World – s cheapest cities for budget travelers in 2015 –

#cheap travel destinations

130 World cities ranked cheapest to most expensive: Backpacker Index for 2015

We have all heard that some parts of the world are cheap to visit while others are expensive but most people have a hard time quantifying any more precisely. That s why Price of Travel launched our Backpacker Index numbers for cities all over the world in late 2010. Now totally updated in its 5th year, below you ll find all major destinations around the world ranked by price for backpackers.

More specific information can be found by clicking on the regional articles just below, or by clicking on the individual city names in the main list.

There were some major changes on the list this year, mainly due to large swings in currency in much of the world. Compared to the US Dollar, all European currencies weakened, as did the Canadian Dollar, while most Asian currencies hovered around the same level all year. Once again, Asia dominates the cheap part of the list with the first 7 spots, while Europe dominates the expensive part at the bottom.

Detailed information available by region

What the prices below mean

There is a longer explanation of the Backpacker Index on each of the regional pages, but the short version is that we found the price for a group of things for each destination, and then translated that into US dollars in late January 2015. While this data is meant for backpackers and budget travelers, the proportions will be nearly identical, so the list should also be useful to those with more money to spend.

For each city this daily total includes:

  • A dorm bed at a good and cheap hostel
  • 3 budget meals
  • 2 public transportation rides
  • 1 paid cultural attraction
  • 3 cheap beers (as an entertainment fund )

Backpacker Index: 130 global destinations for 2015


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Asking for a lot of money #incentive #travel

#cheapest flight

Asking for a lot of money

Most people dream of making a lot of money. The question is, what does that mean?

The truth is that money is highly subjective. Certainly, a billion dollars is a lot of money; there are only a handful of billionaires in the world. Is a million dollars a lot? In terms of total wealth, no; a significant minority of the population has a million dollars or more in total assets to leave to their heirs, largely due to the appreciation of real estate. Were one to make a million dollars a year, however, that person would be among the most highly paid in the world.

Personal perception has a significant role in determining the amount of money that a person can expect to make. The reason for this is that the two factors that most influence earnings–level of demonstrable skill, and payment requested from an employer–are very dependent upon the individual. Moreover, while skill is partially based on individual confidence and partially dependent upon innate ability, the amount of money that a person asks an employer to provide is solely based on the individual.

Of course, the two are related. One cannot have a minimal skillset and expect to receive a high salary. However, many people have excellent skillsets yet are paid comparatively little versus their peers. Why?

The truth is, they probably didn’t ask–or if they did, they didn’t ask in a way that conveyed they really thought that they deserved what they wanted. In many cases, the boss knows the most that he or she can pay, but will be pleased to pay less if an employee will accept it.

Of course, the boss will not tell the employee what he or she can actually afford to pay. But dealing with that is comparatively easy in the Information Age: there are salary guidelines for given locales and positions available on the Internet. The real challenge is not asking a high level of compensation, but feeling that you deserve the high level of compensation for which you are asking.

To do that, one must understand the relative value of money. We have established that being a billionaire is truly remarkable, and that accumulating a million dollars over a lifetime is not but that making a million dollars per year is. What about lower income levels–the sort that we tend to see in everyday life?

How much is a lot?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Federal Poverty Guideline for a family of four in 2006 is $20,000. A family that makes this amount or less is, by definition, poor.

The median income reported for a family of four in 2006, however, ranged from a low of $45,867 in New Mexico to a high of $87,412 in New Jersey. These figures include single- and multi-earner households.

Consider a candidate in New Jersey who holds a degree in a moderate-demand field. Will he or she accept a salary of $20,000? Probably not. Expecting a salary of $87,412 may seem excessive, though, because he or she would, as a single earner, be requesting the average income of a family of four.

But is it excessive? Actually, no; if $87,412 is the median salary–meaning there are an equal number of earners above and below that mark–the candidate could, in fact, confidently request $90,000 or more. The reaction from a hiring manager would depend in part on the industry and also in part of the applicant’s specific skillset. Another candidate, in another job, however, could ask for it and get it. The trick is to have the audacity to ask.

A real-life story

Shortly after I finished college, someone I knew earned $40,000 a year. His stated goal was to reach a salary of $50,000. He worked hard to apply himself to education and professional development, and volunteered for special projects to expand his skillset.

His next job offer caught him off-guard: $73,000. He took it, of course, astonished at how much he now made. Within a few months, though, he realized that others in the field made considerably more. He stayed active in professional development and worked hard to master new skills.

A year into the job, he requested an increase in salary, providing his employer with salary survey data and other information. He received a raise to $89,000 and was offered an incentive plan based on performance.

After three years, he decided to leave. He interviewed at a number of top companies that were excited to meet him. He had an offer from one for $110,000 and then got an offer from another for $115,000. Deciding that he prefered the first company, he asked if they would increase their offer. Knowing that this would require approval, however, he offered to take an initial salary of $100,000 until he finished his probationary period. They accepted.

Four years ago, he aspired to someday make $50,000. Today, he makes $115,000–and considers $200,000 to be easily within reach given a few more years. And why?


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Cheap Flights to Bangkok, Book Cheap Airfares to Bangkok Online –

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Cheap Flights to Bangkok



per adult returnPlus more great fares.

Search book cheap flights to Bangkok from all your favourite airlines. We ll find all the cheapest Bangkok flights, including the flexibility to mix and match airlines for the best possible deal.

*Online only airfare, price may vary in store.

Cheap Bangkok Airfares

Fly to Bangkok from $​1070 return from Auckland

Travel: 11 Jan-10 Feb, 15 Feb-17 Mar, 27 Mar-13 Apr, 19 Apr-15 Jun 11 Jul-15 Sep 16. Travel from Monday-Thursday only

Flying: ​​Qantas

Max Stay: 3​ months

Fly to Bangkok from $​​1070 return from Wellington

Flying: ​Qantas

Max Stay: 3​ months

Travel: 11 Jan-10 Feb, 15 Feb-17 Mar, 27 Mar-13 Apr, 19 Apr-15 Jun 11 Jul-15 Sep 16. Travel from Monday-Thursday only

Max Stay: 3​ months

Fares are per adult return unless otherwise specified.

Booking fee of $24.95 per person applies. Flights are subject to availability, will not be available on all flights and may be limited over weekends and school holidays.


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Discount airfares will have you dreaming of January travel: Travel #cheap

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Discount airfares will have you dreaming of January travel

Although fares are higher during the busy holiday travel season, we are already seeing deals for the slow season, which begins just after the new year. You can find some seriously discounted prices for travel in January and early February.

We found fares from Dallas to Newark. N.J. for as low as $99 round trip for a nonstop flight for a two-night trip. This fare was only available departing Jan. 11 or 19, but most flights after Jan. 4 ranged from $107 to $192. You could take your pick of dates and fly for less than $200 round trip.

During January, we found nonstop flights to Denver, Chicago and Atlanta for as low as $99 round trip; San Diego for as low as $167; and San Francisco for as low as $187.

If you will need a hotel, be sure to check package rates. When you combine air and hotel into a package, the rates can offer a savings over purchasing separately. This is especially true during slow seasons, such as between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and in January and early February.

At press time, we booked a two-night trip from Dallas to Washington, D.C. and found a package for $230 for Jan. 16-18 that included round-trip airfare and two nights at the Washington Plaza. The rate was per person based on double occupancy at a 3 1⁄2-star hotel. The airfare alone on these dates was $194 for a nonstop flight, so bundling with the hotel was just $36 more per person.

We often see package rates come down even more during a fare sale. Most sales start on Tuesdays, and I suggest waiting until late Tuesday or early Wednesday to purchase fares. This gives competing airlines time to match fares, so you’ll have more flight options.

My other advice is to start monitoring fares as soon as you decide to take a vacation. We do see great fares pop up that aren’t part of a systemwide sale, and if you’ve been monitoring fares, you’ll know when you see a good price.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are usually the cheapest days to travel within the continental U.S. If you want a three- or four-night vacation, check prices for departure on a Saturday and return on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This can be much cheaper than a Friday-to-Sunday trip, which are usually the two most expensive days of the week to fly.

We looked at package rates for departure on Jan. 23 with return Jan. 26 and found rates starting at $342, per person based on double occupancy, at the Holiday Inn Suites in Clearwater, Fla. with a nonstop flight into Tampa on American. The total price for two was $684 with a bundled package, vs. $766 if you had purchased airfare and hotel separately.

With so many U.S. cities offered at a discount in the slow season, you’ve got a lot of vacation choices. And although airfares can be rock-bottom, bundled packages might be even more of a bargain.

Another thing to consider when checking package rates is that usually all taxes and fees are included, except if the hotel charges a resort fee. When you check hotel rates, the initial rate you see usually does not include taxes and fees.


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Disney Travel Babble – The Adventures of a Disney World Traveler

#disney travel

The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland Magic Kingdom!

December 1, 2015

With apologies to longtime readers Every year around this time, I re-post Disneyland s (and Magic Kingdom s) Main Street, U.S.A. Christmas music loop for those who don t have it yet. I m sure this is a drag to those of you who ve been around since the beginning, but each year I get at least one comment from someone who is thrilled to discover you can actually bring home the beloved Christmas music heard at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

So scroll down to find MP3s of every song on Disney s Main Street, U.S.A. Christmas music loop, plus CD tray art if you want to make a keepsake version. Happy holidays!

Several years ago, s Al Lutz posted a complete listing of the songs played on Disneyland s Main Street, U.S.A. at the holidays. Even better, he dug up exactly which album each song came from. However, because Disneyland s Christmas music loop was created around 1972, most of the tracks on it are from albums that are long out of print and have never been released on CD.

As a former college radio DJ and record shop rat, I zealously took on the challenge of tracking down every single song in the Main Street Christmas loop. Starting in the spring, I spent six or eight months combing local record stores, trawling the web, and stalking eBay. Along the way I may have overpaid for a couple of records, but I also enjoyed the thrill of discovery every time I came upon another rare gem.

After I d collected all the albums (some of which, I realized, may once have been in my Lawrence Welk-loving grandma s record collection), I had to digitize the songs with a complicated setup involving my record player, a 4-track recorder and my computer, since they hadn t invented those USB turntables yet. Some of the records were not in the greatest shape, so a few of the songs have quite a bit of authentic hiss and pop that was impossible to filter out.

Next I spent an inordinate amount of time sequencing the songs so that they flowed seamlessly and there were no duplicates of songs or artists back to back (tricky to do when there are two versions of Jingle Bells and of White Christmas, plus five songs by the same artist). I m not sure now why I didn t go with the actual in-park sequence that Al documented . I guess the me of all those years ago thought she knew better than whichever cast member slaved over the very same task back in 1972!

The last project was creating packaging for my new compilation album, which I d dubbed The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland! I used the various Christmas albums art as inspiration and found these blank CDs  designed to look like 45s, with plastic grooves in the top and everything!

I was so pleased with the results that I made copies of my album for everyone I knew who was even remotely interested in Disneyland and/or Christmas, and it s become an annual tradition to search out new people on whom to inflict my pet project.

Which is why this year I m giving The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland! to all of you. Posted below are all the songs, plus a PDF file of the cover art, if you feel like burning the album to a disc. To grab the MP3 file, right-click on the song title and select Save Link As or its equivalent. Note that the songs on my version are not arranged in the order in which they play at Disneyland—for that sequence you ll have to check out Al s article. But I did include a bonus track not found on the original Main Street Christmas loop

The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland


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William Shatner knows the ups, downs of traveling #hotel #cheap

#william shatner travel

William Shatner knows the ups, downs of traveling

© AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jeff McIntosh, File FILE – Ina Thursday, July 3, 2014 file photo, Calgary Stampede Parade Marshal William Shatner speaks to the media about the upcoming event at a news conference in Calgary, Alberta. Shatner returns as the Negotiator in a new ad campaign that launches Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting again playing the travel pro’s daughter.

LOS ANGELES — William Shatner is back as a shrewd, unflappable travel expert in his latest TV commercial for an online company.

But in real life, even Shatner can’t avoid the perils of getting through airport security lines.

“I got patted down one time, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and my pants fell down. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life,” Shatner said, recalling the incident at Los Angeles International Airport.

Shatner returns as the Negotiator in a new ad campaign that launches Sunday, with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (“The Big Bang Theory”) again playing the travel pro’s daughter. He’s unfazed that fans recognize him for the long-running commercial gig as well as the “Star Trek” TV series and movies and his Golden Globe-winning role on “Boston Legal.”

“This is a form of creativity,” he said of collaborating on the TV spots. “It is like an acting job.”

Working with is only part of what keeps Shatner busy as he nears his 84th birthday in March.

The original Capt. James T. Kirk just wrapped a national tour of his one-man stage show and is planning for another. He’s got what he calls an “unusual” summer series for NBC in the works; is in the upcoming fact-based movie “The Sunday Horse”; and is collaborating with a custom motorcycle manufacturer on designing a new three-wheeled vehicle.

Shatner, an avid motorcyclist, plans a Chicago-to-Los Angeles charity ride to launch the bike this summer. Another longtime passion is horses, which he rides competitively and which help him keep fit.

“I get out and ride five, six horses in a session, and might spend three hours riding very hard,” he said. “I feel great. I don’t even think of age.”

This feature is not supported on the version of your browser. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer to use this feature.


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Visitor Medical Insurance – Comparison of buying from US vs Indian

#travel insurance usa

Comparison of Visitors Medical Insurance Coverage from Companies in the U.S. vs India

You can purchase visitors medical insurance from companies based in your home country (such as India) or from companies in the U.S. Generally, the cost of medical insurance from an American company is higher, although it is still the preferred insurance to purchase. As demonstrated in the comparisons below, American insurance has many advantages.

The following table provides a detailed comparison of the various issues involving insurance products available from companies in the U.S. and India. Please keep in mind that this is a generic discussion. There may be exceptions to the offerings of products in both countries (and all the products from a given country do not work the same way). You should review all the details of any insurance plan you are considering before purchasing it (i.e. any brochures, policy wording, comparisons between plans and information from your representative).

Most of the information below regarding Indian companies was taken from the Web sites of various companies, as it existed as of writing this, and it may change in the future in case any of the companies revise their products. The information is also based on our personal experiences in dealing with these companies on a trial basis during previous visits to India, professional experience dealing with many customers on a daily basis, and from reading the discussion forums and experiences section on this Web site. The information is not targeted towards any specific company or product.


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The surprising comeback of train travel. #going #places #travel

#rail travel

Story highlights

    In the past 10 to 15 years, passenger rail has seen a resurgence in ridership Nearly 31.6 million passengers, a record, boarded Amtrak trains in 2013 Rail comeback led by increase in train travel in Northeast, Midwest and Western U.S.

It’s been 21 years, and John Moore still eagerly leans against his passenger window to watch the landscape pass by as the train he commutes on every day roars over the Moodna Viaduct in Cornwall, New York.

The green hills and vibrant leaves just below the elevated track make the trestle one of the prettiest scenes on the 57-year-old’s trip. For more than two decades, the senior business analyst has been traveling about 67 miles for work from his home in Cornwall to lower Manhattan. His total commute time is 2½ hours each way.

It may seem like a lengthy commute, but Moore says he prefers this mode of travel.

“Compared to a bus or a car, it’s much more spacious and comfortable,” he says. As soon as Moore boards, he can start work, or socialize with the friends he’s made on the train over the years, or even stretch out his legs and spend a few hours reading a novel.

Moore is not the only one dedicated to passenger rail. There has been a 51% increase in ridership from 2001 to 2013 on Amtrak rail lines alone, according to Jim Mathews, the president of National Association of Railroad Passengers. More business travelers, students and people from the Northeast, Midwest and Western United States are turning to trains for their work and vacation travels.

Matt Hardison, a spokesman for Amtrak, the national rail operator, says the longstanding rumors from the 1980s that passenger rail is dying have changed. In the past 10 to 15 years, rail travel has seen a significant rise in ridership. “Rail has seen a real renaissance in the last decade,” he says. “It’s been a great time to be here. People are turning to rail for inter-city travel.”

From October 2012 to September 2013, “Amtrak welcomed aboard nearly 31.6 million passengers, the largest annual total in its history,” according to its website. Some rail stations are brimming at capacity, Hardison says. For example, Pennsylvania Station in New York sees 650,000 passengers a day buzzing through. The Northeast Corridor, Amtrak’s busiest railroad, has more than 2,200 trains operating on the Washington-Boston route each day.

Hardison attributes the shift toward train ridership to the increase in traffic throughout many metropolitan cities in the United States. “In the Northeast, there’s congestion on the streets because of cars and buses and there’s even congestion at airports.” He says people in many of America’s busiest cities are looking for alternative ways to travel more efficiently.

For Moore, traveling via train not only reduces commuting stress, but it also allows him and his wife, Maureen, to live in a more serene environment that is far away from the fast-paced city lifestyle. “We moved to Cornwall specifically because I could take a train to work. It allowed us to live more than 50 miles outside the city and still commute comfortably to work every day,” he says.

Rediscovering freedom in travel

The portrayal of trains as an old-fashioned mode of transportation isn’t a realistic reflection of the hundreds of thousands of people who use them daily, according to Mathews, NARP’s president. “The community that travels on trains travel for many reasons. One is just for nostalgia. But there are a lot of people who travel from D.C. to New York and you won’t find a lot of those people traveling for nostalgia,” he says. “They are in suits and ties, where time is money, and they can work for 2½ hours.”

One of those in a suit and tie was Vice President Joe Biden. who for decades traveled by train between Washington and his home in Wilmington, Delaware, while he served on the Senate.

Although a growing number of people are commuting daily by train like Biden once did, there are also those who prefer to ride trains for leisurely travel to see more of the landscape and to relax.

Jack Donachy says he and his wife, Barbra, are among those people. Donachy says they’re restless souls always seeking a new adventure. Recently, they moved to Mongolia to teach English. But throughout their lives they have had an affinity for trains, riding the Skunk Train in Northern California and traveling via rail throughout Japan and Europe.

Donachy, 55, fondly remembers a train ride he took in Japan during spring 1981. He had just been honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy after serving out his enlistment. He was traveling by train from Yokosuka, where he was stationed onboard the USS Blue Ridge, to Narita International Airport.

“I had a window seat and was allowing my mind to wander with the rhythm of the train. Suddenly, a switch flipped inside my head and I realized that even though I’d spent the last two years in Japan, I was seeing — really seeing — the country for the first time,” he says.

Zooming past the newly planted rice fields, schoolchildren in uniform, and homes tucked away against hillsides, he was inspired to come back to explore the country.

“I don’t think I would have had that experience, that sudden ‘connected-ness’ with the country, had I been riding any other mode of transportation. There is something incredibly liberating and thought-inducing about being on a train,” he says.

In fact, Donachy went back to school to receive a degree in creative writing and headed back to Japan, where he lived for seven years, immersing himself in the country’s beauty and culture.

Donachy says the draw for him and his wife to travel by train is independence. “The true luxury is freedom,” he says. “There are no seat belts and for most of the journey you are free to walk around, or have a glass of this or that, or read, or go to the dining car for something to eat, or simply stare out the window and allow thoughts to wander.”

That freedom is a rare commodity in today’s travel culture, Mathews says. “We let airlines treat us really badly. Whether you have to sleep curled up in a ball because you got bumped from your flight or they lost your luggage along the way, we roll with it. But we don’t let trains do that to us,” he says.

Mathews says because trains are not readily incorporated in aggregated discount travel sites like Kayak and, the average traveler does not realize trains are a transportation option that can be cheaper and more accommodating than taking a flight.

“I think if people stop flying over our country and start seeing our country and how large it is and how beautiful it is, they’ll get it,” he says. “It’s hard to have a train ride across the country and leave that and not be a patriot.”


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The Cheapest Time of Year for Airline Travel #cheap #cheap #tickets

#cheapest air ticket

The Cheapest Time of Year for Airline Travel

The time of year in which you fly a certain route will affect the price of your ticket. (Photo: Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images )

Related Articles

The cheapest time of year to fly is typically the least popular time for travel between any two destinations. Airlines and consolidators structure ticket prices according to demand — if passenger demand is higher at any particular time of year, ticket prices are likely to also be high. The key to finding the cheapest air tickets is to identify the season with the lowest passenger demand on a given route.

Low Season

Many airlines define low and high seasons according to low and high average ticket prices. Additionally, some also define “medium” and “shoulder” seasons in which prices are between their average low and high-season rates. US Airways, for example, defines low or off-peak season for flights from North America to the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America as September 1-30. The low season for travel to South America is defined by US Airways as the months of May and October; for flights from North America to Europe the low season is mid-January through the end of February.


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The life and times of Southall #cheapest #airfares

#south hall travel

Time for a change I think.

When I initially set out on my Afritrex expedition at the end of December 2007 I’d decided that setting up a blog would be a fantastic way for my friends and family to keep up-to-date with my experiences and to follow my progress around the African continent.

Since then blogs and blogging applications, widgets, add- ons etc have moved on in leaps and bounds and it’s now possible to add posts by text, video or speech, through your desktop machine, laptop or iPhone.

With the help of my web-guru Ben Patterson, I’ve decided to design and build a new blog which will become my record of exactly what the job of Island Caretaker involves, some behind the scenes snippets and a blog of what the next six months of my life will be all about.

There will be future updates to this page every so often but for now I’ll be concentrating on my new web-blog which can be found at:

With only three days to go until I fly back out to Australia every second is busy with planning, building content for this new site and preparing for the adventure ahead. If you’ve been following my exploits over the past few days, months or years then please continue to do so by altering your bookmarks right now!


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The Best Online Travel Sites of 2016 #travel #super #market

#travel online

Online Travel Sites Review

by Amy Smith

The top performers in our review are Orbitz. the Gold Award winner; CheapTickets. the Silver Award winner; and Priceline. the Bronze Award winner. Here s more on choosing a site to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of the top 10 travel sites.

Travel can offer adventure, relaxation or access to vital business contacts, and even a perfect combination of all three, at times. The best online travel sites ensure you get as much as possible for each dollar in your travel budget. They also help you make the most of every minute of your time when you are in the market for a great vacation package. These sites make it easy to quickly organize every facet of your trip flights, lodging and any short trips in between. The best of them allow you to package different aspects of your trip for ease and savings.

Establishing a relationship with the right site can lead to many rewarding travel experiences over many years. Booking with the wrong site can lead to various frustrations related to limited selection, overly strict or impossible-to-find cancellation policies, hidden fees, high prices and low quality customer service.

As we began our online travel sites review, we wondered if there would be a best travel site for flights and a different one for car rentals and other aspects of a vacation. Happily we found quite a few travel sites that do a good job at multiple types of bookings, under various circumstances. This ability to multitask is one thing that sets travel sites apart from hotel booking sites, which are excellent for finding lodging. Zeroing in on the perfect hotel room, in the perfect area, for the perfect price is valuable, but some trips require planning help for all aspects of your journey. That’s when an online travel site is best. It can become a virtual travel agent that works with impressive speed to find deals and even steals for travel and lodging. For more information, check out our articles about online travel sites .


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The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse – Nursing Link #aus

#traveling nurse

The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse


So you are debating whether to become a Travel Nurse and you are curious to know some of the benefits. Here is a brief list covering most of the benefits you can expect:

One of the better travel nurse benefits is the ability to pick assignments all over the country. After all it is called Travel Nursing. If you were an avid backpacker and hiker you might actually take an assignment in a remote community famous for its backpacking trails. Or if you just can’t get enough of theme parks you might accept an assignment in Orlando so that you can visit Disney World every time you have some time off.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Travel contracts range anywhere from 4 weeks to 52 weeks. The average contract is 13 weeks. Work 13 weeks, take a month off…Or not. That s the beauty of this job- You really do have the freedom to decide when and where you work.

Specialty Nurses can ask for and receive top pay rates including double time for overtime. Average rates of pay for a Traveling nurse are $25 $40 per hour. Overtime rates can be time and a half to double time.


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The Best Travel Credit Card of 2015: Chase Sapphire Preferred #airline

#best travel credit card

But apart from the Ultimate Rewards program, how did we come to the conclusion that the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card provides the best overall value for everyday finances as well as travel redemption? We asked and answered the following questions:

1. How many redemption options are available with the points?

The Sapphire Preferred has two different types of redemption options available. The first and best value can be achieved by using any of Chase’s transfer partners. There are 11 airline, hotel and rail travel partners for which points can be transferred at a ratio of 1:1. When a transfer is complete, the points immediately appear in the destination partner account no waiting required.

  • Airline transfer partners: British Airways, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic
  • Hotel transfer partners: Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott and Ritz Carlton
  • Amtrak is also a transfer partner, allowing redemptions on any of their routes across the country

An alternative use of the points is to book travel directly through Chase’s portal. Redeemed points can be cashed in at a rate of 1.25 cents per point, so 10,000 points would equate to $125 in travel.

2. Are the points transferrable to my spouse, significant other or family?

Points earned with the Sapphire Preferred, known as Ultimate Rewards, can be transferred freely to a spouse or significant other’s account for free. This ability to combine points across accounts adds significant value to the program as there is never a need to worry about errant points.

3. How many points are awarded as a sign-up bonus?

There is a $4,000 minimum spending requirement to be met within the first three months of the card opening, and then 50,000 bonus points are awarded to the user. Add another authorized user to the account (and ensure they make a purchase within that same three-month period) and you’ll be awarded an additional 5,000 points!

4. How many points are earned for everyday spend?

The Sapphire Preferred card earns one point per dollar on everyday spending.


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The 4 Best Travel Medical Insurance Companies of 2015. #travel #rep

#medical travel insurance

The 4 Best Travel Medical Insurance Companies

Latest Update November 11, 2015

Like MH Ross, CSA Travel Protection insures you for up to $250,000 of emergency medical costs resulting from treatment you receive during your trip. This includes coverage for any surgeries, medications, and doctor visits you need. You also receive $1,000,000 of emergency medical transportation coverage. Not only does this cover things like ambulance transportation, but also the return of remains and bedside visits. If you’re traveling with young children and end up in the hospital, CSA Travel Protection also helps make sure your children get home safely. Pre-existing conditions are only covered under the Custom Luxe plan, however, so keep this in mind if you’re considering CSA Travel Protection.

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Taste of India Tour – Imaginative Traveller – India Message Board

#imaginative traveller

Hi WellingtonKiwi,The carriage was divided into compartments with just curtains across to the dividing corridor. We rested more than slept, originally when we joined the train in Agra we were assigned a top and bottom bunk but the gentleman opposite on the lower bunk asked if we d like to change and he went to the upper bunk above me which was very kind. The remaining bunk didn t seem to be taken at first but I think the guard must have let someone have the use of it (probably for a fee!!), and there were constant coming and goings during station stops as different passengers changed out. I suppose at least you can lie down and the linen for the bed wasn t too bad although the padded seat wasn t exactly the height of luxury (not that we expected it to be). The guard kept a good check on the carriage, we took a bicycle lock which we passed through the handles of our bags and onto a hook under our bunks. However our bags weren t that light and it would have been a miracle if anyone could have tried to take them away without being notice. Just be prepared for an experience, if there is an option for a 1 a/c carriage you are in a compartment with a door. Let me know if you want any more information and I ll be glad to supply it.

#7 of 7

-:- Message from TripAdvisor staff -:-

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ScillyOnLine – Travel to and around the Isles of Scilly #best

#isles of scilly travel

Travelling to and around the Isles of Scilly

Getting to the Isles of Scilly, by air or sea.

Arriving on Scilly is often a magical experience. Arrive by sea and you’ll appreciate our isolated location, as the dots on the horizon take shape as islands, with golden beaches and ancient monuments nestled into the cliffs. The relatively shorter journey by air gives you the chance to see our unique landscape from above, as you decend over the azure seas, minature flower fields, and countless rocky headlands.

There are regular scheduled air and sea links between Scilly and the mainland (but no longer a helicopter service; this ceased operations in 2012).

By rail and road

There are regular trains serving Penzance which is the terminus of the South West mainline. Connections are available to Paddington and Waterloo in London, Plymouth, Exeter and Bristol in the South West, and connections to the Midlands and the North. Sleeper trains are available.

National Rail – journey planner and ticket availability for trains throughout the UK

First Great Western – the main regional rail company serving the South West.

Cross Country Trains – another train company that serves Penzance.

If you’re travelling by road, the M5 to Exeter and greatly improved roads through Devon and Cornwall, make it a relatively quick journey by coach or by car.

The RAC – up to date road conditions and route planner: type in start and end points and it will tell you where to go and how long it will take.

The AA – road condition information.


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Massage Therapy – Benefits of Therapeutic Massages – LaVida Massage Wellness


LaVida Massage Benefits

Many people report a sense of improved perspective and
clarity after receiving a massage at LaVida Massage.

Let LaVida Massage share our insight, expertise and answer any questions you might have about the importance of therapeutic massage and massage benefits as well as integrating those into your daily life. Massage can, and should, be an important part of your healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. LaVida Massage Wellness Centers are here for you.

Life’s stressors can include work, family and friends – even time off can be stressful! LaVida Massage is committed to offering the services you demand, as often as you want or need them, so you can pursue a healthy, pain-free/stress-free, and well-balanced life. LaVida Massage Wellness Centers are there to provide a respite from the daily grind, so take a much-deserved break, recharge your batteries, clear your mind, and go offline for a change and enjoy your ticket to the healthy lifestyle you deserve, provided by LaVida Massage.

A therapeutic massage from LaVida Massage means you are taking an active role in your continued wellness – a ‘maintenance plan’ that benefits you in the long and short term! While therapeutic massage improves overall well-being, it has many other healthy benefits as well.

LaVida Massage Wellness Centers offer a range of proven modalities and techniques that can enhance, improve, relieve and relax your whole body – and mind!

Is this your First Visit to a LaVida Massage Center?

If this is Your First Visit to a LaVida Massage Center, we want to welcome you as our guest! We would like to extend a special one-time discount on your very first custom therapeutic massage session with a one-time First Visit Discount. Please contact your local LaVida Massage Center for more details or Book Your Session right now!

Note: Not all services are available at all locations. Please check with your local LaVida Center for more information.

Massage Services:


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Graduate School: The Graduate School: UNCW #university #of #north #carolina #wilmington,


Graduate School

UNCW is among the top-ranked public, master’s-focused universities in the South.

In addition, the following terminal degrees are offered in nationally renowned programs – the M.F.A in creative writing . the Ed.D. in educational leadership and administration and the Ph.D. in marine biology .


The Graduate School provides leadership and coordination in developing and maintaining graduate programs that complement and extend UNCW’s undergraduate offerings. These programs, which are responsive to local and national needs and consistent with the university’s mission, are designed to prepare students for successful careers in basic and applied research, develop their art to a professional level, provide the necessary background skills and experience needed for many professional positions, or enable students to continue their education beyond UNCW. To meet these objectives, the Graduate School monitors programs to ensure that their standards and performance are of the highest quality. It also provides logistical support necessary to enhance the graduate experience and facilitate progress toward the degree. In adjusting to a changing educational environment, the Graduate School promotes communication and cooperation among faculty and students across traditional academic boundaries, promotes development of innovative and interdisciplinary programs, seeks funding to support these programs, helps create an environment that will allow research and creative activity to flourish, and provides leadership in achieving diversity in all aspects of graduate education.

Revised 03/27/03
Approved by Graduate Council

Contact Us

University of North Carolina Wilmington – Graduate School
601 South College Road
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

2nd Floor James Hall(JA) (map )

Phone: 910.962.7303
Fax: 910.962.3787

Useful Links


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University of Houston Downtown – Acalog ACMS™ #university #of #houston-downtown, #uhd,


Javascript is currently not supported, or is disabled by this browser. Please enable Javascript for full functionality.

Different browsers use different keystrokes to activate accesskey shortcuts. Please reference the following list to use access keys on your system.

Alt and the accesskey, for Internet Explorer on Windows Shift and Alt and the accesskey, for Firefox on Windows Shift and Esc and the accesskey, for Windows or Mac Ctrl and the accesskey, for the following browsers on a Mac: Internet Explorer 5.2, Safari 1.2, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 6+.

We use the following access keys on our gateway

n Skip to Navigation k Accesskeys description h Help

2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

The provisions of this Catalog are not an irrevocable contract between the student and the University of Houston-Downtown. The University of Houston-Downtown reserves the right to change any provision or requirement of this Catalog at any time, including but not limited to degree requirements, course offerings, fees and listings in the calendar as necessitated by university or legislative action.

All universities establish academic requirements for granting degrees. Advisors, program coordinators and other university officials are available to assist students in planning how to satisfy these requirements, but students themselves are responsible for fulfilling them.

Students should also be aware of the university s guidelines for conduct and disciplinary procedures. Information on students rights and responsibilities including specific rules on academic honesty and prohibited conduct is available in the Student Handbook .

In accordance with the amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965, known as the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, information regarding graduation rates may be found in Student Services and Enrollment Management (Room 380-South, 713-221-8100), and information on crime statistics may be found in the University Police Office (Suite 118-North, 713-221-8065).

The university seeks to provide equal educational opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability or veteran status in compliance with Title IX regulations and all other federal and state regulations.

The information contained in this Catalog is correct at the time of publication and is subject to change without notice.


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National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center #office #of #cybersecurity #and #communications


National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for protecting our Nation’s critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats. Cyberspace enables businesses and government to operate, facilitates emergency preparedness communications, and enables critical control systems processes. Protecting these systems is essential to the resilience and reliability of the Nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources and to our economic and national security.

NCCIC Overview

The NCCIC serves as a central location where a diverse set of partners involved in cybersecurity and communications protection coordinate and synchronize their efforts. NCCIC’s partners include other government agencies, the private sector, and international entities. Working closely with its partners, NCCIC analyzes cybersecurity and communications information, shares timely and actionable information, and coordinates response, mitigation and recovery efforts.

NCCIC Vision

To operate at the intersection of government, private sector, and international network defense communities, applying unique analytic perspectives, ensuring shared situational awareness, and orchestrating synchronized response, mitigation, and recovery efforts while protecting the Constitutional and privacy rights of Americans in both the cybersecurity and communications domains.

NCCIC Mission

To operate at the intersection of the private sector, civilian, law enforcement, intelligence, and defense communities, applying unique analytic perspectives, ensuring shared situational awareness, and orchestrating synchronized response efforts while protecting the Constitutional and privacy rights of Americans in both the Cybersecurity and communications domains.

The NCCIC’s missions include:

  • Leading the protection of federal civilian agencies in cyberspace;
  • Working closely together with critical infrastructure owners and operators to reduce risk;
  • Collaborating with state and local governments through the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC);
  • Cooperating with international partners to share information and respond to incidents;
  • Coordinating national response to significant cyber incidents in accordance with the National Cyber Incident Response Plan (NCIRP);
  • Analyzing data to develop and share actionable mitigation recommendations
  • Creating and maintaining shared situational awareness among its partners and constituents;
  • Orchestrating national protection, prevention, mitigation, and recovery activities associated with significant cyber and communication incidents;
  • Disseminating cyber threat and vulnerability analysis information;
  • Assisting in the initiation, coordination, restoration, and reconstitution of National Security or Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) telecommunications services and facilities under all conditions, crises, or emergencies; and
  • Executing Emergency Support Function 2- Communications (ESF-2) responsibilities under the National Response Framework (NRF).

The NCCIC is comprised of four branches:

  • NCCIC Operations Integration (NO I );
  • United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT);
  • Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT); and
  • National Coordinating Center for Communications (NCC) .

As mutually supporting, fully integrated elements of the NCCIC, these branches provide the authorities, capabilities, and partnerships necessary to lead a whole-of-nation approach to addressing cybersecurity and communications issues at the operational level.

NO I plans, coordinates, and integrates capabilities to synchronize analysis, information sharing, and incident management efforts across the NCCIC’s branches and activities.

US-CERT brings advanced network and digital media analysis expertise to bear on malicious activity targeting our nation’s networks. US-CERT develops timely and actionable information for distribution to federal departments and agencies, state and local governments, private sector organizations, and international partners. In addition, US-CERT operates the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS), which provides intrusion detection and prevention capabilities to covered federal departments and agencies.

ICS-CERT reduces risk to the nation’s critical infrastructure by strengthening control systems security through public-private partnerships. ICS-CERT has four focus areas: situational awareness for CIKR stakeholders; control systems incident response and technical analysis; control systems vulnerability coordination; and strengthening cybersecurity partnerships with government departments and agencies.

NCC leads and coordinates the initiation, restoration, and reconstitution of NS/EP telecommunications services or facilities under all conditions. NCC leverages partnerships with government, industry and international partners to obtain situational awareness and determine priorities for protection and response.

The NCCIC relies heavily on voluntary collaboration with its partners. The NCCIC works closely with federal departments and agencies and actively engages with private sector companies and institutions, along with state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and international counterparts. Each group of stakeholders represents a community of practice, working together to protect the portions of critical information technology that they own, operate, manage, or interact with.


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Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – MBA #mba #programs, #gmat, #maasters


Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

A Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, is the postgraduate degree in business administration and one of the most popular degrees for incoming graduate students, according to the Council of Graduate Schools (based on 2010 data). MBA programs attract students from a wide range of disciplines, including education, hospitality and computer science. Executives in public education, nonprofit and for-profit enterprises and in the health care industry may all benefit from the scientific approach to management MBA courses provide. Earning a Masters in Business Administration can provide a range of skills and tools for graduates outside of the business world including the following:

Business Acumen: Running a business entails more than wearing a suit and tie. It involves understanding financial analyses and balancing the organization’s opportunity costs, both of which are taught in an MBA program. These skills can be valuable outside of traditional business environments, such as nonprofits or in education. Skills for running a successful business may help you keep costs down and ensure that the company stays within operational budgets and also prepare you to pull the plug on a project if it’s simply taking too long or not worth the time.

Leadership: An MBA program can impart the value of leadership and all its related aspects through a combination of training and internships. These programs may help teach you how to put your newfound leadership skills to use not only in day-to-day business operations, but in life outside of work as well.

Communication: An MBA program involves rigorous training, assignments, reports, presentations and group projects, all of which may provide you with the necessary communication skills to handle real-life business situations. The experiences you develop during the program have the potential to set you apart from others in your field.

Networking: The alliances that you form with your classmates may last a lifetime and the network that you create can be one of the most important and valuable things you take away from an MBA program. MBA graduates have said they often felt that the associations formed during the program were invaluable and could be drawn upon for years after they have earned their degree.

There are a number of MBA program specializations to choose from, including information security, operations management and accounting. Beyond the program specializations, there are also a number of different potential education paths you may take — full time, an executive program, distance learning or earning a double degree in two MBA focuses. There are many options, so it may be advisable to weigh the pros and cons of each according to your individual circumstances.

This site gathers the information for you with the goal of highlighting the various aspects of an MBA program so that you have the information to help you make an informed choice as well as be prepared for what to expect from business school and beyond.

Below you’ll find more information on what makes a good MBA candidate, what to expect during the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and answers to frequently asked questions regarding various MBA programs.

General MBA Resources Provided On UNH MBA:

What is an MBA offers detailed information on what an MBA actually is, what the benefits of an MBA are and also discusses the popularity if MBAs programs within the Unites States.

MBA career opportunities discusses how an MBA can benefit your career and also offers details on the some of the career types that are well suited to those with an MBA under their belts.

The value of an MBA offers details on the skills that can be acquired through an MBA program, how these skills and this qualification can improve your career prospects and the financial value of having an MBA.

What makes a good MBA candidate provides information on what MBA institutions and programs are looking for in an MBA applicant, offers advice on submitting applications and tips for the MBA program interviews.

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) provides tips and information on the MBA entrance exam, detailing how the exam is assessed, the format of the test and the scoring structure of the GMAT.

GMAT study and test taking strategies provides a selection of invaluable study tips and strategies designed to help those taking or intending to take the GMAT.

How To Choose An MBA Program For You provides details on selecting the program that will meet your career needs. This covers considerations ranging from your expectations and physical circumstances to your finances and your lifestyle.

MBA FAQ covers a selection of commonly asked questions about the MBA program and process, enabling you to find out some basic details about MBAs at a glance.

MBA Programs:

MBA Programs offers information on some of the different types of MBA programs available today and discusses the methods of study used to take MBA courses. You can study for a wide range of MBA programs, from the general MBA to a dual MBA program with multiple specialties.

UNH MBA School Profiles – Find An MBA Program:


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Free Junk Car Towing in Falls Church, Fairfax, Manassas Virginia #free


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Bachelor of Arts #bachelor #of #arts #programs


Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is the most diverse, most flexible, and most popular degree at The Australian National University. Each of its more than forty majors, in fields throughout the arts, humanities and social sciences, is taught by truly outstanding scholars to ensure that each student receives the very best education, is engaged with cutting-edge research, and learns to think like a researcher. These majors can be coupled with more than seventy minors and specialisations to broaden or deepen your study. Regardless of your choices, your Arts degree will provide you with core skills in critical analysis and in written and oral communication, while developing your adaptability and ability to help shape change and prepare you for a multifaceted career or further study.

The Bachelor of Arts can be combined with all other ANU undergraduate degrees except the PhB as a Flexible Double Degree.

Career Options

Graduates from ANU have been rated as Australia’s most employable graduates and among the most sought after by employers worldwide.

The latest Global Employability University Ranking, published by the Times Higher Education, rated ANU as Australia’s top university for getting a job for the fourth year in a row.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts may find work in publishing, policy, education, international development, politics, media, information technology, communications, journalism, aid, advertising, art conservation, government and many other fields.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of a Bachelor of Arts, graduates will be able to:

  1. critically apply theoretical frameworks and research techniques to understanding national and international issues and problems;
  2. identify, including through interrogation of databases, relevant sources of information from across a variety of media (print and digital, written and audio-visual) and judge the importance and reliability of those sources;
  3. evaluate ideas and develop creative solutions to problems, including through independent pursuit of knowledge and making connections between different disciplinary approaches and methods;
  4. communicate and debate both orally and in writing, and work with others, using a variety of media; and
  5. understand the ethical implications of ideas, communications, and actions.

Admission Requirements

Admission to all programs is on a competitive basis. Admission to undergraduate degrees is based on meeting the ATAR requirement or an equivalent rank derived from the following qualifications:

An Australian year 12 qualification or international equivalent; OR
A completed Associate Diploma, Associate Degree, AQF Diploma, Diploma, AQF Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate or international equivalent; OR
At least one standard full-time year (1.0 FTE) in a single program of degree level study at an Australian higher education institution or international equivalent; OR
An approved tertiary preparation course unless subsequent study is undertaken.

Click HERE for further information about domestic admission.

The table below is a guide to the entry level required for domestic applicants. Exact entry level will be set at time of offer.

Domestic applicant entry requirements

Queensland Band equivalents are a guide only – selection is made on a UAI equivalent that is not available to students.

International applicant entry requirements

International applicants may view further information on admissions requirements at Entry Requirements for International Undergraduate Applicants

The University reserves the right to alter or discontinue its programs as required.

ATAR: 80 QLD Band: 10 International Baccalaureate: 28

Bonus Points

The National Access Scheme 2014

ANU offers bonus points for nationally strategic senior secondary subjects, and in recognition of difficult circumstances that students face in their studies.

Bonus points are applied to all applicants with an ATAR at or above 70. Points are awarded in accordance with the approved schedule, and no more than 10 points (maximum 5 academic points and maximum 5 equity points) will be awarded.

Bonus points do not apply to programs with an ATAR cutoff of 98 or higher.

Bonus Points are only awarded to domestic applicants applying for admission through UAC who have not previously attempted tertiary study.

Academic Bonus Points: senior secondary students do not need to apply for ANU academic bonus points. They are automatically added in accordance with the schedule.

Educational Access Scheme: senior secondary students do not need to apply if their school is part of the Priority School Funding Program or Country Areas Program. All other applicants should refer to for more information.

Indicative fees

Single degree

Three years full time (144 units)
Four Courses per semester
A maximum of 60 units of 1000 level courses
One Arts major (48 units)
One Arts minor, specialisation or a second Arts major (24 units/48 units)
Elective courses from Arts Social Sciences and/or from another ANU College

Double degree

This degree requires 96 units
A maximum of 36 units of 1000 level courses
One Arts major (48 units)
One Arts minor, specialisation or a second Arts major (24 units/48 units)
Elective courses from the College of Arts and Social Sciences

About this degree

Single degree
In a Bachelor of Arts program you will study a total of 144 units. Typically you will take 4 courses per semester (total of 24 units) as a full time student giving you a total of 24 (6-unit) courses across your whole degree.
You’ll need to take one Arts major (8 courses) and one Arts minor (or specialisation) (4 courses), and four Arts electives (4 courses). If you’d like to, you can use your Arts electives to extend your Arts minor into a second Arts major. You’ll also get to choose eight electives from courses right across ANU. You can use these electives to try a range of courses or to take a major or minor in a non-Arts subject.

In a Bachelor of Arts double degree program you will study a total of 96 units. Typically you will take 4 courses per semester (total of 24 units) as a full time student giving you a total of 16 courses across your whole degree. However, for each semester you are likely to take 2 courses from your Bachelor of Arts degree and then 2 courses from the other half of your double degree – still a total of 4 courses a semester.

You’ll need to take one Arts major (8 courses) and one Arts minor (or specialisation) (4 courses), and four Arts electives (4 courses). If you’d like to, you can use your Arts electives to extend your Arts minor into a second Arts major.

Enrolment Status

While it’s possible to enrol in fewer courses per semester, which is called studying part-time, it will take you longer to finish your program and get your degree. If you are an international student you must always be full-time.

A course (usually 6 units) can only be counted towards one major or minor.
You need to enrol in courses for both First Semester and Second Semester.
• You can’t study more than four courses (24 units) per semester, eight for the year.
• You need to enrol in courses for at least one potential Arts major
• You need to enrol in courses for at least one potential Arts minor or a second potential Arts major
• You may take 1000-level courses later in your program. But remember you can’t count more than ten 1000-level courses (60 units) towards your single degree or six 1000-level courses (36 units) towards your Bachelor of Arts half of the double degree.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing your 1000-level courses

When you enrol for the first time you will study ‘1000-level’ courses. These courses have‘1’ as the first number in their course code, such as ARTS1234 .

Majors and Minors

There are over one hundred Arts majors, minors and specialisations available for you to study, from Ancient Greek to Visual Arts Practice.

If you aren’t sure what you want to study for your whole degree, that’s fine. You don’t need to commit to majors or minors until after your first year. Using electives can help to keep your options open.

From the list of Bachelor of Arts majors and minors choose the 1000 level courses you need to enrol in.

Because there are so many options available, you will need to take your time choosing what you want to study.


While you only need to enrol in courses for one Arts major and one Arts minor, you can use your electives to enrol in 1000-level courses for other Arts majors or minors. That way you keep your options open. Once you’ve selected courses for an Arts major, and an Arts minor or second Arts major, you should choose electives to make up the balance of your courses.

To find 1000-level courses, use the catalogue finder. Remember you can choose up to 8 courses from another ANU College at the University if you are undertaking the single Bachelor of Arts program.

Study Options

Bachelor of Arts – Single

This is a typical study pattern for the first year of a student undertaking a Bachelor of Art with one Arts Major and one Arts minor.

Study Options


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Penn State Online #master #of #business #administration #tuition, #penn #state #online


Costs – Master of Business Administration


Tuition rates are assessed every semester of enrollment.

$1,185 per credit

The cost for the Online MBA program covers all tuition, residency lodging, and meals during the residency. Transportation to the residency is not included and is the responsibility of the student. There is no additional charge for non-Pennsylvania residents.

The information technology fee is assessed every semester and is automatically added to your semester bill:

  • 9 or more credits: $252
  • 5 to fewer than 9 credits: $189
  • Fewer than 5 credits: $86

Scholarship Opportunities

A few highly competitive merit-based scholarships are available to Online MBA students who have demonstrated extraordinary personal, professional, or academic achievements, or the ability to contribute a unique perspective to the class. Students who have been accepted to the program are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. Because all applicants are automatically considered for a scholarship, you are encouraged to submit your completed application portfolio at least three months prior to the application deadline. Scholarship award decisions will be made by the Online MBA admissions committee.

Penn State Installment Payment Plan

Penn State offers a payment plan, which allows you to pay your tuition bill in installments over three months. This payment plan, as well as eCheck and credit card payments, is explained on the payment options page of the Penn State Office of the Bursar .

Third-Party Payments

Penn State World Campus accepts payments made by a third party your company, for example. If your company is paying for your tuition and fees, our World Campus and Continuing Education Bursar Office must receive an authorization to bill. An authorization to bill is a form from your company on letterhead and must include your name, semester of enrollment, company address, and payment amount. Once Penn State receives an authorization to bill, your employer has 30 days to make the payment.

World Campus Employer Reimbursement and Tuition Deferment Program

World Campus offers an employer reimbursement and tuition deferment program to students whose employers offer tuition reimbursement. The program allows you to defer your tuition payments until completion of the semester with no finance or interest charges. View the Employer Reimbursement Application for complete details.

Note: This program is under review for GI Bill eligibility, and you may experience delays attempting to use GI Bill benefits toward this program until it has been officially approved.


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State & Regional College Tuition Discounts #cheap #out #of #state #tuition


State Regional College Tuition Discounts

Many states have programs that allow residents to attend university in another state, without having to pay out-of-state tuition. Check with your state. or with universities that you’re interested in, about available tuition exchange or reciprocity programs, and ask about how to sign up. The FAFSA is not required for these programs, generally.

Some larger programs include:

  • The Southern Regional Education Board Academic Common Market provides tuition discounts for more than 1900 academic programs in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • The Regional Contract Program enables students to pursue a professional health degree at out-of-state institutions, but pay in-state tuition at public institutions or reduced tuition at private institutions.
  • Students from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin may be eligible for tuition reductions at certain Midwest public and private schools through the Midwest Student Exchange .
  • The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education offers the Western Undergraduate Exchange for students in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • The Western Regional Graduate Program enables residents to enroll in available graduate programs outside of their home state at resident tuition rates.
  • The Professional Student Exchange Program enables students majoring in the health care professions to enroll in selected out-of-state professional programs.
  • The New England Regional Student Program enables New England residents to enroll at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities at a discount. Students are eligible when they enroll in an approved major that is not offered by the public colleges and universities in their home-state. More than 700 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered. Participating states are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


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Word Investments Ltd (M 41 #impact #of #icd


Venue: High Court
Venue Reference No: M 41/3008
Judge Name: Gummow, Kirby, Hayne, Heydon, Crennan JJ
Judgment date: 3 December 2008
Appeals on foot:

Impacted advice

Subject references:
income tax exemption
endorsement as a tax exempt entity
charitable institution
advancement of religion

Pr cis

Outlines the Tax Office response to this case which concerned whether a company that ran a funeral business and paid all its profits to charitable institutions was entitled, itself, to be endorsed as a charitable institution.

Decision Outcome:

Brief summary of facts

Word Investments Ltd (Word) is a company limited by guarantee set up in 1986 to raise funds for Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia, an endorsed charitable institution which primarily carries out overseas missionary and bible translating activities. Word initially raised funds from investment activities. From 1996 to 2002, Word also operated a business of conducting funerals.

Word has objects in its memorandum of association which advance religious purposes, and other objects which aid those purposes, such as carrying on any business or activity, taking money on deposit at interest or otherwise, and subscribing and making payments to any fund for religious, charitable or benevolent objects of any description.

Word applied for endorsement as an income tax exempt charitable institution under sub-division 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (ITAA97). Endorsement was refused on the basis that its commercial activities were not charitable, and that it did not meet the requirement of paragraph 50-50(a) of the ITAA97 that it pursues its objectives principally in Australia.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal [2005] AATA 941 decided that Word was not a charitable institution whilst operating the funeral business, but was entitled to endorsement as a charitable institution from 1 July 2002 when it reverted to its investment activities. The Tribunal also accepted that Word had pursued its objectives solely in Australia from 1 July 2002.

On appeal by the Commissioner, and cross appeal by the taxpayer, to the Federal Court [2006] FCA 1414, Sundberg J held that Word was a charitable institution for the whole period from 1986 and that, by providing funds to Wycliffe in Australia, it satisfied the requirements of paragraph 50-50(a).

The Commissioner’s appeal was dismissed by the Full Federal Court (2007) 164 FCR 184. The Court concluded that there was no error in the approach of Sundberg J in characterising Word as a charitable institution. The Court also concluded that Word pursued its objectives principally in Australia by donating funds in Australia to other organisations in accordance with its charitable purposes.

The High Court granted the Commissioner special leave to appeal from the decision of the Full Court.

Issues decided by the court

The majority of the High Court (Gummow, Hayne, Heydon and Crennan JJ, Kirby J dissenting) found that Word was a charitable institution, as its objects were confined to advancing religious charitable purposes (paragraphs 19 and 20). Word endeavoured to make a profit only in aid of its charitable purposes – to isolate the goal of profit as the relevant purpose is to create a false dichotomy between characterisation of an institution as commercial or charitable (paragraph 24).

In that regard, although the commercial fundraising activities of Word were not intrinsically charitable they were charitable in character because they were carried out in furtherance of a charitable purpose (paragraph 26).

The majority also held that Word satisfied the special condition in paragraph 50-50(a). Once the Court had accepted that Word’s charitable purposes can be fulfilled by it making payments to other charitable institutions, the clear conclusion was that Word pursued its objectives in Australia by making payments to those institutions in Australia (paragraph 73).

Accordingly, Word was entitled to endorsement as an income tax exempt institution under sub-division 50-B ITAA97.

Relevant Legislation

Tax Office view of Decision

The High Court has recognised that an entity can be a ‘charitable institution’ under Item 1.1 of the table in section 50-5, even if it does not directly carry out charitable activities, but gives its profits to institutions that do. Whether, in any particular case, an entity that conducts an investment, trading or other commercial activity for profit, can be characterised as a charitable institution, requires an examination of ‘the objects, and the purported effectuation of those objects in the activities, of the institution in question. In examining the objects, it is necessary to see whether its main or predominant or dominant objects, as distinct from its concomitant or incidental or ancillary objects, are charitable.’

The Tax Office accepts that the principles considered by the High Court have equal application to the possible characterisation of an entity as a religious institution (Item 1.2), a scientific institution (Item 1.3) or a public educational institution (Item 1.4).

The High Court has stated that, if a charitable institution pursues its charitable objectives in Australia by paying its profits to other charitable institutions in Australia, it ‘pursues its objectives principally in Australia’, for the purposes of paragraph 50-50(a), even if the other institutions ultimately expend those funds outside Australia.

Administrative Treatment

The decision in this case will be considered in determining the status of any entity claiming exemption as a charitable, religious, scientific or public educational institution. However, as noted above, the outcome in each case will depend on an examination of the objects of each entity and the effectuation of those objects in the activities of the entity.

Entities who are uncertain about whether their particular circumstances qualify for exemption and require greater certainty may apply for a private ruling. Entities are reminded that charitable institutions must apply for exemption and be endorsed by the Commissioner in order to become exempt.

Implications on current Public Rulings Determinations

TR 2005/21 was withdrawn on 11 May 2011 and replaced by TR 2011/4 on 12 October 2011 and reflects the Commissioner’s views following recent significant decisions of the High Court and Federal Court including Word Investments Ltd and Aid / Watch Incorporated v. FC of T [2010] HCA 42; 2010 ATC 20 227; (2010) 77 ATR 195. To the extent that the views in TR 2005/21 still apply, they have been incorporated into TR 2011/4.

TR 2005/22 was amended to reflect the High Court decision in Word Investments Ltd.

TR 2000/11 was withdrawn on 19 August 2015.

Implications on Law Administration Practice Statements


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Why Study Business Administration #college #of #business, #business, #florida #tech


Why Study Business Administration

Business Administration

Why Study Business Administration at Florida Tech

We define business administration as the efficient utilization of all business resources—including new ideas, goods and processes—toward the dual goals of enhancing profit and creating a better society. Our approach to teaching is both conceptual and practical. You’ll learn insights from the wisdom of past and present scholars, but you’ll also apply these ideas to real-world business scenarios, including ventures you’ll help orchestrate. Most of our faculty have business consulting or business management experience and bring their case examples and applied research into the classroom.

The “IDEAL” Advantage

Innovation, Diversity, Ethics, and Leadership (IDEAL)

Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Leaders to Manage Innovation and Change

When we’re asked why study business administration at Florida Tech, we say experiential learning. You might work on a project with students from other universities around the world or help solve a business problem for a local company. You will gain valuable experience through the Major Field Practicum. and you might even start your own business with the guidance of an experienced mentor. So why study business administration at Florida Tech? Because you can build valuable résumé experience, participate in intercollegiate case competitions. study abroad. collaborate with international peers on the X-Culture Project, contribute to research work, start your own business and learn from industry experts. When you study business administration. you will learn to manage change, create value and identify opportunities to innovate in uncertain, technology-driven business environments and graduate ready to think critically, creatively and strategically. In short, you will learn to be a leader.

Studying business administration is a subject best learned by doing, and that’s exactly how it is taught here. Whether you spend your time working with an actual company, starting your own business or contracting as a consultant, you will walk out of Florida Tech with the confidence to take on the business world.”

– Alex Vamosi, Ph.D.

You’re Hired!

What exciting companies have said “You’re HIred” to our graduates?

Click below for full details on getting you bachelor’s degree in business administration at Florida Tech.


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Penn State Online #accounting #bachelor #of #science, #penn #state #online #bachelor


Bachelor of Science in Accounting

AACSB–accredited Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Earn a credentialed degree that sets you apart from the competition. Penn State’s online Bachelor of Science in Accounting, offered through World Campus in partnership with Penn State Harrisburg, is one of only a few AACSB–accredited programs available online, an honor reserved for the top 5% of business schools worldwide. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to help you prepare for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam or to pursue another certification, including:

  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
  • Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)

This program can start you on the path to graduate school or help you pursue an accounting career in public accounting, industry, government, or the not-for-profit sector.

The Penn State Difference

U.S. News World Report recently ranked Penn State No. 1 in the United States for its online bachelor’s degree programs. As an expert in adult learning online, the World Campus provides you with exceptional flexibility and support to study when and where it suits you. From online tutoring to career advising, you will receive the tools and skills you need to secure a better job for yourself. You will also acquire the relevant work-related skills to become an accounting generalist while pursing electives that support your specific career goals.

The B.S. in Accounting from Penn State World Campus, renowned for excellence and its vast alumni network, can help open doors for you in the highly competitive business world.

Your Online Accounting Courses

The B.S. in Accounting curriculum is both comprehensive and diverse, giving you an appreciation of how the discipline of accounting intersects with other areas of business. You will complete business-focused course work on topics like finance, business strategy, business law, marketing, and supply chain management. In later semesters, you will refine your studies by taking accounting courses specific to your career aspirations.

Upon graduation, you should be able to:

  • demonstrate competence across a variety of accounting disciplines, including the preparation of financial accounting information, cost accounting, tax accounting, and auditing
  • effectively evaluate the impact and implications of relevant business functions and develop an integrative, interdisciplinary appreciation of business situations, problems, and solutions
  • think critically, communicate effectively, and conduct business in an ethically and socially responsible manner

Preparing for the CPA Exam

There are multiple paths to achieving the requirements to sit for the CPA exam and become certified. These requirements vary somewhat from state to state. Please consult your state’s licensing requirements and consult a World Campus adviser to select a path that is right for you. Learn more about CPA regulations by state .

Related Programs


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Masters Degrees in Minnesota #university #of #minnesota #online #degrees, #masters #degrees


Masters Degrees in Minnesota: Overview of Popular Masters Programs

  • M.Ed. In Curriculum and Instruction with Instructional Technology Leadership Emphasis
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with Curriculum Supervisor Certification
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with ESL/ELL Emphasis
  • M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
  • M.Ed. in Educational Administration
  • View more
    • Master of Business Administration – Management (Spanish)
    • Master of Business Administration – International Business (Spanish)
    • Master of Business Administration – Information Security Management
    • View more
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – General Psychology
    • Master of Arts in Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies
    • MA in Psychology, Career Management & Counseling
    • MA in Organizational Development and Leadership – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialization
    • Master of Arts in Public Sociology
    • Master of Arts in Public Sociology – Medical Sociology
    • Master of Arts in Public Sociology – Medical Sociology
    • M.S. Psychology with an Emphasis in Gerontology
    • M.S. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Human Factors
    • MA in Curriculum and Instruction
    • MS in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies
    • MS in Psychology: General Psychology
    • M.B.A. with an Emphasis in Project Management
    • View more
    • MSHS in Health Care Quality
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Secondary Special Education and Transition Services
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Educational Leadership and Administration
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Educational Technology Leadership
    • MA in Education and Human Development in Organizational Leadership and Learning
    • View more
  • Show more schools
  • Find your perfect school

    What is your highest level of education?


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    Patient Safety: The Four Domains of Nursing Leadership #domains #of #nursing


    Patient Safety: The Four Domains of Nursing Leadership

    The article focuses on the strategies followed by nurse leader in the safety of patients. As the nurses play an integral part in the hospital, so they are ideally positioned to create and drive the patient’s safety strategy. A practical model for driving such strategies can be broken down into four domains namely leadership competencies, culture, shared leadership, and external partnerships. The nurses should entirely focus on these four domains so as to successful. Nurse leaders who are strong in each of these areas can go beyond and design the organization’s patient safety strategy.

    Related Articles

    • The importance of ward rounds: a time to connect? Halligan, Aidan // British Journal of Hospital Medicine (17508460);Apr2013, Vol. 74 Issue 4, p184

    The author discusses the importance of ward safety checklist. He mentions that many times during ward rounds doctors or nurses fail to recognize and act on obvious signs of patient need which may result in patients not being taken care of properly. The ward safety checklist can come in handy at.

  • January Editorial. Wood, Elizabeth // OR Manager;Jan2014, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p1

    The author discusses the state of the healthcare organizations in South Carolina. She looks on the South Carolina Safe Care Commitment project progress which support the framework put by the Joint Commission in 2013 to help these organizations become highly reliable. She reflects on the.

  • Patient outcomes linked to staffing. Anderson, Kathryn // Australian Nursing Journal;Jul2009, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p17

    The article reports that professor Christine Duffield has suggested that the nursing profession has failed to recognise the importance of nursing roles in relation to patient safety. Duffield stated that poor patient outcomes were often related to understaffing. Duffield comments on the.

    This article discusses the concept of a patient safety culture and practice tools for practice nurses. The author stresses the importance of having a culture of safety within a general practice team to become successful. Nurses play a vital role in minimizing risks by helping to create a culture.

    The article reports on a 2012 decision which the Division of Nursing at Bob Jones University made to incorporate barcode technology, including a functional electronic medication administration record (eMAR), into its on-campus nursing laboratory and to train 46 sophomore nursing students to.

  • Nurse leadership and patient safety. Agnew, Çakıl; Reid, Jane; Flin, Rhona // BMJ: British Medical Journal (Overseas & Retired Doctors Edition;8/25/2012, Vol. 345 Issue 7871, p9

    The authors discuss intentional rounding, a process of patient checks to improve nursing quality. They highlight the need to develop leadership skills for improvement in nursing quality through leadership programmes for all levels of managers. They suggest that nurses leadership development.

    A letter to the editor is presented related to the initiative taken by Jane Cummings, chief nursing officer for England, on safe staff guidance and patient safety.

    The article focuses on the National Patienty Safety Foundation’s (NPSF) 2015 report “Free from Harm: Accelerating the Patient Safety Improvement Fifteen Years after To Err Is Human.” Topics discussed include the eight strategic recommendations that are forwarded to accelerate progress, the need.

    The article suggests that the greater amount of top leadership involvement in a root cause analysis, the greater the likelihood of significant patient safety improvements.


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  • A social network – College of Information and Communications #universities, #colleges,


    Resources for:

    College of Information and Communications

    Posted May 23, 2017
    Story and photos by Lauren Crank, reprinted from InterCom

    When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, his target audience was the collegiate community; you needed a university email account to even create a pro le. Now, in part due to Zuckerberg’s innovations, social media is all around us. Every person you meet can send you toward their Instagram, brands are reaching directly to their consumers through platforms, and social media skills are a must for anyone working in business. What is the University of South Carolina doing to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media?

    Internally, USC and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications are making strides to ensure that today’s graduates are prepared for a world in which “proficient in social media” is a job requirement. “We incorporate social media into many of our classes because it’s really a part of everything now, but we felt that we needed a class that focused on social media and strategy,” Dr. Andrea Tanner. SJMC director, said.

    That class, “Social Media: Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics,” is taught by Ernie Grigg and Christopher Huebner. “Too many students tell me that their internship put them in charge of social media, and they had to learn the relevant skills on the fly. Students need proper preparation — grounded in strategic communication best practices — to help them succeed in the workplace,” said Grigg.

    Although enrolling in the course could certainly give current students an advantage, the university’s entire curriculum ensures that social media is something that students know well. Additionally, student involvement is high on personal social media channels, most notably in the “big four” platforms most used by brands: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    Her summer brain child, the “Millennial Slang” video featuring university professors trying to decode the most recent set of student phrases, such as “shade” and “bae,” won an American Advertising Award (ADDY) after it went viral across all platforms.

    When the men’s basketball team beat Duke and advanced to the NCAA playoff ’s “Sweet 16,” UofSC’s tweets garnered 2,636,290 organic impressions within 24 hours, and were featured in the AP and People Magazine.

    Lake believes it’s important for the university to be socially active. “It’s where our target audience is,” said Lake, “it’s where our new customers and prospective students spend a lot of time. Prospective students are more likely to trust a first-person point of view over an informational brochure.”

    That target audience varies from platform to platform, but Lake’s goal is to appeal to prospective students with every post. “That means fewer press releases on our pages, fewer educational announcements, and more “slices of life” for an everyday Carolina student,” she said.

    Both Lake and Dr. Tanner foresee social media making a lasting impression on the communications field, and are working to ensure that the university and its students are prepared for what’s to come. From live streaming commencement stories to covering the latest sporting event with a pair of Snapchat Spectacles, CJ Lake is keeping up with social trends at a rate that may put USC at the top of higher education’s social media game. “I know the future of social media at the university is bright,” said Lake, “I don’t think it’ll ever be a science, but being able to identify moments to create meaningful interactions between our brand and our audience will absolutely translate into a successful, sustainable program.”

    Follow USC on Twitter!

    Alumna Spotlight

    USC’s Top Social Moments

    Social Definitons

    Select Offices



    Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.




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    About Scholarships – University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid #university


    About Scholarships

    Scholarships are gift funds that are awarded to students based on criteria set by the donor or sponsoring organization. Examples include: academic merit; special talents, interests, or qualities; and financial need. Here are types and sources of scholarships that are typically awarded to eligible University of Michigan students, along with links to sources of more detailed information.

    When you are admitted to U-M, you are automatically considered for most scholarships administered by the Office of Financial Aid and for many in Schools and Colleges. The University uses the My Scholarship Profile system in Wolverine Access to review student information, so be sure to update your information there. More about My Scholarship Profile

    If you want to be considered for need-based scholarships, you should also file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and, for entering students, a CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE.


    The U-M Office of Financial Aid administers a variety of scholarship programs that recognize superior academic achievement, leadership qualities, and potential to contribute to the scholarly community of the university. Some are awarded based partly on financial need and others reflect the university’s commitment to achieving a diverse student body.

    Scholarships administered by the U-M Office of Financial Aid are listed on the U-M Office of Financial Aid Scholarship Listing page. Most are awarded automatically to eligible students upon admission, and no application is required beyond the application for admission. Those requiring an additional application are highlighted. To be considered for need-based scholarships, you must also complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE .

    In general, equal consideration for scholarships is given to eligible students who:

    • have been admitted to U-M by February 1 (note that a few scholarships have different deadlines), and
    • have applied for financial aid by April 30 (to be considered for need-based scholarships).

    Graduate Students: The Office of Financial Aid administers only a few scholarships for graduate students (see the U-M Office of Financial Aid Scholarship Listing ). The main sources of U-M graduate student scholarship/fellowship opportunities are your U-M school, college, or department (see below) and the Rackham Graduate School . You may also find non-university (private) scholarship opportunities for graduate students on our Private Scholarships page. If you plan to study abroad, the U-M International Institute lists a number of funding opportunities for graduate and professional school students..


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    New Hampshire Insurance Department – For Producers #nh #department #of #insurance,


    • Approved Pre-Licensing Courses for Adjusters
      • The NH Insurance Department does not provide study materials, cannot recommend any supplier of study materials and does not evaluate the quality of any training course or study material. The following businesses have advised us they may have training or study materials that you can purchase. The taking of a course alone does not guarantee that an individual will pass a licensing exam, it merely is another tool available for an individual to use to prepare for the test itself.

      License Examinations Prometric

    • Apply Online (Pay by credit card or electronic check), Residents must pass adjusters examination.
    • License Application
    • License Fees
    • Insufficient Funds Policy
    • The 2016 Adjuster renewal period (August 2nd – October 1st) has been closed. Failure to renew by 10/1/16 will require a new application and 2X the renewal fee. Proceed to reinstatements .
    • Licensing Fees
    • Continuing Education Requirements

    Effective January 2015 the department will send out courtesy renewal reminders by email only. Notices will be sent approximately 60 days prior to your license expiration. The department will no longer mail notifications. It is imperative that email addresses be kept up to date with this department.


    E Mail Maintenance

    Reinstatement of License within two years of expiration

    • Resident Reinstatement
    • Continuing Education requirements must be met
    • Apply Online (Pay by credit card or electronic check)
    • Alternative paper application must be completed.
    • If two years has elapsed since expiration, new application fee of $75 applies
    • Adding a Line of Authority: Requires a new application and a $50.00 fee. Must pass appropriate exam.
    • Apply Online (Pay by credit card or electronic check), Residents must pass adjusters examination
    • Deleting a Line of Authority: Make request in writing and include the $50.00 fee.

    NOTICE – Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing Continuing Education

    License Examinations for non-residents that do not qualify above or reside in a state that does not license adjusters and wish to DESIGNATE NH as their HOME STATE – Prometric

    Non-residents must have a license in their home state or 6 months verifiable experience as an adjuster.

    • Apply online if you hold a license in your resident state or designated home state.
    • Apply online if you DO NOT hold a license in your resident State – Non-Residents may apply on Line if you DO NOT hold an adjuster license in your resident state but meet our requirement of 6 months experience as an adjuster (an alternative to taking the NH Exam).
      NOTE: Upon entering your SSN and last name, the system will search for a qualifying exam. You will receive a message that you have not taken a qualifying exam. Continue to apply by selecting the Apply for a License .
    • ONLINE applications are strongly encouraged. Alternative Paper License Application
    • License Fees
    • Insufficient Funds Policy

    The 2016 Adjuster renewal period ( August 2, 2016 to October 1, 2016) has been closed. Failure to renew by 10/1/16 will require a new application and 2X the renewal fee. Proceed to Reinstatements.

    Effective January 2015 the department will send out courtesy renewal reminders by email only. Notices will be sent approximately 60 days prior to your license expiration. The department will no longer mail notifications. It is imperative that email addresses be kept up to date with this department.


    E Mail Maintenance

    Reinstatement of License within two years of expiration

    • Non-residents with NH as their designated home state must be CE compliant to reinstate
    • Non-Resident Reinstatement
    • Per RSA 400A:29 fee for reinstatement $150
    • Alternative Paper application
    • If two years has elapsed since expiration, new application fee of $75 applies.
    • Apply Online if you hold a license in your resident state or designated home state
    • Adding a Line of Authority: Requires a new application and a $50.00 fee. Must meet eligibility requirements.
    • Apply online if you hold a license in your resident state
    • Deleting a Line of Authority: Make request in writing and include the $50.00 fee.

    New Hampshire Insurance Department – For Producers/Adjusters, Adjusters Licenses***Temporary/Emergency/Catastrophe Adjuster Licenses***

    Temporary/Emergency/Catastrophe licenses will be issued upon a declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor. The Commissioner can also issue Temporary/Emergency/Catastrophe licenses if the Commissioner determines there is an emergency or disaster that requires the temporary licensing of adjusters pursuant to RSA 402-B:11.

    Apply online if you hold an adjuster license in your resident state or designated home state.

    Apply online if you DO NOT hold a license in your resident State – Non-Residents may apply on Line if you DO NOT hold an adjuster license in your resident state but meet our requirement of 6 months experience as an adjuster (an alternative to taking the NH Exam).
    NOTE: Upon entering your SSN and last name, the system will search for a qualifying exam. You will receive a message that you have not taken a qualifying exam. Continue to apply by selecting the Apply for a License .

    Alternative paper Adjuster Application and mail or hand-deliver it to the Department. Indicate on the application that it is for an Emergency License.

    Applicants must be licensed in another state or have 6 months adjusting experience.

    To verify and print license, select LICENSE STATUS on our homepage.

    License will be processed immediately upon receipt and, if otherwise qualified, the license will be approved.

    Licensing fee must be received prior to license issue.

    Please Contact the Licensing Division With Any Questions.


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    The Global Labour University: Germany #masters #of #sociology


    Global Labour
    International Masters Programmes for Trade Unionists
    Brazil / Germany / India / South Africa / U.S.

    Programme Germany

    Masters Programme �Labour Policies and Globalisation�

    The GLU Masters programme �Labour Policies Globalisation� (LPG) started as a pilot course in Germany in October 2004. The one-year programme is part of a wider project to promote cooperation between trade unions and the research community and to strengthen the analytical and policy development capacity of trade unions.

    The curriculum was jointly developed by universities and trade unions from around the world with a focus on Global Challenges to Labour, International Labour Rights, Processes of Globalisation and Economic Responses to Globalisation.

    The course in Germany takes place at the University of Kassel (1 st semester) and the Berlin School of Economics and Law (2 nd semester) and is taught in English.

    Students have also the possibility to study one term of the programme in Germany and one term at one of our partner universities in Brazil, India, or South Africa (however, applicants should indicate this already on their application).

    For more information please contact the coordinator at Kassel University Simone Buckel email: glu.germany(at)

    Master Thesis of GLU students studied in Germany

    Shay Weinblum

    Union Revitalization in the Israeli New General Federation of Labour – The growing body of literature on union revitalization

    Joel A. Odigie

    Informality and The Prospects of Micro-credit and Social Protection as Drivers of Poverty Alleviation from Below: Lessons for Nigeria

    Dale Forbes

    Consideration of the form of the South African welfare state by evaluating the non-implementation of basic income protection


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    Locksmiths – Washington, D #washington, #d.c., #district #of #colombia, #wash, #dc,dc,


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    Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan – article about Sample Of


    Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan – article about Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan

    Refresh Articles Addictions Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan

    The Sample of an Alcohol Treatment Plan

    Combating against alcohol addiction can be a real hardship both for you and for your loved ones. Many treatment centers facilitate service for providing relief from the sprains caused by long years of alcohol abuse. The components of the sample of an alcohol treatment plan can be designed precisely by putting emphasis over each individual and their unique needs.

    While designing the sample of an alcohol treatment plan, the planner first focuses on ‘initial intervention’ phase. In fact, this is the most essential component of an alcohol treatment plan sample. Without the initial intervention made by a professional interventionist, the treatment can not be progressed further.

    It is the responsibility of the interventionist to offer motivation and inspiration to the individuals who are in need for alcohol related treatment. The interventionist can organize and institute the intervention in both effective and motivational fashion. An effective intervention leads to immediate detoxification and rehabilitation.

    The next item that comes on line of a well-structured sample of an alcohol treatment plan is alcohol detoxification. The first step of detoxification is of course abstinence followed by an effective elimination of harmful physical and emotional effects of alcohol usage while managing painful and treacherous withdrawal symptoms.

    When considering the detoxification phase, a residential treatment always overshadows non residential one in terms of appropriate management pains and critical side effects of withdrawal. The side effects, in some cases, can be so intense that it may lead to mortality. So, an effective sample plan of an alcohol treatment procedure must be prepared by taking these points under consideration.

    The alcoholic denial is critically intense. So it is essential to understand the denial. Working effectively with alcoholic denial should be an integral component of the sample plan of an alcohol treatment. At this phase, when the body is free from the harmful effects of the alcohol, the patient should be exposed to understand the complexities of his problem.

    In addition, the sample of an alcohol treatment plan should be designed in such a fashion that the treatment will provide the patient the essential space to reflect over his problem from his own perspective. Moreover, a successful plan must incorporate relapse prevention methodologies and enhanced recovery skills training program.

    Usually, the ideal treatment plan should accommodate individual counseling and therapy, group therapy, family session, 12-Step meetings, recreational therapy, occupational therapy and many others. The success of the sample of an alcohol treatment plan also depends on sensible execution, expertise, knowledge and effective communication. Let your friends know about this article!About our articles.

    a href=”” Sample Of An Alcohol Treatment Plan /a


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    DC Power of Attorney #district #of #columbia #power #of #attorney, #al


    USLegal Forms

    District of Columbia Personal Planning Package

    District of Columbia Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney for District of Columbia

    A power of attorney allows an agent to act on your behalf based on the terms of the document, whether a General Power of Attorney, Limited Power of Attorney, Child Care Power of Attorney or others.


    District of Columbia Uniform Power of Attorney Act

    The District of Columbia Uniform Power of Attorney Act is the law that allows you to appoint an agent to act on your behalf when you’re unable to handle it yourself, due to an accident, illness, absence, or other reason. Some of the important things to know about this law are explained below:

    • A durable power of attorney stays effective if you become physically or mentally incapacitated. An power of attorney District of Columbia form is durable unless it contains language stating that it will be terminated by the incapacity, incompetency, or disability of the principal (creator). Section 26-1A-104
    • The document must be signed by the principal or someone signing on his/her behalf, as long as it’s signed in the presence of and at the request of the principal. A notarized signature is presumed to be genuine if there’s a dispute over the signature’s authenticity. Section 26-1A-105
    • Unless specified otherwise, an District of Columbia POA form will be effective as soon as it is signed. However, you can create what is called a springing power of attorney form, which only takes effect after a specified date or event occurs. Section 26-1A-109
    • The termination of the appointed agent’s authority can occur in various ways:
    • It is a nondurable power of attorney and the principal becomes incapacitated.
    • The principal dies.
    • The principal or a court appointed fiduciary revokes the document.
    • The purpose of the POA has been accomplished.
    • The power of attorney form states a terminating date or condition, which has occurred.
    • The agent dies, resigns, becomes incapacitated, or has his/her power revoked by the principal, and the power of attorney does not provide for another agent
    • The agent and the principal file a lawsuit for legal separation, annulment, or divorce, unless stated otherwise in the form. Section 26-1A-110
    • You can appoint co-agents or successor agents. If co-agents are appointed, their authority is effective during the same time period. Co-agents are presumed to have independent authority to act, unless stated otherwise. If you wish co-agents to agree on the matter before acting, you must state so. Successor agents have authority to act on the principal’s behalf only when the previously appointed agent resigns, dies, becomes incapacitated, is disqualified to serve, or is otherwise unable to serve. Section 26-1A-111
    • The creation of a health care power of attorney is also possible. In a medical power of attorney form, the agent is granted authority to make medical decisions regarding the provision, withholding, or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment and artificially provided nutrition and hydration for the principal. However, the agent must be specifically authorized to do so in a durable power of attorney that complies with the requirements of the District of Columbia Natural Death Act. Section 26-1A-404

    General Power of Attorney

    Q: What is a General Power of Attorney

    A General Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives the person you choose (the agent) the power to manage your assets and financial affairs while you are alive. The document must be signed by you (the principal) while you have the required legal capacity to give your agent clear and concise instructions. The appointment may be for a fixed period and can be revoked by you at any time providing you still have the legal capacity to do so. A power of attorney ceases when you die. The executor named in your will then takes over the responsibilities of your estate.

    Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

    Q: What is a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney?

    A: A Health Care Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to designate another person to make medical decisions for him or her when he or she cannot make decisions for himself or herself. In other words it names someone who stands in your shoes and tells the doctors what to do or what not do for you.

    A Living Will is a document that allows a person to explain in writing which medical treatment he or she does or does not want during a terminal illness. A terminal illness is a fatal illness that leads ultimately to death. A Living Will takes effect only when the patient is incapacitated and can no longer express his or her wishes. The will states which medical treatments may be used and which may not be used to die naturally and without the patient�s life being artificially prolonged by various medical procedures. Although the term Living Will may indicate that it is a Will, in reality, it is more similar to a Power of Attorney than a Will.

    Limited or Special Power of Attorney?

    Q: What is a limited or special power of attorney?

    A: A Limited power of attorney is one which is limited to a specific act or particular purpose. It is also referred to as special power of attorney. A limited power of attorney allows the Principal to give only specific powers to the agent.


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    NACTA – The National Association of Career Travel Agents #travel #greece

    #independent travel agents

    Many Professional Travel Agents find that working with a “host” agency is the most desirable way to operate their independent travel business. Host agencies specialize in offering independents sophisticated services, overrides, automation, quality control and support. By aligning yourself with a quality host agency you can catapult your business into existence or take it to another level with great confidence that your clients will benefit.

    Finding a quality host agency is critical to your success as an independent travel agent. As you might expect, host agencies are all very different so spend some quality time researching which host makes sense for you. Here are a few things to look for in a host agency;

      They already work with successful independent agents

    They do not have any unresolved complaints against their agency

    They are committed to developing a professional independent agent network

    They do not have a “travel agent recruiting other travel agents” program.

    They do not tout “travel agent ID cards” to obtain travel discounts.

    They offer meaningful commissions and overrides

    They are active ASTA and NACTA members

    You understand what you are getting for your investment (if any)

    They offer ongoing support

    It really doesn’t matter where the host agency is located so don’t get locked into the idea that they have to be down the street from your operation. There are several solutions to the issues of access, communication and delivery that resolve the question of location. Most of all you should feel comfortable with your new host agency and their ability to fulfill your needs as your business grows.

    NACTA has a membership for host agencies and the minimum standards for a host agency to qualify for this program are as follows:

      Must have been in business as a host agency for at least one full year

    Must carry at least one million dollars in Errors and Omissions Insurance or require all independents to maintain their own current policies.

    Average sales volume per independent agent must exceed $10,000.00

    There are no unresolved complaints against Host agency

    Committed to the development of a professional independent travel agent network

    Registered to operate as a host agency with all local, state and federal governments as required

    Do not have a “recruitment program” whereby consumers recruit other consumers into the network as a higher priority than individual travel sales.

    Do not offer a “Travel Agent Photo ID Card” for the purpose of consumers to obtain travel professional benefits.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Host Agencies

    Why do I need a host agency?

    Most Independent Travel Agents find it necessary (and desirable) to associate with a host agency for the purpose of obtaining domestic airline tickets, override commissions, marketing support, expertise, automation, quality control, clout, operational support and many other reasons that may be a combination of the above.

    How do I know which host agency to choose?

    Long before you choose your host agency you should develop a business (and marketing) plan so that you understand the nature of the business you intend to develop. If you plan to specialize in selling cruises you will probably want to find a host agency that specializes in working with a cruise specialist. Conversely, if you plan to specialize in handling corporate accounts, you will want find a host agency with the expertise and support mechanism, to make you successful. It is highly unlikely that a cruise specialist can help you if you want to sell corporate accounts and vice versa.

    Why does one host agency charge $7,500.00 and the next charge $300.00?

    Host agencies are just like other businesses. One may specialize in recruiting brand new agents and have a heavy concentration on training and start up integration into their network. The very next may simply recruit experienced agents and offer no training or integration support whatsoever. Common sense should lead your way through this maze. If the host agency you are looking at is charging $7,500.00 and giving you nothing but simply paying for their marketing cost of finding new agents, then look somewhere else. But, If you can easily see the value in a host agency charging even say, $10,000.00, then that may be a wise decision to make concerning your future.

    What is the best computerized reservation system (CRS) or GDS to use?

    Many new agents think the sun rises and sets on access to the CRS in the travel industry. Their first concern is “what computer software do I need to book travel”. For the most part, CRS (Computerized Reservations System) or GDS access is not really necessary unless you are going to be booking a lot of domestic airline tickets. Many host agencies offer Internet access to their CRS or GDS and others may offer dial up access via modem. The decision on which host to pick should not be based on the type of CRS access they offer, but on the level of support and overrides they offer as it pertains to your business plan.

    What should I look for in a host agency?

    There are quite a few things to look for in terms of how a host agency pertains to your business plan. Generally, however, these are the things that NACTA looks at. How long have they been in business? Does the host agency carry Errors and Omissions Insurance? What is the average sales volume per independent agent? How many independent agents belong to the network? Are there any unresolved complaints against the agency with the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General’s Office, or the FTC? Agencies appearing on these links have all passed these standards.

    What about the $495 instant travel agency deals or Card Mill organizations?

    Think about it. If all anyone had to do was pay $495 and then fly first class, stay in suites for free, and take cruises for $10 per day, who would pay full fare? If you really believe you can do all of this for $495, then you probably deserve to lose the money anyway. The truth is that when these operations first started they were able to fool some of the suppliers with phony ID cards and receive travel discounts, but the industry is wise to them now and it is going to be difficult (if not impossible) to fool anyone into accepting phony ID cards. There are some host programs that do charge a start up fee of around the $495 amount but what they include or offer can be on the up and up. Check carefully. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


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    School of computer science #school #of #computer #science


    Virginia’s Leader in SOL Science and Social Studies Practice and Review for Elementary and Middle School

    If you are looking for help preparing yourself, your students, or your children for the Virginia Standards of Learning tests in elementary or middle school Social Studies and Science, you have come to the right place. Request a trial password here if you are visiting this site for the first time.

    Solpass activities are intended to supplement, not replace, solid classroom instruction by providing review of the specific concepts and information that the students are likely to encounter in the classroom and on the SOL end-of-year tests. By making test preparation easy and convenient, we hope to encourage excellent classroom instruction, which need not be sacrificed for narrowly focused “teaching to the test”.

    New History and Social Science Standards to be implemented in the 2017-18 school year.

    In 2015, the Virginia Department of Education adopted new standards in history and social science. Teachers will begin to teach the new content in the 2017-2018 school year. Students will be tested on the content in the spring 2018 testing season. Guides and activities on SOLpass will be updated to reflect the new standards before classroom implementation begins in the fall of 2017.

    Science Standards are scheduled for revision in 2017

    The Virginia Department of Education is scheduled to review and update science and english standards in 2017. The standards currently in use are those adopted in 2010.

    VDOE reduces the number of SOL tests

    In 2014, Virginia eliminated the following five elementary and middle school SOL tests: Grade-3 Science, Grade-3 Social Studies, U.S. History to 1865, U.S. History 1865-Present and Grade-5 Writing. In grades were the SOL year-end test has been eliminated, teachers are expected, as before, to teach the curriculum and assess student learning in a variety of ways throughout the school year.

    Here you will find actual SOL tests (and answer keys) from prior years for all grades in English, Science, and Math, and Social Studies.


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    Physical Therapy Licensing #nc #board #of #physical #therapy


    Physical Therapy Licensing

    The January 11th meeting is cancelled. The meeting is now scheduled for January 18, 2017.

    The Board of Physical Therapy regulates the practice of physical therapy in DC. The Board advises the Mayor and administers and enforces the law. The Board also evaluates applicants qualifications, administers exams, and recommends standards and procedures. Moreover, the Board issues licenses, receives and reviews complaints, requests investigations, conducts hearings, issues subpoenas, and examines witnesses and administers oaths, and issues an annual report. Members file personal financial disclosure statements.

    The Mayor appoints the board members, including the chair. The Board consists of five DC residents: four licensed physical therapists and one consumer. The physical therapists must have been engaged in practice for at least three years preceding appointment. The consumer member must be at least 18 years old, not be a health professional or in training to become one, and may have no household member who is involved directly or indirectly in providing health care. Licenses expire on January 31 of odd years.

    Board of Physical Therapy FY 2016
    – December 14, 2016

    Board of Physical Therapy FY 2017
    – January 11, 2017
    – February 8, 2017
    – March 8, 2017
    – April 12, 2017
    – May 10, 2017
    – June 14, 2017
    – July 12, 2017
    – September 13, 2017
    – October 11, 2017
    – November 8, 2017
    – December 13, 2017


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    Cords: Emotional connections between individuals #metaphysics, #alchemy, #spiritual #awakening, #spiritual #transformation,


    Cords are made of astral and etheric energy and connect two people�s subtle bodies. They stretch between two people very much like an umbilical cord and transfer emotional energy and chi between the two. It does not matter how far away the other person is, as the cord is not a physical substance and distance is irrelevant, so it is still effective from the other side of the planet.

    All babies have a cord going from their belly to their mother after the physical umbilical cord is cut. Some may have extra cords going from the heart, solar plexus or even the head to various parts of the mother�s energy body. The cord or cords that exist during infancy last for a few years and gradually drop off as the child becomes more independent from the mother and does not need the connection any more. Well ideally this would be the case, but here on Earth so many people have emotional issues that very often the cords can last well into adulthood. The cord is supposed to be there to support the baby but in actuality many mothers are emotionally needy and actually use the cord to nourish themselves from the baby�s fresh and abundant energy. Of course this is subconscious and the mother is not really meaning to do this. The baby is usually quite aware of what is happening and will even give the mother extra energy and emotional support through the cord at will. The baby is a very pure and loving being at this stage with only a small amount of astral incarnation and very little ego structure so they want to do all they can for the mother.

    Unfortunately as the baby grows up it gradually loses its perception of such metaphysical things and so forgets about the cord. The transfer of emotional energy becomes subconscious for the child as well as the mother and continues to operate for possibly a very long time. Cords between mother and child that last for prolonged periods often cause serious friction between the two parties leading to dysfunctional feelings toward each other. The relationship will suffer as there is bound to be resentment and negative feelings. Imagine you have been drained of energy by your mother for 30 years through a cord that has become thick and gross with negative emotions and emotional neediness. You do not know exactly what is happening but you sense that somehow you are being drained by her. You move to another country to get away but wherever you go it almost feels like she is there with you – she is draining you from afar. This situation is just an example; there are many ways to interact through a cord.

    Another common cord is between two lovers. Each wants to share their energy with the other and during sex this is amplified greatly. The feelings of love and sharing are often enough to build a cord. Often these cords are between the bellies but can be in other areas like the heart or solar plexus, etc. So when two people have been in an emotional relationship for a time there is a good chance that the two people have a cord. Depending on the emotional issues of the two, the cord can become gross or can stay fairly clean and be a good thing which helps the two with emotional nurturing. If one partner is needy it is likely that they will drain the other which could eventually lead to resentment by the drained partner. Some cords that become too gross can cause serious problems for a couple and could certainly lead to a break-up. Clearing a cord can help alleviate the emotional intensity so the couple can progress to a more balanced relationship. If a breakup does occur, the cord may stay for a long time and continue to operate, making it hard to let go and to move on with another partner. In this case clearing the cord can do wonders.

    Cords can be created between any two people or even groups of people that have emotional relationships. Friends, workmates, enemies can all have cords. They can be used by entities and other dimensional beings to connect with us and drain our energy. It is possible to send a cord to someone you don’t know if you really want to get to know them. For example say you fall in love with someone but have not yet talked to them. It is possible that your desire to have them may send a cord into their energy. It is also possible to consciously create a cord to another person but this is in the domain of black magic. You should never use psychic means to purposely control or affect another�s energy without their permission. There are no exemptions from this rule and the karmic repercussions are enormous!

    There are many types but whatever the case a cord is basically a connection between the astral and etheric bodies of two or more beings which allows for an exchange of emotional and/or etheric energy.

    Fortunately all cords can be cleared fairly easily. It only takes one of the people to clear the cord and it will be cleared from the other. Through the practices learned in Past Life – Regression you can become aware of all your cords and learn to clear them. Interestingly while exploring a cord you can remember when and how it was created, how you felt about it and how it has been operating while it was there. Often cords can be seen and felt very tangibly and their effects become very apparent. As you enter the subconscious through the Third Eye you can actually remember what was happening in your subconscious during any part of your life. These can be excellent lessons in self exploration. See www.pastlife

    The Meditation Solution Audio Technology

    Past Life Regression

    A New Mythology

    Free Power Kung Fu


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    Research – Funding #types #of #nursing #research


    Research Funding

    Research & Funding

    NINR supports clinical and basic research and research training on health and illness across the lifespan. The research focus encompasses health promotion and disease prevention, quality of life, health disparities, and end-of-life. NINR offers research opportunities for both Extramural and Intramural (on the NIH campus) Programs. See below for the link to the Intramural Program.

    The Extramural Program accepts unsolicited (investigator-initiated) applications. We also accept applications for research grants in response to a published Request for Applications (RFA) or a Program Announcement (PA).

    Extramural Program Staff are available to assist you at any stage of the grant application process preparation, review, funding and post-award management.

    The Grant Development and Management Resources page includes numerous NINR and NIH information sheets and learning aids for both funded investigators and applicants. The learning aids and tutorials are appropriate for all types of funding whether research, training, or fellowships.

    Division of Extramural Science Programs
    NINR-sponsored research and research training is facilitated and managed by this Division of NINR. More.

    Division of Intramural Research
    Research and training conducted at NINR on the NIH campus is conducted by this Division of NINR. More.

    Grant Development and Management Resources
    Information for applicants to assist in the preparation of applications and the management of funded grants. More.

    Funded NINR Grants/Collaborative Activities
    Listings of NINR funded research and training centers and phase 3 clinical trials co-funded by NINR. More.

    The Science of Compassion – Town Hall Speaker Bios
    Bios of scheduled Town Hall event speakers for The Science of Compassion NINR End-of-Life Palliative Care Summit. More.

    NINR Research Highlights
    Highlights of recent research accomplishments from the community of NINR-suppported scientists across the U.S. More.

    Spotlight on End-of-Life Research
    The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) supports research that addresses NINR s strategic focus on end-of-life (EOL) and palliative care science. This page provides information related to EOL research at NINR and across the NIH. More.

    Symptom Management Research at NINR
    Developing new and better ways to manage adverse symptoms is vital to improving quality of life for those with illness. This webpage provides a broad overview of NINR s activities in symptom management research, highlighting recent program initiatives and research findings. More.

    The Science of Compassion: Future Directions in End-of-Life Palliative Care
    NINR and Partners Present a Summit on the Science of Compassion: New Directions in Palliative and End-of-Life Care — August 10 12, 2011, Hyatt Regency Bethesda. More.


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    Cornish College of the Arts Reviews #cornish #college #of #the #arts


    Cornish College of the Arts Reviews

    Cornish provides several well-established and innovative programs and the students are great. Opportunity to have real impact in such a small school (less than 800 students, less than 200 staff/faculty). Staff members generally have creative or fine art background. Currently restructuring curriculums to be more innovative and contemporary.

    Aging facilities and disorganized leadership hurt the school. They pay staff poorly, and there are very few perks. Tuition is very high, yet admission standards are somewhat low – tuition-funded school = they need to admit as many students as they can. Transition to new curriculum has been bumpy and perhaps does not serve undergraduate students as well as it could.

    Advice to Management

    Aquire more funding. Establish an endowment. Provide more internship and career placement / training opportunities. Provide better pay – or at least more perks – to employees.

    Excellent coworkers
    Good benefits
    Supporting students learning
    Many industry events and opportunities to network.
    Can really clock in and clock out if you want.

    The pay is embarrassingly bad. IT IS SO BAD. Can t emphasize this enough. Unless you are independently wealthy, go somewhere else.

    The upper level of administration is chaotic, opaque, and bombastic. Extremely unclear expectations and out of touch with how long implementation takes. Total top-down management style. Very little room to collaborate or innovate. All campus meetings are just a formality. Little interest in letting faculty and staff lead the way forward. Watch your back.

    Poor personnel management is poor. There is little room for advancement and next to no career training or professional development resources.

    There are huge structural issues and massive up-heaves, all glossed over and unexplained.

    Many systems are way behind the times and many departments are taking on the work of other departments.

    Overall, do not feel valued as an employee.

    Advice to Management

    Use actual collaboration. The people on the bottom have value and insight. Short of that, at least communicate clearly with us regarding changes and rational. Transparency is a huge issue, and the lack of it has created a great sense of ill-ease and distrust.

    Hire a project manager!

    Core faculty members who shirk their responsibilities to meetings, etc. Pressure placed on adjuncts to shape curriculum and yet have no room to advance at the college. Basically, the college loves how successful we are in our artistic lives and wants to use our reputations, knowledge, clout, and thoughts for free. Our research gives us no guarantee for a shot at advancement. Because of this, the college hemorrhages great faculty and hangs onto complacent, staid teachers.

    Advice to Management

    Stop putting outstanding faculty in adjunct purgatory.

    Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate

    Cornish College of the Arts Response

    Cornish College of the Arts 2015-03-09 10:49 PDT

    Culture Values

    Comp Benefits

    Current Employee – Anonymous Employee

    Current Employee – Anonymous Employee

    I have been working at Cornish College of the Arts part-time

    Excellent people and community. My boss and my colleagues are collaborative and kind. There is a real sense that people care about each other and the students are inspiring and hungry to learn.

    This company is declining rather than growing and they have handled lay-offs terribly – without grace, respect or context. For those who are attracted to this company, know that they do not seem to be making more long-term positions and are relying increasingly on contracted adjunct instructors rather than core professors.

    Advice to Management

    Communicate with the faculty and staff in more than representative ways. Everyone who works are Cornish is devoted to the community there. They want to be part of the solution not treated like the problem.


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    Average income of a lawyer #average #income #of #a #lawyer


    Attorney / Lawyer Salary

    Job Description for Attorney / Lawyer

    Attorneys apply the law to specific situations and advise their clients on a course of action based on legal rights and responsibilities. Some attorneys work in the business world, providing counsel to corporate clients on business transactions. Other attorneys work with persons in the legal system, advocating on their behalf and representing them in court actions.

    Attorneys specialize in an area of law, such as contracts, criminal cases, or patent litigation. Most lawyers work in private practice, either self-employed or with a group of attorneys hired by clients for specific matters. Some lawyers work as in-house counsel for a corporation or government entity.

    Since much of the legal system is time-sensitive, most attorneys must work long hours. Most attorneys work in an office environment, law library, or a courtroom setting.

    Attorneys must complete many years of education; after attaining an undergraduate degree, they must complete a program, typically three years long, at a law school to obtain the juris doctorate degree (J.D.). To practice as an attorney, one must pass a lengthy, difficult examination that varies state by state. Attorneys must have excellent analytic ability and be able to interpret laws and legal rulings. They must be skilled at gathering and applying information, as well as be very detail-oriented, able to retain large amounts of information, and accurate in execution of their duties. Attorneys must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and be able to generate persuasive arguments. They also must excel at problem-solving tasks.

    Attorney / Lawyer Tasks

    • Advise clients in business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits or legal rights and obligations.

    Common Career Paths for Attorney / Lawyer

    Attorney / Lawyer in Hillsborough:

    Behind the culture bell curve.

    Pros: I have an awesome boss who has been a great mentor. We work with real people with real issues, so most days are pretty active. I feel that I m learning a lot about how basic elements of how the world works.

    Cons: Really only the formality of the culture: the suits, the impossible expectations (of clients) of perfection from a human system, etc. I miss feeling like a regular human being in jeans and a t-shirt on the sidewalk.

    Attorney / Lawyer in Crown Point:

    Pros: Challenge, Diversity of Responsibilities and Work Performed/Clients Represented, Trials, Mediation, Direct Interaction and Decision Making with Clients, Collaborative Team Environment.

    Cons: Support staff, lack of technology and progression of firm management, lack of availability of managing partner, micromanagement of some tasks and clients.

    Attorney / Lawyer in Aurora:

    Stress and lower pay than expected.

    Pros: Complex, but much easier once you get into the swing of everything. The people are personable and the wins feel great.

    Cons: The losses feel terrible. Even in a field where, by definition, one side loses every time, there is an extreme stress to NEVER lose. Three wins can t get you to sleep if you have one loss. Combine that with the fact that significant vacation and great pay are pipe dreams in the current economy.

    Attorney / Lawyer in Salt Lake City:

    Being A Lawyer Can Be As Great As You Decide To Make It.

    Pros: You can be as good as you are willing to be. If you really delve in and prepare your case well, surprisingly, you will be ahead of most other lawyers.

    Cons: Sometimes you have to deal with some of the worst human beings you may ever encounter, and I m not talking about your clients.


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    Hypothyroid Symptoms – Itching #all #symptoms #of #hypothyroid


    Hypothyroid Symptoms Itching

    by DR. TINA M. ST. JOHN Last Updated: Apr 28, 2015

    Tina M. St. John runs a health communications and consulting firm. She is also an author and editor, and was formerly a senior medical officer with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. St. John holds an M.D. from Emory University School of Medicine.

    A woman is itching her neck. Photo Credit Tharakorn/iStock/Getty Images


    The thyroid hormones affect nearly all tissues of the human body, including the skin. Skin tissues contain thyroid hormone receptors which, when occupied by thyroid hormones, stimulate cellular activity. Patients with hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid disease, may experience skin symptoms that reflect diminished cellular skin activity in the absence of sufficient thyroid hormone. Some skin changes associated with hypothyroidism may cause itching.

    Skin Dryness and Scaling

    Up to 90 percent of patients with hypothyroidism experience skin dryness and scaling, according to the medical textbook Werner Ingbar s The Thyroid. When examined under the microscope, the skin of patients with hypothyroidism exhibits thinning and increased keratin, a protein found in the uppermost layer of the skin and in the hair and nails. The increased keratin and impaired shedding of old cells gives the skin a scaly appearance.

    Decreased production of certain fats in the skin may contribute to skin dryness with hypothyroidism. Skin dryness in patients with hypothyroidism often proves worst on the palms, soles, elbows and knees, although the entire skin surface is typically involved. Dryness and scaling of the skin commonly causes itching. In patients with severe hypothyroidism-related skin dryness and itching, persistent scratching may lead to abrasions and localized infection.


    Some patients with hypothyroidism develop a severe form of skin scaling known as acquired ichthyosis. This condition represents a more advanced form of the scaling more commonly seen in patients with hypothyroidism. Itching frequently accompanies the scaling that characterizes acquired ichthyosis.


    Patients with hypothyroidism may exhibit hives, or urticaria, which characteristically prove intensely itchy. In a 2006 article on the skin manifestations of hypothyroidism published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Dr. Alka Dogra and colleagues report that approximately 16 percent of study patients exhibited hives. The authors note that the mechanism by which thyroid hormone deficiency provokes hives remains uncertain.

    Blistering Rash

    Dermatitis herpetiformis is a profoundly itchy, blistering rash that may occur in patients with hypothyroidism. Dermatitis herpetiformis which is unrelated to the herpes viruses typically affects the skin of the back, knees, elbows and buttocks on both sides of the body.

    Get the latest tips on diet, exercise and healthy living

    Copyright 2017 Leaf Group Ltd. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM Terms of Use. Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Ad Choices


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    College of Education and Human Development – UTSA – University of


    Purpose of Program

    This program is designed for students who want to work with children and adolescents experiencing a wide range of academic, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. Common roles and functions of the School Psychologist include psychological assessment, counseling, consultation, crisis intervention, research, and program evaluation. School Psychologists work with students, their families, and school staff in order to help students be as successful as possible in school. The program is designed to provide students the academic and practical training necessary to become licensed as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. Graduates are eligible to apply for certification as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, which is a nationally-recognized professional certification granted by the National Association of School Psychologists.

    Program Options

    The National Association of School Psychologists and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists both require master’s and specialist-level programs in School Psychology to include at least 60 hours of coursework, including practicum and internship. These entities also provide very specific courses and domains of competence that must be reflected in the curriculum. The degree requirements and curriculum reflect these standards, which will facilitate the professional accreditation of the program and the licensure of our graduates. The requirements also are consistent with those of other School Psychology programs within the state.

    The Master of Arts in School Psychology is a 66-hour program, and typically requires three to four years to complete. The program includes coursework and field-based experiences related to psychological assessment, intervention, learning, child development, psychopathology, research, statistics, and professional issues. Students also complete a full-time internship in a school setting. Due to the clinical nature of this program and number of hours required, the degree does not have a Thesis option.

    Career Opportunities

    School Psychology has been identified by the U.S. Department of Labor as a specialization that is likely to have faster than average employment growth. In addition, Texas has been identified as a state that will encounter one of the most serious shortages of School Psychologists in the near future. Thus, the job prospects for School Psychologists are very favorable. Minority and bilingual school psychologists are especially needed given the increasing diversity of public schools.

    Job Outlook/Earnings

    How much will you make? Will there be jobs when you graduate? How much will you owe after graduation?

    Explore earnings, student debt, employment data and more for University of Texas System degree recipients working full-time in Texas. Listings sort by type of degree (graduate/undergraduate), major and individual degrees. (Click on Logo)

    Admission Requirements

    All applicants must meet UTSA Graduate School admission requirements and be in good standing with last institution attended. In addition, applicants must meet/fulfill the following departmental requirements or submissions:

    • Official transcripts indicating a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Special Education, Curriculum Instruction, Sociology, or closely related field
    • Grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in the last 60 semester credit hours of coursework for the baccalaureate degree, as well as in all graduate-level coursework taken (if applicable). If an applicant’s GPA is between 2.70 and 2.99, probationary admission may be granted and the student must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA during the first 12 hours of coursework
    • GRE Test Scores (including the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing tests). GRE scores cannot be more than 5 years old
    • Applicants whose native language is not English must submit an official score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Minimum scores include a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL Paper version, or a score of at least 79 on the TOEFL Internet version
    • Two letters of recommendation from professional references. These letters should specifically address the applicant’s academic and/or professional skills, and potential to succeed in a rigorous graduate program
    • A Statement of Purpose (approximately 500 words) which outlines the applicant’s: (1) reasons for pursuing the M.A. degree in School Psychology; (2) experiences relevant to the field of psychology or education; and (3) career plans

    Freshmen | Freshmen (International) | Transfers | Transfer (International) | Re-Admission | Non-Degree Seeking

    For assistance with Admission Requirements, or for further information, contact the program’s Student Development Specialist (Listed Under Contacts)


    Apply for graduate programs through the UTSA Graduate School


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    CenterPoint Massage School Minneapolis, MN #madison #school #of #massage #therapy


    Career Training in Massage Shiatsu

    Enroll in our Minneapolis, MN massage therapy school today and graduate with a new career in either Shiatsu or massage therapy in as little as 12 months! Come and see what two generations of students have loved about CenterPoint! Schedule your campus visit.

    CenterPoint s founders have been helping to set the massage training and therapy technique standards for professional bodywork education for over 20 years in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. Our only focus is the preparation of exceptional massage and shiatsu therapists.

    Our certified massage therapist faculty are passionately engaged in supporting your development as a bodywork therapist. Massage therapy training is all we do and we do it well!
    Call us today 952.562.5200

    Massage Shiatsu Therapy

    Join a school where Excellence comes first! You benefit from studying a curriculum developed and led by Minnesota’s Master-Level massage Teachers Jackson Petersburg and Cari Johnson Pelava. You will become a part of an Alumni Community that is highly skilled, professionally trained and in demand for various careers as a massage therapist. Massage therapy employers prefer to hire CenterPoint graduates!

    Start your career by working in your choice of many exciting and professional settings providing Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology and more.

    Students from all over the Midwest have started their new career, below are just a few of those cities and states: Anoka, Blaine, Bloomington, Burnsville, Chanhassen, Chaska, Duluth, Des Moines Iowa, Duluth, Edina, Eau Claire, Fargo ND, Faribault, Hudson WI, Illinois, Iowa, River Falls, Lakeville, Madison WI, Mankato, Marshall, Milwaukee WI, Minnetonka, Moorhead, Minot ND, North Dakota, La Crosse WI, Richfield, Rochester, Roseville, Sioux Falls SD, South Dakota, St Cloud, St Louis Park, Winona, Wisconsin, Woodbury.

    Upcoming Events

    Admission’s Meet & Greet

    Thursday, July 13 • 6:00 – 8:00 pm


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    Master of International Public Health – Courses and Programs – The


    Master of International Public Health ( MIPH )

    Entry requirements

    Prerequisites are specific subjects or courses that students need to have studied and passed at year 12 matriculation level or tertiary equivalent. Prerequisites vary between programs, and are intended to ensure that students can handle the program content. Prerequisites can be met through a variety of qualifications, such as secondary studies, bridging programs, tertiary study or alternative qualifications.” class=”tooltip”>Prerequisites

    An applicant must hold:

    • an approved degree in the same discipline, or
    • a degree in a different discipline and have completed one year full-time work experience in a healthcare setting, or
    • the Graduate Certificate and/or a Graduate Diploma in International Public Health from the university (or equivalent).

    AQF level

    Fees for Australian students

    Current UQ students can use the Fee Calculator to estimate their fees. Note: You will need to specify the courses for which you want to calculate fees. Please see the if you are unsure which courses you can do in your program.

    When you enrol each semester, mySI-net will calculate your fees, and these will generally be available for viewing on mySI-net overnight.

    Fees for all students are reviewed annually and may increase from 1 January each year. View the 2017 Fee Rules .

    If you are a prospective student, or if you haven’t yet commenced your program, please see the Future Students website for fee information.

    Enquiries for Australian students

    School of Public Health

    Why study the Master of International Public Health?

    View International

    Entry requirements for Australian students

    Prerequisites are specific subjects or courses that students need to have studied and passed at year 12 matriculation level or tertiary equivalent. Prerequisites vary between programs, and are intended to ensure that students can handle the program content. Prerequisites can be met through a variety of qualifications, such as secondary studies, bridging programs, tertiary study or alternative qualifications.” class=”tooltip”>Prerequisites

    An applicant must hold:

    • an approved degree in the same discipline, or
    • a degree in a different discipline and have completed one year full-time work experience in a healthcare setting, or
    • the Graduate Certificate and/or a Graduate Diploma in International Public Health from the university (or equivalent).

    Additional application information

    A degree in one of the following disciplines would normally meet the approved degree requirement:

    • Behavioural and social sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Counselling)
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Biostatistics
    • Dentistry, Oral Health
    • Development Studies
    • Environmental Health
    • Exercise and Sport Science
    • Food Science
    • Health Economics
    • Health Management
    • Medicine, Medical sciences
    • Nursing
    • Nutrition
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Pharmacy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Public Health or Health Sciences
    • Science
    • Speech Therapy
    • Veterinary sciences

    How to Apply

    Applications must be lodged via the Online Application Form.

    Closing date

    To commence study in semester 1 – January 31 of the year of commencement.

    To commence study in semester 2 – June 30 of the year of commencement.

    To commence study in summer – October 31 of the year of enrolment.

    View Australian

    Entry requirements for International students

    Prerequisites are specific subjects or courses that students need to have studied and passed at year 12 matriculation level or tertiary equivalent. Prerequisites vary between programs, and are intended to ensure that students can handle the program content. Prerequisites can be met through a variety of qualifications, such as secondary studies, bridging programs, tertiary study or alternative qualifications.” class=”tooltip”>Prerequisites

    An applicant must hold:

    • an approved degree in the same discipline, or
    • a degree in a different discipline and have completed one year full-time work experience in a healthcare setting, or
    • the Graduate Certificate and/or a Graduate Diploma in International Public Health from the university (or equivalent).

    Visa requirements

    English proficiency

    IELTS overall 6.5; reading 6; writing 6; speaking 6; listening 6. For other English Language Proficiency Tests and Scores approved for UQ, View the English proficiency policy.

    How to apply

    Applications must be lodged via the Online Application Form.

    Closing date

    To commence study in semester 2 – May 31 of the year of commencement.

    To commence study in semester 1 – November 30 of the previous year.

    View International
    fees and costs

    Fees for Australian students

    Current UQ students can use the Fee Calculator to estimate their fees. Note: You will need to specify the courses for which you want to calculate fees. Please see the if you are unsure which courses you can do in your program.

    When you enrol each semester, mySI-net will calculate your fees, and these will generally be available for viewing on mySI-net overnight.

    Fees for all students are reviewed annually and may increase from 1 January each year. View the 2017 Fee Rules .

    If you are a prospective student, or if you haven’t yet commenced your program, please see the Future Students website for fee information.

    View Australian
    fees and costs

    Fees for International students

    Current UQ students can use the Fee Calculator to estimate their fees. Note: You will need to specify the courses for which you want to calculate fees. Please see the if you are unsure which courses you can do in your program.

    When you enrol each semester, mySI-net will calculate your fees, and these will generally be available for viewing on mySI-net overnight.

    Fees for all students are reviewed annually and may increase from 1 January each year. View the 2017 Fee Rules .

    If you are a prospective student, or if you haven’t yet commenced your program, please see the Future Students website for fee information.


    Graduates may choose roles as health professionals in government positions relating to health policy or as public health researchers. Qualifications in international health also help graduates secure a sought-after role with a non-government organisation or with international and bi-lateral aid agencies focussing on health and development such as the World Health Organisation and the World Bank .

    To complete the Master of International Public Health

    Students should be aware of the University of Queensland rules, particularly the General Award Rules, which govern the conduct of UQ programs. Students will find a link to the General Award Rules, and other University rules, on the University Rules page.

    A student is required to obtain #16 or #24 from the MIPH List.
    Refer to MIPH rules for further information.

    Program Rules for the Master of International Public Health

    Early exit points

    Based upon course selection, students may be able to exit this award with the:


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    Managed Print Services #managed #print #services, #what-is-managed-print-services, #ricoh #toner #cartridge, #what-is-a-print-strategy,


    Managed Print Services

    Why you need Managed Print Services?

    Watch MPS Video

    Benefits of Managed Print Services

    Work with Green Office

    What is Managed Print Service?

    What is a Print Strategy?

    What is a Print Assessment?

    What is Total Cost of Ownership?

    Our clients


    Leaders in cartridges solutions

    Let us collect your cartridges

    Cartridges collections for everyone


    Custom document
    management software


    Empowering people
    through sustainability

    Serving the community

    Get involved

    Green Office News

    Having the right people is key to our success and we are always open to hearing from prospective candidates who may be interested in working for us as part of our proactive recruitment drive.
    If you have the following skills we’d love to hear from you:

    • Sales – account management and business development
    • Business analyst
    • IT
    • Administration
    • Finance
    • Service Technicians who are Ricoh certified with 3 – 5 years’ experience.

    About us

    Green Office is an innovative South African company that has reformed the office environment by pioneering complete document solutions which are customised to our clients unique needs.
    What started as the remanufacture of used printer cartridges in 1997, has now developed into a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the document environment. Green Office:

    • Consult and implement on Business Process and workflow systems to reduce print and increase efficiencies.
    • Manages all aspects of a company’s print environment.
    • Supplies hardware and consumables.
    • Recycles and remanufactures toner printer cartridges.
    • Services and maintains a company’s printing environment.
    • Implements software to help a company manage its print environment solution, saving them the earth.
    • Incorporates all of the above into our own Managed Print Service (MPS) where a company gets all of these great offerings in one solution.

    Our Values

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    Isles of Scilly Travel Information #travel #with #kids

    #isles of scilly travel

    Getting to Scilly

    Where your journey is part of the experience

    Whether you fly to the Isles of Scilly by small plane or arrive by sea on the Scillonian III passenger ferry or as part of a cruise, you know immediately that you’re heading for somewhere very special. Even seasoned travellers and returning residents feel their pulses quicken as they approach the island archipelago – so imagine what it must be like if you’ve never done it before! Getting to Scilly is an adventure. It’s unique. It’s part of your holiday experience.

    All scheduled travel to the islands is operated by Isles of Scilly Travel (part of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group). There are four departure points from the mainland: Exeter, Newquay and Lands End if you fly by Skybus, and Penzance if you take the boat – the Scillonian III passenger ferry. St. Mary’s is the main island on Scilly, and whichever way to you choose to arrive, this will be your first port of call.

    Of course, you can also choose to cruise here under your own steam – in a private plane or yacht. Both the St Mary’s Harbour Master’s Office and Isles of Scilly Airport welcome independent travellers to the islands and will assist you with your plans before you depart and also on your arrival.

    However you choose to travel to the Isles of Scilly, you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of England’s dramatic southwest coastline before the remote beauty of the islands unfolds.

    EXETER CONNECTIONS : Belfast- Dublin – Edinburgh – Glasgow – Guernsey – Jersey – Manchester

    NEWQUAY CONNECTIONS : London Gatwick – Manchester – Belfast – Birmingham – Edinburgh – Newcastle – London Southend


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