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Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Just like having your own in-house LMS Solution!

Informetica LCMS – Delivering training to your specific audience groups has never been easier! Whether you are training internally or selling training courses, you’ll want a scalable, dependable system with powerful tools. You’ll want Informetica!

Learning Your Way

Our LMS is not a restrictive, boxed solution. Informetica is customized and configured to meet your needs. Learning “YOUR” way!

” After researching numerous LMS and LCMS hosted applications, we found Informetica to be the most flexible, easy-to-use system for learners, managers, and administrators. ” read more

Lindsay Miller, Former Sr. VP

Certification Partners, client since 2001

” Informetica has had a major impact on our new business strategy by delivering certified training and testing to thousands of healthcare customers world-wide. ” read more

Tim Baribeau, Director

Assessment & Intelligence Systems, client since 2005

” Informetica allows us to build high quality SCORM-compliant courses host and deliver our online courses to our valued clients. It also gives us the flexibility to monitor learner progress through the generation of various types of reports. ” read more

Isabelle Groulx, Instructional Designer

Stantec Engineering, client since 2009

” Informetica is a great platform and Sencia is very receptive to customizing it for enhanced use. ” read more

Paul Lush – Former Corporate Training & Development Manager

Moniam Enterprises Inc., client since 2011

” Informetica allows us to build high quality SCORM-compliant courses, and host and deliver our online courses to our valued clients. It also gives us the flexibility to monitor learner progress through the generation of various types of reports. ” read more

Kavita Jadhav, Project Manager, Education

Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta, client since 2013

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

Lms ecommerce

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Learning Management System (LMS) Australia #learning #management #system, #learning #management #system


Why invest in a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Learning Management Systems are software applications designed to administer, document, and deliver online courses or training materials. Installing an LMS enables you to increase efficiency in all aspects of your organisation s eLearning processes. At Synotive, Australia s leading software development company. our team of experts delivers a scalable, configurable, and Australian-installed or hosted learning management system. Our LMS supports your business in the creation and transfer of online courses, training material, and other information. You will be able to provide robust eLearning, and manage everything from one portal. An efficient and easy-to-use LMS software such as ours also enables you to maximise time and cost savings by streamlining the process of learning management in your organisation. You can ensure compliance is met with industry expectations, and track performance of training courses with integrated tracking and administration.

An efficient learning management system can transform your organisation

When providing training courses online, a learning management system tailored to your organisation s requirements can save a significant amount of time that would have been wasted by completing administrative tasks manually otherwise.

Central data storage

Administrators can do away with cumbersome paperwork and access stored data in a central location at any time. Data that can be stored online includes training delivery, learner registration details, and performance reports, among others.

  • Tracking

    Various forms of tracking reports are available at the click of a button. These include specific training and test details, training commencement status, as well as training and assessment progress and completion.

  • Cost reduction

    Reduce time by offering certain components of a course online, or a blended solution. Learners can access the online courses anytime and anywhere at their convenience. This is beneficial where learners are spread across the country or globe.

  • Compliance training programmes

    Some organisations are required to conduct compliance training or risk heavy penalties. A robust learning management system allows managers to track staff undertaking the compliance training, and view reports and results.

  • How Synotive s LMS can assist you

    Our LMS will help your organisation with the monitoring, tracking and assignment of tasks with first-class blended learning programmes. Some key features included in our Learning Management System include:

    • Course catalogue management to provide your target readers with more in-depth details of the course
    • Secure storage of user information to safeguard your details
    • Easy maintenance with no assistance required
    • Online test creation and tracking of progress
    • Management of Certification Programmes for custom eLearning solutions
    • Built-in reporting tools to gauge progress
    • Online payment gateway to provide a simplified payment mode for hassle-free learning procedures

    Explore the capabilities of Synotive s Learning Management System book a demonstration today!


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    Online Training System: Definition #training #management #system, #lms, #build #online #courses,


    Online Training System

    Our training was up and running right away. FlexTraining really hit it out of the park!

    FlexTraining has set the standards for the industry; all others fall short of its quality and appearance.

    Got Courses?

    Over three million online learners have learned with FlexTraining, with a growing customer base on six continents.

    Our flexible, secure management framework has been adopted by companies from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups, and by government departments and non-profits of every size.

    Your custom online courses can be created by our experienced team, or you can easily build them yourself using the integrated, simplified FlexTraining tools.

    Let us help you choose.

    Deliver Online Courses Without Programming

    • Optimized for both small and large organizations .
    • User-defined lessons and features put YOU in control.
    • Unlimited courses for about $3 per student per month.
    • Flexible and scalable from 100 to 100,000 users.

    Industry Briefs: Download/View These Short White Papers

    Train in the Cloud

    Reducing Training Costs

    What To Look For

    E-Learning Features List

    Advanced Learning Management

    • The ability to multi-brand login and training screens to support multiple organizations, clients or product brands.
    • Built-in course authoring tools and templates, including multimedia and narration support
    • Completion certificates within the LMS with dynamic real-time name, date and course information.
    • Pre-requisite designation and enforcement, with assigned curriculum per student or group of employees with similar job duties
    • Integrated E-commerce for course fees, activated in the learning management system on a course-by-course basis
    • Skill groups and tailored learning plans, with completion tracking, assigned dealines, and warning notifications
    • Flexible e-learning software, learner import and export facilities for integration with outside systems and personal spreadsheets.
    • Our narrated online demos will show you what a streamlined Learning Management System with advanced features looks like.

    Choosing the Right Learning System

    • How easily can you change the learning system’s behaviors and options – without programming?
    • Is there robust analysis reporting, and can you easily track the progress of individual students against a training plan?
    • Are you able to mix and match instructor-led courses and self-paced education in the same LMS?
    • Can the online learner track his progress and interact with subject matter experts?
    • Can you choose between hosting your training solution and keeping it “in the cloud”?
    • Will you be able to manage training for multiple departments with a single administrator, or with very few resources and no technical staff involved?
    • FlexTraining software and services have also been specially bundled for large enterprises, an option which we call FlexTraining-X.
    • Does the LMS occupy a very small piece of the cost-benefit analysis, as it should?
    • Everyone’s needs are different. Before you make a decision, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free no-obligation consultation.


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