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Profiling Tools

The new home for Visual Studio documentation is Visual Studio 2017 Documentation on

The latest version of this topic can be found at Profiling in Visual Studio .

Profiling and diagnostics tools help you diagnose memory and CPU usage and other application-level issues. With these tools, you can accumulate data (such as variable values, function calls, and events) over the time you run your application in the debugger. You can view the state of your application at different points during the execution of your code.

Check out the summary at the bottom to see what tools are available for your project type (for example, desktop, UWP, ASP.NET).

You can access the profiling tools by using Debug / Windows / Show Diagnostic Tools to use the tools during your debug session, or by using Debug / Performance Profiler. to do a focused performance analysis. See Running Profiling Tools With or Without the Debugger for more information on the different approaches.

See What’s New in Profiling Tools to learn about new features for this release.

The following sections describe the different performance tools that are available in Visual Studio.

Find memory leaks and inefficient memory while you’re debugging with the Memory Usage tool. The tool lets you take snapshots of the managed and native memory heap. You can use this tool with desktop apps, Windows Universal apps, and ASP.NET apps. The Memory Usage tool can be run from the Diagnostics Tools window while you are debugging (Debug / Windows / Show Diagnostic Tools ) or outside the debugger (Debug / Performance Profiler. ). See Memory Usage and Memory Usage without Debugging for more information.

The CPU Usage tool shows you where the CPU is spending time executing C++, C#/VB, and JavaScript code. You can use this tool with both desktop and Windows Universal apps, as well as Azure App Services apps. The CPU Usage tool can be run from the Diagnostics Tools window while you are debugging (Debug / Windows / Show Diagnostic Tools ) or outside the debugger (Debug / Performance Profiler. ). See CPU Usage for more information.

The Performance Explorer (Debug / Profiler / Performance Explorer ) allows you to use many different tools, including CPU Sampling. Instrumentation. .NET Memory Allocation. and Resource Contention. You can use Performance Explorer tools with desktop apps and ASP.NET apps, but not Windows Universal apps. For more information, see Performance Explorer .

Use the GPU Usage tool to better understand the high-level hardware utilization of your Direct3D app. You can use this tool with both desktop and Windows Universal apps, but not ASP.NET apps. The GPU Usage tool can be run from the Diagnostic Tools window while you are debugging (Debug / Show Diagnostic Tools ) or outside the debugger (Debug / Performance Profiler. ).

The Application Timeline tool helps improve the performance of XAML applications by providing a detailed view of their resource consumption. You can use the Application Timeline with desktop and Windows Universal apps, but not ASP.NET apps. The Application Timeline tool can be run from the Diagnostics Tools window (Debug / Performance Profiler. ).

When the debugger stops execution at a breakpoint or stepping operation, the elapsed time between the break and the previous breakpoint appears as a tip in the editor window. These PerfTips help you to monitor and analyze the performance of your app while you are debugging. You can see PerfTips in desktop, Windows Universal, and ASP.NET apps.

The JavaScript Memory tool lets you measure, evaluate, and target performance-related issues in your code by collecting timing information at the entrance and exit of each function in your app. You can use this tool with Windows Universal HTML apps. The JavaScript Function Timing tool can be run from the Diagnostics Tools window (Debug / Performance Profiler. ).

The HTML UI responsiveness tool helps you isolate performance problems in your apps, including lack of responsiveness, slow loading time, and visual updates that are less frequent than expected. You can use this tool with Windows Universal HTML apps. The HTML UI Responsiveness tool can be run from the Diagnostics Tools window (Debug / Performance Profiler. ).

IntelliTrace lets you record specific events, examine data in the Locals window during debugger events and function calls, and debug errors that are hard to reproduce. IntelliTrace is primarily a debugging tool, but it also provides information that can be used for performance investigations. You can use this tool in Visual Studio Enterprise only, with desktop, Windows Universal, and ASP.NET C# apps. You can find IntelliTrace in the Diagnostics Tools window while you are debugging (Debug / Windows / Show Diagnostic Tools ).

The recommended approach to profiling in production is to profile from the command line using vsperf.exe to collect a CPU Profile. For remote profiling support in Azure App Service, you can profile through the Server Explorer or Kudu Portal .


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ECommerce Web Hosting #hosting, #web #hosting, #webhosting, #gridhost, #cpanel, #cloud, #adsl,


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You are here: Home eCommerce Web Hosting

eCommerce Web Hosting

Manage your online store and accept payments online

All packages include:

Benefits of eCommerce
Web Hosting

  • Instant Setup
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  • Extra Scripts
  • Transfer your Domain from another Host
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  • Pay by Instant EFT or Credit Card
  • Gridhost is an Accredited Registrar

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eCommerce: your customers will love how easy it is to buy your products online

Shopping Cart

Gridhost recommends using Magento, installed with a single click via your easy-to-use control panel. With thousands of themes on offer from developers, you can immediately brand your online store and start configuring your products, pricing, shipping rules and more. With its extensive module list and functionality, Magento provides the best eCommerce experience for both the novice and advanced user.

Payment Gateway

Your eCommerce web hosting account is ready to accept online payments immediately using our recommended payment gateway PayFast. You can process instant EFT and credit card payments securely and quickly. There are no monthly fees and our super-fast sign-up procedure means you ll be accepting orders in no time. And since your new online store will also be capable of handling PayPal payments – the world s your customer!

Easy Management

Send newsletters, run polls and brand your shop the way you want it: Magento allows for easy administration on your side as well as a smooth checkout process for your customer.

Mobile Commerce

The intuitive shopping cart software will automatically adjust itself to a mobile web browser s format without you having to click a button. You re now reaching many thousands of clients who shop on the fly without them having to face the ugly navigation of unformatted sites. The result is that you’re set to become a selling powerhouse that engages your customers on all levels of connectivity.

Hosted Locally

Your eCommerce web hosting account is hosted within South Africa which means your clients get the fastest loading and response times from your site – just another way we’re helping you to improve your customer experience. And since our local infrastructure is built South African-strong, you can be assured that your store will remain visible 24/7/365.


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Mel B ordered to pay estranged husband Stephen $40, 000 #pay


Mel B ‘ordered to pay estranged husband Stephen Belafonte $40,000 per month’ in spousal support. despite blowing her multi-million pound fortune during their 10-year marriage

Belafonte, 42, who is banned from the home under terms of a temporary restraining order against him, had accused his wife of preventing real estate agents from being able to show the property.

The documents note that Mel, also 42, had opposed all of her husband’s requests for relief and seeks her own relief, asking the court to give Belafonte a Gavron warning – a notice insisting he become self-supporting.

Green light: A Los Angeles judge is understood to have granted film producer Belafonte’s request for emergency spousal support to cover basic amenities including as food, housing and phone bills, TMZ claim

Judge Riff wrote: ‘The Court has considered carefully Brown’s allegations. that she suffered serious, debilitating abuse at the hands of Belafonte resulting in bodily injury and profound emotional distress.’

But he added that Belafonte had also entered a sworn declaration ‘categorically and emphatically’ denying all such allegations.

In conclusion he wrote that the ‘competing user-oath allegations and denials’ do not constitute documented evidence.

‘Belafonte’s request for temporary Spousal Support is granted,’ he said.

Income: Mel is said to earn about £190,000 ($249,000) a month by being a judge on America’s Got Talent

Mel is said to earn about £190,000 ($249,000) a month by being a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Her financial situation was laid bare in June when it was revealed her multi-million pound fortune had been wiped out due to her ‘extravagant’ lifestyle.

And in another shocking twist to the divorce battle, it was claimed the Spice Girls star has just £961 ($1259) left in one of her company accounts.

Mel’s British account Moneyspider Productions, which was set up in 1997, holds the small amount of funds, as revealed by The Sunday People.

Its nature of business is listed as ‘Sound recording and music publishing activities’

A source told the Mirror. ‘Mel is an international superstar, still working as a judge on America’s Got Talent, but she only has a small amount of money in the bank, according to Companies House. People may be very surprised.’

Squandered: Her financial situation was laid bare in June when it was revealed her multi-million pound fortune had been wiped out due to her ‘extravagant’ lifestyle

Mel also owns 20% of Spice Girls Limited which held £109,987 as of August 31, 2016. Her fellow bandmates own the remainder.

She owns 16% of Octopus Direct along with the other Spice Girls and music mogul Simon Fuller.

It held £10,549 as of August 31, 2016.

MailOnline has contacted Mel’s representatives for further comment.


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Troubleshooting Remote Desktop #remote #desktop #licensing #manager


Troubleshooting Remote Desktop

Ever since the release of Windows XP, one of my favorite features as always been Remote Desktop. In case you re not familiar with Remote Desktop, it is a built-in Windows feature that allows you to connect to your computer remotely by using the RDP protocol. For example, if you are at home and you need to access something from your computer at the office, you could use a Remote Desktop session to remotely control your office PC from home. Remote Desktop is built on the same technology, and uses the same protocol as the Windows Terminal Services.

As handy as Remote Desktop is, it can sometimes be problematic. While the sessions are usually solid, there are a number of things that can go wrong during the connection and authentication process. In this article, I will explore some various troubleshooting techniques that you can use when things go wrong with Remote Desktop.

The Remote Computer Cannot be Found

Probably the most common Remote Desktop problem is that Remote Desktop has trouble locating the remote PC. There are a number of things that can cause this problem. Probably the simplest cause is misspelling the name of the remote computer. Therefore, if you re having trouble connecting to remote computer, just take a second and make sure that you ve spelled the remote machine s name correctly.

If the remote computer s name is spelled correctly, the problem may be DNS related. Remote Desktop uses the RDP protocol, which piggybacks on top of the TCP/IP protocol. As you probably know, TCP/IP does not use computer names as a mechanism for identifying the systems. The only reason that it is possible to specify a computer name is because a DNS server resolves the computer name to an IP address.

If you find yourself having name resolution problems, there are a couple of different things that you can try. One option is to try using the remote system s fully qualified domain name as opposed to its NetBIOS name. This won t always help you to establish a connection, but in certain situations it will help.

Another option is to specify the remote machine’s IP address rather than its name. Generally speaking, using an IP address tends to be much less problematic than using a host name when connecting. Even IP addresses can be problematic, though.

The biggest factor that tends to make connecting with IP addresses problematic is the use of dynamic IP addresses. If you are using Remote Desktop to connect to a server, this probably won t be an issue, because most servers use static IP addresses. Workstations, on the other hand, almost always use dynamic IP addresses. Therefore, the IP address that your workstation is using today will probably be assigned to a different workstation tomorrow. If the machine that you are connecting to does use dynamic IP addresses, then you will practically have no choice but to specify a host name when connecting rather than specifying the machine s IP address.

Another factor that can make it difficult to connect to a host machine using remote desktop is firewalls. The Remote Desktop Protocol is designed to work across TCP port 3389. If you are attempting to connect to a remote machine that sits behind a firewall, then the firewall must allow traffic to flow through TCP port 3389. Of course blindly opening this port on your firewall can pose a huge security risk. You might choose instead to enable port forwarding so that inbound RDP traffic is forwarded to a specific IP address, rather than someone on the outside being able to attempt an RDP connection to any machine on your network.

On many networks, you won t have a choice but to use port forwarding for RDP traffic. The majority of networks use private IP addresses on their networks, and only the router uses a public IP address. The router uses Network Address Translation (NAT) to proxy traffic between the Internet and hosts on the private network. If you are trying to establish an RDP connection from across the Internet with a host that sits behind a NAT firewall, then you will have to configure the firewall to forward RDP traffic to the target host.

Of course this assumes that you are attempting to establish a connection directly from outside the perimeter network. If you are connecting to the private network using a VPN or a dial up connection, then you will have to worry about reconfiguring a NAT firewall, because your VPN or dial-up connection provides you with a connection to the private network. The remote access server that is used for establishing VPN or dial-up connections almost always sits behind a firewall, and you ll have to insure that this firewall allows RDP traffic to flow to the private network.

While I am on the subject of firewalls, I want to point out that Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista both contain a built-in firewall. If you are attempting to establish a connection to a machine running one of these operating systems, you ll have to insure that the Windows firewall is configured to allow RDP traffic.

Authentication Problems

Establishing the initial connection is by far the most problematic aspect of Remote Desktop, but there are other problems that you may encounter. Many users are surprised to see that they can attach to a remote PC, and enter their credentials, but are stopped by the following error message:

The local policy of the system does not permit you to log on interactively.

Windows displays this error message if the user who s logging lacks the necessary permissions to log in using the Remote Desktop Protocol. You can correct the problem by adding the user account to the Remote Desktop Users group or to the local Administrators group.

Data Encryption

One of the most cryptic problems with Remote Desktop involves receiving the following error message:

Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end. Please try connecting to the remote computer again.

This error message is almost always related to using an outdated remote desktop (or terminal service) client. When Microsoft released Windows 2000, they created an add-on called the Administration Tool Pack. The Administration Tool Pack included a client component that could be used to establish a remote session. Although this client initially appears to be compatible with Windows XP, it isn’t. Using the Windows 2000 version of the Administration Tool Pack to establish a Remote Desktop session with Windows XP will usually trigger the error message that I mentioned above.

Windows XP comes with its own Remote Desktop client that you can use to establish a connection with other machines that are running Windows XP. If you prefer using the Administration Tool Pack though, then you can always upgrade to the Windows Server 2003 version, which you can download at:


Although Remote Desktop usually works fairly well, it can sometimes be difficult to establish an initial connection. In this article, I have discussed some of the most common causes of Remote Desktop problems and some possible work arounds.

Brien Posey

Brien Posey is a freelance technology author and speaker with over two decades of IT experience. Prior to going freelance, Brien was a CIO for a national chain of hospitals and healthcare facilities. He has also served as a network engineer for the United States Department of Defense at Fort Knox. In addition, Brien has worked as a network administrator for some of the largest insurance companies in America. To date, Brien has received Microsoft’s MVP award numerous times in categories including Windows Server, IIS, Exchange Server, and File Systems / Storage. You can visit Brien’s Website at:

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Managed Print Services #managed #print #services, #what-is-managed-print-services, #ricoh #toner #cartridge, #what-is-a-print-strategy,


Managed Print Services

Why you need Managed Print Services?

Watch MPS Video

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Work with Green Office

What is Managed Print Service?

What is a Print Strategy?

What is a Print Assessment?

What is Total Cost of Ownership?

Our clients


Leaders in cartridges solutions

Let us collect your cartridges

Cartridges collections for everyone


Custom document
management software


Empowering people
through sustainability

Serving the community

Get involved

Green Office News

Having the right people is key to our success and we are always open to hearing from prospective candidates who may be interested in working for us as part of our proactive recruitment drive.
If you have the following skills we’d love to hear from you:

  • Sales – account management and business development
  • Business analyst
  • IT
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Service Technicians who are Ricoh certified with 3 – 5 years’ experience.

About us

Green Office is an innovative South African company that has reformed the office environment by pioneering complete document solutions which are customised to our clients unique needs.
What started as the remanufacture of used printer cartridges in 1997, has now developed into a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the document environment. Green Office:

  • Consult and implement on Business Process and workflow systems to reduce print and increase efficiencies.
  • Manages all aspects of a company’s print environment.
  • Supplies hardware and consumables.
  • Recycles and remanufactures toner printer cartridges.
  • Services and maintains a company’s printing environment.
  • Implements software to help a company manage its print environment solution, saving them the earth.
  • Incorporates all of the above into our own Managed Print Service (MPS) where a company gets all of these great offerings in one solution.

Our Values

Contact us


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Jobs – Careers – VA St #career, #job, #nurse, #doctor, #healthcare,


VA St. Louis Health Care System

Start Your Career at the St. Louis VA

At the St. Louis VA Medical Center, we strive to hire only the best! Working with and for America’s veterans is a privilege, and we pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide. For additional information, please contact Human Resources at (314) 894-6620.

Equal Employment Opportunity “Did You Know”

Did you know that all employees are an important part of the EEO Program? Employees are responsible for ensuring that the workplace is conducive to providing quality care for our Veterans. Most employees may think that EEO is a responsibility for only the EEO Manager, managers, or supervisors; however, employees play a vital role. Employees should be activily involved.

For more information, contact the medical center EEO Manager:

Elizabeth C. Jenkins, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA)/Graduate Medical Education (GME), Without Compensation (WOC) Appointee:

A GME WOC appointee is an individual who performs Medical Center related duties without any direct monetary compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Individuals requiring WOC appointments include, but are not limited to, students,residents and fellows and any other individual who is not compensated by the VA for their employment within the St. Louis VA Medical Center.

Nursing Staff

If you are a nursing professional interested in working for the VA St. Louis Health Care System, please contact, Nurse Recruitment Office at (314) 289-6479.

Nursing Service WOC Student Appointment Program

A Nursing Service Without Compensation (WOC) student appointee is a student who performs student-related activities without any direct monetary compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. These appointments include but are not limited to graduate and undergraduate nursing students, student nurse practitioners, student practical nurses and student surgical technicians who are not compensated by the VA. Click here to go to our Nursing Service WOC Student Appointment Information Page

Residencies and Internships

  • Primary Care, Ocular Disease Geriatrics Residency Programs

Employee Benefits

A description of employee benefits is available on the US Office of Personnel Management Employment and Benefits page *. Please note that benefits may differ for professional clinical occupations including physicians and registered nurses.

VA Job Applications and Forms

Application instructions specific to each job posting can be found at the end of the announcement. Some positions require you to apply online, while others require that you submit a paper application directly to each VA facility where you desire employment.

VA has several different application forms based on your occupation type. Look in the table below to find the correct application for your occupation, as well as additional required forms.

Responding to a Job Announcement

Be sure to follow the application instructions given in the job announcement. They are your primary guide for responding to a posted opening. Here are additional reminders for submitting an application:

  1. Please send your signed, completed application and any other required forms to the Organization Contact at the Organization Address, both of which are listed at the end of the job announcement.
  2. Write the Announcement Number, also listed at the end of the job announcement, on your application.
  3. Keep a copy of the entire application package for your records.

The documents below are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded for free .

VA Job Applications and Forms


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Business Office Manager – Healthcare Salaries by education, experience, location and


Business Office Manager – Healthcare Salaries

Alternate Job Titles: Business Office Manager – Healthcare

Client Management Solutions Overview, HP® Official Site, client portfolio manager.#Client #portfolio


Client Management Solutions

Manage your PC fleet and your costs with greater ease

Client portfolio manager

Create pre-boot and OS images

Create BIOS Configuration

Create and Import HP-Verified or Custom Driver Packs

Client portfolio manager


Secure and validate custom images

Patch HP-delivered BIOS, Drivers, and Software

Deploy device and identity security policies

Client portfolio manager


System Image (new and deployed)

Deployed Software, Drivers, and BIOS

Download and Install Manageability Tools

HP Manageability Integration Kit (HP MIK) for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

The HP Manageability Integration Kit will help speed up image creation and management of HP BIOS, security, hardware, software when managing devices through Microsoft SCCM.

Deploy the HP Manageability Integration Kit to begin enjoying these key benefits:

  • Speed Up the Basics of IT Management – Reduce the number of steps to create, deploy, and manage images, BIOS, and system security so you can focus on business.
  • Protect Data – Secure BIOS settings, set authentication and credentials requirements, enable Microsoft Device Guard, manage TPM firmware updates.
  • Manage Software – Starting with HP Client Security, IT Admins can remotely manage features supported by the software.
  • Simplifying operations – Unlock additional value from platform-specific features and manage those features from within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

HP Image Assistant (HPIA)

The HP Image Assistant is a free tool that provides assistance to IT Admins to improve the quality and security of their PC Windows image by diagnosing the image, identifying problem, recommending solutions, and analyzing their PC’s readiness for migration between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

New features and benefits: (New version 2.1)

  • Support for individual versions of Windows 10
  • Updated report format
  • Improved user interface

Existing features and benefits:

  • Assist with OS Migration
  • Capture PC configurations such as hardware, software, drivers, and updates to be evaluated
  • Compare Target Image against Reference Image
  • Dashboard view summarizing areas where Target Image and Reference Image differ
  • Display all drivers and Windows updates for both Target Image and Reference Image
  • Display all security related software installed on both Target Image and Reference Image
  • Provide recommendations for fixing missing updates, drivers, software, security settings, and BIOS

HP BIOS Configuration Utility (BCU)

The HP BIOS Configuration Utility is a free utility which provides the ability to manage BIOS settings on HP supported desktop, workstation, and notebook computers.

Features and benefits:

  • Read available BIOS settings and their values from a supported computer
  • Set configurable BIOS settings on a supported computer
  • Set or reset Setup Password on a supported computer
  • Replicate BIOS settings across multiple client computers
  • Get BIOS settings without having to know/write WMI queries and methods

HP SoftPaq Download Manager (HP SDM)

HP SoftPaq Download Manager provides a simple, powerful way to download software updates for the HP client PC models in your environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Find pertinent information quickly
  • Lists the updates available based on your search criteria on a single screen
  • Easily find the updates that are most important to you and your users
  • Avoid the cumbersome task of downloading updates individually
  • Download the updates where you want
  • One click to start the download process
  • No need to remember or manually track previously downloaded updates
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

HP Systems Software Manager (HP SSM)

Features and benefits:

  • Streamline mass deployment of HP System Software updates
  • Simplify the complexity of HP System Software management
  • Optimize PC performance
  • Provide a stable and consistent PC environment key feature
  • Automatically detect of hardware and out-of date BIOS and HP System Software
  • Automatically install latest HP System Software to multiple PCs simultaneously
  • Updates can take place remotely and in silent, unattended mode
  • Summary report is created for tracking and management purposes

SSM-compliant BIOS flashing updates for other HP clients are available at the HP driver download Web site.

Utilize Microsoft System Center

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager enables customers to reduce the day-to-day operational costs of managing Windows, as well as enable their business to move more quickly by integrating these core disciplines into a single solution. This solution delivers enterprise-class software distribution and asset management through comprehensive inventory analysis, operating system and software distribution, software usage tracking, and reporting.

HP Manageability Integration Kit (HP MIK) is the world’s first and only management toolkit certified for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.*

To learn more about Microsoft System Center products please visit:

HP Manageability Integration Kit (HP MIK)

The HP Manageability Integration Kit will help speed up image creation and management of HP BIOS, security, hardware, software when managing devices through Microsoft SCCM.

Deploy the HP Manageability Integration Kit to begin enjoying these key benefits:

  • Speed Up the Basics of IT Management – Reduce the number of steps to create, deploy, and manage images, BIOS, and system security so you can focus on business.
  • Protect Data – Secure BIOS settings, set authentication and credentials requirements, enable Microsoft Device Guard, manage TPM firmware updates.
  • Manage Software – Starting with HP Client Security, IT Admins can remotely manage features supported by the software.
  • Simplifying operations – Unlock additional value from platform-specific features and manage those features from within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

HP Client Integration Kit (HP CIK)

HP Client Integration Kit (HP CIK) is a plug-in for Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager that improves the customer experience in deploying Microsoft Windows-based Client OS images to HP-managed clients. This is achieved through the following custom features:

  • Importing WinPE and HP platform driver packs
  • Integration of the BIOS Configuration utility, which allows the customer to configure BIOS settings during deployment
  • Basic OS task sequences highlighting HP’s custom steps

The HP CIK is installed on the same server as System Center Configuration Manager, and can be accessed through the System Center console on the server.


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Data Center Manager Interview Questions #data #center #interview #questions, #data #center


Data Center Manager interview questions

Data Center Manager interview questions for Behavioral interview :
Are you seeking employment in a company of a certain size?
Why were you given these promotions at your present or last company?
What were the development steps on your last performance appraisal?
On what do you spend your disposable income?
What would you consider a conducive job atmosphere?
Describe a situation in which you lead a team.
Why did you leave that job?

Data Center Manager interview Questions

Data Center Manager interview Answers

Data Center Manager interview Tips

Data Center Manager interview Sites

Data Center Manager interview questions for General job interview :
What unique experiences separate you from other candidates?
What do you do in leisure/spare time?
What qualities would you look for if hiring someone?
What were your responsibilities?
What aspects of working with others do you find least enjoyable?
Why did you leave that job?
What is your greatest weakness?

Data Center Manager interview questions for Panel job interview :
– What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
– How would your teacher or other Data Center Manager describe you?
– Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?
– Give an example of a time you successfully worked as Data Center Manager on a team.
– Time when you have encountered conflict in the workplace.
– Give me an example of when you have done more than required in a course.
– How did you get work assignments at your most recent employer?

Data Center Manager interview questions for Phone interview :
What do you do if you can’t solve a problem on your own?
What expectations do you have for your future employer?
Do you check your messages while on vacation?
What is your definition of intelligence?
Are you willing to go where the company sends you?
How have you increased profits in your past jobs?
What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it?

Difficult Data Center Manager interview questions :
You seem overqualified for this position, what do you think?
How quickly can you adapt to a new work environment?
Do you have a geographic preference?
What type of salary are you worth and why?
Tell me something that you are not proud of?
What personal characteristics do you think lead to success in this job?
Are you looking for a permanent or temporary position at the company?

Data Center Manager interview questions for Group interview :
– What irritates you about other people?
– What are the qualities of a good Data Center Manager?
– Describe a situation in which you had to collect information.
– What have you learned from your past jobs that related to Data Center Manager?
– What was your most difficult decision?
– Have you handled a difficult situation with a co-worker? How?
– What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it?


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HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log task #hp,operations #manager,opsmgr #2007

HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log task

HP ProLiant Server can have an Integrated Management Log to keep a record of historical hardware events. Some historical hardware events cannot be reflected to other health collection. Health Collection logs present the state of Integrated Management Log that may have error or warning states. These states only appear when any other health collections cannot report the specific hardware issue situation. Two tasks are provided to eliminate visiting each machine to view and clear records of Integrated Management Log. These tasks are the following:

  • HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Export—exports Log records
  • HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Clear—exports, and then Clear Log records

Both tasks run remotely on the target system with the results seen on task screen on the Operations Manager Console. Both tasks are associated with Logs Collection so these can be accessed from Health Collection State view or Server Diagram view. The task results include record table with Excel CSV format, so it can import to Excel after manual editing for easy viewing.

  1. Select Health Collection State View. Locate the target Logs collection from the list on the main pane.

  • Click one of the tasks such as HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Export or click Clear from action pane.

  • The confirmation screen is displayed. Click Run and wait for the results to display.

  • Click Task State View to retrieve latest results of tasks anytime.


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  • Project manager crm #project #manager #crm


  • Record Editor

    Record Editor 2016 is an easy to
    use inline grid editor that allows
    bulk updates of selected fields
    from an Advanced Find view.

  • About c360

    The world s oldest supplier
    of Microsoft Dynamics Add-in
    tools and utilities with more
    than 500,000 licenses sold.

  • Dynamics 365 Tools and Utilities

    Record Editor
    Documents Core Pack
    Group Calendar
    Attachment Extractor
    Marketing Automation
    Telephone Integration
    And more

  • Products for CRM 2011-2016 & Dynamics 365

    c360 Makes CRM Better. By enhancing the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, c360 provides users a better CRM experience. Ease of use, extended usability and CRM flexibility are the core principles behind all c360 products. Click one of the tabs above to learn more.

    Relationship Charts

    Relationship Charts is the most dramatic piece of technology to hit the Dynamics CRM market since Outlook integration.

    See a visual representation of all CRM entities, their relationships, connections and social footprint.

    A picture is worth a thousand words – let us show you how Relationship Charts can change the perspective of your Dynamics CRM implementation.

    c360 Services

    Working with c360 Consulting Group allows our clients to develop custom CRM solutions and strategies that include:

    • New Installations & Upgrades (CRM Online & Dynamics 365)
    • Requirements Analysis and Definition
    • Project Management
    • Deployment Strategy: Cloud and On-Premise
    • Software Implementations and Configurations
    • Data Analysis, Cleansing and Migration
    • Application and Data Integration
    • Training and Support
    • Microsoft CRM and SharePoint Custom Development

    Click here to learn more about Services

    Virtual Bench

    c360 has added a new dimension to its products and services organization. The c360 Virtual Bench specializes in providing Dynamics CRM consultants, project managers, software developers, data experts and application integration resources for Microsoft Partners and end-user CRM organizations.

    The objective of the Virtual Bench is to understand the details of the engagement and provide the appropriate CRM resources, at the right time, for the necessary timeframe, in a cost effective scenario.


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    FamilyWealthReport – Exclusive Intelligence for the family office community #family #office,family


    Josh O’Neill, 23 June 2017

    The results of the first phase of the US Federal Reserve’s stress test are music to congressional Republicans’ ears.

    Robbie Lawther, 22 June 2017

    UBS Wealth Management has published a white paper on Millennial wealth to explore how their desire for technology how this will impact the financial services sector.

    Diane Harrison, 21 June 2017

    Best-selling novelists may hold a clue on the smart way for investment firms to pitch their ideas to wealth managers, so the author of this article argues.

    Tom Burroughes, 20 June 2017

    Wealthy families need to observe certain disciplines in using social media so that reputations are protected and nurtured. The family office firm talks to FWR about some of the issues.

    Latest News

    Market Research – June 23, 2017

    New data on the cannabis industry outlines a growth pattern that will likely blow your mind.

    Strategy – June 23, 2017

    Several large international banks have voted to replace a key inter-bank lending rate.

    New Office – June 23, 2017

    The new center is located in Union Square, Manhattan.

    New Office – June 23, 2017

    The bank has revamped one of its branches in the Golden State.

    People Moves – June 23, 2017

    Financial services giant Raymond James serves more than 3 million client accounts through 7,200 financial advisors in the United States, Canada and overseas.

    Comment and Analysis

    Philanthropy – June 7, 2017

    A regular columnist for FWR does not pull any punches in analyzing the current direction of US tax policy as it affects philanthropic giving, and gives advice to wealthy donors on how to act.

    Investment Strategies – May 22, 2017

    Whatever one thinks of the claims and counter-claims surrounding Donald Trump following his recent firing of the FBI’s head, markets have been rattled. But arguably, equities are due for a correction and there i.

    Technology – May 19, 2017

    The wealth management industry has had another ear-piercing wake-up call about cybercrime, and the author of this article lays out ideas on how to defeat the hackers.

    Technology – May 8, 2017

    Your correspondent recently attended financial technology giant Temenos’ annual conference and it threw out a range of insights of value for the global wealth industry.

    Philanthropy – April 26, 2017

    Negotiating a successful gift considers both parties� interests and finds the commonalities of intent and opportunity, argues philanthropy advisor and expert Susan Winer.

    Most Read

    More Stories

    Latest Poll


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    Sales contact manager #sales #contact #manager


    Grundfos is currently moving to a global recruiting system to enhance your user experience. Our new system is already live in Germany and other countries will follow throughout 2017. Due to legislation, we unfortunately cannot transfer existing candidate data to the new system. To keep you updated on opportunities in Grundfos, we kindly ask you to create a talent profile in our new system. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and hope that you still wish to join our talent pool. Click here for signup.

    Please note that if you have already applied for a position, your application will be managed in the system in which you have applied. This means that you do not need to re-enter your application in the new system unless a recruiter contacts you directly in this regard.

    Thank you for your interest in Grundfos.


    Technical support for online applications send us an email.

    GRUNDFOS Poul Due Jensens Vej 7
    DK-8850 Bjerringbro, Denmark
    Tel. +45 87501400 | Fax +45 87501402

    • |
    • |
    • Legal Issues
    • |
    • Contact Grundfos

    Country selector

    Modal title

    Modal Header

    Some text in the modal.


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    2017 San Francisco HR Star Conference #hr #star #conference, #human #resources,


    *** Registration for SF HR Star 2017 is now closed. ***

    The San Francisco HR Star Conference draws 800+ HR professionals
    from terrific organizations in Northern California.

    Come celebrate our 15th year in the SF Bay area.

    There will be 17 sessions for Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

    Keynote Address:
    “I Can Read You”: Effective Communication, Incisive
    Questioning the Science of Unmasking Untruths

    Phillip R. Maltin, Esq.
    International Speaker Partner, Raines Feldman LLP

    Avoiding California’s Wage-Hour Traps
    Jennifer Brown Shaw, Esq.
    Founder Principal, Shaw Law Group, PC

    Top 10 Workplace Investigation Mistakes
    Allison West, Esq. SPHR, SHRM-SCP
    Managing Principal, Employment Practices Specialists

    Strategies to Combat Unconscious Bias in the Workplace:
    Why Raising Awareness is Not Enough

    Katherin Nukk-Freeman, Esq.
    Co-Founder President, SHIFT HR Compliance Training, LLC

    Career Development Employee Lifecycles
    Liz Ramos
    CEO, Engeniate

    Pay for Performance: Can Incentives Work?
    Shari Dunn
    Managing Director, Human Resources Compensation Consulting Practice,
    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

    How to Crack the Code of Employee “Disengagement”
    Jill Christensen
    Author, Speaker Employee Engagement Expert

    Navigating the Post-Election ACA Waters
    Liliana O. Salazar, Esq.
    Chief Compliance Officer, Western Region, HUB International

    U.S. Immigration 2017: Mobility Trends Legal Outlook
    Norman C. Plotkin, Esq.
    Partner, Jackson Hertogs LLP

    Steps to a “Rightful” Termination: How to Terminate without Getting Sued
    Deborah Birndorf Zeiler, Esq. MBA
    Partner, Birndorf Law Offices, APC

    What HR Can Do to Make the Workplace More Successful
    for Introverts

    Rita Sever, M.A.
    President, Supervision Matters

    Tools and Skills for More Effective Interviewing
    Dave Collins
    Founder CEO, Oak and Reeds

    Background Check Trends for 2017: What Every Employer Needs to Know
    Pri Murphy
    National Account Executive, ESRCheck

    For California Employers Pay Equity Keeps Getting More Complicated
    Leonora �Lenny� Schloss, Esq.
    Shareholder, Employment and Labor Group, Jackson Lewis P.C.

    HR’s Partnership Challenge: Mastering the Art of
    Not Being Everything to Everyone

    Bruce L. Calvin, J.D.
    President, Calvin Associates, Inc.

    Storytelling for Business: Crafting Personal Experiences into Powerful Stories
    Dave Collins
    Founder CEO, Oak and Reeds

    7 Steps to Creating Bulletproof Documentation
    Allison West, Esq. SPHR, SHRM-SCP
    Managing Principal, Employment Practices Specialists


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    Studio cloud #studio #management #software,business #management #software, #photography,photographer,videographers,crm,leads,business,online,invoice,billing,profit,assistant,iphone,booking,online #booking,tasks,task #manager,reporting, #project



    Why do we love StudioCloud? Anytime, anywhere access to information! Client data, sales figures, and calendaring are all available at the click of a button. For us, with our busy travel schedules, having access to this information from any computer is critical.

    We own two studios. Studio C and Salvatore Cincotta Photography. We have several employees on staff, not to mention various vendors that need access to schedules. We use the calendaring feature to share this access with the team and to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

    It’s easy to use with a very small learning curve and easy to follow online tutorials. If you can navigate the internet, you can use this program. It’s that simple.
    Salvatore & Taylor Cincotta, Behind The Shutter

    As a business owner, having access to comprehensive data is essential. Studio Cloud makes it easy for me to streamline my studios and access my data from anywhere. This makes it easy for me to make changes, assess marketing campaigns and products and make smart decisions on the future of my business. Most importantly, Studio Cloud gives me the tools I need to make each and every one of my customers feel like they are our one and only by seamlessly having information available at my fingertips. Integrating Studio Cloud will increase productivity and customer satisfaction by being able to easily eliminate much of the time consuming busy work many photographers currently have— all while making your clients feel incredibly important.
    Joy Vertz, Shoot The Moon Photography

    Wow! What can I say about StudioCloud? It is the best studio software I have found on the market! How nice it is to finally have software that is easy to use. And speaking of using the software, I can access it anywhere – even from my iPhone. And the staff is a lot happier using StudioCloud.

    Another plus to StudioCloud is that they listen to your suggestions. The team of experts that built the software are always looking for suggestions on how to improve what they have. It sure is nice to know that they are interested in what new things they can add that will help me run my business more efficiently.

    I am grateful for the day I discovered StudioCloud.
    William Branson III, William Branson III

    We use StudioCloud and love it! To have access to your data from anywhere has been a major plus as we travel so much. We can check our sales figures, get a client’s address or phone number or run a report instantly as soon as we get online. The program is easy to use, the invoices are easy to create and print and the reports are dynamic and helpful to assess our progress. Our studio is happy with the entire program that is so well thought out for a photography business. We also love the feedback feature that gives us a chance to voice our opinions or concerns, and StudioCloud is always prompt in addressing an issue. We would recommend this program to anyone with a photography studio, whether just beginning or a seasoned pro! It is so helpful!
    Tim & Beverly Walden, Walden’s Photography

    We love using StudioCloud because the program is simple to follow but holds all of the information we need to keep track of our business with. We love the online ability of being able to check invoices anywhere we travel
    JB DeEtte Sallee, Sallee Photography

    StudioCloud has quickly become a favorite business tool. I favor intuitive software and am pleased that I was able to get SC up and running with very little in the way of tutorials and missteps. I like that the program is flexible and allows me to add products and services as I need to create custom invoices for a variety of clients. I find SC to be a stable and reliable program and it has become my go to software.
    Dave Siccardi, Dave Siccardi Photography

    This is our third year using StudioCloud. Before SC we had to use 3 or 4 different programs to get everything done that SC does. I am loving how it keeps everything in one place from contacts, to schedules, to invoices. It’s also great that I can have my employees have limited access. In other words, employees don’t need to see financial information just to generate an invoice or check the status of something. Thanks for always helping and for allowing us, ”the users”, to make suggestions and then implementing those changes.
    Donny Baker, ES Audio Services

    I love StudioCloud! It is helping to get my business organized and keep my sanity while doing so! Everything I need is in the free account!
    Hillary Crawford

    I am so happy with this software, I would like to share. I run a single person hypnotherapy practice, and have searched high and low for an affordable CRM. I am so thrilled I found StudioCloud! One of my favorite features is the ability to log on from various computers and update my client information, notes, calendar, etc. It’s also helpful that I was able to customize the logbook to add SOAP notes format. Creating invoices was a breeze, also. Another extremely useful feature was when I set up email templates. This alone has saved me so much time and I’m much more efficient when I need to send an initial email to a client with the attached client intake forms.

    I can’t say enough good things about your software, but especially the price! Although we hypnotherapists won’t have a use for all of the features of StudioCloud, I have spread the word to other hypnotherapists when they are looking for an inexpensive (even free) and comprehensive CRM. Thank you!
    Laura Rude, HealthWise Hypnosis

    I’ve been using StudioCloud for a few months now. I love how everything can be so easily synced across all platforms, which means you can always know what’s happening where ever you are. Thank you to folks at StudioCloud for providing this amazing software and making it free for us just getting started.
    KR Moore


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    Free Office software #free #office #software, #business #program, #office #suite, #office


    Personal Information Manager, Database and Word Processor. Download TreePad and enjoy better access, organization and control over all your data, notes, bills, projects, clients, addresses, letters, speeches, research, collections, classroom notes, Web pages, links, bibliographic listings, and whatever else your creativity enables you to entrust TreePad with, for good organization, easy access, and safe storage.
    Despite all its features and power, TreePad is as easy to use as the Windows explorer and will fit (including data) on one floppy!
    Freeware, Shareware, Linux and Windows versions are available on .
    Created by Freebyte.

    Fully customizable addressbook program for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME. Freeware and shareware versions are available. Custom Addressbook is an easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program. Another advantage of its small size, is that the program and its database file can run directly from an external disk, such as a USB stick, floppy, etc. Some of the additional features: password protection, minimize to tray, data encryption, data compression, import, search, backup, non-western fonts, etc.
    For more information, please see here. Created by Freebyte.

    Free online clocks, free clock programs which you can install, clock screensavers, clock widgets for your Website or blog, alarms and timers, time-related utilities, free project and time-scheduling software.

    Free general purpose calculators, calculator collections, scientific/technical calculators, currency conversion and exchange rates.

    Free personal finance software, free accounting programs, free invoicing software and free accounting scripts.

    Online Business Services
    Free Financial Software

    E-commerce services, virtual cash systems, payment processing services, check printing, business-to-business portals, online stock trading, currency converters, free accounting software, etc.

    Free Software
    created by Freebyte

    Free Personal Information Managers, free File and Disk Utilities, free Address Books, free eBook Software and more. All created by

    Free ebooks, free eBook authoring tools, free photo albums.

    Free online dictionaries for a multitude of languages, free specialized dictionaries (medicine, business, sports, computing, construction. ), free thesauri, free online spellcheckers, language tools, language links, and more.

    Online courses, education for kids, online university education, educational resources.

    Work from home, start your own business, make money from your Website, join affiliate programs, get paid to take online surveys, get paid by reading email, get paid by surfing the Web, money making tutorials, earn revenue by placing ads on your Website, advertisement programs, get a fee to refer customers, receive commission for offering custom builds, etc.

    Free programs to surf the Web, free email software, email virus protection, free newsgroup programs, free Internet chat, telephony and messaging applications, free telnet software, free firewalls, etc.

    Free screensavers, cursors, ringtones and desktop themes. Free 3D screensavers, nature, funny and artistic screensavers, screensaver construction packages which don’t require any programming, and more.

    A large listing of services that provide free but also non-free email addresses. Web based email, email forwarding, pop email, etc. Also: add email services to your domain.

    Free images, icons,
    clipart, backgrounds,

    Download images and clipart for free, royalty-free stock photographs, thousands of free fonts, free icons, free GIFs, animated GIFs, free backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.

    Free images, bars, arrows, flags, animated gifs and signs for your Web page.

    Freebyte Gallery:
    Background Images

    Free background images for your Web pages: stone, marble, metal, decoration, sky backgrounds, timber images, psychedelic, office, trees and plants, space and stars.

    Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more!

    Free online encyclopedias, maps, satellite images, electronics, computing, physics, science, etc.

    The latest News Headlines; a large collection of news sites: English (USA/UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, Arabic, Scandinavian, weather, sports, science, showbizz, economy, Internet, computer, etc.


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    Plant Manager Job Description #training #program #manager #job #description


    Plant Manager Job Description


    Plant managers are the people who watch over and organize the daily operations of manufacturing plants and similar places. Plant managers oversee employees, production and efficiency, to make sure the plant is running smoothly, quickly, efficiently and safely.

    Plant managers might oversee an entire location, or just a section of the operation. Plant managers maintain optimum operation by assigning workers, creating and keeping work and production schedules, hiring and training new employees, collecting and looking through data to find places of waste or places of improvement, keep an eye on worker safety and plant safety, monitor the production equipment to make sure that it stays in good working order, and repair or replace the equipment when needed.

    Plant managers are the last line of defense for quality control when the item manufactured leaves the plant. They communicate with other departments or parts of the plant to make sure everything runs smoothly.


    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2010, plant managers made a median income of $41.91 per hour, or $87,160 a year.


    Plant managers generally need at least a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, business administration or similar. Some plant workers, after years of experience can take management classes to become a plant manager. Larger plants may require their managers to have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

    Plant managers will often spend months training with the company they are hired by to understand the processes and inner workings of the plant. Certification is available but not required.


    • Interpersonal Skills: Plant managers must be able to speak with employees, other department managers and senior management.
    • Leadership Skills: Plant managers must be able to motivate employees to keep operations running smoothly.
    • Problem-Solving Skills: Plant managers must be able to quickly ascertain a situation and be decisive in solving it, such as identifying defects in the production line.
    • Time Management: Plant managers face production deadlines, shipping dates and more and must manage their time accordingly.


    Overseas competition means slower growth for manufacturing, and fewer jobs for plant managers. The BLS states that jobs for plant managers will grow 9% between 2010 and 2020.

    • Job Tips
    • Browse All Jobs
    • Post Jobs
    • Contact Us
    • About Snagajob
    • Return to Top
    • Sign In
    • View Our Full Site

    2000-2017, Inc. All rights reserved.


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    Thin Client Software and Thin Client Management #thinmanager, #thin #client #software,






    Channel Partner Portals

    The Global Leader in Thin Client Management & Industrial Mobility Solutions

    We make
    hi-tech manufacturing





    The Global Leader in Thin Client Management

    The Future of Industrial Mobility
    is Here.

    Who Uses ThinManager?

    The Global Leader


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    Learn How to Analyze and Manage Windows Security Logs #windows #security


    Analyze and Manage Windows Security Logs

    Q: How much log data can be sent to Nagios Log Server?

    A: We don’t cap the amount of log data that is sent to Nagios Log Server. Instead, the limit for the amount of log data that can be handled is based on the physical hardware of the Nagios Log Server instances.

    Q: What is an instance? Why would I want one?

    A: Nagios Log Server systems are based on a clustering model. Each server in the cluster is called an instance. Adding instances to your cluster allows for data redundancy and a balanced workload.

    Q: Is there a Free Edition of Nagios Log Server?

    A: Yes! Nagios started in the Open Source community and we hold strong to our roots. Nagios Log Server is free to use for up to 500MB of log data per day. This makes it easy to monitor small environments or to try it in your environment before you make a purchase decision.

    Q: What types of logs can be sent to Nagios Log Server?

    A: Right out-of-the-box, Nagios is configured to be able to receive Windows Event Logs, Linux Syslogs, and Network Device Syslogs – as well as log information from any Windows and Linux machine. Additional log types can be added through the convenient GUI configuration wizard.


    Nagios Log Server, unlike many of our competitors, allows you to have full access to all of your log data no matter your license level. We don’t believe in charging you for your own data. We don’t think it’s fair. Your only limitation is the hardware/VM that you put Log Server on, but with Log Server’s ability to quickly scale to your environment, your monitoring needs are always met. Get started with Nagios Log Server today at the exclusive introductory price of only $1995.

    Licensing Model

    Nagios Log Server is licensed based on the number of cluster instances you implement in your environment. A Nagios Log Server system is comprised of any number of cluster server instances. Each instance communicates with each other to both replicate/backup your data and load-balance your system to maintain an efficient log monitoring system.

    Top-notch Technical Support

    Nagios Log Server customers receive access to top-notch technical support via our exclusive customer-only support forum and included email support incidents. In addition, you may add a phone support package to ensure access to priority support services when you need them most.

    Distribution Formats

    Nagios Log Server is officially distributed in multiple formats including VMware virtual machine images for VMware Player, Workstation, ESX, or vSphere. Source installers are also available for installation to physical Linux servers running RHEL and CentOS.

    Try Log Server Today

    Nagios Log Server allows you to manage your windows task manager logs and security log data for in-depth log analysis and alerting.


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    Project Management Consulting #manage #project, #project #consulting, #project #process, #project #work,


    This Month s Featured resources!

    Discover the best Portal for all Career up-skilling and Professional Certifications in India!

    Preparing for the PMP Certification exam? Visit the PM Exam Simulator to assist you! For $15 discount, use coupon codeJun17-PMP

    Preparing for the CAPM exam? Try the CAPM exam simulator. For $15 discount, use coupon codeJun17-CAPM Click here for CAPM Simulator ***************************************

    Preparing for the Agile Certification exam? Visit The Agile PrepCast to assist you with your exam preparations! For $15 discount, use coupon codeJun17-ACP

    GreyCampus PMP online training

    Project Management Template Blog

    How to Create Project Management Methodology Pages Q: I have opened a project management methodology and I’d like to create a brand new page. How can I do this? A: Easy. There are several ways of creating new pages for …

    Basics of Procurement Procurement refers to obtaining goods and services from outside companies. This specifically refers to vendors and suppliers. It does not refer to other internal organizations within your own company. (For the purposes of this discussion, “purchasing” and …

    Know the Five Steps in a Document Life Cycle Document management is a part of communication management. It is important for the project manager to recognize the stages that a document must go through from creation to completion. This knowledge …

    Project Management best practices


    • Continuous Learning Improving Your Organization Through Continuous Learning ESI International helps people around the world improve the way they manage their projects, contracts, requirements and vendors.
    • Project Management Methodology What is MPMM? MPMM is a Project Management Methodology containing tasks, charts, tables and examples to help guide your projects towards success. It also contains all of the project management templates, forms and checklists needed.
    • RationalPlan Project Management Blog Project management software and articles.
    • Skillsoft For your e-learning and leadership development needs.
    • Strong Foundation A leader in the field of Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching, Leadership Development, Change Management interventions, with our Strong Foundation Academy that offers Servant Leadership development, Emotional Intelligence and in-house Coach Training fo


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