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At Affordable, we dedicate ourselves to serving the needs of all our clients throughout Arizona. Affordable Laser Skin�s clients are confident that we will customize a program that is in their best interest.

Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Correction, broken capillary removal, rosacea laser treatments, blue leg vein removal, laser sun damage correction, laser freckle removal and more.

Skin services include: European facials, fine lines and wrinkle facials, Acne facial treatments, microdermabrasion, Acne back and chest treatments,chemical peels (retinal, glycolic, TCA), deep moisturization and more.

Visit our Tempe, Arizona location.


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Pasadena public library #pasadena #public #library


Office Hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday
Operation Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Phone: (713) 475-7884

PLEASE NOTE Residents who purchase City garbage bags: Please note that due to increased production costs, the price of a bundle of bags will increase to $20 each beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Garbage bags are available for purchase at the Water Department’s location across the street from City Hall Monday through Friday. with a one-bundle limit. Bags are also available at the Sanitation Department at 120 N. Pasadena Blvd. (behind Corrigan Center) Monday through Friday or at the Recycle Center on Saturdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. only. Garbage bags may only be purchased with a credit card at the Recycling Center. Recycle bags are sold only at the Sanitation Department behind Corrigan Center.

Please review this sheet to become familiar with the expanded options available in the use of garbage containers, cost and other sanitation-related issues.

Garbage service fees are also included in the water deposit and monthly water bills. Contact the sanitation division of the Public Works department for more information at (713) 475-7884. For a complete list of dates in 2015-2016 that are City holidays with no trash pickup, please click here.

Resident use of landfill
Pasadena residents are permitted to dispose of limited amounts of refuse in the city landfill each month. Residents are allowed to dump one (1) 2-cubic yd. load (approx. a 1/2 ton pickup load) of residential refuse at the municipal dump at 550 Old Genoa-Red Bluff Rd. The total amount of refuse must not exceed the height to the top of the truck frame and the refuse must be covered with a tarp. Should the amount of refuse exceed 2-cubic yards, the minimum charge may vary but starts at $37.94.

In order to dispose of your refuse without cost, you MUST have a valid Texas driver’s license and a current original Pasadena water bill with matching water bill address that reflects your driver’s license information with you at the time you are dropping off the refuse. NO COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Commercial refuse is not permitted under this rule and any refuse that is not covered with a tarp will incur a $10 surcharge. This privilege expires 20 days from water bill due date.

PLEASE NOTE You MUST have a hard hat and safety vest to access the landfill; these are OSHA regulations. If you do not bring these items with you, you may purchase them at the landfill. Hard hats are sold for $15.94 each and safety vests are sold for $5.31 each. They DO NOT rent or loan them out due to health reasons.

Landfill hours are as follows. You may call 281-464-9797 for further information.

The city encourages all its citizens to recycle through two programs. In a partnership with Waste Management. the City has established a recycling drop-off point:

HOURS FOR GARBAGE BAG SALES: Garbage bags may be purchased between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. only on Saturdays. Garbage bags may only be purchased with a credit card at the Recycling Center. You must have a current water bill with a valid Texas Drivers License that matches the name on your water bill.

Paper, Plastics, Aluminum, Glass Participants may recycle newspaper, plastic, glass, and aluminum using the bins th ere. For computer and household hazardous waste pick up, please call the Sanitation Department at (713) 475-7884 to make an appointment for pick up.
The City has established a curbside recycling program through Waste Management that encompasses the area south of Spencer. Also included is the area north of Spencer, west of Shaver, south of Southmore and east of Richey. Residents in these areas will now have all recyclables picked up each week on Wednesday beginning Feb. 6, 2013 using single-stream collection. Please view this information sheet to see what few items you need to exclude; all others may be collected in one bag.

New! Tips on what to include and what not include in recycling materials: Recycle Often, Recycle Right and Mixed Recycling

For a very helpful indexing of recycling information including TV and computer recycle opportunities, materials recycling and other helpful information, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has a recycling website with many resources to help you Go Green.


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Plumber pasadena ca #plumber #pasadena #ca


24/7 Plumbing Services in Pasadena, CA – Call (626) 247-3937

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 – Home Page!

Contact (626) 247-3937 today to talk with a qualified plumber near your zone.

All you got to do is to call us and we will send one of our technicians to your place rapidly.

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 – Phone us now for a gratis estimate – (626) 247-3937

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 believe in quality performance and customer satisfaction.

We work twenty-four seven. Contact us at any hour or day.

We hand over costless plumbing estimates, no strings attached, no obligation.

Quality plumbers services in Pasadena, CA.

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 is a professional plumbers assistance giver.

Our professionals are able to fix each of your plumbing needs, and we work around the clock.

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 is the finest team to contact in case you are in need of a water heater established, line refitted, or a leaking spout reconstructed.

We are a certified, warranted, and insured company.

Do you need a critical plumbing assistance? Our team is here to give you assistance.

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 is accredited and insured. We use high parts and products for our work. Rapid dispatch to our locations of service.

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 – Services We Support

Earthquake Valves, Backflow Testing, General Plumbing, Water Heaters, Re-Piping, Video Camera Inspection, Residential Plumbing, Grease Interceptors, Trenchless Sewer Repair, Stoppages, Commercial Plumbing, Leak Detection, Gas Leak Detection, Grease Trap Pumping, Mold Removal, Tankless Water Heater Installation, Drain Cleaning, Foul odor location, Copper Piping Repair and Replacements, Garbage Disposal, New Water Meters, Rooter Service, Pipe Lining, Copper Repiping, Sewer Lines, Flood Control, Slab Leak Detection, Wall Heater, Remodeling, Frozen Pipes, Sump pumps, Emergency Plumbing, Sewer Drain Blockage, Septic & Drain Fields, Hydro Jetting, Showers & Tubs, Floor Drains, Bathroom Plumbing, High Pressure Jetting, Backflow Repair, Water Damage Restoration, Pipe Bursting, Sewer Repair and Replacements, & More.

Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365 – Our Location

Why Choose Pasadena, CA Plumbers 365?

Experienced & Honest Staff !
Same Day Service !
Free Estimate !
Licensed, Bonded & Insured !
Residential Plumber Services !
24 Hour Open !
Lowest Prices In Town !
All Kind Of Payments !
& More.

2017 – 24/7 Cheap & Trusted Plumber in Pasadena, CA


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Expository Counseling Training Center #expository, #counseling, #center, #nouthetic, #nanc, #certified, #houston,


Expository Counseling Training Center

Expository Counseling Training Center is the training portion of the Expository Counseling Center. ECTC (Expository Counseling Training Center) seeks to provide online and onsite based training for Biblical Counseling. ECTC provides 5 basic biblical counseling training courses that are developed by Dr. Nicolas Ellen. Each l evel of teaching is 14 weeks in length. There are also outside class readings, Scripture memorization, make-the-connection assignments, and case studies. Tuition is $350 per Level. The 5 basic biblical counseling training courses developed by Dr. Ellen have been recognized by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and are used by an ACBC Training center (The College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas) as part of their process to move individuals into ACBC certification.

Since the Expository Counseling Center respects and appreciates The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (also known as ACBC), the ECC provides a 6 week training to prepare individuals to take the ACBC exams (which must be passed in order for one to move into ACBC certification), and 12 hours of counseling observations for individuals pursuing ACBC certification (10 hours is required in order for one to move into ACBC certification). Since Dr. Nicolas Ellen is a Fellow with ACBC, The Expository Counseling Center offers counseling supervision via Dr. Ellen for those entering phase 3 of the ACBC certification process. Tuition for the ACBC Exam Prep is $150 and $500 for phase 3 ACBC supervision. (Go to to find out more about their process for biblical counseling certification).

The Expository Counseling Center also respects and appreciates The International Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. So much so that the ECC is a certified training center with the International Association of Biblical Counselors (Go to to find out more about their process for biblical counseling certification). The Expository Counseling Center has been sanctioned by the IABC to lead individuals into complete biblical counseling certification with their organization via The Expository Counseling Training Center. The ECTC will provide the biblical counseling training via the 5 basic biblical counseling courses developed by Dr. Nicolas Ellen and provide the theology and counseling exams which are produced by the IABC. ECTC will also grade the exams, and provide the 50 hours of supervision via Dr. Nicolas Ellen, in order to certify individuals as IABC Biblical Counselors. Tuition for IABC Exam Prep is $150 and $350 for IABC counseling supervision.

You will be able to purchase most of your course material through the ECC online bookstore.

In this level, students will learn the connection between systematic theology and biblical counseling. Students will evaluate the doctrine of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Man, Sin, Salvation, Sanctification, various others doctrines and learn how genuine biblical counseling comes out of these doctrines. Students will also learn the history of the biblical counseling movement in the United States.

(14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

In this level, students will learn the basic principles of Biblical Counseling and be able to distinguish it from secular counseling and counseling that integrates psychology and the Bible. Students will learn how the Bible has it s own framework by which we can address any and all non-organic problems from the Scriptures. This includes those issues that the world would describe as psychological or mental disorders. Students will learn how to analyze issues from a biblical framework, categorize issues through a biblical framework, and provide biblical solutions through a biblical framework.

(14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

In this level, students will explore issues such as the fear of man, idolatrous lust, depression, divorce, separation, abuse, remarriage, death, trials, suffering, psychotropic drugs, biblical view of self esteem, dealing with the past and many other issues and learn to deal with them from a biblical perspective.

Level Four:Marriage and Family Basic Training Course

(14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

In this level, students will learn the foundations for marriage and family as God designed. Students will explore God’s design for marriage as well explore some basic parenting skills.

Level Five: The Dynamics of Biblical Counseling

(14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

In this level, students will learn the mechanics of biblical counseling. Students will observe 12 hours of biblical counseling as well as do some case studies. Students also will learn concepts of biblical analysis, categories of biblical change, phases and stages of biblical change, and categories of homework for counselees. Moreover, students will learn policies and procedures for governing a counseling ministry, how to use a personal data inventory form, how to use a consent to counsel form, how to organize and structure a counseling session as well as how to fill out a case report form after a session.

(6 Weeks) Tuition is $150

Students will go through each question on the ACBC Exam and learn how to answer those questions. Students will learn which resources are available to answer each question. Students will learn how to cite their sources for the answers they find from those sources provided by the training.

(6 Weeks) Tuition is $150

Students will go through each question on the IABC Exam and learn how to answer those questions. Students will learn which resources are available to answer each question. Students will also learn how to cite their sources for the answers they find from those sources provided by the training.

Students will spend 2-3 hours in class listening to a lecture and participating in small group interactions pertaining to the course. During this class time students will be able to ask questions and discuss matters pertaining to the course.

Outside Class Reading

The students will be required to read John, Hebrews, Romans, James, 1 John, 1 Peter, Ephesians, Proverbs, 2 Peter, and Galatians. Students will also be required to read The Heart of Man and The Mental Disorders. Deceptive Diagnosis. Understanding and Developing a Biblical View of Life. Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand. So You Want to Get Married (for singles), Happy Even After (for married couples), Shepherding a Child’s Heart. With All Your Heart. Coming to Know and Walk with God. How People Change. Pursuing Godliness through the Disciplines of the Christian Faith. Every Christian a Counselor. Peacemaker. The Biblical Counseling Movement. Theology of Christian Counseling. Counseling by The Book (Revised and Expanded Edition). Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology and A Theology of Biblical Counseling:The Doctrinal Foundations of Counseling Ministry (Heath Lambert).

Students will memorize 16 Scripture verses to enhance their counseling.

Make-the-Connections and Case Studies

In order to teach students how to analyze problems through a biblical framework and to categorize problems through a biblical framework, students will be given 50 make-the-connection assignments over the course of study. These assignments will challenge the student’s skill in connecting various characteristics to a biblical framework. Students will be assigned 30 counseling cases over the entire training period to teach them how to analyze, categorize and solve problems from a biblical framework perspective.

50 hours of counseling supervision via Dr. Nicolas Ellen, will be provided for IABC students and for students in Phase 3 of ACBC certification. This will entail filling out case report forms and counseling logs, tape recording five of one’s counseling sessions to be listened to by Dr. Ellen for evaluation of one’s skill, discussing the dynamics of various counseling cases, and developing in biblical counseling methods through the 50 hours of supervision.

Attached below is a syllabus that lays out the details of each course.

Most of the curriculum for each level can be purchased online through our bookstore. The syllabus for the course will let you know what books you need for each level and when you need them. (Review the syllabus for more details.)

Special Offer To Churches

For a limited time, we have a special offer to churches who are interested in this program. Please contact us for more information.


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Taylor Marine Surveying – St #marine #survey, #prepurchase #surveys, #pre-purchase #surveys,


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boston whaler,riker,maxm,contender,cigarette,eliminator, nautique,sea hunt,grand banks,stingray,tiara,master craft,sanger,black fin, chaparral, trojan, larson, Tiara, nordic,century,glastron,trophy,malibu,sanger,maxum,grady white,ocean master,key largo,pursuit,angler,trophy,tiara,robalostratos,sea fox, bertram, mako, contender, luhrs, sea ray, intrepid, seaswirl, egg harbor,cabo,

Integrity Independence Experience

Telephone Toll Free: 888-454-0017

Copyright All Rights reserved. Taylor Marine Surveying Consulting, LLC

Comprehensive Expert Marine Surveying & Consulting Services. We Offer A Wide Range Of Services For Recreational Power & Sailing Vessels Ranging From Small Fishing Vessels & Day Sailers To Boats & Yachts Up To 200 Gross Domestic (500 ITC) Tons As Well As Commercial Shipping, Commercial Passenger Vessels & Cargo. Services Provided Throughout the Tampa Bay and Surrounding Area including St. Petersburg, FL. Tampa, FL. Clearwater, FL. Apollo Beach, FL. Ruskin, FL. Bradenton, FL. Bradenton Beach, FL. Palmetto, FL. Longboat Key, FL. Dunedin, FL. Palm Harbor, FL. Tarpon Springs, FL. Port Richey, FL. New Port Richey, FL. Treasure Island, FL. Maderia Beach, FL. Largo, FL. Pasadena, FL. Redington Beach, FL. Indian Rocks Beach, FL. Cortez, FL. St Pete Beach, FL. Port Manatee. Port Tampa Bay. Port of St. Petersburg. Sarasota, FL.

Marc Redshaw, SAMS-SA

Jennifer Peterson, Svy App

Principal Surveyor:
Lee Taylor, SAMS-AMS


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