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A Must Do List When Starting Up A New Website 06 Sep 2017

Ppc ad networks Starting a website is an exciting adventure to embark on. You have the freedom to make a website about anything you want, and design the website however you like. For this reason, there does not really need to be much motivation when starting a website since the majority of people create websites about things they love to do, .

2 Ways to Save Money in a PPC Campaign 05 Sep 2017

Ppc ad networks PPC campaigns are an extremely effective way to gain contextual traffic to a designated landing page. The concept behind only paying for traffic and not ad space is something that has proved to attract millions of advertisers to platforms such as Google AdWords. However, a PPC campaign can become quite costly when not .

GAME Analyse A Real PPC Campaign 31 Aug 2017

Ppc ad networks The last PPC campaign I analysed in the Analyse A Real PPC Campaign series was from AB Toys and More, who had made a general PPC campaign for fidget spinners. This was a poor targeting choice by AB Toyz and More which did not even mention fidget spinners on the landing page at all. With the Nintendo Switch .

Tips to Using the Right Language in PPC Advertising 30 Aug 2017

Ppc ad networks Pay per click advertising is an extremely effective platform to promote just about anything when done correctly. A key component to the advert and landing page of a PPC campaign is the content itself. You could have the most desirable product that is flying off the shelves. However, your advert might be using the wrong content .

Google Increases Site Links in Mobile PPC to 8 29 Aug 2017

Ppc ad networks Google has been busy updating the way pay per click advertising looks for mobile users to further improve the experience web users have with PPC. It was only a little while back that Google updated the site link extensions in PPC to accomodate more links, previously at a value between 2-6 links. This enabled the web user to use .

Are your search marketers doing enough to increase ROI of PPC campaigns? 28 Aug 2017

Ppc ad networks I started my career as an Intern in a digital marketing agency. I was fresh out of college and got a call. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have an idea what exactly digital marketing is back then. Perhaps, I heard a couple of times about online marketing. As things turned out, I found it damn interesting. It is a world in itself. .

AB Toyz and More Analyse A Real PPC Campaign 24 Aug 2017

Ppc ad networks The last PPC campaign I analysed in the Analyse A Real PPC Campaign was from Kenwood Travel, who had good search advert and a good landing page, except for the bland colour scheme used on it (which needed to be more colourful to reflect the type of holiday they were promoting). An interesting product that has .

When to Use PPC and When to Use SEO 23 Aug 2017

Ppc ad networks Although it has been mentioned many times before, it still needs to be stressed just how important traffic is to a website. Without traffic, to some extent, a website is worthless. Making sure you have sources of traffic to a website is crucial to the success of it. With this, there is an argument to say that there are mainly .

Google s Deadline Day for HTTP Websites Approaches 22 Aug 2017

Ppc ad networks It has been no secret over the last few years that Google looks at the security of websites as a ranking factor for their search engine. With this has come the rise of websites migrating to https://, otherwise known as adopting an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a way of encrypting the connection between the website and .


Ppc ad networks MOST IMPORTANT REASONS YOU MUST AVOID FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN PPC ONLINE ADVERTISING Pay-per-click marketing is a valid and authenticated method that marketers use to present their company in front of local and international audience. It is successful because almost every hour a day is a peak hour somewhere around the world when .

About and Pay Per Click Marketing

We created this blog to spread tips, tricks and insider info about Google Adwords, BingAds, YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads. We want to help the world to make good profits from your PPC Ad Campaigns. With a vast amount of competition in the paid search market, everyone needs a little help. Even the experts. Advertising dollars are being poured into online marketing more than ever before, it’s now harder than ever to bring a decent return on investment through your Adwords Campaigns. We try to offer only the best quality content, case studies and resources to improve your pay per click ad campaigns.

Whether you’re a beginner to the online world or you’re an experienced pay per click expert, we have all the tools that to help you take your PPC campaign to the next level. We specialize in paid search management of Google AdWords, adCenter, Youtube and Facebook ads as well as many other paid search networks. We keep up with all the latest trends and releases from Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook and other search marketing networks. We provide as many “how to” guides to learn the latest tips and tricks to get you the best results out of your campaigns.

We teach you everything from starting your first campaign, knowing what keywords to use, improving your CTR, to upping your quality scores. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know to get your campaigns optimized to their greatest potential. We teach you to make money for your business through AdWords, adCenter, YouTube and Facebook ads, as well as a few other networks.


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ESB and Vodafone #esb #networks


ESB and Vodafone

In September 2012, ESB began a tender process to find a partner for a joint venture to deploy a fibre-to-the-building network using ESB Networks overhead and underground infrastructure. An agreement with Vodafone was signed by the two organisations on 2 nd July 2014.

About ESB

ESB is Ireland’s leading sustainable energy company, comprising Power Generation, Networks, Supply and International divisions. Founded in 1927, ESB makes a major contribution to the Irish economy, financing, building and maintaining the State’s vital electricity infrastructure as well as providing a world-class service to the public. As the largest semi-state company in Ireland, ESB has an annual turnover of almost €3bn and invests approximately €1bn per annum in capital expenditure. ESB is the first energy company in Europe to set a date of 2035 to decarbonise its power generation and by 2020 will be delivering one-third of its electricity from renewable sources. To facilitate sustainability targets and economic growth, ESB is developing an advanced smart networks system and other innovative emerging technologies.

For more information, please visit:

About Vodafone

Vodafone is Ireland’s leading total communications provider with 2.4 million customers across the company’s mobile and fixed line business. Vodafone Group is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and provides a range of services including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. Vodafone has mobile operations in 26 countries, partners with mobile networks in 50 more, and has fixed broadband operations in 17 markets. As of 31 st March 2014, Vodafone had 434 million mobile customers and 9 million fixed broadband customers globally.

For more information, please visit:

More about SIRO


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If you have our Dial-up service, please ensure that the Dial-up number at your new location is a local call to you. If you are not sure then check your phone book or contact your local telephone provider.

Please be advised: CTI Networks, Inc is not responsible in any way for long distance phone charges.

If you are staying within our coverage area and wish to continue service, we ask that you supply us with your new address and phone number. You will need to make sure you are still dialing a local phone number at your new location. You can find a local dial-up number by using our Access Number Lookup Database. You can verify that this number is local by checking in your phone book or with your local telephone company. We are not responsible for any long distance charges incurred by using the PA.NET Internet service.

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