Direct Travel acquires Chicago travel management company #tickets #airline

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Direct Travel acquires Chicago travel management company

By Emily Bader. November 14, 2014 at 11:25 AM

Direct Travel Inc. a travel management company with offices in Paramus, announced Friday that it has acquired Best Travel & Tours Inc. located in Chicago.

This is the company s fifth acquisition this year, it said in a news release, and follows last month s acquisition of Child Travel | Albany Travel of New York and Vermont.

“We were thrilled to see that our companies embrace the same unique management philosophy, Guy Bernacchi, CEO of Best Travel, said in a prepared statement. We leverage globally, structure regionally, and manage locally. I strongly believe this is a key compatibility. For our clients, becoming part of Direct Travel reinforces our unrelenting commitment to quality, service and value that has characterized our agency and people for over 45 years.”

Judy Anglada, executive vice president of operations and technology for Best Travel, will be president at Best Travel following the transaction.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.



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Travel Management #namibia #travel

#miami travel

Travel Management

The Department of Travel Management serves as liaison between UM departments, disbursements, designated travel agencies, and the travel industry. Saving travel dollars is important, but improving service and providing new travel benefits is paramount.

While we do not facilitate or arrange travel plans, the Department of Travel Management works tirelessly to provide the University of Miami community with the best possible travel information and access to discounts on hotel stays and car rentals.

To make travel arrangements, please start by contacting one of our Authorized Travel Agencies .


The University of Miami has launched a new Corporate Travel Card to facilitate the payment of University travel-related expenses. With the availability of this new card, departments will no longer have the ability to purchase airline tickets using the Ghost Card at the various agencies. Instead, employees will need to apply for the new Travel Card in order to pay for airline tickets and other travel expenses.


The Departmental Airline P-Card was created to provide a means to pay for air travel for non-employees, students and other groups traveling on University business. The card is issued by American Express within the UM P-Card Program. Download the Airline P-Card Fact Sheet or contact Accounts Payable at 305-284-2417 for more details.



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Ultramar Travel Management #kallada #travels

#travel in

Ultramar s Travel Counselors have an average of 20 years experience and 8 years tenure.

Our International Rate Desk specialists have an average of 25 years experience and 20 years of International faring.

Our VIP/VVIP Travel Counselors have an average of 25 years experience and 10 years tenure.

At Ultramar we approach crafting a staffing model for each customer based on our Convergence Counseling

methodology which blends the fulfillment of service expectations from multiple touch points (phone, email, online,

and providing 1st level support for technical questions) resulting in a true “one stop shopping” experience.

Our Travel Counselors are experts in our entire TravelSync technology suite and the industry s leading online

booking tools and are there to ensure your comfort navigating the online universe.

Operating from the strongest Service Level Agreements in the industry, your travelers are managed by our DEDICATED TEAMS – not call centers, meaning WE KNOW YOU. Our front line agents are EMPOWERED to handle most service issues under our NO RED TAPE policy eliminating the need to escalate. Travelers are managed by their same dedicated agent team regardless of the source of the booking (online/offline) and Itineraries are continually monitored to ensure that we can proactively TAKE ACTION in the event of any changes or interruptions to the booking.

Ultramar s large travel spend, long-standing relationships with suppliers and the unique high-yield quality of the travel spend of our clients, provides us with access to great prices and amazing deals that are simply unavailable otherwise. Ultramar offers a LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE. If we fail to secure the lowest available airfare meeting the traveler s criteria and within your travel policy at the time of booking, Ultramar will reimburse the difference between the fare obtained and the lowest applicable airfare.

Perks, Upgrades, Waivers & Favors! Ultramar s close vendor relationships and industry leverage provides for a host of value-added offerings including; Flight & Hotel Upgrades, Flight & Hotel Waitlist Clearance, Concierge, No-Show Bill & Fare Rule Waivers. Ultramar offers the added convenience and efficiency of an In-House Passport & Visa department that maintains standing daily appointments with the U.S. Consulate.

Ultramar continually monitors all active and upcoming bookings, alerting and notifying the traveler of any changes to their reservations. Be it a lost passport, missed flight, or any other unexpected predicament, Ultramar works to proactively find timely solutions to put things right and get you safely on your way.


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Travel Management Information Service (MIS) #cheap #flight

#misa travel

Travel Management Information Service (MIS)

Notice: GSA Travel MIS is offering CO2 Scope 3 Business Travel Report Training !

This training is open to government agencies, departments, and organizations. Topics include:

  • Logging into the GSA Travel MIS reporting tool and navigating to the CO2 reports;
  • Running the CO2 reports for the appropriate time periods;
  • Reading and interpreting the reports;
  • Pulling the relevant reporting information from the reports to populate the FEMP GHG Reporting Spreadsheet; and
  • A basic overview of the data environment and methodology behind the emissions estimations.

What is the Travel Management Information Service (MIS)?

Data is critical for managing travel spend, optimizing travel programs, ensuring compliance to travel policy, and monitoring traveler care. Travel MIS supports effective travel data management and utilization.

Travel MIS is a data management service that aims to identify, isolate, and mine multiple data sources to support agency decision making and travel data utilization across a variety of functions that include:

    Travel management; Policy; Conference planning sustainability; Strategic sourcing; and Much more!

Current aggregation efforts focus on ticketed and reservation data. To date, 103 federal organizations participate in MIS.

What are the benefits for federal agencies?

Travel MIS gives customers access to over 50 reports and dashboards. These tools empower federal organizations to:

  • Utilize data to make decisions that impact travel;
  • Report on travel activities and behaviors; and
  • Meet several annual reporting requirements, including the Premium Class Travel Report and annual scope 3 CO2 accounting exercises.

How can travel managers make it happen?

Agencies currently participating can access their data immediately through a secure, web-based portal.

Agencies not currently participating can be brought into the system within days.

GSA’s Travel MIS welcomes you to sign up for email notifications about the program.

Your Email Address

The shortcut to this page is


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Pharmaceutical Waste #california #medical #waste #management #act


Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products Events

4th National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) along with local law enforcement will be hosting another collection event. This event is an opportunity for the public to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs.

Date: Saturday April 28, 2012
Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm PST

Collection sites in your area will be listed on the U.S. DEA National Drug Take Back Initiative web page at in March 2012.

For more information on past DTSC sponsored symposia or PPCP related conferences, please refer to the Archived PPCP Events web page.

What are Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs)?

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) comprise a diverse group of chemicals including, but not limited to, prescription and over-the-counter human drugs, veterinary drugs, diagnostic agents, nutritional supplements, and other consumer products such as fragrances, cosmetics, and sun-screen agents. 1,2,3,4 The term PPCPs refers to the products we use for personal health or cosmetic reasons. 2 We swallow them, rub them on to our skin, have them injected or administer them to our pets. We get them with a prescription or purchase them over the counter.

Why is DTSC Interested in PPCPs?

PPCPs are an emerging issue. PPCPs can be introduced into the environment through many routes. 1,3,4 Treated and untreated domestic sewage containing excreted PPCPs and their metabolites following human use represents an important source of these compounds in the environment. Other sources which can potentially introduce PPCPs into the environment include: leaching from landfills following disposal of expired and unused products; disposal of expired and unused PPCPs in the toilet; release of unabsorbed externally applied PPCPs (e.g. lotions) to surface waters from activities such as swimming; excreta from animals including pets and other domestic animals; use of sewage solids and manure for soil amendment and fertilization; and industrial manufacturing waste streams.

How are These Chemicals Affecting the Environment?

The U.S. Geologic Services has reported that PPCPs such as steroids, prescription and nonprescription drugs, antibiotics, hormones, and fragrances have been detected in water samples collected from streams considered susceptible to contamination from various wastewater sources such as those downstream from intense urbanization or livestock. 5 Potential risk to aquatic organisms due to exposure to PPCPs in the environment has been identified as a primary concern given that aquatic organisms may be continually exposed to chemicals, including multi-generational exposures. 2,3 There is also concern for subtle effects on ecological receptors when exposed to low concentrations. For humans, consumption of potable water which may contain trace concentrations (in the part per trillion to part per billion) of various PPCPs has been identified as one of the primary potential routes of exposure. 5 To date, much research has focused on the potential for pathogen resistance to antibiotics and endocrine distribution by natural and synthetic sex steroids. 2,3 At this time, many unknowns remain regarding the potential for adverse effects on ecological receptors and humans from exposure to PPCPs in the environment. As new information becomes available, this will facilitate more detailed evaluations of the potential toxicological significance of the detection of PPCPs in the environment. More about the toxicological issues associated with PPCPs.

What are the Regulatory Issues Associated with Pharmaceutical Management?

For a long time, the regulatory distinction between hazardous waste (as defined in the law and by U.S. EPA and DTSC in regulation) and medical waste (with its own definitions) has hampered a truly environmentally-protective approach to the very complex issues surrounding pharmaceutical management. Only recently have environmental agencies begun to grapple with these issues. There are many levels of this very complex problem that, as a multi-media, multi-disciplinary scientific agency, DTSC intends to explore. More about the regulatory issues around pharmaceutical management.

How Can I Reduce or Prevent Releases of This Waste to the Environment?

Educate ourselves, family members, friends and coworkers about this emerging environmental issue. DTSC created this web page as an information portal on this topic and related subjects.

For most of us, we have been trained to get rid of old or unwanted drugs by flushing them down the toilet. This practice evolved from our desire to keep potentially dangerous drugs out of the hands of others, especially children. However, recent research is showing that this may be the least environmentally friendly method of disposing of old or unwanted drugs. The proper disposal practice may vary depending on county you live in or the wastewater agency that serves your region. Before disposing of old or unwanted drugs, consult your local wastewater agency or household hazardous waste center on the proper disposal practice for your area.

Other actions you might consider to reduce the amount of PPCPs entering the environment are to store your medications properly so they will be useful until their established shelf life. Pay attention to the storage instructions just as you do the dosage instructions.

For old or used pharmaceuticals, currently there is not a best pollution prevention alternative, elimination or substitution. Practice Greenhealth has a web page with information regarding pharmaceutical wastes from health care facilities.

Other DTSC Associated Activities

The Office of Pollution Prevention and Technology Development (OPPTD) is preparing the first SB14 Assessment Report on the pharmaceutical industries’ efforts to reduce hazardous waste. The pharmaceutical industry assessment report will profile each of the 27 California facilities captured by SB14 and listed under Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 2833, 2834, 2835, and 2836. Each profile will contain individual facility site information, its major waste stream reduction accomplishments from 1999 to 2002 and their projections for further reducing these major waste streams from 2003 to 2006. More about the SB 14 pharmaceutical industry assessment.

Citations and Links to Other Resources/Websites


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Excelsior College #bachelors #degree, #business, #management #human #resources, #degree, #degree, #earn


Management Human Resources

Human resources management gets more complex all the time. But there’s a simple way to get ahead in the HR profession: Earn a competency-based Bachelor of Science in Business (Management of Human Resources) from Excelsior College.

Built around current trends in human resources, this competency-based education (CBE) program at Excelsior allows you to earn your BS in Business through a personalized program of study that combines course-based learning, independent study, and earned external credits.

  • Course-based learning refers to Excelsior’s 8 or 15-week online courses in business, human resources, and other subjects that are directly informed by current trends in workforce development.
  • Independent study options help you pursue self-paced learning with study guides and practice tests before earning credit by exam. You can also simply test out of subjects you’ve already mastered.
  • Earned external credits are accrued through coursework completed at other institutions, military experience, college-level exams like CLEP and DSST, learning assessment, and workforce training and professional certifications completed before and/or during your enrollment.

Developed for career-oriented working adults, Excelsior’s business degree with human resources management concentration ends with a unique capstone that lets you demonstrate what you’ve learned through projects, simulations, and a summative exam.

Equivalent to a traditional business degree, this program gives you greater flexibility and efficiency through generous credit policies, while affordable tuition and low student fees keep your costs to a minimum .

  • Take flexible, online HR management classes that fit your schedule.
  • Transfer maximum credit for prior coursework from accredited colleges.
  • Get academic credit for professional training, military service, and experience.
  • Access financial aid, flexible payment plans, and other assistance that makes college more affordable.
  • Enjoy affordable tuition and fees. Find out how Excelsior will help you keep your costs to a minimum.

An Online Business Degree with On-Campus Quality

Excelsior developed its HR management classes with direct input from industry professionals. Our courses in the online bachelor’s in business concentrating in HR management program are led by faculty from top colleges across America, and we revise course materials regularly to reflect the most up-to-date HR management issues and trends. You’ll gain knowledge and skills that translate directly to the workplace, with expertise in:

  • Labor relations
  • Organizational behavior
  • Personnel administration
  • Cultural diversity
  • Negotiation
  • Labor law
  • Business communications

Excelsior’s BS in Business degree holds accreditation from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

As an Excelsior College baccalaureate-level business graduate you will be able to:

  1. Apply general and discipline specific concepts and methodologies to identify, analyze and solve business problems.
  2. Demonstrate an individual desire and commitment to remain current with and adaptive to changing business conditions through continuous learning and self-improvement.
  3. Demonstrate independent thinking, function effectively in team-oriented settings, and maintain a high level of performance in a professional business environment.
  4. Communicate effectively in a professional business environment.
  5. Perform ethically and professionally in business and society.
  6. Attain increasing levels of responsibility and leadership in one’s chosen career field.

We expect that as an Excelsior College baccalaureate business graduate you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate comprehension of the principles of accounting, marketing, finance, management and economics.
  2. Demonstrate comprehension of the legal and social environment of business.
  3. Demonstrate comprehension of the global environment of business.
  4. Apply ethical considerations to the obligations and responsibilities of business.
  5. Apply business tools to real-world situations.
  6. Employ information literacy techniques.
  7. Communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
  8. Apply business concepts and functions in an integrated manner.

120 credits required. 60 in the arts and sciences, 54 in the business component (to include a minimum of 21 at the upper level of which 9 must be in the concentration), and 6 in the additional credit component (to include the 1-credit Information Literacy requirement).

Courses classified as upper level must be junior-senior level (300 – 400) and can be classified as a business core, concentration, and/or business elective course

See the credit requirements in chart form :

Excelsior College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), 11374 Strang Line Rd. Lenexa, KS 66215; 913-631-3009; The IACBE is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE: Bachelor of Science in Accounting (NYS CPA track) and Bachelor of Science in Business.

IACBE Specialized Accreditation

Excelsior College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), 11374 Strang Line Rd. Lenexa, KS 66215; 913-631-3009; . The IACBE is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE: Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration.

SHRM Aligned

The Bachelor of Science in Business (Management of Human Resources) is aligned with the standards of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) .

Associate and Bachelor’s Programs FAQ



Excelsior College
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-5159

Washington DC Center
2000 M Street NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036





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Countryside asset management #countryside #asset #management


GIS and Mapping

The Region offers a number of mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services and resources.

Interactive Maps

  • GIS Locator. The GIS Locator has been updated! The new HTML5
    Viewer is supported by all browsers and will run on mobile devices.
    If you wish to continue to use the Silverlight version of the GIS Locator you
    can do so by clicking here (Internet Explorer only). As always,
    please let us know what you think by sending us an email .
  • Waste Management. locate Regional waste management sites and collection schedules
  • Historic Countryside Tours in Waterloo Region. historic and scenic wonders in each of the four townships
  • Walkability Map. show the relative walkability of neighbourhoods in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. The interactive map is also available for tablets and mobile phones .

Map Data Requests

Air Photos

The Region has air photos available for purchase. 262 sheets cover the entire region. Please refer to the Air Photo Grid Sheet Index for your appropriate tile. Digital versions of the air photos are also available.

Base Maps

Hard copy maps are available for purchase. Please refer to the price list of maps that are available.

Custom Mapping

Custom mapping services are available. We are able to customize a map or air photo to suit your individual needs for a minimal fee. Pricing depends on the complexity and size of the mapping request.

Digital Data

The Region of Waterloo has geospatial data for sale. Data is available in the ESRI ShapeFile format (.shp). Review the price list for more information.

Data is also available through the Region of Waterloo’s Open Data Catalogue .

Map Guides

Street Map Guide

The 2014 Street Map Guide contains up-to-date street information for the Cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo and the Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. The guide contains 76 map sheets covering the entire Waterloo Region with a street index for fast look-up.

Settlement Map Guide

The Settlement Map Guide provides maps of the main residential settlement and industrial areas in the Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich.

Historic Countryside Tours Maps

The Historic Countryside Tours booklets highlight the historical and scenic attractions of the four townships of Waterloo Region and is a great tool for cyclists, day trippers, heritage enthusiasts, local residents and visitors to the region. They are available in four separate accessiblemaps :

Or as a condensed high-resolution package of four maps.

The tours take approximately two to three hours to drive and include stops at heritage buildings, landmarks, scenic roads and trails, and more. The tours are now available for handheld and tablet devices .

Cultural Mapping Project

A region-wide cultural mapping project to create a cultural information database was undertaken in 2008 in collaboration with local Area Municipalities. The Executive Briefing of the Study and a full copy of the Final Report are available for download.

Maps to Regional Buildings

Base Map Directory

Click the links below to view the available base regional maps.


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Data Warehouse Automation – Master Data Management Solutions #master #data #management


With version 10, Kalido is now part of the Magnitude
brand: Magnitude MDM, Magnitude DIW, Magnitude
Information Engine and Magnitude Business
Information Manager.

Version 10 available now!

Forrester Names Magnitude
a Strong Performer

Automated information management solutions
that accelerate delivering business value
at reduced cost and risk.

Manage Data as an Enterprise Asset

Automated information management solutions
that accelerate delivering business value
at reduced cost and risk.

Manage Data as an Enterprise Asset

Automated information management solutions
that accelerate delivering business value
at reduced cost and risk.

Manage Data as an Enterprise Asset

Manage Data as an Enterprise Asset

Automated information management solutions that accelerate delivering business value at reduced cost and risk.

Manage Data as an Enterprise Asset

Automated information management solutions that accelerate delivering business value at reduced cost and risk.

Data Warehouse Automation

Master Data Management


Magnitude Software leads the way in delivering corporate performance management (CPM), master data management (MDM) and connectivity in heterogeneous environments. Magnitude’s MDM solution (Kalido) enables enterprises to rapidly combine disparate data from heterogeneous systems to deliver trusted master data for reporting and operations.

© Magnitude Software, Inc.


Austin, TX (Headquarters)

Magnitude Software
515 Congress Avenue
Suite 1510
Austin, TX 78701
Toll Free 1-866-466-3849

Press Media Contact:

Click to Email Us
Send us a message – we’d love to hear from you.


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What are the requirements needed to obtain a business management degree?


What are the requirements needed to obtain a business management degree?

What are the requirements needed to obtain a business management degree?

Typically, this program is formatted to achieve a four-year bachelor degree with 120 semester hours to complete. Business degrees can be specialized, including finance, accounting, economics and other business related fields, but a business management degree will give you a solid, base foundation to prepare you for a wider job opportunity. In addition to the business courses, a BBA will teach you the skills needed in leadership, technology and character building.

Business management is such a versatile career, you should choose the path that best prepares you to achieve your career goals.

  • Associate s Degree: Earning a two-year associate s degree in business management can offer you opportunities to break into the world of business. While you are working your way through a company starting at the ground level, you may advance in the company by obtaining a bachelor s degree.
  • Bachelor s Degree: A four-year bachelor s degree, such as a BA in business management, is generally your best choice for many reasons as most employers are looking for positions requiring this four degree at a minimum. Obtaining a BBA will inevitably open doors to maximum career climbing potential.
  • Master s Degree: For top-level positions, you will definitely want to seek a Master s degree. Employers seeking candidates for senior level positions are looking for those with advanced degrees. Typically, this additional education requires an extra year or two of schooling beyond the bachelor s level. Achieving a master s degree may become an option offered to you by your employer to seek that top position in your existing company you work for.

For more information on which schools offer the Best Online Bachelor s of Business Management Degree Programs, please, click HERE!

And, furthermore, if you are looking for the best programs in obtaining a Master s degree online in Business Management, please, roam around this list of the Top 20 Online Master s of Business Administration Degree Programs for 2016

Browse our Resources

  1. Get started with our Frequently Asked Questions section.
  2. Looking for the perfect online option? Searching for the perfect brick and mortar degree program? Visit our All Rankings page!
  3. Dig deeper with our business management school rankings per state.
  4. Please, visit our Ranking Methodology page to see how we retrieve our data.
  5. Visit our Features page for information ranging from “Starving Students ” to “Startup Billionaires “.
  6. Have suggestions for our page? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!


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APMP Professional Certification Program – Association of Proposal Management Professionals #proposal


Become APMP Certified

APMP offers the world’s first, best and only industry-recognized certification program for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency. Achieving APMP certification:

  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to a career and profession.
  • Improves business development capabilities.
  • Creates a focus on best team practices.
  • Gains the respect and credibility of peers, clients and organizational leaders and, in some cases, additional compensation.
  • Reinforces bid/proposal management as an important role within an organization and not as an ad hoc function that anyone can perform.

Your APMP Certification Plan

See which level of APMP Certification you can achieve, based on your industry experience. Each level builds on the prior level, and everyone must start at Foundation before advancing to Practitioner and Professional.

You Should Have

Proposal professionals with 1 to 3 years’ experience

Demonstrates an extensive knowledge and understanding of best practices.

Proposal professionals with 3 to 7 years’ experience

Pract itioner Certification

Demonstrates a mastery of how to apply best practices and lead others in their use.

Proposal professionals with 7 or more year s’ experience

Demonstrates significant contributions to an organization and/or the profession, as well as proven leadership and communications skills.

APMP Certification Levels, Exam Types and Costs

Each level is assessed in a different way, requires a minimum level of experience, and uses a process of examination and competency-based assessment, which is consistent and measured against worldwide best practice standards 1, 2 .

Type of Assessment

* As of June 2016

Register for APMP Certification

Click here to register and pay for the APMP-Foundation™ Level Examination.
Click here to register and pay for the APMP-Practitioner™ Level Assessment.
Click here to register and pay for the APMP-Professional™ Level Assessment.

1 The 2002 APMP Benchmark Study and the Business Development–Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM) are the basis for the international Bid/Proposal Manager competency standards. Capability Maturity Model and CMM are registered trademarks of the Carnegie Melon Software Engineering Institute

2 The APMP Certification program is administered by The APM Group Ltd. for APMP. The APM Group is a leading Accreditation, Certification and Qualification organization recognized internationally by government agencies.

Additional General Certification Information


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Management Degree vs #masters #degree #in #management


Management Degree vs. MBA?

What is the difference between our management degree and a traditional MBA? Program director Laura Wilcox answers this question and more for you here.

What is the difference between our master’s degree in the management field and a traditional MBA program?

The difference is primarily in program length, price, cohort structure with built-in community, and flexibility/accessibility.

1. We offer many, if not all, of the same core course topics that one would find in a traditional MBA program: accounting, communications, economics, finance, leadership, marketing, operations, organizational behavior, and strategy. The MBA, however, is ordinarily 20 courses and our program is 12. It is shorter, but we also attract working professionals with at least 7 to 10 years of work experience. Much more than the 2 to 3 years of work experience that students ordinarily have in traditional MBA programs.

2. The price for an MBA is roughly $60,000 (or much more for top tier programs); our degree is roughly $30,000. We offer students an outstanding educational value.

3. MBAs are usually full-time, on-campus, cohort programs that offer few part-time and online learning opportunities. Our courses are offered in the evenings or online so our students can continue to work. They don’t need to give up their jobs (and the annual income that goes along with those jobs) to earn a master’s degree. Our students can immediately apply what they learn in class to their jobs so they can put their education to work for them right away.

Top MBA programs offer structured cohort experiences that lend itself to community and networking. Our students may need to be more proactive in networking, but many appreciate the flexibility in choosing groups based on their interest or joining any one of the student organizations that support community building (Harvard Extension School Business Society, Harvard Extension Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Association, and Harvard Extension Management and Technology Society).

4. Our curriculum is flexible and accessible. We can easily add a new course in response to changing market needs and we try to make sure we have a number of courses offered in different formats to support learners of all types. We’re also fortunate to have excellent instructors from academia and industry who enjoy teaching our students. Harvard Extension School is highly regarded by employers and we offer all the relevant management courses at a convenient schedule and competitive price.

In sum, we believe that we offer the best continuing education management program in the country inspired by and designed for you, the working professional.

Have a question about our academic offerings?

Our Enrollment Services team can help.


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Workforce Management and Analytics Software #workforce #management #software, #workforce #analytics #software,


Org Charting and Workforce Reporting Software:
Free Trial Downloads

Download free trials of OrgPublisher Premier and OrgPublisher Executive for the iPad and experience the benefits of powerful workforce reporting and automatic org charting solutions — with tools built for all workforce employees from HR Generalist to Executives.

Live Webinar Calendar: Boardroom-Ready Analytics

This month we will be presenting on Boardroom Ready Workforce Analytics and Planning. See what type of data executives and decision-makers need for both daily workforce planning and strategic workforce analytics.

View and Analyze Your Talent On-The-Go with OrgPublisher Executive for the iPad

  • Access a wealth of easily searchable employee information such as organizational business unit, gender, location, position, name and much more
  • Work remotely using pre-published rollups of workforce data and industry-standard metrics from virtually any HRIS and ERP data source—even when offline or traveling
  • Evaluate talent performance, potential, readiness and flight risk information directly from an employee’s profile

Access a Wealth of HR Reports, including Headcount Reports, Succession Planning, Open Positions and More

  • Manage day-to-day operations of HR with a searchable directory of employee information, group hierarchy and global views and open position reports
  • Build and manage organizational plans with headcount reports, FTE vs contractor reports and span-of-control reports
  • Capatilize on workforce talent and resources with 9-box reporting, critical roles reporting and management potential reports

Don t Take Our Word for it. Hear from Our Customers


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IBM – Cognos Disclosure Management #ibm #cognos #disclosure #management, #financial #reporting,


Cognos Disclosure Management

Financial reporting and process automation

IBM® Cognos® Disclosure Management is a secure, collaborative, enterprise-scalable reporting and process automation solution that enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment. It enables organizations both large and small–from multinationals to midsize companies–to automate the collection of data in a single, dynamic reporting and analysis solution. Multiple participants in different departments can collaborate in the assembly of complex reports, working independently while ensuring that proper controls and approvals are in place. Cognos Disclosure Management provides integrated tagging to use on various regulatory filings, including Basel III and Solvency II “Full Measures”, and can create extension taxonomies with pivot based navigation for easy review.

  • Enterprise disclosure management —Combine financial data from a variety of sources with in-depth narrative analysis for internal and external reporting across any department.
  • Financial management process automation —Replace time-consuming manual processes with intelligent process design and automation.
  • Security, control and governance —Manage documents in a collaborative yet secure environment with visibility into the report generation process.
  • Multi-jurisdictional XBRL support —Enable multi-national organizations to use a single reporting/tagging solution.
  • Cloud-based deployment —Provide all the functionality of the on-premise solution with the flexibility of the cloud.

User object summary

Marry qualitative narrative analysis with enterprise data for internal operational reports, presentations and external disclosures.

Visibility and accountability

Provide visibility and accountability in critical reports for management and business leaders in a variety of formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents.

Cognos Disclosure Management screenshots

User object summary

Marry qualitative narrative analysis with enterprise data for internal operational reports, presentations and external disclosures.

Visibility and accountability

Provide visibility and accountability in critical reports for management and business leaders in a variety of formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents.

Enterprise disclosure management

  • Marry qualitative narrative analysis with enterprise data for internal operational reports, presentations and external disclosures.
  • Improve data integrity by integrating with a wide array of data sources, including cubes (OLAP) and relational tables (such as general ledger or data warehouse tables), as well as IBM Cognos Express IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.
  • Export tagged content into Adobe InDesign to create highly-formatted, brochure-style output, e.g. annual reports, etc.
  • Provide midsize companies or departments with an efficient, affordable solution to meet their reporting obligations with greater control and confidence–using Cognos Disclosure Management Express.

Financial management process automation

  • Automate internal reporting such as management reports, operational reports, board books, and strategic plans and forecasts.
  • Provide executive, financial and operational leaders with accurate, timely data and analysis to drive better, faster business decisions.
  • Update reports automatically in real time through integration with corporate data sources.
  • Refresh dynamic data queries from financial consolidation applications such as Cognos Controller, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), and more.

Security, control and governance

  • Enhance control over regulatory filings, global statutory and tax reporting, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and sustainability reporting, treasury management and other reports that are normally produced manually.
  • Ensure a single version of the truth by bringing together any and all enterprise data, such as BI and performance management data, into reports in a single, scalable solution.
  • Provide visibility and accountability in critical reports for management and business leaders in a variety of formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents.

Multi-jurisdictional XBRL support

  • Generate XBRL-tagged (Extensible Business Reporting Language) documents required for regulatory filings in GAAP and IFRS jurisdictions.
  • Produce high-value documents for EU required reports, including Own-Risk Solvency Assessments (ORSA), Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (SFCR), Regular Supervisory Reports (RSR), and XBRL-tagged, updated Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRTs) in the EIOPA framework release 2.0.1 et seq.
  • Tag financial data and commentary once and have it automatically flow to future reports to support multiple compliance mandates simultaneously.
  • Support industry-specific tagging requirements such as Basel III for banking and Solvency II “Full Measures” for insurance, plus Common Reporting Framework (COREP) and Financial Reporting Framework (FINREP) mandated by the European Banking Authority (EBA).
  • Create extension taxonomies and pivot based navigation to ensure easy review of XBRL documents. Create XBRL facts from Microsoft Office based objects comprising a report.
  • On-premise or on-cloud enterprise disclosure management solution that lets you choose the best delivery mechanism for your corporate environment—without sacrificing capabilities or limiting future deployment options.
  • On-cloud enterprise disclosure management that allows data integration with on-premise data sources.

Cognos Disclosure Management resources

Discover how you can transform the way you collaborate across the enterprise to collect data and merge it with robust analysis and insights using IBM Cognos Disclosure Management.

Learn how Cognos Disclosure Management helps finance teams merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

Extend the productivity gains provided by disclosure management solutions to your budgeting, planning and forecasting.

Learn how disclosure management solutions from IBM can extend the value of your existing BI tools.


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BK Wealth Management #bk #asset #management


W ealth embodies the application of know-how, acquired day after day and motivated by passion. Some can quantify it with a financial value. Yet first and foremost, it remains the result of your work, built with patience and persistence, An Art of Work.
Because we recognize its intrinsic value and high importance to you and your wish to preserve and to carry over your Wealth, we would like to offer you our expertise in the present…
for the future.

Ferdinand B. Bardoly-Küzmös,
Lic. rer. pol. CFA

After earning degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Fribourg – Switzerland and New Mexico State University, USA, Ferdinand began his career with Credit Suisse Private Banking in Geneva. Moving to the Chief Investment Office of Julius Baer Asset Management in 2001, he served as a strategist for two years. He was promoted to Portfolio Manager for Special and Value Style-Mandates (2003 – 2005) at Bank Julius Baer. Based on his expertise, Ferdinand was again promoted, this time to Deputy Head of Value Style Products and Co-Manager of the Global Contrarian Stock Fund (2005 to 2007). In 2007, Ferdinand was recruited to assume responsibility for the Central Eastern European (CEE) Markets in their Private Banking arm of Banque Pictet & Cie.

In 2009, Ferdinand established BK & Associates, a firm dedicated to close personalized attention to all its clients’ needs. He is a proud father and family man who devotes significant time to volunteer community work with the elderly and handicapped. In his free time, Ferdinand is an avid water polo player as well as being a scholar of contemporary art and world history. Since 2003 he has been a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder.


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Veterinary Software #veterinary #software, #veterinary #practice #management, #veterinary #emr #software, #vet


Web Cloud Based Veterinary Practice Management Software System

Onward Vet s cloud web based veterinary paperless software offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and elegant set of tools to make it easy to keep records, track patient progress and run a hospital. Learn more about what it can do for you.

  • Online Veterinary Software: Cloud Web based EMR/EHR and practice management
  • SOAP notes, email/text/postcard reminders, billing, estimates, customizable SOAP templates, Rx labels, wellness plans
  • Electronic signatures for estimates and consent forms on the iPad and Android tablets (no paper)
  • Patient records instantly available across all clinics within a large multi-hospital chain.
  • Electronic whiteboard and graphical treatment plan for all staff to view and update patient status across the clinic
  • Direct external lab interface (E.g Antech and IDEXX – Trend results)
  • Direct in-house lab equipment interface (E.g. IDEXX VetLab Station)
  • Advanced and comprehensive inventory management
  • Client portal (clients can print their own rabies/neuter/spay certificates, vaccination histories)
  • Specialty practice referral management module
  • Pre-loaded standardized diagnosis, procedure codes/descriptions and drugs/supplies data
  • Voice-to-text, and handwriting to text capability for faster note taking
  • We will transfer records from any existing software such as Cornerstone and Avimark.
  • If paper-based, our system allows scanning in existing patient records into the electronic database.
  • Bill payment and collection from patients
  • Appointments and reminders
  • Interact with your clients via client portal
  • Rx labeling printing
  • Inventory management
  • Client and patient data confidentiality
  • Hosted solution, no need for expensive in-house computers and software
  • All that is needed is a web browser
  • Web-subscription based, secure access from anywhere in the world
  • Access via laptop/desktop in each patient room
  • Data is backed up in secure servers in multiple locations
  • High quality and responsive customer service
  • Multi-language support for global deployment


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RBC Investor & Treasury Services #rbc #wealth #management #careers


Our Insights


The entrepreneurs using artificial intelligence to shape the future of the Canadian economy say we have to start preparing for the consequences of machine learning now.

Advances in artificial intelligence mean computers can now use machine prediction to learn and make decisions on their own, opening the door to a new wave of automation and the threat of computers taking over jobs or at least augmenting human capabilities in ways we can t fully anticipate.

This isn t something that we want to look at five years from now, because it would be way too late, says Noel Webb, founder of Karen.AI, a recruitment startup.

Webb was among a group of AI entrepreneurs who spoke at RBC Disruptors, a monthly forum on technology and how it s changing the way we live and work.

He said advancements in AI could have such a broad impact that every company and government needs to have an AI policy.

We re at a really great fork in the road here, Webb said. The public education system came up back in the first industrial revolution. It s been hundreds of years since we ve had to take a look at what it means to have a future of work.

Webb is part of the first cohort of NextAI, a venture initiative supported by RBC to startups in the field. He was joined on stage by other NextAI entrepreneurs: Shea Balish, founder of fitness-focused, and Nima Shahbazi and Krista Caldwell, co-founders of food logistics startup Deepnify.

All four noted the benefits and drawbacks of AI. For consumers, it offers the possibility of an entirely new range of personalized services including self-driving cars and automated personal assistants. For business, AI it offers the potential to improve operational efficiencies, predict consumer preferences and reduce human error.

Webb said AI can actually help humans by augmenting their skills.

His company s software reads every single resume submitted for a job he says companies receive 250 applications for every open position, on average and uses advanced algorithms to sort and filter them. It s far beyond keyword searching. He said Karen.AI s software can even predict personality fits.

The problem that we re solving is basically an administrative task, he said. The recruiter can really focus on what they want to do best: actually interacting with humans and imparting that judgment.

Balish, whose company uses AI to generate three-dimensional graphs from two-dimensional videos of athletes, said Rep.AI s services can save physiotherapists and doctors time during the diagnostic process. Caldwell said Deepnify, which uses advanced AI to optimize logistics and cut waste for fresh food in grocery stores, allows grocery managers to focus on more important work.

Yet AI could also prove destabilizing, accelerating the ongoing process of automation that has affected manufacturing jobs and even broadening it to new forms of work previously thought safe, such as the image recognition algorithms now analyzing X-rays or the natural language algorithms helping lawyers build legal cases.

There will be some job loss, but I think there will be new jobs created in the process, Balish said. It will create an immense amount of value within the economy, so the cost of a lot of things like your vegetables and your daily kind of needs is going to go way down.

Rep.AI s focus is athletics and the market for healthcare, and Balish said that improving health outcomes is one of the most promising areas of AI.

The policies that will be put in place and the foresight that s already being engaged by some of the top leaders in the world is on a positive trajectory, he said. But what I m most excited about is mitigating human suffering, increasing flourishing.

A new generation of AI research was kick-started in 2012 by a scientist working out of the University of Toronto, Geoff Hinton, and other Canadian researchers including University of Montreal s Yoshua Bengio and Richard Sutton made key contributions. Now, their work is the basis for voice assistants like Apple s Siri, the AI algorithms that beat world champions at games like poker and Go, and the self-driving cars already piloting around San Francisco streets.

– John Stackhouse, Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO


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RBS – Credit Card Online Services #online,services,management,credit #card,personal,banking,rbs


Credit Card Online Services

Sign up

It�s easy to sign up for Credit Card Online Services, and it should only take a few minutes.

When you sign up, you�ll have to create your own login details. You need separate details for Credit Card Online Services and Digital Banking.

You�ll get instant access to a limited version of the service. We�ll then send you an activation code by post. Use this the next time you login to Credit Card Online Services to get full access.

Credit card only customers

Sign up for Credit Card Online Services for our most comprehensive online credit card management service.

More than one RBS account

If you have an RBS credit card and another RBS savings, loan or current account, you can sign up for Digital Banking and Credit Card Online Services. If you don�t have an RBS credit card, you can still sign up for Digital Banking.

Common questions

What�s the difference between Digital Banking and Credit Card Online Services?

Digital Banking puts you in control of many of your RBS accounts, including your current account. It also lets you carry out some everyday transactions on your credit card account.

For example, you can view or download your transactions or pay your credit card from your current account.

However, Credit Card Online Services lets you do more. You can:

  • Monitor your credit card � keep track of your credit card spending 24 hours a day, including up to date transaction and balance details
  • Receive free alerts � to keep you up to date with your credit card balance and when your payment is due*
  • Use your credit card for more � pay bills, make a balance transfer and transfer money to your RBS current account or any other UK bank account
  • Pay your credit card bill � make a payment from any UK debit card
  • Go paperless � with online statements you can see and download statements from the last eighteen months
  • Manage your personal details � update all of your contact details online.

back to top

Can I use my Digital Banking details to access Credit Card Online Services?

No. To access Credit Card Online Services you will need to set up a separate username, internet PIN and password.

Who can use Credit Card Online Services?

To register, you need to be aged 18 or over and have an RBS credit card.

What happens when I register?

We�ll ask you to choose a username and create an internet PIN and password. You�ll need these details every time you login.

As soon as you�ve chosen your username and internet PIN, you�ll have instant access to your credit card balance and transactions.

We�ll send you an activation code within 7-10 working days. You�ll need this to activate your account and get access the full online credit card servicing management tools. To protect your security, we�ll send the activation code by post.

How do I activate my account?

When you receive your activation code, login and enter your code. You�ll then have full access to Credit Card Online Services.

Need a helping hand?

If you need help to complete your registration, just call us on 0345 301 6080 (Minicom 0345 3003699). Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls may be recorded.

*Your network operator may charge you for texts received whilst overseas

To sign up for Credit Card Online Services you need to have a RBS credit card and be aged 18 or over.

Please note that system updates will mean that Credit Card Online Services is unavailable for short periods in the early hours of the morning

Log in sign up


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Project Management Software, Manage Resources Globally With Online Project Management Tools


Project Management

Consulting project management software

Project Management

NetSuite OpenAir project management software enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to proactively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every engagement. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients, and reduced non-billable work.

Consulting project management software

Deliver Projects on Time and Within Budget

Create revenue and cost estimates for engagements, and use “what if” project planning scenarios to optimize price, margin, billing rates, and staffing. OpenAir project management software enables you to view pipeline reports, gaining visibility into future enterprise revenue and profit opportunities.

Increase Client Involvement

Deepen your client relationships with OpenAir project management software by giving them access to detailed project status reports. Project management tools including Gantt charts, exceptions reports and project status summaries give clients the information they need to remain proactively involved and up to date on project progress.

OpenAir’s Project Management Solution Integrates with Microsoft Project

A simple wizard lets project managers exchange plans between OpenAir online project management software and Microsoft® Project, retaining all dependencies, task assignments and other relevant project management data. This enables project teams to collaborate online, track time to specific projects and tasks as well as quickly and easily integrate project planning with resource allocation.

Project Management Library

Looking for more information on project management best practices? Leverage our library of white papers and learn how you can evolve your project management methods, collaboration and more. Professional Services Business Optimization—Learn key drivers for success for each element of the framework, actions that the PS organization can take to impact the drivers, a foundation for how a PS executive can move from tactical PS activities to strategically driving the PS organization to new levels of success. A Diagnostic Checkup for Your Services Organization—from project management and resource management to time and expense tracking and reporting, every PSO needs to reevaluate processes from time to time. Learn how to execute a checkup on your organization.

Case Studies

  • Consulting project management software
  • Consulting project management software
  • Consulting project management software
  • Consulting project management software
  • Consulting project management software
  • Consulting project management software
  • Consulting project management software


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Digital Asset Management, Open Source, Media Asset Management, Software, Systems, System,


Deploy your own Media Management Server with Razuna

The Razuna Hosted Edition is your place to sign up for a free 30-day trial to our successful Media Management Platform. Furthermore, we offer dedicated Media Server solutions. Click here to have our own hosted Razuna Media Account within seconds.

Razuna Hosted Cloud Platform

Digital asset management open source

Razuna 1.9.1 Stand-alone Server

The Stand-alone Razuna Server can be used to deploy Razuna. It is build on the Tomcat J2EE Server. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get Razuna up and running. It is the recommended path for new users.

Download Razuna Stand-alone Server

Digital asset management open source

Need support?

Razuna has been deployed by over 5000 organizations worldwide. They are all able to do this the fantastic support from the Razuna team. Contact us today or get support plan to get you up and running in no time.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna Search Server 2.4

The above Razuna stand-alone file contains the search server already! However, if you are upgrading from Razuna 1.7 or need to update to the latest Search Server application you can download it here directly.

Download the Razuna Search Server

Digital asset management open source

Source Code access (Github)

GIT access is meant for the advanced users and developers and provides access to the latest development release. If this is all Greek to you, don’t worry!

GIT access is provided on a read level. The code in the “develop” trunk always contains the bleeding edge release. Official releases can be found under RELEASES. Please read our github access guide on the Razuna Wiki to gain a complete overview of the Razuna Github Repository.

For the brave (and impatient) ones here is the Github URL to our projects:

Take me to the Github repository

Digital asset management open source

Need support?

Razuna has been deployed by over 5000 organizations worldwide. They are all able to do this the fantastic support from the Razuna team. Contact us today or get support plan to get you up and running in no time.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna is made available under a dual open source license. Please play fair. Thank you.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna walkthrough webinar

Attend a live product demo and see for yourself what Razuna can do for you and your team.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna Hosted Edition

Sign up now for a free 30-day trial of Razuna in the cloud.

Razuna Hosted Cloud Platform

Digital asset management open source

Need help?

Check out our Support Plans – We help with any kind of deployment.

Razuna Support Plans

Digital asset management open source

“Your tool is going to be the hub of our visual communications moving forward. We do work globally. “

Digital asset management open source

2017 Razuna. All rights reserved. Razuna is your solution provider for Digital Asset Management (DAM) / Media Asset Management (MAM) and Unified Data Management.

Digital asset management open source


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The Benefits of Integrating Your Inventory Management Software with Your Accounting


The Benefits of Integrating Your Inventory Software with Your Accounting and Back-Office Processes

Inventory management is about knowing what you have in your warehouse and where your stock is located. However, unless it’s integrated with your back-office systems, an inventory management system alone can’t effectively optimize your inventory, nor ensure the inventory asset value on your financial reports matches what is physically in stock at least not without manual intervention and reconciliation.

To optimize inventory management, leading companies integrate their inventory software directly with back-office and accounting systems. This integration provides a competitive edge with abilities to plan effectively, execute predictably with customers and minimize labor costs and errors associated with manual reconciliation.

Determining the right inventory management system for your business and a strategy for back-office integration requires assessing your needs today and your plans for future growth.

To achieve maximum benefits, your integrated solution must be real-time, flexible, transparent to users, reconcilable and scalable.

Why Integrate Inventory Software with Your Back Office?

The three key benefits to integrating your inventory management software with your accounting and back-office systems are:

  • Optimizing inventory to meet product availability and ROI goals
  • Providing inventory visibility to supply chain partners
  • Stating inventory accurately in financial reports

Although there are other benefits of integration between inventory and back-office systems, these three can provide significant impact to your company’s bottom line.

Inventory optimization: Having the right mix and the right amount of inventory on hand is paramount to both customer and investor satisfaction. Customers want fresh product on demand, and investors would prefer no working capital tied up in inventory. Balancing these conflicting objectives is tricky and carrying extra inventory wastes money beyond the initial material and labor investment.

Activities such as storing, counting and reworking inventory tie up additional working capital, and potentially reduce the availability of products your customers want. Planning the right level and amount of inventory requires your sales order, purchase order and planning systems to have real-time visibility of your inventory.

Supply chain visibility: Many companies are using supply chain partners to manage their inventory levels and customer shipments. To do so effectively, the inventory system must be integrated not only with the company’s back office systems, but also with supplier and 3PL, or third-party logistics, systems. By seeing your company’s fluctuating inventory levels, suppliers can ensure their product is available at your warehouse or 3PL when your customers need it.

Accurate financial reports: Ensuring your annual reports and tax returns are accurate is crucial for your investors and the government. Inventory value can be a significant portion of your stated assets and the recorded value in your books must match the physical value in your warehouse. The only effective way to ensure financial integrity in your company reporting is to integrate the transactions in your inventory system with your back-office chart of accounts.

What’s Important in the Integration

Inventory and back-office system integration must be real-time, flexible, transparent to users, reconcilable and scalable. Being real-time provides the best visibility to your customers and supply chain partners, and ensures that your financial reports are always up to date and accurate.

Users want the integration to be flexible and transparent, as continuous changes in business processes may require adjustments to the integration. Users don’t want to have to think about think about the integration, they just want it to work! Scalability is sometimes forgotten about during the integration design, but if neglected it will come back to haunt you when your company’s success overloads it with high transaction volumes.

The Path to Integration

The easiest way to achieve the integration objectives and criteria we’ve discussed is to find an ERP system with an inventory management module that meets your needs. If this is not feasible, the next best solution is finding an inventory system and an ERP system that were both designed from the ground up with open and flexible APIs.

If systems with open APIs that meet your needs are not available, you can still integrate your systems, but the integration may not be real-time and will require constant maintenance as your system providers upgrade their solutions. Even manual updating and reconciling between systems can work to keep the various systems in sync, but in today’s fast-changing and low-margin business environment, it will probably not work for very long.


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5 Free Inventory Software Solutions for Product Management, freeware inventory management


5 Free Inventory Software Solutions for Product Management

Many businesses depend heavily on accurate calculations of stock to conduct day-to-day operations. Fortunately, living in a golden age of technology, there are many solutions in inventory software. Free programs can help a business keep track of products, and can be evaluated with no financial risk.

These programs are usually simple to set up and use, and will certainly trump a clipboard accounting system.

The best inventory management software is multifaceted, offering an array of features, such as inventory movement history, csv file import and export, bar code scanning, access for multiple users, customer history, and discount tracking. The following are five solid options to consider.

1. inFlow Inventory

Freeware inventory management softwareWith a slick, intuitive interface and simplified work flow, inFlow allows users to keep track of inventory from initial purchase to sale.

The software offers bar code tracking and allows for inventory tracking from multiple locations. Businesses can set up raw materials tracking so that numbers of whole items can be kept track of via the individual parts needed for assembly.

Customizable fields and units of measurement allow the business to make the software perform to its market. Graphing, cost tracking, invoicing, and purchase orders are also offered by inFlow. The free edition even offers multiple users access to data in a read-only format. Support is in the form of quick-start guides and tutorial videos, and the site also offers help forums and a direct contact support option.

2. POS Maid

Freeware inventory management softwareAlexandria Computers offers its point of sale software as a complete tool for optimizing retail business.

It offers quick inventory setup, searching, and browsing, and features alerts for when stock runs low. Units can be stored in the system by weight, length, and other customized measurements.

POS Maid keeps track of items in multiple warehouses when necessary. Invoicing, pricing, and reporting are also included, and easy to use. POS Maid allows for import and export of Microsoft Excel data, and runs using an SQL database structure for enhanced speed. Customer support is offered for an additional fee.

3. Emperium Retail Point of Sale

Freeware inventory management softwareThis option offers an inventory database that can be used either in a storefront or a centralized, head office stock database that is networked to individual stores. Additionally, Emperium software offers e-commerce solutions, and integrates with a variety of accounting interfaces.

The software offers one-page purchasing solutions, bar code printing, and scanning; facilitates promotional pricing for customers; and allows for spending analysis. Emperium Retail Point of Sale is also very versatile, as the software is designed for inventory management of businesses ranging from grocers to health care providers, with an international scope and support.

4. Skyware Inventory

Freeware inventory management softwareSkyware Inventory offers inventory software with a dynamic web-based interface. The software is geared toward flexibility and simplicity, and is approachable by novice Internet and software users. Features include outbound product tickets, inbound inventory receipts, database filters for easy item location, database software export files, and transaction histories.

There is a help tab for pop-up support on any page, and a direct number and widget to contact the developers should an issue arise.

5. BS1 Enterprise Accounting

Freeware inventory management softwareThis freeware option has an interface consisting of toolbars and windows that should be easy for a Microsoft Windows user to comfortably learn. However, that simplicity understates the range of the software—inventory, sale tracking, and purchase orders are just the start. Packing slips can be printed and bills of sale generated from BS1 Enterprise Accounting.

Of course, given the name, businesses will also enjoy powerful accounting features built into the program. The versatility of the software makes its use suitable to range from corporations to small businesses, and it will be able to grow with a business start up.

These programs offer multiple options for businesses to try various inventory software free and then choose the features they need, without a financial commitment or time table. While several of these offerings do require upgrades for more advanced features, an up-front investment is not required. The business can expand its use of the software when the need arises and when it has grown comfortable using the software.

While a small business might benefit from a more flexible, simplified interface, such as Skyware Inventory, and large businesses might be better served by the flexible muscle of BS1 Enterprise Accounting or Emperium Point of Sale, all of these programs have a free entry point and can accommodate growing businesses that are looking for a free business inventory management solution.


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Change Management Templates #itil, #change #management, #remedy, #heat, #hp #openview, #itsm,


Sample templates such as:

  • Configuration Management
  • Interface Layer
  • ITIL – IT Matrix.xls
  • User Interface Requirements.
  • Best Practice Approach.doc
  • Change Management
  • Change Management.doc
  • Best Practice Integrated
    Solutions Management.vsd
  • HL – CMDB Internal
  • IT Business Process Model.
  • ITIL 1 Year.vsd
  • ITIL Model.vsd
  • ITIL Process.vsd
  • ITIL Service Management.vsd
  • ITService Management 2
  • Maturity Capability Blueprint 3.
  • General CMDB
  • Maturity Capability Blueprint 1.
  • Maturity Capability Blueprint 2.
  • Service Support Delivery –
  • Tracking and Controlling
  • IT Governance Model.vsd
  • NIST Controls Mapped.xls
  • ITIL Service Catalogue.xls

All content at this site is Copyright 2007 – 2012, Best IT Documents, Inc all rights reserved.

Screen shot ITIL files

Change Management Templates

All organizations are striving to do more with less, in this
effort they are looking at ways of optimizing and integrating
IT operations to improve success these 131 Change
Management and ITIL industry best practice template
documents, will begin this process:

  • Application Change Request Template.doc
  • Assessment and Approval of RFC.vsd
  • B C M Activation.vsd
  • B C M.vsd
  • Change Management Overview.doc
  • Business Rejected Change Escalation.doc
  • CAB Checklist.doc
  • Capacity Management Flowchart.vsd
  • CCB Charter Template.doc
  • Change Control Template.doc
  • Change Management – Procedures.doc
  • Change Management Flows 5 pages.xls
  • Change Management Intro.doc
  • Change Request Instructions.doc
  • Change Management Process Flow.vsd
  • Change Methodology.vsd
  • Change Mgmnt.vsd
  • Change Recommended Lifecycle Process Flow.vsd
  • Change Request Form Process.vsd
  • Change Request Form.xls
  • Checklist Monitoring Services.xls
  • Change Request Process – Request Form.doc
  • Change Roles and Responsibilities.doc
  • CM Catagrizations.xls
  • CMDB Report Requirements.xls
  • CM Flow-chart.vsd
  • CMDB High Level Characteristics.doc
  • CMDB Project Plan.mpp
  • CMDB Rules.xls
  • Cutover Contacts.xls
  • CMDB.vsd
  • Cutover Conversion Plan.xls
  • COBIT Domain Processes.doc
  • Communicate Requested Change and Determine Impact.doc
  • Compliance and Configuration Management.vsd
  • Configuration Management Process 3 pages.vsd
  • Constructs.vsd
  • COSO Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Model.doc
  • Cutover Issues Log.xls
  • Cutover Templates.xls
  • Creating Business Continuity Plans.vsd
  • Final Cutover Checklist.xls
  • Problem Management – flow 2 pages.xls
  • Process – Incident Management.xls
  • Project Plan – IT Governance.xls
  • Flowchart of how to Control Maintenance Requests.vsd
  • Generic IT Security Program.mpp
  • High Level Process Change Classification.vsd
  • Release Management – Flow 2 pages.xls
  • Infrastructure Deployment Plan.mpp
  • Infrastructure Remediation Project.doc
  • Sample CRM Services.xls
  • IT Change Management.vsd
  • IT Framework.vsd
  • IT Service Request.doc
  • IT Website Schedule.mpp
  • Job Creation Request Form.doc
  • Maintenance Change Sample.vsd
  • Metrics Guide.doc
  • Participant Roles and Responsibilities.doc
  • Server Upgrades SOW.doc
  • Security Risk Assessment.doc
  • Sample Service Desk Catalog.doc
  • Project Risk Evaluation.xls
  • Quality Metrics Project Steps.doc
  • Sample IT Operations.doc
  • Request Incident – Management – Flow 2 pages.xls
  • Request For Change Log.xls
  • IT Change Management Plan.doc
  • Security Planning Template.xls
  • Sample Web Change Request Process.vsd
  • Search Technical Architecture.vsd
  • Service Management Considerations.doc
  • Vulnerability Assessment Overview.doc
  • The 4 COBIT Components.doc
  • Service Change Mgmnt.doc
  • Service Change Request Management.vsd
  • Service Desk.vsd
  • Vulnerability Assessment Spectrum.doc
  • Service Management CMDB Requirements.doc
  • SOP Change Control Network Planned.doc
  • System Enhancement Request.doc
  • Unifying Business Continuity.vsd
  • Vendor Problem Management Overview.doc
  • Vulnerability Assessment Methodology.doc
  • Vulnerability Assessment Use Cases.doc
  • COSO Testing Software Controls and Security Procedures.doc
  • CMR – Issues Management Tracking Form.doc
  • Change Management Support.doc
  • Change Management Process.xls
  • ITSM – Tool Requirements.xls
  • Standard Change Management Process Flow.vsd
  • Change Maintenance Window Matrix 3 Pages.vsd
  • Change Management – Post Implementation Review SOP.doc
  • Change Template Sample.doc

Included are ITIL Industry best practice templates such as:

  • Administration Requirements.xls
  • ITIL Timeline.xls
  • Release Manager Role Responsibilities.doc
  • General Requirements.xls
  • Administration Requirements.xls

Purchase and download all
solutions are %100
guaranteed satisfaction

Contact our sales for Special


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Supply Chain Management Degree in CT #supply #chain #management #degree


Associate Degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Associate Degree

Make your mark – with our associate degree in Supply Chain & Logistics Management. Our program will provide you with working knowledge and organizational skills that can be applied to all manufacturing and logistics environments. You will be prepared to manage distribution, inventory, packaging, and warehousing in manufacturing and other business environments.

An associate degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management covers the basics of supply chain management, manufacturing planning and control systems, purchasing, and the physical distribution of goods to customers. Team work and communications skills will be enhanced by use of problem solving and lean process improvement techniques to improve warehouse, distribution, and supply chain operations.

You will earn 61 college credits and along the way have the opportunity to receive nationally-recognized credentials from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) as a Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and as a Certified Logistics Technician (CLT).

Specific careers and professions available to the graduates of this program:

  • Cargo & Freight Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Field Service Representative
  • First-Line Supervisor
  • Inventory Manager
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Production Control Analyst
  • Production Planner
  • Purchasing Analyst
  • Shipping & Receiving Analyst
  • Storage & Distribution Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Traffic Coordinator
  • Warehouse Manager
Contact Us Today!

Leonard Walsh, Ph.D.
Program Director, Supply Chain and Logistics


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Supply Chain Management Review #supply #chain #management #chart


Premium access to exclusive online content, companion digital editions, magazine issues and email newsletters.

Become a PLUS+ subscriber and you’ll get access to all Supply Chain Management Review premium content including:

  • Full Web Access. All feature articles, bonus reports and industry research through
  • 7 Magazine Issues per year of Supply Chain Management Review magazine.
  • Companion Digital Editions. Searchable replicas of each magazine issue. Read them in any web browser. Delivered by email faster than printed issues.
  • Digital Editions Archives. Every article, every chart and every table as it appeared in the magazine for all archive issues back to 2009.
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PLUS+ subscriptions start as low as $109/year . Begin yours now.
That’s less than $0.36 per day for access to information that you can use year-round to better manage your entire global supply chain.

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PLUS+ Customer Service Support

Customer service for all PLUS+ subscribers is available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Eastern time.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-598-6067 (1-508-663-1500 x294 outside USA)
Mail: PO Box 1496, Framingham MA 01701-1496, USA

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To upgrade your subscription account, please contact customer service at:

Email: [email protected] Phone: 1-800-598-6067 (1-508-663-1500 x294 outside USA)

Become a PLUS+ subscriber and you’ll get access to all Supply Chain Management Review premium content including:

  • Full Web Access. All feature articles, bonus reports and industry research through
  • 7 Magazine Issues per year of Supply Chain Management Review magazine.
  • Companion Digital Editions. Searchable replicas of each magazine issue. Read them in any web browser. Delivered by email faster than printed issues.
  • Digital Editions Archives. Every article, every chart and every table as it appeared in the magazine for all archive issues back to 2010.
  • Bonus email newsletters. Add convenient weekly and monthly email newsletters to your subscription to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

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The Hackett Group Says Typical Procurement Organizations Need Digital Transformation

The potential cost take-out opportunity through digital transformation of the procurement function is dramatic, the research.

8 Fundamentals for Achieving AI Success in the Supply Chain In the race to use AI, many companies have made attempts to implement it, but the results have been disappointing.

APICS and Expand Strategic Relationship APICS and JD look to improve supply chain performance of the omnichannel retail industry by collaborating on a SCORmark.

How to Solve Inventory Pileup? Regardless of the industry, too much inventory is piling up, robbing companies of working capital and profit. There’s a.

Weak IT Infrastructure Threatens Supply Chains Successful companies will completely redesign their supply chains to incorporate sustainable inputs and reverse supply.

Best Practices for Seamless Integrated Transportation Management Few companies are putting transportation management best practices to work in their supply chain operations. However.

eBook: Best Practices for Fleet Operations Managing Cost, Compliance & Centralized Control


Regardless of the industry, too much inventory is piling up, robbing companies of working capital and profit. There’s a better way.

NAFTA Renegotiation and its Supply Chain Implications Explored

The first round of the negotiations among the United States, Canada and Mexico will take place in.

Resilinc Awarded Patent for supply Chain Risk Analytics and Vulnerability Maps

US Patent Number 9721294 protects the company’s unique supply chain risk analytics

Creating Holistic Supply Chain Sustainability: Not a Choice, a Given

When Oracle OpenWorld’s annual conference convenes in San Francisco this October, you can bet that.

The Florida Ports Security and Technology Conference Addresses Risk Mitigation

The Florida Ports Council is playing host to an event that addresses the most urgent concerns of all.


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Finance and Operations, Business Edition—Small Business Software #dynamics #365 #for #finance


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for
Finance and Operations, Business edition


Automate and secure your purchasing process

Monitor and control your purchasing process through automated workflows and dynamically updated inventory levels. Prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases by implementing approvals, plus modify a posted invoice in your financial management system and register the correction without hassle.

  • Create purchase invoices and orders to record the cost of purchase and track accounts payable
  • Stay in control of expenses by implementing advanced workflow and approval structures
  • Automate tasks for vendors to record your agreements concerning discounts, prices, and payment methods

Reporting and analytics

Get a complete picture of your business

Centralize your financial management data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions for an up-to-date, end-to-end view of your business. Make faster, more informed decisions when you’re guided by connected processes, predictive analytics, and real-time data.

  • Make fast, informed decisions with seamless Microsoft Excel integration
  • More easily track your KPIs by creating your own analyses on general ledger data
  • Chart your business’ performance in real time on your dashboard using built-in Power BI integration
  • Accurately predict your cash flow using built-in Cortana Intelligence integration

Project management

Keep projects on time and under budget

Perform common project management tasks and get all the data you need to help manage budgets and monitor progress. Track machine and employee project hours using timesheets, and access real-time data on available resources, such as employees and machinery.

  • Create, manage, and track customer projects with sophisticated job costing and reporting capabilities
  • Manage usage levels and profitability of resources by planning capacity and sales
  • Develop, modify, and control budgets to avoid over-expenditure

Operations—coming soon

Manage and optimize your supply chain

Streamline your operations and make smarter decisions by taking advantage of integrated manufacturing, warehousing, and service management.

  • Stay on top of warehouse inventory by tracking every item transaction or movement
  • Get quality products to market more efficiently with visibility across your entire production process
  • Deliver reliable service to your customers by tracking existing service agreements

Read the capabilities guide for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition. DOWNLOAD NOW

Grow your accounting practice

If you’re an accountant working with small businesses, expand the accounting services you offer with Dynamics 365 for Financials—an insightful, scalable platform that helps you connect and collaborate with clients while enhancing your productivity.

Tailor and extend Dynamics 365 across your business


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Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan – article about Sample Of


Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan – article about Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan

Refresh Articles Addictions Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan

The Sample of an Alcohol Treatment Plan

Combating against alcohol addiction can be a real hardship both for you and for your loved ones. Many treatment centers facilitate service for providing relief from the sprains caused by long years of alcohol abuse. The components of the sample of an alcohol treatment plan can be designed precisely by putting emphasis over each individual and their unique needs.

While designing the sample of an alcohol treatment plan, the planner first focuses on ‘initial intervention’ phase. In fact, this is the most essential component of an alcohol treatment plan sample. Without the initial intervention made by a professional interventionist, the treatment can not be progressed further.

It is the responsibility of the interventionist to offer motivation and inspiration to the individuals who are in need for alcohol related treatment. The interventionist can organize and institute the intervention in both effective and motivational fashion. An effective intervention leads to immediate detoxification and rehabilitation.

The next item that comes on line of a well-structured sample of an alcohol treatment plan is alcohol detoxification. The first step of detoxification is of course abstinence followed by an effective elimination of harmful physical and emotional effects of alcohol usage while managing painful and treacherous withdrawal symptoms.

When considering the detoxification phase, a residential treatment always overshadows non residential one in terms of appropriate management pains and critical side effects of withdrawal. The side effects, in some cases, can be so intense that it may lead to mortality. So, an effective sample plan of an alcohol treatment procedure must be prepared by taking these points under consideration.

The alcoholic denial is critically intense. So it is essential to understand the denial. Working effectively with alcoholic denial should be an integral component of the sample plan of an alcohol treatment. At this phase, when the body is free from the harmful effects of the alcohol, the patient should be exposed to understand the complexities of his problem.

In addition, the sample of an alcohol treatment plan should be designed in such a fashion that the treatment will provide the patient the essential space to reflect over his problem from his own perspective. Moreover, a successful plan must incorporate relapse prevention methodologies and enhanced recovery skills training program.

Usually, the ideal treatment plan should accommodate individual counseling and therapy, group therapy, family session, 12-Step meetings, recreational therapy, occupational therapy and many others. The success of the sample of an alcohol treatment plan also depends on sensible execution, expertise, knowledge and effective communication. Let your friends know about this article!About our articles.

a href=”” Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan /a


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Peace and Sport #sport #management #programs



I am proud to bring my High Patronage to ‘Peace and Sport, l’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport’ a humanist initiative that through sport, promotes a spirit of civic-mindedness, of dialogue and of acceptance necessary to ease tensions and establish peace in the world.

Confronted by major crises linked to the trauma of armed conflicts, extreme poverty or the deliquescence of social ties, we have a collective obligation, even an urgent duty, to act in order to improve the quality of life of millions of men, women and children whose suffering is a blemish on the advancement of our century.

In this uncertain world, sport and the rules of sport are a source of stability, education and integration for young people in vulnerable situations, thanks to the values of sharing, tolerance, respect and loyalty that it generates.

Since its inception in 2007, through daily action Peace and Sport has demonstrated the utility of a neutral platform capable of uniting and federating a multitude of decision-makers in politics, sport, economic and civil life around this conviction.

By fostering concertation between these actors, Peace and Sport helps to turn sport into an efficient lever to aid the emergence of sustainable peace in areas of the world that most need it, and to offer new horizons to those for whom the future seems obscure.

More than ever, confronted with the enormity of need, Peace and Sport’s action is useful and necessary.

I am convinced that this organisation, driven by a spirit of generosity and solidarity, brings vulnerable communities the possibility to surpass their differences and contribute to shape a more unified, more peaceful world, concerned with preserving the dignity of each and every man and woman.


Founded in 2007, Peace and Sport is the Monaco-based organization under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II. Its objective is to bring the structuring values of sport to the heart of communities in crisis throughout the world, making sport a vehicle for tolerance, respect and citizenship at the service of sustainable peace. The backbone of its action is a group of over 80 high-level athletes, called Champions for Peace who dynamically support the organization s activities at all levels.

In November 2011, Joël Bouzou was elected President of the World Olympians Association (WOA), the only international organization which unites all of the 100,000 athletes from 145 countries to have competed in an Olympic event.

Current President of the French Federation of Modern Pentathlon, Vice President and former Secretary General (1997 to 2012) of the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) and a highly accomplished Modern Pentathlete himself, Joël Bouzou has participated in four Olympic Games (Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992) winning a bronze medal during the 1984 Games.He won the World Championship title in Modern Pentathlon in 1987.

In 1991, Joël Bouzou founded the association “Rassemblement par le Sport” (“Together through Sport”) and created the “Champions in the Street” program, which helps the social insertion of young people through sport in city suburbs, using champions as role models.

A French national, Joël has been awarded the Legion of Honour (the highest decoration in France), and the National Order of Merit. He has also been decorated with the French medal ‘Médaille d’Or de la Jeunesse et des Sports’ (‘Gold Medal for Youth and Sports’).

In 2010, Joël was awarded a Diploma Honoris Causa in Humanities from the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa-Rica in recognition of “his unique worldwide leadership role in promoting peace and mutual understanding among different cultures, and his leadership of organizations devoted to these objectives.

Joël Bouzou is currently Advisor to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Administrator of the A.S. Monaco Football Club and Member of the IOC Sport and Active Society Commission.


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Logistics Manager Cover Letter for Resume #logistics #management #cover #letter, #cover


Logistics Manager Cover Letter

A logistics management cover letter is a synopsis of your notable experiences at the previous work-place, which could not find its place in the resume. In literary sense, letter brings you closer to the person you are referring to, gives him an idea about you as a person in a significant way. Your cover letter is brief reflection of your own. So in order, to develop an interest about you in your employer try to present a letter that makes first impression.

Logistics Management involves administration of supply chain functions, incoming and outgoing transportation management, maintaining the inventory, control and executes supply and demand strategy. Apart from these duties, there are some more which include coordination of other activities like efficient customer service, sourcing, procurement, production planning and scheduling packaging and assembly. In a nutshell, logistic manager will cover and integrate all functions with a responsible approach.

How to write a Logistic Management Cover Letter

Some guidelines to keep in mind before your start writing a Logistics Management cover letter:

  1. Be specific about the source of your information about the opening in the concerned organization.
  2. Do write some of your experiences, which helped you in getting recognition of your achievements and goals.
  3. Always keep your cover letter context specific.
  4. Use sensible but strong words with an optimistic meaning to attract the employer; after all you are competing for the post.
  5. Finally, do provide your contacts correct and complete about where you could be reached.

Sample Logistics Manager Cover Letter

Date: April 15, 2009

Dear Mr. William,

I came across your advertisement for the requirement of a Logistics manager in your organization from the local daily “New York Times” dated14/4/09. I am equally interested to apply for this position to help me to get through my career on a positive note.

I have worked for about three years in a back in a nearby suburb. Here, my responsibilities and duties involved planning the details of the day to day activities of my staff like looking into the incoming of goods, checking their condition from security point of view. executing orders to move the goods safely to the destined location. Coordination of all other side function like marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance and information technology as well assets management. My education includes a Master and Bachelors degree in Business Administration from California University. Apart from this, my personal skills include proficient time management, effective coordination and planning

I assure you of my best services if given a chance to prove myself in the interest of your organization. I will strive to the best of my ability and utilize all my skills to reflect a positive image of the company. Hope you will go through my resume attached herewith for your perusal and help me to get this coveted position to realize my dream to be a part of your organization. My contacts are provided above where you can reach me anytime.

Waiting eagerly for an affirmative reply from your side.

Paul Davis

  1. Resume
  2. Certificate of Appreciation

You can use this logistics manager cover letter as a template to suit your purpose and jot down a suitable cover letter in your favor. I am sure it will help you to get to the winning edge to get you the job you most desire.


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CRM FREE best free online CRM for small business #free #crm,


CRM FREE is the best free web based contact management (CMP or CRM), address book, calendar, document storage and sales & event tracking solution for small businesses, independent contractors, sales persons, human resource departments and anyone else looking to be more organized. Keep and share all contacts, calendars, employees, leads, clients, sales opportunities, friends, family, appointments, tasks, projects, notes together in one easy to navigate place online. Never be lost again.

Easy to learn and use. Get started for free and then decide if you want to upgrade to a paid version. CRM FREE is not filled with so many features you will never use that complicate learning and using it, rather the design is simple, allowing you to get going quickly. Enter a contact, add important dates, set a follow up for the next call or meeting on the calendar.
Take a video tour of CRM FREE.

Learn more and see screenshots of CRM FREE. Have questions on CRM-FREE or how it will work for you? Click the live support box to the right of the logo above and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Simple, easy to use, it’s the best online CRM to fit any need, user or office. Signup and get started in just seconds – for free. No long term contracts or signup fees, just an inexpensive pay as you go service if you choose to upgrade. Your data is safe, secure and yours. Easily import csv files or vcards. Export data to csv files or vcards, get a backup of your data at any time. All connections are through a secure server (even the free accounts) giving you the confidence to enter personal data without worrying if someone is watching. CRM FREE is brought to you by MSCC Corp, a leader in web based crm solutions for over 10 years.
Looking for free crm for life insurance agents. try VAM dB also from MSCC Corp.

Easily track Contacts, Sales, Projects and more.


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Programs for Weight Loss and Weight Management That Work #weight #management,


Ultimate Weight Management Programs

Weight Management Overview

The term weight management can encompass a wide range of issues, from eating disorders to overweight and obesity. With eating disorders addressed elsewhere on this site, this section will focus on overweight and obesity among adults.

First, it is important to understand that, as they are used here, the terms overweight and obese are neither subjective nor judgmental terms. From a medical perspective, an adult is considered to be overweight when his or her body mass index (BMI) is between 25 and 29.9. Obesity is defined as a body mass index of 30 or above.

It s hardly a secret that the United States has an obesity problem. In fact, it s not an overstatement to observe that this nation is in the midst of an overweight and obesity epidemic. Consider the following statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Between 1960 and 1980, the adult obesity rate in the United States was about 15 percent.
  • Between 1980 and 2008, the obesity rate more than doubled (reaching 34 percent).
  • Today, only one state (Colorado, 19.4 percent) has an adult obesity rate below 20 percent.
  • Eight states have obesity rates above 30 percent, with Mississippi (33.8 percent) having the highest adult obesity rate in the United States
  • More than 32 of men in the United States are obese.
  • Among adult women, the obesity rate is 35.5 percent.
  • Approximately 73 million U.S. adults are obese.

The obesity crisis in the United States has had significant impact in terms of both health and finance.

Overweight and obesity have been associated with a wide range of health problems, including (but not limited to), hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancers. Experts with Stanford Hospital and Clinics estimate that overweight and obesity are responsible for 300,000 premature deaths every year, and the CDC has identified obesity as the top health risk in the United States.

The Stanford experts also estimate that Americans spend $150 billion annually on obesity-related health issues.

Causes of Overweight and Obesity

At its simplest, weight management problems such as overweight and obesity are a matter of taking in more calories than are expended (or, in other words, eating too much and exercising too little). And in many cases, adults who are overweight or obese have adopted relatedly sedentary lifestyles while eating high-fat diets.

However, given the epidemic levels of overweight and obesity in the United States, the problem isn t always quite as simple as this. Sociologists, doctors, and other experts have put forth a number of theories regarding the dramatic rise in overweight and obesity over the past three decades.

In some cases, overweight or obesity is the result of genetic issues such as abnormal physiology or a hormone problem. Also on the biological front, body metabolism the process by which the body fuels continued growth may be impaired or impacted in a way that makes it difficult for a person to maintain a healthy weight .

Health issues that can lead to overweight and obesity include hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and Cushings Syndrome.

External factors also contribute to overweight and obesity. For example, studies have indicated that individuals who live in impoverished areas may be more prone to becoming overweight or obese.

This connection between poor neighborhoods and overweight or obesity occurs on two fronts:

  • Poorer neighborhoods are less walkable meaning that it is more difficult for individuals in these areas to get regular exercise.
  • Poverty-stricken areas are less likely to be served by larger grocery stores (which have better selection of healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables). Residents who do the majority of their shopping at convenience stores are more likely to purchase high-fat foods and other less healthy items.

Other issues that can lead to overweight and obesity include the taking of certain medications and the presence of depression or an inability to process stress and pressure in a productive manner. Many people use food as a way to elevate their mood or de-stress themselves, a practice which can quickly result in overweight or obesity.

Symptoms of Overweight and Obesity

As indicated elsewhere in this section, overweight and obesity are medical terms that correlate to specific body mass index (BMI) scores. Adults with a BMI of between 25 and 29.9 are classified as overweight, while those whose BMI is 30 or larger are considered to be obese.

Normal weight is defined as a BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9, while a BMI of 18.4 and below is considered underweight. (These classifications are for adults only. Determining whether a child or teen is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese involves determining where the young person s BMI falls on a percentile chart.

BMI is calculated according to the following formula: (Weight in lbs. x 703) / (height in inches) squared

Using metric measurements, BMI is calculated as follows: Weight in kb / (height in meters) squared

For those who prefer not to perform these calculations themselves, a number of online BMI calculators are available. Most online BMI calculators simply require you to input your height and weight, and the software does the rest.

Thought not necessarily symptoms of being overweight or obese, the following health conditions have been associated with overweight and obesity. As rates of overweight and obesity have risen in the United States, many of the following conditions have also become more common:

  • Type 2 Diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes was formerly known as adult-onset diabetes. The name change is due to the fact that more children are being diagnosed with this condition a development that many attribute to rising rates of childhood obesity)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart disease
  • Certain cancers (including cancers of the breast, colon, uterus, gallbladder and prostate)
  • Respiratory problems (including sleep apnea)
  • Liver and gallbladder disease
  • Gynecological problems
  • Osteoarthritis (a problem affecting joint cartilage and bone)

Treatment For Weight Management

Treatment for overweight and obese individuals will vary depending upon the causes of the weight management problems; the age, gender, and weight of the overweight or obese client; and the presence of any health problems that may have led to or been exacerbated by the overweight or obesity.

For cases where the overweight or obesity is the result of a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, or a combination of the two, treatment often involves nutrition education and a medically appropriate exercise plan. (Because overweight or obese individuals may be at increased risk for health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, and respiratory problems, it is important that they get the advice and approval of a healthcare professional before beginning an exercise regimen.)

For individuals whose overweight or obesity may have resulted from an emotional condition or mental health disorder (for example, those who suffer from binge eating disorder, or who have fallen into the habit of emotional eating as a way of coping with stress), therapy and counseling may be necessary in order to reprogram the client s food-related attitudes and behaviors.

In cases where counseling or therapy is called for, options may include any or all of the following:

Of course, if the overweight or obese individual has also been struggling with any physical health problems, these issues must be addressed as part of the person s overall health plan.

In some cases, losing weight may diminish a related health problem (for example, hypertension and joint pain may be lessened as one moves toward a healthy weight). In other situations, addressing a related medical condition such as an improperly functioning thyroid gland may lead to significant improvements in weight.

Regardless of the degree to which a person is overweight or obese, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider or weight management expert to ensure that one s efforts to achieve and maintain a healthy weight are done in a safe and sustainable manner.

Find a Treatment Facility

Find a Treatment Facility


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Performance Bonds #surety, #bonds, #management, #performance, #retention, #advance, #payment, #capital


Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds are Contract Guarantee Bonds, in which the guarantor undertakes to pay damages to a third party if there is a breach by his contractor. Performance Bonds issued by Surety companies are used to reassure Employers that the contractor will ‘perform’ in accordance with the Contract.

The ability to provide a Performance Bond from a Surety evidences to the beneficiary that the contractor has a strong financial covenant, enabling the contractor to win new contracts.

It is typically for 10% of the Contract Sum, to cover losses incurred by the beneficiary following a breach of contract, including contractor Insolvency, by the contractor.

They are typically required by contractors operating in the following industry sectors:

  • Construction
  • Property Development
  • Support Services
  • Facilities Management

Information required for a quote

Whilst no means exhaustive, here are the main items you will need

  • Bond application form, specific to the Bond required
  • Bank information form and facility details
  • Bond wording
  • Budget & forecast accounts
  • Current order book and pipeline
  • Last filed full report & accounts
  • Management accounts and supporting balance sheet

Wording check information requirements

  • Duration of works
  • Bond release event
  • Contract type
  • Contract amount
  • Beneficiary
  • Location of works
  • Bond amount
  • Proposed bond wording

Get in touch

As a Specialist Surety Services Provider, DRS specialise in the arrangement of Performance Bonds. We have an approved list of investment grade sureties (typically “A-” Standard & Poor’s or higher) to meet the requirements of Bond beneficiaries.

Please contact us


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EMD Technologies – Your healthcare solution provider #practice #management #specialists, #medical


Your Healthcare Solution

Our Practice Management philosophy is simple. We aim to improve effectiveness and efficiency within a healthcare provider’s practice, by removing tedious and non-productive tasks from the practitioner’s schedule as far as possible, leaving the practitioner free to give their patients the care they require. At eMD we strive to ease the management and automate all repetitive tasks, such as submissions and orders. Whether managed care is your goal or you work on a fee for service model, or even a combination, eMD is the only powerful integrated platform which allows one to work today without limiting one’s options tomorrow.

Practice Management Software

Healthcare providers need specific and focused solutions, with intuitive workflows and rich specialty specific content. With eMD Technologies, Healthcare Solutions is at our core. Trusted by more than 3000 practices and more than 87 provider types.


Providers have to watch over different dimensions simultaneously, balancing quality care delivery and moderating costs by tracking workforce and their financials. Keeping a record of all these dimensions is impossible without using a centralized system.

Debt Management

Our dedicated collections and billing specialists are equipped to provide an unmatched level of service. Using aging reports, electronic claims processing, and monthly status reviews, we customize your billing and collections process so it’s quicker, easier, and simpler.

Information Technology Consulting

The changing healthcare environment means that healthcare providers need to respond with rapid transformation. Learn how we can help you increase organizational flexibility, agility and responsiveness, while reducing costs.

Healthcare Advisory Services

The eMD advisory services team work interactively to understand the unique fabric of our clients’ organizations. We formulate solutions that ensure your vision becomes a reality. At the eMD Group, we design your tactical solutions through well-developed project plans.

Training Services

It is vital in any area of business to offer continual staff training to your employees. This not only helps your employees improve their position in your company but will also enable you to draw the full potential from your workforce, and unlock the full effectiveness from your practice.

Electronic Medical Records

An EMR contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider’s office. EMRs go beyond the data collected in the provider’s office and include a more comprehensive patient history.

Mobile Web Application

With our new web based mobile App you will have a birds eye view of exactly what is transpiring in your practice at any given time and from any mobile device anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Our Practice Management philosophy is simply. To improve effectiveness and efficiency within a healthcare provider’s practice by removing tedious and non-productive tasks from a healthcare providers’ schedule wherever possible. Simply put, the healthcare provider should only have to see patients. Our system will ease the management of tasks and automate all repetitive tasks such as appointments, claims and orders.

As an added value extension of eMD Technologies; we have introduced our eRecoveries Department. Our collection is done in an assertive and professional manner which includes the sending of highly customized debt collection letters and telephonic follow ups. We use a number of investigative techniques and resources to gather as much current information as possible.


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Employee Performance Management and Improvement: Grote Consulting #strategic #performance #management #system



Getting the Most From Your Performance Management System

Harvard Business School Videos

The Harvard Business Review engaged Dick Grote to be the subject-matter expert for two of their online tools, “Goal Setting ” and “Performance Reviews .”

The Goal Setting Tool answers these questions: What do your direct reports need to achieve this year? How will they stay focused on the most important tasks, committed to their jobs, and motivated to exceed expectations? At the end of the year, how will you know if they did a good job?

The Performance Reviews Tool presents a step-by-step process to help managers keep reviews accurate, straightforward and effective.

Performance Improvement Quick Tip

Years ago, in one of the first rigorous studies of performance appraisal, General Electric discovered that criticism for an individual’s performance doesn’t usually result in much performance improvement. What does work, the GE researchers found, was reinforcing the individual’s strengths and encouraging him to make even more use of those skills that were particularly well developed. Things haven’t changed. Building on strengths almost always provides better performance than trying to shore up weaknesses.

Client Quotes Case Studies

Read what our satisfied clients are saying about us and take a look at our Client Success Stories to see how we can help you. Below are three testimonials and case studies from American Airlines, Corus Entertainment and Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.

Grote Consulting has been instrumental in helping us launch our cutting edge performance management tool and process. Their reputation as experts and their dedicated responsiveness, depth of knowledge, and genuine passion for performance management made them our ideal partner.

Grote Consulting’s assistance in crafting our new performance management system gave us the finishing touches that we needed to launch a successful organizational and personal change program for current and future “Baylorites.”

Grote Consulting helped us achieve our goal of creating a truly blended performance management system with the development of a state-of-the-art performance appraisal process designed especially for the specific needs of our agency.!

Please Contact Us if We Can Be of Service.


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Cloud Computing Options #insurance #software,insurance #agency #management #software,insurance #billing #software,insurance #agency


“Cloud” Computing and Thin Client Solutions

As we find ourselves in an increasingly fast-paced and mobile world, our dependency on technology to provide real-time access to information increases as well. One of the most utilitarian advancements of technology towards this end has been the advent of thin client or ‘Cloud’ based computing systems.

In a nutshell: A thin client solution allows a computing device (PC, IPad, IPhone, Android device – aka the ‘client’) to ‘dial in’ to the desktop of another computer (aka the ‘server’). The user can then pass keystrokes and mouse clicks to the desktop of that computer, and receive screen shots of what the resulting screen looks like on the other computer (server) to their local computing device (client). It is called ‘thin’ client because you wind up passing very little data over the internet, just screen shots, mouse clicks and keyboard clicks.

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ appeared around 2006, and encapsulates the notion of thin client computing with the ability to securely store your data ‘somewhere else’. There are a variety of solutions available to your agency that provide thin client access to your local software, and provide automated methods to back up your local data to a secure, offsite location.

Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services) is probably the best solution thin client solution for multiple remote users to access your local data for long periods of time. It is also the most expensive requiring the services of a local hardware technician, a Server operating system (Windows Server 2003, 2008, etc. which can cost $800 or more), and Remote Desktop licenses – which run about $80-$100 apiece (although you typically get one license for free). The advantages of using Remote Desktop to dial into a Server based operating system are that it is more secure, less prone to data corruption, and does not require a separate computer for each person logging in.

There are less expensive (even free) solutions for people that need to occasionally dial in to the home office, or dial in one at a time. These solutions all require that there is a separate computer at the home office, for each person dialing in. Some of these solutions can be found at: and Each product has advantages and disadvantages regarding ease of use, reliability, supported client devices, and features; and there are several factors such as how printing and file transfers are handled between the ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’ versions of each software that must be taken into account. If you are considering one of these less expensive thin client solutions, it might be money well spent to hire a tech for an hour or so to help you sort out your options.

Another aspect to Cloud Based computing is the ability to securely backup your data by copying your files over the internet to a secure facility offsite, thus limiting your liability if your local location burns down, or is involved in a natural disaster. Some companies that offer offsite backup solutions for a small fee are and With a little help from a local tech – you can quickly set one of these programs up, and then have peace of mind that your data is stored securely ‘somewhere else’. Just make sure that your tech sets the program up to send the files over the internet at night, otherwise you will see your daytime internet speeds drop dramatically.

Of course Agency Software, Inc. offers turnkey hosting solutions as well. If you’d rather not worry about configuring your Remote Desktop solution, or making sure your data is securily backed up, we recommend the services of EME Cloud For about $30 per user / per month, DJ and his staff will web-enable your Agency Software applications for use on nearly any device, from nearly anywhere in the world. If you have questions, please fee free to give us a call at (800)342-7327 to discuss your Cloud Computing needs.


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Managed Print Services #managed #print #services, #what-is-managed-print-services, #ricoh #toner #cartridge, #what-is-a-print-strategy,


Managed Print Services

Why you need Managed Print Services?

Watch MPS Video

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Work with Green Office

What is Managed Print Service?

What is a Print Strategy?

What is a Print Assessment?

What is Total Cost of Ownership?

Our clients


Leaders in cartridges solutions

Let us collect your cartridges

Cartridges collections for everyone


Custom document
management software


Empowering people
through sustainability

Serving the community

Get involved

Green Office News

Having the right people is key to our success and we are always open to hearing from prospective candidates who may be interested in working for us as part of our proactive recruitment drive.
If you have the following skills we’d love to hear from you:

  • Sales – account management and business development
  • Business analyst
  • IT
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Service Technicians who are Ricoh certified with 3 – 5 years’ experience.

About us

Green Office is an innovative South African company that has reformed the office environment by pioneering complete document solutions which are customised to our clients unique needs.
What started as the remanufacture of used printer cartridges in 1997, has now developed into a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the document environment. Green Office:

  • Consult and implement on Business Process and workflow systems to reduce print and increase efficiencies.
  • Manages all aspects of a company’s print environment.
  • Supplies hardware and consumables.
  • Recycles and remanufactures toner printer cartridges.
  • Services and maintains a company’s printing environment.
  • Implements software to help a company manage its print environment solution, saving them the earth.
  • Incorporates all of the above into our own Managed Print Service (MPS) where a company gets all of these great offerings in one solution.

Our Values

Contact us


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CUREE Homepage #project #management #universities #in #usa


News and Announcements

The Winding Up and Dissolution of CUREE
A persisent lack of funding opportunities has led to the necessity of the winding up and dissolution of the CUREE organization. Strategies for trying to continue the non-profit corporation proved unsuccessful over the past several years, and this 2016 will be the last year of its existence.

Many have received research funding from CUREE over the past 28 years and have contributed to the success of multi-year programs such as CUREE-Kajima Joint Research, the SAC Steel Project, and the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project. Public education projects such as the permanent outdoor exhibition at the Golden Gate Bridge explaining engineering have also made a mark. But given the continuing funding shortages for university-based earthquake engineering research, it is time for the organization to conclude its operations.

Until the end of the year, all of CUREE publications are available at this website for free download. Please take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts. The online NISEE-PEER library at ( ) will also provide long-term access to many of these publications.

A digital archive of the CUREE publications is being made available for FREE download. The archive includes publications from the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe, CUREE-Kajima Joint Research Venture, the NEES Nonstructural Project, and much more.

Proceedings of the CUREe Symposium in Honor of George Housner

Proceedings of the Invitational Workshop on Seismic Testing, Analysis and Design of Woodframe Testing (CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project / W-01)

CUREE-Kajima (Phase III) reports including: Effects of Near-Field Ground Motion on Building Structures

Investigations of Thirty-Three Loma Prieta Earthquake Strong Motion Recording Sites –
United States / Japan Loma Prieta Earthquake Project (UJLPE)

  • NEHRP Seismic Design Technical Brief No. 11 –
    Design of Steel Buckling-Restrained Systems
    by Ryan A. Kersting, Larry A. Fahnestock, and Walterio A. Lopez

Produced by CUREE (in partnership with ATC) for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, t his Guide addresses the seismic design of steel BRBFs in typical building applications within regions of moderate to high seismic hazard, corresponding to Seismic Design Categories (SDC) C through F as defined in ASCE 7.

Because current standards address and allow only the use of BRBFs in all-steel frames, composite applications are not addressed in this Guide, but many of the same topics and considerations are applicable. [more ]

  • 2016 CUREE Calendar:
    The Aesthetics of Structures –
    Full color essay(s) written by Robert Reitherman and takes a look at a variety of structures, both beautiful, artistic and unusual.
  • Earthquake Damage and Assessment and Repair Project:
    General Guidelines for the Assessment and Repair of Earthquake Damage in Residential Woodframe Buildings *
    edited by Jon Osteraas

*Winner of the 2008 SEAOC Excellence in Engineering Award

  • Free downloadable version of the CUREE multi-volume papers on the Northridge Earthquake – a compendium of research on the January 17, 1994 Northridge, California Earthquake.

In recognition of the twentieth anniversary of this devastating earthquake, this special 4 volume set containing over 160 papers, including 19 commissioned overview papers summarizing research and implementation aspects, on Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Social Sciences and Emergency Management topics is now available for a download. [more ]

On this day in history, the August 13, 1978 Santa Barbara, California Earthquake occurred.


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Fresh Finance Group offer Best Deal Remortgages, Mortgages, Cheap remortgage quotes


Fresh Finance Group give REAL financial advice that’s regulated, we are not a price Comparisonsite!

Fresh Finance Group are able to provide you with an easy no obligation service to help you reassess your financial needs such as your mortgage protection arrangements. All you need to do is to enter your details on the form to the right and then submit it to us so that one of our experienced advisers can talk to you about your needs.

We are an established name in the financial sector with an ever-expanding portfolio of products designed to bring benefits to people who already own a home. Fresh Finance Group has an innovative approach centered on the needs of all our clients. Our emphasis is on customer care and saving money.

Lets not forget our aim is to work as hard as possible to ensure you get the most suitable deal. This is probably the reason why so many of our clients recommend us.

So why not let us do the hard work for you?

It is so easy, simply complete and submit the form opposite and we will get you the most suitable remortgage deal.

Within seconds our system generates a call-back from one of our experienced Mortgage Centre Consultants where they will require a little more information to arrange a no obligation consultation.

Maybe these facts may help you to decide.

Most of us could save £££’s each and every month by switching our mortgages.

It’s amazing how many of us will go miles out of our way to save a pound on the weekly shopping or a few pence on a tank of petrol but tend to overlook the huge savings we might make with a lower rate remortgage. With mortgage repayments usually our biggest monthly outgoing, even a small percentage lower could mean that the savings really begin to add up! Just think about how much you could save!

Shopping around for the best UK remortgage can be very hard work.

Given all the time, effort and frustration that shopping around for a remortgage can involve it’s no wonder many of us don’t bother! With 1000’s of different offers available it’s really hard work to find the most suitable UK remortgage deal.

If you are unsure about the best solution for you and need some assistance then please contact us or fill out the form on the right hand side of the page and we will contact you.

We feel strongly that our clients should be treated fairly. With this in mind we ask every single one of our client’s to complete a survey about the service they receive.

We are proud to say that 95% of our clients rate our service as excellent. Considering we are currently dealing with in excess of 1.9 million of mortgage business per month this is something we are truly proud of.

– Remortgages
– New Mortgages
– Raising Capital
– Debt Consolidation


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Population Health Management Solutions #population #health #management #software


The most comprehensive HIE-enabled population health management solution for traditional and value-based care.

ZeOmega’s Jiva Population Health Management Solution provides powerful flexibility and configurability to help any organization succeed in the transition to value-based care. Its modular architecture ensures that you have all of the tools and resources you need, when you need them, to customize the right solution for your needs and those of the people you serve. And its unmatched extensibility means it can grow and change with you long-term.

ZeOmega’s Jiva™ Helps Top Health Plan Increase Productivity and Save $3.7 Million

The nation’s leading health plan leverages Jiva’s integrated population health management solutions to streamline operations and lower costs

ZeOmega, founded in 2001, provides a powerful population health management platform for payers, providers and value-based care organizations. Our high-value, strategic solution is designed to integrate workflow, analytics, content and communication capabilities.

Our mission is to deliver proven health care management software solutions that enable our clients to enhance the value of health care and bend the cost curve. We deliver integrated informatics and business process management solutions such that actionable information can be delivered in real time, at the right time to all stake holders in the care management continuum.

More About Us


6200 Tennyson Parkway
Suite 200
Plano, TX 75024 USA


Learn more about Jiva™

Request a demonstration and find out
how Jiva can improve your population health
management one member at a time.


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What is database management system (DBMS)? Definition from #database #management #schools


database management system (DBMS)

A database management system (DBMS) is system software for creating and managing databases. The DBMS provides users and programmers with a systematic way to create, retrieve, update and manage data .

Download this free guide

SQL Server Import Export Wizard Step-By-Step Tutorial

In this expert-led tutorial, senior DBA and technical trainer Basit Farooq provides a step-by-step guide for using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard to transfer data between SQL Server databases and Microsoft Excel worksheets.

By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers.

You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy .

A DBMS makes it possible for end users to create, read, update and delete data in a database. The DBMS essentially serves as an interface between the database and end users or application programs. ensuring that data is consistently organized and remains easily accessible.

The DBMS manages three important things: the data, the database engine that allows data to be accessed, locked and modified — and the database schema. which defines the database’s logical structure. These three foundational elements help provide concurrency. security, data integrity and uniform administration procedures. Typical database administration tasks supported by the DBMS include change management. performance monitoring/tuning and backup and recovery. Many database management systems are also responsible for automated rollbacks. restarts and recovery as well as the logging and auditing of activity.

The DBMS is perhaps most useful for providing a centralized view of data that can be accessed by multiple users, from multiple locations, in a controlled manner. A DBMS can limit what data the end user sees, as well as how that end user can view the data, providing many views of a single database schema. End users and software programs are free from having to understand where the data is physically located or on what type of storage media it resides because the DBMS handles all requests.

The DBMS can offer both logical and physical data independence. That means it can protect users and applications from needing to know where data is stored or having to be concerned about changes to the physical structure of data (storage and hardware). As long as programs use the application programming interface (API ) for the database that is provided by the DBMS, developers won’t have to modify programs just because changes have been made to the database.

With relational DBMSs (RDBMSs ), this API is SQL. a standard programming language for defining, protecting and accessing data in a RDBMS.

Popular types of DBMSes

Popular database models and their management systems include:

Relational database management system (RDMS) – adaptable to most use cases, but RDBMS Tier-1 products can be quite expensive.

NoSQL DBMS – well-suited for loosely defined data structures that may evolve over time.

In-memory database management system (IMDBMS) – provides faster response times and better performance.

Columnar database management system (CDBMS) – well-suited for data warehouses that have a large number of similar data items.

Cloud-based data management system – the cloud service provider is responsible for providing and maintaining the DBMS.

Advantages of a DBMS

Using a DBMS to store and manage data comes with advantages, but also overhead. One of the biggest advantages of using a DBMS is that it lets end users and application programmers access and use the same data while managing data integrity. Data is better protected and maintained when it can be shared using a DBMS instead of creating new iterations of the same data stored in new files for every new application. The DBMS provides a central store of data that can be accessed by multiple users in a controlled manner.

Central storage and management of data within the DBMS provides:

  • Data abstraction and independence
  • Data security
  • A locking mechanism for concurrent access
  • An efficient handler to balance the needs of multiple applications using the same data
  • The ability to swiftly recover from crashes and errors, including restartability and recoverability
  • Robust data integrity capabilities
  • Logging and auditing of activity
  • Simple access using a standard application programming interface (API)
  • Uniform administration procedures for data

Another advantage of a DBMS is that it can be used to impose a logical, structured organization on the data. A DBMS delivers economy of scale for processing large amounts of data because it is optimized for such operations.

A DBMS can also provide many views of a single database schema. A view defines what data the user sees and how that user sees the data. The DBMS provides a level of abstraction between the conceptual schema that defines the logical structure of the database and the physical schema that describes the files, indexes and other physical mechanisms used by the database. When a DBMS is used, systems can be modified much more easily when business requirements change. New categories of data can be added to the database without disrupting the existing system and applications can be insulated from how data is structured and stored.

Of course, a DBMS must perform additional work to provide these advantages, thereby bringing with it the overhead. A DBMS will use more memory and CPU than a simple file storage system. And, of course, different types of DBMSes will require different types and levels of system resources.

This was last updated in January 2015

Next Steps

Different types of DBMSes require different levels of system resources, so it’s important to understand the types and categories of DBMSes. Expert Craig S. Mullins evaluates different types of DBMSes to help you with your purchasing decisions.

Find in-depth information to help you decide if a Relational DBMS. NoSQL DBMS or in-memory DBMS is the right fit for your organization.

Expert Craig S. Mullins reviews the top RDBMS products on the market to help with your decision-making process.

Continue Reading About database management system (DBMS)

Related Terms

flat file A flat file contains records that have no structured interrelationship. A flat file typically consists of a text file, from which. See complete definition Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system, or RDBMS, that supports a wide variety of transaction processing. See complete definition Quiz: Database Basics After reading the question, click on the answer that you think is correct. See complete definition


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Dashboard Software #dashboards, #excel #dashboards,dashboard #software,dataviz,excel #dashboards #software #excel #dashboard, #access

InfoCaptor Business Intelligence Super easy data discoveryDrag and drop visual analyticsBest Dashboard DesignerCreate Dashboard MockupsD3js based visualizationsFully web basedEnterprise ReadyScalable from department to 1000s of usersSuper AffordableGoogle AnalyticsSalesforceCSV FilesPackaged Data warehouse

InfoCaptor is an extremely competent product, capable of addressing many BI, data visualisation and analytics needs at a very modest price. Deployment can either be in-house or on the web, and in either case the interface is browser based. This is a pragmatic, ‘get-the-job-done’ solution without the surface gloss and high prices charged by other suppliers.
Martin Butler. Butler Analytics

Free business intelligence and dashboards

Why spend thousands and millions in business intelligence tools? InfoCaptor is free for Startups, Non-profits and students InfoCaptor the cheapest dashboard software

Excel Dashboard Software

Stop building dashboards in Excel! InfoCaptor provides a clear path to keep your data and dashboard presentation separate. Works with CSV, Excel or any TXT datasets

Rapid Analytics

It takes under 10 mins to build your first dashboard. Drag drop visual analytics does not limit you thinking in terms of X and Y axis. Rapidly change visualizations to see data from different angles. Keep what you like and package them into published dashboards.

Ad-hoc Visualization

Drag and Drop Visual Analyzer for self-service data exploration. Takes only few clicks from data to final dashboards.

Prototyping Mockups/Dashboards

Provides a prototyping and flowcharting engine for quick dashboard mockups.Free style placement of widgets.[no restrictive grids]


Projects and user groups for collaborative work. Embed dashboard or individual widgets LIVE on any web page. Integrate executive dashboards straight into your sharepoint portal or your website for live interactions

Data Sources

Variety of JDBC and ODBC sources including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, DB2, Progress,Sqlite,PostgreSQL, Hadoop Hive, Cloudera Impala and HTTP API for web services

Security and Data Governance

Enterprise user access control mechanism.Integrates with LDAP or Active Directory.Public or private dashboards.


Comprehensive library from pivot tables to bars, stacks,area and scatter plots. Hierarchical visualizations such as Circle pack, Treemap, sunburst and cluster charts. Trellis and small multiples.

How is InfoCaptor unique and different

InfoCaptor is simply a web based application that works on every platform [windows, linux/unix or Mac].

Web and browser based dashboard designer and bi tools are a must to establish a firm data-driven culture. Why spend thousands of dollars on each desktop license and then millions of dollars on server licenses?

Compared to other vendors like Tableau or Qlikview, InfoCaptor is extremely affordable.

  • Quickly upload CSV data and build Excel Dashboards
  • Simply connect to any SQL database and build live SQL dashboards
  • Use Hadoop connectors for Bigdata and make bigdata dashboards
  • Free dashboard software for Startups, Students and Non-profits

InfoCaptor Visual Analyzer enables you to rapidly browse datasets and spin it across variety of visualizations

No SQL knowledge necessary. No Technical skills needed.

Explore InfoCaptor’s Features and Benefits

  • Self service Adhoc analysis
  • Bird’s Eye view of entire operation
  • Quick prototyping
  • Public dashboards – accessible as web page URL
  • Dynamic dashboards with filters/parameters
  • Unlimited drill downs
  • In-memory packaged dashboards
  • Static dashboards for mockups and prototyping
  • Visual Alerts
  • Motion Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Sound Alerts
  • Flowchart and Prototyping Engine
  • Vector Charts – SVG and HTML5
  • D3js based advanced visualization
  • Awesome Visual Analyzer
  • Gauges/Dials for KPI monitoring
  • Bullet chart/graph for performance tracking
  • Bar charts/Group/Column bars
  • Line chart and Area chart
  • Scatter charts and Bubble Scatter chart
  • Circle Pack and Treemap
  • Chord and Sunburst
  • Cluster diagrams

Has InfoCaptor Convinced you?

If so, click to buy now, including 60 minutes of dashboard development for free!

Wow, This tool has amazing capabilities!

This tool has amazing capabilities and can analyze from simple spreadsheets to complex data sources with ease and that too in your browser. I can stitch several spreadsheets with ease by just copy pasting the required elements and analyze further.Visualizations are amazing. Great product for non enterprise users too! Parag Khadye – BI Manager at Accenture

Selected Media mentions

Selected People who mentioned InfoCaptor visualizations (you could be one)


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Hygienic – definition of hygienic by The Free Dictionary #talon #wealth




[ha d i n k] adj igienico/a


(the rules or science of) cleanliness whose aim is to preserve health and prevent the spread of disease. higiëne, gesondheidsleer عِلْم الصِّحَّه хигиена higiene hygiena die Hygiene hygiejne υγιεινή higiene tervishoid بهداشت hygienia hygiène היגיינה, גהות स्वास्थ्य विज्ञान higijena higiénia higiene heilsufræði; hollustuhættir; hreinlæti igiene 衛生 위생학 higiena higiēna kebersihan hygiëne hygiene. helselære higiena روغتیا higiene igienă гигиена hygiena higiena higijena hygien สุขลักษณะ hijyen. sağlık koruma/bilgisi 衛生(規定或科學) гігієна حفظان صحت کا علم vệ sinh 卫生(学)

hyˈgienic ( -ˈdʒiː- ). ( (American) -ˈdʒe- ) adjective

(negativeunhygienic ) free from germs or dirt. Hygienic conditions are essential in a hospital. higiënies صِحّي، واقٍ للصِّحَّه хигиеничен higiênico hygienický hygienisch hygiejnisk υγιεινός higiénico tervishoiu- بهداشتی hygieeninen hygiénique הִיגייֶנִי स्वास्थ्यकर higijenski higiénikus higienis heilsusamlegur; þrifalegur igienico 衛生的な 위생적인 higienos, higieniškas higiēnisks bersih hygiënisch hygienisk higieniczny روغتیایی higiénico igienic гигиенический hygienický higienski higijenski hygienisk ที่มีอนามัย sağlık kurallarına uygun 衛生的 гігієнічний حفظان صحت سے متعلق hợp vệ sinh 卫生的

hyˈgienically ( -ˈdʒiː- ). ( (American) -ˈdʒe- ) adverb

higiënies بِصورة صِحِّيَّه хигиенично higienicamente hygienicky hygienisch hygiejniskt υγιεινά higiénicamente hügieeniliselt بطور بهداشتی hygieenisesti hygiéniquement בְּצוּרָה הִיגייֶנִית स्वास्थ्य विज्ञानी higijensko higiénikusan secara higienis heilsusamlega igienicamente 衛生的に 위생적으로 higieniškai higiēniski dengan bersih hygiënisch hygienisk higienicznie د روغتیایی په ډول higienicamente (în mod) igie­nic гигиенично hygienicky higiensko higijenski hygieniskt อย่างมีอนามัย sağlık kurallarına uygun olarak 衛生(學)上 гігієнічно حفظان صحت کے لحاظ سے một cách hợp vệ sinh 卫生地


a. higiénico-a, sanitario-a, rel. a la higiene.


References in classic literature ?

A confessor had, for the last three years, directed Mademoiselle Cormon rather stupidly in the path of maceration; he advised the use of scourging, which, if modern medical science is to be believed, produces an effect quite the contrary to that expected by the worthy priest, whose hygienic knowledge was not extensive.

When Meunier’s visit was approaching its conclusion, there happened an event which caused some excitement in our household, owing to the surprisingly strong effect it appeared to produce on Bertha–on Bertha, the self-possessed, who usually seemed inaccessible to feminine agitations, and did even her hate in a self-restrained hygienic manner.

I was waked between two and three in the morning from my hygienic bed by Baxter in an ulster over orange and white pyjamas, which I should never have suspected from his character.

Come on, my hygienic model, and let us see you,” said her uncle, with an approving glance, as she walked in, looking so mischievously merry, that it was evident she enjoyed the joke.

The Fyne dog was supposed to lead a Spartan existence on a diet of repulsive biscuits with an occasional dry, hygienic. bone thrown in.

There were crack skaters there, showing off their skill, and learners clinging to chairs with timid, awkward movements, boys, and elderly people skating with hygienic motives.

Meantime in common with the rest of the shipping in that East ern port, I was left in no doubt as to Hermann’s no tions of hygienic clothing.

They had to be protected; and their horses, carriages, houses, servants had to be protected; and the source of their wealth had to be protected in the heart of the city and the heart of the country; the whole social order favourable to their hygienic idleness had to be protected against the shallow enviousness of unhygienic labour.

Amir Ali Ahmed has directed Directorate of Health Services to continue operation against sub-standards fruit and vegetables sellers in the city to make sure the supply of hygienic food stuff for the masses.

There’s no need to reinvent the roll,” says Jack Falkenrath, CEO of Talon House, LLC, maker of TriQuell Hygienic Cleansing Lotion.

NNA – Exporting our garbage is very costly and we strive instead to turn our dumps into hygienic landfills, minister of Agriculture Akram Shehayyeb, informed a workshop intended for solid waste management and recycling at Le Royal Hotel today.

Company announces the release of new Saniflo Hygienic Series (HS) Original Metal AODD pump models that utilize the energy-efficient ProFlo SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS).


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Gartner Releases New Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Management #gartner #magic


Some shockers, some expected results, and some huge news in the latest Magic Quadrant from the global analyst firm Gartner. In recent weeks, Gartner released a new Magic Quadrant (MQ)—Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises—to help businesses understand the evolving and expanding market that is Cloud ERP.

First Ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Applications

Up until recently, Gartner avoided building a Magic Quadrant for core cloud finance, due in part to the buying cycle that goes with core financial management applications. Many customers were not looking for an ERP upgrade in recent years, and the immense global players weren’t yet ready to move to the cloud. Now, however, there is a market shift to cloud applications, and CIOs, CFOs, and boards are finding that the cloud offers the security, uptime, and flexibility that they need.

What is Gartner’s Magic Quadrant?

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports are a culmination of research in a specific market, giving companies a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market s competitors. The reports help prospective buyers quickly ascertain how well technology providers are executing their stated visions and how well they are performing against Gartner s market view.

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation.

The Evolving Cloud ERP Market

Gartner saw this, noting that there is a shift from static to dynamic, and there is soon to be $31B in play for cloud financial management and “postmodern ERP.”

“The market for core financial management suites has been static for many years. However, over the last 12 to 18 months, cloud core financial management suites have matured to such an extent that they have disrupted this static market. This reflects the increasing prevalence of postmodern ERP strategies (see Schrödinger s Cat: How ERP Is Both Dead and Alive ). Postmodern ERP is the deconstruction of suite-centric, monolithic, on-premises ERP deployments into loosely coupled applications, some of which can be domain suites (such as core financials or HCM) or smaller footprint applications that are integrated as needed.”

How Gartner Compared Core Cloud Financial Management Applications

For this Magic Quadrant, Gartner defines core financial management suites as follows:

  • The core functional areas of general ledger (GL), accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), fixed assets (FA), project accounting, project costing, and project billing.
  • Financial analytics and reporting, including provision of financial information (such as P L and balance sheet) and the ability to provide financial information such as KPIs to managers and executives.
  • Basic indirect purchasing functionality (from creating a requisition through to purchase order processing and AP invoice matching and payment), because many organizations — especially midsize organizations — need some basic procurement functionality as part of a core financial applications deployment.

Visual: Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites

The Results Are In: Upsets, Expectations, and Big News

First? The shockers: Some of the largest and well-known players (SAP, Epicor, Deltek) found themselves in the “niche players” category—something that surprised Enterprise Irregulars contributor Vinnie Mirchandani. who said “I honestly cannot remember the last time SAP showed in the lower left quadrant – for niche players – in a Gartner MQ”.

The Expected Results? Global Player Oracle showed up highly on the list for its Oracle ERP Cloud—a solution built to meet the needs of the largest enterprises in the world. This comes as no surprise, as the company displays immense market presence and had begun to make moves to the cloud earlier than many other global software players.

The Big News: Intacct Named a Visionary

The big news? Intacct was named a visionary. receiving high marks both for its completeness of vision and its ability to execute receiving the third and fourth highest marks, respectively.

Intacct’s Completeness of Vision Blows Away the ‘Old Guard’ of Vendors

Completeness of vision, the more qualitative of the measures, is based on eight components: Market Understanding, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Product Strategy, Business Model, Vertical/Industry Strategy, Innovation, and Geographic Strategy.

This is a notable victory, but is one that plays into Intacct’s strengths and internal focuses. Intacct has a well-defined mission and business model, and has been known for its success within its market.

Ability to Execute Only Surpassed by Two Giants

While Intacct’s completeness of vision was impressive if not expected, the company’s position on ability to execute is notable, as it exceeded industry giants like SAP, Epicor, Deltek and Microsoft; companies whose operating budgets, global scale, and therefore visibility dwarf Intacct’s.

In fact, when the only companies exceeding the ‘ability to execute’ are two massive publicly traded companies:

  • Oracle, with two options higher on the ‘ability to execute’ axis, does business on all seven continents (including Antarctica) and has a 209.97B market cap.
  • Workday, who has approximately a 20.5B market cap.

Still, with only three vendors who exceed Intacct in ability to execute, Intacct’s notable focus and ability to meet the needs of customers demonstrates the company’s ability to compete and provide a powerful product to growing companies in the middle market, scaling with these customers as they grow.

Conclusion: The Right Size and the Right Focus for Your Midsized Organization

While many reports will focus on “ERP as a whole,” noting the largest platforms—both cloud and on-premises—this is one of the first reports that looks at applications ranging from midmarket to global, as well as looking at qualitative measures like vision.

One thing Gartner does focus on when talking about Intacct is that while it is able to handle the midmarket, it can also scale with organizations, noting that Intacct’s successes:

  • Supporting individual clients that have up to 3,000 users, 600 entities, or 250,000 transactions per hour.
  • Supporting local reporting in over 80 countries.
  • Supporting companies like Guidewire, Marketo and GrubHub as they’ve grown revenues 5 – 10x and gone public.

This report is normally available only for Gartner clients, but for a limited time, those interested can get the report for free from Intacct’s website .

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Hardware Inventory Software #hardware #inventory #management #software, #hardware #inventory #software, #hardware


Hardware Inventory Software

An ITSM service desk will help you keep all the updated information about the software and hardware used across the organization. The administrators need to maintain the CMDB but it’s more likely to cause errors with all the manual compilations. An automated hardware inventory tool that periodically scans all the assets and gathers all the required details will be the perfect answer for you.

Freshservice hardware inventory software helps you track all the source machines installed and manage your devices and servers throughout the hardware life-cycle. You can perform rapid network inventory and get instant summary and detailed reports. Wait, there’s more! You can have your CIs scanned bypassing the different firewalls or login credentials when you are on the move.

Freshservice Hardware Inventory Management

Freshservice Hardware Inventory Management software focuses on

Hardware inventory scanning: Scan the windows desktops/servers in the network periodically to collect the inventory and store the details in CMDB. Scan at regular intervals and configure to meet real-time needs sans manual intervention.

Track Assets Plan IT changes: Track your IT asset inventory changes easily. Plan changes, releases and workaround accordingly. Easy to update configurations and physical locations of each hardware asset.

Manage hardware cycle: Track IT hardware through a centralized system even if items exist in multiple different locations. Automate your entire IT asset life-cycle.

Asset Discovery: Each time a CI is added, the hardware inventory tool scans and adds them to the CMDB in real-time. They are categorized into Discovery Probe that comes with a firewall. The Discovery Agent is not affected by any window setting and scans all the machines, even those not connected with the servers. It requires no authentication from user.

Key Benefits:

Dynamic Discovery: Every time the Agent detects a change in the host machine, it automatically updates the data on the server.

Periodic Discovery: A weekly update is sent to the server to maintain an updated record of the assets.

Auto upgrade: No worries about upgrading the Agent, it autoruns every time the latest version is released.


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8 Essential Steps for Doing a Construction Project Quality Audit #construction


Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control Blog

Your Project Quality Plan is in place. You think all contingencies are covered. You assume inspections are being conducted correctly. You figure your plan is being followed, your customer is happy, and your project is flowing smoothly, right?

That’s why it’s important to conduct a project quality audit. Your audit will show you what’s working and what’s not — so that you can get your project quality on track.

What is a quality audit?

It’s one of the basic elements of an effective quality control plan. A quality audit is a review of how well (if at all) the key areas of your project quality plan are being followed. And, whether it’s effective in getting you the quality results you expect.

It’s basically a fact-finding mission and should be part of your regular monthly routine.

How to conduct a quality audit

In general, you’ll be making field observations, talking to customers and project personnel, and reviewing QA/QC records and reports.

The audit doesn’t only cover your work. Since your quality plan covers all project participants such as subcontractors, suppliers, and other outside services, your audit should include them as well. Keep in mind, many sub-contractors and project owners conduct their own inspections, and they can give you important information for spotting quality issues.

8 Steps to follow to conduct your project quality audit

Here are the steps you should follow as you conduct your audit.

1. Talk to customers

It’s highly likely that your customers are performing their own inspections. Talk to them about their inspection results. Ask them to walk the jobsite with you to do a field quality review. If that’s not possible, you’ll still want to ask your customers a few questions such as:

  • Are there any quality issues that they’ve found
  • Are their expectations being met

2. Walk the jobsite – do your field quality review

You’re probably already walking the job site and observing the way workers do their jobs. For your audit, pay close attention to the following areas:

  • Is their workmanship the quality you expect
  • Are workers following the correct procedures
  • Do they show that they have the skills needed to do the job
  • If you’re dealing with lot controlled materials, do you see the lot identification markings

3. Review quality records and reports

Next, make a trip to the project field office and look at your project QA/QC documents and records. There are two reasons for this part of the audit. First, you want to see if your superintendents and project management personnel are completing and filing all the needed records and reports. Second, you want to check to see that they’ve completed them correctly.

4. Reinspect work tasks

Now, grab a few reports. It’s time to see if your inspectors have been doing a good job inspecting (aka inspector qualification). With your sampling of inspection and nonconformance reports in hand, go out and reinspect the work that’s already been inspected. Compare what you see on the report with your own observations.

  • Is there anything they’ve missed
  • Have the repairs and punch items been reported correctly

5. Talk to field personnel

The next step is to talk to your field personnel to see if they’re properly trained and following the correct procedures. You also want to learn about the standards, specifications, and drawings they’re using (or in some cases, not using).

A good way to conduct this part of the audit is to ask simple open-ended questions such as, “How do you know the right way to install an HVAC air handler?”

Here’s what you want to know:

  • What training have they been given
  • Do they have the necessary certifications if required
  • Do workers have easy access to project standards, specifications, drawings, and change orders
  • Are they using up-to-date standards and specs

6. Follow-up on previous audit action plan items

Follow up to see that progress is being made on previous audit action items. Each month, you should see improvements in your project quality and find fewer deficiencies.

7. Record your findings

Create an audit report and record your findings.

Keeping records will protect your company should future problems arise. It will demonstrate due diligence and your follow up will show that you’re making corrections to issues found.

8. Create an action plan

Finally, create your action plan. In order to figure out how to get better results, you’ll need to understand why your plan isn’t being followed fully. Maybe you need to reinforce the importance of following the plan. Could it be that your construction quality control plan is too complicated to follow? If your quality plan is being followed, are you getting the quality results you’d expected?

Once you know the issues, decide on a course of action and a plan to carry it out.


Auditing your project quality is an ongoing process. Whether you follow a formal, highly structured process or a more casual, less structured approach, you need to regularly audit the implementation and effectiveness of your project quality plan.

In time, all of your projects will get the quality results you expect — and with much less effort need from all project personnel.

About the Author – Ed Caldeira is founder of First Time Quality, LLC, specializing in submittal-ready project-specific quality plans as well as construction quality inspection and punchlist software.

How we can help


Contact Us


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Best UK Equity and Bond Funds #oeics, #unit #trusts, #fund #prices,


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Registered Hemscott users can log in to Morningstar using the same login details. Similarly, if you are a Hemscott Premium user, you now have a Morningstar Premium account which you can access using the same login details. contains data, news and research on shares and funds, unique commentary and independent Morningstar research on a broad range of investment products, and portfolio and asset allocation tools to help make better investing decisions.

For more information:

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Registered Hemscott users can log in to Morningstar using the same login details. Similarly, if you are a Hemscott Premium user, you now have a Morningstar Premium account which you can access using the same login details. contains data, news and research on shares and funds, unique commentary and independent Morningstar research on a broad range of investment products, and portfolio and asset allocation tools to help make better investing decisions.

For more information:

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Business Software, Business Management Software – NetSuite, unified inventory management.#Unified #inventory


SuiteConnectJoin us at Oracle OpenWorld!

NetSuite named a leader among B2B Commerce Suites for Midsize Organizations

Exciting New 17.2 Release

With NetSuite our finance team operates like an MVP.

Jennifer Cabalquinto, Golden State Warriors CFO

Unified inventory management

ROLI Harmonizes Its Global Business

with NetSuite OneWorld


Unified inventory management


Unified inventory management

The #1 Cloud ERP

One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 40,000 organizations.

Unified inventory management

Trusted by more than 40,000 organizations

  • Unified inventory management
  • Unified inventory management
  • Unified inventory management
  • Unified inventory management

NetSuite has been instrumental in our supply chain transformation by giving us visibility, control and automation that wasn t possible in our previous environment.

Bryan Bishop, Director of Supply Chain and Export Control Officer

Unified inventory management

We wanted a single platform for ERP, ecommerce and POS. With NetSuite, we re able to see customers who shop online and in stores, and build loyalty in a broader sense.

Unified inventory management

NetSuite has definitely given us the scalability for rapid growth. We can focus on what we do best in kegging premium wine rather than manual work with orders, inventory and accounting.

Unified inventory management

When we heard the SuiteSuccess program could quickly get us up and running on a NetSuite system preconfigured for software, we were extremely excited.

Unified inventory management

KIVA: Alleviating Poverty through Microloan Lending

Kiva has connected nearly two million entrepreneurs in the developing world with over $785 million in microloans. With NetSuite, this relatively small team has been able to maintain efficiencies while scaling fast.

Unified inventory management

We needed a system that was robust enough to get the job done.

Paul Konig, Co-Founder Co-CEO

Unified inventory management

Commvault: Data Protection and Information Management Software

With NetSuite OneWorld, Commvault has consolidated the finances of its 35 international subsidiaries and positioned itself for seamless overseas growth.

Unified inventory management

With SuiteCommerce we re better able to provide the superior shopping experience our discriminating customers expect.

John Baker, Founder and CEO

Unified inventory management

  • Unified inventory management
  • Unified inventory management
  • Unified inventory management
  • Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

Unified inventory management

A solution for your business

Unified inventory management


Solutions for large, midsized and small, fast-growing businesses.

Unified inventory management


Industry-specific functionality spanning a broad range of businesses.

Unified inventory management


Solutions addressing the needs of the CEO, CFO, Controller and CIO.

Unified inventory management


Replacing QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and other business systems.

Unified inventory management


Engineering Lifelong Customer Success.

Unified inventory management


Solutions for large, midsized and small, fast-growing businesses.

Unified inventory management


Industry-specific functionality spanning a broad range of businesses.

Unified inventory management


Solutions addressing the needs of the CEO, CFO, Controller and CIO.

Unified inventory management


Replacing QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and other business systems.


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Volusion Inventory Management – SkuVault Warehouse Management System #ecommerce #website #inventory


Inventory Management for Volusion

Cloud-based inventory management system that integrates with Volusion eCommerce platform.

Volusion is an eCommerce software solution that gives you everything you need to sell online. SkuVault is an eCommerce inventory warehouse management system that helps businesses reduce out of stocks and better handle their inventory. SkuVault’s integration with Volusion benefits users through:

  • Human error prevention and quality control options
  • Advanced sales reporting and user accountability
  • Real time quantity updates to prevent oversells
  • . and more !

Request Demo

Volusion Integration

Inventory Management for Volusion

SkuVault facilitates inventory management for eCommerce retailers using Volusion. SkuVault’s user interface was designed to be as simple, intuitive, and to-the-point as possible, to keep warehouse workers on task and to keep human error to a minimum. Full barcoding helps prevent human error by allowing users to simply scan a barcode to pick, pack, and ship faster and with higher accuracy – no more manual entry. Think of SkuVault as the bridge between the inventory in your warehouse and your online Volusion store. With our inventory management solution, you can check on your inventory at any time from your mobile device, tablet, or computer, because SkuVault is web-based on the cloud, just like Volusion. SkuVault allows you to track activity in your warehouse, and check out advanced reporting like our brand/class sales reports, which breaks down, by a specified date range, your sales by brand and classification. This is just one example of the many reports our inventory management system offers to help you to make better sourcing and selling decisions on Volusion.

Quantity syncing between SkuVault and Volusion

Any time an available quantity is changed, that quantity is automatically updated on your Volusion site to prevent oversells and undersells. This quantity syncing between softwares is one of our favorite features, because out of stocks can be so dangerous for your eCommerce business; unhappy customers, negative feedback, lower rankings, and lost sales. So, quantity syncing: pretty amazing. Several things can happen to affect the available quantity and prompt an update: The actual on-hand quantity changes due to an inventory add or remove transaction. Returns, employee sales, wholesale orders, and the dreaded physical counts are a few reasons your inventory could change not due to online orders. Another action that affects available quantity is, of course, when Volusion orders come in. As soon as the sale comes in, SkuVault categorizes the associated quantity as “pending”. This available quantity is what we update to Volusion and any other channels you have that we integrate with such as Amazon. etc.

Order syncing and advanced reporting

If your sole online store is your Volusion store (meaning, no eBay/Amazon/Etsy/etc. stores, and no other eCommerce website), then SkuVault’s inventory management integration is also set up to grab orders. If you aren’t solely selling on your Volusion store, we connect to your shipping software, such as ShipWorks or ShipStation. and use the shipping integration to grab your orders; we find that shipping software acts as a more complete hub for sales coming from every marketplace you sell on. Why is it important for SkuVault to grab orders? Because it helps the inventory integration to calculate your true available quantity for each SKU, and it opens up the advanced sales reports.

This also allows SkuVault to provide a pick list, which is something you’ll want, because our pick lists take your picker around your warehouse in order by location, which saves steps, time, and money. If you’re suspicious of how your pickers or any of your warehouse workers are spending their steps or time, and therefore your money, SkuVault provides reports on user history, which acts as a built-in tracker that holds users accountable. These reports can be useful to compare productivity between employees and identify who may need some extra training, or to give incentive pay to those who’re most productive.

Quality control is another feature people love that allows the user, at your packing station, to scan the order ID off the pick list or packing slip which enables SkuVault to pull up a list, with photos, of what ought to be contained in that order. Then each item is scanned against the order in quality control; SkuVault alerts users if they scan an incorrect item, too many items, or not enough of an item. There’s also full history reporting on quality control as well, so you can easily trace back any mis-ships.


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IT asset management software #it #asset #management #software, #network #inventory #management,


Asset Management Solution

Discover, Manage, and Track All Your Hardware Assets.

  • Scan all your Windows devices, non-Window devices, VMs, and network devices through simple scanning techniques.
  • Get comprehensive asset information like hardware specification, software installed, scan history, asset ownership history, and asset states in a single pane of glass.
  • Build and maintain a separate inventory to manage all your non-IT assets.

    Map Asset Relationships with CMDB. Understand Your IT Environment Better.

    • Create a high level of synergy by building relationships between people, assets, and other Configuration Items (CI).
    • Use pre-defined and custom relationship types to get a visual view of asset relationships.
    • Enable an effective problem management and change management planning by building a logical model of your IT infrastructure in the CMDB .

    Manage Software and Ensure Compliance. Sail Through Audits Easily.

    • Improve software governance by monitoring software usage (unused, rarely used, and so on), number of installations, license types, compliance status, and license expiration.
    • Isolate vulnerabilities like malware and unauthorized or prohibited software to reduce potential risks.
    • Manage software licenses for every software installation on every workstation across the enterprise.
    • Track over licensed, under licensed, and compliant software to ensure software license compliance.
    • Sail through software audits easily by tracking every installation and allocating individual software licenses across installations.

    Track IT Asset Purchases and Contracts. Manage IT Budgets Better.

    • Manage the complete life cycle of purchase orders with a structured approval and delivery process.
    • Maintain a complete product catalog of all assets owned by the company with price and warranty details.
    • Maintain a vendor catalog, compare prices from different vendors, and analyze purchase trends to leverage negotiations.
    • Keep track of IT contracts and get notified about their expiry in advance.

    What Customers Say

    The asset management piece is probably the most important part of ServiceDesk Plus and the most helpful part of the tool. I would say that the asset management module has provided the biggest added value to the business.

    Nicholas P. Arispe
    system administrator, Radiology Associates


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  • Case Study: Solving Call Center Employee Attrition #talent #analytics, #talent #intelligence,


    Case Study: Solving Call Center Employee Attrition

    Business Challenge:

    A global financial services firm was experiencing 60% voluntary attrition among Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). They hired close to 30,000 CSRs annually, making this an unrecoverable multi-million dollar expense. To be placed in a full-time role these CSRs had to pass a Series 7 exam. In preparation for this exam, new hires were paid for 12 weeks of training culminating in a Series 7 exam. If they did not pass the first time they were fired.

    Enter Talent Analytics.

    By selecting candidates that are more likely to pass training, we get more agents past that hump and onto the phone where they begin to provide value to their employer. Fewer candidates waste their own time in a career that they ultimately don’t want. The contact center spends less money acquiring, recruiting and training agents. Performance goes up. Engagement goes up. Attrition goes down. Customers feel it.


    “This work had tremendous impact on the bottom line of our business, and the quality of service we gave our customers. Within months of hiring people with characteristics that Talent Analytics correlated to high business performance, employee turnover dropped by over 30%, yielding a multi-million dollar annual savings.” – EVP, Financial Services Firm

    Request this Talent Analytics Case Study to See Our Approach in Action.

    Subscribe Connect

    “Within a single dashboard view, Talent Analytics’ Winning Roles predictions allows data scientists to upload and update candidate prediction models. This enables hiring managers and HR leaders to instantly identify great candidates, dynamically compare them to multiple open positions, and place the candidate where those models predict them to succeed. Advisor is the only platform on the market today that brings together both the business and science of workforce planning.”

    Chad Harness, VP and Lead Human Capital Analytics Consultant at a large regional US bank


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