Discover Canada Tours – Live the Adventure! #travel #sights

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Our Featured Tours

Rocky Mountains Spend 4-days in the Rocky Mountains and visit some of Canada’s most beautiful places.

Whistler Whistler is a popular year-round destination with endless sightseeing and adventure options.

Seattle Seattle is nicknamed The Emerald City with its abundance of evergreen trees, it truly is a beautiful city to explore.

Vancouver Office

Sightseeing Tours of Canada – Your Canadian Adventure Awaits

Created in 2005, Discover Canada Tours is a division of UNIGLOBE Specialty Travel Ltd (UST); a full-service travel management company based in Vancouver, BC offering sightseeing tours of Canada.

Over the past 8 years, we have established ourselves as experts in creating and delivering quality services and unforgettable sightseeing tours of Canada at affordable prices. We now cater to both international and Canadian travelers through a variety of tour experiences.


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Heritage Travel Online: Virtual Assistance – Live Chat. #plane #ticket

#travel agents online

Virtual Assistance Live Chat

how we can assist you

Our Live Chat is the best method for providing quick and fast responses to your questions. For this reason, our agents do not have the necessary time to provide you with assistance on more complex matters. In those cases, please email us using our support request and one of our agents will get back to you as quickly as possible.

how can I determine if the operator is online or offline?

When the yellow chat button at the top of each page reads live chat connect – online , this means that our operators are online and ready to begin a discussion with you. Upon clicking the button (see image below), you will be directed to our chat window to begin your live chat session with one of the Heritage Travel agents.

If the chat button reads chat d connect – offline , this means that none of our operators are currently available. If our chat operators are offline, you can still leave a message and one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible.

how can I begin an online discussion?

To begin chatting live with one of our agents:

If our operators are online, click the yellow button at the top of each page that reads live chat connect – online

A chat window will open. Select the department you wish to communicate with and enter your name. You will be able to begin chatting once the operator accepts your chat request.

As soon as your request is accepted, you will see a chat screen with the following items:

1. Preference options for sound, focus and text size

2. The area where your chat dialog is displayed

3. The input box where you can type your message

4. The send button to submit your chat message

5. The link to quit the chat conference

can I still receive help if the operator is offline?


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Bilingual answering services #telephone #answering #service, #24 #hours #live #receptionists, #after


24×7 Live Call Answering Service

Happiness is a friendly voice. Day or night, rain or shine, 365 days a year.

Hear the difference location makes

No call centers here, home offices only.
When workers love their location, you’ll love the results.

Your own customer service team,
at a fraction of the cost.

Your customers are in good hands. We have a team of professional, upbeat, friendly customer service experts ready to impress your callers and deliver your messages round the clock. The best part? We’re so good, both you and your customers will swear we’re in-office with you.

Live Answering. Always.

Unavailable? Not in our vocabulary. We never clock out.

Sleep Tight

Rest easy after hours. We can take a message or contact the oncall.

Capture Every Lead

No lead is getting past us. We’re the ultimate sales wingman.

While You Were Out

It’s okay to leave! We’ll get your messages to you, wherever you are.

Focus on Your Core

We’ve got your calls. You focus on what matters most.

Ditch the Voicemail

When it comes to making meaningful connections, humans trump robots.


We know the ins and outs of handling sensitive medical information.

Save a Tree

We’re a sustainable business. Get exceptional service you can feel great about.

Hold My Calls

Busy? Have an important meeting? Tap us in! We got this.

Get Notified via SMS

Your messages straight to your pocket. We’ll text you instantly.

Our team is your team with
seamlessly integrated technology

Call Scripts

Our voice, your blueprint.

Our voice, your blueprint. Let us know how you’d like us to handle each call scenario, we’ll take it from there.

Message Taking

Instant updates delivered direct to you.

Get instant updates with every call, delivered direct to your inbox, mobile phone, or relayed live. Your choice.

Your Business Details

Your business info at our fingertips.

Our customer service team has everything from your business hours to your location just a click away.

Appointment Setting

We’ll book them and notify you instantly.

Cloud-based scheduling keeps you up-to-date with every appointment booked and cuts down on cancellations.

Call Scripts

Our voice, your blueprint. Let us know how you’d like us to handle each call scenario, we’ll take it from there.

  • Message Taking

    Get instant updates with every call, delivered direct to your inbox, mobile phone, or relayed live. Your choice.

  • Your Business Details

    Our answering service team has everything from your business hours to your location just a click away.

  • Appointment Setting

    Cloud-based scheduling keeps you up-to-date with every appointment booked and cuts down on cancellations.

  • Faster answering time than industry standard


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    Genuine Readers #genuine #readers, #psychic #chat, #psychic #chat #rooms, #psychic #chat


    Start your psychic chat reading!

    Welcome Love and Light to you. I connect with only your birthday. I look at your energy and whats going on now to then see what will happen moving forward. We have the power of choice so we can always change out future just my changing our decisions. Allow me to see where your energy is steering you in life and in your relationships.

    If you are here, chances are that you are facing some difficult times in your life and seeking the answers to help you navigate your way through them.Thank you, blessings.

    I’m here to listen and to help, to allow you to feel the love, light and protection that is coming from and surrounding you at all times by the loving guidance of your own Spirtual Guides and Angels. I am here to act as a bridge between you and them. To allow you to communicate with them,and for them to be able to send there messages directly to you. Allow me to help you communicate with them.

    Being a lifelong Clairsentinent,I love to guide and help others along their life’s path. I use tarot and oracle cards, pendulums and intuition to guide my guests.

    Love Specialist: Victoria Love Can Tell All Past, Present & Future Events! Accuracy Guaranteed! Call Now. Free Connection time! Answers All Questions! Fast Typist! Satisfaction Guarantee!

    I have knowledge for you that will help you with your path and personal issues. Learn what may be preventing you from moving forward and how you can change it. Knowledge is power.

    Smiling is the first step to happiness.

    Hello there if you have any problems in any areas in your life, please come to me and I and my guides will do our best to advise and guide you in the right direction.

    See past restricting patterns and beliefs and manifest relationships and a life worth relating to.

    Hey! Yes you there reading. Need a great reading with a fast reliable reader? Then click here.

    Feeling anxious and don’t know exactly where this energy is coming from? Let my connection to the cards guide you.

    Confused about life? Wondering about love? Need help with a difficult decision?

    Trouble with love, family, relationship or any situation in your life? Remember everything happens for a reason. I am here to help you along the way and together we can help you get through it.

    Honest, accurate and caring – together we can find the answers you seek. Love, finances, career and much more. All you have to do is ask.

    Psychic reader with over 30 years experience reading people. I can help you find love and resolve conflict in your relationships. Can help guide you with career and money issues.

    I am a natural psychic and medium with over 15 years experience. I specialise in Tarot, numerology and clairvoyance. Allow me to answer your questions!

    Specializing in soul mate relationships, career decisions, and any matters that you have questions about. I am clairvoyant with over 25 years experience.

    I am here to answer any question(s) that you may have regarding love, money, career, etc. I am also here to provide guidance and reveal to you the TRUTH based on your past, present, and future.

    15 years experience, I specialise psychic vision, clairvoyance, remote viewing and tarot, I am here to provide clarity, support and guidance.

    Torn between many decisions and afraid to make the wrong one? Searching for clear and concise answers about your career, relationship, and just life in general? Let my readings assist you on your journey!

    I specialize as an Intuitive Psychic and read with the guidance of the Tarot. Personal life experience, as well as, my own spirituality enable me to assist you to make the right decisions.

    Allow me to guide you through this journey full of pain, tears and rocks but, also love, peace, joy and happiness.

    My readings offer clarity and compassion and help you reconnect with your Higher Self and sense of purpose.

    I’m very intuitive and use traditional spiritual teachings to find what you are looking for in your life.

    Hello. I am open minded psychic/spiritual mentor ready to assist you with anything life has brought to you I am open and honest and enjoy helping people Blessed BE!

    They say I’m devoted, professional and enthusiastic. My readings are much appreciated by my clients. Let me help you, you are just a click away from me!

    Love, money, health & happiness. Answers to your questions & solutions to your problems. Change your karma through powerful healings. Anything is possible. Chat with me now!

    Empathic & intuitive tarot reader, warm, open minded and prepared to give you insight without judgement. Fast, detailed and to the point.

    Love, marriage, break up, relationship issues? Don’t lose hope, it’s never as bad as it seems and it’s all happening for a reason. Let’s find it together!

    I am here to help you in whatever challenges or problems you are going through. I will not judge you in anyway. I am here to help you, not judge you. Please be prepared to hear the truth.
    If I see or sense anything that will upset you, I will tell you as compassionate as I can. After a reading with me, I will leave you in a better mental and emotional state. You came across me for a reason. Find out why now. Are you ready to know the truth? Are you ready to heal?

    Have questions about love, life, future, family? I have been doing readings for people most of my life. I would love to help you in any way I can. Join me online to learn about your future.

    Everyday is a new adventure with infinite possibilities. Psychic Ana provides top guidance on a spiritual level to meet your most important life questions and concerns.


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    Live operator answering service #answering #service, #live #operator #answering #service, #business


    Live Answering Service

    Having a professional USA based call center can keep your inbound calls from being dropped. You can have a local phone numbers or roll your calls to the service and keep in contact with your clients 24/7. Never miss an important call again! Relax, Answer Phone can pick up your calls when you are not available.

    How about a FREE 2 week trial?

    Answer Phone is so sure that adding a live answering service to your business will substantially improve your bottom line, that we will set up your account and give you 2 free weeks to try out the service! Call: 800-234-9395
    You can save dropped calls, capture previously lost hot leads and increase your bottom line. There is gold that can be found in your captured calls! Having all your calls answered (instead of being sent to a machine) will make your business more profitable and your clients happier. Most people hang up on machines. If you give them a chance to do business with you, they will! Get 2 weeks free service and discover what you have been missing, more revenue. Call 800-234-9395 to get started.

    Sign up for Your 2 Week Free Trial:

    Two Week Answering Service Free Trial

    With local phone numbers in hundreds of cities nationwide, we’re only a local call away from you and your callers.

    Personalized Answering Service

    It all starts with understanding YOUR needs. Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company or a one-person startup, WE CARE about providing customized telephone answering and call center services that are ideal for you and your clients.

    We’ll take the time to learn about your operations and explore, with you, options for meeting YOUR goals. We value simplicity, but if your needs are complex, you’ll have choices from an almost infinite set of sophisticated features seamlessly tailored to suit your company’s needs and desires.

    A Caring Voice

    Answerphone offers a full suite of telephone answering and call center services, including email and web-based apps, 2-way texting, voice mail, IVR, appointment scheduling / reminders, and much more. As live agent services are the heart and soul of our operations, we spend the time and money it takes to recruit, train and retain people that are among the best in our industry. When YOUR clients call, they deserve to be answered with as capable and CARING a voice as would be your own.


    Our online customer relationship management software enables you to input your schedule, update us on your status, retrieve messages and monitor call recordings, from anywhere in the world. We continuously update and upgrade our in-house technology and capabilities, so that YOUR choices and service features are always cutting edge.

    Flexible Answering Service Packages

    Answerphone provides comprehensive and customizable service plans for small businesses to international corporations, from medical offices to construction companies, and on budgets of just about any size: large, small, and everywhere in between. Whether you are in need of telephone answering or call center services, we have options that will WORK FOR YOU .

    Please contact us – We would be honored to have you join our community.


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    How to Share Screen in Live Meeting for Free #screen #sharing,


    How to Share Screen in Live Meeting for Free

    As we all know, real demonstration speaks louder than specified instruction in words, which also applies to an online meeting for attendees from different places. Hence, EZTalks provides you with 3 modes of free online meeting screen sharing.

    First of all, login EZTalks with your account and click “Start Meeting” on the main interface to proceed to the interface of virtual meeting room. Then click “Share Screen” and a window would pop up asking you to choose a mode to share screen.

    Mode 1: Share Your Whole Desktop

    Click “Share Desktop” to start desktop screen sharing and attendees can see everything on your desktop.

    Mode 2: Share the Window of Selected Application

    Click “Share Application” and select an application you’re running in the drop-down menu, then attendees can see just selected application instead of everything on your desktop screen.

    Mode 3: Share the Window of Selected Area

    Click “Share Area” and attendees can see a rectangle-size screen on your desktop screen. You can drag or alter the rectangle to share your desired area with attendees.

    Note. Whichever mode you choose, there’ll be a screen share toolbar in the top as the picture below.

    ① Click “Stop” to stop webinar screen sharing.

    ② Click “Pause” to pause sharing screen and click “Start” to restart screen sharing conference.

    ③ Click “Share Screen” to freely switch screen sharing mode mentioned above.

    ④ Click “Control by” and select attendees in the drop-down menu to request/share control in live meeting.

    ⑤ Click “Annotate” and a list of drawing tools would pop up allowing you to make annotation on the desktop screen/application/selected screen you’re sharing. Click “unannotate” to stop annotating.

    ⑥ Click “Chat” to open chat window and a second click on it would make the window disappear.

    • ezTalks Links All in One Meeting
    • ezTalks Cloud Free Plan Upgraded
    • Meetings with Up to
      100 Participants for Free


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    Best Live Chat Customer Service Software for Website #best #live #chat


    Convert your visitors
    to happy customers

  • CUGIC is a website live chat support software which is designed for small, medium and large scale businesses. Convert your visitors into happy customers through this amazing live help chat software. CUGIC offers you a customized chat experience through which you can track your visitors, send them proactive chat invitations, access and monitor your agent’s performance and much more. Since more businesses are now opting for top live support chat software, it is really essential that you must know how to handle different customers and provide them with the best required help.

    CUGIC is a live chat software website which is easy, fast and reliable. The amazing features offered by CUGIC strengthens customer engagement and transforms the connections between customers and businesses in real time.


    Live Chat Support Must Not
    Stop When The Chat Ends

    Resumed conversation

    With this particular Live chat customer support software you and your customer can now resume your conversation where you last left.

    All in one place

    CUGIC, live chat customer support software allows you to see your customer’s information, history and events all in one place.

    CUGIC Live chat is the fastest way to interact with your customers. Get started today with a free 14 day trial.

    Live Chat Support Provides Endless Benefits

    Show & Tell

    Communicate with pictures and portray a clear picture to your customers.

    Anywhere, Anytime

    CUGIC allows you to chat through any device. Now your customers can connect with you at any time and from anywhere.

    Instant Response

    Provide your customers with an instant respond and share the most relevant information that they are looking for.

  • CUGIC- An Online Live Web
    Chat Software Which
    Provides the Best Support

    Stay ahead of your customers

    Understand your customers’ requirements by knowing what page they are browsing and how you can help them when they are stuck.

  • Friendly greetings

    Proactively start the conversation with engaging messages and recognize your customer’s needs and offer instant help.

    No more transfers

    CUGIC is a live chat website software that knows who is the best person to assist you. Your customer in Munich will get in touch with CUGIC’s German speaking team for customer support.

    CUGIC, a live chat software website allows you measure not only customer satisfaction but also enables you to keep a track of your agent’s performance. With a detailed view of analytics and agents reports you can easily grasp how well the customer support is being done.

    Aim for the Wow Factor

    When your visitor is about to hit the ‘buy’ button, the last thing you’d want them to do is click away from your web page. CUGIC is an online live web chat software which allows you to connect with your customers in real time. Pick up from the last conversation or start a new conversation without letting your visitors click away from your website.

    CUGIC is a live chat website software which is helping businesses build real connections.

    CUGIC supports your customers on the go with its mobile and software friendly features. You can chat from anywhere and at any time through your favorite mobile device. It is a powerful live help chat software which is helping numerous businesses connect with their potential customers all across the globe. CUGIC live chat customer service software is one of a kind. It offers different features which makes the conversation worth visitor’s while. It is considered the best live chat software for website because of the highly dependable customer support solutions.




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    Atlantic Eye Institute: LASIK, Cataract, Eye Exams #eye #doctors, #eye #surgeons,



    Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery with the LenSx® Laser.





    Over the past 10 years, I have worked with over 30 Lasik surgeons in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee no one has better skills than The Eye Guys at Atlantic Eye Institute. It is a pleasure to be affiliated with this fine practice.

    Dr. Brian DenBeste. Founder LaserVue

    LASIK surgery made my vision better than any corrective lenses could ever do. The depth perception I gained from this surgery was such a shock; for the first time, I could see in 3-D! I don t have a problem seeing without any type of corrective lenses now, and I can see all of the plants in my house in vivid detail. What a great gift!

    Terry. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    For years I wanted to have LASIK surgery but never got the information I needed to pursue the surgery. I am thrilled with the results and only wish I had taken the time to get this information earlier! I couldn t be happier, and I would highly recommend LASIK at Atlantic Eye Institute to anyone. It is the best investment in myself that I have ever made. I feel and look younger and no longer have to deal with wearing glasses!

    Sharon. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    I really thought I d scheduled my LASIK just to get rid of those awful glasses, but I m stunned at the positive changes I ve seen in the quality of my life! I would recommend Atlantic Eye Institute in Jacksonville to everyone considering LASIK surgery.

    Kim. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    Having had amblyopia and been virtually blind in 1 eye, lifelong, it was amazing to have 20/25 vision with only a small amount of astigmatism after Dr. Shmunes performed Lasik surgery. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who experiences amblyopia or severe astigmatism or just wishes to see better without glasses.

    Terry. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    To all considering LASIK Just do it! I ve worn glasses and contacts all my life and recently had LASIK at Atlantic Eye Institute. I now see 20/15 in both eyes after only one day! Thanks Atlantic Eye Institute for taking such great care of my eyes and adding to my quality of life. I now can go to the beach or pool with my one-year-old boy, Hudson, and not worry about those glasses and clip-on shades.

    Joan. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    The whole experience was wonderful. The doctors and staff worked as a team, from the very first consultation to the actual surgery. They were very thorough in every process and answered all my questions and concerns. I am ecstatic about the new found freedom of seeing 20/20, 20/15 without the aid of eyeglasses or contacts. It s the best investment I ve ever made. It s a dream come true!

    Genna. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    I m one day out of my Lasik surgery and I can t say enough good things, not just about the surgery but also the level of care I have received. For anyone considering Lasik, I not only highly recommend the procedure but also Atlantic Eye Institute. Top-notch! Thank you a million for giving me the gift of sight, and for making me feel comfortable through every step of the process.

    Jessica. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    Had a scare with a possible retinal problem this morning. Kudos to the answering service, the on-call physician who called me back, and the staff at the beaches office for getting me right in. The answering service even followed up to make sure I had been contacted. All is well thank you for the excellent service (and peace of mind)!

    Mary. Ocular Emergency

    Just completed my last exam after laser cataract removal and lens implant in both eyes. I highly recommend the entire Atlantic Eye Institute group for your eye care. A special thanks to Dr. Duss and his surgery team. They were the best in giving me back my perfect vision professional, caring, instructive, and friendly. I will soon be 68 years old, but now I have the eyes I had back in my 20s! If you are suffering from cataracts, give these guys a call; you ll be glad you did.

    John. Laser Cataract Surgery

    An awesome experience! Dr. Diaz and the staff of Atlantic Eye Institute were beyond my expectations. They were knowledgeable, honest, and caring. All my eye measurements were triple checked before the surgery, so I felt confident in the process. All the options were discussed and possible limitations were thoroughly explained. I ended up with LASIK for my vision correction and I couldn t be happier. The procedure was quick and relatively painless and my vision is incredible. It has been a life changing event. I m beyond ecstatic with the results and the process. There aren t words to express the amount of gratitude I have for Atlantic Eye Institute.

    Angela. LASIK Laser Vision Correction

    From my first appointment until going in for PRK, Dr.Shmunes and the staff were nice, easy to understand and helpful. They made the process less intimidating and made me feel important as a patient. Everything was efficient and professional.

    Rusty. LASIK Laser Vision Correction


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    LiveAssistance – Live Chat for Travel Agencies and Reservation Desks #where

    #travel agents online

    LiveAssistance – Live Chat for Travel Agencies and Reservation Desks

    LiveAssistance for Travel Agencies and Reservation Desks

    Travel is an industry where people like to talk to a real person to confirm their reservations were properly made by the site. Having an operator available through an online chat system allows you to keep your customers happy by assuring them that all is well with their travel plans. LiveAssistance is a great tool for travel agents and reservation desks to interact with their customers to help them not only with the confirmation, but to help guide them, making sure that their trips go smoothly and worry free.

    Some Great Features

    Exit Surveys


    Fully Web-based

    After Hours E-mail

    Patriot Act Friendly

    Free Training

    Plus much much more.

    Using LiveAssistance on your site is simple. You just place simple HTML code on the appropriate page and your customers can click on a button and talk to someone. It’s that easy. And if there is no staff available, they can send an email message. No one needs to download any plugins or software. The system is completely web based and works in the older and newer versions Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera.


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    8 Tools to Help You Travel Forever and Live Rent Free

    #travel for cheap

    8 Tools to Help You Travel Forever and Live Rent Free

    Subscribe to Our Under the Radar Newsletter

    Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Promise.

    So you ve decided to do it. You have a friend or family member who can store your belongings for an undetermined period of time, you ve tied up loose ends, and your bags are packed. It s time to start traveling long term!

    But now what? You have a few family members and distant friends who have offered up a couch if you re in their neck of the woods, but surely they won t appreciate your arrival on their doorstep with no planned departure date in sight.

    How then, do you travel long term and not run out of money? Hotels are expensive over time, and finding rental accommodation in every city you visit is impractical. Heck — you don’t even want to pay rent at all! Hostels are a great option as they are much cheaper and it’s a great place to meet others on the road.

    Here are eight handy resources to help you get started on your long term travel adventure:

    Caretaker s Gazette

    By joining this service (annual membership is approximately US$30), you will gain access to a classified system of people looking for caretakers in exchange for rent-free living. The opportunities vary widely in scope from ranch hands, to organic farm workers, campground hosting, motel management, nursing for the elderly, to just plain house sitting. Locales for your next potential gig could be anywhere in the world, from numerous U.S. locations, to Australia, to Europe and even Micronesia.

    Some are paying opportunities, while others are simply work-trade arrangements for accommodation. Others yet will supply an additional stipend depending on your experience and the work entailed.

    This is what TIME Magazine had to say about the Caretaker s Gazette.


    WWOOF is an acronym for a number of different phrases, the most apt of which in my mind is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms . It is an international organization (located in over 70 countries) of organic farms, gardens, businesses, ranches, (you name it) where you can exchange your services for accommodations, food, and training.

    Required services include basic garden and farm maintenance, as well as cooking, teaching, caring for children, and handy work. There is usually some work suitable for anybody willing to adopt this lifestyle.

    Whilst surfing Wwoofing opportunities, you will likely also find links to volunteer organizations, and other similar work exchange opportunities. It s a great way to gain valuable experience, friendships, and to cover your living expenses in a constructive manner.

    Most countries require a subscription to gain access to their full listings and contact information of the hosts, and the subscription prices vary from area to area but are not over-priced for the value received.

    House Carers

    If you are happy to spend your vacation house-sitting for somebody else, you may find the right opportunity here. You will find lists upon lists of people requesting house sitters for periods of time from a few days to a few months, anywhere in the world. In many cases there are a few hoops to jump through in order to gain the opportunity with liability and bonding issues, and already living or traveling in the same country carries an added advantage.

    You can choose from the limited free membership options or the full US$45 one year membership, depending on your needs.

    Organic Volunteers

    Much like Caretaker s Gazette and woofing, you will find many worldwide opportunities to proverbially pick blueberries for a living . The prospects aren t limited to organic farms though; you will find hostel management jobs, artist retreat internships, in addition to various agricultural and permaculture settings.

    For US$20/year, membership will help you gain access to many great listings and a user-friendly system of contacting hosts and searching for opportunities.

    Couch Surfing

    Couch Surfers are a network of people who are willing to open up their homes and hearts to frugal travelers, as well as be those travelers when they are not hosting guests. The site prides itself on referrals and having only high quality members, and has a comprehensive program in place to ensure the safety of both traveler and host. But as with any chance to stay at a stranger’s place for free, a prudent amount of caution should be exercised.

    Global Freeloaders

    Similar to Couch Surfing, Global Freeloaders is a cultural exchange program for hosts and travelers. Registration is free, but members are required to be able to host as well as travel, so unless you expect to be able to offer up your digs as a host within six months of signing up, you are politely requested to wait.


    This is the original Couch Surfers and Global Freeloaders. Servas (meaning serve in Esperanto), is a non-profit non-denominational non-ethnic organization of good-will and cultural exchanges. It s been around for at least 50 years, and is recognized by the United Nations. In addition to being a network to connect people and places, volunteers around the world work in relief camps and advocate for peace through various projects.

    Hosts offer their homes and dinner tables for two nights (or more, at the discretion of the host) to travelers who contact them and who meet with their approval. Travelers must go through an exhaustive process which includes an in-person interview before being accepted to the program, as a way of screening for quality candidates.

    Once travelers are interviewed and accepted into the program, they are given printed lists or booklets of the hosts in their destination country (Servas is moving towards an online platform, but is not there yet). There are also membership fees which vary from country to country.

    Hospitality Club

    Free to join and internet-based, it appears to be the Servas of the online world. It is kept safe through a series of passport checks and online feedback systems with checks and balances.

    These are just a few opportunities in the world of long-term travel, as you will discover with a little research. I don t vouch for any of the services or programs, and a healthy amount of caution should always be exercised when accepting hospitality from strangers. However I think Servas says it best when they say: We are all friends. We just haven t met yet!


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