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New Brunswick Plastic Surgery: 78 Easton Avenue New Brunswick New Jersey 08901
Princeton Plastic Surgery: 60 Mount Lucas Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540

If you re interested in aesthetic plastic surgery, our New Jersey offices are easily accessible from anywhere in the NY, NJ, CT tri-state area via car, bus, and train-lines. You can easily visit PSANJ from North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Staten Island or anywhere in the tri-state area and receive world-class care that only PSANJ can offer. With two convenient locations in New Brunswick and Princeton, NJ we welcome patients from all over the state including: Edison, East Brunswick, Manalapan, Marlboro, Piscataway, Somerset, and Flemington. Many patients have also come from Colts Neck, Freehold, Old Bridge, Sayreville, Hillsboro, Belle Mead, and more. No matter how you imagine yourself, or where you re coming from, Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey can help you reach your dreams.

About Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey:

PSANJ is one of New Jersey s leading cosmetic surgeon centers with two locations in New Brunswick, New Jersey and Princeton, New Jersey. Patients travel from all over the east coast to receive body contouring, breast enhancement surgery, facial aesthetic surgery, and men s cosmetic procedures at the hands of New Jersey s top surgeons.

In addition to the breast and the body, we also specialize in facial plastic surgery. The many procedures available for facial cosmetic surgery at Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey include facelifts. brow lifts. eyelid lifts. nose job (rhinoplasty). lip injections. or laser skin rejuvenation. In recent years, requests for men s plastic surgery have increased. If you re a male interested in plastic surgery, we have developed a men s cosmetic surgery program that focuses on natural, conservative results with quick recovery times.

For less invasive, non-surgical procedures we offer many non-surgical options to improve your appearance and youthful image with natural looking results. Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey offers BOTOX Cosmetic. dermal fillers Juvederm for lip enhancements or to smooth out wrinkles, chemical peels. HydraFacial/microdermabrasion. and Juv derm Voluma TM .

Getting plastic surgery is a major decision that could have incredible life-changing results. We want you to look and feel your best, therefore we offer flexible financial options for patients that would like plastic surgery or a non-surgical skin care procedure. If you are interested in any of our services, please visit our before and after photo gallery or request a consultation today. Our New Brunswick office is located near Rutgers University or UMDNJ, with our second office located in the beautiful and historical Princeton, New Jersey. At PSANJ we are proud to be home to some of New Jersey s best plastic surgeons. We would love to see you at our offices in New Brunswick or Princeton, New Jersey. — Locations | Geo Sitemap

Cosmetic surgery offers us the chance to perform life-changing procedures for our patients – from breast reconstruction to breast implants, to tummy tucks and more. We use minimally invasive techniques that speed along recovery times and offer natural-looking results. At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey, we can help you imagine the possibilities. – Dr. Kevin Nini

At Plastic Surgery Arts of New Jersey we value our patients’ personal goals when performing cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, mommy makeovers and more. Surgical artistry is all about precision and a commitment to perfecting the tiniest details. Visit us in New Brunswick or Princeton, New Jersey and experience our unparalleled results. – Dr. Philip Wey

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Please be aware that PSANJ cannot ensure that communications sent over the Internet are secure. This includes correspondence sent through this form or by email. If you are uncomfortable with such risks, you may contact us by phone instead of using this form.


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Dopps Chiropractic Clinic Wichita Chiropractor #dopps, #dopps #chiropractic, #wichita, #chiropractor #wichita,


A t Dopps Chiropractic at 6820 W. Central in Wichita, we have provided chiropractic relief of neck pain, back pain, headaches, and many other conditions. for over 35 years! Dopps is Chiropractic.

We provide an integrated approach to your health care needs. We believe chiropractic care along with diet, rest, and exercise and educating our patients, so that they can figure out what daily activities are causing their health problems. We work to provide the highest quality care available.

We believe health is the natural state of your body. So let our friendly and experienced staff help you start enjoying more out of life with less pain and more vitality, naturally! Contact us today for an appointment .

Yours in Health,

6820 W. Central


The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,
in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
–Thomas Edison

Dan is the best atheletic chiropractor in Wichita, KS 67212. Specializing in sport injuries with Wichita professional athletes and Wichita’s hopefuls. Providing families in the Wichita are with drug free back treatment and affordable spinal health care. Our chiropractic office is located in West Wichita, Kansas. We are close to 67205, 67235, and 67209 zip codes, but are located in the 67212 zip code. Dr. Daniel and Doctor Rory Dopps are the best chiropractic physicians in Wichita.
Exam, x-ray, and therapy are provided for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, running pain, hockey injuries, and golf pain. We provide treatment for adults, teens, and children. We offer services for for scoliosis, pregnancy, sciatica, whiplash, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis, headaches, and rehab. We treat pinched nerves. We work closely with insurance to provide care for auto and car accidents and injury. We work with area doctors for referrals, spine evaluation, physical therapy needs, surgery prevention, and wellness care. Our office uses digital xray, electronic health records, online scheduling, text remind messages. We accept all insurances and have contracts with most major insurance companies.


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Best Travel Pillow – Travel Pillow Reviews – Travel Pillow for

#travel pillows for airplanes

Travel Pillow Reviews:

We’ve all tried sleeping on an airplane or in a car only to have our neck suddenly fall forward and jar us awake. Some people can never even get comfortable enough to fall asleep in the first place. I have traveled back and forth from the west coast to Europe several times this year and I finally broke down and bought a travel pillow to try and help. I wanted something that would not only support my neck and head, but also allow me to get much needed rest on those 11 hour flights. The pillow they give you on board the planes are terrible and offer very little support. I used to try and get 2 pillows from the flight attendant and push them together but it never really improved things. Travel pillows are relatively cheap and definitely worth the investment if you travel a lot on airplanes. Many of the pillows double for ones you can have your kids use in cars as well. I know my kids always fall asleep while we are driving, but their heads droop without a pillow for support.

Buying Guide – The top brands are TravelRest, Eagle Creek, Bucky Samsonite, iJoy, and Brentwood. You will find travel pillows at,, REI, Target. and Most are inflatable but some are normal down pillows that you can carry in your car or on a plane. I recently used my inflatable travel pillow on a backpacking trip since it was lightweight and easy to carry. There’s no doubt that using one of these pillows in a slightly reclined seat or chair is much easier than when sitting straight up. Look for ones with the best neck support and don’t feel like the horseshoe shaped travel pillows are your only choice. The TravelRest pillows are shaped differently and reviews say they are better than most. I have also seen some people on airline flights using the Skyrest pillow which sits in front of you and you lean forward and rest your head and upper body. It’s take a while to get used to this sleeping position, but many owner reviews are in favor of this style of travel pillow. Expect to spend anywhere between $15 and $50 for a good pillow. The biggest complaint we found amongst all the brands is that they lose their air too fast. Some comments posted online from consumers said that their pillows developed leaks within a few months and the pillow was rendered useless. Eagle Creek and Bucky are the most popular and best selling travel pillows on Amazon with very favorable feedback from owners. You can read travel pillow reviews online at Amazon as each product they carry has extensive unbiased postings from actual owners. You can browse the top selling travel pillows online here


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Orthopedic Center in Providence, East Greenwich, Middletown, Barrington – University Orthopedics



The Physical Therapists at University Orthopedics are important members of the multidisciplinary health care team. Upon referral to physical therapy at our Rhode Island offices, each patient receives a thorough assessment of his or her impairment and the physical therapist will plan a treatment regimen best suited to the individual problem. Read more.


One of the key features that differentiates us from other Rhode Island centers that treat back pain, including low back pain and sciatica, and neck pain is the spine-specialized therapy department at the University Orthopedics Spine Center. Read more.


Our hand therapy department provides specialized rehabilitation services for patients with upper extremity dysfunction due to trauma or medical conditions. Services are provided by registered occupational therapists that have obtained specialized knowledge of the upper extremity through advanced training, continuing education courses, and independent study. Read more.


A home exercise program is typically customized for an individual’s specific back problem. These exercises can be done on the living room rug while watching TV. Other stretching exercises can be done throughout the day to increase flexibility. Read more.


Injection therapy is intended to be a means to an end. The goal is to provide the patient with enough pain relief to bridge from inactivity to physical therapy, where orthopedic problems can be better treated with special exercises. Read more.


The orthopedic center includes more than 25 board-certified orthopedic surgeons who are fellowship-trained, the highest level of medical training in the U.S. These specialists are clinical professors on the faculty of Brown University’s medical school as teachers of other new physicians, and leading the way with clinical research of the latest advances in orthopedic surgery and injury prevention.


Our specialists use advanced surgical instrumentation to correct the injury, enables the patient to go home the same day to the comfort of their home. Every medical specialty has become “sub-specialized” with super specialists that have the most advanced expertise in their particular niche.


University Orthopedics directs many clinical research efforts intended to innovate new orthopedic surgery techniques; new surgical implant devices that improve the success of various procedures; and new ways to prevent orthopedic injury.


The physicians at University Orthopedics believe that just as they benefited from the educational training they received early on in their careers, they should return the expertise they gain through private practice by educating those coming out of medical schools who in turn take their expertise into the community.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Mark Palumbo. I injured my back at work, had some disc issues with horrible pain to the point I could barely walk. When other doctors said I would not ever be able to work my very physical job again, Dr. Palumbo proved them wrong. I have been back to work for over a year now.”

“I broke my left humerus in September 2013, I saw Dr. Got and he operated on me in October, it was a smooth recovery for me with the great team he had. I was back to work and back in the gym in four months. I would recommend anyone who experiences any bone break to go see Dr. Got.”

Dr. Bliss is awesome. I’m so grateful to have a doctor who cares about me. He listens and is genuinely concerned about my injury. The facility is well kept and staff is wonderful. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Amazing doctors, physical therapists, and facilities. The doctors are all very well educated and their staff are friendly as well. They also do a very good job of matching their patients to the physical therapists both in specialty and personality.”


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Neck pain from car accident: now what? #neck #injuries #from #car


Ask MetaFilter

Neck pain from car accident: now what?
October 5, 2007 7:06 AM Subscribe

I got rear-ended yesterday and now my neck hurts. What’s the best way to proceed?

I know others have been in this situation before, so I’m looking for recommendations, warnings, etc. Never having had neck pain before, I’m trying to decide first if I should go to an MD, and if so, which kind, or a chiropractor, which I’ve never been to. I live just north of Austin, TX, so if you have a particular recommendation, that would also be swell.

Having been rear-ended several times, my experience is that the pain almost always comes the next day. I’ve usually been able to combat it with ibuprofen and a heating pad, though my neck has usually been stiff for a day or two afterwards.

If it felt. unnaturally painful (if you get my drift – more than simple muscle stiffness), I’d probably head to my GP or local walk-in clinic. I’ve only ever seen orthopedists for joint injuries and fractures, so I’m not sure if this sort pain is in their area, but that might be another venue for you.
posted by jquinby at 7:31 AM on October 5, 2007

Start at your general practitioner. Make sure they know you’re there as a result of a motor vehicle accident – there will probably be forms you have to fill out with auto insurance details of the parties involved.
posted by jerseygirl at 7:33 AM on October 5, 2007

I’d go to a GP first. He should probably x-ray you for hairline fractures.

Under your doctor’s supervision do the yoga dog and cat position daily.

This is what finally helped me after seeing many doctors. (Got the advice from a rolfer.)
posted by cda at 7:39 AM on October 5, 2007

Physical Terrorist
in that order.
posted by caddis at 7:50 AM on October 5, 2007

My whiplash showed up two weeks later while lifting weights, and I was told by my GP (who is a DO, not an MD) that whiplash often shows up later. He kept my neck straight with adjustments, and I had to use a heating pad almost constantly to keep from crying like a bitch.

Def. go to your GP or, if you don’t have a regular GP, go to a GP that is a DO in your plan.
posted by notsnot at 7:56 AM on October 5, 2007

Go to your GP, and keep notes as to when, especially if you plan on filing a suit.
posted by craven_morhead at 8:10 AM on October 5, 2007

When I was rear-ended I called my GP and she said I should get to an ER to establish a paper trail in case the other drivers insurance tried to screw me.

My treatment was a max dose of ibuprophen for two weeks, plus a muscle relaxant for a week or so and cold compresses.
If you didnt injure a disk or vertabrae, then you propbably just have inflamation and strain to deal with. The ER didn’t make clear to me that recovering from that was a two week process. That, combined with me not giving the drugs enough credit led me to start curtailing my meds after a couple of days until I realized that I was feeling worse as a result.

Go to a doc, get checked out. Consider seeking a little massage as part of the treatment/recovery if its just muscle strain.
posted by Good Brain at 8:51 AM on October 5, 2007

For the physical discomfort, def go with the ibuprophen. I’ve had this happen three times over the last 25 years and what aided recovery quickest for me was finding someone that did cranial sacral work — a very subtle form of releasing shock from the body by working with the spinal fluid. This helps things realign naturally. I’d done the physical therapy, the chiropractic, the massage and cranial sacral had the most impact (sorry for the pun) for me.
posted by zenpop at 9:07 AM on October 5, 2007

Good advice so far. Let me add the following (gleaned from an accident in which an ex-GF was rear-ended):

1) Do not underestimate the damage that has been done, or the time it takes for you to heal. In a rear-end collision, even a low-speed one, there is the possibility that the full extent of injuries will take weeks to become evident. My GF was hit by a driver who was only going about 20 MPG, but still had a bad case of whiplash and pain and back problems that lingered for months, led to missed days of work, and required several forms of therapy. I do not mean to alarm you, but just be cognizant that your minor neck pain now may persist for quite some time.

2) For this reason, do not settle with your insurance company prematurely. The insurance company may try to settle as quickly as possible, probably by offering a lump sum that sounds like a nice big number but may not actually cover all of the eventual costs. Don’t be tempted. Wait until you have a good idea of what all of your expenses are before signing a final settlement (I do hope you haven’t done so already), even if it takes months to do so.

3) Document everything. This includes all medical expenses, specific details about your pain (e.g. a diary), and missed time from work. Documenting things indicates the seriousness of your eventual insurance claim, and strengthens your position.

I hope that your case is minor and none of this will apply to you, but some thinks to think about just in case. Good luck!
posted by googly at 9:09 AM on October 5, 2007 [1 favorite ]

I was in a similar situation about 10 years ago. It took 2-3 days for the full extent of the pain to come through. Whilst I felt fine after a few days of ibuprofen I would occasionally be reminded by recurring pains and stiffness for many weeks to come.

So go to your doctor to make sure it is nothing more than muscle strain.

And be prepared to explore a range of measures to fully recover like stretches, manipulation and massages.
posted by koahiatamadl at 10:47 AM on October 5, 2007

Data on MVA’s suggests that myofascial injuries (‘whiplash’ if you live in the USA, since it’s not recognized elsewhere as a condition) take 3 months to heal . Data seems to support whatever the patient wants to do – GP, chiro, PT, accupunture, burning sage, etc.

See your doc and discuss.

My bias (besides the above counsel) is to assist w/ a good night’s sleep and pain control. YMMV. Good luck.
posted by docpops at 11:01 AM on October 5, 2007

If you want a doc to relieve the pain–try an osteopathic (DO) doctor first. Fully licensed in medicine and all, but we also perform manipulations which is the backbone of our education and foundation of our skill. Pick up the yellow pages, they’ll be under physicians.
posted by uncballzer at 11:45 AM on October 5, 2007

I second what googly said — strongly. I’ve been through it and it can take a while to get better. Not always, but sometimes it does.

Also, the treatment you have can have an impact on your recovery, both positive and negative. The treatment I had was partially helpful, but in the long run it turned out that some of the advice I was given was probably wrong and caused the recovery to stretch out much longer than it should have.

(Long story, but physical therapy and general exercise should have been a stronger part of the regimen, I think. Telling me to rest the painful parts and take more meds actually gradually caused my pain threshold to drop, making the condition worse over a longer period of time — several years, so instead I should have been doing something to keep more active even if I couldn’t turn my head fully and was feeling a lot of pain. My recovery came when I figured that out and started an exercise program that I enjoyed. Once I did that, my pain threshold rose and I started feeling better really quickly. I still can’t turn my head as far as I used to, but I am generally pain-free now and feel normal. I think I could have recovered a lot sooner if we had realized this, but of course it’s all hindsight. )

Do what the doctors tell you, but if it seems to be going on longer than the 3 months docpops mentioned, it could mean that you need to try something else and seek a second opinion. And stay active, though of course you should be careful not to aggravate your neck and back.
posted by litlnemo at 3:37 PM on October 5, 2007

Oh, and don’t let anyone try to tell you that your pain isn’t real. Insurance companies, and the supposed independent examination doctors they send you to, love to do that, and then pressure you to settle. In my case one doctor I was sent to did a clearly fraudulent exam. That was the point when I had to contact a lawyer, unfortunately.

If you have pain, you have pain. Trust your own feelings on this and don’t let them mess with your head.

You also asked about whether you should see a chiropractor — you will probably get some mixed responses on that. I have seen some that were actually pretty good, and some others seem to be complete quacks (the ones who believe chiro can cure everything from acne to the plague). You might get some help out of the occasional chiro visit, as long as you are seeing one of the reputable ones. But when they start telling you you need to come in every day or every other day for a few weeks, be suspicious of that. I don’t think that’s generally needed for recovery. (Then again, I am not a DC, or MD, so take this with a grain of salt.)
posted by litlnemo at 3:48 PM on October 5, 2007

Ask the lawyer to recommend a doctor.
posted by Avenger at 11:27 PM on October 5, 2007

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Neck Pillows #travel #logde

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Neck Pillows

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