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The Louisiana State Museum is a statewide network of National Historic Landmarks and.

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From scenic roads to challenging trails, Louisiana offers a diverse terrain with.

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Louisiana is legendary fishing territory. Click to learn more about our abundant.

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Louisiana is home to nearly every musical inflection in America. Click to learn more.

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With a story around every bend in the river and music from every corner, the.

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Ready for an outdoor adventure? Our rivers, bayous, lakes, canals, reservoirs, ponds.

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Get insider information on things to do in Louisiana.

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15 courses by designers including Hal Sutton, David Toms and Pete Dye. After your.

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In Louisiana, we dine with gusto, but did you know we’re also home to America’s first.

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Pack up the family and get ready for a culinary road trip of a lifetime. Click here.

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Explore our UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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For centuries, African Americans in Louisiana have changed the world with their ideas.


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Travel Wisconsin – Official Guide to Wisconsin Tourism, travel in.#Travel #in

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Let us share the real Wisconsin with you–where generations of families travel to make memories and locals share hidden gems. In Wisconsin, you’re always welcome, because when you re having fun we re having fun.

Good Food. Good Times.


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Ethnic Dining in Greater Madison

You can travel the world with your palette just by experiencing the myriad of tastes in Madison s amazing ethnic dining scene and leave your passport at home. Read More

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Instagram-Worthy Boutique Restaurants in Wisconsin

Get your Instagram filters ready; at these four boutique restaurants, atmosphere (and great food) reigns supreme. Read More

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A Classic Wisconsin Supper Club Experience

From relish trays to brandy old-fashioneds, Wisconsin supper clubs offer a classic Wisconsin experience. Pull up a chair and enjoy the supper club experience at HobNob Restaurant Cocktail Lounge in Racine! Read More

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The CP Holiday Train Coming to Wisconsin

It’s that time of year! As snow starts falling throughout the state, everyone’s favorite holiday train will light up the tracks once again. Read More

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Winter getaways mean snow covered trails, fun filled resorts and cozy diners. Start your planning and sing it with us. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Read More

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6 Romantic Cabins for a Warm Wisconsin Winter

There s something about winter that gives us an itch to escape with someone special. Read on to find the perfect romantic winter destination that speaks to the two of you! Read More


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About Lynott Tours – specialists in travel to Ireland and Great

#travel agents ireland

Follow Us

We’re 45 and it shows!

Lynott Tours (rhymes with why not) was founded as a luxury travel company by Patrick and Betty Lynott. He was Irish and his wife was British. They began operating as an Irish tour operator in 1970, arranging tours for upscale travelers. Now Ireland travel to Great Britain are synonymous with Lynott Tours. The Company was sold in 1983 to Ellen Mc Nulty, who became President.

We create one-of-a-kind vacations for groups and individuals. We love our destinations and do our best to make sure that our customers feel the same way. We believe that a vacation can only be a success if it is custom-tailored to fit the requirements and preferences of each individual. Our job is to make sure that everyone gets the right balance of comfort and excitement to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. We believe that personal attention to our customers is essential.

Ireland and Britain remain for us the most prominent tour programs. In 1987, the South Pacific was added to the product line, for two reasons: the ancestral links between Ireland and Great Britain with Australia and New Zealand. The Southern Hemisphere also offers the benefit of warm weather travel during the U.S. winter time. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the most trusted names in travel to not only Britain and Ireland, but Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the rest of the South Pacific. Customized special interest travel including private inside visits to places not normally open to the public and individual personalized tour planning are Lynott’s forte.

We are travel agents for Ireland and for Great Britain. Lynott Tours is a New York corporation, headquartered in Mineola, Long Island, 25 miles from New York City. The company coat of arms, a crest with three crowns is the shield for ancient Munster, in southwest Ireland. The company motto, Deus Mihi Providebit means God will provide for me.

References may be obtained from any of the following: Tourism Ireland or Visit Britain.

Lynott Tours – Serving the discriminating traveler since 1970.

Questions? Contact us at 1 (800) 221-2474 USA and Canada

Top Five Reasons to use Lynott Tours

  1. Ability to offer the best options and prices
  2. Saving money
  3. Product knowledge
  4. Ability to answer questions
  5. Saving time

What’s Special About Us:

Lynott Tours Independent Self-Drive

More flexibility to do just what you want. Stay from a few hours to 30 days.

Choose from quality B B’s, working family farms, guesthouses, hotels, castles, manors and inns. Our choices include hidden , off-the-beaten-path places, recommended by guidebooks, and by those in the know . When you travel with Lynott Tours, you ll travel with the confidence that you will stay at the best available properties in the region.

Let us do the work. Casual, go-as-you-please voucher arrangements or pre-reserved itinerary planning assistance is available.

Lynott Tours Chauffeur Drive – Let us drive you.

No one can make a region come to life better than our local qualified driver/guides. They can take you off the main route, to experience the real life of the area and introduce you to places you would miss when touring on your own. They can also point you to a local restaurant or find that shop that has just that keepsake that you have been looking for.

You have a choice of sedan, Mercedes limousine, Rolls Royce or minibus, depending on your needs.

Choose from intimate B B’s to 5 star resort hotels in Britain and Ireland for every taste and budget.

Questions? ContactВ Lynott Tours, your Scotland travel agentsВ atВ 1 (800) 221-2474USA CanadaВ 

Please Email Us For Information


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6 Tips for Traveling by Rail in Europe with Kids #cheap

#travel europe by train

6 Tips for Traveling by Rail in Europe with Kids

Train travel in Europe is almost always affordable, comfortable, and safe, making it the ideal way to get around Europe with kids. Given the choice, I ll opt to sit back and relax instead of attempting to navigate by car in a foreign country any day, and my kids would thank me for it. On trains, kids are not confined full time to seats like in cars or on planes and the scenery is much easier to see out the window. All this said, traveling by rail in Europe can be confusing. Here s what you need to know when planning to travel in Europe by rail with kids. Here are some ideas for finding a baby sitter while traveling

6 Tips for Traveling by Rail in Europe with Kids

1. You can travel by train in Europe with rail passes or specific destination tickets. Which to buy? It can depend. In rural areas and small towns, often non-reservable, or open destination tickets are the only option. If nothing else, plan for these accordingly. For some high speed trains, even families with applicable rail passes must purchase reservable tickets. Generally speak, however, if you re traveling from city to city or country to country, you re almost always better off with a rail pass. Note: France is an exception. Learn more about rail travel in France .

2. Plan your itinerary before purchasing tickets. This seems like a no-brainer, but with rail passes, it s possible to purchase Global or Select country passes, then decide where to go later. While spontaneity still has a place in travel with kids, you can t compare ticket pricing options effectively if you don t know where you re going. Start at country rail travel sites like TrenItalia for Italy, and add up the price of your tickets a la carte. Then head to Eurail and see if a Global, Select. or Country pass will save you money (and allow for some spontaneity). Or, you can let Rail Europe do the work for you: you put in your itinerary, and they decide which rail options suit you best. Rail Europe is generally trusted among travelers to provide competitive pricing, so this is a viable option. When mapping out your itinerary and selecting your rail pass, keep in mind that you ll need to pay even for countries you re only passing through, not stopping in.

3. Decide whether to travel first class or second class. Second class is fine (think airline coach), but first class is not much extra per ticket and includes various perks such as wifi or light meals, depending on the train. Often, only first class tickets are reservable, worth the extra price for the peace of mind alone. However: if you have teens, you may be forced to travel second class or pay extra for adult passes. Why? Youth ages 13-25 are eligible for discounted pass prices with Eurail (approximately 35% less than adult), but only on second class tickets. If your family will be traveling first class, teens will need adult tickets (or you could make them sit alone in second class, I suppose, which might be warranted… kidding, of course). The good news: children ages 4-12 are always 50% discounted, no matter the class, and children under age 4 are always free.

4. Decide on your number of travel days. When selecting which Eurail pass is right for you, you ll need to select between a number of travel days. Bear in mind: these days do not refer to the number of days you re on vacation, but the number of actual rail travel days. You can save considerably by traveling by rail only once every 3-4 days instead of every day, and your kids will feel more rested as well.

5. Bring snacks, toys, and games for train travel. A train day can be a day to rest and recoup after busy travel and sightseeing days. Let kids spread out with games and books, or use the electronic plug-ins you ll have at your disposal in first class. Bringing food on the train is always cheaper than purchasing on-board, and the luggage and carry-on allowances are much less strict than during air travel, making packing a meal easy.

6. Know the difference between sleep compartments. Overnight trains are a great way to save daylight for sightseeing, and are a great adventure for kids. However, it s helpful to know what to expect. In second class, you usually have the choice between sleeping compartments (small compartments of bunks that are gender specific) or couchettes, which are cabins with 4-6 beds that are non-gender specific (perfect for families). In first class, you ll almost always encounter single or double sleeping compartments, which means more room, but the necessity for families to split up for children to be accompanied by adults.

Photo credit: German Saavedra R. and AroundTuscany.


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7 tips for booking train tickets in Europe #south #africa #travel

#rail travel europe

7 tips for booking train tickets in Europe

Train Travel

Here’s a quick rundown on how to get the best deals for inter-city rail travel in Europe.

1. European websites frequently sell tickets at lower prices. For example, French Railways often supplies lower prices on its website for tickets that are identical to the ones it sells via RailEurope.com. an American agency. To be sure, agencies like RailEurope.com sometimes do provide superlow deals, such as a current discount of 50 percent off train tickets on Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam routes. (Details here .) Still. you gotta shop around–and not merely rely on American sites for one-stop shopping–if you want the best deal.

2. English speakers living in the U.S. can still buy discounted tickets through European websites. Your first stop online should be at Seat61.com. This amazingly helpful British website offers step-by-step advice on how to pinpoint the best route for your desired itinerary. and also how to find the cheapest tickets. (The site’s editor, Mark Smith, answered reader questions yesterday at BudgetTravel.com. Transcript here .)

3. Booking at the last-minute? There may be a deal for you online, too. In the same way that airlines offer last-minute deals to fill empty seats, Europe’s rail networks have deeply discounted point-to-point tickets. You’ll find examples here .

4. You can only buy a Eurorail ticket in the U.S. but it’s not always your cheapest option for rail travel in Europe. Says Mark Smith, “In theory, Eurail tickets can ONLY be bought outside Europe, as they are intended for overseas visitors. But in many cases you’ll find ordinary point-to-point tickets are a cheaper option, especially if you book direct with the European rail operators at their own website rather than through an expensive US agency, and especially if you are prepared to pre-book tickets on a no-refunds, no-changes-to-travel-plans basis so as to take advantage of European railways’ various budget-airline-beating special train deals.”

5. Get your timing right. The most intuitive way to figure out train times for any European rail journey is to visit the website of the German rail line Deutsche Bahn. which has comprehensive listings for all major European train companies. But the website makes it difficult for Americans to purchase travel, so book your tickets at RailEurope. Railpass.com. or European Rail. These sites offer point-to-point tickets, rail passes, and student discounts. For railpasses for travel within the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, visit Railkey’s website .

6. Know that booking tickets on the “Chunnel” between London and Paris can be tricky for Americans. Eurostar offers fares and times for routes reaching London, Paris, Brussels, and other nearby destinations. But Eurostar’s website doesn’t offer reservations for overnight trains. Expect to make such reservations by phone instead. Another warning: Eurostar will not mail tickets to the U.S. but you can dodge this problem by booking your Eurostar tickets at Eurostar.com. The site will give you a choice of picking up your tickets at Waterloo station in London or having your tickets be mailed to a British address, such as your hotel, says rail expert Mark Smith. If your train will travel on through France, after stopping in Paris via the underground Chunnel, then opt to pick up your onward tickets at any major ticket office in France, says Smith.

7. Look beyond Europe’s best-known tourist destinations. Europe’s train systems make it easy to take a day-trip to a place outside of a well-known capital–and still be back in time for dinner. Here are BudgetTravel.com ‘s ideas for adding on day-trips out of Amsterdam. Barcelona. Berlin. Copenhagen.

Related. Europe’s newest high-speed train, the TGV East between Paris and Strasbourg, is a hit with Americans after just one day in operation,” reports the Los Angeles Times .

Get with more from BudgetTravel.com


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10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey – Touropia Travel Experts

#best places to travel

10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Last updated on September 28, 2015 in Turkey 18 Comments

Perched on a strategic hilltop overlooking the plains of Mesopotamia in southeastern Turkey, Mardin is the capital of the Mardin Province. One of the oldest settlements in the region, Mardin is best known for its cultural diversity and Old City of sandstone buildings that cascade down the hill. Mardin’s Old City is easily toured by walking. The maze of meandering streets leads visitors along terraced houses and popular sites like Deyrü’z-Zafaran Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the world, and the Sultan Isa Medresesi, a medieval monument that once served as an astronomical observatory.

One of the oldest cities in the world and best known for its remarkable Seljuk architecture and Whirling Dervishes, Konya is a large city in Turkey s Central Anatolia Region. In the 12th and 13th centuries, Konya prospered as a capital city under the rule of the Seljuk Dynasty. Today, buildings from that era can still be admired such as the Alaeddin Mosque and the ruins of the Seljuk Palace. Konya was also the home of the Persian theologian and Sufi mystic, Rumi. His mausoleum is a must-see site in Konya. Rumi’s followers founded the Mevlevi Order, better known as the Whirling Dervishes due to their religious ceremonies in which they spin around and around on the left foot while wearing white, billowing gowns.

Map of Best Places To Visit In Turkey


Natalie says

Wey. I have done all of them apart from Ankara and looking to do that this winter

Harry says

I visited Turkey last year and i must say i was impressed greatly! If you want a bit of everything on a trip then dont miss this place.

John says

Michael says

Dr Hafsah says

If you have 5 days in Istanbul. thats just nice to see it alone. Stay near the Grand Bazaar entrance, which is very near to the tram station of Beyjezit. you can walk to the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace. and Citedel Basalica. Take a tram to Eminonu. where the Spice market and famous Fish restaurants, and then take the Bosphorus Cruise from there. On the third day take a City bus ride to see the outskirts of Istanbul. On 4th day you can go back to see more of what you havent covered the first three days.

Ant says

Marianne says

deshgooni says

I like Uzungol, Sultan Murat Sekarsu nice climate, nature at Iis best

Anna says

I can t believe you missed out Pamukkale! That place looks incredible! Other than that, great list! I can t wait to explore more of Turkey.

Mirzohid says

Ahmed AL-EMAD says

i m planning to visit Turky soon ,because it is amazing

Aysun says

I cannot believe that you mentioned Ankara in the list. There should be Bursa which has 7 sites (5 Ottoman sultan complexes, Ottoman bazaar and Cumalıkızık Ottoman Village) in Unesco World Heritage list. The city is only 90 minutes by ferry from Istanbul. I highly recommend.

mesut says

Don t make a mistake and never go to Ankara. One of the worst cities in Turkey. I know because I live in Turkey and I lived in Ankara.

Bodrum, Istanbul, Ephesus, Kapadokya, Mardin (security is important), Side, Fethiye (dead sea), Datca and Cunda. These are the best i think

mesut says

in addition to: For the ones who are interested in history, Edirne is wonderful to see.

Armghan says

Turkey rocks. Its an amazing destination with a lot of beautiful n mesmerizing sights. Pammukale, Izmir, Uzungöl n safran bolu, Amasra, çanakale should b added to this list if u have time. Moreover u can skip Ankara.

Orkun says

Antalya is definitely one of the best places. When I was a kid, I went there with my family for three days, the beach was sooo awesome!

Mary Jane says

I like Ankara, Istanbul, and Antalya. But I really love Ephesus because I really like Greek mythology and historical cities.


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Beijing Tour, Tours in Beijing, Beijing China Tours #flight #for #cheap

#china travel agency

Beijing Holiday:

Beijing-based China travel agency

We are the leading China local agency based in Beijing. Since 1992, we have been working with travelers to craft best value Beijing and China travel packages.

Hot Beijing Tour Categories

Hot China Tour Categories

Meet our Travel Experts & What Our Customers Say

It was time to say farewell to Bob who we all became friends with not just a guide.

Our tour guide, Mike, made sure that we got all the meals we were promised on our itinerary and being vegetarian was not a problem as he ensured we were all well catered for.

Our travel agent, Ms Sophia, was great, and she handled at my quries promptly and effectively. I felt very free to ask any type questions. She planned the tour excellently.

Beijingholiday.com offered the most competitive prices but – more importantly – they were the agency most prepared to customize our visits according to our interests.

We were very well treated by Beijing Holiday and highly recommend them to anyone planning a holiday in China – it’s very affordable, safe, convenient and overall, amazing.


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Europe on a Shoestring: Budget Travel in Europe #travel #agent #jobs

#travel to europe

Europe on a Shoestring: Travel on a Budget

Budapest, Hungary at night. Photo by Greg Koszorus

Sitting in the backseat of a blue hatchback Saab, I look out onto the peaceful Danube River, which runs through the center of Budapest, Hungary. The bright lights of the Hungarian parliament light up the night sky, reflecting off the river. The historic bridges along the river are illuminated with lights, and I am amazed at the beauty of this city.

It is my first night in Europe, and I can already tell what an incredible trip this is going to be. We plan to visit Hungary, Austria, Italy, France and Germany. I can’t wait to experience the different cultures and witness the history of each place. Looking at my boyfriend, who is seated next to our Hungarian friend in the driver’s seat, I wonder how I got so lucky. How did I get all the way here from little Greeley, Colorado?

Well, by saving and planning, that’s how!

When my boyfriend first asked me to travel with him to Europe, I said yes without any hesitation, but in my head I was wondering how the heck I was going to pay for this on a student budget. After thinking about it, I decided I was going to make it happen.

The first thing I had to do was start saving. Every tiny paycheck I got, I would put a portion of it into savings. No more Starbucks, no more going out to eat and no more shopping. Sadly, Starbucks was the hardest thing to give up, but it was all worth it.

Travel in Austria was even easier using the Eurail Select Pass. Photo by Kirstin Graber

After doing my research, I learned that the best way to save money when traveling is to plan ahead. In my case, this was key when traveling to Europe because it is much cheaper to pay in dollars than in Euros. Constantly researching online for the best prices available also helped.

Buying a plane ticket from the US to Europe can be extremely expensive, but fortunately, travel websites like Priceline and Expedia made it possible. After saving and ticket hunting for a few months, I was finally able to afford my ticket to Budapest.

According to Yahoo Travel, one small thing to remember is that the cheapest days to buy a plane ticket is on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon and traveling on a weekday.

Next on the list was finding a place to stay in each country. Once again, the travel websites came in handy. We looked for accommodations in safe locations at an affordable price, and travel websites provide all the information you need. Even though you don’t know exactly what you are getting, that is just a part of the adventure.

Train travel is one of the cheapest ways to get around in Europe and can be the most fun. If you buy a Eurail train pass, you will save a good amount of money. We chose the Europe Select Pass, which allows you to travel a certain number of days within your chosen countries for one set price. Since my boyfriend and I were under age 26, we could purchase a discounted youth pass. It cost us US$ 451 each for eight days of train travel within Italy, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

When you do get to your destination, remember to set a budget for the trip and stay within the budget. Know the currency and always calculate how much you are spending in dollars. Often times, people think they are spending less than they really are.

With a little planning, it s possible to travel on a student budget in Italy. Photo by Greg Koszorus

Another important aspect of traveling is to know the little quirks about the country you are visiting. For example, in Italy, restaurants have a sit down price and a take out price. In Venice, we found Paninis for 3€ ($3.88). When we ordered, the man told us to sit and wait for the Paninis. When we went to pay, he charged us double the price.

When we asked why, he said it was because we sat down and ate in the restaurant. We could have saved 6€ ($7.77) if we had taken the order and stood outside. Knowing things like that is important, so you are aware of ways they may overcharge you.

Many students claim they don t want to travel because of how expensive it is, but I am proof it is possible. Your bank account may decrease dramatically, but the experience and knowledge you gain is worth it.

Just remember to plan ahead, save your money and stay within your budget. I have no regrets for going and cannot wait until I have saved up enough to go again.

The author and her boyfriend, Greg, during their budget travels in Europe.


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Dubai Car Rental – Rent Car in Dubai, Car Hire Dubai

#hotel and car rental


Your local car hire specialist in Dubai Dubai.com compares the prices of 550 car hire suppliers to find you the cheapest deal!

Easy Economical

Renting a car in Dubai is very simple. Most car rental companies can arrange for you to pick up your vehicle at the airport which saves you the hassle of organising and paying for transport when you land in Dubai. Alternatively your rented car can be delivered to the hotel you are staying in. If you have not already booked a hotel, why not check out Dubai Hotels and book directly with us .

Dubai possesses a world class road infrastructure making the roads safe and easy to drive on, therefore renting a car here is definitely advisable. Also, petrol is reasonably cheap.


There are many extraordinary attractions in Dubai that you do not want to miss on and having the convenience of your own car means you can appreciate any sites you wish and at your own pace. Once you have been issued with a temporary driving licence it is also possible to drive to another Emirate state in the UAE but you must check first with your car rental provider.


Most of the car rental providers for Dubai are reliable and offer quality vehicles. There is also a large range of cars to hire, such as luxury convertibles – to enjoy Dubai in style, or economical vehicles for affordable but quality transport. Additionally, for those adventurous types, 4×4 vehicles can also be rented to embark on an unforgettable desert safari.

For the best online car rental rates compare the list of providers available.


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Cheapest Car Rental Prices In Ireland #travel #with #kids

#cheapest car rentals

Car Hire Search

Car Rental Ireland from CARHIRE.ie

CARHIRE.ie specialise in providing low cost car hire services to customers visiting Ireland. Whether you are hiring a car to drive the Wild Atlantic Way, or simply want the flexibility that only a rent a car can offer, CARHIRE.ie offer a fantastic combination of benefits for customers including the range of locations around Ireland, a high quality rental fleet and a focus on the customer experience.

Car Rental Council of Ireland

CARHIRE.ie is a proud member of the Car Rental Council of Ireland (CCI), the trade organisation for the car rental industry in Ireland. Renting a car from a member of the CCI means you are using a company committed to providing a high quality car rental service to customers.

Price Promise

As the home of low cost car hire in Ireland, CARHIRE.ie offers customers a price promise to ensure they are getting the cheapest possible car rental price in Ireland. Should you happen to find a lower cost car rental product from a car rental company in Ireland, CARHIRE.ie will not only match that lower rental price, but further reduce the price by 10%! For more information about the CARHIRE.ie price promise and how it ensures you are getting the best value possible when renting a car in Ireland, click here.


CARHIRE.ie offers customers the benefit of a wide range of locations throughout Ireland making the entire island accessible to you. These locations include on airport rental depots at Dublin Airport, Cork Airport, Kerry Airport, Shannon Airport, Ireland West Knock Airport and genuine city centre locations in Dublin, Cork and Galway. In addition, locations such as Cavan, Navan, Athlone, Waterford, Drogheda, Naas and Portlaoise mean customers can decide to hire a car during their visit to Ireland.

One way rentals can be arranged between any of the CARHIRE.ie locations in Ireland, meaning you can collect your rental car in Dublin Airport for example, and return it anywhere in Ireland. All information pertaining to the CARHIRE.ie locations is available here.

Social Media Discount

Did you know you can further discount the cost of your rental car on CARHIRE.ie? All you have to do is take the opportunity to Tweet, like or +1 CARHIRE.ie during the booking process! Once this is done, a 3% discount will be applied to your rental as a thank you!

Rental Fleet

CARHIRE.ie offers a wide range of rental cars at all locations throughout Ireland to suit any budget. Each location around Ireland offers a range of automatic, manual and commercial vehicles in different sizes. CARHIRE.ie prides itself on offering customers a top quality fleet. During peak times, very popular vehicle types may be booked out, so please ensure to book early when hiring a car.

Driving Routes in Ireland

There are almost 140 signposted driving routes in Ireland that will guide you through some beautiful places. With a rental car, everything from the 2500km long Wild Atlantic Way to the more achievable 225km Boyne Valley Route with 5,000 years of history to explore is on the agenda.

The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is a 2,500 km route that travels along the West Coast of Ireland from County Donegal in the North to County Cork in the South. The Lonely Planet describes the Wild Atlantic Way “as an easy to navigate route where drivers can stop and learn about the must-sees and lesser-known diversions of this fascinating area.”

Whether you plan to tackle the entire route, or want to drive different sections, CARHIRE.ie offers six rental depots along the Wild Atlantic Way including Cork City, Cork Airport, Kerry Airport, Shannon Airport, Galway City and Ireland West Knock Airport. This means you can pick up a hire car at any one of these locations and do segments of the Wild Atlantic Way>

When driving the route, it makes sense to do it from South to North rather than the advertised North to South, to ensure you are driving on the side of the road closest to the sea. In addition, driving the route this way makes it easier to pull over and take in the views. For comfort CARHIRE.ie recommends you rent a medium sized car, preferably with diesel fuel.

Optional Services Products

When you rent a car from CARHIRE.ie, there are a number of additional products and services you can avail of. These include items such as child safety seats, GPS Navigation system, additional drivers and cancellation cover which covers you in the case you need to cancel your rental. These optional services and products are available for your convenience.

CARHIRE.ie Advantages

  • Huge selection of locations throughout Ireland
  • Car and van rental available
  • Excellent customer service record
  • Member of the Car Rental Council of Ireland
  • Hire a cheap car with our Price Promise!


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Cheap hotels in Kissimmee, Find Discount Hotel Rooms #travel #search

#hotels cheap

Cheap Kissimmee Hotels

HotelsCheap.org is a leading discount travel website that specializes in finding cheap hotels in Kissimmee. HotelsCheap.org offers 138 budget hotels in the Kissimmee area, many of which are on sale, or offer last minute deals to consumers throughout the week. In addition to discount rooms rates, Hotelscheap.org offers Instant Coupons to further reduce the cost of your stay. With a discount coupon applied, hotel room prices are lower than prices found on Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline. kissimmee.hotelscheap.org also boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So if you are looking for Cheap Hotels in Kissimmee, you have come to the right place. Book your Hotel Reservations online today with kissimmee.hotelscheap.org to secure the best hotel prices on the internet.

Kissimmee is a choice destination for travel because it offers not only its own fair share of things to do and see, but close proximity to a variety of other Florida-based attractions and accommodations including Disney World s theme parks. Kissimmee is often known as the Kissimmee St. Cloud area because of the close proximity between the two areas. There are plenty of cheap accommodations in Kissimmee, especially when you consider the close proximity to Disney World. Not only will you find plenty of cheap hotels in Kissimmee, but you ll also find easy access to multiple methods of transportation including two airports.

Popular Destinations

Current Promotions

Last Minute Deals

Find the best rates on last minute hotel deals from HotelsCheap.org. Save big by booking a last minute hotel.

$1 Million Dollar Giveaway

We are giving away $1 Million Dollars in travel coupons to friends and family. Sign up your friends to receive a 10% discount coupon to HotelsCheap.org now!

Instant Discount Code

Like us on Facebook and automatically receive a 5% discount for your next hotel reservation on HotelsCheap.org


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Cheapest Car Rentals in LA, NY and all major US Cities

#cheap car rentals

Search for Car Rental Deals

Renter Rated Program

You can book with confidence at the Internet’s ONLY site dedicated to the comparison of Independent, Rated car rental agencies.

Find us on Facebook

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It’s time to take advantage of the best cheap car rentals

Fort Lauderdale Car Rentals

Car Rental Express prefers to keep options open for travelers. That’s why we have 19 cheap car rental agencies ready to choose from in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you’re here to take care of business or have dinner at a Polynesian show, expect to get there in fashion at the cheapest rates.

Las Vegas Rental Cars

Whether you win or lose at the tables, you’ll save if you utilize one of our trusted cheap car rental providers in Las Vegas. Even if part of a franchise, they operate independently. That means they are going to charge a lot less than the majors, who need to cover overhead.

Los Angeles Car Rentals

When it’s time to get around LA, choose from one of almost 20 independent companies. And every selection promises a cheap Los Angeles car rental, minimizing the cost of your trip! You won’t find many of these options anywhere except at Car Rental Express.

Miami Rental Cars

There is probably no better place in the world to party. And Car Rental Express is the best place to get the cheapest car rental rates in Miami. Take those saved dollars and enjoy an extra day at the Seaquarium, Jungle Island or the Bass Museum of Art.

New York Car Rentals

Car Rental Express offers access to over 11 independent cheap car rental agencies throughout the Big Apple, including full airport and downtown location coverage. Most of these have a shuttle service to get you on the road fast.

Orlando Car Rentals

One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world is also one of the best places to get a cheap car rental. We have close to two dozen agencies operating in the Orlando area and you won’t get better rates. Use our Renter Rating™ to find the service that best fits your schedule and needs.

San Francisco Car Rentals

We’re happy to say customers give high praise to the cheap car rental options offered by Car Rental Express’s affiliates in the Golden Gate city of San Fancisco. Customers received courteous service and within minutes of arrival were behind a wheel and beginning their trip.

San Juan Rental Cars

With all our providers, expect a cheap solution for your car rental needs. Most agencies beat out major brands. With a half dozen reputable, experienced and cheap rental agencies available at Car Rental Express, you’ll enjoy Puerto Rico’s most exotic locale that much more.

Toronto Car Pearson Airport Rentals

When visiting this beautiful city, find cheap rental cars from one of our agencies. Of the 15 agencies to choose from in Toronto and at Pearson Airport. Car Rental Express provides Renter-Rated™. That’s a program where consumers share rental experiences and where our rental agencies come out on top.


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Online Agencies In Global Battle For Market Share #airlines #ticket

#online travel

Online Agencies In Global Battle For Market Share

In the global online travel market, online travel agencies definitely play second fiddle to supplier websites, says PhoCusWright research. Yet growth-seeking OTAs need not despair: as individual online travel markets mature, so does the online travel share booked via intermediaries, according to PhoCusWright’s Global Online Travel Overview Second Edition.

Bookings via online travel agencies comprise just 37 percent of global online travel sales, versus 63 percent for suppliers, PhoCusWright says. The channel mix is not expected to change through 2010, although supplier websites, which represented two thirds of the global market in 2008, lost share during the global recession.

Online travel agency share is highest in the two largest online travel regions the U.S. (41 percent) and Europe (37 percent). In contrast, younger, emerging travel markets tend to be more supplier-centric, with supplier-direct air bookings often dominating the online channel. OTAs represent less than 30 percent of online sales in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions, PhoCusWright reports.

Online travel agencies tend to benefit from high fragmentation and strong competition among travel suppliers, says Lorraine Sileo, vice president, research. India is a great example. With a high number of brands competing in the domestic and international markets, New Delhi ‘s MakeMyTrip had one of the most successful IPOs of 2010.

Online travel agencies are growing rapidly in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions, while growth in the U.S. and Europe has leveled off. Once online travel markets mature, there is little change in the percentage of bookings generated from the supplier-direct channel versus OTAs.

PhoCusWright’s Global Online Travel Overview Second Edition compares online travel bookings in four regions: Europe, the U.S. Asia Pacific and Latin America. The report features market sizing and growth forecasts through 2012 for the total travel market and the online leisure/unmanaged business category.

Despite cultural and technological challenges, more and more consumers prefer to book online and seek the opportunity to do so, PhoCusWright says.

What do you think of this $type?


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Cheap Travel Destinations in the United States #flight #cheap #tickets

#cheap travel destinations

Cheap Travel Destinations in the United States

Explore the United States for world-class travel on the cheap. (Photo: the united states on the world globe image by Gary from Fotolia.com )

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While many travel-hungry Americans are hard-pressed for time and money, a number of domestic destinations offer scenic beauty and adventure without breaking the bank. Some of the nation s top bargain locations these days are ones people might not expect, from hedonistic havens to quieter yet equally captivating natural sites.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is no longer an exclusive playground for the rich and famous. In the wake of the recession, Sin City resorts and other businesses are offering significant discounts to lure cash-strapped visitors back to the city. As of 2010, hotels and airfare from the West Coast to Las Vegas cost around $500, although how much you spend in the casinos is another story. Once in Vegas, visitors can take advantage of buffets under $10, such as those at off-strip hotels Fiesta Rancho, Gold Coast and Green Valley Ranch. Some of the city s free entertainment includes the Bellagio fountains show, Fremont Street s massive overhead light display and Treasure Island s pirate show.


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Cheap Florida Hotels: Find Cheap Hotels in Florida on CheapTickets #greece

#cheapest hotel prices

Florida hotels

The Sunshine State is very welcoming for visitors because of the gorgeous weather, beaches, diverse culture, and chill atmosphere. Tourists can find reasonable lodging in Florida’s most attractive areas like Miami, Orlando, Key West, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, or Miami Beach. Visitors can make room reservations at a five-star hotel, budget inn, or bed and breakfast. Travelers frequently reserve vacation rentals and condo-hotels because the easy access to the many Florida beaches.

Quick Picks and Tips


Florida Hotel guests can attend an expo or trade show at some of Florida’s top convention centers including the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Tampa Convention Center, and Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.

Florida is known for its Latino, Native American, and Caribbean food influences. Travelers with hotel accommodations in Florida can enjoy great dishes at Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Orlando, Bistro Aix in Jacksonville, and Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach.

Major Point of Interest

Individuals that plan a trip to Florida can make hotel reservations in Orlando for a chance to spend a day at the famous Walt Disney World theme park.


Those that love to shop should leave their hotel room and head over to Palm Beach Mall in West Palm Beach, Dolphin Mall in Miami, or Fashion Square Mall in Orlando.

Florida Hotel Occupants can purchase tickets to see the Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins, Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Heat, Jacksonville Jaguars, or Florida Gators football team.


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Cheap hotels in Tokyo, Find Discount Hotel Rooms #airline #cheap #flights

#book cheap hotels

Cheap Tokyo Hotels

HotelsCheap.org is a leading discount travel website that specializes in finding cheap hotels in Tokyo. HotelsCheap.org offers 195 budget hotels in the Tokyo area, many of which are on sale, or offer last minute deals to consumers throughout the week. In addition to discount rooms rates, Hotelscheap.org offers Instant Coupons to further reduce the cost of your stay. With a discount coupon applied, hotel room prices are lower than prices found on Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline. tokyo.hotelscheap.org also boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So if you are looking for Cheap Hotels in Tokyo, you have come to the right place. Book your Hotel Reservations online today with tokyo.hotelscheap.org to secure the best hotel prices on the internet.

Tokyo, Japan is located on the eastern side of Japan s island of Honshu. A city rich with culture and tradition, visitors will enjoy taking in numerous sights and attractions, more than enough to fill a visit of a few weeks. The Imperial Palace is a popular attraction, as is Ueno Park, which boasts an aquarium, zoo, and many temples and shrines. The Tokyo National Museum houses 25 exhibition galleries filled with artifacts from Japan s Asuka period up through present day.

Popular Destinations

Current Promotions

Last Minute Deals

Find the best rates on last minute hotel deals from HotelsCheap.org. Save big by booking a last minute hotel.

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Cheap hotels in Gainesville, Find Discount Hotel Rooms #cruise #travel #insurance

#cheap hotel

Cheap Gainesville Hotels

HotelsCheap.org is a leading discount travel website that specializes in finding cheap hotels in Gainesville. HotelsCheap.org offers 37 budget hotels in the Gainesville area, many of which are on sale, or offer last minute deals to consumers throughout the week. In addition to discount rooms rates, Hotelscheap.org offers Instant Coupons to further reduce the cost of your stay. With a discount coupon applied, hotel room prices are lower than prices found on Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline. gainesville.hotelscheap.org also boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So if you are looking for Cheap Hotels in Gainesville, you have come to the right place. Book your Hotel Reservations online today with gainesville.hotelscheap.org to secure the best hotel prices on the internet.

Visit Hotelscheap.org the next time you need to book discount lodging in Gainesville. Our website provides users with the biggest savings on hotels all around the world, including those within this popular Florida city. You can be confident when making your reservations with us because we offer a price match guarantee. Our online tools also make it easier for you to locate the hotel that best fits your needs. Pictures, virtual tours, detailed descriptions, user reviews, and area maps are all available with a quick click of your mouse.

Education is a big part of Gainesville, as it houses both Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. Whether you need accommodations to visit a student or just for fun, you will find a large selection of cheap hotels in Gainesville. With average temperature ranging between 60 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you are sure to enjoy many outdoor events and attractions. There is fishing at Newnan’s Lake, catching a race at the Gainesville Raceway, and taking a walk along the famous 34th Street Wall.

After reserving a room in one of the cheap Gainesville hotels, begin planning the attractions you want to visit first. Nature lovers will appreciate the Butterfly Rainforest, which sports butterflies who aren’t afraid to land on your shoulder. Other outdoor spots include the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park, and the Paynes Prairie. Families traveling with small children should consider stopping by the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo or the University of Florida’s Bat House.


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Cheap Hotels in Italy. Compare prices on Discount Italy Hotels #travel


Italy Hotels

Most internet-savvy consumers these days know that just checking the prices on one hotel website is not enough – you have to compare the prices on a few different websites to make sure you are getting a good deal. But clicking around to all those different sites can be a pain, especially to those of us who just don’t have time to waste. That’s why we’ve set up this excellent search tool for hotels in Italy – it lets you compare the prices from several different websites with just one click!

We’ve got hundreds upon hundreds of hotels in Italy listed here, from cities all over the country, so you don’t have to look far to get all your Italy hotels booked for your upcoming trip. It’s one-stop-shopping for hotels, and we’ve tried to make it as simple and useful as possible. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a city from the drop-down menu in the blue box above, and choose the dates you’d like to stay in a hotel in that city.
  • Click the “Search” button.
  • A small window comes up asking you to verify how many guests will be staying in the hotel, how many rooms you want to reserve, and – most importantly – which websites you want to check for cost comparison purposes. Check as many boxes as there are websites you want to look at, then click “Search Deals.”
  • A new window will open for each of the websites you checked off as wanting to look at, so you can easily click between each one to compare prices, all without losing your original place on the Italy Logue website.
  • When you find the hotel you want to book, you just continue on through the booking process for that website in its new window, and you’re done!
  • That’s all there is to it – this is definitely the easy way to check Italy hotels quickly and easily, and at the same time do the necessary research and cost comparisons.

    Popular cities in Italy


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    Cheap Hotels in Paris. Book and save on a cheap hotel

    #book cheap hotels

    Cheap Hotels in Paris

    Paris is one of the most renowned cities in France, let alone the world. Book a cheap hotel in Paris, France. and enjoy your money – spending it in all the fabulous shops. Explore the Eiffel Tower; this 120-year-old steel icon is still an amazing sight from any direction – and the view from the top is just breathtaking. Paris is the one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, with so much charm.

    Book a cheap hotel in the City of Lights. and see for yourself when this city lives up to its title during the winter. Visit Disneyland Paris, where Christmas is celebrated in a grand fashion with plenty of parades. You must see the Jardin De Tuileries, one of the oldest public gardens in Europe. Many visitors go to play games in this park to get away from the heat of the day. Take a break and hang out underneath one of the many trees in this garden, or pass the time by playing a game of Petanque – similar to lawn bowling or bocce.

    Visitors of Paris should plan enough time to explore this special city. There are many world-famous attractions here and even some less-known things to see and do in Paris. But whatever you choose to do in Paris, you are guaranteed to bring back memories that will last forever. Let us help you book your cheap Paris hotel so you can use the money you saved to explore everything this magnificent city has to offer.


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    Cheap hotels in Breckenridge, Find Discount Hotel Rooms #pet #travel #airlines

    #hotel for cheap

    Cheap Breckenridge Hotels

    HotelsCheap.org is a leading discount travel website that specializes in finding cheap hotels in Breckenridge. HotelsCheap.org offers 64 budget hotels in the Breckenridge area, many of which are on sale, or offer last minute deals to consumers throughout the week. In addition to discount rooms rates, Hotelscheap.org offers Instant Coupons to further reduce the cost of your stay. With a discount coupon applied, hotel room prices are lower than prices found on Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline. breckenridge.hotelscheap.org also boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So if you are looking for Cheap Hotels in Breckenridge, you have come to the right place. Book your Hotel Reservations online today with breckenridge.hotelscheap.org to secure the best hotel prices on the internet.

    With snow sports in the winter and hiking in the summer, Breckenridge is a year-round retreat. Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of the most visited ski resorts in the country with an average of 1.6 million skiers each year. There are many other winter activities to enjoy including dog sledding, ice skating, snow shoeing and cross-country skiing at Breckenridge Nordic Center. For families interested in sledding or snow tubing, head to Carter Park. Late spring and early summer is a great time to go white water rafting, when the rapids are more vigorous as the snow melts from the mountains. Summer is a popular time to visit Breckenridge as well. Because the average highs stay around 70 degrees, it’s a great place to cool off and beat the heat. Breckenridge was once a mining town and there are still mines for visitors to explore including Country Boy Mine. Experienced mountain bikers can take to Peaks Trail, while families can enjoy a trail ride with Breckenridge Stables. Main Street is a great place to take a walk and explore the historical side of Breckenridge, or head to the River Walk where visitors can dip their toes in the water or even splash around a little. No matter the season, Breckenridge is a wonderful place to get away from it all.

    Current Promotions

    Last Minute Deals

    Find the best rates on last minute hotel deals from HotelsCheap.org. Save big by booking a last minute hotel.

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    We are giving away $1 Million Dollars in travel coupons to friends and family. Sign up your friends to receive a 10% discount coupon to HotelsCheap.org now!

    Instant Discount Code

    Like us on Facebook and automatically receive a 5% discount for your next hotel reservation on HotelsCheap.org


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    Cheap hotels in Daytona Beach, Find Discount Hotel Rooms #cheapest #hotel

    #hotels cheap

    Cheap Daytona Beach Hotels

    HotelsCheap.org is a leading discount travel website that specializes in finding cheap hotels in Daytona Beach. HotelsCheap.org offers 57 budget hotels in the Daytona Beach area, many of which are on sale, or offer last minute deals to consumers throughout the week. In addition to discount rooms rates, Hotelscheap.org offers Instant Coupons to further reduce the cost of your stay. With a discount coupon applied, hotel room prices are lower than prices found on Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline. daytona.hotelscheap.org also boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So if you are looking for Cheap Hotels in Daytona Beach, you have come to the right place. Book your Hotel Reservations online today with daytona.hotelscheap.org to secure the best hotel prices on the internet.

    Daytona Beach, located in the center of Florida s Fun Coast region, is an exciting destination known for its beaches, motor sports, culture, and mind-boggling array of recreational opportunities. Historically dubbed, The World s Most Famous Beach, Daytona is an ideal vacation spot with sunny weather and warm ocean breezes accommodating any activity you choose, whether it be a day at the golf course, the race track, or simply some fun in the sand and surf.

    Current Promotions

    Last Minute Deals

    Find the best rates on last minute hotel deals from HotelsCheap.org. Save big by booking a last minute hotel.

    $1 Million Dollar Giveaway

    We are giving away $1 Million Dollars in travel coupons to friends and family. Sign up your friends to receive a 10% discount coupon to HotelsCheap.org now!

    Instant Discount Code

    Like us on Facebook and automatically receive a 5% discount for your next hotel reservation on HotelsCheap.org


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    Cheap Flights to Mexico, Flights to Mexico, Airlines and Flights in

    #best prices on flights

    Please Wait

    We are looking for the best deals.

    United States & Canada – 1.800.593.6259 Mon-Fri (7am-2am), Sat (7am-1am), Sun (7am-10pm)

    • Latin America:
      • Mexico: 01.800.237.8329
      • Argentina: 0810.122.4683
      • Brazil: 0800.522.2329
      • Chile: 0800.835.256
      • Colombia: 01.800.952.0633
      • Uruguay: 000.405.210.133
      • Rest of the World: +52(998)287.3674

    United States – 1.800.593.6259 Mon-Fri (7am-2am), Sat (7am-1am), Sun (7am-10pm)

    • Latin America:
      • Argentina: 0810.122.4683
      • Brazil: 0800.522.2329
      • Chile: 0800.835.256
      • Colombia: 01.800.952.0633
      • Mexico: 01.800.237.8329
      • Uruguay: 000.405.210.133
      • Rest of the World: +52(998)287.3674


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    Cheap Car Rentals in Canada – Find Canada Car Hire &

    #cheapest car rentals

    Sign up today and never miss another deal again!

    Cheap Car Rentals in Canada  

    Plan your next trip with CheapOair and you can find great deals on cheap car rentals. We search for the best deals with the best rent a car companies so you can save. All types of cheap Canada rental cars are on sale.

    Whether you need a car for leisure or business to get around town – we’ll find you a rent a car in Canada. If you’re not ready to book now, we’ll provide you with lower rates and help you to book a cheap car reservations.

    Sign-up for the Canada car rental newsletter for the cheapest rates

    Need Help?

    * Rental Car Pricing: Car rental rates and companies listed on CheapOair reflect our lowest available rates at the time of booking. Please note that quoted rates are subject to change without notice.

    Savings of up to 40 to 65% off claim is based on a comparison of non-refundable restricted fares to the applicable classes of domestic and international lowest unrestricted fully refundable published fare. The actual discount amount will vary based on availability, advance notice, minimum stay, travel dates and blackout dates. Fares change from time to time without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Savings claim is based on our research of popular routes on major scheduled airlines based on 21 days advance purchase. Travel dates range Dec 05 – Dec 17.

    Applies to all domestic travel. Book by Dec 31, 2015. Enter Promo Code at time of check out. The advertised Promo Code provides discounts against our service fees on stated routes. Promo Code and Instant Savings offers can be combined up to the amount of our service fees. Excess savings will not be applied. Promo Code expires on date indicated and is subject to change anytime without notice.

    2006-2015 Fareportal, Inc. All rights reserved. California: CST #2073455, Florida: ST37449, Iowa: SOT #967, Nevada: SOT #2007-1137, Washington: WASOT #602755832 (Affiliate DBA of Travelong, Inc.)


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    Cheap Car Rentals in Australia – Find Australia Car Hire &

    #rental cars cheap

    Sign up today and never miss another deal again!

    Cheap Car Rentals in Australia  

    Car rentals in Australia are always on sale with CheapOair. In addition to offering competitive rates in top cities around the world, we provide travel guides and tips to inform your travels in and around Australia. Read below to learn about all there is to see and do on your next trip and count on CheapOair to find you the best deals for all of your travel booking needs!

    Australia Road Map

    Road trips in Australia are all about un-spoilt fun and adventure. From driving across national parks to witnessing serene deserts, there is a lot to explore on the roads of Australia. If you want to get out and see the area on your next trip, save big by booking cheap car rentals in Australia on CheapOair!

    Great Ocean Road

    Termed as one of Australia’s greatest roads, Great Ocean Road spans about 150 miles and treads along the beautiful South-western Victorian Coastline connecting Torquay to Warrnambool. Some of the prominent attractions along the road trip are twelve apostles rock formations, historic villages, beautiful rainforests and Bells Beach.

    Great Alpine Road

    Brace yourself for beautiful valleys and mountains on this amazing road trip that spans around 180 miles. The road connects Wangaratta in north to Bairnsdale in the east and treats you to amazing views of Australian Alps on route. Treading past the heart of alpine national parks, the trip also offers breathtaking views of Kings Valley.

    Grand Pacific Drive

    Famous for its beautiful beaches and rock pools, Grand Pacific Drive is stuffed with some of the most spectacular destinations in Australia. Explore Royal National Park which is one of Australia’s oldest parks and pass through beautiful beaches which are decorated with numerous food joints. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds to delicious fish and chips at Wollongong Harbor and also spend some time at the famous Nan Tien Temple.


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    Careers in Travel and Tourism #military #travel

    #travel and tourism

    Careers in Travel and Tourism

    Careers in Travel and Tourism

    Globalization is not a buzzword solely associated with international business. It has translated into a booming new career possibility: expanded services in the travel and tourism industry.

    According to the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC), the industry already is responsible for more than 10 percent of global employment. Brian White, PhD, director of the WTTC’s Human Resources Center in British Columbia, says the field is incredibly diverse and comprised of seven major areas:

    • Airlines/transport.
    • Conferences and conventions.
    • Arts and culture.
    • Hotels, food and beverage.
    • Ecotourism.
    • Outdoor recreation.
    • Ancillary services associated with tourism.

    Industry Trends

    With all this opportunity, where should you concentrate your efforts? Focusing on market demands may lead to more job openings.

    On the corporate side, according to a piece on Hoover’s industry trends online. the travel and tourism industry is in consolidation mode. This means that smaller companies are merging or being acquired by big players like American Express, Marriott and Carlson Wagonlit. So it might make sense to begin your career with one of the larger corporations, where you can gain exposure to many facets of the business while having relative job security.

    An obvious trend is the increase in Internet service. The Web has created new and different career options for those interested in travel careers. Individuals can work for travel Web sites like CheapTickets.com, Orbitz and Travelocity.

    Additionally, journalists may see more travel writing opportunities available in traditional magazines like Cond Nast Traveler and National Geographic Traveler as well as online publications.

    Characteristics for Success

    This is a service industry, first and foremost, so you must have patience, flexibility and excellent interpersonal skills. Cultural sensitivity and awareness are critical, as tourism professionals deal with different countries and cultures.

    Senior-level executives generally have MBAs and develop skills and competencies that can be transferred across sectors. Midlevel professionals need a mix of practical experience and academic credentials, according to White, who also teaches in the field. For example, individuals might work full-time in the travel sector while going part-time for an advanced certificate in travel and tourism.

    Pros and Cons

    One obvious benefit of working in the travel and tourism industry is the opportunity to actually hop on a plane and see many locales at low prices, or even gratis. Another benefit is the fact that the field is international and changes along with global trends.

    One of the downsides to the business, especially the hotel and restaurant side, is the long hours. Management must often work evenings and weekends. Individuals are often asked to move to a new location without much notice.

    Ethics and Tourism

    White reminds us there is a strong set of ethics required in the field of tourism, noting the industry has profound economic implications for a country’s economy and people. It is important for individuals to consider their responsibilities, he adds. Tourism is about more than making a profit; it involves benefiting local communities, creating jobs that provide fair wages and not exploiting the environment.


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    Cheap Car Rental in SIngapore – Claseek™ Singapore #best #vacation #deals

    #cheap rental cars

    Related Ads


    we provide car rental for p plate or drivers under 21 regularly serviced convenient location for customer cheap and affordable cars we provide clean cars to customer as well we are just opposite commonwealth MRT One commonwealth lane #02-05 so call us up for more infos or whatsapp us at 818807.


    Car rental just opposite CommonwealthMRT -P plate welcome! 81880754

    Cars for Rent Weekdays Package

    Car for Rent this Weekend/Days

    S$ 60.00

    Paya Lebar – Car rental

    Elitez Car Rental offer cheap budget car in Singapore! For Daily, Weekday, Weekend, Weekly Monthly Basis. P-Plate all WELCOME! NO GST NO Hidden Cost We serviced all Vehicle regularly! Regular Maintained Interior Vaild Road Tax Our cars a.

    Note: Claseek.com is NOT associated in any way with the advertiser and the ad advertised here. All items are posted entirely independent from this site, therefore your vigilance is absolutely necessary.


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    Car Rentals in Toronto from $15 #travel #ireland

    #cheapest car rentals

    Car Rentals Near Toronto

    Car Rental Directory

    Avis Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    1277 Caledonia Road +1 416 987 0718 1345 Lawrence Avenue East +1 416 441 1818 1537 Avenue Road +1 416 256 2689 161 Bay St Unit 140 BCE (Concourse Lvl) +1 416 777 2847 1910 Yonge Street (at Davisville Ave) +1 416 932 2847 3193 Dundas Street West +1 416 763 2847 3320 Dufferin Street +1 416 256 9060 333 College Street +1 647 255 2847 40 Blue Jays Way +1 416 506 0872 4841 Yonge Street +1 416 225 2847 5481 Dundas Street West +1 416 233 2847 80 Bloor Street East (Concourse Lvl) +1 416 964 2051

  • Dollar Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    1108 Bay Street (Bay Bloor Street) +1 416 515 8800 1245 Danforth Avenue +1 416 686 4112 140 Carlton St. +1 416 921 1346 1871 O’Connor Drive +1 416 755 5400 191 Parliment Street +1 416 868 0350 3005 Bloor Street West +1 416 598 4249 330 Front Street WestServing Union Station +1 416 593 5604 370 King StreetUnit 6 +1 416 977 6749 65 Front Street West +1 416 364 4952 Eaton Centre220 Younge Street +1 416 591 0861 Pearson International AirportTerminal 1, 2 3 +1 647 547 6022

  • Budget Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    1474 Victoria Park Avenue +1 416 751 6226 161 Bay Street +1 416 364 7104 2180 Yonge Street 3rd Floor +1 416 487 3471 2401 Dundas Street West +1 416 533 4126 271 Front Street East +1 416 363 0985 2746 Yonge Street +1 416 487 1511 3320 Dufferin Street +1 416 787 1224 333 College Street +1 416 963 9496 345 Bloor Street East +1 416 928 1205 40 Blue Jays Way +1 416 977 6848

  • Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    115 Strachan Avenue +1 416 504 8901 2 Bloor St E Unit C60 +1 416 413 0749 200 Front St WConcourse Level +1 416 751 1342 2512 Yonge Street +1 416 484 7300 32 Eastern Avenue +1 416 601 1323 3441 Dundas St. West +1 416 766 1307 4 Eireann Quay +1 416 208 5036 700 Bay St. +1 416 599 1375 947 Dovercourt Rd. +1 416 536 6488

  • Thrifty Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    1108 Bay Street +1 416 515 0366 1245 Danforth Avenue +1 416 686 4112 140 Carlton StreetUnit D +1 416 515 7700 191 Parliament Street +1 416 868 0350 220 Yonge StreetEaton Centre 5th Floor Parking +1 416 591 0861 3005 Bloor Street West +1 416 231 2217 330 Front Street WestServing Union Station +1 416 593 5604 65 Front Street West In-TerminalPearson International Airport +1 647 547 6022

  • Hertz Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    2 Eireann Quay +1 416 203 0386 20 Bloor St. East +1 416 961 3320 2340 Dundas Street West +1 416 534 9931 3200 Dufferin St. U-16b +1 416 256 7311 65 Front Street West +1 416 364 2080 786 Queensway Ave +1 416 251 5574 Toronto Amf +1 416 674 2020

  • Europcar Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    65 Front Street West Call 1 800 259 1638 For Shuttle ToDiscount At Intl Plaza Hotel +1 416 249 5800 Pearson International Airport Please Go To Discount Counter134 Jarvis Street +1 416 864 0696 Please Go To Discount Counter730 Yonge St(entrance On Charles St +1 416 921 1212 Toronto Bay Street, 1108 Bay Street

  • Ace Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    134 Jarvis +1 416 864 0696 3207 Danforth Ave +1 416 686 2333 655 Dixon Rd +1 416 249 5554

  • Economy Rent a Car Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    222 Spadina Ave Unit C9 +1 855 768 8371 3356 Elm Bank Road +1 905 671 9444 431 Queen St East +1 416 364 0387

  • National Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    2 Bloor St E Unit C60 +1 416 413 0749 200 Wellington St W +1 416 364 4191 4 Eireann Quay +1 416 208 5036

  • Discount Car & Truck Rentals Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    134 Jarvis 655 Dixon Road

  • Executive Auto Hire Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    262 Carlingview Drive +1 647 341 1234 Unit 9 # 384 Yonge Street +1 647 341 1234

  • E-Z Rent-A-Car Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    677 Queen Street East +1 877 674 2644 801 Dixon Road

  • Fox Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    249 Queens Quay West 600 Dixon Road +1 800 225 4369

  • Payless Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    33 Carlson CourtCrowne Plaza/Toronto Airport Hotel +1 416 249 8335 677 Queen Street East +1 416 406 0908

  • RoadStar Car Rental Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    249 Queens Quay West +1 416 245 5952 600 Dixon Road. +1 416 248 2800

  • Sunnycars Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    2 Bathurst St. 200 Wellington Street West

  • Alamo Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    200 Wellington St W +1 416 364 4191

  • City Car & Truck Rental Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    445 Rexdale Blvd +1 416 800 1222

  • Econo Auto Rental Inc. Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    20 Belvia Road +1 647 705 0807

  • Exclusive Car and Truck Rental Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    155 Toryork Drive Unit #17 +1 416 743 5300

  • L margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”http://a2.r9cdn.net/res/images/caragency/wide-ofran.png?v=1a0a43adc9909c58fdae9c36285bf1c866015419-1″ />

    Ofran Holiday Autos Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    Person International Apt

  • Universal Rent A Car Car Rental Locations in Toronto

    7 Kelfield St +1 416 245 9500

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  • Car Hire in Dubai – Compare cheap rental deals from easyCar

    #cheap car rental deals

    Search for car hire in Dubai

    Dubai is the second largest of the United Arab Emirates and is situated on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Its climate makes it a popular tourist destination throughout the year and, with a hire car, you can really make the most of your visit by exploring Dubai or even taking a trip to the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    Booking a rental car with easyCar, the low cost, online, car hire specialist, is simple. easyCar has car rental facilities at Dubai International Airport and in downtown Dubai, and offers some great cheap car hire deals.

    Dubai – The City

    Dubai is a fascinating mixture of the old and the new, and is packed with attractions. Public transport in Dubai can be unreliable, so the best way to explore is by rental car.

    If you want to learn about the history of Dubai, head off in your rental car to the 18th century Al Fahidi Fort in the district of Bur Dubai. The fort now houses the Dubai Museum, which contains range of artefacts, including pearl diving equipment, weapons and jewellery.

    Dubai’s architecture includes everything from contemporary skyscrapers, such as the Emirates Office Tower and the Burj Al Arab Hotel, to beautiful mosques, such as the Grand Mosque. For a break from your rental car, take an abra (water-taxi) or rent a dhow (a traditional sailing boat) and sail down the Dubai Creek for great views of the city.

    Shoppers will also notice the mix of old and new. Dubai has many souks, the traditional Arabian marketplaces, including a gold souk and a spice souk, and bartering is essential in these. However, it also has modern shopping malls, such as the Mall of the Emirates, which has more than 400 stores, together with restaurants, a cinema and a theatre. For a break from the heat, you can even go skiing, as the Mall of the Emirates is home to Ski Dubai, the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort.

    Attractions in the Dubai Area

    If you’re visiting Dubai, car rental will give you the flexibility to take day-trips so that you can explore more of the United Arab Emirates. You can use your rental car to get to the city of Sharjah, in the neighbouring emirate (also called Sharjah), about 20 minutes’ drive from Dubai.

    Sharjah is known as a city of culture and has many museums, including the Sharjah Heritage Museum, the Sharjah Maritime Museum and the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum. Other attractions in the city include the Sharjah Aquarium and you can also take a boat trip on the Al Khan and Khalid lagoons. Be sure to take a trip on the Eye of the Emirates observation wheel for stunning views across Sharjah before driving your hire car back to Dubai.

    Alternatively, jump into your rental car and head off to Abu Dhabi for a day or two. Abu Dhabi is the largest of the United Arab Emirates and the city of Abu Dhabi is worth exploring. Park your hire car and take a stroll along the Corniche, a waterside promenade which is popular with both locals and tourists, or visit the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village to find out about traditional Bedouin life. Take a tour of the luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel, before stopping off to shop at the Abu Dhabi Mall or one of the city’s souks.

    Low Cost Car Rental in Dubai

    If you are planning a Dubai car hire holiday, book a rental car online with easyCar now and take advantage of our great low cost car rental deals.


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    Budget Rent A Car – Review in Rentals category from Buffalo,

    #cheap rental car

    Budget Rent A Car – Review in Rentals category from Buffalo, New York

    (716) 632-4662DirectionsWebsite



    Regular Hours

    Mon – Sun

    Open 24 Hours

    Extra Phones

    Call us Toll Free. (800) 283-4389

    General Info

    Budget Rent A Car of Buffalo saves car rental customers time and money by offering the most diverse fleet in WNY. Services like GPS, E-tolls, E-receipts, and Fastbreak make renting a car easy.

    Budget Rent a Car of Buffalo is an independent licensee of the Budget Rent a Car system and is certified by the State of New York as a Women Owned Business Enterprise.

    All our vehicles include Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Cruise Control, and CD players! Some vehicles may also have:

    Bluetooth Capability

    Auxiliary Jacks

    Power Seats

    Heated Mirrors


    Heated Seats

    and more!

    Budget also maintains a 100% smoke-free fleetand any type of smoking (pipe, cigarette, cigar, etc) is prohibited in all our vehicles so that you can have a clean, fresh smelling vehicle.

    We also offer GPS, Child Safety Seats, Booster Seats, and Moving Supplies for an additional charge. If you need directions, just ask our customer service representatives at the counter and they will be happy to help you find your way!

    Look for the Budget Rent a Car sign approximately 100 ft. after the end of the 33 East on Genesee Street directly across from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport on your right hand side!

    more »


    Budget Rent a Car of Buffalo offers the most diverse fleet in WNY! Choose from Economy Cars to SUV’s, Passenger Vans, and Trucks. We have:


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    Booking Flights In Advance: Do You Really Save Money? #cheap #hotel

    #book airline flights

    Booking Flights In Advance:

    Page 1 of 2

    For many years, nerds the world over have been trying to dig up trends in airline pricing data. Of course, airline companies, being smart behemoths with lots of money, have their own herds of nerds who spend their time figuring out how to maximize revenues through ticket pricing strategies. Unfortunately for us, this statistical nerd battle means that the trends that can be extrapolated are few and far between, as the airlines deliberately avoid certain trends so they can sell the most tickets for the maximum price. The doubt that exists as to whether you ll get a cheaper ticket is partly engineered to encourage you to buy as soon as you know you want to make a trip (pantomime hissing and booing is appropriate at this stage).

    Recent research has revealed more about the pricing strategies of the airlines, most of which change their ticket prices a number of times a day. It becomes apparent that a change in ticket-hunting strategy is, therefore, also necessary (and that those blog posts on booking at midnight are rubbish). Here s your guide to when it usually is cheaper to book in advance, and when it most certainly isn t.

    when it s cheaper

    Midweek, out of season

    The clich is true midweek flights are cheaper. A trip from Chicago to New York is presently 15% to 20% more expensive on days other than Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If you re flying high season, it might be worth booking in advance just to be able to get a midweek ticket, but also because the prices go up as demand goes up and planes get full.

    Two months before the flight

    There is no conclusive evidence that flights are cheaper if you book ages in advance. In fact, it s often not the case. But in a study of 12 months worth of data on the two busiest routes in the United States (Chicago-New York and Houston-Dallas) comparing the economy class pricing of six different airlines produced the cheapest prices two months before the flight. From here on, the prices started rising. In a paper for the Social Sciences Research Network, Professor Volodymir Bilotkach and others made the same finding for the international route from New York to London.


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    Big In Japan: Abandoned – Gulliver’s Kingdom – Theme Park #online

    #gullivers travel

    Gulliver s Kingdom Theme Park, built in the shadow of Japan s Mount Fuji with oodles of government stimulus money, was a sprawling white elephant that existed for only 10 years. Today there s little if any trace of the abandoned theme park. its ruins, or Gulliver himself but the eerie and unsettling images captured by a legion of intrepid “haikyo” explorers.

    Time and Tied

    (images via: Spechtrograph and Michael John Grist )

    Gulliver s Kingdom was a failed theme park located near Kawaguchi-machi, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan. The park opened in 1997 and typified the “bridge to nowhere” construction projects Japan s government and banking sector championed in the 1990s.

    (images via: UER and Kuroneko )

    Though intended to boost the economy out of its post-bubble doldrums, white elephants like Gulliver s Kingdom created some short-term construction jobs but little permanent employment.

    (image via: Spechtrograph )

    Gulliver s Kingdom was backed financially by the Niigata Chuo Bank. which later collapsed into a sea of red ink and toxic, non-performing loans. As it morphed into a so-called Zombie Bank, the Niigata Chuo Bank was ordered to clear its books of unprofitable assets, of which Gulliver s Kingdom was one: they had lent the venture around $350 million. In October of 2001, the unpopular theme park shut its Brobdingnagian doors for the last time.

    Cult of Poison-ality

    (images via: Spechtrograph and Dreamin Trip Salad )

    On the face of it, Gulliver s Kingdom had a few things going for it. Its location, for one thing – nestled in Kamikuishiki village at the foot of Mount Fuji. About 25 million tourists descend upon Mount Fuji s environs each year and as beautiful as it is, how long can one look at a dormant volcano?

    (images via: K3N s Blog and Spechtrograph )

    And about that location Mount Fuji has a dark side, most notably the Aokigahara area where seemingly oblivious project planners decided to build Gulliver s Kingdom. Ranked sixth by the website Cracked.com on their list of The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth. Aokigahara is Japan s “suicide forest” said to be the second most popular suicide location after San Francisco s Golden Gate Bridge. On the bright side, if the kids are driving you nuts after an afternoon spent at Gulliver s Kingdom well, perish that thought.

    (image via: MutantMandias )

    Bad enough Gulliver s Kingdom had a suicide forest as its neighbor, the park s other neighbors were much, much worse. Kamikuishiki village is notorious for being the location of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult s headquarters and nerve gas production facility.

    (image via: UER )

    Remember Aum? They re the whack-jobs who carried out Sarin gas attacks that killed 19 people, including 12 on the Tokyo subway. On March 22nd, 1995, the cult s compound was stormed by over 1,000 police officers decked out in full-face gas masks.

    (images via: Michael John Grist and UER )

    Three years later (and one year after Gulliver s Kingdom opened), residents living nearby were still being reminded of Aum Shinrikyo s monstrous crimes. “I can still smell the chemicals sometimes when I take a walk in the morning,” said 69-year-old Norie Okamoto, who lives just 100 meters (330 ft) from one of the cult s former Sarin production facilities. Now Robert Duvall might love the smell of napalm in the morning, but you and your family out for some fun at Gulliver s Kingdom? Not *cough* so much.

    Gulliver Unravels

    (images via: Michael John Grist and K3N s Blog )

    The exposure of Aum Shinrikyo was pretty much the straw that broke the back of Gulliver s Kingdom, though there was really so much wrong with the park on so many levels one might say it was clearly doomed from the start.

    Gulliver s Kingdom wasn t actually a Six Flags style park, by the way. The closest things to the usual amusement park rides and rollercoasters were a bobsled track and a luge course – not exactly ideal for the kiddies.

    (image via: UER )

    We don t recall Gulliver s Kingdom as being a stop on the World Bobsled Tour (if there is such a thing), but maybe that whole nerve gas factory proximity thing put organizers off scheduling events there.

    (image via: MutantMandias )

    Let s not forget the immobile star of the show, a 45 meter (147.5 ft) long statue of Jonathan Swift s epic character. Even the name of the park was a misnomer. If it s Gulliver s Kingdom, what s the big guy doing securely pegged to the ground? No way to treat a king, now is it? Those are just some of the questions we ll never know the answers to and here s one more: what s inside the doors cut into Gulliver s body??

    (images via: MutantMandias )

    All that s by the by, by the way, since Gulliver s Kingdom is no more and I mean literally. After a thorough demolition in 2007, all one can see are some exposed foundations and the odd tuft of asbestos insulation snagged on twisted rebar.

    (image via: UER )

    If not for these vivid and disturbing photographic images, few would be the wiser as to what came and went at the foot of Mount Fuji almost as fast as the 2010 movie Gulliver s Travels appeared and then vanished from your local marquee. Both, as it happens, were in 3D.

    (image via: National Geographic )

    Nothing remains of Gulliver s Kingdom today but a rough concrete scar, and even this basic foundation is gradually being subsumed by dirt, dust and windblown sand. Was it all a dream? Perhaps it was and if any lessons can be learned by Gulliver s Kingdom s rise, fall and disappearance it s that if one must dream, at least dream big.


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    Best Travel Agents In Houston – CBS Houston #cheap #travel #flights

    #travel agencies

    Best Travel Agents In Houston

    (photo credit: Thinkstock)

    (photo credit: Thinkstock)

    Ever dream of going on a safari and taking photos of elephants in the wild or kayaking among blue whales? That s how every travel adventure begins: first a dream, then an opportunity, and then of course, the plans. The difference between making a dream come true or turning it into a nightmare often depends on the skill of the planner and avoiding the “devil in the details.” That s where travel agents come in. Choosing an agent who understands what you and your group hope to do, and knowing where and when to do it, can make all the difference. Here are five agents that can help you create the memories of a lifetime.

    Travel Leaders is a Houston-based company that handles all types of travel for businesses, groups or individuals. Customers rave about the company s low prices, especially for large groups. The service offers a number of experienced, certified agents who will be able to make your trip a success, from helping you book tickets to telling you what to see once you get to your destination.

    Advantage Travel is a service of world-famous American Express, based right here in Houston. The website offers choices of cruises, tours, etc. but also a special category for adventure travel. This agency might be a good first choice for AMEX cardholders with lots of points accumulated, which can be used for travel. They include experienced agents available for contact by phone or e-mail to plan business travel as well as personal vacations.


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    Best Time to Travel in Italy #tickets #for #cheap

    #travel to italy

    Best Time to Travel in Italy

    Florence beckons visitors even with snow on city roofs. (Photo: firenze image by Cat from Fotolia.com )

    Related Articles

    Italy has something to offer the visitor year-round, but there are considerations to weigh, such as weather, budget, cultural events, seasonal atmosphere and ambiance. Given the country s worldwide popularity, famous attractions can be crowded in summer, detracting from a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Prices and temperatures also peak in summer time. But guests are welcome to join with Italians as they celebrate each season, particularly at the table. Food enthusiasts might want to consult the culinary calendar before a trip.

    Seasonal Rates

    Airline fares are lower from mid-September to March, but increase around Christmas. Peak tourist season begins in late May and lasts through the end of July — hotels and holiday rentals should be booked well in advance for this period. Hotel, villa and apartment rates are lower in spring and fall, the so-called shoulder seasons, but the best deals are in winter, except during the Christmas holidays.


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    Family Vacations in Europe – Overview of Trip Ideas #madagascar #travel

    #european travel

    Family Vacations in Europe

    Pilot your own barge, or cruise along in catered luxury. Often, bikes are provided along with the barge, so families can explore beyond their river or canal.

    Have a look at some high-end family bike holidays on which all details are handled. A lower-budget option is suggested, too.

    Pack the plastic swords and crowns, and take the family to stay stay overnight in a castle. Some are surprisingly affordable.

    Definitely a vacation your neighbors haven t done yet.

    And what a wonderful way to see the famed Irish countryside: in your own comfy gypsy-style caravan, drawn by a patient horse. Picture a tiny version of a covered wagon like you see in old Westerns. These caravans have beds and a kitchenette.

    Continue Reading Below

    Rent a (surprisingly affordable) cottage on Balmoral Estate. and the Queen will be your landlady. Take a guided walk, or enjoy great hiking and cycling in the area.

    Picture quaint wooden stalls filled with marionettes and wood carvings and Christmas toys, then add the smells of toasted chestnuts and gingerbread. Christmas Markets are a centuries-old German tradition. The market in Dresden dates back to 1434. Many towns vie to have the best market, or the biggest candle or biggest Christmas Tree.

    Stay Somewhere Fun

    The places below provide fun for the family right on the property. Enjoy them as destinations or as a home base for exploring the environs.

    • Eurocamp. Forget your usual ideas about camping. Guests can stay in bungalows or deluxe three-room tents equipped with beds, and enjoy resort-like facilities and kids programs.
    • Center Parcs Family Resorts. here s where European families go for getaways. Stay in a large cottage and a huge recreational property, with kids programs and an indoor tropical pool complex.
    • Familotel Holiday Hotels for Families
      A great idea for families with young kids, these family holiday hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland offer kids activities, childcare and babycare, play zones, baby gear and even strollers. Choose from ski holidays or summer holidays with pools, slides, and outdoors fun.
    • Hay Hotels. Stay in a barn in the German countryside. At heuhotels , guests sleep on a bed of dried grass, perhaps in a loft, or in feed stalls fitted out with wooden platforms; bring your own sleeping bag and towels. (Though a few hay hotels are offering more amenities.)

    An even more unique place to stay — though you ll probably only want to stay a night or two — is Lapland, Sweden s Ice Hotel. Sleep in special sleeping bags on beds made of ice and covered with reindeer skins; warm outdoor clothing is provided. A tour company sells a package that arranges all.

    Other Ideas About Places to Stay

    Renting a multi-room abode with a kitchen has many advantages for families. A variation on the typical type of vacation home rental is offered by Untours. a company that offers hand-picked vacation rentals in apartments, farmhouses or cottages, plus insider tips for the area and a local contact.

    Budget travel is perfectly respectable in Europe, and here s a way for families to save big-time. Hostels have changed much in recent years, and former youth hostels now welcome people of all ages including families who, in many places, can stay in family rooms. Spartan but clean, these rooms typically have bunk beds, and sometimes a private bathroom; otherwise, a toilet and shower will be just a few steps away (–and extremely clean, in our experience.) Some hostels are housed in architectural treasures: castles in Scotland, a centuries-old villa in Verona, former monasteries. places that are low in cost and high in character.


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    Greece Travel: Travel Agents and Services in Greece #sa #travel

    #travel greece

    Travel Agents, Tours and Services in Greece

    The best way to book your trip to Greece and make sure things run smoothly is by using a reliable Greek Travel Agency who will make sure there are no unpleasant surprises and will solve problems before you are ever aware of them. Travelers who book with these agencies are met by a representative upon their arrival in Athens and on the islands and helped every step of the way. They are also available should any problems arise. I have created this index that should make it easy for you to find a travel agency that is best suited to the type of traveler you are or whatever your plans are for Greece. Or if you prefer to book things on your own you can use this page as well. These are the travel agencies, tours and guides I recommend in Greece. If you have any questions about which particular agency would be best for what you want to do in Greece you can e-mail me. I have put the most popular programs and services at the top. There are more tours and specialized itineraries at the bottom of the page. Unlike other guides which issue a disclaimer that they are not responsible for the agencies or information on their pages, I happen to know all these agencies personally and trust them completely. You won’t find better. If you find this page useful please share it on Google+ and Facebook using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

    Fantasy Travel’s Special Offers Page

    New Economical Packages. Fantasy Travel has put together a number of packages that offer quality accomodation for economical prices. Most packages that seem too good to be true are actually not as good as they seem, often using hotels that are in areas you really don’t want to stay in, to keep the price down. But Fantasy’s economy packages feature hotels in and around the Plaka in Athens and are all good quality hotels. I recommend Fantasy Travel’s program The Pursuit of Pleasure which is 12 Days and 11 nights in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini including hotels, ferries, transfers, tours, admission to archaeological sites and breakfast starting at 940 euros per person. You can’t beat the price for these hotels and this itinerary. Or their 8 day package that includes a 4-day cruise plus Athens-Delphi-Meteora which starts at 595 euros per person. For these and more visit Fantasy Travel’s Special Offers Page


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    Greece Train Travel: Learn About Trains in Greece – Rail Europe

    #greece travel


    Ride the Rails in Greece

    Although Greece has dramatically upgraded its rail infrastructure, it s wise to travel only on the major lines. Though safe, the local rails remain slow and tough to navigate (especially for the neophyte). Exceptions? Very touristy routes like Athens to the port city Piraeus (only 20 minutes by suburban train).

    We recommend the InterCity or InterCityExpress trains. From Athens, you can journey to the very hip city of Thessaloniki (check out the fashion and the food) and onwards towards Katerini (home to several archeological digs). From there travel to ancient Corinth in just ninety minutes, and then to the port of Patras. Final destination? Argos, arguably Greece s oldest city, and the ruins of the Heraeum temple where the goddess Hera was revered.

    Most IC and ICE trains offer decent comfort in second class, but first class is still preferable (except on very short journeys). On longer trips, on-board food services are good and reasonably priced.

    Seat assignments vary by train and route. If you purchase a ticket for travel within Greece from Rail Europe, you will receive an ticket without a reservation. If a seat reservation is required or If you re traveling with a pass (e.g. Eurail Pass, Balkan Pass), you may book your reservation locally since they re only available within Greece. Use the OSE (Greek railways) offices in the main cities. They re less crowded and more helpful, and the reservation is free.

    And if your travel plans include visiting both Italy and Greece, consider the Eurail Attica Pass. This pass includes round-trip ferry travel between Italy and Greece, plus travel to the Greek islands once you re there.

    For more information on Greece contact the Greece Tourist Board .


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    Greek travel packages, Greek tours, Discount prices on all tours in

    #greece travel packages

    Greek Travel Packages – Greek Tours

    We will soon publish many more Greek Travel Packages that include Island Hopping, Greek Tours, Cruises and Hotel Stay in Athens, etc. In the meantime, if you have in mind any specific Greek Travel Package, then please send us an email with your preferences, and we will get back to you with our lowest prices.

    A few words about us :

    ATLANTIS TRAVEL AGENCY has been 67 years in the traveller’s service (since 1948) and it is one of the very few agencies in Greece that are members of IATA since 1951 (IATA # 27218424).

    We always look after our clients in a personal level, and we are receiving very positive feedback from our clients after their wonderful vacation in Greece. We have a huge number of references that we will be happy to send you if you wish!

    If you wish, you can also check about us at the Official Web Site of IATA. In the SECOND search box (where it states VALIDATE AGENCY NUMERIC CODE ) you can insert our number 27218424 without spaces and then click on Validate . This official Web Site will verify that you are dealing with ATLANTIS TRAVEL AGENCY – GREECE .


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    Guide to Bus Travel in South Amerca #new #zealand #travel

    #south america travel

    How to Travel in South America

    South America is a place where prices are generally low so if you re planning South America travel, you may be assuming that flying there is not only convenient, but economical.

    This travel blog entry provides you with the pros and cons of traveling South America by bus.

    Flights in South America

    North America has JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Volaris and WestJet. Europe has Ryan Air and EasyJet. Asia has AirAsia, Jetstar and Tiger Airways, all of which also serve Australia. South America, unfortunately, has a notable shortage of low-cost air carriers.

    Air travel in South America is instead characterized by several large national airlines. Chilean airline LAN has long dominated South American air travel, a monopoly that will surely only be made stronger by the recent approval of its merger with TAM, Brazil s national airline, into mega-carrier LATAM.

    Fares on these and other national carriers (like Aerolineas Argentinas and Avianca) can be low if you book far enough in advance, but last minute fares are shockingly expensive. When I was in Brazil in early 2011, for example, a two-hour flight from the border city of Foz do Iguaçu to São Paulo ran R$789.50 and that was on GOL, Brazil s self-proclaimed low-fare airline .

    If you have a rigid, pre-planned itinerary and are at least 15 days from beginning you travel in South America, one option that may suit you is LAN s South America Airpass. It allows for unlimited flights between cities it serves at fixed fares based on distances between destinations. The only catch for the LAN South America Airpass is that you must book at least three one-way segments.

    A short flight from Lima-Arequipa, Peru, for example, costs $110 US, while the longer one from Argentina s capital Buenos Aires to Ushuaia in Patagonia (the southernmost city in the world) runs you $165, as of April 2011.

    To see if a LAN Airpass is the right choice for you, visit LAN s website or contact the reservations department of your local oneworld airline. In the U.S. this is American Airlines, at 1-800-433-7300.

    Bus Travel in South America

    High-quality tour buses with air-conditioning, reclining seats or beds and (usually) toilets are by-and-large the most popular way of intercity and international travel in South America, even for journeys longer than 24 hours. The quality and prices of buses in South America vary depending on the country you visit.

    In Argentina, for example, you can purchase a Suite seat that features a completely flat bed, a three-course meal and complimentary wine or champagne for under $100 US for a 10-hour journey, such as the one from the Argentine wine country near Mendoza to Córdoba, Argentina s second-largest city .

    Buses in Bolivia, on the other hand, tend to be more basic, with only the most popular tourist routes (such as from the capital La Paz to the Salt Flats in Salar de Uyuni in the southwestern part of the country) seeing service from tour buses. Buses in Bolivia are usually equipped with only semi-cama reclining seats (as oppose to bed-style camas ) and with only the most basic of dining options. They re thankfully also among the cheapest means of travel in South America, with one-way fares to be had for under $40 US.

    Aside from comfort (and in spite of the long transit time often required), other advantages using buses to travel in South America exist. For one, an overnight bus journey can save you money on accommodation for a night and, in some cases, the cost of a meal. Riding in a bus additionally permits you to take in fantastic, otherworldly scenery you might otherwise miss.

    Furthermore, several countries (even those which don t require supplementary visas) levy what are called reciprocity fees to travelers from certain countries (the United States and Australia among them) who enter by air. Chile, for example, charges $140 US to all American travelers who enter the country via Santiago International Airport, a fee that s waved if you enter by land via San Pedro de Atacama (from Bolivia) or Mendoza, Argentina over the Andes Mountains, both of which are breathtaking journeys.

    If you want your bus journey to transcend utilitarian and cheap, read about unique and interesting bus routes and South America travel via Simone de Bastardo s fantastic article on the BootsnAll Travel Network.

    Trains in South America

    When I visited the aforementioned Salar de Uyuni. an alien-looking salt flat formation in rural, middle-of-nowhere Bolivia, one of the attractions my group visited was a so-called Train Cemetery located near the town of Uyuni. Not surprisingly, we were taken to a complex of deserted locomotives, passenger cars and tracks corroded from decades of not being used. Melodrama aside, this proved to be a fitting metaphor for the state of railway travel in South America.

    With the exception Peruvian tourist trains that travel to Machu Picchu  and a few commuter routes in cities like Buenos Aires and São Paulo, trains are all but nonexistent for South America travel, in stark contrast to places in Europe and East Asia, where train travel often dominates. Although certain additional tourist and local services do exist throughout the continent, don t plan on taking trains more than occasionally as you travel through South America.


    Earlier in this article, I mentioned that more out-of-the-way places such as Bolivia lack tour bus services on all but the most popular routes. This doesn t mean that flying is your only option for travel in South American countries such as these ones.

    If you don t plan to fly, however, you should prepare to sacrifice some of your personal space and comfort for the duration of the journey. You should also brush up on basic Spanish, because the people who drive the large passenger vans known as collectivos or shared taxis won t speak a word of English.

    The upside about collectivos is that if you do have to take them between cities, your journey will likely be short. As they re often operated by private drivers, they aren t designed for extremely long-distance travel in South America.

    For example, you might take a collectivo from Cusco, Peru to the adjacent Sacred Valley of the Incas (a one- to two-hour journey )or on the 90-minute journey between the Peru-Bolivia border town of Desaguadero (where you get your Bolivian visa ) to Bolivia s capital La Paz.

    Collectivo fares are generally low: Since the cost of the journey is split among all passengers over the course of the journey. Better, if you don t approve of the cost a driver tells you, it s possible to bargain.

    About The Author

    Robert Schrader is the author of 632 posts on Leave Your Daily Hell. Robert founded Leave Your Daily Hell in 2010 so that other travelers would have an entertaining, reliable source of information, advice and inspiration at their fingertips. Want to travel more often? Subscribe to email updates today!


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    Southwest fares drop below $100 round trip in 72-hour sale #cheap

    #airline tickets deals

    Southwest fares drop below $100 round trip in 72-hour sale

    Southwest rolled out a 72-hour, nationwide fare sale Tuesday (June 2) in which the price of its flights are roughly based to distance. Dozens of the carrier s shortest routes are available for fares of less than $100 round trip. USA TODAY

    Southwest rolled out a 72-hour, nationwide fare sale Tuesday (June 2) in which the price of its flights are roughly based to distance. Dozens of the carrier’s shortest routes are available for fares of less than $100 round trip.

    The sale covers travel from Aug. 25 through Dec. 16, though some holiday periods are blacked out. And bargain hunters must act quick; the sale concludes at the end of the day Thursday (June 4).

    Southwest has previously rolled out similar fare sales in which fares were pegged to mileage thresholds. In past years, for example, Southwest ‘s sales priced flights of 500 miles or less at $49 each way and increased from there. Flights of 501 to 1,000 miles cost $99 each way and flights of 1,001 to 1,500 miles cost $129 each way. Flights of more than 1,500 miles went for $149 each way.


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    How Much We Spent Traveling in Europe for Two Months #william

    #traveling europe

    How Much We Spent Traveling in Europe for Two Months

    When Andy and I set off on our Beyond Vacation kick-off trip. I decided to keep track of every penny we spent. There were two reasons for this. We ve never really tracked our travel spending, and I wanted to know how much it costs for us to travel for more than a week or two. And I wanted to be able to share with you how much it costs to travel to the places we visited in Europe. I will have posts later that break down our spending by location, but for now here s an overview of how much we spent traveling in Europe for two months.

    A quick look at how much we spent

    The following amounts are for two people. All numbers are listed first in euros, second in US dollars.

    2,959.40€ / $3,924.47 accommodation

    1,335.60€ / $1,771.31 trains

    295.60€ / $391.81 other transportation

    2,056.78€ / $2,726.21 food and alcohol

    205.80€ / $272.80 activities

    130.04€ / $172.40 miscellaneous

    6,983.22€ / $9,259 total

    As you can see, Western Europe is not cheap. We traveled through Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Italy, plus side trips to the tiny countries of San Marino and the Vatican. Andy and I are not bare-bones budget travelers, but we aren t luxury travelers either, so this should give you a decent middle of the road view on costs.

    Accommodation spending 2,959.40€

    We spent 52 nights away from our home. Most of this was in apartment rentals, but there were a few nights in hostels and hotels, plus one night spent on an overnight train. 2,959.40€ divided by 52 nights comes out to an average of 56.91€ per night.

    We didn t pay for 15 nights of lodging. The night on the train was technically free accommodation since the ticket price is entirely included in the train category. We also got complimentary accommodations in the following places: 2 nights in Rotterdam for the post-conference press trip; 2 nights in a hostel in Nice and 3 nights in a hostel in Naples. both sponsored by Hostelworld; 7 nights in Bologna as part of BlogVille, sponsored by Emilia-Romagna Tourism. If we had paid for those ourselves, I estimate we would ve spent another 1,100€ for 14 nights.

    So 2,959.40€ divided by the 37 nights we did pay for averages out to 79.98€ per night, roughly 40€ per person per night. I think this is pretty good considering how expensive hotels can be in Europe. Renting apartments as often as possible definitely helped keep our costs down, not only in this category but also in the food category.

    Train spending 1,335.60€

    This was a plane-free trip, so our major form of transportation was by train. The train system in Europe is generally really good, and I m starting to like train travel more and more.

    We looked at getting InterRail passes (like Eurail passes, but InterRail is for European residents) but after some research decided it wasn t worth it in our situation. Since we had all of our dates set ahead of time, it was cheaper to book the train tickets ahead of time in most places. Passes would ve worked if we were booking at the last minute. There were a few trains we bought tickets for at the last minute (in the Netherlands and Belgium, and short distances in Italy) because the prices were almost the same and we wanted to leave ourselves some flexibility.

    Other transportation spending 295.60€

    This is almost entirely public transportation, such as buses, metros, and trams. We used public transportation a lot since we were mostly in big cities and the distances were too far to walk. Almost each city we were in offers some kind of day or multi-day pass for their transportation system, but not all of them were as economical. There is one ride in a taxi and a round trip boat ticket in here as well.

    Rotterdam Tourism covered the cost of our local transportation for the 2 day press trip including this crazy tuk tuk and a water taxi. Emilia-Romagna Tourism covered the cost of the van that took our whole group on a weekend excursion, but we paid for our transportation for things like getting to Gelato University and to Modena for the vinegar tasting .

    Food and alcohol spending 2,056.78€

    We did our fair share of eating (and drinking) out, but we purposely rented apartments so we could eat breakfast in and make our own meals occasionally. We almost never bought breakfast out, we went grocery shopping when we stayed in apartments, and didn t eat at fancy restaurants. We certainly could ve eaten in even more often, but we also wanted to make sure we were trying the local food.

    We had a few lunches covered at the travel blogging conference, all meals on the post-conference trip were covered, and a few meals were covered during BlogVille. Overall we paid for almost everything we ate or drank, and I m estimating about 3 days worth of meals we didn t have to pay for.

    2,056.78€ divided by 50 days averages out to 41.14€ per day, so just over 20€ per person per day. Not bad considering how often we ate out, drank out, and indulged in gelato. (Check out Andy s post about the best sandwich ever .)

    Activities spending 205.80€

    This number includes visits to Vianden Castle and Castle Gravensteen. the Anne Frank Museum. the tulip farm. the Cantillon brewery. Mini Europe. renting beach umbrellas, and a few other things like that. It is a bit low though because we had quite a few activities covered by the tourism boards we were working with. The things we did in Bologna while we were participating in BlogVille were covered, like our San Marino guide, my pasta cooking class and Gelato University. We also had complimentary tours of Pompeii. the Vatican. the Colosseum and Roman Forum, and a food tour from Walks of Italy. These are all activities we would have paid for on our own if we weren t able to get them sponsored, and I estimate the cost to be around 700€.

    Miscellaneous spending 130.04€

    The majority of this category won t apply to most people, but there will always be some other expenses along the way when you travel, especially if you buy souvenirs. I only had one pair of jeans with me, and they were an older pair, so just a week into the trip they had holes in them and had to be replaced for 39.90€ in Amsterdam. I also bought some earrings the same day.

    Because we were traveling for 2 months, I had to buy contact solution about halfway through the trip. We put our luggage in a locker at the train station in Paris during our train layover so we could find dinner. I bought some postcards, as well as 3 souvenir thimbles for my mom. We also had to spend a whopping 20 cents each to use a bathroom, which I only bothered to include here because I thought it was funny.

    We each used our cell phones a little bit while we were traveling, and the extra charges we incurred for using our phones outside of Germany came out to a total of 16.04€. We also had to pay to do laundry 3 times when we didn t have free access to a washer, and that cost came to 20.60€ total.

    So that s how much we spent traveling in Europe for two months! Everyone s travel budgets will be different, but this will give you a good starting point for a long trip in Europe. If you prefer more luxurious hotels or budget hostel dorms, you ll need to make adjustments when planning out your budget and saving for your own trip. In the coming weeks I will break these down by city and country so you can get a better idea of what it would cost to spend a week or two in some of these areas for vacation.

    Don t forget to sign up for our monthly Beyond Vacation newsletter! Get updates on our new lifestyle and how we can help you travel by signing up here!


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    Independent Italy Vacations, Independent Italy Tours, Independent Italy Vacation, Independent Italy

    #italy travel packages

    Independent Italy Vacations

    Our independent Italy vacations provide maximum flexibility and value. You’ll save money with low hotel rates that tour operators negotiate in advance, and because your vacation doesn’t have a set itinerary for each day, you’re free to spend your time in whatever way you choose.

    Find an Italy Tour

    Tour operators research lodging options in each city and select hotels that are close to major attractions, so you can spend more time enjoying every experience and less time finding your way around. With some packages, daily breakfasts and a sightseeing orientation are included in the price. The number of inclusions and quality of hotels used vary according to the rating of the package, which we provide for every vacation listed below.

    Along with discounted hotel rates, tour companies also offer low rates on airfare. Our travel counselors can quote air prices and hunt for special air offers that save you even more money on an air-and-hotel package.

    You won’t travel with a tour director on an independent Italy trip, as you would on an escorted tour, though some packages include the services of a local host in each city. Your host can recommend restaurants, suggest places to see and help you schedule excursions.

    Independent Italy vacations are classified according to the quality and location of hotels and the number of included meals and services. The quality listed for each package below follows the industry rating scale (budget, first class and deluxe).

    Book Now and Save on Independent Italy Vacations!


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    Kashmir Holiday Tour Packages, Holiday in Kashmir 2015 #imperial #travel

    #travel deals

    Kashmir Holiday Packages

    Kashmir is popular for its boundless beauty, pristine scenic charm and snow laden mountain enticing travellers from across the world. Nestled between Pir Panjal ranges and the Himalayas is illustrious for the salubrious climate. Termed as the Switzerland of India, is bejewelled with sprawling meadows, alpine trees, and soaring mountain peaks. Nature has endowed the state with utmost beauty and it is visible at every step. The Kashmir Tour is your getaway to enjoy the captivating destination.

    The famous Dal Lake in Srinagar is a major tourist attraction among the visitors. Dotted with Shikaras (traditional Kashmiri boats), the lake is best can be enjoyed by the Shikara boat ride. Apart the iconic and luxurious houseboats are other major attraction in Dal Lake. Adjoining the lake is the historical and exquisite Nishat Bagh is a treat for eyes. So those wanted to enjoy and experience the Shikara ride at Dal Lake could go for Jammu and Kashmir Holiday Packages .

    Other popular escapes which allures tourists are Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Patnitop and more. In winters, these places welcome winter sports enthusiastic and are known for hosting an array of winter sports game. As the state is popular for their beauty, so for their delicious cuisines. Especially famous for non-vegetarian dishes the place is a heaven. Retreat on a Kashmir Holidays and divulge the picturesque tourist destination.

    About Our Packages

    Srinagar Tour Packages

    Kashmir has always been a favourite holiday destination for people looking to enjoy a refreshing hiatus.

    Kashmir Adventure Tour Packages

    Kashmir Houseboat Tour Packages

    The beauteous destination has been an inspiration for many poets in the past and present. The untamed.

    Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Packages

    Kashmir popularly called the Paradise on the Earth is endowed with awe-inspiring beauty and landscape.

    Mata Vaishno Devi Tour Packages


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    Jobs in Travel – Travel Specialist Jobs – Careers #travel #spain

    #travel agent jobs

    Audley Travel Careers Vacancies

    Welcome to our careers website

    It’s always really useful to get a feel for a company before you hit send to submit a job application. What can you expect from the role you re applying for, what s the company’s culture and how about employee benefits and personal development?

    That s exactly why we made this website, to give you a better understanding of what you can expect from us should you be successful in joining Audley.

    Where you can work for us

    We ve UK offices in Witney. Oxfordshire, and Shepherd’s Bush, London. and a US office in Boston. We re looking for people to join our team at all our offices.

    Awards we’ve won

    We’re proud holders of a number of recent awards, including Best Tour Operator in the latest Telegraph Travel Awards, as voted by their readers.

    We came joint top in the June 2014 Which? Holiday Companies survey and have also won awards in the Wanderlust Readers Travel Awards, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Cond Nast Traveller and the Guardian and Observer in recent years.

    Find out what we’ve been up to on our blog


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    Las Vegas Hotel Deals – Hotel Offers in Las Vegas, NV

    #find hotel deals

    Las Vegas Guide

    “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It may be a marketing slogan, but once you get here, it feels like holy writ. Ever since gambling was legalized in Nevada in the 1930s—and especially following the postwar boom years, when shady characters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky were running the show—visitors have been heading to this unlikely desert metropolis to have the kind of fun they can’t find back home. It’s the city of showgirls, neon, sky-high hotels, and mile-long buffets, where anything can happen and anything goes and it somehow always feels like 3 a.m.

    Must-Sees on the Strip

    The Bellagio fountain show. Every half hour, the giant fountains outside the Bellagio hotel erupt in a free light and water show synchronized with pop songs, classical music, and Broadway show tunes.

  • Caesars Palace. This enormous hotel—an ode to Roman excess—houses an indoor shopping center with designer stores and Restaurant Guy Savoy, one of only 28 restaurants in the United States to receive the prestigious 5-Star Award from Forbes .
  • New York, New York Hotel Casino. The facade replicates the Manhattan skyline, albeit with a roller coaster swooping around a Statue of Liberty lookalike.
  • Where to Stay: Luxury and Themed Hotels


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    Las Vegas Vacations in December #great #flight #deals

    #vegas travel deals

    Las Vegas Vacations in December

    Check for all-inclusive December vacation packages offered by larger resorts. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images )

    Related Articles

    Traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada during the month of December allows you to experience Las Vegas at a time of year when the town exhibits more glitz and glitter than usual. Vegas amps it up during winter holiday months with a blend of tasteful decorations and lavish, over-the-top displays and entertainment. Two weeks of the month are dedicated to all things western as National Finals Rodeo events, participants and spectators fill the town.

    December Events

    The popularity of Las Vegas as an event destination does not slow down in the desert town during December. Western pageants, craft and country music shows are abundant during the first two weeks of the month in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo. Other sporting events take center stage in December as well. The Rock ‘N Roll Las Vegas Marathon and annual Las Vegas Bowl football game bring crowds at both ends of the month. Vacationers flock to celebrate the holidays in Las Vegas and attend America’s Party, the Las Vegas New Year Celebration, on December 31. If you plan to travel to Las Vegas during December, book as early as possible to ensure the best travel and lodging rates and availability.


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    Luxury travel in Iceland #diwakar #travels

    #luxury travel

    The World s First Bottled Water Certified as Carbon Neutral for Product and Operation

    Carbon Neutral

    Icelandic Glacial™ has worked with The CarbonNeutral® Company, a leading carbon emissions consultant, since 2007. Since that time, Icelandic Glacial has been certified Carbon Neutral for both its product and operations an unprecedented move in the beverage industry.

    Icelandic Glacial has made a commitment to assess our CO2 emissions and reduce them wherever possible on an ongoing basis. Only after this process has been carried out, and a net-zero carbon footprint achieved, can a company carry the CarbonNeutral® Company stamp of approval. Our efforts have been rewarded with international recognition, most notably winning the 2007 Bottled Water World Design Awards for Best Sustainability Initiative, presented at the Global Bottled Water Congress.

    Green Energy Sources

    The water collected by Icelandic Glacial flows directly into our state-of-the-art bottling plant located right at the source, in Hlidarendi, Iceland at the edge of the Ölfus Spring.  We take great pride in running a completely sustainable operation, fueled entirely by geothermal and hydroelectric power.

    Under the direction of The CarbonNeutral® Company, Icelandic Glacial purchases through investment in bonafide renewable energy products throughout the world.  These renewable energy projects balance out any remaining net carbon emissions.

    Certifiably Sustainable Spring

    The Ölfus Spring is naturally replenished from mountains in the north of Iceland. Using less than .1% of the overflow to the sea of the Ölfus Spring in its bottling operation, Icleandic Glacial is a careful steward of this precious resource. As a result, Zenith International, Europe’s leading food and drinks consultancy, has declared the Ölfus Spring certifiably sustainable.

    Recycled Materials

    All Icelandic Glacial bottles utilize recycled rPET plastic while the outer box cases are made from 50% recycle paper products.


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    Maui Car Rentals – OGG Car Rentals in Maui, Hawaii #travel

    #cheap car rental

    Maui Car Rentals

    ***If you need multiple rentals, please call 866 482 9775 to make reservations.

    *** Weekly rate = 7 days. Days = 24-hours (I.e. If you pick up at 7:00am, you need to return by 7:00am on the return date or add another day if keeping the car past that.)

    ***When you pick up your car rental, you must have a major credit card in the name of the driver.

    Looking for a car rental on Molokai? Check this page for Molokai Car Rentals!

    Get the best rates on Maui Car Rentals and Kahului airport car rentals at both the OGG airport and Lahaina pier locations. Not only do we have the best discounted prices on Hawaii activities, but offer cheap discounted car rentals at the lowest prices. Call us at 866-482-9775 or just order online. We will even pick you up at the Maui pier and take you to your Maui rental car. Rent your Maui airport rental car through HawaiiDiscount.com, with over 10 years of excellent service and experience.

    Other Important Notes:

    *Fees that will be collected by the agency directly when you pick up your rental (you will not see these in your cart) :

    -$3.00 per day Rent Tax surcharge

    -$4.50 per day Customer Facility Charge

    -Sales Tax of 4.166%

    -Vehicle Registration Fee that varies per vehicle but is less than

    -A Concession Recovery Fee of 11.11%

    *Optional insurance for the rental vehicle can be purchased at the rental agency for an additional $26.99 per day.

    *An Additional Driver can be added to your account if desired for an additional fee.

    *If you order a week car rental, you cannot return it early or you will be charged the daily rate.

    *If you are under 25 years old there is an additional charge per day of $25. Drivers between 21 and 25 can not rent 4-wheel drive vehicles. Alamo Car Rentals does not allow anyone under 21 to purchase a rental.

    *If you would like to drop your rental car off at a location that is different than the one where it was picked up from, then there is an additional Drop Fee accessed at the rental agency.

    *GPS unit is available for $12.99 per day, $69.95 per week, $179.99 is max.

    * Infant and child toddler seats available for $10.99 per day.

    Be sure you book early no matter which type of car or Jeep you choose. Cars can rent out weeks in advance especially during the spring and summer and during any of the Holidays. In 2007, all the cars were booked in Maui almost 4 weeks in advance!

    These are the features of the rental cars we offer:

    • Economy – Chevrolet Spark/Kia Rio (or Similar) 2 or 4 Door

    • Compact – Nissan Versa (or Similar) 2 or 4 Door

    • Midsize Car – Toyota Corolla (or Similar) 2 or 4 Door

    • Standard – Chrysler 200/Volkswagen Jetta (or Similar) 4 Door

    • Fullsize Car – Ford Fusion (or Similar) 4 Door

    • Convertible Car – Ford Mustang (or similar)

    • Jeep Wrangler (or similar)

    • Premium – Chrysler 300 (or similar)

    • Minivan – Dodge Grand Caravan (or similar)

    • Luxury Car – Cadillac ATS (or similar)

    • Midsize SUV – Toyota RAV4 (or similar)

    • Standard SUV- Hyundai Santa Fe (or similar)

    Let us help you with all you Car Rentals in Hawaii. We specialize in Discount Hawaii Car Rentals on all the Islands. If you are looking for Maui car rentals, Oahu car rentals, Kauai car rentals or any of the other islands Hawaii Discount will make sure you get the lowest price on Car Rentals in Maui.

    If picking up from a pier please read Shuttle Information. Pier Rental only applies to cruise ship passengers.

    Kahului, Maui

    Pick up: 8am – 9pm on the over night stay.

    Drop Off: 8am – 4:45pm on the day of departure.

    Shuttle runs in a circle with about a 25-30 minute wait between shuttles. (you can catch the shuttles back)

    Lahaina, Maui

    Pick up: 7am – 5pm

    Drop Off: 1pm – 4pm

    Shuttle runs about every 35 minutes.


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    Places to Visit in Sri Lanka #best #deals #for #airline #tickets

    #sri lanka travel


    Sri Lanka has seduced travellers for centuries. Marco Polo described it as the finest island of its size in the world, while successive waves of Indian, Arab and European traders and adventurers flocked to its palm-fringed shores, attracted by reports of rare spices, precious stones and magnificent elephants. Poised just above the Equator amid the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean, the island’s legendary reputation for natural beauty and plenty has inspired an almost magical regard even in those who have never visited the place. Romantically inclined geographers, poring over maps of the island, compared its outline to a teardrop falling from the tip of India or to the shape of a pearl (the less impressionable Dutch likened it to a leg of ham), while even the name given to the island by early Arab traders – Serendib – gave rise to the English word “serendipity”.

    Marco Polo’s bold claim still holds true. Sri Lanka packs an extraordinary variety of places to visit within its modest physical dimensions, and few islands of comparable size can boast a natural environment of such beauty and diversity. Lapped by the Indian Ocean, the coast is fringed with idyllic – and often refreshingly undeveloped – beaches. while the interior boasts a compelling variety of landscapes ranging from wildlife-rich lowland jungles. home to extensive populations of elephants, leopards and rare endemic bird species, to the misty heights of the hill country. swathed in immaculately manicured tea plantations. Nor does the island lack in man-made attractions. Sri Lanka boasts more than two thousand years of recorded history, and the remarkable achievements of the early Sinhalese civilization can still be seen in the sequence of ruined cities and great religious monuments that litter the northern plains.

    The glories of this early Buddhist civilization continue to provide a benchmark of national identity for the island’s Sinhalese population, while Sri Lanka’s historic role as the world’s oldest stronghold of Theravada Buddhism lends it a unique cultural identity that permeates life at every level. There’s more to Sri Lanka than just Buddhists, however. The island’s geographical position at one of the most important staging posts of Indian Ocean trade laid it open to a uniquely wide range of influences, as generations of Arab, Malay, Portuguese, Dutch and British settlers subtly transformed its culture, architecture and cuisine, while the long-established Tamil population in the north have established a vibrant Hindu culture that owes more to India than to the Sinhalese south.

    It is, however, this very diversity that has long threatened to tear the country apart. For much of the past three decades the island was the site of one of Asia’s most pernicious civil wars. as the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE, or Tamil Tigers, battled it out in the island’s north and east, until the final victory of government forces in early 2009. The island is now experiencing peace for the first time in a generation, and although the physical, political and human scars of war remain raw in many places, most Sri Lankans are now once again looking to the future with guarded optimism.


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    Senior Vacations in Europe #travel #to #jamaica

    #travel europe packages

    Senior Vacations in Europe

    Most European vacations begin in London with a tour of the capital cities. European tours are a favorite of senior travelers .

    Seniors no longer want to sit at home and grow old or go visit nearby relatives for their vacation. Today, seniors are rapidly making up a large segment of the tourism industry. While most seniors have been to California or Florida, many have never crossed the Atlantic. Going to Europe is different and just as much fun as any place in North America. For seniors who like to travel to Europe, a little homework is required. There are many great countries in Europe and each has its own distinct language, people, culture, and traditions.  Now is the time to take a senior vacation to Europe.

    With the current recession, almost every country in Europe has now become an affordable destination for seniors, special discounts and deals are available for all tourists and especially discounts on seniors tours.  There are many countries in Europe worth visiting but one should decide beforehand where they would like to go.  There is so much to see when you decide you want to tour Europe.  Taking one of the many senior tours available is a good decision because a senior travel package will give you a good cross section of European cities and activities.

    The first thing seniors searching travel options should do is browse the web and get an idea about Europe. Next is to talk to a travel agent or program that caters to senior vacations only.  Find out what companies are offering European bus tours .  Or perhaps you d like to travel by train? There are many deals for seniors available at this time of the year and the itinerary needs to be specific for the mature traveler. Many types of tours to Europe including sight seeing, hiking, biking mountain climbing, going to the vineyards or staying-put vacation where one rests and enjoys peace. Some tours to Europe including spending time in cities like London or Paris, in a plush resort and being spoilt rotten.

    Seniors can also swap houses which can make a European vacation very cheap. There are many companies that specialize in arranging house swaps as a means of affordable vacations. However, be careful about signing any agreements. Have an attorney review the forms before you sign any papers.

    Once you decide your destination of travel, you need to decide if you want to go alone or in tour group. If you decide to go with a tour group for your senior vacation, you have no hassles and the entire trip is arranged by the travel agent. Everything from your transport to the airport, airfare, hotels, driver, and local guides is prearranged. All you need is to show up for the flight. The biggest advantage of flying with a senior travel tour group is that it is convenient and cheap. Large tour group operators deal with many customers and get large discounts that are passed on to consumers. Further, going with a tour group means you also get access to unusual and or popular sites with ease. For example, going to the Vatican museum in Rome alone will mean waiting in a line for hours/days. Guided tour groups have their own Vatican museum access times via different doors. Going with tour groups also means not having to deal with language problems or what to wear for dinner or not knowing where to go. Further tour groups provide education and new ways to see other cultures. Finally, tour groups are one way to meet other people of your own age group and develop some type of social interaction.

    The disadvantages of going with senior tour groups to Europe is that since all the itineraries are prearranged, you have little choice in the matter. If you are an independent traveler, who are selective and picky, then group tours may not be right for you. Many tour groups jam up itineraries so that you see a lot in a short period of time. This way there is little time for spontaneous sightseeing, going shopping or even visiting a local friend. The other negative about senior travel tours is that most itineraries are detailed and involve a lot of traveling, walking, climbing, and hiking. Therefore, if you have health concerns, you may not be able to keep up. The final point about going with tour groups is that everything is scheduled on a particular time. regardless of many factors. Therefore, if you want to sleep in one day, or are exhausted, you have very little control of where you want to go or when you want to go. If your hotel does not live upto your expectations, then you are stuck.

    Therefore, before you jump for your senior vacation to Europe, sit down, and ask your self what you want, where you would like to go, and what you want do when you get there. The better prepared you are, the more enjoyable will be your trip. Call a travel agent and discus any issues you may have and then you can see Europe the way you want.

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    Suggested Itineraries in Australia #cheap #airline #fare

    #travel australia

    Suggested Itineraries

    Australia s size and its distance from Northern Hemisphere destinations are the two most daunting things about planning a visit. A week or two in Australia is just enough time to scrape the surface of this vast, complex, and fascinating place. It s a long way to come for just a week, but if that s all you can spare, you still want to see as much as possible. While my inclination is to immerse myself in one spot, I know that not everyone can do that. Seeing as much as possible is often a priority, so here are some ideas on how to do just that.

    If you re a first-time visitor, with only 1 or 2 weeks, you may find these two itineraries most helpful: Australia in 1 Week or Australia in 2 Weeks . These itineraries can be adapted to suit your needs; for example, you could substitute the Cairns section of Australia in 1 Week for the Uluru/Red Centre suggestions in Australia in 2 Weeks, flying from Sydney to Uluru.

    If you re traveling as a family, the Australia for Families itinerary is designed to give you some ideas on keeping the young ones occupied (while still being interesting for parents!).

    Getting around this continent, where major attractions are thousands of miles apart, can be daunting and time-consuming. Flying is the only way to cover long distances efficiently, but unfortunately it also can be expensive. Remember to build flying time into your itineraries, and don t try to pack in too much on the days you fly even domestic flights can be draining, some clocking in at around 3 hours.

    My best advice: If the pace gets too hectic, just chill out and reorder your sightseeing priorities. Take time to meet the locals and ask their advice on what you should see as well.

    Note. This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.


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