Find Water Leaks with Thermal Imaging, Acoustics and Tracer Gas #water


Leak Detecting Services

How to Find a Water Leak

Our highly trained engineers at L.D.S. Leak Detection Specialists Ltd. will choose the approriate testing and inspection process specifically chosen to suit your home or commercial business to find the leak.

Our engineers at L.D.S. carry all the latest technology in leakage detection. We have listed the main Leak detection methods and equipment below. Inspection cameras. Protimeter mms damp meter survey kits, pressure gauges both hydraulic and digital and salts diagnostic kits also form part of the L.D.S. engineers equipment.

Leak Detection Methods to Find A Leak

Acoustic profiling uses ground and pipe sensitive microphones to enhance the sound of the leak. This method can help in pinpointing precise leak location.

Is a way of finding and pinpointing leaks in water pipes. A leak in a pipe under pressure creates noise that travels through the pipe walls, the surrounding ground and along the contents of the pipe. Correlators are a very accurate sound testing device which are used to identify the acoustic frequency caused when a pipe is leaking. The correlator uses two identical sensors located along the pipe to calculate the leek location by logging the signal delay, sensor distance and the sound velocity.

Tracer Gas
The trace gas, a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, is introduced into the pipe with the suspected leak. The gas, is the lightest in the atmosphere and is made up of of small molecules. The gas will exit at the leak and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive detection pobes.

Thermal Imaging
Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to see and measure thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermography cameras can identify problem areas that can’t be seen with the naked eye, detecting hidden water leaks. The infrared inspection camera can detect not only hidden water leaks and their origin, but also moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters. Read more

Pipe, Cable and Metal Detection and Tracing
Often the exact position of pipes and cables is unknown due to innacurate or non existant network plans. In order to carry out precise water leak detection and to avoid damage to utilities and operators during excavations, it is essential to know the precise position of all services. We use high performance equipment which can locate and trace buried pipes and cables.

Network Monitoring with Noise Loggers
Noise Loggers are used for early detection of leaks in water supply networks.The longer it takes to identify that a network is leaking the more revenue is lost and the greater the loss of precious water resources. In addition to the more conventional methods of leak detection the installation of permanent noise loggers has proved to be a cost effective tool in early identification of water loss. By permanently monitoring sections of the system, which have previously been proven leak free, it will alert you when a potential leak does develop. Read more .



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Maplewood Local 10 #sheet #metal #workers #local


Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association

Sheet Metal Workers’
Annual Golf Tournament
July 15, 2017
Hillcrest Golf Club

2017 Metro Area JATC Journeymen Grads.


Our Union label is a tool for protecting union jobs, wages, and benefits. And it s an essential tool for enforcing contracts. The labels encourage employers to use union-made prod ucts. For individual sheet metal workers, it means more work, better pay, and healthier benefits.

The blue label is used on production products. The yellow label represents building trades products.

Wage equalization removes the incentive for employers to use yellow-label products fabricated by union workers getting lower wage rates. By scanning the labels to report which shop produced a product, everyone in the process from fabricators to installers gets the highest average crew cost rate.

Everyone benefits from wage equalization. From a fab ricator in a lower-rate local who gets a boost in pay from wage equalization benefits to the higher-rate sheet metal workers by removing the incentive contractors have to look for fabricated products from areas with a lower average crew cost. Otherwise, contractors could pursue a race to the bottom that puts pressure on all locals to accept lower wages.


Why “Right to Work” is Wrong for Workers

Fomer Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gives a short video on why RTW is wrong .Click the link below.

Local 10 and Local 480 Hold Joint Steward Training

Stewards are at the front line of support for the membership of Local 10 and Local 480. Proper knowledge and training for them has always been important.

International Director of Production Mike LaFave and IA Organizer Tim Hintz presented valuable information and training for over 30 stewards of Local 10 and Local 480 here at Local 10 meeting hall. Knowledge of grievances reporting to contact understating to workman comp was presented to the stewards.

Members Ken Young, Tom Osborne, Ron McGuire and Bob Wewers along with MN Sen Al Franken enjoying the MN state fair while volunteering at the Local 10 booth.

The Sheet Metal Local 10 Metro Area JATC will be hiring an additional full Time instructor. Please see click here for more information Job Posting.pdf

Local 10 Sheet Metal Workers put new lid on St. Paul s municipal booya shed

Installing the booya shed s new roof are Local 10 members (L to R) Travis Rost, Scott Spears, Justin Rost and Scott Berube.

St. Paul s municipal booya kitchen has a new roof, thanks to members of Sheet Metal Workers Local 10 and union contractor Berwald Roofing .

Four members of Local 10 installed a new standing seam metal roof on the structure in Highland Park today. The contractor donated supplies; Local 10 picked up the labor costs.

The union s annual booya feed in the park a late-summer tradition since 1968 attracts around 1,000 active workers, retirees and family members. According to Local 10, it s the longest-running booya feed in St. Paul.

Booya chefs began noticing the kitchen s roof was in need of repair some time ago, and this year the union approached St. Paul Parks and Recreation, which leases the city-owned kitchen, with a proposal for handling the job on its own.

Booya is a savory stew slow-cooked in large batches over an open fire. The Highland Park booya shed thought to be one of only a few municipally owned booya kitchens in the country can accommodate six kettles with a capacity to cook 400 gallons at once.

Local 10 s booya feed is set for Sept. 9 this year.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 10 of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Northern Wisconsin

Welcome to the Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 10. This website was designed for you, our members, our contractors, and potential members and contractors so that you will have a user friendly website where you can access information and make paying dues easier with our Online dues payment system . We have a strong tradition of quality membership that offers training programs and works with superior contractors to maintain the high-quality craftsmanship our members believe in. Our website is designed so that our members can keep in contact, access the latest news, see what is up and coming and remain involved in our Union as a strong brotherhood. Whether you are a member, looking for a career in Sheet Metal, or currently working in the trade but are not yet a union member, this site should help you learn more about Local #10 and the benefits of UNION membership.

The MN Vikings Horn.

Sheet Metal Workers from Local 10 and contractor MG McGrath install The Horn .

This is a sculpture, consisting of two flowing ribbons. Fully erected, the sculpture is approximately 107 feet long, 25 feet high and 30 feet wide, weighing over 38 tons. It is constructed using structural tube steel and plate steel framing, mirror finish stainless steel and painted metal panels. Embedded LED lighting ensure the sculpture remains visible at night. It is located just 85 feet from the world s largest glass doors at the stadium s entrance.

ATTENTION: Reminder to all Sheet Metal Workers.

Anyone that is sent to a jurisdiction of another local union other than Local 10 by their employer shall report to that local union BEFORE starting work, as per the Constitution Article 16, Section 10 (a). As per the Constitution Article 16, Section 10 (c) those who fail to comply shall be subjected to charges and to a trial by the local of whose jurisdiction the offense was committed.

It is the member s responsibility to check in, not the employer. Please check in BEFORE you work and contact us if you need help with a number to call.

Are you thinking about retiring? Please read this check list below for good planning information.

Thinking of Retiring.doc

UNION MADE VEHICLES : For those who want to support and drive union-made cars, trucks vans, made by UAW and CAW members, this UAW website can help you.


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NWA Roofing #roofing #installation #and #roofing #repair, #asphalt #shingle #roof #repair,


NWA Roofing is a locally owned and operated Arkansas roofing company. Our office in Rogers opened in 2007 and we are committed to providing exceptional service in repairing and installing roofing, gutters, siding, soffit, fascia to residents throughout Northwest Arkansas. We have experience with residential and commercial roof installations and repairs including Asphalt Shingle, Natural Slate, Wood Shake, Composite and Traditional Tile Roofing. We use quality, durable materials and our professionally trained crews are backed by your satisfaction with our roofing services, guaranteed.


We work with all local and national property insurance companies to make your roof repair or replacement run smoothly and get the most benefit from your coverage.

Satisfaction Guarantee d

Every new roof installation is backed by a 5-Year Guarantee on labor and workmanship, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on materials.

Cash, check or credit card accepted for payment, or ask about financing with Title I Home Improvement Loans to pay for all or a portion of new roof installations.



NWA Roofing serves Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, Lowell, Springdale, Fayetteville and surrounding areas of NW Arkansas.

  • Composition Shingle Roof
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof
  • Metal Roof
  • Wood Shake Roof
  • Natural Slate Roof
  • Traditional Tile Roof
  • Rolled Membrane Coatings

We are eager to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

5 Year Guaranteed Warranty on Workmanship

Committed to achieve 100% satisfaction

Free Estimate

Financing Available

Elite Service HomeAdvisor Top Rated Business


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