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Normandale Lake Office Park

  • Everything You Need

    Normandale Lake Office Park is ideally located minutes from multiple major freeways and within close proximity to the MSP International Airport. Its climate-controlled skyways allow access to the Park’s amenities and five parking structures. Truly a Class A+ business environment in a campus-like setting.

    Normandale Lake Office Park is ideally located minutes from multiple major freeways and within close.

    Health & Fitness

    Two fitness centers and a wellness center, as well as men’s and women’s locker rooms in each Tower, are available 24/7 to Park Tenants. A beautiful, 2-mile paved running/biking path around Normandale Lake is just across the street.

    Two fitness centers and a wellness center, as well as men’s and women’s locker rooms.


    A full range of dining options are available within the Park, including two premier dining restaurants, three casual cafes and a Caribou Coffee shop.

    A full range of dining options are available within the Park, including two premier dining.


    Normandale Lake Office Park places great emphasis on improvements that reduce costs and make a difference to the environment.

    Normandale Lake Office Park places great emphasis on improvements that reduce costs and make a.

    Normandale Lake Office Park is a truly stunning, five-building, 1.7-million-square-foot office complex situated on 27 acres adjacent to the pristine 2,500-acre Normandale Lake Recreational Area.

    SUMMER 2017! Summer! It definitely is here now! The heat is rising along with the humidity, so please stay hydrated and be smart in the sun. Also keep an eye on the weather if traveling. If it s too hot to get in a workout outside, remember we have our two free workout facilities in the 8000 and [ ] More >>

    Upcoming Events

    Normandale Lake Office Park


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National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center #office #of #cybersecurity #and #communications


National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for protecting our Nation’s critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats. Cyberspace enables businesses and government to operate, facilitates emergency preparedness communications, and enables critical control systems processes. Protecting these systems is essential to the resilience and reliability of the Nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources and to our economic and national security.

NCCIC Overview

The NCCIC serves as a central location where a diverse set of partners involved in cybersecurity and communications protection coordinate and synchronize their efforts. NCCIC’s partners include other government agencies, the private sector, and international entities. Working closely with its partners, NCCIC analyzes cybersecurity and communications information, shares timely and actionable information, and coordinates response, mitigation and recovery efforts.

NCCIC Vision

To operate at the intersection of government, private sector, and international network defense communities, applying unique analytic perspectives, ensuring shared situational awareness, and orchestrating synchronized response, mitigation, and recovery efforts while protecting the Constitutional and privacy rights of Americans in both the cybersecurity and communications domains.

NCCIC Mission

To operate at the intersection of the private sector, civilian, law enforcement, intelligence, and defense communities, applying unique analytic perspectives, ensuring shared situational awareness, and orchestrating synchronized response efforts while protecting the Constitutional and privacy rights of Americans in both the Cybersecurity and communications domains.

The NCCIC’s missions include:

  • Leading the protection of federal civilian agencies in cyberspace;
  • Working closely together with critical infrastructure owners and operators to reduce risk;
  • Collaborating with state and local governments through the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC);
  • Cooperating with international partners to share information and respond to incidents;
  • Coordinating national response to significant cyber incidents in accordance with the National Cyber Incident Response Plan (NCIRP);
  • Analyzing data to develop and share actionable mitigation recommendations
  • Creating and maintaining shared situational awareness among its partners and constituents;
  • Orchestrating national protection, prevention, mitigation, and recovery activities associated with significant cyber and communication incidents;
  • Disseminating cyber threat and vulnerability analysis information;
  • Assisting in the initiation, coordination, restoration, and reconstitution of National Security or Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) telecommunications services and facilities under all conditions, crises, or emergencies; and
  • Executing Emergency Support Function 2- Communications (ESF-2) responsibilities under the National Response Framework (NRF).

The NCCIC is comprised of four branches:

  • NCCIC Operations Integration (NO I );
  • United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT);
  • Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT); and
  • National Coordinating Center for Communications (NCC) .

As mutually supporting, fully integrated elements of the NCCIC, these branches provide the authorities, capabilities, and partnerships necessary to lead a whole-of-nation approach to addressing cybersecurity and communications issues at the operational level.

NO I plans, coordinates, and integrates capabilities to synchronize analysis, information sharing, and incident management efforts across the NCCIC’s branches and activities.

US-CERT brings advanced network and digital media analysis expertise to bear on malicious activity targeting our nation’s networks. US-CERT develops timely and actionable information for distribution to federal departments and agencies, state and local governments, private sector organizations, and international partners. In addition, US-CERT operates the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS), which provides intrusion detection and prevention capabilities to covered federal departments and agencies.

ICS-CERT reduces risk to the nation’s critical infrastructure by strengthening control systems security through public-private partnerships. ICS-CERT has four focus areas: situational awareness for CIKR stakeholders; control systems incident response and technical analysis; control systems vulnerability coordination; and strengthening cybersecurity partnerships with government departments and agencies.

NCC leads and coordinates the initiation, restoration, and reconstitution of NS/EP telecommunications services or facilities under all conditions. NCC leverages partnerships with government, industry and international partners to obtain situational awareness and determine priorities for protection and response.

The NCCIC relies heavily on voluntary collaboration with its partners. The NCCIC works closely with federal departments and agencies and actively engages with private sector companies and institutions, along with state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and international counterparts. Each group of stakeholders represents a community of practice, working together to protect the portions of critical information technology that they own, operate, manage, or interact with.


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Fort Worth Bankruptcy Advice and Bankruptcy Help in Fort Worth #fort


3000 Central Drive Bedford, Texas 76021-3671 Fax: (817) 358-9988

Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys

Offering expert advice and bankruptcy help to consumers and businesses

The experienced attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC represent individuals and small businesses throughout the Fort Worth, Texas area in all kinds of bankruptcy proceedings. If you or your organization is facing financial difficulties, mounting bills, foreclosure and repossession proceedings, or harassing collection activity, you can rely on our skilled Fort Worth bankruptcy advice.

Although the prospect of bankruptcy may seem intimidating, a qualified attorney can offer Fort Worth bankruptcy help to guide you through each step of the process. The attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC can represent you and your interests to creditors, the trustee, and the court, helping you reorganize debts and make a fresh start.

Bankruptcy in Fort Worth – We specialize in cases like yours

With nearly 70 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and experience to guide you or your business through even the most complex Chapter 7. Chapter 11. or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Fort Worth.

Behrooz Vida and Richard Venable are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as specialists in consumer bankruptcy law. Mr. Vida is also a specialist in business bankruptcy law, and is the recipient of Martindale-Hubbell’s prestigious AV peer rating. indicating the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards. Carla Reed Vida is an exceptional Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney with strong capabilities in all areas of personal and business bankruptcy in Fort Worth. and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Fort Worth bankruptcy help advice – We have your best interests in mind

At The Vida Law Firm, PLLC, we meet with you personally to examine your financial situation and explore all possible Fort Worth bankruptcy options. Once you have decided what is best for you, your family, or your business, we move quickly to ensure that you can begin rebuilding your finances as soon as possible.

Call us for bankruptcy help in Fort Worth

To schedule a free initial consultation, contact The Vida Law Firm, PLLC today. You can call us at (817) 803-3365 or contact us online for bankruptcy advice in Fort Worth.

Quick Contact


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Business Commercial Rent Tax #nyc #office #space #for #rent


Commercial Rent Tax (CRT)

This tax is charged to tenants who occupy or use a property for commercial activity in Manhattan, south of 96th Street. You are subject to the Commercial Rent Tax if you rent space in this area for any trade, business, profession, or commercial activity, and:

  • it is located in the borough of Manhattan, south of the center line of 96th Street;
  • the annual or annualized gross rent paid is at least $250,000; and
    you do not meet any other exemption criteria, such as short rental periods, residential subtenants, use for theatrical productions, and not-for-profit status.

Note: Tenants with annual taxable rents between $250,000 and $300,000 are eligible for a sliding-scale credit that partially offsets the tax.

A “tenant” is someone who pays rent as a lessee, sub-lessee, licensee, or concessionaire. Tenant-shareholders in co-ops are included. You must also pay the Commercial Rent Tax if you:

  • Occupy space in buildings owned by spouses or parents;
  • Occupy space in buildings you own jointly with another person who is not your spouse or domestic partner;
  • Occupy space in buildings owned by corporations where you are an officer or shareholder;
  • Are a corporation, occupying space in a building that is owned by a subsidiary corporation or by a parent corporation; and
  • Are a corporation, occupying a space in a building owned by an officer or stockholder of the corporation.

Tax Rates
The tax rate is 6% of the base rent. All taxpayers are granted a 35% base rent reduction, which reduces the effective tax rate to 3.9%. In addition, you are allowed a tax credit if your annualized base rent before the 35% rent reduction is between $250,000 and $300,000. Be sure to review the instructions for Commercial Rent Tax for information about other types of deductions from base rent.

Calculating Base Rent
Rent paid by a tenant for each location
– Rent received or due from a subtenant
= Base Rent*

*When the base rent is for less than one year (or for less than three months on a quarterly return), you must annualize it over the entire period of the return. The annualized base rent is used to determine the appropriate tax rate.

Calculating Your Tax
Use quarterly and annual Commercial Rent Tax returns to calculate the exact tax that you owe:

  • Calculate the base rent that is subject to the tax.
  • Subtract all permissible deductions, including those allowed under the Commercial Revitalization Program from the gross rent paid.
  • Apply the rent reduction percentage (35%).
  • If the property was not rented for every month of the return, annualize the amount from Step #1 over the entire period of the return. You can do this by dividing the base rent by the number of months rented, then multiplying by either 3 (quarterly return) or 12 (annual return).

Determine the effective tax rate, 0% or 6%, using the amount from Step #1 (or the prorated amount for partial-period rentals from Step #2) and the chart on page 2 of the return.

  • Calculate the tax liability by applying the tax rate from Step #3 to the base rent amount from Step #1.

If you rented more than one property in the part of Manhattan that is covered by the tax, repeat these four steps for each location to determine your total tax liability.

If you rent more than one location in the same property, aggregate all locations to determine the base rent.

Exemptions from this Tax
You are not subject to the Commercial Rent Tax if:

  • Your annualized base rent is less than $250,000 before applying the 35% rent reduction and the NYC Commercial Revitalization Program special reduction. However, you are required to file a tax return if your annual gross rent paid is more than $200,000.
  • You are renting premises for 14 days or less during the tax year.
  • You are a Tenant who uses at least 75 percent of the floor space to rent to others for residential purposes. This does not include operators of hotels.
  • You are renting property for certain theatrical productions. The exemption will be for the first 52 weeks after the production begins.
  • You are a governmental body or a nonprofit religious, charitable, or educational organization. Other types of nonprofit organizations will be exempt as long as the property is not used for commercial purposes and they receive a written tax exemption from the Department of Finance.
  • You are located in the “World Trade Center Area.” Refer to the CR-A instructions for a detailed definition of this area’s boundaries
  • You occupy a property that is located in the Commercial Revitalization Program abatement zone and is being used for retail sales purposes.

Filing Deadlines
Every tenant must file an annual return on or before June 20 covering the prior year, from June 1 to May 31, unless both of the following are true:

  • The annual gross rent paid for any taxable premises (before deductions and reductions) is $200,000 or less; and
  • The rent received from any subtenant of the premises is $200,000 or less.

Every tenant who is subject to tax for a period must also file a quarterly return.

Legal Authority
Title 11, Chapter 7, Administrative Code
Enabling Act: Chapter 257 of the Laws of 1963

Frequently Asked Questions

What records related to Commercial Rent Tax should a taxpayer keep?
Every landlord of taxable property and every tenant of taxable property must keep the following records:

  • Identification of each tenant or sub-tenant
  • The rent required to be paid
  • The rent paid and received
  • The location of each premises
  • The period of each occupancy
  • All leases or agreements that fix the rents required to be paid and/or the rights of the tenants

Records must be available for examination upon request by the Department of Finance. Leases and agreements stating rents required to be paid and/or the rights of a tenant should be kept for a period of three years after the expiration of the lease. Other records must also be kept for a three-year period after the annual return is filed (unless written permission is granted to destroy them before that time).

If a business ends during the year, what returns must I file?
Your tax is due within twenty days after your business ends. The amount of tax due is measured by your base rent, including escalations and other charges normally payable to the landlord for the part of the tax year that you were doing business. If, under your lease, you are required to continue to pay rent, or if, for any reason, you continue to pay rent for the premises after business ends, you still must file the normally required returns.

Are billboards subject to the Commercial Rent Tax?
Yes, the rent paid with respect to a billboard is taxable under the CRT if the billboard is located in the borough of Manhattan, south of the center line of 96th Street; the annual or annualized gross rent paid is at least $250,000; and the tenant does not meet any other exemption criteria, such as short rental periods, residential subtenants, use for theatrical productions, and not-for-profit status. Download Update on Audit Issues concerning billboards .


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Forward Your Mail With The Post Office – Temporary or Permanent


Forward Your Mail With The Post Office – Securely File Your Temporary or Permanent Mail Forwarding Form Online

  • Fast Secure – Only Takes 2-Minutes
  • Unlimited Address Changes Within 90-Days
  • Automatically Reduce Physical Postal Junk Mail
  • Do-Not-Call List Privacy Registration Included
  • Free Home Utility Connection Assistance
  • New Mover Coupons Worth Over $750
  • Notify Up To 25 Additional Organizations
  • Live Toll-Free Customer Support Help

ChangeMyAddress.org is a secure online form filing assistance service that makes submitting your standard change of address form fast, easy, and hassle-free. We are an independent third-party website, not affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service™, that facilitates submission of your US change of address form to the USPS® with the additional benefits of offering convenient new mover services that are not offered through the postal authorities – all for the price of $59.95. The fee for this service includes the $1 for USPS ID Verification, access to unlimited address changes under your name within 90-days, notification of your address change to up to 25 additional organizations in addition to the USPS on your behalf, access to additional moving assistance such as connecting your home utility and entertainment services, automatically reduce physical postal junk mail to your new address, national do-not-call list privacy registration, a welcome to the neighborhood new movers kit, new mover related coupons worth up to $750, and access to other unique offers related to your move that are not available through the postal authorities. Our single-page US online address change request form takes less than 2-minutes to complete. and getting started is quick and easy. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions above to begin the process immediately.

ChangeMyAddress.org is a third party business entity that facilitates the address change request process for its users and acts as an authorized agent for those wishing to submit an address change filing to the USPS ® and also provides additional new mover services not available through the postal authorities. ChangeMyAddress.org is privately owned and is not affiliated with any state or federal government agency including the USPS ®. Government forms can be obtained for no charge from state and federal agencies. All references to any trademarks of the USPS ® used on this site are the exclusive property of the U.S. Postal Service™ and are only used to refer to the goods and services offered by the USPS ®. ChangeMyAddress.org does not claim ownership of any products or services belonging to the USPS ®.

We are a fully independent expert filing service for all your address changing needs including changing your address with the postal authorities and other organizations. We are not affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service™ – we work only for you, and only to improve your filing experience. You may research, prepare, and submit your own filing directly with the United States Postal Service™ (USPS®) for a fee, however we’re confident you will appreciate the many unique features of our service which are not available from the U.S. Post Office authorities. Some of these additional features include:

▶ Single-page Express Online Form Filing Assistant speeds and simplifies the process
▶ Your US Change of Address form documents are prepared for you on your behalf
▶ Notify up to 25 other organizations in addition to the U.S. Post Office™
▶ We help you avoid common mistakes when changing your address online
▶ Our Third Party Assistance service works for you to save you time
▶ Live telephone support available to help answer any questions you may have (Monday – Saturday)

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. That’s why we are so confident that you will be thrilled with our third party assistance service that we guarantee it. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, simply call us at 1-888-481-9592 within 60 days of your purchase to receive a full refund. No questions asked.


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Gary C Johnson #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


Attorney Profiles

Meet the Lawyers of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C.

With several attorneys and an additional staff of more than thirty committed professionals serving the needs of clients in our Pikeville, Hazard and Lexington offices, the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C. is ready to advise and represent people across the range of personal injury claims — car accidents, medical malpractice. gas explosions. drug litigation, mass tort and truck accidents.

To learn how our experience can help you resolve a serious injury claim in Central or Eastern Kentucky, contact us for a free consultation at any of our three locations. To find out more about each of our attorneys, see their profiles below.

How Can We Help?
Contact us today

  • Gas Explosion – $270,050,323.57
    Plaintiff was injured when a gas explosion erupted from his water well.
  • Medical Malpractice – $8,063,000.00
    Medical malpractice action against hospital and OB/GYN.
  • Automobile Collision/Utility Company – $6,222,000.00
    Plaintiff was severely injured when a utility truck came crashing through a parking lot and struck her parked car.
  • Railroad Negligence/Wrongful Death – $5,000,000.00
    Plaintiff was killed when he attempted to cross a railroad crossing in his motor vehicle and was struck by a train.
  • Automobile collision/Underinsured Motorist
    Personal Injury underinsured motorist claim

legal news

  • [01/23] Briggs Stratton Corporation Reports Results For The Second Quarter And First Six Months Of Fiscal 2014
  • [01/22] Securus Technologies, Inc. Announces the Release of its SecureView Tablet
  • [01/22] Dual-interface Financial IC Card Chip Based on SMIC’s eEEPROM Platform Gains CC EAL4+ Certification
  • [0/0] Winn Dixie Taco Nutrition Label
  • [02/04] Humei Trading Inc. Issues Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in “Dried Lily”
  • [02/04] K-Fat Inc. Issues an Alert on Undeclared Sulfites In KfisSweetened Ginger Cand
  • [01/21] Taxpayer advocate: Avoid health-care tax surprises
  • [02/05] Teen given probation for fatal wreck due in court
  • [02/04] Small plane crashes outside YMCA in Nashville
  • [02/04] Maine girl’s cellphone catches fire in her pocket
  • [02/04] US probing Honda Accords for air bag problem
  • [01/30] Gree recalls another 350,000 dehumidifiers
  • [01/30] Ship where nearly 700 fell ill being sanitized


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Philadelphia Theater: Broadway Shows, Musicals, Plays, Concerts in 2017 #philadelphia #broadway


Once upon a time in the Land of Oz, there was a girl and her dog – no, scrub that. This musical goes way before the arrival of Dorothy Gale and her pooch Toto. THIS is the story of two magically inclined women, one blonde, and one green of skin – and their coming-of-age as the forces of good and (perceived) ‘wicked’. Discover the musical phenomenon of the new century, based on the critically acclaimed novel by Gregory Maguire, which explores the foundation of the Oz legend, of what made Glinda and Elphaba become the icons of good and bad, and whether all is what it appears to be in later stories.

Kinky Boots

Don’t miss this fabulous musical from Cyndi Lauper!

Kinky Boots is one of Broadway’s most successful new musicals, snapping up six 2013 Tony Awards including Best Musical! The uplifting show tells the tale of a failing family-run shoe factory in England whose business trajectory is changed (and saved!) thanks to the influence of a stiletto-wearing drag queen named Lola.

Phantom Of The Opera

Fall under the spell of the Longest Running Show in Broadway history!

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s romantic musical is based on Gaston Leroux’s gothic novel of life beneath the stage. A secretive opera composer stalks the halls of the Paris Opera House and becomes obsessed with young ingenue Christine, and will stop at nothing to have her. This longstanding Eighties rock opera has received a full-scale update for new audiences without compromising on the glory of the original production.

Motown – The Musical

Following its record-breaking run at Bucks County Playhouse last year, The Buddy Holly Story comes to the Kimmel Center. One of the most popular musicals in modern history, this jubilant jukebox musical traces the tragically short career of the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, and features more than 20 of his classic numbers, including ‘Peggy Sue’, ‘That’ll Be the Day’, ‘Not Fade Away’, ‘Oh Boy’, and ‘Everyday’.

Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra – The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King


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IBM, a Pioneer of Remote Work, Calls Workers Back to the


IBM, a Pioneer of Remote Work, Calls Workers Back to the Office

Continue Reading Below

The 105-year-old technology giant is quietly dismantling its popular decades-old remote work program to bring employees back into offices, a move it says will improve collaboration and accelerate the pace of work.

The changes comes as IBM copes with 20 straight quarters of falling revenue and rising shareholder ire over Chief Executive Ginni Rometty’s pay package.

The company won’t say how many of its 380,000 employees are affected by the policy change, which so far has been rolled out to its Watson division, software development, digital marketing, and design — divisions that employ tens of thousands of workers.

The shift is particularly surprising since the Armonk, N.Y. company has been among the business world’s staunchest boosters of remote work, both for itself and its customers. IBM markets software and services for what it calls the anytime, anywhere workforce, and its researchers have published numerous studies on the merits of remote work.

In the past, IBM has boasted that more than 40% of employees worked outside traditional company offices, and a May 4 post on the company’s Smarter Workforce blog stated that telework works.

Continue Reading Below

IBM may be part of a broader rethink of remote work under way at large companies, as corporate leaders argue that putting workers in the same physical space hastens the speed of work and sparks innovation. Employers tread a fine line, however, since workers rate flexible-work programs highly, and research has found telecommuters often work more effectively than their cubicle-bound counterparts.

Yahoo Inc.’s decision to call telecommuters back to the office in 2013 set off a furor among employees and workplace experts. Yet more recent decisions at Bank of America Corp. and Aetna Inc. to greatly reduce telecommuting have elicited little outrage.

Big Blue’s leaders want employees to work differently now, said Laurie Friedman, a company spokeswoman. The company has rebuilt design and digital marketing teams to quickly respond to real-time data and customer feedback, collaborations that happen more easily when teams work shoulder-to-shoulder, Ms. Friedman said, adding that the vast majority of IBM’s telecommuters have chosen to join their teams in person.

Workers in affected IBM divisions have been given 30 days to decide whether to move to company-maintained office space that can be hundreds of miles away from their homes.

For example, marketing employees were invited to move to offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York or San Francisco, or leave the company. Those unwilling to move were also given 90 days to seek another role within IBM.

The changes have stunned longtime IBMers like marketing manager Ron Favali. The 15-year company veteran has spent the last 12 years working from an office in his home outside Tampa, Fla. and considered himself a remote-work success story.

His team uses IBM’s Sametime instant-messaging voice and video chat software to stay connected and on task, despite being scattered in three states. Working remotely came with career trade-offs, he said. I was never going to be named vice president of marketing for anything, but I’m okay with that.

He has declined IBM’s offer to return to a company workspace, and will leave the company next month to start a marketing firm out of his home.

Companies began offering generous remote work policies because they expected large savings in office and real-estate costs, said Jennifer Glass, a University of Texas professor who studies telecommuting and advises companies on remote-work strategies. Those savings haven’t materialized, Ms. Glass said, so workers are being called back to the office.

Relocating offices or asking employees to move can sometimes be read as layoffs in disguise, since a certain percentage of workers won’t be able to relocate.

IBM says its co-location plan isn’t a cost-saving measure. Ms. Friedman noted that the employees who cannot join an in-person team can apply for one of more than 5,000 open jobs in the U.S.

Working from the master bedroom in her Ogden Dunes, Ind. home, Penny Schlyer helped market IBM mobile software and services for companies reliant on workers who aren’t bound to a desk, such as retail employees, financial advisers or doctors.

Her seven years telecommuting with IBM could have been plucked from one of her marketing campaigns: she has logged work hours from the sidelines of her sons’ sporting events and used Sametime to communicate with her colleagues.

She was dismayed when IBM requested the 48-year-old mother of three move to the company’s New York City office. The irony is definitely not lost there, she said.

Though IBM offered to pay for the move and make a small cost-of-living adjustment to her salary, Ms. Schlyer declined. I could never afford to live in New York City, and probably not anywhere close.

She has found a new job leading product marketing for SA Ignite, a Chicago-based software company, but her office won’t change: she is still in the master bedroom.


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Family Law – Divorce Lawyers Troy Michigan #lawyer, #attorney, #law #firm,


Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in Troy, Michigan

If you are planning to file for a divorce, understandably, you may feel like your life is spinning out of control. Obtain help from an experienced divorce lawyer to guide you through the legal process. Many important decisions need to be made quickly, which could have long-lasting implications.

At the Law Offices of Ronald M. Bookholder. our attorneys Ronald Bookholder and Patricia Leary have more than 50 years of combined experience handling divorce and family law matters. We have earned respect from clients and the local legal community with our client-driven approach. Our goal is always to find a constructive resolution, but we fight hard for our clients in court whenever necessary.

To talk about your options with a compassionate family law and divorce lawyer in Troy, Michigan, contact the Law Offices of Ronald M. Bookholder, online or 877-502-7892. We are committed to representing clients in Oakland County, Wayne County and Macomb County.

Handling All Aspects of a Divorce

At the Law Offices of Ronald M. Bookholder, our firm’CM/Custom/Attorneys.asp”>family law attorneys have extensive experience helping clients with all aspects related to divorce and family law. including:

  • Parenting issues. Our law firm has a strong background handling child custody. child support and move away cases focused on preserving the children’PracticeAreas/CustodyParenting-Time.asp”>child custody and parenting time .
  • Property settlement. Our legal team offers strong advocacy and legal counsel in high-asset divorces. We have the skills and legal resources to handle business evaluations. while determining the extent of marital assets and debts in property division .
  • Support issues. At the Law Offices of Ronald M. Bookholder, we strive to find constructive solutions to support issues. In a divorce involving children, child support will always be determined before considering spousal support. If a spouse is paying child support, that amount is considered when determining spousal support .
  • Debt division. The division of family debt should be decided by the divorcing parties, otherwise a court will make the decision. A divorce judge and the divorcing couple cannot stop a third-party creditor from pursing collections. If the debt is joint, the creditor can sue both parties to collect a debt. At the Law Offices of Ronald M. Bookholder, we discuss allocating the responsibility of the parties to pay marital debts.

Is Divorce Right For You?

Many family law firms fail to explore whether a divorce is actually the best option for their clients. Even the best attorney cannot provide much help if clients are pursuing the wrong outcome. At the Law Offices of Ronald M. Bookholder, we sit down with our clients to closely examine their individual situations and determine if a divorce is in their best interests before pursuing an end to their marriage. Other options, such as marital counseling, with a focus on reconciliation, could better suit your situation than a divorce.

Experienced Oakland County Child Custody and Support Lawyers

With more than 50 years of combined experience, we are ready to develop a divorce agreement focused on protecting your best interests during these challenging times. From our law office in Troy, Michigan, we offer consultations from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the weekdays.

Contact our law firm online or call 877-502-7892 to schedule a consultation with a highly skilled family law attorney. Credit cards are accepted as payment for our consultation and legal services. Attorneys Ronald Bookholder and Patricia Leary are committed to representing clients in Oakland County, Wayne County and Macomb County.

Other kinds of law recommendations


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Charleston SC Bankruptcy Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


Experienced Charleston, South Carolina, Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you face difficult financial challenges, life can seem overwhelming. Understand, though, that you are not alone, and we are here to help. At The Law Office of Lauren Clark, L.L.C. we work with clients in South Carolina who are dealing with issues of debt, foreclosure and financial situations that seem unmanageable. We want to do the same for you.

Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect you and to help you move forward to a more successful financial future. Attorney Lauren Clark will help you get started by reviewing your debt situation and advising you about your full range of options. If bankruptcy is the right solution for your circumstances, we will guide you through all phases of the process.

Contact The Law Office of Lauren Clark to schedule a free case evaluation. We are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services at reasonable costs to meet your specific needs.

Make Educated Decisions About Your Future With A Charleston Debt Relief Lawyer

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not a decision that most people anticipate making in their lives. Despite the fact that millions of people have successfully used bankruptcy as a tool for debt relief, there are still many myths and incorrect assumptions that dissuade some people from filing. You should not feel embarrassed about taking back control of your future. You have rights under the law, including the right to take action to get rid of debt, protect your property and restore your financial health.

Our law firm can walk you through every step of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and help you address related issues of foreclosure, repossession, creditor harassment and lawsuits.

Contact The Law Office Of Lauren Clark, L.L.C.

Learn more about your debt relief options by speaking with a lawyer about the advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy. For a free initial consultation, contact us by filling out our online form or by calling 843-284-7405 (local) or 855-684-8149 (toll free). We advise and represent clients in Charleston and the surrounding communities of South Carolina.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Why Choose Us?

  • We take the time to understand your specific circumstances.
  • You get personalized service from attorney Lauren Clark every step of the way.
  • No matter how complex your situation may be, we can help. We handle all aspects of consumer bankruptcy.
  • We provide a free case evaluation to help you understand your debt relief options.
  • If you ever have questions or concerns about your case, we are always accessible and ready to help.

Practice Areas


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Bronx Real Estate Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,

Bronx Real Estate Lawyer

Law Office of Phil Napolitano is a real estate law firm in the Bronx. Since 1996, we have provided valued legal services to clients throughout our community and across New York City.

Our real estate services span many areas of real estate, including residential or commercial transactions, leasing, lending and dispute resolution. While our primary focus is on real estate, we also handle business law, probate, estate administration, wills, trusts and personal injury.

Your Neighborhood Law Office

With a more comprehensive list of services offered, we have become trusted legal counsel to our clients, their friends, family and colleagues. Bronx real estate attorney Phil Napolitano has more than 15 years of experience. Our firm has become a neighborhood law office for clients looking to solve a diverse range of legal problems.

We work productively with clients and seek to identify the underlying needs, present situation and future goals. This helps us construct effective strategies to pursue successful outcomes. Our clients are individuals, couples, investors, landlords, business owners, lenders and builders. These clients, like you, seek to:

  • Purchase or sell a house, condo, cooperative apartment building or commercial space
  • Lease residential or commercial property
  • Resolve a contractual or leasing dispute
  • Build new real estate property
  • Close loans
  • Start a business
  • Respond to foreclosure

Whatever your real estate need, we have handled countless similar cases and can help you achieve the best possible result.

Contact Us To Get Started | New York City Residential And Commercial Real Estate Attorney

To discuss your options with a lawyer during a free initial consultation, call our office at 718-414-6175 or contact us online here .

Se habla español. We have a large Spanish-speaking clientele and bilingual staff on hand.

Practice Areas


How Can We Help?

Bold labels are required.

Law Office of Phil Napolitano
788 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx. NY 10462
Phone: 718-414-6175
Fax: 718-239-0256
Bronx Law Office Map

The Law Office of Phil Napolitano is in the Bronx, New York, and represents clients in New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, White Plains, Mineola, Parkchester, Baychester, Belmont, Castle Hill, Fieldston, Longwood, Melrose, Norwood, Riverdale, Woodlawn, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York County, Kings County, Bronx County, Richmond County, Westchester County and Rockland County.


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Advanced Water Products – Services designs, installs, and services water treatment


Advanced Water is owned by Environmental Technical Group, Inc. (ETG), a full-service environmental consulting
and training organization. ETG specializes in Health Safety Training and Environmental Inspection Services
(asbestos. Phase I) for commercial, institutional, and residential clients.

Advanced Water has been solving water problems in homes, businesses, and municipalities since 1977. Unlike
most water companies who are more sales organizations than service providers, Advanced Water is owned, staffed,
and supported by an experienced team of experts who care about you and the water problems affecting you and
your family.

Based in Central New York. we service Onondaga, Madison, Oneida, Cayuga, Oswego, Jefferson, Wayne Counties
and beyond efficiently from our Syracuse headquarters. Our Homer, NY branch office services Cortland, Tompkins,
Broome, and Chenango Counties. Supported product sales are available to customers nationwide.

Advanced Water designs custom systems to eliminate simple to severe water problems including hardness, iron,
sulfur, bacteria, sediment, odor, color, chlorine and trihalomethanes, organic compounds, tannins, colloidal clay,
lead, mercury, stained fixtures, and others. We use proven components and sensible designs carefully selected to
give our customers what they are looking for: Good Water!

Our residential and commercial products and systems include: softeners – including state-of-the-art self-sanitizing
systems; reverse osmosis (RO) units – both point-of-use and whole-house; carbon filtration systems; chlorination
systems; filters; ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers; and more.

Whether you have a problem with e-coli or coliform bacteria, hard water, rotten-egg odor, brown or red water, lead,
rust, cloudiness, corroded or crusty fixtures, stained fixtures or dishes, or a multitude of other water problems – we
can help. We can test for many problems right on the spot – for free. Some tests require a laboratory – we can
provide bottles, instructions, and guidance in choosing the correct tests for your particular needs.

Advanced Water supports it’s products and systems with service. Whether it’s routine or emergency, our technicians
and trucks are on call when you need them. For annual system checks. parts, filters, lamps, upgrades, and any
other service need on an Advanced Water system and many other brands, we’re just a phone call away.

Advanced Water also performs Septic Dye testing and Well Flow testing for real estate transactions.

Advanced Water
995A North Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 451-2233 phone
(315) 458-0526 FAX
For more information click here
For Directions to Advanced Water click here

Copyright 2005-2013 Environmental Technical Group, Inc.


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ML MOVERS, INC #office #movers #san #francisco


Whether you are moving in theSan Francisco Bay Area to an apartment, a home, an entire mansion or an office, we can help you with all your labor, moving and delivery needs, from residential to commercial.

We are a family owned and operatedTrucking Company,Not a Franchise or online Broker,which is why we proudly provide outstanding personal service along with attention to details with our services.

Our movers are prompt dedicated professionals who are ready and willing to assist you in every phase of your labor, moving or delivery process. Let us help you reduce the stress related to your moving or delivery, leaving you with the piece of mind to concentrate on the other aspects of your Moving or delivery service.

Our Services Include:

We have moved houses, apartments, offices, stores, restaurants, hair salons More.

ML Movers, Inc. maintain the same high level of service that is responsible for the popularity of our residential and commercial moving division. We offer crews of full-time professional movers. modern vehicles and equipment, and an attentive customer service staff on call to handle any unexpected complications that may arise. Landlords depend on ML Movers Inc. to move and relocated heavy furniture s. We move photocopiers, file cabinets, large desks and credenza, huge heavy conference room tables, auditoriums full of chairs and music studios, and more.

Our Residential and commercial Labor, moving Delivery services are preferred by companies large and small. We maintain a large inventory of specialized commercial relocation equipment. Our new fleet of liftgate trucks and heavy duty appliance dollies will help you move large file rooms, desks, chairs, computers, conference rooms, and even small commercial removals like bars, restaurants, bakeries, barbers, beauty shops, doctors and dentists. Our charges are easy to understand.

First and Last Mile Delivery Services:

Are you a retailer trying to deliver orders directly into the hands of your consumers, quickly and reliably? AT ML Movers, Inc.’ We deliver to your customers with your company s image in mind. When you need freight moved from warehouse to their house, ML Movers, Inc. will deliver your brand as promised.

If you have a project or program that requires delivery, final placement and install services, consider using ML Movers, Inc. to complete the job for you.

We proudly provide Residential and Commercial Labor, Packing, Moving, Relocation Services to the following areas

Moving Company, Movers San Jose, CA 95122, Alviso CA 95002, San Jose CA 95129, San Lorenzo CA 94580, Santa Clara CA 95051, Berkeley CA 94704, Union City CA 94587, Sunnyvale CA 94089, Berkeley CA 94703, Berkeley CA 94701, Berkeley CA 94708, San Mateo CA 94404, Los Gatos CA 95032, San Jose CA 95196, Santa Clara CA 95054, Berkeley CA 94710, Santa Clara CA 95050, San Jose CA 95116, Castro Valley CA 94546, Palo Alto CA 94301, San Jose CA 95148, San Carlos CA 94070, San Jose CA 95138, Fremont CA 94555, Hayward CA 94544, Oakland CA 94607, San Mateo CA 94497, Castro Valley CA 94552, Sunnyvale CA 94086, Oakland CA 94605, San Jose CA 95113, Oakland CA 94610, San Mateo CA 94403, Half Moon Bay CA 94019, San Jose CA 95125, Berkeley CA 94702, Oakland CA 94611, Portola Valley CA 94028, Burlingame CA 94010, Cupertino CA 95014, San Jose CA 95127, Los Altos CA 94022, San Jose CA 95132, Emeryville CA 94608, Redwood City CA 94062, San Jose CA 95136, San Jose CA 95117, San Jose CA 95120, Oakland CA 94613, San Jose CA 95141, Oakland CA 94602, Mountain View CA 94041, Oakland CA 94615, Palo Alto CA 94306, Los Altos CA 94024, Oakland CA 94619, San Mateo CA 94402, San Jose CA 95101, Sunnyvale CA 94087, Oakland CA 94606, Redwood City CA 94063, Mountain View CA 94040, Santa Clara CA 95053, Oakland CA 94612, Los Gatos CA 95030, San Jose CA 95130, Palo Alto CA 94303, Campbell CA 95008, Fremont CA 94536, San Mateo CA 94401, San Jose CA 95119, Redwood City CA 94065, San Jose CA 95126, Hayward CA 94545, San Jose CA 95139, Pacifica CA 94044, San Jose CA 95124, Fremont CA 94539, San Jose CA 95112, Atherton CA 94027, San Leandro CA 94578, Palo Alto CA 94304, Oakland CA 94621, San Jose CA 95134, Belmont CA 94002, San Leandro CA 94579, Oakland CA 94618, Menlo Park CA 94025, San Jose CA 95135, Berkeley CA 94709, Milpitas CA 95035, San Leandro CA 94577, San Jose CA 95131, Los Gatos CA 95033, San Jose CA 95191, Albany CA 94706, Oakland CA 94603, Saratoga CA 95070, San Jose CA 95190, Mountain View CA 94043, Redwood City CA 94061, Newark CA 94560, San Jose CA 95110, Fremont CA 94538, San Jose CA 95128, Millbrae CA 94030, San Bruno CA 94066, Berkeley CA 94720, San Jose CA 95111, Berkeley CA 94707, Hayward CA 94541, Oakland CA 94609, Stanford CA 94305, San Jose CA 95123, Sunnyvale CA 94085, Hayward CA 94542, Oakland CA 94601

“Real Estate Agents’ Preferred Choice”


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Business Office Manager – Healthcare Salaries by education, experience, location and


Business Office Manager – Healthcare Salaries

Alternate Job Titles: Business Office Manager – Healthcare

Las Cruces Attorney Estate Planning Probate #law #office, #el #paso, #estate


El Paso office Map:
4110 Rio Bravo, Suite 220
El Paso, Texas, 79902

Meetings by appointment only

Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law in Las Cruces and greater El Paso area.

Alan Gluth specializes in estate planning, gift and estate taxation, probate and trust matters, fiduciary litigation and tax-exempt organization matters in Texas and New Mexico. If you or your family has any questions or needs in these legal areas, Alan Gluth is qualified to help you.

  • Free initial consultations
  • Flat fee billing for most matters
  • Board Certified in New Mexico and Texas

Mr. Gluth is board certified in estate planning, trusts and probate law by the New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of New Mexico and is one of only eight attorneys in the State of New Mexico to currently hold this certification in New Mexico. Alan Gluth is also board certified in estate planning and probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of Texas and obtained this designation in 2003.

Mr. Gluth was named to the New Mexico Super Lawyers list as one of the top attorneys in New Mexico for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. No more than five percent (5%) of the lawyers in New Mexico are selected by Super Lawyers, and at age forty-five (45), Mr. Gluth is one of the youngest attorneys in southern New Mexico to have obtained this designation and one of only four attorneys in New Mexico to be named to the New Mexico Super Lawyers list in the area of estate planning and probate law.

Alan Gluth currently practices as a sole practitioner under Gluth Law, LLC after being a name partner in another law firm for several years. Mr. Gluth received his law degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998.

Civic and Personal Information

Mr. Gluth is married to JoAnn and they have four sons: Collin (18), Braden (14), Preston (13), and Peyton (7). Outside of his professional activities, Mr. Gluth and his wife are active in his sons’ extracurricular activities and volunteer at schools within the Gadsden Independent School District. Mr. Gluth and his family reside close to La Union, New Mexico.

Alan Gluth is responsible for the content of this website.


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IUPUI Registrar – Course Offerings #iupui, #registrar, #student #records, #records, #iupui


Office of the Registrar

Course Offerings

The list of scheduled courses offered at IUPUI for a given term is typically released one month prior to the beginning of priority registration. Spring courses are available in October, Fall courses in late January or February, and Summer courses in December.

Viewing Course Offerings via One.IU:
A real-time display of course availability and the open or closed status of individual classes is publicly accessible from One.IU using two different search tools – the SIS Class Search and the iGPS Course Search. Both tools offer a variety of filtering options to narrow search results.

  • SIS Class Search
  • 1. Navigate to: one.iu.edu .
  • 2. Click in the Search box and type schedule of classes and press ENTER.
  • 3. Click the schedule of classes task icon
  • iGPS Course Search
  • 1. Navigate to: one.iu.edu .
  • 2. Click in the Search box and type search courses and press ENTER.
  • 3. Click the Search Courses (Public) task icon

Course Listings By Department
If you are accustomed to reviewing the list of classes by subject that has historically posted on this website, please know this information is still available to you through the Class/Course Search tools above.

Using SIS Class Search.
Select the Institution, Term, and Course Career. Then insert the Department Code listed below that corresponds with your area of interest into the Course Subject field within the Class Search page. Click Search.

Using the iGPS Course Search :
Select the Campus. Degree Level. and Term Offered. Then enter the Department Code listed below into the Search field and click GO.


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Man and Van Salisbury Removals – Phone 07956 116522 #man #and


Your Reliable and Dependable local Man Van Service

We are an independent well established Man and Van Service based in Salisbury,Wiltshire.

We are well known locally for ourreliability and professionalismhaving carried out removals collections and deliveries to both residential and business customers over many years in Salisbury, Wiltshire and Surrounding Counties.

Local or Long Distance – Home or Business

Telephone – 07956 116522

Collections Deliveries
(single items to full van Loads)

Rubbish Clearance (We Are Licenced Waste Carriers)

House Clearance
(Full or part house, shed /garage / outbuildings)

Man and Van Salisbury is an independent established family run business based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We provide an economical and practical solution for your Small House Removals and Small Move needs to anywhere in the mainland UK.

We carry out door to door collections and deliveries for multiple or single items, including store pick ups, auction and sales-room collections, antiques furniture deliveries and eBay collections deliveries.

We always aim to deliver a professional safe and reliable man and van service transporting goods for domestic and business clients including relocating students, doctors, nurses and military personnel.

Our Man and Van Services –

Small Removals Service (Light removals – 1 / 2 bed house- Man and a Luton Van – Ideal for customers moving home, relocating or transporting personal possessions.)

Option 1 – Driver and Van Only (The customer family / friends carry goods to and from the van, the driver loads and unloads the van from the van)

Option 2 – Van and Working Driver
( Driver assists customer with loading and unloading of the van)

Option 3 – Van and Working Driver / 2 Men(We do all the carrying, loading and unloading of the van)

*Multiple Vans and Porters available for larger moves.

Collections and Deliveries Carried Out Locally

Single Items to Full Loads.

Rubbish Clearance (We are registered and licensed Waste Carriers)

Removals Tips Advice – Avoid Scams

Man and Van Salisbury is based in Salisbury, Wiltshire – Confirmation of orders and invoices will have our letter head with full address details on them. the reason we do not display our full details is because of the constant sales calls and spam emails that we receive each day.


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MINNESOTA PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY #minnesota #accident #attorney, #injury #lawyer, #wrongful #death


St. Cloud Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

From our law office in Central Minnesota and Minneapolis, we represent people who have been injured in accidents and defend individuals against misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. Bradshaw Bryant, PLLC is defined by our strong experience and award-winning talent. For six consecutive years, attorney Michael Bryant has been recognized as a SuperLawyer and has been named among Minnesota’s Top 40 Personal Injury Lawyers by Minnesota Law Politics.

Attorney Michael A Bryant discusses wrongful death law. Click here to hear his interview from Northwest Airlines Sky Radio.

At Bradshaw Bryant. we encourage everyone to drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. When you do drink, make sure you have a designated driver or call a taxi or a friend for a ride. Here are the most dangerous roads for drunk driving deaths. Be safe and stay away from these areas at bar closing times.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Years of Experience in Minnesota Injury Law

Our personal injury lawyers regularly represent clients suffering from serious and catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. We have an extensive background negotiating with insurance companies and trying personal injury and wrongful death claims in front of juries and judges in Minnesota.

Whether you were injured in a car accident. motorcycle accident or truck accident. we will vigorously seek the financial compensation you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages and future rehabilitation costs. We are experienced trial attorneys who will make sure the insurance company and the jury understand how your injury has changed your life.

Our personal injury attorneys also have significant experience successfully representing accident victims in no-fault arbitrations and pursuing damages for injuries caused by uninsured drivers and drivers without enough insurance. Whether your accident claim is resolved through negotiation, arbitration or trial, our goal is to secure as much financial compensation as possible to help you recover from your losses.

Are you curious about our approach? Listen to attorney Bryant explain how he worked with a family in a wrongful death case.

Skilled Minnesota Criminal Attorney

Our criminal defense practice is dedicated to representing clients charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses. including traffic violations and drunk driving (DWI). Every criminal charge must be taken seriously. A criminal conviction, even for a misdemeanor, can result in serious penalties. You need a Minnesota criminal attorney to protect your rights and be an advocate for you. We have successfully defended clients in a wide range of felony matters.

Personal Injury Accidents

Contact Us Today

If you are suffering from a personal injury or need skilled defense against a criminal charge, contact us by e-mail or call 800.770.7008 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. Our phone line is answered 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

From our offices in Waite Park and Minneapolis, we represent clients across Minnesota, including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as St. Cloud, Brainerd, Alexandria, and other cities in Stearns County, Sherburne County, Wright County, Hennepin County, Benton County and throughout Central Minnesota.

2010 BRADSHAW BRYANT, PLLC. All rights reserved. Disclaimer | Site Map

1505 Division Street | Waite Park, Minnesota 56387 | T: 320.259.5414 | F: 320.259.5438
5500 Wayzata Boulevard Suite 1025 | Golden Valley. MN 55416 | T: 800.770.7008

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Postage Meters & Office Shipping Software, Pitney Bowes, office postage machines.#Office


Send mail, overnights and packages easily from your office or mail center.

Streamline all of your office sending and save on mailing and shipping costs with USPS ® , FedEx ® and UPS ® .

We offer many sending solutions to meet your business needs.

Low volumes – for businesses sending 1000 items or less per month.

Office postage machines

mailstation2™ postage meter

Send everyday mail and packages without leaving your office.

This easy-to-use postage meter designed for small businesses and home offices has what you need to mail and ship right from your desk.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Office postage machines

DM125™ postage meter

Mail faster and with less effort with an affordable desktop postage meter.

The DM125 gives you advanced digital technology in an affordable desktop postage meter, so you can send more mail faster and with less effort. Whether it’s mailing to 300 customers or sending an overnight parcel, the DM125 is versatile enough to handle all of your sending.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Office postage machines

SendPro ® online shipping and mailing solution

Simplify and save with online mailing and shipping from one, easy-to-use application.

This all-in-one software, simplifies how you send letters, overnights and packages. Saving you money without ever leaving your office.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Office postage machines

DM225™ postage meter

Increase productivity of all your mail with this semi automatic system.

The DM225 Postage Meter offers a wide range of robust mailing and shipping capabilities all within a small, easy-to-use package. Save time on larger jobs with the semi-automatic feeder and process mail at up to 45 letters per minute.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Mid volumes – for businesses sending no more than 5000 items per month.

Office postage machines

DM300™ digital mailing system

Gain fast and accurate mail processing capabilities with this compact system.

The semi-automatic feed and integrated weighing platform lets you process mail of various sizes at speeds of up to 65 pieces per minute.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Office postage machines

SendPro® 300 mailing and shipping solution

Mail, ship, track and save with this all-in-one mailing and shipping solution.

Easily process and print postage for letter mail, send USPS packages at discounted rates and select the ideal services from FedEx or UPS.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Office postage machines

DM400™ digital mailing system

The perfect mailing system for a multi-user environments.

Capable of processing mail at speeds of up to 120 pieces per minute, this system combines streamlined performance, solid design and easy operation.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Office postage machines

DM475™ digital mailing system

A mid-size mail system that weighs mail as it’s processed.

Capable of processing up to 120 pieces per minute, this system is ideal for businesses processing mixed weight and sized mail.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

High volumes – for businesses sending more than 5000 items per month.

Office postage machines

SendPro ® P-Series mailing and shipping solution

Full mailing, shipping and receiving solutions.

The P-Series provides a simpler more streamlined way to process mail and ship packages through the major carriers like UPS and USPS, and keep track of all of your incoming packages.

Qualifies for metered mail discount.

Office postage machines

DM Infinity™ digital mailing system

A high volume system that provides virtually non-stop printing.

The DM Infinity Series is the first USPS® approved high-speed digital metering solution for the production mail environment, metering mail up to 26,000 mp/hr.

Simplify the sending of mail, and packages from an easy-to-use, all-in-one sending solutions for mailing and shipping.

Learn more about the SendPro Family

What is a postage meter?

A postage meter weighs and prints postage accurately on your outgoing business mail (essentially replacing a stamp). Postage is downloaded to your meter through your computer or digital telephone line, enabling you to pay for your postage without making trips to the post office or keeping piles of stamps in the office. You also gain access to USPS metered mail discounts.

What is an office shipping solution?

Pitney Bowes office shipping solutions are designed to help you simplify each phase of shipping through USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. For example, SendPro™ is our scalable, all-in-one office solution that helps you streamline an increasingly complex shipping process. You can compare options, weigh packages, print shipping labels, track shipments and manage carrier expenses from your desktop or existing mailing system.

Learn more

Simplify your everyday office sending

Office postage machines

Process mail quickly and accurately all while gaining access to a 3 cent savings on every letter you send. Accurately weigh your envelopes so you will never pay more.

Office postage machines

With SendPro, you can view and select delivery options for multiple carriers so that you can make the best choice. Accurately weigh packages and print professional looking shipping labels all in one place.

Office postage machines


Ship through the major carriers including USPS and UPS and track every delivery status in one place. You can even email delivery notifications to senders or recipients.

Office postage machines

Save 3 cents on every letter versus buying stamps at the Post Office and save with USPS shipping. With SendPro, you will gain access to special UPS discounts.


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Managed PBX Phone Systems – Internet #business #pbx, #pbx, #small #business


Business Phone Systems, Business Internet Managed PBX

NEWT is the business services division of Fibernetics Corp. a federally regulated Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), and Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Whether you’re a multi-site organization or a one location business, NEWT can save you up to 80% on your current telecom costs. The NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System provides a fully managed digital voice solution for any sized business.

Thousands of businesses have made NEWT their daily choice for business phone service in Canada because it’s reliable and reduces monthly operating expenses.

Learn how NEWT can help your business go – beyond telecom.

Business Phone System – NEWT Managed PBX

For single and multi-location medium to large enterprise business

  • On-Premises Managed PBX – Business Phone System VoIP
  • $0 Capital Cost Option
  • Low Operating Costs – Save up to 80%
  • 100% managed PBX end-to-end with user friendly interface
  • 80+ powerful business features
  • Remarkable and reliable with clear call quality

Business Internet Solutions

  • Symmetrical High Speed Bandwidth, Copper, Fiber and beyond. Small Business Internet solutions that can enable your business to increase productivity and up-time.

Business PRI / T1

  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI Trunks / T1), PRI Solutions for medium-large business providing connectivity to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), such as Private Branch Exchange (PBX). NEWT PRI delivers up to 23 simultaneous calls and reduces your telecom costs by reducing many lines in to one simple circuit.

Business Internet Redundancy Speed

  • NEWT offers the ability to bond different Internet connections and boost your business Internet connection speeds. This solution can provide critical failover and redundancy for your business operations.


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Lois Kulinsky #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice


Lois Kulinsky

Lois Kulinsky has been a trial attorney since 1980, representing clients in contested matters in Cook, Lake, McHenry and DuPage Counties as well as the United States District Court for Northern District of Illinois. Her trial practice concentrates in family law, guardianship, disabled estates, juvenile court law, probate, corporate and estate planning. She and her associates also provide services in the areas of real estate, and traffic law. In the Circuit Court of Cook County, Domestic Relations Division, and in Lake County, she is often appointed by judges to represent minor children as a Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney for minor Child and Child Representative. Lois is court approved and often acts as a guardian for disabled people (both young and old) in the probate division in Lake County. She has been included in Who s Who in American Law. Recently she was nominated and accepted as a 2015 American Institute of Family Law Attorneys 10 best family law attorney for client satisfaction.

Ms. Kulinsky received her Juris Doctorate degree from IIT/Chicago Kent College of Law in 1980. She also holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science with high distinction from the University of Minnesota. She has lectured attorneys and accountants in tax aspects of Illinois divorce law, ethics and estate planning and has published materials on those subjects.

Areas of Practice

  • Business Commercial Law
  • Contracts
  • Business Organizations
  • Closely Held Businesses
  • Formation Business Planning
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Employment Law — Employer
  • Employment Contracts — Employer
  • Estate Planning
  • Guardianships Conservatorships
  • Living Wills
  • Powers of Attorney and Appointment
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Family Law
  • Adoption
  • Alimony Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Childrens’ Rights
  • Custody Visitation
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence Neglect
  • Juvenile Law
  • Paternity
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Probate Estate Administration
  • Estate Administration
  • Real Estate Law
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate

Bar Admissions

  • Illinois, 1980
  • U.S. District Court Northern District of Illinois
  • U.S. Supreme Court


  • Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law. Chicago, Illinois
    • J.D. – 1980
  • University of Chicago. Chicago, Illinois
    • M.A.T.
    • Major: Teaching
  • University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • B.S. – 1967
    • Honors: With High Distinction
    • Major: Studio Art/Teaching


  • Lecturer, Tax Aspects of Illinois Divorce in Illinois, National Business Institute, 1994
  • Lecturer, Tax Aspects of Illinois Divorce in Illinois, National Business Institute, 1997

Honors and Awards

  • University of Chicago – Fellowship. 1968 – 1970
  • University of Minnesota – Scholarship. 1964 – 1967
  • Chimes. 1967 – Present

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Illinois Bar Association. 1980 – Present
  • Chicago Bar Association. 1980 – Present
  • Lake County Bar Association. 1990 – Present



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Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security #okohs #home #page, #oklahoma #office #of


** FEMA Announces Notice of Funding Opportunity on Program to Prepare Communities for Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks.Click HERE for more information.**

Announcing eNIFOG Take the NIFOG Wherever You Go
The National Interoperable Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) is now available as the eNIFOG mobile app on Apple iOS and will be available soon for Google Android devices. The NIFOG is a technical reference for emergency communications planning and for technicians responsible for radios that will be used in disaster response. It includes rules and regulations for use of nationwide and other interoperability channels, tables of frequencies and standard channel names, and other reference material.
Easy to Use
The eNIFOG app gives users easy access to NIFOG information, offering a content index with shortcuts to reference sections, tables, figures, or images. Navigation links allow users to jump directly to regional quick references as well as bookmark Favorites to develop their own personalized access to critical information for their territory. eNIFOG can be downloaded and then taken to the field as an offline reference, to be used without the need of a cellular or data connection.
Get the App
On your mobile device, search for eNIFOG on Apple s App Store (iPhone or iPad) or Google Play (Android) to download the apps.

Oklahoma s history is rich with examples of overcoming adversity. From the Dust Bowl to the 2007 ice storm, from the worst domestic terrorist attack on American soil to the emergencies we face day in and day out Oklahomans are well-versed in disaster response and resiliency. We continually face new and different challenges when it comes to maintaining our way of life. In our state, planning for disaster is more than just a good idea; it is imperative. Oklahomans know all too well that it s not if but when a disaster will affect them or their community. Because of this mind set, a standard has been set for the way Oklahomans handle adversity. This Oklahoma Standard has become somewhat of a mantra for those charged with public safety in the state and it is the underlying force behind all we do to protect the lives and well-being of Oklahomans.

It is the mission of the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security (OKOHS) to exhaust every effort in order to make our state a safe place to live. Thank you for visiting our Web site. Here you’ll find detailed information on what we do. OKOHS has administered well over $100 million in federal Department of Homeland Security grant funding to prevent terrorism, protect our citizens and respond to and recover from disasters. We encourage you to visit our site often to stay informed about our various projects and the ways we are supporting our Homeland Security partners both at the state and local levels.

***Please note that our website is currently under construction.

If you require information about a program that is unavailable during this update, please call (405) 425-7296***

*Please do not contact OKOHS regarding immigration or customs related issues. For assistance with these matters, please call 1-800-375-5283 .


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Helix – New York Office Space Office Space NYC Manhattan Executive


Fully Private Workspaces

Helix provides innovative, flexible workspace solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate users.

Our New York locations offer premium on-demand office space, virtual offices and meeting rooms to fit the changing needs of your business. Helix is dedicated to delivering premium, all-inclusive office space packages featuring high end furniture options, cutting- edge technology and support services – truly setting Helix apart from the competition.

Each Helix location is designed to enhance your workplace experience while offering flexible terms and limiting upfront capital costs. Our business centers are located in prime New York locations and each center is equipped with a modern reception area, private offices and meeting spaces, as well as communal areas such as our business lounge serving Starbucks coffee. At Helix, all inclusive pricing for New York Office Space is the foundation for our business platform and truly sets us apart from the competition.

All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Office Rent
  • Digital Telephones
  • Unlimited USA Calls
  • Ultra-fast Internet
  • Lounge Access- Starbucks Coffee & Tea
  • Included Strategy Room Use

Virtual Offices

Get a prestigious Manhattan address, a New York area code phone number and Lounge access.

Meeting Rooms

Reserve one of our stylish meeting rooms. Accomodating 4 – 16 people.

Office Space NYC

Helix Workspace provides innovative, flexible NYC office space solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate users. Our New York office space locations are conveniently located in the Grand Central area and offer premium on-demand NYC office space, virtual offices and meeting rooms to fit the changing needs of your business.

At Helix, our mission is to make the NYC office space rental process quick, easy and transparent using our distinctive all-inclusive pricing platform. Our team is dedicated to delivering premium, all-inclusive office space packages featuring high end furniture options, cutting- edge technology and support services – truly setting Helix apart from the competition. Our NYC office space locations are designed to enhance your workplace experience while offering flexible terms and limiting upfront capital costs.

Our flexible workspaces are located in prime NYC locations and each center is equipped with a modern reception area, private offices and meeting spaces, as well as communal areas such as our business lounge serving Starbucks coffee. With Helix Workspace – all inclusive pricing for New York Office Space is the foundation for our business platform and truly sets us apart from the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our NYC office space solutions.

2017 Helix Workspace


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Glenn Bergenfield, P #lawyer, #attorney, #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


New Jersey Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Professional Negligence Attorney throughout all of New Jersey

Lawyers must be held accountable for their work, just like everyone else. If your attorney has steered you off course, I can get you back on track. I ve been handling legal malpractice cases for over 15 years. I like these cases because they prove this:

Everyone has to play by the rules.

I Understand Your Concerns

If you think you have been hurt due to legal malpractice, a lawyer might seem to be the last person you would trust. But my law practice is not like others. Nearly all of my cases are legal malpractice cases for plaintiffs. I go to great personal expense and effort to find out what happened to you to uncover the truth about what really happened. I listen closely to my clients to hear their story so that we can uncover the truth and go about fixing things.

I am highly experienced in this area, and am all too familiar with the many ways in which lawyers’ actions or inaction actually harm clients instead of helping them. I am best able to apply my skills to help clients who have suffered significant financial damage due to lawyer malpractice.

  • I ve handled hundreds of these cases, and they are always very hard-fought. See Glenn in the News for articles written about some of my cases.
  • My philosophy about the law and my view about these cases may be a bit unusual. Take a look at my About Glenn page and see what I mean.
  • Clients come to me confused about the legal process and unsure of who to trust. Find out how I can help .
  • Legal malpractice can involve any number of negligent acts by an attorney. Find out more about types of legal malpractice .

Clients contact my firm for cases that have huge financial implications, and for cases that have compelling legal issues that must be addressed. I take these cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that I charge my clients nothing until we win a settlement or verdict.

Contact Me if You Have a Legal Malpractice Case

To speak to an experienced legal malpractice attorney in New Jersey, contact me to get my opinion, free of charge. My office is located in Lambertville, New Jersey, but I am available to take big cases throughout New Jersey and the United States.

Glenn A. Bergenfield, P.C.
201 South Main Street, Building B
Lambertville, New Jersey 08530
Phone: (609) 951-0088
Fax: (609) 951-9111
Email | Map Directions

My law firm is located in Lambertville, New Jersey, I can take cases from all over New Jersey. Most of my clients have been throughout New Jersey, including Mercer County, Essex County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, Union County, Ocean County, Monomouth County, Atlantic City, Freehold, Hackensack, Newark, Trenton, New Brunswick, Paterson, Somerville and any other counties and towns throughout New Jersey.


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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers #chicago #personal #injury #lawyer, #chicago #accident #attorneys,

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

Record of Success

Rapoport Law Offices, P.C. has a strong record of success in personal injury and wrongful death cases. The firm has won many multimillion-dollar recoveries for our clients in cases involving medical malpractice, semitruck and other auto accidents, construction accidents, product liability and other areas. The firm is well-known nationally for having won many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for aircraft disaster victims and their families over the last 25 years.

We Are Leaders in Law

The firm’s lawyers are recognized by judges and peers throughout the country as leaders inside and outside of the courtroom. Inside the courtroom, our attorneys work to help our clients, and also to improve public safety by holding wrongdoers accountable when they act carelessly resulting in harm to others. Outside the courtroom, our attorneys are committed to helping the community through philanthropy. We assist the legal profession by educating other lawyers through teaching in law school and writing for law journals and other publications.

  • Attorneys at Rapoport Law Offices, P.C. have an AV Peer Review Rating* from Martindale-Hubbell, representing the height of professional excellence.
  • The firm is a member of the Leaders Forum of the American Association for Justice, the premier membership group for a law firm within this organization.
  • The firm’s founding partner, David Rapoport, is President of the National Board of Trial Advocacy.
  • Mr. Rapoport is a Fellow of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA).
  • Each of the firm’s partners has been recognized by Thomson Reuters in its Super Lawyers publication.

Have Questions? We Have Answers. Contact Our Attorneys Today

Bold labels are required.


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Disability lawyers mn #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney,


Workers’ Compensation Experts

Latest Blog Post

If you become injured as a result of work-related circumstances, you will want to utilize every resource available to you to ensure that you are able to continue supporting yourself and your family while you are recovering. Workers’ compensation is often allows people to accomplish this, but Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) may be another viable option for you. Read More

The traditional permanent job may seem like a confusing subject for many people in Minnesota. Temp work is increasingly becoming more of a norm than ever before. Recent research shows that the growth rate in temporary work has exceeded the rise in traditional employment over the past decade. Read More

Study after study shows that nurses and other medical professionals who provide direct care to patients are more likely to suffer injury on the job than workers in any other industry. You may be surprised to learn that the rate of nurses who suffer injuries on the job exceeds the rate of injuries construction workers experience. It would seem that medical facility administrators would be well-versed in workplace safety for health professionals. Read More

What People are Saying

“I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ for representing me in my Social Security case. Without your help, I know that I would not have been successful.”

What People are Saying

“Finally, I found the attorney that works for the injured worker, after two previous attorneys work for us seemed inadequate.”

Scott H. Minneapolis, MN

What People are Saying

“Your aggressive handling of this work comp case was first rate. I’ve worked with other attorneys in the past but appreciated the personal attention you provided me in this matter.”

Cathy M. Bloomington, MN

What People are Saying

“You kicked butt. I am so happy with my results and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Teresa H. North Branch, MN

What People are Saying

“I received my settlement check this weekend and I want to thank you and all of your staff for taking on this case and pursuing it to a positive conclusion.”


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Divorce – Civil Division, Queens Supreme Court – N #court, #courts,



Preliminary Conference

Counsel and Litigants are encouraged to refer to the Divorce Resources site for forms.

Effective immediately, the Queens Supreme Matrimonial Department shall utilize the Preliminary Conference form listed under General Forms .


All orders to show cause containing an application for the issuance of an Order of Protection will be treated as an emergency and emergency procedures must be followed. The court is required to conduct a hearing before issuance of an order of protection, and the applying party and their attorney, if any, must be present.

Family Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act

In accordance with the Family Protection and Domestic violence intervention Act of 1994, an automated statewide registry will be operative effective October 1, 1995. The legislation requires that the registry contain information involving orders of protection and warrants issued statewide in connection with criminal, Family Court and matrimonial cases involving family violence. Effective October 1, 1995, all requests for an order of protection must be submitted with a completed Family Protection Registry information sheet. These forms are available in the matrimonial office, Room 140 in Jamaica.

General Information

Telephone inquiries regarding decisions on motions will no longer be accepted. This information, as in the past, will be published in the New York Law Journal. Counsel may appear personally and obtain the pertinent information required from the computer terminals made available to the public for that purpose. Any Request to expedite the signing of an uncontested Judgment of Divorce must be done by Notice of Motion filed and made returnable in accordance with matrimonial motion rules.

Motions must be filed with the matrimonial office at least 5 working days before the return date.

Effective immediately. the filing of all post-judgment matrimonial motions and orders to show cause must include:
(a) copy of the judgment;
(b) calendar number of the said matrimonial action;
(c) date of the note of issue.

Additionally, all applications for writs of habeas corpus must indicate, below the present index number, the index number of any previously assigned action and the assigned judge, or state that no other matrimonial actions have been filed.


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Real Estate Attorney #law #office, #lawyer, #attorney, #legal #representation, #joanna #owen,


Real Estate Law

Lower Your Risk and Protect Your Investments

Matters involving complicated real estate laws and legal issues can be overwhelming for even the most savvy real estate player. For most businesses and individuals, the largest financial investments of their business and personal ventures involve real estate. At the Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen, you will receive advice that will help you to understand your options, lower your risk and protect your investments.

All Aspects of Real Estate Purchases, Sales, Financing and Leasing

At the Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen, our focus is on providing high quality legal services for both commercial and residential real estate clients. We work with individuals, business owners, in-house counsel, local and national title insurance companies, banks, and lenders, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, property managers and leasing agents, in all aspects of real estate purchases, sales, financing and leasing.

Over the past five years, we have participated in the sale, purchase, leasing and financing of more that $500 million in real estate transactions. We have represented clients in modest residential transactions ( For Sale by Owner ) and in commercial real estate deals involving millions of dollars. Regardless of the complexity of a real estate transaction, we provide skilled and experienced professional services.

An added value of our firm is our on-site title insurance and surveying services available to our clients.

As St. Louis real estate attorneys, we handle a broad range of real estate matters including:

  • Commercial and residential real estate transactions (from simple For Sale By Owner residential transactions to significant commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, industrial sites) negotiations, structuring, document preparation, due diligence, financing, closing and post-closing matters.
  • Real Estate Financing Loans/ Mortgages/ Deeds of Trust
  • Property Development / Subdivision and Condominium
  • Homeowner Association and Subdivision Trustee Matters
  • Foreclosures and Work-outs
  • Leasing Matters – Negotiating, drafting and review of leases retail, industrial, shopping centers, office buildings. commercial leases
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Contracts Negotiation, Drafting, Review, Breach of Contract, Contract disputes, Contract interpretation
  • Title Problems Title defects, title insurance and conveyance problems
  • Roads and Rights of Way Easements, rights of way, roadway issues, condemnation
  • Land and Property Disputes Survey problems, Boundary disputes, Quiet Title Actions, Partitions, Encroachments
  • Property Defects Non-disclosure problems/Fraud CasesMechanic s Liens
  • Environmental ProblemsDeeds Conveyance Deeds (Warranty Deeds/Quit Claim Deeds) and Probate Avoidance (Heirs Deeds/Beneficiary Deeds)
  • Federal and State Tax credit developments
  • Affordable Housing

Protect your real estate investment

Real estate often represents the largest investment businesses and individuals make. To safeguard your real estate investment and maximize the benefits of holding, selling, buying or leasing real estate, you need an experienced real estate lawyer.

The Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen is the law firm to assist with your personal, business and commercial real estate needs.

Contact the Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen to discuss your real estate needs.

Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen 763 S. New Ballas Suite 300 | Saint Louis, MO 63141 | Phone: 314-721-7717

Law Offices of Joanna W. Owen 253 Waldo Avenue | Belfast, ME 04915 | Phone: 207-218-1299


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FamilyWealthReport – Exclusive Intelligence for the family office community #family #office,family


Josh O’Neill, 23 June 2017

The results of the first phase of the US Federal Reserve’s stress test are music to congressional Republicans’ ears.

Robbie Lawther, 22 June 2017

UBS Wealth Management has published a white paper on Millennial wealth to explore how their desire for technology how this will impact the financial services sector.

Diane Harrison, 21 June 2017

Best-selling novelists may hold a clue on the smart way for investment firms to pitch their ideas to wealth managers, so the author of this article argues.

Tom Burroughes, 20 June 2017

Wealthy families need to observe certain disciplines in using social media so that reputations are protected and nurtured. The family office firm talks to FWR about some of the issues.

Latest News

Market Research – June 23, 2017

New data on the cannabis industry outlines a growth pattern that will likely blow your mind.

Strategy – June 23, 2017

Several large international banks have voted to replace a key inter-bank lending rate.

New Office – June 23, 2017

The new center is located in Union Square, Manhattan.

New Office – June 23, 2017

The bank has revamped one of its branches in the Golden State.

People Moves – June 23, 2017

Financial services giant Raymond James serves more than 3 million client accounts through 7,200 financial advisors in the United States, Canada and overseas.

Comment and Analysis

Philanthropy – June 7, 2017

A regular columnist for FWR does not pull any punches in analyzing the current direction of US tax policy as it affects philanthropic giving, and gives advice to wealthy donors on how to act.

Investment Strategies – May 22, 2017

Whatever one thinks of the claims and counter-claims surrounding Donald Trump following his recent firing of the FBI’s head, markets have been rattled. But arguably, equities are due for a correction and there i.

Technology – May 19, 2017

The wealth management industry has had another ear-piercing wake-up call about cybercrime, and the author of this article lays out ideas on how to defeat the hackers.

Technology – May 8, 2017

Your correspondent recently attended financial technology giant Temenos’ annual conference and it threw out a range of insights of value for the global wealth industry.

Philanthropy – April 26, 2017

Negotiating a successful gift considers both parties� interests and finds the commonalities of intent and opportunity, argues philanthropy advisor and expert Susan Winer.

Most Read

More Stories

Latest Poll


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Configure junk email settings in Outlook 2013 #office # #spam #filter


Configure junk email settings in Outlook 2013

Applies to: Office 365 ProPlus, Outlook 2013

Summary: Learn how to create and deploy lists to filter out junk email before it gets to the inboxes of your enterprise Outlook 2013 users.

Audience: IT Professionals

One person’s junk email … is actually most people’s junk email. Keep junk email from slowing your organization’s Exchange Server by deleting it before it gets to inboxes or by routing it directly the Junk email folder.

The built-in junk email filter in Outlook already does some of this work for you, as briefly discussed in the next section. To make the junk email sweep even more targeted, you can create customized junk email filter lists (Safe Senders, Safe Recipients, and Blocked Senders). When email comes in from a sender identified in one of these filter lists, Outlook puts it in the user’s inbox or Junk folder. This article describes how to create and configure these custom junk email filter files for your organization.

If you’re not an administrator. this article is not for you. But we can point you in the right direction if you want some help configuring junk email settings in Outlook like how to add names to your junk email lists and change the level of protection in your Outlook junk email filter .

If you’re an administrator. this article tells you how to configure organization-wide Outlook junk email settings and how to deploy the three customized junk email filter lists.

In this article:

As with the filter file settings described above, you can lock down the setting to customize how Outlook automatically downloads pictures by using the Outlook 2013 Group Policy template. Or, if you want to allow users to change this, set it using the OCT.

To prevent automatic download of Internet content—use Group Policy

In Group Policy, load the Outlook 2013 template.

Under User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Outlook 2013\Security. click Automatic Picture Download Settings .

Open Do not permit download of content from safe zones .

To allow automatic download of Internet content—use the Office Customization Tool

  1. In the OCT, on the Modify user settings page, under Microsoft Outlook 2013\Security\Automatic Picture Download Settings. open Include Intranet in Safe Zones for Automatic Picture Download. and click OK .

    On the File menu, click Save to create the customization file that you can deploy to users.

    Outlook profile changes. If a user has customized their junk email filter lists and later decides to change their Outlook profile, their customizations will be lost. To keep customizations, users need to first save (export) their customized files, make their profile changes, and then import the junk filter files back into Outlook.

    Enterprise users who also look at their Exchange email using Outlook 2013 RT. Users can open Junk email options and set safe and Blocked Senders when connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365 mailbox account. However, Outlook 2013 RT disables the Junk settings when connected to POP3, IMAP, or Outlook.com email accounts. Outlook.com and other ISP users are still protected from junk email though since those services provide junk email filtering on the server.


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Hybrid Business Intelligence with Power BI #sql #server, #powerbi, #hybrid #business


Hybrid Business Intelligence with Power BI

This week in the social media chatter, I noticed tweets regarding a new Microsoft white paper by Joseph D Antoni and Stacia Misner published to TechNet on Hybrid Business Intelligence with Power BI. This white paper is a fantastic technical overview and a must-read for groups looking at Power BI, wondering how to best implement it with existing on-premises business intelligence BI, or Azure Infrastracture as a Service (IaaS) hosted BI. Covered topics include:

  • hybrid BI technical architecture options
  • data management gateway
  • best practices for:
    • integrating security
    • identity management
    • networking
    • Office 365

Aside from small businesses that may only have cloud hosted solutions, many businesses currently have a combination of cloud and on-premises data sources. Just think about how many groups use Salesforce.com, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, and other departmental cloud applications. Typically, I see those groups leveraging APIs or connectors to bring cloud data back on site into a local data warehouse for creating reports. We are taking those same concepts quite a bit further with Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

Ideally, we are no longer moving all of the data in our big data world. Concepts like data virtualization, for example, are becoming more popular. Most likely, we are now tasked to deliver a transparent Microsoft BI experience across Office 365 and existing on-premises SharePoint portals or data sources.

Understanding how to architect hybrid-BI scenarios is becoming a more important skill to master in our profession. However, prior to this new white paper, finding the answers and best practices for it was fairly challenging.

Security in a Hybrid World

Upon a brief skim through this new technical whitepaper, I noticed a lot of content around networking and identity management. Historically, identity management and security in Microsoft BI has not been easy to master. In a hybrid BI world, these topics appear to be comparable or even a bit more complex.

Let s face it, getting through a SharePoint 2013 BI farm installation and configuration can be a daunting process for even the top talent in the world. I usually advise to folks considering a new SharePoint 2013 BI farm installation to first read Kay Unkroth s incredible white paper to understand SharePoint security, Microsoft BI security, and Kerberos delegation concepts.

Managing user security in Office 365 looks comparable to on-premises SharePoint security. There are options to federate Active Directory (AD) to Office 365 and use Single Sign On (SSO). There are additional alternatives for multi-factor authentication in scenarios where you require additional layers of security.

In hybrid BI scenarios where you have Analysis Services or Reporting Services hosted on Microsoft Azure VMs, you might also need to configure Azure AD, AD Federation Services (ADFS), and the Azure Active Directory Sync tool to synchronize passwords, users, and groups between on-premises AD and Azure AD supporting the Office 365 installation. The new Hybrid Business Intelligence with Power BI white paper goes into detail on those concepts and includes links to a plethora of excellent resources.

Data Management Gateway for Power BI

At the moment, Data Management Gateway appears to be the key to hybrid BI with Office 365 Power BI. The Data Management Gateway is a client agent application that is installed on an on-premises server and copies data from internal data sources to the Power BI cloud data source format.

Office 365 Power BI data sources are a bit of a cloud data island per se, but over time it should continue to evolve. Present Power BI Data Refresh capabilities, basically Excel workbooks deployed to a Power BI site, can have a single data refresh schedule from the following supported data sources:

  • On-premises SQL Server (2005 and later)
  • On-premises Oracle (10g and later)
  • Azure SQL Database
  • OData feed
  • Azure VM running SQL Server

Now, if you have a VPN connection and Azure virtual network, it opens up many more potential data sources for Power BI. In that case, accessing data sources with Power BI data connections and scheduled refresh is similar to on-premises Power Pivot except it sure looks like you still need Data Management Gateway to get that data into Power BI-land. The white paper section labeled Power BI Data Refresh goes into deep detail on supported data sources, data refresh schedules, and various data location scenarios.

Sending Feedback to Microsoft

We are just beginning to see Microsoft BI and Power BI in a cloud and hybrid world. Groups that are using Power BI and hybrid BI today are early adopters. We would all benefit from hearing about their tips, tricks, and lessons learned. I see a lot of continual changes in Azure and total confusion out here especially around Azure cloud BI and Power BI with on-premises data sources.

If you have Microsoft technical content requests, you can send feedback to the teams that develop these resources to get new topics on their radar. Don t assume someone else has already expressed a need. If no one asks or complains, the folks in Redmond may be completely unaware of that need. It really is that simple.


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Different Medical Careers: Your #1 Guide to Health Care Professions #medical


On the right career track?

Medical careers are good paying, fast growing, and in demand. Whether you are a recent graduate or looking for a list of different career choices, you have come to the right place.

The health care professions combine technology and the human touch to address the needs of patients.

All the different medical careers on this site are professional workers, making sure their patients are cared for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The healthcare industry is large, with more than 14 million jobs in the U.S. alone.

But there are many types of health care professions, with varying education requirements.

We will look at medical careers that require 2-year degrees, 4-year degrees, and 7-year degrees on this site.

How long you want to go to school?

Quick careers
2-year careers
4-year careers
7-year careers
I created a list of medical careers when I considered a career in health care.

Each of the health care professions require a minimum of an post-secondary degree.

Each also has the ability for further educational opportunities, including receiving a master’s degree, which was important to me for future growth in the position.

They are also good paying medical careers.

I also created a master list of medical careers. which has more than 40 health care professions.

Although you can get started in the health sector in less than 6 months, you will be better served to identify which medical career is right for me.

‘What medical career is right for me?’

A career in the medical field provides many incentives. It is important to identify traits about yourself, which I’ll try to help you do over the next few paragraphs.

Are you a hermit?

You have to interact with people and help them on a daily basis. But don’t let that scare you, especially if you are not social by nature.

Many fields in medicine — such as a laboratory technologist — don’t require patient interaction.

Interaction is an important trait you need to consider for your career. You will want to ask yourself — am I a hermit? am I social? am I somewhere between these two extremes.

For example, I like time alone to research and make decisions, but I also like interaction.

I knew a position such as a lab tech would not suit me because I’d drive myself crazy being left by myself. At the same time, I knew a position as a nurse would not suit me. either, because of the massive amount of patient interaction.

This is the thought process you should consider. You need to learn about yourself when picking a medical career.

One solution is to talk to a career counselor, who may be able to suggest you take a personality test like the Myers-Briggs.

This test will offer insight about yourself and provide different career choices.

Also, your workplace location will be influenced by the medical career you choose.

Many in the health sector work in hospitals, physician offices, cancer centers, substance abuse facilities, laboratories, and research facilities.

How secure is my job?

Job security can be important. We want to know the career path we are picking will have jobs in it in the future.

With health care professions, that is the case. Medicine relies on people needing care — and there’s no shortage.

With baby boomers starting to reach retirement age, there will be an increased need for health workers. Also, in many cities the major employer is the hospital. This is important for three reasons.

Stability: The likability of the hospital closing up shop is non-existent.

Relocation: You can move to just about any state, get licensed, and be able to find a job easily.

Advancement: At a large organization such as a hospital, you have many different medical careers that you could experience and have the opportunity to be hired for.

Job outlook and the BLS

Related to security is job outlook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers data on job outlook. (Note: This data was from 2013 when this was written.)

The data can be misleading, especially when you look at rate of growth. An example is nuclear medicine technologists.

The BLS notes that there will be a need for 20 percent more nuclear medicine technicians by 2020. That sounds like a lot, but it is not and you have to look at the data closer.

In 2013, there are 16,900 technicians who handle nuclear medicine procedures. Twenty percent of 16,900 is 3,400.

There will be less than 3,500 more of these technicians needed. Despite 20 percent growth, this likability of finding a job in this position after graduation may be tough.

Compare that to nursing. The BLS notes there will be a need for 20 percent more registered nurses by 2020.

Currently, there are 2,737,400 RNs. Twenty-six percent of this is 711,900. Become a nurse and you won’t have a problem finding a job.

The point: Percentages can be misleading. Please do yourself a favor and check expected growth in numbers, not percentages.

High-paying medical careers

You want to get paid, I’m sure. Medical careers pay well, but you should not just look at dollar signs.

From a money standpoint, a radiation technologist and nuclear medicine technician have the highest median pay — 74,980 and $68,560, respectively — and low education requirements.

But both are small job markets, with less than 4,000 new expected job openings until 2020. Good pay is only available if you can find a job.

Sooner or later you will get bored with your job — whether you are a pediatric nurse or a radiologic technologist. What do you do then?

This is why advancement is important. With many different medical careers, you can advance into management or continue your education and upgrade into a different position .

For example: A nursing career is many-fold. A nurse can work in hospitals, clinics, or schools. and every location will be different.

At a hospital, there are different nursing specialties, such as emergency nursing or surgical nursing. This kind of variety will make sure you do not get bored.

It is important to look forward in your career. Sure, you may want to become an entry-level nurse today. but five or 10 years what kind of senior-level nursing jobs could you get? This brings us to education …

Medical careers require continuing education, which includes classes in your field.

But you may find that an entry-level medical career such as nursing offers the opportunity for advanced practices and responsibilities with a little more education.

You will want to find out the minimum education requirements and what kind of jobs the maximum education in the field will get you.

For example: The minimum requirement to be a CNA — a certified nursing assistant — is a certification and takes about 6 months to get. This job does not pay well.

Go to school for a year and you could be a LPN — a limited practical nurse. Two years of schooling is what is required to be an RN — a registered nurse.

As an RN, you could complete an RN to bachelor’s of science in nursing degree. which qualifies you for a management role.

But you could also go for another two years, receive a master’s degree, and become a nursing practitioner, which serves as a primary care provider in rural, under-served areas.

The point: You should check what advancement opportunities are available to you within a career field — even if it requires more education.

I hope this information about medical careers has been helpful to you.



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Home: Atlanta Removals – Logistics #office #movers #atlanta





Who we are. The Atlanta Journey…

Atlanta Removals Logistics, based in Pietermaritzburg, relocates locally and nationally. We operate daily trips to and from Durban and surrounds, weekly trips to and from Johannesburg and surrounding areas and monthly trips to Cape Town, Nelspruit and other Provinces. We move anything from a single item to a complete household, office moves and commercial goods to and from all national areas national.

We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and are proud of the quality of work we deliver.

Our Professional Moving teams are polite, courteous and always looking for the best way to satisfy your every need. They will wrap all your art, mirrors, fragiles and antiques for the best protection. They will dissemble and re- assemble all oversize furniture if the need arises.

Through years of experience and training, we understand that commercial moving is a specialised field.

That is why our very experienced operations manager will personally do the estimate, planning and co- ordination of every aspect of your move.

We are sensitive to all high tech equipment. All Fragile items will be wrapped with shrink wrap and blankets.

© 2017 Atlanta Removals ∙ Terms and Conditions Apply

Move me as soon as possible. I need an urgent move…

I have a lot of stuff to move, and need a full plan and advice on my move…


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Water Softener Austin TX #sweetwater #home #services, #water #softeners, #water #filters,


Leaders in water softener, water treatment, air purification and bathroom remodeling for 30 years, serving San Antonio, Austin, and the Rio Grande Valley

For effective and long-lasting water treatment solutions for your home in Austin, San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley, or any surrounding Texas community, turn to the pros at Sweetwater Home Services. Our expert technicians can perform a complimentary in-home water quality test, analyze the results, and recommend a comprehensive system that will transform the water in your home into the cleanest, healthiest, best-tasting water imaginable for as long as you own your home, guaranteed.

No matter if you need a whole-house water filtration system, a water softener, a water purifier, well water filtration system, or a combination of this equipment that is customized to perfectly treat the specific water quality issues in your area, Sweetwater Home Services has the industry-leading products and installation experience necessary to solve any water-related issue. Our innovative water filtration system options and purification equipment can provide a host of benefits from the moment they are installed, including a reduction of contaminants in the water your family uses on a daily basis, better than bottle-quality water for drinking and cooking, and water that is less damaging to the plumbing and water-using appliances throughout your home.

Additional Services

We also believe in improving more than your water. We recognize the overall effect of having a healthy home, by offering better air quality, aesthetic bathroom safety features, and to take it a step further, empowering you to help you power your home. We feature a team of trusted professional that can expertly complete any of our services below:

BATHROOM REMODELING Sweetwater Home Services offers other home improvement options as well. If your bathroom is need of remodeling to either make it safer or just bring it up to date, we can help. Our bathroom remodeling consultants can help make the project everything you hoped for at a reasonable cost. Whether your goal is to remove your tub and create a beautiful walk-in shower or update the entire room. we have the team that can make your bathroom gorgeous! Sweetwater Home Services allows you to pick out the faucets, fixtures, vanities, and accessories so you can control your budget. We always recommend obtaining multiple quotes because when our customers compare options, quality and pricing, we know Sweetwater Home Services will be your choice to complete your remodeling project.

AIR PURIFICATION – Central Texas is known for many allergens that can make your life miserable. Unfortunately, the air inside your home can actually be 2 to 4 times worse than the outside air due to allergens being trapped inside. Add to that dust, pet dander, smoke particles, and other contaminants, and you have a challenge for any family members suffering from these allergens. Sweetwater Home Services have whole home air purification systems that operate independently from your A/C system. We utilize certified HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrestor ) technology to provide a better-quality air for your family providing a safe haven inside your home.

BACK-UP POWER GENERATORS (coming soon) – Never be left in the dark. Our technicians are currently in training to provide the best in back-up power for your home. Sweetwater Home Services will provide the best in power generators and follow it up with quality installations. More to come soon…

We Take the Worry
Out of Water

  • Convert Your Old
    Tub To A Safer,
    Modern Shower

  • Household Plumbing
    Services to Your Rescue

  • Let Us Replace
    Your Water Heater

  • 11/08/2017

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    Academic Programs – Health Information Technology #health #information #technology #program, #health


    Academic Programs Health Information Management

    Visit the Health Information Management Academic Program page on MC’s online catalog

    The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Midland College is committed to creating an educated workforce by offering occupational programs that lead to gainful employment.

    Medical Coding Specialist
    Health Data Coordinator
    Health Data Specialist – Physician Practice

    The Health Information Management online associate degree program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health information management jobs are expected to increase by 15% from 2014-2024. The median income is $37,110, (2015 statistic), but additional credentials do add to the marketability of professionals.

    The HIM program was established in 1998 as a traditional face-to-face program. In 2007-2008, the HIM program transitioned to an “online only” program to meet the needs of working students and professionals. The exception to online courses are the requirement for clinical courses completed onsite at a facility (HITT 2261 for the associate degree and HITT 1167 for Medical Coding Specialist certificate).

    Program Statistics for years 2011- 2016 :
    Registered Health Information Technologist: 91 % pass rate for graduates t aking RHIT exam.
    Employer Satisfaction Rate: 100%
    Student Graduate Survey, Satisfaction Rate: 100%

    Many students admitted into the program have already completed one degree, and some have bachelors or masters degrees. The reason they pursue the associate degree training is to be eligible for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) upon graduation. The RHIT credential, and the RHIA credential for the bachelor’s degree, continue to be a preferred credential that healthcare employers seek when hiring Health Information Management candidates.

    Online Technology Requirements

    Students meet the minimum requirements listed on Canvas to complete the courses. See guides.instructure.com/ for details.

    Students must be self-motivated, able to comprehend information in written form, and have the ability to communicate effectively both in written and verbal forms. Students should also be able to research websites, upload and download documents, post discussions, and access email. The courses are not self-paced, but have scheduled weekly due dates for assignments, discussions, and tests. Students should expect to spend 6 9 hours per 3 hour credit course to complete assignments, readings, and tests. Instructors are available to answer questions online or by phone related to course topics.

    Skills Needed for Health Information Profession:

    ability to analyze patient data for payment or registry information,
    able to sit for long periods to complete work at work station
    research and review patient information for regulatory compliance,
    code and categorize patient information using standard coding systems.
    communicate effectively with patients, physicians, and other customers
    ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
    keyboarding skills and ability to use software systems, patient portals, etc.

    Students may apply to the program in the semester they are completing the prerequisites. Final grades will be verified before admittance. Students are accepted prior to each semester (Summer, Fall, and Spring). Most of the students in the programs are considered part-time; taking 2 to 3 classes each semester since most have part-time or full-time jobs. There are approximately 70-80 students taking HIM classes or prerequisite courses to gain admission to the program.

    Clinical Requirement Onsite:

    Students that live outside the local Midland area are able to locate clinical sites in their area with the assistance of the HIM program. More information and directions are given to students upon acceptance into the program (courses related to associate degree and Medical Coding Specialist certificate). Prior to the clinical course, students are required to meet certain facility requirements to attend clinical practice. These include a background check, drug screen, immunizations, and other requirements based of the facility. More information provided prior to clinicals.

    See Frequently Asked Questions for more information and application.

    Click on the links below for the suggested sequence of courses for Midland College’s Health Information Management associate of applied science degree and for the various Health Information Management certificates.

    Click on the links below for the suggested sequence of courses for Midland College’s Health Information Management associate of applied science degree and for the various Health Information Management certificates.

    Associate of Applied Science Degree for Health Information Management

    Medical Coding Specialist Certificate

    Health Data Coordinator Certificate

    Student Support Coordinator, Raquel Valenzuela, RHIT
    2 1 8 DFHS, 432-685- 6893

    Midland College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award certificates and associate and baccalaureate degrees Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Midland College.

    Notice of Non-discrimination (Title IX)


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    Managing Distribution Lists #distribution #lists, #exchange #server, #exchange #online, #office #365,


    Managing Distribution Lists in Hybrid Exchange Online/Office 365 Environments

    How to give Exchange Online users the ability to manage their distribution lists

    Microsoft has done a great job of ensuring that hybrid Exchange Online/ Office 365 tenants have almost all of the features and functionality of on-premises Exchange Server deployments, without the need for running and maintaining their own servers. However, there is still one major gap companies consistently run into as they move to a hybrid Exchange Online/Office 365 environment: distribution list (DL) management.

    In hybrid Exchange Online/Office 365 environments, DLs are created on premises and synchronized with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) through DirSync so that users with mailboxes in Exchange Online can use those DLs. However, Exchange Online users can t manage their own DLs because DirSync doesn t support the write back of DLs from Office 365 to the on-premises Active Directory (AD) forest. Exchange has supported the delegation of DL management to users for several versions now, so it comes as a bit of a shock to IT departments when they find out that they have to manage DLs again.

    There are several solutions for this problem, which fall into two categories:

    • Move DLs to Azure AD so that Exchange Online users can manage them through Outlook. This can be accomplished through DL migration.
    • Find a way for Exchange Online users to manage on-premises DLs. By using Forefront Identity Manager, DSQuery, or a Windows PowerShell script, you can provide a way for users to do so.

    Although none of these solutions will get DL management to work the way it used to, I hope one of the solutions will fit your needs.

    DL Migration

    To move DLs to Azure AD, you can migrate your DLs from your on-premises AD forest to Azure AD. As I mentioned previously, users with mailboxes in Office 365 can t modify DLs that are synchronized with DirSync because DirSync doesn t support the write back of DLs from Office 365 to the on-premises AD forest. This solution solves that problem by creating new DLs in Azure AD that users with mailboxes in Office 365 will be able to modify.

    If your organization is going to stay in a hybrid configuration, with some mailboxes in Office 365 and some mailboxes in the on-premises AD forest, there s a downside to this solution: The on-premises users won t be able to use and modify the migrated DLs. In addition, if you ever decide to move back to an on-premises Exchange environment from Office 365, there s no easy way to migrate those DLs back to your on-premises AD forest.

    If you re moving all user mailboxes into Office 365 and you have a limited number of DLs to move, this might be a workable solution. If the plan is to maintain mailboxes on premises or if you have a large number of DLs, this solution turns into more trouble than it s worth.

    Forefront Identity Manager

    You can use Forefront Identity Manager to provide Exchange Online users the ability to manage their on-premises DLs. On the upside, Forefront Identity Manager gives users a nice graphical interface for managing DLs that s similar to the interface users have become accustomed to in Outlook. On the downside, Forefront Identity Manager is expensive to purchase. Depending on how you buy it, the licensing is going to be thousands of dollars. You also need to consider the cost of the server hardware and IT staff to configure and maintain the solution. As a result, few (if any) organizations are going to find user DL management important enough to justify a new deployment of Forefront Identity Manager. If your organization already has Forefront Identity Manager deployed, this is a nice added use for the solution.


    DSQuery, a command-line tool that has been around for some time, can provide Exchange Online users the ability to manage on-premises DLs. However, most users won t find it easy to manage DLs with this tool. Here are a couple of commands that illustrate this point:

    The first command shows the members of a DL named Sales – East. The second command shows all the mail-enabled DLs in an AD forest. Most Exchange Online users are going to be very unhappy if you tell them they need to run commands like this to manage their DLs.

    PowerShell Script

    The final option is to use a PowerShell script to allow Exchange Online users to manage their on-premises DLs. You can find a script I have written, Manage-DistributionLists. in the TechNet Gallery.

    The Manage-DistributionLists script gives Exchange Online users an interface to manage on-premises DLs, without them having to deal with the complexities of DSQuery. In my opinion, this is the best option for DL management. It keeps all your organization s DLs homed in your on-premises AD forest, but still allows your Exchange Online users to manage those DLs themselves. This script requires an on-premises Exchange server, but if you re using DirSync with your Exchange Office 365 tenant, it s highly recommended that you maintain a hybrid Exchange server on premises.

    Here s a quick walkthrough of how this script works. When you launch the script, it will ask for an Exchange server name, as Figure 1 shows.

    If you want to make life a little easier for your Exchange Online users, you can modify the script. First, find the following lines at the top of the script:

    Next, remove the first two lines. Finally, replace $ExchangeServer with the name of your hybrid server in the last line. With this modification, your users won t be prompted to enter an Exchange server name. Instead, they ll be automatically connected to it.

    After the connection is completed, users will be presented with the menu shown in Figure 2.

    As you can see, I tried to make the script as self-explanatory as possible. All the users need to do is select the option they want. For example, if they select the first option, they ll receive results that look like those in Figure 3.

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve the script, please let me know.

    Don t Overlook DL Management

    There are many things to consider when planning a migration to Office 365, and DL management is one facet that s fairly easy to overlook. I hope that I ve been able to clarify your options for DL management and make your migration a little bit easier.


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    Cloud adoption Test Lab Guides (TLGs) #office # #private #cloud


    Cloud adoption Test Lab Guides (TLGs)

    Applies to: Office 365 Enterprise

    Summary: Use these cloud adoption Test Lab Guides (TLGs) to set up demonstration or dev/test environments for Office 365, the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Dynamics 365, and Office Server products.

    TLGs help you quickly learn about Microsoft products. They’re great for situations where you need to evaluate a technology or configuration before you decide whether it’s right for you or before you roll it out to users. The “I built it out myself and it works” hands-on experience helps you understand the deployment requirements of a new product or solution so you can better plan for hosting it in production.

    TLGs also create representative environments for development and testing of applications, also known as dev/test environments.

    Click here for a visual map to all the articles in the One Microsoft Cloud Test Lab Guide stack.

    Use these articles to build your Office 365 dev/test environment:

    Create a simplified intranet running in Microsoft Azure infrastructure services. This is an optional step if you want to build a simulated enterprise configuration.

    Create an Office 365 Enterprise E5 trial subscription, which you can do from your computer or from a simplified intranet running in Azure infrastructure services.

    Install and configure Azure AD Connect for directory synchronization with password synchronization. This is an optional step if you want to build a simulated enterprise configuration.

    For your Office 365 dev/test environment, uses these articles to demonstrate enterprise features of Office 365:

    Configure and test secondary authentication using a text message sent to your smart phone for an account in your Office 365 subscription.

    Configure and demonstrate federated authentication with the accounts of a Windows Server Active Directory domain.

    Configure and demonstrate Advanced Security Management, which allows you to create policies that monitor for and inform you of suspicious activities in your Office 365 subscription.

    Configure and demonstrate Advanced Threat Protection, which is a feature of Exchange Online Protection (EOP) that helps keep malware out of your email.

    Add example data and demonstrate Advanced eDiscovery, which allows you to quickly find and analyze the data that is stored in Office 365, including email and documents.

    Demonstrate how you can use Office 365 Information Rights Management to protect the data in sensitive documents, even when they are accidentally posted in the wrong document folders.

    Demonstrate how the Azure Information Protection client can be used to classify documents with various levels of security.

    Demonstrate how to create a SharePoint Online Group site that is isolated from the rest of the organization.


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    Ticketing Solutions #tix,online #ticket #sales,ticket #sales,mobile #ticket #sales,box #office,call #center,ticketing #system,ticketing


    Whether it’s online ticket sales, mobile ticket sales, ticket sales through your box office, your call center, or the 24/7 Tix call center, your ticket sales are all seamlessly integrated into the Tix ticketing system. Learn moreIntegrated the way you connect

    Tix has always been a leading innovator of ticketing software. From our online seat selection, photographic seat views, and web site integration to our fully customizable reports and charts, Tix leverages the latest technology to keep our ticketing system ahead of the competition to give you the tools you need ot maximize your ticket sales and minimize your costs. learn moreInnovative the way you dream

    We believe that a ticketing system shouldn’t require extensive training and thick user manuals. Using ticketing software should come natural and our intuitive ticketing system proves it. Full-featured ticketing software doesn’t have to be difficult to use. learn moreIntuitive the way you think

    Tix keeps you informed and in touch with your ticket sales and fundraising. Our customizable reports, charts, and dashboards let you choose the ticket sales and fundraising information you want to see and the way you want to see it. learn moreIntelligent the way you succeed

    Online ticket sales

    Tix – The Complete Ticketing Solution

    Tix is a leading provider of integrated box office software and online ticket sales and services for entertainment and sporting events. We specialize in no-cost, feature-rich ticketing solutions for venues, promoters, producers, universities, theme parks, tours, museums, casinos, theatres, film festivals, concerts, night clubs, music festivals, race tracks, and more.

    Tix takes the risk out of selecting a ticketing system with no set up fees, start-up costs, annual maintenance fees, or long-term commitment. With service fees among the lowest in the industry, Tix helps you maximize your attendance and minimize your costs.

    How does it work?

    Tix is a complete cloud-based ticketing system
    You can access our ticketing software from anywhere you have access to the Internet. There’s no expensive hardware to purchase or lease. There are no set up costs, annual maintenance costs, or fees for software upgrades. Maximize your ticket sales and minimize your costs.

    How much does it cost?

    Our fees are among the lowest in the ticketing industry
    We also have some of the most sophisticated features you’ll find. There are no set up fees or up-front costs. We charge a small service fee for each ticket sold through our system. You can pass these fees along to your patrons and use our ticketing system for free!

    How do I get started?

    Contact us today!
    We can have you up and selling tickets in as little a few hours.


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    Manhattan Personal Injury Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


    Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer

    Bold labels are required.

    Personal Injury Attorneys Who Know Construction Technology, Science and Engineering

    If you or a family member is seriously injured, disabled or killed as a result of another’s negligence, contacting a personal injury attorney is often a smart move. A serious personal injury is an overwhelming experience. You may be getting medical treatment, contacting your insurance company and trying to figure out how to pay the bills. It is hard to know where to start, especially if the cause of the injury is complex.

    Luckily, the Manhattan personal injury lawyers at DeToffol Associates can help. Our firm was founded by David DeToffol after spending years as a New York State professional engineer and a United States patent attorney. His background in these fields means that he knows what questions to ask and how to build a case with technical and mechanical evidence. Please contact our New York City office at 212-962-2220 for a free consultation.

    We Speak Your Language

    Personal injury cases, especially construction. malpractice and product liability cases, are usually very complicated. With our engineering and patent office experience, we understand how equipment and other mechanical products work. We can help you understand why your injury happened — and show you how we will fight for maximum compensation. You can leave the technical and legal details to us, while you concentrate on your recovery.

    Sometimes personal injury cases seem like they should be straightforward, such as in a car accident caused by a person running a red light. However, in further investigation, there may be a host of issues that can prohibit you from collecting the full compensation you deserve. We are experienced in handling all aspects of personal injury claims and can sort through the issues to help recover financial damages to the fullest extent of the law.

    Vital Business Law Experience Too

    We also represent individuals and businesses in cases involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property and licensing. Our counsel uses decades of corporate experience to handle cases involving business and corporate law .

    How We Can Help

    We cannot undo an injury, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you sort through the legal and financial issues that remain after an injury. We can also protect your interests in business matters. Please call us at 212-962-2220 or send an e-mail. We look forward to speaking with you.

    • Construction accident
    • $2,800,000
    • Medical malpractice child birth delivery
    • $2,000,000
    • Wrongful death inhospital
    • $2,000,000
    • Fire burn accident
    • $1,800,000
    • Auto head trauma
    • $1,800,000
    • Elevator accident
    • $1,550,000
    • Fall from building
    • $1,220,000
    • Car hit windshield brain injury
    • $1,200,000
    • Motor vehicle rollover
    • $1,100,000
    • Car accident
    • $1,085,000
    • Assaulted at concert
    • $1,050,000
    • Construction accident fall from ladder
    • $1,000,000
    • Lead paint poisoning
    • $1,000,000
    • Construction fall from scaffold
    • $ 900,000
    • Explosion
    • $ 850,000
    • Forklift
    • $ 750,000
    • Construction fall through floor
    • $ 750,000
    • Construction accident slip and fall
    • $ 650,000
    • Dangerous product
    • $ 600,000
    • Hit from behind collision
    • $ 500,000
    • Trip and fall
    • $ 500,000
    • Fall on broken walk
    • $ 450,000
    • Supermarket accident
    • $ 300,000
    • Ceiling collapse
    • $ 255,000
    • Building Fire
    • $ 250,000
    • Door lock security
    • $ 225,000
    • Pedestrian knockdown
    • $ 175,000
    • Staircase fall
    • $ 150,000
    • Dentist malpractice
    • $ 140,000
    • Fall down in shopping center
    • $ 125,000
    • Dangerous tool
    • $ 125,000
    • Slip and fall on city sidewalk
    • $ 100,000
    • Unsupervised students
    • $ 100,000


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    Free Office software #free #office #software, #business #program, #office #suite, #office


    Personal Information Manager, Database and Word Processor. Download TreePad and enjoy better access, organization and control over all your data, notes, bills, projects, clients, addresses, letters, speeches, research, collections, classroom notes, Web pages, links, bibliographic listings, and whatever else your creativity enables you to entrust TreePad with, for good organization, easy access, and safe storage.
    Despite all its features and power, TreePad is as easy to use as the Windows explorer and will fit (including data) on one floppy!
    Freeware, Shareware, Linux and Windows versions are available on www.treepad.com .
    Created by Freebyte.

    Fully customizable addressbook program for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME. Freeware and shareware versions are available. Custom Addressbook is an easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program. Another advantage of its small size, is that the program and its database file can run directly from an external disk, such as a USB stick, floppy, etc. Some of the additional features: password protection, minimize to tray, data encryption, data compression, import, search, backup, non-western fonts, etc.
    For more information, please see here. Created by Freebyte.

    Free online clocks, free clock programs which you can install, clock screensavers, clock widgets for your Website or blog, alarms and timers, time-related utilities, free project and time-scheduling software.

    Free general purpose calculators, calculator collections, scientific/technical calculators, currency conversion and exchange rates.

    Free personal finance software, free accounting programs, free invoicing software and free accounting scripts.

    Online Business Services
    Free Financial Software

    E-commerce services, virtual cash systems, payment processing services, check printing, business-to-business portals, online stock trading, currency converters, free accounting software, etc.

    Free Software
    created by Freebyte

    Free Personal Information Managers, free File and Disk Utilities, free Address Books, free eBook Software and more. All created by Freebyte.com.

    Free ebooks, free eBook authoring tools, free photo albums.

    Free online dictionaries for a multitude of languages, free specialized dictionaries (medicine, business, sports, computing, construction. ), free thesauri, free online spellcheckers, language tools, language links, and more.

    Online courses, education for kids, online university education, educational resources.

    Work from home, start your own business, make money from your Website, join affiliate programs, get paid to take online surveys, get paid by reading email, get paid by surfing the Web, money making tutorials, earn revenue by placing ads on your Website, advertisement programs, get a fee to refer customers, receive commission for offering custom builds, etc.

    Free programs to surf the Web, free email software, email virus protection, free newsgroup programs, free Internet chat, telephony and messaging applications, free telnet software, free firewalls, etc.

    Free screensavers, cursors, ringtones and desktop themes. Free 3D screensavers, nature, funny and artistic screensavers, screensaver construction packages which don’t require any programming, and more.

    A large listing of services that provide free but also non-free email addresses. Web based email, email forwarding, pop email, etc. Also: add email services to your domain.

    Free images, icons,
    clipart, backgrounds,

    Download images and clipart for free, royalty-free stock photographs, thousands of free fonts, free icons, free GIFs, animated GIFs, free backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.

    Free images, bars, arrows, flags, animated gifs and signs for your Web page.

    Freebyte Gallery:
    Background Images

    Free background images for your Web pages: stone, marble, metal, decoration, sky backgrounds, timber images, psychedelic, office, trees and plants, space and stars.

    Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more!

    Free online encyclopedias, maps, satellite images, electronics, computing, physics, science, etc.

    The latest News Headlines; a large collection of news sites: English (USA/UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, Arabic, Scandinavian, weather, sports, science, showbizz, economy, Internet, computer, etc.


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    Uncontested Divorce – DIY Forms #court, #courts, #new #york, #new #york


    Uncontested Divorce Program

    Aviso: Este programa es en ingl s, pero obtendr su traducci n al pulsar sobre ESPA OL. Deber responder en ingl s o el tribunal rechazar sus documentos.

    An “uncontested” divorce is where both you and the person you want to divorce agree to divorce and there is an agreement about what will happen to your finances and property after the divorce. [Learn more about Divorce ]

    You can use this program if:

    • You and the person you want to divorce are over 18 years of age,
    • You and the person you want to divorce have no “children” under 21 years of age ,
    • Your marriage has been over for at least 6 months and your relationship can’t be saved, AND
    • All marital property issues, including debt, have been settled.

    Information Checklist

    You will need the following information with you when you use this program:

    • The name, previous last names (if any), current address, social security number, and phone number of the person you want to divorce.
    • A copy of your marriage certificate.
    • If you have any of the following: Settlement Agreement, Order of Protection, etc.
    • If you have an extreme financial hardship and can’t afford the court fees: information about your income, the things you own, and how much you spend a month on utilities and rent.

    Download and print the checklist of information you will need to complete this program.


    Note: You will be taken to our partner website called LawHelp Interactive.

    You can Sign Up to Save Your Work or go directly to the program without signing up by clicking on Get Started or Go . Then check to agree to the Terms of Use and click on Continue to begin the program.

    About DIY Forms

    Who Can Use These Programs?
    You can use DIY Forms if:

    • you’re a court user and you don’t have a lawyer;
    • you’re a legal services provider;
    • you’re a pro bono lawyer. Pro bono lawyers filing a DIY Form must submit thispro bono affirmation .
    • you’re from a low-bono (reduced fee) program recognized and authorized to use the DIY Form programs by the NYS Courts Access to Justice Program. You must submit this low-bono affirmation with the filing.

    Commercial use is prohibited and no one may charge for using these programs. When you begin the program, you will be asked to accept these terms of use.

    Computer Requirements
    In order to use DIY Form programs, make sure you have the following:

    Note: If you’re on a Mac and do not have Microsoft Word, this program will not work for you.

    Help Using DIY Forms
    See Frequently Asked Questions for help using DIY Form programs.

    Related Information:


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    Avaya Review 2017 #office #phone #systems #reviews


    Avaya IP Office Review

    Editor s Note: On Jan. 19, 2017, Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At this time, we are continuing to recommend it as one of the best small business phone systems. However, we are monitoring the status of the company and if necessary will adjust our best picks as the situation evolves.

    Avaya’s phone system is an excellent on-premises solution for small businesses because of the options it offers. The on-premises systems are available in several different platforms, each of which can be customized for the specific features and tools a business wants.

    In addition to being one of the best on-premises phone systems, Avaya is among the contenders for best call center phone system, best phone system for enterprises and best phone system for businesses with multiple locations.

    • Best for: On-premises, call center, enterprise and multiple locations
    • Phone service: VoIP
    • Hosting: On-premises and cloud
    • Costs: One-time fees of $500 to $550 per user for on-premises systems; $25 per user per month for cloud-hosted systems
    • Support: Phone, email and live chat
    • Mobile app: iOS and Android devices

    Multiple Deployment Options

    Avaya offers a robust VoIP phone system for small businesses that can be configured specifically for each business. The system we researched in depth was the Office IP platform. This system is designed for businesses with five to 3,000 users.

    The Office IP platform can be deployed as an on-premises system or a cloud-hosted solution. Both options have same functionality; however, with the on-premises system, your IT staff is responsible for maintaining it and making any upgrades when necessary. With the cloud-hosted system, Avaya handles all of the maintenance and upgrades.

    A nice aspect of the on-premises system is that businesses can configure it for their specific needs. Each system starts with the main platform, a two-rack unit, and then businesses can pick and choose from the different add-ons. Add-ons can include mobility options and call center services. This allows your business to build a system that has exactly what it needs. As a business grows, the equipment can easily add storage, phone lines and new capabilities.

    The choice between an on-premises and a cloud-based system is part of what makes Avaya a great option for enterprise businesses and businesses with multiple locations. Since larger businesses have varying needs, having options on how they deploy their phone systems is a huge plus for many organizations.

    Avaya is also an enticing option for enterprises because of the large number of employees that can use the service. Businesses that have more employees than the Office IP platform supports can deploy Avaya’s Aura platform. This platform can serve up to 250,000 workers, including 2,500 on a single server.

    For businesses operating multiple offices or stores, the IP Office platform can easily expand to work in 150 different locations. Avaya’s phone system allows businesses to manage each location from a single browser-based interface. In addition, businesses using IP phones can automatically switch their service to one of the other locations should the office they are working in lose power. This helps ensure continuous operation.

    Overall, Avaya’s business phone systems offer more features and tools than most of its competitors. In total, the system is available in five editions Basic, Essential, Preferred, Server and Select that differ in the number of included features.

    Among the features available are automated attendants, caller ID, automatic callback, the ability to put calls on hold, on-hold music, the option to transfer calls and toggle between multiple calls at one time, and voicemail and voicemail-to-email. Altogether, Avaya offers more than 600 features and tools.

    One module businesses can add to the system is the Avaya Communicator. This allows employees to use their mobile devices or computers to talk on their business lines, make video calls and instant-message with co-workers. A presence feature indicates who is online and available for a meeting.

    In addition to choosing the edition with the features it needs, your business can designate which employees have access to which features. Each employee is designated as a basic user, office worker or power user.

    Basic users can make and receive calls and have access to most of the standard features, such as the ability to put calls on hold and transfer calls. The office worker designation allows employees to also use the visual voicemail tool, access the corporate directory, and integrate their systems with Microsoft Office and Salesforce.

    Power users have total control of the system. This allows them to make and receive calls on their mobile devices over cellular, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections. They can also schedule conference calls and turn their home phones into their office phones.

    In addition to its regular phone system features, the Avaya contact center module offers features and tools for businesses with a call center. Among them are the ability for customers to connect with businesses via the phone, email and web chat.

    It also has skills-based call routing, interactive voice recordings, call recording, integrations with customer relationship management software, and access to real-time and historical reports. The contact center services also let businesses make telemarketing and outbound campaign calls.

    Since Avaya’s phone systems are so customized, pricing is often different for each business. Additionally, Avaya works with local resellers to sell and install the systems, which can affect pricing.

    The prices that one of Avaya’s local resellers quoted to us were based on a business with 100 total employees and 25 call center seats. For the on-premises system we were looking at, which included the mobility, conference calling and upgraded voicemail modules, the one-time costs were $500 per station. That included basic phones and installation. The call center service had additional one-time costs of $1,200 per user. The prices, however, do not include the monthly cost of bringing a dial tone into the system either via PRI circuits or SPI trunking.

    The cloud-hosted system cost $25 to $30 per user per month. That included 500 calling minutes per station. Call center services cost an additional $36 per month per user. However, there is an additional $400 charge per station for phones and installation.

    Since the pricing we were quoted was for our specific requirement and by a reseller in our area, the costs of the system for your business would be different. Knowing that Avaya offers such a wide range of system options, we would encourage all businesses to contact Avaya, or a local reseller, early on in their research process to get specific pricing for their exact needs.

    While some phone system providers handle all of their sales and support in-house, others, like Avaya, work with resellers in local communities. These resellers work with businesses individually to design and price out packages that best fit their needs. They also handle the installation, training and some support moving forward.

    During our research, we first contacted Avaya to learn more about the system. After giving us some basic details, the Avaya representative we spoke with asked for our contact information and said a local reseller in our area would reach out to us to provide more specifics and pricing details.

    While we were initially discouraged that we couldn’t learn more during that initial call, we were pleased when we heard back from the local reseller that same day. The reseller we spoke with was extremely knowledgeable about the Avaya system and provided us with more than enough detail.

    In addition, he followed up by emailing us a 90-page document that described the system in even more detail. The reseller also didn’t hesitate to share pricing information with us.

    While our interactions with the local reseller left us very comfortable with the service his company would provide, we can’t guarantee that Avaya resellers in all communities would offer this same level of support.

    Similarly with pricing, it is important to spend some time talking with the reseller Avaya refers you to in order to get an idea of what it would be like to work with them. Since getting the right phone system is such a big decision, businesses should make sure the reseller they are working with is not only going to provide a system that meets all of their needs, but is doing so for a fair price.

    Avaya does handle some support issues itself. If users have a problem, the company encourages them to file a help ticket online or launch a live chat session to get assistance.

    To read reviews of other phone system providers, or simply learn more about business phone systems, check out our business phone systems buying guide .

    More Small Business Phone Systems


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    Novosoft Office Backup – Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Software for


    Novosoft Office Backup – Data Backup Software

    Office Backup is a backup software designed for automatic backing up data of PCs running Windows operating systems. It allows you to protect important data from loss or damage by regularly creating backups and storing them to secured storage media or servers. And then, if something happens to your PC, you will be able to restore all information in a matter of minutes.

    With Office Backup you can perform both files-based and image-based backup of your HDD. The program has a simple Wizard-driven interface and can be easily utilized by users of all levels of computer expertise. It provides an easy way to enable backup compression, encryption, and to schedule tasks to take place automatically. Supported OS include Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 .

    NEW! Grand premiere! Novosoft Office Backup 4 is officially released! The latest version of the popular office backup utility features the handy expansion of cloud backup features (explore backup to Amazon S3 and manual-registration-free Cloud Storage by Novosoft) and the hottest advanced backup options (MSSQL backup, Outlook hot backup, support of Volume Shadow Copy for MS Exchange backup, and more).

    For details, feel warmly welcome to check the News .

    In addition to FTPS and DiscHub, Office Backup supports backing up to the following media and servers:

    Since some features of the utility are aimed at experienced IT users, we have decided to divide its functions into two separate editions: one tailored for needs of Home Users and another for IT Professionals .

    Office Backup Home –
    Solution for Home users

    Office Backup Professional –
    Solution for IT Professionals


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    NJ Office of the Attorney General – Department of Law –


    TRENTON – Division of Criminal Justice Director Vaughn L. McKoy announced that the Division of Criminal Justice – Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor has charged an Essex County man with insurance fraud for falsifying medical records in order to obtain more than $1,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) payments.

    According to Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Greta Gooden Brown, Reginald Smithson, 43, Mt. Vernon Avenue, Orange, Essex County, was charged via an Essex County Grand Jury indictment with theft by deception, insurance fraud (3rd degree), and two counts of forgery (4th degree). If convicted on all charges, Smithson faces up to 13 years in state prison and a fine of up to $40,000. In addition, Smithson faces possible civil insurance fraud fines pursuant to the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act. Smithson will be ordered to appear in Essex County Superior Court for arraignment and bail.

    The Essex County indictment charged that Smithson submitted a false claim to the State Farm Insurance Company for out-of-pocket expenses purportedly incurred in a Feb. 19, 2003 automobile accident. It is charged that five days after the accident, Smithson sought medical attention at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, Essex County, and failed to mention the car accident. Since Smithson did not have health care insurance, the hospital did not charge for the visit.

    An investigation by the Division of Criminal Justice – Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor determined that in August 2003, after obtaining a property damage estimate for the car, Smithson allegedly returned to Mountainside Hospital in an attempt to obtain a blank receipt so he could submit a claim to State Farm Insurance for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident. When the hospital refused to provide a blank receipt, Smithson paid $1.00 toward the balance of his account and was given a receipt which reflected the $1.00 payment. The investigation revealed that Smithson falsified the hospital receipt so that it purported to be in the amount of $1,001 and submitted it to State Farm Insurance Company in order to obtain money to repair his vehicle. Smithson also allegedly submitted a fraudulent $550 receipt to State Farm, falsely claiming that it was for a rental car.

    State Investigator Laura Parisi, Civil Investigator Lisa Yildiz, and Deputy Attorneys General Steven B. Farman and Michael Troso were assigned to the investigation into this case. DAsG Farman and Troso represented the Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor before the Essex County Grand Jury.

    The indictment, which was returned on June 16, is merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Subscribe here to receive the Attorney General’s Weekly Update via e-mail


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    Aprima vs Practice Fusion – EHR Software Comparison #ehr, #emr, #ehr


    Both Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion serve private practices .

    Having received meaningful use attestations from professionals in a variety of medical specialties, Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion can be considered generalized EHR software and both are well suited to any type of medical practice .

    Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion both give you the option to either install the software on your servers or access it online. Both products either have a mobile application, or are optimized for use on a mobile device or tablet .

    Average User Rating

    Number of Reviews

    Ease of Doing Business


    • Electronic Medical Records
    • Medical Billing
    • Patient Scheduling
    • Practice Management
    • Electronic Medical Records
    • Medical Billing
    • Patient Scheduling
    • Practice Management

    Show 4 more in common

    • Claim Scrubber
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Online Booking
    • Reporting Dashboard
    • Speech Recognition
    • Document Management
    • E-Prescribing
    • Electronic Remittance Advice
    • Insurance Verification
    • Lab Orders and Results
    • Patient Portal
    • Claim Scrubber
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Online Booking
    • Reporting Dashboard
    • Speech Recognition
    • Document Management
    • E-Prescribing
    • Electronic Remittance Advice
    • Insurance Verification
    • Lab Orders and Results
    • Patient Portal

    Show 6 more in common


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    About Us – InnTravel Asia Tour Operator – Thailand Office #cheapest

    #inn travel

    Why is InnTravel the Tour Operator Ranked #1 for Asia and Thailand travels ?

    The reason is because we are present in Asia for over 10 years and we know in details all the tourist attraction and destination that we offers to our customers. Also, no other Tour Operator has offices and physical locations in Asia and Thailand to assist the customers during the entire duration of the trip.

    Only InnTravel Tour Operator offers the possibility to buy on-line and create custom and tailor made trips able to meet your specific needs: honeymoons, group travel, family travel, business travel with professional guides in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian language.

    Let us guide you InnTravel Asia, your secure tour operator in South Est Asia !

    InnTravel Thailand recommends and cooperates with:

    For custom made trip and reservations:

    Fill up the form with your details to get a quote for a Travel Package, Last Minute and Tours to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar (ex Burma), China, India, Nepal, Maldives and others destinations


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    Covenant Cleaning Services – Where Service is Our Pledge #shelley, #powell,


    Life is so busy that a helping hand is more of a necessity than a luxury. We make your life easier by
    bringing our own quality equipment and supplies. We have been providing honest, dependable
    residential and commercial cleaning services in the Orlando area since 1999.
    On your initial contact you can expect a friendly voice offering a free walk through evaluation to
    allow you the opportunity to get to know us, as we learn about your individual cleaning needs.

    Ask about our
    Eco-Friendly Products

    Organizing Services
    It is surprising how an outside eye can
    sometimes offer an easy solution to a
    consistently cluttered area. You may need
    advice, you may want to be involved with the
    process, or you may want us to take care of
    the project while you focus on more important
    Whatever method you choose, we are ready
    and willing to help.
    Please contact us if you are interested so we
    can discuss the process and pricing with you.

    Where Service Is Our Pledge


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    Department of Labor – OFCCP – How to File a Complaint


    Because of temporary technical difficulties, the online complaint form cannot be electronically submitted. Please complete the form and submit it by mail or fax to the appropriate OFCCP regional office, or deliver it in person to any OFCCP district or field office.

    How to File a Complaint

    Do you believe that an employer doing business with the Federal Government has discriminated against you in hiring or employment? Do you believe that the reason for the discrimination was based on your race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran? Did you ask about or discuss your pay or that of a co worker and you were fired, demoted, or disciplined because of it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can file a complaint with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). An individual, organization, or group can even file a complaint on your behalf, or for anyone who may be the victim of employment discrimination by an employer doing business with the Federal Government.

    You must file a complaint alleging discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or based on compensation inquiries, discussions, or disclosures, within 180 days from the date of the alleged discrimination, unless the time for filing is extended for good cause shown. Some examples of what might be good cause include, the existence of some extraordinary circumstance that prohibited you from filing before the deadline such as a significant health issue, military deployment, incarceration, or possibly being unaware of the discrimination. These are only a few of the possible examples of good cause. If your complaint alleges a violation based on disability or status as a protected veteran, it must be filed within 300 days unless the time for filing is extended for good cause shown. Extensions of the filing time require approval by the Director of OFCCP.

    You should include a description of the alleged discrimination and any other related information that would help OFCCP investigate your complaint. OFCCP will be revising its complaint form and instructions because of recent regulatory changes. Until that process is completed, please mark the box next to sex to allege discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. If you are alleging discrimination based on discussing pay, please write pay secrecy in the place where the other bases for an OFCCP violation are listed and indicate that pay secrecy is the basis of the complaint clearly in the narrative section of the complaint form. As is always the case, you should describe the actions that you believe resulted in the discrimination in the narrative section.

    Complete and File the Complaint Form

    Step 1:

    Download the electronic Complaint of Discrimination in Employment Under Federal Government Contracts form. If you have difficulty downloading the form you may need to install free software that converts PDF files to viewable documents. For your convenience, we have provided a link to software provided by Adobe Systems Incorporated . This link is in no way an endorsement of either Adobe Systems Incorporated or Adobe Software.

    Step 2:

    Complete the Complaint of Discrimination in Employment Under Federal Government Contracts form and submit it by:

    • filing the complaint form electronically with the appropriate OFCCP Regional Office ; or
    • mailing or faxing the complaint form to the appropriate OFCCP Regional Office ; or
    • filing the complaint form in person with any OFCCP District or Area office .

    The appropriate OFCCP regional office location is the office that covers the location where the alleged discrimination occurred. Your signature is required on the complaint form, if it is not on the form when you submit it, we will ask you to sign your form later. You may also submit a complaint by letter that includes all the information requested on the complaint form.

    We will review your complaint form, or letter of complaint, and contact you if we need more information.

    Step 3:

    Call or visit any OFCCP District Area office if you have questions about the complaint process, want to discuss your complaint, or would like to learn where to file a complaint.

    We Want to Know What You Think

    OFCCP continues to be interested in improving its relationship with its customers, improving the technical assistance and outreach materials we provide to the public. If you have interacted with OFCCP through any of the ways listed below and you see areas where we can improve, please let us know by sending an email with your comments and suggestions to OFCCP s public mailbox .

    • Compliance evaluation
    • Complaint investigation
    • Technical assistance event
    • Outreach event
    • Telephone/help desk inquiry/email inquiry
    • Used, reviewed, or received technical assistance or outreach materials


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    Inmate Search #utah #county #sheriff’s #office, #ucso, #utah #county #jail, #utah


    Utah County Arrested Person Search

    Additional Information

    You can use this web site to search for people by name or an arrest date. After entering the name of the individual you are searching for, you will find that it lists each time that person was booked into our facility for up to one year. When someone is arrested, their booking information and picture will remain on the web site for 30 days. After 30 days the picture will be dropped, but the remaining booking information will stay on the web site for one year, at which time it will also drop from the site.

    If you click on the name link, you will be taken to that actual booking. It will contain an arrest date, booking date, booking number, release date if applicable and the arresting agency. The status will be an indicator of whether or not they are currently in the facility.

    O- Released
    R- Refused (for medical condition)
    A- Active in custody
    D- Work diversion (participating)
    E- G.P.S./Electronic Monitor-(active)
    Z- Walked away from jail
    C-Commitment on file (not in custody)
    Y- Taken to another facility.

    CG: New Charge
    SU: Summons
    CM: Commitment
    WA: Warrant
    WBW: Bench Warrant
    NH: Not holding
    WIA: Warrant in aid of commitment

    APP- Released by AP P
    OTH- Released to other agency.
    B- Cash bail posted
    PB- Property Bond.
    BN-Bail bond posted
    PTA-Promise to Appear.
    CD- Charge Dropped
    ROJ- Release OR by judge.
    F- Fine
    ROP- Release OR on points.
    INS- Immigration pick-up
    SUM-Summons only
    NC- Non-compliant with work diversion
    T- Time served
    NH- Not Holding
    USH- Utah State Hospital
    NWC-Charge added in error
    USP- Utah State Prison

    AL3-Alpine Justice Court
    MP3-Mapleton Justice Court
    AMC- American Fork Municipal Court
    PA3-Payson Justice Court
    AFDST-American Fork District
    PG3-Pleasant Grove Justice Court
    DST-Provo District Court
    PJ3-Provo Justice Court
    GN3- Genola Justice Court
    PMC-Provo Municipal Court
    GO3-Goshen Justice Court
    OMC-Orem Municipal Court
    HI3-Highland Justice Court
    SSJC- Saratoga Springs Justice Court
    SMC-Spanish Fork Municipal Court
    LH3- Lehi Justice Court
    SQ3-Santaquin Justice Court
    JVO-Juvenile Court-Orem
    SV3-Springville Justice Court
    JVP-Juvenile Court- Provo
    JPC-Utah County Justice Court
    LN3-Lindon Justice Court
    OTH- Any court outside of Utah County

    For additional information about the jail, click on the link below:


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    Voice Mail – Virtual Office Toll Free Phone Services #voice #mail,


    Home Office Phone Services

    Voice Mail That Means Business
    WorkEasy’s voice mail and virtual office toll free phone services was designed to help you look bigger and serve customers better – leveling your competitive playing field and giving your customers the confidence they need to do business with you. WorkEasy also offers many invaluable, real-life problem solving voice mail features (like Call Announce/Call Screening and Hours of Operation ) that make launching and/or running a business from a home office easier and more enjoyable – for everyone involved!

    Voice Mail That Fits – Now Later
    Unlike other voice mail phone services, WorkEasy’s toll free voice mail virtual office phone service is fully customizable to meet both your current and future business needs. And most changes can be made to your service on the fly so your business can quickly adapt.

    WorkEasy’s Voice Mail and
    Virtual Office Advantage

    Project a larger, more professional corporate image.

    Let callers choose what they want from your own menu of options.

    Distinguish business calls from personal even if they ring in on the same line.

    Have “after-hours” calls go straight to voice mail.

    Screen callers without their knowledge.

    Have calls follow you wherever you go.

    Offer callers easy access to all of your geographically dispersed team members.

    Handle multiple simultaneous calls.

    Listen to voice mail messages right over your PC – or call in from the road.

    Receive faxes on your same toll free number and view and print them right from your PC.

    We’re Here To Help!
    WorkEasy has years of experience helping thousands of Entrepreneurs, just like you create a professional virtual office solution that helped make their business a success. Together we’ll create a professional phone service that you will be proud of!

    Where To Start?
    Try our nifty Instant Quote tool. It will ask you a few basic questions to help figure out how you want your calls handled (the same basic questions our Sales Reps. ask over the phone). It then itemizes which features you need and how much your customized solution will cost. If you’re ready, you can then proceed with your order, or you can continue learning more about WorkEasy’s professional voice mail and virtual office phone services and place your order later. Click here to view our nationwide coverage areas.


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