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Managing the storage system with the BMC

The BMC enables you to manage the storage system by using the BMC CLI. The BMC CLI has the same features available in the Data ONTAP CLI.

The CLI features include:

  • History
  • Command-line editor
  • Online command-line help

Like the Data ONTAP CLI, the BMC CLI provides two privilege levels, admin and advanced.

Note: The BMC CLI commands are not documented in online command-line manual (man) pages.

More information

  • Online help at the BMC CLI
    The BMC Help displays all the available BMC commands when you enter the question mark (?) or help at the BMC prompt.
  • What you can do in BMC admin mode
    In the BMC admin mode, you can use the BMC commands to perform most tasks.
  • What you can do in BMC advanced mode
    The BMC advanced commands display more information than is available in administrative mode, including active BMC network services, storage system events logged by the BMC, and BMC battery information.
  • Connecting to the storage system console from the BMC
    The BMC system console command enables you to log in to the storage system from the BMC.
  • How to troubleshoot the storage system with the BMC
    When you encounter a problem with the storage system, you can use the BMC to display information about the problem, dump a system core, and reboot the storage system, even if the storage system’s firmware is corrupted.


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