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Elk grove village public library

Welcome to Elk Grove Township! It is an honor and a privilege to serve as Elk Grove Township Supervisor. As a lifelong resident of Elk Grove Township I remember going to bike safety as a student at St. Zachary School in Des Plaines. At the time I didn’t know what Township Government was, but I knew about Bike Safety Town. Over the years I learned that Bike Safety is a great program, but Elk Grove Township is so much more. Township government is the oldest form of government in Illinois and continues to be an integral part of our community.

Today Elk Grove Township provides residential property tax advocacy and essential human services. As a Township we provide direct and indirect human services. Direct services include Senior Citizen Bus transportation, Youth Services and a food pantry. In addition to our direct services, Elk Grove Township provides grants to organizations that provide human services to our residents. The Kenneth Young Center, The Northwest Community Hospital Mobile Dental Clinic and Wings, among others, are organizations that receive Township grants. Contracting with outside organizations to serve our residents creates efficiency and allows us to stretch every tax dollar we receive and avoid duplication of service. We take pride in providing the best service possible as efficiently as possible.

I’m proud to say that Elk Grove Township is working very well. The Township has no debt, is 100% funded in its pension obligations and has a healthy reserve.

Please explore our website and learn more about what we do. We are an open book. On our site you can find our minutes, levies, budgets and other financial information. If you do not see the information you need please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help. Don’t forget to sign up for our email updates. Your email will be confidential and you will only receive Township information.

I look forward to continuing to serve you.

Township Office Closed Dates for 2017:

See the map below for directions to the Skokie Courthouse Cook County Assessor s Office.

Elk grove village public library

Elk Grove Township is a Passport Acceptance Facility!

Please call for an appointment and for a list of documents that are needed!

Elk Grove Township Mission Statement

It is the mission of the government of Elk Grove Township to carry out the duties and responsibilities of Township government as prescribed by Illinois law, to provide for the health, safety and welfare of Township citizens of all ages, to maintain the highways and property of the Township professionally and economically and to carry out this mission in a timely and efficient manner with the highest degree of service to the taxpayers, thereby continuing the tradition of Elk Grove Township.

Elk grove village public library

Elk grove village public library

Elk grove village public library

Elk grove village public library

Copyright 2013 Elk Grove Township. All Rights Reserved.


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County Clerk – s Office – Kanawha County, kanawha county library.#Kanawha


Office of Kanawha County Clerk

The County Clerk handles voter registration, changes in party affiliation/address/last name on voter registration, records deeds, liens, births, marriages, deaths and other judgments, and files wills. In addition, the clerk is responsible for elections; obtaining and training poll workers and counting ballots. He or she is responsible for keeping and storing the county’s vital statistics. And, the Clerk of the County Commission also functions as an election officer, preparing the ballot, conducting absentee voting, and performing other election-related duties as well The Clerk maintains payroll for all county employees, receives all accounts, pays county debts, maintains the county’s financial statements and maintains all orders from the County Commission.

Vera J. McCormick, Kanawha County Clerk

Document Recording

The Kanawha County Clerk provides the official recording of all documents for Kanawha County. Our responsibilities include:

  • All recorded documents are indexed and are available for public use. Property maps are available on computer. A computer is set aside in the Clerk’s office for public use. All materials (paper, etc.) used is paid for by the user.
  • Keeps records of County Commission transactions.
  • Keeps minutes of all County Commission meetings.
  • All Bonds
  • Estates
    • Probates all Wills
    • Appoints fiduciary commissioners for administering certain estates.
  • Copies of documents are available at a nominal fee
  • Certified copies of some records can be ordered online

Office Hours


Phone (304) 357-0130

Fax (304) 357-0585

Mailing Address

Kanawha County Clerk’s Office

409 Virginia Street East

Charleston, WV 25301

Voter Registration Office

415 Quarrier Street

Charleston, WV 25301

News and Announcements

Kanawha Co. Commission Special Meeting Agenda, September 5, 2017

Kanawha Co. Commission Special Meeting Agenda, September 5, 2017 Click here to view the Agenda

Kanawha Co. Commission, August 24, 2017, Agenda

Kanawha Co. Commission, August 24, 2017, Agenda Click here to view the Agenda

Media Release Kan Co Commission Shawnee

Media Release – Kan Co Commission Shawnee Click here to view

Press Release from the Kanawha County Commission

Press Release from the Kanawha County Commission Click here to view

Media Release Kanawha County Parks Board Approves Lease for Shawnee Park with City of Dunbar

Media Release – Kanawha County Parks Board Approves Lease for Shawnee Park with City of Dunbar Click here to view


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Pasadena public library #pasadena #public #library


Office Hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday
Operation Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Phone: (713) 475-7884

PLEASE NOTE Residents who purchase City garbage bags: Please note that due to increased production costs, the price of a bundle of bags will increase to $20 each beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Garbage bags are available for purchase at the Water Department’s location across the street from City Hall Monday through Friday. with a one-bundle limit. Bags are also available at the Sanitation Department at 120 N. Pasadena Blvd. (behind Corrigan Center) Monday through Friday or at the Recycle Center on Saturdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. only. Garbage bags may only be purchased with a credit card at the Recycling Center. Recycle bags are sold only at the Sanitation Department behind Corrigan Center.

Please review this sheet to become familiar with the expanded options available in the use of garbage containers, cost and other sanitation-related issues.

Garbage service fees are also included in the water deposit and monthly water bills. Contact the sanitation division of the Public Works department for more information at (713) 475-7884. For a complete list of dates in 2015-2016 that are City holidays with no trash pickup, please click here.

Resident use of landfill
Pasadena residents are permitted to dispose of limited amounts of refuse in the city landfill each month. Residents are allowed to dump one (1) 2-cubic yd. load (approx. a 1/2 ton pickup load) of residential refuse at the municipal dump at 550 Old Genoa-Red Bluff Rd. The total amount of refuse must not exceed the height to the top of the truck frame and the refuse must be covered with a tarp. Should the amount of refuse exceed 2-cubic yards, the minimum charge may vary but starts at $37.94.

In order to dispose of your refuse without cost, you MUST have a valid Texas driver’s license and a current original Pasadena water bill with matching water bill address that reflects your driver’s license information with you at the time you are dropping off the refuse. NO COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Commercial refuse is not permitted under this rule and any refuse that is not covered with a tarp will incur a $10 surcharge. This privilege expires 20 days from water bill due date.

PLEASE NOTE You MUST have a hard hat and safety vest to access the landfill; these are OSHA regulations. If you do not bring these items with you, you may purchase them at the landfill. Hard hats are sold for $15.94 each and safety vests are sold for $5.31 each. They DO NOT rent or loan them out due to health reasons.

Landfill hours are as follows. You may call 281-464-9797 for further information.

The city encourages all its citizens to recycle through two programs. In a partnership with Waste Management. the City has established a recycling drop-off point:

HOURS FOR GARBAGE BAG SALES: Garbage bags may be purchased between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. only on Saturdays. Garbage bags may only be purchased with a credit card at the Recycling Center. You must have a current water bill with a valid Texas Drivers License that matches the name on your water bill.

Paper, Plastics, Aluminum, Glass Participants may recycle newspaper, plastic, glass, and aluminum using the bins th ere. For computer and household hazardous waste pick up, please call the Sanitation Department at (713) 475-7884 to make an appointment for pick up.
The City has established a curbside recycling program through Waste Management that encompasses the area south of Spencer. Also included is the area north of Spencer, west of Shaver, south of Southmore and east of Richey. Residents in these areas will now have all recyclables picked up each week on Wednesday beginning Feb. 6, 2013 using single-stream collection. Please view this information sheet to see what few items you need to exclude; all others may be collected in one bag.

New! Tips on what to include and what not include in recycling materials: Recycle Often, Recycle Right and Mixed Recycling

For a very helpful indexing of recycling information including TV and computer recycle opportunities, materials recycling and other helpful information, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has a recycling website with many resources to help you Go Green.


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Bettendorf Schools #bettendorf #public #library


See link above for times and dates
Grant Wood Elementary | Mark Twain Elementary |Neil Armstrong Elementary

2017-2018 School Year
1st Day of School – Wednesday, August 23

Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year will be opened July 6
Current parents, beginning July 6, look for link on the left side of your Parent Portal account.
New parents, please go to your neighborhood school to enroll your students. If you have moved over the summer, please provide proof of new residency to your student’s school building.

Three positions in the seven-member Bettendorf Board of Education are up for election this September.

School Board Election
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Learn More
Submit applications between July 10 – August 3 to the Bettendorf Community School District Administration Center, 3311 18th St. Bettendorf.

Category: District News

Groundbreaking for New Grant Wood Elementary

BCSD hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the new GW elementary school on July 20.

Category: District News

2017-2018 Events Calendars Now Available

2017-2018 District Events Calendars are now available! Stop by and pick one up.

Category: District News

2017-2018 Bett School Supply Drive

Help students start the school year with the supplies they need!

Category: District News

Sign Up for Run With Carl 5K / 5 Mile Run

Sign up for Run with Carl before August 1 and get $5 off registration!


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Book Database Software, catalog your home library #library #software, #home #library,


Easily catalog your home library – create your personal book database

  • Auto-download full book details and cover art, just search by ISBN or author title

  • Software available in web, desktop and mobile editions

    Book Database Software – catalog your book collection

    Automatically download book details and images Like author, title, publisher, genres, subjects & cover art.

    Just search our huge online book database. . by ISBN or by author title.

    3 home library solutions – mobile app, web-app or desktop software:

    I bought the package that included the desktop software and mobile app. I’m very impressed with both (and with your customer service). I’ll be sure to recommend your products to my friends. Kerry Snow (USA) on Book Collector

    The best catalog app

    I have had the desktop version for many years and now the mobile app and I love both. I don’t know what I would do without them as I own thousands of books. This to be the best way to catalog them including ebooks. L.M. W. on CLZ Books

    Very happy with it

    I really like this app. It’s very helpful. I’m a teacher and this app is an easy way to keep track of the books in my classroom library. SFM 2010 on CLZ Books

    GREAT app easy to use. A Google user on CLZ Books

    Simply the best. Period. Jeffrey Ryntz on CLZ Books

    I use their apps for books and movies as well as their cloud platform. Keeps my books in order from my iphone, desktop and ipad. Especially like the quick scan feature – allows uploading books quickly with photos and written blurbs – then you can edit if you wish. Also like the ability to sort by genre or subject. Great product! Gardenhat on CLZ Books

    I just scan the book barcode and it’s in my list, in alphabetical order by title. It doesn’t have older versions of some books whose isbns have changed since the initial publishing but you can still find the book by author and title. Adia Grigsby on CLZ Books

    Very happy with it. Catherine Bell on CLZ Books


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  • Careers and Volunteers at Monongahela Valley Hospital #monongahela #valley #hospital, #mvh,


    Careers Volunteers

    We are honored that you are interested in joining our team, TEAM MVH. The members of Team MVH are exceptional men and women who share a common commitment to service to our communities, excellence in clinical care and customer service that is second to none.

    Prior to viewing positions for which we are accepting applications or volunteer opportunities, please review Monongahela Valley Hospital’s STARS, our Standards of Performance. Our STARS, Service, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect and Safety, reflect our team’s expectations for each other.

    At Monongahela Valley Hospital, we value:


    We demonstrate the spirit of caring. We serve our guests above and beyond their needs. We provide the level of care and service we want for our own family. Each Team MVH member, regardless of position;

    • Answers any unattended telephone within three rings.
    • Responds to our guests in need of assistance by answering a call light or bed alarm.
    • Smiles and greets fellow elevator passengers, and if needed, patients and visitors come first, even if it means you exit the elevator.
    • Check with guests who are waiting to provide for their comfort.
    • Follows through and follows up. Delivers on what was promised.


    Each employee demonstrates commitment to co-workers by:

    • Treating each other with respect and valuing each person’s unique contribution to our Hospital.
    • Understanding that being rude to others is never acceptable.
    • Arriving at work on time and as scheduled.
    • Helping each other and never saying it’s not my job.


    Each Employee is committed to doing the right things right, all the time. Each employee:

    • Is responsible for the outcomes of his or her work.
    • Participates in problem solving by exchanging positive thoughts, opinions and information.
    • Seeks ways to improve the care of our guests.
    • Is willing to accept new roles, responsibilities and challenges.


    All Team MVH members treat others as they expect their family to be treated. We:

    • Treat guests and co-workers as unique individuals. We value diversity.
    • Maintain and protect guest and co-worker confidentiality at all times.


    Each team member is responsible for safety. Without exception we:

    • Follow all safety policies and procedures.
    • Use personal protective equipment as appropriate.
    • Report all accidents and incidents promptly.

    To view positions for which we currently are accepting applications, please click on the continue button below. By clicking on the continue button, you acknowledge that, in the event you are employed by Monongahela Valley Hospital, you will abide and adhere to the above standards of performance at all times. You also acknowledge that failure to comply with these standards of performance will result in termination of employment.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We Want You.
    Are you looking for a way to give back to the community? Monongahela Valley Hospital is continually recruiting volunteers for the Auxiliary of Mon-Vale Health Resources, Inc. the Ask Me! Greeter Program and for the Orthopedic Institute .

    The Auxiliary of Mon-Vale Health Resources, Inc.
    If you want to make a difference in the lives of your neighbors, there’s a place for you in the Auxiliary of Mon-Vale Health Resources, Inc.

    The Auxiliary’s members provide support services and amenities to the hospital’s patients and visitors as well as some of the youngest members of our community. Volunteer opportunities include:

    • Child Registry
    • Elevator hostess/host
    • Favors and crafts
    • Front Welcome Desk
    • Gift Cart/Shop
    • Inpatient Oncology
    • SameDay Surgery Confirmation
    • Volunteens

    For more information about the Auxiliary, please call the hospital’s Community Relations Department at 724-258-1234 .

    Ask Me! Greeters
    Anyone who is compassionate makes a good volunteer. At Monongahela Valley Hospital, volunteers serve as extensions to practically every department. Some people welcome visitors as Ask Me Greeters in the main lobby while other volunteers help assemble patient education folders. People who volunteer can work flexible hours – as few as two hours per week, once a month, etc.

    MVH recognizes that everyone has special talents and the concierge who manages the Ask Me! Greeter program matches each person’s talent or strength with where they can make the greatest difference in the hospital.

    The Orthopedic Institute
    The Orthopedic Institute at Monongahela Valley Hospital is changing the way that patients and their families experience joint replacement. This proven program is centered around the fundamental principle of wellness and volunteers play an active role in the patient experience. Volunteers work beside the medical and professional staff as they provide care to patients. They support patients – serving-one-on-one – sometimes even as an extended family ‘coach’ during therapy and group activities when needed. The Orthopedic Institute volunteers also assist with the pre-op classes, group therapy sessions, group and reunion lunches, preparing and cleaning equipment for physical therapy, preparing patient information packets and visiting with and encouraging patients.

    About MVH


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    Orthopedic Center in Providence, East Greenwich, Middletown, Barrington – University Orthopedics



    The Physical Therapists at University Orthopedics are important members of the multidisciplinary health care team. Upon referral to physical therapy at our Rhode Island offices, each patient receives a thorough assessment of his or her impairment and the physical therapist will plan a treatment regimen best suited to the individual problem. Read more.


    One of the key features that differentiates us from other Rhode Island centers that treat back pain, including low back pain and sciatica, and neck pain is the spine-specialized therapy department at the University Orthopedics Spine Center. Read more.


    Our hand therapy department provides specialized rehabilitation services for patients with upper extremity dysfunction due to trauma or medical conditions. Services are provided by registered occupational therapists that have obtained specialized knowledge of the upper extremity through advanced training, continuing education courses, and independent study. Read more.


    A home exercise program is typically customized for an individual’s specific back problem. These exercises can be done on the living room rug while watching TV. Other stretching exercises can be done throughout the day to increase flexibility. Read more.


    Injection therapy is intended to be a means to an end. The goal is to provide the patient with enough pain relief to bridge from inactivity to physical therapy, where orthopedic problems can be better treated with special exercises. Read more.


    The orthopedic center includes more than 25 board-certified orthopedic surgeons who are fellowship-trained, the highest level of medical training in the U.S. These specialists are clinical professors on the faculty of Brown University’s medical school as teachers of other new physicians, and leading the way with clinical research of the latest advances in orthopedic surgery and injury prevention.


    Our specialists use advanced surgical instrumentation to correct the injury, enables the patient to go home the same day to the comfort of their home. Every medical specialty has become “sub-specialized” with super specialists that have the most advanced expertise in their particular niche.


    University Orthopedics directs many clinical research efforts intended to innovate new orthopedic surgery techniques; new surgical implant devices that improve the success of various procedures; and new ways to prevent orthopedic injury.


    The physicians at University Orthopedics believe that just as they benefited from the educational training they received early on in their careers, they should return the expertise they gain through private practice by educating those coming out of medical schools who in turn take their expertise into the community.

    I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Mark Palumbo. I injured my back at work, had some disc issues with horrible pain to the point I could barely walk. When other doctors said I would not ever be able to work my very physical job again, Dr. Palumbo proved them wrong. I have been back to work for over a year now.”

    “I broke my left humerus in September 2013, I saw Dr. Got and he operated on me in October, it was a smooth recovery for me with the great team he had. I was back to work and back in the gym in four months. I would recommend anyone who experiences any bone break to go see Dr. Got.”

    Dr. Bliss is awesome. I’m so grateful to have a doctor who cares about me. He listens and is genuinely concerned about my injury. The facility is well kept and staff is wonderful. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”

    Amazing doctors, physical therapists, and facilities. The doctors are all very well educated and their staff are friendly as well. They also do a very good job of matching their patients to the physical therapists both in specialty and personality.”


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    Travel: LATE DEALS FROM BARRHEAD TRAVEL. Free Online Library #great #travel

    #barhead travel



    Page URL:

    HTML link:

    Flying from Glasgow on December 3, seven nights on Fuerteventura, staying at the three-star Oasis Dunas on self-catering from pounds 199 per person.

    Flying from Edinburgh on December 7, three nights in Milan staying at the threestar La Residenza Hotel on bed and breakfast from pounds 185 per person.

    Flying from Glasgow on December 8, seven nights on Gran Canaria, staying at the two-star Castillo Del Sol on self-catering from pounds 219 per person.

    For more information call 0141 304 5800 or visit www.barrheadtravel.co.uk Late deals from Direct Holidays

    Flying from Glasgow on December 12, seven nights in Tenerife staying at the three-star Tamaimo Tropical Aparthotel in Los Gigantes on all-inclusive from pounds 243 per person.

    Flying from Glasgow on December 11, seven nights in Lanzarote staying at the three-star Paradise Island Aparthotel in Playa Blanca on all-inclusive from pounds 412 per person.

    Flying from Gasgow on December 6, seven nights in Gran Canaria staying at the three-tar Cumana Apartments in Puerto Rico on selfcatering from pounds 233 per person.

    Call 0871 664 7764 or log onto www.directholidays.co.uk

    COPYRIGHT 2008 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

    No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.


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