World – s cheapest cities for budget travelers in 2015 –

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130 World cities ranked cheapest to most expensive: Backpacker Index for 2015

We have all heard that some parts of the world are cheap to visit while others are expensive but most people have a hard time quantifying any more precisely. That s why Price of Travel launched our Backpacker Index numbers for cities all over the world in late 2010. Now totally updated in its 5th year, below you ll find all major destinations around the world ranked by price for backpackers.

More specific information can be found by clicking on the regional articles just below, or by clicking on the individual city names in the main list.

There were some major changes on the list this year, mainly due to large swings in currency in much of the world. Compared to the US Dollar, all European currencies weakened, as did the Canadian Dollar, while most Asian currencies hovered around the same level all year. Once again, Asia dominates the cheap part of the list with the first 7 spots, while Europe dominates the expensive part at the bottom.

Detailed information available by region

What the prices below mean

There is a longer explanation of the Backpacker Index on each of the regional pages, but the short version is that we found the price for a group of things for each destination, and then translated that into US dollars in late January 2015. While this data is meant for backpackers and budget travelers, the proportions will be nearly identical, so the list should also be useful to those with more money to spend.

For each city this daily total includes:

  • A dorm bed at a good and cheap hostel
  • 3 budget meals
  • 2 public transportation rides
  • 1 paid cultural attraction
  • 3 cheap beers (as an entertainment fund )

Backpacker Index: 130 global destinations for 2015


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Airfare Expert: Cheapest times to fly in 2013 #travel #las #vegas

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Airfare Expert: Cheapest times to fly in 2013

Spring is a great time to go to Europe because the weather s good and you can save a couple of hundred bucks over summer prices. Cities, like Budapest, often have colorful floral displays as well. (Photo: Veronica Gould Stoddart, USA TODAY)


If you must fly in the peak of the summer, you might as well quit reading now, as airfare will be consistently high. But if your plans are more flexible, you can save big by choosing the right time to book your trip. There are five cheap periods to fly during 2013 and one of those times is right now:

1. Most of January

Once the major holidays have passed, prices for January take a dive, which is why it’s considered the number one airfare dead zone. This week is the start of the prime window, as the final wave of higher-priced New Year’s flights subsides.

Exception: We are seeing higher prices (and airfare sale blackout dates) on flights to/from Washington, D.C. on the days just before and after Jan. 20, the date of the presidential inauguration.

2. Early February

February can be very cheap, with these exceptions: Avoid travel to New Orleans early in the month (that’s where the Super Bowl will be played on Feb. 3) and also avoid flights to/from Las Vegas because a lot of folks head there for game-day partying. Luckily, Feb. 14 falls on a Thursday this year so you should be okay if you want to go someplace romantic; when Valentine’s Day is on a weekend, prices can jump.

One last exception: Watch out for Spring Break travel to rev up in the latter part of the month, which always drives up ticket prices.

3. Late spring for Europe

Spring is a great time to go to Europe because the weather’s good and you can save a couple of hundred bucks over summer. Rule of thumb: peak pricing typically kicks in around May 15.

4. Almost any holiday

You probably know that flying on the big day itself – such as Thanksgiving or Christmas – is a lot cheaper than the dates surrounding the holiday, but it’s usually true for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day as well. It’s very simple; people don’t want to waste their holidays at the airport but if you don’t mind a few hours of tedium, you will save money.

5. The cheap weeks of Nov. and Dec.

Call it the pre- and post-holiday periods. One of these is the two-week period at the start of Nov. – what I call the pre-Thanksgiving airfare bargain time. The other comes after Turkey Day (which falls on Nov. 28 in 2013), beginning right about Dec. 3 and continuing until about Dec. 18. Most people will travel during holidays of course so these weeks are total dead zones and tickets are priced to move.



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Booking flight tickets together or in separate parts? Travel Stack Exchange

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Booking flight tickets together or in separate parts?

order by

The catch is that if you book the tickets separately and then the flight from A to B is delayed, causing you to miss the flight from B to C, it becomes your problem to arrange for alternative transport from B to C. The airline has no obligations towards you, even if it was their own delayed flight that caused the issue. Worse still, if the B->C ticket had a return C->B that will likely be cancelled as well since you missed the first flight on the ticket.

If you had booked the entire trip as a single ticket, the airline would however be responsible for getting you to C if the earlier flight was delayed. This may include putting you up (for free) in a hotel overnight if there are no more flights to C on that day.

Of course, the airline may exceed their obligations and put you on a later flight at no or little cost to you. But the only way to be sure that failed connection will not result in significant additional cost is to book the trip as a single ticket. Budget airlines, in particular, are unlikely to show you any flexibility.

Another consideration (which may not be relevant in the question here as it is the same airline, but applies to connections between different airlines) is that you may need to claim and recheck your luggage at B. If it is a single ticket you should always be able to check your luggage through to your destination (assuming you don’t need to collect it to go through customs).


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Cheap Laptops In Uk Bank – Best Laptops 2015 #best #travel

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Cheap Laptops In Uk Bank

Laptops 2015 – Cheap Laptops In Uk Bank . Contact us cheap laptops | refurbished apple macbook’s, We don’t just sell cheap laptops. you can buy refurbished apple macbook’s, imac’s and ipad’s, used computer at a discount price that will fulfil your requirements. Shopto | video games | home entertainment | tvs | laptops, Online uk video games and console. includes playstation 3, sony ps3, nintendo wii, wii, nintendo ds lite, microsoft xbox 360 and accessories.

Video about Cheap Laptops In Uk Bank

Laptops, cheap laptops low prices uk deals |, At ebuyer we stock a large selection of cheap laptops from all the leading brands including: acer. a familiar name to many of us acer produce a whole range of. Cheap computers – discount computers – cheap laptops uk, Anyone who is worth mentioning for buying discount computers online in the uk is right here. compare prices and shop online for your cheap computer or discount laptop.

Related Picture With Cheap Laptops In Uk Bank


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Cheap Rihanna Tickets: Trims Prices on Tickets for Rihanna s Canadian

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Cheap Rihanna Tickets: Trims Prices on Tickets for Rihanna’s Canadian Tour Stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver – KEYC – Mankato News, Weather, Sports –

Cheap Rihanna Tickets: Trims Prices on Tickets for Rihanna’s Canadian Tour Stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver

Posted: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 2:51 AM EST Updated: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 2:29 PM EST

This article was originally distributed via SproutNews. SproutNews, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

Trusted provider has trimmed its prices and is now offering cheap Rihanna tickets for the singer s 2016 Anti World Tour. The popular online provider has a wide selection of tickets for Rihanna s tour stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and more. Many Canadian fans are opting to secure their seats to see Rihanna live before the mad rush on December 3 when the public offering takes place.

Rihanna s Anti World Tour will be a massive event that includes a North American leg as well as a European leg. North American shows begin in San Diego on February 26, and the popular singer who hails from Barbados will visit numerous locations in the U.S. and Canada until May 7. Canadian fans can obtain Tickets for Rihanna s tour stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver beginning December 3, and presales will take place on November 30.

Visit to view the selection of authentic Rihanna tickets at fair prices while seats last!

International shows are planned for many cities beginning June 11 and concluding on August 12. The singing star plans to make her Anti World Tour a massive event that will provide many opportunities for her faithful followers to obtain cheap Rihanna tickets so that they can attend a live performance.

Riri has earned an impressive number of awards that include 8 Grammys and 23 Billboard Music Awards. She sells out concerts wherever she performs, and her fans are always on the lookout for new albums and concert tours to promote them. Cheap Rihanna tickets will be available beginning December 3, and upcoming performances will attract fans from around the world who have been following her career since its inception.

Opening acts during the Anti World Tour will feature Travis Scott for North American shows and The Weekend and Big Sean for European performances. Tickets for Rihanna s tour stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver will be quick sellers among Canadian fans who are eagerly waiting for the star to come to their towns to promote her latest album.

The singing star s vocal talent and charismatic personality have won her numerous enthusiastic fans that stretch around the globe. The Anti World Tour will be quite popular and will consist of sold-out performances in entertainment venues far and wide. Concertgoers interested in obtaining seats for a 2016 show will be wise to do so as quickly as possible when presales and public onsales begin. has Tickets for Rihanna s tour stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver that Canadian music buffs will want to obtain due to reduced prices.

Rihanna Concert Dates for the 2016 Anti World Tour: is a reliable and convenient online marketplace serving the secondary market with discounted tickets for all major concerts, sports, and theatre events happening across North America and beyond. Customers are invited to compare prices against other providers offering similar tickets. For the lowest bottom line price, online shoppers can take advantage of Promo Code DISCOUNT while tickets last.

Disclaimer: is not associated with any of the artists, teams, venues, organizations, institutions, bands, or artists featured on their website in any way. Furthermore, any names or titles used in this press release are solely for descriptive purposes and do not imply, indicate, or suggest any type of affiliation, partnership, or endorsement.

Live Customer Support

Order By Phone Toll Free

7:00am-1:00am EST

(855) 859-4033

Cheap Rihanna Tickets: Trims Prices on Tickets for Rihanna s Canadian Tour Stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver


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Cheap Tickets In Canada #bidding #for #travel

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Cheap Tickets

Cheap Tickets are always available for travellers when using Canada F to book all your travel. Canada Flights can get you cheap tickets on all your travelling expenses including cheap flights, vacation packages, hotels, car rentals, travel deals and seat sales. Canada Flights can find you cheap airline tickets on airlines in Canada and other international airlines.

Cheap Tickets Travel

Cheap Tickets can be found on all your travel needs when you book with Canada Flights. With all our experience in the travel industry when you book with Canada Flights you really are getting the best travel deals on cheap tickets. Cheap tickets can be found to the most popular destinations and cities around the world with Canada Flights.

Cheap Tickets Flights

Cheap Tickets can be booked on all cheap flights when you use Canada Flights. Cheap Tickets can be found and booked on hundreds of discount flights to destinations around the world. Cheap Tickets can be booked on airline all over the world for affordable prices with Canada Flights. Cheap tickets flights are always available and can be booked for the best deals through us.

Cheap Tickets Vacations

Cheap Tickets Hotel

Cheap Tickets Car Rental

Cheap Tickets can be searched for on all car rental companies through Canada Flights. Cheap Tickets car rentals are affordable and easy to book on some of the best brands of cars. With Canada Flights you can get the best deals on cheap tickets car rentals in destinations around the globe. With affordable rates on all car rentals be sure to book your cheap tickets car rental with us before your travels.

Cheap Tickets Travel Deals


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Consumer Confidence In Banking Takes A Hit #hotel #and #car #deals

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Consumer Confidence In Banking Takes A Hit

A recent survey has shown that consumers’ confidence in banks has taken a real hit, with one of the major causes of this decreasing confidence thought to be the recent situation with Northern Rock. According to the results of the survey close to 25% of Brits state that they do not trust lenders, and less than 50% thought that high street banks could be trusted. The turmoil and chaos that erupted after Northern Rock was found to have taken a loan from the Bank of England, fuelling rumors of a near collapse and resulting in many of the bank’s 1.5 million savers withdrawing billions of pounds worth of savings.

As a result of this situation the Bank of England has stepped up assurance over the guarantee of savings of Northern Rock customers, as well as the savings of customers with other banks that fall into a similar situation. However, it seems that these assurances have done nothing for consumer confidence in banking, with over fifty percent stating that they no longer trust high street banks.

The survey revealed that of the 2484 people interviewed only 46% now trust high street banks. Building societies fared a little better, with 48% expressing confidence in building societies. Online banking has also taken a knock, with experts stating that reduced access to online bank accounts by Northern Rock customers also affecting this area of banking. Only 25% of consumers now trust online banking according to the survey results.

One industry professional stated that consumer confidence in banking and finance was already fairly low, and added that the recent turmoil with Northern Rock has contributed to this lack of confidence. It is not just the banking industry that has taken a knock, however, according to professionals. Lenders across the whole financial sector have been affected by lower levels of consumer confidence. It is thought that this could be as the result of problems throughout the whole of the financial sector, which has stemmed from the credit crunch sparked in the sub-prime sector in the Unites States, which has resulted in global repercussions.


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Discount Travel Deals – Two Weeks in Belize #travel #blanket

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Discount Travel Deals for Extended Stays

Home Belize Tours Discount Extended Stay Deals

We offer 6 Belize vacation packages both to our island and to inland Belize. Many people want to stay on our island longer, because it really is the best place to stay in Belize. You will receive substantial discount travel deals when you do two of our Belize holiday packages back to back. If you are looking for two week vacation ideas, for a single or for a family, this is the place to start.

Non-returning, adult guests: If you wish to combine our Belize holiday packages for a longer stay, we offer substantial discounts. The prices below are based on a calculation of 10% off of the most expensive trip and 20-30% off of the least expensive trip. Prices below reflect the full discount for non-returning, adult guests on combined packages.

If you are a return guest, under the age of 11, or traveling with a group of 4 or more, your discount is higher, see other charts below.

These discounts are not available for those booking through an agent eligible for commissions, only for those booking directly, and are also not available in addition to any other discounts you may already be receiving.

Note: There is a $450 deposit per person per trip to reserve your space. So for these double trips, the deposit is $900 deposit per person.


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Turkish Airlines Flight Emergency Follows Subway Explosion In Istanbul Breaking #travel

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Turkish Airlines Flight Emergency Follows Subway Explosion In Istanbul [Breaking]

A Turkish Airlines flight traveling from Istanbul, Turkey, to Frankfurt, Germany, was diverted to Nuremberg, Germany, after an unattended suspicious mobile device was found on board. According to Express UK. the plane carrying 124 passengers landed safely after pilots hit the panic alarm following the discovery of a derelict mobile phone.

Turkish newspaper Antalya Ajans reported that the airliner suffered a bomb scare at 30,000ft after an unclaimed cell phone was found on board shortly after it entered German airspace. It is not clear in what circumstances the device was found and specialist security teams began combing the aircraft shortly after it landed, reports Express UK .

Turkish Airlines flight TK1617 was met on the runway by several emergency vehicles. Despite the frightening ordeal, however, everyone on board made it off the aircraft safely. An investigation into where the cell phone came from or who it might have belonged to is said to be ongoing at this time.

Authorities have yet to say whether or not the device posed any kind of actual threat.

This is not the first piece of news involving Turkish travel to be reported today. Just hours ago, Turkish Airlines announced that they would be canceling all flights between Istanbul and Egyptian city Sharm el-Sheikh until January 1 due to safety concerns. According to the Middle Eastern Monitor. the airline s decision came just two weeks after the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a travel warning to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Citizens should consider risks in the region when planning their visit to Sharm el-Sheikh, said the ministry in a statement.

This travel warning was issued after a Russian passenger plane crashed in Egypt s Sinai Peninsula on October 31. It is widely believed that a bomb took out that plane and killed all 224 passengers on board.

According to CNN, Moscow believes that Turkey took down the plane on purpose in connection with ISIS. The motive: oil trade protection.

Secondly, the Turkish Airlines flight with the onboard emergency landed just hours after an explosion near a metro station in Istanbul. According to CNBC, the mayor has confirmed that the explosion was caused by a pipe bomb. As of now, reports indicate that five people have been injured in that incident. There has been at least one report of a fatality, but that has not been confirmed.

Atilla Aydiner, the mayor of the Bayrampasa district on the European side of the city, spoke on live television after the explosion hit the industrial and residential area near the height of evening rush hour. An Istanbul police source told NBC News that evidence of a small hand-made bomb had been found outside the entrance of the metro station, reports CNBC.

BREAKING TURKEY: Explosion on overpass near #Istanbul metro may have been caused by IED bomb. #Bayrampasa

Turkish Airlines flight TK1617 wasn t the first aircraft in the country s fleet to be diverted due to security concerns. Just over a week ago, another flight headed to New York City from Istanbul was diverted to Canada because of a bomb threat. According to CNN, all 256 passengers and crew members were safe after the flight landed safely at Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Nova Scotia.

Authorities said they were investigating the origin of the threat, which was received at 10:50 p.m. local time (9:50 p.m. ET), and were looking to identify who was behind it. They didn t say exactly how the threat was made. Bomb-sniffing dogs were used to comb through the plane and passengers luggage in Halifax. No explosive device was found, police said, according to CNN.

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images News]


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7 Steps to finding Cheap Flights in Canada #borneo #travel

#how to get a cheap flight

7 Steps to finding Cheap Flights in Canada

Scoring a cheap flight in Canada isn t the easiest thing. By comparison to other countries, flying in Canada can be expensive if you don t plan it right and use all the services at your disposal. There are several factors to take in when trying to find the best deal on a domestic or international Canadian flight.

The two most popular airlines are AirCanada and Westjet. Both of which run international and domestic flights through Canada. AirCanada Jazz and Tango are their cheapest flights. and occasionally that can be noticeable. However, since AirCanada became the official airline of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the flights are getting much nicer. The majority of airplanes in Canada will have a personal entertainment system built into the seat ahead of you, as well as those awesome fold down trays we all love so much.

Step 1

Check for specials. Airlines will occasionally have specials during certain weeks of the month. If you re trips not for another couple months, make a habit of looking twice a week for specials. Sometimes its only 15% off, but that 15% could go towards accommodation, food, or drinks.

Step 2

Book your flights to fly during Mid week. A flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday will be cheaper than a flight on Friday or Saturday. Always! Also, try and making the initial booking on a Tuesday or Wednesday, airlines have a habit of lowering their prices mid week.

Step 3

Search Google for Coupon Codes apply a coupon code to your flight and save sometimes up to 40% off your flight! Check ou t Smart Canucks and Bargain Moose. they occasionally run coupon codes for flights. I ve used these several times without a problem.

Step 4

Compare costs of flights between Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz some will be cheaper than others. Once you ve found one, don t hesitate too long. If you think it s a better deal than what the others are offering, it probably is, dive on it before someone else does. However, check the airlines website for the exact same date. Occasionally it will be cheaper through the airlines as Orbitz takes a small fee (

$6), might save you the cost of a beer.

Step 5

Book ahead leaving a flight until last minute can cost you quite a bit. Try and give yourself at least 3 weeks, 4 would be preferable. But when you re Backpacking Across Canada. sometimes schedules don t always work.

Step 6

If you re a student or under 25 years of age, apply for a ISIC card. If you fly often, these cards are great to have, they re valid all over the world, including Canada. With these cards you can use student sales at a great canadian site used by University students for cheap flights worldwide.

Step 7

If you plan on making more than a couple flights throughout Canada, The United Stated, and Mexico, you should consider buying a North American Air Pass through Star Alliance. This pass allows you to purchase coupons (3 to 10) for flights anywhere through North America. There are serious amounts of savings to be had here, definitely worth looking into it.


Flights between Labor Day and Thanksgiving tend to be the cheapest time to book flights. Should you try and grab a flight around Christmas, you re sure to pay some holiday inflation. Same goes for just about any other holiday, as well as the time of the day. Airlines update costs up to 5 times a day. Check the flights as early as possible. Check at least once before 5am, and again at or around 5pm.


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6 Best Budget Bus Companies in the U. S. #travel #itinerary

#travel buses

6 Best Budget Bus Companies in the U.S.

Midwest Northeast

Cities Served: 50+

Everything about Megabus is mega. The British brand’s blue double-decker fleet (each emblazoned with a smiling cartoon of a driver) now serves over 50 cities in the United States and Canada, making it the biggest player on the block.


Cities Served: 8

BoltBus is operated jointly by old-school Greyhound and Peter Pan, but it’s much hipper than its parents. For example, send a complaint via Twitter, and the issue will often be addressed by the techie team before you step off the bus.

L.A. San Diego Vegas

Cities Served: 4

Sure, Lux Bus offers door-to-door service between Southern California hotels. But the line’s bread and butter is its cushy L.A.–Vegas route: leather seats, free snacks, and free beer and wine so you can start the sin before you hit Sin City.


Cities Served: 4

With service between New York and the D.C. metro area, Vamoose has options for any capital commuter. Senators can choose the $50-each-way Gold Bus (which has added legroom), while interns can pay with campus cash from local colleges.


Cities Served: 3

Tripper Bus, which runs between New York and the D.C. area, values loyalty: after buying 8 one-way trips, you’ll pick up a one-way for free. In addition, each ride includes one $1, one $5, and one $10 ticket—a steal for frequent buyers.


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Win it: The Bonobos – Jetsetter – Blazer in Navy #travel

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Win it: The Bonobos Jetsetter Blazer in Navy

Bonobos Jetsetter Blazer in Standard or Slim $398.00

Consider this week five days of saying thank you. Without your readership, your emails, your terrific comments, and your willingness to spread the word, Dappered wouldn’t exist. The collection of good guys who frequent this corner of the internet is by far the greatest achievement of this website. And to say thank you, we’ve put together five, splurge-worthy giveaways that’ll hopefully express our gratitude. Welcome to Dappered’s Reader Appreciation Week.  Good luck, and thanks a million.

You could buy a ton of different blue and/or navy blazer s for your wardrobe, each with a different purpose. A super casual cotton blazer with tons of rumple, a traditional brass-button wool number for the more dressed up occasions, maybe a clean chino for wearing with jeans, and a smooth wool that s been cut trim for nights out on the town.

Or, you could buy one blazer that does most, if not all of those things, in one simple package. The Jetsetter from Bonobos is one of those blazers. Not cheap at full retail, but highly versatile, plus Bonobos does run sales every so often.

Size shown: 40R in their standard fit, on a 5 10 / 180 lb frame

Lightweight but not flimsy, the fabric is a 70% wool / 29% cotton / 1% elastane blend  which should be a great companion on the road, and a go-to workhorse in the stable that is your closet.

There s a bit of texture to the fabric, and when combined with the patch pockets, there s no confusing it for an orphaned suit jacket blazer. No (cheesy to some) brass or gold buttons are necessary then, and sleeker, more modern medium to dark brown buttons get the nod. Button stance is slung in the on-trend lower-ish position, and the tail seems shorter but not wildly chopped.

Dual vents in the rear help make it easy to move in, the non functioning sleeve buttons make it easy to tailor, and the Bemberg lining keeps it draping nice, while offering breathe-ability. Official word on the interior construction is light use of half-canvass but is fused . But it certainly isn t stiff, and it moves pretty well. Must be a hybrid-type of deal in there.

Up close with the wool/cotton fabric, non functioning sleeve buttons.

Wear it with jeans. Wear it with trousers. Wear it casually to a bar, on a flight where you want to be comfortable but not sloppy, or to a big event or meeting where a suit might be overkill. It should look not only right, but good, real good, in all of those situations.

Enter here to win  a Bonobos Jetsetter Navy Blazer in your size. Standard or slim, that s up to you. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 9/13/14. Thanks to Bonobos for providing this brand design for Reader Appreciation Week.

UPDATE: Congrats to Chris M. from South Bend who won the drawing for the Jetsetter blazer! Many thanks to Bonobos for providing one of their newest blazers for Reader Appreciation Week.


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When – Where To Go in 2015? #travel #to #spain

#best at travel

When Where To Go in 2015?

2015 is upon us, so now s the time to start thinking about planning your next holiday! Exciting times ahead, but the hard part is deciding where to go and when!

We’ve put together a short round-up of some of our top destinations and recommendations of when and where to travel. Plus we have a fantastic New Year sale now on, so there s no excuse not to start planning now!

January – Dubai

Situated in the Arabian Desert, Dubai has very little rainfall and offers heat and sunshine pretty much year round. December through to February are a little cooler so offer fantastic conditions for getting out and about sightseeing, or playing golf.

The Maldives boasts a tropical climate with plentiful sunshine year round. However the dry season runs from January through to March/April, so February is the perfect month to bask in the sunshine on the many white sandy beaches.

March – Mexico, Cancun

There is no bad time to visit the Mexican Rivera Maya. The stunning coast line and lively atmosphere are forever popular with holiday makers. Look out in the summer months though, from June through to October there is high humidity and the highest likelihood of hurricanes.

April – Thailand, Koh Samui

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is its third largest island, surrounded by dive sites and fantastic beaches. The best time to visit is December through to June to avoid the rainy season and potential torrential storms.

May – South Africa

South Africa is a vast country with many attractions, whether you’re interested in game viewing on a safari or visiting the wine lands of Stellenbosch. The best time to visit Kruger National Park is May to September where the animals congregate at watering holes, and the wine lands can be visited any time.

Stay at:

California offers everything you could wish for, from sandy beaches to exploring national parks to visiting the bright lights of Hollywood. One of the best ways to see it all is on a fly drive, along the coastal highway from San Fran to LA, with lots in between:

July – Canada

Canada is home to magnificent national parks, spectacular landscapes of snow-topped mountains and glaciers, and dramatic coast lines. You can’t do it all at once, but July is a great time to visit. Try Ontario with dramatic Niagara Falls, Toronto and Ottowa.

August – Orlando

A popular time to visit during the summer months with families, but with good reason as the schools are out for summer and Disney World is in full swing with tons to offer families. Stay in a villa and hire a car to see more of this spectacular region.

The fantastic sub tropical climate of Mauritius means it’s always a great time to visit. However September through to December is one of the best times, with temperatures just hovering below 30 degrees. It’s also a time that sees many of the country’s ceremonies and festivals.

October – Barbados

Visitors flock to Barbados year round, due to its tropical climes and endless white sandy beaches. Barbados boasts almost year round sunshine, while its east Caribbean location on the Atlantic Ocean ensures clean air and a fresh breeze. A haven of white, sandy beaches and clear, turquoise seas, world-class golf courses and rich colonial history, holidays in Barbados cater for a full range of tastes.

November West Coast of Malaysia

Kuala Lumper, Panang and Pangkor situated on the West coast of Malaysia are perfect in the winter months, while the east coast is being battered by the intense rainy season. Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant city that features colonial architecture and lively markets, while Pangkor and Penang offer sensational tropical beach escapes.

The dry season in Cuba runs during the winter from November through to April, a very popular time for visitors with less rainfall and less humidity. Temperatures during this time average around 26°C. There is so much to see in Cuba it will leave you wanting more, with a mix of stunning architecture, lush gardens and sandy beaches.


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Vacation Spots to Go to in February #air #travels

#travel spot

Vacation Spots to Go to in February

Take a trip to escape icy February mornings. (Photo: icy february morning image by rikkidegraz from )

Related Articles

February is the perfect month to travel. The weather is still lousy for many Americans, but the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years holidays have died down, bringing better travel deals before spring break season. Valentine s Day sees a spike in travel traffic and cruises, but crowds are generally lighter during this month because it falls right between two school and work breaks.

Beach Vacations

Many of the world s best beaches enjoy year-round warmth, but if you want sunny skies, you need to plan your travel around the dry seasons. Mexican beaches in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Maroma are ideal destinations in February, with temperatures in the 70s and less than an inch of rain in most areas. In Huatulco, you ll arrive during one of the clearest diving months to see rays, octopus, urchins and tropical fish. At Costa Rica s Tamarindo Beach, the temperature is 80 to 100 degrees F year-round, but dry February also features the Puntarenas Carnival. February is the driest month for a trip to the Bahamas, says Lonely Planet, with average temperatures ranging from 65 to 77 degrees F. Britain s Telegraph recommends finding February sun in Egypt, Andalusia, the Caribbean islands, Kerala and the Maldives.


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UK Rail Travel – Cheap Train Fare in UK – UK

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Rail travel in the United Kingdom is one of the most convenient ways to see the country without the hassle of renting a car. Rail travel can also be time and cost effective, depending on your travel plans and travel needs. Although the popular Eurailpass is not valid in Great Britain, the United Kingdom has devised some money saving rail travel passes of their own. Since the UK is one of the most industrialized nations in the world, UK rail travel is quite safe, and train schedules are widely available on the web.

Cheap train fare in UK is available through the purchase of a BritRail Pass. This pass will provide unlimited travel between England. Scotland and Wales with no restrictions. For anyone planning to make an extended vacation in the UK and see all three areas, this is a great way to take advantage of cheap train fare in UK. Passes are priced based on time (a week pass, month pass, etc).

Another option for cheap train fare in UK is the BritRail England Consecutive Pass. This UK rail travel pass will allow travelers to unlimited rides for a consecutive number of days, depending on your travel plans. This is an excellent choice for travelers who want to do their sightseeing all at once. You can buy these UK rail travel passes for as few as 4 days, or as many as 30.

UK Map

The BritRail FlexiPass is the best choice for travelers who want more flexibility with their train travel. This is the best way to travel by rail if you”d like to intersperse your travel by rail with stops in cities and villages. You can travel by rail with one of theses cheap rail travel options for as few as 4 days, or as long as 2 months.

You can also purchase specific passes for the countries within the United Kingdom, if you plan to travel exclusively within one country. Scotland, England, and Wales all offer their own UK trains passes and also offer excellent deals and cheap rail travel options.

On top of being a cost effective way to see many tourist attraction in the UK, travel is also a great way to get a feel for the country side. From the rolling hills of Scotland to the bustle of England, trains provide a peaceful way to see the land. Many tracks travel within view of English castles and Scottish castles, as well.

The first UK trains operated in northeast England. On September 27 th. 1825 the Stockton and Darlington Railway opened its doors to become Britain”s first passenger railway. The first route covered nine miles and traveled about 15 miles per hour; taking a total of about 2 hours. Since then, UK trains move quite a lot faster and cover many more miles. UK trains are a great way to save money and time when traveling through the United Kingdom.


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Travelling in Europe by train #airline #tickets #cheap

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Europe By Train

By far the most popular way to experience continental Europe is by train. Countries like France and Germany have some of the most advanced and well maintained trains in the industry. It goes without saying that rail travel is fast but with newer high-speed trains travelling at up to 186mph (300km/h) you will be able to reach your destination in a fraction of the time it takes by road.

Each country however has its own set of rail providers, for example in France the rail network is largely dominated by the SNCF network and the high-speed TGV trains. Trying to plan an itinerary which spans several countries by rail with traditional point to point tickets is an expensive minefield. In fact you will find it difficult to even book tickets outside of some countries such as Sweden.

The good news however is that several companies offer rail pass schemes that are honoured on many different rail networks throughout Europe. While the options may seem bewildering at first our comprehensive low-down aims to give you all the info you need to buy the right pass for your holiday.

Rail Passes

The standard model for most rail passes is to allow the holder to travel free on participating rail networks for the duration of the rail pass. However some rail networks only offer concessions to those holding a rail pass. You can always check exactly what rail companies you can use before you buy a rail pass. In addition many trains will require that you have a reservation. You will normally be able to reserve a seat on a train up to 10 minutes before you leave but you may want to reserve earlier on busy trains. For the most part you will not be charged for the reservation on presentation or your rail pass although again this varies.


The Eurailpass is the best known rail pass, it has been around for decades and covers most routes in 17 European countries and come valid for 15 days, 21 days, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. A cheaper “Youthpass” provides second class travel for those under 26 for the same durations.

More recently Eurail has issued a flexi-pass, this kind of pass entitles the bearer to a certain number of days travelling non-consecutively during the period of validity. For example a flexi-pass is available allowing 10 days travelling within 2 months at a much lower price than a 2 month pass. This kind of pass is ideal if you want to spend a little time at each destination.

Additionally Eurail offer “saverpasses” for group or family travel which can save up to 15% on the individual ticket price.


Inter-rail is another company offering European rail passes valid throughout Europe. With 28 locations under its belt the Inter-Rail pass has a lot to recommend itself. Inter-rail’s pass works on a zone system. Europe is divided up into a number of zones with 2 or 3 countries in each zone. Passes are then charged based on the number of zones you are visiting and the period that the pass is valid for.

By far the best value for money is the 1 month “any number of zones” pass, if you are under 26 you can also get a substantial discount on this pass. However if you know you are concentrating your travel in a small area and one of the zones correspond to the countries you want to see then you may find one of the 1 or 2 zone passes a better deal.


The ScanRail pass is a rail pass allowing free travel throughout Scandinavia. The entire national rail networks in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are covered as well as a small selection of ferries and buses. High speed trains are not covered but many offer substantial discounts to holders of this pass.

This pass is available in two “flexi” versions offering either 5 days in 2 months or 10 days in two months and a 21 day consecutive pass. Discounts are offered to children, youths (under 26) and senior citizens.

This really is one of the cheapest ways to travel around Scandinavia, especially as some of the other pass schemes have poor coverage of Scandinavia.


EuroDomino passes provide between three to eight days travel within a 1 month period in a single European country. These passes are significantly cheaper than other European passes and are only available to residents of European countries. Pricing varies according to the country that the pass is issued for.

If you are going to restrict your travel to one country this is probably the most convenient and cheapest pass to book with the possible exception of national passes available locally in the destination country. With many countries refusing to accept payments from outside their borders this makes the EuroDomino a much safer choice for most people.

These passes also have the benefit of having second class version available for those over 26 years of age, which can bring down your travel expenditure significantly. Although this does come with the sacrifice of some comfort.

Rail/Drive passes

Some routes, most notably the channel tunnel offer a rail and drive pass. These come in two flavours, either trains that can carry your car such as the Eurostar or rail passes which offer a number of “car days” in between train days in which you will have access to a hire car. Eurail offers “bonuses” which are effectively 50-100% reductions on car hire with some of their passes.

These tickets are useful for exploring harder to reach and rural sites although you will need a full driving licence and may need an international driving permit.

Point-to-point tickets

If you are concentrating most of your travel around a few location then buying individual tickets is the best way to go. For backpacking though the rail passes above probably represent the best value for money and offer the most flexibility.


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Travel Vacations Agency – Full Service travel agents located in Dallas,

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About Travel Vacations

Travel Vacations is a full service travel agency handling travel arrangements worldwide since 1994! We sell WHOLESALE travel packages with payment plans. Since our doors were open in 1994, we have positioned ourselves with incredible buying power and have a strong presence in the travel industry. Our agents stay abreast on new developments within different countries, cruise lines, islands and resorts. Destinations have been personally visited by our agents and so that we may offer first hand insider information that cant be found on the Internet. There is so much information about islands and resorts that cannot be found on the internet. We provide insider information and reviews. Travel Vacations offers numerous travel tips, service and insight most Internet giants cannot offer. It is our goal, every time, to provide outstanding customer service of 110%. We don t look for the immediate sale but a lifelong customer!


Why book online with an Internet based company that doesn t provide you with the top level of service you expect when you visit any store. Travel Vacations prides itself on its customer service whether its planning your vacation, assisting you while on vacation, and handling any situations you experienced on your trip, when you return.

Travel Vacations skilled agents qualify their customers first. Its important we learn about you, our valuable customer, in order to help make recommendations for your upcoming trip. We compile your feedback with other clients reviews, coupled with our own personal experience, and match a vacation just right for you and snug right into your budget.

The Internet can be information overload! Let us, the experts, handle the research and arrangements for you. You wont be disappointed in our service and you will love our price!

  • Accredited by IATAN
  • Accredited by ARC
  • 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Best of the Best Recognition Star with Sandals Beaches Resorts. PLATINUM Certified Agent for Sandals Beaches Resorts, Sandals Beaches Resorts Preferred Specialist
  • Certified Destination Wedding Specialist

To learn more about Julie s superb service, visit our Testimonials Page

Julie Chaump- President is a 1998 Graduate of the University of Memphis Business School with a degree in Business Administration and minor in Marketing. She currently resides in Dallas, TX where she lives with her husband and 3 children. Julie has over 20 years experience in the travel industry and has traveled to the French Polynesian Islands, Canada, Asia, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe! She has a primary focus on leisure travel, family and adults only, groups and destination wedding planning. She has completed a rigorous and comprehensive course from to receive her Destination Wedding Specialist Certification. She is also a PLATINUM CERTIFIED, highest ranking, Sandals Beaches Resort Specialist.


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Traveling by Train in Europe – Go World Travel Magazine #parveen

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Traveling by Train in Europe

Traveling by train in Europe is efficient and cost-effective.

It was small, fitting neatly into the palm of my hand, but it held great promise. This simple slip of paper, my Eurail youth pass, allowed me to hop on any train in Europe. It was like winning the lottery or landing the golden ticket.

Back then, I was an exchange student studying in Austria, so I was close to the action. Eurail in hand, I would pull out my map of Europe, which started off crisp and new but soon grew tattered with use, and plan my adventures.

Should I meet friends in Spain? Travel with my roommate to Budapest? Or should we try to reach the Arctic Circle in Norway? It didn’t matter that I had to sleep in youth hostels or on overnight trains. I was exploring Europe!

Many years have passed since the train trips I took at age 20, but I’m still in love with train travel in Europe.

For me, one of the biggest benefits about vacationing in Europe is that it’s easy to visit several countries in one trip. Unlike travel in the United State or Australia, where traveling between states can take days, you can travel just a few hours or less and be in a completely different culture.

This makes traveling in Europe much simpler. I’ve rented cars in Europe, and that’s a great way to explore rural areas like Tuscany. But then it comes to driving in large cities and populated areas, driving can be stressful, and it can be difficult to find your way around.

By contrast, the train system is well-organized and takes much of the guess-work out of travel. That s why, once again, I chose to travel by train on a recent trip to Europe.

Our plan was to start off in Paris, and then travel around Switzerland. After a few tricky spots manuvouring our luggage through the Paris subway system, we took off from Paris.

It took less than six hours and just one connection to make it to the small town of Montreux, Switzerland on Lake Geneva. Going to the airport would have been more expensive and taken more time, considering all the hassles of checking in and going through security.

We chose to purchase a Swiss Pass for our rail travel.

From there, we chose to buy a five-day Swiss Pass, which provided unlimited access on trains, buses, and boats over the course of eight days.

The Swiss take train travel to new heights. Their organized, efficient and punctual train system means that you can make each connection as planned. If the schedule says the train will leave at 15:39, you can be guaranteed that it will.

From Montreux, we took the train to the cheese-making village of Gruyeres (yes, of the famous cheese). That entailed a breath-taking train trip through the Alps, a short connection in the village of Montbovon, and then we were there.

Getting from the even tinier Swiss village of Charmey, Switzerland to Zurich required a bit more adventure. First, we took a regional bus to Bulle, caught a train to Romont, and then connected one more time in Bern to reach Zurich.

Each connection was perfectly spelled out on the Rail Europe travel planning website, and went smoothly. The entire trip, including all the connections, only took 2.44 hours.

Train travel varies by country, of course, but in general, it’s safe and efficient. You still need to take the usual precautions, though. I learned this when my purse stolen once while sleeping on a train in France. Fortunately, police can be found at most stations if you need assistance.

Not long ago, my daughter told me about her upcoming summer plans – a month-long trip around Europe.

Like any parent, I worry. My daughter would be traveling overseas, far away from me. But what could I say? I remembered a girl who once did that same thing at the same age.

“Let me tell you about the Eurail Pass,” I told her, and then we pulled out a crisp new map of Europe.

Where to Buy Tickets

Rail Europe is the largest distributor of European rail products in North America.  They have served North American travelers for over 75 years and represent more than 35 railroads.

Rail Europe sells the following point-to-point tickets, as well as the following rail passes:

All Eurail Passes

Balkan Flexipass

BritRail Pass

European East Pass

France Rail Pass

France Rail Pass Premium

German Rail Pass

Swiss Pass

Central Europe Triangle Pass

Overnight Travel

For overnight train travel, sleeper and couchette tickets can also be purchased through Rail Europe.

Sleeper/couchette options include:

* Sleepers/Couchettes

* Deluxe: A bed and private restroom

T4 Compartment: Four beds, washbasin, linens/towels

T3 Compartment: Three beds, washbasin, linens/towels

Single: First-class compartment with one bed, washbasin, linens/towels

Please note: Some train, such as TGV, require a purchased seat reservation in addition to your ticket.


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Travel to Vietnam and Tours in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar #tucan #travel

#indochina travel

South Vietnam tours

Travel Destinations

Tours in Vietnam

Our offer tours with almost highlights of country, from beautiful landscape of Sapa rice paddy field and amazing Halong Bay to a dynamic Mekong Delta. Vietnam tour never fails to leave the unforgettable experience in every single visitor.

Tours in Laos

From Luang Prabang to Vientiane, Palm Vietnam Travel designed various of tours in Laos to meet different demands and travel plans of visitors around the world to visit one the most beautiful and peaceful country of Indochina.

Tours in Cambodia

Travel to Cambodia and enjoy visiting its famous temples Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom as well as seeing the renewal of this country is the must thing to do when travel to Indochina. Contact expert Palm Vietnam Travel and book now.

Tours in Myanmar

You are planning travel to Myanmar and find it difficult to choose a safe and trustful travel agent to experience the golden, mysterious and emerging country of friendly people. Palm Vietnam Travel is the best choice where you can trust.


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Travel Medicine and Vaccination Centre – Travel Clinic – 18 travel

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Travel Medicine and Vaccination Centre Travel Clinic

18 travel clinics in BC for your travel health vaccination needs. Staffed by travel medicine specialists. Competitive fees convenient travel clinic hours

Travel Health

We care about what happens on your trip. We are committed to providing business and pleasure travellers with the highest level of service and expertise.

The doctors and nurses who work in our travel clinics help travellers venturing to tropical and developing countries. Over the years, we’ve helped more than 200,000 British Columbians enjoy safe and healthy travel. Whether you are cruising foreign ports or trekking in the deepest backcountry, our individualized travel health services provide you with expert advice and guidance geared to your health status and travel itinerary.

TMVC’s travel health professionals:

  • Administer all recommended and required vaccines, including Yellow Fever.
  • Prescribe medications for Malaria, altitude sickness, and traveller’s diarrhea.
  • Provide the information you will need to travel safely, including how to protect yourself from insects and animals that carry diseases, avoid potentially unsanitary food and water, and handle injuries or medical emergencies.

We also provide travel health accessories including mosquito nets, insect repellents, first aid kits, and water purification products.

Workplace Health

Our workplace health solutions support healthy and productive workplaces in businesses across BC. We can provide your business with:

  • A full range of employee health vaccinations, including Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and seasonal flu
  • TB skin tests
  • Periodic and pre-placement medical examinations
  • Preventative health and wellness services

More and more businesses are doing business internationally, which means employees have to travel overseas. If your employees have to travel to developing or tropical regions, we can help them to stay healthy. Our corporate travel health services can often be delivered at your company premises and include:

  • Travel consultations.
  • Pre-travel medical examinations.
  • Pre-travel counselling services and immunizations.
  • Travel health and disease prevention seminars.
  • Vaccines and prescriptions.
  • Preparation for high altitude.
  • Medical kits and travel supplies.


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Travel Lodges in Scotland #airline #flights

#travel lodges

Travel Lodge

Travel Lodge is the largest chain of travel lodges in Scotland. With locations in all major cities and towns, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, Travel Lodge offers quality rooms for a low rate. Most hotels have less than 100 rooms. Guests can enjoy basic rooms with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay away from home. The quaint rooms are plainly decorated with small but private bathrooms with showers. Rooms also have cable television and Internet access. Each Travel Lodge has a pub-style restaurant for inexpensive family dining.

Premier Inn

Premier Inn has over 100 travel lodges across Scotland. From Edinburgh to Peterborough, Premier Inns generally have 75 to 100 rooms. The hotels are all designed with the same interior, but the exteriors may be a little different. Housed in city centres and large villages, Premier Inns have basic hotels rooms with double-size beds, TVs and Internet access. Each room also has a private bathroom. The hotel has a small sitting lounge for visitors to enjoy as well as a family-style restaurant with affordable dining.


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Travel Insurance in the US Market Research #pavlus #travel

#travel market

Travel Insurance in the US: Market Research Report

Market Research • Market Size • Industry Statistics • Industry Analysis • Industry Trends

Travel Insurance Market Research Report | Advisory & Financial Services | Specialist Insurance Lines | Mar 2015

Taking off: Travel insurance revenue will rise as operators expand to niche markets

Industry Analysis & Industry Trends

Travel insurers faced steep revenue declines during the recession. Declining consumer disposable income meant fewer people were traveling and purchasing travel insurance. However, the industry returned to growth in 2010 as consumers became more sensitive to the potential losses associated with airline delays and cancellations, prompting them to buy travel insurance. The industry is expected to continue growing over the next five years and expand into niche markets catering to students and business travelers. purchase to read more

The Travel Insurance industry is in the mature stage of its life cycle, illustrated by continuous consolidation and widespread market acceptance of travel insurance. Industry value added (IVA), or contribution to the overall economy, is forecast to rise at an annualized rate of 1.2% over the 10 years to 2020. Similarly, US GDP is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 2.5% over the same period. This indicates that the industry is expanding roughly in line with the economy.

The number of industry operators is forecast to fall at an annualized rate of 1.6% over the five years to 2015. This follows a decade of consolidation, in which enterprise numbers declined even during years of revenue growth. purchase to read more

What is the Travel Insurance Industry?


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Travel Insurance in Singapore – ACE Insurance #travel #money #card

#ntuc travel insurance

ACE Travel Insurance

Whether you are on a family adventure, a quick getaway across the border, or an extended journey across the globe, make travel insurance part of your travel plans. A perfect trip can be ruined by travel inconveniences such as loss of personal belongings, flight delays, or if someone falls ill. Enjoy coverage for what is most important to you by being insured with ACE.

ACE offers a range of travel insurance plans, specially designed to cater to different coverage needs and budgets.

2 types of policies to choose from:

  • Single trip: You are only allowed to make a single journey (maximum 183 days) to the selected region during your period of insurance
  • Annual plan: You can make unlimited number of journeys (maximum 90 days per journey) to the selected region of travel during the period of insurance

If you travel frequently, you should consider purchasing an annual travel insurance plan. Besides cost saving, it saves you the hassle of buying an individual plan travel insurance plan every time you travel.

Geographical coverage

ASEAN: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

Asia: Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and countries in the ASEAN region

Worldwide: Includes any country outside Singapore, except Cuba

What is covered?

  • Luggage and travel documents cover
  • Journey cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Protection against fraudulent use of credit card
  • Coverage for home contents while you are away
  • Natural disasters cover
  • Full terrorism cover
  • Overseas medical expenses cover
  • 24-hour emergency phone assistance

Choose from a range of comprehensive plans, providing the right coverage for just when you need them. Truly enjoy a relaxing vacation knowing that ACE will be there to help you in your travel disruptions. Travel smarter with ACE.


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Travel in #travel #tickets

#travel in

Simple Definition of travel

Full Definition of travel

trav eled or trav elled trav el ing or trav el ling play \ ˈ tra-və-liŋ, ˈ trav-liŋ\

intransitive verb

1 a.   to go on or as if on a trip or tour.   journey b.   to go as if by traveling.   pass the news travel ed fast .   associate travel s with a sophisticated crowd c.   to go from place to place as a sales representative or business agent

2 a.   to move or undergo transmission from one place to another goods travel ing by plane .   to withstand relocation successfully a dish that travel s well b.   to move in a given direction or path or through a given distance the stylus travel s in a groove c.   to move rapidly a car that can really travel

3.   to take more steps while holding a basketball than the rules allow


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Travel in Europe – Why take the train? #rental #car #deals

#travel europe by train


Are you travelling Europe by train? Take advantage of our cheap train tickets to Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland or the Netherlands. You can also pick up a special train pass to travel to multiple destinations in Europe. Sit back in our comfortable carriages and travel with 320 km/h to new lands!


Looking for the best way to travel in Europe? Start by booking via and enjoy all the benefits!


Capital of culture 2013

(1) Prices from, per person, in Standard class and for a single ticket between Paris, Brussels, Calais or Lille and London, Ashford or Ebbsfleet. Offer subject to availability. Ticket exchangeable subject to a fee before departure. Ticket non-exchangeable after departure. Ticket non-refundable. Online payment is required and multiple ticket withdrawal options are available, depending on the journey and the number of days between the date of booking and that of departure (e-ticket, free shipping, withdrawal from French railway stations or Rail Europe store (( additional charges of €10 /CHF 12.-for each booking)). Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or SNCF reductions.

(2) Starting from, per person, one way tickets in Comfort 2 (2nd class) Thalys, to a selection of destinations and subject to availability at these rates. Tickets are bookable until 30 days before departure of the train, and are non-exchangeable and non refundable. Online payment is required for e-tickets, free shipping of tickets, withdrawal at a French railway station or withdrawal at a Rail Europe store in Milan, Madrid, Geneva, Cologne (Supplement 10 € per dossier). Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or SNCF discount rate.

(3) Prem’s fare, from, per person, for a 2nd class single with TGV, from selected cities and to a range of destinations. Offer subject to availability. Tickets are on sale between 3 months and 14 days before the date of departure. Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. On-line payment is required. Tickets can be sent to your home address free of charge or collected at a French station or a Rail Europe shop in Milan, Madrid, Geneva, Cologne (€10 supplement payable). Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or SNCF reduction.

(4) Fare NON-FLEX, from, valid for a single outbound journey in TGV Lyria 2nd class. On sale 3 months before the date of travel. Tariff valid subject to available seats, non-exchangeable and non-refundable tickets. Online payment is required and multiple ticket withdrawal options are available, depending on the journey and the number of days between the date of booking and that of departure (e-ticket, free shipping, withdrawal from French railway stations or Rail Europe store (( additional charges of €8 /CHF 12.-for each booking)). Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or SNCF reductions.


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Travel agents jobs in Ireland #cheap #travel #agents

#travel agents ireland

travel agents jobs in Ireland

French speaker WITH Spanish Wanted for Travel Agent Job Cork

Cork – €23,000 per year

Do you love to travel. Do you dream of next holiday each night? Well why not get into the Tourism business and become an online Travel. you and your fellow customer service agents are delivering and present them within team meetings. Who will you be working for? Our client is an Irish owned. – Oct 28

German speaking Travel Agent Job Cork

Cork – €21,900-22,901 per year

What are we looking for? Do you love to travel. Do you dream of next holiday each night? Well why not get into the Tourism business. and become an online Travel Advisor who has near native German and also have a good knowledge of English, we want to talk to you today, you could be the. – Oct 9

French speaker WITH Spanish Wanted for Travel Agent Job Cork

Cork – €23,000-24,000 per year

Job Summary Do you love to travel. Do you dream of next holiday each night? Well why not get into the Tourism business. and become an online Travel Advisor who has near native French AND Spanish and also have a good knowledge of English, we want to talk. – Sep 11

Romanian WITH Hungarian P.S./ Travel Agent Job Cork

Cork – €24,000-28,000 per year

, how does a job a P.A. (Personal Assistant) / Travel Agent sound to you here in Cork? What will you do in this job? You will be the point. are we looking for? For this job as a P.A. / Travel Agent we are looking for those who have a near native level of Romanian AND Hungarian and a good level of English. Who works. – Nov 15

Finnish Sales Agents to join Giant Travel Agency in Ireland

Cork – €18,000-24,000 per year

. We’re looking for creative people who have a passion for travel. because our member’s holidays mean the world to us. If you are interested in. candidate will receive the following benefits: Salary – basic plus commission based on sales achieved above target Generous travel allowances. – Oct 18

Spanish P.A. /Travel Agent job Cork


Job Summary If you are looking for a new adventure abroad, check out this Spanish P.A. (Personal Assistant) & Travel Agent job in Cork. are we looking for? For this job as a P.A. / Travel Agent we are looking for those who have a near native level of Spanish and a good level of English. Who works.

Multilingual Customer Service/Travel Advisor Job for French speakers with Spanish

Cork – €21,000 per year

Multilingual Customer Service/Travel Advisor Job for French speakers with Spanish Recruiter Name Job Title Multilingual Customer Service. /Travel Advisor Job for French speakers with Spanish Job Type Permanent Industry Languages English French Spanish Location Cork Start.

Corporate Travel Consultant – Cork

Corporate Travel Consultant My Client, a well-established Travel Management Firm based in Cork are seeking to hire an addition Travel. Consultant. We require a highly motivated, enthusiastic individual to join our team of experienced agents. This is a buzzy office working.

Travel Consultant – Cork


Corporate Travel Consultant My Client, a well-established Travel Management Firm based in Cork are seeking to hire an addition Travel. Consultant. We require a highly motivated, enthusiastic individual to join our team of experienced agents. This is a buzzy office working.

Land Agent

Land Agents – Ireland

, will not be considered, nor contacted. We will then prepare a short-list of candidates, and interview in the relevant county, to avoid unnecessary travel.

Land Agents

Land Agents – Ireland

, will not be considered, nor contacted. We will then prepare a short-list of candidates, and interview in the relevant county, to avoid unnecessary travel. – Oct 15

Danish or Swedish Speaking Telesales Agent

Dundalk, Co Louth – €35,000 per year

Danish or Swedish Speaking Telesales Agents Dundalk Basic €21k – ote €35k per year + relocation assistance Our client based in County. Louth is currently recruiting for Danish or Swedish Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling the company. – Nov 28

Danish Speaking Telesales Agent

Dundalk, Co Louth – €35,000 per year

recruiting for Danish Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling the company products to existing customers through. depending on targets reached. Additional benefits: Paid Holidays Parking Relocation package = will reimburse travel costs outside Ireland. – Nov 22

Swedish Speaking Telesales Agent

Dundalk, Co Louth – €21,000 per year

recruiting for Swedish Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling the company products to existing customers through. Holidays Parking Relocation package = will reimburse travel costs outside Ireland of up to a maximum of €150 plus 4 nights’ accommodation (2 nights. – Nov 22

Danish or Swedish Speaking Telesales Agent

Dundalk, Co Louth – €35,000 per year

Danish or Swedish Speaking Telesales Agents Dundalk Basic €21k – ote €35k per year + relocation assistance Our client based in County. Louth is currently recruiting for Danish or Swedish Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling the company. – Nov 22

Swedish Speaking Telesales Agent

Dundalk, Co Louth – €35,000 per year

recruiting for Swedish Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling the company products to existing customers. depending on targets reached. Additional benefits: Paid Holidays Parking Relocation package = will reimburse travel costs outside Ireland. – Nov 22

Danish Speaking Telesales Agent

Dundalk, Co Louth – €21,000 per year

recruiting for Danish Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling the company products to existing customers through. Holidays Parking Relocation package = will reimburse travel costs outside Ireland of up to a maximum of €150 plus 4 nights’ accommodation (2 nights. – Nov 22

Norwegian Speaking Telesales Agent

Dundalk, Co Louth – €35,000 per year

based in County Louth is currently recruiting for Norwegian Speaking Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible. = will reimburse travel costs outside Ireland of up to a maximum of €150 plus 4 nights’ accommodation (2 nights if inside Ireland already) Bonus Vouchers. – Nov 22

German or Japanese Telesales Agents – OTE €40k

Dundalk, Co Louth – €25,000-40,000 per year

Our client based in County Louth is currently recruiting for German or Japanese Telesales Agents. The successful candidate. travel costs outside Ireland of up to a maximum of €150 plus 4 nights’ accommodation (2 nights if inside Ireland already) Bonus Vouchers Staff. – Nov 22

Norwegian Speaking Telesales Agent

in County Louth is currently recruiting for Norwegian Speaking Telesales Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling the. travel costs outside Ireland of up to a maximum of €150 plus 4 nights’ accommodation (2 nights if inside Ireland already) Bonus Vouchers Staff. – Nov 22


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The Real Scoop on Pet Air Travel in 2015 #118 #travel

#airline travel

Since 2005, the airlines have been required to report monthly on incidents involving pets while under their care for travel. Incidents include injury, loss, and deaths of animals. According to this data there were 29 deaths of animals and 26 injuries to animals while flying in 2012. However, with well over 500,000 dogs traveling per year by air, these numbers do not seem significantly higher than the general death rate in the animal population. If you would like more information on the reports see’s link.

If you do need to take your pet on a commercial airliner, there are some tips that may help. Airports have recently been required to provide pet relief areas for service dogs as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They allow pet dogs to use these areas as well. Some airports, such as Atlanta, Reno and JFK’s American Airlines terminal have full scale dog parks at the airport. Other airports have a small dirt area. A few airports such as Seattle and Salt Lake City have a dog relief area after passing through security. Most airports would require that you be outside security to access the pet relief area. has information on the pet relief areas at a number of airports at this link.

If your dog has to go in the cargo hold, it may be helpful that they are not alone on the flight. Dogs, being pack animals, feel comfort in having others with them. If you have more than one dog traveling, that would give comfort to each. In addition, some airlines carry many more dogs than others. In the United States, it appears that United, American, Delta and Alaska Airlines carry the most dogs. So on these airlines you are more likely to have other dogs on the flight and have people skilled in handling the dogs. There is much debate on whether tranquilizing dogs helps or hurts, so you and your vet will need to make that decision. It is important to note that in the U.S. service dogs or guide dogs are normally allowed to travel with their owner in the cabin, regardless of the size or breed of dog. Canines traveling for search and rescue operations or law enforcement are also usually allowed in the cabin but policies vary with each airline company. Dogs used for these purposes must be accompanied by their owner and usually do not need to be in a kennel, but must be harnessed (and sometimes muzzled). This is not necessarily the policy for International flights. One thing that has become much easier in the last ten years is the ability to take your dog between countries. It used to be that many places, notably the United Kingdom, Hawaii and Australia required lengthy quarantines to bring your dog in due to fear of rabies. While Australia does still require quarantine, most other countries, including the United Kingdom and Hawaii no longer require quarantine if the proper steps are taken. General requirements are micro chipping, up to date rabies shots, and maybe a rabies blood test, but this requirement is becoming rarer. And quite a bit of paperwork. But once you’ve set up your dog for International travel, then you can travel with your dog to much of the world. If you are planning to take your dog overseas, it is important to plan early, make sure your pet’s microchip is in before their rabies shot and that the vet records the microchip number with all of their rabies shots. For more information on these steps, see’s section on International Border Requirements for Pets.

Are there other options available to dog owners? Well, yes and no. One alternative can be expensive and one involves a longer travel time. First, lets start with the most ideal, but also the more expensive option. Some airline charter companies allow your dog of any size or breed to travel in the cabin with you. They just require that your dog be restrained by a leash or car seat harness during take off and landing. Other than that, dogs are allowed to ride in the cabin with you, right next to you. The majority of chartered planes are typically smaller planes like prop planes or Lear jets. So why isn’t everyone flying with their pooch this way? The issue is cost. Who would pay for this? One operator says “Wealthy, VIP’s and corporate execs” pay for charters. The cost can be thousands of dollars. A flight from San Francisco, California to Phoenix, Arizona for four people and two dogs could be $6-8 thousand one way. A flight from Nashville, Tennessee to Miami, Florida could be $8-10 thousand one way. However, if you have a flexible schedule and can give advanced notice or be scheduled on an empty leg flight, prices could be cut in half. Some air charter brokers are Magellan Jets. Eljet and Air Charter Network.

The other alternative is to drive or have your pooch driven. Driving does take much longer than flying, especially across country. While your pooch can easily go with you, driving long distances are out of the question for some people that do not want to spend days on the road. So instead of driving your pooch yourself, have someone else drive him or her. There is a number of companies that will transport your pet across the country and other companies that will transport your car with your pets. The dogs will be in kennels and away from you for quite some time. Dog owners are not allowed on the shuttles, but you can fly and they will drive your pooch for you. And of course, they will make the appropriate potty and exercise breaks along the way, give your dog food, water, and even treats and toys. Each animal is in his or her own individual carrier or cage while on the road. Every shuttle bus has two or three drivers on board and they drive 24 hours per day, with the exception of pit stops of course. The rates are pretty affordable and can offer a reasonable alternative when you need to transport your pooch within the continental United States.

If you are heading between the United States and England then there is one other option to commercial airlines or charters. The fabulous Queen Mary II Cruise Ship makes the crossing a number of times a year between New York and Southampton. While dogs are not allowed in the cabins on the ship, there is a kennel onboard. You may visit the dog there, walk the dog, and spend some time with the dog each day. The crossing usually takes about 5 – 6 days each way.

Our hope is that, one day, dogs of all sizes and breeds will be welcome in the cabin next to us on all commercial airliners. We would like to see a policy on airlines where you can at least buy the entire row of three seats for you and your dog if necessary so no one else would need to sit next to your dog. Maybe airlines could require that people with pets that don’t fit in kennels under the seats carry muzzles in case it proves necessary for any reason such as excessive barking or aggression. Most people who travel with pets would much rather have the pets with them in the cabin. Flying is often stressful enough without the additional worries about your pet being unattended. Dogs are allowed on trains in Europe and they co-exist with the other passengers. Why not on airplanes as well?


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Gay Travel In Turkey #travel #airfare #deals

#gay travel

Having a Gay Old Time in Turkey

September 29, 2012 by Natalie Sayin

Today s post is by Jack Scott, a published author who has lived and traveled around Turkey with his partner Liam. He talks about his experiences of the gay scene, and also gives advice on where to go and what to expect.

Turkey is a land for all seasons, whether you fancy dipping your toes in the warm Aegean, tumbling over ancient stones, hiking past towering peaks, shooting the rapids or gazing up in awe at the dome of Aya Sofya.

There’s something for everyone – for the cultured, the curious, the adventurous and the lazy.

But, what about gay people?

The Turkish attitude towards open homosexuality is ambivalent, to say the least. On the whole, Turkish society is paternalistic, family-centred and traditional. Any public dissent from the norm is generally frowned upon.

However, Turkey is not Saudi Arabia. Homosexuality is not mentioned in the Turkish Legal Code so is neither protected nor persecuted. This neatly reflects the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ social consensus.

While male homosexual behaviour is understood (though not condoned), lesbianism has simply not entered the Turkish psyche. Most Turks do not acknowledge its existence.

What applies to Turks does not necessarily extend to foreigners.

All visitors receive a warm welcome, regardless.

This is because there is a long tradition of Turkish hospitality and because it’s good for business. Turks are natural-born shop keepers. Gay visitors to Turkey will be treated no differently.

The pink pound is as good as any other.

Anyone looking for a western style gay scene will be disappointed.

Istanbul is the closest you’ll get with a range of bars and clubs, mainly clustered around Taksim Square and off Istiklal Caddesi in Beyoğlu, the business and entertainment district of the city. Venues come and go with lightning speed so it’s always best to check online before you go.


No other city in Turkey has a gay scene worthy of the name, not even Ankara (the capital) or Izmir (the most western-leaning city). Don’t worry, the absence of a structured scene won’t get in the way of a good time.

The string of summer resorts that lines the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, from Kuşadası in the west to Alanya in the south are stuffed to the rafters with bars, clubs and restaurants that welcome everyone through their doors.

The white-washed town of Bodrum. Turkey’s St Tropez, has a particular reputation for mixing hedonism with tolerance.

Traditionally, Bodrum was where artists came to live unmolested and where political dissidents were exiled.

These days, Bodrum is the playground for the urban elite, where the well-heeled come to get well-oiled with prices to match.

Turgutreis Bodrum

Public Displays of Affection

Same sex bonding is a cornerstone of traditional Turkish society. It is common to see men of all ages walking down the street arm in arm or sitting in restaurants holding hands.

Don’t be misled.

This is not an indication of widespread homosexual behaviour (though some of it may be). If you attempt to emulate it, you will look silly and attract unwelcome attention. Discretion is the better part of valour. Remember this and you will have a memorable time in fabulous Turkey.

  Istanbul Mini Tour

Five days of taking in the highlights of the city, including Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Domlabahce and Topkapi Palace. Includes accommodation, transfers and professional guide. Learn more


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Spring Break Cheap Trips in the Caribbean: Budget Travel. #online #travel

#cheap trips

Budget Spring Break Travel in the Caribbean

A growing number of cheap resorts, many of them all-inclusive, are cropping up throughout the Caribbean’s emerald waters — additionally, expanding flight routes from low-cost carriers like JetBlue help make paradise a budget trip away.

The Bahamas

Comprising more than 700 islands, the Bahamas is just off the Florida shore, consistently making it one of the most popular warm-weather vacation spots for Americans. Freeport on Grand Bahama Island and Nassau on New Providence Island are the most happening spots with lazy beach-side bars and all-night clubs. If you’d rather travel via water than air, opt for the Student City’s Bahama Party Cruise. complete with an onboard pool, casino and bar; the boat transports you from Fort Lauderdale right to your hotel. Freeport cruises are just an afternoon’s ride away, and you’ll enjoy 4 nights on Grand Bahama Island before making the journey back. If Nassau is your final destination, you’ll stay overnight on the ship each way, with 2 nights on the island.

Like elsewhere in the Caribbean. snorkeling and scuba diving are favorite pastimes, as the crystal-clear water makes for excellent visibility. Parasailing and windsurfing are other spring break musts if you have a few extra dollars to spare. If you’d rather save your funds for nights on the town, there are plenty of reefs and local settlements that you can explore for free. Bring your own snorkel and head out to Rose Island Reef or Booby Rock Channel on New Providence or Theo’s Wreck and Lucayan National Park ‘s Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama. For budget spring break trips, check you local STA office for special promotions.


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Starting a Travel Agency in the UK #buy #travel #insurance

#travel agency uk

Starting a Travel Agency

Open a European has over 8 years of experience within worldwide company formation, and now, we have partnered with a specialist travel consultant boasting over 15 years of experience within the industry. If you are considering starting a travel agency in Europe, then you will need specialist advice before setting up your company and for licence applications. Whether you are looking to set up a travel agency in the UK, Ireland or the rest of Europe, our specialist can help you.

Here is what he says:

Starting a travel agency in the UK can appear to be very confusing, and at times it is. This is because in order to understand whether or not you need a licence to operate, and if so, which licence is the right one for you, there are a number of regulations you need to consider and get to grips with.

With over 15 years of experience in regulations that govern travel, we are confident that we can help make your process of obtaining a licence, far simpler.

Our consultant will:

  • Discuss your plans, and set out the type of licence available for your business
  • Discuss the financial requirements required for the initial licence and what you need to achieve in order to maintain the licence
  • Assist in putting together the application (this can include writing the business plan and financial projections)
  • Attend any meetings required by the licencing bodies
  • Use our comprehensive list of contacts to help you meet the requirements at a low cost to you
  • Provide ongoing support, including the annual renewal of the licence(s)

To talk to us about starting a Travel Agency in the UK, call us on +44 (0)208 421 7470, or simply fill in your enquiry below and we ll get straight back to you


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Southall Travel – Travel agent in UK #how #to #get #the

#southhall travels

Southall Travel – Travel agent in UK

Southall Travel Wins Jet Airways Best Overall Agent Award Yet Again

Southall Travel has bagged the ‘Best Overall Agent Award 2010-2011’ from Jet Airways, one of the leading airlines based out of India that operates international flights around the world and domestic flights in India. This is the fourth consecutive time Southall Travel has won this award.

Southall Travel was honoured with the award during the Agents Awards night held at the Gloucester Millenium Hotel in London on Wednesday, the 12th of October 2011.

The award was presented to Mr Jaymin Borkhatria, Director of Sales, Southall Travel by Jet Airways’ Mr. Sudheer Raghavan, Executive Vice President, Commercial and Mrs. Lydia Nazareth, General Manager Sales, UK and Ireland. Southall

Mr. Paras Borkhatria, Area Sales Manager of The Holiday Team, which is Southall Travel’s wholesale division and Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Account Manager, Jet Airways were also present at the event.

The travel agency has won the accolade for four successive years starting 2007-2008. The company closed the year 2010-2011 with a sales figure of around Ј243 million.


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Southall Travel Group – Offering travel solutions in Southall, UK #travels

#southhall travels

Southall Travel Group

Offering comprehensive travel solutions to individuals and groups, Southall Travel Group has been operating in the industry for around 30 years now. The group is considered one of the leading tour and travel operators in the UK and has earned enviable reputation over the period.

What Makes Southall Travel Group Special?

We help hundreds of thousands of customers every year with their travel plans and organise perfect flight and holidays. Southall Travel Group deals in flights, bespoke leisure and business trips, weekend getaways, family holidays, round the world tickets, etc. Our expertise lies in offering the best of travel products and services for holiday destinations that remain on top of the holiday charts like India. the Middle East. Africa, Far East. the USA and Australia/New Zealand. Our experience and business connections enable us to bring to the plate the finest of travel deals in terms of flights and hotel.

We have a team of highly skilled travel consultants who work round-the-clock to bring to you simplified travel solutions in the most personalised manner. Care and attention to detail is the mantra we follow here at the Southall Travel Group.

Another aspect of Southall Travel Group that makes it stand tall among the crowd is its technological expertise. We invest heavily in our technology and make sure that our clients are offered error-free service at all times.

Call us and we will ensure that you get the best pricing under our ‘Best Price Guarantee’ when it comes to flight tickets, hotels, luxury holidays, budget vacations, last minute tickets deals, round-the-world flights, travel insurance and much more.

Book with confidence Southall Travel Group is an ABTA member (80626, W 4816) and holds ATOL license (5553) issued by the CAA – a financial protection scheme for UK travel companies. To check what travel arrangements are financially protected go to

Many of the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. But ATOL protection does not apply to all holiday and travel services listed on this website. Please ask us to confirm what protection may apply to your booking. If you do not receive an ATOL Certificate then the booking will not be ATOL protected. If you do receive an ATOL Certificate but all the parts of your trip are not listed on it, those parts will not be ATOL protected. If you have booked a flight only and we send you your e-ticket more than 24 hours after your payment is accepted by us, your flight will be protected under our ATOL. Please see our booking conditions for information, or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to:


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Holiday Travel – Travel Agents in Bridlington #becoming #a #travel #agent

#holiday travel

  • Contact us and we will bring your holiday ideas to life

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  • 06/11/2017

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    Places to Visit in Thailand #flight #tickets #for #cheap

    #travelling to thailand


    With sixteen million foreigners flying into the country each year, Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination and offers a host of places to visit. Yet despite this vast influx of visitors, Thailand’s cultural integrity remains largely undamaged – a country that adroitly avoided colonization has been able to absorb Western influences while maintaining its own rich heritage. Though the high-rises and neon lights occupy the foreground of the tourist picture, the typical Thai community is still the farming village, and you need not venture far to encounter a more traditional scene of fishing communities, rubber plantations and Buddhist temples. Around forty percent of Thais earn their living from the land, based around the staple rice, which forms the foundation of the country’s unique and famously sophisticated cuisine.

    Tourism has been just one factor in the country’s development which, since the deep-seated uncertainties surrounding the Vietnam War faded, has been free, for the most part, to proceed at death-defying pace – for a time in the 1980s and early 1990s, Thailand boasted the fastest-expanding economy in the world. Politics in Thailand, however, has not been able to keep pace. Since World War II, coups d’état have been as common a method of changing government as general elections; the malnourished democratic system – when the armed forces allow it to operate – is characterized by corruption and cronyism.

    Through all the changes of the last sixty years, the much-revered constitutional monarch, King Bhumibol, who sits at the pinnacle of an elaborate hierarchical system of deference covering the whole of Thai society, has lent a measure of stability. Furthermore, some 85 percent of the population are still practising Theravada Buddhists, a unifying faith that colours all aspects of daily life – from the tiered temple rooftops that dominate every skyline, to the omnipresent saffron-robed monks and the packed calendar of festivals.


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    Mood Lighting and Menu Service in Economy! Virgin Atlantic’s Classy New

    #travel mood

    Mood Lighting and Menu Service in Economy. Virgin Atlantic’s Classy New Upgrade

    March 27, 2015

    Flying economy on Virgin Atlantic just got a whole lot better. (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

    Millions of people make the famous New York to London flight annually. It’s a journey of 3,459 miles, and one that now takes a mere six hours when tail winds are in your favor.

    But over the past few years, there seems to have been a focus on improving the flying experience for those in First or Business class on long flights. Those of us who usually sit at the back of the plane have noticed our seats getting tighter, and the economy cabin feeling more cramped, all to make the cabins at the front of the plane more spacious.

    But not anymore. Enter the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for Virgin Atlantic.

    This plane has been in service for other airlines for a couple of years, but this week, Virgin launched its New York to London route—and hopes to have 21 of these planes in service by 2018. But the thing that makes Virgin’s version of this spectacular vessel different is where they’ve placed a lot of their focus: the Economy cabin.

    Don’t get me wrong. The Upper Class cabin is still impeccable. But here are five reasons why the Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner, nicknamed “Dream Jeannie,” may now be the best way to fly transatlantic….in economy.

    1. There’s more space.

    The Dreamliner was built with more space in mind. Everything looks and feels bigger. The cabin height is several feet higher than it is on other planes, due to an impressive vaulted ceiling. The aisles are wider. The overhead bins are larger, but placed higher up to avoid those awkward head-banging incidents that anyone over 5’ 5” will have certainly experienced. The seats are designed to be thinner, meaning they take up less room, providing several inches more leg room. Plus, the seats pitch back further for a much more comfortable experience. Even the toilets feel bigger. I swear, there’s enough room to swing a cat in there, which is a serious rarity in the usually-coffin-like airplane bathrooms. Virgin has managed to provide passengers with an innovative Economy cabin that feels spacious and airy, resulting in a much more comfortable journey.

    Look at all that leg room! (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

    2. There’s great wireless.

    People are very attached to their mobile technology, and Virgin has taken note. The plane is fully wired for wireless services that even work when you are flying over the middle of the Atlantic. For around $20, you can stay connected to the outside world for the duration of the flight, meaning you can update your Facebook status and check your email from 38,000 feet.

    To coincide with the Dreamliner launch, Virgin even announced the #SkyhighSelfie, offering passengers the opportunity to update their Facebooks from the air, free of charge.

    And to make sure that you are never left short when it comes to your battery life, every single seat on the plane has power access via USB, so you can charge your phone or tablet during the journey.

    3. There’s mood lighting. Yes, mood lighting.

    Jetlag sucks. And it has the potential to ruin your trip. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, being able to adjust to the new time zone is vital to your overall experience. As any frequent traveler knows, the best way to trick your circadian clock—the fancy term for your internal body clock—is through light therapy, where you trick your body into thinking it’s a different time by exposing it to light at specific times.

    Sound complicated? Thanks to Virgin Atlantic, it won’t be.

    The new Dreamliner has been outfitted with a revolutionary new ambient mood lighting system throughout the main cabin, designed to help passengers adjust to the changing timezones—and that’s because it changes color throughout the flight. The light begins at a soft “rose champagne” color as people board, to help them de-stress and relax. It then changes into “purple haze” to make people feel comfortable and cozy, before transitioning to “amber warmth,” which is designed to feel like candlelight for when people are dining. Lastly, it morphs into “silver moonlight” to help people fall asleep.

    It’s like seeing your flight through rose-colored glasses. (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

    There is then an eight-minute “sunrise” sequence, too, designed to gradually wake people up in the new time zone. Not only does it work, but it looks beautiful and completely changes the aesthetic inside the cabin.

    Good morning, passengers! (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

    4. It’s cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.

    For those of you worried about your carbon footprint, this plane provides quite the feel-good factor. Not only is it 60% quieter than other aircrafts of the same size, it is a lot more fuel efficient, burning approximately 20% less fuel than similarly sized planes.

    The advanced air filtration system also means that the air you breathe in the cabin is a lot cleaner. This is an amazing fact for those of us who get a bit squeamish about the thought of all the germs swimming around in the air. This system also helps increase the humidity on board. Considering that most planes in flight are more arid than a desert, this has a huge impact on everyone’s overall health and comfort during the journey.

    The air in the cabin is cleaner than ever before. (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

    5. It’s all about the little things.

    There are a ton of new little touches on this plane that you will not see on others. For instance, there are full-length mirrors in the bathrooms, which not only make them feel a lot more spacious, but actually serve a purpose, allowing passengers to give themselves full-length once-overs after a long, disheveled journey.

    When you first board the plane, crew members hand out dinner menus, a service that you may only expect in Upper Class. This makes everyone on board feel special.

    And another unique innovation is the auto tint windows, which no longer have a shutter. Instead, you just push a button, and they gradually darken. It’s all very futuristic.

    Lastly, the staff is incredible. While this isn’t specific to this particular plane, it is certainly a major selling point of this airline in general. Crew members are dynamic, friendly, and extremely accommodating. It is clear that Virgin Atlantic hires staff members who love their jobs, and genuinely want to ensure that the passengers on board have an enjoyable experience.

    All these changes combined make a massive difference to the overall experience of flying in the Economy cabin on a long flight. Virgin’s launch of this plane and its new route is going to change the way airlines compete for business and loyalty. They are showing that they care about every passenger on board, not just the ones paying more for their fancy seats.

    Let Yahoo Travel inspire you every day. Hang out with us on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram. and Pinterest. Check out our original adventure travel series A Broad Abroad. To learn more about Yahoo Travel’s travel policy please click here .


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    Newmont Ghana Recruiting 2 Positions – Jobs in Ghana #major #travel

    #newmont travel

    Newmont Ghana Recruiting 2 Positions

    Newmont Ghana Gold Limited a subsidiary of Newmont Mining Corporation, one of the World s largest gold mining companies.

    Job Title:  Senior Strategic Planning and Reporting Analyst (130828)

    Job Description

    Co-lead with the Regional Planning Director the facilitation and management of the Strategic Plan process in the region as well as lead the establishment and further improvement of the planning reporting framework in the Region.


    Strategic Planning Process

    • Assistance to the Regional Planning Director in the facilitation and management of the Regional Strategic Plan development process;
    • Coordinate and facilitate the continuous improvement, alignment and integration of the Strategic Planning process into the business to deliver on Newmont’s vision and mission;
    • Development of the Strategic Planning timeline as well as the Planning process to ensure alignment with Regional and Corporate Calendars;
    • Collaborating with the Regional Leadership and Site Management teams to agree on and select key stakeholders to facilitate relevant inputs and build consensus around critical growth projects in the Strategic Plan building blocks;
    • Coordinating and facilitating all Regional Strategic Planning events, including Workshops, Review meetings and recommended/approved options for Corporate;
    • Assist  the  Regional  Planning  Director  in  managing  the  internal  reporting process that summarizes strategic planning efforts and provides the regional Strategic and Business Plan recommendations to Corporate;
    • Coordinate  the  development  of  regional  SWOT  analysis  and  subsequent integration of risk information into the regional and corporate business planning process; by leveraging on effective relationships within the regional and corporate leadership and planning personnel;
    • Conduct  a  post-planning  review  through  the  Lessons  Learned  Report  and different Plan versions Variance Analysis to determine continuous improvements to the planning process and suggest further improvements to the Regional Planning Director.
    • Provide management with the appropriate information for various “what if”
    • scenarios.

    Strategic Planning Tools

    • In coordination with the Regional Planning Director, manage the development and deployment of Regional Strategic Planning Tools to improve on planning analysis and reports;
    • Continuous   improvement   and   development   of   the   regional   Portfolio Management Tool (PMT) and similar and further integration into the planning process;
    • Subject Matter  Expert for  the  Strategic Planning analytical tools.  Requires knowledge of financial accounting, tax and project valuation modeling;
    • Effectively communicate analytical results and  methods to  personnel at  all levels of the organization both verbally and in written formats.

    Regional Portfolio Analysis

    • Support major growth projects in the region throughout the study process by introducing portfolio view and “layering” of projects;
    • Through the Regional Planning Director, collaborate with Site, Regional
    • Leadership and Projects teams as well as Corporate Planning to ensure region specifics and views are considered and accounted for in the Global Portfolio of operating scenarios;
    • Facilitating and ensuring alignment of major growth projects’ objectives to the regional and corporate strategic goals to ensure their progress through the Stage Gate Process;
    • Facilitate continuous improvement of portfolio decision making analysis and assist in information sharing of best practices;
    • Own the compilation process of the deliverables/presentations that communicate the results of the internal assets of the region as well as assessing the external opportunities regarding future projects and making relevant recommendations.

    Regional Reporting Framework

    • Manage the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of  the Regional Planning Reporting Framework to relevantly address the information requirements of the Regional, Site as well as Corporate Leadership Teams;
    • Collaborate  with  relevant  stakeholders to  continuously identify,  define  and establish relevant KPIs and Metrics for performance related reporting to Regional and Site Leadership;
    • Own the process of development and deployment of Standard regional reporting templates on agreed KPIs and Metrics for the Regional and Site Leadership teams;
    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and coordinate the process of integrating regional information from different databases to produce relevant reports for reporting to regional and site leadership teams;
    • Continuously  explore  opportunities  for  improving  the  quality  of  regional Standard reports, Templates and Presentations to key stakeholders (Corporate, Regional and Site Leadership).

    Stakeholder Management

    • Develop and manage crucial business relationships with senior management members across the organization – Corporate Planning, Regional Leadership and Site Management teams – throughout the Strategic Planning processes;
    • Build trust and credibility with regional and site leadership that fosters open communication, collaboration and creates results for the business.

    Leadership and Team

    • Actively collaborate in a high-performing team through leadership practices including information sharing;
    • Provide feedback to individuals in the business that improves their strategic planning skills, understanding of Newmont’s portfolio approach and general financial and business acumen;
    • Key to this role is the ability to develop internal relationships with other Newmont employees.

    The above duties and responsibilities are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all-inclusive.


    • This role requires managing crucial business processes to deliver on the Region’s
    • Strategic and Business Plan objectives;
    • This role has to collaborate with Regional and Site leadership levels as well as
    • Corporate Planning team to achieve maximum results;
    • The Reporting function in this role requires deployment and integration of regional data and information across different databases with different characteristics and templates;
    • This role is expected to impact on the quality of planning and reporting in assigned entities.
    • The Strategic Planning function requires effective coordination across senior management levels as well as deployment of robust and effective planning processes and tools
    • This position must be able to understand and leverage the various businesses, technical and commercial processes that make up the core value chain of Newmont’s regional mining business.
    • This role is primarily focused on managing the development of multiple Strategic Plan building blocks and deploying high level critical analysis in determining the optimal Strategic option for the region;
    • This role also demands developing a Regional Planning Reporting framework that better meet the information needs of the Regional and Site Leadership teams as well as Corporate Planning
    • This role requires a broad knowledge of the entire mining and processing value chains.
    • This role requires someone who is effective at working with people across the organization to ensure that robust plans are produced and communicated across the business in a timely manner;
    • Requires strong influencing and communication capabilities.


    • The position is located at the Regional Office in Accra.
    • Position may be required to travel within the region or internationally in order to assist sites.
    • Willingness to put in extra hours as travel, projects and priorities dictate; ability to accommodate meeting times outside typical business hours to attend global calls, etc.


    • Reports directly to: Regional Planning Director
    • No Direct Reports

    Required Skills or Experience


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    Masters in Digital Marketing Degree #masters #in #digital #marketing, #msc #digital


    Masters in Digital Marketing MSc

    The MSc Digital Marketing degree has been designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills that will prepare you to design and deliver digital marketing campaigns.

    Video produced by RGU Digital Marketing Students for The Digital Scot

    This course has professional practice at its core with content being created and delivered by both academic staff and industry practitioners. The structure and content of the course will allow you to work on real campaigns in collaboration with relevant businesses.

    The MSc Digital Marketing is accredited by the IDM – the UK’s only government-approved institute for the professional development of direct and digital marketers. Recent industry partners and guest speakers include Fifth Ring. DigitasLBi i, Mearns Gill. McEwan Fraser Legal. and the Scottish Government .

    2. What you will study

    The MSc Digital Marketing aims to provide a learning experience that is vocationally focused, interactive and student-centred. The course will provide you with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills to real world business scenarios, and evaluate the success of the approaches used. The course aims to introduce you to a wide range of technologies and techniques, providing you with an overview of the digital-marketing landscape.

    This course is designed to develop creative and reflective modern marketing practitioners, enabling you to identify learning needs and acquire, develop and enhance your knowledge, understanding and skills aligned with your interests. You will engage with the course through online and on campus learning materials, lectures, tutorials and workshops and will be expected to engage with a range of software and online platforms.

    The course is delivered through the following modules.

    Stage 1 Semester 1

    Stage 1 Semester 2

    Stage 1 Semester 3

    Choose 1 option module from the following group:

    Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

    The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course disclaimer for more information.

    3. How you will learn

    The Digital Marketing masters degree course uses a combination of teaching methods and sources of expertise. Practical skills are taught through live client projects.

    Tutorials and blended-learning materials introduce theories, digital marketing knowledge and skills which are further explored through a series of practitioner-led workshops. All modules develop both the theoretical and the practical and are assessed in part through live projects in collaboration with related businesses, allowing you to develop your portfolio and build linkages and contacts within industry. You can engage with the course in a number of different modes:

    Full-time Study

    In full-time mode, you will learn through a combination of online exercises, digital marketing workshops, presentations and lab tutorials. These comprise of a mix of group study, discussion, simulation and presentations of findings by teams and individuals. You will work as an individual and also as part of a team on case studies, team activities, presentations and discussions.

    Access to our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle. is also provided giving you access from home to learning materials (including videos, e-books and journals).

    Part-time Study

    Our part-time delivery mode combines aspects of online learning and on-campus delivery. You will benefit from the support of the virtual learning environment but also face-to-face interaction with tutors and classmates.

    Individual Modules

    In addition to studying the course on a part-time basis, further flexibility is provided through the ability to study modules on an individual basis, credits can be transferred towards the overall course at a later date.

    4. Entry requirements

    • Applicants normally hold a 2:2 undergraduate honours degree or its equivalent in any subject area.
    • Applicants with a lower degree classification and / or relevant work experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

    English Language

    Applicants whose first language is not English should have an IELTS of 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 5.5, or an equivalent.

    We accept a variety of in-country and secure English language tests, find out more:

    * All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. A small number of courses require higher levels, but this will be stated explicitly on your offer letter.

    5. Student Funding

    Scholarships Funding

    Scholarships and funding are available to eligible students at Robert Gordon University, further information via our scholarship pages.

    Robert Gordon University is delighted to offer a 20% loyalty discount on course fees for all alumni who have graduated from RGU, further information available via the Alumni page.

    6. Course Fees


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    Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore #mba #bangalore, #mba #colleges #in #bangalore,


    Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore

    ISBR Business School Bangalore is located in Electronic City, one among the fastest growing locality in Bangalore with huge industrial base of both small and large scale industries.

    ISBR was set up under the aegis of Bangalore Educational Trust established in the year 1990. Bangalore Educational trust is a charitable Trust built with an objective to serve the society at mass for the betterment of the nation.

    At ISBR the focus goes beyond education. ISBR aims to prepare students for life – ingraining in them the psyche of the eternal student – Making them a Leader; A Leader who is ever a learner, driven by thirst for knowledge; a passion to excel and ignited with the desire to achieve success – Success for Life.


    ISBR Bangalore has a state of art Campus which offers corporate atmosphere to every student to groom before entering the corporate world to harness their skills and ability. ISBR Campus is a Solid granite buildings that dot the campus are sheltered under a canopy of trees. Well maintained gardens and buildings, air-conditioned Seminar Halls, Panel Room, Conference Hall, Assembly Hall, Auditorium, Health Club, Kiosk and all the requirements of an institute of higher learning are the unique features here.


    Stress-free learning classrooms, seminar halls, board rooms, discussion rooms, with modern furniture, OHP, LCD & DLP Projectors, multimedia enabled lecture facilities, and exclusive facilities for tutorial workshops make studying at ISBR a pleasure.


    The academic infrastructure at ISBR leverages the best of the multi-disciplinary faculty, demographically varied student body, relevant specializations, in-depth projects, case studies, research and publications to deliver a unique academic experience to students.


    Knowledge Centre, Library, Audio Video Media Room, Communications and Broadband enabled Wi-Fi campus, Library which is open round the clock with over 5000 titles on management, a hundred-plus leading management journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, etc. a large database of case studies in text and multimedia for deeper understanding and research. Affiliations with premier library in the city

    MBA Program – Two Year Full Time

    Mysore University – NAC A++ Graded, UGC, Ministry of HRD, Government of India
    (Specializations – Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology, International Business)

    The MBA Program at ISBR aims to develop professional managers with the strong conceptual fundamentals and application skills required currently to manage businesses and that of the future, while giving them the vision to determine what the future will be. This Program is offered through an UGC recognized University as its Outreach Partner / Onsite Academic Partner. Students to choose right MBA Colleges in Bangalore need to go through the complete details of their university & the program based on the campus of their choice.

    The curriculum, by any standards, is rigorous. Assignments, live and simulated projects, periodic evaluations and demanding academic schedules ensure that the student develops skills in managing time and working efficiently and effectively. This is what makes managers from ISBR stands out from the rest of MBA Colleges in Bangalore, a cut above the rest in challenging situations.

    PGDM Program – Two Year Full Time

    Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India
    Dual Specialization (Specializations – Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology, International Business, Operation)

    The PGDM curriculum is set apart by three distinct dimensions: Extensive corporate interface; unlimited knowledge access and an unwavering focus on the future.

    The PGDM program is very unique not only in its contents but also in its delivery and students have an opportunity to spend one entire semester at a foreign partner university which are the most respected hallowed portals of world class education. They live and study amongst almost a hundred different nationalities and learn to integrate into a diverse multi ethnic & multi racial environment.

    This is indeed education at its very best, academic pursuit at its highest.


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    How to File an Emergency Bankruptcy Petition #how #to #file #bankruptcy


    How to File an Emergency Bankruptcy Petition

    Sometimes you need to file for bankruptcy in a hurry. If you don’t have time to complete the lengthy bankruptcy paperwork, you can file a bare-bones petition, called an emergency bankruptcy or emergency petition. You then file the rest of the papers later.

    This article describes the minimum documents you need to file an emergency bankruptcy petition, and the circumstances that might make such a petition necessary.

    Emergency Circumstances

    It is almost never a good idea to file an emergency bankruptcy if you can avoid it. Bankruptcies are paper-intensive and bankruptcy law requires you to fully, accurately, and honestly disclose all of your assets, debts, income, expense and various financial information. Filing a petition also triggers various deadlines and “next steps.” If you file a bankruptcy too hastily, you may make mistakes that could cause you difficulty later, including the dismissal of your case or a denial of your bankruptcy discharge. There are even criminal penalties if the court finds you were intentionally evasive or less-than-truthful in your statements and paperwork.

    However, there may be circumstances where you have no choice but to file an emergency bankruptcy petition, usually as a way to prevent or stop the following:

    • the sale of your home through foreclosure
    • car repossessions
    • eviction
    • garnishments, and
    • lawsuits.

    Basic Requirements for an Emergency Petition

    Filing bankruptcy is not easy. An average bankruptcy filing can contain 50 or more pages of documents that list all of your assets, debts, income, expenses, and detailed statements concerning your financial history. Sometimes, however, you don’t have the time that it normally takes to complete all of the necessary paperwork. Here is a basic breakdown of the minimum that you must complete, sign, and file to start your bankruptcy case.

    Minimum Documents

    The following documents are the minimum that you must file to start your case. This is often called the skeleton petition:

    • The bankruptcy petition (Form B-1). This is the first three pages of the petition. If you are filing on your own, must include your telephone number on the petition.
    • Creditor Matrix. This is a list of the names and addresses of all your known creditors. Some courts may let you file it a few days later.
    • Statement of Social Security Number (Form B-21).
    • Certificate of Credit Counseling. If you did not receive credit counseling prior to filing, then you must file a motion to explain any exigent circumstances that kept you from obtaining the counseling. If you believe that you do not have to participate in consumer credit counseling, then you must file a motion requesting that you be exempt from this requirement.

    For a Chapter 13, you may also have to file a pay order that provides for estimated plan payments to your Chapter 13 trustee.

    Some bankruptcy courts may also have additional requirements, such as written disclosure statements or CDs that contain electronic copies of your documents.

    Since you are filing an emergency petition, the bankruptcy court clerk may not send notices to your creditors in time to stop an impending collection action. Therefore, you should immediately send notice of your bankruptcy filing directly to creditors that are, or might be, using collection actions against you.

    Filing Fee

    At the time that you file your skeleton petition, you must also pay the filing fee. In a Chapter 7, the filing fee is $335. The filing fee for a Chapter 13 is $310. If you cannot pay the fee, then you must file an Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments. If you believe you are exempt from paying the fee, then you must file an Application to Waive Filing Fee.

    Filing the Rest of the Bankruptcy Forms and Documents

    Within the next 14 days, you must file the remaining paperwork, including all schedules and statement of financial affairs, as well as certain financial documents.

    Get debt relief now.


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    Global Master in Finance #mba #or #masters #in #finance


    A step forward with your career in finance

    The program is aimed at executive professionals with a minimum of 5 years work experience in the world of finance or related field. The program is offered in the blended format with three residential periods in Madrid-London-Madrid. This unique methodology allows participants to obtain a Master degree while staying at work.

    The Blended Methodology

    Designed through the awarded IE Blended Methodology, the Global Master in Finance combines 3 face-to-face periods with online interactive distance learning periods. with asynchronous online sessions and live interactive videoconferences. This new generation of blended education has been recognized as the best in the world by the FT for IE´s Global MBA in 2014 2015.

    High Profile Classroom

    GMIF students are senior professionals executives with extensive work experience in finance which hold positions such as CFO, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents etc. of banks, multinationals, consultancies etc. They work in diverse fields, ranging from project finance and capital markets to auditing and manufacturing industries, are high-performing ambitious that come to IE with open-minds and global mindsets to share the same passion for finance ethical practice.

    Flexibility in customizing your study hours

    Apart from live videoconference that take place every Saturday at 16.00 and 18.00. During the week, students participate in asynchronous forum sessions according to their time zone. Participants connect to the Virtual Campus in order to access the 24/7 forums. This allows students to make their written contributions at whatever hour best fits their schedule.

    Optional trips to New York and Ghana

    One of the highlights of the program is the optional trips to New York (limited places). Students have the opportunities to visit top companies in the financial industries in NYC and meet top strategists and experts through seminars and talks. In addition, the trip to Ghana will allow students to have a life-changing experience in Ghana as part of the Microfinance project (Financiers without Borders) and will be able to apply their knowledge in finance to a real life case.

    How your classmates will be

    IE s blended methodology allows participants to interact with classmates and professors from any part of the world, without interrupting their professional lives.

    with extensive experience
    in banking sector 50%

    Interactive Distance Learning

    Interactive Distance Learning

    • Economics for Markets
    • Introduction to Capital Markets
    • Financial Accounting
    • Quantitative Finance Essentials
    • Corporate Finance
    • Derivatives Fixed income Fundamentals
    • Financial Modelling
    • Advanced Topics in World Economy
    • Commodities
    • Behavioural Finance
    • Portfolio Management Competition
    • Employability in Finance

    Interactive Distance Learning

    Interactive Distance Learning

    • Valuation Equity Research
    • Foundations of Banking
    • Advanced Corporate Finance
    • Foreign Echange
    • Risk Governance
    • Mergers Acquisitions
    • Asset Allocation
    • Etrepreneurship through Acquisitions Private Equity
    • Portfolio Management Competition
    • Employability in Finance

    Interactive Distance Learning

    The methodology is eminently practical and based on teamwork and the case method. Topics are analyzed through participants’ discussion of real business cases and simulations under the guidance of the professor, who leads and focuses the debate. This methodology helps identify the main problems companies have to deal with, and develops participants’ decision making skills. The interactive distance learning dynamic is based on combining live videoconference sessions and asynchronous discussion forums.

    Virtual Campus

    IE’s virtual campus is the principal tool used by students and professors, and is the basic web platform which supports all of the program’s online activities. Every student has their own personal access codes to allow them to use the campus whenever they wish. Once logged in, students have access to forums focused on the subjects they are currently studying. In addition to this, students can make use of private forums for group work, and the virtual café, a space where all class members can discuss any topics of interest.

    Live Videoconferences

    A live videoconference takes place every Saturday from 15:30 17:00 (Madrid time). These sessions allow students and professors to have live interaction via video and audio connections (using webconference platforms provided by IE). Each session lasts 90 minutes and attendance is mandatory. This format allows class members to maintain weekly face-to-face contact with professors and fellow participants. Sessions consist of a mixture of case discussions, group presentations, and lectures.

    Forum-Based Debates

    Between Monday Thursday, students participate in sessions which take place on the discussion forums. Participants connect to the Virtual Campus in order to access the forums, which are active 24/7. This allows students to make their written contributions at whatever hour best fits their schedule. The number of interventions per student is limited to 5 short contributions in order to encourage a fluid debate.

    University Diploma

    Upon program completion you will receive a University Private Degree from IE Business School and IE Universidad.
    IE Business School is a school within IE Universidad, which is a University officially accredited by the Spanish education authorities, allowed to provide official Bachelor and Master’s degrees, whose qualifications are officially submitted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, in accordance with the Spanish legislation. Likewise, IE Universidad is legally authorized to provide its own University Private Degrees, which differ from the official ones in that they are created and provided by exercising the University’s autonomy conferred by the Spanish regulations. These University Private Degrees are specifically directed towards the professional application of such studies and the constant update of the higher education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of IE.

    Voice of our Students

    Manuel Sansigre (Spain)

    M A Associate at Three Ocean Partners, New York
    Class of 2009

    I graduated from the MIAF in 2009, after that I worked in a leading Spanish M A boutique and now I am working in M A in New York. Prior to IE, I was working in strategy and finance at IBM, but I believed the banking sector would provide a better fit for my profile. Changing sector is always a tough decision to make in your career path, I have been able to leverage the education and networking opportunities that IE offers.

    Dennis Lin (Canada)

    Banco Santander
    Class of 2014

    With an undergraduate degree in music, I was an unlikely candidate to be in business not to mention in the highly specialized world of finance. Taking risks and working hard to get into the business world were understatements – I had to be more strategic in my approach and act with more conviction than others to make it. IE was an integral part in achieving my goal of becoming a truly international businessman and financier.


    The Master in Finance has been consistently ranked in the top 4 by the Financial Times´ Global Masters in Finance rankings in the past four years. It is also ranked No.1 worldwide by eFinancialCareers, a ranking that measures the number of students who got jobs in top investment banks.

    3 rd Master in Finance Worldwide Financial Times
    June 2016

    1 st Master in Finance for getting an investment banking job E-Financial Careers
    August 2014

    5 th European Business School Financial Times
    December 2015


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    Master s Program #masters #degree #in #one #year #online


    At GHS, our students embody our passion for advancing health worldwide. They bring leadership, dedication and curiosity to solving the world’s most pressing health problems.

    UCSF faculty and researchers work in nearly every country around the world, providing clinical care, research, technical assistance and training—all in an effort to advance health worldwide .

    Whether you’re a researcher from UCSF or one of our many partners, we have resources to help you with your work.

    The latest in global health news at UCSF and Global Health Sciences.

    UCSF Global Health Sciences is dedicated to improving health and reducing the burden of disease in the world’s most vulnerable populations.

    About the Master of Science Program

    Come to UCSF to gain global health knowledge, skills, and experience in one transformative year. Our interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes research methods, population health, and the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health in a globalized world. Become prepared for a career in research, policy, organizational leadership, academia, or program management and evaluation.

    Are we right for you?

    GHS welcomes students with backgrounds in health sciences and related disciplines who are committed to improving health and reducing inequities worldwide.

    The Application Process

    The Master of Science in Global Health program looks for students with the potential for leadership, experience working with underserved populations, and a strong academic record.

    Financing Your Education

    Now that you have made the decision to pursue a graduate degree, our team will work with you to explore the best options to fund your UCSF master’s degree.



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    Dental Assistant Schools In Jacksonville Fl #dental #assistant #schools #in #jacksonville


    Dental Assistant Schools In Jacksonville Fl

    Dental Assistant Academy of Ft. Lauderdale 301 SE 16 th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 Dental Assisting Training Schools Inc (DATS) Jacksonville Dental Assistant School 3434 Atlantic Blvd. Ste 7 Jacksonville,

    Association of Colleges and Schools, the university awards associate s, bachelor s, assistant Program Jacksonville does not grant advanced Fort lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796 (954)

    Welcome to the Kaplan College Jacksonville Catalog! Kaplan College (Branch of Harrisburg) Transfer of Credit to Other Schools 40 Graduate Refresher Courses 40 Diploma in Dental Assistant, Florida Community College at Jacksonville BS,

    dental schools in Ecuador and Mexico. assistant director of UF s Jacksonville Dental Clinic, dental assistant Sonya Velez, and advanced education in general ability to give the fl edgling international education program

    Work at the high school for the past several weekspending. Semi Driver Killed in Fiery Collision Identified identified from dental records as the truck

    Weekend Dental Assistant School WDAS, L.L.C. 2600 N. Richmond basic framework for this curriculum is patterned after a successful assisting program in Texas. LEGAL STATUS Weekend Dental Assistant School is a private coeducational school registered as a Other dental assisting schools

    The purpose of this letter is to notify dl career schools offering Dental Assisting Programs that the requirements for Repktered Dental AssWts will chart= The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners will no longer use the three exam process to become a registered dental assistant.

    Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Mandated Certifications: Application for Certification Nitrous Application for Licensure to TBDE ment Statistics for a Dental Assistant, the Annual Median Wage was $31,319 and the Median Wage was between $11.83 and $17.71 per hour.

    DENTAL ASSISTANT REGISTRATION SCHOOLS ATTENDED List all high schools, colleges, and universities that you have attended, beginning with the most recent at the top. School Name, City, State, Country Date of Graduation mm/yyyy


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    Online Homeschools in Maryland #online #schools #in #maryland


    Online Homeschools in Maryland

    Online homeschools in Maryland enable students to learn from home using the computer. Students can take classes at home through Maryland Virtual School Program. The virtual school program uses public school teachers to teach students who are learning remotely. The students in this and other online homeschools in Maryland must be able to learn independently and have a strong support system. The program is set up to allow students to take credits at home, but it is not a complete diploma program, meaning that students who are accepted into the program cannot earn a diploma. The online program has high school courses in math, science, English, and computers. Several advanced placement are offered for students who need to take the class and pass the Advanced Placement test for college credit. Students must be enrolled in Maryland public schools, get permission from the local school system or be enrolled in private program that is approved by the Maryland public school system.

    Online Homeschools in Maryland: The MUST School

    MUST provides online homeschooling. serving students in Maryland. The program provides homeschool credits. The MUST program allows homeschooled students to earn a diploma online, by taking 16 credits. The courses include classes in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. The MUST program is a self-study program which is designed to prepare homeschooled students or future employment opportunities. Tuition for the MUST program is $25 per month, with the total tuition at around $1,200. Books are included in the program. Homeschooling students in Maryland has its advantages because books are included in tuition for most programs that are accessible to Maryland students. That means that parents do not have to waste time looking for homeschool materials. The online homeschools in Maryland save time because parents do not have to worry about preparing a homeschool curriculum. Programs that provide a diploma may help to provide additional credibility, help with record keeping, and easing problems associated with entering college with a homeschool education. The MUST program provides complete homeschool programs with different courses to choose from so high school students can receive an education similar to that of public or private schooled students while taking their classes at home.

    Trending in Homeschool

    Free Online Homeschool Placement Tests

  • Beginning Spanish Worksheets

  • List of Descriptive Adjectives

  • 03/11/2017

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  • Faculty of Science, bachelor in environmental science.#Bachelor #in #environmental #science


    Faculty of Science

    Bachelor in environmental science

    Bachelor in environmental science

    Faculty of Science


    Bachelor in environmental science

    Bachelor in environmental science

    Bachelor in environmental science

    Bachelor in environmental science

    Bachelor in environmental science Bachelor in environmental science

    Quick Links

    Bachelor in environmental science

    Palaeobiologists Dr Delphine Angst and Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, from the Department of Biological Sciences at UCT, in collaboration with scientists from the National History Museum (NHM) in London, UK, have for the first time uncovered information on when the dodo laid their eggs and when they renewed their feathers.

    Bachelor in environmental science

    Three new shrimp species with interesting habitat preferences have been discovered along a tiny stretch of coastline along Miller s Point in False Bay. The finding also uncovered the first known symbiotic relationship between a shrimp and a cephalopod. The finds were made by Craig Foster, a free-diving wildlife documentary film-make and photographer and marine biologist Emeritus Professor Charles Griffiths, from the Marine Research Institute in the Department of Biological Sciences.

    Bachelor in environmental science

    The UCT Sports Centre was abuzz with junior scientists taking part in the annual Cape Town Expo for Young Scientists. Science Faculty staff and postgraduate students were judges at the event and gave students feedback on their projects.

    Bachelor in environmental science

    UCT marine scientists professors Peter Ryan and John Bolton and Dr Sarah Fawcett were recently honoured at the South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research s (SANCOR) triennial awards at the Southern Afrcain Marine Science Symposium (SAMSS) in Port Elizabeth.


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    SQL Server 2005: How To Restore a Database from a Backup


    SQL Server 2005: How To Restore a Database from a Backup

    Posted February 7, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Database

    Your database is down, your users are in a panic, what do you do. If you have been performing routine backups of your database, you can restore it to the point of the most recent backup. To restore your database, follow these steps:

    1. Open SQL Server 2005 Management Studio.

    2. Connect to the appropriate server.

    4. Right-click the desired database, mouseover Tasks. mouseover Restore and select Database .

    5. The Restore Database window will appear.

    6. Ensure that the correct database name appears in the To database field. If not, select it from the dropdown.

    7. Under Source for restore. select the From device radio button.

    8. Click the button next to the textbox to select the device to restore from.

    9. The Specify Backup window will appear.

    10. Click Add and locate and select the backup file from the Locate Backup File Window. Click OK.

    11. Under Select the backup sets to restore. select all three backups (full, transaction log, and differential).

    12. In the left pane, select Options .

    13. Under Recovery state. ensure that the Restore with Recovery radio button is selected.

    14. Click OK to begin restoring the database.

    15. Once the restore is complete, a notification box will appear. Click OK to close the box. You have now restored your database to the most recent state.

    I taken backup of database from Sql server 2005 from other PC and try to Restore it on my PC. Both having Windows authentication. But i am facing following error

    System.Data.Sqlclient.sqlError:The media set has 2 media families but only 1 are provided.All member must be provided.(Microsoft.Sqlserver.Smo).

    IS it problem of Ownar. because owanr of .bak file is different from where i try to restore it.

    This is not the problem of owner, it is just because while selecting the restoring device there must be two paths (1. Default by Microsoft, 2. Given by you).
    So delete the default path given by SQL Server itself, so it remains only one path that is given by you.
    Do let me know in case this doesn t work also

    i have stored mdf file and ldf file in dotnet solution file. i have copied my project from another system. i have to restore the database inorder to run my dotnet project.
    i have followed your procedure, but when i click the ok button, it shows error.

    please help me .

    How To attach database sql

    mdf and ldf files are not sql2005 based. its sql 2000. so install that and not need to restore. you right click the database in enterprise manager in sql2000..attach the MDF file from location. then run the program

    Great step by step guidance. Worked a treat for me who is a complete novice

    i need to restore my database in sql server 2005 and as i follow the procedure above there still an error. it shows this: lookup the file C:program filesmicrosoft sql serverMSSQLDATASTUDENTS INFOREMATION.MDF failed with the operating system error 3(the system cannot findthe path specified.).(

    im using windows 7 and visual studio 2008

    while restoring my bakup file in MS SQL 2005 it gives

    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Directory lookup for the file c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLDATAtest_infoguideDatabase.mdf failed with the operating system error 3(The system cannot find the path specified.). (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

    Me too findind this error while restoration what does it means plz suggest any suitable way to remove this

    i restore my database in sqlserver after restore default it display some path(D:\OTHERS\PROJECTS\TENDERMANAGEMENTSYSTEM\APP_DATA\TMSDATABASE.MDF) but i store my db in some other location..

    plz help me how to clear this error

    sql server by default provides some path u can restore ur db in ur own location jst click on that path and specify ur own path.


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    Electrician Salary Canada #electricians, #canada #jobs,jobs #in #canada, #jobs #canada,canada #wages,work


    Electrician (Except Industrial and Power System) Salary Canada

    See table for salaries.

    Average Electrician s Salary in Canada

    The table below details the hourly wages for Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System).

    The Canadian national occupation classification code (NOC) for this role is 7241.

    Job titles and exact duties vary in this occupation and examples of some job titles are: electrician, construction electrician, wiring electrician, building electrician and apprentice electrician.

    According to the latest figures, the highest hourly average (median) wages are earned in Calgary, Alberta at $38.13 per hour and the lowest average (median) wages are earned in Prince Edward Island at $21.00 per hour.

    A typical full-time annual salary for this occupation is in the region of $42,000 $72,000.

    Using government labour market indicators, it is expected that the number of job seekers will be sufficient to fill the job openings in this occupation for the near future. Employment prospects are expected to be fair in British Columbia and Ontario.

    Average Hourly (Median) Wages for Electricians in Canada

    Low Wage
    $ per hr

    Average Wage
    $ per hr

    Examples of duties include the following:

    Reading and interpreting drawings, circuit diagrams and electrical code specifications

    Installing, replacing and repairing lighting fixtures, switches, relays and other and electrical control and distribution equipment

    Testing continuity of circuits and carrying out electrical safety checks and maintenance programs

    Comparison with employment group

    The 2016 full-time average hourly wage rate for industrial, electrical and construction trades, which includes electricians (except industrial and power system), is $28.00. The 2016 corresponding median weekly wage rate is $1,125, giving an approximate full-time annual salary for this employment group of $58,500.

    These occupations may also be of interest:


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    TaxCalcUSA – Payroll and Wage Reporting #payroll #companies #in #chicago


    Of all the companies I deal with, you are my favorite. Fast, friendly and reliable. TaxCalcUSA is a class act.
    N.B. Chicago, IL

    . always save me time and money. Thank you for making life easier.
    W.T. Greensboro, NC

    I’m delighted that I can finally get everything I need in one place and your low prices are icing on the cake.
    Y.A. San Francisco, CA

    Download our Color Catalog
    in PDF Format Now!

    TaxCalcUSA has a full line of 1099 Forms, W-2 Forms, Payroll Software and supplies for the Payroll Professional. We strive to provide outstanding personalized service at unbeatable low prices. Whether you need pre-printed forms or blank forms, continuous or pressure seal, in quantities of 50 or 50,000, we are your one stop shop for payroll forms, envelopes and software.
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    QuickBooks compatible 1099 Forms, W-2 Forms, Envelopes and Checks. We have a full selection of Guaranteed Compatible QuickBooks supplies.
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    1099-Etc is a powerful Windows software package that allows you to prepare 1099, 941, 940, 940EZ, W-2, W-2c, W-3, W-3c and all state quarterly forms plus options for after-the-fact payroll and live payroll, electronic filing, and more!
    Guaranteed Lowest Prices

    We carry a full line of 1096 , 1098 , 1099 and 5498 forms Guaranteed to work with your software and 100% IRS compliant at unbeatable prices. Click here to see the whole collection of 1099 laser forms.
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    Of course, we offer a full line of W-2 and W-3 preprinted and blank forms 100% IRS compliant and Guaranteed to work with your software at unbeatable prices. Click here to see the whole collection of W-2 laser forms.
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    1094 1095 forms for the new ACA filing requirements. We have Pre-Printed and Blank 1095 forms and the compatible window envelopes.
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    Online Colleges in Nevada: The 5 Best Online Schools of 2017


    Online Colleges in Nevada

    Most Popular Rankings

    In the 2015 Education Data Book, one of the more painful truths reported was that, among the state s working professionals over the age of 25, only 22.5% held bachelor s degrees; the lowest such percentage amongst states in the west. Yet, optimism remains, thanks in part to the state s robust selection of distance learning programs and courses. Take the state s E-Learning Task Force, an initiative of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE); this effort is using the state s online learning programs to achieve the common goal of graduating more students while supporting student success. More degrees means more qualified, working professional in Nevada, which in turn would be a boon to the economy. A number of the state s schools have taken up the charge, improving upon their already solid online options.

    But before we dive into our list of the best online colleges in Nevada for 2017, let s start with the state of higher education and online education in particular in Nevada today.

    Featured Online Colleges

    Keiser University

    Providing student-centered, career-focused education

    Kaplan University

    Helping you achieve your goals, from enrollment through graduation and beyond

    A Brief Overview of Higher Education in Nevada

    In 2013, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that Nevada had 27 degree-granting institutions, broken down as follows: 7 public schools, 3 nonprofits and 17 for-profits. The total number of bachelor s degrees awarded in the 12- 13 school year at these schools was: 6,975 at public schools, 302 at private nonprofits and 233 at private for-profits.

    in 2013, Nevada had 27 degree-granting institutions

    Tuition-wise, the College Board found that, in the 15- 16 school year, the average in-state tuition and fees for four-year public schools was $6,670, while the out-of-state average was $20,490, increasing by only 1% over the last last five years.

    As for the state s financial aid efforts, the National Association of State Student Grant Aid Programs (NASSGAP) reported that Nevada awarded $10.39 million in need-based grants and $23.86 million in non-need grants for the 13- 14 school year. Grants make up 7% of the state s total fiscal support for higher education. Over the same year, Nevada awarded $17.9 million in tuition waivers. The Center on Budget and Policies Priorities reported that from 13 to 14 there was a 4.1% increase ($301) in state spending per student in Nevada.

    Tuition at Nevada schools is competitive, with a particularly low in-state rate, and the state does an excellent job of supporting its students, with weight grants and an excellent tuition waiver program. To boot, the state government has managed stable growth in the amount of spending it allots for postsecondary students.

    The State of Online Higher Education in Nevada

    The NCES estimates that at least 9.8% of students enrolled in Nevada s Title IV institutions are in fully online programs. Of those, 92.3% were reported to be undergraduates and 89.5% were found to be living in Nevada.

    Are in fully online programs

    Were reported to be Undergraduates

    Were found to be living in the state

    As we mentioned in our introduction, the NSHE, representing the state s public schools, is a major proponent of online learning. Data-wise. NSHE has seen total enrollment in distance courses increasing by over 438% across an eight year period starting in 2001; results seem to indicate such steady growth will continue over the next few years. It s estimated that nearly one-third of all enrollments at NSHE schools are in distance learning courses.

    Nevada is also part of the SARA regional education compact known as the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). The WICHE Internet Course Exchange (ICE) offers opportunities for state residents, through their local college or university, to access high quality distance programs offered at out-of-state WICHE institutions, often at greatly reduced rates.

    Best Online Colleges in Nevada

    Below, you will find our rankings of the best online four-year programs in Nevada. Our profiles look at how schools approach online education and then list out their services for distance students and their popular, fully online degrees. After reviewing the best online schools in Nevada, explore our state resources, like a database of every college and university in Nevada or our index of popular in-state scholarships.

    Get Seal Methodology

    To determine the best online colleges in each state, we examined the factors most important to prospective students: Academic quality and reputation, online program strength, and cost and student aid. At the most basic level, we use the following formula to determine the best online colleges: Academic Quality + Online Offerings + Cost and Student Aid = Final Score. Of course, there’s more to these calculations than meets the eye. Visit our methodology page to discover the data points that shape our formula and to learn more about the process we use to rank schools.


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    Oracle VM Downloads #server #in #the #cloud


    Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Manager

    Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Manager are available for download from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud or Oracle Technology Network.

    • Download Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Manager from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
    • Download the latest Oracle VM 3.4 release from Oracle Technology Network
    • Download Oracle VM Tools (such as automated virtual machine migration from VMware to Oracle VM, site preparation and deployment tools for disaster recovery solution, etc.) from Oracle Technology Network

    Customers with an Oracle support plan covering Oracle VM may download the latest releases, including the latest software ISO releases, drivers, tools or utilities, from My Oracle Support or Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).

    • Download the latest Oracle VM 3.4 release from My Oracle Support
      • Oracle VM Server ISO, search patch ID 22902487
      • Oracle VM Manager Install/Upgrade ISO, search patch ID 22902502
      • Oracle VM Agent for SPARC, search patch ID 22902518
    • Download Oracle VM Server Update from Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network
    • Download Oracle VM Server disk resizing utility from My Oracle Support. search patch ID 23189880
    • Download Windows PV Drivers 3.4.2 from My Oracle Support. search patch id 23346086; For Windows PV Drivers 3.2.3, search patch ID 16863114
    • Download Oracle VM 3 Utilities (provided as-is and not formally supported except for ovm_vmhostd for SAP customers) from My Oracle Support. patch ID 13602094, please review README for instructions.

    For additional resources, you may visit:

    Oracle VM Server for SPARC

    The following key components work together to deliver the Oracle VM Server for SPARC solution.

    • Supported SPARC servers with required system firmware.
    • Oracle Solaris 10 OS or Oracle Solaris 11 OS
    • Logical Domains Manager that is used to create and manage logical domains on supported SPARC servers.

    Please refer to Oracle VM Server for SPARC Release Notes for specific details of required and minimum software and supported platforms.

    • Download Oracle Solaris 11 or Oracle Solaris 10. and pre-built Oracle VM Templates
    • Download Sun System Firmware
    • Download the latest Oracle VM Server for SPARC software from My Oracle Support :
      • release has been integrated into Solaris Refer to Oracle Solaris 11.3 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 2045311.1 ].
      • To work with OpenStack, download the Nova driver and utility, search patch ID 24654094
      • To work with Oracle VM Manager, download Oracle VM Agent for SPARC, search patch ID 22902518
      • Oracle VM Template Utilities are command line tools to create, deploy and configure Oracle VM Templates for SPARC systems. To download the tools, search patch ID 21210110.
    • Download the previous releases from My Oracle Support :
      • release has been integrated into Solaris Refer to Oracle Solaris 11.3 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 2045311.1 ].
      • release has been integrated into Solaris Refer to Oracle Solaris 11.2 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 1672221.1 ].
      • has has been integrated into Oracle Solaris Refer to Oracle Solaris 11.2 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 1672221.1 ]
      • 3.1.1 release has been integrated into Oracle Solaris, which replaces (Solaris and 3.1 (Solaris Refer to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 1501435.1 ].
      • 3.2 release is also available on Oracle Solaris 10, search patch ID 20997186. The patch is 151934-01.
      • 3.1 release is also available on Oracle Solaris 10, search patch ID 17291713. The patch is 150817-04.
      • Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 software has been integrated into Oracle Solaris 11.1 SRU, refer to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 1501435.1 ]. For Solaris 10, search patch ID 15682381, and apply the latest ldmd patch 150011-03 .

    My Oracle Support Download Instructions
    Visit My Oracle Support – under the tab Patches Updates, choose LDOMS in the field Product or Family (Advanced Search) or search the patch number.

    Visit Oracle Technology Network Patching Center to obtain required system firmware patches, Solaris OS patches, and any Oracle VM Server for SPARC software patches.

    Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

    • Download Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software Release 2.2.2 from My Oracle Support. search patch ID 24849670.
    • Download Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software Release 2.2.1 from My Oracle Support. search patch ID 23564248.
    • Download Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software Release 2.1.1 from My Oracle Support. search patch ID 22185511.
    • Download Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software Release 2.0.5 from My Oracle Support. search patch ID 21288160.


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    Fort Worth Bankruptcy Advice and Bankruptcy Help in Fort Worth #fort


    3000 Central Drive Bedford, Texas 76021-3671 Fax: (817) 358-9988

    Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys

    Offering expert advice and bankruptcy help to consumers and businesses

    The experienced attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC represent individuals and small businesses throughout the Fort Worth, Texas area in all kinds of bankruptcy proceedings. If you or your organization is facing financial difficulties, mounting bills, foreclosure and repossession proceedings, or harassing collection activity, you can rely on our skilled Fort Worth bankruptcy advice.

    Although the prospect of bankruptcy may seem intimidating, a qualified attorney can offer Fort Worth bankruptcy help to guide you through each step of the process. The attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC can represent you and your interests to creditors, the trustee, and the court, helping you reorganize debts and make a fresh start.

    Bankruptcy in Fort Worth – We specialize in cases like yours

    With nearly 70 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and experience to guide you or your business through even the most complex Chapter 7. Chapter 11. or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Fort Worth.

    Behrooz Vida and Richard Venable are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as specialists in consumer bankruptcy law. Mr. Vida is also a specialist in business bankruptcy law, and is the recipient of Martindale-Hubbell’s prestigious AV peer rating. indicating the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards. Carla Reed Vida is an exceptional Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney with strong capabilities in all areas of personal and business bankruptcy in Fort Worth. and a Master of Business Administration degree.

    Fort Worth bankruptcy help advice – We have your best interests in mind

    At The Vida Law Firm, PLLC, we meet with you personally to examine your financial situation and explore all possible Fort Worth bankruptcy options. Once you have decided what is best for you, your family, or your business, we move quickly to ensure that you can begin rebuilding your finances as soon as possible.

    Call us for bankruptcy help in Fort Worth

    To schedule a free initial consultation, contact The Vida Law Firm, PLLC today. You can call us at (817) 803-3365 or contact us online for bankruptcy advice in Fort Worth.

    Quick Contact


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