holding meetings, electing officers and directors, and taking care of other corporate formalities required in Michigan. Your bylaws do not need to be filed with the Michigan Bureau of Commercial Services — they are your internal operating manual.

    5. Hold a meeting of your board.

    Your first board meeting is usually referred to as the organizational meeting of the board. The board should take such actions as:

    • electing directors (if not named in your articles)
    • approving the bylaws
    • appointing officers
    • setting an accounting period and tax year, and
    • approving initial transactions of the corporation, such as the opening of a corporate bank account.

    Be sure to keep minutes of your meeting that properly document your board s actions.

    6. Set up a corporate records binder.

    You should set up a corporate records binder for your nonprofit to hold important document such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and minutes of meetings. For more information, as well as minutes forms, consent forms, and other resolutions, see Nonprofit Meetings, Minutes Records, by Anthony Mancuso (Nolo).

    Obtain Your Federal and State Tax Exemptions

    Now that you have created your nonprofit corporation, you can obtain your federal and Michigan state tax exemptions. Here are the steps you must take to obtain your tax-exempt status:

    1. File your Form 1023 federal tax exemption application.

    To obtain federal tax-exempt status from the IRS, you will need to complete and file IRS Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This long and detailed form asks for lots of information about your organization, including its history, finances, organizational structure, governance policies, operations, activities, and more. For line-by-line instructions on how to complete the Form 1023, see How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation, by Anthony Mancuso (Nolo).

    Smaller nonprofits may be eligible to file Form 1023-EZ, Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This is a much simpler, shorter form that is filed online. Only smaller nonprofits–those with projected annual gross receipts of less than $50,000 and total assets of less than $250,000–are eligible to use the streamlined 1023-EZ application.

    See the IRS website for more information on the Form 1023 and Form 1023-EZ filing requirements.

    2. Obtain your Michigan state tax exemptions.

    Once you have your federal tax exemption, you are automatically exempt from Michigan state income tax. In addition, there is no longer an application process for tax exemption from Michigan sales and use tax. See the Michigan Department of Treasury for more information on state tax exemptions for nonprofits.

    3. Other state reporting and registration requirements.

    Depending on your activities and the size of your organization, you may need to register with the Michigan Attorney General before doing any fundraising activities. Check with Michigan’s Attorney General website for registration rules.


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    Trucking Companies – Truck Driving Jobs – Find Loads – Freight


    QuickTSI – Marketplace for Trucking Companies, Truck Drivers, Shippers & Freight Brokers

    Moving companies in washington d c

    Quick Transport Solutions Inc. load board service enables users to:

    • Post Your Shipment/Load Free

    Truck Driving Jobs

    Are you an Owner Operator or Driver looking for work? QuickTSI provides access to truck driving jobs application from trucking companies such as Schneider, Swift, CRST Malone, J.B. Hunt, Werner Enterprises, Mcleod Express, Heartland Express, Melton Truck Lines, Celadon, and Cal State Xpress. Start your search for truck driving jobs in major US cities today!

    Trucking Companies

    Do you want to view trucking company detailed information like contact info, office address, total trucks, total truck drivers, cargo hauled, safety records, inspection reports, crash reports and much more? View information for

    • USA Trucking Companies

  • Mexico Trucking Companies
  • QuickTSI has powerful Carriers Search feature allowing shippers and freight brokers to find carriers matching their needs.

    Moving companies in washington d c

    • 5,000+ trucking companies added per month
    • View the cargo hauled by each carrier
    • Find insurance, accident & inspection information

    Certified CDL Physical Medical Examiners

    In light of a legitimate concern for public safety on the highways, FMCSA regulations expect interstate commerical truck drivers to have a physical exam and carry a DOT medical certificate to operate a motor vehicle with a GVWR or GCWR of over 10,000 lbs. in interstate commerce. If commercial drivers current medical certificate expires on or after May 21, 2014, driver must be examined by a medical professional listed on the FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. QuickTSI is helping commercial truck drivers in locating a CDL Physical Exam Location near them.

    Freight Factoring Companies

    Do you want to convert your freight bills into cash? Freight Factoring Companies can provide the solutions a trucking company needs to work smarter and grow business. QuickTSI has created a collection of Freight Factoring Companies in the United States for the trucking industry.

    Freight Brokers

    As federally regulated and bonded companies, freight brokers are involved in assisting shippers find competitive rates for their shipments/loads by utilizing their network of trucking companies. QuickTSI provides information on freight brokers across major US cities. You can view freight brokers businesses in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, etc.

    Truck Driving Schools

    Are you interested in becoming a Truck Driver and need to find a Truck Driving School? QuickTSI has free information on Truck Driving Schools in most US States like California, Texas, Florida, Pennysylvania, etc.

    Truck & Trailer Wash Locations

    If your truck or trailer needs a wash let QuickTSI helps you find a truck wash near you. Use our site to find a truck wash near where you live and even when you’re on the road in all major US cities and states.

    Cargo & Liability Insurance

    Which insurance company is right for you? There are many factors that need to be considered when signing up for cargo and liability insurance such as cargo hauled, driving history, safety feature of trucks, etc. If you’re looking to sign up for the first time or to change insurance companies you have come to the right place. QuickTSI provides a wide range of companies to choose from across the US.


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    Murder suspect Markeith Loyd asks judge to let Miami lawyer represent


    WFTV Orlando


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    • 12384721 Home
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    Murder suspect Markeith Loyd asks judge to let Miami lawyer represent him

    • Lawyer in miami

    Lawyer in miami

    Lawyer in miami

    • Lawyer in miami
    • Lawyer in miami

    ORLANDO, Fla. – Murder suspect Markeith Loyd asked an Orange County judge for a lawyer Monday morning during a court hearing.

    Loyd, who is accused of fatally shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton, previously said he wanted to represent himself at trial.

    Loyd filed a handwritten motion asking that Terence Lenamon, a Miami-based defense lawyer, be his lead attorney instead of Roger Weeden, his appointed standby counsel. Loyd said that he met with Lenamon, who agreed to represent him. Lenamon is known for removing the death penalty from the table for many of his clients.

    Judge Frederick Lauten said that though granting such a request is uncommon, he will consider the motion because he thinks it s important that Loyd be represented.

    Sade Dixon family exploring a wrongful death suit possibility. #wftv

    Weeden said he was surprised by Loyd s request, but he said he s not opposed to it because he s making progress.

    We are building trust with Markeith, Weeden said. Obviously, the situation he is in, he is very leery about procedures, so it is good to have his trust.

    Should Lauten grant the motion, it could prevent a speedy trial because a newly appointed attorney wouldn t be prepared for the trial, which is scheduled to begin May 1.

    The discovery phase and the collection of a DNA sample were scheduled to happen Monday, but the motions were postponed until a decision is made on Loyd s legal representation.

    Markeith loyd blew a kiss and waived at his family when he left. #wftv

    Loyd was clear and calm in court Monday and had no outbursts, unlike previous court hearings. But when Weeden asked to speak with his client, Loyd said, I m busy.

    State Attorney Brad King has selected several assistant state attorneys and investigators to prosecute the case.

    Gov. Rick Scott removed State Attorney Aramis Ayala from the case last month after she announced that she wouldn t pursue the death penalty in Loyd s case or any others during her tenure.

    Markeith loyd says he will file motion against Rick Scott and brad king being part of the case. #wftv

    Loyd said he plans to file a motion against Scott and King for their involvement in the case.

    Dixon s relatives said through a family spokesperson that they re considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Loyd. They said Scott called them on Friday to apologize for everything that has happened with the case and to offer support with anything they need.

    Loyd blew a kiss and waved at his relatives as he left the courtroom. His next hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on April 12.

    WATCH: Markeith Loyd s court appearance below:

    Lawyer in miami


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    Movers Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach Movers #moving #virginia #beach, #storage #va


    Virginia Beach Movers 757-234-7080

    Southside Moving and Storage’s Virginia Beach Movers are ready to make your move a smooth and affordable one. Our professional movers specialize in Local Moving, Long Distance Moving, Commercial Moving and International Moving. Southside Moving and Storage provides professional moving services for both commercial and residential relocations. Whether you are moving from a house, apartment, business, or dorm, Southside Moving and Storage is here to help.

    In addition to professional moving services, our Vrginia Beach Moving Company also offer a full line of packing supplies, valuation protection, professional moving blankets, storage, and anything else you may need to make your transition to your new home as stress-free as possible.

    Southside Moving and Storage is fully licensed, bonded and insured, with a state-of-the-art fleet of moving trucks ensuring a safe and smooth ride for your household items. Our Virginia Beach Movers highly-trained relocation teams provide affordable, reliable moving services across the country or around the Hampton Roads area. Whether you’re moving to Virginia Beach or moving from Virginia Beach, we’ll make your move a breeze.

    Southside Moving and Storage Offers:

    • Competitive Pricing
    • Full Time, Professional Trained and Certified Moving Crews
    • Professional Relocation Specialists
    • Replacement Protection
    • Free In Home Moving Estimates
    • Free Box Kits
    • Local and Long Distance Moving Services
    • Professional Packing Services

    Planning a Long Distance Move

    to get a estimate for moving service in Virginia Beach to your desired location.

    Helpful Information on Virginia Beach, VA

    Moving To Virginia Beach, Virginia

    If you are considering moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia, there are a couple of things you should know first. It is an absolutely gorgeous town where you will never spend a dull moment. It offers sun and fun, as well as sand, culture and cocktails. It is known as a paradise for lovers and you are likely to loose your heart here. Let’s take a look at what makes Virginia Beach such a great place to live in.

    It May Be a Bit Bigger than You Expected

    Virginia Beach has the world’s longest pleasure beach, as reported in the Guinness World Book of Records. At 250 square miles, however, the city itself is more than just the beach. Hence, if you purchase a property in this area, it doesn’t mean you will have the beach at your doorstep. Indeed, you can have as much as a half hour drive ahead of you before actually getting your feet sandy.

    Swearing Is Not Permitted

    If you attend the resort area of the city, you will notice that there signs everywhere telling you not to use any swearwords. This is actually enforced, if you are a public nuisance and yell them out. Hence, try not to stub your toe and cry out in anger and swear at the same time, because you might get yourself arrested. Also, don’t bump into a cop who is having a bad day.

    It Offers Some of the Country’s Cleanest Beaches

    The beaches in Virginia Beach are so clean that you could actually eat off of them. It is known as the largest sandbox in the state, because it is so clean and beautiful. Each morning, every part of the beach is raked and smoothed to keep it looking pristine and safe. You can see the machines doing this if you live near enough to the beach. This is beach combing 21st century style.

    You Can Visit a Gorgeous Aquarium

    If you are interested in what happens in the water, then you must visit the aquarium. This is particularly true if you have kids, who will certainly love to spend some time there. There are sharks, sand tigers, sting rays and a huge sea turtle aquarium. Additionally, lots of the exhibits are hands-on and you can watch the octopus and jellyfish do their dances. Finally, there is an outdoor element to the aquarium, where you can go along the Owls Creek nature trail.

    It Is a Great Place to Fall in Love

    Virginia Beach truly is a place for lovers. Recently, it adopted a new slogan, which is “live the life,” but everybody knows that what really matters here is love. It is a very popular destination for people to get married, as well as for honeymoons. Indeed, some people call it the Paris of the United States. The city has now even created a beach wedding permit, so that couples can take a private spot on the beaches itself and tie the knot with the ocean crashing its waves behind them.

    It Is a Real Army Town

    Virginia Beach is also all about the military. You cannot go anywhere without seeing – or hearing – the army go about. The Oceana, one of the naval air stations, is located here and this is actually the city’s largest employer. Then, there is the training support center, which is one of the largest centers of its kind on the planet. If you attend the beach early enough, you are likely to see the army personnel engaging in physical exercises – certainly a pleasant sight for the ladies!

    Do be aware, however, that you will also hear many jets passing overhead. They fly across the area all the time, all over the city and the beach. You will know that you have become a true Virginia Beach resident when you no longer jump and look up whenever you hear one of them passing by.

    It Is a Great Place for Fishing

    If you like fishing, you will also feel right at home here. You will be able to dangle your angler in the Atlantic Ocean where it intersects Chesapeake Bay. If you prefer freshwater fishing, there are lots of opportunities out there for you. One of the most popular catch is the striped bass or Rockfish and these have been of award-winning sizes. This is why you will be able to take part in the Rockfish Tournament as well, which takes place every year in January. For the people of Virginia Beach, fishing truly is a sport.

    Southside Moving and Storage

    1533 Harpers Rd

    Virginia Beach, Va. 23454

    757-234-7080 or 800-587-7474

    Virginia Beach, VA “,”mainIcon”:”red-dot”,”style”:”default”,”width”:”auto”,”height”:350,”mapTypeId”:”roadmap”,”zoom”:11,”mapCtrl”:0,”typeCtrl”:0,”directions”:0,”unitSystem”:0,”clusterMarker”:0,”styler_invert_lightness”:0,”zoomWhl”:0,”styler_hue”:””,”styler_saturation”:0,”styler_lightness”:0,”styler_gamma”:0,”adresses”:[]>’>

    Proudly serving Richmond, Chesterfield, Chester, Henrico, Ashland, Hanover, Mechanicsville, New Kent, Powhaton, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Prince George, Charles City, Petersburg, King William, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Portsmouth, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Surry, Smithfield,



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    Creative, Design – Photography Courses Online, online courses in photography.#Online #courses


    Design Photography

    Our design and photography courses are the perfect place to start if you want to learn a new skill, rediscover an old hobby or turn a long term passion into a career.

    Have you always dreamed of taking your creative passion further? Designed by industry experts, these courses will give you the creative confidence and know-how that you need to bring your ideas to life.

    Graphic Digital Design

    Highlight your creative skills with a course in Graphic Design constructed to give you the edge in your area of interest.

    Graphic Design Pathway Program

    If you love graphic design but don t have much experience, Open Colleges Graphic Design Pathway provides you with a streamlined route to an exciting career as a graphic designer.

    Diploma of Graphic Design

    Get the qualification you need to step your graphic design career up to the next level, with Open Colleges Diploma of Graphic Design.

    Certificate IV in Design (Digital Design)

    Combine graphic and digital design theory to start a creative career as a Digital Designer with this immersive nationally recognised course.

    Fundamentals of Design

    Designed as an entry-level introduction to the world of graphic design, this course will give you the foundations needed for you to kick off your studies in this field.

    Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies

    Are you confident on a computer? Want to learn to code? If you are looking to upskill in your current career, need extra IT skills to get a promotion, or are interested in pursuing a career in web technologies, Open Colleges Certificate IV in Web Technology is perfect for you.

    Interior Design

    Get the accredited skills that will allow you to work within the commercial Interior Design landscape or to start your own exciting business.

    Certificate IV in Interior Decoration

    Get the skills you need to work in the industry as a professional decorator. Learn how to interpret and respond to a client brief, how to integrate colour theory and how to produce industry-standard work, decorating spaces to meet functional and aesthetic requirements.

    Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

    A nationally recognised qualification from North Coast TAFE, this course will teach you to create functional and stylish interiors.

    Interior Design Basics

    Discover how to transform an interior room or series of rooms by learning about colours, designs, patterns, textures and lighting.

    Introduction to Interior Design Certificate

    This course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of interior design and the influence of architectural and decorative styles.


    Learn from professional photographers and artists with decades of photography experience to get the skills to give your photography a professional edge.

    Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging

    Start a career as a Photographer or enhance your existing skills in digital photography with the Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging.

    Get a Free Course Guide

    Enter your details below to receive a free course guide and a consultation with an Education Advisor.



    Enquire / Contact

  • Online courses in photographyOnline courses in photographyOnline courses in photographyOnline courses in photographyOnline courses in photography

    Online courses in photography Online courses in photography

    Online courses in photography

    Open Colleges Pty Ltd ABN 61 000 011 692 Provider Number 90796 | Integrated Care Management Training Pty Ltd ABN 82 003 899 527 Provider Number 90197 | College of Fashion Design Pty Ltd ABN 19 023 237 244 Provider Number 3798. Open Colleges delivers training and accredited TAFE courses online on behalf of: TAFE NSW North Region, Provider Number 90010. Protector AlSafe, Provider Number 21897.


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  • Complete Guide To Train Travel In Europe #travel #deals

    #rail travel europe

    Complete Guide To Train Travel In Europe

    Traveling by train is the quintessential method for touring Europe and rightfully so. It s romantic. It s inspiring. Some might say it s almost magical. And to those of you who don t live in a country where train travel is prominent, it s a little mysterious. The rail network is extremely developed and train service is very reliable (unless there are strikes). Trains in Europe are not perfect, but many people consider it the best way to travel. This Train Travel 101 guide will explain everything you ll need to know about train travel and you ll learn some helpful tips.

    Sections Of This Guide

    Advantages To Rail Travel In Europe

    Disadvantages of Rail Travel in Europe

    The train schedules can be a little confusing, especially for beginners, but it is easy to learn. Also, a lot of large cities, and a few small towns, have more than one train stations (Paris has six!). It s not uncommon to arrive in one station and leave from another. I ve shown up at the wrong station a number of times, so be sure you read your tickets carefully.

    It is also possible to change stations during a single journey. For example, traveling from London to Lyon, France via the Eurostar. The Eurostar stops at the Paris North station but then you have to travel to the Paris East station to catch the train from Paris to Lyon, because there are no direct trains from London to Lyon. This transfer would require a cheap metro (subway) ride.

    Striking is a national pastime in Europe.  It happens a few times a year (or more if the people aren t happy), and you ll usually know about them a few days in advance. You ll just have to deal with them if they happen.

    How To Buy Train Tickets Get The Best Price

    Buying train tickets can be a little complicated. Finding the best price is even more complicated. Unfortunately there is no single website that can find the best ticket prices for all of Europe. It does take a little work and planning, but this guide will walk you through the process for getting the best deal possible. If you re interested in information about Eurail passes click here.

    Buy Your Tickets Online:

    You ll get the best deals on tickets if you buy online. BUT . you need to buy them directly from each country s site. For example, if you re traveling in France you should buy the tickets from the French Rail website www.voyages-sncf.com. This way you won t have to pay all the extra fees that you would if you booked through a travel agent. Generally, these tickets can t be mailed outside of Europe, so they have to be picked up at a train station.

    You can also buy tickets from the North American distributor, RailEurope. Rail Europe is a joint venture between the French National Railways and the Swiss Federal Railways, and they were created to sell rail tickets to non-Europeans. Unlike most European rail systems, Rail Europe will mail tickets outside Europe. Unfortunately, there is a good chance you ll have to pay a lot more for a ticket. These sites often don t display any current specials and sometimes they only show the more expensive tickets. It s not unheard of for tickets to be 2x-3x more expensive when purchased through Rail Europe. Although. sometimes the ticket prices are nearly identical to European prices, so it might be easier to buy them through Rail Europe in these cases. Make sure to check both Rail Europe and the country s website and compare prices.

    But (see why this can get confusing), the Rail Europe UK site will usually find the best deals, but tickets have to be picked up in the UK.

    Individual Country s National Rail Websites

    ¹ Domestic tickets (i.e. trips that are wholly within the country) are always the same price, regardless of when purchased, and never require a reservation. Therefore, it is easiest to buy at the station. However, these countries often have a separate international high-speed train system (e.g. Belgium has slower regional trains and high-speed Thalys trains that link major Belgian cities to other international cities).

    Important Notes:

    • Booking tickets online in Eastern Europe is tougher/not possible. It is usually best to purchase them at the station or at a local travel agent. Ask your hostel or hotel and they ll tell you where to locate an agent.
    • Double check the rules about ticket how you can retrieve your tickets. If the rail company won t mail you the tickets then you ll have to pick them up at a station in that country. This presents a problem if you bought your Paris to Barcelona ticket from the Spanish Rail site because you can only pick the ticket up in Spain. Some countries are starting to allow you to print your own tickets but many don t.
    • When you pick up your tickets at the station you usually need to use the same credit card you used to book/purchase online. There are many automated ticket machines in train stations and it is possible to get your pre-purchased tickets there. Although, some only take the chip-and-pin cards (not used in the US) so swipe cards might not work. You can always give it a try first, but you might have to go up to the window to get your ticket.

    Plan Your Rail Journey:

    The Germans are known for being extremely precise and orderly, so it is no surprise that they produce the most in-depth train schedule for all of Europe. Visit www.bahn.de and input your desired journey. You won t be able to buy tickets (unless you re buying tickets for German train travel) but you ll be able to see the schedule of just about every train in Europe. This is great for complex journeys that other websites can t process. Once you know all the train schedules you can break the trip down by country. If you re traveling from Paris to Budapest for example, book a train from Paris to Munich using the French Rail site. Then use the German site to book a train from Munich to Budapest (this is a simple hypothetical situation it maybe be possible to book this journey from the French rail site).

    bahn.de is also great because it gives you all the extra, and often very important, information about each train (if a reservation is required, if there are sleeping/food/bar cars, etc ).

    Book Tickets in Advance:

    Tickets are able to be purchased 90 days (sometimes 60) before departure, although Eurostar tickets are available 120 days in advance. There is a limited amount of cheap tickets and they obviously sell-out the quickest.

    There will usually be a huge price difference when you buy in advance. The Eurostar offers a one-way ticket from London to Paris for about $60 if you book well in advance. That same ticket will cost $140 if booked only a few days in advance and $225 if booked the day before/day of.

    It is important to remember that most regional trains (non-high speed trains) don t change in price based on when you purchase them (i.e. they are the same price no-matter when you purchase them). Just purchase a ticket at the ticket window or ticket machine.

    Youth Discount (under 26):

    All you young whippersnappers under 26 will probably get a discount on most train travel. Although, the discount you receive by booking well in advance is usually cheaper than the youth discount. It does come in handy when you re traveling spur-of-the-moment.

    Night Trains:

    If you re traveling a long distance it could be wise to take a night train. Almost every major city has daily connection to other major cities. Night trains require a reservation. You also have the option to reserve a small bed in a sleeping car. The most common configurations are 6 bed rooms and 2 bed rooms. The rooms are comfy (small) and you ll most likely be sharing the room with strangers. A bed will cost about the same as a hostel bed and should be reserved ahead of time. You save a day of sight-seeing by taking the night train, and you arrive at your destination rested and ready for a new city.

    Final Words About Point-to-Point Tickets:

    As stated above, buying tickets in advance is the best way to save, but this also limits your ability to be flexible/spontaneous. This is especially true since many of the truly cheap train tickets are non-refundable.  For optimum flexibility it might be best to buy a rail pass. For example, when I was in Krakow a lot of the hostelers were talking about Budapest and it sounded really interesting. It wasn t part of my schedule but luckily I had the flexibility to change my plans Budapest turned out to be one of my favorite cities.

    Each person s travel plans are different. Someone traveling for 9 months is going to have a totally different strategy than someone who is on a strict 2 week time limit. This is where solid planning comes into play.

    How To Use Train Tickets

    Note: You can sometimes buy your ticket on the train (although you ll pay extra) but you must seek out an employee quickly. You ll receive a large fine if they come around checking tickets and find that you don t have one.



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    Military and UWF #yellow #ribbon #schools #in #florida


    Military and UWF

    One of the most innovative opportunities the Internet opened up for men and women serving in the military is the ability to earn a college degree online – wherever they are based or deployed. It’s also a great option for employed veterans and their spouses – allowing them to earn a degree without taking time off from their civilian jobs.

    Online education has come a long way and the University of West Florida offers robust, highly interactive learning environments that can make online learning as engaging as on campus classes.

    UWF makes it easy and affordable for military personnel and their family members to continue their college programs. Tuition fees are very affordable and are well within the military services range of tuition fees authorized for payment. The UWF out-of-state fee waiver covers the out-of-state portion of assessed tuition and fees for students enrolled in our fully online programs or certificates. This waiver makes tuition and fees only slightly higher than Florida resident tuition even though students may live outside the state.

    For veterans and their spouses, the flexibility of online degree and certificate programs, coupled with the Post 9/11 GI Bill, could cover up to 100% of tuition expenses.

    Military Times – Best for Vets Colleges

    Military Times announced its 2014 Best for Vets College Rankings and UWF is #22 in the nation. The organization comprising Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times placed a new emphasis on academic rigor this year when conducting and scoring the fourth annual Best for Vets: Colleges survey, a highly respected 150-question analysis of a school’s complete offerings for veterans.

    Best for Vets provides service men and women a gauge by which to judge whether a school or degree program will truly benefit them. The rankings factored in service member enrollment, percentage of tuition covered by the GI Bill, and availability of specific programs to help service members.

    Yellow Ribbon Program

    The University of West Florida (UWF) has been a participating member of the Yellow Ribbon Program since 2011. UWF has voluntarily entered into an agreement with the VA to fund tuition expenses that exceed the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition rate. This agreement is part of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program (Yellow Ribbon Program ) is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. Only individuals entitled to the maximum benefit rate (based on service requirements) may receive this funding.

    If eligible, the Post-9/11 GI Bill pays up to the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition and fees. You may have tuition and fees that exceed that amount if you are in an out-of-state status. UWF will pay 50% of the amount above the maximum allowed by the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the VA will pay the remaining 50%.

    G.I. Jobs Magazine – Military Friendly School

    UWF NAMED MILITARY FRIENDLY SCHOOL BY “G.I. JOBS MAGAZINE” for the Seventh consecutive year!

    The University of West Florida was named a 2015 Military Friendly School by “G.I. Jobs Magazine.” The list honors the top 15 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools which are doing the most to embrace America’s veterans as students. Schools on the list range from state universities and private colleges to community colleges and trade schools. Criteria for making the Military Friendly Schools List included efforts to recruit and retain military and veteran students, results in recruiting military and veteran students and academic accreditations.

    The list was compiled through exhaustive research starting last May during which “G.I. Jobs” polled more than 7,000 schools nationwide. Methodology, criteria and weighting for the list were developed with the assistance of an Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) consisting of educators and administrators from Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Toledo, Duquesne University, Coastline Community College and Lincoln Technical Institute. “This list is especially important now because the recently enacted Post-9/11 GI Bill has given veterans virtually unlimited financial means to go to school,” said Rich McCormack, “G.I. Jobs” publisher. “Veterans can now enroll in any school, provided they’re academically qualified, so schools are clamoring for them like never before. Veterans need a trusted friend to help them decide where to get educated, and the Military Friendly Schools list is that trusted friend.”

    New Joint Services Education Transcript

    The Sailor Marine Corps American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART), the Army American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) and the Coast Guard Institute (CGI) have been aligned to implement one collaborative transcript program called the Joint Services Transcript (JST). The JST is now the official transcript tool for Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard personnel. Service members can join upcoming webinar sessions on the new JST by registering. For more information on the JST, contact Laurine Anderson. JST Program Manager at (850) 452-1001, Opt 3, Ext. 1097. For information about the Military Evaluations Program through ACE, contact Sandra Winborne at (850) 452-1111 Ext 3213. For information on DANTES, visit the DANTES website.

    UWF Online Campus

    Building 77/Room 143
    11000 University Pkwy.
    Pensacola, FL 32514


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    Miami Luxury Hotels – Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables, FL #luxury


    Miami Luxury Hotel

    One Of The Best Miami Luxury Hotels

    The AAA Four Diamond Awarded hotel features 275 guest rooms including 130 spacious Mediterranean styled suites and two famed Presidential Suites, a Donald Ross 18 hole golf course, 10 lighted tennis courts, the signature Palme d’Or restaurant, Biltmore Spa, The Culinary Academy, 75,000 square feet of meeting and function space and is a preferred venue for notable high society events and weddings.
    Play Video

  • Dining at The Biltmore

    Biltmore Dining

    The Biltmore dining experience has something for every taste, from fine dining at the award winning Palme d’Or, romance at Fontana, our Italian courtyard restaurant to casual poolside at Cascade or the 19th Hole. Whether on your next holiday or your next visit to the Biltmore, we look forward to helping you create wonderful memories with your family and friends.

    Learn More

    Biltmore Spa, Fitness Wellness Program

    Biltmore Golf Course

    Adjacent to the Biltmore is a 6,800-yard, 18-hole, par-71, championship golf course. The Biltmore Golf Course was designed in 1925 by Donald Ross, a transplanted Scotsman who was the pre-eminent golf designer of his era. The course, acknowledged as one of the finest resort layouts in the South, has always attracted dignitaries, movie stars and sport luminaries. Variety, strategy and naturalness are the most consistent traits in a Ross design.
    Learn More


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  • Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Programs #associate #degree #in #criminal


    Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Programs
    (found programs from 113 schools)

    Associate Degree – Criminal Justice (online)

    ITT Technical Institute (Anaheim, CA / Boise, ID / Canton, MI / Chantilly, VA / Clovis, CA / Cordova, TN / Duluth, GA / Earth City, MO / Fort Lauderdale, FL / Hilliard, OH / Indianapolis, IN / Jacksonville, FL / Kansas City, MO / Kennesaw, GA / Lexington, KY / Little Rock, AR / Madison, WI / Miami, FL / Mobile, AL / Mount Prospect, IL / Norfolk, VA / Oklahoma City, OK / Oxnard, CA / Phoenix, AZ / Pinellas Park, FL / Portland, OR / Richmond, VA / Saint Rose, LA / San Bernardino, CA / Seattle, WA / Spokane Valley, WA / Springfield, VA / Sylmar, CA / Tampa, FL / Thornton, CO / Troy, MI / Tucson, AZ / Warrensville Heights, OH / Wyoming, MI)

    Associate of Applied Science – Criminal Justice (online). Associate of Science – Criminal Justice (online)

    Ivy Tech Community College (Bloomington, IN / Columbus, IN / Evansville, IN / Fort Wayne, IN / Gary, IN / Indianapolis, IN / Kokomo, IN / Lafayette, IN / Madison, IN / Muncie, IN / Richmond, IN / Sellersburg, IN / South Bend, IN / Terre Haute, IN)

    Associate of Applied Science – Paralegal Studies (online). Associate of Science – Paralegal Studies (online)

    Associate of Applied Science – Public Safety Communications (online)

    Associate of Science – Criminal Justice Technology (online)

    Rasmussen College (Aurora, IL / Bismarck, ND / Bloomington, MN / Brooklyn Park/Maple Grove, MN / Eagan, MN / Fargo, ND / Fort Myers, FL / Green Bay, WI / Lake Elmo, MN / Land O Lakes/East Pasco, FL / Mankato, MN / Ocala, FL / Rockford, IL / St. Cloud, MN)

    AAS – Paralegal (online). AS – Criminal Justice – Homeland Security (online). AS in CJ – Correction (online). AS in CJ – Law Enforcement (online). Associate of Arts – Accounting – Financial Investigations (Online) (online)

    Information Technology Management Associate (online). Paralegal Associate (online)


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    Community Mercy Home Care, how to set up an llc in


    how to set up an llc in ohio

    How to set up an llc in ohio

    How to set up an llc in ohio

    How to set up an llc in ohio

    How to set up an llc in ohio

    1111 North Plum Street, #4

    Springfield, OH 45504

    Community Mercy Home Care

    We are health professionals with care that is life-changing

    Community Mercy Home Care is committed to providing exceptional health care services in the home. A joint venture of American Nursing Care and Community Mercy Health Partners, Community Mercy Home Care has extensive experience and commitment to the highest quality ideals. Our team approach to care provides you and your loved ones with optimal outcomes.

    Our Full Line of Home Health Care Services includes:

    Nursing Services – Skilled registered nurses and licensed professional nurses assist with your medical needs.

    Home Health Aides – Aides help with personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping and the activities of daily living.

    Homemaker – Individuals assist with light housekeeping, meal preparation, grocery shopping and other errands.

    Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies – Therapists provide a range of rehabilitation services aimed at improving the quality of life.

    Social Services – Medical social workers assist with financial and social needs and help in connecting with community resources.

    Selecting home health care doesnпїЅt need to be difficult or time-consuming. All it takes is one call to Community Mercy Home Care. WeпїЅre close to home, and have been providing the finest in-home care for more than a quarter century. No matter when you call, youпїЅll speak with an experienced associate who can help you with your home care needs. Our team will work closely with you and your physician to coordinate services and develop an individualized plan of care.

    Our Chronic Care Management Programs Set Us Apart

    v CardioCareLink пїЅ Our CardioCareLink Program was developed to empower and assist the client/caregiver to manage their disease process in the home setting while improving overall quality of life. Our comprehensive program emphasizes ongoing monitoring while clinicians provide education and support for clients and their families. When appropriate, we utilize telehealth to enhance your peace of mind. This system allows you to send your vital sign data daily and provides us the up-to-date information about your condition that we need to help you continue to enjoy the best possible health.

    v OrthoCareLink пїЅ OrthoCareLink is a comprehensive program to provide a consistent, therapeutic plan for recovery and rehabilitation following total joint replacement or other orthopedic surgery. It includes comprehensive therapy schedule, physician specific care protocols, a trained and dedicated clinical team, and patient education пїЅ with a focus on continuity of care across the continuum.

    v Skin and Wound CareLink – Our care and treatments emphasize prevention, healing, reduction in emergent care and rehospitalizations, and comfort using principles of compassion, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness.

    Our programs and initiatives demonstrate our commitment to the provision of excellent quality and achievement of outstanding clinical outcomes. These include our Focus on Outcomes program along with our Centralized Call Center and many initiatives directed specifically at reducing avoidable hospital readmissions.

    v Focus on Outcomes – This program is designed to encourage and empower each clinician to educate and align themselves with the tools necessary to assist the client in improving specific outcomes. It is a means to set realistic goals, monitor weekly results and evaluate the progress of attaining the goal.

    v Centralized Call Center пїЅ Our centralized call center is staffed by our own associates who have access to the patientпїЅs electronic medical record. Calls are answered by these associates 24 hours per day. This allows for rapid identification and early intervention. It provides a stark contrast in quality to other organizations that use an answering service or hospital switchboard for after-hours calls.


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    Colorado Attractions – Top Attractions in Colorado #air #travel #news

    #travel spot

    All Colorado Attractions

    • Denver’s Museum of Nature Science, the Denver Zoo and the Denver Botanic Gardens

    • Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs

    • Pearl Street Mall and the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company factory in Boulder

    • Brewery tours and Old Town’s shops and restaurants in Fort Collins

    Still haven’t packed enough into your Colorado vacation? Make time to see some of the great Colorado mountain attractions — tour a ghost town near Aspen, sail above the mountains in a balloon over Breckenridge, rock out at a music festival in Telluride, check out the nightlife scene in Vail and try your luck at a casino in Black Hawk, Central City or Cripple Creek.

    And that’s still not everything. Tour our craft breweries and wineries. attend a food festival, take a dip in a soothing hot spring, see a Denver Bronco’s game, ride a historic railroad and explore one of 42 Colorado State Parks .

    Or throw out the map and stumble onto a geologic wonder, a meandering river or a Rocky Mountain vista to fill your camera’s memory card — some of the best attractions in Colorado are our natural lands.

    Wherever your Colorado vacation finds you, you’ll find yourself amid amazing scenery and world-class attractions.


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    Man and Van Salisbury Removals – Phone 07956 116522 #man #and


    Your Reliable and Dependable local Man Van Service

    We are an independent well established Man and Van Service based in Salisbury,Wiltshire.

    We are well known locally for ourreliability and professionalismhaving carried out removals collections and deliveries to both residential and business customers over many years in Salisbury, Wiltshire and Surrounding Counties.

    Local or Long Distance – Home or Business

    Telephone – 07956 116522

    Collections Deliveries
    (single items to full van Loads)

    Rubbish Clearance (We Are Licenced Waste Carriers)

    House Clearance
    (Full or part house, shed /garage / outbuildings)

    Man and Van Salisbury is an independent established family run business based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We provide an economical and practical solution for your Small House Removals and Small Move needs to anywhere in the mainland UK.

    We carry out door to door collections and deliveries for multiple or single items, including store pick ups, auction and sales-room collections, antiques furniture deliveries and eBay collections deliveries.

    We always aim to deliver a professional safe and reliable man and van service transporting goods for domestic and business clients including relocating students, doctors, nurses and military personnel.

    Our Man and Van Services –

    Small Removals Service (Light removals – 1 / 2 bed house- Man and a Luton Van – Ideal for customers moving home, relocating or transporting personal possessions.)

    Option 1 – Driver and Van Only (The customer family / friends carry goods to and from the van, the driver loads and unloads the van from the van)

    Option 2 – Van and Working Driver
    ( Driver assists customer with loading and unloading of the van)

    Option 3 – Van and Working Driver / 2 Men(We do all the carrying, loading and unloading of the van)

    *Multiple Vans and Porters available for larger moves.

    Collections and Deliveries Carried Out Locally

    Single Items to Full Loads.

    Rubbish Clearance (We are registered and licensed Waste Carriers)

    Removals Tips Advice – Avoid Scams

    Man and Van Salisbury is based in Salisbury, Wiltshire – Confirmation of orders and invoices will have our letter head with full address details on them. the reason we do not display our full details is because of the constant sales calls and spam emails that we receive each day.


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    Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis – Department of Psychology #masters


    Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis

    Behavior analysis is the science of the causes of behavior. In applied behavior analysis, this science is applied to significant problems of human behavior, typically at the level of the individual rather than of the group. The scope of behavior analysis is wide-ranging, including work in developmental disabilities, in behavioral medicine, education, and organizations, to mention just a few applications. Mastery of applied behavior analysis calls for competence in basic psychology, in the detailed knowledge base of behavior analysis, in measurement techniques for evaluating existing behavior and for designing treatment programs for individuals and in the various skills essential to delivering services and maintaining their effectiveness.

    Applied behavior analysis requires accountability in its service delivery. The UMBC M.A. track is responsive to the increasing call for such services and fills a gap in the availability of such programs in the mid- Atlantic region. The UMBC Department of Psychology together with the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s (KKI) Department of Behavioral Psychology are uniquely suited to support a rigorous program in applied behavior analysis. The track is accredited by the Association of Behavior Analysis International and is included in the list of programs approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, so that students who have completed our M.A. degree are qualified and well prepared to sit for the BCBA certification examination.

    The dimensions considered by the Application Committee include grades (GPA), Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores, three letters of recommendation (preferably including academic as well as work-related references), work experience related to applied behavior analysis, self-statements (including the applicant’s stated reasons for an interest in applied behavior analysis at UMBC, in response to items on the supplemental application) and other information presented by the applicant in the application or during interviews. Where applicants cannot visit UMBC or the KKI facilities, interviews can be conducted by telephone. The decisions of the committee also take into account the applicant pool in combination with an applicant’s fit to available faculty members.

    Applicants with questions about the academic and clinical aspects of the ABA MA program should begin by sending an email message to both co-directors. Potential applicants should provide some information both about their educational background (an attached unofficial copy of the applicant’s transcript can be helpful) and about the nature of their interest in a career in applied behavior analysis (including relevant work experience). In case a discussion, rather than an email reply, seems appropriate, inquiries should also include phone contact information (numbers and best times to call).

    The application deadline is January 1.

    A Region of Opportunity

    Just 15 minutes away from downtown Baltimore and 30 minutes from the Washington beltway, UMBC offers easy access to the region’s resources by car or by public transportation.

    Students find it easy to access classes, obtain practical experience and participate in opportunities at other schools in the University System of Maryland. Nearby national research centers, libraries and museums are also a resource for scholarly activity.

    Frequently Used

    University of Maryland, Baltimore County 1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, MD 21250


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    The 10 best U, psychology colleges in pennsylvania.#Psychology #colleges #in #pennsylvania


    The 10 best U.S. colleges for a major in psychology

    Psychology is an absorbing and interesting topic that remains one of the most popular majors students pursue today. A degree in psychology allows graduates to further understand how people and animals think as students take classes that explore personality types, human development, and behavior. This degree leads to careers in social work, marketing, human resources and public health programs, with more opportunities arising with an advanced degree.

    This list rounds up the top 10 colleges for a degree in psychology. Each of these schools offer quality educations that prepare students for success. Students learn all concepts, theories, and methodologies of the psych field while gaining hands-on experience that will be useful when entering the job force.

    Learn more about the ranking methodology here. Salaries are estimates with data provided from Payscale.

    Psychology colleges in pennsylvania

    1. Stanford University

    Stanford University is a prestigious research school that houses many of the top academic programs in the country. Students interested in studying psychology should consider Stanford due to the strength of the program.

    Psychology majors receive extensive knowledge and training on how to become leaders in the field. Psych classes are supplemented by undergraduate research, introductory seminars and study abroad programs to ensure students understand all theories and receive a dynamic education.

    Graduates enter the workforce earning an average starting salary of $53,000, jumping to $67,000 at the mid-career level.

    2. University of California-Los Angeles

    The University of California–Los Angeles is known as a pioneer in academia. The undergraduate psychology program gives students the opportunity to study human and animal behavior to further understand normal and abnormal reactions and tendencies.

    Students take classes in learning and memory, cognition, personality and other specialized fields to help them explore their areas of interest. UCLA graduates typically earn an average starting salary of $45,000, increasing to $77,000 at the mid-career level.

    3. Washington University-St. Louis

    Established in 1853, Washington University is well-known for offering students a quality education. In addition to being one of the best schools in the country for psychology majors, the university is ranked 19 th in the nation in terms of overall quality.

    The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has four primary research programs: Aging and Development; Behavior, Brain and Cognition; Clinical Psychology and Social/Personality. Students graduating with a degree in psychology from WUSTL go on to careers that earn an average starting salary of $48,000.

    4. Vanderbilt University

    Founded in 1873, Vanderbilt has a long history of providing students with a quality education. The social science programs are the largest at Vanderbilt, with psychology being among the most popular.

    Psychology majors are challenged to analyze and solve social and psychological problems using the theories and critical thinking skills they acquire in the classroom. This knowledge translates to the real world, and Vanderbilt graduates find jobs earning a mid-career salary of $86,000.

    Dig deeper into College Factual s psychology ratings with this interactive tool.

    5. Princeton University

    Princeton University is a highly selective, independent research university known for its excellent education. The psychology program offers numerous undergraduate research opportunities, which allow students can work closely with faculty members on projects.

    Students take classes that study thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to further understand human and animal emotion and interactions. The undergraduate program is designed to prepare students for successful careers in the psych field by providing hands-on experience through independent work during the junior and senior years.

    Psychology graduates from Princeton earn an average starting salary of $45,000 and average mid-career salary of $94,000.

    6. University of Pennsylvania

    Founded in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania is among the oldest in the United States and has spent decades providing a strong education to all students. It is a research institution that has a strong focus on interdisciplinary curriculums.

    Penn is home to many exceptional programs ranked among the top ten in the country, including its psychology program. As the oldest continuously functioning psych department in North America, the Penn program has a strong history of developing leaders in the field.

    Students learn about the mind and the various ways we respond to outside factors. The school offers the best earnings boost for psychology majors with graduates making $45,000 out of college and $79,000 at the mid-career level.

    7. Duke University

    Duke University has a strong track record for developing future leaders. A popular and challenging major at Duke is the psychology program. Undergraduate students have the option to focus on abnormal/health, biological, cognitive, developmental or social psychology and take classes within their concentration.

    With an affordable net price and best earnings boost, Duke is a good value for your money. The mid-career salary of Duke psychology graduates is the highest on this list at $101,000. Students fresh out of college can expect an average earning of $43,000.

    8. Yale University

    Yale University is an Ivy League school that often tops the list of best colleges. One of its best programs is the undergraduate psychology program. Along with a variety of psych classes, Yale offers research opportunities that give students the ability to dig deeper into the field.

    Psych majors are given the chance to analyze why humans and animals think and act like they do. Theories and ideas are taken out of the classroom and applied to real world situations. The university is a good value for your money because it provides an excellent education that leads to a starting salary around $44,000 and mid-career salary of $91,000.

    9. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

    The University of North Carolina was chartered in 1789 and is one of the oldest public universities in the United States. The school’s 729-acre campus has won numerous awards for its architectural beauty. Due to its academic excellence and in-state tuition discount, the university is considered a great value for your money.

    The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience has about 1,600 undergraduate majors with over 200 of them working with faculty on research projects. Upon graduation, majors go on to earn an average starting salary of $40,000.

    10. University of Virginia

    The University of Virginia’s Department of Psychology has research studies in clinical, cognitive, community, developmental, quantitative, neuroscience and behavior, and social psychology. Study abroad programs are available for students who want to gain a more varied perspective of their field of focus.

    The university has a freshman retention rate of 97% – that’s one of the in the country. UVA has a reputation for quality and a very reasonable net price, making it a super value for in-state students. With this excellent foundation, psychology majors earn an average starting salary of $41,000.


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    Chiropractor Frisco TX: Massage #chiropractor #in #plano


    Chiropractor Frisco, TX

    When we think of healthful lifestyle choices we generally consider requirements for a healthy diet and regular vigorous exercise. We want to be sure we’re eating a wide variety of foods from the p.

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    New Year’s resolutions, beloved by some and loathed by others, are an integral part of the New Year’s tradition. We wish our relationship to the new year to be one of joy and anticipation, and we.

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    Change is an undeniable force that impacts everything. Nothing in the physical world, either on Earth or in the Universe itself, is able to resist change and ultimate decay. Supernovas, for exampl.

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    Whether you’re going out for a walk or a run, to the gym to lift weights, or to the pool to swim a few laps, the self-affirmation involved in the concept of “going out” or “going to” something for.

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