Top Ten Peru Travel Tips (spoiler: bring your own t. p.

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Top Ten Peru Travel Tips (spoiler: bring your own t.p.)

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Historically, the times that I ve actually known what I was talking about have been few and far between. This is particularly true when it comes to travel, or geography, or really, facts of any kind.

Once, when we were in downtown Seattle, a middle-aged couple stopped Rand and me and asked where they could find a liquor store (at 2pm on a Saturday. I suppose they were putting the magic back in their relationship). I gave them very specific directions that, had the couple followed them to the letter, would have led them not only the wrong way down a one-way street, but nowhere near a liquor store. Rand looked on, in awe he would later tell me that I spoke to the couple with such confidence that, against his better judgement, he didn t question it.

I have no idea what became of that couple. Odds are, they probably gave up, headed home, and promptly divorced. But some small part of me is convinced that they are circling those blocks down which I sent them, doomed to spend an eternity yelling to each other, It must be here. She said it was here. And she sounded so confident.

The lesson is a simple one: asking me for advice is a terrible idea and it will ruin your marriage if not your life. And yet, on a nearly-daily basis, some poor misguided soul sends me an email, asking me what they should do in x country, and where they should stay. My response is usually, HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW? GO ASK THE INTERNET.

And then I realize with no small measure of horror, some people have already done that and ended up on my site. To them, I am  the internet. I am filled with curse words and rude comments and things you weren t looking for.

And on very rare occasions, just like the internet, I have an answer. Like when blog-reader and certified chicken hawk wrangler (I totally made one of those up) Janine mentioned that she was going to be traveling to Peru. Janine sent me a message on Facebook (because she liked the Everywhereist fan page. Hint-hint) and I was quick to reply with some actual useful information, which I ve shared below. Hopefully, I ll was slightly more helpful to Janine than I was to that poor couple looking for liquor. Funny thing, too, because god knows they needed a drink after what I put them through.

  1. Instead of a visa, you will get an Andean Migration Card a little white slip of paper that will be handed to you, rather nonchalantly, at the airport. Like your virginity, no one will impress upon you the importance of it until it is lost. That slip of paper is as important as a visa you will need it when you check into hotels and when you leave the country. So don t get drunk and hand it over to the next guy who comes along.
  2. The sun in Peru is intense, even when it is cloudy. Be sure to wear sunscreen. We all got scorched in Machu Picchu, but that might be because we re pasty Seattlites. Ever lift up a rock and see the bugs underneath writhe around in a panic? That s us on a sunny day.

We expose ourselves to melanoma while enjoying the scenery.

  • Watch your bag. Hold it on your lap in restaurants, and not, say, over the back of a chair. Even though Peru is relatively safe, it s still a good idea to this. Fortunately, my bag weighs roughly the same as a medium-sized anvil, so I would love to see someone try and take it, then throw out their back in the process.
  • Nearly every place accepts either soles or U.S. dollars. So don t panic if you only have American currency it s actually worth something in Peru (and no where else. Seriously. Stupid euro.)
  • If you go to Machu Picchu, you must bring your passport to get in (having dragged it all that way, you can also get a novelty passport stamp from Machu Picchu. I did this, but kind of regretted it the stamp is about the size of a child s foot and takes up valuable real-estate)
  • If you are desperate for food, there are a few chains in Peru that are great one is Pardo s chicken. which is surprisingly authentic and yummy, and the other is Bembo s. which is less fantastic but not bad in a pinch. We had dinner at the former, and dessert at the former and the latter (What? This is me we re talking about).

    Dessert at Bembo s. I was very happy. Rand was very dorky.

  • Haggle like crazy. Really, you shouldn t be paying more than a few dollars American for hats or scarves, depending on the quality. There are lots of little artisan markets in Peru you might want to walk around a couple and see the different prices and compare (in one place, scarves were 10 soles before we even started negotiating in another they were 20 for the exact same scarf. Guess how much I paid for mine? That s right! 25 soles.)
  • Carry tissues with you, and hand sanitizer or wet wipes, if you can get some. A lot of more rural places don t have t.p. and don t have running water or soap to wash your hands. Oh, and did I mention lots of meals are communal? So yeah.
  • In many villages, bakeries are denoted by these hanging baskets. Obviously, this is the most important thing you will need to know when traveling in Peru.

    They also had a bunch of guinea pigs in a pen.

  • Usually your hotel can help set up a tour for you if you want to see stuff in neighboring towns. This is usually incredibly affordable. We spent a day traveling to Moray and Pisac from Cuzco, and they served us a snack and gave us an elaborate tour for $30 U.S. a person. The market at Pisac was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.

    Rand with Nicolas, our totally awesome tour guide who spoke English, Spanish, Quechuan, and Japanese.

    So there you go proof that I m not entirely worthless when it comes to giving advice. Unless it involves finding liquor stores in my hometown. Then you re on your own.

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    European Language Portfolio (ELP), p t coe elementary school.#P #t #coe


    European Language Portfolio (ELP)

    P t coe elementary school

    P t coe elementary school P t coe elementary school P t coe elementary school P t coe elementary school P t coe elementary school P t coe elementary school

    P t coe elementary school

    P t coe elementary school

    The European Language Portfolio (ELP) was developed by the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe

    • to support the development of learner autonomy, plurilingualism and intercultural awareness and competence;
    • to allow users to record their language learning achievements and their experience of learning and using languages.

    P t coe elementary school

    Developing an ELP

    Follow this link if you wish to know more about the concept and history of the ELP, download components, or create an ELP of your own, but also to consult the full list of accredited or registered ELP models.

    In this part of the website you will find:

    • documents on the ELP’s origin, guiding principles and history
    • reports on the ELP project at European level
    • reports on international seminars held under the aegis of the Council of Europe
    • lists of ELPs accredited (2000-2010) and registered (2011-2014) by the Council of Europe
    • a guide to compiling an ELP model
    • templates and other resources that can be used when compiling an ELP
    • some key publications on designing and using an ELP

    In view of the large number and wide range of validated and registered models now available, the Council of Europe stopped registering ELPs at the end of 2014.

    P t coe elementary school


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    Tattoo Artists Cover Breast Cancer Survivors – Scars With Beautiful Tattoos


    Tattoo Artists Cover Breast Cancer Survivors Scars With Beautiful Tattoos

    Mastectomies, or surgical removals of all or part of a breast, can be life-saving procedures for people suffering from or at risk of developing breast cancer, but the scars they leave behind can be both physical and psychological. For some women, tattooing their post-mastectomy breasts has become a powerful way to reclaim what was lost.

    A website called P.Ink has helped tattoo artists connect with women who want to tattoo their mastectomy scars. One such tattoo artist, David Allen, had inspiring things to say about the process; What was clinical became beautiful again we turned sterile into sensual. We took back control.

    Almost finished. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

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    Maternal Infant Health Program #i #p #phone #providers


    About MIHP

    Welcome to the Maternal Infant Health Program. MIHP is Michigan s largest home visiting program for Medicaid-eligible pregnant women and infants.

    Please click on MIHP Agency Directory to locate MIHP providers, throughout the state. Each MIHP agency works to support healthy pregnancies, positive birth outcomes, as well as healthy infants. The Directory may be sorted by all fields, including by County.

    What does it do?

    • It provides home visitation support and care coordination for pregnant women and infants on Medicaid .
    • Services are intended to supplement regular prenatal/infant care and to assist healthcare providers in managing the beneficiary s health and wellbeing.

    What Are Its Purposes ?

    • To promote healthy pregnancies, positive birth outcomes, and healthy infant growth and development.
    • To improve the health and well-being of Medicaid eligible pregnant women and infants through a standardized, system-wide process.
    • To decrease infant mortality as part of Michigan s strategic plan

    What Are The Program Components ?

    • Requires services provided by Registered Nurse and a Licensed Social Worker.
    • May also have a Registered Dietitian (requires physician order see key elements of a physician s order ) IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Infant Mental Health Specialist (Learn more at the MI-AIMH web page ) as part of the team.
    • Uses evidence based, comprehensive Maternal and Infant Risk Identifiers.
    • Determines the maternal or infant risks based on an algorithm designed into the database plus professional observation.
    • Consists of standardized trainings, forms, interventions and plan of cares.
    • Uses a Care Coordination approach.
    • Requires communication with Medicaid Providers and Medicaid Health Plans.
    • Has a state wide database for Risk Identifiers and Discharge Summaries

    Who Provides The Services?

    • Federally Qualified Health Centers
    • Home Health Agencies
    • Hospital Based Clinics
    • Native American Tribes
    • Private Providers
    • Local and Regional Public Health Departments

    What Type of Model Is It?

    • It is population-based management model, meaning that the health of the entire population is addressed in addition to the health of individuals within the population.
    • Standardized, appropriate services are provided based on a beneficiary s needs and risks no matter the location within the state.

    What Does The Participant Receive?

    • Risk Identifier and up to nine visits for the mom.
    • Risk Identifier and up to nine visits for the infant and an additional nine with a physician s order. Substance exposed infants may receive up to 18 additional visits.
    • Assistance with childbirth/parenting education and transportation.

    Is MIHP Effective?

    • Yes, it improves maternal and infant healthcare utilization and health outcomes beginning during pregnancy, continuing at birth, and sustained through the first year of life
    • Participation in MIHP increases the odds of receiving any prenatal care, the adequacy of prenatal care, and the odds of new mothers receiving appropriate postnatal visits.
    • Participation in MIHP increases odds of ever presenting for well-child visits and of receiving the appropriate number of such visits over the first year of life.
    • Participation in MIHP reduces the risk for adverse birth outcomes (prematurity, extreme prematurity, low birth weight, very low birth weight), with particular advantage for Black women. View the report .

    What if I Don t Have Medicaid Health Insurance?

    Michigan has many health care programs available to children, families and adults who meet eligibility requirements. Each program has income limits To check eligibility for Medicaid and apply online. visitMI BridgesIf you have questions about Medicaid for pregnant women, contact:

    • Map and list of local Department of Human Services (DHS) Offices
    • MDHHS Hotlines
    • MIChild/Healthy Kids 1-888-988-6300
      TTY 1-888-263-5897 for persons with hearing and speech disabilities

    Medicaid Beneficiary hotline 1-800-642-3195
    TTY 1-866-501-5656


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    Used Auto Parts and Cheap Car Parts in Phoenix AZ, Pick


    P j auto body

    Arizona’s Largest Auto Salvage Yards and Save!

    P j auto body

    P j auto body

    Pick A Part is an auto salvage company located in Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson that allows consumers to save money by pulling parts from a large selection of used vehicles.

    P j auto body P j auto body P j auto body

    P j auto body

    Used Auto Parts Phoenix, Arizona

    Pick A Part boasts Arizona’s LARGEST inventory of used auto parts and auto body parts with two locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona to serve all your used car part needs. With 1,000’s of vehicles on site, Pick A Part is the best place to find auto parts.

    View Inventory

    Salvage auto parts allow you to save up to 70% off new part prices. Pick A Part is a auto wrecker with locations in The Valley of the Sun .

    Price List

    If you are looking for the cheap car part prices, Pick A Part offers used auto parts and has the LARGEST inventory you can pull from .

    Sell Your Car

    We want to buy your used vehicle and pay cash on the spot whether your vehicle is running or not. Free towing is available .


    We have two conveniently located yards in Arizona all offering a safe environment to remove parts from a large inventory of cars .

    Welcome to Pick A Part – Used Auto Parts Phoenix

    Self Service Salvage Auto Parts

    Salvage auto parts allow you to save up to 70% off new part prices. Pick A Part is a auto wrecker with locations throughout the greater Phoenix area who allows customers to remove used auto parts using their own tools. The self service concept ensures the absolute lowest prices.

    Cheap Car Parts Prices

    If you are looking for the cheap car part prices, Pick A Part offers used auto parts and has the LARGEST inventory of used vehicle makes and models. Take advantage of special offers and promotions to save even more (click here).

    Foreign and Domestic Used Parts

    At Pick A Part, you’ll find used parts for all vehicle makes and models. We offer used auto body parts including: engine parts, transmissions and brake parts for both foreign and domestic automobiles. Domestic auto maker used parts include Chevy, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Jeep, Saturn and Buick. Foreign auto maker used parts include BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Isuzu and Honda.

    Employment: We only get better by hiring the best. Pick a Part employees are driven to succeed. E-mail us at [email protected], or complete our online application form to find out more about our open opportunities.

    We Pay Top Dollar for ANYTHING METAL!

    Up To Date Pricing On All Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals!

    P j auto body

    Mesa Location Now Buying Scrap Metal

    Visit Pick A Part in Mesa to CASH in your unwanted METALS today!*

    Sell us your metal in as little as 10 mins.! We provide easy drop off for faster transactions.


    Mon. – Sat. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. & Sun. 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


    P j auto body

    P j auto body

    Tips For Recovering Auto Parts

    Known For Our Inventory & Customer Service

    When recovering auto parts from Pick-A-Part vehicles:

    • Check the Prices Board BEFORE REMOVING THE PART
    • Bring your own hand or battery operated tools and trailer. No main-powered tools allowed.
    • There are no hydraulic wrenches available onsite, and we do not allow torches.
    • Carts are available for use, free of charge.
    • A long tubular metal handle placed over the short handle of your tools can provide added power when removing tough parts. A lubricating spray may also assist as well a flashlight.
    • If you are recovering a heavy part, bring two people.
    • Wear closed-toe shoes, jeans/overalls, leather riggers gloves, and wrap-around safety goggles.
    • Wear clothing you know will resist corrosives (work overalls).
    • Identify the car make and model, and double check that the replacement part you have targeted bears the same part-number. Some models are built as a range, and have interchangeable parts. Learn More


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    Cruise Fare Discounts l P – O Cruises, Princess Cruises and

    #direct travel holidays

    We are cruise specialists who DISCOUNT all fares!

    NEW SALE: P O It’s Our SHOUT! sale FREE Premium Beverage Packages on offer!

    We always DISCOUNT all cruise fares including sale fares!

    Tours, Cruises and Flights – we have it all!

    UK/Europe/USA/Asia We discount international fares and can assist with round the world itineraries!

    Book your Discount Cruises with confidence

    If you have never had the chance to experience a cruise, what are you waiting for? No matter what your budget, we have a wide variety of cruises departing from Australian ports such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns and Fremantle. We are cruise specialists who work with over 20 different cruise lines and have the experience and knowledge to help you choose and book your cruise. Imagine setting sail, leaving port and being on your way to an exotic locale. It can be a reality when you book your discount cruises online.

    Plus we have LAY-BY options available

    Talk to us about how to lay-by your next holiday, be it a cruise, tour or packaged holiday. We can provide flexible options to suit with the only requirement being that the balance must be paid in full by the due date. The great news is we don’t charge any fees for this service!

    Great fares and lots of choice for cruise

    Because we work with so many cruise lines including P O, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and more, we are able to find the greatest deals out there when it comes to cruising and bring them right to you. We even offer our bonus fare discount on all cruises booked with us including any special sale fares! We don’t just book cruises to this area of the world either, you can find discount cruises throughout the world right here at Holidays Direct. You can always book with confidence when you book one of our discount cruises online as we are a registered travel agency that has the knowledge and experience that you need when booking this type of travel. For great prices on amazing cruise holidays, contact us at Holidays Direct.

    Holidays Direct is an Australian registered Travel Agency affiliated with the Helloworld Group with AFTA membership. We are also proud members of the CLIA and our consultants have undertaken cruise training and hold current CLIA accreditation.

    Our friendly staff have Cruise Consultant Accreditation:

    CLIA (Australasia) Cruise Accreditation Program has been established since 1996 and is a way to recognise dedicated consultants who develop extensive cruise industry knowledge and superior selling skills. The program is modeled on the successful Cruise Counsellor Certification program developed by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) in 1992.


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    Commercial property insurance policy #cluett, #wholesalers, #insurance, #workers’ #compensation, #worker’s #comp,


    From Coast to Coast, the Best in Workers’ Compensation. and More!

    Established in 1995, Cluett Commercial Insurance Agency has become one of the nation s leading wholesalers for Workers Compensation Programs. At Cluett, we recognize that our producers need and require much more than Workers’ Compensation Insurance Markets. Cluett has expanded their “Products and Programs” to include Business Owner’s Policy, Commercial General Liability, Property, Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella/Excess and Specialty Programs. Through Cluett we offer a wide array of A Rated Insurance Carriers and Special Programs that provide our member agents the assistance to market both their existing client’s as well as their prospects.

    Education And Providing Market Availability Is Our Main Focus

    Combining both Education and Market Availability is a winning formula and allows our producers to stand out from the competition. We have set up programs that allow our producers to increase their Agency Sales and Grow their Agency Premium Volume. Cluett recognizes that Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a door opener when it comes to writing a NEW Client. There is so much more to Workers’ Compensation than just seeking the lowest class rate. The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program must be “Controlled” “Managed” and at Cluett, we have designed a Program to do just that.

    Products To Help You Stand Out From The Competition

    • Claims Management Program Cluett/Stephenson and Brook
    • Experience Modification Program
    • Employee Safety Awareness Program
    • FlexPay – A New Program designed for All Assigned Risk Policies
    • CmartBooks A New Submission Approach ONLY Available through Cluett
    • Kyrus Mobil A Distracted Driving Program Great Tool for any Client with an Auto Exposure

    Why Agents Keep Coming Back To Cluett

    • Competitive Programs
    • Our access to write a broad range of WC Classes and other P C Products
    • Access to over 400 WC class codes; programs start with minimum premiums as low as $300; middle market risks with premiums over $150,000
    • Loss Sensitive Workers Comp Programs; Retrospective Rating Programs; Deductible Programs; Agency Captive Programs
    • Online Agent Site Simple and Quick Submission Process
    • Excellent Carrier Relationships
    • 24 to 48 Hour Quote Response Time
    • Experienced Underwriting Team
    • Tougher to Place Risks
    • High Mod Program


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    Air Force One Has New Defensive Systems, Antennas #what #is #ptsd,


    Defense Media Network

    Air Force One Has New Defensive Systems, Antennas

    Plans for a new presidential aircraft by the end of the decade have been set aside, but the current flying White House is constantly being upgraded and has been observed with new communications and defensive systems.

    A new aircraft was once expected sooner. We have recognized for several years now that the Air Force One replacement is out there in our future in the late teens, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said in September 2011. But since then, the recapitalization plan has been put on hiatus.

    The tail cone of Air Force One bristles with defensive systems at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. in June 2012. Photo and annotations by John Gourley

    President Barack Obama famously criticized Detroit automobile executives for using business jets to fly to Washington for a Capitol Hill appearance. That, plus a simple absence of funding, means that what the Air Force calls Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization (PAR) is going nowhere. In the past the Air Staff quoted a target date of 2017, and later revised it to 2019. More recently, officials say a new plane for the commander-in-chief is still farther away.

    The Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A380 have been named as possible candidates to replace the existing presidential Boeing 747s. In 2009, Airbus s parent company said it would offer a candidate to any competition for a new Air Force One.

    There appears to be no issue of structural fatigue with the presidential 747s. As of 2009, the last year for which figures were released, each aircraft had flown about 6,500 hours and was expected to log 450 hours per year. A 747 airliner of the same vintage, kept in the air far more often, would have at least ten times as many airframe hours on its structure.

    Bumps and Bulges

    Multi-purpose conformal antennas are almost flush against the fuselage side of this VC-25A presidential aircraft at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. in June 2012.
    Photo and annotations by John Gourley

    Air Force One is the radio callsign for any Air Force aircraft with the president aboard. The term is used conversationally to refer to two VC-25As, or Boeing 747-200s (serial numbers 86-28000 and 86-29000) that have pulled presidential transportation duty since 1990. George H. W. Bush was the first president to fly on one of the 747s.

    The aircraft are flown by the Presidential Airlift Group (PAG), and belong to Air Mobility Command s 89th Airlift Wing, based at Andrews AFB, Md.

    During a stop at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. in June, aircraft 86-29000 was seen to be equipped with various items that help keep the president in touch and provide security.

    Not new to the VC-25A:

    • About five AN/ALQ-204 Matador infrared (IR) countermeasures devices are located at the tail and behind the four engines, Previously used on the VC-137C (Boeing 707-320B) presidential aircraft and on airliners and executive aircraft, the device emits pulsed IR signals to foil attacks by heat-seeking missiles.

    Thought to be new or recent additions to the VC-25A:

    • An AN/AAR-54(V) missile launch warning receiver located at the tail is intended to report and track missile threats by zeroing in on their ultraviolet exhaust signature. The receiver is also in use on special-operations warplanes like the MC-130H Combat Talon II.
    • The AN/AAQ-24 Nemesis Directional Infra-Red Counter Measures (DIRCM) system, which can be directed by the AAR-54, fires pulsating flashes of IR energy that confuse a missile s guidance system.
    • Conformal antennas: the VC-25As have been retrofitted with multi-purpose conformal antennas adaptable to satellite communications systems and other purposes. They resemble Band-Aids or patches but are, in fact, antennas that appear to have no effect on the aerodynamic performance of the 747.

    Robert F. Dorr is an author, U.S. Air Force veteran, and retired American diplomat who.


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    ASIAN TRAVEL CO. (P) LTD #travel #information

    #travel house

    From a humble beginning two and a half decades ago, ASIAN TRAVEL CO. (P) LTD. is today one of the most reputed Car, SUV, Minivan Coach Rental Organization operating in New Delhi (INDIA)

    As, it is rightly said, “The efforts with vision” always leads to success and today ASIAN TRAVEL CO. (P) LTD. proudly proclaims to be one of the biggest Car, SUV, Minivan Coach Rental Company having all segment of luxury / hi-end brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, VOLVO, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mitsubishi, ISUZU, Fiat etc.

    All our vehicles are immaculately maintained driven by experienced, courteous and well mannered uniformed chauffeurs having operational mobile phone with them. For safety concerns. all our fleet is GPS enabled which is an added advantage as the vehicle can be tracked at any given point of time. We also have 24 X 7 state-of-the-art run back room for seamlessly coordinating with our clients in order to provide best real professional quality services.


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